10 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

10 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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THE EVENING STAR. , AtTAIRS IN GEORGETOWN Tie lrreprautbl* r*wflict la the Geerge. tewa C aocili. CtTUfndfi** 0f Tks Sutr. j GiOBSKTOwn, D C., Mirth 3 > At a meeting of the City Cnunc'l* !sst evening, Mr. Marburv. member elect of rhe Hoard of Com- < ?- at the laat meeting?vvai i UUU VVUHV>a ? qualified In presence cf the two board*. In the Board of Aldermen, a commnnlMt'on wa* received from th? Mayor enclosing a bin for the action of the beard* repealing the liw which prohibits colored people from going at large after certain boar at nl^ht, In accordance With the recommendation of tee Metropolitan Police Commlsalonen; also, encloalr.g the statemen* cf the action of ?ald Commissioners in the matUr. The bill was considered and pitted. ? ?v..fnr t7?i resolntlcn pn^sed by the lower board at their meeting on Mor.diy was adopted (The substitute provides for a committee of one from each board to confer with the Gaslight Company ] in ta? Board of Common Council? Tfce chair announced the following sending committees: Way* and Means?Messrs. Tenney. Marbury.and HoweM. Claims?Messrs Collins, Bartet. and Clements. Commerce?Mrssrs. Eng. Usb," Kelly, and Newman. Elle.?t5one?Messrs. Kelly, God-dfrd, and Barret. Fire Companies sod Plrs Engines?Messrs Godd&rd. Clements, snd English Georgetown Schools?Messrs. Howell, Goddsrd, and T?nn*y. Grievances? Messrs. Kelley, Collins, atd Newmsn. Harbor and Channel?Messrs. Marbury, Newman, and English. Msrket-hnuse?Me?srs English, Goddardsnd Tenney Poor and Work-bocs*?Messrs Oolllns, Barret, snd Clements I-nlloe?Messrs Venn* y, MarDory, ana r,nguso. rump*?m r Kelly, and Clements Streets?Me?ars Qoddard, Collins, and Marbury Water?Me?ir* Marbury, Tanney, and Barret. Jr>!nt Committee*: On Accounts? Messra. Hawell, Clements. ?*d Collina. Oa Change? Messrs Orddard and Naarman. Communications from tfc* Mayor calllrg attention to several messages M the former boirda In relation to the police, ttr ; aad enclosing two accounts of O B Barnard ? Co , were referred. A petition of J.N Pea??on, praying payment of an order on tb? Corporation given to him by Jam?a O'Day. (for payment cf work done on Hlgb atreet,) by an liau'e cf stock to blm, (Feuracn,) waa referred Accounts of the Judsres of election, cf T A Lazenbv. and of the Law Court, and a petition cf J W. Powers, In relation to the rental of the corporation flsh wnarf, stating that he wai the successful bidder for the same the present sensors; that be tendered the amount of his b!d to the Clerk of the Corporation, end that the Clerk refused to receipt tke nc^aer and the wharf stnce been r?3ted to J A. Qrlrses, who vrti not the highest nor next highest bidder, end that the Mid rental be rescinded and confirmed to him. (J. W. Powers;) were all appropriately referred. A resolution providing for a joint committer of one member from each Board, to corf*r with the Gas Light Company, was passed; and Mr Tenney was appointed on said committee. resolution in relation to school t?se?_cL?r?Ing to the account of the Collector of Tsxes each year the school tax a* assessed?'was reed and laid over. The bill from the npper Beard, In relation to eolered persons, with the accompanying papeis, wssm4, Mr. Marbury bad cherished ths b<rpe that the matter having so promptly received a rjuletus in Washington, would tot bav? been brought In here, but It b&s hern introduced ia a manner doubly objectlondBle, and d >nl?ly obnoxious We. It seem*, are expected bv th* Commissioners of Police to gratify certain members of Cor.srees, for fear, for*>o?b. we should lo??s?me cruaoba of Government patronage. We have an excellent law on our statute books In reliHon to colored persons, If It waa not, &s ao>ne other laws, a dead letter. Colored persons bad been allowed by the Mayor to Lave partl?s r?arlv every nlgtt. ?n<l aome membera of the ex-pollce !.&d taken part In the entertiirmenta. He (Mr. M.)wn no abolitionist, neither was he a Southern sympathiser He did not give way in Unionism to a iy Couimiss'oner of the Metropolitan Police, but. It was a matter they had nothing to do will It was a matter for the citizens of the town, ard heibonght It impolitic to Introduce anch e.n exciting question. Mr Tennev contended that It waa r.ot neces-.irlly an exciting question, unl-^a^entlemen ebose to make It ao; ar.d be thanked God that the time bad arrived when the negro question ould t.e argued In Georgetown He (\ir T ) wns rot In favor of abotiahing slavery In tbe District 'intli it shall have been abolished in Maryland, by tbe people of that State : and net tb?n, unless a maI 14 _m ? \ s.>...J ?T?. v joru) ui me ^"f ie uvif i^siurru n. i u i, ii'-w mr,wu not a question of tbeaholll'on at slavery, and tad nothing to do with it The Government bad riven u? a police force to enforce the United State* ?nd Corporation law* ard to preserve the peace in Georgetown, at an expense of ibout ten thousand dollars annually. He spoke of the Increased amount of flaes collected by the new pollr# Mr. Goddard wanted to know whether m-.s' ol the fines were collated ficm white or black persons Mr Tenney sttd that inf&rir.atlan could be "V wined at the office of the Superintendent of Police. He spo*e of the ncn-enforcement of the am all note law ard c'bers Mr. Marbtiry tatd the law in relation to negroes g<lng at large was not enforced Mr. Tennev replied that i: it was not, then 11 might as well be mpeaitd. and on that score he claimed the gentleman's vote Mr Marbu.-y ($otto toct) ?1' You w'.ll not ge< get It then " Mr. Tenney urged at length the view that th? appropriation for tl? police force woeiit probably be withdrawn by Congress If tbe only duty of the force was to be to apprehend negroes Kf;er ter o'clock. Wu It far the well being of this com * inanity, wis It a matter of such vLPil Important* Ihit Degrows sbeuid not be allowed to run at l?rg< at night T A. far more dangerc qa class to tie com m unity and country th&n th? negroes?that Is th< secessionists?had been allowed to go at la'g? after ten o'clock, plotting mischief and cutiln, your canal, (suppr^ed applause in tUe lobby We had only three thousand slaves la this Dls trlct, and the object for walch the law was framed was gone. If he f.Ylr T ) Ived In South Caro Una, and was surrounded by. and in dancer from " we'l affected and attached slaves," h? v/cu 14 trlctly enforce such a law. Here there was n< nereaa.iy ior u ne apoce or ice annnlmtty wHi which the Police Commlu!on*r* bad n^tfd. 1 It wu nfece?*ary for our safety and well being that this obaolrte law should be enforced, let gen Uemen appoint a corporation force at an expense of one thousand dollar* to act an -negro cat hers ?nd save the excellent police appointed by thi v 'Ternnicni. Mr. Goddard e*>*d If th* gentleman w?uW rote for auct? an appropriation. Mr. Tennay did not #ay that he wonld. H( only threw tt out e? a fcugseotton to gentleman who oppoaed the passage of thle resolution. Th< charge bid been made In Centre** thit the ol>*w iete Uw had been rteuacltated and enforced. Mr. Banga then got the floor, but a motion tc adjourn wai made and carried. T NOTICE. HE PiMm ta rosjefl'-f?1!/ informed tbit tht undereifned uaa eoma.ee-jea run ui| illPit UK SI'AbEa froirtaifcyrjFSf Fean. av?cae to Mentha t. U..I. T eu*ea Will leave V? iu&rdt' ilo^el t vdij > uun^i at a o'clock acl Meridian Hill at half aiats o'ei'* andviilrnn regularly to and I rem Mettdiau Hal every hoar, tkn? afford icf a cheap and e?tverasce to the va. toas caur.ps m the neigh-?n.ood The aadereifned hojee tfvreoepe a literal tupaort, Mh?u eettrm. ted to Mf i-a faia patrona aveii :aouity la hia po? er. k-'aia 10 osata each v?j. OKU. M. H lf-tola* rrnynetoF. BOTELEK * WILSON. #7\ i-9v ittu/v HALL. UL T . No. 31? PXSI. AVI1TI, 191 BflHH Between 9th ana IOUj Streou. I J I Weoordially lnnta the attention of all who eor. template far an hit, f to oar hand'oaae aod vellaa aort*d Itixk of CaMNET H KN( TURK, era bracing *v?i; atyle ana eualtty. to<ia tne Scesl Parlor ?aitdown tot ^cheapest Harc?a.lieditee< and 0hair, acd at prions Whieinlefy competition ?ire us a oa:? and oucvino* yourseivos. t.< X> eo? WFOR THE ARMY. K Have J ait reeeivad. by steamer Aral o, i tare* aaaortmrat of niacai-Jaeat Frenoh iiraai D'uraa <Systesa? Uretore; Franc it Hrs.oa, lot iniar.try. oavairy, a/ul amiJery ; Martin Frere*i Caieirated Clarionet* aad PlotM ; B?a?a lostni meets ot all kiros. Aiao, the finest qua ity of Ventoe stnnja- Bttaeoc'a Acoordeona and FlaUca* Together wtth a ukrxa assort men t of iateat Fresoc Mtsio for Bead*. Mtiaio Store <j W. ?. METZEROTT, Jeli Corner Pa Kenae ?pd llth tU W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Hart reoetTeJ w.thla tne last day or two a hu(* aaaortautt of BoYt>' hFKiNtt CLOTHING, eaeraetcc ail etrlee of low frioeri, meciiurs, and ftne ?u x ?s, wiled we are sellinj at very low mm for oao> WALL. HTfcPHKNS h UO . S99 ra. ar ,\-h%on *?u ac Jlta &** ? W W W*?-1 ~ ICABH NOTlCJC. M C< atus* ut our bavir.g to pay wt'ti lot ??rf article of c x*!i -we nrgliui, Tit ar# lotocd to re4aoa oar bum c. >* t.i Ciu ?xe:a?lv?!y, for the FTSkJi'^ae 8E5tyasx"g.'T8 boy? inr, which sreaeiiirg at a rauoh tovarrato Uiax. uoaliy. Wrtt. gTKPH|j.llS,it CO.. M 'dst gga 'Wf* H"*9" '???-& -osai WttVW C"QE BiLE-MALT CHAIN. hod for ?SK?3i'~^?* *4jsF ????? p??kb?? LIST OP UNCLAIMED FLIGHT ] ftmnd at tAi RfiroadJDifot, and t*ow ? Otrmmmmt Warekitst, ntmr tk? iNft. Maxcu 3, lwM. ?ap Yatsi. 2M R?jt N Y Vol?, 2 box** ?t '11 M>' *ieklea' Patterr, 31) bexea ianteon C tiTnppler, Mo^loai Dir*otor U A> S wishing icaotuaea -v_ ?i.?nl^r*v*lrT.l bOX L>?pi Y ,">! li'PIl J , t nu ?uv? , . Com'!]* Offir *t TSt^. Rfft N Y Vo!?, 1 bo* Lieut G-t) Robinaoa, 75th Kegt N Y Vol?,l box 1 Li?nt W D Ua*u. <3(1 Kett N Y Volt, 1 bo* W i >J <r \V For J, 1st K?ct I S Cha-toora, 4boxea X < Gen M R Patrick, 1 box Col \Viiaon.2ti Oaio Voia,l box 9 H William*. Co K let Penm Cav. 1 box L W I'iwe. Q M Sth Maine He$t, I box , Genl Hcpital, 1 box ' Capt L B?fc!e, 2d Inf y U 3,1 lox' Dr T Dimon.TJth New Yort,! bo* J D--? Maj?? Vnh 1 ho, lvt"b* ?" imw * v<?| ? w ? Rev* Aii*on,3rth Penn* V<Jie,l br.x Coi K D Keyet, 11th D 8 lofty, 1 tag aud 2 bundle* Qua: ler Master 6th Maine Rest, 1 box rapt Benson, 2 boxen shell Mai B F Bariser, 43d N Y Vgit, 1 i.*g and 1 box Capt R C I)wnlit,75th N Y Volt. 1 bbl A Van Am^urg. 27th N Y Vois.l bo* 8 B Parker, 1st I. org I*'atut, 1 bo* 99th Peaua Vols, 1 bf>* Miat C Lawrecoe, for licepita!, l box W H Covert, 12th N Y8T.1 box 8 Rennet, CaUfor .ia Regt, 1 oox 1 O F Watts, 3u N i "Volt, 1 bo* P Rolibins.Jd'.U Ilcgr, 1 box Utpt W H Reyno'dt, lat Rhode Is and Ba'tery.l | be* Capt G W Lumi ar J, 4*' Michigan, 1 bo* Q M SuYder, S31 R ?ft, 1 box | Col J vV tfe 1, Orunanoe D<"P*. 2 boxaa i?j u 4<i Varmnnt. 1 !)?i *? ti ( lew uui | ? w. - Ue?t A i)e Wriot. !5th New York, \ bo* H ?|e;ire**j,2d Vermont, 1 bj* M Svith, trta >'ew Jer. cy, 1 b ">* Vf Merrill, 83 New Jersey, 1 '.< * J H Gniliok. Ellsworth Zouave*, 1 bo* WH F:?h, 17'h Regt, 1 box A Ernest, 29th New York, 1 box W Wierraer, llth Regt, 1 U>* S Trier, 2d Vermcut, 1 hex R R W'hife, 2i Vermont, 1 bvx \V 3 Rut>r, lit!; Peuta.l be>x Joi n 3mith,Sith New York. \ ! *-* J AdajnB, 221 New York, 1 ho* Mil Vermont Vo:nnt??ri.l l>ox C H Voabnrg, 53th New Ycrk, lX 14th New Yert.l box G 8 WorxSrufl", 5th Conn Vols, I ?*;? barrel ? ?* --'? Ui.a ViJa 1 l i'l W J i'-| .'ikaaa ? v W) ? ?.**. J H L>ecasrd, f box Capt W Iie;aef9rd,l<?tU Now Vork Vp'i, 1 bo* GaaMeCaH,Pern* Resoves, 12baxe? A Lovo. 41th New Yorlr Vck.l box W H Smith, SftUi Regiment, 1 brx U S *sa t4-y Tom.2 boxes ar,d 3 tbla Fersons taxiing for Uue freight will ?!ea?e ?4/ th*: It is advertised. I), ii. KUCKKK, i 4-1 w.^ Qnartarn.aster and Colonel. |~R O N - C L A l> S T t ~A MK iTT NAVT EvrARIMtNTf WiSHiMTBN, February 20. !8tti. The Nary J>ep%rtin*nt wiJi. until the <i4'b ni March n^xt, receive propo- t.ona tor the comrl?t? couit.-ue:i?n ar.j eeniptiia of Iron c'.a<f vjaaeis lor river, hari>?r and c^Miat dei?no<?. Thea* vr^seis. wan ?ae e^onptioa of thoaa for t,:a Mja?i?fipj)i river and jte fributariea, will he s>ro ?3 e-1 by sorevf?; t'>o*e for the Misaisiippi rive' and t"it'Utarie? i.ay be pr^pei'ed by pad<iie wiie* * 'fne balls wi ' be either wA!>l:y of iron (Which would be pr?f< rre<l> or <.f sv wood eomMn^d, i.?wf euirxhla for If? |Jri'j3cn? S n?j Iirt.-.'VI u - ? - ? ? th^object pri>p**a--l? bett :e:r m?>6?^addyoiiran-f l>? pror<vjt<v! \rifh an iron arn*ator? u.tncieut to r? iitr t!..# hw -lest tliot ?n<l ? ' - i?. Th* vessels tor tim Mi river k' >ts 1'1 bn;fi*s are cot 'o li-aw no a tl.nn fix water wi:eu lu! r e*niBi><jc. iui<1 Aiuiod.at whi?.1 erait tu*j are to f a .a ?i> a p? ManfUl/Po of-irti kco!> p -r hour in Milt n^lf,^Orr, 8Ltfliiar;t coal i*. the 1 ankers !.ir hi* data I'sMft < attfcat Bprtd. iho*' arT\an>ri;t wit] 0u^?i6t oi t* ' Io*? hai. eix inch guij?. Tieres?> i ior *arbor lihiM arenott idr?v tor hautwr! e Je 2: r?ster wLaa faJ 7 eqaipp ri ar?l ? n-i*'*, it which itra!t they trA to l? able m ";t tain a permanent spccii of ten kuou per iiou' in HiiKMitn waw.anri ca.ry ruuUient coal iritis i>anten fur rcvwj (ia?? *t*.?minx at Uj?t tp?>t Tteir arir.a~:Mi: w:M con?iat of n-it ie*s titan froui two to lour eleven inch gtiiia. The \f?seU fnr eoa t rt^fefcc?? are rot to draw OKm ** lava l?n 7 itftc ? ?* IOU juiiy ui^/v ar.d R'snpf!, at whsoh 'rtit tljejr aro t,> t,e &i>!e tc ma'.r'.nn i r?*'mta?nt *r?>'Xl of fifteen knot* per hoarat Jwa, *n<l carry roitioimt coal in the t?nl?.8 for twelve Oay&steaming t! tr.&t spied. 'iheirar ie&kic* i k, i goiiDui ofoaa <?r f*tj iifleen <-r twenty n oii rum. lit gaca ?f the Vessel ( U,t li*rU?/ and Co&?t Jo farce are to a:n t-. a'l points of the compose Without change in t-'?* veasel'a fo-i'ion. f tie proposition i aius: fta'etli* r.niul>er Of ? * *e>a, ?.jVJ>ct t t!i? e Wit:! of Ui? Dt>parln*nt, w'tioli the par'y ^rrp?-f!(?? to fjrrish enmpM# in every reipta*. unh.aoinf a r.<<ar, piailry, atearc trscj.ite ? a;.-,; t^jiptnei ta <1 al kiiula. rea.'v for rerv;*e. exe^p'inp on y t,.e or 'i,?nr? and orduam-e atoreaan provuionr; tb<* p -;p>?i?ion must tea*m ua moI ) m .' lu -i rt.f~.ru r i r% i. r * t. r? u . \ r&ui flJfl V TU^O.-'VM 11/ M- il WHUHrnJiRH IM'IW a.. a mode'* of 9u?h ' ? ar&ote' that tft-i w -rk w?u:J t>e executed from tkem. T a ? actf of deiivery otuut &&tad; th-? tima WiliUSW'-tHi t.'?3 V Uiior T.'fJ^S & 9 t-? te oow p ;wi. and a a ti>e total rum to be p jid for farh. It si.! oe etptiiat'd in t .*contract it,at <>n3 t i u tbe tr-tai smnnrt *' I f,a r l?.ine?1 bj the Go-ernfter,; ariUi mty ua>? at r tbe re<s?>tio>i of the v ?;el, in older to ki?* jt a tr.a', the r6?r.a,nlrj t pajmTta boir.g mv'ew;!!it! ! re^-.rd totbe proper p??rionnM:cean1 proerrs*of thework: thecontie.nl will nito fTibratH forfeiture ?pr taiinio te perform th? coniiiioss specified. The bids rauit te aro^patiiei by the ruarantee required by ?aw, that if a oontta'st is awarded, It ? w ll be prompt? ex?eu:e!;anl thenames of Ih?? f> m viltn f.r? tri r^n'.n a tha tn r<.n r t a %nu>unt of tho iaos of the oul tract will aiao h? Ctatfcd Ji'f Departirant mil consular any other propo*!tior.3 that jr.*. oo preio;t?d in whion ibe draft of > wat i ahovc i arr.ed is not txce?de<!. IhJ u?-partJMfLt will teat lit*rty t"> acceptor r<,J^1 hrJ pr prcpoait i?m fe22 'awlw t 'flHK MOSf toKATilVlNQ J N r OK .MA? 1 tion t;;*t give 'o onr reader* who are r *uiT;rirwfroniO!da, fa thef'-ctthat PKAPi?ON'd j HtmOATfcD TAK i>k jl\5 are reaur a io<*1 ' ranisij. hi&iiy ofcurfnerr!* hare tried them with uc3M( for nocfhc. Bore Tin oat, Hoar?ane<* ard 1 AMhisa. oaafaotio .a a!ao give leltel to C-tt'injtives S.ajer? k% ) PuMlo shakers who . are troui-ed with i hroat Uteeaxea lind re tef t>y [ u*ir.t ?'e?iitoc'a 1 ari>ropa, wtiua clear \ Ui3 throat of i uiky ar.rt r;cilirij sera.ntions.-Brodnpea i<y too wnoh e*erl?ft*i of the vo?al orfr*n?, ' vnd give atraiittii. tone aL I iu> neaa to the v<?to?. ' Prepare 1 ard aoid br Gi.O. l'KARSON, No. A ; North l/ffcerty ?t, Baltimore. *?oM al*oat491 Kifiit ?reet, VVaav.nitOi No. 4 Fairfax street ? A. - xsa^'ia, .\- iJ. iiu4, 1 rederiok; tad by the pn.'eiyai druftiati anJ oon'eotiosera, at lOoecta | per paataaa. fe 2* Im J -3i*3D D i | 1 ?flt OViSHLA NDOVhTKR KXPRtiSS COMPANY ! Stilt continue to racwv6 dai y those famous planted , PA'rUXBNir RIVKR O YBTERB. Kwi>(!H>U fcrul prif.U families?^* r -Uiu do vrnil to cajl art! try them. WiUV Tuoseoyterea-e Bold 96 f.curs after th? r oow.? iron*. Uis w?Urr. * llJr* *>Zco N'o. Market Space, bclo^r the ^*-nne >fr?n?3. <* a am n BALMORAL BOOTS. \*OAT Tlppe<l Double tci* Baiinora!? ? fl *? Call 'ti<A do tiu do 00 Glove Calf do 92 *' i Also, a:l other styles of Ladies and Mutes' i Balmoral boots, tiie okerpjst and beet essor taunt iEti.ec.ij. J. I'osfKNTHAL, No. 18 Market Space, * jaT ao Peon, avenue. Kat-coen 8th ar.d 9th >t*. COIN WANTED! The Hi chest Price paid for SOLD AN II SILVER! 9nci* Poa Bal* in Uvut to 8*i*. lkwis joiitson a* co.t fl t V IT f Tt o #? M 4T A H il f I P*XKSn,VAT?!4 An***, I JaQtf Corr.ar 'farth rtraet UAKNtJM IH HKKK!--*^ frwxhil.ltit.u. ?:i? K> faa? b-. ?w?k of clotlilu* in the eit?, at the Heoylr'e Clothuie Htore, NoT4C0 S?v?nlh utreot, t oppoait* ^oat Office. N B.?All of th? abort I too.ig ior tafat vry low n-ioaa. it 27 $m [ r%K1? AT WHOLHSALb. "J tvi u.? ti; 1 I * A- ??/? New J*r?TMtini?. | * o>M?mt4. t Ofcto g H I a'u v WA^VIMOALOIL! 1 K/rAhWuth? tr?U? wifU (ha be*t S|vraSu< I.A . ?,fc,Sr*!?K2*i??i "Xiu.- rOT,.,l ? ,^1"^. Q LT A R TE R M A^TORS'^C K R TIFIC A T EB B^iliRNUB^CLAIMa JAY CPOKE * CO., -il^!*L *** Fiffanth COLl>a ifOAKSKPJBSe, *o. I int'iru ?uu e?i-n*IVffTy UMd tt)Et iuoit pnoEf bftv* become UioitM* with its tatraorrttKZ SKSfrli H ASK* 1 w A-LL^tiTKPHE5i S \ CO,'T"' Tjmrafe *** ? "' ll.i.'l..': f, 5<l.iipiOfc? NE-ttrsMtfUftrtMBlt'S WXPHi^fe.?ssssui.saa^? fT' JL2iSE_. % . V 'x ??at ICPrtjLTAHT TO FA* .ILIKft' umtuWi H"*1 "> ftUTLKIlSt GKOCEMt API? OTHKIUL .* / i WILLIAM TVCftl iK'S CflEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 39? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES) AT HALF THE UStTAL PRIOE8, ffaviag bt*n purchased / Bankrupt Mttckuntt mud othert. TUOIEK'S TUCKER'S groceries, Liqnors, Winet, Cig&rt, &c. FOR FAMILIES, FOR SV1ZKRS, FOR OFFICERS. T KA8, FINF. V NION C1GAH3/. C RACKER?, BOSTON. K ETOflUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFRFS. R AiSlNS, MALAGA. Hh.il> OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! Extra Brown Sugar........... 9 cents per pound YThlteHogar ....1< ctntx per pound ! Fin*1 Green Tea .50 cents p?r pound ( Fair Black Tea 50 r*nta per pound K.xtra Coffee *20 ccnU per pound Good Coffee 10 cent* per pound Wax Candle* .35 centa per pound i Malaga Rulalna 15 centa per pound ! Codftata... 6 centa per pound Imported Cltfara 54) cen* per loo Havana C1?ara 91 to S3 per ltiO i Alm?nd? 1*2 centa per pound Bait JO centi iy>8?r Good Butter 16 rents per pound Extra Butier JO centa per pound Fine Wines 1?1 per bottle Whiskey ..25 to 50 centa per bottle All other kind* of l.lQUORS In proportion. . Call and for your*-If. TUCKER'S, U5 IVnruylTa&u Avenue. WILLIAM fffCKER'S CHEAP GROCSS? * rAHKHOUSE, Hi t E N N S Y h ? Ct I A AVENUE, 3i*4 I'KNNdVLf A A AVENUE. aiioo&siiKs AT HA LP StJt VM'AL PRICES, , Hicmg bun y*xik*$4d *f Bankrupt AJtrclanlr ttk4*i. cHttart'* Kcfinfd Hngart froin VtoUrti pfr pouud Extra Flue Green Tea 75 " " Good Green Tea 0>J '< ? Extra Floe Black Tm 75 " < ft<-.?d lila< k Tea fx) " ? Old Java 2o ' ' 0?^d i,-<>d*e . .lit >< ? l?vc. y t-iM- in proportlm. H e M i' UDl'li ? MM MJt w iJ JD ft) VtfCKKKY.SM PENNSYLVANIA AVLNV* TgOKKtt>?,3M PENNSYLVANIA AYE*fE WltBlIMfon. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RISTAUKn ANTS, HOTELS, GR0CBR8, AND 0THKR3. WILLIAM TL'CKJKH'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 1M PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 89# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, GROCERIES . AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having btm purchased of Baakr+pt Mtrchanti m.:id ntk*r* T U C K E R j' 8 TUCKER'S WBOLMALI AMD KKTAIL Groceries, Liquors, Cigars, Wines,&c FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, PINE. , U NION CIGARd C BACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPB, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AlSINd, MALAGA. HEAD 0 OK PltJCMS R B A D 0 U H F H 1 C B S! WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WARBHOVSJi, 33* rENNBYLVANIA AVENUE mmm rx.nsil.VAMA A V K M K? -r r - \ ?;/ GOODWIN'S TOBACCO fl. H. WATTB'S VOLUNTBEK TOBACCO. " GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PftlCJES, " H?it Hm Bmkntpl Mtrck**tt I- t ( h-iior 1?.| t,' ^ ;j ? Hfi I , '< ? &m**xst r;.:vir.. * 'TUOWUkV. H5WI01^VAKU *?ENUH wctfe**, ssi plnnsyt* v am a a vbnue ? ? "*cac?i m?>ww <?>. \ M74i I m $ ?i i. ~ ML. JMDMCA ilTlMURI LOCK H9IPIT4&I Bmt itimmtti tkt mm Ctrim4m, MJf Zfutw*l Rtmtif ? tk? Werii, rOK ALL PiaBABEa OF IJtPRVDKNOB. ] AKr NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APl'LY IftlVROlAHELY. 4 f arr v wiro ? _ ? ? ? mionAiTi AU| ya ity IN FR(JJt ONE TO TWO DAYS. Whiiui *r tfc? ba, luinrH, Ifituwit! tkt *ifi? Mfi and CUddtj iH*eeiuf?i, l^pcurcT, fil D?ttUy, Sw???8n?, ?f?t, L&crmi, C?itl?*w / V1?*?, Law Ipinu, ?f th? Hon. flic^uT. tlftlH 6;djin?u, Dl'itNtl til In i, ltrr??. Hm w Ikia. ifMtiMi ?f th# T Itw ii>. ?r tb?? T?mbl? l>Mrd?r* ?f4-jn? ff?ai Mlfjy likiu ?f T?** ?? Dntdfit M* r,?(vfVC.iTa rniih?< which Httrtu? i?p?uiVl? U*1 u< Mind. 4 _ rovNe MFN

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I)K. jfOHNSOPTS KFMEDY FOR ORQANit WEAKNESS AS') IM POTENCYH^UIi r?s*t ta-l hcftrteai ttm*} ?Mioiu?( Uliijin I? w I i r .T..I KIIU KUT^RTIIItliS. rlttlU'll ?f lk? 0*,\ ' IM??i tad >ti kid lUt (ii k*f I, fca?* k??? lanificuw i. au tD>?- !-s?mu u PkTti**.! ? Mtitt' nue?*:nwtinu, ?r Kkiih'Jh S?ir, Hirfai lrru-.il 17. *u?ULuf tu4 Wirutu tr (.wiiun ( Ul bni k.*a f??Jiij WMj. EWL- tflBBtTFrrT OP Jfil? FKB5E. TVS MiRI *v/td at Uut icniwtiM t*? i**t M'itlliQ mw, th? Biuinu io>f*rur( *!*. 1 Or. j?hn;ta, V - i>? lunm U* r.aid ii j t.**,./ ?Uir Himi, iiitiCH K vfciik k*r? lf?iu and ??*:n k'Wtt ih? V?bu aluiai if ? a (uuitiAD < ?.t uu r??p?cTlhijij, U ? * <.1*111 J34..!*U? w <1 bit !V-l T1TI23SE 3VI -A. X*. ,Drol?^s?i cy Scs*?i Letters fat??< #/ E?eten(, n.i sttuttu ' y tk*. Stui* iJ Ik* E'ti* ?/? Pkir?:a u ti? Fnri3tmnJ tkt ItnpiTi+l Citiigt t>j bltdUMi, fi< ><w, TKTEPRMAR No. 1 la i!i? tki3TA ji. rev.*:s For Kklaj.*T.ort, S?u &i.a hsKAtr^ttoN OIIUK P.jz'.zm. 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(. o.. :e c lyt of remittance, lir, Bj, \. w will i< r waiU Trf ?o&i&r to ai.y r% t < ' v.. i .: ? .?iy fStkoJ^'.'i a*l? :co?rj & . .'Oidi-t to i<>e a.uii ucu-xit of tli8 Wfltftf. Pai. iH bj Da HAKilOW.tiist nuJ If at. >Li,iti*tc.5 u.^iiial woifr. lliibaii f- r%: i, fiisc ki nb..>4, TmsarjV- ?'>l f?or.* oan Mi'bUiliAi 1/T Mkwit) liviaB. Ci oK l)i Vfaah^itvn, i'?. C. S~\ BOJaEIHlNtJ NKW : ^ r ~\ v'%k& MStl? At SSI C Sittu, Ut t? YtfXJslttfiSS'AME 0 la ut j*VM ma TnoTuvjLiy Cocfcwl (f?r to it roaat; In tu fiti il ticu ? uteri. 0*.l Ltd ae*. 9h$ t-.j4*-tuned r*i*ectfu.iy iiu-jt.um Lit n'?nd? iu ifcu 1/ Mr lot, Mid :siU>ra to fha city. Ua 5ai rtlttauufit:: ua WJU-H&WM jLsiAjc.c.iiHis* \l a moat thoronf h nvarer. anJ 'its 1MZ4 r-wnf.ais h ~z.Bgomcnta tolaraiui OVSXG&d iu ut ty'.e and u any ^nsrthy. W to Rf> e*;loa? rhc?tsc yet day* * 'J to ,?*> ea.;? of ami I * r h pot c> dviy--oaui harf&?ucal'r acMac. 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X.E A <i PERE1N #? OSUB&AIBS Wcrcs?ter8!ilr? Saoc?. ProaaansKl ">j jJ5 EXTRACT -- 1^ - vunnuiBduWHB ki oi? u?;wruoma i t* l? the K J Gtmlltmen " OHLY GOOD JBsSL -"J.*"*1?* 1> Wll Srviktt SAUCE.' Woroeater. I u< mUoM.?, Ijgsrj.. re? ?*v?. .. I 7'Ati C tKnf fKAlP \'mu>4 """* paHK|ri(3V-i;i?3Si . VAminr teK^^^^paJataWe, ta jrell u < UK DiBH. HK^rnW^0 moat vuolc?<}me j ^gg^5Pi>?*c? ttuuian?ade." i *h? ?boY? 8AUCF 11 not otly t"ie B?t *B'J ???* 1 roritAS CCKTIKXKY kEOWa, tBi t?o lDOit EctMSM <??/, la ft f?v (Irtu* in ?o?p, irTMti or with fVs4. I hot ud oold J pint,, Bh/ Sh <?*, G??m, #r.. impart < n exquisite sett, *laoh tmprituirUd Ss.ioo una- J uttnforwa hivA In t.% On Uj3 &r*u*r**i, I wuUm, Dt?**r, or S**?ct j TkbU. ft orvH conUtaib* " Hi A & PKRUINB' < WOHCEaTEKbHlUL tijLUCE" u ] bl|. To the or ctlUnS o t lisn J tit Ciouj jrepftrfttion it U aalj Dtowur to jnrotuue ft ani?U bottlA of th? gtnui?4, of & rfr?f*ctftli!a f rooer or iteft er, u nifc&j ftnd pro proton aolUoin pinoe the fieri H&toa urforo t&eir ga?*U, Dlit enN4Ulut? ft gouuiu6 BottU tillaU WiUi ; ft fpwrtMM ouiturft. J For fc&l* t>j feiruoor* aod Pruit*rw? 1 JOHN DUNCAN A SONg. Union Sptart mud liiX strut, Ntm lot*. t- i ?oj?i W LuiM?le Ax ants for tke United btatot. A ^took always u ?tor? ? AUo ordtia r*o*jvad loridtroat hi?ipcato ftta Kngiand. I Hy B4*f4 CttmtMftUi ?U , fll'T"*? \ bole*If ia? ?M)a? Gray, rod OTluinkiroM i beTchuMt ta a tow coeonda tp a l'i t !.-i6k or I kppiieu, ittM u*tvalaeeoatacoe. Ksaii R.ir . T UfHAM'H HAIR DYW i* ?o eoonin S^Sfi ' ftnoJiutTulon'MiCtSii'm, i Mr. 11 1 DENTiOTBY, HL J. H. PKABODY, * 1/ DENTIST. Attend a to all branch** of tia profMaioa at tha moat mMsiMf for viuoh too4 op / JC> cr*tt?ti8 can N* performed JwC ?iyJ Ofllo* No. *T6 ' npar'Tanta '',v Mwn Uth and l?k atreeu. ivo doors aa*t ?f tb* Kirkwcod Uoum, la a&ma bailamf arrr Or i'oaik.dson. mkfcl?*.lU !&. aaHgi'v^Wett.ttaas te^ia parw>ca>:y at hia otVw a thjs c; ?.?wj - rv * c?. u? va.< wcsi WHO 1 iannot vear otter*, anc no jereon oaa wear oihert WLo ouwt w?ar tacca. r-rt .14 cv i?|?> o|! iiAusit t*iMonm?aaud With ant atjla and arice <.l T.s?t'i U?/ ma* dcaire; lit totbore woo no rs.:tieu:*r a&u wiab laeptueaL Cie&nsat, stroTifWt.mi must orntara tLat &rt cam ftiwtfua*. t?<* MINER A !w PLA'i'E wilJ t* mora fully wtmiaJ, Kutraia ie Uila cut- No. 333 P>.>wt?a, heUaai r.h %aA lOib lU. Alto, 90? AroJ. acrr?t. Ph1)*4?i , int. iaar4-Iy.M I DR. CHARLES R. DOTKUR, DENTIST, ain ...? nu. > ? > rhiinfVLVAPilA AVK.NllK, Onwttx ?th *no 10th Sis. )> I >(? I AND IMPROVED INVENTION , ARTIFICIAL CHE0PLAST1 BOMB TEETH, i WlTKOVT MtUL.PUTt CUIN. Ptt. S. B SlfiF?MON? SIO J)>M4w?y, Pltn T?rt-4t'0 Prx*.f,b-i*\a 4? tnu4, bctuttn ittk avt Iff* 1 , Ca'ie the attri tion of the mM'.p to the following urraX|?Kef of hi* imp orttJ i. tTTtmUi cf hi* niiLu^Mxvi vi;:fiK3 . navrr oorode nor oha&fe coior by anr "*7" ' aoid*, bcirjttree focrthi hjbf?r than an* otLer. t. No teeth or root* reefl te err*actH}, u tie ut ec:*1 oii*b o&d ? * laterted erer t*;ci. 1 9. The mi: b ?n a.;? inotfeu'ra, fcfi merer ; o ac^e. i. 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F. r*MlTH. fe 4 Master of Traaiyortation. Bait. l-6ij the [1<m>8 Penaiylvania Central Railroad, SRH (with iU cociNboai) is a first claft* rofte to all the wbp tern citie# 5*?eed, 8a1 lty and comfort! rtone ballasted and i kll i k< m dl- t: baggauk ci1lc&ld tbrougb llfllU IIA THUIDl-l ? ? m* mm - * I? . . TEXK TATLT ZKAHte MtO* rHILAUfcl PHIA TO FITTSBIRWH! Two o! tberc Kfcking CLO*l C0S*KC110!M AT E1UIIICU v it'i train cn tLe NoKTUER*< CENTOAL RAIL KOAU. ?r.J furnaag Tht OliEAT C'i^V A AAL HOUTK nox WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE o ill F' .Lto ii) the W **T. N'OITI-WVT iMi 8o?th Wilt. iU~ i '-t T.i'otsgh Tick- U, apply at tbe (?ftM ot Uc NarlLem i.#*,ua) K?..t Road Cvn - pint, oa.vert Statu*, tta.Latore. Sy'ttiJiJ S.'ftpir.g C-irs on all N'i(kt Traitu Sm<jinlg Silueu Cat tan. ail FROM WASHINGTON. ras^arr"?* w ' tA*r ibe 6 a. 10. an? 4 p. m traina, it Pt'tm-cre at f-V a. m. ai d f 45 p. m.. Where c: ?? cf ()!.ect!ons ar? n t ie with train* oa t*:? 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