13 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

13 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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~ LOCAL NEWS. Nones ?After having for many yean printed the llata of letter* remaining uncalled f?r In the ' pott office of this city, (under the law authorlilng their publication In the newapaper having the largest circulation within the usual delivery of the office,) the proprietor of the Star has at length felt compelled to decline their further Insertion, because of the great space they have come to occupy, and of the bet that for months past he has be*n forced to lav over on each nrintlntr the lists. advertisements the Insertion of which would have peiid >t least double u much as tLe law allowed him for the letter list. In addition to this positive pecuniary low by their Insertion since those lists have come to be as large as the New York city letter lists, they have entirely?on the day on which they were printed?defeated his purpose of iraklugtbe 5'?r always a *#??/??j?#r?n*ws being its weil-kuown speciality. A*c<!mmt? To-Nisiit. WaiiiM' Hall?Select readings bv Mr J. E. Murdoch, the popuUrand accomplished actor, embracing* selections from 9fcaksp*-are, I*. Buchanan Read. Hood, Dickens, Temteyaon, and other popular write**. Odd Fellows' Hall ?San ford 's great opera troop* In an Immense programme of burlesque fun and comic, the entire company appenrlng la various piece*, operatic and etberwise, ail nm upon the stasre in the first-class stvle which oat characterized the same r.-pw ntations at ^anf?rd's Philadelphia Opera House. Mn. Anna Bordwrll, the charming linger, to-night Fbahklis Hall.?An attractive festival for the benefit of St. Paul a English Lutheran Chuc&. Handsome lssse-i. a ^rand supper, and Bn unlimited degree of genuine enjoyment. Ca*tz*beby Hall?Fourth night of the new company. with Mla? Julia Mortimer, the I>elevante brothers, Nell, acd nil the other stars in a i - huge bill of songs, ballads, dances, burlesque and trtpeze performances. An Tilargement of the are heat ra and other extensive Improvements, with the new troupe, renaer umcroary a nwn attractive resort. Mcsical Hall ?Open all day free concert* at 5 o'clock. Excellent refreshment.'*, he Acadzxi o? Misk .?Free concerts at 4 o'clock, embraciD?a*-l*ct1on? from the mo^t pcpnUr opera*, auperlor refreshments, 4c. Oiph*!i'i Cocbt ?Tue?dav. 'he ca?e of John Law, late of Washington, D. C., agt Loyd N. Roger, executor of Mary Parke Custls, was again brought before the court. The case has been decided upor In this court, and an appeal was taken to the Supreme Court of the I'liited States. The decision of the Orphan's Court as to the legacies In the will of Mary Parke Custls, was returned, confirmed bv the Supreme Court The question came up on Tuesday upon a petition asking that the administrator 4t bonis non of Mary P. Custls shall be required to collect and psv over said legacies, or that his powrrs b<* revoked Messrs R I Brent and Henry May appeared lor the petitioner; and Mr. Campbell, also of the Baltimore bar, for respondent Rogers The Court holds the case under consideration It has been several times before the Supreme Court The case of Campbell vs Campbell's executors ? and others, w*s taken up, Involving the question of the widow's right to her dower in the personal property of her husband, as to which be had died intestate?she having accepted legacies left ber In the will. Tbe Court decided that the >.i j a. u. ... J v... ?u - i. wiuu w i* i:u? uauru uv mf prr^uca ri irjjiirlti under the will, and sustained hit decision by quoting several decision* of the Supreme Court of Maryland, that the widow standing by the will of her husband, with the estate thus taken, was as a purchaser for valuable considersticn, and wa? therefore dowable In the personal estate not embraced in the will Messrs Fendall and Wiley for the petitioner; Stone and Mattingly for the respondent. Tbe question ha* never before be? n decided in this Court, and tte bar was divided upcu ti.e question Sine* <he decision of the case, a number of the older members of the bar* of tbe District and Maryland have coincided in the opinion of the Court. Fifth Police Di?te'.ct, btfort Justitt Thomj> son.?The following case*, not hitherto published In the city newspapers, ba?e been disposed of at the office of the police magistrate of the fifth district: Sam'l Strotber. a lad. charged wttb breaking open a letter and stealing therefrom a gold dollar; Jail for further hearing A Aglev, arrested by Corporation Policeman Hurdle, ai d charged with ?elllne liquor without license; fine and costs 58. Alfred Simmons, arrested by the same officer, for hawking and peddling without license: line and costs fJO fU \ixrv Krnii iirintni by Officer McDevitt, for begging lu the stref ts, workhouse do days T. L Hume, arretted by Officer Kelly, charged with lnjnring a tree on Pa. amne; *5 91: also, with resitting tbe officer In discbarge of bis dutv; bail for court. T Williams, t harued by Officer ?hedd with fast riding In tbe public streets; %T> 5* Michael Stenson, charged by Officer Kelly with tbe name offense; !*"> 94. Owen Finley and Henry M'Dermott. two new* venders of p?gnacioas habits, charged by Officer Kelly with disorderly conduct and lighting In tb" s'revt; fined SI 91 each. N Tin Me*:t ?Prof. Alexander Wolow-kl, Ibe well-known pianist ard vocalist, bci Introduced lately In Washington b-.s new and original system of Imparting music, and has met wltt the most flattering success, not only iri gaining >o/ilat but iu proving that his new im-lhod Is of great and pecular merit He explains the piano and tbe science of music to each pupil thoroughly, a* well as the true nature of music. He leads his pupila on. band in band, almost with himself, and enables tbem to execute mnsic in a very short time, thus saving years n-nally bestowed upon %letnentary Instructions I'rof. Wolowskl la also a vocalist of very bigh cultivation, and possesses great skill In teaching tbe vrnal art. Those who have any desire to learn music in Ita perfection speedily and easily afaould not neglect to embrace this opportunity by calling at hi? new resident*, No Wi Tenth street, between E and F streets, weitslde. Police.?The Second Ward patrolmen reported the following cases tried by Justice Clark yesterdsv Joseph! ne Jone*. col., for Indulging In a street fght; lined *2Ul. Adelaide Alexandra, do.; dismissed The Third Ward patrolmen reported F Riard, drunk; dismissed. John Arte*/er. selling on Sunday; do.,?by Justice Walter. Cba?. Harris, eol , drunk and profane; tiuedfl 91. Elizabeth Smith, col , do ; do ti if. Jobn Faban, creating m. ntiiitnrt: do. 15 01 Jnhn Hiwan Uff?nw <%# bii wlft i (ntber bed; dismissed. C. \V Donaldson. driving through a marker; do Edw'd Conghland,drunk; fined SI 91. Cba* Ellis, col., larceny: dismissed for want of evidence?by Jiistlce Clayton. John Lee, drunk; turned to tbe military The Fourth Ward patrolman reported James Shields, assaul'; dismissed?by Justice Johnson. Kdw'd Cropley, drunk; fined ifl.M? by Justice Clayton. Scram CoraT, Msrcb 12.?No 170. John A. Washington etal , plain iff in error, vs Mahlon I). Ogden, Truatee of the Chicago Land Company. The argument of tbls cause was continued by Mr Fuller, for tbe defendants in error, and concluded by Mr. Arrlngton, for the plaintlflj In error. v No 172 Chas. Goodyear and the Union India Rubber Company, appellants, vs. tbe Beverlv Rubber Company. The ar^nmrat of this rau*e wu commenced by Mr Merwin for the appeltesta. J vdoi Ciiwroto, we regret to bear, la in very feeble health, and it is not probable that be will be able to return? hli Beat ou the bench the present term The court has been adjourned Irom day'o day this week by the Clerk, Mr. John A. Smith, ia person. It is Ktated that the law provide* la an emergency like the present for aa adjournment from day to day for the period of one week, Mter which one of the Judges of the Circuit Court is authorized to act as Judge of the Criminal Court Fi7TH VVasd Folic* Ca#k? ?Henry line, vagrant; workhouse 3u days. Rachel Miller, for keeping a disorderly house, w?s arrested but dismissed on her premise to lesve the city by the first train, and not return l>ennls Dacey and Margaret Dicey g^t on a bust, and acting In a fry disorderly manner, were lent io itse worakouae to pa?? the remainder of the *prlng months; t&at la, tor ) day*. Fotr*TH Wm Station Ca*e?.?Btfort Junta W?il?r ?Robert Rtcbardaan, (col d) fightlag; dismissed. J. H Collins.drunk; *1. Eliza Lynch, do; diamiaaed Andrew Gaaaaway, (eoi'd) found sleeping In the street; held for consi derail on Th"m? Little, drunk A Anderson, James O. Melia. and George Wheeler, do.; t imed over to the military. Navigation o? tin Potomac ?Since the ra!*? lax of blockade a laru* number of veaiela have arrived here wltb anthracite coal, potatoes, wood, oystera, army atorea, fee , and there ara datljr arrival*. _ _ Paa?o!i? desiring the new style of spring over coaU, fx dma cotti, or any other article of ready made clothing, at tb* lownt prirea, abould mot Ml to call upon Meant B?r 4 Brother, corner of fc aod Seventh atrerta Secost) Who Station Oiiw-S</>i Clmrk?Joh nan a DooMttle. C A. Ba>dcn, and K. A Llnd?ie>, ao Idlers, disorderly; tamed over to 'be military W. W. Co (field, disorderly: Untd f. Tat gishal. ConrniKi of the MetbodM FrotaHut Chareh meet* In Owgetowa, D. C., Ht Georgetown, 9. C , at >uted, In May Omkitows Policb Casbp ? Bt/trt Jmtit* aw -J'mff Pax ton. for dlaorderly conduct wan iaed #S 'jj. Mary B-own, (cord) for a like 0?wce wuaent Xo tfee wvrkboa**I * Cekteal Guaedhocse Caies?Btftrt Juttin Clark ?Win H. Jones, Albert Mangles, drunk; turned over to the military. M. DeCheanev and John Pitch, do ; do. Peter Brooks, (col'd) larceny of L 8 musket; dismissed. John Htll, ?>l'd) assault and battery; security for peace, no Cropley, sleeping la the market; 91 ? Seventh W aid Police Cases?Bt/fi Justin Stratton.?Abraham W Cottlngbam and Horatio j Beach, for fighting, were Ined SI 91 each. ; Margaret Wilson, for vagrancy. Ac., was fined SI 91, and being unable to pay the amount w*s sent to the corporation boarding house at the I km tna. Sot dims, Attijitioi* !?Pain, disease and exposure, with a hot climate, muddy wnter and bad diet, will be unavoidable, but armed with Holtoway'a Purifying and Strengthening PH'b you ran endure all thenc and Mill retain good health. Ouly 25 cents per box. U**. Fl*miss'? wonderful deatrnrtlve abell exhibition ninth of thr I'rraldent'a Mansion on TLu'sdav eveuing at = o'clock precisely. One of the mcst remarkable discoveries of the a^e, (howinn at a glance Ita destructive efficiency when ard in sea or land warfare. The President, beadaof Departments, Peoatori, member* of Congress, foreign minister*, and secretaries of lunation are expected there, with the reporter* of the Senate and iloute, and'boa* of the city press also, with a little million of good I'nlon lad'cs. All are cordially Invited to aa?ist in glorifying f?>r our late brilliant achievement*. II# DR. Vo5 MOSCHZHIKR, OctLIRT APWAURTST. Dr. Von Moscbz'sker give* his entire attention to the medical and surgical treatment of the eve and ear. Deafness of the longest standing removed both by medical and surgical operations on the latest scientific principles, which have proved fVtsf f r)!ntrMllnir nmUH v r.f fl i if mm til all >UU* > UV mUtUMJ ? ' u I UVW f Hliu ?*? the disease* to which the ear ia subjected, are a* curable as those which attack any other part of the body. Dr M ' operations may be witnessed by the entire faculty, and in fact Dr. M. would be pleased that medical men should witness his method fur the removal of deafness, and all surgical operations to restore sight. Oflee227 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite VVillard's. nib 1?-3t* Coal Oil, Coal On., Coal Oil !?I am now furnishing the trade with the best quality Kerv*iue Oil for cent*. S. W. O'LAcr.hlis, Corner New Jeraey avenue and E street, mht'->'J.* Washington. J)Ror ix at the People'a Dollar Store," I'M Pennsylvsuia avenue, near Four and-a-half street. Hxamine the splendid assortment of Jewelry, Sliver Plated Ware, and man.moth Gold Pens, and "take your cholcefor one dollar." mar 8-1 w* Bhaxdhkth'* Pills.?One million nine hundred and twenty boxea of Brandreth'a Pills were aold In the >ear 1861. Let thoae who require a cleansing. Innocent Vegetable Medicine, use Brandreth'a Pllla, which have stood the teat of experience, and are approved by all who nae thrm. Sold at No. ?94 Canal atreet, New York. Branch cffice corner Ninth and E streets, Washington, D. C. P. S.?Sutlers supplied by the dozen. mar 8-lw Familim who have never used Boston cracker* are Invited to try thoae manufactured freah every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respectable grocers. Ja28-tf All rxrsons can ind th# beat stock of Cloth* In?, Fnrnl"hlng Good*, Trunks, (lata and Cape, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, near F. fe 27 3m ____? Tb* Ibdian He%? Doctor, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell kla patient* the nature of tbtlr complaint* or Illness, wltfcout receiving any Information from them. A'o tkargtft Cvniult*tim or Afoul. OSS MOTTO. We use such Balm* a* have no strife W 1th Nature or th? Law* of Life: With Blood our hands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Our Father?whom all goodness fills, Provide* the means to cure all Ills; The simple Herb* beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a slniDle Flower. Call'd from the dewy Lea? These, thftte shall epeak with touching power Of change and health to the. Room wo. 11, Washington Building, Penn. avenue, corner of 7th street. Canadian references of the Indian Herb Doctor: Sir E. Heads, Governor of Canada Hon. fly, Stearns, Mayor of Montreal, C. E. Hon. Geo. Hall, Mayor of Quebec, C. E. Hon. Johu Hutchinson, Mayor of Toronto, C. W. Hon. J. B Kobinsou. Hon. Jas. Cummlugs, Mayor of Hamilton, C.W. Hon. VV. Matthews, of Brantford, C. W. Hon. W. Barker, Mayor of London, C. W. W. Savage, late Col. of Artillery. H P. Dwivht.SuDt of Montreal Tplroranh J Taylor, Justice of the Peace, Toronto, C. W R. II. Crook, Alderman, Toronto, C W. J Uroubart, Surgeon, Toronto, C. W. fe 17-tX QUIRT. Why is it That Crmtadobo'* Ilsm i)t* i? the Best ia the Work I Because eminent chemists say so! Because it contains no oaustio curs pounds! Because it wears longer thaa au? other! iseeauae 11 operatea i?>ia*iantoMUy . Hecauae it does not ataiu the skin! Became it Bouriahea aad atrentthena the Hair! Because it oorreota the bad efleota of other djea : Becauae ita presence cannot be deteoted : Btcausi it ntvtr fails ! Manufactured by J. CRISTADORO, 6 Aator Houae. New York. Sold everywhere, and applied by ail Hiir Dreaaera. Prico 4k, 915" and S3 per bnx, aocording to aixe. No. t. Crivtadoko's Hair Presirvativi, la invaluable with hia Dye, as it irop&rta the utmoat toftneaa, the moat beautiful gloaa, and ireat ?!.* U.i. Yiuiiiiy iu mc noii? Prioefiu oer.t?, 51, and 52 per bottle, according to slxe. 28 M,\VifcF.liu Cokn*, B in Ion*, Caloelties, Had Nails, Knlar^ed Joints, and ail d'-eases cf the feet cared without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chlropodlat, 4j6 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-ha'f and sixth streets. Room 7?2d floor. Odice hours from 9a.m. to 6p. in. Calls made at private residences when desired. feb 17 Take ho moke unpleasant and vnsavx Medicines ?For unpleasant and dangerous diseases, use Helmbold's Extract Buchu, which has received the endorsement of the most prominent physician* In the United State* Is now offered to afflicted humanity as a certain cjre for the fallowing diseases and abuse of the urinary or sexual organs: General debility, mental and physical depression, linbewillty, determination of bl?od to tne head, ^nnfiiu 1 ti KuatArla u?nar> 1 irvUaKllitv ruat. UVMau^VV f^UUVIU* IIIIWUIUIJ, I VBVlessneas and sleepieseaeKs at night, Ium of appetite, absence of muscular elflriency, dyapepala, emaciation, low spirits, disorganization or paralysis of the organs of feneration, palpitation of the heart, and, in fact, all the concomitants of a nervous ana debilitated state of the system. To Insure the genuine cat this out. Ask for Helmboid's. Take no other. Cures guaranteed. See advertisement In another column. fob 4-tf India. Robbie boons. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should bo without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, 81 45 each. Rubber Pouches and Bl&nkets combined, S3.50 each. India Rubtar Coats, white or black, fct.50each. India Rubber Legglna SI per pair. And all kinds el Rubber Goods, Including Rubber Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles. Door Mats, Under Sheetings for bc*M~ln sickness, Ac . Ac , at manufacturers prlcea,&t*H. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, MU6 Pa. a*., between Ninth and Tenth streets. fcb 1-tf > t HAAR1M. On the 7th instant by the Rev. Mr M*ador. Mrs. ROKERTA ttlMPSUN to Mr. JOSKfti F, CC/bNlO. of New Orisons. MID, . Suddenly, on the 12th instant. MAR V ANOKLlA DJltLKR, eldest damhter of Jwu?i K. and Sasnn ?aitiujly, la the 9tn year of hsr ace. iMArAit tknii kas* !aft ma ?*HfeUt?l | ?UVH UMH 1V?? ? ? We thy Iom moat detply feel; fiat tis Uod u.a' hath bare t as, He can all oar sorrows heal! Her funeral will take p ace on to morrow, the 14th I slant, at 3 o elook, whieh the friend* of the turn y are invited to attend, from the reeidanoe of her parents. No. 610 geteutn street, iNavr Yard. Onthatfth instant. FANNY KUTL.KR. aged U months, daughter of retry and Mar; linen Knight. Tne friends of the family are repeated 'o attend the funeral, on Friday moruicg at lo o stack. * At Indianapolis, Ind, on tho Id alt.mo. !>y?Nltl. U. LLO Y V, son of the late William L.loyd. otthis eitr, 10 the2-th year otaikaf*. His fiinerai wi.l take place from the residenoeof hem >ther, to morrow, (p riday,) at X o'c'ook p. m. mm* BOOTS?SHOhsi . *? -no. nw T,,W55Sa.ftADf.? o?ut GtoU Uumanu ilKtofS<0 G en?' Flue alf Hoots. Jlno to ft* W II kioda of BOOTS Mi 8HOK3 v#ry oh?M. |[7 Boot* m?4? to ordw in the b??t ? miitr, by irih II Im* CHAKL.K8 H. MORgfe. Ctf &fflSCTJLA"D ,m WA" or i Veiaiiovii, IMt 1 Dr. Robert Haatev lk? Treatment it Pilacatrr DImiwi. jlKTBODOCTOET.] To the Edxtort ef the Star: Gentlemen : As this is the season of danger to thoM suffering from affections of throat and lungs, I propose, with your permission, to contribute to your columns a series of plain practical letter* on the nature, causes, and treatment of cat?rrb, bronchitis, asthma, and consumption. In laboring as I have done for tbe past ten vears to rffect a reform In tbe treatment ef tbese sffVctions, t have received great assistance from tbe press in all parts of tbe United States, and I have reason to believe my efforts have been not only approved by the public, but by all the philanthropic and iiuriai iiiriuuriB ui uiv uwu pivirNiuu. Wheu, In 1851, I first introduced the direct treatment of lung diseases bv the inhalation of warm medicated vapors, it was the universal practice to pour medicines Into the stomach and to torture the external walls of the chest by itton , isiwi, and tartar emetic and crotou oil postniatioiiN If thla cruel practice bad even in a limited decree proved beneficial, there would have been some reason for its continuance, but what was the fact? Wbv bronchitis and aathma were among the api>robtii medtcomnt, and the universal verdict of mankind had pronounced consumption incurable. Is It notatrange, then.tbat anv can be ?t> weak as still tf? Lope for cure from a treatment the universal failure of which produced this very scepticism at to the possibility of curing these diseases by any meant' Yet,ao It 1st; and we dally witness even Intelligent patients treading the rime downward road to an Inevitable grave, apparent v hoping for benefit to the last. Now, In all chronic disease* of tbe lung* medicines given by the stomach must fail for tbe simple reason that they do not reach tbe seat of the in a lflil ? T n t Vmi atari e. 9 AAnaiiinnti An i iiia uu | in ?uc camci u| (A/Iivui?ipii"U, and In all eases of bronchitis and astb*ia, the disease U purely local, being cootiiied to the ??>tubes and air-etlh. No solid or liquid medicine can reach the effected parts, and all experience proves that, unless tbsy are reached, cure is impossible. And In this respect diseases of the lungs are not different from those of other parts. We could not cure even a simple chronic opthaluiia without making direct application. The advantage, then, which I claim for Inhalation la that It enables me In the moat simple and direct manner to apply any medicine 1 wish to uae directly to the diseased parts It has a double merit, because medicines inhaled act not only on the lining membrane of the air tubes and cell* within the lungs, but also more powerfully upon the blood than the same medicines would If given by the stomach It combines all the advantages 6t a local and a constitutional treatment, and sums up all that science has yet discovered for the relief of the pulmonary Invalid. Indeed, it is not possible for me to conceive that the art of medicine can ever add to the efficiency of this treatment beyond the discovery of new medicines to be administered tn the same manner. The wide publicity which the liberality of the prci>i rnauicQ me ?o ([ire w> lone views, ll iw opened tbe eyes of tbe public to tbe fatal error of practice wblr.h bad so long prevailed, and they began to nee tbat it was not the disease which was Incurable, but tbe treatment which waa false. The *flect vas to cut off fretty generally the wholesale ,*e of nostrums by the stomach, and turn the attention of both physicians arid patients to Inhalation as the only rational method of treatment. What was the consequence? Why, sir, within three year* from my Introduction of this system and mv exposure of the old fallacies, the mortality from consumption in tbe city of New York hid diminished thirty j?r cent , being a salvation of more than onr thousand live* a ytar! These facts are on record in the City Inspector's offl ;e, where they are made up weekly from the returns of physician*. I now desire to see this practice not only uni versaliy acknowledged arid adopted by my pro fessioi.al brethren, bat its benefits extended to the poor by tte establishment of bosp.tals for the exclusive treatment of pulmonary maladies In all the lar^e cltlti of this country, Cntil this is ac- , complisbed it is my purpose t?i go on in tbe great work i hnve coram' need?that cf enlightening the public mind and preparing !t for the establishment of inhalation upon n solid and enduring basis, as oue of the greatest discoveries of medical science. My next letter will be on Chronic Catarrh, which I regard as the first link In the chain of cause* which Inevitably ends in consumption. Your obedient servant, fycBERT HUNTER, M. D Phvslcian for Pulmonary Disease*. 203 Pa. sr., Wa hington, Marck 11, 1-&J. Note ?Dr. HtxTKB is now on a brief orofea sional viiit to Washington, and can be ?*n by all who de*lre to consult him at bla Roo-? ?, on Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Wlllards1 Hotel. See bin card in another coiuinn. ("'ULD AND SILVER COIN I and DNCUHRENT BASK SOTSS WjJXIil B* JAY COOKE 4t t:o, Banker*. mh 8 ?? 4** Kittowntii e<reet 1WOOD AND COAL." Have on Carter's Wharf, seasoned Oak and Hme Wood, whioh I will deliver promptly, at the followtrc prices : Oak, f J; Pine, .18. As this Wood is already on hand, trice can he no d s?ppoinMnect to those ordering Order* left at 4 7 ? Pth street,?up stairs, or at my residence. Sfib 14th street, between B and C s*reeta south, will be at ended to uih 10 6t* ?. W. K IIANDY. W O K I>8 r UR PRKfKNTATION TIFFANY fc C O., N<?e. *40 an<l HU Bb"apwat, N?w Vokk. And No. 7?? Be* K.cjieliih;, Pari?, IMPORTERS AND MAN I FACTL'R FRS OF ALL KINDS? OF MILITARY WARES. Solicit the attention of Civic and Military Associations, Command* on National or State service, Patriotic Clubs and individuals to their iarje stock of RICH STAFF AND DRF.SS ARMY AND NAVY SWOKl>& Their assortment inoludea the choicest BLAUK3 OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE. identical villi tiioso made Tor Wilkinson. of Loudun, worn by theoffner* of the British Army, and moat approved by experienced European authorities the eletantly wrought BLADES OP SOLING EN ON THE RHINE, in fibre and finish the recocniced modern types <?1 the oelebrated L'amatcu.? 5u?f; the excellent and serviceable BLADtS OF COLLINS, OF HARTFORD. Besides those of other domeetio fabrioanta. The monntiogs cf the biadee,in all ca*es ejteou'ed within ihe establishment, will be found 10 oompiise all re^maite styles of ornamentation, the scabbards being uISilvbx.Silvik Gilt. Hiomi. Plain or K ibb gilt.rilvbr Plated IJcrsuiied Stbbl. Hu h I bather. eto , with bind* of Plain. Cha<bd or Kmbo??bd Silt, or Solid fcilveb; the Obii'1 and Gtaris ol th * ama varu'y cf material and finish, and of eituer regulation pattern or original design bhouid an article of ExTRaORDlKART ELBSANCB, of a richness and ocstliness not represented in stock, be required for preeeuUtion, tue capaoili ues of t;.e e<tabli eminent tor toe manuiaoture ol the oh^ioest works in gold aud silver. and iu general ivrtutio resources are uuuiusl guarantees of I's satisfactory and speedy produotiou. In answer to orders, designs and estimates will be promptly forwarded In nviduals purchasing swords ol Tiffany tc Co. are informed thai "very blade is subjected to te ts even more severe than those enjoined by Government, beiore it is plaood on sa!e-the tesung blr>ok is in the establishment, and at the oomu.and ofrJI who preler immediate proof of the axoellenor of their swonls. VTO PROPRIETORS or HOTELS kjtl RKSTAUHANfS. B]| AND BOARDING HOUSES. BM Proprietors ol the above estab'iih- HP me.t* are retpeoiitiiip invited to in*p?ot our ?h?oK of CHINA, GLASS. CROCKER*, CUTi-ERY and Pl.A I'BD WARE, whioh ia oompl*te in every department, and will oompare in euality acd pnoe with the lmportinc hoaaea ftoith. Coal Oil Lampa, Chiinn*ya. and Wi"ki, CHAS 8 KQWLER & CO., Wholesale anu Retail DtaJpra in China. Gasa. and Earthen Ware, mh 11-St? >04. Odd Fellowa' Hall,7.hat LADIEROP WASHINGTON, LMMB9 OF WASHINGTON LADIES OF WASHINGTON, are invited aie invited aio invitea n. la .A n. a m? ^ ?ioor iinsry, to CtHatoar Bukerj, to Call &t our B&icery, and see if oar CRACKER9, crackers', w An not superior to ut mid# in ^aihincton. . . , l>AYTON'8 Bakery, 416 lUh'.t, ?nb? Iw Beiweru e and H. THK AMERICAN TKI.KGRa PH nnu. j. - Tf n v r ~ flaring re-ojeMd serf re fitud a HUNCH OFFICE in Willabm' HoTBb. tbia ooiur&iv la pree*red to aooomiuoo&t? th? iumU of th&t k->ue, ai.d the pablio, with every Teleft*?hio fiwilitj. ComnmnieHioB direct with ?ALnM??MlL*DKLPHi.?.w ?h I-tin WeMrlaUpdeat rnHK PKOPI.K'H nuiTHiNo ?*">? * M No, itrw^iw r. ft ft 9m L/OR feALK?A ftna atook of CloUiac, Farnlah r ia< Oooda, Tiaoka. hut aod Ctfi, it viola afcla yriooa, at fra 4?0 OavaaU attaat, opaoaita pHOTOtfllAfMlO GaMDb ~ r m AND ALBUMS! The l?ff*at ud liait aaaorteaat in tho oitr of I - * rf "iS**' **"%?! * r ~ jf? WAHTB. %*7ANTED?An exMri?a9*<1 COOK fwhl*# or oolorM) who tkortuih y un<1er??an her bn?in**a. G?cd *H"i ftven. App'rat 'joroer 4th and D atreeta. opponte Ci't Hal' It WAITED?AOfcNTS t~> s?rv?n in aid ?roa?"i ? WuhiDtton for atenor work ; oan mak* S3 to ?S per day Aefly a? REDMOND'S GaHery,

fio. t* Pa areane H* \*7ANTED-A SITUATION by ftTonsf tir to do the c him her vc^k nr to no the work c f a mall fami y Reference* given if repaired. Addre>? *C. J. C.." wtar Ofli e. H* \WT ANTED-By a retpeztahle yo?ni girl at.ITUATION aa cork, wa?he" a ,<J ironer, or to do r?neral honaework for a ara?D Apply at JOHN DALKY'8, od Maliion itrer!, hetwwn ttth >nd 7th and M and N ?t?. it* \\T ANTED TO IKNT-Oa or l*ftre the lit of " April, by a gentleman aid hie wife, a ima l HOUPE. roeyc jtabiy seated A p -rmai^nt ter ant may beaeonred by addreeting "H. A.,'* Post Office Box 331 > Washington. It* WANTED?A BOY (whiteoroo'oredlto make Inmse l generally aeMul, he mutt untereiand taking oare of a horre. To aunh ?. one rood vac** witl wv Kiivn APP J Bl IHMllilQI He*I&UTUl| comer of 9th street a ad Louisiana avenue. iph 13 1'* u7antkdtorvnt-a atrial1 FOIJ-K with ?" Mv?r%l ?3r?? of croan<l wi'hia a few milea of theoity. Immediate fOUNtio" dm fd. ?1 Hreii, with real name aud looality, B<>* 7*7, Waahmgton, ? C. inh j3 Si* %1/antkd-a gardenfr and farmfr. ?* Muit be aober and indnatrioua, wel' rroom mended; none oth?r need app'r, at HENRY DOUGLAS' Green House, opx>fi*? the ttata DeBlitmML A m?w wrtfrh A w _ .? >uvm wi?u ihiiiii; ?n*?npu nih 13 Steo* WANTED TO RKNT?From the l.t of April next. t.r the ?nr, payable mmtMy, a oom for tab e HOUSE of 6 or 8 room*. with larden, within a short dstsnje of the out- Any ?ne h*v iu( aueh a t'noe may aecure a oar?ful and pern a rent tenant by soarea ins "t* , Box 403.*' with deaviption o' it. pno? of rent. A". inh 18 St* ^1/ ANTF.D-By a young mined man. a HITUATION in a retail tr xi^ry or dr? r^oda atore. He haa h%d six or aeven years' experience in a oonntry rtore. and ean *ive sntistaotoM ief er?noe from hi* eresent etnsloyer aa to ir.duatry, integrity, fte. AdJresa "J. M. R Pott Oflios, Washington. D <T. lt^ WANTF-D-At the Gmiicg Peitwurant. 24T Pennaylvama avenue, a good WAITER ? one who underataida hia huain?aa Br'eo^r well ; none u; anoh need apply. Good re.e e^c required. It* WANTRD-Twojnod colored WAITERS.at 34 7 Pennayivsma avenue. mh 12 2t* Waivi ku?uj Hit lirst < f April, a STORE on Pa avenvm, (north ?id?,> for wh!ch a fair vies, hat do bo(.u? will H? paid. Addr?*? Box 33X. W??hington Po?t < ffi e mh 12 4t* WANTED?A B'?Y to assist in dining roofr, ard to make himself gone^aily n*e'ui. * a CH AMBERM AID, one that thn onrhly nrd*?atands her bin-nee* Apply at 809 F str**t. between 11th and 13th atresia rrh 12 3 * tt/ANTED-Two jood GIRLH--ne to cook " wasl>, and iron. a"d ono to do chambwiworlc; tv.p higbest wage* Wilt t>e paid to gitls who will suit aud ve bor.'sv ?oh?r and industrious. Ca! immed at If at 4Sf? E'?v?rth ?'r??t l: t?re;iiti am H- at Mi. DAYTON'S Craoker Bakery, mh i2 St WANTED TO PKNT-A a go RO' M or * Rooms. ??i'tav:!e f r raaoha ioii pur???s*?. n Prat rr geoi^d floor. A buaite * 'r-cali y prff*rr?>4. Adir^ss ' Meoh*iiias!." ftar Office mh il 3-' WANTED TO HIRE?A ?OMAN t, W oook m tnJ houMwork io Misr*'. To ore we I reoonnurdei g od watea wiM be riven. Appiy at No. 366 r' street, between !3th and 14th. mh 11 St* ROOM* WAN rKD. in a. private fwn; yard in a'e-pecta'ila renhhoihoixl. for four amit*? a Parlor and two Bedroom*. (fiirciah?d.) on tho firet or seoond flo^r of a comfortable house s -uth of H atre?t and betwen 4>? an1 >2ih atro^ts : pn esaioi between now and April l?t; rent. bo'to ?xoe?d *3fin Addreaa Poat Office linx *Jo. 17.1, atatmg t?nri3. Ac tth 11 3t* WANTKP-A HOUSE with 5 or fi room*, from tli* 1st of April, in a icspect&ble neifhborhood, either oa the Is'and or io the Northern Liberties A permarent ccnai t may he secure ! b? addrea^lce J. \V. URUiYiAGlM, ooruer I3ih atrest and Marylard avenue, Island mh 1" lw* WANTED?A firj?-IO)kine.wel! ec'uoatfd yonr* LADY to attend a olub rcom On* who has expe-riei op, gpaakn o'tterett m i p ate th?* plaro ar.d h?.? traveled to some extent would he prefer-ed. 6oo4 borne and $100 wagta paid lir vi' reaaiag, for one week, Box No 66 City PoetOffiop. mh 1MW W'ANTED?Si*) will be given to any person who will procure the adve tiser a first l'eutentn?cy (icf?ntry. in the volunteer ann> ; hu had Id year*' ex?eri?co? in the English army. Address C. L.AVYSON, V* aaiiingun Ci.y |*oit r.ffi 'e, D- C. mli6 lw* WANTED TO RUNT-A well-furn ?hed HOUi?K in aoentral h oation, fr->in lo to 16 ronmi. Best of refsrecoe* and good rent given. Addrrgi Box 3, Star Offiae. mh* tf s\i.n i.vTTms viriiui'Lii i ?it -i?* _ ...... .. ..Li M. I.?' 1 Wll! |lVO IIUIU \ / twa to te-. ool art f,?r Let??r? written br Keti'l Waihiuftou, M.il a fvr p-ioe for Old Letttra writt n b? oelebrated American*. Revolutionary Ce lebritiea, PrtoidenU. 6et??r&le, otninodorea, Jadget. D'KJtrr*. Divines. L*vfpr?, %c\ Addrese ROUi'RT t?PKINS, S4fl N. Twr.lt). street, Philadelphia, Raie book* ?uH r*:rpli!e?? on Ani?noa bought. '"h 3 tin* &1IU) -AUbNTH WANfKIt TO OPKN & I U\F* ao i-ffice a <t tale tS:?? ?h"i*tale anei.ny, in every flat?, for all of l.'oyd'a Gr?*' Military I Maps, u?ed ?>y o?ir Coirnnaiidsr-in Chief. The ; che-apent maps in the world. A f^rtui.e can !>e made I oil more map* in each !*(*.'? oojin of one of iiit Htape have already been told. A!*o a ih%d to I f 10 ? a uori Ki.k * ' ?r.'' ? in-1 A tent* also wanted in ever* county and in ever? recimeat in oui&i iiiT. ?>i;'l f >r cr?*u!?r?. J. T I.I.OYD, nili< lir.ilftw Jf 1 f. I Kpn&'lw*y_. r\pw York. WANTED?To have every ?Mk'fV that they oan Oud the best s'ocit of ClolUiii*. Hat* and C?p?. at the rery !?>w? <t ra'ei, at SMITH'-1. No. 4fcft Seventh street, ???!<>* F. fe 27-3m WANTVD-T*?r|lMt6 ENTL.EMAN fainiN iar with Waahsugton city, to attend to some outdoor husir.e-s. Apply to JOHN IRWIN, Room No. 4. 4T6 7th ?t. fo2J WANTED?Every person to know that I am in the market, ready to pay oash for ?I! articles in the houtefurnishme ln.e. Those leavinc the city, or ha vine a "orpin*, will do wall to call. K. BUCHLY, 4'iS Seventh sL, between(? and II sts., (east ?id*() Dealer iu New and 8eoocd Lar.J Fnrciture. n?> 16 tf VVANTED? Sutiern and Soulier* to know mat they oaii buy CAMP 8TOVE3 and TIN WARE ohea? of H. J. GREGORY. 3)11 Penn FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RKN T-One newly FURNISHED ROOM, with Board, in a .private family. on 2d floor, mNq<Q< 8th at.. between G and H ats It* For rent-two furnished rooms. c jnneotiuit with each other, with ta? in both; also a kitohen uafurniahed. Apply at 30"? l> it, between 13th a"d 13th. _ It* FI RNISHEDROOM-4TO KENT.with Board in a plea-ant location, near the Caeiro!. Also, a handsomely ljrnishe.1 Pallor ar.d Chamber, oonnmanieatiot Asp y at Star Oflioamh 13 'f K^URNI?hed rooms for ren r, iuTtO r K street, between 18th ami l^'.h at:esU,or if preferred, the who.e lurnished bouse wou d be renrtd. nih 3 6t* For s\LE?Three new two story brick houses on New Jersey aveoue. near Thud st eer.mthe Northern L.ihertle?. The<e h->u?es will b* dispoted of at a moderate rate, alTordinc a rare ohacce of aeenrint a oomt<>rtable hr rneaead. li quire of U. B. WARD. No 403 Twelfth street, near I. mh 13 3 * 17urni83ed rooms to rent, with board, r Alao, a handsomely furnlah-d Parlor and OhimhAr AnmrnunmAtin# in tear the Capitol. Apply "at Star fiftce mfTl2 if" PGR SALE-The BRICK HOUSE No. 44t? L A itiMt north, on eaay term*, vi?: a imtn payment in advanoe, &Ld ba.ai.oe in monthW i sialmeut? for four year*, irqure at thi bove nam ber, or Huom No, 3 East fakement Patent Offioe. li:h 13 2t* A FINE FRONT ROOM WITH BOARD, tc ;et, at No 4if Thirteenth at., between tf ai d K,Sddjor from G.Tut aide mh 11 3t* F^ORSALE-hOTEi ,60oi> WILL, STOCK and Fixture! and I io?nae for tale, and Houae for rent, a pp y at Mo. Isi9 FemaylTauia aveuue, between 19th and 3?th ata. mh It 3t? TWO ROOMS FOR RENT?One large, on the firat floor, the other a ima I bed Room, third tori; both oomlortably fumiahed. iLquira at 4?* Binth atreet, near K. r at t- aucy ttoie No. 14 arhet Spaoe, betwcfilth aad 9th sta. nihil St |?OR RENT, WITH BOARD.?On* nioe r ROOM equable tor one or two gentlemen, at No 3S9 New York avenue, between 9.n ard loth street a. Nana need aptly anleaa they are wijacj to pay liberal prioea lor good accommodation*, ana are lor "Liberty and Union," and agalaat "Slavery aa<* Diannion." mh H St* LM)R BAU-'to fa'a olaaa BILLIARD TA I HI, CM mavKla Ka ??.i *w?ew a??a * ? ? U uiai uu ?u?? BUM Vf Wi J uatigvuiviii ooirptMe. Thou desinn* the aDore will study then inteiest bj cailinc iiuni-*liiU)lr attii* fcaro pean Hotel, corner 11th street aad Ptnnayiran^a av*nue. nib > tf fj^AEM fOI 8ALK-T*o Farms, containing together 600 tores; one at Annapolis JanoQon, the other adjoining, at Savage Owitoh. Irontinc tha Washington Railroad; eitaer ol wbioh will be sold, with the taantity of land to salt purchasers. The lmprovementa are of the first olaas, and land of the Met 4uaii'y, with oroharda of ohoioe fruit ia fuu bMrinc: i ail road station within ? minutes' wa]k of either d wSllng. For partioulars apply at the Wire Store of W81. H- CAMPBELL. Pa-arenue. I?a-?w* A BARK CHANCE.?The proprietor of tha A City Hotel, (the only first olaas Hotel now open in Alexandria. Va.,1 is desirous to retire mfiSSiGttro'awriSS oituanouM. maleaaa viu laminate on win of Ja&aary, 1863. bai tbo property aan ao doabt b? JgM?a for a laaofc Jonjer torn at a nodrn* rock. Tbia Hotol la now doiof .ana baa for many veara ? ? WcaaiMl eroSUWe buaiueca. The doeire of tha ar.der?ignad to retir# from pablio banaaaa : la taa only inducement to a?U. aa haoouid not hope I to aiifaf a in one more profitable. For terma and \i$fc?aSEWS" LOST AND FOUND. will fOWMUtV U* it at U7 F itrt?t, cwr I9h tnh H S*.' Any person havinq lo*t a sorrel AtA" fc, V'th Audi? and tnd'e. oan receive information of bar by "*"'"r T a* t(i> Star Ofthe. It* ^ CVAMK TO my PREMISES, in Deoembar. ' 1361, abri-de and white Coiv, with horiik Tee owner ia re* netted to oinnpUf" and yrova property, psr ?harcta, and at>bA* her away. Ssvoctesattt ?tr?*t. bn??n K *n?l L. It* C H AftLbSL EN M E R. td Z(\ RK WAR 0-Stra!(?l a*af Iroir I ?t. 6??JU bstw?*u 2id anii 2*d n ?tinr ^TraH COW, an) Calf; hoth hvl t eir horna bent. The boder will receive the a'iuT(Jaaki reward by leafing it at the afore ad 'r*aa It' P. COL.KM AN. Cm amk TO THE PREMISES OP william GH INOKR ,e*r.-?.y a ?n>*!: r*<1 COW ,mjT *1 with white fa e; tunc U'^amtl horn? The owner wi l o-wo fo ?i-d. rr ^eJ^JLp>operty. pay otargea, a< d t. k?ner awar- Ktn aetioe, uc a.reet Mat. t^rwten L at. J M acotb. rob II OC RLWAR1)?Loat on the 6th. larc? b?jr *?>*} HOKSK- it\r on'h? forehead; been fi>ucde.ed;stiff n th*> >r? when vtlkiti T-Tf Any person Laving foowi eaiJ bore* reoeiv - the *H <ve reward by lea?.uc bim corner B and *d street at Tc K.NK&'tf Ojater House, roh 13-at* I1I8TRICT Ol^ COLLMkTa. w *-P Coc.ity, rout'.?1 herer>y c*rlify?rx__ that Daniei J. f.ra am, of aa d o- u n? "ujk broach before in?an ?? ???, treip?al i? cn cw-1 h:a e'.c'oiure. two MAKK fine a. email brom mare, about 15 hand* huh; vthaa ar in b?r l.treh'a^;ai;d aaciroo tier r ilit fh'iu ^er. Tuao her a acre oo't, a'>on' 15 hasda hich bivjn under land of (u-.o(.e of the Joatieea of th? p?ace. in and for ?a-rt oour.ty true t:n ay of Maroh. 186?. RuB^T Wrt Tt.J f , The owner or owners of the above deacriSel ] mares. are request d to prove propjity, pay oii?rge*. and take th-m *** mh 13 St* DANIEL J GRAHAM R KWARD-?8t -en oat of the at*hie of qp'he anbao> iher, on t*unda> p<tht. a fry white M a R i-. with th n mane ard >ai'; TJ-I* with aaddle and ha te . Th? above re war J "a wi 1 be paid lor the ap?reh naion and oonvio icn of tue thief, or 91" lor thr return if mareanl aid i.e. J*S. H. mh 11 St* 6 street between ITth and Itth. GdJUKUETU Wft Ai) V Kfct J"MT8 gUCK8KIN GLOVKbl MuiBuurg & EiUVri, 105 High STR*ET, GROKUETOWX. D, O. Tha ouiy manufacturer* of Genuine BUCKSKIN GbOVKS, MII.1TARV GAL NTLKTa, anu MJTTENS in the District. Officers' Gaunt:et? mvle to order, Rnokskir l)r?*e s Shirt* i* It ,\f ASSKY, COLLINS y CO.'S 1*1 tHlLAO&LPRlA IWAOGHT ALB. We hare juat received a ?upp'y ot the above A :e. wbioh vre recommcnd to be of % vrry ?uperior euai?ty. Peruana to (.arohase. by n.akini ia> mediate app'i?at<:.&, car be f?sni tried. AS NY A !>-a!NN, no* M?r.rr?fn?I> PROFESSOR MORRIS' AZUME/L THE rlKMIUX YKAcT0K BAKING POWDER. Manuf*ctimd ly F". MOCKRIUSE A CO., No. 62 ' orth Knurti; st-&et, Pi.'.ifcile.piu*, asi No, 1>3 lieade Mreet.New ?ork. This ejoel'ent comeoeition doea not'con?a*na parti -le r f A lam, m a'u?, or any ksrxl - f deletei ifli: . dru# Shi i * ru/?f i?r m"? k >***? ? ? -* ?. r* ?vv J auU Jin It'.IJf Hill, a* & otiiiaary p-efR-armn. i? .a a'lible and abie /i tne Fair la cir.c.nrati. th?>r? wero a cumber of R*i:a;c i-o?(le;a no eji.toition?the A*uJT.t>a w.i srversJ t.t .err, tm analysed, and obtained fh? first Fr,2?, ?* me purest and t-es: known, it raises tbe H.iur d:r?o?'? it is introduced, iritr.out ferirentic* it. or leaving at-? s.diment. at.d retain* t1! the ' u.ritive ^ j\iiiiea of the vbeit, t!ie be?t of vhioh are lost b* tiie orcirary lerm?ntirg jrrrees. ;h?ac? oce l-.al?>f A*u<> ea Dual oon. taiiia as ruuoh t:tt'ii?nr a< two 'oaves ofyeait breuJ, and wei(L? 15 ptmi t mure); it keep* moist for many ciaj% an4 r<ours. Macy c*i*brate<l p~ymoiai.?. Mh in this ooau'.ry and Kifope. have tlfolsred this to l?a tha <tlf tree arj > '.a'u al proo Or a f ir ii .* k i a. * hres i. * rt *t ? ??r in hub f? .?> i in f hi!are'ph n havj, < j 'U-Mr oom'aat n*e <?f the Azuma for tiejj, ? ?ee, pastry, &a . dorng the >?t tltr*e j?Ars, |ivei: tlKir li^artr approval. For aais t?i yrtcers m V? afMcjton and Ueorjetown. wh?-l w T'HE MERCHANT- LXTRESS COMPANY 1 riiTWKX.t BALTIMORE aXD XTiSHISUTOX. Are dailf forwardint {w tn dt'paub) by t!e Wash nrtOB Hail read. .M?;ch?a- ? c .MM . dibeuf every description, to an? au.uunt sh'pp?rsBi%T rcquire,a?^*^-^^? the lo'w-st rate". Agent f r Bvtiwore. JOHN K.I VVIi ?0;i, ?;ffice, N. W. con-er K-irara aid vai'iuvu lie , ua .j vppu:iu; SI&UOD y? & O R K Office and Morale. 362 South Severtli street, opjoBit'* Outer Market, Waahineton, D.C. ma 5-ltfi* A. I'. Fi 1*CH. Acent. ^LOSING OUT AT CO>T! The undersigned, ben.* abnn' tn e'o?e hi* hu?iB??? in Wanhicffc n &r.d return to New York.og-re ONE WLKK ONLV hi* larie *t*<jk of LADIES" FINE EMRRO|l>fcRU) aid FLAIN LINEN IIANPKEK CHIEF#. an1 GEN f EF.M EN'S ! URNISUJNI* fiOOD*, iroludinz MIIKif. COM ARS, r.NJlJiRGAR I MhNTS*. MANl?K^Kt'HIKF?. NKUK Tl? 5*. tMlAHKl*. hli.?lvi?v i ..vvi i j ?...? . - , ? - W. a I " ?? ? < I ' "1 nr I ?X l)? No better ?.*pp ri i p ?<i l? !>? rpert#k<l to tat Cltllfr.s <>f v. r..,. (log a:.'! in tktamr lor iKurirsth **ve * :* "*r? wf iiiercl.n.<!.s?. v.\ Ti! o '* i l -jivAu?fcr?euf, irh6 1w i . I< > n'ldMtj. 7 3 io vrK K.Asr n v N"i K?, i:i Isreo -?r Sr.*11 Sam*. Bought ?n<* *o'?l ??r JAY iJ'iyRJi A. C? . Ua\K?R?, _nih *-;w _ |3 -J rOfnth rtrttt ^OLDIKK>* L?H A I- I S ? ON AJ.L I'tMNTS, ' PoM l>T JAY C?K>KK A <* ? , Hankir?, mil ? 2w < A i I' Hf-enth ?tr??t. I^HF. FINEST AN'? BKST STOCK OK M. RKAPV MADfc CLOI HiNOin Washington can be fjunil at l>AK A UltU. S Establishment, corner of t. aa?i *th *te. ALL hIZE BOYS*, from the ago of 4 years up. can t>e tatted out at BAK ft BRO.'S. corner 1? and 7th streets. at muoh l?*w thsn u?n*l prioes. i ''lTlZLNS AN U H l'KANGERS, look to ;onr V; interest! Look for the coruer of E and 7tb streets-it is tie place to buy hue CLO THING for but little money. STOP WREN YOU COME TO THE CORner of E and 7th streets, and but a suit of tine CLOTHING at flu, 9U. 315, or 9\9 At BAR ft UKO.'S fea)-lm* Fashionable O otnim KstaNtshnient. HEi*K3TSTOCKOFCLOtUiN?* IN THK ?it?. * Ma <KA S???rith nt fe TT-Sm ONE VEKY M JK ROSi:W<?OD CHICKeiloc Pian) ted o- e Geio for asJe oh?ap, ou aocoiniiiodatu x terir.a AWo.sftSVK* lar*e assortment of tt'in<*a> A Sons' s do'" K?v?n, Utoon A Co.'a Pianos, a: the Mono Store of W W.MMZKKuti, m>i 10 ?UT THIS ADVEKTiSLMEN S OUT! CUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OU?! AND BRING IT WITH YOU! The subscriber will a<Jv?noe, in tbe way tf per oha*e or loan, small sums for short periout, am DIAMONDS, WATCHV8, VALLA CLE JEWELEY. or any deecription of svutftctory seonritiee. Ait lad* or jenileman wtio would like tooUaiaafew dollars temporarily, in a quiet manner, may do ?o bv applyicf at 456 lnh street, between 0 *rd H, from 11 to 2 o'e oes. f? 27-1m H^m COAl. t'IL?COAL OIL. AVIN6 The agency < f one of the iargeat Coal Oil companies in ihe United state*. we can Mil Coal ?>ii whul*aa!e ar.d re ail, cheaper tiiaii can be bought in Washington. Aleo. i_an.ps, i an* and Shadea. 6t-O. W. HI K *aRT4 SON, mh 1 lm* Corn r 12th and H afreeta. PMKOF. ALKX. WOLOWfKI BKGS LKAVK to inform la a frienda and the pnh.io, that, taring met witli tomioo auc&eaa, is continuing hie Courae of luatruouon on ihe Piano and in singing, by his new method. All t!io?e wnu deaire to beoome, in a ahort time, fina finger* or ezoeilen, per formers ~n the piacj rboa'.d avail themaelvea <>f hia new aystem of mstrnction. by a?f!ju? at hia rorida^ce. No. 431 l?.nUi atreot, we?t da, between K and V streets. luoepuon uoura ioaa<j u o'oiook a. m., Tuead&ja, Thursday a and ftaturdare. le .4 lm L^OR A CKW liAYt* ONLV .?I htn rrmoTwl I my fine ock cf Clothing from over gaita* Jewelrj s<.ore to J. H. >o. 460 8?v eottt etreet, near P, where 1 aha>i cflei it at leu tb?n wio.eealeooat eiicea, f >r a few dara only. fey 3m J- W KP KP. WRAPPING^ AMI) 8UAWL9. New aupaliee in the al?>v? food a Ladiaa' real harie K d Uiorca, aliases and oo'ors, New Hilka, a fai. aatortmeni, gaepherd'a Plaida, fjt dreaaea and anita. Use price oniT itarked t _mh 7 6*. Penn. avw-ue a_ *9th?t?eet. -V- * Wfiv uivtou4| DWIOf l^v. 1WV ?UI NTWIi ft 14-11 j^KW WMOLkitiALKjUKY tiVVl>8 UOU8E. J. H. HOBLITZKLL It CO. have in?topened a I ?rge itua* ol DRY GOODS NOTIONS'fee., M No. 34 7 W ?tt Baltimore (trMt.Biitinort. Tt e entire Hook ?u purcoatrd in t??pt*B ber and October !a*t, at pnoee enabikug thea to ee.l to aealers on mob torn* aa will make it Um lottreet of both city and country weiohaata to xaojLM theirs took. (?7* Their tarmi will he eaah. ftiMt' ? CASH NOTICE. IN Conee^eeaoe of oar harms to pay eaeh far *?n artiele of good! we earehaee, ve are foroeJ to redmee oar buatseeeto Caeh exc.atirety.for the irMiut We kftve lb *k)r?tren Inn * * of RfcADY-ttADE CLOTH IN 0 Tormenaad ir-c^asr SECOND EDITION. THRU O'CLOCl, P. *1. TE ' ' OUR MILITARY BUDGET Tit ra5T&ABA5??. Large numbers of cegroe* from tbe region of country recently evacuated by the rebel army arc arrlrt g here datlr nnder military guard. \V* aaw a alrgle gaitjj of acme twenty Are (of all agea and both acxea^ this f. r*mmn Th*r r?-r>ort that the n i dent tnp*thlz?f * with the rebellion 1 her# are (generally hurrying their negroes South u hi' ?? poiuible. Perbap* en#, tenth of the whole will manage to escape In thla di recti oa. as (bear have done More than a jresr ??o wr rnlnlrf ?nt ?h? het that the rebellion would son tit nude that pvrtloa of Virginia cf ulavea ; and, rlrendv, more lhaa three-focrtba cf them bhve probably left It. COXVoDOftE Motl. Last night Cotruiodor* Foo'e was at Cairo with h!? gunboat*, preparing rsp'dly for another expedition?where, It la not for us to kaow or -ay. FOtTHSM MOKIQI. No dispatch carre ?o Washington up to 8 p. a. to- day, from Fortress Monroe, from which tt la inferred that aftilrs there remain unchanged. THE BLINKaa B*'?APt BVFKa's 9TATIWH, Marrfc U, lS9f ?Edttt / Ike Star??'r: The probes' of tbe . ffi*e a of the V> h Nfw Vork volunteers *h' -h v?u publish la ) yon' p^pf-r of veatrrday. could give nar to aooi* misunderstanding. The statement, v hlch I nuhlisbed In the Trl? btine, wi< signed by the effl-t rs of thirteen re*t i uiu not prrvna (Oil U*o IB( tjLU signed It My vta'emen* therefor# w?i correct, and not f*'?e. For what reason the oBp,?n of the 45 ih did not s'pn It. will shortly be known Reapectfully, Hr<si> roarta. Capt. A D.C. COWrKhiSX f'J/VA L XXX Vllth CONGRESS?S*raad Saaaia*. Thcbudat, March 11 Heiati ?>tr Urtmra. at the instate# of the Washington Ci'y Counci'a. Introduced a hill to amend the charter of this c.itv Also a bill prov'dir^ for the Mure care cf the Government water work*; both referred to the District of Columbia Committee Tbe 'eso'nMon of Mr. Grimes, tendering hinkt to Commodore Foote and the ?lllcera and men nnner tn? irmfir.a for Hj* - rl tMngu sb- d ?nd pnll*nt ?<-rvir?-? on th? western water*, was taken up, and was rlrquently 2nd forcibly -dv or a ted by Mr. ?i Horn ?A jo*n* resolution ?en.terKa?be tb'r.ka of CorjrruK to B'ij/aiief General CtirtU. and tbe nfliret* nndcr hi* rommand. W?I adopted Ti.e Hf-u?" nao'ved lt?elf into Commute* of tbe VVbol- (Mr C.^ f x In tbe 'Ur) aad resumed the ro?? deration of tb^ T x. bl': ?-bl''h wti d'arijwed by Mr-siri. R irbaidaon, !*tevcn?, Baker, and others LATE LOCAL NEWV. Thk Fr*krat of Ltk-tp** -t S*-th ?'The obsequies of the Utn Lteut Joseph B ?m'.th, of the L S. N avv, ?i Hi. John * Cb irch. opposite tbe Prea'denMal mauaion, tcia morning, w^rc of n most impressive character At li o'clock, tl fcerr narmd for the funeral, the rhurrh waa crowded with the frienda of the deceased c ffl~er, and of h!t father, tb** vevran Corrnnolore J*mlth, ?*Mef of the Bureau of Ysrdaartd Do"ka Among those a?*<?mbled to honor the memory of the gallant deid werr S^ereta'y Welles, with many of the clerks of the Navy DeparUn-nt, Hon. Reverdv J obitaoa, and n lar^e number of armjraud navy officer* All eye* turned with sympathy to tbe veteran Commodore and bis ladv. In their deepiIB'ctl Tbe funeral service of tbe Episcopal Chnrca was read by Rev Dr Pvne, who proceeded to deliver a feeling tribute of respect to the roung officer, who, oy hs corre-1 deportment, frank and gallant bearing and manv amiable tralta of character, bad endeared Llmself to a large circle of frlenda. and had closed an honorable career bv the nacrlfl'e of his life In tbe cause of his country. Prayer was then offereJ up; after which a ?uard of teamen rained tbe u:etal 1c *-*Be conUInltijj the body, and bore It from the church It was lu imitation of rosewood a-?d was covered with an American flits;, on whi b a beautiful wreath of white flowers and a number of bouquets were placed The procession then left the church in tbe fol ivwiiig nrnr The 15th New York regiment. In command of Lieut Col Colgate, preet<l;d ??y the reg.mental baud A compsny f t marines from tbe WnnLlcptou navy yard, preceded by tbe mar ne band The pill bearers, v^z: Col J McL. Murphy, Com J A Dabl^ren. Lleot.Wlse, Lieu'. Parker, Lieut Muriay, Lien' li A Morris, Lt Deaby, Lieut. MeNalry The hearse, with the crflin,and a guard of tea* intn The mourner*, In carrtaget. Army and Vrvy cfllc*-*s, In carriage* Clerk* of the Navy I>rpertment, aud citizens and * rangers, In carriage* The profession, after forming, proceeded to Oak Hill Cemetery. In Georgetown, where tbe hftHt* urac tn Km t The dc*rtM, Ltrnt. Joaeph B P ml lb, was erring on the frigate Congress, iud wm killed during tbe recent deanerate naval contest oC Portress Monroe. He waa struck by a abell from tbe rebel monster Merrlmac, and waa killed Initantlf, bis body b?lug horribly mangled. The father la a native of Mi8aachi)**t!?. The ton waa born In Maine, and entered tbe naval service la Ir 11. In the expressive language of Rev. Dr. I'yoe, "He died doing bis duty ' Bogc* Monet ?A large number of note* of 1, rnk W-.. U. I- -t -?' ? - ? ' ?* - * - imuacu uauu arc in circuiillOU ID lOll IMIiriCT, and readily taken by dealers to tbe market* 1m tbe hurry of buslneaa Note* without signature* even, are sometimes taken This morning a German presented a bank note of the Bank of the I nlon, which stmsbed up :n this city several year* ago, to Mr Miller, a butcher, and naked hi Hi to give him a go?d n <t? for It, a* he got It from him last Saturday Mr M thought It very improbable that be got it from h'm, and declined taking It back. The applicant appealed I? Justice Thompnon, and up- n tb? appearance of Mr. Miller. mado oatb to bis statement, and received a good note in exchange. The presence of a great quantity of such trash in the city makes vigilance necessary Rtci!vi*e thus Aims ?The Second Regiment of the l)1s rtct Volunteers, having been completed as to the number required, are to day receiving their arms Constant and active drill, in rquad and company, baa ur^a'ly improved the regiment, and in r>. very short time tb?y will be resdy tor bervice Th*- material isevidrntly well suited for long and ac'ive >ervlce, consisting of young. Duality, WMNMd men, many or tbem baring btfore eeen service in at ore. Foeskst Comiks ?o Wt?hi*oti!?. ? Edwin Forreat, tbe tragedian, ia to appear 1b Baltimore on Friday ?rd Saturday of tLis week, and It It understood that be is under engagement for a series of night* at Ford's fine new theater (now nearly completed) on Tenth street. trr The United States gunboat Whitehall, which took fire ard was destroyed nnder the waits of r or tress Monroe, last Sunday nlgh'? threw the sheila from tbe loaded gtina into the Fortresa, but without dolrg any dairage. ID-Col Harrey Brcwn, tbe commander of Fort Pickena, has arrived In New York, upon a furloagb, on aceront of ill health. He will mod return to his command. 4 Qf? CAKD rHOTOGRAPHS A Qfi. <iOO AM) FKAMts. 4oO Card Photog rapus in van*iv. moivd.ni oobim ol Choice Pietnres. Also CaKD VI."1 f fc ??<i OVAL F1CTCMK FKAMst), tb? largest asnrtmsnt. from Lbs boat muuuMtory jd tl|e(KITKk''C>r ' No. 4^6 Seven-h stra*-. fs II ? doars *tew i >dd F? 'otn* Ball. W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have racaivad within day or two a larso s*turia(?i of BOYS' SPWING CLOTHING. embrsctac all stjias of low pr.cu<d, median, at-J fine tcalBias, whion wa are sellinc at very i?w yriots for each WALL. STEPHENS A CO , IS* Fa. av.. betwaea tth and lata ais. mm a. ss a JUST KhCMVbl) a ?n? lot of UUY?' JACK fa. Ttt, from A action, vkuah vearcatliISI SS Mf MDL Mlow tAtir first ooat. u No. 4?0 ttii itnft f? !?- ? ?2.KN f'8 F?rci?ttiLf Wood*, Truak*, CU>Unn?, VI Trsnkk, ttau tad Cms,all at > jrtaora ?>mm, at the J't-of Va Clotiiim ?uh?. No. 460 ftk ?tr# t. Im SfRlNG nREsS -Mu! a?w ut choice tiuacv Ato.our h Halt fall stock of all klrdi ofPoreun ?Ld iMaMtif Dry 6o*di, for tit* tvmt tuh ot r%mliM and tirsirtniM. . , _ Om prio* only, iuarke.1 la ?iaia f(ir?, tin mePKRRY * BRO.. It B Pa. a*. aod KtaU stract. HOR&1C8 FOR SALE. U1 erjij uvMnyliOt. 0V C?BitutlF OB l?K-U?ww? tvni*,V3l iar>ior?r<w 't* itfw* 4CcL E^AVSuftAlfAj -i r-1 a ^4u~-vsrrr