14 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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V?i. XIX. WASHINGTON, I). C. FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1862. ?????P5T?? IN-. 2,827, THE EVENING STAR to PUBLISHED RVBRT AFTBRNOOJ*, W1DAY KXOKPTEDJ AT TUP HTA1\ HVILtnifit, fmsfiiMit *?<<??? aiU ?.' *%%% IA ft. ST Vw. r>. WALIiACH. P?p?r? a?r*24 to paek&xea bv eerrien it ?4 fw/, or 37 cento per moatk. To mil BQbeeriben Iks pr'r? \n ri so yrxi. t? S* for aLx ontii; fl for nontbs; u4 for lea ?iu ia am*. ? ??? fie eop!?*. rt? c?*T', la wrapper*, two cnrra. |p A?f?,riimm? abouid be aent to tbe h'-1!!# i t o'clock n ; otherwise they may sot ???? * t?r?Ui the next day. fitcKl. * ??iW* LOKPOtlATlOM LAWS. As 'v?di . ah. k let in a iteoer&l and apecial direct tax f?r ttv- year I8S2. and providing for tbe col Ktion 'hiTMf. 8^; I B* it ordaintd by ik Board of Aldrrmen mn t Hoi i of Common Council of the Corporation of Qtr-Z'toicn. Tt at tbere oua'l of. an l !? b?rpt>y, levl-u a <t re*-* tax of aixty-flre renta O" each and every In id red doll< a of lh? ea??a ed value of real and p> r^orial property liable to taxation aa the pwm?* ?* a 1 ?tand a^s^aa- d aod valued on tbe bo ka i f *">< aa-nent of tb* Corporation now in tbe b.-'nil* of the asse*?ora; ar.<?, a'so, there tball be, .-ii 1 am by is, It-vied an tddlUnnal aperial tax of flv ?. at* on each and ev?-rv hu' d ed dol lar* of the ns^ffd vain? of reu and personal pro^offj aa th* ahull i'unH ?1nprf *n<t aaa ??-d fi? the bonk* afcw-ild. excepting In b.ith lnatiDrrspublic burying t>r >u' dt the Frmale O puR:i Aayl Oj. and boa*"a ? f public raitginua wor^l'p; aad tt?o Cl-rk cf the Corporation la h-rebv direr ?d to k-ep a'parate arcounU of tbe rec-pta and ejp-i.dttu ea of (he fceoeral aad perial direct tair? hereby le*1< d, and to apply the Utter *.- o'dln< to tbe prrvis'ona of an act of Cons<:?-?? rnt!t!-d ' An act authorizing ttaeenrpo rate authority* of Geo nett.wa to Irnpoaeadll tlona! tax* a, and for ??tber purp^aea." approved Mar^h 2, l-j>. and to no other pnrpoae whatever; ana ce it Derehy dlree rti to ncoaot annually to tb?? I'orporrti n for bU application of the ?ame. Sec 2 amJ it it furtktr o* darned, Toateachof the taxes Uereby levird and imp s?-ii shtll be col lected by the* collector appointed by 'be two B'wrd* of the Corporation In joint meeting on the flr*t Mond.iv in January, 1%0; and in two weeks after the pissa^e of this ord nance the Clerk of the Corporation shall make out and deliver to tht Collector the taxes hereby levied .n two separate tix llst-t. The satd Collector shall witbin fifteen days afur be shill*havr* received taem, make out an account of ta~h of the taxes hereby chargeable on ell rea' a; d personal property under this ordi nance, a.id ?hall within the peilod aforesaid de liv r th?* same respectively to the proprietors of aa'd property if he, she, or they be a resident within the to ?n, and d-aia:id payment thereof; aud v. hcu^ver any proprl-tor shall be a non resi dent. be shall deliver the ai d accounts respec tlvelv", In the cose of real prop-rty, to the tenant or occupant of the lot or io'i on which the tarn* Is ch irf,eable. if such property be let or occupied and tn case cf personal property to the person or persons 1 whose u?e or possession it may be, and demand payment thereof from *ach tenint or oc c'ljjint. or posseasor. In the same manner, and within the same period. Sec 3 Ai-t be it orinitud, That in every In stance in which e ther of the taxes under this ord nai.ee shall be unpaid by the first Monday in November next, the said Collector Is hereby autUoriz d and required to proctfd to enforce payment of tbe said tax??s by distress and sale of any personal property belong log to the person pr.?fi .hie w.th the tsxes hereby levied wherever found wl'hin the tawn, and if there be none aocu. then by di*treaa &"d sale of iucU per aoual property u aaav be found on tbe premtsea cbirjjf i* !'- ?v;tu said taxes, except ?ur.h property a? the ii^t of Congre>s extending the jurisdiction of -n tbe peace of tbe District of Colum bl i inj - and it shall be tbe duty of tbe Col lec'or, i>rlrr ,toe acli* any personal property to dist a:;.t-.t, lo ^:ve twenty d?ya public notice, by putt.n.; up a notice at tL- Town House and at the market house, and ais > serving one on the Cart;- win sc good* art' dNtralned, If to be foutd y nun within the town, of tbe time and place of ale, and the amount o: each cf tbe taxes herein levied due, and for whicb dlsireas U made. !*t* 4. .4*-/ ?? i? urdii**<i, That where there la no personal propertv liable at aforesaid for the pj ment of :tber of the tuxn hereby cbirgeable on any lei rt lota, or part* of lota, whether the aame be the property of a resident or non-reaident prvprir* r, and if the aald tax^a be nnpatd on tie ds\ beior- mentioned, it shall hi the duty of the Cciir- ?rr, and he 1* hereby required, to enforce tbt payrnec: of such taxes by tue sale of aucb lot AP 1 a?* i ? *? ?? ?? ? * *L * ? . i* , ? ut ium, or w mucu lucreoi is mif bt-nt-c*-vi and tbe ron if uf his proceedings ahml be a? follow*: He aball advertise the prop er! ?. when ewgeft l>v persons residing in tbe Dis trict of Columbia, for public sale in some new* paper pubhsi.ed In Georgetown, or if there be not.'i* such 'ueu in a Washington newspaper; and wiw n the pr p?*rty is ewn>u 6y a person or per aon* iic renidint! in toe District of Columbia, al??> in tbe National Intelligencer and an Alexan dru n?-w.<p*p-r, oncea for twelve aucetssive Weeks previous to the d iy ?>f sale; in which ad vertiseMrat ?ball be si a ed ih? time and place of saie, the nu?ub-r if lot or lota, or parts < r iota of ground iri'ended to be sold, the vaiue thcieof. ai. t lu-- xmumt of rach of tbe taxes due and ow -H also, the cimea of the per>onv'& wbotr t e s*me ar? respectively ?sa*?sed. ana 1 if I before IV day of sale ?dvert:?*d bb afore-aid, the uwutr, h!a or her agent or attorney, shall not pay the >m"?tint of vach of th- tax a hereby levied, with all eosta thereon assr ss< d. tbe said Collector shall s?-ll h- aald lot or lota or parts thereof, or as many as m y be nec?-*siry to pay said Uxes, for cash. to the ntghest b:dd-r; and a certificate shall be Issued hy tbe Coil?-< t ?r. setting forth thatauch person utf e purhaser and the amount paid by b!m And if, at or before the expiration ot twelve month* from the day of *nle, toe owner shall not appear and pay to tbe Collector, the Mayor, or the pur hr.aer, the amount of each of said taxes here by levied, and coaU, and e*ch of said Uxes ac cruing subsequent to sal-, and tenper cent, in terest on the purchase mo.ry, It aboil and may be lawiul for tbe Mayor, and he Is hereby required, at the expiration of said time, to convey the title In fee simple of said property to the purchaser, by deed, under his hand a; d the seal of the Cor poration Sec 5 And be iit 9rda%Mtd, That It shall be the duty of the Collector regularly to pay over to the CUrk of the Corporation the money by him from timet>tlm<? collected. In virtue of the or dinance, in manner prescnoed by the ordinance regulating the Collector's bond, aud for other puri>c*?-?, approvea o n June, lew. and at every Sii -k payment to furnish the Clerk with a list of the several persons ironi whom eucb collection* have been made, with lt,e amount collected from etch, arid of each <>t the taxes hereby levied t - pa ratrly; and t shall be tbe Uuty of the Clerk to re cord the a .Id Hat In book to be kept by him for tha' purp le, and tbe Collector suall arttle a final account of his collections by virtue of tbls ordl nance, witb tbe sad Clerk, by tbe first day of January next, In d-fjult of wulcb tbe Collect ?r ah-ill i-e reported by the tJle k to the Recorder for jit, and su LI be sued forthwith, for any drfict ?-n-y not paid over, and be chargeable witmn threat on tbe ?tioe, from the said last mentioned day. In wblco account shall be allowed as com mission for his services st the rate of three per cent, on tbe nio.'tif-s by him collected, and paid over to tbe Corporation. !*<sc. i. 'nd t* <i ordamtJ, That where either ct ".? 'i<? hereby levied are due from 4ttie arm p t? -u on more than one lot or lots, or Darts *t ' !n. and the xid lnt nr lnt? of io?i, aball be c ff-red for sale a* aforesaid, it an: II, ?* tne duty of the Collector to advertise and r i!. lu( the mm of the two taxes da? on the whole number of lou or parti of iota at tbe ?i:ue time, but to tell no hi r ; of aald lute or pari* of lota than may be sufficient to raise tbe whote ant'Hint of tbe suin of tbe taxas hereby levied and in arrearaud due, witn the expenses of tbe collect.on thereef, wb cb shall Include bat one eieeutlaa fee; which f<-e, with all the otb-r eifHMKesol d stress, advertisement, andaale, a ball be -ai?ed?ad paid out of tbe property sold in tbe si:me manner, and at tbe time time that the sum of both tbe taxes be<e:n levied arc raised and paid be . . J ad i< it ord*i*td, That the Collector. In eve.y n-tance of dis'res* of personal property f_r t tans hereby levied under this ordinance, astf wn?*t"?r or not be sbsll make a sale, be au tborlxrd to e barge for bis cost ana trouble, as well tbe tm- of one dollar, as a commission of fire per cent ?n tbe amount of tbe raxes In arrear, to be Included and recovered la like manner wlib tbe tair*. and as an ex Dense incident thereto And in ewye?' of advertisement of real property for *a'e for the sa'd taxes la arrears, and whetuer or not a asle ?uill be m~de. the said Collector, In addition to the fee of one dollar, shall be allowed t' rr.arue lor bis cost and trouble a commission i two-and-a-half per cent, on the amount of the situ of UHQ the taxes hereby levied and in ar rear. u- be Included and recovered In like man ner with ton said taxes In errear, and as an ex reuse Incident thereto And in no future case of n.stre*' ? personal properly for the axes herein levied ua.\ It be required of the Collector to give person 1 i >tice thereof to any other owner than sue h as resides within the limits of the town, and have actual possession of the property distrains^ ar the time of such dlstr in, any ordinance of this Corporation to tee contrary notwithstanding. And it shall be tbe doty of the C Hector at the appointed tlaae of elselne his collections to re p?'.'t to the Corporation a list sboaring the names of the persons la airear for each of the taxes herds levied, the aasoont dee by each, respect ively, together with a statement of the eases, and uQnoonta of charges made by him under toe pro visions of the ordinance " A*it h* il Jut'ktr irdmimid, That tha t'wlWu-r l> . SU4 t*-14 beftfiiy, author z-d and dl ri?-frd to altew a discount el tea per reataa 90 nil the taxes levied under the afnreeolng ordi nance, paid toblmoccr b?fnre the first d?y of April next; and the mm of eight per cen'um on all turns f aald taxes pa'd to him on or b-fnre the Unit day of Julvnext; and tbe sum of ilx per centum on all said taxes pal l to him on or before the 11 rat day ?*f October next ApproTed February 8,1S<$3. Tbk Conrtcts&TB Fohci at Not folk ? The Ellxtbe hCity correspondent of the N Y. Tribune says: "Gen. Br.igg, with all hl? fnrceg. numbering 7.000, arrlTed In Norfolk yesterday from Penss cola, which place be e*?cuat d, afW destroying me i >rtineations, euns, itc so id* citizens bere sre Informed It is al?o?a'd tv attb-y are calling all their spare form into Norff lk, that they may be ready for any ^mersencv- Tbe f?rce at New bern and other poln s lt? this 8'ate, numbering VO.OOO or 30,uuO drilled soldiers, together with the Rebel forces at H icbmond and other points be tween Richmondar.d Norfolk, will, it ls'houitht, r?e thf>wo In the rear of a Union force attacking Norfolk from this direction ; therefore the last crand battle of thecnmjx?t*e may be foagtK in this struggle to save Noriolk, should that city be attacked." Thk Oath o* Allegiance ax Buenos Ayres. The Untied 8'ate* consul at Buenos Ayres?VVm Holl?-y Hudson?has by circular, Informed the matters of all American vessels that in future no clearances will be printed uiitll the mas'ers shall ake and subscribe the oetb of allegiance, tiu refusal to do so stirb captain will be lest intly re moved. The hoisting or displaying of the rebel dig on bo*rd any American vessel In port will be followed bv tbe removal of tbe master and the return of the vessel to the United States. IP?* Thp Clothing Inspection Board already fliin e up SI 30i>.0t>0 worth of clothing on hand which Is wholly worthies*. Tbey bave con de nned It It came principally from Philadel phia Col Cr"Utmn. who made the contracts, together with the liispec'ors, h;t* b?en nummoned by the board to give Information which shall lead the roguish contractors to justice. 1H- A gold rredal has been awarded by the Life Saving Benevolent A*s elation of New Vork to Capt Cadwalader Ringgold, in coin memortitlon of his successful > fforti, and those of tbe officers and crt.w und>-r bis command, on board the U S frigate Sabinv, in aavintr ovtr lour nunarta lives irom me ir uispori i'earner Governor, on the 2d and 31 November, 1>j61. Ssow in Vermont ?The snow In Windsor county It seven feet deep on the level, the fences and walls betnu completely covered, and the road* almost Impas-able. The Vermont par?m record 'he deaths of several persons wbo lost their liv-a In returning to their bomta through the mountains cf snow . fC7"The cotton planters ef Natchitoches pariah, La , have, in public meeting, resolved tbat no planter, no matter what may be his force, should plant or raise more thai five baits of cottcn of 50?> pounds each in 1-tiit unless the blockade is raised before the 1st of March d7"Jona? Leibett*. who furnished the I'nion flat; to the Unionist! at Fayettevllle, Ark , and who pointed out the lending Secessionists *nd their property In that place, has been nrrested by the Ponlt-derHtes aiid was brought to Van Buren in irons on Friday last inr a ravenous convict in the Rochester pen itentiarv, named Dolan,cb"ked ulmself to death with a crust of bread, last Friday. He seized the crust from a ''fellow-laborer," gobbled it down, without maatlttcation, and died In three minutes An extensive gun factory has been set in op-ration at Holly Springs. Mississippi A coi side'able number of gnu barrels are rolled out every day, and contracts have b???n entered Into to ?upplv the government wilh 50,000 guns in a short time. ffT* Gov Morton, of Indlarra, proposes4n re dotuesll the FortD'?ne)s?n prisoners in t*at State with the coud? toned shoddy uniforms now piled up at Indianapolis. tH7" The ladies of N?*w Orleans. Mobile and Charleston a e making contributions for build ing and equipping gi.riboats at those places re spectively CJ"There are new ID prisoners in Fort Lafav e'te, who are guardtd u? 100 men tinder the im m^d ?te command of Lieut Chas. O. Wood, 9tb Infantry. JO" Previous to the rebellion there weretwenty fven d*ily newipap?rs published in Virginia; there is now said to be but sevn, and most of these have been very much curtailed in size <f~/-Som* ide? of tbe number of Jews in New York miy be formed from t^e fact that 1 HX) bar re s of flour are contracted for to make bread for the coming PaasoTer. Fonr hundred and ninety-one of the rebel prttoners at Alton, III., hive taken the oath of allegiance and been released. JXy Elk;ht hundred men are employed In the manufacture of arms in the Brldesburg Arsenal, near Philadelphia 1E7- New Orleans has s?nt one hundred and twenty-seven companies te the war. There is still good skating on the Central Park In New York. fry John C. BrecklnMdge Is reported to be now lying dangerously 111 at Jackson, Ten i. (JT The rebel ^rlnoners confined In Camp Douglas, Chicago, number 5,177. UWA1 O. MILI EU. *ION MVK??Y. HIKING. AND SALE M'ABLS, L'jrntrof Six fi and C >t>. Waikington, I). C?Herscn< oan at &1 t.me' be acooinruoaa'.ct with Horses, cartages, or Bujgiea for hire, saia, or exohange Liv? ry by the rtay or morth. Several Haters' Wagoisfor sate low tor oash. bo'h Single and Doable \\ agons App!? to mh ?3 eolm ALliEKT Bc.LL, Agent. PEACH TREES. GKAPK VINES. CURRANTS, Ae. The subscriber? ff f ? fnr ?a e bis ht^ok o: Peaoh Trees, containing 0 ono Trees of 0.101 ?e varie lies. Also, bjovo Vtaes vf tue Concord an VH o lierfirape?; IS'W Oorran s of all varretiei lujjoo Lavtoii Bla kbcrrr, ? at awis?A Ra-pberry aud ott er fry tU, *ogeiher with * large ooii< oti?a of fiue T g'O^n 1>?C1 lUOOS a:iil ? v rtriwn 3* oruaiu*ntaJ Tree* tor price* ar.d information app'T to JOSHUA PhlK' K, Mur"?r?.u?D, rail 12-?o*t* VV'thlrgton. D C. ^CHKiNCK'S SKA. Wis. ED TONIC. FOR IO Uie cure of Dyapepaia, N?ivom vveakneas, tteneral nab'liy. s??ur and Hick Mo mac h, Palpi tatiou of the Httrt, ft'd *11 dlwttMitiinof from a ?na<HdercHi condition of tneS omaoh and Organa of OiKeauon, wnioh are frt<ae_tiy great,y .m pair din Consumption Tr>e ska VVKKU TONIC ia a stimulant dl? t> led O'refu'lj from 'he mi we?t< an * keip which are tunod in great abundance ou theeeaahora. The Sea We?d Tonic it a mi <l? pi aaant <lr nk, a* pure aa the bent Frecci? i>a dy. a d the peculiar arope ty of enahlint ihe stomach o ooa vert the food into hea th? chine,and thus for ward ug the prtoeaa of d geation, without ?h oh t e general heal in and treigth o th* system can not be maintained This wotde'fm power of the Sea VNe^d lo k will aco?>un? lor the rapditj with whio' moat person* gain 0 ?h wml> taking u, ?nd whien. anlifc* o ti? atiiuuian'a. doe? sot leave the system p oatra'id ?len iu u?e baa be*& ahMidunea.mil la oi*tiiled f o i. >ea wee<i alter the sau>0 manner aa Jamaica ^pinta i? ffon the auiar cane. It a, there ore. euire!y harmleaa. ana free from injurious of oorn whisky o a ooboi. whuh lorin the basia ot am oat every bitters . . . i ttedireouona are to take from aha'ftoawine glata fu 1 inimadiat'lv afi? each mea , and for the patieat to find u? what arreea with tn? sumach, an rake what he eats wa.l m*itio?ted. When trie atoma3n ia verj wet*, and app?rentiy iu an lAa>alaH * - a - 1 - Hivviaivu !? IB urilT I" Dftl U</IH1D( DQl stale br*a1 ard butter, fat meat, fat of fowls ot any kind, beef, ma t m lam'>, t.ut b?> kmd i-ait >uo?t, Lk?i'? marrow 1a al>o very good The lonio acta direotiy o- the food, and tarns it to a ?ou?y sot> tauce oalled ichjme, the brat procoja ofdigne Oon t?H. J. H. 8CHENCK will be at his ag'nta <S. B \\ aite'a, i oorner Lounnui avenue and 7th at., od Wednesday, Fe"ruar? 16th, and Wednradav, Ma-ch 2bto, to ate patien:s complaining wit ' Coughs, Colds. Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, or anvdieease leadtnj to Consair.ption. He g Tea adnoe without oharge, bo less tb*7 want a tho rt ni h examination, with his Reapirometor, then hia fee is three dolla'S. Pnoeof the Paiiaonie B?rup,f! per bottlaor 05 per ha'f <Jo**n. Prioeofrtea Weed Tome. ?1 per bottle or $5 per half oxen. Pnoe of vi ?ndrake Pills, t? oenta per box. fe?-TafcF,lm* JU HAIR NETTS-HAIR NBTTS. IUST Reoeived another lot of those haadeome doableChmelJeNe U. Aieo.afane assortmentof twiated Sil? ana Corded Netts, in ail oolora, at the I'riiuiai&f Store of MKS. LOWE. ilT Pa. E* VERY PERSQN'? INTEREST -That fiae Ca atuek of CMhiug tor aale over Gaits' Jewe.ry Store is new offered at leas than wholesale price. ave.. n'O'h side. a<h .1 Store ia i.ei at SMITH to* Ufioa $ TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Ltlfr(r? Fo-t Cr?l{, Bloody Fight bettrtrn Ttxnn R-b'lt on the Rio Grandt and a Portion of the F?dt*al Troopi *nd*r Col Robtrt$ ? Th? Mexican Vt>Innttrrt btcome Panic-Strtckin and th* Rtbels Oai* tht Day. St Lout*, March 13 ?The Republican bai ad vlrea frgm Albuqueique, New Mexico, to Febru nA I - I _l _^ * U. ttl. _* r A.t nry xoi, KivinK actaus ui a irwui unuc ai r ?'r* Craig The fljjht commenced on the morning of tb? 21st between a r?rl'on ?f our troop* un?>r Col. Roberta, and tbe enemy across tbe R o Grande, with varied eucceaa, until two o'clock. Col Canby then crosaed the river in force with a battery of alx pieces under Capt. McCray of tbe cavalry, but detailed In command of the bat ery. He bud alao a amali bittery of two howi*t?rs. The enemy are snppoafdtohavehad elgbt pieces Tbe battle wea commenced by tbe artillery and akirmisber*. and a>on became general. Toward* evening moat of tbe enemy's guns were aliened The?, however, made a desperate charge on tbrf Howtuei battery, bat wcuniyiulsed witti grtmM loea. ? apt. McCrav's battery was defended by Capt. Plimpton'! company of United States tqftntry and a portion of Col Pinos' regiment of Mexican volunteers The Texan rebuFs charged despe rately and forlouwly with tbelr picked men, about 600 strong. They were armed with carbine*, re volvera and seven-pound bowle knives After di^Charging tbetr carbines at close distance, they drew tbelr revolvers and rearhed the battery aralU a storm of grape and canister. The Mexicans of Finos' regiment now became panic stricken, and Inglorlously fled Captain Plimpton and his infantry bravely stood their ground, and fought nobly till mire than one bilf of their company were numbered with the dead With his artillerymen rut d >wn,and bis supports reported killed, woundedor flying fr?>m tbe field, Capt McSraysat down calmly and quietly ou one of bis gu.s, and with revolver In band, re* fused to fly or desert his flag He thus fought to the last, and gloriously died like a hero, the last man by his guns. The Trimm *nfl>red t??rrlhlv in thp rhnroi> Many of our officer* distinguished themselves. Major Donaldson, who was the chief aid of Col Canby, act'd bravely, and was conspicious In every psrt of the flild. Hla borse wa? wounded, but the Major was not Injured. Kit Carton, In command of i regiment of vol unteers, deployed as ?kirmtshers,didtf00rt service during the action, and behaved well We have to name the Ion of Lieutenants Miehler and Stone, who; like Captain McCray, nobly and bravely maintained tbe honor of oar flag to the last Many other officers were wounded. Our loss is about 2UU killed and wounded Tha of the enemy Is believed to be much greater. The greateat contldence i? reported in Col Canby, and if the volunteers will do their duty, tbe Tex*ns will yet be ignominously driven from New Mex ico. The Battle mt Pea Ridge, Arkar?ai> further rarttcvian ? hen. McL'ulloth hilUJ? General Pritt Wounded ?Thirteen Pieces etf Artillery Cnptvrtd?federal Loss Eight Hun dred to One Thousand?Henry Loss of the Rebels? Fifteen Hundred Prisoners 'jaken St. Loois, March 13?Further particulars of the great Battle at P?-a Rid^e, Arkansas, have been received The rebel c flWra killed and wounded were: ? General Men McCulloch. killed; Brl^ad er Gen eral Slack, d tn^erously wound?d; Colonel Her bert, of La , killed; and General Price, slightly w>unded. Thirteen p'eees of artillery were capture1! from the eiifmy Our lo?s is estimated at from -<00 to 1 (KR) killed and wounded. The lo?? of tbe robe's in kMled and wounded is estimated at from ^,U0U to 3,000. A*iout 1,500 prisoner* were tiken. Two thousand Indians w re engaged by the rebels. Thev scalped 10 of our men. Price retreated northward, followedJovGen. Jeff C Davis In frtirsal*. While lien Hloel on the first d*v w? mu?ufH In protecting the army trains, be wu three timet tnrround^d by*the enemy, but cat hia way through each time The principal fighting on Th"r?d*y was done by Gen Steel's eommand On Friday the battle became general The mo?t rxpoaed petition ?a? occupied bv Col Carr's division The greatest kw> waa vuBCrp' uy Itrdi I uf inwj OI lOi* (!n ard 9'b Iowa, 35 ta Illinois and 25th Missouri were f'om 150 to 200 In each regiment klll?d and wounded Only 3u9of the21th Missouri regiment were present but tbev lost 29 killed and a large number wounded. The t2tb and i?th Missouri and 31 Iowa cavalry and Sib Indiana loet about 4" men each. Lnter frsm Mrnphli The panic increasing - Tkt peopl- fleeing frtwi tke city?Gen Bragg t force* coming to rtinforc* fitve Madrid and Island So 10?(Sinensis Beauregard and Bragg at Jackson. Caibo. March 12 ?A gentleman who left Mem phis on Saturday reports tbat there were no t'oop* at Memphis, and that many persons were leaving the ctty Cotton, mola>trs, sugar, and oth*r ar ticles of merchandise wer? being ?h'pped down the river. The policy of burning the city was till being discussed Speeches were made every night, and all pos sible means were being used to check the lncreas inor nrnitfi find HfinAnHvutlnn *n?i tn OTolta Gen. Bragg came op with 10,000 men, and these were su>t to reinforce New .Madrid and Island No 10. Gen. firagg and Gen Ueauregard were at Jackson, Tenn , constructing fortifications. All the negroes In tbe country bad been called In to wo'k on them Martial law bad been pro claimed at Memphla for tbe purpose of checking Insubordination and compelling cltii-ns to turn out and flght No defensive preparations were being made at Randolph, or between there and New Orleans. The?nemv's position la strong at Fort Pillow, but leas formidable than Coiumbui, and the reb els confess that the reduction of that place will give u? all the Important points on the Minis slppl river. Th? Anu m w !? mi nV^a ta at To!an<1 V A 1A rifled M and 32 pounders. This fleet is under the command of the famous Hollinv f rom Fortress Manroe. The Merrim te Afloat, but certously Damagtd? A Large Fvrc* Engaged in Making repairs. FoaTKKss.MosiKoi, Mar'-h 13, A M ?lutein, pence received from Norfolk is to the effect that the M err I ma", la afloat at the navy-yard, but In a seriously damaged condition. A la*ge force la encaged upon her making repair* Serious damage waa received by one of the prongs on ber bow and the forward part of the easel wes stove in. That part la now being strengthened. The people at Norfolk are said to be in a state of mingled rejoicing and fear. Lieut. Wm N. Jtffers ia now in command of the Monitor. latsr. Foktxiss Monroe, March 13, p m?The rebels commenced yesterday a small work of 1ok* and sand at Seweil'a P Int apparently f ?r protection.

A single gun was flist discovered' tnere on Satur day last The 7th New Vork regiment went out on a scout from Newport News this morning, ana drove In in* corniy picxeis up James river. The new gunboat D^coUh arrived to-day from Boston. All la quiet to-night at Fortreu Monroe and Newport Newa. Oct. J?ku?aud Pi udB^wdUw. Locuvilli, March 12 ? Governor Johnaon i>nd Meaara Kiberldge and Miynard left for Nashville to day. The Naabvllle Patriot says that Paraoa Brown low laon hla way to Naabvllle, with a paaa through tbe rebel lines from Jeff Davis Brown low la reported to be 111 with consumption. Gasrllla Chief Captmred. St Louis, March IS?A apeclal dlapatoh to tbe Democrat, dated Holla, IStn, aaya that Wild Billy Prioe, a desperate chief of a vuerilla bind of rebels, hat been taken prisoner, and la now In cuab dy ai (Springfield There la no farther news from Gen. Cnrtla'a command aa yet General BaruU* Aware of the Incukita f Mtaaian. PaoTioiNCS,R I , MareL 13? letter received here from Barntlde'a expedition, dated Roanoke island, March 31, announces that the report of tba rebela evacuating Manassas bad rtacntd there. Gen. Bnrnslde will, therefore, doubtless be on his guard The Latent baa Raw Madrid Oatno, March 18 ?A messenger from New Madrid reports all t^olnt there this norolng OFFICIAL. rEASUKY DEPARTMENT, FtnVA.li 4, 1808. Nonet is RiitBT ?iv*n of tbr reading* of ffcta Department to redeem the Treasury notes payable In one year from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved December *)d, l?57, and ?* Treasury notes payable In aixty days from authorized by the act of Congreaa approved March, 1861. Interest on Treasury notes of the above issues wtll cea*e on the 7th day of April nezt by terms of those acts respectively fe 6-tap7 |KFARTMENT OF STATE, W iSDT?la*A?l I A nu?j TX7 o* 1 sffi The Secretary of 8tat? will hereafter receive Mpnben of Congrew on butlneaa on Saturdays. > ommenclng with Saturday, the first of next month. janw-tf * W4LLIAM H REWARD. rV J INVART 21, 1*62. OaD?a*D, That the War Department will be AR DEPARTMENT closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all otber business but that whlcb relates to active military operations In the flsld Saturdays will be devoted to the bnslness of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. 8TANTON, Ja 22-tf Secretary of War AMERICAN WATCHES FOR AMERICANS! More English er French Rubbish, made ti sell, bat a?t to keep lias*. Wby shou'd an An.encan buy a foreign Wa'ch, when be can get a better and cheaper on? at (tome? Why should an American needlessly ecrioh foreign Watoh manufactures at the expense of our nvn rn.rtifta.na ? Why ?honld an American aenU fold to Fng l*n<J and F ranoe, onr oovert but bitter ecemiea, wh?n fold is ao raaoh needed at home ( Why ahonld an American bay an imported Watch, which, in nice caaes out of ten, will oo?t more to keep in order for one year, than its origi nal puoe, ami which w\? never intended to keep tirre under ar.y circumatances Why ahouli Amerioara not patroni** more generally American manufactcrea. acd tiiaa euart Oipate themaalvea from tLe thraUlom of Kne !?h capita!, French faaitioca.ani! Continental pew (>W1 { The Airertc^n Watch Company's Wi tehee are patticu'arly adapted for eoldiers' nse.bem* moat aubatanttaliy mado, and not liable to get out of order, ei'her in marohicg, riding, or fighting. Sold by M W. GALT ft UKO., 364 Pesr.ajl an a avenue, Waahiogton. Wholesale orde^a shou d be addreraed to ROBBING ft APPLETON, Agenta of the American Watoh Company, fe 2y-'in 1S8 Broadway, N Y. pKOPUSALS FOR WQOQ. Depot ????1C*. J i>iw ?/ 8 k atnl ii ? r tts, > Washt tto*. March U 1 bi > JJK4L*T" PiorwiAii <*i i i>? leceiviK1 attkia<-nce until VONi>A\,tQe aut day o March at It o'ok ok >1 *o fiirnieh the troofa in thu o tj ard t? vitTinity, noah ' ftii" P>-om*o river, w>li.ta i5 five "in-a of tin city of Wash n;t'?i. with V\ <h><1 ior(G)?i* montha.commcr.ci * ou t.i<? let r?? of * ml, HtSi. and t nliLg the aoth day of Set timber, 18H2 he Wood to b* of the beat tua'ity of oak or hioko-y, and to be de ivere<4 at th ? amps cr qn<r tcracft&e roop .in such tBint!tie< am* at nuoh tlinej a? 'he i>? pot Quartern!'ater tray <l|r?ct. Payment* to be mvl? at tj e enl ol f\ch month upon ihe return l?y tae c?>t traot?.r . f th* order* d ava upon him. The de'iveiy ol tue Wood nr d. red muit be anown o? the receipt?I the ?>?-oer reoeiving it(ap<>eityiDg the ainouH delivered) en dorse' upon the ord'ia. Wood ord red fer rerim*nt8, frtgsd-a, or dtvi iors muat b? reoeioted fjr b? th? q aa 'er aat^r* The pr poaal* rauai apeo fy the pros ter oord of(Id* one hundred ana twenty etjhc eur.io feet. sua mini uv p.am.y raariea "irocotais :or Wood." The ability of the bidder to fill the contract, ahouli it be awardej to Mm muet be *n<rantie bj tw> re?ponatbie pT? >na,whoaeaic[ ainrea must be appended to tr e cuaran ee I he responsibility ot ?he guarantors most >>e shown b* the < Si j'*l oartificate of the clerk of 'he n?a>-est distriot oourt or oftbs L'uit.d S:aiei dis tiiot attorney. bidders must be present in p*r?on Then the bids are opened or th ir propo*a'a will < ot heconai'er-d Bonds, In the sum of ten th<>ns?nd dollars, aigned by the contractor and bo n of tiia ca*ta"tor-, will be repaired of the euojeaafui b dder up jl signing tne ontraot. 'I he rirht to r'jeat any or all b'de that may b*) deemed too high ia reaerved by tiie Depot Quarter master Informal pro posh's will be rejected. Form of Unaraite* We??, of the county of , and ?ta*e of, .and , of ti* oo mty of , ar.d State of ,do hereby guar*' ty tha ia aile totulfil a oontraot in a?oo dance w th the terma of his proportion. and thtt, a ouid his pro po-iiioa l>?aooepiei, he win at oioeenter into a ooi.traai in aooo^danoe therewith* should the contract be awarded him we are tre parea to otoome hn aecuntiea. (To thia tuari'i'ee mail be appended th? oertifi oMf above mentioned ) D H KUCKhK l b la d'd Colonel ?nd Qaar.enn% ter. ^WOKJJS FOR PRESENTATION TIFFANY CO., Noe. OftO and 008 Beoadwit, n?w V<9&s. And No. 79 Hr? Rimiuir. Pa ?, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL. KINDS OF MILITARY VN ARES Solicit the attention of Civic and Military A?ao oiationi, Command* on Nat ixia or State ?ervi e. Pa'not)o Clubs and lnfiividuala io their .arte took of RICH STAFF AND DKESS ARMY AND NAVY SVVOiUS. Their a?aortment inolndes the ehoioeat ULALrEi OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE, identical with tho?? made for Wi kioaon. of Lon don, wora by the officer of the U ritiah Am<y. and moat a proved br experienced Europ -an authori tiea the ele?antly w ou?ht BLADES OK SOLINtiEN ON THE RHINE, in tifre *nd finish the reoognited nio'ero type* ol the o l<-br&U<l 1/aniutcns bt,el; the exoelieatanj ervioeable BLADeS OF COLLINB.OF HARTFORD, Beaioea thoa* of other domeatio fabr can 'a. The mo'inticga of ' h? b.aue?,in all ca ea ezs on-ed wtthiu the eitabliabment. will be fjuou 10 oomp iae all r*QUiai'e ?tylea of omame tat on the oab'iard* b*in# of -iLvaa mltu Kilt. Ha >nzb, PlaIM or I IKatilLT MLTIE PlATXD UCKMrHo.ii fTatL Kick rath km e o . *i?h i> u<i? <i ivain Caaaio ortM?i &*d b it or Solid c ii.v ?a, t e 6mp, and btuai a ui ttie aame van ty 01 uwonal ana fiuiao, auu of *itb-*r rtgaKtion pattern at original design Hbould an artie'a of * XTftAOBJHNABT KlXjANCB. of a riohnea* and oca lueaa not repraaented in atook. be nqmrod for preaent\tion, Aue oapa iii Ueaot tue a tablia'inent for the iut> ufvttare ot the oh^icevt work a in gold ai d at var. and ita *ea ral ariiatio re?coro?a ar? auaanal nua anuroa ol i i aauaiaotorj and t-peedy projuctiou. la anawer to ordera, oeaigna and eauoiatea will ba promptly (onrtidtd Inoividuala parohaairg ? worda of Tiffany A Co a^e informed that every olade i? aabieolea t > te ta even mote aevere Uiau thoae etjotued by Gover?. inui, ufliurr it < piaoea on nte-iae u-sung biook u in toe Mtabiiktmrnl. and at tn? ouamaul of at1 who prefer immediate proof of U? oxoeiiet.ee of ara invited ate inn tod are Invited to CaMatoar Bakery, to Cailato?r Hakerj. to Oaii at onr Bakery, thoir wnrda fett-dif LADIfci LADIKI LA DIE aad mo if oar CR AC' Ara tot ai akHv WJ' Batvaao 6 and H. 9 840 FEMJISYLV AMI A AVEMCE. 1 EMILE DTPRE Just Received and Opened, A iarge and fln'-r'sit ?Uck of fh tef FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of: 8TJ0AB9, of all grades, TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, LAID, i , > ?~w ' v ?.-v #! *>' V1/>UA, v MAII.LARD'S CHOOOLATK, Ac., Ac , Ac. All of which he oflferi at lcvrcat e?ah pr*c<?. PIKE'* CELEBRATED WHISKIES. ?0*1 barrels Magnolia. 000 barrel* XXX, SOU biurela Mtilers Rye Moceegabeia, ?00 barrel* flm' Old R re. $00 barre's fin< Old B.mrboa, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. All the ftWlle brands of CHAMPAGNE, Mimre Vericay, Green wh'rh, be'.ng bought low, we offer at anomail) low reuw. Al*o, Sole Agent for PIKE'S ARMY CORl>iAL. frb 14-tf Smith & Fro ber'i B PPPPP AA LL KEE^K'%P P" 'PP AAA. Lu K- bEEEE IP prp AWS. LL Eli PP ?*pp A A A A F L KK P'? PPP A \ A A Lt, E' KK IPPPP A-A AA L.L FKtK PP AAAAAAA Lb EE AA A A L(< KK AA AA Lli'.r.LI. I- KEF.frr. PP AA AA LLLLLL EEtEEKK XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX PP AAA AAA XXX XX xx\< XX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX xxxxx xxxx XXX > x xxxxxx XXX XXX x>S xxx XXX xxx AA AAA A A A A A i AA \ AA AA AA AA AAAAAAAA AA A A AA AA AA AA XXX XXX xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx XX I' xxx t ? ? LI ifjLLLL LLLLLLL EEEEEFE KKtttLE EE EEEE EEEE EE EE EEF.EF.EE EEEEEEE pptoioK . ? AMBER ALE, PURTEK, A^D NEW YORK FROWN STOUT, In Wkelf, Haif, r.nd Quarttr bkbwbd FROM THE choicest BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY. 19th Street, between 7th and mh ave?ntt, nett york. fegt rftjes Boots am) shoes to suit the TIM ks. we are now rnanrfvfwr r.f fci. t>.ndeof BOOTS and shoes, m.d coimtan y r+o iv-ns instil of mil* ?.vl n" at r? > sm?tion, ma.eeiprp* ij tuo'dbr, ?r,{ wiii^^K be old at a mno!i low*"- ftc* ri se f ;<? en he etufore otiarjed iu h i city lor innoh inferior VtitlM. Person* in wait of Hoots and J-'a^ee of esstc^n or oit* n:ade wo. t. i t'trtTi Ins timMMn rnent in store and *t the lo ws' p io#f tfive us a oall. GHIr F'N ft BR'?. i ?p6-r 31 4 P'nn??lr?ni* NOTICE. ? ADAMS* ElfRESS W?MFAHT." a J'bit ComML'j offers to the ablle** U:.??uall*c vantages" for the Safe ana Qsick birpvoh ' H?j Kroifhts. Valuables, Mos?j, Ac Ac., to all parts of the United Stales. Expresses to tod from the Norti. anc Westd* ?*rt from and arrive 13 Waviation twice dally, AW Kxv re*e?j are ta shares of ttrruntti wnd rihtbit .Vi ecsen;er?. All Package for The 6old?e:a earriea at woiri a if" oar usual rates. Ail Goods for the so-?aliai - Coifederat* Slat**' ud all Ar&OiCs "Contraba&a of Wa."' wilT ta Rirnn. Our i?*Te New York at 1.1, aid P M.^arrivlnc ? Washington at *A. M. a?d U 'Expresses leave Philadelphia at SJ3 A. M. aac II P.J., amrLuf in Was<u*i<toa al H P.M. exo KxVrVnea leave i;a.ujaore at CD A. X- acc > P arririn* In Washington c t A. M. and i.l Expresses for all soints North and Heel laav* WaaLiL^toii at IX A. hi. and 2JO P. M. uailr. Special Contraota for large saantities of t relit' an be made on asp, 1 cation to this < '(toe. All &q*Am ealiOd for a-d Ua.ivered Jru of Extrs tharces. E. W. PARSONS, Sup't Adams' Express C >rrpanf. Washington. Accost a. IW< n o 11 tr~ H O. BOOM 5 Cone*??tij r*ceivm?.an<i h*aa waya on haof\ a full *jpp t of at the mo t o l?bMt?d TV WA TCH r s thai ? aat-ufaottire<i in Kog-jfR) lard gwiti?i ? .d * d America t'oth ic ??o < *nd Silver caaea H - also k e?a a art* a?? * ol 6'n? JK W Y oI th? m<??t <i?eiral?'* e?r*? <-? wnn Diamrnda. Km -rnia ?, Kubi?? aa1 ail <?th?r l>?ma He it alao muufactarit. a . ki'd'of S-o iJ Sia da'd Silver War?.a> d Ic-eps !*word , Hevol vera Swu d Bflta ard ?\anea, Uowio X'M-i Raaora.geia ora. t?? Id. Silver aid * ?? ! pvt . oIm and a *:e\t va-n-ty of ether th'ot* i<u>l ; kept In a Jew* r* tMore. a .d a at tb? <rm y ?< prioe. No. 339 Pa arei.ee. between itn aad Mb i?tr?*ra. f? b-*i B? WKETHKlMfcK 4 CO , A ?i l 40Zt No- 462 ind 464 Sbvknth MT? 404 Uvrofi.i i\t Pott i Jfler their etock ol WINKS. tIK AIM Ul KS, fclNe i. UK DIALS, eso-.aluo their .arte anorlnieni o< ftbAK?, |OUaCUO. * ANOV GOOiio. ale. for aa.e at Wholesale ?b> j ksep o- u?Usl.j on ltacd fine PRI ,?Ut.. 1A CKFAM &Lb id kfca ami r>ou!e?, (? tare or tamily nae The public in genera! are ta taeerod to give them a eall ax J uanciae thri "pienuid Mook of goodt. 8 WEK i HbJMLH A CO., , 4*1* and AM Sevens, street. <>??. fO?' "?c?. 1m* OI'AKTNKK H ' P. HE Cofwrreni.ip h-rot f.r^ex ttinr b?nr?ei. Walter, Kamia a ? li pp,b?vn t J- n diva Itw in ooBarqueaoe of the doatii f ?ue of th? farm th? hasineaa w II h. oar- ed on and rift* n'lm tad Woof Wit.Til * K i?*m. ?\ < nr*rr?psrM lo build to order, and ke-p on lan'ly on Mt . ?. kirua of tli* nioetfa?bion*b *Oa r. Hi AO f* of i# vcrY bMt workua atnp pe.irint p oMpti? km< OM^inlif Mienilfo to at tha moil rea-ooahie pf le-a. jhai*kiallor Ptti f*v?ra, wo bop* 'or a oo Uua acc of tii > aapie. at our ad e?taV1e m ut. on u treat. Detareen 9th and l?Hh eta-. No 34 R ntaira. fa ?5-l?n W?i.TM ? yTtlNWAY * MJN*S Ct-.LtUt A TtU fl ?9 ANO FOUTE\-Tb?ae icrtruro~n--_-?M^ are adm red by all rniuioiana to be tne b^stIDW ma - u fa-t it red in tbia c^aatr* Tk-y ha***" * * ' at all ttmea reo?i?*d tHe flrat preaua* over a I oth-ra, wh-rer-rand vkeuvar (Mi oame mooa petition. Tfltj a*? warranted for iv* imti A 'aria aaxrtinnt of tit*** iunfom^i U it ol Ui tc M foiled ti tk? IflHtiA KtAM nf _ VT. erMKtttiROTT, HO. IS A|*Bt. OntToctovt 4 rounfl o-riiw rbiekenns Pi*ao t>r for #> ?. fe 1> WK Or PER TO MILITARY MfcM ft Ivn aiiortmeji oM?E ? ?na BLf!K t-LANMiL OVhlt-fUlM'l X. WMITK MIK n*. U w A r% - Be, CAMP RLANRKTH. HALF M^rK.4#, hioh v? innt* ft ; cMh firakiMriUuuiiM heto-e making m THB WEEKLY STAB, *?fi OMftwi rtauiv t*? Wrr? iiwn - MH!iik| fr*"'*' ?f l?Ui?<n mU !l( tku M* fe? 1*1*' Ik M| mr ? pvMMMri ? K?A*f ??m?i rntK-UM, ???M NnnwfT,y?iUMMt.MrfM?Ai Hi t^ti ? ? A ^ Fn ?????? ? M >< ?tt ?? It l?nrH?ly wifcl w " WuMiytw IMW rttl bN oi4* TV 1M| t?wta| 0Mr ltllll<l M gcvomlly tfirou/ ton tke mUtry IZTSM**W copies (la wrapp?r?t cm *t pf* ?a?fd at Dm counter. rf*pr tto )tmmm of ite piper Prise-TE K KE TENTS H KLM HOLD'S QWVlbl PREPARATION. ? HIGHLY CONCENTRATED Compound Fluid Kxtrict fimob?, 4 mnd Sf#rt'jl.- Arm*rfy I BLADDER, *1DM?\!? fiR \VFL.U< OKOP. SICAL 8WELL1N9F , TVs >; <*.tc?i.e new? ?i ift? p- oX IhgtieUee, *;d *?cU? tiif ii.-osi* i .10 e*1( j *'-Uot, Sj w io?i th^ wiTkii >? p?w*?or# ? ? \ i C<<K<TII14L fcNL B6 M .NT* U( nClQM, u veil m r*u? as :.\8LAJtx> . :o?. UVLflfBOr.D s ujtkact bvcho F??f WHineix'f An? Of / K*"????. li?K"? ?f Pint A'-W!*. AtttnrU/i w<t? t4? rnll&wtnf Svmpie?ur l&tiiFfof lOrn to Kx' rtiPt, Lovof r?v?r. ',?>? ? of M 'icor*. OHocitr of W-%k N'rv?i, Tr?-n>t:irf, d w of D *v?k V.at?af rfciata '>* !jio , |u T?n? l4witN*?'tk* Vv?ci!*r d?? (??! <!?. 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