19 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

19 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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E ' V ' ? THE rVR*!NK STAR. 1 rr?? t** ??A*. Tin XAT'O^'ILOIT ITiftl I BY ITtUA. I Ftd^d, a*?d !/?? *(1(1 pone, Frr m nnr ronr'rv'* akv r>f hlne. Are f?<<> nMlnn'a at*ra that nfff the land I Their rati tint Imter 'brew. 1 We w?t<*?>?d ?V#tn m4'?. h. one by ??? , . ** b?T f- 11 from >h?1' p'o*tn"? b?tebt, Ar?1 ?nnk f*' Hntm in the shadowy deptha Of rebellion'a ^loomv nl^bt J And wnronnrn tA-diy fo' that ?later-band? Lrat |-mi f'Oin 'b? iwtloii'i rrown, Wli-a eVry b-an>a own with a dazzling light On the vrorld'a r- d page of movd. They h??e *et in dsrhneta; 'mid wreck and \ loom Tb?lr plory baa rawed from oor sight. But h*rk ! ??tb?trnfno of the wild wlnter-kioi; - ----- ... ._v. ik Hill I fin tcrmifctj ice I'ormy mtui, A vole on !:? breaib C' lKi sweeping al<~ng, . O'er I he land and tb? ocmid-w**'; And It* thunder '0*1 com" with a ml?h?y shont To .be Learta of the loyal and brave lty?t i'tst : jkot Lint!" the anthem rin?? oat; Tbey w !! ||?r outly bn?a- once moreFr^m the da-fc. d!tn m'at of ibe treason Ctoud' Tiia* ab-i^owa Colua>hia'? abore " Tbey ?be! fl sh from the gloom, and the atarry ba> d Umitt.i sa.ii gleam In Ibe &'*? ; TV 1 h ?be r-1 a>! i-ibe floating proudly aloft, Ou' *T?v-ri.?o ? it* Plagnf the True ' Washington, >!.?rch ?th. The M?w Rebel Lire of Defence la Virginia. A oorresnondent of the Herald fays: That the new line of d^fenoe which the rebels have set up is important to some extent there can bo r.o douht; bat whether it will be considered as ?tr jng as tbe f?r-f amed Manassas, time alone w'U show. The banks of ?h? rivers Rappahtnnock and K ipidan are being strongly fortified, and along tbem a large army is said to have been congregated. Along a portion oi the northern sb >re of the Rtpidan, and between th*t and the nor'h fork of tbe Rappahannock. tbe ground is flit and unsuitable for defence; but on tbe southern shore of the former river there is a wild region, with high broken taod, hills, and very rough country generally This fict alone would make this region a likely place for a portion cf a line of defence From th? junction of the Rapidan with tbe Rappahannock to Fredorieksburg the river is bordered bj highlands, etc., and from Fredericksburg to Port Royal the land is sti!! rougher, while the watercourse is narrower, so that, in addition to tbe artificial defences of the pUoe, the current, which is very swift, will liror* an olntrii?ti(in nf itjwlf tn t?u*U Moendirg the river. At Fredcricksburg and Fa'm-utc the rirer is crossed by wooden bridge?, which could be destroyed by a retreating array. Between these two places the interval is but a xaile. Ihe fords across the RnbiJan are but three iu cumber?ene at H i!derae?s. another where the railroad crosses. *"d a third on the road to Orange Court Bouse. ibe first of these fords is called Ely's Ford, and i* approacoed from the south by a road passing through immense gorges on both side* of the river, eovered with the wild, original timber of the ecurrry After passing the gorges, the road to Ihe north piases over the ca.s ana connect* wun tfarnett's ford, lbe other fords have no very important peculiarity connected wi h them individually Tcey ?ra all guarded with sufficient force to prev est My opposing troops from crowing without i?ur>M!S?sa-ri?<*e of life. At the conflaence cf tb? !La?*!?aa and the north fork of the Rappah:.nDO*k, th?itr?eiii is very rapid, bounding over fcmtfusrs, and the bank? are eteep - r<l ryfrt th* extreme Th? >*' *'*' lis i 1'id down from Orange Court * r'i.e.'ficksburg, via White Plaint *a.: **3*v'ryn is a fine and hard tnrnrv " - " through a wild and rugg* -* - ?.el# have made good use o'. heir military movemanta 1k< rte - -? rtt *">at the rebel troops from M?n -t?w im gone to Uordonsville to take np the se rd line of defence bean oat the s'nteuiert that the Rapidan, from tho B a- Ridge Mountain* to its junction with the Rappahannock, and the Utter river to Port Kojril, are the meet likely places for the main po<n?a for the stid line of defence. At Q;>rdonfvlHd ar? ! c ted great dej. .? and storeb<*u:ea. bat the fortifications are along the riv?r, which runs irregularly from west to as- to the Dor;h of that place The??MB'i>yc entry of the Matapory, enjt of the j incti. n ' f the Mat, the Ts, the Po, and the S), and iooicated by aline retching fprm P jrt R >y*l, tfe?n?e down the Mattapony to tee P?u<unk<y and the York rivers. fn m the ez'e&drd ltn? of 6^ht from the mountain to the bay. Ih? d-i.meat of the io*er Potieuc aiiJ tho Kacnih mn,,nk helow Port R..w*l ia ra. cause tfcey i re a tenabie on aocount of the raady appro?eh of bja'a, aod beiag easily outranked a force >e a1 leg toem there. Ai a region fit for defetkira operation#, 110 barter sooli bar* bi?c seleetad in this part cf the oountry, aid this the .aoeis appear to know well. k Diadem* is Tfc? Etaccaticr or OoLtm1: ?A tern hie di-as'er befell the ret??la in tteir *va?na'len of Cnlombua. Toe *t?-anier Prince left that p ie* on th* 2bfh nl? , crowded with rebel Soldiery, < n t&eir way to New MadrIA Tbe boat wu tr.^eed it'id Bonk in the chut*", four m>les abo?- Blekrnan. She went down andd>-nlv, the w*ter being crer her hartlcune deck Seventvflre aoldtera are known to have periebed. Sbe bad atan on board 1(8 keg* of powder, ani oonatderable fl ur and eUser provisions i'wo immense ?w8'er-fc? a. uaed for supplying water for the troop* on t^e Coinmbua bluffs, were oa tbe barrtea.ie.derk Manyaof her i-aaaen^er* euce-?ded In ye ilaz Into the tanks as the went dowa, and were tbua rrs- aed from drowning. Nothing wi?Mv??d from tne wreck The aife, containing a large amount of Confederate money, waa loet. CT^t'own whh tbi Ya'<k-r.?y CL Delta. l)o i't he n>pttiei>t You'll find that tta-y will >?s 'down" aoon eaaagb, *e gueat ?L^ut* villa Jtummt. 7 2 1U 1 UhAil'KY NOitS, in Lari? or Small Suss, BvQf ut and by JAY cOOKE ft CV, Bmni, :ci > 438 Fift"*Btu ?U??t. LH ?>. HOOD Cou'a?tv raeaiving.ani bu a'vaya od hud, a foil toff J <>f s i tae moit o'lebrated lv W a fCh s t iM a e ir.aaolvsturei in Eug.*:T 9wi*?rcia dc. d Amerloa both int*o r?aE acd StlT?r c&a?a U-al?o k ?ps a art* ato.kul ' ne J K vV ulK Y t>i U?* moat o<Mirar.'e s vtUt inammda. huwelai, RahiM ail a:! oth.?r G*ni Ui* is al?o otaauraotunn* all m^di of So id fei* ?la'd Si ic Ware, and fci?ef t*vor<fr. Kevul ?ra. Sw.- U Boita ard JNudm, Bowie Kmvea, Piiort. ?o-? on, Orld, Silver and Kttel t-p?o.t? r n wi -v ? Ml variety <>I Ot?l?r lu.ni* DeU-.i'j ken is a J #*? r* ttteie, actd a . at the very ;<> wo?i pnm*. f?o. 339 Pa ave&ue, betweea 9ta ai*l i#tb gtrfta. fe '5-*f QL'T THIS AOVEIIT19KMKN f OLTJ CUT TBI* ADVERTISEMENT OUT! AND MRLNS I f WITH TOW ! The ?nk?ariber trill advvcce, in the way of pt* ehe.se or iMD.imxil mmi for ?Uoit per.oue, oa DIAMONL!-. WATCHES. VALUABLE JEWEL**-, or ut ilw?r ptioa of Ml) -i ictorf securities. As; lady 01 i??i Innaa t>1 o would like to obi&in ?Te? u Hifr..(?n!?, ; & aunt manner, n ay do * bj tfo.y.i; *t4 26 liiu ?ir?et, t/eiween livd H. hot ii t' . 'M cm. f?a-lm liuu 19 A.?i> cHxEs TO 8UiT THt 0 TIMES1. Wear* lcv francfactnnnf all kinds of BOOTS' and I'HOhS. a .d oonsta"tiy reo-mni i?A| ujp.T of rasl ru njk ;e ork ol ever? ae- Ml sorirtioa, m? ??xpree-ly t<> order, and nlifW t-S >0! : It, %BlU.i Inwilr hn/u ?Ke n - - ? hs ?u>!'jr? v-'-ti t*i ?a iL:s oitj lor much interior s-tjoi??. {' rwc* in *& it of Boot* and 9b >? of Mst^'D c: vi.) n.xtli ?ort, vlt] alwijs find ft coi<J *Mort BUSJ-t It StOI.' *'6 at t!l# !OWM! ?llO?S. b!<? bl ? oa... GklKfriN 4c BKO , ??-r 314 P*BiM?lvaia> a?rm. A iiij 5. * COj 4UA No. 4t>'i ajcd 461 8evS?TB St., ID"! P"?*CjiU? Ikt host Hjfc*. \ti*T ti ?.r cUK < of WINES. BRANDIES. ttlNi. COillJiAL!?. i?.,?!eo tbea la'te aMQrtmen: of SE*~AKt*. TOBACCO, PANCYGOODS. 0U>.. ir % f st V. >.o.eaaie PriCM. Tk?? a. - ?- ' <* * '**" " * * . .? 7 mT r - ?"? i-jnm ana run Al>t !. ^liiA Ck&AH ALg.. ir *W? ?ra L<ntie?, toHvi or fzmu 7 oae The patm? ia gotiaral ar? r? tae?tod V> liTet&ena a oa.: and szucia* &?tr wtniid itvl o' '? ?. 9 B. WEKTBEXMEft A CO. ?? * MM 4?>? ff?vru'? Ti-Jtu 0990. Yo** '*9r?. 1CASH *?OTlCS. N Ooo??*?*B9* of omr b?vi.f to par a*ab fo t> err.? tul- o. rood* #?rohaM. w? a<? torc?d uj r?eo 3" hwlB to ca?n zciB4iT0/,f >r tbr pr? <-! v% ? ??? m?tor*a ?f rj !?rt?a*?o imrni ol KvAt'V XKltr, CLoTHIsG fa- m?n aid --efcr, wbie". ar* otitic ?t a mush lowar rate tti\u ci alij. WaLU WtFHfcNS Be, I'O.. i'i i Pa*., between9Ui aud nth ?U. '* ? (IntJ* A W?? 1 A UN' Of TiMt Col!*r?. ?B<-p?3* /V >i?ra. ?uuu, Trunks. fcl&U u?i Caj.*. at gMITU'*.- N? 4Mnk Iimt. or^U^u.1| IKON-CLAP flTBi NIKS. Nm DrramiiT. w4IHMTOII, nbruar* JO. 1M. The N?ry will, until ?he M b ol tfaroh Vit, ree?ive pmpoaitiona (or the oomplete MMM and M?ipm nt ot Iroa o.ftd tiwIi fo' river, hiri nr ?tna on'itdeittM. Tbe?*e?a*:a wit a the exemption oft hoe# for the Mt?.i aiitai iiv?r ?o<t i.a tnbut?-iee, Wlil be fro pe e hy Mfiwi; tno?e frr h? MiHlWHl rim and I'll utarina iray b# p-opflled bj paddle wti?? a. lr>a halia will b-. n I?r wboily 01 iion (which would he 9eferradiO'Ol iron w?- wood ooim'ned, ? ?hr prpj*c>o'> m-T o nalder moat amiable for then j it pio>n ei, hit their aide* and daska nut tx* prr,t*r:?., ? oh an i-on a anatu. e aalfioient to ra ' 'tbeh^a 1 o?t -ho- a- 4 *> a Isrh?"<??8?| n.r u ? Mi auairpi Tt**r *"<1 Ita tri bu arir>? are i ot 'o draw n.or? iiian ?<x water wnen inl y e?>nppec and a-med.at *h'oh 'raft ar? to be a'.le io " autam a pe mat. ant speed of '? ftoou p*r hour in -till -?at?r. a?"d oarry eilfi3ient coal 11t'? anker* for ale data Bi^amm* at bat ap^tK! Tb-'i' arrrai'fnt wi!i conaiat f>t &ot le1*- li.an t'.x e?e?en irch jtum The venae 1 for ?arbo: dclesoe are sot to di av rrcr-than twrl *f,*\ water when fully eaaiapt^d ard armed, at w rh drai< the? sre to be abie U"? i.iAi t^ia 6 pertiiii tiit. p?w>(! of "?n kcou p r aour in airootn i; d carry mffi jent foal in the i J- - ? ? ?> thir and. I ""QlOi'S |l>r WVf! PatB > iCIttlll un ?? ... Tneir ar!!.%?>en' w, it mn?iet of not i??? than frow two t<i foarH>?v*n mrhLnc* The i e'frPiB for a a t i!*;>no?? are rot to dr?W mor* tha>! t i-n*T fp?t water wn?>n fully and ar>;e>), at whio r*'t tifej a>-? t > be at>. * to ma iit?iu a p?> mat. n? rieed o( fifteen knots ^ h?.3?- at ?<&. and -.x xi -ufSu.eut o^al in the hunkeri lor twelve <*ajr? s?e-mirg at that gp*- d. Thenar mm t wi l oo^Biatoi'ou or ;?o fifteen or twent* laca car.?. Te*un? of t.i? el? forJu-rbor and tout de*r? rn t a. ii to a 1 o<ni;ts of ihe oogr pMa with oo' i han?r* ii ta?? esstVa ro?> ion. Th? p posi'i >n-m is' ?tatethe i amber of ?< :?. bii ject t > tae e eo ion of the Department, w! ioh ti a .n: y cr p se? to firnish complete in evsry p<v . ?-mh:*ciri? a-moiir, p atlng, steam n.serine ?:.1 f s-ipmei.U cf si kinds, ravy for seivi r, > s'iujt l y '' ? cr ranee and orJnacoe storrsani p^ovi-i t*: proposition must i e ao ccnipv tn' Lit d-scMptioi.s.srdo fioation*,drawings a*i' u.?1e:.s r.fs?r?i <ir.?.racter thrit th-j work oon.d be eiacB'ed frf>m t' em It o soe if e:iv rj must be s<ated; the time witiiin w :p.1 tri? v *? ?! or vessels aret> be com p etetl- sn ! a s the total sum to be p id for eaoh. 1. will b? ?t:p'i \jrd in tn? ooiiir< ot it at one-tf it the t< ta amontt ?i)l be retaiord b. tlie Government nr.Mi ?ixtj da?? aX>r the reo'ptmn of the VB-pi, ic < rd*r to ?iv? it a trial, the remaining payments fee lag mr e ?r.th (? e reg*'-<1 to the proper p-r orma: oe au I prorr-ss of tne work; rfce contract I ? '? * * tm-rn fn fulfil rn ft-tr fftilurA til Mrfofffl ch*? oon.'itiorjij The bids mo t !>e 0"rap*n'.?1 by the guarantee re .-Mirr-i r>y !?*-. iliat if a ooi-'.raot is awarded, it ?r-1 i bepro>nptJT ex'cutei an l the names of the parties who r.'ti to b come tiie sureties to the imeu'.t if the faaa of iho ooutraut will also be stat-<l 'I he Dera'tmer.t will o<?rsider an? other propositi >cs n.*' mar be preswi te<i in which the draft of t-r afco-e i axed i? ict?xtesded ' h-? ll?pa?*jn>r.t wt!l beat liberty tr? acoeptor rej > t any or a '.ie pro,-o?it <>' a fe22 'aw4w f*jE\V YORK GKO ERY! H NKV; YORK GROCERY I NtW TEAS, OLD GOVERNMENT JAVA COh PEE, E.ViKA IlAiUO, And a!l other kind* of FAiMCY GRUCfcKlKS! For Ml? by WM.COKWIN BUR6Y, Importer of Teas, fe 26 Correr of I and Klerenth ?U. ^irripg BOTELfcR A WILSON. !K<,H HALL. UL No. 3I1* Pksn. Avkuci, m Bet ween &tii and luJi dtieet*. ' 1 We oo'd a!ly invite the a,N?ntion of a'l who pontes paw fur;;ithir e to our hatid?oee and well ae ort*d sto k of CABINKT FURNI rURE. embracing ev??ry gtjlf an: ?aait'y. from tfce finest Parle r'uitd >wn to th? cheapest Bar'&n.Beristeul md Cb?.r. *jid pnc" whieh defy competition. tii?- ? * f-?M n"ii norvinn' fnnwiv^n, fr 2S eo6t *r* KK V' L- UfcUIMTV , OK Sfh.KM sTO" ft HCE a ? A permanent and lait1 i <-< IKr ' ?lua ti?rritiieoiM!a??i^ay b? cUait;?d ol the Advemeer, who haa thaa care*' tu...*e ! a? tur,K<"^ _e t!y, nundr?d* of othe? Kno!- ae ou^ttirap. a-id a-ldroaa "o* IT?, Ct~.tr en' ' ?!.. \iat >. mh 6-lm C UR E-COR ixS?B UNIO /VS. \| R rtHU' lAT, -aritesK Cniropodinl. from ?" 1 t'ar i! t p?*to l' lorni j"U tuat he om? effeotu Ll; r*n<n C?>ma and Mast"* without pain, ao t'ia t?e*lio*-oin b* worn iro ' ed'ately af er th? o^ci-at on. w't ou'. irconveni 'c?. Ai?o removea \v? ik v.u tjr .T fluuni fl<*-h from the han<'?. that t'lp? wil pii*?r ruiail *ud de:ioste No. 15 *>4 r - "t unr1 r.y I nn. Charge* u.o ec&tJ. ID- Kelart to t a d>:uora ol \\ whi. gton genwa ij. rah 6 tf_ The most 6ratifving inpormati <n thn; oau , i ve *o our readier* who are tifwiM ?' > i.1 <lr. >9 'h^f^rtthat PKAKsON'8 Mku;.; ?, i * ii ? J)H< > 1* are reaily a ito?d rfneflt. Mv.? o! f- *? 'fg have tried them with suocfus !j: i '0gr.? r i.ra I iirott, HuSrirsc*! and A?thrn% 5 bt-? cont^ij'ioD* a so gi?e ieli*t to Coiiia npt'.vrK f- r.*r?rt ?:;1 Public r-peakers who are trout ??1 w, h ? liroat I) ix&ses find re lef bj using < l arDiops, w?>ijh olear the throat ??J I dnic-&r.c tickiiiig eeceationa, prodQC?' !>j t a micti <-X'ftioaof the vocal organs, <;>cs '("r" .tff?nd inl nea? to the voioe. I't-p^rs K, ?. 1 l ? <?KO CtARSUNi No. 0 'ioi-.u ' "i ;:j lir.. Elmore, J-oid al*o at 491 Ki?n m-p?:, vv a?t, cjt n? 4 Fairfax meet A x'.B' :?; A t<. rf?cerick; and b? the ?M' ;*!< ^jsisie uj ocn'eotioaera, at 1" oente par faa?ag % fe 24 im fur /v itu he ! f* *-?r fur ni run e / ^Mbi FliRtXT i UK F. 1 m W. 3. MOjKS, 1 i f the fi ti of Vc.ee* \ Fsaklittj, Pfciiad'a,) 1 *. i a jtu e: ; v ,>, ?* } #na Re'ail UMier Id \v ?<*i '' u ?, Co-tato. Farior and Dining -_o~ * : n.; :r? n'? BdilOiog, 409 Seventh ab:-<" I> i- r~ry T?r.st? of UF.: OUSTER IN (J yromytlj tau i.e*t:r Su..? o?e-i in aid CTwritt for tno aoconnnedalio', of ne i?ub!\e. F .?oi? c-g < i.i * *? ?y ;ie.r interest tooaU oefori | t- > r .?-vf >* * 1* iK-3lPw L. Towtsd. J. M Tr-.w?*s. J. B. Towns L. TOWKM8 * CO., SIEJLM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ?8 TABLISHMENT, Comer Lo*\s\an* "???? caA Sixth it. The %:tert.t>n <>[ the t^mees oomraumty ii respeotlnl:? lnvJe-J lo Ui* New bo?>k and Job Printin* Lf ai-i? which bu t een fitted up witl new i'ia :< me ; . i oompieie manner,la aov prepare! t > nxer jte. in & satisfactory style, every rariaty of Print ;nc, via: Moose S?f>eeclies. PamjhJeU, Cards, Circulars Sutlers' BlanK*, \e .?o. Tub att- v:if. oI 'neni'^re of Congress la esee. i? r fur facilities for printing Spe? liee, 11? vit l.ave t ie Imrgcst ateam power li cm oitfj, de 7-law6m BA.LVIORAL BOOTS. v?OAT Tippea Doab e suie Balmoral #1 M Oa:f Kid aj do do .fa W Ji ??-.!< * w - - rz.jiv OO ...... i -H U Kigo, ail ottar styles of Ladies and Misses ' i > oreaT?*at and best asaqrtmenl in tlitcitr. J. ROSENTHAL, fo. 1? Market lf?oe, _j?T #n Picn between 8th a ad 6th sts. S?; kTm> '^RESS UOOD3.?Many new anc cli -ice thii *? A so ou u u?l! fall (took of ail kind* of Foretfi ar.d <H>u>e?t>o lir* Uoods, for the ourrrnt want* o (?Hiiiiea buu?eke-pei?. One p io? ouij, manei iu plain figures, tk$ at tual i**K r*l*t, PERRY St BRO , mh 7_ft Pa.av and Ninth street. DEALERS IN WATCHES Would do well U call and examineths ?fock of S.fc J. MYERS wnioh thi-r are selling ? per oent. lower than ani other hor.se in the city. 10 Washington Bui la WATCh MAKtKS V, ill ?av time and tronbU br caune u fc J- MV F.Rb to puroh&M Watch Mar. ,.va, Watoh (ilui'i, Tool*, act J'>weMers' Jobbing Material*. 10 Waaniii(toi ttuii&m. ___________________ Sft J. V V KK?, htviit* woderatood that M era. travo iu* p??d nr? "Win* represented thai th?7 ve ouii=?ot (i w.th tbelr honte,and sellmi an nienor artio.e, ihey take tbia measure in infooidnc tto trvi" tn&t tnev are in no war mo? necteu vitb aur boa*e o- agents in tbis oily. ik r H anek ot Hoaton House?10 Waaninxtoi B'ti'ding. \VasHmtton ft 8 SrKlMi CAS~1 HKKE8. AJao, nudum and &B3 li ill ar.d Veatinga Ntvj H.ae CI tnHantiHa, and C&aalmeres. ' rtviii BCK TWi ' OTN, Hftll Hom, Ua* r>rt vi, Pocket HaixUerohieia, Underahirta U av*ra A 0. Our ort 1 > m and Eia arn oorreapondentaaeoc aa t>ew aorp ?? d?ilj. Or.# f oe. n ?. he ac ual oaah standard raine, marK?o nip -;n fi;u e*. Ar 1: ay?otioao] Block inourt no obligation to parch a*, f fcK?Y k. BKf , n.U 3 'r P?Tin aviiiHi *od Nintn at. \llL.l'fARY ttUOKd. I'l MILITARY BOOKS! At the Na'iona Broker e, No. *78 Penn?yl*aciaavcn >e. an toe New \tilita j Ho kaareto ba foua<i aa *>>on aa taeewJ f<om iue Preaa. Ca.1 ato nam ueuar no. k WM. F RICH8TKIN, fa??** '17 (* ^?on?T ?a-iiaar?n?a. juuhloUB NEWS?!i URN SI L?E*8 KXPE tic tv>! % sico'aa. But noxt to t&at la ' at U?.r<a ns r.rw off?red in Clothing, Farns T ^ Ua; 1 and Ca.ee. at tk? Keo?ii'm O ot,. .1 surt, No. 460 l\h atraet, ofpo?it?Va?* <"?*< f# 14 ID) ^OU?H8, CO^i>- . KyA^UBEiNESS. *?. cvmpovyd a> ivfofoum arabio. Tftui iiMi>ut ?cc popular Oagfc Remedy haa 6?ei' ?o !o c fcuown And exteuBireiy uti that most perm, a .live jfoon.c amli&r with ita extraordinary tttocAnj. it eta t-a bad at all the pnaaif | *ru* iu?i4>'. *t a d * exDuabottla. 14 t WALL. STEPHENS * CO., 1*X k'BNNilLVAMlA AVKMVfe MILHAKV \ N l> N A VI L MKhOUANT IA1LOES, AND ?; Al?Y-M\uE OpiTHlEER, ? AND > X TKNSIV K UEAi.fe.R5 IN 6ENTLKMKN'S KITRNIPHI.NG GOOD*. M *- f ?' . . ~ 1 BARNUM t? HERE!?Ob fr?* xhibiuwu. ?? njf rtook of LlotUioc in tb? oit*. u the i Cioinm?*tor?,No. 4*0 mtmu aUMt, r<?t ulofc, N.B.-All of ?* tocdM fat Ml* m wrj lew prtMa. mtf-tm escs=g. i1 IKP01TAMT TO f AKILIIt, j EKfTiURiKTI, HOTKLSi i IOTLIM, OE9CIM, ARB OTHXM WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, ; IUPENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 39* PENNSYLVANIA AVBN'jg l GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRACES, fiavinf bun purehastd 0/ Bankrupt Mtrckanti and otJUrt. TUCKER'S TUCKERf* GrO0?ries, Liquor?,Wlne?, Cigart, &o FOK FAMILIES, FOR SUTLER8, FOR OFFICERS. T EAfc', FINK. U NIOI< C1GAR8." C RACRLRS, BOSTON. K ETCHKJP8, IMPORTED, "" ? - n/>f.vnntia b A I K a currtiiD. R AISINS, MALAGA. READ OUR PHIKES READ OUR F R I C E S ! Extra Brown Sugar.. D cents per pound White Sugar -12 cento per pound p^igB Green Tea...............90 cents per ponnd Pair .Black Tea .50 centa per pound Extra Coffee ...20 cento per pound Good Or-ffee ..18 cento per pound Wax Cek'dies ..35 cents per pound Malaga K.nlslns IS cents per pound Codfish..*. 'e'^und _ C a;? t. Imported 0*gar? 0 Bar ana Cigars.... ..9 * *<J per luO Almonds 1' 'r.tsper peand Salt.... ,W Good Butter..m. ^. 16* 'I t pound Extra Butter .. per pound Fine Wines Whllkfy to til? Ail other kinds of LIQUOR n. Call and tee for yo TUCKER'S, 323 PennaylviBia Aymuc. WILulAM TUCKER* CHEAP GROCERY WA1IR9DU. 32ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 33ft PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUK GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having <"??*'"< *f Bankrupt Mtrehantt mmd Kiwi. gtnart'a Refined Sugars (ton 9 to U eto per pound Extra Fine Green Tea 78 ?? ?? Good Green Tn?????*?*i??*dO '* DIM Dlaob T<wi "?C li am m~m ? ?l r H? VM?V* * v>?? '*? "" " Good Black Tea SO ? ? i Old Java Coffee 30 " " Good Coffee 16 " " Every thing else In proportion. REMEMBER, \ f?CUE?,8M PENNSYLVANIA AVENVE j WCKER'S, 9M PENNSYLVANIA AVEUVE ' WllIIMM. ? ? niDnvTAirr wo vAirrr r?? a ? -- * *v majai iii an, IlWlAUft* | AHTB, HOTELS, GR0CEE8, AND OTHERS. r r ?? WILLIAM TDCKiai CHEAP WHOLESALE AND EETAIfc ' GROCERY WAREHOUSE. ) 8MPENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ) ) 181 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. t QROOERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, f Having ktm jntrckcutd of Bankrupt Murtkantt mmd athtrt. , '* u C K E RJ? 8 ' TUCKER'S WB0LU1LI A!fD MMlklL ; Groceries, Liquor*, Cigari, Winei, Ac 1 FOR FAMILIES, j FOR SUTLERS, | FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, FINE. ' U NION CIGARS, j C BACKERS, BOSTON, if cTnmtPfl ? ? ? ? m*f MiMJLf VR M Xki/, B XTRA COFFEES. R AIBIN3, MALAGA. I READ OUR PRICE8 ? READ OUR PRICES! WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, ?8? PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUK >? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOOD WIITS TOBACCO. R. H. WATTS'8 VOLUHTKJB TOBAOOO. OROOERIEB AT HALF THK USUAL PRICES, mU tktrt. RXMXMBMR, ' ' ! TUCKER'S, SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER*, 39* PENNSYLVANIA WBNUE WUSMIM ^ # MlMMNri!1/ E a#*l*A*?,_ Itfiiinj ' wn Cmtmt*, Smi* ?mI ?ip 4!Vb, ^ 4ft ?* #*Hi, ro* AU i> lgKjLBuQF ihpsvdbmok. *** 1,0 fALBM DELICACY TM.ETXWT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. 1 ,W * WARRANTED. OR MO CHAR&M, IN FR0M ONE TO TWO DATS. * Mh?i W ska lul, tjiwmi, ifutlMi ?f tke H4f% iad I ladder amiuut OiHkUfii, ltayatewcr. ral Debility, Hidxihih, Dnieper, Laaftiaa, Caofkataa af Ideaa, U? Sptma, fi!pfuuM af Ike Inn, Ttidwy. TreaaWinfa, Dtmaeee af tight er Siddineee, Oiuut af lk?

ad, Tttraat, Nat* er Skin, Afaeuaoe a/ the Laura, t'.eeaut er Bewe.e?iheee Timkli Oiurlan ariatng ftern tary Batata af Teeth?thtaa Dread: al tad l>eatratti?e Pnatt*aa wbieh reader Mirrtfi impeaaitie, ud deatrey talk M; aad Mtad. TO UNO KEN Bepeetally ?'??kaee became the nctitaa af elltuy Viae, Ik at dreadfa) tad dertrBCUTa baeti whack aucmally awaape U ea atiumely (re-re tfcaaeauda af Kearf Meu af the aaeit eteka^ telenta eod^rilluuu intellect, whe might atherwiee ka?% entranced lutening Seru-aa vita the than den af ale. ' aeate ar waked ta ecetecy the Itriag lyre, may call wrtfc fait wakeeta. MARRlAdE. Uli? flliaei, ar Vaer.g Men Mewaplailii ?urtafa, kelog aware ef ahyatrii wetbiee, argute debility, demirluec, *e, ape edit* tared. e whe aleeea biroeerf BLder tke aere af Dr. !. My reHgleaely eaolde it. hie barter ee a f eatleeeaa ul eaaldeatiy rely apao kta aklli aa t pbyaicicm. OFFICE N*. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK. ST. leltkuid Ml rmtlrem Baltimere ttraat. a few riaan r,? tba W'-H fill ui ; ?Utrti mat ill lUkn. IrtUin ?* paid tad aauta.u i >;inip. DR. JOHNSTON, M?kt? ti lb* ftayal af lirrMOl, baadaa, ?r?d?ata Iran Mi* af iha man imioinl Callajaa to U? Wnltad utaa, and tft? riaa-.ar par; af vraaa lift hi* baan apam ta ja aay.iala af Laodan, Pan*. Philadelphia and alaaarbara, kaa afactad wni af iha reaat aaiar.uhinf carta that *in a*?r kr.ava; man} uatblad wi'Ji nnfinf to tba haad and aar* tthac ailaap; j*i?i nar?aaanata, bainf aUrirai at 4d?n Mod*, biihfi inaaa with fraqcaal bliabinf, aitandad awnatiata artib dariofaa.au; af Bind, vara amrad laaa?*lalj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Tauf Mae aoa atbara vba bar# mjarad ibamaalvai by a aaruio pracuca iodvlfad in wbaa alaoa?a batit fraqaanriw taarnad Pram tail taiapaoiaoa, at at ae^iaal, iba aiaeta at vbiaa ara nljh'.ly fatt a?an whan aalaap, and if a*t car a 4. tardart marr.iga impaaiibla. and daatrayi bach Bind aad bad*, ahaald apply umi.adiiialy. That* art aar. a af tba aad and nalantbaij afaata pradatad Saarif habit* af Tavtb, ?in Waakoaaa af tba Back and mba, Pain* in lb* Haad, Ihmnaaa af Bight, La** *f M?*c?>at Paaaa P>Inii.ii.. ?* - ? - "? ? ?- " .M|riMu?u vi ui* nvarii Lxywpepsy, *#rTWEi IRIVI* klllt*, Da ran fata aot ?f ih? Diyaau*a naiUMi fltmiil ability, BjmpMKi af C?' ??n puf MlKTtLLT.-Tba faarfal qr> th? ml ad ui sack t? ki dra&dad ? Lmi *f Maruary, Ganfaiian afId aaa, nipriMira af ipiriu, E'il For(b*din(<, Arirwo af euty, 4aif-Diaitul, L?t? #f Timidi'.y, it*., ill aaraa af tka ?Tila fndicit. Muvov* DIBILITT.?TfcaaauUa aaa aav Jadga wkal U Ika uhi af thai? daclimof health, laainf thalr rig**, k?c*alaf waak, pala, cir'Ni ud aroaeiaMd, having a airfala? appaaHJ.aa tkni Ik a (M|h > ayraptana af Muuy DISEASES OF IMPRVDEXC*. Wktt tfct ns'ifaidtd and impradant?atarya<pUaamia tada ka kaa icr.bibac tfta aaada af th't pntofaJ diaaaaa, it taa afiai happant thai an ill-tiroad aanaa af ibair a ar draad M d;?tt???y daiara him fram applying ta thaaa w ha, fram adacatiar and raapa stability, aaa alaca bafriabd him. M? falla lota tha huida af igiiarmt *-nd daiifalr.f prataiidara, vha, lacapabia a( aariLj.ilch hia pacatntry nbaunca, ktaa him iril.ng i?lt aftar manth, ar aa laot aa ua amailaat fat can ha ak aji.ed, and to dtapniT l??T?~hini vuk rained hetl'Ji la tifb ??? ait railing diaappaJnimeat; er ky lf>.e ate af thai deadly paita^?Mtrtary?batten iha canatitaiiaoal tymstMBa af tkit terrible ditaaea, tasbaa Afacttaoaaf tl^a It an. Threat, lead, kin, Ac., prerreit'nr with frifbtfal rapidity, till daalh pan a pcrlad ta aia uaadfa* aaf*r:Q(a by aandinf hunt a ik?t mllic?Tiri4 eaantrr fna vbaee kaarua oa traveler rataimt. DR% JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORRAN19 WEAKNESS ASD JMPOTENCY y ib'.a rnit ud laMrtut remedy vitbiH aflti aifui ata tpttdfy cared and fall tiger fettered. Tbaaeaada a7 the mi aar>tai aad debilitated, vba bad laat all Mpi, kifi kaaa lasaediately relieved All Impedlateata ta Marriage, Phytic*. at McaUl PltaaaiIflcaUcaa, km af Pr*er*?t:?* Pever, erraa* Irritability. TrtablUg tad Wtakatee ar Jtobaaiil** af the matt ftufal ktad apeedlly a a-id. ENDORSEMENT OF 1 HE FRESB. TBI Mart Tlillllsi t,ar?j at tbie intutatiaa vithla the Uit tereoieeu nin, and iha i.?mtr*?a lirpartaM targiaal eptrauact perforated by D? . JabnetM, vltneaacd by Ac wt wi pipin ui au; ?>n Mnxii, aiVMi if vklah h?*? apa?u?3 aft.) > ud ifito Mtri uht caklia, k I iUh ku tuadiDf u a ?f iktntut cad rioialMllty, It a raSi ?at fitrum w Ut aBitud. Bar Xl-ly TZ1IXJ9BMAR. ProUcttd by Royal Letters Patent of England, and eecured ly tk Stalt of tkt Fcol* rie Pkarwtarit d* Parij, Mni :ti Imperial Cclieg* 0/ MeJfine, Fttwna. TR1ESEMAR No. 1 la tha effpotua. roroedr for R*t,axitio?*, !*mmatorrbcba. and Lxhacstio.n ox th? Stst**. TRIESbMAR No. a. Completely auc entirely erad.oates all traoee of those disorders, for vbioh Copaiva &u<i Cobeba bave ceaera.:? be?n thocjht an antidote, to the rmn or the health of a vast wtiou wf the population. TR.Iii8E\!AR No. 3, I la the great an<" Bare remedy of the oivilned wor!4 for all lmpantiea of the aratem.aa "well aa secondary aymptoir^, ot.v *.tir.g th? dentmctive nee of Mercury, ae well m ccLer <i*!ete;iou? in^redienta. and which all to? :*&raapar:?a in the wo; Id cauiiot remove Tsiiitntk Nut. 1,3 and 3 are alike devoid of tnat' or amcli. ai d ci all nauaeating ^ua:itioa. They a e ic t ie form of a losenge, ar.u c.ay il* on the toilet tao-e wttr-.ou* their nae being aoapeoted. Hold in tic oasea at 93 each, or four QI o&aea in one for #9. an;! m 9*1 oaae*, tftaa r aving 8Mj admit late red by Vaipean, Laueyianii, Koai. Ac., ko. \Vho ?i?. ? and retail by PH. H. A. BARROW.194 Bleooatr atreet, (4 fioora from Maoouga! street). New York. Immediately oc re oeiat of remittanoe, l?r. tfaaaow will forward Trieaemar to anr aart of trie world. atoure:y packed.a^d addjeaaed according to the instruction* of tne writer. Published a's v I ? DR BARROW, that popular i and b<?aut:fuliT illustrated mescal work. Human Bill*. Pries 25 cecls. Tnmomar anil Hook ?an | obtained bj special aa&oi >1/ from 8. C. FORI), Washington, D.C. <iel3-3m Av SOMETHING NKW ! A /~\ ?WimT"THD"?!m "^ur At 881 0 *uut, Tffritt ? tk* Tx4*lir. OYSTER? SffcAMKO la lk? Shall ar.d T' croujJily CookM (tar to a roast) in mtmvu*, tk$ /mitut nw? #* rum. c* i and sse. The anderci<red re??eotfu!ij informs hia friends In the District, acl tss Horn to the city, that he has refitted liia old ami v .a-isows i*t in a niOKt t ioronth mu .-or, ami hu made complete arrantements to furnish OY3TKKS in any style and in any quantity. 4i<0to jalk>ns shocked per day. 3,00? to l.tfJ" oana of 8y -f>d and Freak rint up daily?oana i:erm?t:caiiy coaled. Furniehea n the shelfbj the b&tuei or Larre!. Peraona wishin* to hvre Oysters furnished rejaLarlr throajh Uis winter, at Baltimore srioes, without fear of faiiite, ehoold ?Li and make arrancements at c^ca. Freight. tirae, and money saved by purchaaiar of tr.a, aa 1 furnish an articis ana! to the oelebratad Baitlmor* establishments, at prleea Jaat i: low. TO 8VTLE1S. Canned Meats, Lobsters, bardicee, Ciama, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pus' Feet, Tripe, &o. to., 4.0. Also, Piokies, C&tsji^ Saaces, Brandy Ai?v? Qruuoi&a flMB MIH? ftju* tie*, Terrapins, Frosh Lobsters, Go J, Halibut, Ae. In tect, every thine for sale in the Northtra markets wtrt on hand, at reasonable prioce. Hotels and families supp.ied w:th Oyeters, dalirerod withoutchargo lo aty ear: of the Distnet, in season, it the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from i a. m. to 1) it nicnt, erery day, except Sunday, whan 1 close at 10 o'oloolc a. m. _ jal tf T. M. HARVKT. OIUUiTD Worcestershire Sauce. Proaaansed by E5 EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS of * Letter from ? B1 JfMfiMi BrntUmm u M JL %t M4<irM "OWliT GOOD finis grUur IAVOB." iBjB| fttWoroeeter. U* s?lie?bie to Tell LiaV Perz.\rT-T7~'~ rtm that their Sawj EVERY ta highly eiteemed ^^=T- ia Lncia, wd is* IB TAE1BTT HaSSftiwKfi of dish. lesu-'.tsj.tjs'isfs The above SAUCE it not only toe uitud moat roTTLA*. eomnifBXT known, bat the most JSeomomUml, u a lew dropa in Soup, &ratry, or with Fit4. (tend cold Jointt, BuiSttmkt Gum*, #?? impart ex^nlaite aeat, whioh tmprincipUd Sauoe man factnrera have in vain endeavored to imitmta On the Brmkftut, Lmmtkton, Dimmor, or Smppm T*i>U, a oruet obtaining M LEA * PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" la indiapenaable. To appreoiate the txfUomt luaUtUs of thia Mitten* preparation it ia only neoeeaary to parohaae a email bottle of the tmiwu. of a retpeotable ptoer or dea er, aa many Hottl and BU*iam?x pro Kietora aeldom plaoe the Pwr# Sanoe before their guests, Dot substitute a genuine Bottlt filled witk a spwrunu mixture. For sale by Grocers and Fruiterer* everywhere, JOHN DUNCAN * SONS. Mm Bfumr* mmd 1U& Jirwt, If em York, Bole Wholesale Agents for the United State*. A Stock always in stora?Also orders received for direot shipments from England. Cy Btwmrt Cmmtmfntt ead isUisriwu.-fH ee??-ly.ae U'<^|?S^W2iSi%fM2 boxes for O&e Hnli&r. ?r*T. rft/i or hn r ? . be changed m i jew seconds to a ift tttok or ?brown, bj uung Uph&ia'B Liquid Hair Dye, the bett ebeftMt in the world, producing, the moment' COOK * Ob.. OmtW*!. "" mMefi /^ Piu*rv PftlV^D * k Wk?* u a nn m ? m DENTISTRY. QR. J. H. PBABODY, Attwkta to >1) bmaahf of Mt yrof?Mio'n ftt ttt ,oon* ?B - OJtc- No. 9T6 PecBrrtTMte imw"" MJ between 11th and ttth itrwu. two doom Mit of the Kirkwcod Houe, ii ut b?iidiaf wt'h Dr. l>onBidsoa. mhSlm'.lU 21; tend* persona;! 7 at hi* oftoa <n thi* cltrMhpp9 Mfctj persons can wear theee teeth Wbo^tJJ-lJJ annot wear otaers, and bo person oaa wear other* who cannot wear the**. Persona c&^mc at mj o?oeoaa be aocommocated with an? style and pnoe of Teeth they ma* dee ire. bat to those who are paitiea'ar and wfch the psraat. oleaneat, (tronzeat. and most perfect dentar* that artoao propose; the MINERAL PLATE wul b* more fully warranted. Room* in th:a oity?No. SSV Pa.arenie-between th and lOtb at*. A.*o, VGT Arch street, phiiadel his. - ? m?i i y ,o" On. CHARLES R. BOTKLKK, DB3MTIST, WO. *3fi PENNSYLVANIA A VENUE, H*TWI*JI 9TH and 10TH S?T?. J?*-aOa ANU IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOFLAST1 BONM TEETH. Wtthovt Metal Plats ob Claj w DR. 8. B S10E8MOND, *10 Brttkdway, y*t? York?4b0 Ptnnsylrami* A mm, bttwttm I2tk M<i iSx A it $ , ITa<?t?f ro?, CaI.b the attention of tne pnbhc to the loHowirg advartacee of b?? i^iP'ored >y?tsm 1. The Teeth of his manufacture willMK oorer oororie cor change ooior by any 11 aoiiik, being three foartt-.a .ighter than any other, t. No teeth or root* need be extracted, a* U? I Arti Aai Ai arm * * *' VHCV vau ut) iOBVllva UTPI S. Tbe icota will be made laoffeoslTt, aa trrn ache. ?. No temporary teeih ?Te needed. a? permanent net oan be made imirediaUuy, thereby preaenriog tbe na rural eipreeaioi. ot tbe faoe. which under the old ay item 1b frequently die&xured. k. Thia work haa ! wn fully tested orer lire yeart by mar.y of the first ^herniate and phTaioiaii* of this eonnt'j. Dr. b. bu alao mvexued a white undeetractiTe metal fiilinc, with w:.ich the rapat t-^Mtire teeth can be filled without pa.in, ant4 *an bnfld up a per feet. aoaad tooth on any aide root*, whioh wnl laat through lifetime. The beat of referenoee uvea?to Dr. V. Mott. Dr. Ooremna, 1'roteaaor of Chenuetry, N. Y.; Hon. Judce Warns. Of th# Pll?r?in#? flonrt nf too, tad thousands of otft'era Calt tad mair.t forycaraelf. not tn GA8 FITTING, Ac. AWM V. C-OVK * GO. RL Kair prepared to eiecite am erdera rb wr.is?i they may bo fkrcred in ta? PfcVMBiNf, ?Ai? OR SttJLM FiTTIH# B IISINE9S, CT" Ctcie ?s Ith Btreel, a fev doer* carta ef Pa aresKe, where it*t w foand e oonrate aeeortraeat f CHANDELIER? ena atkar 9A9, STEAM ai>4 wmn Ft\y?Rt.^ w W?AS FIIVIiES, E Bar* m store, and are dai.y reoetv.nf, 948 tl fT UKES of cut1 re' ? N>w Pattern* endDniim ana .rimit, alienor >d trie to anything heretofore ef er<*i ic thia market. W? irntociuaeca general It to astl ud examine oar Block of Wu and Water Fir* tree, feoiinc oonident Uial we hart tl.a b?ct Miaoted atook ia W&ahinctcn. All Work in tboaboTe uce intimated (onrttri will bo praia jt'.j attended to, MY bits ft MaVfiiN. ?*r?t! 176 I) a: reel FAIRBANK'S STANDARD SCALES. FOR BALE BT - J . P. BARTHOLOW. Sole Agent, Hardware k Agricultural Varth?u?, SiS liTintb Street, Bitwun Ftnn-vir anm mimi and tk$ CmmU, opposite eaat en4 of Centre Market. Ja 14-tf (K?T*BLi8Hit? rs 1939,) Beg leave to inform the pjb'io that the? have ex ten<W tneir Exprees to Washington. and are n?v prepared to Transport Merchandise. Bank Note*, Speoie. Jewelry, Ac ,'o all pa>-ts of the Middit, An* England and ?!#<?? am Cmmada vuhucc'iui wiki in* mv? r.xprtriM throughout the oour.try. w? are enahkad to offer wuqumlUd (ac\l\ti*t to all who m&j 1a*or u? with their pa?r< uaje. Tor terms and frrtner informationapplyto E. S SMITH, Ajent. Ttoird ?t.,tU door M?w Pa. avenue, Ja* Waehini'oe. D C. jjEClDED BARGAINS. Linen Goods, a tail araortment ah kind* of the beet class. Embroideries and Pocket Handkerchiefs, reoent Eupp'iea m all rraies, fine an medium White Flannels, iain Whi'eand PlaidCamorica and Muilics. 1 All of the above at one proverbially low pnoe, market! in p.ain figures, the actual caah standard value. An inspection of stock impUe* no obligation to pnrohase. PERRY A BRO., mh 7 6t Pern, avenue and 9th at. Wall, Stephens fc Co., military and naval MERCHANT TAILORS, Ana Dium in swords, sashes, belts, hpaulets, shoulder straps, gauntlets, gloves,a*. Axd rrery r&rietr of HJ^DTMADE CI.OTHIN9, A? RSA?0!fA.KLI I'lieu. WALL.8TEPHENS A CO., Sdtf recccylTUia &venn?, b?t*Mo 1*11 [Intel. A RgyaL.] ?'h *cd loth ?t?. MILITARY OFTICERtj AND OTHERS. a ATUHKLUK S t*MN OlffM HAIR 2Tt, The Beat ia the World. Tkj Quiy RUimblt *%d Kmrmlut Hm%r Vyt ?mm, BoM by all Pnufista; also, at Uuiifoo'i fal*cl Ueuieiae Storo, ?*. Pateut O?o>. cor. F fc TU, Smi'i Hair Store, Cci Per.n'a av?n?o, vhera LiiliMntn hftv? i f *4 -a_i Faotorr-Sl Baro;a? at ( ale m Broadwa/> N. V. oo ?1T Gold and sw.m 1 kaye fow cn hud alarfe ?tock of all u? mod oelebrated Watches, that 1 am Mlllu at tha very lowest on coa tr.at rood and reliahiatiim* kMMra can be afforded at; and every deeorlptioa of'fine JEWELRY on tabd;all new atylM received aa soon as manu.aoturM, and offered at the loweet rates. ?Uv?r ware manufactured in my own shoo. Alt kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand,saoh as kevoivers, Swords. S&sLes. Belts, Bowie knives. Pocket Compasses, Ac., ?c. Aleo strong Army Trunks and Bed Combined- and many other things uselu: and ornamental at 33s Pennsylvania avonne. H. A. JIOOD. DMfcv, ftflgMKEB.. ?MT*d filALu KuvUliATIriv rlLLB Read the folTowinc unsolicited eaoMni-^KJ nn: V i "I cannot eommend them too highly."* W. r3 MThey are the beet I- e?nnle Pills extant." ' 44i have weed them wrtn oomy.ete snoeees." " Woaid aot be with oat thfim upon any oon si deration." "They ope rat* speedily and effectively." Prioe f l bout Lr mail Sold by 8. C. UPHAM, 405 Cheennt street, Philadelphia, and in Wash lotion dj o. v. ruitu, eeraar lith atroM ud Pv a??8ae. ; in Alexandria, br HENRY COOK * CO.. Driniito. ? V-aol? YJkT . BOYS' CLOTHING. EfJSSlZSF fffif 'SWf'Nlf'C?LOTH^ IMG. embraoinc all styles of low-pri?a4, wrtini, and fine ? &!?? , which we araaaihacat vary low pnoea for eaeh. _ WALL. STEPHENS h CO . 39* Pa. av., mwme gib and lou> sat wa U*?5. A l>*d5?8RBffiA,;:,l.D?15w^L 2?" ch&nreof diet retired. It i* uT i!3 irta^agaasa'^w tii*Uon, It ?o?Uana mo mumrait, rrioe rn, Sold bj 8. C7UPHAM. 4?3 tlMMt Itrtu, HhiUd?lphi?, tod tn WMhmrton br 8. C. POR.D, oornpr nth ?tr<v?t Md Pi ???; in Atamidn*, by WPpRT COOK A CCit, PrmtgWte. mo ly ; tosalsB,1^K?i s^r. srES < duck mi *??cheat* kM HMtf i to^r. ai?. cho,- eaa/r. CMLLi J ?? io <Vmwr leu^H-w* BiJ V^emwFiteItlMf ^swiM 11 TKATKLLEBS' DIKECTOR*. PA68KNQKR TRAIW8 WASHING TO * AND BALTIMORE Will raaaa follow: Su Daily JVmmi ylmti ? mnd D*pmi > Am IfaiAautM Zwm <w?i rU wi<?, U ( ( an For Philadelphia Md New Yotk?L?*? W?rtIntton at no A M, 1100 4 x.aad 6<*' r m. For Haiti :r.o- ?Loft** Wa?aa?iOL at Iff* and ?.4P a a, and 3 <? end 4 ? r u For4fB?poim ?tT?A A aad4 00 rjt. Kor rhiltdt ilut uieii r h. _Far ItmitoiY aid the Nurth and Vte?t, ?#*t? Waahiticton at f?i M,ar.r) 4 o* or sen r M For Fred en ok at 7 4e a a. ad4 aw r TRAINS ACOF/.Vtf NORTH. Mornir t Ei?tom leave W ashing ton a. m. Ar rive at Ita'timor* Tjn a. Piola?ie!?Me ILK) *. n dv vnrk i * v w ->r? ! u > w M or mac Aoooreinodati. u iwt e V\ a* ">rtnr. i 4* A.M. Amveat Baltiwor* .*? w. No eoc??o IMu U Ea'tin_ore. Thia ia the Moraine ooarex.on for Annat*>na? New \ ?>'t Mail Train? eave Waah cater at 11 a. M.: arnrt at Baltimore lt.40 r. M., Philadelphia Mi r. mNew \ ork 10 r H. Phiiaf* phia Train lea ? Waehmrton at tan r .reaebl&c Balumjr* at 4 9< r m. aati I'iuiade.pkia atl* r k. Afts-i oor Aceor-mcxJatioti- leave Washington at4m.arrive at Baltimore at (rx. No oonnexiona at Baltimore. Hreietfae after Boot, ?on necion for Anr.apo.ia tvuifif Ksprt-e*?leav* WaaMr.ftoa i r. ? Amve at l.'alt'irore k.42 r. Pl.i.ace>t.a Mi> ?. New York 4 a Hirrmarf ' a. . (?c Sun<Jaj? .eave Waahiuttoc at 3 ?# and 6 r. oaW. Tne 5 r. M. tram from Weahinatcn connect* though to New Yvrk every day dnnm the week. TKA1XF .Mrf/AB SOVTfi. Leave New York at 7 a. ?.; Pma .MehJa IIT a. ; ka.tiiBvie4 ?o ? . > rrtve at Wa?Vntton M. txave New York at?r i. PtaiiaaeiMue 1*JC t. Bait mere 4J0 a. k. Arrive at WaihiEgtoe l> a.* Leave Nrw Ycr* ai n t. u. PM.ad*.?Ma IX a. Ba2ttmore??SS a.h. if II WaaSiBe'oc UIA.E Looai Aeooir matron Trama i*w Baltimore at t *. M .ftrd ?Si r. m ,f<*t Wu^ii4tM, vt>t* tbrre at U 4. ?. and 6 4S p. M. On Sunday# at <3 and "J-iS a. m. only from L'a'tl mure. No Acnaaolia or Fredeiiok ocniiexiore on Sunday a. Paaeencer Trauta leaT.ni WaaLicrton at r?e a. m. aad 4 00 p. m , and Baltimore at?J* a. and <1 p. m . make ?vor"?et<o"? for Annapolis at tt?e Jvnatiou. The 1V ax, and 3?> p m oucueot at Rotav for Frederick, Hater etowa, A.C., k0.. ei.-eyt Saodaya. fr?ine leave Annapolia for Baltimore and W?a UU.VUH > wv ? K. MIU )?>r W PuHC{([ Trtim leavmi w aeftinrtot. *J. i?"0 4. M? 11 a. a.. and ? ?. m.. and Baltimore at i?' ar> * 7,35 A., a., Wiil *fo?> <mi'v at Annsipcii' /mrriM. War PaaaenfTi must take trie ituwatafiw JVat*? Train* will leave Waafaicctou and Ratimor* hn* e?r<f ttmt, exoeptirg that the CJu 4 M.7S5 a M. and 4 ? t * train* wlil waitw* mmatee if nflcecsary, to eaoere the pa*?e:jf*i? and Mai.? Iron ?be taut. For Siek and Wonaded SoUnere? A arena' oar. with an attendant, with t?da, will 'eave Waehiafton twioo a *?l for Philadelphia direct *t 11 ? mfor tl-e aoooiamolat:on of etrk and ?oan Jed eoldiera. W. P. SMITH. fe ? Maeter of Trmto'ttuon. Ba t iMAtjl Til* i nb Penn?ylT*nia Central Railroad, SKH < with it' eoDBPotioca) 19 A FIRST CLAPS ROl'TE TO ALL THK WESTERN CITIES Sl'I'LD, SAFETY AND COMFORT: STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROil DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! mil Dun iiiim noa PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBTKOH Two of tfcom making CLO'B COX5BCTIOK* A.T IlUIIIIU with t^ina on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, and forming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE noa WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all point* in the WlITi NOKTH-WVT AND boriH WI'T. ICTFor Throagh Tickets, app't at the Office 01 tue Northern Cerr*?! Rati Road Conpnny, Calvert Station, Baltimore. Sj^'^Axd Sft*rnng Cars on all Night Trains Smoting Saloon Cars on mil ^Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. Paatesgerr wi.i tike the6a. m aw' fi p. m. trains, arriving in Baltimore at 7J0 a. m. and 6 46 p. in., where ol?ae oonneouons are ma e with train on the Northern Centra' R R.,ar d arrive in Harr labors at I p. m. and l iS a in , there ?oane<uis with the trams on the Pennsylvania Centra1 Railroad for all parts? fine west. L'P L ie U TU By Una roate, freight* of al deaoript-.ons mi *>e forwarded to and from any point on the Railroads of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wieoocs.c, lo??, or Miseonri. tjr Rnxlroa/i d*rtet ThePennsy vaniaCentral Kailroad a:so annuects at Pittsbnrg with Pteanwn, by winch Goods ?aa be forwarded to any port on the Uh.o, Mutkicgom, Kentucky, Tennessee. Cumb-rai.'l. n inois Mimlrsippi, W isconsin. Mies"uri, Kacsas, A'k&rsas, and Red R i vers; and at Cievxiauc, !*asda -ky and Chicago with atfamer* to all Northwaetero 1 ak?a Merchant* and shippers 'ntnir jn the .ranspor- * tat ion of their Freight to this Conpaoy, oaa reiy with oontflfcc*on its ?pe*-ay t^auS)'. THL FATES OF FKEIGHl to and from any point in the Weet,by the Peunsyivaaia C?ntrai Railroad, mrt at mil imhj as /eoeratl* m* sr< tkmrgid by itktr Rmtlrtmd Comp*n**t. tfrBs parties ar to nark packages " via Fum. c4wt**l it r." MAflKAW ft KOONS, Freight Agents, No. ?0 North street, Ba t more. ENOCH LEW 18, Oen'l Soperint't, Altoona, Pa. ^ L. HOtFT. Gsn'l T.akef At't. P;.r.adet?hia. n. n nuuciuil, WI'I r 'Mfl.l AffOBI. delyhia ja 4 dly j^OKTilLKN CKiNTKik RAILWAY. TVi Sksrust, Qmumu mnd B*tt Re+tt f*om B+i*mori to tk$ WEST, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. WINTMM. SCHEDULECEA.N?b O? TIKI. Onaad tlsr SUNDAY, 34th November, Pum (?r Trm'&s w:'. arnr? acd d apart tvm C air art Static!; aa foDcwa: _ _ T*a?w* Sottf Aug tv* J'trrton Aoeon?m<?dacion at a. w Bftfelo Kxpr*u 8 ? .. m. Pituburx ana Marrie'urg k.xp:*t* S p. e. Mau Ou f. m. The ( a. a. trait from Waebicttoc oofioaoia with the 8 *i a. m. tra r> from Ka un.ore for too Wwt and for Baflaio. Eimir*, k? ?fa??ter, buokirk,Canada*tkaauU Niagara Faiie. luidJor Now York city. TLe II a. hl tta-a from Waalucgtoo occnecta Wltfi Lritf 2 l. in. train frnn Ri'timnrA (a if NortL a '<f fioriliwoal uc Elicira Uufft.ouui RoobMtar. The f p. m. tr*jc from Wuh;n|tM oodomU vita m. train froni Ultimo re tor Puurnrg, anisbari arc lie WMtutfu adireot soLDttEfor LebMon. Eaeton A^ifstovo ud New k vi* Centra. i;& ruw of New Jereey. Trr ronte for New York. IITTh? only train )e?vinc Rt Qmtn on gnndu lajEbe 2 |.a. train, for Htrrukiuc.l'iUibirii CM ?HV Mli IH n m. The or..j traia arriTincac Baltimore on gnud*? U toe ?JB a. m. train. JAS C CLAKKK. -92JUZ fcfrltttxKH T JfOTICK TO TRAVKLK&S. A M Prsnruttf' Seaer&i teTinc ordorod ti* MVMrmi ketlFwe WH'nuu>a,^ ^ Baltimore and Old Foint (FurtrwaJ^^g^aA Munrw) to be reaemac, on and Monday, tiio ?;U inatant, tbe Mar Line of iMum w... 4f??e Da. ti moreJi V ER Y DAY (axc?*t Bun dar) from tW *barT foot of Caim Do?*, at ?X To\ock p. m., *r Immediately afWr tfca arnra. oi the|Waaianf ton Train,vbioh aahinjtoa mi^tf*00 9 M. W- FALL*. rreT ^ vop^Aif* m VH fMSMlWm T* 9 * M 1 "ffig ^ti^^tvxs.TJr^ BH?. ~ *?aasoL. rassrr; piBM' KAlft STOIK, jg^BTtSttS TOUrffiMVK 'WEfflaR [ ? MMoltiii 61*1 ta OhUim. Fmra m* iiitilbti wO>n svn