20 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

20 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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M / . - K'-K. 3 v 55^5555S5!l55SBBBBflBfiSfiH3SH5HSjHHH5HBH55SMHflHSHSflHHfiHiHH SQS^9Q9BBB^P9B^SBS8E9B9^BB^9BSSS5S9SS!5SS5S5SSSSSS5S - i i***? -J 3 - - "' j . I..- <WI?_.. | - -? ? - - : - , Vet. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C . THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 1862. N-. 2,832 ' - L t . _ THE EVENING STAJT IS rUBLHtRBD BVBRY AFTBRNOOJf, <3&NDAY KXCEriKOJ *T TBI. STA.K UUILBlllM, Irwt ?/ MwyiHaM M?W4 mU EUttmtk It IT W. D. WALIjAOH. rmi, ?r V oer.ta p-r month. T? mall sabeorlhea he prloe la f3.se a year, <? 93 for 42 9atba; tl for three montba; ud for Um tku three boi bi at the rate of 13 oenta a week. 81a fie copies, o5i ca*rr; la wrappers, two imhi. Aova jti*?*anT? ahcaid he mtto the See KfMe It o'clock a ; otherwise they nuj aot appear aalii the next day. * THfc IKO?*.CLAD SHIPS OF KN6LAHD >iaK mir m>v irriAKUvi ur tm J ' mix BAM DSri3C>. [From the Lsadon Times, March 1 ] The ship, of 600 horse power (nominal,) 3,668 ton*, an! mounting eighteen gun?, commanded bjCapt. Richnrd A. Powell, C. B., ua?le her official trial of apeed at the measured mile in Stoke* Baj, Portsmiuth, yesterday. The ship was east off from the dockyard at 45 minates past tf a. m., and left the harboT under half steam in charge of Capt. H. Broad he ad, commanding her Majesty's ship Asia and the Steam Keierve at the port; Mr Merdoch. inspector of machinery afloat, and Mr Miller, wfisiaai engineer xo ncr airjesty a dock-j?rd superintending the trial on behalf of the Admiralty; the machinery being in charge of Mr. HallidAJSrepreeofttingtae contractor*, Meseri. Pens 1 &on. A strong breeze, at a f*rce from 5 to C, from Y. N. B.. waa blowing aa the ahip left the harbor at half speed, and a tornwus taken to the eastward of the anchorage to give time for consultation with regard to the weather. The breeze, however, increased rather than lessened in force, and it was determined at all h<utrds to pat the vertel on the trial ground, a.?, should the trial prove unsatisfactory, a*" might naturally be ezpeetcd from the st^io of the weather, it could t>e repented on a nture favorable oo^aaion. The fe?nlt. however w?U show tint tie cp<o;vl ul the ship under sta-m u perfectly satisfactory. At tbe ?nu? time, it muu be remembered that tbe Defense, like tbe \\ arrior, is the pioneer of her class, and, therefore, both ship*, ao far u relates to comparative merits, should be tried under precisely similar circumstances. Tho.-e circumstances are tbat tbe Warrior bad nearly a calm and perfectly smooth water in her trial.- The1 iK-feuev, on the contrary, bad a heavy breeze n from E N. E-. ai d troubled water. Under the?r circumstances the trial Was v >aiiaetMeu an.l concluded. tbe piluUge of the ship heia* ia tbe hands of Mr. .I-mea. the veteran ijucpn's pilot of the port, than whom, it is \ n, wed V-y all. u-.ne looreelii ieiit at b?- duties can be found- The loll?>win? are the six runs I , .. K 1 *k-:_ ??. " * " ij; a ua wicir rr?uii' r Ifl TI|?l?iW6SB |A tni.?. 3 win. 47 ?e<! ; sj-tc-l in kn^U, 12 "Ot i ?..lution?of engine-' : Second run ? .Mean time. 6 mm 15 se<* ; smcJ in knot?, .(. : ?: r-?voiutlofia of e:<?lne*. c."?] Third run?Mean time, 4 into. :i-? fee ; ?peed in knots, 1 :: .1*6, revolutions of engine', 07! F' uflh ia-;?Mv*n time,??tain. 24 #ec.; in knots,9,376; revtlutijn? of engine*. 6S. Fifth run?Mean time, 4 tntn. 25 see.; speed in knots, 13 5*1: rov*luti*ns of engine*, f>7. StTtb run?Mean flu]*, rota. 21 ?ec ; "peed in knots, 9 37.'$; re? iutiw of engine*, <!-< Fir?i means. 11 ?? 1, j )i 3-j?, 11.2&2. 11.4s?. 11 47'.' tjeooml ruems, , 112-2, 11.?i, id^>l, 11.4sU. Xiue wean speed, in knot*. 11 r:07. The ship's outer appearance, in both hull ami rig ia certainly anything but pieaiiag Uj tii? eye, or in accordance with otir previously i _ a -? ?* _/?? - 1 iir.aernrtwxi nouonsoi oeauty or grace in marine ) architecture. Her straight line of bulwark fore and aft. without the 'lighten* spring?in fact, depressing. if any thing, at either end? her queer-looking stem, with her anchors hso^iag u near to it at possible, and her light bowiprit projecting from it almost below the level of her upper deck?all this gives her an uncanny, almost wierd-Iike appearance; but whet to these points is combined the appearance of her rig aloft, her short fore and main t pmasts, (she is bark-rigged,) end long m asthenic with double topsail yards stowed polacrewue, with ao topgallant masts, then the picture is complete, and the oldest seamm who looks upon her c?n but acknowledge tbat, to say the least, he never saw the like before. The eelebratei yacht Alarm, the pride of English yacht-clubs, if <he had her bow and s*eru cfeepped off, and a couple of coal barges' i m j'j stuck up in her in lieu of her own nobie ? *:s, woma not present so wonderful a detain irphoiU as doea the Dafenoe, judging her by cm pa risen wi?h inch frigate* as the Galatea or Ariadne. No amonnt of reasoning can exC3W the want of sheer cr spring ui the fore and after bodies of Teasels like the IXefenoe, carving, aa the* do, an iaanenaa weight along their fine of keelaoa and on their t*p?idee amidships, and neceaaanly requiring a form of hull to assist them is carrying &ach a weight and liiUM with buoy*toy to the motion ef?h? eca. With the rig of the.ship, howerer, argute Jit against mere beauty of appearaxxef., IheDofence's rig wad detuned to be the aim? r ABCiKU : 1 ^ ? | , 4 v - I. |>'/kB4WIV Wit aufci IUVU w V'liC iOlOIIl WI'O a s> quantity of sail power. With tUu view the ahip oarriea nothing above her top> n.asf - the lower inas'heads being very long fr< ui tha tops ta the c%pt, to en;h of the l&tt# being attached a topsail yard aa a fiitore. the -ail clewing up. Above this, working on the t pmaev >' * " Cunningham"' topsail yard, which roll* op to the foot and ha* its clews lashed to the lower topsail yard. Both yards spread large topaaila Sail can thus be sat and taken in with the chain topsail tie, the crew doing the work Itroio the main d?ck io perfect -utietj and provision. A mother important advantage is that from the ?ail being rolled up tightly on the yard and wetted it is inneh less likoljr to be "et-nrt flrrtir nrtion than an ordinary topsail would be. There Ij al*o, of a necej-uy/ a ^reat decrease in the weiglit aloft, aad. whu i- perof greater importance than til the ?th*r p?iutj together, there is iilmo-U a ooin1 !eie absence 01 running gear above the deck, and consequently the danger of fouling the e.-rew In the ev?nt of a spar being carried over the side in action is very greatly de inc A?jmirai*y cave CHMYe well in taking thf* first step tovarils a revision ami I L atteriuon of the arrangements aluft of oar f.-rew *htpe-uf war, aa the great weight they Lave earned aloft. combined with the weight >C their Uulerit and machinery along their Weelfe**, have d<?uhU??e tended greatly to . 4V4tat mea?ine i of motion ap.d ^training ?.f their hults at sea of which ?i here of late heard mi much. Internally tLe hip'? Jeoki are r<*oniy, her righting Jeck being similar in arrangement to .i.eeeoT the ftarr?or<aau Bieek friaee, and mrh errettent qearten for the men at their gun- ler deek ahe >,arrl?i? ten ninety five wt &-p*modert, ani f ur 1<h) j*>under Arts* .! ran at tin kar nt.ui >l<^t Aifcd?. i... ?r i z" 7? ? - *" I vjnder ArtfcUfuDg |?lvet gas forward and mii, au l t?M broadside lorty-fiv* ewt. :;2-paunder?. brtide# tiro light Arni?tr\?agJ and U?at gun*, la oooar^uence. fcwwarer, of her beiki?teak lining up-n irou?she can only give h?r #hm I *e the W%rr^yr sntre 29 degree* of trafclng on her main deck. Her lower tuASbr and bowIVrii are of iron, and a ?mah jib-bo., m. onlj ejrendirrg heyond the latter, gives her a light appearance forward, and tbe ?nat?geuieat if. < ; !> that it moil lend to gretfly assist the ?hip ia ruing u a ma il?r alopiug U>w, h?v\ ever, il open to Mfious objections AU our r *:e!iiu?uiw raise a large wave under their Ww< when at full iteaio, and in the ea#e of the L>efeuce the natar&l result of this Is that the wave ' of, aay aouie sixty too* h*s aa inclination to run up the slope. . - " > i ai bB av^nvmuriv1 mM&i- uv.t or t*m\i' LAUD. 1 i From the l.oiulon Foil, Fab. Ste ) A f.r?liaftiMry trial *f the immense *mT*?r:<Ur rub, nranuf altered ?t the w$A? of *if W. Armitrong, EUwick, took *U<J* thb *i?J at Shoeburyaeea, in the uim?m ef the membeftaf the Ordnance Seleft Committed, ^ir W. Armstrong, and a number of aoientifie j gca:lem#n. The tremendous weapon *u worked with the utmost ewe and {acuity by * rM?ll ? 1"u?? of gennere, and the experiment ''ere c jd". i?red in every respect rocceetfjil.. fan not he*Bj ret rifled, fu of ?odm I ** a anooth (ere. and wee rssMUdlv ?r?d with aeolld apherieal abot waljKng140 i-ound'. and a charge of 40 poutdi of powder. ,M* *P*nna#Bta are preliminary to a trial of "? power of tie weapon when directed wain** ram plate*, and af& wilV he r,Muae4 to the Koyai Amaal, afi] rifled, o as to become adapted for prcjectite shot of 300 pounds sod upwards. ??? SOUTHER* AFFAIRS. The Confederate Congress at Richmond was last week discussing a resolution instructing the military authorities to inquire into the expedieftoy of constructing fortifications immediately near Memphis. Helena. Natchez, Napoleon, mouth of Red River, and other places. The Richmond Examiner severely criticises General Pillow's report of the surrender of T)nnalei\n Tf j4 aoi / *? m a? Vi i rArv.wf o a m. * A/vUVICUU. iii uooi^uaico luio ivpuib ao beine " replete with that egotism and vanity whicn is inseparable from everything that emanates trom the same source," ana says that " there characteristics are so manifested upon the faee of the document as to destroy much of the confidence with which the r?ader is di*po?ed to give its narrative." Iu view of the statements of General Pillow the Examiner says: 44 Why Gen. Johnston, instead of lying idle at the Bowling Green, did not reinforce the fort with part of his tr-ops, or eome to it with u:w JL.1. __ - v -t L . 3 _i_ i uiB wBUH aruiy, wnicn ne migsi uave none as well as go to Nashville, remains the great mynery of the day." The Richmond Dispatch publisher a paragraph recommending the obstruction of James river by sinking stone-laden vessels. Should not the attention of Karl Ku*sell be drawn at y)i.ce lt> 11. * barbarity The Leesburv (Vh ) Washingtnnian of the 7th instant give? notice of a Virginia election, by which it i< hoped to put an end to universal suffrage " *>n That?Jay next the people will becalle.l upon to vote for the adoption or rejection ??f the new constitution, and also to decide it 1 . t? tf > ill wunuer uie rtgui ?>| yunrage snail be universal, op whether It #hall bo exercised by tho--e only who pay their taje*. Tho polls will retnaiu ?pen tor three dwy?.7' Tlie correspondent of tho Memphfc Appeal, writing tr<>iu I'ichiuorid en the 27(h ultimo, does n<>t he'itote to hupeacb the loyalty to tbe Confederacy of a uutuber of the inhabitant* of Rurhni'>Ti4 lie m?s: " You recollect * h<?w the Paria Monitenr *pek? of the landing of N'aj>ule<.>o on Ln return from EU.a, Bml how it greeted hi* arrival in t'iC ? TliA fr.Anutoi* Kaa i v~... vr. s . ? mv wva wit ui ?nn ivi 11 ' * 1 rfipul " ?T!i? ?-urp?r ha? Un.u.i in Krao^e' ?lt?n is at Orenoble '" -Nanoleon ! Jit Lyons.''. 'The Emperor is at t'ari:!, V>r* /'Jivtprre r !' Such would be tba tone, 1 fear, of too many o[ lite inhabitants of Ki^h inoud townr.1 McClellan.'' I'rentlcrana The Memphis App?*sl dontt't bel!fV<? t!.*? r*p<>f tl* at tli?* I'n'.on fe^-liny f xblbltfd :it l'ii.reure. Ala , oa tli?* arrival of the nuiiboat*. and tbe reaaon for di??v?li-f K that "we would, f r?* thl?, iavf heard of a f-w ra-?s of hanging In North p" vv bat a commentary upon the boa*t1 ni If Davit Bitcncif, ttaat, In tbe">outh?rn I Confederacy,"the f-eedowi of thought, of upee^b, and ofthepeta* Is inviolate Thf Memphis Appeal* predl^ta that the rebe' army in Trnw*. after retrrntii-e to a rerta'n point, will tnrn upon otir fene? and wbip them. ^Ve don't belive tbat It wid ever rearli tnc turning point. The toutbern edltnra re-omm^nd that the cotton and tobacco eropa be burned lest they fall int<? onr hand* For the tame reason the rebel arm e? ought aa well bj burned with the cotton and tobacco. Some animals won't flghtt 11 thev are driven to biy. W* gue?i the reb?i? won't light much Uli they are driven to the gulf. TUr e's no u?e In trying to ?t >p the Confede- I rate ?vacaation? They have evidently become chronic. We have no donbt that nature g*ve Humphrey Marshall to broad a fat to Indicate unmistakably that all m nktnd might kick It. . I be Confederates, ?hen they evacvatfd Columbus, went la transport* to Island No. 10, but they didn't feel much transported. Tb? Cleveland Herald iays that It la very b?rd to ?alt us upr>n toe slavery qnestlon Not harder in our opinion than it Is to be right and do right, but tnat's very hard to some folts. VftTIPf ? GOSLING RESTAUR4!V r, 247 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, South SIDB, (Fcm^rlr of New York,) H*? the came and fiuue of beioc One of the Best Restaurants in Town ! H7*Sive ui & trial, and judje for you lelf-TTl ?V Every tKisg in the house li m PEST THK MARKET Am2BmL affords. ^TI O f'T* Don't the nrmber? 3*47 fc n;;sy!vanis, avenue, betwaea IJUi'aai lSiii etre???, mti 11-1 m aouth tide. jffii HOOTS-SUOES ! ||| f B3 Corses TSKTH ?T. AND Pa. Av.fV Washington city ai?t? f.astf.hn made Ltuin* Tipped Haiiaor?ia 91 25 to 93.25 tints' Ha: in >f?k? ? &> to ?3<? Genta' Fino ??aff Hoots #1 onto $6 M All kiodaol HOOT;) an I isaUlit* very oiieaj. \ZT" Boote made to wnler in the !**at wannc, by n.U II lm* ? H. MOKSK. rl'UK MERCHANT^ KJCPRKS8 COMPANY I. BRTWfc*I? IS At. TIMOH F WASHI S(i TON. Are uaiif forwardinc (witti ditpatoU) by the WastiiuKtoB Kaitroail. Merchati> f every deeonption, to aiiTF . amount ah'pperamar reauire, at the luw?at rate'. Agent l->r Baltimore, JUliN K. 1V1USON, tXboe, N. W. corner llowarn at>d Camden ata , aeany uppoeito Caindea btation 1? Jt OKU Oiftoe ai.,1 ftl i Hiiti'h ????* opposite Center Meufcot, VVailuut t<.u, I>. C. Bill 5 In.* h . P- Fll'fH- Agent. NOTICE. JflPRKSS COMPANY." Tll< OwtiMtf ?ilers to tho pabtio" Uno^asllM A^vavUfso** for t;m S*lo*r.a Quick lHepatoJt of Hegtry Pmiuw, Vo:?at?!a?. VIouur, *?. 4e? Co *1. ?*rU of tkft UnitM HUtM. KmwMi to fro is tins N^ith and WMtOo|*ft frofcj fcBsl ktliie Ic VVMl'li floi. t VIO0 'Ml' J, Ail Kffrwao??ro iB ,.u?<te of m4 fiJiMi/i yi.'s. f ?o * Ail i'SetogW^Cr Tti* rt*.ui4f? eirriM at "onj IaI m uflr rsUi. A.U Im iho bo o&ltad "Coufouermu Ht?Ut" ftuJ ftli ArUv ?# '* Cvi.U*L4fcU of Wn" #til U* limn. Oar KjptmOM I?t? Nov Vork fcl I, ?, U<1 I K, jr. immg I* WwUiubn At I A. M. *a.' tit S3 UfroiH imto Haiti more at 4J0 A. M. m<1 > P. M., ornriac 10 WtaLniftOB it I i.M uJ kM) "|8?rw??? (or All join a North tad West loavo WaIt'u*U>o*ilJf'ATM I SmomI Cooumu fur iuyo iMotitiM of rrrtght MA tie aUMlotni ?ff.i04t:v>a to UwOiXoe. ncrWo ooiia $MJL."?64. . -K? W? rAK^OW%j i> | AUIE8' KUHUKK HOOT* . AND 8HOKB, * V AU?Um, fct #a, J> B. PUDNEV8* \ 384 Penn Mwua.bMit of (-txrrtt'a Pry Gooda Store, MEW* AUftBEJL DOOX8 LiuKPfcP to* ati4fc , *.* pi wrfT dMonpcofl. jrv _ CoMOkatlr ee t*ie?Leetsfsiia lag 35 ?#r MatMiov t&Hr Irit oo?t. ?t No. 460 Tth itrMI f? l?-lm 4UB"?BtlSK,i mil l-4m 139 7U rtmt. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Tt:e ^ew? Frem Enrape Portland, March IB?The following additional news baa been received by tbe Anglo 9exno : The Emperor Napoleon hae withdrawn h!? pension btll In fivor of Sen. Montauban. Insurance rate* on the steamer City of Baltimore bad advanced to eight guineas, the having been out twenty-two days. The London Time*, en noticing the recent Federal victories, expresses (he opinion that theae victories brine the government no nearer than be fa re to the reconstruction of the Union. The London Post now adw?tes a compromise between the North and the South. Satisfactory and encoarrglng interviews are being held with Earl Ruaaell by Cyrus W. Field on the subject of the Atlantic cable. Henry and Edward Muergerldee, corn dealers, LoMon. have failed, with llabUitlea amounting to ?9OO,UU0 It la stated that the chiefs of the barricades In tfce former revolution h**? nil hwn In Paris, and an hdm?v f<?ellng prevailed. The Empe rcr bad donated a quarter of a million of f.'tnca to tbe Buttering workmen Ratazzl baa been made Foreign Minister of Italy. - a Vu^tor Emmanuel wasentbiitlaatloally received ?t Milan. An engTi^mrnt between tbe lnsurrec imim ana tue royal troops at Nanphalia bad tat^ii place. f, Myers and Thompson. of tbe Sumter, w'uo were arrestfd at Cad'*, have been relea*-d It is rp|K?ri?*d that SmithO'lirleu baa challenged Sit Kob?*rt Peel, The treaty befween Turkey and the 1'ulteJ States lias been slj?ned rOMMBBCfAln I.TVKRPiot, March tf?Sale* of cotton for the wf>k HI ?(K) bn!es, the ravkit rlcslnu dull and Irregular at i decline, Ureadslofl's rloatd eauler. Duv..l.l .... J -1 i ii'viiiiMia t??ix Coi ?4itK closed *t 03^ for money. American **ruHtle? buoyant. I' S. "?> Illinois Central nllrcrul Krle railroad ' -ft* H*.'*,, .New VorltAntral 71. Fr?m the 1>nne??ee Kiver. Chita..n. MsreU 10.?A special dWpfttcli to the Cfcii nj;o Tribune, d.t>-,l Cairo, loth, say* The r ( > itl ilor, rroii) I'adtu ah, brings a larpe quantity of t<rdnafn ? stAffs ra|>turrd at I'ort J?oiiH*<>u, <onsi?llny in | ait of ii- pines of artillery au.l a lar^e quantity ci aiiimtinitW-ii. Tl.e steamer M. ijtll hn^ >iUi> arrived from PN'.sl, >r> r.|| th~ TMMi^-uee t?Vel Sin irlt I ht'tl* nl.iy mternoon, l>nl report* uo movements of importance ^kirtiiUlie^ L-td occurred li.-Kveen pickets, ami two or ! ,,-e h?dljeen killed on each side tour rebel* wre taken pr'aoner*. The r.-L- !? Were concentritt ntr at I'nrtnth Mlaa nn.l l)fr-it".r, Alaltama?at the latter pla. e in lar^e numb^ra I'he otfl>-.( the report that not n paitli '.e of I itionlsm wsa manifested thereabonfct. A i;?-ntieuiai) j iivt nri i veil fr? in Flttal>urp landtr?tr nay* thai on I'rid-tv laat tb#>.fet;e!? burned the Lrul^et and df-tri.y. j ruetrm lr of the Charleston end Memphis r-iMruid Ur'we?u Florence end Etrtport. The cnuatrv in tVif ?WnliB u rnv?r.>?i wlth'waW, the Tcnntaaee fiawlnp overflowed iU bank* Military operation* there were roatequ?<iUv nece??ar!ly restricted. TL* rebel* evidently avo'd the river, keepiug out df the ras ije of our ^nnboat* The rebel force at Decatur and Corinth are eat'n.ated to nuinb?T 4o,ooO None of otir gun-oata have ascended higher than Sav.innah since the engagement of the gunboat Lexington with the rebel batteries at Pittsburg The collection of eighty transport* al Savannah, In connexion with c.rcunistances known here n"t considered proper for publication, indicate? tLat the country about the Tennessee river at the Alabama line will be the theatre of extensive military operation*. I>Ain W'i Wixchister, March 10 ? A rnes?enger from Strasbur^ reports that the rear gourd of jackson's rebel army disputed Gen. Shield*' approach to that place foot bv fcot with his infantry and artillery. It Is reported that our cava)ry occupied the town alter the moon rose last night One of our soldiers was a?v"rely wounded. The official report wvs 'hat Gen Shields encountered the rear guard of 'ackson just beyond Middletown. with four field pieces and small bodies ef Infantry a_d cavalry They disputed Shields' progress, stopping at all the s'rongest prints and then re'lring. They crossed Cedar creek and destroyed the brid*<*. Gen. Shields this morning buiii a temporary bridge, and, after a skirmish, entered the town, and threw out bis Sckets two miles beyond the town. The loss of ( ;e enemy is not stated. The cavalryman wounded yesterday in the skirmish suffered the amputation cf bis le? tc-day. Heavy firing has been tea.-d in tbe direction of Strasburg since the above information was received. The railroad bridge at Harper's Ferry was corapid* il last night. The railroad Is also completed ? ' . V -1 _ - J ? ?' ? - ii<iiu v. muuritana m iii*rnn?nnr;' nut U Will take several day* to tinltb tfce Msrtinsburg bridge. An agent of Ad.tms' Company Is now here, to re-establish tL? lr cfll.es. The War ?n the Mississippi. Chicaoo, March IS ?The Time*' apecial dispatch from Cairo to day says: In tbe engagement veiterday the gunboat Cincinnati received a shot which la said to have damaged her machinery. Tbe bursting of the gun on tbe St. Louis killed two, mortally wounded two, and severely wounded ten persona Nobody was hurt on tbe tlag-blp, and iid damage was done to any of the other vessels of the fleet. Nothing h*s vet been heard ol tbe land force* at New Madrid - Caiuo, March 1U,p!m?'Tbe latest intelligence4. receiv<?d from below la contained in a dlsp .tch from Gen. Pope, dated 7 a m this morning, and stating that up to a little before tbat time the tiring had been L?-ard heavy and continuous. At 7 It I I II- 1 J u Ik uuu uiaKiiaiif taCKCIim. The lateat accounts from Columbus are to 11 o'clock yesterday morning, at vtblch tl-ne heavy cannonading waa distinctly heard in the direction of Wland No. 1U. Information fr-m Columbus, received laat evening, states that a small body of rebeli had reappeared on the batik< of the river, six mile* below Columbus. No trouble waa anticipated from thein. Tlie I.ntest from ttea. turtle?Tbe Rebels Mill Retreatfng. 8*. Louis, March 1? ?Tel?f rams from Gen. I Curtis state* that Lis toes In killed end wounded In the battle of Pee Rl Isre Is abott' l,4U> Tbe enemy have repeated entirely south of tbe IJoatbn MounUlua. No rebel troeps ar?* now In Northern Aikanui et>-epl marauder'* and Pike's i M win. wtu j.iuuurr irirnas Blia Iocs in- I discriminate?. SCUKNCKS MANORAKK PILLH.?This ia ' on? ut tbe iHKKl: SRUAT RKMKDIK9 vhio'i Lava made Lift MCHKNCH more ??icoaalol i lu the tieatmen-of several vary dangerou* and fatal i:>at any other rr.ediosl praotmoncr "ff'ed LlnUoJ mates- 1 Ua Maadrake Pit U are ? a"UB8T1TIJTK FOR calomkl. OK. SClttM?OK ilvara that Uu Man.trste PiUa will t fleet ev?ry object for whtoii the preparations of mercury oan pnMibiy baasefol;and be (Claras moat solemn!* atd eoneoientioualy that thaw Piliamay be aaed with perfect safety id all oaaas

where alteratives or purgatives are required.. R is not irmnh wnn/for whan hrerii uieiaueetortanin the human organisation, that it l>eoomei ?o Ire^ueiitly chaea?ed. The >*Uov and uiiow skin, the ooaW tongue thadull pain in th?iintlfcUU itoncethatthi? great a epu ratine ort&n lgdoine Ft* work f.y fci voji ?aly. Any person who wi* lake one at theae fill/. at night will not only t>? relieved of in MM?, hat likawfie iU d-*&ireeat>,e at o?aa, and render tae Mtiect wholly unfit far en-1 ivnnNHivr uaataoff oiut una. DR. J. U.r.CHKNCK will be ?t hte?centa (B B. WiTte'a), ooraer Louisiana arenu* ana 7th street, ob W?dnae4ay, February S&th.aad Marc* 36th, to see p*tienta oomplaining with Cengha, CoWs, Laeer complaint, Dgspepsia, or any diaeaae leading to CoDMiBiettoa. He firee advise withomt ebwce, (ten they wantatnoroagh examination with Els RMelrometer. then hia fee ia three dollar* Price of Palmaaio Byrap #1 pet bottle or f*per Price o 3 Seaweed Tonio 91 per bottle or 93 per COAL OIL^M CTI^EJ^iNB OIL ? Also, Burnarafor Coal whieii re*uiro bo ehimn?y?. Also, lane variaty of Ltan, Ao., at TOTT low jrtot* ftt i 7 ? MOOXE'3, Waat Bnd Drug Btoro, _ . , . / . Ul f?I, tNtl*. -IITA l*r*aaod i*n?ral?te?k l>ri5^e<i:ome?, Ito.. alw*r?TrMl? and pmro at abora ?la;o. ma 14Iw ift ^ ILae OFFICIAL. rytKEASURY DEPARTMENT, X F*B*UA*T 4, \<m Norw* ? HiHtir of tbe i*?d!ne?i of 4LI. I ?A A- * - **? m- ?? ? mu uncm *u rruccau mr imsavy noio payable In one year from date, authorized bv tbr act of Congresi approved December 23d, 1857, and the Trrarnry note* payable In alxty d*ya from date, anthortied by the act of Congress approved 2d March, 1851. Interest on Treasury notes of the above Issue# will ceaae on tbe 7th day of April next by term* of ftose acta respectively fe 5-tap7 Department of state, Wash:h6toh, January 25,1??8 The Secretary of State will hereafter reretve Mepnbera of Con^reas on business on Saturday*, oammenclng with Saturday, the flrat of next month. Jan S7-tf WIIjLI AM H SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, J&MV4BY 31, 1-^1. Oitnti, That the War Department will be elnod Tuesdays Wedneaday*, Thursday* and Frldayi against all other business bnt that which relfttea to nctlYe military operation* In tb? flald. 8 itnrd ty* will b?? devotM to the butlneaa of 8*n?tor? ?nd Representative*. Monday* to the business of the Pnblta. LOW1N M. KTANTON, Ja 22-tf Secretary of War. AMERICAN \V A TCIIE S FOft AMh'K l(*A NS ! * 4 i More KnglUh er French Rnl>l>l*h, mad* U tell, but not to ket-p time. Why ?hou tl an American bay a foreign Watch, wbfii tie can get a betler ami cheaper era at home' YVUy fiUoulU an American needleniy enricti foreign W&tok niaiiufeotdru at the expm.ae ol cur o*r?> artt*an? ? * V. Ii> *;wu: 1 at< American seuu go'J to Kn? '*.l? and France,cur covert t>ut latter eaeuiiea, -whan gulj u t j inocSt nadkidu at Iioihs Wlii ti'n.ui.1 an Aiuoiloan tuy an tmportad W&tch, whicii, in & !>? oA?e< out of t*n, mil oost n?<frf? to Iteop tn <>rddi far one ?e&r, than lUonjina4 prioa.anJ which ?-a* never iut3H>1a<l to kx-ep tine under ar.jr cit>mneta toes ' Why thonli Americana not pa'ronite more generally Ain<'ricau .i.&.iulactufca,aiiii thu* on & Oif&M themseives from ti.? thraldom of bnflieb capita!, French fashion?, ard Contmedal gevr K&wr ? The Arrerioan Watch Company's Watches are particularly adapted for soldiers' use, horn? ?nost substantially made, and cot liable to getontof order, ei'her in matching, riding, or fightin?. SoW by M W. GALT A liRO., 364 Pennsylvania avenae, Washington. Wholesale orders should be addressed to ROBBINS A Al'PLETON, Agents of the American Watch Company, fe 28-im IS* Broadway. N. Y. PROPOSALS FOR WOOD. DEPOT QtriHTyRMASTKE's J Uorw rf >8 k irut 0 arrets, } Washi Ktot, March 1?. 1' 62.\ Pxilmi PnnpntALbw: i b* received at this ofi^e aotil MONDAY, the Slit day oi March, at 1 o'clock M, to furnish tho t-oops in this C'tv and ittTioinity, ncth '(t i ? r i'om^o rirer. ?r?ti!in;5; five mu?s o; th" city of Wash nttor.. with Wood tor(tf)?i* months.ecmrnerci r on t:;* 1st <J?t of April, 1??, and fndu.g tfce ? ? dayofSeft ui .er, 1*2 l he Wood to b* of the beonuattty of oak or hickory, and to be de irered at th < campi or quarters troop*, in meh quant.tie* \ ' it saoh tkn*? m :?e fVpot Qnart-vmtetw re** '<irrct. Paj?ii*ut? be m?ci4? at It e end oj f.r.n mirth, upon the return 1 thr? ooi.t.actrr f in? < fhm t;p. a i.im. i'M doiiveiy tl i;,i vvo?'i >r frred must tx? s? olra or t:;e rear >p; 11 tns otfoer recemne itfsp-oifyiaic the am->ur.t delivered) e^d?rse~ upon the order*. Wood ord'red for regiments, brigades, or divisions must be receiot-.'d for l>? t.i? qa<\> Jer <.asU r?. The pr pocals must fpeo fy the j>r;c? per cord ofnjM>ono hundred and twenty eght oanic lo< t, and mast be p.ainly marked Proposals jor Wood." The ability ef tlte bidder to fill the ooutraot. shoal 1 it be awarded to him.inust be maranticby two responsible pors^na, whose signature* must be appended to the guaran'ee The regpcnsihiutv of the guarantors must he shown by the u&oial certificate oS the o.ark of the nearest distnotoourt or of the Uuit.-d States district attorney. bidders muat be preeect iu person wuen the bids are opened or their proposal* will i ot be oo nailer *d. Bonds, in the sumol ten tiivusandMo!!ars, signed by the oottractor aud both of bis guarantor-. will be required of the enoueuful b doer upon signing ^Ka 4 Niu - unuogi 'Xherirht to rrjeoc afcy ?rail bide That may bs deemed too high ia reatfrved by the D'pot Quartermaster Informal propoaala will t* rej%otcd, Form of Guarantee. We . of tha county of , and State of, .and . of tie county ol , and State or ,do hereby guaranty that ia aMetofolfil a contract in a"oo danoa w th the terms of fan propi>?.iUua.aui that, ahould hi* pro position be aooeptel, he will at onoe enter into a oontraot in accordance therewith. Should the contract be awarded him we are ?r? pared to become hia eecuritie*. (To thia guarantee muat be appended th* oertifioate above mentioned ) D H. KUCKKK. "ii la dtd Colonel and Qnartoriu* ter. g WORDS FOR PItb'BKN T ATIOM TIFFANY fc CO., Nob. 890 and 662 Broadway, New York. An,I No. T9 Rub Richelieu, Paris, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KIND1* OF MILITARY WARK9 Solicit Ui?attention of Givio and Military A'sooiatiDua, Commands on Natrona* or SUU lervua, Patriot s Ciuta and incividuala .o tutir iari* took of D ||1U ft r?*? a mr w mm a ? ?? -? - ? " nivu oiAl I AHU VKt<B0 IBMY Ai\U NAVY SWOKDS. Thair a*aortment moludaa tha oholoeet BLADES OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE. Klentica' with those made for \Y 1 km?i>a. of London, worn by rtieoileer* of the fintuh Am>*? ami moit a>provad \>j ?xp?rienoet< European anthoritiaa tlio el?tantly wrought BLADES OF SOLJNtf KN ON fflB RHINE. In &hr*au4 finiah tha r?Oo*aii#d modern t>p?? of the castrated Damascus Stttl, the fic6llciii anil >ei ?>??bl? UUXVt-* Op COLLINS,OF HARTFORD, U**f J^a ttio.e of other domeatia fabrloaata. The mounting* ci' the bladee.ln ail caiaa axe euied witLin the attaUiaha>ant. witr f a found to ail fa^nyute strlss of <Ortifttnentatum. the ? ( OlSlLVKX.&il.V** Ulfcr. URt.NZS, Plais or riiatiiLT.^iursft Plated BuKNi*Ht? 8T?K2*?C,l l-tATBW.IiW) ,wtth Uxudt Of ftAl* chatm. ?r hmbwtiskb su.t. or 8out> silvbb; the ?RJrJLaQi* Uewwn* variety of msterial aM fia sb, and of ?Rher regulation pattern or orfflna! aeglgn. Should au artioia of KXTKAOKDmAKT Klssano*. f a riohcea* aad oactliaess not represent*.! ia ftook. t?? rejuir#d for presentation, u>? aapaoiliuaaofthe e?tabhshnient for the manufMittre of the choicest works in gold and silver, and its general artmtio resonroes are uuosaal guarantees of Its satisfactory and speed) proUttotioa.ii) answer to orderg, ucgijrg *nj esliinaiaa will h?u.?n>tit fonrarded. - r"' Iadmduala purohaaing Swoida of Tifa&y * Co are informed that tv?j blade la aubjectea to test* even more eevere than thoae enjoined by Government, beiore u la plaoed on aa!e?the teauuf blook la ia the eaiabuahment. and at tke oommand of all 3f f~e - ^"nediata proof of the ezoallenoe of tb ireworua. feaa-tm oysters I *fl L OVKRLAND OYOTBR EXPEE88 wo old do wen to oal! ud try tEus. _ ThoMojttsrafcroftold )6 hours after g>~. wT?. tnnrt Home. la ?-?n 001N WANTED! The Hifbect Prie* ycid for GOLD AND SILVER ! Bracts Fob Buiii 8m to 8*it. LKWie uiuauta *- m 1 BANKERS, runMTLTmu Aram, J? a-tl Conwr TcsUi o ' " SSO PENNSYLVANIA ATESUE. m E71ILF PTPRG. Joat Rcerlvrd uid Opened. A lare* and #rit-<Ma-a ?tock of cbrlct FAMILY GROCERIES, i , " - *>? consisting of: SUGARS, of all eradf*, TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, ? KAAil) - - FLOUR, .MAILLARD'S CffOOOLATB, a &C | All of whlcb be offers st lown: ca?h price*. PIKE"* CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 500 barrela Magnolia, 500 barrel* XXX, fc?> barYtla Miller^. >'e Monf ngahe!*, <U? barrels fine OKI Rye, StA) barren Sac Oid bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PHICES. All the favorite brand* of CHAMPAGNE, Muinra VtrzcAy, Gr.vo Seal, lltldaick, wrtilcb, helng bon^bt lew, we at unnauilly 16W IIM, A1 to, :V>k- A^i'iil tor PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. frb 11 U plIE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH COM1 f'.NV. liir ng r* opened atj re fitted ft K R A !N C II OFFICE In WiLT.ABbs1 h"TBl< thia c< nt??n? m prepared to neoui'.mo &ia die tuesu ol t -.at h ar.d the ful 'io, with ev >rr i'elegrtpnw lacuitj. Con.:; lnicAti n Jireo: w.Ui tlALllMORE. 1'tilL ADELPHl A. .NEW YORK, antl a" T?!egrftpl>io ^tafinn* in t'>? U.yal Ct?tM. GE.MKhAu OFFK-li, 43v f t\ u. Av.- t j ?T . I". >? l.' 1 nit t Mj I , trih 8 lin i'pp^fiiitTi^ent. TM1E FINEST ANO HF8T STOCK OF 1 RP A DY-MA DK CLO'I H?N6 in Washiujtor o&n i?? fiiui.d at B\R ft BRO.'S LKtabhrht;.outcomer c < 1 and 7th ?Uk A LL Sli'K BOYS, from the ar* of 4 yeaia dp. i\ can oe fitted out a: BAK A BKo 'd.ou. uer E *n--l 7th strests. at much len thin usual prices. CITI7KNS A NO S TP ANfiKRs, to your interest! i oo't f.?r the rorcer of K ac<I 7th streets?it i? t e p.n^eto buy fine CLOTHING far but iiltls mosey. JTOP W H K\ YOU COME TO TBE COP ^ ner of K and 7th stree'n. and bur a suit of ?ae CLOTHING at 9<0. 51.'. #15, or *18 At HAH ft BRO.'S ffd?-lm' FaahiouM>:9 Clotrtinc Fatah,iaii??nt. Smith & Jlrother'g PPPPP AA LL EEEWRRK PP rpp AAA L!i F?LEEKE PP PPP A A \ A LL EE PP PPP A A A A I. L EE P^ PPP A A A A LL E EE PPPPP AK AA LL PEEK PP A AAAAAA LL EE PP AA AA LL KE PP AA AA LLLLLL FEF.EEEE FP AA A1 LLI.I.I.I. EKKKKKE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X\X XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XX X X X X X X X X XX xxn , xxxx xxxx X X XXX XXX x X xxxxx xxxxtfx XXXXVX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X\X X\X XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX AA I L EEEKEEE AAA l.L EKEEEEE A A A A T.L V.K A AAA A LC EK AA AA LC EEEE AA AA LL KKEE AAAAAAAA LL i t * l t '**4 Aii liLi r.c< AA AA LLLLLLL F.EEEKKE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE ?c rniui AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND NEW YORK BROWN STOLT, In Wkolf, Half, and Quart$r Carkt, BKBWED FROM TUE CHOICEST BAKLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY, 19th Street, between 7th and 9th Atibih, NEW YORK. fe?7-dtie9 EVERY PERSON'S INTER EST-That fine ato?k of ClnthinK for rale ovar Galta' Jeweiry Store is now otfcred at lets thai. whoie?a.* pric ?, at liMiTU'd. No. <60 Seventh alr<?et, cppoaite Pdlt <)io? ffl ?7 ? THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No. 4 60 r-pventn ai. AI wart a'iflad ! N-w arrival ??pnn? Goods,all the latest sttlea of Clothing, at No. 4b0 Seventh ttraet. near F. fo 27 din hj^OR *ALb??A fim *tock >f Clothing, Famish irk Goud*, Tracks. Hats and Caps, at whole aale pnoea, at _\o 460 c>eveutU taeet. oppos'tr Foat Olfioo. fe 27 3m (KENT'S Formatting Goods. Trunks, Clothing, i Trunks. Hats and Capa, a:lat Nnrtbe-n piros. at me t'eop<*'? CioMmt MM, \o 4 60 7th etre t ^HIRTS. SUtKlS. reoeived C? i o rios'ii rts. whioh we offer old prioee. ?t 9MITW Kn. 4RA it -f? Yt-lt* ?UT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUTI CUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUV! AND BRING 7T WITH YOU! Tho subscriber will ?<1v?noe, in the wij c? pgr hftee or loftn, ?mill earns fur short periods, M DIAMOND*. WATCBKB. VALUABLE JEWELRY, or m; deeanption of ?t'?f*ct<>r y iwuriiiA* Asp fckdr or gentleman who Wuu.<l like U> obuun ft tew 4oiitr? temporarily, la a quiet m&nner, m?; do ko It app'jta * ? 4itt liih street, between B *cd H, from It to U o'oiook. fe 27-lm IJOOTS AND fHOKS TO SUIT THE O TIMES. We are now mannf&cturinK all kind* of BOOT!! and SHOES, and oonatanry reovivine a?tti tupplf of eastern wivte work o< ever? de-BHa crift ion, maiJe expreesly to order, and wtiir ] be told at a oidou lower price thuhu been" heretofore charged in Uu* oitj for isueU inferior articles. Pereone ta want of BooU and Shoe* of eaatera or city rMule work, will aiweyt fend a good aeeort rnent in etureind at tfce loweet erioes. 6ive a* a oaii. GRIFFIN tt bRO.. *? &-r 314 PfBMTlmm avaaae. Z FURNITURE! f7\ FURNITURE! FURNITURE! fof the firm * Pefk&IL'Philarf'a.) Stacnfaoturer ud wholesale ana Retail Dealer in Cw iwt Caajri, Corage. Parlor aa?i Bialn* f.'inn ^urnitsr^-ThArR'i HniMin#. 4A? ef UPHOLSTERING promptly * 9tonToKm^?y SSi rrwiit* for th#MooauMd*^Pnrohi?er? wlii study tboir to?*!1 bofor* lookini eUowhora. JttHa* C URE?CORNS?B UNIONS. I\1 R. PKMDklAT. ChiroxirfMt. f?? I ^SBsSBxfSS^cg-1, V UflM, waakLY STAR. n ; tvfL*** rtauiy u4 Hrwi fan*: _ _ _ . w grmfim M u*a??at mi 114 ua m be Uu4 la uj ? ??n yi>i?rtM ? f r!4Uf iunll|. Tsisi?f*A, < Kimii Si*#i? M?T. ??f Twe>tf-|v? .MM J? lmil.1.1. ? ? -- - - u u( ' n m*i t*?i kM tai>d; n? . .... . ??iw*iitc N grarnllf ttrenf bout t_e ?*w. j E7*Single ooplM (la vamppMD ?u M pr*. rarrd st tt* couatcr, Uuuedl Vijr ailet Ux cf tte ptfxa l ilcc-~li'>H.LL CiuS T3 lir.IjllBOLD'3 # GENUINE PttEFAKiTJ'iN. ? # * ? amHLJ CO*CE*TMAI*M? Compound Fluid Extract Bichi, A rintwi mmd Sftri% F?r DiaeMet ol ti t 8LA1>DB*,IIUNKV? ?RAVKL.tM l>*or. SIOAL f?WELLI\?!?. **** This MfcfilOUiS rs- -ow?r fcVsaft ***? ?*? ?**?( i j oa c.uikuif .ir? ?iuoa? "L-rf ?X!<*tCUL <NUAE?KXkMT? ?r? rw? i. S W?ll M r ATJS aNP :srU4BJtATlC.1 . ^ HELMBOLDS EXTRACT b L/C HO For WmlBM ?i Arirm frow Krwin, Ifshtta of vtmi9*tiom. Kant i j4i90'?ti?a or Aiitndtd wttktKt Following Symnowu: JcJisjwsii; u to E*?r*ot, _ Lwti ot Ponr, Lois of Mimorr, D'Cci ti of ^rmtKiBf week NrrM, Trn?tint, Horror wf l>.M>a*?, Wak'In.beM, Dinnw! r?f Virion, Tub tn the Mae, Un:v?r?: l.es?itn(ieef the Mcieal?r " Hot UMui, I'.uiiiT | oi i.* Mo dy, Dryers of the Wr, Eruptic. s on the Faoe, pmlto cowwtsjuw ?. Th*ee iym?U)iit?. i? a .o* ?d to to cb, whiek Uua medicina invariably removes. soon follows lAiPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, to rni of wAtdt tkt P&timt may Fn?fi, #lio can thwy ?f not fre<aent)y tallowed ty those "dbvol di?K4?B6," "INSANITY AM) CoNSUMP Klnj are aware of ttje cause of their ring, tvt SO.tl WILL co^rs>?. TH!I RECORDSo? THE INSANE LCM8 a a .* -? ? ?*' ** ? jina >? ly L >??*? ?? IU1 11/Z.I WITKS?C TO THI TSTTK OV TBI troiK net. TIE CONSTITUTION UNCK AFPECTKB WITH CUtiA&IC WLAKNfcS?. Hi.t* Ui?Kid of msdioice toatrflftgUtrn?td I-Tifontath#1 S*'t?a k::a HELM HOLD *8 EXTRACT BUCIIU Mri'ld.1 rfofj T1UL WTMCORnSCS TCI MUIT attFTtCAU FKMA LES-FEMALES- FEMALE?. OLD ?>W VOUNO, H1N?I V, M A K KlKi't OR OONTEM I'LATl N ti il A It KI a 6 fc. /? Maaf Affiditmi It'uJiar to Fttnnltt tue Kx^ract Unc'te is ci.e? -.taiied 1?t ary otter rem ri?, !. iu Ch otuaia or KftMUor, Irreeu.arit?, i'? uv Daw.or Sop?rf??:on ? Ou?ton.a j K*a? ua:;cn?. t : ntM or ^hirroce ?t%te of tfc?? Lto rus, L.cueorr'i"a or Whites, Stermxy. aau lor a I complaint* incijeijt to the *Mt. wi-wher ariairg from Inliflcrerion, Hn i?e of iii agitation, or in tbo DECL1SE OR CHASOE Of UPtti ?X* MMPTOXa AEOVK. HO FAjSJ.Li ftUOULD ?JC WlIliOvT IT * 7Wi ?# ? fi ??( *?. Mirmrf tr VmpUummi Mtficfu far Vnp'.4Mmt mm Dm*c*r? hi 'u.'H. H b I,M HOLD'S k 1Tb. AC J BUC&U rtu <? BKCKEX liisctftrs * At ! "' * F.xp*-aa Ut:!sc r ;hs:i?icDt?^ No tbcwaver era nxrciwt*. ItMBit; r. f*w 'tt deura and trmcthU Urii^te, tlMie.'j Rfm'jviBt <?batruct>r.n8, ftti-J (."u z Strictures ? i tua I rt-cua. AilAyinr ruia: 4 lufla.: fr??|C5Bt:B th? eta??>i fii??a#??. *a<( exp?">_ii?t PawaaotM, i, iii ?#or* c*i Mar.**. *KO*3*!?T)? Wcs THOriilM */f0 HwlTi WF.\ Tiif Y1C22MS 09 QUACKS, Aad *-h j *i*Ta fair * .ty '?? ?c beoarpd m a chart ti>r?, tio.Tefopa-1 iUfj rcra de<xiv?a,uc imi It*. "po:?-tr." I1"#,by ttars? r>f"r9i*ffvl * tiringnt> >??- dz fd v?mtt:?? ?s?c;, to bri%* o*? ?a ?r %; * xri rUfri iona, wad 4JT7JS Ui Z14V J % * 0 KfLMBOuOH KXTWA T SrCSV ??mum* ?cu c '?#? * o ft_? tlU.^illT osuaAM%, trkc'^?r existing to AiAl.fc OH VKHJ ' M, -xea^ft'-CTftr %<?* oriein?*,~? . no matter u * to \fl r- e. OiaWNul^Nl Or(UU rcq -; ?h? ?i4 ! ? i)i rs?ii% h&UXBOL,D'S BXTK*CT BUCUV l& WHK aarJLT riUKJiTIO. tni tkoerteinvo L*?? (i? t.erira4 effect la D;teiMi/ir ???'* <1 u ETDnci or m dit uminiiu aItb u LUILI CKA&ACTBB VL i*e*#ren ) u? aMUci^c*. CERTIFICATES OF CVRE9. Froat 8 to 0 y?*x?' Ulli *ta AND FAME. "" ? .. .. . i ., ? -THYE1C1AKSn FLEASM "XOTIOM." vb mjlu "?o ucut' or "uftBm&iBBra.*' HbuMtJOLO't? EXTRACT RUCHU i*eomjoead of Ua?ht, Cu.eba and J biumi Ilimn eiectoJ !th peit cars br a competent Jrocgtai. PKEPAhMD IN VAC CO, BT II. 1. UKLHUOLi), raoUrai *iid Analytical Ctiwniet. and 9oi. IU* ulastarer of HUM KDL&'SGJOfUHinC PUPARi TlOhto ATFIDa . inmsssis. betnc duly sworn, aotfa b*y. nt? ^rtMrUiou MitAin do narcotic, co iceroury. or other mjurvoudrugc, t?ut are purely vegetable. v ^ , JB. *. HKLMHULU, Sworn and scbMribed l-et re mo, tunW aoay November. 1864. WM, P. ArbBKKiT A..JPI ,j?J. IN ;tt'i ?L. Phi* IHYS1CUNS IN All SVVAHOM FROM 8 A. H TO 9 t. M. Fii? ?1 M' tottu, m tor ?*. MiTtnd to Uf tMrw, aaearaiy yuM aaaw Umi. A44raaa lattora fcr taform*fc*B It Mill* m * 11. *. HKLJtdOLf, Ck* M. D*?at, 1M baatit 7tnU at., Mov Ufcaatuti rata i'EWAPKOF COIN^tirtin AND 9yrS.lMOiri.AU Dh i.AK3 who eudeororlo diooee "o ewmr "other" article* 00 tie rey?tatieA -ttAiaeO ) MtiwUiid't tiimmmi Frtpersuea , ** u AfrM BMH, . <1 a ft Serieyentie, u Prrr **M. t' M by 8. B. Waits* 1 0. Bmrni. Jen Wan. 8. C. Feu, 8. B. Bnwuvu, ft O ft. Maim, W***ia*Ue uilimitin, iamd ala dm. wee tan mtmmywhmmj ASK VOB KXUDOLD ft UK1*0 OTSKft a*? AYoi?i*Fcmitio? Bi iroiiu MmmU JypHi m tM i