21 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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1 *'* ' *c*'"*' T: " ' 1 * iT I 1 * ?w V11 .. _., ' at, ? IT f H fi v> jM JT j ?? V^. XIX. WASHINGTON, P. C.. FflfjDAY, MARCH 21, 1862. N?. 2,8-33 a ? r THE EVENING STAR * ? PUBLISHED SVBKT /LFTB&rfOOtl, i (MJttOAY &XOEPTKI>^ AT TUB ST AH BriLDlMt, fc'iw ?f (?-*? fbtnti if. ' W. D. WALLAOH. r?pen awvcA la pacbageo by oarrlera 1IM1 tmt, or 37 emh month To null sabaorlbon <he pries la S3.JI a few, im md*emee; > for ?x oath*; si for ftiw noatbi; tad for 1? Uu Ikrer aoa to at the rale of 13 ceata t week. 31a i fie copi-?, om cairr, la wrapper*, two ctirra. [LT AoraiTmim ahoakl be teat to (bo See bcifne u o'clock >.; otbtrwlae tfaey auf aot appear nnttl the aext day. HORSE OR MULE LITTERS, For ta' ins up and conveyiug to Amhulancts or Ho*pitU? the Wounded on Fieldr of \ Battle Vf* are inarmed that Mr George Kobler, of V?. V L- S a . m-. ?a^ i'5* xom. iias msae nn oner 10 too vtovernment of bu greatly improved hone and male mbu!ance for taking up speedily and c?nveyboenltaln. or to wheeled ambulance*" stalisncd on the highways nearest to the field of battle. the wounded who m?y fall on sucfefieldt. Yhf? male ambulance tits been adopted as a great improvement, ana m possessing man; a<fv?nt*i*es orer the wheeled ambulance in moat of Ula Lnropean armies. It wag u?ed ia the Crimean wa(\ aad is reoommendeu by Capt. Delxfield in his report founded #n observations upon tha: wax. The defect of the wheeled ambulance is that it ia confined to practicable highways, and in liable to block up the said road* and impede the arwnlt of hnim. tmnni >nd HrtlllArv ap?V Mid in thia maj tm prom*** futmc*, a* it MilRun It caneot penetrate woodlands, ravine*, rocky heights. or broken, rough' and aneven ground* on which battles are usually fought. The mule litter, on the contrary, consisting of an irci^framed saddle placed on the back of a rure-Tooted animal, to which are attached, oq eaah aide of tho animal, securely fastened sacking-bottoms or cote, oan peaetrate every part of the most difficult battle fiali. and furnish in the iaoit prcrnpl ner, that assistance upon which the life of the wounded soldier or officer depends, and without which many must perish and do perish on every battle field where this modern invention is ol'adopted. In the vicissitudes of a large battle-field, the hud-lltter, carried by men, cannot be rolled upon. Footmen, encumbered with a heavy hand-litter, osn neither approach the weunded on a varying field of battle, nor retire with them to a place of safety with the confidence and facility of men mounted on strong surefooted animal?, hence the wounded will often not be approached at all. or if taken up on haad-littera will be abandoned and left to perish It may b? a mile, or even miles from the place where the wounded fall to tho nearest ambulance or a hospital, and the intervening country wooded, rouah, broken, or rocky. It is in vain to suppose that two men. with a hand litter and t&e weight of a wounded soldier or offiier, will often successfully orerooSft these obstacles, while the mule ambulance would possess much greater chanoes ol succe??, and would save two wounded men with much mote, certainly than one could be saved by toe hand-litter. o.,r * 4,'v experience in war admonishes us that it is twl policy to rej-jct such obvious im7>rtTt in the art of war because they are new, or at least new to us. Tne art of war is 1 ilrA all Afllap o?*a o?v,rl /m?? r*"c? ?"""w "" v**"w* "1IU vwl cuu^ut" ened (iwernment shouM not be the last to avs'l i\?e!f of those improvements which the experience of the world onm mends to our ad >pti 'P. especial in a mntter of saving the lives of our gallant soldiers who may be wounded in battle. Ail Mr K hler as*.- we understand; is that a boa Ml of practical disinterested men (not afflicted with the chronic prejudices of habit may be appsiated to examine the advantages of hi? invention. This wc hope the Government will cheerfully accord, in view of the va^t importance to the army of the consequences defending upcasts action. Every ino mat may oe saved Dy me adoption of this -vement will be a trophy to the enlightened policy of the Government which adopts it. t? ii-jTMaw the ?dvant*ge which seems to okvious The New York Times, whose editor wa, * ipeetat"r f the late baule-fielda in Italy called tbe a' lent ion of the Government t i- -ubj <:; in number of the 2'd ultimo. lntelU%-.nctr. f?TR Nf.w ' Monitors" to be Tbe New York Journal of Cninm?mn Mr. I'ox, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, is dow in this city, to look after important ioterectj connected with bis department. We are informed that, among the objects of his i*it. is the immediate construction of four fl^a-ing batteries enctly, or* nearly, like the Mom*. .>r," and that the prelimenary arrangement to tbat end have been m*de with Cupt. Kri?s?on. The batteries are all to be built with all poiiibla dispatch. No belter illustration ean oe given of the remarkable inventive genius of Captain Ericsson than the fact that, after the severe and complete test to which his battery hss been subjected, ohIf one improvement, and that a trifling one, can be pointed out. It is the substitution of a cylindrical, instead of a rauare. form in the little nilnt- I hou'e. In the engagement at iiniupton Roads, tbe only injury sustained by the Moaitor wu the slight springing of one of the "logs'' in this square pilot-house. Had the shape of tbe beau* been round, like that of the turret, it is supposed that .the balls would bare glanced from the former?harmlessly as fipm the latter. This change will, therefore, be made in tbe Monitor, u it has not been already mad*, and will be introduced in tbe models of tbe four new batteries. Another alteration of doubtful expediency has been suggested, via: the transfer of tbe pilot-bouse 0 from iu place about a rod from the turret, to the top of th* turret, giving to that "Yankee v. _ .vuw wj* v pp^/vaiauvc V| a ICicolUpC with one joint drawn out. The only obvious advantage in this change is the elevation of the lookout to a higher point of vision. Diaeaae in Lambs. We quote below from Mr. Spooner on di?f mw in lamha : ?'' A n v ma<ii?iiui ?in?? ? j ?V HOstroy worms in the air puugv acts by being absorbed into the system. In the cage of worms in the windpipe two objects should be sought for?one to destroy the enemy, and the other to strengthen and support the system which is being subjected to such debilitating and exhausting influences In the oase of chickens some speak of the good effect of tobaeeo smoke introduced so as to almost produce suffocation, albeit the creatures sometimes die of the remedy. In calves a cure has been effected by administering liiae water, and profcably it would be equally effectual for Iambs. The dose for a lamb would be about two minces daily, ?ixl about two <iracb??s of alt should be given at another part of tbe day. This treatment should be followed for some day* Better still is the plan of administering oil of turpentine, whieb being taken into the (itom*ch is soon absorbed throughout the system. Tbe doie for a lamb is two drachms, .Vbk k- ?:,u ? * ,s n???^ia oiii/wiu wv g> > vu miu ail UULt'C Ui 1 111 e?*d soil, a scruple of finger, and fire drops of oil carrawaya, sized up with two or three tableapoonfulaof lineeed gruel. This dose way be repeated if reaaired, several timet, with interval* ef tome day* The lamb* abould be Hewed hilt a pound of linseed cake per diem, and should be otherwise carefully tended and Jibcraily fed. By such a coarse of treatment irnoy voidable animals may be saved." Ths Galust McCbsa. ?The hero ?f Fort Cral?. tbe brave Captain Met re* who. after ailbofoof trpuMog the runny Wiueone, look j fela poatOoa, wltt revolver la tana, aatride rmn**s9, s*h! refused to fly or dwit hi* pact, wu brother to Major McCrea, formerly of the Newport B-irr<-cka HI* name will ever live In the QlMi<r)- of till eoantry u tne ?f her braveat dofenders?nta mooomeat will b? reared upon Um t-arta of admiring countryman. Who is who?Who, to-day, la watching the greet army la Virginia, and praying for the aner*mm of the good cause rd tne reiteration of the F.1on* Kverv Loyal man In the nation. Who, to day, hopes for* the defeat of McClellan, the dl v race of the i?g. (be deatrurMon of ihf American L*n! n ? E*tV # bolt tloniat "alder and abetter ?f tte ? irh'-m Coa fed-racy" who i? now ao boaa a? to follow the aold:?-ra wit# abuae and attack, Jc?u-ad of prayer* and ch era ?Bottom P?n TLr i.i ?v'.:ie U-UiOciat aaya if Fremont w*Ua to rain rcbellkm he can do it by coatrott. PARIS FASHIONS FOR MARCH. [From Le Follet } Tbe mode of decreasing the width of the skirts of dreeae* at the walat is'loora and more adopted; of eourse, the bottom of the skirts mast be very fall?that is an indisputable fact; an ample training skirt mast decidedly give ?raee to the figure; at the same time it is quite inadmissible in tbe streets?onlj allowable for indoors or carriage wear. Ere!i tarlatan and tulle dresses ire made with trains Every, breadth is gored; all silk dresses are submitted to thu rule. Visiting dresses are to? longer made with plain skirts. The material may be more or less beautiful; but that which oomtitutee tbe true eleganoe of a rob* is the trimming. There is a great rarfety. WewiM describe two or three difTereoVstyles. Velvet is do longer so frequently placed it wide bands at the edge of dresses, but rather in ruohes, put on In /rraequcs or in rings. Trimming of the same material as the dress is also worn.' Narrow plated flouncee, set on in thrpec; hoviilonn** between, or ww of terry velvet. There is also an elegant paste menterit of chenille: several rows of it en the skirt. This is always the same color as the dress On one dress of black gros de Su4dc we notice an insertion of black guipure over velvet ribbon. Another robe, silver drab moire antique, with some of the same guipure orer white taffetas. 1 he most costly material teems not to be a la mode, unless trimmed; we may, perhaps, except moire antiquo and velvet?yet these are frMuen tl^ar nam en ted. High hxftea are sometimes made open, but it is the exception; generally with a point, when the material is rioh, for full dress or evening visits. One vary simple and pretty trimming we saw on a rose colored moire antique?rows of chenille fringe, finished off with buttons at the bottom ; the sleeves made with rrvim. and the body trimmed; cuffs to match Another ornament was of velvet moire antique, like the dress; a narrow band, double platted, At the head a ve*y light pxstementertt, large buttons, made of moire down the sleeves, whteh waa made with rewrs. The bottom of the skirt bad five rows of very narraw plaited bands pat on in garlands. For ball dresses, the point 'd Espagne is, perhaps, the moat elegant ornament. A complete dress may be obtained of it?akirt, body and sleeves. Now that ball dresses are so ax* cessively fairylike, it is a great difficulty to arrange trimmings upon them with good taste, either in tulle, game or, above fell, laoe; for cach seems heavy when placed upon such light, vaporous foundations, bouillons of tulle and ruches of crape or tarlatan oompose the dress, and flowers are placed in the miadte of tufts of tulle. Many ball dYesaes are made with tunics or over-Bkirts, buttthers are made entirely of boutllonnu of tulle, A rouleau of double tulle, quilled, trims the first two rows. and above tbfs a drapery of tulle, or lace, or double plus* bands. A seoond skirt, also of talle, falls over this; it is doable, and relieved by bouquets of flowers or bows. The style of evening coiffure Is not only extremely elegant, but equally becoming Feathers, flowers, velvet, ribbons, lace, ana precious stones, are all used; and several of these materials are found in one head dress. Dress caps no longer resemble the old fashioned cap, but, rather an elegant head dress. The form is round, with a thick ruobe of tulle, trimmed with flowers or bows of ribbon or I velvet. Sometimes ft black violette forms all the cap; it is disposed m points, and a single flower?white, red, or pink, a?eording to the sompleotion of the wearer?placed on the bandeaux. This stjle i? verj simple and pretty. Another bead-dress, in the nmn style, was made of black lace, forming a violate behind, ami in frnnt * nniiiF r>f ?Kir? ? ! /! ? ??"J ? //w " ??.v^*v??UW40, *J-4 i AWU with black velvet, worked with gold; or aooiffure. composed of plait* of red velvet, worked with pearls, with rod feaihert placed at the side Scime wreathe of flowers haF? plaits of velvet, worked with diamonds or pearls. One modut? makes several head-dresser of hot house litao mixed with velvet, and agraffes of diamonds. The white lilac forms a ton ft? over the forehead, without leaves the bandeaux are rolled back over the flowers. By thefSide of the ear, roques of velvet and diamonds?the whole fastened together at the back by a bunch of white lilac. Wreaths? tnAf Ifl A BftT fnll rnnn/l ap wreaths?are no longer worn Diadems, pouf.i, bouquets, feathers, and plait* of gold or velvet, replace the wreath The great quantity of cutis now worn do not admit of full wreaths. The detached bouquets are mounted in such a manner that they can be rearranged each time they are wore, so as to form a fresh head-dress. There is little variety in bonnets this month; black velvet trimmed with whit* or red leathers, are still fashionable; the trimming become tnereasingly voluminous; and lie feathers, in-1 stead of forming a tuff ?t the top, now frequently reach to the ourtaia. White felt bonnets are coming into fashion The Empress wore one the other day, trimmed inside and out with brier roses. They are mostly trimmed with marabout feathers, either white or colored; they are, however, more disttngue wun wmt?. H7"The Rebels have loat seventeen of their Ge erala by wound*, reatgnitlon and sutcide during the war The Union armv baa loat but two?one was killed In aaddle, and the other died of alckne* produced by wounds. Davis's message la almply a confession that the Confederates are In tne condition of the laundress who hung out more than she washed. THE UOSL.IXU RE8TAVRAIVT, ?47 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUE, south 8id*? (Formerly of New YaxftK Hsa the uame anil feme of be;nx One of the Best Restaurant* in Tovm ! IH^Give u* a trial, and jwlc? for you ?eif.-/"TI Every t^iCf in the ho??e it jsk bk3t VZT DonH fyiet the number? ?? i w??ojiT?uia AVUUUO, 12th &nu 13th streets, mh 11-lm south side. Boots?shoes / faD Coinii Tbnth 8t. aiis Pa. Av.f |D w Gsnu' B*uaar?:%..Il?toIIWv* tiesti' Pine Oelf Boitr if 00 to #? 00 All kiada ol BOOTS sad SHOES very obssy. STi iBiff* *** to iSB&LWig? MoTsfeby ^HK MERCHANT* EXPRESS COMPANY j BALTIMORE "Iu/tPaXHlMiTflN. Ar? tell? forw?rtlkn? ( wiln di?p*lofl) by th?! W'MhinatoB K*iiru*d. diM of v?ry daMriyUpa, tt> UTHHSn Mnoant hiffertm?y ttjr low?st r?tM. Agem fir B& timor#. JOHN E.I WIL8ON1 UftMi Ni W. oert?r Hovtra till 8%n?l?n bU., amtlf oppomU Cmi4m HtoUoa itH j R, R. OAm id4 htomt. IM BotU Bnrath itrMt. i "rtT.0^ S..,, vy VwfrTWB mwpi??25 DRAWERS, wEioh will t? sold M rMfOBftbl* rnoM. BAM'L W, THOMPH^N, ITO Penn. aronae. f? I*-tf pricr Urow'a. 04 S^nwllWov '! !- 5'?t <.<>?<u. MO TELKORAP-EDO NEWS. Tha leeMt Battle at Fart Cnl|. , , Kadui Citt, March U ?Geo. T. Be ate, bearer of dispatches to Washington, bring* advice* from SlntoFf to tbe 3d I natant, which confirm prevtoui adcoanta of the battle near Fort Crate on the Slat. rTp? Federal ion waa 92 killed and MO wounded. me rexana oapcnrea ail or our seta piece#. t*u ^|e?le commanded the Texan*. The Tenn ww? at Soeerea, 3fe miles north of FpK Craig Got Cantor's command waa oearsntrated it f art Craig*, and nothing has been htard of tbern since the *5th ult., all communicatlnA being cutoff. A large amount of govern* njeat atnrle at Albuquerque were deatroyed to < prevent their falling into the haoda of tbet-naray KY ir hundred and fifty Texana. with two pifcea Ofartllkery, entered Albuquerque on the 8d. T 'Major ]>onelaon, commanding the district of iHnta Fe, was preparing to abandon that place aad fall back to Port Union. One hundred and forty wagon loads of Government stores were ' tying removed from Santa Fe to Fort Union. On If ? .a al . ka ? - - aa_ n i. - ? ?? . I1 numy, ur oa tceiaiu, nar. owe wi lurte I ciinponlM Criofid# TgtuHltfii, 1 Obi. Tappan, at Hole-ln-the-Rork, tfiy mile* ' Mirth of Brntiport, en route to Fort Ufllos, and ?ev?n rtiore companies had croaaed the rWer above. They would meet at the Purgatory, forty miles south of Benizport. Mr. Beale left here this | morning fbr Washington. Skirmish in Misioarl. Sr. Louis, March 20.? Oa the 10th Inst. Lieut. J. D. Joak, of the 1st Iowa, cavalry regiment, tflth thirty men, encountered a hand of marauders, posted In a log hous? and ham iu Lafayette county, Missouri. The enemy were defeated after a short engagement, in which they had nine killed and three wounded. Our low was one killed and four wounded. . Arrival af the Steamer Rhsde Island. rsiLADtLPHU, intrenzu ? ineaxeamer Ktioae Illand arrived here laat evening, with fifty prisoners from theprirate?r Beauregard and veasela captured wbllat attempting to run the blockade. Frtm Louisville Loci?vil:.e, March 10 ?The bridge bulldfra captured by Morgan'* party, on the Loultvllleand Nashville Railroad, hive been released. They rfturn?d her* this evealag. Sailing ?( the Canada. Boston, Mnrcfc 19.?The steamship Canada lied at noon, taking thirteen passengers for Liverpool and eleven for Halifax 9ae takea no apecie. Fire it Mireaft, 111. Mabx5<30, 111., March 19 ?The Ephetnla Hall wm destroyed by fire to-day. Lot* 825,000. kJCHENCK'? SEA WEED TONIC. F(LR IT? the core of Dyspepsia, Nerroui Weakness, Sonera! Debility, Seiir and Sick Stomach, Palpitation of the Heart, acd all diseases arisinc from a Disordered oonditionoftue Stomach and Organs f Digestion, wniob are frequently treaty im pairedia Con?umpUun The SK\ WfcEl) TONIC is a itimnlant distilled carefully irom the sea weed and kelp, which are found in great arrondanoe on theseaahore. The Sea Weed Tonio is a mi d, pleasant drink, as pura as the best French brandy, and possesses the peculiar ?roperty*of enabling the stomaoh to convert iba food into healthy ohiioe, and Inus forward tig Uie prccees ol digestion, without whioh t'.e toaeral hea'th and strsngth ol the system can rot be maintained This wonderful power of the Sea Weed To^ie wiii account lor the rapidity with whioh most persons cam fl ?'h whilt taking it. ?nd whioh. unlike other stimulants. dn?a not leave the bjstein proatratid wMn its dm has been abandoned, as u u distilled from tea weed after the game manner as Jamaica Spirit* t? from the suiar cane, it ib, therefore, entirely harmleaa, and free from the tnjnrioua preeertiee of owrn whiakv or a.c?hol. wnioh form tna Dae;* of almost every bittera. The direction! are to take fro a a half to a wine Kiaaa full immediate]? afw each mea , and for Up patient to find oat what a*re?e with t;?e atcmailt, ana take what he est* well imattaatM. Wit en theatomacMa very weak, and apparently in an ulcerated itate, it ia better to eat nothing bnt atale bread and batter, fat meat, fat of fowla oi any kind, beef, mutton. lamb,bat no kind cf aalt meat, bcef'a marrow laalao very food The Tonio acta direotly on the food, and turns it to a soupy aub stanoe called achy me, the firat prooosa oiaigeaUon. UR. J. H. SCHKNCK will be at hia acentatS. B VVaite'a,)corner Loniaiana avenoe and 7th at., on Wedneadar, February 26th, and Wednesday, March 28th, to aee patiema complaininK witn Ceng ha, Co'.da, Liver Complaint, Dyspeesia, or may umciwd ioautu| iu vunuiiipiuut ur |itv advice without charge, unless they want a tho 'i uf n examination with kis Rsipirorr.elor, thea hi? fee is three dollars. Prtoe of U>e Pulmonic Syrup, 91 per bottle or per half dozen. PrioeofSea Weed Tome. 91 per bottle or #5 ps>- half dozen. Pnoe of Mandrake Pills, 25 cents per box. fe25-TafcF.ini* ' PROPOSALS FOR WOOD. Depot Qcaxtib.ma?t*h,s Ofnc?, ) Corner of 18tA and G streits, > Washington, March 12, lt63.\ Sk*l*d Paopo?AL? will be received \tthie office until MONDAY, the Slat day oi Maroh. at 12 , o'clock M, to furniah the troops in thie city and : ita vicinity, north of the Potomac river, witnin (6) fare ini:?i of the city of Washington. with Wood for (6) aix months, oommencu.a on the 1 at day of April, 1862, and endics the 30th day of September, a , ? - ~ - i ne n ooa to do 91 me dmi quality or oak or hsefcory, and to be delivered at th* camp* or quarters cfthe iroop?,ln auoh quantitiea and at such UmM a* the Depot Quartermtater mar direct. Payment* to be miae at tlie end of eaoh month, upon the return by the oontraotor of the order* d'awn upon him. The delivery of the Wood ordered must be shown by the reoeipt ui the ofloer reoemng it(*peoi/ying the amount delivered) endorsed upon the ordera. Wood ordered fyr regiments, brigades, or dlviaiona mnat be reoeieted for bj the qoa'terruaater*. The proposal* roaat apeoiry the prioe per oord off 128) one hundred and twenty-elrht cubio feet, and^muat be plainly marked "Proposals for The abilftT of the bidder to fill the nnntnuit ahonU it beawarded to him.muat be caarantle^ by two responsible pereoni/rhoaefimatweB mait be appended to the auamntea. The reaeoanMlitV oftne ruar&ntora must be hown by the official certificate o7the olerk of the nearest diatriot ooart or ofthe United State* diatnot attorney. tf lddere mmat be present in peraon when the bida are opened or their propoeale will cot beoonaidered. in the aim of ten thouaanddollara, elji,<xl by the contractor and both of ius c naraotora, will be repaired of the auooeaaful bidder upon.aigning the sontraot. t TIm rif ht tn r?iAAt en* a? all Ki<(h fka? i<jw? ut an uiun iuai> niaJ uo deemed too high u reserved by the Depot Quartermaster. Informal proposal trill be rejected. Form of Quarmmtu. We , of the ooanty of , and State of, .and?, of the oountj of ? and State or??, do hereby guaranty that ) able to fulfil a ooctraot in a*oo?dam>e with the term* of hU proposition, and that, enould hi* pro position be aooeptedt he will at otoe enter into a oontraet in aooosdanoe therevith. * Should the oontraot be awarded him we are prepared to beoome hia securities. (To thii guarantee must be appended the certificate above mentioned ) D. H. R'UCKER. mh ft dM Colonel and CJuartarraa?ter. ~ HPHE MOST 6 RATIFYING INFORM A1 tion that we oan gife to our reader* who ara ufferiaa fro.n Coida, ia tnnf&otthat I'HAK^uM'B MEDIOAT ED TAK DROPtt are really a good remedy. Mu; of oar friers have tried them with aaooeaa for Congha. Sore Throat, Hoareenaea and

Aa'hma. Theae oonlectiona alao live reiiat to ConaumaUree Smanra -ad Pubuo Saaakera wt i? are troubled with Throat Diaeaeea Ltd re'ief by uainx Pearaon'a Medicated TarOruaa, whioh clear the Uuaatof fcuaky and tiokiing aeoaationa, pro duoM of too rnuoh exertion of the roeai organa, and give atrer gth. tone and fal'neaa to the voiee. Prepared and aoM by 6KO. PEARSON, No. t North Liberty at., Baltimore. Sold al?oat49I Right street. Waahtngton: No. 4 Fairfax atreet Atajumdri*; A. H. Hunt, Frederick; and by the Irteifai druggiata anJ oonteotionera, at 1* oenta fft p4a4*ge- fit X lm IH. O. HOOD S Cooataatly receiviag.aod baaalwaya on hand, land, Switzerland and AmerioaTboth in BoTd^M an<f Silver oaaea. He alao kaeaea iVie a tool ol ftine JEWELRY of the moat deeirable atfleiaai with ikaaionde, Emera^o*. Rtbiea ao4 ail other Gem*. Me waiaomanaTaotorlng all kloaa of Solid Standard Sdrer Ware, aud keeaa Bworda.ievolT?n, Swu/3 B?lUaj|4?ftan?*, pawia Snivee, nnvi>,o<i>r<?[i, **oiq, onver ana Bteel Bjeot* c!e?. and a great -variety of Other things uaoai'y kept in a J ewe ry Store, and all at the very loweat jri?^No.J36Pa.avenee,bi*wew Hh?wU<^? Oiftent Oman! WBM OVERLAND OYHTKR BXFftSSB itl.l oocinma U Moeivefcu ruxxetamove piafltati 'i&igs OFFIC l A L . [? Cokcosan** BvntAiro, 15th ? O0t*e of Committion on Contrasts nnd Ciaimt !"- for Ordnance and Ordnanct Sturti,) ft March 17, IMS. >i OHUrt4, That all peraott* having contracts aod 1 ffcfrtM for Investigation and decision, under tbe Mttr of appointment of tbe Hon. Kdwln M l Maaton, Secretary of Wst. dated the 13th of varch, and hereto rtojrlned, be. and are hereby notified, to prevent the ?ame. The cora- j jmiotii'iici* wui conunutf in session iur \arii rr* M|Klon, from day to day, from 10 a. id. to 4 p m j fL. J. Wisr, 9<vretary. ? I | 41DXB. BE8PKCTINS CONTRACTS FOK ABM!. f Wil PirARTMMT, > , i Watkmgum, D.C, March 13, lSfi2 \ Ordered, That the Hon. Jtweph Holt, tod the , Uah U m T\.l. / > l j 1 _ 1. t r iwn. ??ucri iwie vwcn, or. ana lury we o(ivdt aftpotnu-d a special commission to audit aod adjust all contracts, order* and claims on the I \Yaf Department in respect t-i erdntnoe, uns aid onmunltloa, their determination to be final. Laid conclusive as ssapects thla-i>ep?runant, on ail [questions touching tin validity) execution, and am due or to bocom*- due upon such contract sad upon all otber question* truing between contractors and the Government upon said contracts. Id. The said commission ?ill proceed forthwith to Investigate all claims and contracts In respect to ordnance, arm* and ammunition, in ?av ?? ui A^paiiiuciii ui ^ci'Uing aciiiriaicui, auu final payment and adjudicate tue same. All persona Interested In such contracts, may appear id person, but not by Attorney befnrn said commits! oners. and be beard re*pe*-tluR tbelr'claim*, at such time and place as the commissioner* atriil appoint. The chief of rdnance and all otber officers In the Department will furnish such books and papers as the commissioners may require. Mainr H inner nf tKo C\nanoo Hitrva ?? f?on? la iuwjvi a*u^Hva | vi ?uv> iu<i/v|ni?tucu?| * Xectally assigned to aid and assist the commlsinm in their investigations All claims that they may award In favor ofshall be promptly paid No application will tventertained by the Department respecting any claim or contract which lhey shall adjudge to be invalid. 3d. if, in their investigation, they shall find reason to believe that any agent or employee of the War Department was directly or Indirectly InrerwUd In any contract fcr ordnance, arm*, or ammunition, or received any consideration for its procurement, they shall give notice thereof to the claimant, and proceed to Investigate and determine the fart, taking such tes'lmoay as toev may deem proper; and If the fact ofanch in'erex be eatafclisbod. It shau be good cause for adjudge ing the claim to be frandnlent. Knwix' M STiVtnn mh 90-3t Secretary oi Wir. - - i rKASURY DEPARTMENT, ^ FKB&UA.KT 4, ISflB. Noticb ii hihkbt fiitxn of the roedlnew of thla Department to redeem the Treasury notes ?iAT*?Yx1n In An* fmm flat* a n tV> n?i Kw fVi m ptyautc iu VUV J?- VII? *???- J ?MMivtiauu vy wuv. act of Congress approved December 23d, 1357, and the Treasury note* payable In sixty days from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved 3d March, 1961. 1 nterest on Treasury notes of the above Issues wttl cease on the 7th day of April next by terms of those acts respectively. fe 5-tap7 TAEPARTMENT OF STATE, JL/ * \V ASHireaTO*. January '23, 1-82. The Secretary of Stat* will her??after receive Members of Congreas on buaineaa on Saturday*, 9omir.enclag with Saturday, the first of next anonth. , i Jan?7-tf WILLIAM H SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, Ja.maRT 21, laG2. Otunir. That the War Department will be El T'wedays, Wednesday*, Thursday* and yi against all other bmlncps but that which > to active military operation* In th? field. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representative*. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M STANTON, ja 22-tf Secretary ?f War. AMERICAN WATCHES r?/\ ti m ma t? ?? r/? m aro run, AmnrmsAiya i Ho More Engliab or French Rubbish, mad* to toll, bat net ?o keep time. Why ?hou!d an American bur a foreign Watch, when be aan get a better and oheaper one at home/ Why should an American needlessly enrioh foreign Watch manufactures at Ihe expense of onr own artisans ? Why should an American send cold to Kncland and France, our oovert but bitter enemies, whea eold is eo muoh needed at home i Why should an American bny an imported Watch, vhioh, in nine oaaes out of ten, will oost more to keep in order for o ne year, tban its original prioe.and whioh wu never intended to keep time under any oiranmetances Why should Americans not patronise more generally Amerioan ipanuiacturas. and thus emanOipate themeel ves from the thnaldom of English capital, Prenoh flwluons.and Continental gewgaws I The Amerioan Watoh Company's Watches are particularly adapted for aoldiera' nae, being moat substantially made, and not liable to get out of order, either m marching, riding, or fighting. Bold by M. W. GALT & BRO., 394 Pennsylvania avenne, Washington. Wholesale orders should be addretaed to ROBBINS A APPLETON. Agents of the Amerioan Watoh Company, fe 28-1 m l?a Broadway. N. Y. gWORDB FOR PRESENTATION TIFFANY <t CO., Noa. HQ and 633 Bboabwat, Niw Yoai. And No. 79 Rca Richkukc, Paris, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KiND? OF MILITARY WAREft, Solicit theMtantoon of Cine and Military AhooiaUons. Commands on National or 6tate service, P&triotio Cluba and mdividn&la to Lhair tKrrm took of? RICH STAFF AND DRESS ARMY AND NAVY SWORDS. Their aaaortment ioolndea Urn ohoioeat BLADES OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE, ldentioal with those made for Wilkinson. of Leedon. worn by the officer" of the British Army, and moat approved bj experiarroed European authorities the elecantly wrought BLADES OF SOL1N0EN ON THE RHINE, in fibre and finiah the recognized modern types o4 the oeiebratee Stui; the exoeil<wt an<l serviceable BLADfcK OF COLLINS,OF HARTF'JRD, Betides t? .0 of other domestic fa^rio&nta. The mountings of the biadee,ui all oaaes executed within the establishment, will be found to comprise requisite atytea of "TMne-ts* oi. the ecaboarda bein* ofdavxR.Savax GitT.Bxo^zx, Plain or FixxeiiT- Silt** Platxd. Bubxiausd BTUL Rich I.UTIin. etn.. with hiliHa n( ft i? Chabbd. or KxvoasKs Silt, or Solid fiirn; the OKI p? and Guarib oi the same variety of material and finiah, and of either regulation pattern or original dMi|i Should an arUole of Extbaobdimaet Eihakci, of ? rirtWMl and. ooatlineae not represented in wok, be repaired for praaact&tion, the oapaoiu tiea ol the etUbUahmant for the tuna^oture of the ohoioeet worka in geld and ai!ver, and iu genr *>nIc'?, *? ?MU! guarantees of ita aauafaotorr and aaeedj prodaotloi. In asaver t^> Ord^ra. dMifni &nH Mtim&Ua wilt Ka ft?A?a?i? lorwirdsbr .rtess? vs^ssitAism^ssi n mere everw thin tbo#o Djoined by Goronjmant, b?tor* it ia pl&oed oa mu??the teauu block ia m the eat?buabm?nt. Mid it tha ooimn*n<l of a!' who p elar Ininediafea proof at tka ajteeitaio# of th ir avorda. COIN WANTED! Th* flighaat Pnoa pa?d far se rk m n a m n ait u u a O i/y v Ai? u o I Xi V n n : Brwci* Fo* fljgj m snu r? Bvnr. :* IJEWU JOBNSOM * CO., BARKERS, +1 3HC^JL? 1 " 380 PE.1NSYLVA5U A V ? M' E , r , - 1 EMILE DUPRE. Jart R?*l?f<l and Openrt, A large and ftrat-clMi ?t*ck of tfcoic FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of; SUGARS, of all grades, TKA8, I'ltmr tfUTTfcR, LARD. > ..a fUHTl, MAI uLARD'B CHl>0OLATl::, T Ac., Ac , Ac. All ot Which to offer* at lowest cw'i prlot**. PIKL'S CELEBRATED WlflPKlK*. 5wi barrela Mc^iu 1 &?' bnrrt-u XXX. 5W barrel! MUIora R>e *Ionor.^uel?. fttw barrela flue Old R y?, SUi) barrels flno Old Bourbon, AT CINCINNATI PKiCKH. All the favorite brand* *f CHAMP AO Nk, Mumtn Verrenv, Green Seal, Heldalck, which, being bought low, wo offer at unusually low rate*. AJtc, Sole Agent tnr PIKE'S ARMY CORDLAL. feb 14 tf AMERICAN TELEGRAPH COM1 fANV. Haviri re-oaered ai d re fitt?l a It RANCH OFFICE ia Willakd!*' d in thia pnmj?? 1a prepared to accommodate th* gaesta of tn?t h^nae, and the public, with every Teiecraphio faci ity. Communication direct vith HALT I MOKE. PHILADELPHIA. NEW YORK, anl all Telegraphic Station* in tiie loyal States. GENERAL, OFFICE, 43J Pk***. A -?>r* W. P. WBIiTBItVEliT, mb 8-lm ^upenptfEiieat. THE FINEST AND BEST STOCK OF RFADY-MADE CLOTHING in Washington canb*forr.d a* BAR A BRO. S Establishment, corner of E and 7th ste. 1 A LL SI7.K BOYS, from the an of 4 rears si. IX. ofti be fcited oit at BAK A 8 RO.'fl .'corner I. iked 7th streets. at muon less than u?sal rrioee. CITIZENS AN?l STRANGERS, Ic t tc roor interest! Look for the coxc?r of K v a Ttii streets-it is the p:aoo to brr firs CLOTijlNG for bat htti* moier. ^TOP WHEN YOU COME TO THivCOKr.sr of E and 7th streets, and bur a suit of ?se 0lOI?iS6?.MI.^.||rFl BJM ftHft-lm* Fashionable Olotninr EwttHfcfcroeat. Smith fc Brothers I'PPPP \ A f Tj tfel>'KKK PP fPP AAA Lh fc Jfc.Kfc.LE P P PUP A * A A rt' I ? I J i i na 3.a iiU Jl*Es pj? PPV A A A A Lh KK PP PPP A A. AA LI. KKKK PPPPP A A AA LL KKEE PP AAAAAAA LL HP AA AA L1, KK PP AA AA Lf.LI. !.L KKKKEKE PP AA AA LLLLLL EKEEEEE XXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XX'X XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X\K XXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX x\xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XX* *** *** iff \\\ fSF \\\ Rf \\\ A A LL ERRRRRK AAA 1,1, RKEEEEE AAAA IX EE AAAAA .LI. EE AA AA I. L EERB AA AA LL EKEE A A AAAAA A LL, RK AA AA *1 EE AA AA LLLLLLL KKKEEER AA AA LLLLLLL EELEEEE srrmoa AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND NEW YORK BROWN STOUT, J? WA0U, Ml/, !*d Quartir Catkf. BRHWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOrS. BREWERY. 10th Strati, betweea TU and 8tli AftatM, NEW YORK. fe?-dVi??P 171 VERY PERSON'S INTEREST -That fine Hi stock or Clothing for Mle over 6a:u' Jowe.rj Store i? now offered at ' ? than wbole?ale price, at SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh ireet^cppoait* ro? ubo* THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No. 460 sevijplh at. Always ahead! N*w arrival of Sprinr ?oaaa.all the latest st^'os of Clothinc, at No. 460 Seventh street. near K fe S? 3m K?OR HALk'?A fine ?toos ol CtotTifpf, Forniah I inj Good*, Tmnlrs. Hate and Caps, at whoia tale prioM.at .Mo. 460 boventh street, opposite Poet Office fa & 3m /KENT'SParniahinc Goode. Tracks, C'.othini, V* Trvnfea, HaM and Cape, a!' at Northern p-tce?, at the P-K>pl*"* Ciot::inr ?'r>re. No. 460 aire t. SHIRTS, SHIRTS. #UIK JTS:-Jrat reoeived l'tjdoaon Sh'rts, arL'-oh we offer old imcea, *t SMI'IH'H. No. 4KO ?t f. -/T-?r~ ?UT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT: CUT THI8 ADVEllTIBEMENT 0?'?! AND BRING 7T WITH YOU! Th* aubaoribar will advance, in the way affar vmmmv UI wautlliutu lUUil 1UI lUUH fOi IKUli " DIAMONl'S. WATCHKS, VALUABLE jewel**-. or any de?cript-on or satisfactory iMintiM. Air lady or geoiirm&r. wtio would lite to obtain a nv dollari temporariir, id a *oitt mauler, may do ao by applying at 16t Uth. atraet, beiwaan O ar.d H, from Iltoio'c 001. U 27-lm Boots aind shors to suit tqr tlmkft. We ar? now macul&oiarincall krudi of BOOT? unrf .? _ r&^aiw' -- ? ? - MpW of a&aten <a%-'o .1. *?>f ?*. . de-%r ' & cnaton,roMeex>r<?t.> too^r,* Ja witrKj 2* ? .?tm u.mlilowe prioeth*n few boon* heretofore oharjed in tfeia city for m?eh infcrwr artiotfs. i > Persona ta want of Uoota ui bhoea of eMt?rn or Oitj m*ue wt>rk, will *iw?ra fed food Moort ssrgk'&r M *ht 314 rmnaylT?alm arenwe. FURNITURE! f?T FURNITURE! flB^I '/ FURirrruRBt m (of Uieina or Mom* pectin, pjui44'?,>. MwmiMtouer ?Ld Wtioiett* knJ Retail De&ier is 5*" ir, C* _ KrJor >rd D.nlcr rwm r muiw v rnvro'i omminvt wj oervntt VtS?MTbtIri?tr ?f UPMOLBTBELMC prvroyUr UO HtU; oi#nr T< Storeojenday and erec-n* for tit*moohu*4?tioL of the tab.ia. _ _ . _ Pure. * ?% Will Itndr their tntereal to oft: I before laiklai aiMWcra. M &-?m* C URBr-CORNS?B UNIONS. MR. PKMDRIAT, **r*eou Ooiro?ocU?t. from HI tfik* begs to lvform JOB t:OU he 0*1. ?f?etu ?.ij r<i?'iwO?rjMd in#?w *o C&ftt t'i*?boi. aeA bf vgtn im idiMe:; M <.r me wrltios, vttio?t laoonveiil-ooe. ijao r*rravM warta?cd other niernome from the hand*, ottmltbey will eyl?erm?lh??d deheMe. No. If thMrwtDMrL iH lit .. Oharrea ?oOenUj . py ftafera tetee d??a?e of VYMfciiiuwee^pvo Till WMKLY STA V. t*h rsmrm* rtmPj U4 Hrv* iMnIMtUBlKI IWHi TtrtoH ?t lalllMH^ ? . <u Ibu MB kt NU4 IB U? '?* - ? pVhTM** > Frl4*T?*m!*t Mlfil ?P, P? UIWmmmm., ji m FV? mtfkm ? NIIUXMI ' i|?* 71 V? ?? ?# ??< nil ? I Ww?|lf-lT| M H It iBTBffUbly MIU M t?? " WattlartM Kjp' m jiup Mwmmmg star nrtiuv gcacvmlly Utfe?f ko?t the eo*?tnr E7*3ti*ie c- plf* (1* ?rr*ppci*; ?ar k? pr* ?iwd at tfce ecn-itn, lisrredlately ?f>r th? f the paper riloe?THKEE CENT? HELM HOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION : HWHLY COyCWimiATWD* OlBMIBi Flmd lv?v<ajkt Per Djwm el tr.? BLAD1?E*,*II?>FY^ ?RAVrr*,ta4 DtOfBICAf SWKLLIN??. ? Ik i Increase the pcwcr of Ligc uea, and *>ic<te? the ab?obb*xt.? ? to r.cfc'' j fc/toe. bt whri the witkby ok curneN d*?oei i<>ni ftuu ?. i cnNA.iujL?L i.\uuni!i7H are recaceC. utH! a? ami jsm4T oj? . - .1 - - Hbl.MbuLL* S bATKACT BUCHO For W??k&* < ? Art?i&( f'oii. L*< ?? ?& . tUtita >{ Earlr indtacrvfi**!! *r A^vm. A"m<i4fi ?r<?4 iki fhUotn?/ kydfim. : ln<li? position to Kierlicfl, Loaa of Powt Loaa of Mwncn. lUSotlty of Bre* hiaj, Wttk Ntrtjl, Trent*: mc, iHiwrcr of W aJcrU c*m. Dun <r.? u( Vmi*. , i'lt* 10 *?> iM , , 8uiv*r?-a5 Lue to?te c! ike . I'.fcaltt J**rtan , 0ot Hfc -U, F'vi'liiuj of tta J<vW 0ryD*aa of lue r%ln. KrupUon* on Ut? faci. T4.L', j a?ir??o?n?, n c ! ?< <*, t Hjfdioui? invamMy traiom, kKia *"?a lMt'(?f KNOT, fr ATlilTY. briLfcf rio j'ITS A* 0/ ?afcv? ?*a fmr.m: ?i>t rqf??. L W.?iO c?u -*j ri?t t hey ara not fi*?a?at p ? * lowsl l j un?"iB?n. ???,** ? INSANITY AMD CONSUMi' M*r? *re a^rai* lio-e <v" tt.air rcat* B5T WOW* WtL.L OHP???. #u L' D L. <WkU l.a - ? f kill ? ? "-* nn n own lis ur Ann I nDA.lb 1 WIUB A*<i iUMiImcUJ* Dttim b\ Okhmm n, I BAB UFLI W!?!(W? TO TV ?|tn Ol T?I UlttTlOH. M?:rer tnc itd of T.adlcic" to ?treo(t.C?(i ?n4 lLTijorate the ?nut Jfcifi HtiLMBOLD'8 EXTMACT bUCUU b*ft ?&.* ?V ilM tiiA*. ?.LheuK?.rci T. r itrn iur.eu. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMA +ES, OLD OR YOUNft, fMN6i.K. ?ARHEI>, OR CONTEMPLATING IJARKIaGE. In M**f Ajjtciiont Ftcuitar to Ftm*-lu tfte Extract BbcLu it or *?ua ?-<! i j *iy < Uk . >ncly, a? in CWo""o#? or H*t"t t>or, arity, l*ainfalD?*a, or tfapprMaioc o! Cwtion.a. y j i cation*. Ulcerated or Schirrc.t s:*teof ?h L't* 1 rus, Leooorrhea or Whites,tfiertiny.Mo ?t>r a'l rorr.p.%iM? isrwltnt to th* ?<**. w'other rrtaioc from lr^ipcretior, H?t><Uof Dissic&tioa.or is the DECLINE OK CHAXVK Of Lit*' hi ^tmptoiw A.torm. NO IAMILY bfiOULD CS WITUO^I II TmJti a* <M?r? fialtmm. Mi'tmy rr ltMiiMM fw Unr.Uatmmt ?M lM?fI'MU Aumiii. HE[*MHOLD'S EXTRAM BUCHU tun SfiCiUT DLV^CI it ?l! ~?ir ; At I'ttie F,x?en?? LHtie at e* 8l!?n? :c No ineourrumw ' Amd ??jQxr?*?fr?. iik l.osj'i.' 4.MU? fcr.d i.T?? eirt ,|U J Unofcte th8r??-? R "m-rxTTDf i bttrvotioua, mi. Cknci E-'riciarwi >( ti e i r nr.rm, itruumi ??JL, M in the cier* of <?<????. ?. nt ?*&? irj Pyiiotumt, Liuukt^J* u?u. wn?. mi .JaiM'. tfiOW?AJ<r?8 tPO? THOC?> ^ll>? RMi) WiKK 7J/K r ""7 .'3# " fl* Qrrrrr, tad ??Uo s*. j ? *% '*?< to t>? > > <*?* ir % ? n?rt Unjr, t.aTe foarlu tfcf r were iiooe:*-e-.. *ec h?t tM "P0:?02i" hu, by th? at? of ?cu. '?< *nr?*tt > b?Mj dried b?io tb* to l r?< oat i: t~r. form. *u? r# IMAT8 AkTX* MA AV " ..-?* .*!.? ' m 1,.... bt>M 1 ~i>"3 KXVKA l* 3VOA? ail ?-?<2 o f uc wk*tk?r?i:st:nc WAJUti OK FKMiLlt trta wk*?r*er *a?8? WetnttTB* acd n? mitt* UJ <* LONG ?TA!*?!*e ('ri*c? r?fil the aid ! % Ih n?:i. UELMbUuD 8 hllxiAC'l HUCHU 1?J THE &KAT DiUKEVlC. ftsd iiMrttic to h?v* tiie desired ?ftw>l im lhlMIN/?r vIMi l( u mvoi or ru wo?t uaromnu ajud *a uiiu CXA&AC7U vill|M??9fcn7 the iMdse'ces. fcJLWlF lCATMS OF i- roa * to ( rtwi' mn' >u EA.Ha FAME. THTB1C1AXS" TLX ASM -r*OTIOM.m wm ?t" "mo urnm" or' naimran ' BELMDOLD'8 KXTRACt BUCHU .a oompcaed of Huafca.Oa^^twxl Jol.pbt Btni* elwtad witt rrwt oate (17 a oom>c?u di ucut PREPARED lit TACVO, BT H. T. RKLHBULV, r?et>?al ud Aa?!yti<ml Chsmiat. tad Sri. Mn uiactu/n- of HKUIBOLD'B QINUiN B P&EPARA IIO*? Persocfrl.i jL?Mir*a uefuue m?, u iddr rm*HM the 01 Ij of PtiMkde.jiiiift, K. T. Ubzjum La, woo beu? dnly tweni.aoCh ht.Mi >re.'*r*t; c* po? mm r? n?reofc~ bo ,wr?D7, or o. v , jnr.^iu arurt, t ut ate purely vocoteb's. v ? "fl. X. MELMi OLD. 8won; *ud Sdb*orib?4 relcre ice, ;Lu2? oati a NoTotnbor, 1864. W.M. P. AlBBfr Kl). idoncan, ?t? ?Mf? H tec jlu ? fhysIClAJfS IN aIIEMja*c fi FROX Bi.if TO 6 P. if. frlM II im botUo, or il. i*r Mt Deliver*4 to tav i44rwi, ?rr'- n<li kitmtu, XitoamItttartfartatormtVm aeon. .? ft. V. UUNB'J L O, Ck: '* Dmt.XtOti. Tlnu <'fc-tt??? r IBW&1S OP OUfN^lfKin AND WNfMIItCirLMU OblZtJiS vjM creator to dieeoee ~o *? ?i i 'oU??r" AJtle^M oa tepuituo- - -t* auwu>%ld>? Gtwuw friywMM , . 14 M Mmtr?t Bi * , 4 k ? ? M 04 gffHy j, " 14 pn??4 Ami '*?? . . ' * j-to'. Itt* fcj 3. B. 4. v. ?ui4i. i<w WiLiii e. G? Hu. & d. ? Iffiit.' Majoi* i)% r. Ouui&itwiu % iAnutiJ L *UM. WHluulN m4 hMiwfk lAhJD ALL DM WeiSTfl M fMMYWl M AM AJ0L VOB ? ttll ?o utUi AMW A*OUf ? -t * - Jmihijwp^mm ?im I "*** It <