25 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

25 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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** . f * 0 ^ _ . \ p | ^v" <** <? M i * V^. XL\ WASHINGTON, I) C . TUE^DAy" MARCH 25, I8(>2. N?. g.sgfi 1 ST48 :,:SillU EVERT A FT BUN'. 'JTt. <i- >f>AV EXCEPT*,!>.? t V*?tf STAR ?-??>? I ?5V'<>t4i* WWW U4 M IT V ?./. W ALiljAUll. ??n ?* la p-xSrqea fcy eatne** at It ??r, nt r crnti per laoota. Te mil MbKrifcer* if pr y* la U M a jf?u, w (Uhwi; #J for rr?h?; 91 for thrrr mon'ba; aal for leaa tiua v?> rs a ha ai the rate of 19 ceate a week 91* ;le cnpj?, oni cznt; la wrapper*, two camra ir7" Aovi ria?*?!fTa ataoxHd* be tent to the Acr .Vie ll o'clock m.; oiherwlae they Mf tst apprrr nn*]! the next da* . THE FIGHT AT INI AND !f?. 10. ??. Jul iti'hz hiruitmt*?The Confederate* in fI 'trre, frith IIollni.i and kit Rimt Xc. - ? ? ?. }'r ?m our exchanges we gather Ihe following WT ?-? interring particulars of the bombardment of the irVI tota at Inland N?. 1? . % , r !?r?n*r'f? pioht. A e<>rrc pendent of the Chicago Time*, writin;- rr- -:i the flagship Benton on Monday, say? : Yccter lay ?*fu an cscitin? d*y The robcls ?rc .1 - - sit t it is reported thai iicnorals l?r*? -1 iieauregard aro here with a largo t>rcc, in addition to tb? forco which was at Columbus They hav? the puns hero taken aw; v from Ooluiubu^, and na additional number Vf heavy ^ana brought here by Bragg, llollin* i- here with hi* Manassas Karn and a lar^e H >.itin^ bittery; tho number of guns, k : ? ' ;i 'Hi'icr in?l ftOVWU. The guntxntu wore ?tfl day from two and a h*:r ! ? \ no and a halt miiets abuve the coctuj'a. ba>t<>ry at the bcn4 in the river ?a the "Kentucky .?i lc, where they had ?rvcn gnns, the two centre oae^ 12H-i?oundcr', the flag-ship and Cincinnati bcinir in advance. The mor?-_ ? i?-- ?-? " ? ? i .i !> ??;'. c;j;m in uaiun:^. couunuea mrowing shell all day. The Benton opened daring the morning with her two stern guns, seven inch rifled, with shell of conical shape, but fri ai wnic dcfect in them they exploded be f- re reaching the object. The "fuses were wet to (Iteveut au explosion, and fired the game a.i r? ioid shot at the battery on the Kentuckj* h<?rtj. 1 ho number if j-hot which the R?ntnn Bred was 55, ninny of them striking in tbo enemy's fortifications, the di.st.inco being 2| iiiito. and oust have done great damage tu their w<>r!?.?. lWiu? lite afternoon Col. Buford, with a j? ?rt" i <>f his regiment, the 27th Illinois, with some piece* of artillery, landed on a ] -irt on the Missouri shore nsar the head of . i w'i?re he had discovered a strin of land dU alt gether covered with water, and m i-lc bu v.ay s >uie distance under cover uf h tan chaparcl to a point where he got a range on the head of the iaUnd and threw several 5b.>nbich apparently woke up the rebels, n; t hej replied bat did no damsgo. Near J.irk a r'nn.l ishii^ frnin th? rnAmw'j .tnr.A? - iwv V IIVUJ J O UJ'J'Cl battery *r;is ilrected at a tran*i>ort lyin^ on the Miswari shore, bat with nocffoct. Xhis fci'vtciy h i been ? target for the Benton, but ha i not deigned to reply. TII2 3>'tB\R0MESr 0* MOSDAY?THE'f E XDOl'S rm. Tit-- morning (Monday) a council of officers was I t. which resulted in lashing three gunboats t^-cther? the Benton. Capt. Phelps, in the center, the St. Louis, Capt. Paulding, on the rittat. and the Cincinnati, Capt. Stembell, cn the left. It took until near 12 o'clock t? get everything in readiness, when the three boats wheeled around and started slowly down the river in front of the frownine batteri?j of ? - I the ccciu7. Oar ui >rtar boats had b??n playing on the hen i "f : :.e island all the morning,where it w?? evident ths rebels had planted some heavy gun* during the night. The mortars continued urine at intervals all day. After verting in proper position. Bishop, of the Bent n, opened the ball with his first forward p?>?" *> at six minutes before 1 o'clock, follow ? by Lid ?ocond starboard gun. His ecoj i struok tho enemy's parapet. Mc1? >n ill, of the SI Ml, and Hall, of the Cin ciar.i.tt. ci h a si irboard gun with marked ? -:uracy- The firing of all three of ih> ats ut# continued,- jiun of the shut latdin* j-l'Mup d(u the eacuiy'.* parapet. W cn ih-j Jirii^c tumenccd, the trio?Hen ton J-^r. Lout* and Cin innati?were about two and a k tlf mile fr hi tko enemy's peven-guu bat tor, am' c ?:itina? ?1 moving down very slowly for in hour, ijo? getting anj re*pnn*?. l'bungc<l our c - ir e aad coii tnenved tiring vn the land bit tv b'l iw. or twu ?hoU? drew them - . Vf,P - -I- -4. M * M * i i m : i cujiie n. sii 'is irum no.ia 01 leianu ?rvl l>>nr I'phii Ibti'I Ii?U?fT ahovo. tho one *? In 1 liril Wcou tiring U, l<u*t all their ->boli fell n~-' The enemy now cuuiaicnco<l getling b< t i r rai<?r. as several *hcll went completely >\rr n?. The ruttiin; <>f ?b'?t an<l shell from l??>?h I'HrtiM n?>w terriffo, and fell i ?;i.? u,..? * toe ? a * <u ?un i u* u.-.ii A ^"'uuuvr ion nut trc!*? tee* astern vf the Benton. A moment alter another !?'.ru?.k between tho Benton and { >t I,>ui- near their ?tem, striking the former tw - incbes abore the w.Tter line, throwing per!'?*! column* of water over both boats, jour ' rri. iiKicui ww uviciiu ittiu Tinier, nuu uiany yth?r.? w< re drckched to tho skin At half-past two o'clock a rifled cannon?a 'il pmn'tT burst on the St. L?ul*, killing two men in-taut! j, and wounding nine, ?ouic of v. b"ui arc dangerous. One >f the killed was i.aw4 JmIuou, who formerly lived in Chioa >. John lioth was the other killed. who came 1 rcfroinihe Potomac. Mr. McDonald, gun* r if till*. St ftllijt WMs Li'.V UniiMrtn.l IKa Fioulder ftnil ami, and a mm Lamed McAdams was badly wounded in the head and small of tho back. The otners were slightly wounded. llaif an kjur after a 64-pound solid shot > ruck the Uenton amidships on her starboard m ie. went through the spar dcck. striking the ^ un dcck. when it bounded, striking the spar i<"k aui landed on Captain Phelps' witting de-k, g"ing through into the drawer, v, hire 11 ftopocd. ar.d remains thero still k>i>!in'.cci fliir'tdick. and iaat, but no one was injured Ten minute." after another rti-jmunder passed i r *fy over the Benton's pilot house, and only turce feet from my bend, striking our iron __ ^ _i .. ; l_ _ ^it 1. - ? _ \*n<riiay?r, n miu an mnus 01 snapes. went through the smoke-stack, knocking two leet cut of a heavy iron rod which holdj the .<m?ke stack up, passed through a triads sk v light, striking a team of iron plating on the drek, tore op two of them. and quietly rolled !<>wn to the port cide, doing no uiore damage. S ma after another shot kit the Benton plump :i the faee, but. finding it to hard, bounded off into the nver. A few minutes after the Cincinnati wiw struck in her rigging, and the shot pitted over her wheel-house and knocked off h*aw b!oek which suiiDorta her nroiwllin<? wheel.' AlV this time shots of this'ch&racter were t) i?| over ?? At half pan four two of the enemy * gun* were discovered dismounted in the upper battery. Ihe shot* of the enemj now came up rfrofgy," in^'t ?t them failing short, but a.*e in a while going f?r above us over our * i i < One stray shot hit the St. Louis in her w, i ' ! ? water-nitric. roe reneis discovering that their upper battery was disabled, opened on as from two lower batteries, but ?nly on* of them came near ns, the others i tiiiag ?hort. A steamer was also seen towing up !*ck of the ulacd what was supposed to be tfie i?r?* floating battery, which is said to be * cry formidable The cugAgeinent bad lasted five hoars and t T'y uunutea, ana not man belonging to our l?irty h?<l been hart, except one man on the CiWUMlii who received some slight contup mi ob oae of his hand* from some fljing fainter*, but amounted to nothing more than scratches. iftr, Piunruw The Beaton threw eeverat shell thu morning into the upper battery, and the Mound City h*s been firing away all day at some battery, at long range, with good effect. The mortar* have continued all day firing shell every half hour. The enemy have fired at us from four -? a * - 1 a A.xt 11 > tileries at imervais, out uisu hvi ui icu ibort. Col. Cuford has not been idle. He ha* made TvcuBDoiMaoeM daily. 11* report* this morning that tbo island i? dMertod of infantry? nothing remaining bat hoary guns. They hare undoubtedly gone to the mainland. I he Moood City ha* either dismounted a r.U ?- ? /..* ? J li 1*L ..J iu 'ui upper lurv. or vortrta it wub ujuu, ?m it omiD<>t b? H?en. A ihell fall in the lower f >rt. where aoneetTalry were drilling, which * nt (a'tn ffjiag in every direction Im i>?ou>n obummkI l?te in tfet *fUr # . , , ; ? *t 4 lU t . , : ... I noon to throw shell into the fort, which has been successful in many instances. Tho rebels do not reply. TWO REBEL GUKBOAT8 SUNK. On Tuesday night, six rebel gunb?ats attempted to run up. Two were sunk, and four are now cooped betweon New Madrid and Island No. 10." STRENGTH OF THE REBEL WORKS. A correspondent of the Cincinnati Gaistte writes March 18: Tbo fortiieationa on tbe island aro not the work * ! a week, perhaps not or month. There is every evidence that the ground wa.- selected with a view to making a desperate strugglo, and that tho works wore not orected to be abandoned on the approach of our forces. How many batteries there are, it seema impossible to find out. Every different position our fleot assumes reveals new defenses. We are now confident that we will hare not less than fifty guns to silence?n majority of them very heavy caliber too. TUB I'tLICil FL0AT13C. BATTER*. In ecaryany iritha number of army olfi^r*. I crossed the mainland on the Missouri side, nf o lw\ii ? V* ma - J www. W?J , ? uicimivv vi nwuv IUIVV UIIIIO, I" ? point dircctly opposite the foot of the island. Wo were not rnoro than threo-quartcrs of u mile distant from the southern extreme of tho rebel fortifications. By tho aid of a glass wo C >uld kc distinctly tho operations of the enemy. Ya?t numbers of uniformed men were assemKln.l I\n fKft cKi.rn A <*/??? ** ? ? V.V. vu > U>'IV. i\ lun tr^llUVUiS ? ClU nil parade. marching and countermarching to tho tunc of Dixie, dealt out by a sable drummer and a scaly-looking fifor. What most attracted our attention was a floating battery, the most formidahlodooking object of offense or defense yet presented to the fcederal eye. Tmn who have visited New Orloani within a few years past, will remember the Pelican Dry Dock upon which river steamboats wcro constantly being repaired. The battery I allude to is mounted upon this dock, which is fkan O/Wl : - 1 rri uvv a\j<3* i nun ICC t IU iCUglUi A IIC ^Un3 <11*0 about six feet above the water. In the center cf the battery there U a largo iron apartment, shaped like one of our gunboats, covered with heavy iron, and desigued for a protection to the men. I think it mounts ten guns, certainly not lraP than eight, and n<>ne?f them smaller than ".2-pouriers. I might mention en passant, that while wo were scanning the mnif'i rnnks. w? >* i ???? .w? - ^ _ J " ? v?r? UVrtI >J ? loud noise followed by an atmospheric "whin" which we interpreted as an earnest admonition for us to stay not upon the order of our going, but go at once; and almost simultaneously with this, wc saw the earth fly in miscellaneous directions. HETF.RMI* irinx nr rnr c I>unng the entire day the rebels displayed great determination to bold out to the Inst. At hulf-pa?t one o'clock their flig wns cut down by a shot from the Mound City. In tho midst of the hcaricst cannonading, they planted it on its former site; and. that we mizht take notice of the fact, one of their Midler* wared it with his hand fof a quarter of an hour. It is impossible for us to tell what amount of execution wss done to the rebel Fort yesterday. I am confident we dismounted no guns; but I believe we killed a number of their men, betrau^e at intervals we could sco men carricd out of the Fort on hospital. Durtug laet night they removed thoir tents fr<>ui the river bank, probably, back from the nf r?n r thai) -"6" " "? A Uci>tib hhu h?i< uut hisk RibMrn.-*-Tlio following ftory of an incidontof tho rebel rctroit from f^ashville ought to bo truo, if it is not: 'Andrew J.Polk was tho captain of a cavalry company, and is also a man of immense wealth ia lands and negroes. On the Wednesday .. *. I / 1 1 C? I - ~ ) I * I Riicr inu ccieura.eu ouuua) , uo was seaxi oy his cousin. W. 11. Polk, at a greater dUtance from his company of cavalry thau from his houses and lands. " W. H. r.?Why, Andrew, what in the world are you doing here' ' A. J. P?Well, Bill, the fact is I'm on my way to my plantation. u W. 11 P.?But what ha* bccomo of the tiui . a iuvu^ui j vu nviv vaj'iaiu ui a t'JUl* panj! "A. J. P?Damn the war! I've got my ' rights iii the territories' now, and if anybody wants my cornpan y they can have it." THTA young ladv named JMary Cook, was late discovered In soldier's Mtlre Jn tlie'Jd Kentucky Cavalry. mar M unfprd->vili" She stated I. .ft .ft )_ J ( _ 1_ ? 1 J A... t ? iu.il >ur iraiii'u in u(t-CKinriii);(.' iuui:iy. by H- r f>tber w*? a clergyman, and after hie death alio taught x Ltoul lit Hardin county, where she mid three other young ladies a^reV-d to adopt male attire and join the arm v. They divided two a: d two, but Mary's companion backed out, and rite went alone Ou?* cf the ether ?lrli li now, sfce savD. a lieutenant in a Kentucky Infantry regiment ami take* care good C8fe ?* bef com* panicn. keeping bcr la her tent aa servant J*Uc inaiata that tUey were only luttuenoid by a love of adventure i 'ARK1AUIS5*: CARRIAGES.'! CARRIAGE*!!! l'o:e >i.? w,?U;uj to tiAVf thoir CAKRIAciKt# REPAIR KD won.'J uo vre.i to till andbef >ro i.?irtai::ing elsewhere. on n*na ? T?ry 'J3.? * *~" Hca.?onei Wood Material of 41 MM*. AMERICAN AN^aK,Sto AND VARNISHES of the bwrt quality, Ao.,&o. inr Work ?1on?? in th? shorf it poes ble time, * 'latnuitm' ? > ?? - ' 1 KOliEKT H. UKAHAM, COACH MAKKK, mhSl IW 477 Eighth utrfet, "pMK UNUtHSIONKU Wii>he? to mi. rm ins 1 frien<? and the pat>li3 thst he has opened a baw Piling and Mnpainnc frhop on the comer ot 7th and S* eirceU, en 1 believing, irom a lone experience in the batineM. tft<tne ?ili be able to p ?ne tiie wood s*wyer and the butoier aud every mechaaio that uae? a ?aw and hope*, br as'iot atfirion to buKine** that he will merit a -hare of tk. - - |11V yu U1IV ya (.1 UUB(U. mhia Hn* ?PJLN KBNIVkALLY. RESTAURANT AND EATINtt IH>U-E, 6EORGE HITZ. Havir.e *aken the HAK ROOM owced by Mr. Cftsparu for Uia purpose of re-o?einnitA . A tsi<; it.uoa, I therefore notify my frien<t<i WTA V ai.-i iab ?abiia in jeiserai that 1 wilt open od l"ue??Uy. Marcu 25th, M6J, where w.ii *1 wnya be fonna everytbir f /e^ulaito U* a first c.asa Bar. mh *>-3-* Os NOT1CK /^\ a 1 m<\ nm ?? ???" * * *ynVenkkal.iu THE GOSLING RK8T1VRANT, ?47 PEMN8Y L VJi N I A AVE W couth aw*, W (Ko'nnrly of New York.) Has the name an-i fame of being One of the Best Restaurant? tn Town ! frrtfiTe us a trial, ?nd indfe fur you lf.^Ql brery thtn* in the Iijukii*^ ^7 ot the ^gAiLUk.^V THE MASKbTfB^. a *>?*? ?? ? ? Arrunyo, "xijp irr Don't forget the ncrnbtrU47 Pen' ?t!t?d!\ avonue, botwaeu Uth ana Uth *t :< >?!?, !*-! tooth ai(i?. J^EW WU0LE8AL?jURVe00Ut? ildUHB. J H. HOBLITZKLL k. CO. h*ve jnet opeaed a lar?e too* o( DK V GOODS NOTIONS, Ac., st *o. 3?T VN est Malt.more street. Daltimore. TM entire stock *w parehasd in September and October ast, at pnoes enabling Uiem to ?e I to 4ealera on soon terms as will make it the interact ei uuu cuj uu oouuiry raofctiar.ti 10 exjuniM thmratoek. tor rteir Umi wilt ho?h. f> M-i?' 1^2 boots?sua ax / |^. rii Coun Tuth St. AND Pa. Ac.fV W SHIN9TON CITY AMD LASTKHN MADE Balmoral*...fUf to ?I.-? u?ma n* iiwr*1*. . .. . .. ? ?Q 99 ?" tianu' Fiao ?mlf Hoot*. fiouto t?? Ali kinds of BOOTH Md SHOES vory oke?>. 117 ?r?de to order is Ike ill 11 IW CHAKbtttf ??. MOKsft. WHfRTH uf ? I dMort>u?Ba *ld MicM, il O ! > ? { ^t?i?r " ' ' TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATER MO*l EUROPE. Tk* Elorkndr <(uextio* in the Ifnuft of J.ord* f.oril Kmn'tU Thinks tkr wnnt of Cotton ?* England ifit best Ttst as to the IJficun-y of the Rlockadr. Nkvv York, March -I ?Tbo steamer li.man baa arrived with Liverpool dates to the l'-ith Inst. In the Hou?c of Lords, on the l'Jth Inst.. Lord Campbell called attention to the laeftKlenry of the American blockade of tbc "Confederate" pjrts, and he moved for llic corrcapoudejicc on the subject. Lord Russell replied to the proofs adduced by Lord Campbell of the InetBeleneypf the blockade, and recounted the ?Boris made by Mic North to render it < Active. He considered that tLe want <>f cotton In the Kngllah market wan Hie best test that the blockade wm not an empty oue He sdrt'd. that the removal of Itae old feeling between the North and the South wa? lmpoMlble, and be hoped th^ North would concnt toapcace/ui aeparatlon of the State*. Both were rirh and extensive enon?h to be mt^hty power*. I!e tnMed that wltbin six months, or suoom, Ua? war Would rcttac, I'-aviwt; emaiK i|?a'?lo?i tf pe??iblr, to t?? rfl' ctea by gradual and pescrfal means Ho atid that no formal communication hid been madr by the French to the lin^liah Government on ttir InrHli lenrir c.t thr tiiork.idiv Tbe motion was then withdrawn. The Annie Childs Is tbe name of the screw steamer which recently arrived at Queeustown from Wilmington, N- C The ship Mar id, at Liverpool from Bombay, fell In with tbe brl? Ksperlo, from l.ondon for New York.with the crew in a star vine condition. and supplied them. Two hundred thousand pounds sterling. In Australian gold, have recently arrived in highland, and our hunrtnd and twenty-ftve tbousand pounds of New / .aland gold Is en route. TUB LATEST. Man ti 10.?American aecurltirt are tirm. Thp Aiii arrived hpr#? In.dav Garibaldi presided over a large meeting of pop. ular delegate*, receutlv, at Gcnos. He said fce deplored the abseace of representatives from the excluded provinces. He took an oath to deliver these provinces. Mimmnii ? r*i tr/?H ntl'aHi* Conto!i have advanced and clo?cd at London at 90^aPn *j. COMMERCIAL. Liverpool, March 12 ?Cotton cluacd dull.? S?!c? on Monday and Tuesday ot - ,(HKi bnlea, including 3 IKK) bale* lo ipcculntors and exporters. Prlcea uncban?cd 'I'Lp M.inclif'ltcr mnrlr# t rWf'il niiir* .inH tirm iireadatuiis closed dull. Flour dull and 6d. hwer. Wheat declined 12d for lower qualities. Corn declined 6dj mixed 2!U. Provisions ?Beef closed quiet but prices steady. Pork dull and unchanged. Bacon firm. Lard Mr.tlve find 1? Tsllnni a Froducc.?R.sin?aslts small at l-'i ?>.i f<r common Spirits turpentine nominal Su^ar quiet and steady. Coffee steady Rice ttrooer. Ashts dull. Linseed oil firmer at 50s. a Werdell riilllipa Mabhrd in Cincinnati, I *?| ti>H W t la ft* nam a nd *???? ? ??/! . V. ?v v. ?* ? WW* "Wilt a nnu a/rtTril fraui the Opera Home ?(ii eal txcitrmrnt. Cincinnati % March -24 ?Wendell Phlllipa. the notoiioua abolition agitator, attempted to acllver a lecture at rb? Opsra House here to-night, but vr: ? met wi:h ratu:r an unexpected demonstration. tie consmenced l>y avowing himself an abolitionist and a dlsunloniit, when per tons in the galleries commence I hi?s!n ? and veiling?threw Cf7<ra and siinm i nf him hittin*r hi?r* \ _ n ? --- * ! ? u i hi ?v ? v iui > I|iv*f The hissing was kept up for some time, but he finally made himself heard and proceeded until oinetbin-j a<;alii objectionable was said, when a^nin e"g? were thrown, hlttt:i;; his person Phillips persevered in making hims.lf heird, when for the third time, .'?H ^U>ii<-h were tL.oMii, tin- i iuuii iimvui,; d?'W.i the stairs, and crying "put him out," "lar and feather him," and giving "groans for the nir Wendell l'tillllps " Tue crowd proceeded down the middle ahlf towards tlie itiwc. vuli? r? wi-rr mi > liu Phillips' friends. wU?*n a ensued, amidst Ibc grcite?t confusion?l-tdi? s ->c rraiuli^ and crying, and jumping over cliair.^j aud I.iUiug In all directions. During (be light Phillip* w <s taken <>U the stage by bis friends, and tbe audience uiovfd out It is now ten o'tlock, and tbe .streets in the vicinity of the Opera House yre crowded with excited people unable to hud Phillips No oue has beca Ktltuily liurt so far as wc can lea to. The Ktpotted Arrest oi Yancey lucorie<t. Ntw Vuhk, Mux L *J1 - The Hera lit s Key VS efttcorrrapondeut ?-xf>iatbr 'iiinner ill which tlii- r> |>off i>f \auety s capture originated, and 1 rii>' di->al>iue> the public. uund from tli< false imprt idion tic w.n swppi ?-d to ?>c anion;; tbe crt-w of the William Maliory, Imta cl?ie? rntlny failed tu d< lect \ aucey, aird It appears tbat he 1- ft Itava.ia t!ie d.iy before tbr Mallmy ailed, In the schooner iire.tk of Day, fur Mobile. Detlrneliia of u \V??lrn i'aelury. Bethlkhkm, l*a., March'21 ?Thelar^c wooten fa< ' ry of Htwi. Ueatoi, of this place, took Arc | on Saturday morning, and wan totally de?treyed. The machinery au<l all the atcck were coiuumtU The lo?s amounted to alout $7U,0Ht?, on which there wd? an Insurance of two third?. 'J'hc factory ha-< be*n for some lime engaged upon coiitr kU to supply auuy clclhts. >i w Vork liault Matruirul Niw VuBK, March ".'t?The weekly utatemtnt of the New York City banks shows the following increase auddecrease: Loans, decrease, t3;0U0,(X>n, specie Increase, 91 25U,0W; circulation, lucre&st*, $355,000; deposits, decrease, $2,693,000. Arrival ( t'risoners train Pea Ridge. Si. Locis, March 21.?Three hundred privates and forty-eight officers, the first detachment of Drismifra bikcn ?f Pm Dlilm nrrlvnl h??r?> l!.?? SCUKNCK'rf SKA WKKD TONIC, FOK the our? of l)yspep*ia, N*rvon? Weakn^M, I'ehili'.y.^ur ?ul Sick Slomaoh, falpitatiovi uftli? Heart, &Ld all diaeaaos arising fioin a clamoured conditionof tiieBiom.toh and Dinars oi iiieeaiioa. wuion are lrcquei.t y great? :m paired in Consumption. ....

T?:e i?KA ?v I/Li) TUNIC la a stimulant distilled oirefullj :rom ine sea weed and Help, which are ioumi ui great a^uniance oa the sea shore. The S*a \Veea Tor.:o is a mi p: asa.t drink, as pare as the hast FrenoA biai.Uy, anl possesses the neouii&r i"<i3P enabling the stomaoii to eon vert ine :cou into neaithy chin?, and thaa forward Lg t!>e procesa <>i ingestion, without winch t'.e reaerai bealtn and atreuxth or the ayatem oaapot be maintained Thia wonderful power ol the Sea Weed To-Jo *ili account lor th* rapidity with which moat peraona Rain flaah wnil? taking it. *nd wluoa. unlike o.Uet atiiauianu, doea not leave the ay stem proatrated wheu ita use iiaa been abandoned. *a it la diatilled from rea weed 4ft?r ma Mkiiir u.&uuer as J im&ie? rpiriis :* irom tne utar cane, It s. there:ore, entirely harmless. | aud free front the injurious properties of corn whiskv or alcohol, whuih lorm the basis of almost ery bitters The directions arete take from aha'ftoawine giaaa full immediately afic each mea , and Tor the patient to find oat what agrees with the atom&ch, an i taae what he eata wel! maatio&ted. Wliei. the stomaoh is verj weU, and apparently luau ulcerated state, it ia better to eat nothing but ataie bread and butter, fat maat, fat ottmfU ol any kind, beef, mutton. !amb,but no kind rrjak :,.mt, bc-et'a marrow ia alio very good Tiie TOfilc acta an ectiy o.i the food. a:.d turns it to aeousy anbatv.ee called eclijine, the brat procoia of digeation. UK. J. 11. SCI1ENCK will be at h:a aaenta fS. H \V site's, i corner Louisiana avenue and 7th St., 11 Wedneeda*, February S6th, and Wednesday, Mar oh ?in, to see patifnta oom?laimn? witn Coughs, Golds. Liver Cow plan t, Dyspepsia, or anj disease leading to Consumption. He g.ve; advice without oha'ge, unless ihfj want a thortnrh examination with his Rospiroinetor, then Bis (ao is three dollars. Trice of the 1'ulmojuo Sirup,?1 per bottle or ?5 per half Trice of it.'* Weed Tonic. ?1 per bottle or *6 per Uatf tioxen. rrioeor Mandrake JPM?, i* oenta per bo*. fea&-T?AF.lw>? _ I ? , CASH NO TICK, i N uunwdm of our feavtu to par oa?h for f*?r?artioie of iu.mIi ve ddtoIim*. we are forced to rMuoe onr buun?M to Caah exc lueivslr, for tke 87& nv'rsvsif w?E?s%rs2"5B (.< ??' wear, whioh araittllinz at a much lowar rate fetn lUMmUy. WALL, 8TKFHKNS to CO* j_ , 3M l *: ?.. 9U? ud |?U .U. i*1 Untel. A Bw.l ?1COAL OfL?COAL OIL. Having TheM?no; of?*ofUe&ie,tCoa! Oil tompiUM m the United SlMei, We cm eeii Cuftl Oil whptrMtoart retail. che?pei Utaou be ?*?|W nk"l^|; j r ? * J"-.? - ' ? ? OFFICIAL. rrtREASl'RY DEPARTMENT, JE March 31, 1^62 Bolder* of bonds of the L'nllrl gfcifwdaU-d OcBhfr 1,1^1, ?n?l pstyabla thr<?e yrar* from dal*. arc lirrrby notiflwl tb*t prr>TMon ha-< l?crn I mate for the payment, in coin, of the coupon* of BNia-annual Interest which will become due on the tat April, proximo, upreeafclv to their tenor, by the Treaanrcr of th? Unttod Stitfi ?.t Wnahinxtou, by the Asxiit int Tresaurcr at Il< ?ton, New York, and Philadelphia, and by the IV|H*ll??ry of the United S'atcs at Cincinnati. Ohin. AM tnch emipona, together with achcdnlea iko*IllC fbfi DlimK>r nf rninwui ?* ..! ........ I ?, -? ? ? w ? * v?\, > vvup-ii) UIIM mc u^; gate mim of each parcel, must bo preavtilrd for examination and verlMcatlon at leant three full busfRtn days before payment S. P CHASE, n h 23 dt apt Secretary of ihc Treasury. ? ' nr *? ? imM*t'K V HHPA KT.M I^T, ? 1 ' F*BKf*Kt 1 |MV*. IVoTir* i* u*Rr*T fiivr^ of thercadlncM of thla LK'partrnt'nt to redeem the Treasury tiotet pnvable In one year from date, authorized by the act of CoiiRrcsi approved December ?Jd, 1^57, and the TrcMury noUt payable In ality day? from date, authorised by the act of Congress approved 2d March, 1WI. Interest on Treasury notes of the above issue* will cease on the 7th day of April next by trrms of those acts respectively. fe 5 tap7 DEPARTMENT OP STATE, Washington, January 'it, Wi The Secretary of State will hereafter reri We Member* of Congress on bn?1p^?f on Saturday*, commencing with Saturday, the fir?t of next month. Jan 27-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARl). -*- * *0 ni'Pi i?*r%f pmt Waiv A/i-.i .in i t'lLi.i a , JiNUII 21, M>'2. Orp*k?t>, That the War Department will be cloned T'Jtadaya, Wednesdays, Thursday* and Friday agalnat all other bualne?a but that wMrb relates to acllvc military operation* In tfc? field Saturdays will be devoted to the business of S?nator? and Representative*. Monday a to the bnaineas of the Fubllc. EDWIN M.STANTON. Ja 22-tl Secretary of War. ^sJ rx XI m*r a?? Tw j^WORDS FOR PRESENTATION TIFFAVY k CO., Nog. 660 and 662 IIroadwat, Niw York. And No. 79 kui Kickrlibd. Paris, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF MILITARY WARES, Solicit the attention of Civic and Military Associations, Command* ou National or Stale service, Patriotic Clubs and individuals to their large Stock of RICH STAFF AND DRKS3 ARMY AND ? NAVY SWORDS. Thm assortment includes the ohoioest dliAUKS OF KNUL.I5H MAN Ur AUTUKE, identical with those made for Wilkinson, of London, worn by the officer* of the B ritith Army, and moat approved br experienced Eurnpsau authorities the elecantfy wrought BLADES OF SOL1N6EN ON THE RHINE, ill fibre and finish the recornizerf modern t* oe? nf the celebrated Uamu.sevs Stui; the excellent and ervioeable BLADhS OF COLL.lN8.OF HARTFORD, Besides thou? of other domestic fabricanta. 1 he mountings of the blades, in all canes exe ou'eU within the establishment, will be found to oomprue all req invite styles oforcairentatson. the scab*>ards beiu* of Silvbr. S?ilvlr Gilt, Brohzr, P .auf or FlKl8lLT.SlI.VKa FLATRD. BURNl.?lIBb stbbl, Rich lxather, etc , with bands ol plain, Chasrd or J?*b?hsrd Gilt, or Solid CiLvaa; ti.? Skips and Giakis ol the same variety of material mmI finish, ana of either re?ulation ?atieru or or ir iUA. (lAai#n mmnlil an arlin ia nf ? V - -mm k llVHIU M> ??Ml v VI Kxtkaokdinart Elminci. of a richness and costliness not represented in atock. be required for presentation, the eapaoili oesoittie establishment for the manufacture of the onoioest worta in (old and ailvor, and its general artistic resources are unusual guarantees of its satisi&ctcry and speedy production. In answer a> orders, designs aud estimates wHi be promptly forwarded. IntfiyiilnaU purchasing Swords of TiA'anr k Co are informed that ever; blade 11 subjected tu tests even more severe than those enjoined by Government, beiore it is plaoM on saia?the tesung block is in the establishment, and at the command of ah who p eler immediate proof of the excellence of th ir swords. fetl-lm COIN WANTED! ?? The Hlrhoat Pnoe ?ai4 for . OLD AND SILVER ' _ Vracis Fo? Suioi S?*a to 8?it. LKWIS JOHNSON * CO.. BANKERS, PnmiHTijui Atuii, * B tf Coronr Tnlb at real CAMP FURN1TUKK AMD TIN WARE OF all kiwi* to b? tuKi t VV. H. HAKKOVKK, mli ?3*7tfc 320 PENNSYLVANIA ATENl'E. i.:i I liC. !'?f ' Jast K??etvrd >i?t4 op?*ne?t, A lar~e ?:-it flat- !sn ?*< ' k cf t FAMILY G H () C E /{ I H S , c?ri*i tinK of: 8UGAH3, of all rr?4m. TliAtf, CUITfcK, BUTTER l.aku, fi.ml'k, I 1 * imah.laku s cuocoj.au:, a#., a.c , Ac. All of u?h !<' li h#? itlTitrc ! II ???l- _ 1 ?. ? . ? "?V -+ "?- UVI ? n! " ? 1 " |TH l?, I'lKK'S CKLEUUA I l.t) Wlllhhl&S. SOU barrel! Ma^noU*, ,*>tw bnrr?-l? X\\, .vto barrrli M illtri Ky? MonnDKibtll, | HtK> b-*rr*'lf fin>* old Rye, SUM barre ls fine Old ikmrbofi, AT CIXCJNMATI FMCFS. Ail tlir fiTorltc brand* cf CHAMPAGNE, Momm Verzray, Greca Seal, Hef4.il, k, wblcb, bring boupbt !r.vr, we offer at nmnally lew rate*. Alto, Sole Agent i<-r PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. frb M-tr BHOTHEIl'S NEIV YORK PPFPP AA LL EKO'KKK PF HPP A A \ l.L I'VEEKKe PP PPP A\K \ l.L EE PP PPP A A AA LL Ka 1'f PPP A A A A LL I'H'.!' rrrri' aa a s i krfk pp a aaa aaa ll. ki. pp AA AA li. kk pp a a a a Ll,f,Lr.L k.kfkkkf. pp AA AA LLLLLL KKEKKKK XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X V \ XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX xx\ xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx XXXXX XXXXX xxxxx X X X X X X X X X X X X xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX * 1 * ??fj rir.nrir.r r. AAA LL KKKllELh AA A A l.L r.K A AAA A LL KM A A A A l.L KKKK A A A A 1,1. EIvKK AA ?VA A A A A A l.L ?K AA AA LLLLLLL KKKKlif I AA AA LLl.LI.LL Ll.KI.i.Ki; <rrKWirt* AMBfaft ALK, i'OKTCK, A*ID EtTUA 1/ II <111 "M 4. < k I -a UUU V? .1 I IPV I , In WktU, Il-'lf, ??i (juntlti C'ntkM, IWliWKD I H">M T?;L CHOICEST liAHLUY MALT AKD /HJPB. uu k\\ ?ii; *. 1Mb Mrc?l, l?riwe** 7?T? ?r?J "Mb Af? ???, NbVV \ OK K. . -J ft a iiijd _ _ r^VKRY I'l.KINH ! .-ST Tlitt ine 4 at" k <?l UMkiif for nlit rT?T<lt'U* it ( Hturn i* i <'W o||.<i. I M I *- lr?*n pprr*, S<M I I il 'd. f?o. <? >? Sov ...;i 4U?' H, cpvo.-itfl l'i??t ? f?7? ? ' mii: rKori.K'.s ? .. j-ii.v; h(OFi:,N? 1 4?>?? rovprt'i si. H * ** Alt<MUiarrival o( Spi mt, " *!' , nl! lii" 1*1 vt w!??l*i?n?, | UNo. 460 riii' H. url. I-' [ t) ;n IjVIR ^Ali! . \ l?'i* ?t-ick ?f ?*i 'tlili *. I"i' i iB^tinod*,Tittiil!ii. Hltstod Olf r.t wile prions. ?l 4b0 .-cv?r.tli nutn I, ripp-.n, to fust Ofitce. fe '/l "in <^K.N I"S l-'urnisliin; Truuk'.f v>tit:..j, 1 Trunk*. H&Uau<I t'&pg.&i; At %<?rth?v W the 1'eopl*'* ilnrc. No 4W111:. it. * t w<IHKT*. hHIKTS. 31J IK T*<!?J*?t rcx?iv.Ml J'fl itoiru Shirts, wlacli wo olfcr a; ??!?1 priore. >lS'-lltH'y l>Jn. 4(in S?Twnlh?t fx nliT THlr* A IIVKKTISI-'M I J t l?I T Vv ~ CUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUf: AND WRING TTF WITH YOU ! The subscriber will felv*nc?. ia the way een onase or loui.rmi'. curaa lor : !ic:1 perio tn. DIAMONDS. WATCH KS. VALUABLE JEWEL**, or ary description of ?au?faotor j ?oour.tie?. Ass Ivi t or Keatienian wno would Uko tu o!xa*uai?v dollars u-uiporariir, iu & quiet mauLei, may do ?o !>t appiylcg at 4Sb U tU Mreel, bciwoea U ard U, from U to ~i o'cioclc. f?* 27-1m HOOTS A.NU SHOES TO SUIT THE I) T1 M L'Q ? i im ^ We are now inanufftcturins aJ! kinds of liOOTt* and SHOEfc, ar.d constantly rt-csvic* i?Ub| supply cf eastern made work of ever* tie- 441 caption, made ex presily t?> o'der, and w ill W W| be fold at amuoti lower price than has iiaen* heretofore euarced in lUta city lor maou inferior articles. 1 onu.n Ml w?:u (II itooii tna Mices 01 niiurs or city made work, will alwaj* find a good a?rort re-at id store and at the lowest p-ioe?. Sir* aa a oall. ' GRIKKiN ft BRO , ap *-r 314 jVr.ngTlT?ata a^erae. I FURNITURE! fx U FURNITURE FURNITURE! Jyl W. ?. MO888, (of tte firm of Mum A Peokham, PhiladW Uaautactarer an?i Wboleaale and Retail lteiier it 3ane ?at Ctair*. Cottaie, F*rlor &cd DinhJc room Furniture?Tliurt'i SftUdiugt ?01> Severn:. "teery nr? of UPHOLSTERING ?rom?Uf kc neath excoutei, s?:or? open day ar.'< eresinffcr th? acconjrr.??J? tinv nf lh? miMi/v i'u :oha*er? will itudy thnr interest tc ca: 1 before looking elsewhere. j* Xi-t ia* C URE-COK NS-B UNIONS. MK. Pl-ALDH 1 AT, Surgeon Chiropodist. from Pans, leg a to Inlurin yon toat b?ou etfeatn ajly remove Corn* and without pats, m that the shoe can be worn immediately al>?r me operation, without tuconvenf-ooe. Alto remover Warts aud other superttnous leah iroia the haacle. | inthntt.iAv vill inaMLr *vnftJI Afkt H*linLr<i Mn 1 '? Oijtreet, near City Hall. Charge* moderate. ID- Hefera to the duotora of Waai.uju>n cener*Hr. tub 6 tf CPR1Nfi CASSlMERfcS. Aiao, mediam aud fin? Clotas and VecMuaa Navy Uiue Cloth*. Flannela, and Cattimerfa. Caavat*. Neck Tiee, H.otb*, Haif ?i?>ae, UwhreSJae, P^okaC H and kareti tela, UatUr^irta: irmvrri *to. Onr'Northero and hutnrn ooriwtoarfrnts seod Of new auppliea Umij. . . _ I <>n? nrtceoniy, tb? aotnil caali M>nd?rd v&lne, ia?tk?d liiu.i*. An n ejection of >t<>ok incurs no Micatmn t?? perch*#?. rKRNV A ItKO, mh 3 w * l>nn. nv?o?? ami Ninth at. . J I 1 1 I ^DAM8> EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE Ok REMOVAL, Th? delivery office or this OOibpaut w reu.<??e.i from Tturd street to ifc? Ur^e towt o* U nren. Id and Srf nU ' WE HAVE OPENED A LAR?>K ttJOOK of w f.M jpw.persTTiFrrrS3 URA\V LRhi wh'ch will be aoiil at rwto&thit no#*, ~ PAWL W. f.iOMPSON, "f rw. mmv p*>. f? lt-tf Hfi Tii'l. lOKSKS M>tt SAI^. ' '' ' i "'* 4< ' 1 . -l 'Of -l?wcriHH*. 4-v ( \.r utatiU? ?? *T_Jp ' **i IMUftW MktFM ? U ? fc: Of) *> 1 ! 'I} f ?t d * ' ?II MIH rai rr?bi> #V? *49: ? ? PlBU1 u4 n??. <*? ??. ? ??* fn**** ? ?kn st* H ii n u?* ? I"* <M T-?*t r?i it iimmi ratiftefr^Miru 9! ? Mt# crr'M-. * ? 71 lf? *? f vnty |T? * * II rtl(>'u!{t "H' "???' (fell UM aridr rk? fftw M S'm- t'rftW-4 o *rarr*'!y t&rocp boat tfc< ccvatry ^ c^ptra (la vr^fptta) eta a* a*? iiim ? mm malar, !nwrdM-l| nfw Um cl fee paper Price--THKKK CtMS UINTISTKx ||H. J. B. PKABOOY, ?- PKNTIST* Alto '* to a'1 l? " ?<?< ! '?< at in??t r?*vt?:>\ >if ra"?? t . * In u f yl oj> ' rati- -*n.n ?>? wtfriniiM ^ I?tf. ? \ , *^7<i ft a ^iim ? r!#fc i lltii a: <t 12th lUw1'* ? iin>nr?Ta>t ?*f t*?^ Kirk*. > i II >. u U ... _ ?t i>* ??* a .r ' VI >:Kit 'I. v-' ?1 r ..... a. t 1?1 rt cut IWMUO W' ' fcr ItiMC SL^I. ?f a ' *>*tr i<tli^* ' r-? f'r- - ( " 1 <-?-ntprr* i ?. r<fu>??t ? NU :v . r.'HM at jUliiir.T "A. * ' -j" I V T -. J r '< <"<?f T .. ??.. r. : ? f.f v t ?*?u ilfM'iiiilfiUblll f?-' *t r.?vt?l Jut? 'UA4 4 i i. ; : a * w- * w*"nr!M. H H>:r? in *!? c>?f ? No. W'f* , ? * ? R l UAKLU II. LR, XiUNTlST. > . o I LYA.NiA AVUMU 9rn *nr IVtk ???. t 4 VI A.\. I i'R'j .D Ih VfcBTCJON 11 M , ITiFtriJtL rHbOri.A^T! BOl*? T E K T H. *\;iro?t 'ittlt i't'tf?! cl??n. :>r. a. n 114 * ' fenn".-:nfj* irv. ii m 4 rt -f l.'.r* . * t 1M - tfm, \ **: ii": : ^i'Mk! t? r.. ti?w.rt ? * *, ??, s i: * fftm i. T. * '1 irsisctvK ""-HHh ' * * 1 - ? #> 1 t * I~r* *. i . ? 1 ?-iu*r. ?. " s vi i :> , M ifea It-" *! i-zr* r'r r" -"1 <T??rt'?t> X. aba ;< cu *r:il V* "* " *?*!"" ? ?n ? c t> ?fow,ii?iirrtrtt: it-.?* t?r?pat r? .1 "it \? mr"' i t .fr*< ernre t; ? i. nr. tv i . . ?1 -iio ;w.', wk^Ji ?cu?i : a ' . -?(? ? *. ??*f r. I * -rork hot 1 o i lailr te?terf v*?r -Jt* ) ot : >.4 wl Uie f it i.c . *..d phrtiCisxf of U.J ootr.t r. t-r. ? . * ?? t vi IT?' DB' \y* t . w.t'i -j. lot tlie n ?. ? - asUve Mf.l *r ?j ; w. pvr. a . c\j In C uf ? |f ' . twrtrr *'? * 't rr whlc^ w!l !*?? II roof! .!*? ?*. r-t of rrf# fctf Dr. V. toott. Dr. < j *' * ?' Of o N. V.: floe. ' 'it V A)n;,?t UirN'frratCoirtnf WtuioiI: r *. . ; afcft. (le >! *. off*. ? ' * "' nr S f-n GAS FITTING, U. Ann j. Ui'VK * co. Mvp >>r :cl ? e-cciM ur ut Ft e'. t:-r? ii.47 r .r ?:.? c ?.r o* sm am rirriM* 3 * ' ** L'w k; #- . ' I* nr P - r. A fzw dcvt r?>rti t? P*. fcv? r?e. w. *r '->-*; ? - lew ?f ii." iL' U*:k-V'i 'TrJNit . __ \JL> ' tUVfX i #. T. I' -? / ? '/ >ft riT;,,WJ5 WlfTV 'f '' r v. ? J'? rr?'rn? i ?. - -* - ? ^ - - - - - ' " - - - ^ r ^ pu'hi; .jg . ... i* ? 9' ji%. 'i. t-.'? i: \ * -Wr 'nTiKpitiiwt ccnerfti 'jt' f? R-.dr;?.T'r' it'< tof(.'u? 1 ^V?tell - r-i- i it*? j(*Tt t?* '<M>t ito"| a WuuicxA.:. Werlc 2t**&L-are -ce :-t r i fr % ., ?t-* t i. > * tt?r --( * VU.KS & Me*?ATi. "rn [ r^?ei AM ERIC AH WATCIIBS A'l t It A M / : A' //' A A X f >1jt* Ki^lltli ?r Frrwli HwfcMcli, m??l? o ?*it, ftt. ? * Tt nrrj. ?>.?? WM ?? Ar ori'* ' .<? * li? en*! :ci a ?<* .*r r- i e "*?jv at torn** W!,y rlnu!! lu Aii m- sn i roller,'? enricU i<jr:>!cn 'A vU*b i:>v ufitturc". it the rap-iibpof ?><u "? I -v * V* 1 ' I'I * ^ ! hits KB I \U'. I ir.h_?, t ui c"vt t > t- l" fs. ? ?. . mliru to J I . . i Ulvt. 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