26 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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* H ML' ?\-^w 1H >PB I Em J\. X '.^? /U I B ? . ^ ^ A A ^ gf I B ^9 B ^b fi 1 V 'i' jaa p3 | Es K b^ B rs IB K SS m | m ^ "'^rt ^ J M^L ^Hh / / BH ^HL JpA fl^ft V2t. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 1862. N2. 2,837. ' THE EVENING STAE rUBUSHED SVSRT AFTEEIiOOIf, 'SUNDAY KXOEPTKDJ AT THE STAR Bl'ILDlMOS, mr / fia??yI?MM mimi mU IliwaU It ?T W. D. WALLAOH. r*pert served la package* by carriers H W> fear, or V cento per month. To mall rafcocrltets Ike price la S3 tt a year, *m S3 for atx oath*; SI (or thrre month*; and (or le? tkaa wr oi u uw re?e 01 la com m ?ri an fie eopi?, osi c*wt; la wrmpjwn, nro niTi. UTAovi.TiiDinTi ahoald be Ml to Ik* re Wok u o'clock ; otherwise tLey ?*T si appeir a&Ul Ute net: day. LATE FROM THE SOI'TII. ? - n SLIf I CBLlSn AT PICUXOXD. The Richmond correspondent of the New Orleans Crescent write*: Yah will r>?nrfl 1!v *a Whaw ?? ? . wwmm uii VIV ll V ? ? B U'Mf UV H IUC people of the Confederate metropolis stand these tryinjr timet; for it is eridec t that we are not safe in the?e^ays of light-draft gunboats and high water. I answer, in the main, we stand it very well. Some, to be sure, are down-hearted, and nobody wear? as broad a Itrin as thej did the day sfter the battle of Laejbarg. Still there is universal determination to lift op di*?<f ???'l K? ?. QV ?v?H) It U?V\i UC) with oar harness on, warring like a brave people to tfce last. I pawed Geo Wigfull on my return from dinner, acd asked him if there wu any news. " N?," said he, * I don't believe we have been whipped since dinner; I expect, though, to hear of another defeat in the next five minutes." , couiehow I can't help thinking of lialleck'a a^ertion bj telegraph to McClellan, that "the la ion flag 1? on the soil of Tennessee, never to k* nmnnJ " Tfcta la k??? K?? V?L... , V, , WBMV , AUIC W VI ??| WH? ue llUkt'Cfl have. rip to tMl tin*, stu;k tike leeehts whatever they have cffecled a landing. They intrench themselves, and at the first spade-full of earth thrown up by them, our generals give right up and say all is lost Tney have attacked us repeatedly in trencher and fort*, and carried the latter invariably, while we. with the exception of the St. Nicholas affair and a few others, hare not done a daring thing through the whole w*r. Another noticeable thing between the Yankees an.I ourselves is that they follow up their victories, while we ?<{uat down in ocr tracks the moment a battle is ended. This is a shameful fact, which disKailpfoiu m n* r> a ?? * L "* u?Mi c?uc ui v iuvic WM m li ?? ujr luing cnc. & UHV6 no hope now in an> bodjr but Uod and Beauregard. A UNION PI.\C IN f\<?T TKNNESSIti; The Kichmund Whig of ibe 4th teams that at) attempt was undo last week by . nine I nion men to raise a I nion tij;; Id J?ue?l>umugb, Tennessee, which lod to a row between ?eces tximtj and 1 nioni*!.*, resulting in the killing lit tkrM Iif th? l?tt?r ri *Kmn*r> c \p. The Knoxville correspondent ..f the Atl.inm r.?nfederarj pe-ulate* in ? l*?e letter an l"l IfW? I think no early attack on Fmt Tonn??*?ee probable. Our fi>ree.-< will not get a !i*ht at that point By way oi SttMtaeta u I \l..nii relit, in Reatueky, an-1 l.ime?towa ami Munt^. mery, in i'eor.e??e, the great valley of E?st i'eDiie<?ee H jxsnetr?bl<t. over a better r?*l iban via CutuberUmi ??) , an I without any to cnfonnler >V hy then ?hnuM they wa-ie men and b>?ii<r r.l Cuiiib?rlrD<l The latter h ' Hanked ami mu.-t he abandoned whenever a Federal army Mecnpiti* Kantrill* <<r London Ihey will but do tie latter wi'liout *?>me field tiuhtiar nn.l 1 ihinb not wirL it, bnt thejof course would aitank us in the field rather than Lehind *trung furtiftcatious. I regard, therefore, the ' ma^iog" ?f the enemy a forces atS^wcraetdr Montieello as the only true ?jmptonn of the attest on Kan Tenneswee As ?'*ted in iej former letters, the w- >.??-.1- : ? % ui .hi-.wj 'ij kuva'iuusiisruguiDZ mwty irom Kast Tenne**ee to join the Federal army. The?* fugitires carry frith them a thorough local knowledge of the country and it* affair*, and I can hardly imagine how a Federal commander could commit the blunder of attacking Cumberland Gap. the ocorp.irios of rnrsaxmxa axd Brunswick. The Savannah Republican, after stating that th# FiHcrll foraiM had Farnnniliiia FU., aays: We are mortified to learn (hit all our gun* on Amelia Island, ameontics to nearly twen mi :h?a ?kA n 1 ii, ion iuiv ui? uauuo ui 1 u C CUCUiJ . VJI CIICTB i Trapier owes the public an explanation of sncb a disaster- It had previously been determined to evacuate the ialani?why was the removal of the guns delayed until the enemy was in sight! The circumstance argues the grossest remissness somewhere, and we hope t&e government will institute a thorough inquiry into tbe unfortunate nfi*tr. The day after the occupation of Fernandina the enemy'* gunboats went up to St. Mary's and took poesessiun of that town, al^ without resistance. No damage was done to the place, nor to Fernandina, the contrary baring been incorrectly reported. Bat few person* were found at either, and they were not disturbed. The Federals seemi disposed to pursue a conciliatory policy, with the rain hope of winuing convert to their cause. They will find none so degraded on the soil of Georgia. <>ae gunboa* ascended the 6t. Marv ?. and the oflLers took special pain? to ensure 'uchof the inhabitants as they saw that no harm was meditated? and requested them to remain at their home* and attend to their busines*. A nua^r of negroes had ?<>ne to the gunboats, but all su;b. we are informed, were immediately taken in hand and put in irons. Yesterday tlie Federals made their appearance at Brunswick, but as the tolegr^afeiv: instruments were immediately reniove^Ho the interior, we coold hear nothing of later particulars. We presume they took po^seasion of Ik* nlw* which hail rirnrinmlr .1.. j - -1.. I both bj troops an<l eititeai There were *eventeen Federal vowel* enterin# 'he mouth of the St John .* <>u Saturday, and it is presumed they went up the river to Jacksonville jesterday. We hear that the progre?? of the Federals up the St. Mar;'* was not whollj uninterrupted faouting companies?Capt Hopkins and ?.a -a_ ** a ? anoioer, me n.-iuie 01 wmcn we dut u-it learn? are ?aid to have killed s?.iue tweuiy-live Federals and captured two others at Alberti'* Mills, on Uie St. Mary'a P. S- A dispatch received niter the foregoing was written, >>tate? that Brunswick was occupied at 6 o'clock p. ui. veiterJay. t'ol .Styles, H K.. mk ?A.>> a?*nt I ? ' ""V U?u m lucir, irurCM, H[lCr l>Uriling the wharves an.I the rftorehuuaas near the water THK WAR l.<* TII?: (ill.W. StVQBLKAVS AND ITS ItKPKVtE*. New Orleans i* lot) mile* ?l?..ve the mouth of tbe MittiaMppi river ?nd five tailed ??tb of Lake P<.ntch?rtrain, with which it c iramanieete) by water and railway. The levee ha-" \n average width ..f about' 100 feet where it front* tbe town, wbieb stretche* parallel to it for about fire miles, and extends from one to two utile" behind it, chiefly in the lirMtiiiii nf th? lakn T ht rirrr imm?.li>lal> ha* a wi?ltb of UM an 1 a half miles, and a depth of from ISO to loO fe*t; ?nd. sweeping round from the west. fiwt in a north and then in a northeast direction, forms a large crescentshaped curveIf. ? ?eems probable, the attack has been made by way of Lake Ponchartratn, tbe fleet in enuring tbe lake had to pa?? through one of two channel! I formed bran nl?n,i ? mintb) ealltfd the Kigolets, which were extensively fortified. The fort on the island is railed Fort Pik?. Opposite thie fort on th? right there was a heavy battery, name unknown. and on the left band side of the other channel stood Fort Wood. Batteries have been ereet?d and intrenchuents thrown up within the pan year, extending roia Gulf Montein, in Lake Borgne, along the border cX Lake Ponchartmin, guarding In all directions the approaches to the city?the principal defeases being eatted Lakeville and Lakeport. S?. ?. -* *- ? AM reoei*. nowever. ??mea 10 uave expected the city would be attacked by way of the Baliae. and made mora extenrive preparation* for defence in that direction. Below wa give an extract of a letter dated from Maw Orleaa*. and pnbliahed in tba Richmond Diepatch, dafcribins the defence* of that eity, ?hiAh enablae tba reader to form u?ra acoarate judgment of tbe fortifications erected *>n tbe banks af the MisaiMitm river. below tha city, thau w? could Lope to lurnuii from I lha ?ouri?? of roforiuatioB at band . . $ rnnrrpipond^nceof th* Richmond Ditpatrb ] Onf.eA*n, IS/iJ.?The MiMrainpi is fortified no as to be imputable for any no*til? fleet or flotilla. Fort? Jackson and St. Philip nra arm a/1 arifK 17A Knarv anna /tlQ.?v\nn/) avj " ? " ?i muu nnu 1 I u UUM ? j 1 ri:led by Berkley Britton, and received from England.) The navigation of the river is , 'topped by a dam of abont a quarter of a mile from the abore forts. No flotilla on earth would force the dam in leas than two hour;, daring which it would be within short and crofs range of 170 gnn.< of the largest calibre, many of whioh would be served with red-hot shot, numerous furnaces for which have been erected in every fort and everj battery. In a day or two we shall have ready two iron-eased floating batteries. Tho plates are four and a half inches thick, of the be^t hammered iron,received froin England and France. Each iron-cased battery will mount twenty 86 pounders, plavod so as to skim the water, and strike the enemy's hull botwecn wind and w?* Uf _ 1 I & 4 ? * - f S icr. no e?tu an aouTinm euppiy 01 incendlary fhells, cupola furnaces foe molten iron, coogreve rockeU and fire ship?. Between New Orleans and the forts there is a constant succession of earthworks. At the Plain of Chalmette, near Jatiin's property, there are redoubts, armed with rifled c&nnon, which have beenfound to bo effective at five mile.* rang??. A ditch thirty feet wide and twenty deep extends from the Mi.gpUsippi to La Cypriere In forts St. Philips and Jackson there are 3,000 men, cf whotn a goodly portion are exnerii-ne???l 8rtillt*rvniPn unit crnnnrra ?hn l.?i? r ? -j ?? ""** served in the navy. At New Orleans it.=elf itc have .".2,000 infantry. and ay many more quartered in the immediate neighborhood. In discipline and drill they are far ?aperior to the Yankee*. We ha two very able and active general-*, who possess oar entire confidence?Uen. Man.<>(]e!d j > i i n_s '? ?? *"* ~>orrei aim lirij?. 'jen nuggie*. l* or commodore we have <?I.J Iloltins?a Nelson in bif way. We are reaJy to give the Yankees a ho*, reception when tbey cme. A rounl me *11 are mail with excitement and rage. Our only fear is (hnt the northern iuva?ler-? mav not aunear. We have made such extensive preparation* to revive them that it were vexatious if their invisible armada cscapes the fate we have in > !?re for it. I THF. MORTAR FIRST. The la'est advices from Key We.-t leave no r.*ou tu doubt that (be mortar iieet 1. vj actually lft.fl t*,.w I alii K u rt ruin 'l'h? Aaa? ? ... ii^bv t ?u' uaiuaiu. i UV IICCI riMI."J3 ( T?l >.t twenty one mortar vessel?, eight steamer?, ai< I oite "lore ?Lip, an.l hbipiy pr.>vi.le.l wilh heavy rnorlars, "hells unJ auiiuiinilion i'be office ?J rearnfn enrolled numbered hWoiiI two thxtmixl men, and are spoken of a* luting I'll. 1 ' - it.- - L- 1 >".mp |.?-'ntiai ij u'.icu mr iue wui h. iiic y una in buiiJ New l ip r >r t}g.?vis".-Wliei> our troops dismantled th? rebel hatterie? at C?<?kpit atid Shipping l'oints, on the Potoune, the .soldiers of the Massachusetts First came across mun bera cf graves. They were laid cut, says a correspondent of the Boston Traveller, in the treeu, carefully labelled, and contained y>atbeti<* remonstrances against disturbing the r??ese of the dead, and violating the sanetity of the tomb, Bo thai suspicions were engendered that the sacred dead might be brought to life Birain an.l m?.ln ?n i?? ? mnr? ??? vice under the Bun. Spade* and "hovels were accordingly brought into requisition, and ;peedily were exhumed, not the bodies of departed confederates, but numbers of nice, new tents, packages of clothing, mesa chests furni?hed with all the appliances of modern cookery, trunks of varion? articles, tools, ic., *5. The grave-diggers were complimented for the M-cess of their first sacrilegious ezneriment. and recommended to try again. ELEVENTH STREET. 267 Just r?o*tv*d a fr??h Int of TIN WaKE, WOODEN WAKE, WIUOW WAKE, CAMf STOVES. COA'u 0!L LAMPS, Ao , at prioej to t u:t ihs m <it economical ^JAMEn tKIRVlN6,t n'ujuKiuu D;JVP i' yi'i,, mh 21-6t*o 267 Pennsylvania aveaue. pARKiAGE?! CARRIAGES!?" V> CAR RI AUK'S !: ! Per?->r? wishing to h?vs Mieir CARRIAGES REPAl RED wen d do ire'! to cali and . JRfJfVl?. too in* b?r>r? bartsiniEir e!?9vhsre. W5RrW?r Now on h*wl * t ->' n??r!;,'J?t,,o:S^"flf 9e??on*a Wood M&'erial of *Jl k,ul9AMERICAN ANDhN^^HD VARNISHES of tl?8 b<8t'ju?;itT.Ac .Ac Vf Work don? in t&? ihort-m po?? bis Ume, h V o*k"a a A M, K COACH MAKE*. nihil lw* 47 7 Eighth ?tr*et, 1*HK UNDKHSIGNKD Withet to nlorm his frj?nd? &r.d tha paf'lia th?t he has cpsued % .-a w ri iiii uiu n ep%iriu( an*: p <>n ine oornor <il 7th aiU S ?tr< o'i, tul bel evin?. Irom a long expire xe 13 l;.e !>'jsina?s. th?t ho ??I1 Leaote to p.ou;e tlii* wotM iivtor and the butcier aid ever? inf>o i&;;ic that me: a *aw and h?pee, l>? a t* Lot atu n i->n to bna ne .t that he win men: a chare of uie p<ii?.o vairumne. Bill :? tin* JOHN KKNNfcA to th'k'Vlblic 1 llmp ttknkkal. nkllf* t~h~ E 4 /lk I I 11 K>4JT? A ?'fk A mi f 11 ?J? %Kd 19 1 A It ? il ? J PENNSYLVANIA AVKNl'K, ?octh Sib*, < Fo'u?*rl? ol N?w York.) tti? uame and fact" of being One, of the ti?*t lLestaumnts ta 'Vutva ! ID"6iv? iii a trial, and jctl^a for yon aalf--T71 flk t.rery tKice 1U Hi? tiOU<f> i? n* 4t&*M T H K >1A K U KT fHKR |f7" Don't forget U?e numiier? ' i47 ?* in.nfivicii avenue, l/Ol*v?L I * ill aiij I3ih utreeto, rr.ii II lin no nth tide. ^KW WKOLKBALK l)KV ttOODB IIOUSK. J. H. mWUTY.VU. A CO. l.&ve iunt opened ? Itit* Itwk ?! liK V GOO US NOTIONS, io., at >u. 34 7 Weal Ualtimore street, Ualtlmore. The entire ?took *a? pMreliMftt in September and O. u.l.rr a.4t. at price* euaMuiK them l<> ?e t to 4e%)er* on lUcti tertua as will miko it the i-.t^raet oi both ciIy atd countfjp ujerelianta to examine tl.NrsU>ck \rr Their terms will be oa?h. fe 5a-3?* nU 'r I E K AND K ? Q ?! Mm lut.i ai*J k?c? >riino <iu?h ell tu>l t..*tl?a Mutter in n'ot* xi k?c? ttakere' Uutt?r. For ?aie b7 * "wtnun ^ (l*o ~ pi , ?| I katon, i ?"? rC,-V*d iJjrt..v7[ j ,Jr*'I ? ? v r ? wm Ml U ? 1 HI " i i ii i ii i???dfci UWM. C. IILUgL NION I.1VKKY. HIKING. AND BALE STABLK, Corner at Sixtk and V ???.. Walkingfn, li. C?Prreonj can at ail Lni?? bo aocomtcodate-i vith Horiei, carriage*,or iiucgiee for hire, tale, or VI w1 l,imr by the day or month. t handeome brown Lady's saddle Pony for sale Sua if perfectly fentle: she rack*, trou, lope* or mm, aud la a eerfeot Ueautt. l^ow for rash, mh 12 eolrn ALBKRT HlCi.L. Acent. BOOTS?SHOES! ||? rH pamm a* * ?- u* ? V HK A B-flll I A.^V I A. AV.| WiHBINeTONCITY AHD EASTERN MADK I.tdiM' lifpxl Baintoi*U....f 1 25to #?? Grata' ammonia. it 60 to aSiO Grata' Pm??:alf Boot* |s 00 to $6 00 All fctnda of BOOTS aai SHOES very cheap. m*d? to ordor is th? b?at " aniw, by SB ll-lm* CHAH.L- 8 H. MORSfe. j^U* rERSONS^NHO^EUTK C1RCUMThe treat bulk of our ito?k of American and Earowan ury tfoo4a, in ah tbadepai tmeuta of taaaral and "HMSial fuaily wanta, vai selected and pnoca arranged to mi?s the re?auemesu of the lau of personj above tndi <>n? ?M0? bftlr, tha lOHil oub valie, marked til dkbtUatbtHM*. .-a* .'"-^"asnatfst_ 8"S4Kii4Bi.tiwfar ."w TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Fr?m the Army ( the S?nthwe>t. St. Loins, March 35 ?Special ad?lce?tothe St. i >..i. A.tnj timv.... i.b i/cuiw.! )>, uatru \#iCM I nin/ri?, mm % March 20th, aayaThe ttipplle* of forage and provisions hiving become exhausted in tbe region about Sugar Creek, our array made a retrograde march of thirteen miles yesterday to this place. The enemy are recuperating, and are probebly being reinforced by rresh troops. We have information that a large body has recroa<ed Boston Monntalna with the in entlon of *? Ma/. V' (i rv ti? aira In Viti( Oil# nnitr K* Anltr atfAMrr uim? riuX u-i a^aiii} uui iuia iuij wv vu* j a om vn^, reconnoltering party. Onr troops are In line spirits. and anxious a/aln to grapple with th? foe. Our wounded have mostly been removed to Cassville, and are doing well. Col. Clay Taylor has arrived from the rebel camp, bringing Lieut. Coif. Herroii and Stands, with proposals for an exchange. I Two rebel captains and seventeen privates were captured yesterday on liidiau Creek. Affairs at Faahvillr.?PractaMattan af G?v. Johmaa. $A>ttvnL*. Marcb <28 ?Hot. Johnson ban put the newspaper* nnd^r the military rule* of the War Department, and boa ?Tipprr*?ed oneortwo. He has ia?ufd ? proclamation of a conciliatory character, laying that he deaired to win the people bark to the Union, but should deal rigorously with trecaon. Mr F.therid^e msde a speech recently,In which he said s'avery would be aboi'ahed if the Government could not conqner them in any other Way. 'i'l.o nam rrAVufMtMAnt Uf! it t*n 1 h<a /Nnovat m Mr im ?-? p W?I 11* Ul\ it t f* 111 p, W 1IIIU U|riUIl'H this week. Warning has been given that any on? uttering treason will b? arreited. The t'nion feeling la gaining ground, and btisine>s U pretty much rnutrifd All the itorea are again open, and prices are much reduced. Later Irani Yemphis. TUX RIBEI. FOKTIFTCATIONS?REPORTEDCAPTURS OP TORT PIKE, NKAR MW ORI.XANS. Ciiicaoo, March ii ?The Tribune's Cairfrcor. re>Dond-nt havH that an arrival from Memnhla bring* Intelligence that 8(10 Federal prisoners there have been made victim* of much abuse at (be bands of tbelr guard* Oiiewai shot for taking wit the window of thflr prison Three gunboats are on the way* at Memphis, but it will take torn' time to finish them. At Fort K.mdolpti only four gun* are mounted. run ruinw isBirnnfiy loruneu, mourning IM eniyliveM and ponnder*. I'ort IMie, nrar New Orleans, U reported to be In our liaads It lsuulyn temporary vtriu ture, moiiiitlii:' tLreeor four guns. i i <1111 it 111 *uirrirn. Nkxv York, Marrli 2.V?The ?:eam<r ('Uuiw pirtn wltli In trtrnnre, nin arrived Sli.^ bfin^? !.i?t nevr? from South Ainfrlca. A part of U.f revolutionary party have l*fii nr?-? r*d hi Bulivij. ami n*hr-ra have fled thr ro in iV The army li ? !>? n induced to the pwice 1'imiiln^. i dp sh?iii[i!?'ii revolt at mitjuij.a, ivru, DH br<>n siipprrM^tl The ill feeling at I.I ma a?alu?t the Sp;<nlard? l? siltl to l)?* d ytttff out II. M. Cb:iii-, t?-lVgraphic operator at AnplnwaJl, dint ou the 1 itLt Inst. La'er (rota Pickrit Ni\v Vouk, March?l ? Tie brig Yankee Uitde arrived to day from Fort Flckena, which pl*ee ste left on (be 11th, and Key VV?*t on the l?fh InJt. The st-am frigate Mississippi had left Fort Plrkens for Hitp Island The ? on boat New London arrived at I'lcken* on the !)lh with the mails. The iloop sf war Vlnoennes bed tlto arrived. The impression was that Gen. Bragg had left Pensieola, tml parties with glasses say the rebel gun* were turned lnltnd, probably In expectation of a vlalt from Gen. Butler. Four contrabands, who esciped, *iv there are but 3,000 troops at | t'ensacoia, ana tuev are p orly armed. From New Mrxlc*. City, March 25 ? Pawentrera by the Santa Fe atage hare furnished tbt following Informition : col.Slough, of Colorado, had arrived i il PaiI ITnlnn ur 1? h r.Wl m?n ?.??*> hinrr 1 It/1 milu ??v I VI ? 1 " HM WV" IIIVII) UIH|t>Uillj^ I W 1 1 VO in four days They intended forming a junction with Co!. Canby, who was at Fo t Craig on the 7th. The advance guard of the Texan rebels was at Alquedros, 15 milt-* from Santa Fe, on the Ith. Another battle wu expected before the first of A n*l 1 Tlttt t 1/eAn> P <f t II nt An nn/4 *l ['I 11 a uc o ?*r 01J1 iru i vuj i'l c n i?ii, nuu there are no mails or papers from Santa Fe. The ttock and coaches have been taken off between Fort Union and Santa Fe. United Stales Frigate Vermont. Uojton, March til ?Lieut Spicer, U. S. N , wfco went out as a representative of the Navy Department. ou board the steamer Saxon, reports tbat the Vermont will undoubtedly make for Tort Royal. and not the slightest fears need be entertallied for her ultimate safety. She is as tight as anv vessel afloat, has a year's provisions aboard, a: d unboundel wutvr facilities, and all on board arc In good spirit*. From the Pacific Caast. Sax Francisco, March 17.?Advices from Arizona ?t?te that the country is almost depopulated, owing 10 me secession iron Die* ana me noswmy of the Indian*. Rebel troopa, some 900 strong, design attacking Fort Yuma, California, but the volunteer reglnienta of that State would be glad to meet the enemy. Sale of a Railraad. Ai.to.x, 1 llinoia. March \M ?The Terre Haute, Alton and St. Louis Railroad waa sold at auction J?.. v.. 1 . - , ? tL . a* L) l\f.t.!.A /I ? A . m-uuy. ny orurr ui me li. D. unwici < ouri 11 Wis bid oil by Kob^rt Haysul.S J. Tilden and otber*, for tbe benefit of tbe stockholders, for the sum of JSMI.GOO. Arrival ( British Trosji*. St. N II , March 24 ?'"flic stesuifr Adelaide, from l'l\ mouth via Bermuda, on tbe Viith ?.!_* ??.( ...<4 t!.l. h2U- 1. -? iiiav , am*cu ucir iuir Uiwriim^. r?ur uluiiiy* three officers and seven hundred and tlfty men o/ the i.itb regiment. I-KANKin fc CO , i c r a y s, 44 i'Min,**T.,'noiUi l>et. litu *u?i lSili ?U. EYKfl LA99E8, MA RINK AND FIELD GLASSES, COMPASS!:*, & ? ut ?n?7 uvbi ^uaiuioa? v<niBUiuv.f uu iiADUt fa4-ocif.tr \1 Uamim.rv, Ma rah i3?h,l86?. 1'IH. KK'HAKl) II. WMIKHl-H. Jr. UaT.i* retirH.1 Iron the wluoh he baa Keen o?>u duoilnc, a? a<?ct I ?r tie for ?oiii* lime pact, we i>?t it?ave to edviee I lie publie thai Mr.SKOMMK T, LOK KK will have charge *1 the aameontil further uuee. Thankful for patt Uvor?, wethall euaeav hi i? innr uuiiiiiioanoB- . Mi; li?4?' A. HhKMULLER k SONS. W SPRING WRAFPINflH. K Hsra lone rtc:i*e4 a larce and baautlful t?Bortment ot Wrapping*, in all Wia varteU atyiaa of th:< M>aaou, all of whiou we oil'ttuout uaual low ftica?. / M^fA Y>OR * CO.. . i<uiiuviii iuut a. noionifoaj mh31 eott Wo 42 Cen or M?l?t frpve. T..?~ J VW, PUBLISHED, UK New Untcn buneof reoe*?ian,or Skeuhea of the Rebellion; )a*t the tiling for the fAmily eiroie. or to eoqd ?o the Union eo dier. Published by J LfH P. Cil AKLTON. PhiIftilfk)lliia. kmI fn? siieb? J08 fel'llAffiilTON."" inh W ^ 3m ?-S 't. Pa. aveane. T notice. HK Coe?rtncrahip barotflfore existing l.etween l?o?? P. PniT and Tiiom4? I). Oami hu been dissolved. All peraoas indooted to the said firiu will ol?M? to Mttle thoir accounts with Louia F. Feirj, who will al?o Mttle with th*

LOUI8 F. PERKY. PAMP FUKNITUBE AND TIN WARE OF V> ill kiuda to |?h*d of.. m w.i. hakkdvek, mh1?w I,->OR A FEW l?AY8 ONLY.?I have removed my An* ook of Clothing from ovor 8?tr Jewelry ?t?re to J. U. 460 Ser nth atreot, ne?r F, where 1 eti&lf o?e nat ieaa tb?n wko,oe*lo coat price*, for ft few dive onii. 3fn J? W. KEISf. * rnib. *mwui 01 * 1M Co.Iara, Suimd?*?* f* l?-la asms-jar; n u-in OFFICIAL. Treasury department, March 21, IW. Hoiaera or boncl* or the Unite! States dated October 1,1?R1, and payabla three year* from date, are hereby notified that pro* 1* ion been made for the payment, la coin, of the coupons of aeml-?n?nal Intern*! which will become dne on the ltt April, proximo agreeably to their tenor, by the Treasurer of the L'nitod States at Washington, by the Assist*nt Trersurer at Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, and by (be Depository cf the United S'atw at Cincinnati, Ohio. All coch coupons, together with schedules showing the nuQ#U;r of e?oh coupon, and the aggregate *nm of each pare?l, must be presented for eiaminatlon and rerittratlon at least three full business d.ivs before mvmrnl S. 1\ CHA?E, mh '.'3 dt apl Secretary of the Trcmury. Treasury department, flbxrast 1, 1?w. NoTiCB l? HIRKBY sitkn of the rradlnru of tbta Department to redeem tbe Treasury note* payable in one year from date, authorized by the i?t rtf An rr rr>?i n nnrr>"n? n../>&rr>Vc* IQCT *><! fftVrt VI UVH ^ * V.?'J U | j'l U ? V U I/' '.Viii W?-i WU . I V* ) UIIU the Treasury notes payable in slity days from date, authorized by the tct of Congress approved 2d Msrcb, 1881. Interest on Treasury not-s of the aboTe issues will cease oa the 7th day of April next by term? of thoae act? respectively. fe 5-tap7 Department of state, Washington, January 25,1^02. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Vfpmhpri nt rnnirrem nn )iiiilnni nti ^rnrdain commencing with Saturday, the tint of next month. jau 27-tf WILLIAM H. 9KWAHD. WAR DEPARTMENT, JiltfikT 21, ukderid, lUat tee War Department will be doted Tueadaya, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays agalnut ail other basinet* but that wblcb relates to active military operations In tb? E?ld Saturdays Will be dcTotrd to tbe business of Senators and Representative*. ftloudayi to the Uualitea* of tbe Public. Ein\ IN M. STAN TON, Ja 'iS-tf Secretary of War. SCHICK'S PULMONIC SIRUP THE OK HAT ULOOl) PURIFIER. Thia Pirup wi'l ?rarcb tliK.ujh tverj blood ves a;, t^uaiizin# tke oirou'&tioD, preventing heiuorrnn;e septw&rinr the bile frjm th? b ood, ntakiut It health j and the oireiila'icc r.&'urrl With the a dof lh?!?EA VVKEI) TONIC a -d YlA>i i)K A K K PILLS', the uHein remnien its l?ta!ihy condition, the uurulent in Alt* r. n.!itc*(n*s ?i d &h ulcerations of the liiTitR inunt yield to their pow?*. Iin imcut ever? iiu&r6 c ( iMiilfcdP'phm there 4 ? I bave reen cured of Con.iimpHon in I S?W* th? UMif l)r. t*oh<*p_ck me<l I loinew. manj p*r?.or.? nave o*en restorer 10 nev.iii by ths*e remediei afi*r being confine! to tfeir bed*. reduced to m?re hkeie to- s and troubled w ith oou*h*,cwV Bvieats, hectic fever an 1 ail th<? other todiCAtiona of an advatced staeo of the disease >ut by an exarairation with the M*?piroa.et-?r one Inns hn be^n f"u d to be 111 a toierat'ly i e*!?hy condition. It oancot bedonnted that many live* ha*e been aavcd b? atime'y rea. rt to these leme (!<? . It la true that in a I caaes wr.ere caree?re effected th? pa'ient mint hive some lunga remaining; bat tho-tand* ot VICTIMS ?'F CONSUMPTION have dfecenoed to th'ir grave* wi n ir.iitht have been cnr^-d if tb^y h*d come to I>r Scher.ct in time, and placed themselves under hi* ! rect o'i* it ta not cenied that aome who take hcheack'* Pnlm dio Sirup die also. Ther commence too iaie. All tlittt Or Hnlieqck clilUiB ipr hi* merle n? m th^ir ability to regulate ancTnTrft<*rate the vhol'i y?tem, to ripen th" abacesaea, \ .<i laciii'aie the d tcnargo of the morbM iiia'ter.to re] a* the irucoue meinu r . t i 1 i ?_i - ? - - - - ? -* * uruiie ui uio uruucuiBi IUIW, ULII in cisi?*afe I'om thore tu'n-s in* tou<h phlegm or puru e t mitt-r which obstruct* them ar.i prixiucej icricua d:sea*e? of the o can* 0/ respiration SCHKMCK'S PUL.M :\|C S RI P will p oI0D5 hie b mf-times aev ra! mon'hr, by kierinj the bronchial tubs f es fro.a the putrid matter which imp-dog tl.e:r functions, *he' the 'nrjs * re too far g no t cure There is ro medicine tha? can cure Goniumstion wli?n b'th ul<b *r*di ea?e?i. ana Dr. fchecck wiuld rather e pry one would know their trueoonditiou before taki c t.is medi cine, tie ireais no disease r>ui mose 01 me i.ud. a. Liver and Stomach a&d mikes n> rhar*es for ad vioe, orexaminin< lung? ia th* ordinary way, or as physiciacs rt?oer? il* ?lo; Nt for a thorough *x a n '.at on vitfi ttia Rehp'.roiiieU'r he cl argon three do.la's, ai.d wishes every one rich orpoor,tt;at has a Cough, Fain in the Side, or Shonider-l.!a<1e, tioabied wuh ostiveness or Diarr'.oa. ra'iow Comp exion Lots of A ppetite L<>w :?p> its. Restlessness at Night or any oti er disea- e leading to Consumption, to call on him and get his advico DR. J H.SCHKNCK will beat his agentstS. B Wai'e':?,) corner Loma ara avenue ai d 7th sta., i on Wednesday, February 25th and Wednesday, March 2rth, to see patients complaining with Cms ha. Colds, Li*er Complaint,Dvspepsla.orany aiaease leading to Consumption tie sires alvio* without cha'go, unle?a they want a thorough, xamsmtior! with hia Respiroiuctor, then his foe is three dollars, Pnoe of the Pulmonic Simp, 91 per bottle or 85 per half drzen. rnoe < \ u.e s?a weea Tonio.J! ptr bottle or 93 per half Oczsn. Pnoe of th? Mandrake Fills, 26 centt per box. fe 26 W 4.8,1m* ^\m 1)8 FOR PRE8HNTATION TIFFAVVkCO., No?. #40 and :>yi Broahway, Niw York. And No. 79 Rin KTcnsLitc. Par s, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS. OK MILITARY WARES. Solicit the a<tontion of Ci.no ai.d M ihtary A*scciatiooa, Oommanrt??>n Natiuia or ftate boi vue. Patriotic Cluim auti individuals to their larje atooir of ^ HIGH STAFF ANI) DRKSS ARMY AND NAVY S\VO?tDS. Their assortment includes the choicest KLADK.S OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE. l.lfinHoi! ttltli thl'lM l>ip IV i<l/in?i/kr? /?f I /? ? duu. win n by the officer* of the Uritisn Army, and most approved bf experienced fcu'opiAu authorities the eletantly wi outfit ttLADKS OF BOMNtiKN ON THE KHiNK, in fibre and finish the rcettnized modern types ot the oolebrated Damascus Sttel; the excellent and serviceable BLADfcfl OF COLLINS, OF HARTFORD, Ileal lies those of other domestic fabric vita. The inouutincs of the blades, in all oa?e? execuied vithru the establishment, will l e founa to CofDariseatl rNUIiiM tltlM o( iimkinAKt&linn tlm ?eat.f>aril? (.em* orffn.vER.Su.vmt Gilt. Bhonzk, Plain or KihbUilt.mi.vbk Platrh Uckm-kivD PTlll., Kirn l,E*TI!EBuelO .with llaiuinol 1'lal.f, Cha*bi> or I\*b<>??bij ?ii.x, or Hoi ir> Silvsk; the ukihj and 6t akim ol the ntma variety of uiMenai and finish, and of either regulation f&tteru or nricinal (iMiga Should an articie ot Kxtraokdinakt Klisabci* of ft rtehnees and conUtcrss not represented in byOfc.be required for presentation, the oai>at?ili ties or the ert&LIisbineut for the Hiftaalaoture of tbe ohoioest work* in cold ftnd silver, aud ita general artistic resources are unusual guarantees of (tie satisfactory aud cpoedy production. In answer to orders, demons and estimates will ti? promptly forwarded. Individuals purchasing Swords of Tiffim * nn are informed that every blade is nhjeotad b teati even more severe than those enjoined by Government, beiore it i* placed on aaie?the teeuai block U in the eatabliahmenU and at the com man J of all who refer immediate proof of the exoellenoe of th lrivorda. fe3B-lm v u i n w an tjs jj i The Highest Price paid for OLD AND SILVER! Bricii For Baleli Svms to 8ii*. LKWII JOHNSON * CO., HAHAMMLSt t'sxNiiLVAMu Armi, Conmr Tar.th atrial 1? _ oash notice. uanaa of oar having to pay ca?h fyr "Je" artiole of *ooda w# pu.rc haae. wo are foroea toimlgoe o?r buainraa to Caah exolnairoly, for the gjfiLiMar saaia^TEFsa Doya wear, whioh araaallln* at & mneh lowa.r ut? than uauaiiy. W A I.L. ?TKPH KNS * COU 3 a* Pa. at., botwoon 9th and loth ?U. > * llflfl. fc ??f.i HaVIN? The^Ctdot^ofoiM o/'thi^iiar < ?t Coal Oil Companiea in the United i*tatei, wo can ael Coal on whoiraalo and mail, ok?a?er tban o&n be bouihtia Washmtturu Alto. Lamps, v.an and btiiW CJto. W. m*A*T*bVN, mh I Iw? ('am-flMtW'! H aueota ? l\IEW BTYLE HPR1NO- OVERCOATS AND 11 In* Bkaok Krock UcaUjiit reomve.! It ilAH ft liRO'U, mh 12-Sw* oof?r K and 7th atreoia. 320 PENNSYLVANIA ATC.Hl'E. EXILE DfPRE. Jn*t Recelrrd and Opened, A lir?? and Irst^-Ima lurk ??# ?k?u. FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of: SUGARS, of all grades, TEAS, ?l/kf r-a_?* - vur 1 LC-I BUTTkit, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD'S CHOCOLATE, &Ci) A-C j Ac? All ct which hp offpri >t Iawm( rath PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 500 barrels Magnolia, 500 barrels XXX, 500 barrels Millers Rye Monongabela, 600 barrels fine Old R r? J ?1 500 barrel* fine Old Boarbon, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. AU the favorite brands of f- 11 A nf P A n TV C V ? M'M. A M A. V? A* JU | Mumra Vercrny, Green Seal, Heldnlck, wh!cta, belnj? b^ngh^lnw. we o*er at uiiuaaally low rates. Al?o, Sole Agent tor Ul 1/ I* Ml A It U %r n< l * ivi a m riAc o nn.'i i i/onuiALa frb W? 0 M ITII AM> BHOTIIBR'S Kti IK Ynu K' AA . J.I. EEE*EKE pl> H|?p AAA I.L. Kl;KK.r.F.R TP IM'P AA\A IX KB F?* PPP A A AA 1.1. KK pM 1?|?P AA A A I.I. KH'K Pl'PPP A A A\ L!. .K?KI^ PP A AA AAA A II. EE I i? A A. A V LI. EK pp A A A A Ll.tLI,!. KKKKKFR pp A A A A l.l.LLI.i. EEKEEKK XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX xx\ m x\x XXX xxx x\x AAA AAA X X A XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX \xxxx XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX X XX A X xxxxx xXxWxxx xXx? 1XXXX x?xxxxxxxx x\xxx XxXxXx xxxxx XxXxXx UZ \\\ AA LL EEF.EEEE AAA LL EEEEEKE AAA A LL EE A A AAA LL EE A A A 4 I.I. - L'LTD ? ?'b km r?r<rir< AA AA LL LEEK AAAAAAAA LL EE AA AA LL EE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE AA AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE AMHER ALE, FURTLK, A*D LXTRA LKOW > STUCT, In Whole, Half, aid Quartt* C*tkt, BKKW EU EKOM THK CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AMD IlurS. BREWERY. l^tta Mreet, between Tih and **tl? A obis. NEW YORK. fe 21 dtj?9 PVK?Y P KB SON'S I NT K REST ?Th*t En* tli stork of Cl<>thinr for *&!? over fialta* J?w??,ry fclore ta i nw oflVred It>ra thtnwljo e?? * pric ? at ?MI H'?. x<? 4?-0 S<?v?aih . ppog:t* Cn?t l f* h ? THK PKOTLb'S I.OI BING 3 I OR E. frio 4 60 -eventb (. Alwa?? ar>ea<i! N-w ar;iva: rf ^prins Gooda. aii th* lat?at atflea of Clottunc. at No. 4 60 r<^vBn:h rif?*-P (' 21 Su. t'OR SALK?A fin? f.toot { Clotrnaf. Furnieh a inc H? ni , 1 unm. Hat-an<t I'udi. ?. whol? tale priofj it Ao 4bO reveotn Bire^t. "ppoet* Post Ufto?. fa H 3tn C^KN r'S Furnuhing 6oo<i*. Truck*. Clothicg, I TruEkB. Ha^ andrape, all at N.-.rhe n p icec, at the Poop!*'* Olt thinc "*'?? ?. No 4K0 7th?tre t t!HlRT3 SHIKTS. SHIR r*:-Juet received l'Otiox^n ^hirt? which we offer a? o'd prioe*. tt SM I TH V Nn. 4^0 ? QUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT! CUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OU?! AND PRINGTT WITH YOU! 'PL. ?_ 1 it? s?? -j t- ? - ? no BnuBcriner wi:i scTincd, in uie I fir i ehaee or loan, email ami for short pertoua, ca DIAMONDS. WATCH Kfe valuable jewklkv. or any description oi i?am factory securities Ail lad* or geuttaman who would like to obtain a f? dollar* temp< ran! in a q met manner, may do ac by Applying %t 4A6 lltfi iItmi, between O *rd H, from it to* o'omcir. f? n-lra Boots and shoes to suit the times. We are now inanufaotormc ail kind* cf BOOTS and fHuES, and oouat&Lt r receiving uppiy of eastern made work of every dt-lll soriptiou, made expressly to order, and w:ii W ! l'? told at a muoa lower price than baa been* heretofore c^ar<?4 in this city for much inferior ariio.ee. Pertoua in want of Roots and Shoes of eastern or oity made work, will *1 way * find a good assort nient in store and at the lowest prioes. Give as a call. GKIFFlN k BRO., ap 5-r 314 Pennsylvania avnne. rWm? FURNITURE! f?\ H FURN1TURH! FURNITURE! W, H. MOSES, f nf Ikif.m .?f Mi .hM .V l .ki.b l iiTi lit.ila.lt* I * vi niv u i iu v& i?i vuva %w a w?u?iii| | ti I imj Mamlaoimor ai.ti W hoimaie and Ketan l>ea.er in Cane eeat Chair., Cotta**, l'arlur and IMnlnc fuom Farniture?TbtHii'a Haildtag, 4u?i Herei-u traet, above D. Every variety ?f UPHOLSTER I N? ?rom?Uy ana neatly exoontaj. Store opf d day an J evening fur the aocou>mada tioo of the cut>'to* Purohaaera will atudy their lutereat to otil before look i Dg oiaewhftre. )* 22-3 m' C URE-COK N8-B UNIONS. MR. fKHURiAT, furseen Chiropodist. from fane, bofito inform yon tnat he o%n eflectu ally remove Corna and Bant?na without pain, ao that the shoe ean be worn immediately af er the operation, without iooenveai*noe. Aleo removea VVarte aad other taperfloons fleth from the handa. o that they will appear email and delicate. No. IS 4>i ?t reet, near City Hall. Chariei moderate. J17" Refera to the dootora of Waahu f ton tenerailfT nah ? tf GPRINS CA8SIMERE3. A!ao, medium and ?^7 tWOWIM VMODK? Nary Bin* Cloth*, Flannels, and Caulmerfa. Draw ore Ao. . ? A , . Oar Northern ant) Kae'.ern eorreeyondenU Bead "ore* eePon%jdtbe7aotaa: oaeh ?tandar<l Talae, marked in ?itm tiju'e*. An infection or stook in??r? do bhc&ticn to r*r*h*M. PKRKY k &RO , mh?-tr P?na.fcT?n?< and Ninth ft. A CAMS' KXPRE88 COMPANY. f**5? JfOTICM or mmmotal. _ Ttae_d?>! iTerr 0A00 of this oomp&ny to rtntn^ Irom Tnirc street to me Urn depot on B street. Kotwr ill %rui >rt st?. <1* Mf w w&'gnmTfim fsoa* UKaWKKb, which wi:l bo toid ?t Tc*son*W? prices. SAM L W. '1 HOM^ON. ^ *lh Pone. ?Ton?e. i? >?-k ?M?r Hmfii'i j|6K-8gn^^vu ,irT , rifl TTZmkLV STVJ. Vi'l ???! ?' ^ !?* ?Vi ?,- ? .>? ?1 4 n i ? A k>. ** ? - ? . .i ?? ? ?i ! w | : *?ii| tU* Ml ? NIX t ?.? ' ? ? A t".?av |>fl II - .....01 tt Fl^l ?f? i 1 Vfll tiyiW^WIK??<? #> MHIi- 9^9 Twnir eopiwi.M g>>fcn *-?-? ? ? ?? ?inmiH" w imiylM MVI fct' tu ct4' (It Dm*if I*W'S St* tlwlrt m *??::? ur*?(koit ttt eniky IZT ffto* (t? wropcn) ?u M M* si tb* eocnuv. iiaiD*4!atrty ?fw the ton ftftepep? Krlc*?THKKK cfcNTt* [, DENTISTRY. |}R J. U. PLABODY. ? V K If TI ST. Atten.1t to *li b ancfee? of kit profession at Us most rwioM',',# rate* for ? ucto good 09 Mati-ns eaa b* ^rfo-med ^ mt?' ofcee ,\n. 87 r eansr'Tania awfi>.^ '<et?f^n 11 Lis aiid I3tl street*, iwadoon ea*t of Ut Kirlcwpod House in isme bmictu wrb Dr. Donaid??>n aik t l?*4U VI TfciSTB. l"I M 0.. the ia*?>Ltof ami patent** ?fUi? MINKRAL M.ATK TEETH, at ^ mmr+ tfr.ca penciA..} *: La < &o? -n thi? all MM K?.nj persons eac wear u ess teeth wb i^"'1 ^ sanuot wear otr.sn. and ?< porsoc oat ??ar otbars who ca&iot wear tiers. _ _f.il cai-njj r: ro? oac??u t>? tecotsinoaAM WiUiaiiT ?ty;??nd pric#ofTnoth thoy mi, ceaire f wllt> ftre ^fUcu'ar ?ou wi?b the ?urf*t, 8l??a?wt, ?trraie?t, ?nd most perfect denture ihii *he MlNbHAL PLATE will h? awraid.i* Rooint <n Ihia e!tj-No. SS* u. .. r+fw**m Mh?Q< ?r.?c ?t?. A. so, VOl Aroh Mrr*t. I'huac* in%r?-1j.*n 1>R. ItlAKLM a. ROTfcLKR, DBKTTiaT. MO. 336 rk.VNSYL.VAMA AVKNIIK. Arwnx 9th and IOth St*. j? ? Mtir. f^EW AND IMPBOVKD INVtWXION artificial chfoplasti boxm TEETH. Winoir Mbtal PI A?I om Clajt*. DR. 8. B*8iet?5JMONO, 10 0tm4w?i , >"n? York -< >? Pennryiramim A* mw, ' i 'Won 12(4 m4 1JWA *1# , Ca'.te the attention of ti.? puMio to the tolJoving of fcit iTf oxrfr! 1. Tan Teeth of l.ia tciualtctur* vi MM nerer coroJe nor clm.|6 oo or by 1 Mid*, beitr three foortfcs Ucfcter than Mj other, I. No t*eth or root* tee-i be extracted, M Ue artiCc;*'. occe oai be irterted oY?r them. S. The roots tri.l be made lcoCecaire. aa terer ache. 4. No iezr.fonrj teetc are needed. aa permanent AT.?a ra n ' ? ? - * 1 i.bu na m imnrp^isioir, inereny proter* u I the natural expreaa.on of the faoe. wuioh under the old ayatem i> frequently c.afiiured. * t. Thia work ha? c?eeo fnily tested orer five yean by many of the firat ohemiata and pt> raieiana of this et uutrr. Dr. ? haa alao invented a white BBdeetmoCiro neta. ftl'.ini, with whieu the moat eecaitive teeth can be filier witr.oat pa:n, a&d can build op a t*rlect, aound tooth on any nde roota, which will laet through lifeline. The beat of rwferenoea citbb?to Dr. V. Mott: Or. Doreiiae, P ofhfsor ofChennatry, N. V4 Hob. Jouce W'syne, of the Soprrtne Court of Waahiacton, and tbouinrJa of otr.Ma. Call and e.*?.pi>ne for yourself. no I Bru GAS FITTING, fcc. A?? Al *. UOVt * CO. , . K K Now t -ra^ei meeato ilt r4?ra wltt wtici; the? r<*j c * '*rrrf< n l!s? tktHUux*. 9Xti UK rT.-JiM FirtJW* <ZT" 8rer? ob Mk'iuWt, a ar r?rili ?* f\ tT?;ra, i;p-e fc :* ? -oi*' MvortriMMt w ??y..y <a fr -1 * VV?? a ? n X 1 V KKBi J, ? SB,,lor*- ar"* *re ?>*<-? r*j*mcf, ViS fii 76ofentire;* Nav l'?ttem? ?>;,(Dm iu mu r it -n. eupenor :c *tj? * to finj tU nrbtritolM Mfft-ic it t?.?j tT.irkat. Ww incite oit.xw- r*>tjer?J T tc M..I a^d osr nock oi 6?? an* \N ?t?r Fix *-?? . ifWsirt cwLfe icct :r<&i v* ^xt? ut -?ai ito' t in \V wtir.rten. A-u Work ir tiie?bc*? . in# ittravtod MNrwi nil l? promrtlT *iU>udoc to. KVKII * MtllAN. trl-V IT^DitrMt AMERICAN WATCHES FOR AMERICANS' Kt Mere Knxli'h *r Vrrm-k RikMth, mn4? ta aril, hi: n?t t? keep time Wbr rk?o'd &ti .nerictu u? * foreipj WMrh, wS*r h? en ret be?.?r fc-'* r aaprr on* lomr.' 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