26 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

26 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL WEV?S. amnmm To nioit Foed's Atsestom ? Tbe beautiful actreaa, MIm LoclUe Weston, In six characters, la tbe capital play of "Satan In Paris," with several songs and dauccs. A dance by Mln Olivia. and a popular fane conclude tbe entertainments. Wnsaix?TOK Tiibathk ?A crowded bouse last night to witness tbe representation of Hami.t t?.. *i..kt ?k. t.,11.1. r .... in. iu pi^ui iuc ^iai tvuipan j m ^unus v nr. Canterbviy Hall?Anotber bill of novtltles to ulgbt. First appeannc* of Joe Child*. Mias Julia Hoi timer, M Is* Millie fowler, the Dclc\intc*. IMck Parker, 19. Neil, and tbe ballet troupe, all appear Id tbe various entertainment* of aooga, dances, burlesque*, Ac. <?i>r> Fellows' Hali. ?Tbi* evening, tbe Sanford trt'upe in tbe cat ital bur le: que of " U[>en U use," with other novelties Pmithso.maji Luc-it** ?Prof. Rogers' third lertore on the ' G'.aclm " Pabkyk'ii Hall, (Voting Mem' Chririan Aa orlation Room*.) ?A court of beauty at th* Fair anl Feat!rsI for tbe aid of the Firat Bsptiat Church Drop in and aid in tbe good cause. Cla**sdo5 Comcsst Rook ?Free concert eyervevening, with capital refreshment*. C*tmi5al Court ? Th* Trinl / Tnotk Ward, .if , f*r killing Li rut Col. I 'om Gerb>r?In 'he Criminal Court yesterday morning.Judne bunlop presiding, tbe trial of Enoch Ward, jr., indicted for tbe murder of Lieut Col. Von Uerber, near tbe corner of Seventh afreet and tbe avenue, on tbe 4:b of November last. w?< returned Tbe remaining juror. Mr Ksaex, wai sworn District Attorrey Csrrlngton opened tbe case for tbe prosecution Mr. Bradley made tbe opening atMement for tbe defence. i dc examination 01 td? wiintmi oeinj/ about to comiwnc, all of the witnesses. with the exception of tbe one ur<l?r examination, were then reqnetted to leave the court-room Dr. Jo/imo* EUof w> sworn and tet*i8ed at to the nature of the wound which be examined with Dr ShuWt, turyeon of the Carmron The wound did nalmash tbe > ull in. but it cut down totbe hone^PtVitneaa aaid In hl? op'rion V . --- - i... ? I.. ><l KM A iur R ?? waa iliaiL iru uy a uaiu Aiiui.a i/y a h*rd knotty ttil??t?iH*e at a atone or plere of l^id Tkomit. E. Dam, (the baokman.) ?worn.?On the night In question wt? pasting down tbe avernte Wilh bit carriage wben a pirtv bailed him and be drov to the enrh. Two i?die? ?ot In the carriage. Thedereaa^d ?? about tngeiin and bad hit foot on lb* ttep when tome of the pauiM *ald ron ranuot gft in here TWenaed ipoketo the ladlea In l.ernian,and they all got ont When tliey got out I Ley w-re about to start down I ha pavement, and It uaa then the Lieut. Colonel ; received the blow Witnest heard the Mow, | but did not see II; judge the person Wbo struck 1 tbe blow was In the rear of tbe Lieut. Colonel. The Lieutenant Colonel f-11 against some of bis frisods. and as he was falling they caught him. When be was struck, the parties walked off Tbe two officers who w*re with the Lieu^. Colonel called tbe watcb, and tbe assaulting party, num- * berlng five or six, ran. Wltuess y,avean account of his subscauent movements up to the t me he helped to carry tbe body into Rup*rt'?. on Pennsylvania avenue, where tbe dcc*aacd died. Tha partlea were all walking down tbe Avrnne together ? tbe cB'-rri and the others. It wat al>ont tl o'clock at n'ght; and was diaagrecabt** wrvucer. k wunn? uiu iurn acrjiiairufa who the partle*. be would bave known tbem that night Did not recognize any of tbe r-lrtV Doe? not recognize the prisoner, as one of the party. , Litut. FVi* wtrtk ?wrrn.?Was not pre aM when the blow wti ?tm< k, but ?r>*.v Lieut Ton , lierber the next day. and several ai)b6eq>ientd**w. , fie died Jive or klx diy? afterwards. He was : i- ! V-aded by Doetor? ?bul?v and Osbey, Armv A r- : cecna. and by another Do-tor, w!tne?a dfd not ' know. TIamac 1/ Crt wm'.rLnrl 11 #Hror \ r* Ol T.I niH* I ? ? * ?* ???- * ? *.? y * ^ t 4??- inm t-eet, Ualtlmore), sworn ? R^ro^nlz?,d the prisoner as the person hearrestrd at the 9u?qiiehanna House, la Baltimore, on the 19 h or '.Dtb of November Ja?? The prlaoncr, at th<* llnr.c of hia arrt at. gave his name an Geo Anderaou. Witne^a left the prisoner at the middle dlttrict station bouse, in Baltimore, aod did not sec him ajain until to dav Emm* M>ytr, <-wrorn ?[ TLia witness was a fair-haired, blue-eyed Orrinau girl, and rather ^ood-lookln? She ?poke I'.n^lish )mperfe< tlv. nut told her story In a straightforward minner ] Her cTldence wm to tbe effect that sbo hsd b?cii In thin city only sU day* at tbc time of tbc occurrencc. Sbcdld not know the prisoner at the bar, aud newer hu-w Lieut. Colonel Vonlicrber?only aaw blin tbc nlgbt be was struck On tbe nlybt In *.ue*JIou, Louisa Kuble, at the concert room, luvitcd witae-a to aecompsuy ber to a supper, ublcb invitation witness accepted. It was en Tuesday ulgbt. and ratuluff Tbc supper party *<atUd from tbr concert room. i-oni!?t!ui? ??f Ave r"rwM. t!z: the dcttaa- <1 l.lcut Col. Vnu Oerlwrr, is <'omp*niau (a ijuartermas'er), Simon Kotrnbinb, I .on Ha Kuhle, and the witrnii The party lr>ed to get la a carriage on tbc avenue, near Eighth st , but jould not ;.'et in, because the bo\? (a part? of six or eight young men) ia!d it was ibelr canlage. Near Seventh *t. they tried to get In again. Louisa Kahie "ct in the carriage, and witness was about to uetin?had her f *>t on the carriage, the Llent. Colonel and the quartermnter assisting her?when the Llent. Colonel was struck from behind, and fell, aa If he sat down, partly against the witness, a? blood from the w?und was on the lower part of her dress. Witness knew none of the party of young men except the German man (Strang).who \va^ nearest to the Lieut. Colsnel, antl Power*.who was nest to and In the rear of Strang. Strang had railed the Lt. Colonel a bid name Louisa was acquainted witii the deceased?witness was not. ^Vitness did not recollect seeius the prisoner that night. at a!!. J. F Kims, sworn ? Recognizee tbe prisoner t tbe bar as Knotb Ward, jr., and has known him ?tr-e be waaaatnall h>y Saw Liin on tbe nigbt of. tbe M'b of November la?t. Witneaa was, and la, an odUer at tbe concert room; bis 1> ;aiueaa being to clear tbe bouae when it U time to cloae. That ni*bt (the 1 Kb ?>f November laat), between 11 *nd l-> o'clock, lit** womi-n went to tbeir room above, where they kept tbeir honneta, >hawN, Ice , and were followed tip by a number of young men, tl?e prisoner l>ein? on? of the numb*r, and Kzrtck another. Wltn/ai followed tkem up. and to d them that wa? a private room, and they couldn't stay there. One of tkem ?aid they bad made arrangements to jjo home witb the wirl?; wltue?? don't recollect which one W'ltaewi to!d th??m th?y nimt go below. ar-d they obeyed very quietly. \Vitn?-st on bi? way ont paa**d th-m standing at the antrr door, and a kort dlatance ln>lo\V overtook the dn'eiirj alld l,oiiia-i Knble. tie'etlier. \V otf>r?-it hit mi. hrrita to tH* girl. I>nt >1 * tbankrd bim, and ?.!d th'v were to tatr- * rafTlnge. Witness kU'M n?tti>k<; of tbe affray until ?b?rriing. W itn?-ts did not recolif. t te?t!fyln? >>*fi>re tW Coronet'* 1 that I'ow^nia'd by bit Mak<-r b* w*< goin<; bom* witb oue of lb*' sjlrlt Pn*era d!d not vo up ttairt W itn<nt n?*vrr tbat Powr< ictt bit coat?it wai Ue?ion. Tbe w:mm tfttlttM a? to ttx> Hrcumttancrt of tbe ufft'.n of vvfrjl of tbf parties. Simtu Hfk, sworn.?Hi* ten'.lmouy corroborated that of Emms Meyer. except that be was positive that when the blow was struck Powers wm nearest to the deceased, and Strang next to L'rit. Anoatb wss uttered astbe blow wssstruck. Witness bad been In the habit of escorting one of the girls borne. John ff'Sion. sworn ?Witness was going towards tbe Capitol, behind two young men, two soldiers, sad two yoang ladles. A? tbey had ?? ** * a? *W- k..k L....I X J r Itru IUUU1 UHI'IKC w rmcr mc uai , ur utuiu * 14 whli" come trom behind him, a "crack" and a"ain.*' He was about three or four feet .rom the soldier. He had ?een the prisoner at the saloon, and pasned him and twa others just before tk.e affair occurred One of those with Wtrd was I'owers, but the other he did not know When the Colonel was struck be fell backwards against i irifk. one of the alrls belns on each aide of Mm W one crlrd out ? \Kratcli," and th^y all ran. At tbe time Errick was In front of witiiMt whoa the blow w?? struck, Strang was to tbe i?fl, while Ward, Powers and the o'her one were t?blnd him Wltneo* bad bwn partaking of Jager too freety, and was a little tight. Witness could not tell who gave the blow. Dr J. F- M-y awom.?Wltoosa described tbe wound, and tilled that In his opinion the wound would not have proved faUl If an operation had bseu perforated. Jam't I'ovteri sworn ?Witness knows the prl. suner; made bis acquaintance In tbe saloon on tbe night of the murder Tbe crowd left tbe saloon about half past 11 o'clock, and be fallowed tbcm clown in company wun ?? nc at (be duvf In couvcr?atn?n with a gentleman. the < rowd having K<Mie toward* the market. Withe-* aaw a back passm;: down tbc avenue, and m* it at p, when be beard them jawia^, bit ?"<ild not aay who It wae Tte ba k a'.ancd again, ajid "topped near the rnjlnf Louie, and he followed It down. \\?ltnc?a aaw ouc of tbc ladles get luto the tiK k It M been driven up to tke curb?tonc, and tke crowd was baugu^ bout It. He aaw the prisoner walk round Ike crowd from towards tbc korsca wilk kit Lands lu hi* pocket, and saw kim take o jt a rlun^-stiot, raise it up over kit kead and strike tb? blow. W kcu tkc demeaned was struck ke fell fa< c downwards, some one at tke same time catching at kloi Tke cry of ,4watck!,waa raised, and tbe rowd ran, none towards tke market and others toward !*?v?-nth street. Wltr.ew met Ward aid Strang about ha If an kour after the occurremc near tue enrner of Tenth and C streets, on tkc ? "J I W rA \ natal D ?ri(n#dfl. ? I rim kr tt>? a? a of a b?b, and bope I have killed blm ?? W iukm waa about ten or lfloen ?t;pa from tbc crowd when the affair took place There were only aotne ten or twelve persona round tbe back. No one waa standiug between blm and tbe Coloael wbea tbe blow waa atrock excepting Ward. TLi evidence for tbe prosecution waa closed kfre. waa i.vaiirj by defrn-e, 4 and reiterated hl? evidence In cklef Ui reward to tbe pwauloa Of tkir parties. , I lie pxiaon?r u a yuun; tnan witb ?i?fk li?*r ' 4 and eyca, and (trongly mtrked feature*; and ?pp***r* by bla anxious countenance to have a rralItlng aeuse of bla position ] Tbc iarv were then siren In charge of bailiff*, who conducted them to tto National Hotel, where tbey are provided with qoarttra, ?od the Court adj jurard 8miTicoKi47f Lictve*.?Prof. Rogers on Monj - " - - * a*v cyi nmj aenvere? tots aecona lecmrc on " Glacier* of Switzerland,*' In !* kail Smithsonian Institute. , . , . . The lfc'urer, after brltflf rc*lewtnjf hi a ?rat lecture, explained at leujjtb the theories of Aaaaand For be* aa to the glacier movements- One theory was, as explained in tbe Srst lecture, that the lurfiif P nf (k<> trim l*r ur*i fill! of SffliH BSSOfM. through which the water trickUd during the day and froze during the night, thus farcing the glacier down its bed. The glacier, however, moved tbe same distance daring the night as the day?a fact not explained under thin theoiy. The theory of Dr. Forbes, that tre glacier flows as a semi-fluid, is generally received by scientific men aa tbe correct one The snow, which falls In great quantities, consolidate*, and the great pressure from the upper portions of the mountains forces it down Dr. Pindal had endorsed this theory, and Lad explained many of the phenomena The lecturer then noticed the rrvs'als in the giacicr. n oaa own iioncea mai bii icf ciy??ii when found were alwa\s parallel to tbe surface, but In tbe glacier tbev were found situated iu every direction, sometime* in groups parallel to tbe surface, and others scattered bere and tbere In all conceivable directions. Plndal thinks that the glacier 1* not, properly speaking. ? solid mass of ire. but Ice and water, wblch would be supported bv the observation* of Forbes and others, who noticed that It always moved fastest In w?r a, moist weather. Prof Rogers announced that at tbe next lecture, on Wednesday evening, he would treat upon ?ome of the various accidental forma of the glacier. Police ?Tbe Third Ward patrolmen reported yesterday the following canesBefore Justice Thompson?John .\ftgraw. vagrant; workhouse 3?ida>s Ann Tracey, prrfanity; #1.91 Samuel Loeb, peddling without license; S'2 I A W. Beckwitb, riding on the pavement; o* 8 J* 117 mi. ..ii J a _ (L| tk Jl. ?i imam*, uuii.i sra w?i'?ry on joun anmlMfd Before Justice Clark?Thorn is Skank, carrying a conceal* d weapon; f ll).Sy?workboiiM d?y? in default. Ary Ray, t?ire.?i? of violence; di*m's*ed l>y Juattce ClavUtn. Tbe F?nrth Ward patrolmen i?-fn>rted?Wesley tlaiuniell, larceny of Government properly; turned over to tbe military. M.J. Mear, telling ?o:?da without llc.eoae; i ? <1 > ii * ' ii.i-? a- - ? i ? ijirniiib?--u t. j. i>ur?rarn. rairi''? ^uniifii, rfa nniaanre; dUnii*.?ed. TbovO'Donnell, drunk and dlaorderlv; fc'i.'H. Nathaniel Smith, larceny; diainiaafd. Win darner, violating back lawr; rosts, .*>- rents ?l?v Jnalloe Walter. Itridj;et Ha; lil- n and family, va^ranfi, workhouse 3<idiv*. I>av d Fvrb:*-. taping a wu'er pipe; for further hewing. l>nn'a Donovan, liquor wltbcnt license; dismUsrd by Justice Clayton. A. MrmliiW, Wit. Pcning, Wm. Fleod, W. L. Ilaigbt, Terence Reeves, John Bowman, fieo. Iielf, Jsmrt Fitzpatrick. John Lally and John Conner, turned over to the military. ASextry Killed bv a Locomotive ?Last evening, Patrick Cunnn gbfm, of Philadelphia. a soldier attached to c mpany B. (Cup* B' yd,) of tbe 1st D C regiment, was killed while on guard at the tank n< ?r Laurel switch. on tfce Baltimore and Ohio Ratlwrt. by torlnsj (truck by a pii?lng ngi e. It appear* that he was aaleep on h!a poet, sitting on the platform by the 'rack, with his brad inclined forward, when tbe *lx o'clock mall train approa !ird ; an at'oanpt to slacken speed wa? mad', hut too late. The engine struck the poor fellow oti tbe aid? of thr head, crushing th* ahull, causing the brain to protrude. The train waa stcpied and the wounded mm taken to ,? n?..? I-.. 1 it ?* a r ii ii j ** ucir j *t t irantj be died on after his arrival. Rf.l*a?ft> ?Hanno and NeUon -the two persona arrested by Ofbrers King and Norwood, on auaplcion of robbing Mr l'arnri, of Georgetown, at tb?* government horf ailea bat week, aud>ent to jail for further bearing by J .iatice l>?nn?were released lnat ntgbt, upon condition that they da immediately leave thlaclty. Considerable aiulety for tbelr release waa manifested by various pi rson*. bul tUt magistrate and officer* were very ranch in favor uf retaining them until tKc evi? dt-uce ccu!d be obtalmd. The witneaaea being awav and the officers una bin to itumnion them, and tbc testimony not being of a positive character, the pri*"nera were releated upon tfcr condition i^cntioiud above. Siionh \v?i;n Station CaJuiUct Clnk.?M&ty Cook, workhouse 'tJ davs. Chas iMdlone, drunk and disorderly; ir.e f I '.'I. Lewis l.:ircomlj?, do; dismissed John Herbert, dc ; hr.c?i."l F.Woodruff, do ; f" 1M. J. U 1'bippn, do ; '?J John KMce. Jobu II Proctor, to ; ctcb * -':?t M lilUui Bryan, drunk; SI Cabb Mite bell. itUlng ll-juor ?un. lay; dlsmlwtd W. Beckct. col <i, violating hack law, by falllni: it wear a legal badee; Hunt ^1 i-i John O Nell, hon e breaking; John Hoyd, tlrbting; Manl?t Moke**, do ; !t. II Russell. at wilncsi; John Xotttve, rto.; Peter Bomiar, drunk; P?ter l,eak do., toldiers?*11 turned over to the military. P.ckttfg a Soap Mas'* Pockit.?Yesterday morning, an itinerant dealer in snap. while disposing of his goods on thespa<_e near Center Market. had hi? ronket relieved of hl? pocket book A. ? I ? I - A r?, . _ _ -- 1 . * * containing i c crowro coweciea arc una, and a person In an otticer'a uniform ofl>;r?*d the dealer a chance to teat the power of hit ?oap by removing a crea-e spot from LI* pants. While the dealer wa? leaning ov*r operating on the gre:iae. a fellow behind operated on hia pocket. A young man was arrra'ed on annpiclon, hut proved to be the wrong man, and wet dl>mi-sid. Ce\TRaL <jca.Kt>llOl'<e CAIBS?B'fvte Juttir Wali'f ?l.evl Williams, lighting; lorked up four Lour* Oilman Ranaom, dru -.k and disorderlyi tixied $2 0*. Win Cavanauj/h, vagrant; worLl?ou w rm dfiva. Wm. Clark and F !( Covry, drunk and diaorderly; tlurd m ea> l. TLoiiki Outran. Henry Rarrer, Win Kirk. J no. Steward, Kraatli Ax'on, Alex. McCoattr. 1>. C. Spem er, \V . II. Hoit, Tbouna* R jiirk*-, John Thompson, Oeo Hateu. John Doafkntv. T. flmltk tai M iiradiu. ti*:?'rd over tolhe military. Csain dk Vimtk ?ThP \VhiUhur?t (jallery, 131 Pennsylvania avenue, is buaily rn{a<(nt turn ln^ out the so popular ror</j </? vi*ite, and We note an Improvement adopted at this eftabllabinent In the >h,tjx- of bust likeuesafs. by whleb the portrait Is made lar&rr and more sitiafar tory. Ainonjj the l^antlfnl t<jw?rla?r? of rard vislte* iastt'd front thU gallery art* e\<-ellent iikrne?vj >f M<Clel)an. Kaker, MrCall, Itarry, Rb hard -on. Keys, St Ctfok, Graham, Casey, ai a in (art an <>ur military litiia'riaiiuil. Makinu Vutkrx or tiif Fi.oativ* I'opitation ?' l.ook<mt" wrltt to the ISaltlmorr ClipjwrAbout Im day* ajja Senator lirlnif- Introdnct >1 a bill Into tLf Sritat?* lo allow irald^ntf of WaaLiiivton of *!x month* onlv to void at our municipal (Ifflionn, and said thai be bad d< lie so by the ? unanimous itnirr' of the Councils. How great a mistake the Senator made may be learned from the reaioiiHtrance against hi* bill by the Common Council, which was carried by 1? yeas to 2 nays.'' A Boll Tunr ?Monday night ax Mr Dennis Rind-n, clerk for Healey tc Co , was counting the cash preparatory to settling the dally arcounts, a man, named Charles W. Smith, entered the tore >a<l snatched the pile, connMing of abant 9*6, and ran. He w?a foil >w?d by the young man and caught by ?om? ciHz?nt,and taken before Justice.Donn, who committed him to jail for court. The money waarecoTered. TheJGo\ ?H3M?WT Hat Trad*.?A number of capttallatt frcm Pennsylvania and other eastern States concerned inaupplyin;; the army, have located branches rf Ibelr business in Baltimore, and are engaged in packing and slipping bay to (his city, Fortress Monroe ando h*r point* located on the Southern Coast*, astbe Federal army advanctt. Vast quantities of this hay cornea from Montgomery, Lanceater and Cheater conntles, Pa Sn.lisg by Sampl* ? Friday last, D. Siecvdy wa* arretted by city constable Hurdle, for attempting to tell goods by aample; was lined # ?*> 91 by Justice Thompson. Saturday, L. S. Buell was dfied SI 3r for being drunk In the street, by the same Justice. Release or Prisoners ?The following named persons were discharged yeaterday: Warren Curtis. John T. de Bell, and K. 11. bunnell, on taking the oath of allegiance, aud Alfred Nettletva aud Tench S*chley,on written parole. I'mh'H K ercijkt- ?Tbreegood Union Virginia citizen* ?a venerable father and his two som arrived at our navy y*rd?u Monday night ou one of the veaacla of the flotilla During the lati week tbc whole number of Bach arrivals nil tra. i WasuiA /run, March, lSOti. T? Mr. J. C. Murphy, Dear >?irWe, the underalgnrd, wish to cxprev* to you our unqualified ratlafactlon at your unremitting atleutioii, kioduc**, aud geueral good management of our trip froui Washington to Bull'* llun, Ma liana*, a.id back again. The pleasure of our excursion was much ruhauccd by the fact of yojr presence at the battle of July, 1861, and your kuowledge of the localities and rciety couuected therewith. Vour enterprise, in originating theae Ulua, mrrtti lunnort. .ind wr ft*! nur fh.tl (h<?# wlm IKopme visit:ug those Interesting tot alities < an not do better than to enti u?t tbeuuelve* to your guidance. We tre, dear air, yourt moit trulv, akiuci bAxrr, tugluod, Cm*. 8 Miitu, Dublin, Cswaed Liw>i. Philadelphia. K. * 6au?, /loarlllf, Oht?, A luxott, '/inwrlll*, Ohio, H \V Hakrit. MaMachuwtta, It. Richasb Cut. M D . it* t*am'l I'llL, KagUftd. j&M i f tn * \ I Coal Oil in Lamm?wesremUIm w ble-baae Labp, balf-giUon Cm ae4 balf-gmU*J |b?st KeroAlne Oil for one dollar. Snwtir * Son, mh 26-21* Corner TweliUt and U r? Yor would be aatonlctoe* Mu examination a the splendid stock of Jewelry and silver-plat*! ware pow on ule at tba People'a Dollar Store, W Pa. avenue, near Four-and-a-half at. Take oui advice?call and ace It, and take rour choice foi one dollar. It* BrrcTAtLia. with Brazilian pebb.ea, have th< advantage over the caramon one# of btlag mto't transparent, much harder tbaa glass, do not cratch, take a higher polish, and conaeaventlv transmit a pure light; also. they are cooler ard afford a plrasaut feeling to toe Impairedeyesight. These glasses are aold and carefully fitted to the Eirtlcular condition of the visual organ*, by enart. Franklin & Co.. Optlclana, Oil Pennsylvania avenue, between Twelfth aid Thirteenth streets. It Wk ake tMLLins oar superior Keroalne Oil at 45 cent* per gallon, delivered to all part* of tbc city Order* through the Post attended to. Jfv the b&rcrl as cheap aacan be bought In Wuhlngton Stewart ic !?o?, mh * Corner Twelfth and H ?t?. a tew or tui mint testimonial* te0m the citizens or Washington to de. tvmulitv, the indian herb doctor. 1-tmaU Complaint Curtd. Mrs.C.W. Blskeman, Lang's Hotel, Georgetown. Cure of Ntrvmx lftltlity. Frederick Rohleder, F street, corner '2d, Inland. Stro/ul? Cured. J. ftlaioney, corner ?n ana m wreew. Enlargement 0/ike Heart Cured. I*. Downs, Ii4:J Uth street, Washington, D. C. Scrofula Cured. J I). Lakeinan, Oth street, No. 439. Consumption Cured. John Clark, Camp Onocan, D. C. JoLn C. D^v, corner Jd and D atrseta. Bad cast of Juutdtte Cured. John Hurd, No. 50t) New Vork avenue. Fits Cured. David Dllon. 47-? F iUeet. A'ervttu Dtlility Curtd. John Donobu, No. SiKi, corner C and 3d street!. CttT'd of Chronic Uittme. v William Sullivan, corner 4,^ and Q streets, Iron Foundry, Navy Vard, b C. Curtd of Debility. Charle* Wilson, U. S Regular. C.UTnl Benj I?ora#-v. '2'itb at and Pennaylvanla avenue. Curt.J of Pi triples en the Fact. Jauiea R?-#?d. 2<Jtb"nod I. street*. Chromic Rheumatism Cured. M. G Howard, KMh aCrert, near Penn. avenue. Nervous behility. Charles A Courvei>*r, Navy Yard. Asthma after all thi Doctors failed. 3. J. While, No. 253 II street, south side of I *t i\i t ?l r Cant'T Cured. J. Blackburn, Georgetown. Bnd Vrtnmsieitk Night Sweats Cured. R. Haunacb, 417 7th street. F,ts Cured. J. J. Kane, C afreet, between Cth and 7th. I desire vour prostrate hearts to lift. Your bleeding wound* to cure, And with tlie treasure of Nature's gift, Relieve the rich and poor. The Indian Herb Doctor will describe dl*e&*c and tell hi* patients the nature of their complaints or illne**, without receiving any Information from them. No charge for consultation. Utiles, No. II Washington Hulldlnjr. Pennsylvania avenue, corner 7th street. mar 21-lw Witt is it That Crmbadoko's Dale Dti is ii . n * i _ ?i.. > uie Dmi in iub ?? viib i Because eminent cheiuista say so! Bccausi it oontaine no oauatio eompnecds! Because it wears longer than any other! Beoauae it operates mtiamiantot/fly ! Booauae it does not stain the akin ! B?cau*e it nonrianea and atrenfthena the Hair! Became it oorrets'B the bad efieota of othw dyea! Because ita presence oannot bo detected ! B'.fann it nevfr fa-It Manufactured by J. CRI6TADOKO, 0 Aator House. New York. Bold everjwhere, and allied by all Hair Dreaaera. l'noe 91, 91 so and 93 per box, aooordinc to iao? nu?i* C*i?TAi>n?o> Haii FBianVATITS. Is invaluable with hia ?>r?, m it liopurU the utlu^at the moit beaatifol (loss, sod great vitality f> the Hair. PrioeSuoentr, SI, and 92 per bottle, aooording o aise. fe a M.WfcP.lra Dr. White, the 1 hlropodlat, ia a wonderful operator. HI- method of treating cumn, bunloua, bud natla. etc . Is perfection ltavlf 8utt>r no Iontrar f mm t hnar (rrrl VJw evkli Knt rniKml t Ikiit* 4 ?-.? # moot to tbc telenet: and skill of Dr. Wblte, at |:*i i'c iiD -vlvanid avenue, between and Mb ata. * Brasbkfth * Pills.?The occasional u?s ?f tb a safe nedtclne lnau ea health and prevents thine sudden attacks of ?lckn? <4 to which aP arc more or Jeaa subject such a* dysentery, dlarrb:n, headaches, d'ztlnew, bullous a sections. d_c.,?c. Sold at No. 201 Canal street N V., and at the ranch Otllse, corner 9th and B street, Washington, D. C. P.S. Butlers-supplied by the dozen. mli ?-? lw What an amount of suffering and dlseass among tLe Volunteers would be pre%-ented by the free use of Holloway'a Pills and Ointment. Tor Wounds, Sores, and Scurvy the Ointment la a certain cure, and for Bowel Complaints, Fevers. Small i'ox. Sec., the Pills are the best medicine* fn thp wr.rlil itnlv Or r ay. Ii t\r nn* ?W1 A II " J " VVM?W I "V* VI ? . I India Rvisn boov. Indli rubber Shifts for protecting cblldren'e bed*. that no family should k* without; 75 cenla each. Rubber Blanket*, for coldlen, tl.25 etrh. 1( ubbcr l*onehM and Blankets coaablned, 92 54 each. India KuiCoat*, white or black, ft-.'.SUeack. India Kubtor brggins SI p?r pair. And all kindeof Rubber "jcunta, Including Rubber Uonta and Phoe*, Rnbbfr Stopper* for bottlet, Door .MaU, Under KUeeUu^a for bed*ln Ickneaa, Ac .Ac . at maimfirtiir**'* nric?-? ?!1l . A llill'i liwtU Hubl^r War^boasr, P*. Mtnlh nrid |V?tb llrcftl fcb l-lf Thk I.cvjr. A Card _l)r. Hunter will'drttniMy rf.vM LI* ?tlir- In Washington on Saturday evening, tU* 2ihIi inatint, MfU?r '.vli!?vU dat* all pr-iona atfllrtfd u ltli Pnhuwmry dl?^s*>- ran consult tilui prwn ill* Aw Itl* l^tl^r &l I.la iiMf^o Ma .* 'I'.isitfll, n#-ar lliwttdway, New fork. Ilia here wUI remain open for tie fefep(lun of pailmia uitllHed wliti OaUrrli, Hrottrbi H?. r<.nMimption, and A*tbma, u > to lie evening of s*at?rd&v, luatant. Peniiaylvanla aveline, Wellington. ub*2U Af t ntl*oM# t an Ind tb? beat Ktork of (Motbli.u ilAiUl ^ Tt.ii.ba UuU !' "I ? I Ml l?|-?Hlllg w Ul'M 'j a I II II lldtl out* VBfMI} at Smith's, No. I7u Seventh Bear F. IUKH1K1) On the 2nL uitUat, i>? tUa K?v Mr- Kdvtrda, COLKMAN THOMPSON U> Miaa JOSEPHINE tti aPv < r ?k.. ?;*. uunvni r> V/1 una uiiy. , DIKUi On Tum>'?t, Maroli S*th, HARRIET. lnfaLt daughter of Hell >rd ar.d toarriet Magruder, aged It in jnths and 5 day a. uu?ral Thursday afternoon at 3 o'olook?No. Thirteenth street, Island. Of eonan notion, atter many lone years of if cat suffering,wr> oti ehe e< d-jr <1 with pauen meekness nnd a him rehnnoe i>n her fasiovr. with the fnll hose of immortality. M a OLIVE CAROLINE ARM ES, in the 5M year of her age. Her friends acd sceaatctanoee are reaaeotfnliy invited to at.end her funeral, on Friday, 38th mat, at 11 o'olook a. m., at No. 41? Tenth street, her n t at xt?v. - : * fcwc?u u tuu iii |x un viijf fSfvn oopjij On Wetneeday morning, the Mth instant, ED GAR Motf IlAN.tecandsoaof Francis and Louts Mofahan, Med i year and 1 month " FO HALE?A pair of very huiioiM light bay

CARRIAGE HORSfco?b?navaa to sv ha th? Liiett in the Distr at?bred in New T-Ty HamMhue; 6aod 7 years Aid. Can beeeaa* rl {'f a?n?ing at the Naval fetore, Mary Yard, Washington, D.C , between the hoars o' ?0 a m, anil * m m ? w r? ? ititi mi U. '"Sp&A 0oi|kt b? KlTTKNHOUttK, FANT k. CO,. . . . f?*n.M,r,? **? F?UM7lT*IU* ? , mti KMw Untwllif acT.| | A DIES' RUBBER BOOTH Lj AND 8HOKH. Ail aiSM, it , J * PtIDNKT??, CiMttt'i Dry Goods Btors. (\f EN'ti RUiJRKR BOOTS 7 , *. ,.b f tt-tf **4 P?nn. >v.. Beak Ibom. IfRUIT AND ORNAMISNTAL TRUK8, Ac*1 rto undersigned r?E?e<)Uallr offers en immense ??m* of FRUITTRKK8, ofwr yigorou, thrift? crowtti, and at * rest It reduced priosa.rTi 40,m?t Patch trfM, heat Tftriatiaa. V>,?? dvu( l ?*f?. st*n<l*id feara, ApriooU ClMrriw, FIxp, Naatannea. QiImm, to ; QtWf Vinaa.CoLoorda. Ilalawara. Cuyfthofft. A.o; Bftoibwnw, lu> berries, Strayoarn?*. Rhubarb and AiMrira RooU, * ? ;Kf|iniiM,8to1t.Md Oraamaatal lUk -T-. i tiki 1 lut' ." ? ??, ?? M I J SttS8SHHfiS?HHH<HH5H5aS5 ;| AMUSBMKIfra. f K-Ltaku<1. ThJBEv^-in*. BhU'fMr*'! klatoMoa! I g?7 bTjULIUS C.E4A*~Br?tu. Mr K. L. > DkT?B^rt; rutin*. Mr J. W. Wa.'l>ok; Mut Arr W" Wh#at*?';C??*r. ??ruC" r FORD'S ATHENBUM1 I Air? Ki.... D. ..J if...... ?, r i ii.pi iwi ??u .uaum^i ; joan u wr.sut St*(?Mu>|N Continued BneoMs of th? beautiful aotress, MIS3 LUCILLE WESTERN. THIS BVEHIIW. SATAy IN PARIS ! MISS LUCILLE WESTERN 1 in S>* Ckaractiri.iei k Serif ami Vnncts. | Dakcc. Miss Olivia To_conolod?_w.th Ilib HATl'tIK AND PUINTKRBcx ?... Nr. C B. Buho? Box (ffioe op.-n from 9 to I iikI frciu 2 to t o'oiock, when'teata can be aeoarcd. AtXlHtol. Praia Ci roleand Par*uette ...Kcnti Btloony Saat* ?.?. ?i ?>roheetra ??rau *1 F?? ilj Circle 25 oenta No eatra oharce lor reeerrel Mate. It CHAR LK? K. FOB P. Treaapr?r. m ^ . a a mu? ? Ui?? raLLUwo' HALL: tflVISTH i?TR**T. FAREWELL. NIGHTS Sanford Opera Troupe. MONDAY EVENING. M*roh24. VAK1BTY NIUHT: TUESDAY EVENING ? THE RIVALS WEDNESDAY EVENING.. .OPEN HOUSE THURSDAY EVENING THE PRIMA. DONA FRIDAY EVEN'S....UNCLE TOM'S CABIN SATURDAY' HVfc'G. .SANFORD'8 BENEFIT CHOOSE YOUR LYRXINOS. Doors open at 7; comineooiDc quarter to I. Ar>M1#*!OX SA t INT* _m f^ANTERBURY HAl.L! L CANTERBURY HALL ! COMBIfiA TIOH tXTRA OH P IN A K Y! THE BALTIMORE COMPANY acd THE WASHINGTON COMPANY In Joist Ektbrtainmixt ! Return of tba Old Favorites, J DICK PARKER, ' JAMES WARP, FRANK LA FOLLE, And the Members of the Company ! Ccir.inaaticn of the immense artista MISS MILL E FOlVLbR, AND mioo J ULjLA mUK.TlDlt.lti AND TUB COVET Cr FXAl'TY> MISS LIZZIE FRANCIS, MISS MARY BLAKE, MISS LILLY BRANDON, MIS'* FRANK SECOR. MISS JULIA RICHMOND THE DK1.KVA NTKS lH NEW AND STARTLING ACTS! fCTNo ohaa?? in the AJinu?.on Pn?ea^J| Adimaa ou ib ceuU; Orot?t?v Cfrfers W ceiita. Afternoon Hnt*rtm*m*ni J o- LM)?? and r Mulwi, on WEDNtHDW AMU SATURDAY AKTtK NOONS. it* o'clock, Wbsn ft Lavish distribution of Klettut Presents i> nude: Riob and Co?tiy Jew?!'?, Books, Toys, hftncy Article#, and m?tnifioeotSi'k Dresses. Admission >< oents ; Children 10 cetts. m)i :< i^bAkcnuun imii/iiiii UAiiUi V* CL bimdox HOTEL.) CONCJ- RT fcVhRY KVKNIN6, BY A t-DLL BAND: ifetnUtal Waring ?irl?, Qcod Liiuora, Gitt'ii and mhii-lw' KrerythtE* in th* eating 'ine. PATENT OFFICE CL'RJOSITIES-eaida to IT Patent*, Catalogue of CnnoaitiM and Govern- I ment Gardens, at the stand in Patent Offioe; Karo Anti??anan Books; Government Books; Documents famished: Railroad Reports; Military Fe . aorta; Wurnt Patent Office Reports; Cheap Books 1 rurniMWa M Pedlars; .MMtary Trials: Military Laws; Army Regu'ations; Panorama or tbeCoast l.ovict orer miles; many thousand Cheat Books. Recolieot cheap rent. Larre sales, low prices. Us stairs, orer Bank of WafhiMton. jb *ufmg hunter. f%diil* n i?v iiarnlb' fashionable P PASC&O ACAoM,rt^*r?ai *| Hall. V, street, b?t?a?n 9th and I'th L.at>? JU T?ry + cewiay and Fn .1 &t~~\0, V*.^ r?| fid?? Aumo^t i'roz?^aSP X^Wwill I* let lor Hal!., PartiM. ae. apply as abors. ? 14 lm jy|OKK CONSIGNED GOODS. nemTsilks and beau 1'ifl'l. spring fabrics. HftTiur m?t vitli ?uali ??!? hdul tocc??a in tt.eir 0"n*ICDni?B? ti> U?. til? of th? large iiiik House in New Voile Ii?t? i-nnoluded to en tinoe their ssiea hero for One Minth longer,*n?l have vent forward J??Ter?l Lbrge li.voioea of NfciW SILK* ANI> NKW SPHISU FA BK ICS ih beaotiiul ttxturea a&?l dn*icn?, all ol wtaicli aro now read? for * Oil.ition an* sale At AUr fltiirA Tli* priea at wh'Oh tlia Umda are ordered to t?a cold at J?r ra-'/i 1a ui te%titj not mare tlian lift* eeLM on tli9 dollar ?> ibaofiftual c??t <?/ imputation, A ap'aydid upp..nuf!'tt >? m>a i.tTerei t<> tli<> IfliM d(\Vt?hiS|tint '<l v illcitv| to buy choice aud kditoua: ia *o?>J? at ai?>ut liall ??ie?. CLAUKFl * >1 % V. mli ? Srtif SjJ4 Pa. tve., hat **tli and icUi at*. Oil. KIV'AKT k. CO. alLLbKl %J llnlfl tAli 11 li Vlll'Ul REMOVED TO 3. E. CuKMtft of Pi!!*. AVkM't ash Sixth St.? ClarrnJon Hotel UuiMmc. Washington. H. ROSEY. Agixt, Niw Vot(. JAMES MOLAN, Agist. Washington, O. C. SHERRY. FORT and MADEIRA WINES. KINK OLD BRANDY and WHISKY. ID- A liberal dieooant to dealer*. mli19 *?v OYSTERS?-OYSTER t, /^N OYSTRRS ^(|f of the beit qna'itr oan be _ had lre?h every daj, ?t ?he ? Old Oyi'er Stand, No. 404 Ninth itieet, between Dacd AfMir, inStt 1m* AVRBS k, CO. |^OLD AND tXCHAN6E ON ALL 1HE . PRINCIPAL CITIES Boijhi and ?o d b* R ITT EN HOUSE. fANT 4: CO., v Dtnkere, 332 Per.nej lvanta av. rn'i is iw | tntenueno?r.) D*OF. ALEX. WOLOW8KI BEGS LEAVE K to inform his fritnda and the pubiio, that, baring met with eo muoti snooeee, is oontmuing b?s Course of laatrnotion oa the Piano aad is Singing, by his new method. All those who desire to become, ta a short time, fine a in* era or exoeileas performers ?a the piaao should avail themse'ves of his new system of instruction, by apply id* at his residence. No. 431 Tenth street, west eide, between K and F streets. Reoeption iiours between 1" and 12 o'olcck a. m.. Tueedajs, Thursdays and Saturdays. fe 34 fin jpOAL , V AT ?.!0 r un ?,vuv !.??. u ft1 v>" t-.vigiiKfy* co IVIHOMIi 1I*KS8 tiOODS. OHWV uJ KTSSZS "' "*yw.Tf.KK;*'" ah 2! M ft 83 Brmth >i., tbove Pa. av. CPRINS WRAPPINGS ?> rot tii LAMjar In Plain Cloth Baeks and Circulars, lilack aud Strip* Sbawl?. J > rec?ir*l ud will b? Bold at the lovwt ?Mh tnaM. J. W. OOLLKY. ~ mktl K lUi BOTOalh it Pa-'ar. DEAD WITH DECISION AND ACT * 1TB DR. M FRIVATk HOBPITA^. ia the frodeta tflock, oapoaite th* Goaoral Port EaUUiahoa for tha PoMroauon of Uaaokei?. Ill Only R?f ul&r FH?dici*a Adfortiam*. Dr. M. Voiluy's loax *sr*ri?o?e mhoopital prme, tK* wtrmiujum > trying ilutuiu oiretil ???2r*s? tfsssus&r'01 * TllTTort*11 u* No^hsmfwowrailBtio^A. p?Wt and radio ?1 oar* porfortad (tow ono to l??r u?ra or ao os?r? . ~ mk 17 sni* ?% ?- * I LOST Ayp POUND. IJ^OUND?Pf'BSE ennMininjr 11 n#i r money aed s pswttieket for rid w??ek. Th OVDt - MB r.*v? it m i>a!)ip> at th#> Ht&r f lis*, da wbint tt, ?nd ?*Tlat Inritii xlmmwa-- It FOU^ I>-<)n the 25th m?t ,a pO?It T 1* 01 OOBtAlBIBf ft till* IBB of tDon?Y. Vhich tk1 r vi er o*n h*veh? on line at K. 8CHLEGH,': Batter Stead, Outer Mark t. ?' K. aCHIX.KL. ftf DKWtBP 1 nat mat I... . -1- -I K ? m.w *rn * ' ?M 7 ?- \ . m U? I <?> ' brown **ULE *? said t<> ho mailed ous in WMtunftor: *11 loatV^^^ between WtshiDfon ?ni Al'xandria hvl a tore on hi* ta?k. The al>o\-* rt ^J,^ w?rd v ll i>e riven and no 4 Mt ona aakrd, ifla.t at WILLIAM'S Livery Stable. 01 8th tr?*t, between D and E. roll *> 31* WM. MAR I FN fifC R K WAR D?Strayed from my ?r?mi?M, 01 v? Sataniay last a milk and oue-^*r*| oolore! COW. llioit Imr at li?? in^a*^ oh ; ad si. I-a J of.nci.io Ike a^ov r? vt'd v ill ? civra to any on* retarmnr her to *, at No 4*5 Sth *tre#t, between K F. mh 86 St* ii. \\ VOl'Ntt. CCA RKWAKI>-Fini**j Horn thereaifence O*'"' of the ODCerrifn d, on Monda? m uiaroinr *bo?t o'olook, a NKGKO WOMAN, eal inc huraelf Jane L-fj .1 a copper oojor;Ii>te*r??'fa(f*. wmi ciii:u 3 jenTt o'd. in* i>?y if far.a oo or. The woman is vary ?'eaeio( lock rt. when *pok*n to; ahout j feet hub; an \ f ad on a bin* calioo dre*s ani plain shawl; aod ilitilaml belonirnr ?o Hon Chas II Cilrert. F will tiv?f ? reward if delivered to me. or irouieJ eo aa to get Nr. NiK?. E CRAWFORD. mh:6-lw* No lJii 8. K comer"tli and Let. FOUNI>?One eorrel MAR K. al?ut 8 rears old. jiviteh mane and tail. If S harda Inch, thin in nrwn any person ovninc *"are o<n obfa'B the unit br aM'finc at ti.e ofioe of Major A. BEHKVVirH No. 2V G ?t mh 2S tt DROUGHT TO MY t?TABLK, ON 1HK l> 4M1 of March, a pair ofcray HORt?KP, JJ\__ ? and 8 yean old with aaddlaa aa i l>ridie? 1-?r Tli" ownsr or owner* ara rrq u*a?ed to ooma*-" vikiiiii, vlure ?H pmj, >(T C'tifN. UO IU( thiir ?wm, T. NA'LOR. mli 35-v.* K r.reet. Uiww luS and H ?in RKWARI)-TIi? abova re war' will b? <3>I? paid 1< i tk? recovery of a biaok c\ hORSE, ?h(oh atrayMl on the?veniii ofT. .r ?b?T?th He ba-1 on ? ?et ofCavilry in?nt? A? > one having ik? n*^e?Bary informa lion win pl?*M laava itat iiuat rti;e. mliiSSf TOST-Od Monday 7? h inafant. ob tli?av?rn , * between I.Vh aiiest aud 'lie Natunai Roi<-l. a double KVK bI.AH-* in to <1 (rams. Th* tinder will 1 e Irn iwiiif y r**ar ??i by ;e*v:nj it it room No 3. Rfo??ad tiuor, i'ost Olfioa Deparur.e it. mh 2? 3t? SO RKWAHH-|,?'i or niiatatd, on tlie .'ttli O dar of March, I'tfJ. in to-nf ray ronnoe rt?n<ii the nty. a bundle <>f PAI'KHS* orntain it* i i.aii aruiy nuigr, tna r I (- & l ri?a at*> ;e r<*ari w.ll l>? b*id arid no question* uktd ifleitatmj darflling J' 9F.PH F RKLI.Y. Ooun?y Coo?tah e, on 8'h >tra?f mhaS-iW* t??i I ?n<1 New York &v , No 3t?l. IOST?On Patnrt'a? !a?t, between Ctac*tt A u Maj'a Store Ktd the corner of leth airt I) :* . a?m*it etrnao\n WLEEVE-BUTToN. A reward ol Si will be piid if Uftat Mr. Semten'i, Jw'er, Pa. av. mh 2? STRAYED OR STOLEN-Fr^m the Soldier*' Rest, near the d-aot, a light L*r jp\ MA?E,*bout4 rear* old. (belcngi g toTLp the Qua teriraater's Depa-tment.) with MeCiel au saddle. The ttif the bridle hai on it the letters A I. O.. in brfts*. A 'iber*l rcw*rd w i be ?a>d for h^r retu n to t*e offioe of Col. RI'CK I K Quartermaster, corner 18th and G sfeats mhii lw I OOT OUT FOR RI'RG'ARS ?a bun ar t~J entered my hou?*. 348 Ninth t*'we*D ; 3 *nd i o'oiook on Sunday morrine. Ma ch 23 ,t>y unlock in* a aoor from the ovtairie, which ha' a key :n the lcck on ihe io?i<le He i a??ed 'hio i?h t|?" | houm unduco tred, dejoe tine kji bw * * collected It ! the diMiif roonr., until be e .tered tae | chamber of a lady whe-eadim jtas uht w tarn i.i*. cunn'rii "'in nm ?i ii't tii tn ner. and Tied out, "who's there, whtf in wantirn," He tarti'd to her *' d "c*p|> si'ent," at ' l"ft. When she i vl arired the house the thi t was <ff He p.okr the poftkeu aa I got kcme t an rtiixl <1o!'ar*!n ro:1 a".?i siUeranHTre sd't to?e, with ott' T v% i*h es of fi! -". 'f ii* tnitu Ta'ua'i'e thir.f to mo >*hi?li l;e txk~ w*s t !.r 6eue v? ROid t.untnij t f m* ?^r ?_. ?? i i* wli'ch wft* r^ru^1 f-om t) 0 h?trirf "hif' ?;nr ererw," *rd !>r..i fill to me aftftr iet son uft<l hoer. I fci'le.!. It ha-? a N'ack >-1t nv.ftrd attache*! to * (ici. vei* several little aharit>?.a <>or&l watci. kev in ?li? forni ?>! a a :'t!s li'.i-t. told on on" -i'le 1 anil *1a?s witft hftir on *:.# other a *ma!i ?nofftio lnu'OD, anil ft ?ma" eilver whittle. 1 Tno i&jt* i.ft'i ft iair,vi?w of ili? roder. ai d <J? eni?s? htm a* a jrcnne m?n ft oMirar* higbt, I slit hair. no hair on th* with dark clothta. I Will uve ft Iftrre irtWE.nl Inr 1 c nf ?h? wa'oii and trii-kets. inh 24 if JOSEPH SMITH? 1 nA REWARD-Xui away !> ? ?ub<JIUU wribrr, nrtrig ? ?( (MM Prince 6t?>rje'? oouuty, Md., oc 'I us.Ja*, k&l th* fi h <*? of Jscuary !ut, my ttro NfcUROKH.v/.; J) PALL BR1SCOK.23 yearafltf, i feet |u or ' U inchoc tiicft; of copper eo ?r; & ir sutaehe; l>nt ha* probably cut them o i He h*d ob when he leita diab lu lo-' cw.th nmrf c\>?h u. c M acrt paata; h- has i? free k and mo n*r iivux in Waeh lni'on 'itf, iarcefl Marceiy "in.th. EUWI.k > 1CHOLLS, a bright irnlatto boy, 18 tw " ? Ten n*c y *in p i? a*;* tjet unci ( l?u tof ba^k fta?r; fine a mother bsiongicK to Mr?i tinroii, on fi, h ittreet. Washington ci'y, 1> C. He ha*! with him the tains km* of clothing a* the other, bat he hts other otolliinr net r?o<illf>o:e<t I will k v< the above reward for theappr h*nei<?n of t"eint or #50 for either, if delivered to me or teonred in jai! so that 1 jet th*ra ajsin mh RUvlv r.k n u uiimtl-u -- ?? ? vx m ? / i? a o ? ?IJC REWAR D?Staler, rn Sunday nijht, rp about 11 o'clock. ? BAY MARK. ffv with *vidl>? and h'icl*. ?ta- f? * * * ' J. and cue white lore foot 1( the horre :? e tamed to the owner, at Dr Kurr'n. on E it-set, between 9th and iPth, tlie alnre levard wi : be tiven. inli 24-1 w* FOH SAJLiE AHD fttfNT. FOR KENT?-Three cu.nfo-table H'?OM8, at 4 >0 Twelfth at frt. nit nde, r.etween ti and H atrtets; one of tviem furwi h*i u a sitting room and ths as ch*ml>?r? i he lnoauon ia one ?>f the moat dea rali'eiii W aaiuntton r^n 23 Iw FOK HALEOH HKM-Ad6iirtM? UWKLLINU HOU*R. w#ll foriufii'il, in the lume<ii%tu ?io<uitf cf tii? Jftftt* U*pn tiumt Ap? y to JAM. C MoGLlKii & 1 O., Auotioii aii.l Communion M'ro*apt? inh 26 ?' IICKNSKD HO TKI. FOK KK>iT-6ood * Will, Mock c. 11.I Fixture* (<>r *8'e;donif a rood tni*im*u. l i'? 1'a avonue, I et*e. a 19tri and i*th at reft. ?.k *.<>? F'URMMIIKU KO MS To H KNT. wilfc N)a*d, in a jlsaaant noahon uif ih* rermanai t and t annent Utarcer* aoc^mm- <U"d Inquire at S'ar Offic*. mh 2b if l/oW KF.NT-A large Mur atory l*KM'K r l)W KLMOMi UOU9K. e?nt*mi ^ ten room) aixl kitolnu. with *\b ?ml w-t-r t'irou<i.ont *Uh a'*?1 in ondof th? bi.?*t part* of tli* e*'f. I'mrn1.1 r<? r.ew fltulf i litxire ar<1 /iirmtui* S IT IIUMW .if, I r?'#fr*l,ltl? house Vnil be let:l d jt,e?p &L.I Ilia (iiruiture ?olJ \t ica?..u*M? ?n,<?a. Addrat* "i. liStar Oilio*. in it a Mt* PORTION i?K A WKI.L FtlRNlMKO HOl'SK FOR KKNT.-Tlii IU'MM'WH |r? auliiorie^l to let a portion ? < a Ft K N If II Kit H"F!*F. io the immediate vicinity uftli?P<nt Olftoe l? par'ment. conipritin< large parlor and oliaml>er,ili'Jtnc ioum, kitchen,an.! itau>. The dicing room I'tit l.ate nent entrance and vould make a Gne ofli le. fa'it fee tot? r*1*rmc? r??mr. <i Ap?l*t> J A3. 0. McGCjRE'A GO., oorner l*th ?nd 0 et? m?< 2S-bt* F^B OR RENT?Bt the week or mouth, a PARLOR and CHAM BKR, < connected ? r eraiad 5 feet from the udew*:k. ver? neatly fu'niah'd, w:th a pitzta on the couth front. A ">, by ; he IS n or 31 t two Cbamt)?r?. or a Parlor ani Chamber, od second Hot, rrry ne%t!? furnish**); ra? a re ran<*a on the ?<.t>th front; lce%ti;n v*-y pl*u?n*. and healthr- and bnt a few vards eaat cf the ?u*> e parka n'ar tbe Pr??ioem'' Howe and 01 mbua 1 ns to the Crpito!?4 00 N? w York tvenne, nur 1Mb at mhtt tf l?l)W u k NT-a ?* > fmn .Ia>. - ?I i? r brick DWELLING Ho I SK. No. AO Pro? Kot atreet, oontaimni i room; km ana fixture* in the home, and Mdr*nt at the kitch?n dtor.ali ia coirplet? order. To a food tenant h* rent reaeocabla. App j to D. ENGLISH. 139 Pro* poet at. mh 22 lw ^ ITOR RENT-A firnuhed fVee glory HOUSE r to a private fx.milv. for a period of not leei t^an aiz moct^e. Reference* exshanged. Apply altar 11 m . at 170 K street, near lttb, north aide, mh Tl-et* CH)R SALK-Iwo firs -elasa BILLIARD TA L? BLES, marble s ab*, and every arrangement oor plate. Tiioae des:nng the above will study their interest bj calling imine^i&teU at the Euro pean Hotel, oorner 11th sireet aa<l Pennsylvania avenue. mh l-tf QB JBttiirruWfl ADVKiiT'MTB || M" N OT1CE -LICENSES -All ntiom LLJc whore Itoensee from the Corporation of Georgetown expire on the S'at instant are h?rebr notilied promptly to enev the uur ; oiherwue they anhiect ihemeelvee to a fine, ana the law ie oompuleory up n the p'oper oftcera to eel -roe said fin? arimaii >.fl it?linananta. No farther notice viil 3>wt??l" WM. LAUD C.ltfc.1* II w GEORGETOWN TAXK8 FOR 1^?W 1_3 MoUM ia hereby ii?en mn a oiaooini of I tea per oent. vi.l be nlowed ob the >um of t e Mftrreut ye*r, il p*id <>_ror before tbe hrat of Airil orat CM AS. D. \v KiaH, mh?l-8w Collootor. HOtt-K AND COAL 8CALK9 POM BALL? A food Draft HorM a to pair of ?c ?y mhitt-lw Georgetown gVCKIKlM L O TBII Raaubarg A Ebcrt, * Gaaafccu reals to s-dex, Bicktkia DiMreta tad BhirU. ]a II q ~SECOND EDITION. f - i ? - i titKi ygoCT, r. a. t Otf/t MILITARY UUOOHT * # ' THI BXrLAKATtOH. ft* northern paper# are *go? thU wralnjr ' with i?tory of a ineetlnf of certain meai'>er? of CcugrtM lut night to form a new political party, I ^ AC. Tbe truth l?, there wm a relet party teat even:ng at tbe reeldeace ef tbe Hoe. Mr. Eirliik, 1 M C. of Coaaecticut, at wblcb aeerl? alt tbe democratic and conservative eeebfti of other I parties la Coogrrw vr?r* preeea'. la the ewifM of tbe evening, over their vine, there ra ?oeh conversation upon tbe atatc of tbe coeetry be i twm coaplra lid gmpt at Mr. E * iMth A gentleman who win preaent Inform im (kil U? upibr.t of it wi?, simply, that all who were tbrra, embracing, among other*, nearly every demorratir mrnthfr. a>?f d full v irttmlui la to PrutifBt LI Broil'* war poUrv and iwwh eiraeat and hearty napport, as well ta oppaaa t * policy and meanurea of the aboUBaa aaota alcalaU vrlth equal deteranl Batten. Thl? la th? true kew to thia lut am ?l?*r, doubtlem. TUB LATEST UY TELEGRAPH LATEST PttOM THE SOUTH. THK NASHVILLE NOT Bl'RNED, ?VT ESCAPKDTO^EA ! PORT MACON NOT BLOWN UP BY TBE RFBEL9' m BKAUFORT NOT VFJ OUR*' Baltimore. NUrckM, (Tronj Old Point Com fort, Marrh ii )-Thf U. 8 tnmn Cambridge arrived here tlila forenoon, from the blockade (ff Beaufort, NO, which she left on Sunday over.Id" * ? Tbe Relel stean er NaaLvllle esctped fiom the harbor on Tuesday ulgbt, tne 19 b Inst , having run tbe blockade. The only veaaela oil tbe plac* were tbe Canbridge and tbe bark <i*mabrook, a sailing veasel. They bad nrws of the capture of Newborn, hut were noi numerous enough to prevent bet escape The Uemsbrook first saw tbe Naabvlll* and immediately telegraphed tbe Cambridge. Tbe Utter followed ber and flred numerous saota with tbe hope of Kitting ber Into a ftght; bat tbe superior speed of tbe Nashville soon put ber at a safe distance T * o of tbe shota from tbe Cambridge 1 are supposed to have struck tbe Naahvill* Tbe baik Glenn which haa been blockaded la ' Beaufort barbot for win time, wa? ?*t on fire on Sunday night by tbe rebela, and wia burning wben the t'ambridg- left Tb- bun log of this { vt-aael wa? doubtleM preparatory ?tb? evaeoatlon cf tbr plare Fort Ma^on bad not been blown up at laat ae. counta. Tbe bark Gemabropk and t>.e at?am??r State of Oror^l were Irft at tbe Heaufort blockading a?a(U. W- f* I "? ?vy iiitt v. amui I ATfc*T FKQ*I WlDCHt?rEK. latere tiai Pa Itrnari ( Ikr fight????! Innti j ( ?u - I ?!>?? rn> al ?ti?e w ?an4-Tnr? * ?? ?f tbe I >Jobn A \Vn*h:r*tou ^TMnl-d Wmcinm, March Mi ?The d< .alto of 5??du\ ' flgbt record m< -e deft* or pergonal daring (ban any battle In blatory. Captain Sbrlber, aid and ln?F?rtor general to Gen Sblelda' division, w hile riding to Crest Hill (to the left of Stose ed^el with two orderlies, wu confronted by Ive rebel cavalry, who emptied their revolver*, killing bis two orderlies. Captain ?hrJher charged upon tbeni, running one through to the b it of bis ?word. The captain received a ball through the cap. but wu unbanned Captain Pcrklue, chief of (General Bank*' staff. was mainly tastrnateatal in planning the attack, and performed vnrlou* d*eda of ?khl and valor The twelve rebel reetmeoU en^ag-d were all Vlrginlana. ainon^ whi.h were tbe lat, *d, ?th. |:{:b, Vld, 39'h, oae provUional and one Irlab regiment. They had alao Anbl v1! cavalry and two eight gun tatterita, one a!x-gnn battery, and oae four-gun battery, making in all twenty-ait gun*. among wbiet were tome captured by them a' Ball Run. Four of the e?lor bearer* of tbe 5th Ohio regiment were aeverally killed, when Cap* Wbitcomb aeized tbe flag, aword in band, and waa ahot tbrougb the bead by a youthful rebel aoldler, who in turn received two wound*, and when approached by one of our officer*, Inquired of him if be knew Gen. Bank* He received n reply In tbe affirmative. "Tell him I want to take tbe oatb of allegiance," aald the boy, "for I bave three brothers In tbe Federal aenrice. and I want (ben to know that I die true to tbe Union." Gen. Shield's arm la badly (battered and, owln2 to Imperfect setting, inuat be reaot tomorrow. TLla morning, maay bodlea, Refcel and Union, remained on the fleld, but tbey bare aineebren interred. Many of tbe wounded have died ainee tney were brought to tbl* city Tbe ladies ! town are busy In ministering to tbe wounded Tbe ladle* of tbe tbeater, now occupied ass boapltal, are a?sldoon? !n tbelr attendance on tbe snfl'-rers. I.AT**T TO-SIGHT. AU quiet in ibl* neighborhood and atStra?barg. It it r*i-irit*?t lhat two sons of the lite Jntin 1 \\ Mtilnetoo ww In Sunday'? Igbt, ai d wcr? wound*). and r.o* takm prlaoner. TU Buliiuor* and Ohio Kail road Company UJ~ hkcn < Uar-< <>t ike Wlnr n?t*r and Potonaar H11 Iron<t and person* ran now purrba?e tlektta ot ll?r Baltimore company CUMU/msajUHJL I11VIIU COHOREHMkcK ImtH. WrniiUT, M?rck26. J*fSATB ?After the presentation of petitions? Mr. Latham r*ad a letter from ex-President Pierre, c iliins bit a'tention to a ?lan4erou? publication ron'-erntnir 11 allacd <itl?M ham# formed In Michigan. of wbleh be was represented U? be ? member, proof of which waa alleged to be In tbe posaesatnn of tbe State Department. At ex-Prestdent P.'a solicit* ion Mr. Latbam oRrrd a resolution requesting tbe Secretary of State to transmit to tbe Senate a correspondence bttwma tbst ra*r and ex-Pres.dant Pierce on tbe subject that bad taken place. Mr. Chandler Touched for the existence of nek a ronspiracy (lodges of Knights ot tbe Golden Circle) in Mlcblgsn, snd (hat numbers 01 Its member* were in the armvts embarrass Its Man> tiooa, Ac. Mr. Howard au?geatpd that tbe resolution ba ao nmendrd aa to embrace a call for a letter from a Dr. Hopklna (to tbe State Department) making tbe cbargf. Mr. u?inam having a? modified bia resolution, It was adopted. Tbe joint resolution expressive of tbe readiness or toe uenerai Government to tooprrate with *ay State or State* In the work of abol labia* limn in aucb Statea, oti again taken up, aad J?j pv Mesara DoolltUe, vVllley and Seliabary Hecua ? Mr Diwea roa?r to a privileged question and called the attention off the Bowt to p*mpi?t iaaued by Alexander t umaalaga, la which It la charged that the Committee to investigate Government coatracta had altered thetr testimony, which be denied aad intended at length te action of the ? ommlttee rev tow lag the testimony of Mr. Cnmmlaga aad other* UiTh iiC/t/ Ax> A<t H 8 Criminal Cpcbt ?Trial if Imc4 Wmrd. te , fmr ktiltng List C*l. Otu'mvt Ft* QfUr-Atfuittml ?/ ?A? ?The trial of this caw wu muwd tbla moraine J F Kmg retailed for the drfeoce.?Taetlted to lb- guud character of the accord Lmim Kukl iworn ? Teattflad ?uhataaUaJly the mavor as the other wltmaa iexo ?* f *w*n) that Pow?n aad Strang vara mm* the deceased whaa the hiew was itw.f*?* ha hind and i little to ikf Irfl afTW Cainwl. Emm* Mayer aad Mr. //mim? hut no new facta were aUdML Me. allay, Mr. Harris, and Mr. Davit, nelghtMaa ai Mr. tdttlac u to the food character ofttoaanoai. The evidence cloeed Ueia, and Um cm wu abiultted without argnmcat The Court Instructed tb? J?ry that !f tiej ha iwrvru IMI f UWU1 W?P ia the 4o?d, ?ud tb*t bM ihObmuit w? ?imm pc.tea bv tbxt of 'bo otbtr wltat*Mt, ihtjwo^i' not to rely upon it. If tb? Jury ki4 iey 4*w, tkor o?|<b( to arqu'.t 'be prtaoncr 1 b? J jrjr. aAri abctt tovto'-, rvtvn*4 4 4tct of acquittal. r ? ? ? w ? . ?? " * ?- ' > - ^ ? _ ** * ? SM ? ?V. rr?t ? t? Wfli'iM