26 Mart 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

26 Mart 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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THE EVENING START ???? ????^" ? DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLE8. 9cfrfmi Comr, Mirch 94 ?W. Jty Hankett, ? V..U . Eiq , and Irving rirw, uq., ? r?rw dh,. were admitted attorneya and counsellors of this Court. Or1?rtd, Thaltbe twenty-Irst rule in admi'alty be aboilsbed. and that the following be submitted In Its place: lu all case* of decree for the payment of money 'be iibellant aball bav a writ of execution, 1 in the ua'ore of a fieri faciaa. commanding the 1 marshal or hla depatle* to levy and collect the amount thereof ont of tbe goods and chattels, lands and tenement*, or other real eatate of the : defendants, or stipulators. , No 141. George I. Fo?ter, appellants, va Wm. W. Goddard. Appeal from the CIrcnit Conrt of the United States for the district of Macsarhnsett* 1 r JHWinp ^wnyuc wruvi im iur vpuuvu v? *h? Court, dtimiaatng Ibis caute. wllb co?U No. 142. Wm VV. Gnddard, appellant, vi. lieorge I Foater. Anpwi from the Circuit Court of the United State* rer the dlatrict of Ma??arbusetts. Mr. Jo?tJce Swayne delivered tee opinion of tb? Court, affirming tbe decree of the Circuit Court in this rauae, with costa and lntereat. No. 161. Hamilton 1. McCook, plaintiff In er?? ? QmlftH In ftvvnr (n thu rirntif IT, VI vrtHMH. v..v-.. Court of the United Stafea for the northern dia. trlct of Illinois Mr. Juatlce Swayne delivered the opinion of the Court, reverting the judgment of the nld Circuit Court, with costa, and remandnig the cause for farther proceedings to be had herein lit conformity to the opinion of this Court. No liii! The Rank of the State of South Caro llna, appellants, tbe Commercial Mutual Company, Edward I. Bickwell and Darius 8. Skinner. Appeal from tbe Circuit Court of tbe United states for tbe district of Rhode Island. Mr Justice Swayne delivered tbe opinion of tbe Court, reversing ?be decree of the said Cire lit Court, with cost*, and remanding tbe cause for further proteediryj to be bad therein In conformity to tbe opinion oHhls Court. No. 139 Frederick B Leonard et al,plaintiff In error, vs Chauucey Davis etal. In error to mf urcan coun 01 me unnea >wies ror tu<? uistrict of Michigan. Mr. JuaticeCllOord delivered the opinion of theConrt, reversing the judgment of the said Circuit Court, with costs, and remanding the cause, with direction* to award a venire facias d? novo. F.r fttrif?In tl?e nutter c?f Tbm. It Valentine et al., assignee* and leual representatives of Juan Miranda. Oa petition of a writ of manda mil* to the Judge of tli* District Court of fbr I nited State* for the northern district of Cnllfor nla Mr. J net Ire Crrer delivered tbe opinion of the Court, overruling the application f?4 a man it miim In tlil* ran*e No. 177. John A Baxter et al , claimant* of bip Mar. dir.*. appellant*, v* ll.ifL \ ramp ?t al. Appeal from tbe Circuit four! of 1Le I'nltea State* k?i Ilie dlatrlct ot Ms<?3f biifc-tt* >lr JuMire urlff a?-uv?re,t 1opinion oi tbr i'uiirt, htHrnniif tin* ilrffH of lb? Mid Clfrull (??nrt Intbi.x CMW, with < ?? > and . No 21/* John A Qa\!tr # 1 j| , rlainiaitoM thlp Mareellm appellant*, v? l.lNlert al. App<&i (r?>in the flr. uli Court ??t tut* I illicit Sute* fist tUc uuit? i ot !Ui'<K'bu^it-i Mr Jostle? liitfr drllnr^it Ibf opiilna <>f it^ "ourt, atUtmin;' tu<? dwrfC of the said t'lr. ui! fourt In lhUr*nw. with ro?U and latrmr. No. II- Hie lulled Mau-*. amellaatM. vs. M ii. \*llegr? m?1 Atsl^n* iruui lb? t Court ?>f the l iiiird States for ibe i.citurri district of California Mr J utile*- NHaon delivered ?u?> optnii.r* of iuc Court, reverting iue d?*. trr- if tb? ns)ii I>i*tri<i Court, and retuandlrip iti?- ( au?r Willi direction* to dWtu'fca tLe petition nl tUe claimant No 151 l.uplm i! I'fait j.i.ilntitt lu error, vi llenrv Kltxbngh et ai I i nmr to ib* Circuit Contt Of lUe I ii.lrd State* for I be RMtbeill iWtlCt ? vw ^ urk wr J? Nelson delivered itr ?,|.lnlon of the Court. dua.UMng ihi* uii-c t?i want of iiirisdirtifln No 1 4. CkarM t'lif.Hl. pltiDiid In ttiei v? David W. twUboiirn*. in ntbi t? *.L< I>.slrW*( ?'..urt of the I'nlted sw f.^'lbe d ?irl.t >{ Ioati Mr Jn?tv? Nelson dehveird the opinion of ibe ?'onrt, dlrnrnf ti?<? J:id.'iiirn' th>- -aid L>l-trKt Tourt In ihU c'?u?e, with tsiii N? 16?, John K Mcflltt platntlfi In error, v* Ahrabaai 1 arr k bi In error to the Clfiriilt Court of tb?- I nlted Arat<? i?.r the MMUbrrn d? irlct of Oblo. Mr Jn?t!re NeUon delivered tb?opinion of tbe Court tn tbl? ca?i?o, u lib r??tt No 5*< t. Tbe I'nlttd r>ia)nttfi? (on In illrtm^Dt,) tp. Jobn. oilierwti** railed John Canoe, otnetwlte railed Jarkaiow Ooarerlin ate of dtvtaion !n opinion b^lWfcn tb^ Judge* of the Circuit Court of the I'nited Staua for tb?* district of New Jersey. .Mr. Justice Nel*f>ti dellv?Wa -l- ?* * * * - " * r i' tur oi'iuiUH U( 111^ ? fl j UtljJTTlPTIT OP >?r trrnl^d ami a icw trial jiitoj by tbr ?aid Circuit Court In ibis cause. No lWi. Jaiw* F. Harkcc*- ami Maria ilsrknmw, appellants, vs Isaac l'nderblll Appeal from th* Circuit Court of tfce l'n>!ed Statrs for th<? northern district of Illinois. Mr. Just'cc Catron delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming the decree of the aala Circuit Court In this cauie, wit a costa. No 136. John F?rn? bI?Ii>(HT l? ?" ? ?? Jercmlib Towle. In error to the superior Court of the city of New York. Mr. J iuti- e Taney dHtwfd the opinion of th? C?>urtdlimi??lu^ this eaoae for Wantrf jurisdiction. No. IT-. CUarlet (jrodyt-ar and the Union Rubber Company, appellsuU, vi the Beverly Rubb? r Company. Appeil from 'be circuit court of tfce L'nitrd ?*(???? fnr t*"" * ' M??L _ ?W> u l-'l i l\.? VI ITJ ll'Sfll U?I cite Ordered. Thatthiacaae l>e contiuued uniil the uext term, and that it then be reargued, c?pcclall? upon the following point* tat Do the dtfcndanta n the iniuitdiate appliralloti of tbi - ce u^? d by tt?m ua?* vulcanized Indiarubber, or ladia-rubber Laving tbe kubatantlal properUcaef india-rubber' 2d. Uave the vendee* ?-f the iictuat* uudtr Ilc Uoodyear patents a right to uaC the article* bought hv thm in a ? " prescribed In tbe patent* to Goodyear' It fa not intruded t> re>tnct the counwtl from arguing Any other poiata in Uie cast they may ace tit ?o dlacui>? , At)tourneci until rue time ami place appointed bjr law. 0 -rCSSRAL AKMT HO?P1TAL, JCP!C!A*V f-QTARB. Thlft 4? -:?*? * ? iiuu, wisctr *no pronipuy t?..8f'oc;'"l by the Government for the reception of s'ck, wounded, and disabled soldiers. will be completed in a few days The former Infirmary edifice wait destroyed by tire 011 the 4th of November last, and in less than Ave months we have a building of enlarged dimension*, better arranged, w.j all tbe modern improvement*, and in the same airy and healthful part of oar city The aew Hospital fronts on K street, is :P*0 feet long, well ventila'ed and lighted and is elevated .joc ice* aoove ine ground, snd at all *-a*or>? will be perfectly dry. It cover* an area of one and a half acres?is abundantly twpplied with pare water, gas, and every other reqnialte which can contribute to the recovery, conifcr*. and cheerfulness of the inmates. I'nder ordinary r I renin?tan< e? two hundred patients can here beacrommouated, and should an emergent y art*** Hi- 1 II * uuiihidk is conifx-tent to rect-lve double that number. Tbe architect i? Mr. P li Wight, of New York; Mmi John C Harkne>? aud'/ W . D?nham. of Washington. w?*re the mxtia^ern The uperintendeat is Mr. Sainiul Preaa, who waa Iodjj engaged on the Capitol, tbe General Peat Oiler exu-nslou, and other |>tibllf bulMiu^a anotub* s<ii uiKit'* Ki t. a Unlldin? of three hundred feetlu leugtb ai.<t arty trt-l wide, ) uaw i in courae of cuusln.ction near the railroad station,1 MtldM Whlfk - a., aiiiiiiiiia id 'Br OI<1 fulltif plttf (formerly CrutcbeU r*i?i? fariorv) U belo* made wbtcb will InrUi^farltltlM frying, refrnU.u^ from ample lal>le*> of well-prepar^a /acd. batbiny, and *le,*plBg fur tb* ^aiiaiit I ul??n troop* The** building are under lb" aupeiintend-iwe of CL* ar?-blte?t. Mr. Kdward Turk*, of \N aa bin*'ion, a Ml of Mi. Treat, a? Ibe uia*lrr builder HAVK YOl<BL'ApCRIBM*FOK I HK WKEKLY BTAK. ru MK MAILED TO Yol'K KNIKNI* ?*|C KKLATiVK? IT IS l'MK liEST bOi.l.AJt W KfcHLY INTHF. WORLD! ITU WAHMIMHWl^l Nl-u/a * * ..n.?a 1.-J mir.m/111.k I.ED! ITS CKNEBAl- Nl.VVB 13 UNJM'RFA&rtKD BY THAT OK ANY TWO DOM. AM WEEKLY! ITS AGMiCLLTt RAL MATTP.K WII.L BK WMTI TO ANY FARMER A III > DRKD TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOL'tfKHOLD HBCirFS WIL1. SAVIi TKN TIM KB ITS COST EACH VKAK TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for tAis IVroI, to be out on Fri dan Morning?yritg Thru C*/U i?wifi U a rrmariably interesting one. *' * * Every Person at a distant* who would leep Posted with reforemeo u tsk+s u realii going on here tn these interesting timet should recti it regrdmrly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFP1CE AMD SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. | 1 l? TREASURY f*QTjBB. ? _ .. rnwi sum*, BuuU ioj SoU by JAY COOKK A oo... banxik*. ??-tw 4*a PtA?tt rtr?t. UAANUN IB HK|K !-0> fm ukibiuw. j*? DW itock of Clothing in U* eitT, 1 U? feos.e's C-oth.tig 8t?re.7fo74?e t, otMUl* ChI Ofto?. N. I).?Alt of ?!? ?bor* c55u for ? ! ?? **rHow * ! . / *?-*? - 4??J KHE GREAT" AMERICAN REMEDIES," Known, u HELMBOLD'S GENUINE FKHFABATIONS, viz: ijslmbold's extract "buchu," " 14 sarsaparilla " improved rose \tash. HFLWBOLD'S GENUINE PR K PA RATION. Tlfi ' UI V/V)V/*SVT81T*n" * "cOMPOUND~FLUlD r.XTR ACT BVCH V A Poaitivaand Spec fio Remedy For Diumh of U* BLADDER. KID.^EY^ 8RAVEL. mni DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thi? Medicia* tnet????i the power of Diction. *nH ex?ite? the ABSORBENTS into hen' thr Mtion, by vtioh the WATERY OR CAI. J ? ? J ? ?? A mtTtt a (AM huUB auu ui mkiAiunAi ICNI1AR6KMENT3 aie reduced, an wen & PAIN AND 1NFLAM MATION. and ta joo.l for MEN, WOMBV. OK CHILDREN. IlELMSOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU, For Weaknesses m ? n.ki*. *c Arising TTPITI Jj A 'JOBBOi? Iiavi** VI Early fndiaoreiion or Ahoaa. Atund'd twitk thi following Symptom*:? f ndispoaiuon to Exertion, Loae of Pownr, l^ee of Memory, Difficulty of ?re?thT?, WeekNwvee. Tren>Mina, Horror of DiaMae, Wakefu n?a?, D-mneaaort Viamn. Pain in the Back. ITmverMl L&aaitude of the M<teral&r Syatem. * " *? n..,hirr of tha W'>.i ' Dry new ^Khe Skin, Krqptionn on liie Kac ' I PALLID COUNTENANCE, Theaaaynptoma, ifallowd to go on. which tk:? medicine invariably removes, aoon follows IMPOTENCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS?, ia on* of wtieh the patient may expire. W ho can aay that they are not frequently foi lowed by those "DIKEFUL UlSE^PKS," 'INSANITY AND CON8UMPit>N." Mui) are aw&re of the o&utte of thai- kuiT. nrr , urr NONK WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDS OF TUB INSANE ASV I.CMS. An J tht U-Unrhaly fhatlx hy Co*<vmptio ?, fcS \P. AM Pl.t WITNf* TO TUB TRUilI OF ill < a est ion THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECT:.! WITH OKtfANIC V.KAKNKHs, KHiiiits theaiil^t ineiltoiu* t<> Hirenttlipn %i il Invitoi&tp th.*< Sy.trii. wki'h fiFi.ntnoi.irs KXTKAcrjtvrnu rariatl* Jot*. A rHIAT AVJt.T. CONVINCE THE MO?T f-K E? fTC ? T . FKMA LRS? FEMALES- VEMA l.Es < I I 11 nl? V III IMi: HI Mi: I I.' M i U M I 1.' I t ill. 1*111/ ? ' ? ' ' u | i vf ii i . | .M n i? i* i i ' ? ' |? CONTKMPI.ATINO MAKKfAOF, J* winy Aflf.tti?ns ptruUar to Fr.in.itri, il>a Kxtr&ot Kuottu u uiiftitiaild i bv ?n? o< ? rAu.e.U, n i ill <'ttl-ji m or R?U)Qli?n. frx**snt*i 11? H?nfulTi?*? or r,ii|)pfo?ui??ii nt Customary ?v ati..i.?. I loer&nd ?r Soiri huiis utate of the I ??v u l.oucr.rrl ?pa or Whites. Slonln?, una loi ?. complaint* inaitiao' to ib? s-x wJiattia. ? t.->. fiuiu linl??or?li*n, tiM ils r>i liisfciptunii, Oi iii n DfclM.INK OK OHANOK OF I.IFK. SEE ITMPTOVS ABOVE, NO PAMII.Y SHOULD HF1 Wll'Uol'l II Taxi so Mr.** Bat IImrmv.on tspt e ant wlKMciNrs sr?x f^Pi.e.*?ASr asii t>a.r : t?lhlA*?s HRLMROI. lt'S EXTRACT BUCHU c cue* 6FCRKT DISEASES In all their Stage*. At little El|M? . Lllllo .>r !> > ch&'i<e id l?iel, Nu IliCnitVcuioi r., A id no t TfbsMTi. It dure* a frp?u<si)t daaraant] lives uttflnttli L'riitata.ih?idby removing ol>?tiucuviis. Preventing aiui Cunoc Striatum of the l.'redtii A lafiug faiu ami Infiani ration. t>asti?i? i the ?jia?e of diaeasas, aril expaUiac t%>.im * . IHs-.ast l >i? t moiM out fild.lt sr. Tiroi'si\Ti? rpoM Tnor9x:%r.? VTHO HAVE Bit EN VHH VICTIMS <>.(jl'ACKs, tnlwho li&v# mi.I v r*isto oured it A Mort time. fi*ve fouc.l thej were n> i thint tlic'TOI^ON" iiS*. t>i lh# l!?? nl' pi.wpur been iluad up in the BjBtem, break out in ?n at gravared form, and PEHHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. i:*? HILVBHD 4 I" x tr act Hicm for a!l BfleaUona and 4. seats* of lae URINARY ORGANS, Whetuer existinc m MALE OR FEMALE, Fri ui whatever oaase oruuiatir;, aud no n:at'ercf now Loyu STANDING. l)n?m of tlieae Organ* require theaid ol a DIURKTIC. HELMBOLD'S E.\THAt f B L'CHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, Ami in ceitAin to have me desired eil?3t ia all FOR WHICH IT U RECOMMENDED. BLOOD' BLOOD' BLOOD! miaMM'j Highly Uo>tce?ti<ilr<l Compound FLUID EXTRACT 8AKSAPABILLA, SYPHILIS. Tki? i? i? ?n aflection of th? l>!ooU, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGAN?. LININGS OF THE NOSE, EARS, THROAT. AND OTHER MUCOUS SURFACES,'* Making its appearanoe id the form of ULCERS. HelmboUTs Extract Sarsaparilla, I'jnfies the H.^od, and removes all Soaty Eruptions of the i?kin, GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. I?. beinc *??* p.ai&ti, iti Hlood PuMfV"nr ProiE.i? .ien,n~ SKkCSTSa'W?SlK: II El. MSOL D'S ROSE WASII Swrss fc'zr ......... is'POBi'sa ul Mio urinary Organs arum* from Maiuiaul WoiyiHin, ua<M in cuiui><< tii>B villi the I xtrfuite Huji it ur ?&riapari, &. in aunti IMiraact at reooimneiMt* I. #?'* ? hntt f/ths vioil rthttj/le a Mil rt*ra*sihlt tiurmtn will arrnmpan* ikt CKKTII It'ATKS Ol' CUKKS. hum 9 tu & g'Mrs' HanUiAt, Willi Nami? ? SCIKNOP ANHFAMK F??r %l4.'ir!vi miica ..I 111 t'iiu.see l ? pei.S&liirf ui 1I1<9U1<1W<I MMn?. Sao l?K\\ Kfc'S ValUil.id WOrJti (<n (,* P;|?tiOd oi I'lilitu. ??a teniAi*a mala t.j tl>? lata c?;?l.rMc.i in. I'IIYTMI'K. I'UllnUlfMa. H?e r?m?ik* ri.a-le l.? Dr. KIIIKMVI va in > Will. m..I uf III* kufti ColUa* ????-*?? __ - ?.-wilt, neiit il? E?**l \lbll?b*i iB III" I NMMlMII lit t- I> Klllt bni Quaeii JwuiUAl. Ha* t i.trui.ie*! Krview, put.!.*!..-.) , HfNJAMlN I It A VK KM. lei l?, w af Ron. r?i ijjjd ul Suiicu.ll, ' oc iiu>al >! I tie tale Mtau.iai J voiiu un vu.lioi .? I lira, t tluabi, 11 (*i ear ru.ttle, or ? x lor < \ l urait "ai ?!? *. ilia, ft u> par i.ottia, or m '..r 9m I laproveu Hose Waati, 30 par h.ntle. or ?t* i* ksk; '^Kkr.t^rfs zmin. ?E*c*lue ?vMr<5,flg^ ALL COM#lu. OaM.0ur4i.fid' AdYlcOuia" AFFIDAVIT. sbb&T ?""* "??" w?oru u,d muoni.*.! Jj'HeBUr, IW. VSM P HI?UK?i? iii ' Ni?ua mrnt,atov? Ka?." A .iJ l . nuurtu i?n*tra for information in OontO^M# to !WMSVSS?W!RSKi n>?. BE WARS OP COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS*. \v ,i > endeavor to dtapoM " * tbbik ?w?" " td OTltKS ' t&TtCLM OS TH* ?. g*ft?wn ATTAI Br Heimbold'i Genain* Pr?par?tioo?, ' " Kxtrw: Uueiiu, " 44 telMirillt, " " 1 Mirrored Rosa WmIi. Sold by ALL DUi/OtiI8T3 hVhH V Wilt t asa run. IIKLMBOLD>0. TAKE NO OTHER. Cutest Um adv?rUMm*&t nxl tend (or It, AND AVOID IMPO?mON AND KXPO mhHU c V - r-Tv -a..*mr -rreWMH PEACH TREES. ? GRAPE VINES. CURRANT*,*?. The lubaoriheroflera f"r aale bia atoclr ol Peach Tree*, containing '?>,eooTreea ofohc.tje varieties. A ?o, 6,t?Kt Vinea of the Concord intiM other 8rap??; 15.nno Canas'i of all YITIMim; > M.<mo Lawtoo Ulackberry, Cattaw:??a Kanatwry and otter fruits, together with a large ooUtouon of finely grown Dt ctduona and trtgreen Shad* and Ornamental Tr* ? For pnoea and information apply to JOSHUA PE1ROE, Nar??7*an, mhl2-aoflt? Waahlpfctop. L> C. WEW YORK GROCERY! NEW YORK GROCERY! NEW TEAS, OLD GOVERNMENTJAVACOKFEE. EXTRA SUGAR-OURED HAMS, And all other kinde of FANCY GROCERIES! Ca. .?U WM, CORWIN BURGV, Importer of Teaa. fe 26 Corner of 1 asd Klevaoth itn. A NAVAL MKDICAL HOAKD. Hoard of Modioi! Oflioera will convene st the Naval Asylum. Piuladfiphia, on March 17,lsfii. or mo examination >'i Lanauiiui ior aumiaaion 10 the Meaical Corps of the Navr. Gentlemen desiring permission to appear fcefors the Board .'.mat make application .otbe Honorable Secretary of the Nary, static* their re-?idonoe, place and date of J irth, accompanied with rtspaoi able testimonial: of moral character. Applicants mast not bs legs than twenty-one nor more than twenty six jearaof age. No expense is allowed by Government to Candidates attending the sessions o( the Board, as a successful examination is a legal prerequisite for appointment in the Navy. mh 6 eo2w Th notice. HE Public la respeottulij informed that th? undermened hu oommeuoed run xnrx*^-*^ nine aXINK OF "ITrrTi n MmSt T Pe.m. avenue to Meridian Hill. ThefiOfceHci Stages wi 1 leave Wizards' Hotel ever? naming at 8 o'ciook and Meridian Hill at half ?ut So'cl'k, and will rio regularly to and from Meridian Hill every hour, thus affording a cheap and speedy conveyance to the various camps in the neighborhood. The undersigned hopes fo receive a liberal support, as he is determined to afford his patrons every facility in his power. Fare 10 cents each way. tibU. M. M1L.L.KR, fe 14-?olm* Hro?rietor. boteler a. wilson, *j\ f ?i mfW IKON HALL. PL ,? No. :?1* Hunn. A i'itNn, M gjgjjjgljelweeii ?tii ami streets. I 1 I \V? cordially invita tk6 attention of al who conleniui&ce furiiiaiiiDc t.? our ban<i">Ni> M il wellat*vrt?<1 of CABINET FIJKNtiOKK. om l?at Hi' every Ktfld Ri.'I qtl.tlilT. In.ill tilt* (meet farlar s*??11 tlnwn to ili?oliMpi*8t Htirrau,He?isieati af:d a.i<! ntu.K'* wiiiehii?i? r..i>iu*iiti.iiL. t# i v > M * & i-Jtit Hint c?ift vtiU'd t <*}* f ?" !/'* ???0t NOTiru. ? Auiuv tifKr.ss tuTirim " Tin4 ('oftilUf oD6ia to ttii public** UbeqilftflM ft i*< (%{ nn tot tlirt ?i..i Vuivk DiefdUrli vf U t 1?- *' - .i-- * ? - uo*TT I iPi|iiis, i atii'ns, ? ?*J lu ] I Aa. kii., I ? *!t t>Ai is ol ilio Uullcfc! S5l&lcs. I. *pier.ora Cu kud I'WI.I tUn Nuitti ILi' Wr?t Ji fi: t fi um *!i?I ii ri?s tti W * ton twion daMf, All I'.ificMss tie 1? uf tHpmtnttd *nd i ,h*:-ld j|e.i!.Dii|eii. A' l'a.;L*t?a I??i / u? c*ri I6U II "t>K? c t > t " uui uaual i Mm. A >i ttuvxla lui ike f llWl" ?uu s.11 Artlule* ** Cdfitllllll J wf W?t" Wilt I> Rkrtiin. t >u > I. x f : e???? Ini.1t N6W VorK Al I. I, ?l(l I f. V., initibt In W ?-lit .1 Iwn At i A. 1*1. k?<! Itl I*. to. I'krutiM i?4*e at i.ft6 A. .to. IkuJ ii r <M.,tiiiT<u( ib W Aatiii.x tun at it1 r. M, an J A.M. I.ipieaeoa i^avt Kl t iuuis at <.fu A.M. hLtl t P. M.. aui?lii{ il. Wae.'iiJt ivk at A. til. uJ l.ti P. to. I.jalrf.-e foi 4' >ohiU NoilU au<l Wftt IM<* Wi'liiiiiUii at 7.su A AJ. f.u l i.ao 1*. >1. daily. i".peut4l I onliaota (of l*j(6 q uaulitioa ul 1 Mu I'o li.i O iiii p icktiou 10 ttii* II(Sl'6. All Uuv li ailca tor and uOhVaroU Jit* tit t.atia uaite?. K. W, PARStlNB, BO't AUaiufe' l.lpio-i Cuuifai#. WHt-lMKll. ?o<y?l O. IOI ks I*-lf_ I I nil L' 11 i M ? UU . l-H-t/ i al la . a. *li*. n kl . I MI, IIIO.IJ OR 1111- III1Q 1 n I' ?f A \I A 1 I toil ttidt vtf '?> (MI I rfcJflf a whn III e KUtttl liK !l Oil* t Id 1*4e 1 4*-1 tii&l P I. \ It 3 %IMI|CTA ri:i> TAN tthili ? good 1 idiiitiJi. i"VI fill f ol Out frifetilfi c* If i^tl Ifitrfu Willi | rUCOJta lut (!ui.|Ht. J*of 0 Ttn ?(. llOft!ldI>uM Ar.ii i Th6?* 0uii|60llolie ft'tu tiv? irlicC U* \ \ ? VltuiiUiMvrtf ft? *l fuMto **pe&k*re whrv" aio uuillnnl W '.II 1 HioSl IMetSiWj M.ilfr l&lt.f uilt. j Ht>Af3"l?'e .?! t 1 fti lifofra, W ti Oleai lilt) li.r-at ! 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Silver at.d Steel Speotac.es, and a srreat variety of other thiuja usually kept in l J ewe rv Store, and a I at the ve'j loweat >rice. No. 335 Pa. avenue, between 9ti? and 1Mb tv??ru. fe lS-tf Oysters! Oysters! ?HE OVERLAND OYfc>TER EXFRE88 COMPANY Stil! continue to receive da: t thoaefamc.ua ??&nte<2 PATUXLNT RIVER OYSTERS. Rttl&m&nU tud private famii.t_j would ?lo well to call ard trr them. wlUf TUoao 07?tcs are *oi?] 3$ hours alter the^conse from the watar. \ZT <?lfice No. 45 Mftiket Bptoe, below th? Avoen* Hoa?*. IH-Sm L. Towiri. J. M. Towkrs. J.ii. Towui. i L. TOWKRB h, CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Corntr Loviaam* vtHut awlSirlk si. The attention of the bu*iuM? oonjuntnity t* r? speotlallv invited to the Now Hook an<l Job PiintI ioc Edtabiiehinent. which h??n fiM^i ?.?fc I new material, in the moit ooinplet* manner, i? r.ow I prepared to execute, in a aati?n?tory atjle. ever? variety of Printing, viz Hooka. Speeche*. Pamphlets, Cards, Circulars, antlers' lilanks, *o., Ac. 'I he attention ol member* of Congress is e*pe cia'.iy revested for our facilities for printing Hpoeches, as we have the Imrtut steam power id the citT. de T-lawtim CI WATCH KH. 'OLD AND SILVKR KNOLI8B, 8WIS8 a Nil a MVoir i m I hare now on lian J a l&i ce etook of a!l the meat oeiebrated Wateli??, that 1 am sdllinj at the very lowest prices that eood and reliaOte timo keepers o&u be ai'or led at; and every description of fine JKWKLKt'on Land,all new styles received aa soon a* manufactured, and oflerfcl at the lowest rates. Silver ware manufactured in mr own shop, Ail kindaof MILITARY Gu.uDSor l.aud.suoU aa Hevolvers, i<Wurds, Sashes, Beta, Bowie Knives. Pocket CompMsCa. .Vc., Ac. Also strong Arii.f Tiuiiks &i:d fiod Combined-and many other thi'ijt unelul and ornamental at 33* PennaYivaaia a*?i vi<? ni.su tf H. A. HOOU. nil. DUI'ONi'S Sli?AK (M)ATKl) FfcMM.P. K IXULATINS Pll.l.rt li>4 : "Wi i un?)l!oit0<l enooujt JEtfj, Qlitd * m "I cftnnot ouutineiiil Mi*m too highly." ^l~ ' t !i?? are 11.8 l.p*t l^emfcle Pill? ?xuiit." "I tii*o ui;?! U,?r> Willi oo.:it>io tuui-efttf. ' W ci?iId tiut l.o witimut lhc.n u^oufctiy oou?tu?TatiotL" ' I'Lot o>eralot??eii'!y fcru! ftH'octivalf." pri<>o 91 ymil j?f uia.i !V?I?I tif H. L'l'H AM, 4o 1 Clioaiitu aiio^t. PhnaJr-l^ljU, ii.U in VVwhiLtiuu

I) 3 C, i oJtli.mir&w H?:> ?ir??ei ?wl I'*. *??t ue ; w? AI?si?nUri*, Lr OOOK h CO.. l>ru?(i*ta. no* eolt nK.tiOUI'h KV ? ANTIUOTK WILL OUKK H UUN< i< t'. li? i: A. tii six U&ts- Nu oti&iioi. -Ji?t ro^utiAO. II it xa K14iir.ti ul suit five ft>ai ttaiu kinl rill uot harm il>i' muel uviiuMe HiUtlub. UMMUKlMmisuai). 1'itu* ft. b? !?.<;. UI'ltA ' tivsi! 1st (tiMt, PuHa.leii.Ma, II:J lit l>? 8. C. KOIUI, ! ituiun iiUi supmfcu.1 Pa *??.: iu Aieianur.a, b* HKNK.V I'IMth A CH., OlUggiMlB, feu 2t del? | If AI.MOK A1 bOt>l?. I | liiir k * - ?** " *? ,4. * fwpru I lOUlHO 8UJO fel it) Half KiJ tW ?lu Jo ? 1* w I (jiuve t;?if Ui> Meo, alt OtlUftr tlfiM l?f tuU ftl !? ??' ti*i?Uui?l iho uhtm.|?oat ftud LM( *M?miUMU fit Ueoily. J. KOHKNAIIAL., |?o. lo DOAikoi 1* L*?_'ienn ftf? jUi *n4 ini> ?U. j NtouuJR P PI I.KS- i I EW Pl'PPl.lr? OPKNlil) TO l?AY. Wbit# i Mfumille. QunU. a.1 >izaa,t?Itb ? lull stuok otl Jin Gw?tJa f?r Uitf ceuoifct M.J wn.u ?f rtminra. 1 ure (-ru e onlf, tha aotual c*?!i v#'ue, marketl In ! ylmU lifUrna I KKII I & VKO? _uit? 1-. ui Faho. avaima Mil) 9th sheet. g 'lAJKtOUH Ni'IWK-ULKNBlUK'S KXPK*1 JiU.ua p?rf*ot iwwMt. nut uext to that ia tliAQrfftl Uiirik'na now oflered m <'iotl1iuj, Furuiatfut< b.>rxi?, Trunka, Hat? m?i U^, at ifca iPwu^T# g (tkira. No. 4*0 7th atroot, o^foOOLO?yU^fKfcENEB?. *e. vumruvnu Si HOP oV UVM AHABW. Tun flMuuit ?(t<i popular Congh K?ni*Jr l.u liMuftuloim k uova tkrjiJ e?uiiM r?(y umI tlat inc?t r*r%out h\v? beouni* ffciiuhar with ita ilnoidl uit e0U?ey. It om b* ka4 M &1) U?tnaoi? I 4iu( itcr^UdtuiUMuU ft WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. ?> ?>f Ol NK VKKV NICK IMWKWOOb CiilCtt rtai Fiano&ixl one GMbfor *&) v?rr_ja^ l?rg? SMOTUHMt of guiuvajr * 8on?' imIttTti FsfA'iiaivfr'11' "" ""tsf." tiY.te5S.*w,t^l0VUl#lr lril jeS. * IKFOKTAIT TO f AKILIBB, RttfAVRiNTI, HOTELS, tVTLBliS, OROCKRS, A*D OTHERS. * WIS.BY AIM TITril BD)B CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3'J? rBNNSYLVANlA AVENUE, 32* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. HROCEFIE8 AT HALF THE UtfL'AL PR1CE9, Hiving bum jmrtk*ttd / Bankrupt Mtrckanlt nd oiktrt. IW TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Groceries, Liquors,Wines, Cigars, &c ' FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EA9, FINE. U NION CIGARS.: C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AI8INS. MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! Kitra lirowu s'ugar 9 rrnt* p*r pound White *ngar Vi rents per pound t-'tiie tireen Tea Ml rents per pound Fair Black Tea. 50 centa per pound Kitra Coffee 20 renta per pound ,1 tr> rent* iuf nnnnrf r^" r ? Wax Candida :irt renta per pound Mala/* Kalalua. 15 centa per pound OodOab fi rent* per pound Imported (Mgara..............SO renta per Iti I Havana Clgara. si to f t p?-r t At Almonda .1'? eenta per pound *ait renta per hag t.ood Uutter. .....16 renin ter pound Kttri ii utter liO c< nt per pound l ine Wines 91 per bottle Wlilskey .. V25 to 50 rents per bottle All other kind* of Lll^UOKS In proportion. Call and tee for yonraelf. TUCKEK *, yji IVniiaylvsaia AveBUC. W M.I.I AM I'U KKfcH CHIC A I1 UHUIKKV W.tMUIUWK, sa* ! K N N 8 Y L V K N I A A f K N L< K, Sua PENNSYLVANIA A V EN UK. GKOCEKItS AT 1JALF THE USUAL PKICKS, //uhiMf been purtk+*U if bankrupt UtttkMAit mn4 Miiri, tJtuart'a Keflucd Sugtrs from il to 12 eta per poui.il Extra Fine Green Tea 75 ?? " Good Green Tea 50 " " Extra Fine Black Tea 75 " ?? Good Black Tea ,...50 " ? Old Java Coffee .....'JO " ** Good Coffee 18 " ? Every thlnz else In nroDortiu* REMEMBER, TICKER'S, 3S? PENNSYLVANIA AVENBR TICKER'S, 391 PENNSYLVANIA AVEMV1 WmiMTIR. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RK8TAURAWTB, I10TKLS, UR0CKR8, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TIICKIR'I CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 39* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 39* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. QROOERIE8 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Hiving bit* purckastd of Bankrupt Mtrckantt tnd tUiri, T U C K R R|> 8 TUCKER'S W*"\.?gAL* AND 1ITAIL Groceries, Liquori, Cigari, Wines, Ac FttH FAMILIES, r?/\ l) r Ti?tr n n m n/n n u 11. r. i\z, FOR OFFICER.'!, T EAS, FINE. (J NION CltiARH. C KACKfcKS, BOSTON. K ETCMUP3, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. ft AI BIN*, MAl?AtiA. HKAD OVR PRICKS n. a M u U u n r K I U- E S ! WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, ] 3? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE ?* mniiai LianiA ATliNUK. GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. a. H. WATT8'? VOLUNtOE TOBACCO. ft j r I OKOOEKIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Nw pmek*$td wf Bmkrwpt Mmcktnts mtd HUti. r&nnsYLYANU AVKNUK TUCKER'S, IM PENNSYLVANIA A VENUE WMUWHR. MHi . K BOl JUBRITOR, *1 ikTIHUII LOCI aoiriTAki MM 11* Mti Ctrtawk, i>p*?4t mmd mtf MlM Ki?|4* ta U< W*.1M roE ALL V1SKA8KS\>K IM PK * DfcNOB. I ur NO EAL8E DELICACY FKETEWT. AtfPLY IMMEDIATELY. A 9WRE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARM IN jruoS ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wilk*MI tt tkl lut, ItrMWM, ri Ml IK MM mmA Uiiin ?? rv?? ? i. ? ylDtteUty. w?nr?<in??>. 6Wrn, Lucui, c~ntw*? m ?* WrT?">,nu' m u>? liin, Yioudiiy, ll TftsMiDf*, DtrcrtM *f >(*( * t44lnMt, Dimui iT Hi U. TtrMi, Khi ?r ?Vrn. Afictlwu ?( th? linn, *?w 7 144 ? ***'!'_*** ' Timki UiM*4?n imU| fnn B?:iS? "*itV Dn**lwl vM r>?uicur. me """H1 u4 ttnifj t*u way ud fMo. # | _ . YOV.VB ME If * ytsts'.ty vkitifi k(HB> tbt Ticti?< *T Muif Ti??, mm QMaani and etttrai-Jr* fcaku ?> rh ? ?? M u mumI; gnn U nnnd. mf Y?? ( Mm ?f tM ani liHtd ttlttu tn4 br>liiAMInMiUci, ?? Biftit mCbirw.H r k?v? ttk^r&uttd >ut?u:,| It: uu with U* UtaodtM ?f '*. ? ^ ''">" 11^*^ ** 'UUt' " llT,n* '/? . at7 MU vttk MARRIAUB. t Aillll Pll?tRi,tv Tmr Mu miiBpUtlaf ftft^ fi VUfff. kill.* ivtr* *r .u Akiiu. _ . . W?UW,?|>M "*" 71 4?f*TIBiU??. 4*., IMtdll* cml tIm tluii hirsulf BiiJtr lb* utiW Df. I. ?! ni'fl Mly ??cld* lc bit b*tiM u ftciltafta ul nty ipMi hit tkUl m ft pbjrcUa. OFFICE y* 7 SOUTH FREDS RICE ST. left ku4 (id* r*tnf frtra Bftlfimat* tvMt, ft f*w t**n hw U* *?rr??. ful !> -. t. .?..rr. ciai ftsc iltMl b*U*i* a*t b? pa.14 wad ?kuu ft iua|. DA. JOHNSTON, Mwhl *f tb? Itfil Otltf* ?f liriHM, kM*M, mtoftlt tna *ot ?f tht m#tt mir.tol C*iUf*t la ibt VdH*4 nun, ihui nnurMltM lit* Ui tun la * lk? kaarttala uf toaodao. Parta, n-iladalpMa acd (ImvMK, ku aficia* Mo* ?f tha maat aalaniaMnf firtc Ifcat *<r< 0 Til kaava; many UNklid vi'Ji ne(U>f (a iba ha*d and an wbao aalaap; *hm ainwniH, tiiu alarmad at t addan iiu.^t, baahftlntu with fra<jaaot klaafilnf, tuandad hbiuiiu vitk dirat.(i ict tf miad, vara mid > dlauly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE \ Tavag Man and rthara wha ha Injarad tfcatnaal?ai kj a * Hru:ti vrattica indairad id whan aWr.a?a k.m? I**m*d"fr*<a tnl e*inp*nian*, tr at tcbaal, t'? tit-u af vkita tr* nijhily f?it *?*n wb*n idtip, tsdif hi tittl. taadcn marritf* lmpa**ibU, tod ditutyi aav* sued tad k?d?, *h*mi<i *pp!y >ran>*<li*t?iy. Rtn art Hoi af tb? wd uid naU.ac'saly *f ?? ?r?d?**d by iu(t htbiu (? ?:n, Till W*ako*a* ?f lb* Back and hunt*, Pain* in th* tUad, Dirao*** af ft.gbl, I?*m *f Macca.at Paw*>, Palpitaliao af id* hnr., Drip*|4;,II*rfMi iffilamiut, D*r>nf*ra*nt *( ih? Diftniv* Ftaciian*, tkility, yraptama ( Cmioit'.ilr., ftt MBNTALLT.?Tfa* f*?rfni *#?CU Ml tk* triad art aa?b I* k* 4r*sd?d?Laa* af M*iur;, Caufaaiaii af Idau, f jMnu, EtiI f?r*t?jir(r?. Attrtian af Sacici;, *lf-l)>*niii, U*t* af laluaJ*, TiaiU/.y, iu.,tr* tau* af U? ?!.? Mti>T?v* DiliMr?-T<wmr-iui aav )?<!(* tell* U* af tfctu Jaclli Ij( t ?.!?., iMiuf tbatr 'igrt, bacav ' lag Ut:?n ud t <aciaUd, hiTir.f 4 utigalu v ik'it |t( IJU.OM' J **" DISEASES OP IMFKVDEXCE Vktn :? u tfuii lrrpr*t!?ui twin ?.' pi t*4a ki ku ir>k ? d i: << '<! ?T ?: ? for.ifal ilmut, It inrfm kappas* that an >1' tin.* J taiia* e( liiiuil at 4raad af iiMixiy . Iniri Mia liaai umlrlui u t'laaa ?' t*p*tubihty, ?*u" k??n?a4 Lti*. fall* t..l# tk* kti.Ji *f ifi.?ri[ ^tu<l uti fi.ii.f ?L?, icc*F>klt r nhi>|, ltd. liia ftciMiri iiUuhk, tuf tn lnl i| > *..U. '?? n*t.tb, *r ? )Mif U? iittlfoi ft* c*u k* ? I UU.?>1, ?ud lit <l*?c?ir l*t?* huL wr.t ttii.tJ fc??lik t* tljrk f ?*r t f - ' IuI i!iup|.?l:.iii.*i>l; *r ? J lb* nt *1 :bfcl pn?n?M?rt*rt?t.i?L?u tn* * ?f thi? \ ttrnkit Jiitn*. i*ch *? Af*?tMei*?f n.t lui. Ti.r??' ltd, t II*, Ac , p;*?r ?aai..| with tngt J?l r>|>i.litT, I'll d*?lk p*ia f pai'au U Da JraaJf*! ?>I*llii|i ky atudiug tiut i ikn a I'lUMNil *?*i '.?? f 1MB tital ?**tu* Utft'O ltl*M. UK. JOHNSON'S tih.MUDY VUtt OHUAH19 W b At >E i S AND IMl'OTEiVry my iim f rtti > >> ixiitiial mh hi? Ul uitu it? tp??iiuv re'. u> J fall *if*i Thtutiiii *7 ik? . I ktKrti anil dtblliUMd, vh# k>? IMt til k?p?, ? ?? kid laatdwul? f?IU??d. All tap*d1<**?? l? Fkfilto MtkW! Oi#s??i lltiilMi, Um ! ftMIUUIt Ntn, !< ? Illlukllllt. TtiaMU>( *?d Vltkiin ?I tlt>UU<> ?f lk? m?ti Utffki i kiad ltd. KNDUHSKMKNT OV 1HE FIIKSS M TAB Mid TKII1UI tittd ii |kU UibtlUM l|IU ?. .Mi r ?? uiuiirsii m^rUut lifft Ml ftlll'IblfllhialJIt Ul. JMullM, If ? | ' ik? f>M? ul au) tuti ' kUk ki >1 tpf ??? J t|t.k 1x4 kf tlii it Ik* kkkitl, k? t'0*> kt* * 4 |3Lli?Mj *f IktlMUl til I kllllf. U * ** >1 (riKiMi W ?k? illtUil. mi it If LIA It fKKItlfVS' CabtMA* lu Woirfntrnhlrc 8unre. I'lulHMM l-f ^ K&TKaCT ' !< Miff K I MMku tfuuJttita "<>MLY Vuuu jJIV KMUru AtCfc." ^^*,4 ?t W?rc?l?r, ? fell r?VrI kjga^'Un thai Ui?lr S*m* fcVfcRV |.f.'in?>"| j highly eatoemed is^=-7r-|in India, and ??. '? , YU!Kir J.^ :C.;rfcnTo?iDio,..tMr>.o?t . h Uftlu f iif ni?H SKI .^3^6 most wlivleeoroe ur UIOM' a^5^>sa?fi thatrB male." Vhe at?vre 8ALCE > not onl? the ?***H*1 ir.o?t ' ForTLil ednniuim "" m""* *' ?r"T i??' ? ft tow drop* in Samp, tinrv.OT witfc * ** ^ end cold Btif St***. * ??, imparl *oei?ui?i?e ?e*t, which unrrtuTir '-** rtMC* m*B ?f?cturer? have in ram eridwrcred to tw?ita;?. On th? Brtakfrnrt, I ?r a oruet containing "LEA & PERRINB f WOP r rRT tUQUto r a* nnc?i ? .?J.?? -. oivkvUi;. r- oa wi c< i? louivyvuv . bie. I To appreoiats the tsetlUnt ftuJUU$ of thii d*li torn preparation it ia only neoeeaary to purchaae ) amall bottle of the of a respectable gro- j oer cr dea er, &a many Hstil and Rut<nra*t pro i priotora a6idom place the Pun Sauce before their I jueeta, bnt cohatitute a geruice B*nl* filled with ' a jpwrtovs mixture. * s For cale by ttrooart aM FroiUrpn everywhere. ' JOHN DUNCAN & SONP, r*t(* SfMri Hi HU r?r?4J, A'ne York, So'? Whoi<??aIe A;e&ts for the United State*, < A Stock alw*y? ia etore.?Aieo crdere received ( tor direct BlupjuenU from Lns land. iZT inW'i */ ChhUv full md Imiimtiami.-TH k>> ?-lr,eo j SOMETHING NKW ! 1 ClLiaa>UYn* Ducotiit otKdi t TV x, ] tkt j OYSTERS MbAUKD J la tka Bfceii ana Thorough'? Cooked (frr MMri?i to l rcuti is tiHiiMcu>, ikt /mttut ii?m mi rtfi. Ca.1 and tee. Tha anUorf tfn??1 Twi^ectfullT inform* hi* frf?n4a la the District, and visitors to the city, tiiat he ha* refttted hie old and will-ksowk k*ta.bubhm?^i m a moat thoroagh mauner, a:, J Lu made complete arrangeme^ta to furnish OYSTERS m an* atyie and in ar.r <ua' t:ty. ^ to W? gailona ilccirei j'r day. |/w to I^oa) oaits of 5?*iv?a and Fresli g pet a? Uailf-cana li5TnBtio?r - In the aheli i y the baahei or ban-el. POfaoiia vialting to have Oyatari farnuhsd recalarlr Uiroujh tte winter, at n*Itimoro anoea, w:thont ftwar of flai'c?. aiioald oali and tuaaa arratK6ia<9uta at onee. Freight. time, and Lioney aareO bj aurohaainc of me. aa i farniali au articf* equal to t:.e oelebrttad Ua'titnoie eatabhatiuje^ta. at pnoea Jaat aa low. VO SVVL.KRS. Caused Meata, Lobatera, "arumee, Cl&ma. mrawiemea. lomatoes, Pift' Feet. Yrt?e, Ao. Ac , Ac. Alao, 1'ickloe. OaLuf, grfciMit reaches, Ac. Also. Uame and Fresii Kwh, Tur- * Um, Terrapina, t r&ab Lobsters. Cod, Halibut, &?. ^ in fool, every thiue for a&le id the NorUitra iuar- ' keia aiwa*a ot liaml.at reasonable prices. Hotels aid taiuiliee ui^nM vitii Ur?t?ra, delivered Without chakrje to auj ?arto| ths District. ' tn as&aos. i( the utohoj in *?ut wttl? the order. K? establishments o?en frooi t a. m. to 1J at I ftf'.l? *\.erT J*T? ?*?>#* Sacday, ?hon 1 close at lu o'oiock a. m. t I T.M. BAKVKT. J TniUSBMAR. ] frotteled I* lit-yal LltUtS I'f.uul of England, 1.? / Heuttd ty <A? S??<? ?/ (<k? fcroU /? y-AurKarii fit fcrti, Mit tit Colligo Of t Vlt'.UO. I ... - . TR1K8EMAR No, 1 la the teiboor lor Kblaxation. x?ia- 1 MAToiaUOtA ailU hailACsTIuN ul flit TIUKMKWAK No. *, , Complete!* auJ enlli<tlf 6ri*i<oaiei all tracts o/ Uio?<) diaorriera, for vtiicti Copal va and Oal.eta' UAV# inlM-rk'tT JxVeU Ikottilit aii ?Utl.Jol*. lo tit* ! 4 UoJk.ill. Oi a IUI pvl luJU oi lit* yo?ul? s thikskv.ak No. s, ; Iha fi6U StuJ ?ui? reniaCt vt iLt cltilitaJ vorltf 3 tur Ui iiiipuiitt** of the ijecem.&e we>l! u : t?T Titiptutua. obviating the Jeetrcct:?e mm of ; laroury, x* wall m uthor Inisterl**** intraJiMibi. *uJ Which Hil the .Ua .11 Ujo World VLBoi ' rcutawb TklU^felf Ab \tla I *J m.i, if ^ a.a il.U .-u ?Ol4 o/ tA?le 01 atuMi. uf al! ii'auttaUfcf auallUtta. 1'tiat ate ib the IC.-ki ul 4 I af'>-'>i.a? ? U? OL the Wtisl table without thou tut Lo?l? aua- 1 (MU-J, I Sold ii Ps ?&e?a at ?3 each, or four ft dun m oca fur and m t? omm, '.tic? aavinc ||, u felminiatited ty VUy?u,UI!?a|ri. ftou.fcl. 4te, WhuiMftie aiul retail bi 1>k. h. a. AauI . ROW. 194 UlMoker it reel, (? <ioora from MaeUouial atiMt). N?w \ or*. 1mm*: lately vnr?. < oetaf of renilttanoo, Dr. Uimow will forward Trfe?eiii*r to any ?art of the WurM. cecnreiy to the iuUwotion* | PtU?tMdaliob 1)K HARROW,that aoyular I llwifitt*traXad inedteai Work. Unaaii I- raiUy. Prioa a o*&U. Trie?mar ai?u Book pan wJ^'V1 WaHpialaiiwntf fromS. C. KORi/. Waahmr'uu. D.C. 4ali-t? buxM for am dollar. tir?y, r*d or filiwn bur o&u KAJWAaraa snsafe? 1 oi UrHAMTJ HAIK UVK U W?rr?r.U*i teoont&li ?**i CAMirHIMNEKTtS. HA LF HOBK./ita.. | wiiuHi n wnw tfi oMii k>ut.*rtiuu>ra to ujuuii^ a Hrtfor* laakuig tl?Air a*l?e?icna. , rRAVKLLER3' DIRECTORY. PAStiJUtttKH TKALNb /ia?Ai 4#b> Mnnrviiv c iaM ? ? *? ? ? rpvT Piwmii rt4.iK? itrimi ITASHIISTOI AND BALT1*10RK WU1 ran aa followe : Six dailv 7V?i?i imw ?r r*r*r' Am ITSUMUI MI Dw 'y /amif '*? wwk, (?? 0* Smmdat*. For PLi.ad*>hia arxJ Nf? York? Loavo Wbkitftoa at e.?? a a.UMt a.ud *.? r *. For Baltimore?i,<?va <>ao?b.i^ioii at 6.**1 an* ?a m. and S c? and 4 on p m . ftp a r.nftmAlla at ^ 1A . M ^ a ftft a w "3.&t&T6a3i'e? vi ^."jasfi#r* 1 jr A^0**0 New \ork Mail w mi,, a* tor at U arriveat Haiti naorr .stor.i'tuiadelrh* H r i.; N?? Vori Id f v. Philatephia Trxit lea. r* Waabmctoa at)?r I. reaching Baltimore at tJO p x aad ruilade.f hia -t 10 m. AfterLooc Accommodation- 'eare Waehlnrtoa Atpm.arnre at Baltimore at t r m. No ooalexinna at Baltimore. Ihit ie the alter boob coalexioo for Annapoii*. tvoliac ki?r?w-imt? Waeninctoa ? p. Lrrlr f at RkLmon *.C p. M.. Pt. adelphia l?Ji . New York 4 *. .: Harrtrbarr 1 a. M. On 9nadaya leave Waahir.cton at 3.00 aod 51. u. >a!y. Tna 5 P. M. train from Waahinftoa MHtrti hroigli to New York creri flaj Canoe the week. WU/JTS MOT I Mi SOWTH. Leave NewYork at ? a. P:.. ace phia 11 J? a. I.; l a timora-4 ? p. K. Arrive at Wwkliftoi 'i*'av* Nrw York at p. iu Pkiladelekia IMP p. i.Baumere U0 a. H. Arnre at Waakioctoa U" Lear* New York at 11 r. w.; Ph:'adai?hia ? J* u v.; ralttaoratjs a. ArnvaAl Waakmttoa ti a. *. W Loom Aoooicrrodatioc Traica !?ara Baltuaara i u m., antl ?31 r. m , for Waafcuwtoa, arrlva h?r? it 11 a. m. and 8 as p. . On pud.1&m at and lit a. w. only from Ba.ttiK>r?. No Anjupolia or Fredenofc oonnexiona oa In vtr4 ?er Traira Wwt'nrtor Ml# a. f. ar.d 4 << P. M., H3-1 B?:LfTi'rtW*t. M 4 ? u . make direct oomnbori for Aana*olia at taa I auction. The) 40 jL.w, ard 5 00 p m oo&neot at lc.%y for FroCeiick, Ha^erstown, ie.,4o? except Miodaye. Tr%>Lt leave Asnapclia for Baltimore and Waaanitca at tjn< a. m. ami nao p. m. Paaaenier T-am? leaving Waabtnfton at M* a, i., li a. m., and ? p. M..a:j<l Ha iintore at Od aoa Jib a. Mm Will I tap only at .4??tp0it< Jwme'xcm. Wai i'&BkCDi? ra muat take the Aceommtdrnttm only. k ??? ? --- * * " ? ' i r&icc win iMire washir.cton and Hatim*r? fomwtty *?rn t*"t ttmu, ejtceptir* thatth?4.?a J,7 35 a m. Mid 4 '?? f m train? will wait 1# mi nates I aroMsary, to tseoare Uie pasaeLgcra and Mai? rom I be Kaat. KorSick and \\<>unJed j*u!oier?? A epacial oar. ntli an a't??Ldaiit. with heda, will leare Waah:n* on lwie? a wfft for Philadelphia direct at It a i. ?r tt>? ao?s>i?<im>U*iioi of tick acJ vohmW W . H. SMITH, fe 4 MttUr of Tr??i??ofUtioB, Btli THE [I1??? Penniylvania Central R&ilimd, (With 1 ta ouuuecUMtMl ? A I IKST CLASS) Kill JK .ibii i rif, WEnitKfl ( l TI r s IPKKU, SAJ fry AM) COM I-OKI ! STONK UALUU?rKU ANU KRK FKOM lit "T' UAijiiAtiK CUKCKED THKOuea K<?M BAI/ltMOKK! mti uiiT Tiimi moil riiikivr.i.rniA to finsiti Hum Two III Utttb RtAlkiltC foil CvNRtCVIuM AT H 4 k fc 1- fc> hA *? Itti trtlLt Ob ItiA W<'l( I'ltl KN CKNTIAL KAIL KliAU, ib>I f> :filing THE GREA T CENTRAL ROUTE raoii WiiHl.lUTU.1 AMI) BtLTIMORK to all i?oiiiU m the West, Nvttli-wiit ^itll wiif, LT Kor Throcgh TckHf, y K the OftM m Ui? Northern Centra! Kail Hutd C*?? Facy.Ua ve:t hiaiiot. ^altimot*. 9p/?}>JiJ Sleeping Cart on ail Ntrkt Trains 6wtcKing Szioo/i Cart an mil Trains. FROM W ASHINGTON. r a??aii?er? will l&ie (he 6 a. re. a.nu ? a. IT. tra.in?. arrmm m Lsammore xn&<&. ni. ai>?J 6 4tp. ni., '" I' oioee oonreoticnr are ma le with 'niii on Xlb !Sortti?r^ CentraJ R. Fl.acd arrive tr. Harne?>nrg at i p. m. ami 1.46 a m, there eonoMttDc ?"t? t.'.? (ratna oa the Pennsylvania Central Haiiroid for ai: p&rta of the vreat. o ... * FREIGHTS. , W? tfc:? route, frei(hu or all doeerlptioM c\r. he ?rwamw to and from ary point on the Kailn-aJa >1 Ohio, Kectuctv, Indiana, Minna, Wieoortib, ?**.or Mmoirl, by Railroad jtrert . Peonay; vania Central Rai.mad alee onrceota H Pittrbnrf with 8team?rv, by wkieh <><? <)? naa ve lorWAnlr ! fn?rv b/>r? am tUfkkm l? .. . - ?? ? ?. *w * . j pvi * wu wiv wnn'i '** uritui B'H< leritccky, Tenoemaee. Corator! an 4. P. non. Miu ? p;i, vvircrrein. Missouri, Kw?t, ArkatM. Did RmI Rivers; ar.d at C!ev?>ian<i. Sondnsky ui ybic&co with ?tearr(?r? to a!! Northwestern lat* Merchants and si ppers entrusting the transforation of sR.r Fr?ijht to this Company, oan rely nlh confidence on 1U ?pee<ly transit. THK RATES OF FRKICHT to and an* wmtia the Weel, by the Fean*jivania Central I ail mad. ?ri mt all uri' ?> /wretJi w am iflrfii fcv atk** Rm.?C.n ? * *?? Mrticaiar to mark r?cU{M " rit Pim, .antral K R." MA6RAW A EOON?, Freicbt Atent*. ____ . _ No. ?0 North atreot, H&'t more. iNOCH LEWIS. Sec" ?o?ennt't, A! loon*. Pt. j. Li. nuiirr.wen'i Ticket Ag't. 1. H HOfftMN, Sfa'l Freight Agent, Philadelphia. ja 4-Sif ^UKTHEKN CL.MK&li RAILWAY. r?< Sktrtt?i, mn i J5??I Kcutt frem P*iHmo'* tt* i U WEST, NORTH ANl> NORTHWEST. gBA'i mm urn wixter schedule. ChA!t4 i or TlXl. On &B.1 I ter Sl/NDA Y\*'h Ncveoibw, Pimmcr Truni will arrive ?x.i C.'tart frem Ca.*?r1 ttation u follow* : , t_TuiinSom LiiTi MtiiMiaok.it. Bsffklo Kxpr?>c t ?. is. Ftrkton Acocnnuxl&fioii 4 ?. m. ilUb?r|?bd Karritburi bxpreMiJPy. m. _ _ TWAINs t<OVTH AfcKlvi Park ton AooomiiMHUtioi) Hit in. ButJ&lo KitiNi <.St> A. ui. Pittsburg tnd Hn:iaturg KiftN t . m. Kti. *? f. m. The I i m train from VVtrbinrtai eottttli Pith the ?.21 K. in lra.m f-nir K& fi>i,nr? mr lha ft Ml and fur JSuifnif. Klm>ra, K->che?ur, Dmmurk.'Un%()?4u? ?m<s N >i|t n Fa. ii, ud tot n*t k'?>rk oity. . The 21 k m. tran froir Washington MnMtti ritk the 3 a. in lata from Ba'Umoro to Wut, JurUi a*d Merit* and Kla..raaod UuflaioaM loohemt**. Thai p. m.trr n from Wwbiii|U?ii ootwwU vith 8.i? p. m. t?. a irom BatiMH?r? for fMtnonrf, i&r riatmrc and U>? W?it norf la m, direct uom^m iob tor Lebanon. RmIob A iimiiovb awl N ?w I'ork via Ceiitr*. ft abroad ol .New Jor?*j. Try itia route lor New Vork. ICT fi.e ou.y leaving Uftittinireon a.liiB 'i V- ?. tr&iL. lor HfcrrPltlil urg, Ckl?(u 1.1.0 lii? VVttrl. T'i?oiii| lian> kntviiiC.tr. Baltimore on athetO a. ut-likiu. J AS C. OlaMKK, Si-frfr utoodnt^ I'--.. -WOTICfc: ^ TWfVK^K?g. m- mt r r i>iku:wwr wi'fiiai uA?iLf orcervo IN between Waftfe'.nctuu, ^ ifttttiuote.*ud (>i?J futbl Monroe* to U rMam*i,oD ftuu Obtl&ft U.ejfiUi lljtiwl, U( B%i Ltu*of rtetnrfr? l **** K?3u*Jr?RyKHV OAV (moo* *ti 1*1 liiotn u.otr wharf. loot of fntc# book, tt ?M ?c,Vik ? - "iKnifcluitii tJt*r U.? ?rrlv*. } m.mmion Train. vkluL kfM WukmiVi A ?% o'clock . ui. ??MT M N. KA-LiA Pr?X vorMAM'& MB F * e M 1 9 M T* 9 * t m M4H0hACTQKT, oi linm mm. Wuhintm, p, %, U!V*r Mtdll ?ward?0 by MftryiftD* iMttlMi Mbawt, >. Ml. la MUtutlT racking. artf i!*iti uh m km. h-JESsr"1* "" Wmi IW.M4 _ * --ZIXSSUfife. m4< ?. J%?-?S~*4 Md 199MM AM_ _ vccut leiirer-c ;re? ai cwnioiiirviriw mm ULKWI??, FKlxkwKk, * An!: itoti 3w*j? on Mod, or u*dn to *r?*r ti U? i^-tMi ^aSananwinsfaa--? PIMW 1>?? ggggSgr88?^ \