1 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

1 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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r ~ mi I'M? " MMI EVENING STAB. WASBINGTON CITY: rrr*wy april i, im. fr7"Tfcoaiib Taj la printed *i? tb?. fmri mm 1 n ufi Hath of IJtitiBtort. t* HllUna It ?n forge as to i - rire ! to be pot lo press at an early fceor: tberetrrr, ?bftrld be ? ?* In b?f?-re IS o'deek * ; etkenrl?e tbey may w? ipprax autll the next ii.it, Os* F'ai*WT>* at lj?e various military cssnp* ??4 will ejnfrr a favor hy keeping ns p??ted at to movements and affairs In tfcolr vicinities. ftpirtt ( the M*rali| Pr??. The JnUlligtnur argues from Euroj>pan advlcea and the recent action In the Confederate Congress that "King Cotton" la at length deposed. Tbe Rfmbliean. wbicn mi i>een on ita good behavior for a day or two, tbla morning Indulges In U>e following covert fling at Gen McClellan: "North Carolina ?It woold appear from tbe fact of tbe occupation of Beau.'ort and Waahlng ton, slnee tbe battle ?f Newbern, that the lmtnod'ate object of Gen Burn*ldc h&? not been to advance into tbe interior and rnt off tl>? ronn'ctlon of tbe Virginia rebel army with the South, hut to occupy tbe coast of North Carolina. As, at the lMt reported dates, be vru still acting under the Instructions of Gen. McClellan. the lata general-ln-cbief of the army, we may infer from bis movements, that the popular notion 'hat cutting off this railroad connection was a part of what bas been called "the plan," was Incorrect." OUR MILITARY BUDGET. *IXSTVASK TO SIHK11L X'CLILIAS. Major General McCIellan was visited at hi> quarters, near Fairfax Seminsrjr, Vs., on Friday night last, bf the entire !K>th Regiment, Pennsylvania volunteer*, under command of Col. Gos line. The occasion was enlivened by tbe rous e of tbe band, and also from a glee club belonging to tbe regiment. After theaerenade, tbe General appeared and addressed tbe regiment aa his comrade*, adding that be thanked tbein for three tblD<s:?one in tbe past, on* In the present, and ne in the future. In the past, for the superior discipline and military (kill displayed on every ?*-cssion when he bad been permitted to witness them oa the field; in the present, for the smiling confidence which shone in the faces which he was ? ? a i ? ? ? ? - ? aoir to are in me a:m ngni, ana in me rutme lor the assurance thai In them be could rely to help him, to tight for bim, and, if neceaaary, to die with him. Can ( not' At this a thousand voicea answered 4* Y>?, y??, tvtry tim*Vm He then said he did not think thla last would b: neceaaary; that he hoped to subdue tbe rebellion without resorting to such aarrill-e With "tbree times 'WW," and bugf tiger, tbey bade tbe General " jrocd nigh?,'" nearly every mm a? tbey passed h m imitating upon giving blm a hearty abak? by bo band The Gentral'a wife, who waa pusent, accrued fully Imbued with tbc <-nth-ii!a*in of boat around her.the aimaisi or Liirr bcdd ?kd acting MACiks ma j hbp . a a ? ? ? i or rrniaiD^ pi LlfOi UUfiO and Acting Master Mather, who were killed recently by fbe rebels at Moeqnltc Inlet, Fla , after remaining In the cbapel of the Navy Yard yesterday, wtre this mornlrg esqprted back to the steamer Bienville, which will take them to Philadelphia. The bodlea were encaacd In handsome coffins, uu which was placid the American flag, and vrere borne by a number of seaman. i,icots. | Parker and Mltcbell, Surgeon Duvall and Maater Morris acted aa pall-bearers. Tbe escort consisted of a number of officers of the navy, a company of marines under the command of Sergeant Jacobs, and the seamen at the yard. The Bienville leaves this afternoon. * mm ? AMMftftV. R E. Brrd, E?q ,ef Winchester,Va , (arrested at Winchester by Gen Shields.) passed through here this morning, on bis parole to report to Gen Dlx, at Baltimore. He baa not been actively Identlfled with aeceeh, though one of the moat Influential gentlemen of the Valley, and hla arrest waa probably through some mlatake. ABAKDONKD KEBBL PKOPXBTT L. C. Butler, for some time connected with Important intereeta of the government, waa yesterday appointed by the War Department a apeelal agent to take charge of all abandoned rebel property to Virginia The amount la large CAPTAl* UKIMil, the dealgnerand coaatructor of the Monitor, la ?iuuug mc uixmguisnea stranger* row in this city. * IM( rimciKr visited Alexandria this forenoon, accompanied by a few friends Appoistmksib Co!?pirm?i>.?The Senate has confirmed the following nominations Stephen 8 Harding, of Indiana, to be Governor of Utah, and Win. Slade, of Ohio, to be Consul at NIcc; L'elfvan Blood good, Surgeon In the Navy, vice Chase, who waa placed on the retired lint; beaidefi a large number of auiatantaurgeons in that branch rt the public service. Al?o, William C Wheeler. franclsC. l>ade, Wm 8 fctairion, Wllltair J. Xamd.n, Mortimer K?llcgg, Andrew J. {Iterated, John A. Green, to be Chief Kn^lnccr* la the Nwy. A number of promotions and appointments In the marine corps were confirmed yesterday, Ineluding Major Dnlany to be Colonel, and Ma)or Ward Marston to be Lieut Col. Abraham T Nye, of California, Register of Land O&ce at Stockton; Prank V. Eno, of Missouri, Assistant Adjutant General of Volunteer*. irf The last rail completing the track of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad waa laid ten mile* wftl of Harper's Ferry, on Saturday night last, since which four hundred loaded cars have passed through the lately dUturbed district, east and wm. .irony ?wu nunared cars of Western prodace, loaded at the Ohio river, last week, and rmrbed Baltimore yesterday being the firat ilsce April last The first through passenger train leaves Baltimore this morning direct for Wheel,nF a iieani wcn?-r a: the Baltimore House of R> fuge exploded ves'-trday and was blown fully feet Into tbe air, when It aecm* to have again exploded, and fell on tbe roof of a acbool-bouac, distant ?h<jut V5U feet, carrying with It the slate roof, rafter*, beaobt and paster, and crushing into the achool rooui. where th^r- ?-?r. -? - , ?... imiij at'CDlf boy* Although the floor wa? covered with rulnt, only two children (brother* named Myors) were hilled and aeven wounded. to- The dlBDlav In Prevlil*"" n i -? ? ^ r% ! )?'. IOC military funeral of Col Blocum, Major Ballow, and Capt Tower wu wry impoainf Buhineas was generally auapeoded. moat of the public and prlvata buiidlnga hung to morning, and all tb? flags draped B'.abop Clara raad tb? burial ervlca. ar d a military aaiute wan fired orrt the grave* . IHT Free uont eprllcatlona are mad* attba War Department for a cbaa ;aof poait'.on from the voluataef to fb? regular ? <?> - - . .-.v. *Bc??creiary of War hu e?tabll?bed tbe ru!e that do transfer* of tbU klcd will be made during tbe war, but that all mutt wtk promotion !n their own branch ofaer.U. \zr Tbo irst Instalment of U? legal tender treasury notes was received TMterday from tbe engravers, and tbe Department will commence paying tbem out to morrow. Kiao Corroif ?Tbe rebel Cong ram Is engaged In tbe discussion of tbe cotton question. Mr B own, of M'.ssiHippl, proposes (o make It a criminal offense for a nbsfer to mtem man th?r Utrec bairn for b!s family and one for e cb of Li* form hauda, aadbit (Mr B reeolutlon levying a tax of JMc per bait on all grown beyond a cor lain amount, received la the Confederate 8?tb dIm votes wot of twenty. In ti.? courae of the debate Mr. Sesamee, of Louisiana, aald that be "had long a lac* abend* oneU tbe Idea ibat cotton la king. We bavo tr?*ed tb* power* of Kln? Cotton and found bin wanting." Mr. Barnwell, of Booth Carolina, jnld, We moat kiw n Maaaaal* / ? - ti ?-?d at u?t w* MIC n<>t I nTo^p^Ty* I -as LATE NEWS BV TELEGRAPH. AFFAIRS CF RIVER. The Eutmy Makes HI* Appwraacr ?r lirutari Stba*bu?g. March 31?To-day about 2,000 Confederates made their appearance, two ml lea beyond our picket*. Tbe nparent regiments to them drew up In line of battle and awaited their, attack, declining tu go beyond tbe lines; but the mIwIi did not make mv attack Yeaterday the latter threw several ahelli Into the camp of the Wd Massachusetts regiment, bat were subsequently driven off by the appearance of an advance. Capt Savage, of the Ma>aachuaett? Wd, aud a companion, were yesterday riding out, and pasting bevend our lines, by accident came upon a party or rebels, wno area upon mem. uapi S?T??e was thrown from hit hone, when both be and bli companion took to tbe wood*. They finally found their wav back to tbelrcamp during tbe night. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Kaiti.mobk, April 1, (from FortreM Monroe March 31 )?All qnlet here. Capt Seaver, ?>f (he aeranautlc department, make* a billoon rrcon nol?*ance tbla afternoon, the flrat of the kind made here aince last lumnicr. A boat containing Ive well-known aecei?tionlats waa captured on Jamea river, above Newport Newi, yesterday, tranaporting produce aud atom for the rebel army. Fall* Reports Coatradlcted. Locirtillb, Mtrch 31 ?There 1* no truth In the special despatch sent ye?terday from Indiana poll* to tbe Cincinnati Commercial, reporting the capture of Col C. Pope and a few other officers bv the Rebels, and defining the position of Gen. ftuella forces. [communicatee ] flTTM.-'iTlON TO THK WOUNDED.? WDIIO OUT array la the beat paid, the beat fed. and the be.?t clothed In the world, it la behind all othera in one eaaential point?the care for the men, If they ahould be wounded in battle. Not only good generilsh'p but humanity demand*, imperatively, tbat nothing ahould be neglected to provide, as far ma posnible, for those brave m*n who fight the battles of thHr country, and are wounded In action. To do so, will not only increase the efttcleii'-y of the army, but It will relieve the aching hearts of thousands and thousaqjis. who watrb with anxious eyes over the welfare of their beloved on?*s Is arm* for the defence of the ITbIab. The utlT of Count Schwelnltx for the formation of sanitary companies, after the fashion of thee of all European armies, should be accepted, therefore, without ibe least delay. Count t*thwelnl;i, one of tbe beat officers in tb" Au?trlan army, and for years atd-de-cainp to the Archduke Maximilian, ifmi to be fully competent to undertake the formation of such ambulance companies, of which L. Wentail. In hi* work, "The Ariuits of the Grett Powers,speak* in the following manner "We naed scarcely draw our readers attention to the great u-e these battalion! must prove in mmnvlno th* trminAmA ,# 1 - - . ?-w ^ u?l U' iu I w IB tmdenlab'e 'bat in the last war they saved the ltvm of hundred* of gallant soldiers, and In th* cihk of humanity, wblcb may not be neglected even in the m<it rmblttered warfarr, we are glad to have It In our power to stat* rh*t now nearly every European army hu established a corps for hr purpo?<? of rrm??vlnj the wtronded frcru the battle-field.'' A;;aln we exprfs the hope to see such ambu Unrp rninnAnira fnrmoH In ??t? , ?- ? v?l Hit. Financial ?From the New York Kvenlng P.^?t of yesterday: There In decided heaviness lit the Government Sixes to-day. Some of the largf banks have been upplyl"K tb* nnrket very freely of late, and the reartionis no more than might have been expected under the circumstances The price had been steadily rising from 'JotoM*', and the present *a!e> are to realize profits ihe 7 30 notes arc dull at mostly 99K. The Gold market is becoming quite active again, and 101.K ia now freely bid on aellcrs' option aud for caan. On short buyers' option* 101 % would be paid Demand notes are no longer at a premium. They are quite plenty to-day. The Bank Note companies arc aendlng to Washington dally about a thousand Impressions of the ie-^al tender notes. The Department will not be able to pay them oat u soon 1* shmMo account of breaking of tome of the sells, which the new not** are to bear?a special department seal having been made for the notes. HjT From Shllllngton, Odeon Building, we have No. W of Beadle's Dime Biographical Li. brary, containing a concise aad well-written biography of Ueneial McClellan. ir?* At New Orleans on Thursday week, flour was selling at twenty-two dollars and fifty ctnt? per barrel. i> If NATIONAL BUILDING ASSOCIALL3 TION?Change of Plare of Meeting ? ino inoeunis will in lut jre m EL'Vfiif HfSui*!?00?' ora^nT.fcdJoiiiiQi (north) ?i ?r^f h;tifton, b?rinnin? with April Ut. r B?W<1 of Ouvo'-ora : _???g CH AS WILSON, B?c. CT5~^*uft?TPN SCIENTIFIC Af?SOl*^r. lIATIUJIr-A meeting of this Asaooiation wTTTbe he.d at the Hali of tha?iK>rcetown M^dioal Co. ejp, eorter of F and Twelfth atreeta.on TH18 naeadaT> KVKNIN0. at 8 o'clock. Dr. "b\ Loom*Presileiit nf th# a t > 11 a ? ... ? Will (OBU (I paper on "Correlation and Conservation of Foroea in Fermentation." Admission free to citisers and strangers, H. !< HOSMER. It* Recording Secretary. fYW*MABONlf! NOTICE?A special oommu v mention of Union Lodge U. D.? will be hsld at the Alexandra Washington L>od|e Koom THIS (Tuesday) KVKNlXG at 7 o'oiock Tne fraternity are cordially invited to attend. The last boat for A'*x-v>drn will leare Washington from the foot of 7tii *treet. at 6 o'clock, and wiil arrive IB 11 na? for Vin?n?? J IV dkionu. Hy order r ?. Palm?r. W M _IL JOSKrH ROSENTHAL. !7V?KVERV" NlfiHT THIS WEEK, THE -V,, l-?irMdFMtiv?!?t Parker's Ha!!,(opp<>.* vo?*! &nd initii omental yu-*A1v .refT?hm?*nU, aabat&ntiala, erery hni agree* >ly. |>on?t fail to at?end. mh 3i 51* fY*??y?&RY ONE?8 INTEREST?TV THE mpR* {i??l?^TKAN2,EHS' A!ilJ SOLt/i h A.I.? (4&V6 Qlt rOAfllVMi R vara ?.* .?H - - . ?* ?w. j l?l KO CkUU ttnr uKiriim it 01 Spring Clothing. which I am t JeriDK at our uiual low prices, at No. 4B0 Seventh opposite Poet Oflloe. near F. fe 17-Sin ryV*TKK UNION PRAYER MEETING Will llJS be hoiden ever* day thia week in the LotherftaChnrcu,( Rer. J. 6. Batler'a,) at the oorner of UU> acd H atr<?eu,<>ommenoinc at <X o'oiock p ir? and continued hut one hoar. ia ? COR SALE?A handeoiiie BUGGY, nearly new. r with haineM Apply to MLRRAt A BKMMK8, 393 Pennsylvania ave. ap I eoatif LH)R HALE?A IreehMILGH COW, with her JT thjrd. ma. Apply to the uhsenber. [NO. I- L"n('fn ifHirj.ft wn. SV ftp 1 WILLIAM KIN6. JUL PLAINH ELDACADEMY. N r?R CAELIRLB. M? I !if :u\i <2? *e*k?>MMMM Ma? Mk. Term# #t? pci *?#?! n, <.nou^r( at Star Office. To fill a law Taoanoi?? ad<lrM? R K. BURNf, a? 1 luioo Plainfiei'l, Cum Co , l a, ^ J*. RANKIN & CO.. " wholbsalk WINE, LIQUOR, AND CHEAP BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, 4*. W*t? mcoyiw* btkkits, ysomihTuwy. D. C. ? Fini ^ALK CBF.4P -A new aud handiome wvcn iron frame Musevood F1ANO, with *11 the lata improvementsjjfSSBI round corner*, curved mooldina. orer?? * T I' Win?e. Ao ,aad of fcne tone and tonoh. Worth jKJoai ut ,old t0T ?*S0 0Mh-. A?flr early at I ^ecntjlTania avenue, between 9 h aau . -.m ?u?b',?uuui ?iqe. ap l-iw* ' ? 8PMIN* MILLINERY. 1 HR*Mention of the ladiee of Washington and loiiiit* ia reepectfaljy Invited to "nr ^ of New styJe? t*prin? M >lioery on Tonrtoay^Bj next. April 3d, ktoar Fancy and Millinery Brore No. 310 Peon, avecne. wnere Mm Tftomi?oa will be p.eaie<l to aea not only her old patron*, bat etraniars and other* who may favor her with a oali. *&A an"^^gu^l ^ONFKDERAT^MVJJB AND 8BINwhtoh will b* foutd oarto?? u veil m intereiting _ ? , uiem?nto? of U? R?t*ilioa : 110 I onfcdMM* Net*, issued at Kiobmond, V?. |5 M ? * 41" Cent Sh!n fiaater, issued by the Back *( Ten16 Coat " ? Corporation ol c ouiu piuwt " " Corporation of 15 " " Corporation of CMTlOStOVB. Vft. e Ctut Hula yiMter " 44 C iporabon of Richmond, Va. ? Csut Pbin-jUuUt Bank of North M Ueut Bnm plMtUt - " Corporation of | HoTaa?aii<Oa ? ' SrOMMT | % A *3W6*e -ff f jpT-. THE GREAT TK'MEMW RIVER EX. PEOlriOIf. Rtbelt Coneentratiat Csrirttk?Bnavrtsard in Command? Troop* Arrivinc Con stantly from Southern State*?Desertions fmm Beauregard't Army?Groat Capture of Pork?Fight Between a Gunboat and a ReM Btttry. The correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette, writing Savannah, Tenn , M arch 38th, mvs : All our acouta concur Iff #?e atatement that the rebels are concentrating the main body of their forces at Corinth, Ml*" Troops arrive there dally from Georgia, Louisiana. Alabama, Mlstlatlppl and Tennessee Scouta estimate them now at 75,000, but 40,000 la doubtl-aa nearer correct. Beauregard U In command tfe>aent out eevrral r*slmruU Mlerday to take a position alx rotle* nearer our flnea. Our acout* have returned froin within the rebel Ilnea at Turdy thla morning But two rebel regiments were there, with a ?ertlon of artillery and two companies of Ml??1ulppl cavalry. They have no Intention of nuking a sunn mrrr, ana arc h mat point aimpiy an ail outpoM and to impreaa Union men. All the tranaporta returning to Paducab are ordered to take down any cotton tbat may be brought to tbe river bank eaat of Corinth. The rebel* ba*e fore? at Inca and other poln'a on tbe M^mpbla and Charleston railroad. Robel gunboata are In this neighborhood. Deserters continue to come In from rebel no?U. They aay half the *oldler? would desert, if thiy could. Our troopa, for a week past, have been under order* to march at an hour'* notice, with ten daya' rations. A correspondent of the same paper writing from Cairo on the same day rays. That on Sunday and Monday lut, Gen. Sherman made a reconnoluancftlnforceto Pea Ridge, near tbe line of tbe Mobile k. Ohio Railroad, wbere It bad been reported the rebels were fortifying The reconnlasance wa* complete In every particular. No enemr wai found, however, in the neighborhood. The expedition returned to Pittsburg on Tuea**av. Hur fnrnn? ?? ? ~ ? ? 1? * ? VUI avivc* at l imvui^ air. urtllU ripiUIJ OUg* mented, steamer after steamer arriving continually, laden with fresh troops. The latest advices from the rebel camp *t Corinth give the strength of the force there at 70,000 strong. Recent indications relative to the persistent efforts of the rebels to fortify the town of Corinth, would seem to demonstrate nn Intention A maVa ??l n-AF?%n- ??"1 * ? I^HMUCT lucir. II 11, nowever, tbe general belief of all the prominent oth cers of General Grant's command that tbe rebels will retreat on our approach; but should a battle occur at Corinth, it will doubtless be one of the hardest fought and Moodiest affairs of the present war. He states that a party under Msjir M Smith, of the t.v.h Illinois regiment, had found at Nicholas handing and confiscated 15.000 pounds of fresh pork and 15 <kh" pounds of bam and shoulders. On Monday the gunboat Taylor ran up the river to tae vicinity of East port, near which point a masked batter v opened on them it tbe distance of Utf\ ?... -V-4 " * iu? fuiun, uuc unit iriiuii( mo imoxe iuci or tbe Taylor. A number of shots were exchanged, with what (fleet on the enemy'* work* 1* unknown. Tbe engagement was extremely *ptrlted while It lasted, upward of flfy shot* feeing fired. The Taylor received no other Injuries than tho*e above stated, and nobody wa* hurt Capt. Bedard report* a strong loval Mntlment in aeveral district" of Tennessee between Colombia and Savannah A stenmcr, arrived from the flotilla earlf thU morning, reports no chanc* In the condition of ftffdlra at Ulaad No. IP. The bombardment u continuing with but Utile Intermission, but the reaults are not known There were no signs of evacuation bv the rebel* Rumors were current that the rebel gunboats naa piwa rope'ibatterleaat Point Pleanant from below, but tbey can be traced to no reliable aou roe. The atory Is undoubtedly a canard The rebel* are lmpreaaiag cltiena of Kentucky and Teniieaatc Into tbelr aervlce, and arming them with nxta and plcka. Four rrbela armed with Arkanaaa tooth-pick* were arrested near Cbarlraton yesterday, and brought to thla point. Tbey claim to be refureea from Tennesaee, but tbelr atory la disbelieved. Tbey remain * _ s - -? in cioie cu?oay. ocn Strong visited the la'and to-day. 0? .?RjKCIAL NOTICE. )N.KAr,D A?TER TU.K9DAY, APRIL 1, iw>2, the trama on the Baltimore aod Ohio Kai!roaa commence runoisjc d&ilr. Hnndftya excepted. lep.vinr tins iiat on at 7 4<> A M . unH . at Wa?htrgton J u notion with n>ail train for all parti of the \Ve?t. ria Parker* burg or Wheeling. Through tioketa told and baggage ohenked W. P- tfMl ^Hi Matter cf Tianiportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. ' ap I dif 316 LI6HT?LIGHT! 3^ COAL OIL, P'jRE KEROSENE LIGHT' At the Union Coal Oil Company Drpot, I16F strut, bcttcttn 10tk and lit* struis, near llfA, If yon *ai t a para article of Coal Oil. Call at tne Union Coul Oil r? am w If you.tint to h&<f th ? amount yon par for cat. I Buy yoor Lamp* aod Coal Olfat 318 K ?t. If you hare etnereai oil or other lama. , H??? th?ni altered to burn ?!oal Oil at '16 Fet. If our till is not pore and un?du Iterated, and ai Kod m repreeented, the money will be returned at O r lie If you want your Lamp?, Oil, *o delivered jn 1 large anu small quantities. call at 316 F ?t .where | yon oan purohate every article of Lamp Shaoes, Patent Chimneyi. WJoka. fco., at the Ioweit New Vork prioea, delivered at your reaidecoe free of e hari?. A liberal d Mount to the trade. Country orders punctually attended to FOLEY A. HRH , Agents, ap 1 eogw 316 F etrret. SOLDIERS PAY. BARDKN'3 EXPRESS WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES. WHITHMI MOIIV OK A LL0TMX3T DRAFTS. To their Families at any plaoe on the licet of thsir Express at a oharge cf TWENTY-FIVE CENTS For any sum not exceeding Fifty Dollar*.() Ai.d a proportionate additional charge for pl&oea reached by oonneotine Express** 'he remittance, whether in Gold, Treasury Notes, or Auotrneht DralU, should beenoloaed n ani* sealed, anu na?t> the lull suitress, molodiri* t?e town. Pott Oltlo*. and bt&te, ot th? K?un u> whr lit to be se'it, and the amount lrgibly marked therein. Knvf Olil (or thlt inrOHM VI I U fiirnnha/1 a? thia cffic*. . Money received to ba forwarded at the ofEoe in Washington, Third itreet, aeeond door below renoayivania avenue. apl'in K. 8 PMITH, Agent. CH?8Apg^,SHS2.?8?S!W The subaoriber having completed h'?^_v rteamea Oytter 8aioon, ia now recdr^Flft Z' J to lurmth to citizens, atiangera, andmjXLAif iu? punno receraiiy, with Orators ooukad by the new pracoa of atcaininr. It**!" l"?i otn will always bo on h*nd, at tli? Cheaopoako Me*ni Oyator Patrat O&o* tr6*t< D**r **H,-aM e&at of th? inh ai-lm? ' WM. P. WEBB, Proprietor. A,?t ASK t OR MANA8SA 8, via Fair fa jA'*" Mimst *nd CtitrtrUlt. Mnry*^t^ ?* h??b Aiexanaria at > o'olockfl|Mft*?*# rn M<>n av and lue?daj,(nr air-JKaZSC fax Court llouse only; on \Vodne>?d?j mon.iug wul start for Manaa?aa, and tfce regular davslor leaving Alexanuna wilt be Moutia?, Wednesday, Friday. from ths S'eamboat Wharf, foot ol King sU?*t, a* 0 o'clock a n>? returning f om Alatassas cn T?cdiT. I'hur?<d&T,and Hituruay. Fare for the roun<i trip, S-ats can ba procsr'd in Washington at Grcgo ty'n Stove Hiore Pennsylvania avenue, south side, two dfora east of 7th street, or atSigger'a Kook ir<t mrunliMl #'" ? *i? ti ?? . .. ? >v<? W?VIV| * IV. 1?V nun IUWI, I A oxan-rla, Va mh? Iw FOR BALE?A c?mpl ta set of CARHENT* R'a 'fOOLS. Al?o, a Grindstone, lor oash, will be told very low. Address ,??" Star < )?n". J N T E K t S T COUPONS T 3 10 TREASURY NOTES CUhcd on erMentation by JAY COOKE * CO., Bankara. mh a lw 4 a a V lfteenth street. pro TICK! BOOKS AND STATIONERY SOLD VKKY LOW ! Jefferton's Works oomtlcte. 9 rotnmM. C?'noun's " " 6 ' John * 10 " . t . W?t>?ter*a " ** (AutotiMh Elliot's Debates j ?. w/uhS.*!)* K?(Uah Edition, Coma aia Bats Japan E* sedition, ?*?'*9 Railroad, Owe?s' Gociojioal Report, L?'PinprS!?r?n*nt0 ribn? Materia!., Pern. Ink L*r"l?Tot'o?Oi<l Stationary. JOYCE, rob Near txh *tr?t. !Vf ADAME I ELARUK N* leave to umonnoe It! to ike LMiee, thai &m now *mom- ^ i ^ . " fcooDHThSV0' Fre.h SPUING ??? t:"yDFi*?g* ? Hoiuwtt. Flower., Hi^ v *f' Vy**!.,,7,*"f kl^d^? fcmbroicUre.f^^^ UW*' Veii?, f\?u B? ^o^'h?0::Aarf,msr7 **" Pwjey ?nM? ?^gHg?U?&S?, & 0 aaa'** on*M arH*uj* IT a. TWELVE MONTHS ^ CERTIFICATES, Roifht and Bold tsr JAY CUUKK * CO, MANMM MS, ?*9 FUMmu *??. J $ VfANTS. Vt/ANTKP-Sr ? Itrl. t PITCA" i ION n oh?u b*rmv4. C?li at th* corner of Z'l end K eta. It* A?'K?PKCTABMt VO0N9 G1RI. Weute ? Fr.aatioa for cn*at*r work an i f co ee int. A . >1. t? V.' t. f\ l?U _ / r-> it. H^^IT Ml nu. " V ?irr-; '-vril^r "I V' [I _ WANTKO?A WOVan to ooo'i, wwh wH i on- Afp T ?t 3*6 H *tr*?t. oorerr of lt'h It* W ANTED IMMKDIATKLV A tooH DRK.SS MAKhR Mi l SKAMfTKKS1 ?t ?1 |>a. 11* ARK9PKCTABI-K YOUNR OIHt Wiahw t/> o^tpiu a Sit'i\iion *? etu^'mvd a*'! to

tin IKVim All I tl rtln. .'lO fmmr T. *.? <! ?* "TP - ~ WANTfcl>- A ?I KL lo do r*neral hor*?irorh inftfon%ii rtnv ? kno t r?f-reno?? r**u red. *l*o ii Girl t 1 aU?n1 t<> children. Apj ? *t 3*? I8?h ?trec, between il %n-i 1. ??l it' WANTED?Two GlRLJ&a 000 k an J ch?rot'<?rmaic. Good referenoea rrqiur?l. Applf at *1?I C h*l toil. - -J ,r?rw u ?rvt? v?| VV? ?? WH J * II QllU J U IV * I ' ' BNO W. It* VI/ANTEC-Two SERVANTS, well recom * mended?one to ertok. WMh, ani irnE?the oth"r M ffh(itn^erTn&i<J. App'f at 44"*K??,ne*r 7l.ll ureet. up 1 2i*? WANTED?Three good <'OAT HANDS; alro Tf three feed V- ST IIA\D'4. wanted at VVM. TITiJKBKV, M*rch*nt lnnox, 4 lift ?'* avmee. hMwee-i tX andfcth ?t?. up i-a_2 WANTKD-|!It Mit l.t, a, HOU^K with I or 19 rooma ; will buy th? furmtnre. Also, ti trade landn and an internet in a VA.illA.h.4 invpntmr fur itrnaa?t> . ? I V? f "fVi I 7 ?U" II'OI vilBUUiKV Ad<ir?aa,tnrouah Fo<t Uffiaa, ,fO. W.'^ ap 1 3t* WANTBD-A LADY to operate on WhM>ler A Wiiaon'a mru:| machine ; nw?t be a food operator and well acq uaiuteJ with ib? iranhi-e M. WILL1AN, ap 1-3.* 336 Psm-ay'-vanta avenue. SITUATION WANTED by a ?r.ele 6erman yoQDc man ol good character ; KB ia w*U lecommf nied, and is wi lint to make hiir.aelf ?en*r ?i|y useful Ai>p'.y Mra K&nn.rr'a, CJrner H and f jrtt atreeta. Waahingtoq. It* VVANTEI1-At W- n O'MKARA'S Variety " More, SU4 PeniXi Ivanm avenue, *?OV to e.ean up and atsnt general.? id the afore; incit know how to rea l an I write, nni of goad olivaoter for honcaty, An ap 1 WANTED?A email HOUflK, or a amt of ROOMS tunfurmahrd) with ?1 deairable conveniences, by a an a'l faini'y without cui.'drro Location to lie pleasant, withoutd fTe-ecoe in wh*t rart of the ci y. Addreer, Star (Jffue. "\V V. .V " mS ?1 St* WANTKP?A con patent WOMAN -A co or d or a <?f rina.i womin de-ireu to tiVo :ns euut? ehargo of a om d 5 yarn <>ld ; OMwhnh?'?'t i?ai'tr?t? ilniirtd, Mid of ainiaM* <k?-pr>a ti"'i; ma*t bring th1* b^?t recom'n ii<lati?rB. To on* who can antiwar to th*&rov) r*?iiireine.-ita the highest w?cea will be citch. Applj at 1 V> H r.reet. ?p 1 St? \JLr> NTKJJ-Bt th? Ipt of Mar. fwitbtn dm-ii'io^oj th? Tr?afurr.)a Fn.all HOl'HK oct?imr( a: ln*?t three itAd-ciijai'ier*. two par l.?r?, ki'ci.eri a?>rt cellar, and?tliont'i not mi ii?^n \b>?a filial! gt\b e P.ent mutt bi moderate. 'he ??jant wi'l f e Dermnnent ar.d ?nt:oto*l a* to psjmert aa wll aVca'efol lot ta u j the picmAtfd'O-a "J. A KVattheolftceofihis p*r?r, atatn c ta;l parti aniatt- ?p 1 3t* WANTED-* WHITKCOOK. Apply at Mrs. KiLLIAN'S, 41? Eleventh ??, mh 31_ WANTED -A 8tRt. to<*o cfneral hona?vork in a p'iv%?? fim j. wrgt i?J reftrencee r&qnirH. Cailst No.??l i Q st rt.h ?13?* WANTED - A' JapiotaM"Pr>tcstaot WOMAN a? e^aire'ie-.a ana chamberma>d ; i.oue ned ppij wuiiHui K'ttia reierenoea - f^u v airwer. tt'M -Vh and re<r Ci'v W?H. mhSI-lf WANTKii TO K KNT?Horn M%y Itt, a neatly furnt(h'<t HOL'SK, in a central lo^ati^n, fn m 101" 15 roon.s Addtesn B?x 3 yta. C fl mhSl tf VI/ANTK D-A GIRL. to do tL# general h??a?" work in a Final! family. Coed rcls*?>i:co? required * pply immediately at No. 414 K a'reMJt, between 9.a and lnth fts. mil ?? 3>* WANTED ? A gentleman in thi? o ty eue?ged in ft very re?peo'aMe buMr;OB?. that pr< misea to be p nfitaliie. wishes to lei * silent Partner with a o&pital cl JPiiri or Adilre?a'*V. P through Pout?iffiow. inh 31-3t* 1 I I I l \J I ' II' a M'r ' '* a * ' *? * I [ nm A i a r.u?rv ciiim (ami.y. wimoui *1 children, will *iiro ft neatit fnrm?f ed Hou?e, oontaimuc *%?, witer, and. if possible. *11 the i modern improvement", situated betwsen 1'* avenue snd 1 stre*t ai.d 7th anl I7lh at-, Gor l refer river. The bent of cure wi.l M taken of the furniture. Address ">V. tj.ar ?'ffioe. mi 31 3t* |*/ANTEO-??!d AnB::mn History. 3d a"d <th " volumes; Uu rfc's Hutory ol Virsiniv L>iayton'i S futh <;aroiiLft 3 voiutr.es; Nile's H?n'ei; K ft in say's Siuth Carolina; Wilkinson'* rnai; Burr's Tiiftl; O.d Coins, Autocraptis; Old Pal-1mte; Old Dooumsrts; Writmis; Letters; Leo'' Memoirs. Id irovilk. n?mi Volumes weie loit; their value will be pwd, if returnM t? me. AI.^RKD HUNTKR, mh 31 3t* Over B\rk p Waghmc;co. WANTED-A SITUATION, bj a mirfd e tomtr., aaoook or launire**. t? >o<l rrfwenoe Civen if requirjd. Atply at farooery ^tore, S4 li street, between 1 and K roll 29 MRS. FRENCH. WANTED?Bf a r?nt>n>an and his wife, a ^a- dcom?lv Furnished He' Room and Par.or; or a Fnrrlshed House, in tome p ejusr.t local ty ic the oity. For fuith r ta'tioulfus, asp j to KM ILK DUPKK, 320 Pa. *r __?h 29_ WANTED TO EENT-1 ea.*:' IIOU8E, for man and wife, w.thin 20 minat?s' walk of 7th tr etvd Pennsylvaniaar^nue. \ t one havini a house to rent will bear of a trirapt teran by addremnc a note to "J. C. M tfair Office. mh ^9 at* /\LD LETTEHS WANTkl)?I will VJ two to ten dol ara for Lett* written by ben'i Washington, at.d a fair pnoo for Old Leitrra writton by oelebrat'tl A;..cri< an*. K?v .utionary Celebrities. Preaid?!.ie, v r.erais, Commodores, Judges. Doctorn, Divves, f r.wyer?,&c. Addre?* ROUKRT SPRING, 445 M. Twelfth atree*, Philadelphia. Rare ttooka and Pamphleta on Awrioa bought. mh 3-lm* WANTKP?To have every om krow that they can find the beat stock of Cothing, H\ts p.nd C?pa. at the Tory lowest rates, at SMI I'H'i*. .No. 460 Sever.th atreet, oeiow F. ^e 27 3m WANTKC? fclvery person to know that 1 ara in the market, ready to pay caa? for * art.c!?? in the houaefurnicim.* lice. Thoae leav e ti e city, or havin* a surplii*, will do well to oalt. R, BUCHl.Y, 4'i* Serer!h st.. between 6 and II ats , (east aide,) Dealer m New and ttcoond bc.au Furniture. " UU l? fci WA.NTKP? S*t:er?and Holili?ri In know that tiiey can hay CAMI' SfTOVKS *n<? TIN WARE cheap of H. J. GKK60RY. Sal Penn areriuo. >a U ? AGKNTS WAN rKl> T?? OPKN O .\n ofltc? ard take the whoi?eate *z<?i cy, ^ every State, (or lUl of Lloyd's Great >i?..t%ry ape, n?e<J t>y oar COiiimaRder-in Ch'et. The ohcfcpeet mips in the r!d. A fortune cat' be mi od those map* in e&oft t?tAte. 3.rao,noooopir? of ons ?I mr maps iia?e elreaJy been to.*:. Alio a man to go to Caiiiori.. v Kc*.*nd aod Cuoa. Agent* al?o wan!?4 in evei* coi uty and in evsrr regiment m our armT. Send for nlrnul*'* J. T 11 I/O YD. mhi-tmijl 164 Urnftdwiy. N?* York. 1*74>"TKD.-W? ve no* buTiur PtiGOND f HAND M KNITl'R K.PTOVKSftBrt Hhl> DINW. for irbioh ira are ffttim the hijheM cuh ?iic*s. i amiiie* declining > bftrtnt * ?otrlH? of farnituro, wr! find it to Uicir ft4vftt:U.(? to tire nt ft o%il. BONTZ ?- GRIFFITH. Je IVtf No. 869 tth ?u. l-etir. J itna K iU j /a Pi n n utu v??? ?" ? ? - - 1 WI, vanii mwiv/nHAt r>B I UC Ion AM) FRAMKS. inO Car-! rtjotuir*r !i? m van<*tT. u. -...1 it n-fiM ol Choice 1'ioturr : A'fso C A K I> VI?1: TKa ! oVAU PICTURE KKAMKb, the largest 8*?<rtmeo^ fi-oia the best ritwiui^ctory in thecountry, for ea*h, at J. >1A RKHi l'KK. No. 4*<> Jieventh stree', fw lg g door* ahoy* Od<1 F^'low' Hall. ICO A I. OIIj?COAIi Oil.! AM Now iurnithinc the trade with the best If (TDltaiML* g\ti -a *?-i- - gav rv?B\ iiTi uj,luat?, pnc?J aito, HAY, tUKi>l, OATS, Ao? at 'oVHt utntl ^ 8. WO'UDtiULEN. fo 36-1 ni Corner New Jersey av. and K ?t. UPRING I'RESS ttOOiJS.?Many new and K7 oboice thu,?3. A'yo, our tuuall fall Hock of all kinds oi Forei?n 0Urrent Wfc!-t8 One price only, marked in pl&ia if ares, tht <w tnai t*ik value. . , , ? PERRY * BftU, m fi 7 tr I'A. A.v And Niv.lk a ? - ?? ? ? l? ?U ? INTERESTING FOR THE COMMUNITY 1 AT LARGE. We Are now reoeivinc READY-MADE CLOTHING f U<? latest dMiin three Umm a week from oar in&nu,aolur:nK eet*bli?ba.ent in Baltimore,wnioh we cffer ataetocietunc low prices. DAK ? BKO.. lek ?8 la?* oornnr K nail TXi etreete. SHLK. DK FOR THE ^REPENT AND AfFROAOHIN* bKA*ON. A mott ohoioe assortment, at our proverbially low pnoee. i One prioe only, the actual oath ctanda'd valuo, marked in plain tiure?. PPD DV ^ DDHTHPn unn u- l??v a UDH, mha tr Pa. avenue and Ninth at. DEAD WlT^glgWON A?D ACT ?ITH DR. M. VELLNV7* PRIVATE HOSPITAL. In Um Federal Blook, oapome the tieueral Poat and Patent Office. Rocm 84 np ataira. forner of 7th and F *U , Waabinctou, U. C. EataMnhei for the fruppreation of Qnaokery. The Only Regular Pfcyaioian AdvertiaincDr. M. Vellnr'a long experience in hospital prao tio# warrant* U.ro is aaiin* that ?f * private LMare, or ha win fuxtoit uie of five hundred ioll*r?. 10 Ceil eod eee him. No oharge for ooueulUt'on. A JM?rf?ct and rac^oel cure erleoted irom ou^_iofpu F?o*a?V^ Cil.0^ gtfKSS .* STJSS CBMPS fcnd a > mh r> 1W CVf tfSWKSf S"1" "N W"K ?* ?*?? TREAM*RER* *OWTHLY ST A Skowi*f tht timtumi m ku cr*dit, mt l*? rf?U? ?f I TVrt-wjf, mnit with tk* strtral A?sittant Trtumrt for trkirk draft} 4<ir? *>*?* istuid prior it tht rf?li anti the balmctt ( IM ?#?4 amu tuoju and from dcpofUorut, ord't-i bp Ik* S<rr?t?rjr < t fdittd. nni nJso tht * mount: to kn tr*4it note Mint and hmnch't, ?*i tAf amounts tcttkktU *>> ww Itnd't imsmrrttitomnrf cm"tol In ??al pl?o?. Trn*c:ir* <>f l; ait?d Washington. D. C . ARxmtant Treasurer. MMCIIIIIMI. A?iitonl Treasurer, N"w V<?rk. N>w Y"rk $1 41 Tronsiirer. I'lliliMiPlpiim. IVnu?)ivHn?._ a . .M ? . %?: _ A?m*iau> i rea*iirer. t?i. .?!? ??*' .... Assistant Treaj-nror, San I'rancisoo. California. Depo*itar> at Baltimore, Maryland Depositary at RulWo, ^ orl? ?I)?positary at Cincinnati, Ohio.......... Itopomtary?t Kentucky.................. Depositary at Pittslmrr. NnMylvMit.. .. ?- , I)epomtary at Ctncapo, Illinois. ? Rposttary at Detroit, Michigan - ?? poaitary at kali? of !*t. Croix, Wimomii [)?pofitv; at Onialia Citr. Nebraska - Depositary atOlympia, Wuhiiitoa Ilenommrw at ( ?ir ? h. i <- I mtinl |>epo?iiftrv i?t F?l'iio( >t Croi*.(R*yin*rt.) Papwsi'ary lit Baltimore f?t i'lnciMiati iSber'n?ck? Ueynit&ry e, i ilalrttmin<. ~ ?ve pa?nicn'?. ??? ?? Ov?rdraf>? Asm?t?nt Trea*itr?r. N?w York Nei Overdraft* Asm tart Treasurer, 8t Lr-uia, Mi??< Overdrafts l^puaitarv at iitoinnnti. Ohio Overdraft* D?po?it\ry at ouiaville. Kan uofcT. <iverdrafu D'poaitarr at Pittaburgh, Peanaylva Overdrafts Depositary at Baltimore OTeHralti ....... T.ansfera ordered from Aaaistact Treasurer, New Tranatera ordered from Aaaiatant Treasurer, Pl.i Tranalers ordered from Depot, tar? at Chicago. I Transfer* ordered to A*?utant Treasurer. ftt. Lot Transfer* ordered to AaMtiatit Treasurer. S*n rr? Transfer* ordered to I>poitar? at Ks.timore. Ma Trans:er?ordeied to Uepo-itarj at Citioinnau, Ol Tian*fer? order<ni to Deposi'ary at oumvil e. Ke Transfers ordered to Depositary at Pitubur*, Pa. Bullion A*say office of the I'm tod S'taten.'N'ew York Miutof the I r.itnd Mates, Philadelphia. Pa.. ? Wra tii> li mint i if i !> I 'mln.! kit ? O- ? L * ' k#imwi> iiiiu* v? ?nv * iikvu k.MaiVT| 17VII r ICHIblfW| V?1 U N A V A I I In iStatu now under Im llnarh mint of tint I nite?l States, Charlotte. N. C.._ Hrancli inint oftha l'nit??l State*, Danioiieca, Ga Braiuii mint of the I Waited States. New Orleans, I .a . Assixt.ii t Treasurer, N"* Orleau*. Louisiana A.ai.tant Treasurer. Cha'je.ton. Soutn Carol 'na at Richmond. V i rg i n i a .. topoait&rjr it N"rfolfr. \ irf inia ...... >epo.itarjr at WilmmatonrNorUi Carolina .......... Kpcitar, at Savannah, (ieorsia.......... ... jH>i"itsr> at ^obil*. A.st?ania . ? .................. >epoMtary at Nashville,'j>une*sM?.. ? >e posit* ry at Galvefton, Texan ? ?epo?itar* at Little Rock, \rk.nu. ..... . >?oeitary ?t Ta!..ha*.e?, Florida. TJ??- . ... A<M atncnn??(tiai;rf*r? L??s o! overdraft Atnuutil 6ub>eet to dr*lt .. ...... ... Tot* l.nlasoe to the credit of the Tre&Mirw Total ULavai able TIlMWH 1)F.r*p.iMiNT, Marok 31,1MI. C"< E It T I V 1 C A T E 8 ./ of INDERTKONKPS of the GOVERNMENT. AND APPhOVBD CLAIMS, Pnroiia?*<l br LEWIS JOHNSON k. CO., RANKERS, mh 2i Iw.if Fa. avenue, oomer l?th at. SOLDIERS' MONEY AND ' ALLOTMENT DRAFTS THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL. KUKWAKI* SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES To their FamiUea it en; piaee on the tinea of their Expreat at & charge of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Fox A^jv hit ixcxeeing Fifti Dollars; And a p-opor 'or.ale additional oharc* to p.acre The roncittan-e. whether 6o!d, Treaaur* Notoe, or Ai'otir.erit i>raft?, ?hoaid boeeoioootJ n an en TOicje&'.d ktcwt.j aca.rd, rtu have tlie full ad drega'ifiPiad.M town. Hoi? OlF.oe.an'! ftalo and ic eitiea the attest and number) of the per eon to whom to r>e aent. and the amount lejibly ir.arkod tiatreon. rlnvelof?a for thia purpoae may bo bad at oar cCoe Tofaoilitate prompt de.irery tiio oharie for romirtnire ?ho?!(l ns ?'?paid h.n li.i aDA.MS EXPRESS COMPANY. POTATOES! l.MW hn?he'? PEACH BLOW a^d BtCKKYE POTATOES, For Sale at iow pr.oea. John j. beall. tnh S7-1w* *T Wattrit-?rt, Geortetowa. MH9 ackkn would inform hkr friend* who "re atxioua to ooicrauna witfc ?pmi ioved r>r.?8, rlie iivt io v&ted at the Oeleraa Houre, corr.T of :ich and Penaiilvama aveuce. ht? aa a??:.*:&at :r. Mra. Ihomaa. who ia r':airro?ar.t, a.:<) t. t j w. uld a?> icit the pttronag* ? f a'l wbo are l&lereitad in whatia termer onritual investigation mh 37-lw* OHKANDIE*5 I.MVN-, AND OTHER thin ana medium Ltrwi Good*. Also, <>ur aauai i t i atcx:* o( aii the Dry 6<>oda ?t?p e?, lor *eneral and speo al wa..ta ol ltminn, aod housekeeper*. One prioe on'y. tue actut! o&ch iiandard value, mtrkrd in p ain ?carea. PrKRY * RRO., rufc 27 6t Per n, avenue and 9th itreet14* COAL OIL LAMPJ* OR 8ALE Lowe- thai they hare erer been cflVed in tbia rcnrk?t I hava ju*t i eceived a larje rupply, and riter unnaua) iaunorreatits, both at ' m u <.? <? c sng icv?ii [irii ?JI LOJ ill! It* Cfi*ap M can b? bought in the city, at No. 323 C atreet, bot? e*n 6th aca 7th, aeuth aide, old eland. Call before lying e eewher*. mh?tf J. W. MORSKLL. 1 8UTLKK9, WHO FOLLOW THK ARMY. BUTLbRS, WHO FOLLOW TI1L AR!*Y. Hffjr A HOY! , i SHIP. A1 HOY! Ho: I OF FORTRESS MONROE. HO! FOR FORTRESS MONROE. 100 BARRELS MIXED GINGER CARES 100 BARRELS SPICED SNAPS. 100 BAKRELS Sl'OAR CAKES. Tb? above gocdi are Freah Baked, aad hi ? pernor 10 tiiuw ahippod from Northern CitiM. Low for ?ash. Apply at ( DAYTON** Baker*. 4*6 11th Strict, mh /? St Betveon G and H. i M19C E. W, WRIGHT l h&e opened A BCBOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES at No <>01 Bivmtb Stkut. Aod teapeoitu-ly aeka pablio muoih*. mo a-nr* ~ TBE LADIES OF THE FIRST BAPTIST ! Church will b? happv to aoo tfcotr frionds and i ?tr&uiera at the Fair tkis ttnoi, at Parkor'o i Halt, (oyoooito Brovs'aBotal.) wb-roa mo?t dofif htful ?ntterai anient will bo jroridod. Mb SI 5t* | AITA THE D U CED PRICES"i I , la order to olooo out our yrooaat tlook. we will doltw Coal ib asj e^rt of thii o*tf at *?.4(f toe *.0o? laa. _J111 : Any order* a drooted box 111 will receivo ] rivwpiRMBUOO. fiNflnflN&CO I all?* tf O?o? o??o?l'u B?t ?8 Pkto^iw*. J A TAKE NOTICE! J alL Herefrom ? ?? <* mwo,?M ?0W f. Ated Ct w.th U.t. an, ? ruhtoMbi* Clotki* E**t> UbaMt. j mhM-lm* CoravrEas4 P?mU> ?U i T% WJihb" QQ i fiOSLIllfi RI8T4UB41ir. i ?4T PENNSYLVANIA AVI Nn. | South MM, tForaarlf of Now York,) 1 Hit , On* / tkt But RtttauranU M Town ! 1 w ? t?*l% ja4g? for jo? i Every thlac la th? kotn ? < jgit^ ; \ZT l>oB't fuf|?t the *umb?r- 1 ? iVTr4* ,! I 4 ***** \ A TEMEST, MARCH 31. I*M. I 44 ftftrml Imtt rimnw, ? tptajt'4 *?< ?, ta tkt I rt auH dt ti (nan <i d*ftU0rut, Mi ti? ?ih*mui % i #/ (4ii 6h( n#t |m rtfU4 mt rtui. si t? drmft, *m4 tJU / Md.'/ifi r? if tkt r'HIIffjr, kut * ? f4t "f>*ru4 ?? f*>4 m | umarmilnhlt. ittmf Ik* ?m*a?o jnfODttJ i* (fc? illlifwi r'MJ?nr? ?*4 Drr?tit?MO S?t?< Praf?? Hr??n I . >i IHO..,it %r ? K UBd*P0Wl?. . IMaii SI 7*> i*. I I I 7* it'.WW | m ?!.%? ? ?n u*?m? 1 i JH37 ! *<?M1 I* mIUMN ! w.?7S i n ^ 37'?.<ilfc 19 HMjSo IS KM/HI .? I ItlCM It VI 111 V. III ??? I ?' " f " ? n>< TOM sr?' ?4?4 12KJH7 ? nOM J3 iXSMfi S ?W.? * ! 6*.57* ? U - !*'.? ? I iff* 1? ?3 ,T 1 7* ?4#i WS 74 aw a im m ?4,? M* 79 I Sl< ? I w?- ? I rTTTTT --"I I y 7* ? I ijuci ?' i* I MMn mi* I.TCT it J ' York ? j >uii is??r? I - - ??. MIJNfl ? ~ 1 > i 2^i|,1b H WrfV ? ! *? mm ? . m m m ^ t7 ?y 1 r? Vork. N>w York ? 1 *-*? ? nn tieivhifc, Pennajlvima on.mp oo lUaoi* an.wo on oo lis. Missouri 1.3 on 0 on mci?co, C*i ? SlS.oflft i? If lAlld . - i i i .... m ? * ?.* t,0 0 (III hi .... no m nluckf - 2,yiooi?w 1 . .* .? ... 11 11.....?I... ... sno.aoo oo Fund. ...... i *9.???4 H -M*tM Ik *? ,??> <*> j *?. *? Oft i 16 ' i? :? - LA B LB . *m recHonary Control. tu.mii <?? %2.nv 37 ?*?.IWT *3 *r3v? oa ?a ........ 389 W7?* JB9.JN7 4fc 74 iS.'XS W 183 .SZ1 M u ?w ? ija?? Ti>? m ll.VM M I <H? W |?;7* Si S.?? W 7.?7 S.M 7H 4t7?II 1,1 W K, tS K I - 3.3N7. |4M0*I ? ??n?w .si * < tin 3u a *11 9- I/MIJB I 73 .... in.rc* ?J J 4.IP7 I* ] . ?7??K W 1 . 1.7,630 OS 90,7.4 U> #JM7? 4ft ... 9-' t?I.EI2 1? f IMSUAU - ?- I,74?.<W0 IW j tjm*} it I * 7.CKJ0B * *? ?> nn?? * ' ? ,1 IIJIMK * ? m m m m ) .042 W A?nl Mt AUOTION ^AijES. __ Turs AFT Ell NOON 6r TOMORROW Br J.C. MoGL IKK * CO.. Awctionw* UOR^KP. CARRIASE8, HtRNtPH, 4c. n at A?ctioi??On W|-;i>NE8I)AY M?iRN ? *i ^'oioo*. ?l U? f*ten?iv# s*we?,ofE. ||. Hit^ord6, ?m , Mb ?tr*rt. otf<> ltetf-eOlt? Hall. We thft.ll IT ftli hi* ("ftr: mtfi Morse*. HarneM, Ac , comprising ? * C?rn?c??i 1 oioee Carnage. I 3 Top Burr let. S no trp Butt tea. 1 Two vat Wagon vitii to* 1 Two do do w tnoat top, 1 Koct?way. for fo?r p*rfou, 1 Hwdtcms Frecoh Coapee, t>r Brawater, *l?eu L'ouble haneet, 8 Sett Single Harret* 1 Pair fine largs bar Horeee, 1 Pair bob-tail Carnage Horeae, * uwj ?? two smuaoMfri staciN Togetner witu Blanker. UorM i'ovara. Siroiic'.es, Cntticg Moxm, Forka. Sbovrts, Lantern*, ( $*<> ktort b? examined ur <1?T ?r?noo? to toe nit. 8ci# P <r?iriptorT Tana* ?Mk. t roh*d J. C. MotfUlRK * CO., Aacta. 1 = I Have you taken your wife, or t diuf ht?r. or fr.ei j to tbf irwt Fftir.MV btici held at Parker'* Halt' Go thia ?#oibc and yo? cannot )au to yHwd. lahtl M* Depot quarter masters office C0mar 1SI4 amd 0 ttrt*If. WAtHinaToii. 1>. Cm Marob 13.1602 c-umu rp^rpnii wiu n? rt-OfttTM 11 ima off)9* !/*? ,,t!i d*T of April. MO. M 13 o cloak M- lor d?liT?n?i 1a U? cit? of Wuhwi ton. at men a point u the Depot UururaMtrr r&'r*- " " owing named PINE Ll'M1?.?" f**t 4-4(1 inch) nommoc eulltntr, 4?.<0J ' 6-4(IK inob - . * H>iit S br (.16 feel tone, l?,M? s br b. 14 10 flfilt MM i. _ c la 14 it an #30 ** scan tic | 3 try 4 16 * " jniw " - 3 by 4.14 " ? 6.)?C ** - 3 by 4.13 - All the Lunger to be <lei;vere<l wsthio 3" 4?y? ?ft*r fiRninc ih* ooDiraot. The uumher to be in??eeted by an intpeotcr ??pointed on the pert of the Govercment. Par met t to t>e made upon the satisfactory com p'.eCon of^t ?e on tract nufun i mm DO riMUr BUtM 'TlOrOUU FOE LVMBKft." The ability of the bidder to fill the contra**. abonid it be ivi.dtd te him. inaet be fuarant'ed by two r apcnaibie ^oraona. wboae eunaiarea ma?t be appended U> the guarantee. Tbc retponti* iM* of the giarantora uiaat be ahovn br the i ffioia oertifcca'e of the clerk of the eareat outriet oonrt or of the L'ni'ed Btatea diaIrtet attf>rneT U.ddt ra moat be preeeat la person when the bide are opened or Uetr prrpoaaa w.. notbaeoaaidired Biir.de, in the aum offiv* thoaeand do.ere. i >(D>d by the oontrao*or and beta ol hi* caaran lora, will be re^uuea of the auccp?afu bid.le-upoa lupine the oontraot raairum ?oi rejKot any or alt hid* ?hat may *a deemed too him la tetervod tbe i*.p, - Quartwluformai proposal will h? rajaotrd. , ftrw <J< (iMrnix ,?y *? i "? ** ro" nty m , Mf 5late of ?. *n<t , rf the ooanty of ?, an<i 5tate t f ?, do bj?r#hy caratUh. cfcat la abie ?o fa il a oon tract id aoeantauoe with the terma ?f tn kok'i tioo.aod that, a ho a id bia aroaoniinti he wilt?t oaoeenter m?o a ooo vraot in utnr^uM therewith. Phould theonntraot b* awarded km we are prepared t" become liia aeon ri lies. <To this guarantee met be app?nde? tbe certificate abort mentioned.) U H. Nl'CKtj. mh? Colonel and Quartermaster. UEALIsD PROPOSALS* Are invited till U? ?Hh O day of April. IK}, at 12 o'clock m , for susplrinc the United Mate* *sb. Pep't with ? head of BEEF CATTLE on lie hoof. Toe Cattle to be delivered at Washington eity. |Q(j Mflh JAIBA) (A AV*r?eA I *in **"n ~~ weight; BOuimt:admitted wkwt weuha ,m than |.w^unii?|io?i The OaW le to be delivered at each tunee and in tuob aaanutiee m the Government mar re?aire. Catti* will bo repaired ander Una oontraot eooa afi.er theo?'rttraol laelooed. Heifferaaad bel.a not irsntscU A bono, with good and eaUafaotory eeoaritr. wtll be repaired. fiovnuneat roeervet to itaalf the right te pay la Treaaart notea. No bid wtl rrAf-u.si*l wbea oat ta by oon Irtcima who haw* ?rovio?aly felled toeompif wlh their ooatrao'a or whara the bidder 1a r<ot ereeeat to reapood to hie bid and al I ftda to ha mr.sjm?&.u b.?u,; ^ Lhe pr*<H*e tMrtai of aU U? aaaihara of tha fcrir, Bttfa fo hadirretad to Major A. Briwirn, C. f. L'.e. A., WMhtartoo, D. C w..?.H'Sr^.rs?. ??,? <-?.of U??oui|*( ,aad*?aj* >f??.4?fc?roby (iiirutM tw laabto ? faill a ooalraat ib MountuM with Ua ta.?aa of in aroaoaiboa, aod that aboaM lua propowUoa bo toooptad, bo wjl. M oaoo an tar into a ocLtraot in \ looordoaoa tbarawtth. Baoald tba ooatract bo P NOT1CK |ftwenHsesa [DOT! M NO. 1 ?tf? (tavlMPftkii PwuNifettMB at tke Cm*M MacaMUt7.Mv.il mat t tM^raeii* iMb*t of ^fce !< attartor will to rfiund to farms* at tfca MofWi t?rral< 6ai>r wbuT tto* oonbsot i? til'*. ' No l??r will to rwioixKl wi.ioti ip u> U?* stated at iaeia?ttot OB MU (Ulto or? ttoparotow. T e Four tote dalirarto at tto railroad **t* waahiatton or a any of tto wmteini is tosrcocovn. D. C 6u?-rnmant ? ? or %Lf mil i?TrfM?Ff bum, r<) u? I NO* tuk?4l<M?' IuMM'' A BK? KWITH. C J f A . Wuli lrldi. 11 A I( ' ** v