1 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL NEWS. . A*CT?**fTS Tt NU.HT. Fft?'* Ar?*!<*r^ ?This evening, tbe RT?t Avians nf 14 Th# Mun!Jir* will h# n#rfnrniMl M1rb*<l. Mr John McCollougb, Mary, M 1m Annie Graham. Overture, La Dune Blanche, To epiu-ltnie w1?h the capital farce, "My Neighbor'a Wife " An immenae crowd wu preaent at tbia nug little theater t?at eventftc. to greet Mr Purest'* firtt appearance alter manv years' absence from thii city c**Tiur?t Hall ?In ipilf of tlx attraction* in"?h*r quarters, Canterbury holda Its own, and MM night the Immenae hall *w crowded. Jli" JiMa Mtrtlarr, " qv?n of beauty and cbtM of ?nu,'" w?? in capital volt*. Mtaa Millie Fowler and others of the corpe de ballet were graceful ?nrt fiwrtnntlnc, the Dtltwnlt brothers ?*torv.?nfcd all by the;- wonderful feata on the trapese; Joe t'hlla* la truly a worderfnT Jig dancer; and Dick Parker wa? funnier then ever. Anotcer rood bill rihis evening U#o Kiuaw1! Hall w.** alto crowded latt oicht with the ediiiirera of Kunkel's Nightingale Opera Troupe. Theae performers have ?lw*y? favorites with the Washington public; and tbev hs?e leat none of their popularity, aa ia pr^vrd t>v the demonstration of latt night. A change t.f rrocramme to niirht. riiiM'* Hall iVoung Men's Chri?tlan Aaaor.la?ion Rr?om?) ?The Fair and Festlvml of Itae l?dt<*s of tfcr Flrat Baptist Church atlll continues, and the room I* throated Wary night *Hh those woo I kr o enjoy a pTeatant evening and telp a ?ood rau?e *1 the same time Th? refreshments sre of tbe h**t. the r?ncy articles of the rarest, and 'be y*" ng ladle* of tbe prrttt?at and most amiable. Hear tn mind that tke object la to rebuild the ctourch. destroyed bv the late storm. ? * ' ~~ Panca*t>t*?s or th* CiTY.CocstriM, March 31, t-*>2 ?Board of Ald'rm'n?Aeemlhunlcatlon wm reca'ved from the Mayvr nominating for secretary of the Roara of Health George >1 Dove, M. D., which nomination vu cor firmed; and for wiod and coal meaaurer of the Anaeoatla diat. .ct, David W Qarat, which nomination was, after debate, confirmed by yea* 7, naya3, blank 1 A commnnication from tbe Mayor enclosing ther?port?of the ward apotherariea for thequarter ending Dec. St, IMJ1; re'erred. A communication was received from the Mayor ? nominating Dr. J.C. W. Kennan physicisn to the poor of tte First Ward, in place of Dr. Craig, declined, and the nomination was confirmed Petitions of Richard IIill; of David Fowble, asking a water privilege; of W P Mohun, asking tb* privilege of making a connection with the Corporation Wdter main through a single service pipe; ar:dof Bernard Brian, praying remission of a fl ne, were referred The following were p-s*?ed . An act to supply a deBclency In the annual current appropriation for printing and binding; a resolution requesting tb* commissioners of the 1 V ?. ? - * * ? *? ? - * - minsu'ruK i?i miurui mr ?oara ni iae wnoie niltXl* b?r of pesons who ha*e ??een (.immittrd to the almshouse since the 1st of January, 1861; a'atlng thf number so committed ill earh monib, d!s criminating white and colored persona, | and dl*tln?uistatne al.?o between p?rsoas who w< rc horn in thla city and those born elsewhere; nnd the.t the? also Inform this board what nnmbet of while |>eraons and what niyr bcr of colered persons h*T<> been admitted to th? almshouse within the time specified, stating how many of them were natives of the city and how many , were bi-rn elsewhere, an art for the erection of a Arr.nluir mm* *Wa !\a.?f? 1 - Ua?? ? ?-* # ? au ?ri iUl a , w*tet main on Seventh street from north B street , to Pennsylvania avenue; the bill establishing a ' i fljh wbarf and dock at the foot of Kieventh street | west, a resolution requesting the Mayor to furnish the Fosrds with a statement of the bank a<> . count of the corporation to tbe first of April, an | art for the relief of Mrs C. K. Bell, refunding 1 taxes erroneously paid, a bill for the relief of A. <? Pumphrey, to pay him for repairing damage f/> thn oat. ta> r? 1 evr? k 1 rv ? -? ? ?? . ?? ? - J* v ihc v? mi ? iwB-bp Hum tut oiurui, an n< \ QIN* I continuing department* Not 2 and 3 of the Primary ?choo! of the Fourth District, and making other < b?nces aeceaaitated by the occupation of laland Hail by the military; an act to grade and gravel Tenth atreet weat; a joint resolution graatiOK permission to the trustee* of .McKendree Chapel to tap tbe ?tw? to drain the basement of *id church edifice. An act to canae water main* on Nineteenth atreet writ and K atrcet north to be connected, wan referred. The rqnoiutlon from the lower board instruct mg me committee oaore uongress to urge that body to request a reduction of the price of gas furnished bv the W ashington Ga* Light Compaoy, and If the said reduction is not made to charter a new company, waa referred. Adjourned. fotrni' n Cnvnrtl?A comniuniratlon was received from the Mayor, stating that he had approved of a bill for the relief of Thomas Joyce and other*, and a joint resolution ia reference to the construction of a jail. Alito. a communication in answer to a resolution adop cd on the 10th, in relstton to the outstanding indebtedness for the erection of the Central <.i:ardhouse. The Mayor refers the K<u?a ??.? report oftbf superintendent, from which It appears rbat then >* "till * balance of between ?4,(MJ0 and (iu) due tbe contractor, which be presumes embraces tbe entire unpaid claim against tbe Corporation. Tbe appropriations from tbe general fund for tbe I purpose amount to .110 PM) 00 And from tbe water fund 872 CO All H".l *?rv *r*a.v?* w The expenditures from the general fund have ?**n ?!*>,?? 24 From the water fund 872 uo From which It appears that the amount of CI hat been overdrawn The latter communication waa referred to a special comm'ttee A petition from J. H. Adam* and others, asking tlfe paMage of a bill to grade F.tgh'h atreet west, 0 .J. tl ^ aw ?- rt ' ?- * ? (I'm i?i iinxi norm 10 naour iiiina avenue. wj* referred. 1 be petition from the trustees of McKendree Chspel In relation to tapping a sewer to drain the basement ot the church wm reported, with aioint rrsotution authorizing them to tap the Ninth street sewer; which was adop'ed A bill to repair First street east was Introduced and referred. Bills to repair the bridge on North Capitol s'reet; for the relief of Hugh Murray, and to authorize John Smith to erect a frame back buildins to a orlck home were pasted Mr. Grinder, from the committee on police, ren art Ml a bill rcffuiilinir rluaaM for ???_ , -a , sraeers by hack men. Mr. Shepherd offered a aubstitute. and moved that both bills be printed and made the special J ord*r for Monday evening nejt Mr. Wilson thought that It would be better to ref?r the matter back to the committee, and tbat they be r? quested to re viae all the laws on the subject, and report a new bill Mr (Jr'.nd-r atated that the committee hid had V rb bill* under their consideration. and If the m?ttfr was referred back to them they would probably not change their report Mr Shepherd withdrew hi* motion, and moved lo refer the whole nabje.-'. to a apodal committee of three, which ws? adopted. Uil!? authorizing the erection of i:rrt*ln llref autfcnnxinjj the payment of hlllaag&inat t r < rrncvrtiacc Ire company, for the protection o( ?to|vrock?i to clean, repair and lime the street*, ?n<t to Increase the compensation to ward physician*. *. ? referred A bill for tfet relief of F T Sanls, for burying person* wbo bare died Willi the smail poi, wa? PUKd Tbe joint resolution rc^ue?Ung the committee representing the interests of the Corporation helve l'cngr?-?* to urge upon 'hat body the lmprac # ?kv_ Kl II .w. ... .w.n<l .r.n .L.A in kmi ty ?'i tur uin ir v? i^riurr mai body to ta? the citidas of the District for the pi?pote of building a new jail, waa taken up and pawed. Tb* joint resolution approving the auggectlona of the i ommiMioocr of Public Building* in reference to the cleaning of ike canal, and requeat1112 the committee before Congroui to urge upon them tbe propriety of carrying out hu tuggwt.oiw, wa? adopt*1*! The bill provldlu* for the repair of Fourteenth . at ita Intersection with Boundary stre?', waa read a ?hlrd time and pasaed f ?ut>atiiute for tbe jolni resolution, protea tlug ag-ln-t the abolishment of slavery In tha Dlatrl't of Columbia, aa adopted l>y the Board of Aldermen and published last week In the St?r, war ukeu up and ceacirred In by tbe following v jUe t Yea*? Meaers Callan Kdinonaton.Olven, Hltz, Lewi a. Mohjn. Morgan, MaLtoy, Peak*. Ranb. -bepbcrd r*tevena. Talbert and Wilaon?14 r?ays-Mes?ra Bylugton, Onndcr, Murtaghand Ricb.rds. (President)?4 Mr Morgan Introduced a resolution withdraw l;v the petition and papers ot VV B Dyer, and referring tUem to the drainage committee, wnlch wu ad oil led Mr. W llaon moved to take up the joint resolution authorizing the aale of the interest of the 4 _ tk. ltT..WU..lAn A v vi pvi ik.uu iu luc n ihu a ?? avuuini Ktlirotd to Alexander Hay, Kaq.i carried. Mr Cailau offered I he following resolution : Kaeltci, That toe committee heretofore appointed aider the authority of the ordinance approved March ?lh. Ml, ka, and thev are hereby. rrtut-Jled to report to thia bjard a full and detailed report of alt the particular! tn relation to the inception and progress of t?e transaction betwet*u tte authorities of this city and Alexandria a id Washington Railroad Company, abawlng tha authority of the Corporation and the authority of Mid railroad to enter Into the transaction referred to, with the name* of the couoael and agent* ?mployed, If any, by ,bia Corporation and tte rail road company; what ?ecurlty or indemnity the Corporation hold* to protrct itaelf frotu Iom or damn;* by reason <~f said (Corporation becoming liable f.? "> p a-nl :f certain oert?fto*t" ( mock or rvid -noe of drW teaaed by tuA ntiMd i ompmv; aoa wiibi j<iairiai procrrmny* wrr* f*- Laid au4 IrWnnii-d m <b- Y:r*?liiU < i*ir? (bat IL? llta Lr.u l?, l||!B C? por^Jtuu In U?e Mid railf?*4. it? ngfttcf **1, tt? r?U1?K neck, vu tM lint lien, and anperlor to all other Urn* and eonrt jnd^inrnU; and If ?acb decision baa been made ben to report a certified copy of ihe earne; and what fre? were paid to the counael engaged In tbe ault when auch dectalona were made; and all the correapondmce In tbe offlce of tbe Mayor aa tbe j subject of auch tynaactlon, alao, to report by | w&oee autBorny tne roiling stock on said railroad was rwnowd, tbe roed materially Injured, and the tails carried away and sold In thla city; and tbe committee be further requeated to learn from the property authorities of the Wsr Department upon what terms tbe Government designs to hold possession of and use salA road, and upon what terms and at what time will It be surrendered to tfc j Uorpotatlon He wished that the reasons should be stated on the journal, ao that bis constituent* would know how and why be voted. Mr Sbepbsrd did Rot ore the utility of watting tlrro m Investigate the stfSlrs of this road, whose history was so bane that he would say any one won<d b? amply repaid by reading It. The members, be thought, fully understood the subject Mr. Given thought that something tangible should be arrived at, and offered the following: t,Pravi4td, That Mid Hays shall deposit. within ten day* after the passage of this act, the mm of Ave thousand dolhrs, subject to the order of the Mayor, as a forf.lture to this Corporation, to Insure his faithful fulfillment of this contract." Mr Morgan remarked that this was a plain bcilnoss proposition, and asked ttat tbe vote be taken on Mr. CalUn's resolution Mr Wilson said that tbe subject bad been fully considered, and be thought that the members had all nrprwirtrf IhrmwIvM ia *nl? ii. the question decided one way or the other. A* for the Information sought for by the resolution, 1'. would be forthcoming is soon as the sale was consummated. Mr Mulloy stated that he did not have the ? onor to be one of those who hsd attended the secret caucus, and therefore knew little of the merits of the caae Bis constituents did not elect him to represent them In secret caucus The vote was then taken on Mr. Callan's resolution, when it was lost. Yeas?Messrs Callnn, Hltx, Lewis, Murtagb, r* i? * ?? n A?-m ?a_ ft .uuuuii, unuy, i ? air, lampriina f\ icuorus ?. Nay*?Mewr*. Byington, EdmonsUn, Given. Grinder, Morgan, Kaub, Shepherd, Steven* and Wilson?9. The amendment offered by Mr. Given was then adopted _, Yeas?Measra. Bvlngton, Callan, Edmonston, OiTen, Grinder, Hit*, Lewi*, Murtajjb. Peake, Raub, Shepherd, Stevena, Talbert, Wilson and Richards?15 Nays? Mcmra Mohun, Morgan and Mulloy?3 The vote was th^n taken oa the passage of the bill, and It waa rejeoted Yeu-Mem. Jiylnt>ton, Edmonston, Given, Stevens and Wllaon?5. Nays? Messrs. Callan, Grinder, HI'z, Lewis, Murtagh, Mohun, Morgan. Mulloy, I'eake, Raub, Shephera, Talbert, and Richards?13. Mr Morgan gave notice that he would move to tfeconsider tbe vote by which the bill was rejected, at the next meeting. Mr. Mulloy asked to take up the bill to repair 1 the eastern lock-up. Mr Edmonston moved to refer It to the lm 1 prnvementecommittee, carried. The b >ard then adjourned. ! Thk Nos-Prat^g Clkrot? \ot? from Re v. Mr. Mortdl?Soft Jrem Rtv Mr. Sy/?.? Below will be found a communication from Rev. MorMil. defining bii position and giving a variety , of reasoaa for omitting tbe prayer of thank*.. ?__i # Al * * ? * * ' " giving jur ido luccm 01 IQC I'nion arms The communication la coarteoua In tone and in keeping with the clerical cloth up to the concluding paragraph, which betrays a spice of i ' original aln " Our reverend corre*pondent adviaca ua to "?tudr to be quiet and to mind our _ i i? ?m a * - own Duttinw my aear sir, we nave nan juM i *ach advice tendered us for years by all sort* of people who Mad publicity as to their doings tin plesaant. from tbe big contractor, engaged in tbe ' ihoddy"' business, down to 3 cent policy dealem, and tbe t)lck Swlvelera who?e chronic "ml?take* of a night" bring them up at the watchhouse for safe keeping But serioutly, what nort of warca would newapap^r folk* turn out if tbey a^tpd on tbr precrpt of our correipondrnl' Would bp, for lnst*ncp, care to reed a paper conducted on the "quiet" "mind your own businfM" plan. VVed<?renay not Tbe labored excuse* (or the omlaalon of the praver will atrlke the reader aa altogether lnconcliislve, we think Mr. E4 Star. 1 regret very much the necessity of a reply to the article in your pap?r of Friday, ^th ultimo. A communication from a correspondent tinned "Kant Knd." and your editorial comment*, have rendered thia communication neceaaary Tbe author of the article above referred to la unknown to me, and tpeaks aolely hia aentlmenta, not mine, ft la correct In the denial of the atatem^nt " that 1 did read the prayer of thanki^lvlng for recent vlctrrlea, and deliverance from (he terrora of alege and blockade;" but tbe remainder 6t Ita content* r l nrraara no onlnion of nriln* nr nt th? minrram. tton. I think Tt could not have been written by anv attendant on mv ministry. 1 reply to your editorial comment*, as I presume them to be. I state that I am no aecesslonlat, In feeling or theory. I have never held It aa a right, but ot? the contrary, have alwaya thoupht the v._ . ?I l.kl-1. w uvtc vuWl J ?U UC a 1C TUU* w IUU|( ) aiiU 1 IUIIIK that Its history is Its best comment an t* Its nsture. 1 most distinctly avow that It la no part of my creed I am not disloyal. Loyalty is with me a principle which does not depend on the rise and nil of parties, tbe coming In or going out of administrations. It is the acknowledgement of a supreme power according to our Constitution, retting In the executive, legislative and Judiciary departments as supreme. 11 extends over Individuals, and no "State allegiance" can exempt the citlzca from the obligation of obedience You have not given my reasons for the omission of this prayer. In justice to myself and congre* gatlon I will state these reasons: First It wis addressed to a portion and not the whole of the clergy of the diocese. It cannot be ifflrmM that rMtnni f#>? thsnWorlvtnn to?les did uot apply as fully to other portion*, as it did to us Ho lar as this thanksgiving was necessary, tf it was prudent to omit It elsewhere, it might be prudent to omit It here 1 conceived that prudence did require its omission. Secondly I have endeavored to keep these agitating topics entirely out of our congregation, In rrmoni ana pravr* mere i? motion or war ? preaching and war?praylnp abroad in the land, t* antiafy the moat Intense craving after au:h exciting topic* of discuMion. A clrcumtUnce which occurred during the otvllwdrln Scotland In the life of Archbishop Leigton may not Inappropriately be lntroductd here It was required of the mlnla'era to preach to the " time*." When the question was adj .a ?_ n - v. a a ? t?-? *? - ? - nientu to noocri L>rigoion ne answerea, " 11 BU tbe brethren preach to tbe time* may not one poor brother preacb for eternity?" Let this, then, be my answer to all complainants. I would reaerve nr pulpit to preach and pray for eternity. I am a man of peace and an advocate of peace, and, thank God, Pa bumble messenger. When this war la over we have a prayer of thank*?lving 44 for reatori p public peace at home" exactly applicable to the condition of things In our country, and i would that 1 rr.nld nwlt tn-mnrrnw This prayer baa been selected by the united wisdom of oar ecclesiastical authorities as appropriate for rocta scrulons. and I presume that there is not a elereynun In tbe dlwie who would not rejoice to bave an opportunity of u*lng It Thin explain* mv reasons for tbe omission of tbe prayer of thanksgiving for victories It ) mv independent judgment, and I do not know whether H expresses toe opinions of my congregallon or not They are in no wise responsible for Its omission, and, consequently, not to be censured. Loyalty to the cbureh Is tbe best guarA# I t ? IW* - tw -A L ? -?u*mx^ vi iujai?y iu iuc auu iUC UBIl UlSlDry of our churcb has been In variable In It* testimony agaln*t all intermeddling with political ubjfcta on the part of Ita minlatera. She would rather allay than excite the passions of men, and ax a minister at her altara I have most faithfully discharged my du'ies aa a clergyman and citizen bv Its nmtfliinn. to h# nnU< ?nH Ia w?i?M your own business," is m precept worthy of conspicuous place in your editorial-sanctum Yours, respectfully, A.c., J. Moiskll. March 3lsi. As a natter of courtesy we make room for the following note from Rev Mr. gyle. We find It tmpoealble to guess what Mr. 8 Is driving at. If he wishes to enter into any halr-spllttlng dlsmiMAinn nf tho mfjnlnor a# IK* wmA tullaUsmlftwii w . ? -B ? We muit decline the Jouat, having neither time nor apace for auch controveray If he deelies to know how far we charge kim with dlaloyalty, we have to aay that we stated veaVrday, "clearly and dlatinctly," that we know nothing whatever of him beyond the fact of hla refusing to read the prayer of thankaglvtng for the successor IM union arms against tbe enemies of our country If he has anyexplanstlons to give of this action of his, consistent with keirtv loyalty, it is for him to make it, and whenever ne does so we shall very gladly give him the ken el t of It through tbe columns of this paper: re tkt Ediim / tk* Watkington Evening Star. - Sir: W ill you allow me to call the attention of your readers to the fact that 1 put a simple, dlstlact ind civil a neat ion?what Is the meaning of the word "disloyalty," ? applied to myeelf?? and that to thla question * Mtwtr u given by the writer of whom It waa ukei. Now 1 never dlacuM with people until I know vlUi tkty nuan to smy, and therefore I hare, at present, nothing more with which to trouble your readers, having no purpoae of proceeding to other topics until this?the tret one? U AiinniM) of VflMM ??!? V 1IT ?wi * , ? ? ? ?*? ? | n. ?T . March 31, 1898. m ? Dialiso ? Gotsmmmt Hoists ? W m *H*i Ab Martin was arrested by Second Ward patrol upon a c' srge of stealing a government boras, aad t ilog tbe same to Michael Hammer as bla leglduiata property. Tbe bora* waa taken from Hammer yesterday, by tbe government agent, and Hammer to recover bis money prosecutes Martin, aod Martin aayt be bought tbe borse, and claim* I the rigl" to buy and Mil borwt when h? ckioa* If I feedoattacw tfiem to t? frownaaeat property.! ?At tojtli far tlMMlA* **>rt iu?U#CUifc J r V I * J Hobri Tiadirs ?vnterdiy an old man named Welle waa arr. atpd by oflcer D A. H?rro?tf f*>r trading 1 borae belonging to a gentleman named Kebray, with a young man named George Kendriek. The caae waa uken before Jnatlce Donn Well* admitted tha trader admitted that be knew the borae waa net bla own, and that he sot Kendrlck'a horaa and 910 by the trade. Rendrtck iiiiimuiiinf cimwniHi vo girg up IIT< BOIW ,w Mr Fefcrayt but well* r?fuaod to givte un Kendrtck's borte, although K?ndrtck was willing to loartbeHtn. He contended that "a bargain's a bargain," and if Kendrick >o?t bv tbe trade it wu bard be fWella) should ?uft>r Jnatlce Donn de? elded differently, that as tbe horae belonged to Mr. Febrav, Well* had no right to dlapote of him, even if he bad been taken ectrav, without the le cat notice and prescribed mode of sale. Well* being stubborn, Justice ponn comfhittcd him to J*?' Polic*?Btftrt Justtct Tk&mpton ?Saturday, J amp* Flanlgan, one of the bad boys who, for aome weeks past, baa been a great annoyance to the clarka at tbe city post office by their disorderly conduct, was arrested for throwing stones. One of the clerks appeared asalnat him, but tbe loudly protested penitence of the boy moved the gentleman to pity, and he offered to pay the line if the boV Would notify hla rninrnrlttof the arrest. which he premised to do 'fbc Juotlce, under tbe clrcum?tances, omitted further penalties, atid lecturcd and dismissed the bjy. Yesterday rooming, Andrew Jackson, col , wn charged with being a disorderly vagrant, but tbe charge was not sustained, and the case was dismissed. J*s. ilefieran, for becking a horse and cart upon the pavement on Eighth street, wu fined 93 58. Woodioi thk Aimi.?Proposals were received uuui iiwit ynwruay oy v^umcrinuier nut*ci for furnishing cord wood for tbe use of the Army of the Potomac. The contract! will probably be awarded 1 n a day or two Tee preaent contractors are Gen Jamra B. Smith, formerly bookseller, of Philadelphia, Col. John F Carter, formerly clerk under Mr Allen, clerk of the Mouae, ant Mr. Botelor, furniture dealer, of this city. Their price waa about S7 a cord, but owing to tbe removal of tbe blockade of the Potomac and the repoasessUn of the woodland tract* of Virginia, the present contract will no doubt be for a much leaa price. All-fools-day ? Prom time Immemorial the juveniles have devoted this, the first day of April, a. im ?i .> ? ? - - *' iu --muting" infir riaera ana eacn otner r>y an sorts of practical jokes and mischievous freaks. It In needless to mention tbe various modes in wiich tbis Is done, as bbt few of our readers have not stopped in the street to pick up packsges and tempting looking quarter dollars only to see them , vanish Junt as they were almost "In hand," and been guilty of falling victims to many other ab lird lokefl nnlv fn V??? P tKaip ?n?mon? o rm Av<>]aim "Ho1 all the fools are not dead yet." Ck.ITKAL tiUARDHOCRI CASKS?Btfori Justift j Clark.?Patrick Mulloran, drunk; turned over to j the military A J.Myers, do. Augustus Gar*- j dorff, profanity; fined 93. Henry Relter, assault on l.ewls Peter man; security for a Hearing Phil- ! ||M L/" - _ J ? ?-a * -> * up ncixaii, uri.ua nnu sleeping in me marker; , fined $1 91. Geo. \V. Kawlinn?. do.; dlamiaved. Martin Donahue, asaault and buttery with intent to kill Charles Flnegan; jail for court; also for [ carrying a concealed weapon, fine and coata, *31; alao for attempt to ateal Hnnegan'a hack and horsea. jail. Cojidpctor Killed?On Sunday night, Con J.. . - - * - uuuwr r?iyer? (or me roaa between this city an<1 Alexandria) wr killed, under the following clr. rumitance* : The train ran over the body of a mau lying on the track (killing the iimi), and the jolt thereby threw the condnetor from the plat form upon Ihe track, and th- train p?-<?ed over him, mangling him In the moal frightful manner and killing him instantly. n"??ciT w.rH a Hayhskt ? On S*atnrd?v night tierge<uit Kelly, of the 4\!<1 New York regiment, went to the h"u?< of Jerry Callnu. near thecomer of fMxth and K f'reets, oa tlie Island, and demanded liquor, which *was refuird hlro, but thinking to *cnre Jerry Into meaaurea drew hi* bayonet, wltl which tie attacked the proprietor. He wai however arretted by the patrolmen and turned over to the Provoat Guard. Fikf hear Tesnallytown ?Ab<>nt4 o'clock on Saturday morning last the bonsc of Mr John Chappel was burnt to the ground The Are 1* supposed to have been the work of some drunken soldiers who were seen prowling about the place the previous evening. The Inmates had barely time to escapc In tneir night cloth***, and have lost their all. Thk \Va?him?ton StiKSTiric Association ni?f u this evening, in the ball of the Georgetown Medical College,corner of F and Twelfth streets. Dr. S. L. Loomlt, President of the Association, will read a paper on "Correlation and Conservation of forces in Fenroentatlon," an interesting ubject, especially to agriculturalist*. Admission free Ptl I MI N4 T flnTT? T r rli r f A f \f rt am t In ? nL t M ar ? ? - ? - - ? wwaa * - v r t*?V> UJ ?? ? t ~~~ Yesterday the case of Thomas N orris Indicted for the murder of bis wife by beating her about the head, wax submitted to tbejory at 3 o'clock and after a few mluutes absence therefrom, they returned with a verdict "guilty of manslaughter." Drop is at the "People's Dollar St^rs," 138 1'eDusylvania avenue, near Four and-a-half street. Kxamfne the splendid assortment of Jewelry, Silver Plated Ware, and mammoth Gold Pens, and "take your chslce for onedollar." ap 1 5t* Mh. John Mack, who was accused of stealing United States property Sunday last, wu declared free from that charge, but was fined f5 for carrying a bale of hay on that day for another man, who employed him for that purpose We know Mr Mack at an honest man, who never would steal any property of any description. It* Arkivbd at Carter'a Wharf, (foot of 13X street.) schooner Sarah Jane, Ale. Philadelphia, with a cargo or coal for Geo. F. Kldwell; L- J.Corbll, Lee. nine port, with a cargo of coal for James Fraser; Ney, Capl. , New York, with a cargo of Ice for L. J. Mlddleton; Mary Adalloe, Jenkin*. Salisbury, with 100 cords of wood for Geo. L. Sheriff and "Henderson Fowler. t Notice ?Persons afflicted with deafness, noises In the head, or any malady of the eve or ear, and wish to avail themselves of Dr Von Moschzlsker's crvic? to rraiore mem to aignt or bearing,OHM place themaelvea under treatment at once, u hla atay In Washington previous to bia return to New York is now limited. Penona who have consulted him and promin^d to place themaelvca under hla care, ahoald no longer detav, If they wish the benefit of bis services Patients under treatment are particularl v regulated to be punctual In their vlalta. Office 229 Penni, lvania avenue, oniMMl'e Wlllard'a. > * mm "* Dram's Plantation Bitter*. 8. T 1880 X. It lnvlgor*t?a, atrengthens and purl flea the ay** tem, ia a perfect appetizer, and the moat agreeable and effectual tonic in tbe world. It lacompoaed of tbe celebrated Calltaya Bsrk, Rnota, H' rba and pure St Croix Rum: particularly adapted to delicate females: curea Dyapepaia and Weakneaa, and la juat the thing for the changca of neaaons Sold by all Grocera, Drugztatn, Hotel* and Saloona P. H. Drake k Co., ap l-oc3m? 2W Li road way. New York |}b . nitn i. d.? . . - a ~-l-n ? y unAnv|?in s c iLi'P) i:mii|io?u wuouy Pi TCK" etable inntter, are found by experience to be harmless to the most tender age, or the weake?t frame, under every Mage of human sufiering; the moat ple?>ant and benign In their operation that were ever offered to the world, and at the nme time the ir.ost certain in searching out the root of any complaint, however deep, and of performing a cure. B. Bhandrith,M. D Sold at No '204 (Janai afreet, Brandreth Building, New York, and at the Branch Oiff, cornfr niiniD ana r. air*eia, wasmngton, u. V. p ? ? Sutlers supplied by (be dozen. mh 30-lw Tax India* Hxbb Doctor, From Canada. bb wis* bbfobe it is too late.

Call without delay, and see Dr. Tvxbletv. the Indian Herb Doctor By so doing >ou will escape ?he Iron grasp of mercury and other baleful poisooa. Nay, more, you will become once mere In DoesMsion of that crmtmt ai all Mrtkl* blessings-Health. I desire your prostrate hearts to lift, Your bleeding wounds to cure, And with the treasure of Nature's gift, Relieve the rich and poor. The following is a list of the chronic complaints which are treated by Dr. Tumbiety with unparalleled success Diseases of the Lungs, Heart, Liver and Throat; Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Fits, St.Vitus*s Dance, Rheumatism. Diseases of the Kldnevand Bladder, and all Diseases arising from Impurity of the Blood, ueh as Scrofula or King's Evil, Erysipelas, St. Anthony's Fire, Cancer, Fever Sores, of however lone standing. Also, all other complicated chronic complaints which have baffled the science and skill of calomel doctors. "A eood tree is known by Its good fruits," snd a good physician by his successful works. So don't be cast down, be you ever so ill, a . ?? a V out go ana parage of dib superior Bill, That never ha* felled, there are hundred* can tell, Who are brought from death' door, now happy and well. His chargis are modei-^e. Mild treatment and tlf i I Tf iu puin j ?un? 01 your oioovt * Mallg nant dieaaaw be moon shall put down, Thar* an tboaaanda could t?u aow who Iivm la thla town. The Indian Herb Doctor will describe dtwasea and tall hla patients the nature of their complaint* ?r lllneaa, without receiving an* Informs 0 i f Lmi! Lmi!! Limb?!!?Tbaaubprlber baton band one tbouaand barrels of the beat wood burnt . Lime, whtob can only b? bad at kla lime kilns, ( be baring dissolved all connection with any other i nla^a M ? " ' 0 I IM? PA. m 1IIM W? mavilHIUW IVI we "ir VI merit, 4c., and which will be eold low for the I caah. [max W-tfl Wk. H Oo?ll. ] Hbalth ro* tmPolbi***.?Foroae who diea i from the rffecta of the bullet, tea periah from damp and espoeure to night air. tMMlldoeeeof I Helloway'a Pllla taken rwrjr other night will ' mrrirt ail A1 enrilera A# tKa 1 IfltAwiarfc ptirlW the telood, and lnapre aound health to 1 every man Only 25 cent* per bo*. Ji2- j Dr. Whit*, the ChlrofcodlM, ? wonderful \ operator. His method of treating c*m#Jbttnlont. bad Mtta, etc , In perfection ttmlf. 8nwr uoloti ? ger from t boac terrible evil*.but aubmtt their treat- , ment to the aclenoc and aktll of Dr. White, at 4:M Peun"ivl*aniaa*enue. between tnd 6th aw " Irnsu RtJ*?*K eoor?. _ \ Indl* rubber Pheet* for protecting children a k bods, that no family should ba wllhottli 75 cent* . Mck. Rnbber Blanket*, for anldler*, *1 'W\ Robber i*?>hcho? wi4 Bl&nkrtt ooa?Mn',a, W+-9* ft ^ 1 India Rijb**rO*??. white rt bl*ck,f'i.S*BOCk. I Irtdla H?bher J*jr;rtni tl Tf .M, - w I \rd kin* of Rubber Goodf, lncHalUR Ra?- t berHooUund 8 hoe*, R ubber Stopper* f?r boltlet, ; [ ww mow, i u?er ^ncviinr* tor tefltlii sickdcm, ' ! Ac . Ac , at manufacturers prlcM,sJ i1 A ilall'a t India Rubber WarehouseKJ8 fa. a?., f^twen Ninth and Tenth rtrecta. feb 1-tf ALL riiwn can And Lhs h#?t stork of Cloth lne. Furnishing Good*, Trunk?, Hiti and Caps, J at Smith**, No. 470 Seventh street, Bear F. j fe 87-3m f = t OIBU. t * d?V ?' Mareh. 1869 of catarrh fever. ' AIaJysJUS M , younfst aon of Joseph ard / Catharine Mtrriett, cjl jeer # ironths ard 21 " (lsys For of iooh l? ?hf? klotd^Ti of H'?T*n ! r The relet vex and friends of the family are re- c peotfnliT invited to attend hia f.inprn.1 tn-iAorrnv < WednaedayJaftereoon. at2 o'clock, from ?S?i? re?idenoe of hia parent*, on Ttl? atreet tu', bttwen ' G and I atreeta south. without farther noUoe. * ( AMUatiMaflTS i FORD'S ATHENEUM. John T. Fo*d Proprietor and Manager Jo*? B. Weight Stace Manager , THIS EVENING. \ The Great Drama ol THE MANIAC. Miehaa!.., y John MoCnllongh Mary Min Annie Graham . Overtnre?Le Dame B anoh .. ..Urohfitra To oono'ude with MY N fclGH BtJR'a WIFF. Smith u... ..V..C B Harrison : j ID" BDWIN FORREST'S N1?HTS-Mcnday, \\ edneeday. Thursdar and Friday. WEDNfcSDA*. | EDWIN FORREST a? JACK CADE. Box (ffioe open from 9 to I ard from S to 5 o'c'cck, , wnpn *pm? rftn f e fecured. < Admission. . Cirol* ?nrt P?r*u?tt??? _..Mc?nU i Bftloony S?AU .?........ Si Orchestra ..?? *1 Circle 25 oftnts i iNi? extr* oh*rf^ for reserved *e?ts. It CHARLK& ti, FPU I). Tfwww. Oun FELLOWS' HALL. . ? Stvtnth ?{.,? .<?? tkt rest <)?:?, I m I KVI HV KVKNINO OWKINO TUB WKKK! Kunkel s Nightingale Opera Troupe J t it h LARUKa'l". ? ? MUST V1:R9AT!LF. ^ | AND MKJ?T ORQAN17.KD 1 Company of Af in 'treh in lit Witld ' Compneiti* __ ' DIVBNTKBTt OF TBI PICK *I> OF MJSilJVBLStf , %niiOii? wiiom ar<s _ GEORGK KUNKKL, HARRYLEHR. NELSE SKVMOUR. T I- I'LOYD. THEO AHKHND. and l'-i Other*. Admimon 21 For ptrtionltra mill . l. l)oir* open at 7; O" ininMMM ?t 8 o clock. , ?p 1 H I Kj pa^icin ] (^ANTERBlRY HALL: . ? _ j CANTERBURY MALL! la fTideno* of & COMBINATION OF STARS the tvt'AL of which c&n be nowhere found in the Woiiil of Ainu?ementa. / ) A f ! * ** flit* Ji f / / si * t T m* A 4' fcT** 1 >t^f V uii V' VW ?'CM i/ ' ?ll?ua? wy iT i* IftrtsO 7H7SS MILLIE FOOLER, MISS JULIA MOP. TIMER, MIS? LIZZIE FRANCIS. MI98 FRANK LA FOLLE. JIARV HIjAKb, MISS LILLY BRANDON, MI95 FRANK 9ECOR, MISS JULIA RICHMOND HARRY J. CARTER, nPrrifju'TB 11 DfiTir L<DD AJOL1IZ4 V SL11 x a V l\\J J. riDIW, DICK PARKKR. BILLY QUINN, JOE CH1LDH. I k .< #? c (l ' v t? ?f ltir piA?ir-n. juuniitt JOHN HKANY, HYLVA9 CLARK, JOHN HAMILTON. Tin BUT ORCHI?T?R SCTTH O? Pbiladklfhia. irrwo onanrr ic tne AomiMion 11 AdmiHion 26 eenu ; Orobwtw Chain to oeats. Afltrnoon Entertm*netit i For La4i<*? and F*?h??, on S WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTER- < NOO NS, at 3 c clock, Wh?n a lavish <J strihotion of Bierant l're??nta is made: Rich ami Costly Jewsly, books. Toys, Fancy Artioes. and magnificent Si1* Dream. Admiuion jnoenu : Chiidraa 10 oents. mh 31 ^KAND CONCERT! Madam Henry C. Watson, < Of tk? Pkilkatmonit and N. Y Classical ComttrH) will ?i?e iter ? FIRST 6RAND CONCERT ii ipr/ r 4 vn<c iur r j A* rw * Aa f\ l\ AJ a 1 + THURSDAY EVKNINe, April ?l. on whiob ocoiaion rhe will br a?*isted by i THi FOLLOWIRG EXtNSST AS ISfft: MR. 8. B. UIlLS, MRS ELINOR DBUMMONI), MR. I. R THOMA5. And MISS NINa FOSTER (the young. Ksooaitliihed and ' eautiful looutioni*l, whose reo?r.t 'eadinca in New York Lav* been ao brilliantly ancoesafal.) I musioai inrooior?inn. v. waiwin Tickets ()m Dollar Bach. i RewcrTfd ?e\U. 3? o?nt? extrn nth .11 -it* PATENT OFFICE CU RIOSITIES-Goide to < PaUnfi. ('.AtAinviiA nf f *ario?iit?*a ftn.H Uor/?r)i I ineiit Garden*, at the stand id Patent Office; Rare Antiquarian Books ; Government Books; Doen- . oients furnished; Railroad Reports; Military Re ?orts; llnrnt Patent Office Reports; Cheap Hooka ) ftirr.i?hed to Pedlara; Mi.itary Trials; Military Laws; Army Refutations; Panorama of tae Coast { showing over 2.fim mi!?a; many thousand Cheap : Books. Reoo!i*ct ohrap rent. Large sales, low ] prioes. Up stairs, over Bank of Wasb;nrtnn. ia29-Sm* ALFRED HlftvTKK. ' PROF. 0. F. BARNKS' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, at Temperance 9% Hall, E itreet, between ?th and l<*h Ctawea JB ever; Tuesday and Friday?afternoon ela?i JRB at 3, evening oiaas at 7. Soiree everv Fndaj UA evening at 8 o'clock. Musio by Frof. beo. Arm. Ternperanoe Hall will be let for Hall*, Parties, Ac, Apply mabove. felttrn* WHY DON'T YOU GO TO-NIGHT to the ^ Kair it Parker'ti Hail. Fxtra attraaiioaa tl? re. , wh fr-8t* 500,0ltf> n 09 :::: j i ROUGH TALLOW nd ARMY G&EA6K WANTED. I Mr wUioh the kiflieat price will he pari at ti?e N? y tional Boap and Candle A or$?, Green street' ar.d 4 Canal, Georgetown. D. C- ? mh 19-Im C. B. JKWaLL. Proprietor. MHO, BAivn, Fwr?|iKi Bumiiin, , Ha* removed from 4*4 Intk ?lr*? to- <69 I iitroet. b?tve?u9th ?n<19th. Mi ?<t?, t*. T. Ta jl?r'? dre??uttia? rnio t? <tr? K. wliljMm* rj^HE AMERICA^ TKLKflRAI'R Ct?.M , Uuih r?-nMnml till rV IUmI & { B ft AttCU OFFICE \ iB W tbia tomHBT W K*fU?d , cS5T.?.,Sf^^^^Vd11'*c, > rHjl-AUBLFHU. ^ -"-rw ww?ry:visprftuvBnr f 1 tmtmjk | BE SIKK AND COME VO TtfJi BEST ?>** u> & * roar Ciuthir*i-N?. iCO.lfVMm 1*1*1. . . T ftMi I I r.i 9 \ ?????? UKST AND fW.Hv JL.AT UT* AY Eft?From No tT, Iftdifc&ift ?v?nu?. on 9 MtartUr.tfc* s? h in?* ft rfeita cow, with ? i r?p aroud ?#tk. #5 r?wvl will?-? tirm to any ?!? ? ? rho oAB ?:*" inform*tiot otMltlii bar. M<1 nor* if r?torBoJ to tto ho???. - ?? >-?? LOST - On Th?r?d*r la?t. bHwwa k ? < K itrMti.l pairOfbOL.U tPKCTAi L.fc*S ? k b nak m^rrcOM <vfc-c I h? &a<1*r 1?j rATitu hotc with A?hL.fl l)AVJ8,K?? , So-?ot?*r of -irornftn'i Icinrancf *> . over U*nt ?>n. wi I rwiw ? iiUKe re war*. P STRAY OR pflVlJtN^row th* Li rftllrovl itt' nQ, < It Mft'efc r*? onttv (I'gP Muck HOHf*K, full rmt an h*?d; wi'h tZT^ I wtilif tth?? hi hta for"'-? oue whttw^E^* e*. the left: with Ui? lett-r "ex.* < th? >ri iSnir-W. ill be hari'ltomsir r?ward?abT l?a?njt iLfprmatiofi (HCI. Bl>v LKl?, Q*fct ffna** a?18t? . _ Sin REWARD S-olenAtodt r.HoVo-. m? C I "* thi? nrinrnin* % in diaro _ aORSK. with (i>T?ri<m?at eai.d ? ' Jr ?X ilanket; hor?? had no tlioen on; arid iame *-" n l?ft foot; hr?n('?d U. i1. He *u a?o>n from ont of RenUurant. II ?t. Ad? inforit:aion o"n?niiai him will i>? reoeiwe<i at Mr. __'J> L'i! fHlLT IP 7'TTl.r. IVfTKlUl ?>r (JO MM ill A. WABBUWiTnW \J Coistt ?On thia Slat oaf of Martft.fl^ <F2 balor? tno. the aahacntor, a J u*tic* of Tiort he Peaoe in %r d for 8*1*1 eountr. wrion! Mr i r apaeareo Joi.n A Boriaud. ore ol the Metropo't*r: Poiioe, and mad a oMh 'liat be took up oa Frilaf? M*nh W"i t* 3. a t*r< *n HORSE ?? a.i ??ray, and ^e!iren?l him to .'%i!te? t K?*r*,?t hta iveryaable JOHN BORLAND. Sube-jubed and avorn b*fo?-e me H. IlK^VKR. J P The ofMr wi<> gleans ca'l. pa* otia^rea aid taka he hor?e an? Call at 316 llfn atrial, Cflaa Metropolitan Police. ! ??1 2awSar rHfc GKNTLFMaN WHO TOOK AX LM-. brella, on ia*t Saturday, with th* American It* ?nf raved on tfc*> hand ;e, win p el? return it nJ H. SMIJHfS Cloth DC Store. No. 410 7Jfc itrf t an<1 get hi? own tr.h 3t HAttF. TO THR SUBSCRIBER, a roaa Mark ?h?ut 16 ha&(l? kiffc. I he owner !? queried to oome forward, frova property, J*y ihircei. aud tak* him awa?. RiCaSTKR A PCHOXIOFN, mh SIS' * Rrewrf, Na<nr YaH, I). r. Unmr. in my ritj&aii?K8, * mMiiim-aisea wh'te HORSE, j*s!er;ay worritifc?j(V__ ?hioh the ow tier car. hive t j ^'ov: nc prvp *wp irty an l pn? ng oxpen?e? i'a'1 at No 43 ** Seventh street, r?f ar the B:undary lin*. mh 8> 3.* _ P. l.FfNS. LMOST?On Saturita? la?t, betv?*n C,aaett A May't Store and the oorntr of l<>th and D . kimaii trn?o*n HL.I?F.VI>BL"TTUri. A reward if _% 1 vi i I K? niiH if laA a t Mr fl?m k ' I 1 -.v.' boarding. Kumtl^TW Krcal Kcomr. > urtiirhed J faoti tuitaMe for gen en?n and !? !*.?: !wo :*"tUn ir.. Flcaaautty ntuaUit.a: 50<i K Mtwfen 2J and 3d. Terms mc^era?*. nih a at* FOB Sjyi AND RENT. FOR RFNT/-A furnutwd 1'ARLOR and BEDROOM, ?t No. 341 E itroet, botwen 9.h ind 10th ttrwti. ap I-St* FOR RENT.-A PARLOR *ud BEDROOM, in the lmmaliat? vnnit? nf Trea*nr* and ' Oepir'mecie, No 132 :6th it-Mt. ap I S:* r a rue am)Hani?-omm/v furnished * Hiwur."' to rent or th* entire ho>?# ifda?ire.!. riie h"u?? is N?. 37 I 11 Rtre?' ' ertti,between I3tli led Mth *;it, oppor.te Or. fttirley'a Ct'ju t, It* P'OR RENT.-A Krfre ICE HOl'SC. i?*rlhe ra lr.?ad d?pot, wiM h> r?n'?d che*p. Iu?ro e if J 48 SHAP^i^t'D. Cd"f|oUou?r|,?iili >reer jmw?-:i wn I ?l ?UWj ap 1 J' " 1>OK R V.NT?W PrirBUAK l?. a n:c- ROOM, at;t*J9 N>? York itvKva betwetn S'.li tixl loth itreeta. iN"ned^<hIap?!? they arowiiirj u> pa? li!>erai;t fur r ?><! a coon nidations It* SIX OR S F. V K N (i KVIJ JSMAN 7; AN (U!taiu part of a *?:! tnrnigte- Honie.v.tk eveir loniefctio coBi/prVan'l Hoa<-| il preferred ) whore l^are are r.o other boar4? r?, and oon*enient to the IVwtmeeU For further information addrem W./'Srar Office t Mi s? n / WIVf W Trfk I I - ?-a ? a _ _ I mm j, r- ? liot-i'i ? 1110*1 iiosirn'i.o iicst:"*':. KV a* 44*? K .reet. n*ar 7th, witli-n a t*w iri?nt^? wa k of }Vni>af?vaMa avouua, th? r?>?t office, I'awnt llfficc-Aa Th? room* will ho let Without foarrt. On* a good office rooai. Gtntieintn preferred >*?v? al good battn* Hottae* in iirmfdiate vicinity. ap lj>t* I^URMSHKD ROOM? TO KKNT, with iji-aid, in a pleaeant location near the 0?pil<>U Tran?i?*!t Baarders aociiitni'wJat^d. In^oire *t rrh ?l-tf Furnished house for rkn r.?for rent, a arte aLit veil Fura shed House, in a moat (egirat>ie situation. To a punetral tenant the rec will be 9>25 per month. Acdre** "W >1. 3.," Mar Office ni'i 3i-3t* I/OR KKM -Onalarje sTORK RCKlXtnJl I. 'ariie ce.iar?a roo> i>taa<j for an? kind of bu?mea?; located No 4M7 7th itrret, between 6 ai d h street*. 1 will rent t to a ickcI te&a~!t for ore ytaror nwata low rvnt. It wouki b? a ?oc<J for a eent-ra: ?roduo? I>u81s?m lr.?uixe i>n th? premi??? cf JAS*. A. WlSK.pr at the Capitol. jaf. 3i Jt* J AS A. WISK. ^t'MMKR RE3IDKNCK FOR RENT. *r<m t)u %trltn ?llt* M?rm," I). C. about 1>? tnce* above (Itsrtetoicn, near Mr Leu:khor<rut*'}V?A riemrahle iuri;i*nel Ooufjls, Home well thadtHl, Uae water, Ac , with fctahBug. rvme houees, fto.i&o. Theit'lv C>*n of Members of the Oatunst, For*i;4 M;ntrnr?. a- <! fcei .enMi n.tto fami y is especially invited tc tfcii advcrrrniei.t For examination of the premi?? Hepplr 11> 11,0 irsnajcer upon the farm (M -. Jam^s vi'Mri*".) r.:. ! for furth*r particulars a<kl r<*es i'api.v 1 w. a T. >t.\DDOX. U 8. M , 1250 Sd. usl-stf* r. T nlarfelsh a. fn. in 3Mm* K^OR KENT-One n?w'f Pitrni?t>0'1 Room, on r 2d door.'??th l>ca~<l, in ? r'-. ci.? r . vMefiur.ilf,i,tN? <02 8 III, hetweo:. I m-I >| i-: e-fc. in'.i:& 3;* FI RNISUKP tOOM fTV J.KT- tuii?h;o tor s?at>:fi?n ??fe; o" * *' < t^ntiemeo. House p bkuMO>J. &i : !*rmi r^M^nlib e. Inquire north west eornrr M:a *.n^ I, cu. mh*9 6t* - I L'OK RKNT-A ?' I'l'liv "itOOMS. Al.o. 1 t*ro Ch*mber? wi. r jiit? i t > jfout emer. on tr>? mosr ri>a?cn?i |p ;r - >?, *pr i |nf to ftc. 44ii Fifteenth street a? tho corter > ! New Voik nt. mh 29 If tfURNlBHKD ROOM^-Pft-tor ?ad fonr coin fortahiy furniah*<i Ch?n?l<?ir?, pie&suiijy limited Jo.- Uie ?umnter, ?i H t e rented on ver? ? >? foca'da t?rm? to inirle ??mt ?m?n .ir fun :m A pply at 1 iH, corr.cr vf Polus? Ituiu iimm an<l 1 181 at. The cnniioa i? a da*itable o-ie. a? ima's jan be obtained within a few doors of th? 'e?u lance. ; 17*OR RENT~Thr?e comfortable ROOMS, at 450 Twelfth at eel. east ?:ue, iietween ti and H aireets; one of them fcml'h*d aa a aitticg roon uid the one. a aa ohamb.*r? i'he looauon la oae pf the moatdea rablein Washington. "ag 1 w Fm OR SALE-^vo Era -olaia U!U,UKU TA BLt?, marble a.aba. act ?? y arrangement sompleta. Thoa* lea'-ring above will atudr I heir interest br calinr imr?edi\te4j atUie L.or? pean hotftl. corner Iltn sireetard PrniiayiTarna bvenne. mh 9 tf BE JiiGia'UVi'J AOV YS-?M <? T I C E-UAHlhT STALLS AXU US BVNt HBS jy QfiOROETOWl* - All the stal.t oc. Hebchea aid outride of the market house in oc vbioii f!i??st"?sn>?nt I u nut btea paid. will be sold n the hm m> bidder for oa*h ou s*A I ? rtl)A\.tfce tt* cf April I :?xt. v 10 ??'o oak a ir<; atu at th? rsm* tun^ three additional Stand* at tho r.ead of the market uoouo win ix> goja to ine iiignest r.iaaer r?#r cash, mhff-g WM. LAIKJ) fle.t. VV^eftORtiKTOWN TAXfef FOR !? *.J,9 l>0!|ce IB nei#l>? I'VM itiU * discount of ien per eent. will he allow*! on the taxes ol tt e rariMt r?*T,'lf said o.i or tvlorp tlie first of April next CftAiv i>. WKLrCH, mh 21-2 w Collector. SP?N O T I C E -LICMlfSKS -AH persons I whose license* froi* the Oorp'>r?tioL of >rr*townexpire oathn 31 ?t iD?U:it are hereby lotlfiad iroirsi.T to ecew t!>e ?>am?: otherwise ;Uejr aurlect themselves irf a fine, an<i the law if (ompti'sorf up-nthe proper Mlioers to ecioror imi insagainstalldetioqvrnts. Nj furthernotice will > given. rntitSJJawtAp'o WM. LAIRl>. CWt ,) non BU^HEM? OF FRI V, K 6,IPUU JACKSON \?HlTfc POTATOES. Ji? hales of Clover and MO do prime Timotto? HAV, ? itamnburg ? ?Ib* ' I lmwJ3sfei,s?s*1"' ii.yvf j. .yiu iakt oatnilbi?, ?nc ^ TTEN9 in the District. Officers' tiauntiets made to ord?r. Unoksktn Drawers M'1 Shirts. ja II \f A8SEY, COLLINS * CU.'S FORT BKN'fON, MISSOURI RJVElt. , Th??t*Miar EMI<!.IIS, J.B I Mwifj, ml le*r? on or about tba 2?th o( 1MB tpril To p*raonadaairoaaof ? Oregon ud the Terrtor; offlHHHk w wtULcton, tnia ia the moilJMtrable roau.iu. lood rjfcl, 10 Um aoit (irsirftb:* part ?f th# f?n oonoootton with thp Kou.it will b? a Terr itnt dr*?,nt bide whMi .u Un a Vh u>* ??lI !mm >t> ^U)Mt lb> ?>U. Je'i?mJ7o , an from tU . X 'j*4'* V' For freight or i mwwtr un imnu, !?-SW , skvr.r'Xf&fcw! it<WO< IsRrOND F.DTTTfV^ ' - THREK O'CLOCK. P M *10091 MfttTAf T Jtrrn#*T ti> run! Tkr dlw??*err on the liwg ??*' the WtM* cf jlaoktos, \m frmit cf tbe White Hook, to ^ / t?r?c*HK ?r n?b today W erdeeW# " edly. ptrt fef tbe m?r binery bv wfc!rt> HtlW planned the de?Vtfrtlpn of tb? Eifcutir* Mu Ion The iiltckt t?k?? tr~m >ke urf jrt cod out, Indeed f ' t * > f! ai no to wilt ** di?% in a* iimr'i roturiT Adjutant Lombard and a term*.m?t tm)or. with prinM o? lb* ?U liUaoia emlif, win crabbed by a port** of lb* prl?at*ao< thaPrtM* *? i m?iia wairy, bi l wu'"^^ Mfc** Ifc"l^^ bannock rfret, on Pi?4a* ! ?< That ' what Ihty p?l lor looking foe a dlaoor ?a vtolt ^ Richmond, la the tobacco factor!** fcnire of the numerona tHUct*?mrrrtbora of Coftgrcw, Bcaatora aod oihe ?looking at tba igh'4 aroond Manaaaat and Ball B-a, will perhaps and tnsmaeWearapt urrd ar.d carried by the guerilla baud* of Confederate* KvoaUng around, waltiag to paaaca down npon til a'raf. r1 tn. inM tit* limmit1or( A zentlenaan Ja*t arrived (m the Ktpptbiunock reporta 1hat while Major Van 9'elnhauaer, Captain BetUcher and Captain Camp were out on duty, they were aurpriaed and taken prlaonera by the Louisiana Tigera Capfcr" Muatader baa alio been taken prisoner U?ot Col. Clayftah and Captain Komg, in a ak!rtn!*br?oenuy. grnem w? frbfi officers, aerured their koiM and brought them iuto camp. The foraging party W?th wbooi they were secured thirty wagon load* wt foraf e. Sklrmlabfa are represented aa being of freqoe? ocean?em. THB LATEST HT TtiLHdRAFU. FARftO* BROWN LOW'S BOOR Cincinnati. April 1.?Par?an Krownl< w hat accept d liberal offer of Chi Ida, the PhlladeN phla publiaher, and at tbe Par?on'a request, a ropy of bta book will be Rlrea to tbe Kdttnr of evrrv naner. io thit theT C?n *C~ what It coeti / i r" ? ? 9 be if>y*l in Becetbdom. CONVKFSmGpAL lUTUlk COViRrH Tcbsdav, April I. ^E5*Tf ?Mr Poollttl* presented * coimotint c*Mon from tbe of tbe ?n*rr or, relative to th* Indian? of the Upper Mlwtntpp!, referred Mr. Grime# presented a memorial of tbeCoua la g\t trrftUaf tK? rvrrsr^.^^A Vl?* VI * Htv U?rt 4 menr cf tb' city Charter, eo at to slicvr perjom K> vot?- here afWbat nmon't't re?denr', referred to ?he IMiitrict C?mirW1ff Mr *nr.iier fffV-red a resolu'on Ih' on tue r?rdn t ot t&* wwr to co.lec t?*atimcFnr relative to tbe sflefj^d har'jarotw treat. me:.t by the reN !a f?f the b<*dleaf?f Iniot ?oldt?r* kilied In batn.Mr S arirlrmrm! fh# M?hii<j? 'a ^h;? f nf hii ra. go] utlon. On moMon of Mr. IJ{*w?rd. It sraaao armed"** a? to make It d1r?r?; also, an Inqilry wbe'he'thtreheis bad enlisted or emplcyea Indian* !a arts* agatrmt the United Matrs: and aa thu? amended it was passed Mr. WllMi Introduced a bill lor the 01 sanitation of the DIMrkt militia, rrf -red Hoe*?.?The House went i?t? CotnroMtoe of the Whole, *nd resumed tb? consld?r?* <? of ?.. Ui bill LATE LOCAL NEWS ?. a huifi Fcxl of Fiwalw*.?l??t af-wmif cell* of the Fourth Ward *t*Oon wrre fully rnnicd. lb* m^inrltv of InitmlM !?( ? One hatch cro??f?ted of the notortou* flight lam lly. which bjraome mean* had found artaeidenee in the rorthern part of the Foorth Ward Ther ' rritfd n terrlbk* mw amor? themselves, aud revealed their new home to tlie patrolmen, who carried tke whole batch to the utadcn-bouae Th<two eldest glrli, An;;a and Kate, w<?re r-.t to tb?* workhouse for thirty d*va, end the old Vudsn and the youi???r children dtMnlaaed up*a tbatr promla? to I*-ave the neighborhood. WBUam Henry, the old man, (who hat cnlerod the mill tary aervtce,) waa turned over to the m.iitary A iinlkur KateH tarsa li Iran frnm vUImUu a# Third ?trwt iixl the tint, and wa* "? c'f ?,ir * of yonnp duck*.''charged with brine drunk *U'd d!?orderty, and fighting. 1 heir ?1!ka and jewelry ornanirated the c?Tl? th't morning lanbel FeiMba W?1 held to ba'l for court mjd ?! ? flo*3f$.5?: Catharine Bu<-kher. M.T Mali Iran. and Klta Wiley paid a like sunt each. and Janf Bradford was lined 93 SC. Criminal Coukt.?Tbla morning, Joaeph Bo gna, arraigned on the charge ol larceny, traa acquitted. IaKii r?a?44v Ufik tVtMl tri*4 f r*r an naaaulf am A hattery with 'intent to kill. and minting ? < fflcfr? patrolman Janw? Johnson, being the atfaulted party The jury after more tfcaa an hour'" abaence froin the Conrt, retnrn* d a verdict of guilty of a?ault and battery, and re*iati?g Un officer The jury was tb<J* diarr.'.aard untUTberadrt momicir. until wbkh time It la uoderMood, th* court will adjourn, bo caa??a Nel?f r*dy for tomorrow. Jobn Gerlwlpht, an intelligent locking vonth, was then tried for the larceny of a coat, t t th* jury had not brought in a verdict when ?u<" report closed. Clumin Them Opt ? Yeaterday the Proroat Guard wu again employed in eloains; up tu* i houaea where mm la aold to aoldtrra I*he a he pa oa E street, In the Second Ward, <wn? igniii closed; the warning of the previous arr-st?f tb# proprirtora last week, which was noticed it the Star, not being xolllcienl to prevent a reop?lnf of the shanties yesterday In the af enioon a squad proceeded to the Louse on the c> st side of Ninth, near D atreet, kr~4 by? woman pawed Wolfe, and commonly kuown as the "Wolfi Amrt It tnH t/vrW fiowi tK*n/?? aMAn aaMIam mm A three f males Ail were carried to (he cntrel guardbruae. where the noidler* wt-r- retalnfsl and ?be ftmalrt retasee* until to-day. when the* will have a hearing before tbe military autfeoritr A PoclCa?.bov A i?on -Ob Sa'orday Btgct laat. tbe cottage of a worthy mechanic on tbe road from Tennallytown to Pierce'a Mill w?a f re?t byaome wrel/-.b, and waa utterly d?atr->yed wI4? all lis content*. I h < entail* a heavy !>? or tfce poor man; and to sgtjravntr tbe matter, all email children were only eared from a horrible deatb bv toe greatest exertions or tue netgli?cr* One of the Auderson Zouaves, stationed near Tenna! lvtown. cdi been nut uaocr arreM charged w!tb tbe foal crla??? If Us lit guilt? prompt puM?b ment ought to be adminii'ered a? a terror to othe* lawless soldiers la the vtcluitv who. |* m> reported, have threatened with like visitation parsers Ir & a a a t fc. - a ? . l a _ ! _??>. ion vicinity woo o??e lncunra ineir atnim A Rdmoi?There u ft report ? float to-day tba? Meacrt. Jackaon Edmondatori. \\ Dorrlty, and Tbomaa Warren, of thlft city, have been captor- d by Ute rebela in Fauquier county, Va. Laat week tl ey started togetht r to go to Fauqnter for ton of Mr. Edmondaton, who bad bem to acbo*! In that county but waa prevented from returning home by thr rebellion. Since their depnrtnr* tbe rumor of their capture la the only tidings of them, if tbe story tan hoax of the day. It is a cruel one Acctmwt ?This morning Mr-4. H. W lee, late Jallot was driving in his buggy In the Fifth W nrd When a number of government wagons were p:Mlr>g, and hi* baggy wheels came in c?fct?c* with a W'ti a, and be waa thrown violently into tbe road Before be could recover, bis own bogfc'v WUCCI1 paw VX V TCI U1U1 mjuuu^ Ullli BWtii IOC breast He wutakento his b"U?? aad a pbvslcltr eut for, who prcnoDnced the Injuries at Ht being ertou* i <J 3q TR?A?UftY NUI'JiB , ,r>, ,, BOUCIT *r BOLD ?l ^ """ LKVVia JOHNP<?N * <Kk. B J/VJTIftf. - ^ 1 w ^ TIL, ?r?cu?, wree^V; a .< \yA?HlN?TON HOOP WHI-f Fffft+oiiT' "V ? *? TO MftMUn ttllti A?9HT?K v&trffi W/91 ? jnr^?*ie?SKr"' ' r* ah 21 ?w? jfa, ?A*H?Tfc A(jO. i??* y STAHLK, 5nM?# 5ix:A W t ??.. _ Vniui a / . nun mji U 1 um+- I* Hotms, Uw wM. or farliir*. Mi*. *< fl^kl X?iiAA?? .... Ul-U.a Jj] ?aU3L UlVrfl Of V I"* I b*i- an* 'i'owb L-jd>*m iMi foav far ?? lM.f Ik'frti'ftaK} ab? !? ? ?rt*? <*r ?i.'_ 4JL* ? 1Ml .-?to.v-itS *1; 7?. v?.. t