2 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

2 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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?f M8 lyA i A ik y y^jy ^ Br BB1^ ^Up ^ -y? J HI H n y, j ER H H "i H ^^mw H A ^Bl / Q^L M Kl / Cfi jH a 3JS ** r2 V?. XIX. WASHINGTON, I). C. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, 1862. N?. 2,848. THE EVblNLNG STAR M _ PTTBLISHXP EVERT AJTKEKOOE, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BCILDIR8I, ^ romtr of ?r?. and EUvmtk Nmt, I W. D. WALIiAOH. P?r?rt W?fd in package* by carriers it I4i VMr nr 37 r#nti n?r vnnnfk T? ? (! ??- ^ the price 1* t3.50 a year, m adv+ne*, 9S for alt mcnlhs; ft for three months, and foi lees than three month* at the rate of 13 centa a weeh. Sin. gle copies, orb cut; in wrapper*, two can**. 117" ADvrnTniMSTn thou id be sent to the oBce before la o'clock it., otherwise they may not appeas aatil the next day. GEORGE W. RAIDERS, W fl. H. POLK, OF TE5?I., A>'D THE PROVISIONAL ?OVERXME>T OP REKTtCRY. There is no one better kno?n in the country m a scholar, a politician, and a wit, than Wil. liam H Polk, of Tennessee He haa a plantation Some forty miles from Nashville, lives comfortably, has a joke for every one, and is, withal, a resolute man in his opinions. He was the opponent of the evanescent Harris, who ha< disappeared mysteriously, and rotad for by the cooperationists in the election for Governor of that State. Aboat a month ago notice came to him that he most leave the State?a notice which, however, he did not obey His description of the terror of the rebels on the taking of Nashville is said to be supremely rich. Among other incidents is one of peculiar interest to us Kentookians, concerning the fate of the late Provisional Government. Colonel Polk, a few days before the arrival of oax army at Nashville, and, indeed, before he heard of the fall of Port Donelsea, in going down the road from his farm, deponed a fat, raggid. btnhy-headed, tangled mustached, dilapidated looking creature, (something like an Italian organ grinder in distress.) so disguised in mad aa to be scarcely recogniaable. What waa bia aurpriae, on * nearer approaoh, t? see that it waa the redoubtable Ueorge N. Sander*. George had met the enemy and be wa* their* ?not in pereon bat in feeling. Hi* heart wa* lo?t, hia breeches we.* ragged, and hia boot* showed * aet of tat, goaty toe* protruding from them. The better part of him waa gone, and gone a good distance. ' In the name of <Jod, George, is that you?" gaid the ex Congressman. "Me'." said the immortal George, "I wiah it waan't; I wiah I wa* any thing bat me. But what is the news her*?i* there any one running' They are all running back," pointing over ou 'fcoulder with hit thamb. "No," said Mr Polk, ''not that I know of. You needn't mind pulling vp the neat of your pantaloons. I'm not noticing, What in hell are you doing here, looking like a muddy Lasarus in the painted eloth^'" Bill/' mid <*eorge to the Tenaeaeeaan, confidentially. and hia tonee would have moved a heart of atone, " Bill, you always waa a friend of mine. I knowed yon a long while ago and . honored you?cutte me if I didn't. I said you waa s man bound to rise. I told Jimmy Polk ao. me and Jimmy waa familiar friends. I intended to set up a bioaranhieal notice of vnn ia tba Democratic Review, bat that damned Corry ?topped it. I'm glad to see yuu; I'll gwaar I am." v "Of court*, old fellow," raid the charitable Tenneweean more ia pity ef his toaec than even of the flattering eloquence, ' hat what ia the matter 41 Matter!" said George. "the d?d Lincolnike* have seised Bowling Green, Fort Donelaon, aad have by this time taken Nashville. Why," continued he. in a burst of confidence. " when I left, hacks was worth a hundred dollars an hoar, and, Polk (in a whimper,) I didn't have -J a A n u?u yviri. The touching pathos of this last remark was added to bj the sincere vehemence with which it wu uttered, and the sate eloqsense with which he lifted ap a ragged flap in the rear of hi* person that some envious rail or briar had torn from it* position of covering a glorious retreat. "Not ad?dcent," repeated he, "and, Polk* I walked that hard-hearted town ap and down all day. with bombshells dropping on th? street at every isoap-post?I'll swear 1 did?trying te borrow some money; and, Polk, do yoo think there wasn't a scoundrel there would lend anything, not even Harris, and he got the money out of the banks, too ?" " No," >aid Polk, who dropped in a word occasionally as a sort of eneoaracer. 44 Bit!," repeated Sanders, " Bill I said you wu a friend of mine?and a talented manalways said so, Bill. I didn't bare a red and I've walked 45 mi lea in the last day by the ilectenea, and I haven't had anything to bny a bit to eat; and," he added with impassioned eln^nenee, " what is a enrsed sight werae, not a single drop to drink." Tkn u T* * A- A * * bow the gallant and elever Tennesseean took the wayfarer bone, gave him namsmi if not irot?ereb1e drink?, and filled him with frella of fields and flesh of flocka. When George wu tiled, however, he aignifled bj numerooj signs. and finally by words that he wiahed the servants to leave the room. " Polk,'' said he, " I knew 70a were man with a heart in yoar bosom; I told 'em eo. I said no better man than Bill Polk oonld be found. I told em 90 " 44Told who so?" asked Mr Polk, rather surprised at the sodden and mraterious lan guage, acoompanied bj the removal of theaerTiati. "Mr. Polk," said Sanders, " I want your hordes and carriage for a time." * Certainly, Mr. Sanders, if you wish them." " Mr. Polk," said George, 441 do not appear before you in any ordinary cbaraeter to-day; I an olothed with higher authority; I am an Emiaaary " The tone and manner indicated something fearful?perhapa to arreat his boat 441 am an emissary," repeated Mr. Sanders, peaking in very largo capitals, "from Tic State or Ksrtdckt, and hope to be received aa such The faet is/' oentinued he, oominc down to the level of familiar conversation, " I left the Provisional Government of Kentucky a mile or so back, on foot, finding its way southwardly. and I demand four horses and carriage in the name of that notile State." Of coarse the carriages were harnessed op at onre. and Mr. banders proceeded to bring the Provisional Government to Mr. Polk's house. How shall we describe this part7 The Hon. George W. Johnson, as much of a Clay man as the saered soil ok Tennessee ooold afford, but still preserving bis light and active step; McKee, late of rhe Courier, following; Walter N Haldeman, with all his industry and perseverance. trying to keep up with bis associate; and Willis B Machen.iigorous, active, slightly sullen, but in earnest,with every boot he drew ? ui vi ia? hiiw;, nnaj aou. giving a groan of fatigue. Imagin* them uftljr ensoonced at Mr. Polk's, on their road South. 14 Mr Sanders," said the governor, with dignified suavity, after th? walnuts and wine, claimed to be an acquaintance of yonrejand we were very glad to *end hint forward " The Hon. Governor maintained throughout that easy, self-passessed manner which oharaoteriaes the gentleman. The Emissary?for be ought to be to known, Shortly after suggested to the Provisional Government that he was 'broke" and wished to represent the Seventh Congreesional District of Kentucky?that is. the Loaiavilfo Dl*triat> "for,'' Mid ha, is hia partaMira. oonfidonttal tooM. '-that is tha only waj I know of for a mux without monoy to pt to Biehmond ** A wiion wu ?t oom hold of tha State Counoil, and it if our plaaaure to record that Ur. Sander* is bow authariMd by th? Proriaional GoT?m?nt to proaaad to Rlohaund and repraaant oar intarast ia tha rabal Cob creaa, Ac* II. W. Braoa, removod or renigr.cd. Mr Palk at this tiaaa addramad tha qaw C mtrcMmiD, sayiag that ha had l^Othalor wror to a*k "Bill." Mid Gaorga to his host, spMking oat af a full baart and fall e.bovt, " Bill, yoa are a boy aftar my own fe'Mrt; whatarar raquast you maka I grtnt " "It u oil It a tnfa 1' uid Pnlk. " whiah tpq can eaailj great, and whioh Will please in " " It la grants." interrupted the rratofni Sandert " I may ba arreeU*'," eenUnoed Mr Polk, " within a few miaatea, fbr dim-. freeing with lont meaawea which Gcreruer Ma/m naa urged upon tha poopla." " *arer mind that," Mid tha impetaene Sander*, f*tt u stand by yon." "All I want," ?outmued Mr* Paik, "ie for r* to return to Hadnrllle M B kouax* for my wift and family." . . Ml Polk. Mid O-orge, aravely bet Arm ly, yon are a man 1 love; I love yon, and I .* , - h * . i*S?T t Jt\ 0iA H" 4 |t i i 1 \ love your wife and fa milj; but if ever I jjr bad to Nashville, may I be rf?dr." Of oourae there wm do reply to this, and the redoubtable George and the Provisional Government soon went on their way rejoioing. We do not pretend to rive thia in the language or manner of Mr. Folk, whieh ia said to he Inimitable; neither do we olaim him aa a "Union man." He haa remained quietly at home, and taken no part in the oontest; but we are indebted to him, or to some one who haa reported it aa ooming from hiin, for a genial and laughable account of the exit of what once promised to he very injurious to our State, and still more for hia charaoteritation of that wiae, pushing, incomprehensible character, George N. Sanaera, member of Congress from the seventh district of Kentucky to Richmond.?Louuvillt Democrat. Rakjecte for laveatlua. [From the Scientific American J A Projectile for Iron C ad Vessel* ?A projectile ii wanted capable 01 penetrating or adhering to the sides of iron c lad vessels, in such a manner that bj explosion or otherwise a breach may be made. Covering Vessels with Protecting Armor. A cheep and quiok method of oovering vessels with protecting armor. Grapple for Seizing Hold of and Boring Through Iron Clad Vessels?A grapple or other device for seising and holding last to marine monsters like the Merrimae, and of Wrt ?i n<? t V> rAn V he* ai/4aa < Vi an ?nn Ant U wriug kuivugu uvi nuuo w uuu gov UUiU Ordnanc? avd Projectiles for Striling Iron Armor Plated Vessels Below the Armor Pitting-?Improvement! in ordnanee and projectiles for striking those parts of iron armor plated vessels whion are so far below the water line as to require no armor to protect them from the ordnance and projectiles at present in use; or some substitute for cannon as a means of arming Teasels for the purpose of striking armor plated ships below tne line Submarine Machines.?A very important laid for ingenuity is the diaoovery of an effieient method of preventing the entranoe of reesels into harbors by submarine shells or exploeiree. An Exploder?An adjustable attachment to the bow of a battery, by whioh a powder mag aaine could be carried under an enem ys vessel and exploded at the moment and place desired. ' A Small Loromottv* for Family Use.? Halted to ma on oommon level roads, to be light, safe, neat, convenient, easily managed by any person and not expensive to run. Oreat speed not essential. A Porous Substitute for Leather.?Many excellent substitutes have been invented, but most of them involve the use of gum, paint or some water proof substance, so that the artiole produced is unfit for the feet, and for other purposes to which leather is applied. A Pulse Iudtr/Mor.?A small instrument for the sick room, capable of application to the wrist of the patient, to show and record the Dumber of pulse beats. A Prartiral mode of saving the waste manure of eities. A New Cement far Coating Casks Containing Petroleum?Various cements hare been tried, but all hare failed to prevent the petroleum from leaking Clothet Litis-?A process, composition or device to protect clothes lines against tbe influence of the weather, particularly to prevent them from shrinking when getting wet. FROM VABIITir FAIR. Vanity Fair has a caricature of Horace Grealv on the lecture aland and on th* ?r)>i> The branbread philosopher ia ooatamed with tbe nioety and fastidiouaneaa so oompletely his own; hla trowaera ?re short bat his hair is long; his dicky is dowo b it his ire is up.'and be gesticulates jlereely with his umbrella Surrounding him are hia white hat, a table, a copy of the Tribune, and a boat of a bay crowned negro. He aaya, "Gen. MoClellan don't go atrong naff for bobolition! Dat a what'a de matter!" It la a fine aubjeot for Vanity. An Anecdote.?The President, as our readera are aware, went to visit the hero of the Monitor immediately upon hia arrival in Waahington. "Well, Captain." aaid A. L., holding oat hia hand to the half-blinded officer, "I hear that they did yon considerable damage " "Oh! air," replied Worden, who ia wittY aa well at brave. ' TOO mnn't Kallm 1-hatT The damage, I aware you, is All In My aye." Disappointed.? When our Solemn Man ?3eard that Pillow and Floyd had been "impended," he smiled for the irst time since the last; but upon being told that they were enly suspended from their commands, he went out hastily and has not since been heard from. A Proper Name.?Some claaaicai gentlef men object in the newspaper* to the name o; Pea Ridge as too vulgar for historical dignity but we confess that we like it better einoe the Rebels have been Shelled Out. Tk* Monitor.?The Rebel newspapers com pare Erieaeon'a Monitor to a cheese boa. Our ?wn impression is that they found it rather Mighty. ?Boston Post. j Approprtatt.?It. is rumored that a service of Iron Plate is to be preeented to Captain Ericsson, the inventor of the Monitor. T or -1 * *? - - jTom onarjimciil iron.?1DU 18 me rMmn why the ight between the Merrimac and the Monitor was so sharply contested Ths Lant R*M Rally ? The North Carolina Standard says that the seat of the rebel gevernaaent is to be removed from Richmond to Raleigh. Only Natural ? That from Newbern we shoold hare aoconnts of a New Burnsije victory. The "Only Wtar" for Traitorous ShMtt. Masalin'. Tk? Groat R?M Cry Jujt Nov.?Backward to Richmond 1 i i ??? ? |jMRE AND BURGLAR PKOOF BAFES! The subscriber* Ian ocnstastiy in store an assortment of Herr.ut A Oo.*s celebrated Fire and Barf ^r Proot Bare*. ranting ?n pnoe from 940 to snatch, whiob they aeli at the mana/aeiarera' erioea. nil n MaLinuv a iassK-gac.'ga. 267 ELEVENTH8TRKKT. QQJ dM3Ma^w.%i prioo* to ?uit the aoat eooaomjoeJT w.*b!.?i5?ItSS1iSSit. ml>a-<too 'iflT ftniuyivtca mmu?. THE N?w BketchM rp PtrtflClL 1 HE CoBATta?Tshi? r>?iwfc>fore exlatlnc bmrtcg lorn F. /ubt Sliioiiu orfiaiini Ua - b?* diMoivad. Alt p?r?ou? i?de-)t?d to tm Mid Em. will ?mu to MtilA tW mmiiu with , Loma FT P?ro. who will also aatue with the im LOO.9 P. PKRRY. <t?RtNG DRK88 600D8.-Manr U* and ?? obokM thing* Alao, our ??aaTl fall atook of all kinds of Porwcn ?n B?**'' f?r *** ??IT?nt wanU of On? ?nc? oSjr^nrtwT*ib plain if are?, 14< mc ; ^gs?ft.fafa. XNTKRKdTlw*A{^RT*j.E COMMUNITY oZJW&r*. Was, efwSi*?5 I v-> -... JZj~~ f CtftSBKSfa1"", T,N WA"or ! '- * nsfnT.Hi J "* * " ....... ? ? * - j |1....0<; o!? . ,Hir I .;*< TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. The Beige af Island H?. 10. Chicago, April 1 ? A special dispatch to the Tiroes, dated off Island No 10, March 31, savs: The rebels have erected a large entrenched ramp In the bend of the river, directly in front of our gunboats. An embankment half a mile long has been thrown up on shore, behind which guns are mounted. Large numbers are masked as yet, and we have no means of ascertaining what artll- , "Iwy^they have posted at this point?several batter!**, bowevrr. are plainly visible. Their enUenchments extend from the center of the land to (he upper point of the island They are constantly b-isy, both with steamboats and men. Ocr mortars were tired yesterday and today every fifteen minutes, w.th what effort we are unable to decide. Oar shells are all 'hrown up on the Island. The rebels make no answer except an occasional shot at oar transports. Occasional firing la beard la the direction of New Madrid, caused by engagements between batterlet which ere placed on the opposite sides of the river below that plsce. We get no news from there at this point. Forced March Against a Rebel Camp at Uniea City, Teaaesaeo Chicago, April 1 ?A special dixpatch tothe Journal from Cairo says that Col. Bnford yesterday, accompanied by the 27th and 47th Illinois Regiments, and part of the 15th Wisconsin Regiment, from the force n?ar Island No. 10, with a detachment of cavalry and artillery from Hickman, under Col. Hedge, made a descent '<pon Union Clty,Tenn, after a forced march of 30 mile*, and fell on the rebel encampment there at 7 o'clock In the morning, d lspersl ng the entire force stationed there undef Clay King, both cavalry and infantry. Th.l, ? cA in J i ?l J 1 -? - uvj hvu in c*c? j uiicunun, anu icTcm ui mc enemy were killed and a number wounded and taken prisoners. A large amount of pot la were captured, Inc.udlng 150 horses, commitsary and quartermaster's stores, k.c. Our loss was only one man killed, from the explosion in bursting. The rebel force numbered 700 Infantry and betwoen 700 and 800 cavalry. Th? Rebel Trnnps Is the West Ordered to West Tennessee. Holla, Mo., April 1.?Letters received here from the srmy of the Southwest, say Information has been received that the rebels under l'rlceand Van Dorn are moving towards Memphis. In reaponse to a call from Beauregard for help, and that all the rebel forces In the West are ordered to concentrate in Western Tennessee for a great and desperate straggle. Opening if Narig ntisn. Dunkirk, N. V., April 1.?Th? Erie railway steamer Ptmlra arrived here with a full cargo from Toledo yesterday, being the first arrival of the season. Navigation at thla port U now entirely free and unobstructed, and steamers will ran regularly to weat?rn porta. Albany, April 1.?The Ice la moving down the river with the ebb tide. U. 5 alaop ?f war ( nitellatlaa New Yokk, April 1 ?The ahlp St. Helena, which arrived laat evening from Bristol, England, reports having ?poken on March IS, In lat. deg. 12 mln., Ion 56 deg 54 rain , U. t* nloop of war Constellation, from Portsmouth for the Mediterranean Ice in the Harbtr of St. John's >'. F. Sr. John'*, April !.?Thla harbor is completely blocked up with Ice. No mails have been received here or departed hence for the last six w-eks Ul^When the vote was taken In the British Parliament on Gregory's mo'Ion calling for the paper* between the two Governments in relation to the blockade, which was negatived without a division, there werr present two remarkable American personages on the floor. The one was Thurlow Weed, looking as serene as if '-all the oacK counun were nrata irom," and the election bad gone all right; and the other was Senator Maaon, the Rebel Commissioner, looking as black as a thunder-cloud from which all the electricity bad been drawn. JJ7" The Abolition detrartors of Gen McClellan seem to have a morbid anxiety to see a Major General's military funeral, without running the risk of being in tne fight themselves. 1X7" The New York Leader gives the rumor that Mr. Charles A. inn a will shortly withdraw from the editorial department of the Tribune. The reasons have not transpired. tr~s? tv. ? - ?*s i * * -? ? u i * uc icucia arc Sllll UUaeimD!Ilf<l III TO what tbelr colon a ball be. Prentice recommend! dim. \rr Fanny Fern'a separation from her huiband ia a *cond edition of ," Fern Leaves." \1U1Y DUN'T YOU GO TO NIGHT to Use * * Fair at Parker's Hau. Extra attraction* thi ra. mil 3 -At* T-'ke subscriber? being in receipt ofa supply of latest fashionable ^pnna Good*, the* respectfully soJioit a oall ar.d^H the continued favors of their patrons and l|m the sablio generally. \nf i hey also request special attention of their"-mm arm! &C(i nlVf flllltnmAra tn thAir annnls nf a in that line, oonaia'irif of ttworda, Bella' Shoulder Straps Epaulettes. Go'd Laoes, ^aps, Chapeans, AO. F. J. HKIHKKGEK A Co . Srnoceaaors to H F. Landon A Co., Citizen and Military Tailors. Nptioi.?All peraona indebted to the late firm of Landon A Co , or their aaooeaeo's, are nriently requested to aettie the aawe with ant delay F. J. HKiBERGER * CO . Snooeaaora to H. F. l andon A Co , mh M ecSm Citisen and Military failom. 500,000roUN1>* ROUGH TALLOW and ARMY GREAPE WANTKD. for whieh the htiheet pnoe will be paid at the Na. ..J n..^U .A ? ?A -? iiuuoi ""ny aim vauuic ?> i'I ft v? UIP*1 n %I Wl KUQ Canal, G?or?etown, I>. Cmh l?-lm C. B JEvVP.Lb. Proprietor. \1RK EATON, 1"1 FA?HION*BI<s Uiudiaiu, Hu removed from 4*4 Tenth street to 4fi3 1 street, between 8th and 9th. south side. H. T. Taylor's dressoutting rale bv Mrs. K. mh VOR THE MOUTH OP YELLOWSTONE AltS FORT BENTON, Mi8SOURl RIVER. The steamer EMILIE, J, B I.aBaisi, Master, will leave on or about the ttth of - . April To persons desi-ons of goiE(^^4^-c? to Oregon and the Territory Washington, this is the most desirable ronte. particularly to Washington territory, Laving from Fort Benton only 150 miles of land travel, over a good r<>ad, to the most desirable part of the Territory. In connection with the Emihe will be a very ligutDraught side wheel steamer, whioh will leave nera about the anth, designed to rnn from the % el lowMone to Uia Kails ot MiMouri. For freight or H"?l? a*?l? on board. inn ?-3w f~tENUINE GARDEN AND FLOWER SEEDS, JOHN SAUL ealla the attention of market gardoner*, farmer?, and othera to his large and earefu.ir elected stook ot Garden Sood wbioh have boon Mleoted from the boot groweri in England, Franoe and Germany, with auoh artiolea of dobios uu iiuvui h mo m umn aenisna, 'I; Kxtil Earljr end Champion tees; Premium Flat Dutch Cabbaie; Blood Turn's Beet; Beans, Puhim> Carrots. Celery, *o. Flower Seed, an sxten?iTe oolieotion, suitable for u; latitude in the Union, i 86 varieties. aeleted for any latitsae, for ?1. His experience of o?er SO mn Bsepraetie&l seed grower is the bast guarantee that all are pore, mh IS Meo* rt? Seventh ?i? oomer H. ME. rIchaEDBHlt1 rH h retired from the business whtoh ha has been conducting , as usnt for us for Mine time past, we bee leave to advise the psblie thai Mr.?BOMET, LOKER will have charte of the same entil farther notioe. Thank Isl for past fvrors, we shall endeavor to merit their oontiuuanoe. mhl7-law4w* A. HEEMULLER ? goN^. 486 CAiurBojcwiArae jgg at milukslojy frit ? doors above (WWSlowi'Udi. 8ILK "MB A most ehotee assortmsnt. at ov proverbial]/ '^OntkriM nelr. th? tatMl * J - TTfc. x' ^ ' " & 2 ttv > ,V'iU*tA 4-C ? I .u ?f OFFICIAL. Treasury department, Fihiiit 4, l*w. N otic a it ekiirst siTsii of the readlneaa of thia Department to redeem the Treasury not* payable In one year from date, authorized by tbc act of Congress appro red December S3d,1957, and the Treaaury notes payable In alxty daya from date, authorized by tbe act of Congresa approved id March, 1881. Interest on Treanrv not#* of the above l?*n?s will cesae on the 7th day of AprlWnext by term* of those acta respectively. fe J-tap*

Department of state, Washington, January 45, 18M. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturdaya, commencing with Saturday, the Ant of next month. Jan *7-tf WILLIAM H SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, JamraaTtt, 1*8. Oanaaas, That the War Department will be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to active military operations In the Held. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Repreaentatlvee. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON^ ja?-tf Secretary of W*? SOLDIERS' MONEY A!n? ALLOTMENT DRAFTS THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES To their Fainihsa at any place on the line* of their Expreaa at a chares of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Foe any ?r* sot ixobkdiso Fifty Dollar?i And a proportionate additional charge to piao'a reached by conueoung Expreaaea. 1 ne rermuanoe. wnetner ??u d,Tr#Mu(.r IXotM, or Allotment Drafts, should b* enclosed <n (in en velopeand securely sealed, tr<l have the full ad dree* <inc!ndin? town. Poat Offlee.ani Htate and in oitie* the street a-.d number) or the person to whom to be sect, and the amount lejribly marked thereon. Knvelopea for this purpose roar bad at our cffioe Tofaoilitate prompt deMTery the chart* for re mittanoe should he arepaid mil 38-lm ADAM8 KXPRKBS COMPANY. IIEPOT OUARTKRMABTKR'li OFFICE It Comer 18< k and O sir t tit, W4.*HM?eTOM, 1>. C., March 23,186? Sbalbd Piotosa' will be reoeiwed at thiacflio* natil Satnrday, th* T2th day of Aor.l, 130, at 12 o'olock M.. for delivering in tieei'y of \\ a?hington. at ?noh a point aa the Depot v{nart*rma?t*r may direct, the following named I'INK Ll'MUKR: 180.00^ feat 4-4(1 ?noh> Mmman nnllinn. " 6 4 < ix ilcn,' ' ** " 25,000 " joist 3 by 6,16 feet lone, l",?? 44 " 3 by 6,14 " 10,0011 " M Shy 6, M " " 2? wo * scant!id( 3 by 4 1? " " 10 noo " 3 by ?. 14 ** bjn0 " " 3 by 4.12 ' " All the Luuiher to b? del;vered witinaZ" dar? afi?r bikdiuc the onntraot. The Lumber .o Ix* inspected by an icpect r appointed on the part of the Governm?ntPa?inert to be made npon the satisfactory com p'etion of the ooatract Proposa l mit t>? planar nurked "Proposals ior Lvmbou" The ability of the biutior to 611 the oontract, sfcuuld it be awa.de ! to turn, m-**t be ruartnt'*<i by two r sponsible persons, w hose signatures mast be appended to the guarantee. i no iot!jfvjuci'hiiij wi inn gusniiiiori niUll ihovn Lt tha ifioia c, rtifi *'s of tiie olerk of the cearfet district court or of the (Jolted States diatriot attorney. 1) ddtrs mwat be preaeat in per?m when the bide are opened or their prcposa'a will not bj ansa i4erwl MoLda, in the aim offivi thousand dollars, aicnfd br the oontrao'or and both of liia cuaran tor?x will be n^uirel of the aaocesafu! bidder apin signing the contract The righ? to reject any or all hide that rra? be d*eined too high la reserved by the Depot (Quartermaaier. Informal propeeaia will be rejects!, Form cf Guare?i?? We, .of theooauty o; ?,ar.d State of ?, and ?, of the oaun'.y of ?, and Stare c f ?, do hereby guarantee it at i? able to fulfil a oontraot fa aooordanee with the terma ?f hia proposition, ana that, ahmrd his proposition be aooeated. us wiratoa je enter into a iMtiio: IB aooordanee there with. rhuu'd tbeooutraot b' tvudad htm *? are prepared to become bis seouriti ee. (To this guarantee matt Us app-nde<i the oertlfi-. oa?e atove mentioned.) I) H. KUCKKR, mh 3R <;oloael and QmrtwrmUr. W^EALt- D PROPOSALS A re invited till the 15th v? day of April. 198?, at 12 o'clock m , fo.-supplyme the United States ?nD l>ep't with 6 iOU head ol BEEP CATTLE onttie hoof. Toe Cattle to be delivered at Washington city, and eaoh animal to average pound* grot* weight; noanimal admitted which weuhs !ee* than l,ono ponnde grot* The uafle to he delivered at suoh times and in aaoh quantitie? as the Govercmert may require. Catiie will be require1! under thi* contract coon af-er the oonuact u c.oecd. Us.ifers aud bolls not wanted. A bond, with good and satisfcotory security, will be if quire 1. iovernniont reserves t-? itself the rigiit to pay ia Treasury not?s. Notidwil.be entertained when put in by contractors who have previously failed to comply wl'h their oontrac's or where the bidder is out present to respond to his bid anl all bids to be accompanied by two guaranties Thenstneeof firms should be stated in full, with the precise sddress of all the members of the firm. Illlla tn h?dir>nl?il In Mainr 1 M" ?v i*? mi wav? mifli V? C* U.S. A., Washington, D. G. Form qf (iunranlM. Wt, tof the oouotj of , tad I*tat* of , and . of the oour.tj of , aad tats of . do hereby marantee that ?? ig able to fn'fil a contract in aooordanoe with the teims of his proposition, and that should hi* propositi en be aooepted, he wilt at nooe enter into a oootraoi ld aoootdonoe therewith. ?hou!d the oontract be warded hm we ate prepared to become bis sera 11ties. This gnaraatee must t>e app?oded to etoh bid mh 18 P NOJICK. . .. m. nuruoAuSi r ron aea>trtau<l ralll*r* &'e invited till the 10th of April, 1662, for Ft KN19H*NQ FLOUR to the Bob lVp't ?f the Min? kind whieh ha* been reoetved by the U.S. Government, and kaown a* No. 1 extra Sainplee of thl? Flour oan be teen at the Capitol bakery in thit oity. It i? drtired to make a contract for 90 0f*> barrels, Bbovld. hoe ever, any pertnn Oetiro to fura'th a leu quantity, he will ata* j the precise camber of barrelt in hi* bid. The oontractor will be required to furmah at the rate of ?00 barrel* daily until theocntraet i* filled No Hour will be reoeived whioh doe* not oome up to the standard at tne lupeotion rnue ju?t be Cere the purobaae, The Flour to be delivered at the railroad depot in Waahintton or a: any of the warehoutea in Georgetown, D. C. Government reserves the rifl t to rejeot any bid for any oauaePaymenU to be made in Tre&aurj notes. aud the bid* to be directedte Major A. BECK WITH. C U. ? A . Waahirttop, P. O. mh 25 ^ /?v NOTICR A. f&u? tVnT8%xBt,c THE GOSLING RESTAl R4ir, 947 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, South Sim, (Formerly of New York,) He* the nam* aad fkme of being On* of tk* Btt RutauranU in Town ! Creiye a* a trial, and ledge for yon ?H-/T1 Every tHlng^ inttie honte u 4^RatBK8T THE MARKET ^2fiwL AFFORDS. ' 71 w JO" Don't forget the number? 94T Fenrcylv&iila avenue, between Itth ani 13th etreet?, Imh IMm no* Ui eida. r j'HE AMERICAN^^TELEeRAPH COM Uanns r?;Oj(?nedud,re fitted a dkarvji urriOK ta WtLiABM' HotK. thia confui? u pratvsd to aooowno<!au Uxi caaato of that hou*e, act the ablio, with eVkry Tal?cra*hio fftoility. C M AT/nMO R*E wtU BALT1MOKlL^ELfH^ Y tHa UdiM* ud MUM' HOOP SKIRTS, MortNMot, in aii tea bMt ?tr? aai at '^li'aT M Ml fcoraatfa aL Pa. Mr. O / #. >of: u, . ?i* -*< m _ _ X R O XI A. Xj XJ * 3*0 rMNIVLVANIA A V E 51 lT K . RNILG DFPRE. _____ Jn?t RtyvlrM nni Op^uM, a i*/see ana mkim n?ck or rbotc* FAMILY (1 RO C K R I K S, rAi?!??!ng r>ti . ?*lGARt?, of *11 grades, TEAS, COFFBB, BUTTF.R: LA R l?,' FLOUR, MAILLAR4)'B CHOCOLATK, Ac , Ac. au pi wujcu uc t'ben 11 icwtn oaaa prices. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHIRRIES. 500 barrels Magnolia, 500 barrels XXX, Son barrels Millers Rye Monongshela, #00 barrels fine Old Rye, 500 barrels fine Old Uourbos, AT CINCINNATI PlilCKS. AU the favorite brands of C II A MP AG N h , M itnm Veraeny, Owen Real, Held*'***, which, being bongbt low, we offer st qnnsaMly low rates. Also, Role Agent (or riEE'8 ARMY CORDIAL. feb 14 *?on BF.T, $4O0 BKT, MO* BET, THAT DAYTON'S THAT DAYTON'S THAT DAYTON'S SLICED APPLK PI P.P. BUCBn APPLK PIE*. SLICED APPLE PI Kb, ARK THK BEPT AM K THK BKPT ARK 7UK BKSF MADK IN WASHINGTON, MADK IN WASHINGTON, HADE IN WA8HIVGTON BAKERY 4 5? 11TH Ptbvbt. Ji.\kKKY 45? 11th Silitt, UAKKRY ''6 11TH STRUT. nth ?-?f CH. HIVART <k CO. S1LLKRY CHAMP Ad WE DEPOT . REMOVED TO 8. E. Coj?**b or Pe*5. Avhvi ahd Pixtk St.. C;?."i)1on Hotf! baiMing, Washington. II. ROSEV, ioiM, New Yonx. JAM IS MOLAN. A<je*t, Wa?hi>otom. P. C. SHERRY, PORT and MADEIRA WINES, FINE OLD HRANDY aad WHISKY. fTT* K liberal dfc^wit to dealera. ?ih 10 LADIES' RUBBER BOOTS AND SHOES. Ail etiea, at J. B. PUDNEY'S, 394 Penn avenue,bac* of Clagett'a Dry CJooda btore. MEN'S RUBBER BOOTS AND SH0E8, At I B PUDNKVV fa 12-tf P?nn. av- Bwt Room. HOYHTKHS-OYSTS'8' OTEL8, Restaurants a<<d Private ramiliea can be aapphed rt?i y m?h O YS Tr-RS^^ fre^hfrowi tfie aa*.., .irr nieasu'e, aad^^tt /_J at tue lowest pr e?. P.eaae give ua a oall. AYR F? k CO.. Ninth f-t. I>* wem DanaA*. !ZT Oystera of the bast *aa..-j $pioel to order. mh 22 HAIR NET"I XJ?HAIR NKTTS. UST Received another ;ot or tnoee haudeo?r? doaMe Gxinei.o Me te. A ao.akc* assortment of twisted Silk arv. Co.-d<?d NetU, u. a'. colors, at the Trima si ttsre . MRS. LOWIi, 89T fa. ?m.?nuili 'i?? mSi New styles for spr mo amd bUM, MKK, 1S?0. Ladies' Wrappings?LaUies' Wrappi&ca! French and fcr;!ieh "hort **ac?n*?, ff'a k Si!k '"oats and MantU'&a, Black and Colored ?:loth Cloaks. Coats, Ma:.tt taf. Dusters, Circulars, A" , *o. All of the n 'west and prettiest designs for the preaent nekton. now reeeivm< in aim nt daily an? plea, at MAXWELL'S ^ Depot forJ^adiea^ Wrappnigs_and I aiu oi.cn racoy uooci?3^? fl T^HE MERCHANTS EXPRESS COMPANY mwmH _ BALTIMORE /LSD WASHINGTON. Are dailr forwarding (with dirpatch> by tlie Washington Km.road. Mercbandisenf every description, t<? aDvffag^MH? suonnnt shipper* may require, at the loweat rate*. Agent for Baltimore, JOHN E. WILSON, Offlee. N. W. corner Howard and Camd?a ata., uear.j opposite Camden SUtion V. A Office and (storage, *04 Sotth Seventh street, opposite Center Market, Washington, D. C. wht-lw' A. P. FITCH. ArentF\m RLIT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES, Ac.? The uiioera.iuod lespeoUuliy offers an immense stock of FKUlTTRBES.of T*rr Tiirornna, thrifty rrowtb, and at greatly rerine'd prices, via 40,000 Pes oh trees, hist variant*. 51.000 dwarf Pairs, standard Paara, Aprioota Cherries, Pi*#, i Nectarines, Qaincr*, Ao ; tiraae Vines.Coi>eoros. Delaware, Cuyaboga, Ae; Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawoerriei, Rhuharb and Aspa-agus Roots, Ac ; Evergraeen, Sna eA and Orramenta; iroea; pnrnni, notta Ua'Uaa, Pere nnial Phloxee. With ait ?r?iolN partaiu.cc to tne TMuraerj and Seed buaine?a,cheep JOHN fAl'L, mil 1* w*t* beeu (More, 296 7th at. oorner H. Tm HIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE, That the Bub aonber hath obtained from the Orphaua' Court of Waahington County, in the Jiatnot of Columbia, letter* teatamer-tary on the p^racnal eeta e of Alexander Burrow*, late of Waahincton County aforeaaid. deoeaaed. All peraona having olaiim againit the aaiddec aaed are hereby wartied to azhibit the aame, with the vouehera thereof, to the aubaonbor, on or before the fifteenth day of March next; they may otherwiee by lav be excluded from all benefit of the aaic eatate. Given under my haed thia fifteenth da* of March. 1KB, JOHN DAVIDSON, ma 1T-Iaw3w* Kxecutuc. W??hfr??too, |? C , too eoori o Vi irO>." wg'1' _ I OOAL (HI#?COAL. OiL, * I a V Nov iiniil^ tk? trod* rll w - ? K?fUl6!jtJt OIL JU BiXLmort pno~ , ? < ?. ' WE HAVE JUST RECRIVED LAhtiK a*?ortm*nt of Ravrn, Maoon A Co.'?_ tod Pteiuwki A Son'. PIANO FOB.TKS.M|H| knowu m me beat now ro^u/aetuied.Mi II? wbiob we are offeruif at tha lowest faotorr prloe*. Persons in aearoh ot a reliable Pialo we requested to oall and examineAieo, o??e &#oouu band Piano for ##l and one for ?? > METZKROTT. GKWTLat8'omig ?V of all eo)or? and ?*ailoee, e< ual in Mte and ?" ? * co. i Merccant Tailors andCiotncr,. t?? Pa, a*t., h?H th aa4 Mt ?t? qa-tf" a W8PR1NG WRAPPINGS. E Have ja?t received a large and beaatifai assortment of W rappings, in all U?* varied etylM I of this season, ail of wr.iobwe offer at onr uaaai low fnoee. . MTAVLOR A CO., (formerly Taylt r A Hvtchitoa,) rnhtl eot gtaJR Cen'f Ma> bet Sp*ce. ADAJO" KXPEK8BOOMPANY. I NOTICE Of MMMOTAL. tknsttf.rea \ ta ?twJ % ?t*. | IV e.HAVE .OPENED A LAIAK ^-wiri i UKAVVKk?, vhiofa wilP bo told ?t rMaonalW* fn?M tJAM'i, W THOMPSON. 370 Pnn. a?oc ??, fr IMf ?wl?f Hrowt't. . I# > . *& #** .% /U*. /> v5 ? * ^ THE WEEKLY S1AR Tkli Family u4 N?*i Jmnal?***taialof a fmtfr rartety of faafttac thaa can to round ta anjr *?b*r?* | ** PrUtr morning Trial?Cath, intmrimblf, ta i iwmmm S? agle royy, i** annum .%i 00 V IW roplM 4 75 T?*a cipin 0 00 Tw??ty-|vc oopUa to UO ft Invariably rontata* tb? Waahlaftea >?*? ' that baa made TS' Det.'y Ertntng Stmt circulate ao general I y throughout the country JET" Single coplca (la wrapper*/ cau be precured at the roue let. lmsml'.atoly after the laev* of the paper Prloe?THRKK CENTS. rENTISTEY. ~~ i. B. FKABOUY. Att*iH* to ail b%'x:k? of hit frpW-i ?* tfc* a<o?t rt-Asoaa:.',* rttr? 'o- vbich o? ^?? .fr*?* arMl""'* -->*1 be trnonwd. _???<* !So. S?? >?uitina? ?wnM>liry ^Mw?cd I Ith Arid |Jth ktrr^l*. (?-f> dc&r* H t cftto Kirkwcod Hcuff, in Mine bci'OiBf in** f" De??dmi. m* $ Um'JU \1 IUT?. iUt LyW'ir. W, > .Ui? llWt?JMC ;th? fflNKRAL. PLATE TEETH, ?? a U : 1? f?r?oii\.<T ftt kt? ofcf* JL una ?.t? Mftnj rwmot out w<4r U?ft* lewth wi o~*" *1 MUinot weir otji^rt, &-.d to ^rwn ou ?r*j or' '1 who oat not wmi Pf!' ?? '12* fiilM -,Si.?(>?Ul-*KCKj-U. ?CMM vilr. any ety'.e fcnd ** ?:? ?rT^*:,> Rit kv . caw h?t tothoefwhoer* w*?nt^r??^v.eu t e ?nrt-st. t trrsiert, * <; rio-.-i s- mr# t ? *rt' r j rt?Uuwe, l:i- y.: N ? ;; X < . "S il wi . mviwil ?wnu > Rqgk? in thia oitr-No. SJ* fvi'Mir,Mivta ?th 6? ; ??. AlWi V(lT Ar?t ItrM. Pa: M*i Ml*. m*T( J^KW AMD 1MJ aoV?U? INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CH?OTlASTi BOVM V E 1 7 I, WiTim Mmi Pun ot CiuriDR. S. B sletlUMONP. 910 .*'?? le-*??* > "rn* 4? MM, l? ?rtrt? I?r% **ut 111* Ml , VnkHKIM, Oan? tr.e Mtentir.n of tue fin.iic to U<? ?ailn?icc <:r!W.t*tei? of b * nrprr>T*?l : j-aWt 1. Tbe Teeth of fci* m*:. i*ett;r? nev?T oor<x;e n<r civie ov'^r Ij ? 4 mi tie. t*ict llirea nutu iibt?r thk m.? ?t^er. I 1# terth nrreoU B?*d t* e*tr%rt?x1, ti lk* trtific.fci ocec can f t tsw:?i orer tuei. * T^e rppW? be ri?:e . jc - ?.e r?w? i. No ?m?on.:? t*??th ?* t?frJe4. *? rNciixt ? can t?r n.* I* 'i-i, *re*?r?Tf the nstcra! zfr^M ou %.' C?? f?c?. "wli*c iu.it tE" o ?i i? lie? .f:( j duti :Otl. ?. 7iua work h?* ber-u u: ? t*i ieo orer f*r ? *? &? mid of th? fcjr?t cis*n?t* ?ar*ieifca* of Una -- OCt: r. l)r.^, .IMIH IBffllf i * w. te aitf.eetmotive tnetfti SJl.nc, witU irl:>c? tho iro?t teetk oar ^e fi?lw wirSont *nl emu Imi.d v? * teei, log?'t ?r wiy ?d? root*. Wftio> Vill IM* t^roncfc lifetime. Tti *~ni *f rrf??Teoc.pF |>r V. >1 r?t*; [>?. Cor emu*, frofMMr otCh?r e'ry. N._VM Hoa. in ige W*|ne, ot ?h* t*r*re?ae Oart of Wuitrt tor. ?t><! thou?>!( of oU.m. ("v: ?u4 eau.i. c* for joa :?ei," &r> * On GAR fitting, act 4 fffl ?.w>vk?oo. ? * ? n?? frr??r?c< k> nxevata *u> Vttfc ?:::??? t*??r n.*i tL i4? ffcfXL'lft#, CAgOX IflUJI I Pter* w m r f-w <U>erc nortt el r?, can. whir-< is*-Uj 'out cotp?:^?? fc*?*ftia*a1 f CHANDI?t>?r #A3,F J uiM *-4 wtTKi fi mr * ?t: WM A 8 n \ VIltiB. I t J4 ??<> id ttoro, t&d r? on j r*o%?ir j, % A < yjiffllt of t "*>W . ? ?. . ! tW'i isa'Piaie;',euj??i.-?r sc s*j eto?nfr >nt hf<r-?i>w to tni? *V> f.e:? .] to Ml ?i?t or.r ru. c of G*? ti." W?l? Pi*' ir??, "ms <w?dW?*it .-!.*;?? .. ? j :s ? tn; ? Ktock Ul W lO'.i. A . VS wr? it Vu*?l<crs .2a i?tr??t*4 > ?-. ?*.. be *r* -*tir v* i *S!?* ?. M . * ? at ^ Rini m: l-t! RKAD! K KA1)!' RE/vD::: AND BK CONViNCI o A Ni> BK C(?N VlNTK AND BK OONViNC&O. Ertrirt ftam th? F' *>vt??r jr f, 19W DtTMs'j Ciicmr iift> fcirtiLisT inHct'l kn-l K*'9+rr. e*i ?re', H. uakMp?ri, and G'ooe-a*. shouid rot ft.il t m ore c supply of tiie anporlor Orfcakere an4 Pi?a. mvDd fito'ured I<t IHrton, 426 lith itre#V i> ud M. lint n mftacf%otar?? ?(i kiuli ofC\k?? ltd Cracker* i (the best mMtnt .ttxl ??fn h??e?fc?e*?r is we'I ?w*re of the ir-?t iiffriorilr of the litter, when fresh from Uie wens, to Uk?h* skiepH frcm Northern ciuee. !??it>re wi!i to* it t -e*ti? t? their interest to rxkifitne J>s?ton'a Craokere *&4 Pies before puroh<i?ui< eieewfiere. We will ?uow tne ntoios of at?>'e l iar, \ eoore nf Sut i-rs who ta.e o*e1 1 t-i ir.s'cJvjturei by oth^r Baker*, end were ohligeo t? <xnie to ?s h:,? ijr, pat u* twoto n more per i.nn<ire>l in order 1o set ?n -irtieie which the men o nl<i e*t without maknj t.v m sick. from tke C^rrifprmdmt mj <A? A'??e York Dupouk. * * ? W A m.t AA Wllh wi! ? ik Cfu ofour ??nt*rpr'?ir.* OWow c:ti?en, Jm. Urrton. m tne Maker? Ku?.r. m il inle e;t?. hit aaoowi a ha* oeen sai.-.ed t>j the cxoei>eaee?f hi* good*. . . , . ^ . _ We If am thit member* of tbe SaB:tary 0?m mittee bare ate of fci* Pte?, and proeouBO* th?>e healthful; and w* !" * ?*T ? 1n?ttee. 'hit vi aeter aartook ofTnor* deitcieaa Fie* id car uie fcutier* (rom erer? aeC-iffo l-aiiiltea tri m all auartem oi the cit*, tend Bakery. We atroncr* frvite tT ear Mil? *?r? rtiAritt.il : jMKifoN CKACIU?M3, SLICED appI.K pies. KAHI'BKKRY PIK?. DAYTON** tfaktrj. ?#t> ? levtsth st-ae*. mh 25-tf Batwton 6 and HPRI V AT I!!. PRIVATU 3PRIVATM DR. LA BONTA hftvlnc reMTcd kMnft^tti R.x>w No *, adj'teivr '.ue MiuUa* ChruLioie ?. di ?. iu W Ba.wii4, i's avenue, ourier of *tn sirwt. is cow re\<?T tt) cure a 1 Due**ea of ft Private Nature, witfcoa\ ths u?e of flaucercus or d age ol ur kicd, and do inte'te'er^e witu your bn?'ne?? *rooat.on? having d*?rul?l in/ ?a la uuj~ tj te atatiy ani our* of Prvata ~.r J- ti run an<< to Cftrotso 'flection* ..} |or Wc.ab ??.r?T Kii!i>?r'. -k : E >wuu, Ac g it the beet ach'oi in the wor'd, tne New No.k Crtr Hospital*. Pr*fe Cfctit-xi *n<i ?e Thorn 1 raoet r*?peoila.iv 'afar. i wul any < W# to Ute t"r* - tdTUnii.Lt u.e a -**e of at.? of trw above dta aeea which I e%nn?t ?p*-ed ' ? a> a ferm-wn?iitiy oare. <et the ease be old or n-w. No dieting rrauire 1 : bo thing d aagreeablf in an? fart of tie treatment. Cocaultatione Ire*. tw?m? ve?v arira*? M. La b?>T4. tiwa A I Lrat Unarl U. ?.ti. m f?l> Hill /llfc* mbas-lm" Fc.. avrtue am Tth's* stmmmmammmmII AB..\UKW'S* *1 11 ?T??Ufa?: is 193?w B?j ; * ? to lrf>rm the p j&?i* t!>at tz?o? ttw *iteuded their t?xpr?ea to W aofuuslcu. arJ ar* lcv Ered to T"-?n*?or! ,M<- o^n-^-ae. Hl^k N>^?, e, Jewelry, Ao.,U> &?* pana bi tne MiddU* Knrl and and wV.?t?n? Srate; aC Cmnmda. noting with the niact r**aot.aibe F.xpreseoe throughout the country. vr? are enai>.ec. to oS* muquatUd. to ail who ujAt tavor c? with tha<r patronage. For terms a-.?J f.rther . olonra Hon ar? r to L. 8 bUiTil, AgeuU Third ?t.,td door below ?*a-avenue. ja Vtin VS asai?gt? n. P C IjbClllhU B AR t AI.N's. Lm*n Goods, a fall aaeortnMN.: >.i kiuw of tM (<?t C AAAKmbiwideriM and Pocket Handaervfciefa, reoert app.ies is all r raoea, Fine an medium Vtiuif Flauncli, Plain Wii'? att! 1 -a-i Cambrios asd Mc? :aa. All of the abov* a* one prorr-biaIN low pner, marked in plan; figure*. the aotcfe ~ash aiauiarl valve. \l taaprot'? oI stock laipiiM no obligation to tt.-ouaao. PKRRY k kikG.. mk ?-?t Penn. a?cpoe and *h at w 0UV8' UVUTHIN9. ? ? K Have reoMT?d withia tat^ut dar or two a urii uwrnMOt of BOYS' BP RING CLOTH INu. embraoiM all tries of low priori. Btediain* end fine <uahf:ee, Wtuoh we ire eeiltac at very iow pnoee for each. WALL, ftkphl.ns * CO . stilt Pi *T.between 9tt> im Mtfc m. B lr t?5 Wo?1 |?EAD WITH^DECIBJON AND AOf * ITfl OR. M. V BLLNvo $R/V AT K noJPITAU in ILe Pederai B'oofc, "?e<>?re the *ra o*t awl Patent tta<t?. c a*? of 7th m-u I eta , W aei.u *u> , MPfta*"l:?b*j for tbf * n?r ' Qaar*--. Tie Da y Re*?ar r&-elwas A?*aru?a?e Ilr. M. VellwrteW' ? ' * ***?; Un w i f i iijta Miffi il1'**! m < f * p*"*ate nature. ?r t?e ?t t - imi ttt a? id fiK hkLd.f^ ^i. fNfr ar? *>Nno^anr* f?r a^ a-a tat^n. A ?n<t ?Wioai awre i?a to mtt KH2.6Mrf? ttttftK! fcsiw br a?*?Hn at 4ke dial tar*. *?n y*tA.