4 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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i * 0~ ? ? ^ OftaitiQ Star ~ * Vet. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRII>AY, APRIL i, 1862 N?. '2.845. I THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVERT APTERNOON, (SUNDAY BXCKPTtD,) AT THE STAR BUILDINQI, ?/ P(Mi)flf?iw ??. mmd Kltrmtk T W. J>. WALLAOH. Faper* aerred In package* by carrier* at 14 a ye*r, or 3? centa per month. To mall abacribara the price la 93.50 a year, m ndrmnct; 93 for all tenth*. 91 for three montha; and foi teas than f three montha at the rata of 13 canta a week feln. gle copiea, ows cim; In wrapper*- fwo cmtb. UJ~ ADv*BTia?if*ST? ib'jUid be aent to the Hice before 12 a'clo'ii n.; otherwlae ther mav I ot appear until Vne n?t day. THE WIND OF CAXNO* BALLS. "The time* bare been, t T bat when the bral na were oat the man would die, An.i there an end: bat now, th?y rt* again, With twenty mortal murdera on-thetr crowns, And push ue from oar ?tool? " So with the superstitions of caifort and 8oldiera. They have more liTtg than oate The braina have been knocked oat of thw one many timee, bat here It oomes again. Colonel Russell falls dead In the cannonade at Roanoke. ws #ound is fonnd apon his body; erpro, say the soldiers, be was killed by the w->d of the balls. Non seqvitur, sajs the wrjhon Tbe Wind of a canncn ball never hurt* anybody, for many rea?on*. the first of which is, that there is no such a thins. The air displaced by the ball clo*?* instantly behind it, but has no lateral effect. This is proved in various ways, but is placed beyond cavil or question by the ootnmon occurrences in every severe cannonade. For instanoe. the dispatoh just received from Fort I>onelson says " a shot struck the pilot-house of the St. Louis, passing through it, between the pilot's less, without injuring him." Why did not the wind of that ball at least bark his bins? Tbe fact is that military surgery abounds in ?asef which prove thst cannon nails pass in gracing contact with all parts of man s body and never do the slightest harm, except on the . parts actually struck. They have smashed i|?. iL. V 1 -1 ?--? . ..I viobu miuu^u u vb ma aeimQU, riliog tDC hair; they have cat off ear? close to the skull, nrms cio6o to the side, one thigh close to the other, apd yet the ac(jaoent parts are left as sound as ever. An instance is given of a heavy shot striking a rank of marching men in the flank, taking off the right leg or the first, of the third, and of the fifth man, of course passing between the legs of the others, and yet the left legs of the wounded men were uninjured, and tne other men knew nothing abeut it. Aocording to the wind theory, their legs should have been badly injured. But how account for the death of men in aotion whose skins are unbroken, save by the wind theory? Easily, as thus : 1 he vital internal orrani float, as it wera, ia a yialding madiam Press ynar band into the pit of a man's stomach rtowiy, and you may displace the organ without any pain or injury; but plant a swift blow there with your fist, and you double the man up with pain; perhaps kill him outright; but there will not be the slightest outward mark. Hence, in boxing, a blow below the belt is indeed foul Pr*** hard upon a man's left side, and the elasticity of the ribs, aided by the elastic eartil agea at each end, allows great deprawion to be made?consequently the heart and lungs to t>? nnikiui mil ? ? 1 *v; K ? -uv V?VI j lUKIg IUU1CC beck to its place without pain or injury; but a awift blow over the same part with a club, or a fall from a house upon a hard substance, may fracture the ribs, drive the sharp, broken r.inta through the membranes, or even paralyse the heart and kill the man outright, without leaving a blemish on the skin. Standing once in the bow of a vessel aa she bore down upon a hostile battery, my eyes caught the first flash of a cannon, and quicker than one eould wink twice the bait came crashing through the bulwarks, and smote duwn a comrade, before my ear caught the re" port, which he, alas! was too far gone to hear. A twelve pound shot struck him full upon the peJrls; but being partly spent in splintering the wood, its force was further broken by his boty, and it fell to the deek with bin. No blood was drawn, but the internal parts were M smashed tbat ha was h?rH 1 v ?nt il/iw* cockpit alive. Soldiers and sailors hare other superstitions about spent balls. The old aoldier loves to retail them to the recruit, upon whom he looks down as sophomores do upon freshmen, or as our regular officers do upon volunteers, and with as little reason, few of them ever having seen such hard fighting, for the Mexican war was but a sort of dress campaign against a poor, weak enemy, in the whole or which there was less blood shed than in a Napoleonic skirmish The old soldier, I say, will tell you of the greenhorn, who, seeing a spent ball just moving on the ground, tried to stop it with his foot, but had it cut clean off, instanter. The fact is, a cannon ball, partly spent, ricochets and roils with just the same force as though it had been rolled by a man's hand, ana no ^ more. The force depends upon its weight and velocity of coarse. Mortal wounds, however, without bloodshed or hraifh nf thi ikia mr-m nnt _ W. ?? w NVk WUttUVHI^ uuauo by spent balls, bat those having great velocity, and according to my theory they should be more frequent by smooth bore than by rifled cannon. The balls rotate swiftly on the axis as they r fly. and in directions according to the foree acting upon them as they leare the gnn. Now take a 32- pound shot and hold it before a man s thigh, on the oatside, or before his ribs, in such wise that if you push it forward, and he stands firm, the ball will pass, by reason of his flesh yielding, one inch ; that is, by being pressed inwards one inch. The ball will thos hare moved through a space before occupied by the fleeh, or bone, because it passed lowly, or the parts yielded, and no harm is doM. But if that tame man is standing final*. and that same 3J-pound (hot, rushing swift a< lightning, strikes him in the same direction, it may roll over the akin without breaking it, but nay. nevertheless, daah it inward with sueh sudden shock aa to paralyse it* vital ac'ion, and even crush the bone. Jove's thunderbolt could not strike a man dead more suddenly, or leave lees scars Sometimes it is found the internal parts are ruptured, marked, and even pummelled to a ? jelly, tbough there were no outward marks. Generally, however, the disooloration shows itself plainly en the rarfaoe in a short time after death. War has real terrors enough ; and a moving ] cannon ball is a fearful missile; but we should rat pi/1 of >11 unantitiAiii 1? An Elopbhuht.?A day or two since ft mftn ftnd woman pa( up ftt one of oar eseellent oity hotels ?nd took room for flaw day?, registered aa man and wifa, and everything went on swimmingly until yesterday, whan " the ooarae of true lore" took an eocentrie torn and refused to ripple along further towards ita ocean bed of felicity. Ike principal caoae of this trouble in the curruat waa the appeurunee if man culling hlmaelf the liege lord of the aforeeaid woman, aooompanied by oAeer De Witt. The truant wife and her paramour war* 4 found nioely loot.ted in the same room. It waa found, however, that aa it waa out of Mr. De Witt's jurisdiction, another aaristnat would have to be called. Marahal Thompson waa sont for, and, with ruthleaa hand*, aevered the " silken thread of love," and looked the gentleman up In the atation houae. The rentieman, we learn, appears to be a Mr. Geo. Stokes, P. M of New California, and the recreant doom tho wife of a mm named Oeborn. alio of that place, wo boliovo. Tho forgiving haaband, *ome what after tho atrlo of hia great prototjpo, Siekloa. boo again taken tho erring, bnt now thoroughly repentant 41 dough tor or Ere,"' to hia booom and confidence An effort woo made voaterday hy tho oodnoor fur a " eomDromiao,' but with what auooeee we haTo not learned Tho oaoo will probably bo arbitraM this morning by hia Honor.?Okio Slats Journal "Duananoa Bill "?The meaouro kamn the 'damnation MIL" ia the Ohio LagtelnharB, Impoelag a penalty for tho ooo of proihue laogne*e, ranr op on It laal peeeage, whoa Mr. Dreoeer (Dent ) oStored to amend Itao lotlowo: "And prrwme offending uatwl the prortalona of thla aet. who le eow, or Aereaflrr may be, a candidate ^ fm r s. SVnOtor, shall, la addltloa to the fae in.f.nerd by thla ?r? forfait ell the rtfht to be a ( dldate f.?r ,rfc cB # ? A* thla would dlaqik.if/ M-n \V*de, It killed the bill latently ? 4'+?ay iila? mad Argnt. . j Mr. Raudl'i Lttlrr. The last Utter Is dated New York, Feb. 27, and appears in the Times of March 18. Wo quote: The ptMs is bonnd in a rigid censorship, which, indeed, is submitted to bv the people of the North with very good efado, because the* expeot to b? astonished ana delighted by Intelligence of signal successes when the restridtions are removed. Neither telegrams nor correspondence referring to military movements can be published with safety. The oocnpation of Nashville is now bevond a doubt, unleas one ean be created by the auA _ . ? - - inoritj 01 an tea newspapers and the unanimity with which th? report is promulgated. Arkansas is now the theater of a large guerilla. Missouri for the time seems to be muoh in the state of Burgundy during the wars of Duke Charles. The notion of a strong Union feeling being latent in the South is weakened by experieaoe ia every part of the oountry save Tennessee, and it is well to state that the distriots in which that sentiment has been discovered were always opposed to aeeession. It is creditable to the sense of the northern people and to their oomprehension of the value of facts, that no undae elation has been excited by their recent triumphs. One or two journals have, of oourse, pursued their folly to its bent. However, there Is no better sign on the part of a people in a great struggle than calmness in victory. Those who exclaimed when Donelson yielded its 12,00<> prisoners or nlore that 44 Secession is dead !" hold their tongues or speak with moderation in face of the unyielding attitude of the South. The papers from Kiohmond and elsewhere utter no uuoertain note*. They are fall of resolution and vigor. They acknowledge tbeir reverses, admit the force of tbe enemy, criticise the ooarse of their ?wernment with bitterness; bat tbeir councils reathe resistance to the last. A Divorce Casb upon thb plia or Dislotaltt.?A curious divorce case transpired last week in Harrisbarg, Pa., the complainant in which is a Philadelphian It seems that in February, 1860, Miss Catharine Brown, the daughter of a well-known druggist,was united to St. George Henry Hopkins, of Winchester, Ya. The match was an uncongenial one, and the petitioner alleges that Hopkins treated her with marked neglect, indifference and cruelty. He finally forsook her in February last, and has since, it is believed, made allegiance to the Confederate Government. Upon the ground, mainly, of his disloyalty, the petitioner asks for a fall and final divorce. She is corroborated aa to the discloyalty of Hopkins, by Cbief L. C. Baker, of the Government Detective Police. The petition of Mrs. Hopkins is explicit as to details, and narrates many incompatibilities of disposition and sentiment. She says, for example, that "on the 20th of December, I860, we had a discussion apon the speech of Tbos. R. Cobb, of Gi., when my husband argued his secession views with suoh violence as to cause me great faintness and illness. He seemed to regret bis violence, professed repentance, and with a show of great love for my mother aad myself, threw aside his objections to my Sing to visit my parent* in his absence. He it for Virginia on the 22d of December, I860, and did not return antil the 4th of January, 1861, when he posted through the city and ?nt tf\ (larmaniAWft */v WJ ???? ui0? vv uviuivuivnu iw uio uiviuoijnuoro be remained several hoars?thus passing bj without anr knowledge or inquiry m to my condition, baring been without anj intelligence from me for fire or six days, lie bad especial dislike to my habits of ear* for expenditure, and neglected no opportunity to ridicule and condemn them." Again : " He strove oonstan tly to impress me with distrust of my mental capacity, and to impress on me his belief that my memory was failing through disease. Although this caused me much anguish and apprehension, I am happily unconscious of any abatement of memory or any other mental faculty, and have the satisfaction of knowing that all who hold me dear and know me best have as yet perceived no reason for ao liiltrMainv an nnininn ' > Kpiscoral Dicaii.?The Philadelphia Enquirer saya: It la said that Blabop Potter baa forbidden toe Rev Treabam Gregg, of Dublin, Ireland, from lecturing In tbl< city. Mr Gregg recently arrived In tbla country, and having beatowed much thought for many year* upon the aubject of confuting Catholicism, haa held controverslea from time to time with tbe clergy of that creed. Mis lectures since coming here nave been mainly on the same subject, and Bishop Potter, not wishing 111-teellng engendered, especially at thla moment when both Cathoilca and Protestanta are fighting side by side for tbe Union has srdered a cessation of hia course This is a free country, and Mr. Gregg, notwithstanding the order, can continue lecturing as much as he pleases, but Episcopal churches will not be tendered him for the purpose, and be will be com pelted to resort to pubfic balls Mr. Oregg, aa a dlrlne of high character, will, though a foreigner, doubUeaa courteously respect the authority of tbe Bishop of Pennsylvania, and cease further discourses His lectures here have been meagrely attended. Ferma of faith excite far leu Interest at the present than In yeara gone by. Txade tiiTwaix New Voax and Socthesn Pons.?Several city newapapera have contained atatementa to tbe effect that special permits had been granted by tbe Secretary of tbe Treaaury to a few merchants of New York to carry on a general trade (monitions of war alone excepted) with tbe re-occupied porta on tbe bouthem coast. Theee statements are entirely unfounded. Trade V, ,fr-?- 1 flt.i J *W. O A1 ? %nm iwvu mam snu inc ovumrrn puns ban been, ana now la, confined exclusively to vessels owned or chartered by the Government ? y. y. Journal of Cammeter. A paatiirbnt Ihqoibt ? In Philadelphia Wendell Phillips waa blaaed for saying that tbe "uneducated negroes of tbe South were better fitted for liberty than tboae In power at Waahington were fit to direct the Ship of State " Did he say that in W ashing too ??Taunton Gaztttt LC^The Prussian Monlteur publishes a cabinet order, ordering that tbe brandy served out In tbe Prussian army aba 11 be henceforth replaced by coffee. Bach mar will receive two-fifths of an ounce per dav Id time of imsm. and a i?ir ? Id time of war. 1jy rtM Rebels, whom Gen. 81 gel defeated at fit Ridge, call him. with all the usual variety of profane prefatory adjectives, "a Dutchman." He oertalnly baa not sufficiently caught one of their own proclivities to merit the name of "The Flytag Dutchman." IfT Two hundred tbouaand barrel* of ale are manufactured annually In the city of Albany. Under the new tax law that city alone will pay en thla article alone two hundred thousand dollar* a year. IX^From the Petroleum District of Pennsylvania It Is calculated that the weekly product can be 75,000 barrel* oil?or 3.900,000 barrels per annum. Thla la wealth, Indeed. OTA child In Omagh. Co. Tyrone, which was lately supposed to have died, after being waked two dan, suddenly astonished its friends by revising to be buried, and Is now doing well. IT^The National tax bill, as It stands, will require the appointment of about ttunty tix tkouits4 collector*. W bat an army of oflee holdera! U^Mrs. Heenan. the alleged wife of Ueeoan, I fee naslllit wtlL It U s*u ? >r???i? w? a hut la London as an actreer n*y Ajfthhtihf Hoghee waa In Roma at laat account*. C7"In London there Is an alarming lncreeae In lllegimate births and Infanticide. S^ehoIoetiUnfe?88 ?OOD8>~Mmt n#w lld A loo, oar aaaall tall atoek of all ktnds of Foreign aa4 powejU? Dry goods, for the earrent wanU of ^Op?j>moo . irKfin plain Scares, tkt ? ' ^r.'sau.fKu. I NTREEBTIN^ FOR gTI|jB COMMUNITY c^rj&rr, arcs, fiAftSAii? ?mI from oar mana'aotanag eesabiiajuneat la Baltueore,vkIafc we offer atastoaisbiac low arioea. mh n ! ? earner ? and nk afro^a. (fUMP FURNITURE AND TIN WARE OF v> afikiada to be hvi or .? *17 " TELEGRAPHIC) NEWS. GREAT TORNADO AT CAIRO- 1 House? Bloicn Down?Bmrraekt Dtstroytd? Stenmsri Damaged, it. CAlkO. April 2 ? A terrible atorm, amounting 1 to a tornado, occurred here thla morning, which ] unroofed the 8t. Charles Hotel and demolished j several rows of empty barracks. , Several transports snd tugs were blown from the Ohio levee across the river, and five men were 1 blown overboard and drowned. i The upper cabin of the steamer illlnots was blown off and four or five lives were lost. Several store barges also drifted down the river, and large piles of government lumber were blown from the 1 Ohio levee In the river. The wooden barracks at Blrd*s Point and Fort Holt were demolished, but there was no loss of life. The steamer Philadelphia drifted down the river, and sunk one mile below Bird's Point. The hospital boat at Mound city was also dam- ' aged. I Anxiety la felt for the safety of the feet near Island No. 10, and a steamer has been sent down to ascertain what effect the storm miy have had In that quarter. Later accounta say that only seven prisoners and forty horses and mules were recently captured at Union city. ( Cairo, April 3 ?Yesterday, during the great storm, a small craft tied to the levee, In front of I the St. Charles Hotel, occupied by a poor man and his family of five persona, parted her moorings, . and all on board were drowned. The wharf boat of the Ohio and Mobile railroad was blown acrosa the river, and Is now entangled In the trees on the Kentucky shore. At Paducah the storm was alao very severe, unroofing thirty bouses, Including the Marine Hoipltal and a large warehouse adjoining. The damage done to the steamers and property along the r ver la lmmenae. The Kvansvllle packet Conner barely escaped destruction. The storm was exceedingly violent In the vicinity of Cumberland river, but no particulars have been re elved. The steamer Universe has juet returned from a successful search for the steamer Philadelphia, rcponea yesterday aa sunk sue waa found one mi'e thia aide of Columbus, and the crew were taken oil, excepting three men, who left the ateamer In a skiff and have not been beard from since. LATER FROM ISLAND No. 10. The Fleet all Safe fram the Starna?The ' Bambardmeat Still Prvgresslag. Cairo, April 2?10 p. m?There la nothing of I interest to report from New Madrid. The ateamer Pike baa just arrived from Island No. 10, with intelligence from the fleet up to 1 Cin The damage to the fleet by the storm waa as than anticipated. The gunboats and mortar boats are uninjured Two transporta, the Pike and Swallow, were damaged considerably. The bombardment was still carried on vigorously, but reaultaare unknown t FROM El'ROPE. Halifax, April 3?The steamer Niagara has ' a?rlvo<l tt*Uk f 'W-IIOJ ..141 vw ifcu lit *CI pwi OUTItCI ll> (UC WU UIlIIHUt Cotton closed firm and buoyant. Breadstuff* dull. Flour and wheat hive a downward tendency. Wheat la 2c lower. Provision cloaed steady. Beef active and declined'.is 6d to 3?. Bacon buoyant and advanced M.alt. The Etna has arrived out. In the House of Commons Mr. Baxter opposed I the expenditure for certifications In the colonies except for the great naval stations, but subsequently withdrew his objection. , The Times, speaking of President Lincoln's emancipation message, says, It can hardly be ] looked up as anything more than an invitation to discuss the subject In Congress. It la clear that If slavery is to cease, even In the border States, a change must be accomplished by other means than those at which be points, which means. It la certain, are totally Inapplicable to the whole i Union. The Times fears that the proposed Utonla comfiromlse will be difficult of access, nor does It beleve It will shake the resolution of the South. a* a proposition, nowever, which may poutbly , lead to a cessation of frightful conflict, it thinks ' it worthy of discussion. 1 The Daily News thinks the proposition of President Lincoln is fair, moderate and magnanlmous. From New Mexlc*. 8t Louis, April 3 ?A letter from Fort Union, 1 I New Mexico, dated March 16, aiv* reinforcements have arrived there, and our force is now sufficient to defend that depot. At the latest advices t'olenel Canby was still shut up at Fort Craig, two hundred and fifty miles south of Fort 1 Union, and that the Texans, 3.400 strong, were at Albuquerque, with twenty pieces of artillery, and about half way between Forts Union and Crale. Otber accounts say that 1,800 Texans were advancing on Fort Union. The Texans held Santa Fe, and had organized a provisional government, Gen 1'ebham being Governor. If I forward movement on h? muia 1 jeopardizing Port Union, an effort will be made to relieve Colonel Canby, and reclaim Santa Ke and Albuquerque. It was reported that Colonel Canby bad captared a train of sixty wagons and 400 Texans. Communication between Santa Fe and Fort Union was cut off, but an advance would be made about the -'id by the troop* at Fort Union, aasisted by two *11)811 batteries, when It waa expected com. munlcatlOR with Fort Craig would be restored. The Rebel Ftrci Concentrating at Corinth. Lovisvilli, April 3 ?An Intelligent man,who left Memphla a week ago, reporta tten. A. Sidney Johnaton aa saying that the Federal* could outflank them In any position they might take, and therefore fortiflations were useless Johnaton aaya tha only chance lor the Confederatea ia an open light on the field. Our Informant thinks that Corinth, MI*a., I* the cboaen place for the battle. He say* the rebela had about 60 000 troope on the line between Memphis and Huntsvllle, Ala.,which were being { reinforced, and is supposed now to number from i sixty to sixty-five thousand rebela. The rebeia, he says, are prepared with tar and roeln to burn Memphis when compelled to evacuate Th? mnl # ' * ??_? r. vi>iku> vi iiiruiuuil ay they woold yield forthwith, If assured tbelr property would be saved from confiscation by the Federal Government. New Yark Lac a I Klectiana. Ginxva,N. Y., April St.?The election In the town of 8eneca yesterday resulted In the success of the entire democratic ticket, with the exception of superviaor, by an average majority of 127. The republican supervisor elected haa 12 majority. Tne vote cast waa much larger than usual. GaaniroiHT, L. I., Aprils.?The entire repubI iu.n ?? 1 a - * ?- **- - * -" itvaa uvACt woi CICCVCU 111 IDIS lOwD VCIKrdfty) by an average majarlty of 181 The vote was the largest ever polled at a town meeting. There were three tickets. 1 Causa Csatlag Nerth. N*w Yoke, April 3 ?Twenty^lght bales of j ootton arrived here to-day from Tennessee, the irst lot of 1,500 bales to be forwarded hare. I Sail lag af the America Boston, April 3 ?The America sailed at noon with 48 passengers for Liverpool and *10,000 In specie. l WHY DON'T YOU 00 TO-NIGHT to the tt Pair at Parker's Hall. Kxtra attractions thera. mh 3'-?* 500,000eov!"* ' 1 ROUGH TALLOW' and ARMY GREASE ' WANTED. for wkieh tha hit hast jrioe will be paid at the Natloaal Boa# and Candle vVorka. 6rasn street and .

Canal, Georgetown, D. C. i mh 10-la C. B JE WELL. Proprietor, W SPRING WRAPPINGS. B Have j ast resetvad a iarce aad beautiful I assortment of Wrapeiags, in all tns varied etylaa I >? ? ? jBTOSKftBSgKM ?'r|of Wr>j||hn' Sy^rSyiSuel oar proverbially lowBrioaa, J iiiod la plata ftcartB. r"~?* Ob? pno* onlyTth* aotu*: ojuh ataadard vaiBB# i . M? PVEKTTbru^ J ^ P*. av?. and N ibU treat. OFFICIAL. rKASl'RY DEPARTMENT, Fbbbvabt 4, 19<m. Notici it bbbbby lvin of the reading of thla Department to redeem the Treasury aoteB payable In one jreaf from date, authorised by tbe ict of Congreaa approved Deeember 33d, 1807, and ihv a nmuijf ivm jjoyooir iu sixty aayi I rum late, authorized by the act of Congress approved Id March, 1881. Intereat on Treaaury notea of the above Issues trill eeaae on the 7th day of April next by term* ?f thoae acta reapectlvely. fe 5-tap7 "T\EpA,lTMENT OF STATE, Washington, January 25, 19m. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Member* of Congress on baalneaa on Saturdaya, Bommenolng with Saturday, the first of neat montk. Jan *7-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, Jantart 31, 1009. Okdiksd, That the War Department will be Sloaed Tuesday*, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to active military operations In th? field. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 82-tf Secretary of War. SOLDIERS7' MONEY axd ALLOTMENT DRAFTS THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES To their Families at any place on the lines of their Express at a charge of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS For axy sum sot rxorrdihg Fifty Dollars; And a proportionate additional charge to plaota reached by connecting Expresses. The remittance. whether Gold, Treasury Notoa. or Allotment Drafts, should bo enclosed in an envelope and securely sealed, snd have the full adIreM(including town. Post Offioe.ani ftate and in cities the street and number) of the person to whom to be sent, and the amount legibly marked thereon. Knvelopes for this purpose may be had at our office To facilitate prompt delivery the oharge for re mittance should be srepaid ah 28 1m aDAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Depot quartermaster# office Comer 18(A n*d V ttrtils, Washington. 1>. C.? Maroh JH, 1862. Hw f mr\ V naoa ? ? J ? - 4' " w?Jtb?u a ?vrv? Will irr IWDITOU III IIJIII tlllO*' natil Saturday, to? 12th day of April, 1862, at IS D'olook M.. for delivering to tnecityof Washington. at such a point aa the Depot Quartermaster may direct, the following named PINE LUMBER: feet 4-4(1 inoh) common culling*. 40.'oo " 6-4 (1H inch? " ^ 25,ono toiat 3 by 6,16 feet long, lo,wm 44 ' 3 by 6,14 " 10,?? M S by 6,12 44 44 Jo (K** " scantling S by 4.16 ** 44 10 000 " 3 by 4.14 " ** 4AO0 " " 3 by 4.13 44 44 AH the Lumber to be delivered wrthin days after signing the contract. The Lumber co be inspected by an inspector appointed on the part of the Government Payment to be ma4e upon the satisfactory comp'etion of tbe eoutract. Proposa.s must be plainly marked "PaorosALa FOR 1,WMB?A." The ability of the bidder to fill the oontract, should it h? awa.ded to him, mast be guaranteed by two r sponsible peraons, whose signatures mast be appended to the guarantee. Th? rMBAMI . ?f tKa - ?? ? .v. ?uv ituoiwivuia ninn iw shown by lb* ofhoiai oertih'-aie of the ol?rk of the nearest ifistriot oourt or of the United states district attorney. Bidders must be present in person wusn the bids are opened or their proposals will not ba oona idered Vocds, in the sum of fiv* thousand dollars, signed br the oontrac'or and both of his guaran tors, will be required of the snoeeseful bidder upon signing the contraot. The right to reject any or ail bids that may be deemed too high ia reserved by the Depot Quartermaster. Informal prcpo?aU wiH be rejected. Form tj Guarantee We, . of the oountv ot , aod State of ?, and ?, or the oonnty of ?. and State t f ?, do hereby guarantee that ? ia able to fktlftl a contract in aooordanoe wilr the terms of his proposition, ana that, ahou'd hia prcpoaition be aooepted, he wilt at oaoe enter inf & ooniraot ia acaordanoe therewith. . Should the oontract b* awarded him we are prepared to beoome his aeo? ntiee. (To thia guarantee mast beappended the eertifioate above mentioned.) i?. H. KLCKER, mh 88 Colenel and Quartermaater. ttKALKD PROPOSALS A re invited till the 15th >3 da* of Airil. IK!, it llo'itlmtlr k ' ' the United States liub. I>ep't with * 000 Head of BEKK CATTI.E on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Washington oity, and eaoh animal to average 1J00 pound a grosa weight; no animal admitted whioh weight leu than 1,000 pounds groat . . . The Cattle to be delivered atauoh timet and in ruoh ^aantitiea at the Government may require. Cattle will be required under thia oontraot toon after the oontraot ta oioeed. Heifera and bulla sot wanted. _ A bond, with good and talitfaotorr aecurity, will be required. . Government reserves to itaelf the right to par in Treasury note*. No bid wilt be entertained when put in by eonK??e?nre who * ? ?*' L V ? ?? ??? V |?I W? ivumj 1*1 lOU IV UVUIplJ W XI U their oontrao ? or where the bidder ie not present to respond to hia bid and all bids to be aooompanied by two guarantiee. The ntmti of firms should be statM m fall, with the preoise address ^if all the members of the firm. Bids to he directed to Major A. Bxckwitb, C.8. U.S. A., Washington, 1). C. Form Qf t)uaran'.tf We, ,of the oountyof ??, and 8tale of , and . of theoounty of . and State of do hereby guarantee that is able to nilfil t contract in aooordanoe with the teims df his proposition, and that, should his proposition be aooepted, he will at once enter into aoontraotin aooordonoe therewith. Should the contract be awarded h>m we are prepared to beoome his seou nties. This guarantee must be appended to aaoh bid mh 28 P NOTICE. R0P08ALS, From dealers and millers, are invited till the loth of April, ia?,forFUKNISHlNe FLOUR to the Sub Dep'tnf the same kind which has c>een reoelved by the U. 8. Government, and known as No. 1 extra Samples of this Flour oan be seen at the Capitol bakery in this oity. It t? desired 10 make a contract for SO.OM barrels. Shovld. however, any person desire to faraish a less ^nantity, he will Mat t the preoiee number of " rrwiB ID niS DIO. Thei ociitrtotor will be rf quired fp firniah at the rate of mo barrel* daily nntil the oontraot la Hied. No Honr will be reeefred whieh doe* not oome up to the standard at Uie wepcotion maae just be fore the purobase. , The Flour to be delivered at the railroad depot in Washington or at any of the warehouses in Reorgetowu, O. C OovArnment reeenree the right to rejeot any bid ror any oausePayments to be made in Trcaanrj notee, and the bids to be direoted to Major A. BfcCK WITH, C 8.. D. 9 A , Washington, D. C. nan 26 v u r 6MLIH6 RC8TACRANT, 147 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, South Sid*, (Formerly of Now York,) Hit the name and fame of beinc One of tks But Restaurants in Town ! QySive ne a trial, and Judge for 70a eelt-TT Every thing la the houie u (IT Don't forget the number? hi rannayivMift ftvutft*. . _ between Uth and IMi atrMta, J*HB AMBRICA^^SLlSeRAPH COItH?TIB| i*-omm4 4id rt fttUd ft ? BUNCH OFFIOB a Wiuaid#' Mom. Uia mwr > ?rewed to Mttamodtto th? aMtt or tftfttfcoiM, imUm >?blio, with ?Wry T?l?f rftfhio fkoilily. w'u' UAND80ME DEK8S 6()OI)H. OMQiuf thi. Lftfti'"*??^iS? HOOP M1IT8, ft Iftrf* , # PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. EH1ILE DITRE. Juit RwlTfd and Opeaed, A large and I ret-elm eteck of cbo'.ee FAMILY GROCERIES, COMlSTinf Oil SUGARS, ot all grades, TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, MA1LLARD*S CHOCOLATE, JtCM Ac , Ac. All of which he offer* at lowart c&ah prices. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 900 barrela Magnolia, 500 barrels XXX, 500 barrela Miller* Rvt Monnnffah*!* * ?" 1 Wo b&rirla fine Old Kye, S00 barrela fine Old Bourboa, AT CINCINNATI PRICKS. All the favorite brand* of CHAMPAGNE, Mumm Verxeny, Green Seal, Heldslck, which, being bought low, we offer at unusually low ratea. Alao, Sole Agent tor PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL, frb 14-tf 300 BET. )iOO BKT, BKT. THAT DAYTON'* THAT DAYTON'S THAT DAYTON'S HL1CKD AFPLB PIES. SLICED APPLK HIES. SLICED APPLE PIBS. ARK THE BEST ARE TMB BE-T AKK THE HKSf MADKIN WASHINGTON. a AUK IN WASHINGTON. Ai)E IN WASHINGTON. BAKERY 4it 11th Strut, BAKERY 45* 11th Strut, BAKERV 466 11th Strut. in r. a-tr CH. RIVAKT A co. S1LLBRY CHAMPAGNE DEPOT removed to 8. E. Co*r?ka or Pmn. av*si? *wr Sixth Jx.. Clarendon Hotel Build int. Washington H. ROSEY, Aoekt, Ntw Yoik. JAMES MOl.AN. Agk>t. Washington, D. C. sherry, port and MADEIRA wines* FINE old brandy aud whisky. 117 A liberal disoonnt to doalsrs. ?h 19 L~ad!eh' rubber bootsand shoes, All sIim, at J. R. PUDNEY*S, T'24 Penn &>?nae. Iiick of Clagett's Pry Goods ptore, MEN'S rubber boots AND SHOES, At J. B PUDNEY'S, f? U-tf 324 P*nn. ay.. Koom. HOYSTEKS-OVSTliKS! OTELS, RMUuruitt and Private Families can t f su^li^l Only with OYS v fresh from the hoi), dry measure, acJ^^a / _ i at toe lowest pr oe. VUM Please give as a nail. AYRF8 4.CO., No.302 Ninth at, between D aca Ay. ICT Oyster* of the b??t taalitjr sptoei to orUer. rnh 22 J HAIR NETTJ??HAIR NETTS. USX Reosived another lot of thoM handsome doable Chinelle Notts. Also, a fin# assortment of twisted Silk and Corded Netts, in all colors, at the Trimminc Store of MRS. LOWE, 997 Pa. ayn.. anath ai<1?. rnh* I Upl UCJtnr^) L A. JIK4U. It CO.**. w no. idi seveniD. ftstween l an>J K streets, a new (took .f CLOTHING, FLR R1SHIN6 GOODS, TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS. L^B A BEall. A CO *S, No 3*1 Seventh atreet, between I and K, la *he slaoe to bay jour CLOTH1N? FURNISHING 8OUD8, TRUNKS. Ha IS and CAPS at New York prices COMB ONe. * ND ALL AT L. A. BBALLA CO.'S, No t?l Seventh atreet, between I and K, to buy *??. CL.OTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HAT* 4bd CAPS. 1VTOW IS ?oJR TIMB TO BUY YOUR i/l JJLOTMjr**, FURNISHING GOODS. inns and caI 3 at Terr low prioee. at L. A. BKALL A Co i. No. 9161 Seventh, between 1 and K streets. mh U Ojrrertl Oysters! VHG OVuAc^NgOVtjTKE EXPRE88 (ftlll oortinue t eoeire dai.y tho?efaino?i planted PATUXEN1 * . VER OYSTER?, Rmauranu *>ad private mmiliee^n^ /-J would do well i? ?al I and try them. w\UW Those oyster* ?re told M boors after they eome ftv? Qe water, 1^7" oftcr n*. 48 Market Spaoe, below the Avenue Hqufb iat-3n? I'HE MKKCttANTS EXPRESS COMPANY A mviin EALTjK *AK AND WASHINGTON. Are daih lorwardint (with dispatch) by Ike Washington KAilroad. Merohandiaeofever* <iee .iripOon. to any^HlfljPSjSn* amoaot shipper* *nay reeuire.at^a^^^^^Bl the lowest rate*. Agent Tor Baltimore, JOHN E. WILSON, ufflice, N. W. corner Howard And Camden sts., nearly opposite Camden Station R A O R R. Offioe ano Horace, 663 South Sevecth itreet. Opposite Center Market, WMian*ton, I). C. mh 8-lm* A. P. FiTCH. Agent WE HA*E JUST RECHVED A LARGE , oWortaMt of Raven, tfaooa A i ana neinwaj * Son's flANU rOHTK8JH(l| known u me beet now manufactured,'!? * ' wbicn we are offenni at the loweet factor* jrloee, Pertoc# in anarch ol * reliable Piano are rejected to oail and examine. Also, one ts*oond band Piaao for #0 and one for *5v 4* *" **'">? """'wi 6. MKTZHBOTT. We offer eitaaentaand atranxera a tate aaaort Vlib to'ihebeSoito^Ua*' 04m make and ?j?i |j*0* PERSONMUDKKATE C1KCUMprioee arranged to meet the retirements of the oiiM 01 peraoDB ?DOT? isaioaiM. On? pro* okly, th* kotul ouh val??. narked in if area. PKAAY * BROTHER, ah U-tr "-"w-ar. aflH NiatH * tjHKPHKRU'S PLAlUS-ofranoai vidtba aad ? l?Xtir?a. Wiu manj otktr New ttooda, KlapUHl f.>r onrren^raala. J^JKrdwlS**-to,*#0rr***W0<leilUM,,d " One ffio<> onlj. _ A DAMS' K1TUK COMPANY. NOTICE O*_eemotal. % THE WEEKLY riTAu. Thl?u^*^B?nunilvai>4 talnlBg (mtcf ?wMf of laK?aMU? thu can be found la wmj ?**???4* ptUUM * Fridiv ?BWC n? Tikm??fu4. iitumHy, it alMM Single cop?. per enntun tl ?' Flvteoplei,. 4 "8 Tm ooplee.. f K Tweney-ave copte* to W It InvMlnhly contain* the "Washington Newt" Ihnt bu made J\* Paiif Kfntng Star c'.r;u ?' e general ?y throughout the ocutTjr llT 8tnf l? coplea (U wrapper*) nan be peecared at the coulter, I tr meal airly after the law of the paper. Price?THRKK CKNTP DENTISTRY. [ I \R 1. H. PEADODY, U urnhtis j, Att."D*ln to a'I fcratohe# of t.U prc'ees'oa at Ul iwoat r?uon?r1e rate* lor which good on erati <n? oan be performed MB No. **6 feaaeyivaria a*eene>m^ between lltli and ljth street*, t w? door# ea?t of ike Kirk wood Houae, it name baLui.ag with |>r Ooc a>daou. mh ft l?n*.ll? Sk Sea tends peraonai iy at b<* ofee .n this city waflnv Mas? pairon* can wear these teeth wio """ eanitot wear oinert, an? do person oan wear others wuvv?Miivt w*-?i w.njr, Faraona otiUn* atins offoe can be scomanioaelei with any ?ty.e And frsrp of Teeui th*y to?t aaair*. bit to tfcoa* who ire fartioa'ar and wuk t:m f nre>?t, a.aanaat. atronfMt, and moat perfect (tout*re thai art oan prodaao, tb? MI.NkKALfUli wi; U more fally warranted. lo?ma in tt * ctty?No. JJS Pa.avenae, belweee HA aad lOtk aU. Aiio.>07 Arek itrwt. r:iV?; aiua. ' iara 'y^ J^JtW AND IMrftOVKO 1NVLNAION ARTIFICIAL CHkOrCA&Tl BOHM v i i v a, w traovT Xnu Plati ok CLtara. DR. S. B Sli&AMOND. a 1 a -- v? w?^ o ?F * * M. V" m?aw ? / w tmm*, ittmtm I3ik ?*d 1X4 rtt, ^ * A w? t (m. Ca'.'-a the attention of the public to the loilowitf K".t? *"-"3 of hia improved aretem : ^BPIh 1. T&e Tee*h of hia macuracture * MW nevr ?orode cor ohante ooior by ur,waoida. beiLC three-fonrtha lighter thau ar.y e*h*r. S. No tMth or roou b?>T he extmeteH, u U* artificial ones ear. be iroerted over t/>e<c. I. The root* vill be MM* iooffesA T?, an r.e*e? e acne. 4. No temporary te?tc ar* seeded, a* p*r?oa:teet eaea oan be made immediacy, th'"e>)y preaerruic the natural expreeaioti of the faoe. wluoh aoder the old eyatem la freauestiT ?.afitnr~4. I. This work haa been hilly tMted orer Cre y*ara by ma:, t of the first c herniate aa<1 piiraioiana of thia ? *7 i;r, p, cu t.K< invented a wi? aiioettroci.r# metal tllini, w.tfc which the to?th oan be filled wuhont pain and out ta< d ?t a jer feot, aonnd tootc oo anr ?id? root*, whioi. wP) teal throoca llfM.ms. The i>eetof ref*w.e?* tireo?to Dr. V. MottiOr. Dor era a?, FrclMaor uf Chenueiry. N- V? Bn< Jndre Warte, of lh?? Supreme Court of Waafcln* Ion, and tliPus*r<1? of others. Cat I arid examine for Tocraelf. Do>-<?r GAS FITTING, tc. A Wit f.POVI * CO, tLt. flew |o eaesate ac* t'U Waieh Mjot na?i be f?vored lb t5? r^VMBlN#, ?AS OK STEAM FITT1HV P??1NKS!1 rar !M*rs ?. ?rs s*.re?t, fear Mrti *f rt, v&ero cxt s? (?iii * <?op>? etc ?>jirruicij f caANufcLTEjlpxri ffcor f C^.rTeAlvTaE; ?fATt:k yixxsn:# * WC A ft FIXTVKKf, fc, P**? in store, ?d ' Ri sdfci j rec^*!5ji, !$ ? H.TS RES of entirely New Patterns and Duici ftoi Fmub, superior in H^ric to a&rth^nt heretofrrs ft'et?<d it this market. \v e invite oiUset s ceasm It to Mil ?&d examine our stock of eta &l > W p t? Ftr tres, feeiinc oorfident thatsra kav? tho bos I ? 'ttM slook tn Wsahiarton. A.1J Work in tbe s ore Tin* ifttrsstotf to oc ?*-< wiii t* areiaptW ?tt?n Sod la, MYERS * MrtRAM. ur Hf 1T? l) man READ! ftpAD!! READ!!! MSB1188fi?IS8iB AND BE CONVINCED. Exfratt from (4a "8m*," ftbmarp ifcns ?/* i lui* ? V?avraib ti' I>T " Hotel and Restaurant Keeper*. Petiere , H- i(" keepers. and Grooers'. sticntd sot lai! to ee' ure a supply of the superior Craoaera and Fiee. maru faoiured by Dayton, llth street, between 6 and H. Oayt?n manufactures alt k tods of Cake* and Craokersof Uie best materia!,and every i?o>'*e k**per i? well aware ol the jrrat aoper:?r.ty nf U9 latter, when fresh from the ovens, to those sk. from Norttiern oitiee. Metiers wif: find it greatly to their interest to rxatmne IKjt .a's Crackers aod Pies nef :e purchases elsewhere. We wil! show the naur.*s of id jr* than a aooie of Filers who have aiel Pies mat utao lured b? othvr Facers, and were obngfu lo c?rr.'< to ue fcnallv, ana pay us two Co '!ar? more per ticndrel in order to fret an artieie whioh the men ooald eat without mat nc them aiok From the CorrttpofUni of tin .Yrtr York Diipo.uk. *_*,* * "Wa uotme with jnest p eaaare tW> pupunrny 01 t??r powrfnini reiiow eitieec. JM. l. Dayton, ID the Bakery tuainss lb tun oily, hi* 6ooo?e? has t-eeu gained by the exoel.enoe t.f his i?oo<}s. We learn that members of tii* haciary Cv*. mitiee have ate offcts Pie?, and proi-uoce th*m healthful; and we mn?t oar <r ju-tiee. that we never partook of more deiteieu* Pie* ic ??r life Antlers from every seoiicn and Umu;ci lr:>ta all quarters of the oity, send { ? Pa* ~T We strongi? invite ?aicf!ies Iff t?T our PIC NIC CRACK* RH. boston crack eh!?, Sliced appi k pies n.??.AA5PB RJ PI fe{*. DA\ TON S Baker?. 4At> Eleventh etreet. in fa as tf md B, P R I V A T B. PRIVATE PRIVATE DR. LA iJONTA havint removed hiaotfoAto Room No 3. ad)iai-? tue s-uoday Chroaioi* < fcoe. in W uu niu?n Bm aini, Fa avenue, corner of 7th Rtre't, im now readv to our? a I Diaeaaoa ( a Private JSetare, without me uh ol oauj*rov4 or Uia|taatiDC c uc* ot fcr:y kind, ftud no inte-ferwnse with your ha si new ?*<>o*t:ons having drv?ted in/ vttnla time to tta> tuuy u>< car* of Pr rue of l>wtk t?i?? and to CbroQio 4ff ip.oui of ihe Womb. Kidney*. Win Eru?-iors, .end g redacting in the beat aohco! in th" vorid, Uie >?w V'ork C.tr Ho?p'ta.?. Budsr P ->fa <3nilton a?i<J Fi kw. tv whom 1 moat re?peci*?l!y r?f? I wi!! ?%y fl ' *> to tk? Pr?"n farni-n.n a* ?( ?'? of ny o( fh? hjve dta aoea vhiui I Mui' i ? 0 p?mv u*DltT core. let the (Mr v? o'd or n- w. No diMiiu required ; not mux du*cr?o*bi? in uiv part oj th? Consultation* fm> Room* r*ry privgt*. M. LA BONTA. Room t (first flwori Washington Bui ding, miiK-lm* Pa. arena? *n-1 7th at *1 < IP 1?3?.> B^C leave to Inform the pji 10 that the? hareei tended tfcmrKxpreea to waehinttoii. and are n? w rrp&rrsi to Tr&ii??ort MrrohAnd.te.tM.BA .Nov*, Sr?cie, Jewelry, Ac. ?o all pane of the JftddU. Sum IwltM atd Wuttrm Stmft ani C? dm. Connecuc* with the moat reeeoneitxe E&preeeee throcKhoot the oollit. w? are enabled to ofle* HwaMirf fmeUUUt to all who may tavor ui with theu eatrouace. For terma and fcrUoi lalerma ootaSpiTto K.K^MITH, Agent. Third et?Sd door beiow Pw avecae. Jfeh95 Waahittot. Q I QKCIDED BA194INI. Linen 6o?xle. a Ml assortment ali kind a of Ue beet O.See, Embroidei ie? and Foeket Haadkerohiele, reeeul FiJgeSBgWSyto^.. F.ain White and Platd Camonos aod Maatine. All of the above at one proverbial!* low fries, markec u plain ficarea, the actual oash standard fttigmm m mm ? M 1-W f?? aad >th i*. WBOYB' CLOTHING. E Birc raooivad within th* lal day or two a Ian* ftMortmcat of BOYt}' PPfci.NS CLofrfinl.Mibnc.d(allitjte*of low pr.o*'. Milam. m.J ftn? <oaMi*a, whioh w? art wiling at vary *""" "^ALL. 8TKPHKNB A Otl, IS9 Pa.aiTWwMi m ud Wt mtm. m g lutwiri ?*> ! R?AD W.xap6K.m^D ACT w,T? Oft. M. VBLLW Y*8 PftlVaTR HOSPITAL, la U?? flitrki Biooa, o?poMU UM 9*M(?i >Ml and Patent O?o?. Ko< m * m catrt. ofTthacd F ate , Waaftlafto.., C. for Ue >??*ra**>oii of Quaktry. Tk* Oaly ftagalar Pkidaaa A4nrtiui|. Dr. M. Veli?T*B loac mkiIimi la k?wui araa; Uo? wtrraatokim m mi\m t*M a??M " au ! ? pnvata nature, or ha wtTTnioutaa ? hi f,f fiva ki, m4 ^CTi?? mat* or ??' ?m* F%avis4 ^jprrraSvT b? tt* kMrt is th# Diatr mt?bnd tm Nw VJ trrrrV'- '^'r ? ..?. ?,! ^vdsawr. r?4 W| Wilts In||jW^ W^"av;r, jjgsvg; *v*i?* cu