5 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

5 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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/ ^ ?- - -? j ^ V^> XIX. WASHINGTON, l>. C.. SATURDAY, APKIL 5. 1862 W. 2,846 1 I THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED BVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY BXCEPTKD,) AT THE STAR BOILDINRS, Ctnn / rennifltumtm art. and SUrmtk itrtt*, *T w. n. WALIiAOH. P?ref? In package* b? carrier* at #4 a \?*r or 37 centa per month To mail aabacrlbeM h* price la S3.50 a vear. m iSmntt: S3 for alx mcntfcs: St for three month* ud foi Icm than < three months at tb?r rate of 12 eents a week Sin. gle coplea, on cbwt; In wrapper*, two csnts. IZT Ai?vi*tui**:?t? "bould be sent to the o?rr before 13 o'clock otherwise they may Tnot appear until the next day. SKATIJIfl A HUMBUG. There is a quotation familiar to all eehool b<'js where some old fellow of a pious memory, -in being requested by Qaeea Dido to give an account ot hi* travels, replied "lnouoomroaniest me, O Queen, to relate tbe history of my woes." It is with feelings of the same description (only more so) that I address a discriminating public, in th? hope that my example will proTe a warning to all similarly tempted. But a few days since some one published an article on "Skating as an art, tbe man most hare been insane! Skating, I say, is a humbug ' and what I say I know by experience. Listen for a moment and you will agree with me. Last spring, while walking with Araminta through the sylvan shades of the Central Park, the charming young female went into eostacies over what (in her ignorance) she termed the elegance and gracefulness of the amusement of skating, and after avowing her determination to acjuiro its mysteries during the coming winter, or go down into an untimely grave, turned to me and exclaimed in a tone of melting AAtnoat i*Ar*<4 ram M r Smttk imw nanaa ia C f W VUVM . ItUM J V va < MA 1 . k. Ui 1 VU 'vuiy uauio IS Smith), 70a will teach me, I am sure !" The voire, the glance, the pressure on my arm which accompanied it, made my heart go pita pat, faster than a pleased rabbit's tail. Need I say that I at once embraoed the proposal and as much of the proposer as I could, without attracting public attention. On returning to the paternal roof it suddenly struck ma that I had forgo, ten one important thing in rashly making this promise?I could not skate Horror! After one moment's reflection. I aeiied my hat and rushed to find Jones I met him in Broadway, and collared him so qnickly that every one looked around, and a small boy halloed '-Police!'' instantly. ' Jones' ' I exclaimed. "I have get to learn how to skate right off. H?w is it to be done?" "Let go my collar, Smith," waa the reply of the somewhat irate Jonea, "and don't get so (somehow or other) excited. Yon can learn easy enough if yoa will buy a pair of parlor skate*-" "Jones," I returned, relinquishing his collar . as requested, "you're my preserver, what will ' you take ?" Jones took something, arranged his collar, and we bought the best pair of parlor skatea money could procure Full directions were Siven by the skateman. ' Only have your ooram<*o'h and keep your skates well greased, and you will go like a bird!" waa his encouraging remark, at he handed them over to me with the change. "Qreaae' What do you grease them with ?*' ' Ml," he answered solemnly I b'-ught half a gallon at once Jones gave me his advice, too Always go ahead, and if you don't get excited, you will do the outside edge backwards ia a week "Ontside edge backwards"* I said, "what's - 11 ? vuat ' 'This style,-' answered June?, standing, as be ?p->ke, on his right leg. and twisting nim?elf a? though trying to look at his right ooat tail under his left elbow. I stood on uay right leg and tried to catch a glimpse of my right t?il under my elbow, but not succeeding. I remarked that "I didn't see it." Thereat June" laughed as though I had said a good thing. Next morning I started rery quietly down to the extension room, an hour and ? naif beI fore breakfast, to try to do the "outside edge bwkwards," as per instructions. Down I sat to I>nt OB akttai. knt anmmham (K? <(??m always seemed to get In a marl, and they didn't seem to go on. Indeed the breakfast bell rang just, as I got the first to fit, whieh rut a stop to skating for the present. After breakfast I started up again. This time it only took me twenty minutes to get them both on Off I went?right left, right lefr, according to the directions in the "Skater's Manual," which I had alao purchased; but, leaning too far forward, went down ''kerchunk." I looked at the book. Ah! skaters must not lean too far forward' Try it again Right, left, right? I leaned too far backward this time; my heels went up ani my head went down bang, and smashed the half gallon oil can I had bought to grease my skates, before I knew what was to pay. The concussion was terrific?the windows ra'.tled all over the house?stars danced before my eyee?and instead of one, fifty oil cans seemed to be scattered around. I was almost collapsed, but energy and a quart of oil that had got down the back of my neck, to...? W * k A - ? 1 * |Oi,U7i WIUI ? icmiui (TCUSAkiUli proQUCM the eoolneaa of the oilcloth where 1 had split the teat of my unmentionables, brought me up in a few mlnutea nearly at rood at new. The damage wai all done add the oil g?ne, and I had nothing to do but mind Jonea and not get excited. Suddenly an idea struck me. The directions were to keep the floor Boaooth and my akates greased. Ilere was a chance to do both Oil ia the cheese, thinks I; and in about fire minute*, with the help of a broom, the aforeeaid oil was being rapidly distributed, about half an inch deep, over the whole of the oar J ust at this moment in rushed mother, sis. and the governor, who had heard my unlucky tumble, and thought that I had hang myself and the rope had broken, or that something el?e equally horrible was to pay. " Ob. James ' what has happened ?" was the ory?when up wentiAur heel*, and down went tie old lady on one side, and sis on the other, and the governer end over end over them both, all into the thickest part of the half gallon, litre was the confusion, during which I left. This was my first experience on parlor skates. After a month's practice, however, I got sol c >u!d go along nicely by working well with my :<hoolders, and swinging my hands about considerably, although! tall acknowledge that I nerer could stand on my right leg and leok at my coat tail under my elbow, ai Jones had done, with >ut sitting on it befere I oould obtain a single glimpee of its^'fair proportions." Winter was now at hand. Araminta had Evented me with a gorgeous skating cap?I reciprocated with a splendid pair of skates. We were engaged I looked forward with rapture, not unmingled with anxiety, to the time when 1 should guide her lovely form through slippery paths of the learner of skate*. At lut came a hard froet, up went the red k.ll mi AiA tk> ?/ -t-'-" v .1 ' - * -.as, rnmrmhm* | B ULTIOQ 00036 early that day, designing to fortify mjseif with a good dinner before making my eua; as an instruetor. Who should I meet ia the ball bat Aremiata, wrapped, and handle^, and (bawled, and cloaked, looking so large that I waa appalled. She is only two inches uller than I am, bat in the dim light of the hall she looked huge The doubt which had been haunting me all lummer broke out again, and i thought, with a cold shiver, what if I shouldn't be able to bold her ? The idea was so unpleasant that I hastened to ehange the subjeet. "Aramlata, my lore," I tenderly inquired, " why are you dreesed? It is two hoars before the time appointed. Come in to dinner." ! ? " Not or mind dinner I hare jnst had lunoh, and don't want any, and I know I shall di? if I don't go ikating at one* I h?rt btao *ii(iag tinea one o'clock, and we miict atart right off You don't car* for dinnar whan you ara taking cara of ma, do you, Jamaa, daar ? So gat roar akatee and kurrj, pleaae What eould I do ? I couldn't taj I did want my dinnar after that, although I felt in my iooermoat aoul that each wai the fact. I yielded, and to the fetal compliance I trace all nv labeeqaeat mUfortuaea. for man without hu dinnar ia no man at all. Tip famea of the dinnar ware gently wafted ant of the dining-room, hot in Tain- Slowly and aadlr X aecendad to my room. I had only tiaaa to dop my akating apparel, pocket aputol heavily charged with old Bourbon, end half ahaha a;*elf with a cracker, before Bridget knocked t>? My that the young lady wlahad me to howy *' and I had in *tart off a melancholy ?*cri >:e t-? a * ,in*u'5 caprice J\ict a- ?? foi into the street, $i? cam* run '.Z ~ * 0 oing oat, apparently in great haste, and called me back. "James," said she, "please be careful to remove all the oil cans from the vicinity before yon commence. That's all. Good by." "Oilcans!" said Araminta, what can she mean'" "Sure enough," I replied, blushing, nevertheless. up to the roots of my hair, "what can she mean7" Notwithstanding, I knew what she meant and swore vengeance. Before-1 had fairlv realised the importance of this discovery (wnioh did not take a moment to find out), I had returned in front of Araminta, who was arranging bar manifold draperies preparatory to a start. Designing to produce a profound impreaaion, I struck, with assumed carelessness, a graceful attitude I had spent some time in acquiring on my parlor skates. Indeed, on them, I could do it first rate; for by putting the knees together and pressing the feet a little outwards, you can maintain almost any position you may desire. But alasI was speedily reminded that I was standing on something very different from parlor skates. Just as Araminta looked up with an admiring glance, putting the final touoh upon her multitudinous apparel by that indescribable twitch with which ladies always announce themselves as u ready," and exclaimed, in a tone of rapture, "Isn't it heavenly?" I felt my legs slowly receding from al^K rtthar an.l ofsprinrr r\PF at*4awewa a*i ? separate and individual responsibility. 1 murmured, "beautiful!" At the same time making a frantic effort to bring them toSsthcr, with no more effect, however, than they had belonged to different peraoni. Parlor skates only roll backwards and forwards, and a side movement not coming within the range of my previous experience, found me wholly unprepared. My feet slid off further and further apart, and I stretched and stretched to accompany them till actually every bone in my body seemed to ache, but of no avail. The human frame is not a pair of compasses, and I found myself obliged, when my feet were some distance apart, to tumble or split. So I tumbled. Of oourse, the moment I touched the ice I immediately oommented to fix my skates. Indeed I have no recollection of seeing any one tumble who didn't cemuience to fix his skates. It is a singular rirrumst&ncn hut nlmnat. #>t act!j the same thing may be seen on the road every day. A gentleman will be observed passing everybody at a 2.40 gait, and everything is all right; but when he reaches some one who starts after and passes him in 2 3D, something immediately happens to his harness, obliging him to pull un into the oorner of the fence and fix it This is a curious coincidence, for which I acknowledge myself wholly unable to acoeunt. I got up as soon as my skates were fixed, and assisted Araminta to her feet. As that beauti ful (bat somewhat large) creature intrusted herself eonfidingfjr to my protection, I felt her weight (which Ircugkly estimated at 165 lbs ) as she leaned open my arm for support, with tke same sensatiois that the man mast have experienced on taking possession of the ele phant which he had drawn in a lottery. We started beautifully, but on the third stroke Araminta. without any earthly reason that I could see, grasped my arm frantically, threw her head back aud sat down, more like a thousand of bricks than anything else I ever saw I tried to stop her; but you might as well have tried to stop an avalanche from sliding or an M C from speaking. She looktA heavy, but she ftlt twice as heavy as she looked, and my attempt to savelher resulted in the downfall of both of us. We came down "solid;" and a sharp -'craok," as though the ioe had given away under the pressure, was distinctly audible. I started, and Araminta screamed, bHt nothing was to be seen. Pretty soon, a strong .m.lt .Tf v hi air v )>? ? A rarr a A a t Vi a ?* A ?a - ruivit v? ?r H?uay wgnu w |/vi v ?viv vuv mi . ni ? mint*.who is "temperance" to the back bone, sniffed the odor with intense disgust, and remarked "that any one who would come to any place where there were ladies, smelling as that man did who had jast passed, was no gentleman." I acquiesced, of coarse, and mattered something about "great brate." At the same time I could not help felicitating myself on my discretion in putting my whisky into my coat tail instead of my breast pocket, where Araminty would hare discovered it to a certainty. But, on my patting my band into my pocket I was horrified to discover, by getting my finger* out, that that last "crack had been the death knell of my flask, that it was reduced to fragment*, and the odor in question arose from my saturated pocket! It was first clase Bourbon, and oould be smelled a quarter of a mile! Every ene turned as we passed, and sniffed and stared to see what made "that smell!" and a policeman began to follow us "afar off." My charmer was not greatly pleased at the publio celebrity she had so suddenly attained, although as yet unoonscioua of the cauM. We started again. This time she slipped and hit mr shin with her skate, in a way that weuld have brought tears in the eyes of a pawnbroker, tripping me up, and of course we went down together. I ottered a single ejaculation, more emphatio than usual in polite conversation, as the pieces of glass in my pocket, on which I brought ap, stack in my leg in several rlaces. and I Douneed nn in m. hnm. fnr?t. tine for the moment all about Araminta. &he looked at me with indignation. " Mr. Smith," said ahe, with great dignitj, and emphasis on the Mr., "you have been drinking, sir !'' Of course I swore I had nt, and made all possible excuses, but I could plainly see that my pro-? testations did not receive much credit. Nevertheless, we started again. For a time all went smoothly, but I began to think that Araminta, in one of her evolutions, must have fallen on her temper, for it was getting more unpleasant with every collision ana stumble?ana " their name was legion." Finally, just as we were ia front of the ladies' room, a little brat of a boy, skating by like the wind, came up against Aramiuta with a force that caromea him ofF about two hundred yards, making a hole through the crowd in his way like a six-pound shell. I seised her and I inou> I would have tjoid iter up, only, ju?t at that moment, my left leg, by aome fiUlity, bad again seceded from the right, and started off tideway* by itself. Anyhow, over I went, and Araminta at on me, more like a piledriver than a young lady. We went down right in the path of hair a dosea skaters, who piled over us in a perfect pyramid. Tbe way the drapery fell was tremendous. and then?all wu a blank. I came to my senses in one of tbe eating booth* by having Maiding hot ooffee poured down my throat by a gentleman who stirred a little whiaky in it occasionally, with a sausage, in the absence of a spoon, to strengthen me. I started up and rushed to the door. Where was Araminta? ' Your big gal!" confidently remarked a very small boy, " has gone off with that fanoy skater over there. My eye! you ought to see I him do the ' outside mm h?<?v I loohad, and m? Jonaa ! Ym, Jobm ! atandfaf on om leg and looking at hi* ooat-tail under hit olbow, in nttor daiiaooe of all lawa of grariiation, and not ait ting down; and there waa alao Araminta, gaxing at him with ailont 1 admiration. At thia momant tba polioeman, who bad followad na upon tha ioo, tappod ma on tha ahenlder, and arraated ma for hoing intosioated on tha pond- I plead and protart ad without avail?tha guardian of tha public irtaa waa tnlaxible. T had to go to headquarter*. followad bj a train or admiring apooutora, lika tha "tail" of a highland ohiof, and attracting tba attention of ovary ooa on tha pond After an hoor1! expostulation with tha "powara that be," I aueoeeded in oonvinoi^g theai that I waa not drank. ? release, with |^e admonition "not to do to gain.'' Joat oa if I had ever doao anything Bo: bj thia tima it ?aa dark; my olothea waro spoiled, and my feeling* war* "too many for me"?and I left. That evening X received all mj lettan, looks ? -it ' <* I of hair, <fce., (but not the skates) I had presented to Araminta, with a short note, stating "that she felt compelled to break off all relatione with one who would so far forget himself in publio, as I had done." I haven t seen her sinoe, but am informed that ?he is to be Mrs. Jones at the end of the skating season. Since then, I say "skating is a humbug!" Am I not justified7?Ntw York Sundmy Tims*. official. Treasury department, Fsbivaht 4, 1869. Nnotr* ( nwvv*T aivvu a# .? ? ?> vi ?H?r. ICOUIIICH U| tbta Department to redeem tbe Treasury note* parable in one year from date, authorized by tbe act of Congress approved December 23d, 1657, and tbe Treasury notes payable In alzty days from date, authorized by tbe act of Congress approved id Marcb, 1601. Interest on Treasury notes of tbe above Issues wtU cease on tbe 7tb day of April next by terms of those acts respectively. fe 5-tap7 DEPARTMENT OF STATE, W A.sniH0TO5, January 25, 1893. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congress on business on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. Jan 47-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, JANVAKT SI, 0*d?*?b, That the War Department will be closed Tuesday*, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to active military operation* In the Held. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Jm 22-tf Secretary of War. SOLDIERS' MONEY AND ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. THE M>AM8 EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWA1D SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES To their Families at any place on the lines rf their Fxpres* at a charre of TWENTY FIVE CENTS For aw* sum not FxoMriifj Fiftt Dollars; And a proportionate additional ehar*e to p'acrs readied by connectinc Expresses. The remittanoo. whether Wold. Treasury Notea. or Allotment Drafts, should !> enclose* mi an envelope and securely scaled. snd have the full address (inoludm* town. Poet Office, ani Mate and in cities the stresi and number) of the person to whom to be sent, and the amount legibly marked thereon. Knvelopes for this purpose may be had at our office To faoilitate prompt delivery the charje for re mittance sboala be rspaid roh I m ADAMS** PB K?? I'OHD??iu Depot uuartkrmaptkrs offiok Corner 18M nnd G struts, Washington. L?. C.. March 28, 1862 HlALKD r*<>rn?At * will ?1? reoeiv?d lit thin office until ^aturdar, tne 12th day of April, 1862. at 12 o'o'ock !*!.. fo. deliverinj iri theoity of \V&?hir>fton. at such a point as the Pep?t Uuartermaster may direct, the followins named PINK LUMBER : Ifeet <-4(1 inoh) common cullinc*, " 6-4 < 1H inoh) ' " loist $ by 6,16 feet Ioni, lo.f^tO " M 3 by 6, 14 " 10,0(10 M * I by 6,12 * M 20 Os'iO aoanthnu 3 by 4.16 loono " " 3 by 4,14 M ' bJNJO M . " 3 by 4.12 " " All the Lumber to be delivered within 20 dajs aficr sigGiQc the oontraot, The Lumber to be inspected by an inspector appointed on the part of the Government. Payment to be made npon the satisfactory comp'etion of the contract. Proposals mast be plainly marked "f'Roro?\LS for Lvmbm." _ . The ability of the bidder to fill the oontraot. should it b? awa.ded to hire, moat be guarantied py iwo r aponaioie person?, ?Hu? signatures must be appended to the guarantee. The reaponaiMhty of the gnar&ntora inu?t be hovn by the cffioial oertifccaie of the clerk of the nearest diatriot court or of the United States diatriot attorney. Didders must be preaent in person when the bide are opened or their proposals will not bs considered Uor.ds, in the sum of fivi thousand dollars, s'gn-d by the eontrao'or and both of tua guarantors, will he reauired of the aucoessful bidder upon signing the oontract. Tne right to reject any or all bida that may be d ?emed too high ta reserved by the Depot Quartermaster. Informal proposala wiH be rejected. Form nf 'suarantc. We, ,of the county ot , and Btate of , and ?, of the oonnty of ?, and State < f ?,<lo hereby guarantee that ? la able to fu fil a contract in accordance with the t*rma of l..? proposition, am that, shoutd lit? proposition be aoc*pte<t, he will at once enter int? \ ooncrao; in ao jordauoe therewith. phou'd theoontract b' (warded him we are prepared to become his seo? -iti fa. ( To thia guarantee mmt be appended the certificate abovementioned.) D. H. KUCKKR, mh 28 Cotone! and Quartermaster. CgEALFD PROPOSALS A re invited till the 25th o day of April. 1862. at 12 o'clook m , for supplying the L'nitef States Sub. Oep't with 6 000 head of BEEF CATTL.E on the hoof. The Cattle to be delivered at Washington city, and each animal to average 1,900 pounds gross weight; no aoima! admitted which weight than l.ono pounds gross The Cat)le to be delivered at auoh times and in such quantities as the Government ma? require. Oattie will be required under this own tract scot afier the contract is oloard. Heifers and balls not wanted. A bond, with good and satisfactory security, will be tequired. Government reserves to itself the right to pay in Treason notes. No bid wilt be entertained when ant in by contractors who have previously failed to comply wl?h their contrao's or whete the bidder is not present to respond to his bid an I all bids to be aocompanied by twb guaranties. The mmea of firms should be stated in fail, with the preoiae address of all the members of the firm. Bids to bedirsotod to Major A. Bkckwith, C. a. U. 8. A.. Washington. i>.r Form of Uuirn*ttt. We. ,of the oounty of , and Slate of . and . of the county of ??. and ?tat? of . do hereby guarantee t&at 11 able to falfil aoontraot in aooordanee with the terms (if his proposition, and tbat shon d his proposition be aoeepted, he will at onoe enter into a oontract in aooordonee therewith. Should the contract be awarded h m we axe prepared to beoome his seou r ities, This guarantee must be appended to e*oh bid wh ae P NOTICE. ROPOSAL8, From dealers and millers, are invited till the 10th of April. 1861, for FUKNISHlN? FLOUR to the Sab D*p't of the same kind whioh has oeen reoelved by the U.S. Government, and known as No. 1 extra Samples of this Floar oan be seen at the Capitol bakery in this oity. it i? desired to make aeontraot for SO Qtt) barrels. Should, bo*ever, any person desire to furnish a lets s uantitr. he will itil th? # r-?? wi beirsia in his bxl. The oontraotor will be required to furnish at the rate of 500 barrel* daily until the oontraot la filled No Kloa^Will be received whieb does not oome up to the standard at tne inspection m&ae just be fore the purohase. The Flour to be delivered at the railroad depot In Washington or at any of the warehouses in Georgetown, D. C. Government reserves the rifbt to rejeot any bid for any oaasePayments to be made in Trees art notes, and the bids to be directed to Msjor A. BECK WITH, C 8., P. g A . Washirgton, D. C. mh 86 {jkQ tSr QQ THE 6MLMQ RISTAVKiST, 847 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Booth 8idi, (Formerly of New York.) Has the name and fame of betnc One of tks Best Restaurants in To*m f IET8|? u ? trial, and judc* for you ?lf.-/~tl l Every thine in the ho?M n ^ _ ^ ^sft^uswsssn.-*, twtVNB lJth and lath ilrMU, mk !>-!? ?o?tk MM

l4U]i>.' Md Mine*' HOOK pKIK'Is hum iiiorluant, in iJl ttie Mat it;iHiu ntkii fclial "LW-" m-jJtesmS*,, H " ' ' ' ,1? -49MI1 TELEGRAPHIC) NEWS. Latdt trim Island PI*. 10. Cairo, April 4.?A bost armed here from It. land No. 10, which left there laat night, reports that the firing waa resumed yesterday morning by oar gunboata and mortars. One of oar shells buret upon the rebel iteamer Winchester, which set heron fire, when she burnt to the water's edge and sunk. Daring the firing the rebel* towed their float* lng battery np to a new position, and tried to reacb us with their shot from her 32-pounder rlfle?, Knt tVa itinl >11 #..11 ?. .k..t ^ . ??1 >/u< vuv ?*?* (?ii ana suvn, aini) aiwci a v/uuuic hour*' maneuvering, she vn taken back to her oli petition. Several shot* were flred ?t the rebel transporta by onr gunboat* The rebels are erecting batteries sli along the Tenneaaee shore to prevent the landing of Federal gunboats Fast Day la Massachusetts. Boston, April 3.?As uaual, fast day was ob erved In Maaaachuactta by a total suspension of luslness Morning services were held In moat of the cbtfTcbe*. ana the attendance wa* very full. 6?kMt Iraqaais at Ktuu. Niw York, April 3.?The Norwegian corvette Nornen, from Havana on the 85 h alt., report* that tbe IT. S. gunboat lroquola had just arrived there from St Thomas when ah* left. Flectlso at .Milwaukee, Wis. Milwaukee, Apill 3 ?The municipal election held in this city resulted in tbe success of tbe democratic candidate, Horace Chase, for mayor, and nearly the entire democratic ticket. Frana California. Sam Framcisco, March 31 ?Every business house In the town of lowaH'll, Placer county, was burned on the 26th inst. The loss amounted to about 870,000. Navigation Northward. Month pal, April 3 ?Steamboats "commenced running between Pre?cott and Ogdensburg today. V 0 UGHUS 8 1QHAL, XXXVII th COW6RKSS?Aectnl Smit*. Piiihti.-After our report closed yesterday? The bill from the House of Representatives authorizing the Postmaster General to establish branch post offices in cities, was passed. The olll amendatory to the act providing for the rareapd preservation of the worirs constructed by the United State# for bringing the Potomac water Into the cities of Washington and Georgetown, for the supply of water for the use of the Government and for the benefit of the Inhabitants, was then taken up. It proposes to give power to the corporation to icvy a wairi tax on r> n property wimin me corEorate limits of the city of Washington, which Inds or touches on any avenue, utreet, or alley in which a main water pipe has been laid or hereafter may be laid by the United States or by the corporation of Washington. which may be levied on lots in proportion to their frontage or their area, a? the corporation may determine, to be collected In three or five annual Instalment!, all ?f which aft? r the first arc to bear interest. The corporation of Wanbin^ton will also be en?powerea,on petition of the owner* of the majority of the real estate, on any square or line of squares, to lay down water pipes, and erect flre-plugs and public hydrants wherever the same may be required. it also authorizes ihecorpora'lou to levy a special annual tax to aid in the erectlou. maintenance and efficiency of fire-plugs throughout the city, on all building* within five hundred feet of any main water pipe into which, or the premise* connected therewith, the water is not Introduced, and the owner* or occupants of which do not pay an annual water rate foe tax, from one to five aciiara per annum, in to be levied with reference to the value of tbe building! taxed. The water tax to be thus levied it to constitute a fund exclusively to defray the cost of distribution of the water, including all necessary fixture* and machines connected with the distribution. Mr. Grimes stated that this bill was submitted at the Instance of tbe City Councils of Washington, and read a statement from the Water Registrar, Mr R. Coyle. from which It appears that the scale of rates heretofore established was restricted to the owners and occupants of buildings In which tbe water is used, while all sre benefitted. Mr. Ten Eyck opposed the bill on the ground of Its oppressiveness on owners of vacant lots, and referred the Senate to Fourteenth street,where there is a paved footway, on which for the distance of half a mile there Is not a single dwelling, and by this bill the Corporation might levy a tax upon every foot. He alluded to the onerous tax now paid by the citizens, and expressed the ODlnlnn that It would tie wl?? *nr ??>? /? ?< ?' unimproved property to sell it at a sacrifice, lie understood that mains bad been laid where there would be little necessity for tbein for some yearaj and moved to strike out the first section. Mr Grimes replied to Mr. Ten Eyck. The amendment was rejected. Mr. Ten Eyck moved to add the words "except unimproved lots;" which was rejected. The bill was then passed The bill authorizing the Corporation to levy and collect a water Ux, was passed. The bill giving power to the Levy Couri of Washington county to alter, repair and regulate the public roads, aud to lay out new road?. was amended by repealing the law which requires the members to be justices of the peace, and paaaed. The bill to repeal that part of an act of Congress that prohibits the circulation of bank notes of a less denomination than five dollars in tbe Dls trlct of Columbia was next considered There are banks in the District of Columbia which have no charters but this bill does not relate to them. It is designed to repeal a law which prohibits the circulation of small notes in thla district, no matter where they may be issued. The condition of the banks In this District was the subject of some comment, and the bill was so amended as to provide not only that note* for the fractions of dollars should not have currency, but "that this law shall no*, authorize the Issuing of auy bills of any bank not otherwise legally authorized to issue the same " The Washington banks are represeuted to be copartnerships, and not chartered banks. The bill was passed. The bill to amend the charter of Washington, by which six months residents are allowed to exercise the right of suffrage, was taken up; and after it was stated that the City Councils were opposed to It, it was Indefinitely postponed. The bill to provide for the public instruction of youth In primary schools throughout the county of Washinvton, in the District of Columbia, without the ll-nits of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, was then taken up. TL- r .... n * -B A? * ? - - ire ucvy vvvuri 01 Hie county OI WaSblngtOn is to appoint seven persons as commissioners at primary school* for the county, who are to divide the county into seven school districts. The bill, through many ?ection?, prescribe* how its object! shall be accomplished. Jt Is designed to provide for the education of white children, and for Its support white persons are to be taxed; but an amendment which was adopted gives the Levy Court power to tax the colored population out?eighth of one per cent, on their taxable property for the Initiation of a system of education of colored children, and the trustees are charged with the duty of carrying oat that system, with authority to charge each parent of a colored child, attending the school, fifty cents per month, to be applied to the payment of the expenses of the school. The bill passed. The Senate went Into executive session; after Which, the nnnAanatinn htll nr?? '? ?? * waa left unfinished. The Senate adjourned to Monday. Houai ?After our report closed? The tax bill waa completed In the Committer of the Whole and reported to the Home, and on motion of Mr. Stevens, ltwas ordered to be printed and postponed until Monday. The bill authorising the establishment of a branch mint at Denver City, was passed. The House then resolved itself into Committee ot the Whole on the bill relating to the franking privilege. "i"ne Houae adjourned to Mouday. LC7* rrlvate letter* from California report that intelligence of the capture of Forta Donelaon and Henry was received with much enthuaiaam by the loyal people of the Pacific coaat. In 9an Franclaco, the newa waa hailed with greet Joy. A commemorative aervlce waa held In Rev. T 8. King'* church, which waa attended by a throng limited only by the capacity of the houae. ICT" The Chicago Time* Mya that in that city Wendell PhllllD* deemed it exDodient 10 ton* down and inrar-cMt hit troaanrihlt lecture on the war. Bo was llntened to qulotly?? maalfnetatioo of dlaappro ballon appearing only when be ridiculed Gen. McClellan ITT" The robot balterlea on lalaad No. 10 can throw balls into throe Statea?Koatnckv, Miawurl, ud Teoawae*. ^ -* V. * 4 t 390 PENNSYLVANIA ATINIB. ENILE DrrRE. J?M Rc??l?HI nn4 Openwt, K large and lr?u law at*ck of eto??e? PA MIL V GROCERIES, consisting of: SUGARS, of all grade*, TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, MAIL LARD'S CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ac , A*. All of which he offer* at lowest cash price*. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 500 barrels Magnolls, 300 barrels XXX, 54? barrels Miners Rye Monongahelt, WO barrels floe Old Rye, 500 barrels Bne Old Bourboa, jii uinvinaATi riiiujiS. All the fiTorlte brands <?f CHAMPAGNE, Mumm Verxenjr, Green tfeal, Heldxtcfc, which, toeing bought low, we offei at unoaaaily low rate*. Alw>, Hole Age?t #r?i riRfc'8 ARMY CUBDIAL. frb liU ?30O BET. 1400 BKT. 40* BKT, THAT DAYTON'* THAT DAYTON'S THAT DAYTON'* SLICED AIFLE 1MES. 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I. /ho Toeth of his manufacture wil'lMB? n?r?r cored" nor chance oolor by aoids, '.'Oint three fourth* 'ifbter thar any ? ter. t. No teeth or root* t>e*1 I* ertewHefl, m the eriif ??ai oum can pe jnooitod over thori. 1. The root* w.JlV 'liftde irvffeasivj, ax a***.? B- -.' i *v, 4. N" terr.ff\~j **eti; *re ne?oe<?. *? ferKiBD*i? sees oar. be made immediately. th*-eby jr^wervirs the nataral exfreacioii of the face. which awl* lue oid mtou is frse tier tit disSfired. I. This work mi been folly tested over f ve rears by man* of the first oaennet* an! pbTs.cis.us of taie eountrr. Dr. 8. su a t-) invented a white uxOetructive me<% fillinr,vithvhi*hthetnoet sensitive teeti: oa.i > * fc.Iec w > u.ont fata, scd can ?-r i ' * vy a refect, sound tooth ca an* s.4e roots, which wus l*vt thrcujh lifetime. The test of references riveu?to l>r. V. Mott, |?r. Pervitins, Professor f-r Cheicistrr N. 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