7 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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f / - J-J- - - - ..- .. ? (fbaiing Star. I ? ? - ? -- ^-_= \ lA HE EVENING STAR M rrBLISHBD BVBBY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) at the star buildirri, Cermtr of Ftunatitont* art. and KUvtntk itrm, T W. D. WALUOH. Irsperi wrrrd In package* by carrier* at 94 TMf.or 37 cents per Booth. To mall aabacrtbera the price 1* $3 50 a year, w mdrmmt*, CS for *lx tiKnth*. >1 for three months, and foi lea* than three month* at the rate of 12 eenta a week. Sin. | ' (t'.c copie*, o!?? ciht; In wrappers, two cbmt*. / (J7~ Advibtisbmixt* should be sent to the V' rfice before 12 o'clock M ; otherwise they may sot appear until the next day. THE llfDIAX ATROCITIES AT PEA RIDGE. ?errrspendeace Between Geaarals Curtis i i and Vbb Dora. The following correspondence ha* taken mUaa n i- 4r rv. ..j n 11. ji?"_u vomwu u?n?riis tan j^orc inu vuriu, in relation to tha barbarities committed by the Iadiacs connected with the former Qeaeral's force upon the Federal troop* at tha battle of Pea Ridge. General Van Dorn acknowledge* that he employed Indian*, bat *ay* that they were civilised one*. He charge* that some of the German* in the Federal army mardered in cold blood a portion of the rebel* who were taken priaonera, bat General Carti* denies it. The following is the correspondence : PKOM TAS DOR!*. Headquarters Tran. Mis*. District, \ iVan Buren, Arl., March 14, 1842. j General: I am instructed by Major General Van Dora, commanding this district, to expre** to you his thanks and gratification on aeeount of the courtextended by rouraelf and the If officers under your command, to the burial I party sent by him to your eamp on the 9th instant. He it pained to learn by your letter, brought to him by the commanding officer of the party, that the remain* of some of your aoldiers have ^een reported te you to have been aoalped, tomahawked, and otherwise mutilated. He hopes you have been misinformed with regard to thia matter?the Indian* who formed part of hu forces having for many year* been regarded as civilised people. He will, how. ever, most cordially unite with you in recreating the horrors of this unnatural war; ana that you may co-operate with him to the end more effectually, he desires me to inform von that many of our men who surrendered themselves prisoners of war, were reported to him u curing been murdered in oold blood by their captors, who were alleged to be Qermans. The general commanding feels sura that you i will do your part, as he will, to prevent suoh ^ atrocitioe in future; and that the perpetrators V <>f them will be brought to justice, whether I werman or Choctaw F The privileges which you extend to our L medioal offioers will be reciprocated, and as - ~>n m possible means will be taken for an exchange of prisoners 1 am, very respectfully, Tours. Dlbrat U MAIBT, A. A. G Jt | REPLY . ] f H'aJquartfrs Army of the Southieest, J (' mp at Cross Timber Ho'lotes, MarchZX. J Pat.t?U T 1 - ? * * iV * * * * u ? iiu io ?c?i|<iui ^vnri1 01 mo 14ID :nct > expressing the reasonable regret of your commanding general for tbe barbarities committed by the Indians at the recent battle of Pea Ridge The fact of many bodies baring been found scalped and mutilated was patent, And the general commanding the army wishes, fur the sake of humanity, that the testimony was not ineonteetible. In reply to the information thatu men who surrendered themselves as prisoners of war are reported to the general as having b?#n mnr. dered in cold blood by their captor*, who were alleged to be Germans," I may say the Germans charge the same against your soldt?n. 1 enclose a copy of a letter from Gen. Sigel, addressed to me before the receipt of yours, in which the subject is referred to. As " dead men tell no tales," it is not easy to see how these charges may be proven, and the general hopes they are mere "camp stories," naving little or no foundation. The Germans in the army have taken and turned over many prisoners, and the general has not before heard mnrder charged against them, on the contrary, they have seemed peculiarly anxious to exhibit the number of : heir oaptured as evidence of their valor. Any act of cruelty to prisoners, or those offering to deliver themselves as such, on the part of the soldiers of this army, coming to the knowledge of the general commanding, will be punished with the extreme penalty of military law. Exceptions undoubtedly oocur, as we have In *11 A V ? ?mviwv<v*? iu an VVIUIUIIUI11QI) l/Ul IUO OU1UIVJ* ment of Indians involves a nrobability of myage ferocity which is not to be regarded as the exception to the rule. Bloody conflicts seem to inspire their ancient barbarities; nor ean we expect civilised warfare from savage foes. II any presumption has been raised in their favor on the seore of civilisation, it has eertainly been demolished by the use of the tomahawk, war-club, and scalping-knife at Pea Ridge. I may here state that the general commanding directed a surgeon of one of the Indian reciments taken at tha k*tiU in K? *? St Louia, a cIom prisoner, while other surgeooa are allowed, on parole, the freedom of oar camp. Believing the general commanding the opposing armj is equally anxious to suppress atrocities which are too often evinced bj our pecies, the general commanding the army hopes Indiana will hereafter be exoladed from jour foroes. I am, Captain, very respectfully, le , H Z. Cruris, Asst. Adj't General. The following is a copy of Gen. Sigel'i letter, to which reference ia made above: Hindquarters l*t and Id Divisions. C*mp Hoffman, Mo., March 22, '62. J General : I beg leave te direct yoar attention to the information which wm received yesterday at Kietaville by some of the wounded of the flying battery. While Capt. Elbert's three pieces of artillery were taken by the en emy, and oar men serving the guns were surrounded, they were shot dead bv the rebels, although seeking refuge behind the horses. When sueh acta are committed it is very natural that oar soldiers will seek revenge, if iua/action is not given by the oommander of the Confederate army. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, F. SIOEL, Brig. <4en. Commanding 1st and 2d Divisions. Io Brig. Gen. Ccmris, Commanding Arm v of tb? Sontk?M? LTTbt Kty and festive Be*. Tucker Is para ding himself la Parts ss a Confederate agent He taika like tke same old Be* sneer* at the blockade as a mere farce, and says vessels run In and out as they please He tells people they can send their letters to the South now once a week as regularly as If (here was no war, and ail the Southern pwis have been put In motion by this good news As for the late defeats In the VVest, tbey are mere lea-bites, and the Southern Con* f-deraej can sever be overturned. They people of the South, everywhere, are happy and prospermia?never more ao?and no one thinks again of ever returning to the l/nlon His picture of tke prosperity and happlneea of the people la New Orleans Is described as partlcoly conUur dt r?s* m m * ? ? una give* one im impression urn eitber Mr. Tucker la reciting a fU, or else that he has mote robust faith thaa moot people ?Bes'om Pou. Nkw Kisd or W?i Vmn.-AaUir writing fri n Hampton Road* give* a description of the latest invention la the Naval line We trust we do aot violate the order of the War ofllce against publishing- contrabandnewt": "We have a man has* who bas la vested a ship whleh as test as sbe Is Ired Into /Ustw (As bmUt mt ageta " 9ht built of cork and llood with India rubber, the outside and Inside of {plated iron. Her smoke tack is to be of gotta perch* and pump leather, aid her boiler Is to be made oat of turtle shell ana is to burn nettling but the best charcoal and bones.?diAwsy Bvtntng /samel. U7~ Island No. 10 has a great deal to answer for. The tret question asked la the morning is, " What of Island No. It?" If stocks fhll. the rrssns >lmn la IK* ilabban >?!? ?>? nt rebels at Island No M. Tha boy who waa aafeed In school which wm th? largest island la the world, ?ur properly answered. Mud No. 10; for si as l?b> t* estimated by the space It occupies la twlfcj aad la this reepect, Australia U not so Mf m Wand No. 10. Cy Mrs. Gmahow and Mrs. Aagaata Morris w?r? recently before the military authorities at Waahlagtoo, but refused the oath of aiieglaoee and the ipr.n? fashions just eut too' What harotoa \TT Both Louse* mt ?h? r*bel Compress have pa?s?d ( ' iHtion* r*rotnm?n<l Isg that no not ton be (i ?nN tuis ?-uon If4 cotton la king" won't thla Uteri upt the line of succeasloa ? 0 .. *. .^1 ? m ENTICE AN A A Southern paper faya the feeple of that region ean me rye coffee if thej can't get Java and Rio. It ia a vary strong kind of "coffee" i that the rebels distil from their rye. Thoae horaes can make the best race that hare the moat bottom, but Humphrey Mar- ' shall, when leg-weary with running, thinks * it isn't ao with men. The Confederacy's doom is written, felded ' nn. Milad. and stamned. t Jeff. Davis is about leaving Richmond for the Wert or South. If our forces don't get down the river pretty soon, he may escape to Meiico The Memphis Appeal speaks ot the ground it oooupies. It will soon take water ?Democrat. That's more than their Editors ever do. Horace Greely prays for MoClellan's defeat. His influenoe with the Lord is all thrown into the soale of the rebels. The Indian warrior,whilst pulling out a portion of his hair, wears his soalp lock as a mat- t ter of chivalry to afford * facility to his enemy for taking his scalp. Now if you are a soldier, be sure to wear a board, so that your enemy ( may have something to hold you by with his ] left hand while he cuts your head off with bis 1 right. J An organ-grinder at Cleveland committed j suicide the other day on account of the loss of his monkey. The monkey would have done < no sucb foolish thing on account of the loss of bis organ-grinder. Connecticut produced Jeff. Davis and A. II. Stereos, the President and Vice President of the rabel Confederacy, and she is more ashamed of them than of any tln-pedlars she ever sent forth. The English are getting up plans for the final separation of the North and the Bouth into two Governments. Make as manr plans as you please, gentlemen, and we will spoil them as nut as you make them Our troops in Florida have not realised the dream of Ponce de Leon by discovering in that land of flowers the fountain of eternal youth, but they hare opened afresh the long choked up fountain of loyalty. We cannot be expected, while attempting the full discharge of our duty to our country, to gire attention to the insects of the rebel press that are buziing around us and alighting 1 when they dare. We sometimes think it aP most a pity that a man isn't furnished with a caudal appendage like an ox. so that while bis . hands are busy with their proper Work ho < might bnuh the flies away with his tail. I Though tho rebels are said to be poor, they ' are in lock. They hare not succeeded in ' getting an advance upon tber cotton, but almost every day they are favored with important advances upon their towns and cities. " I believe we haven't been whipped since dinner," said Mr. Wigfall the other day to an acquaintance who asked him the news. But the ex-Senator heard of the Confederate whipping at Winchester that Tery afternoon beiore ne took tea, though probably not before he took a drink. The Richmond Whig says that such Generals as Floyd and Pillow " are sores upon the fair body of the Southern Confederacy Running sores, no doubt. We can tell the rebel beauties of Nashville that making up unpretty mouths at the gallant federal officers is no war to win kisses?whatever the intention maj be j Jeff Davis professes to see a strong sign of the j success of the Southern Confederacy. Ay, but \ we will teaeh him the eounter-sign. i Pillow damns Buckner, and Buckner damns j Pillow, and the only thing in which they agree , is in damning Floyd; while Floyd in his turn ] damns both, and the world in iu turn damss all three. When men volunteer in the rebel army they 1 ought to specify whether they volunteer to ) fight or to run away. A Safe Calculation.?Somebody tells a story 1 about a man discovered on the roof of a small i building fioatlne down the Sacramento a few daya t inm u- w.iuj w- ' * w a?v ww M UBIICU Uf IUC paaWIIgCIl U1 a rivtr J steamer, who were disposed to attempt hi* rescue. | The only reply they received was, " Hurrah for Jeff. Da via?let her rip!" The pasaengers con- i eluded that that man ?u bouna to be hanged, < snd therefore could noti e drowned, to they let i him " rip."?S. F. Hirmld. , ' HIT" Some old Roman said uNen cut vis komini conttngxt adirt Corintkum.'' Which Is equivalent ! to a declaration that?"Everybody can't go to Corinth." That is probably what Beauregard I thinks about his Corinth down in Mississippi, near the Tennessee line, but he will find that it is ' not inaccessible to a Yankee army. That Grant . will take It, may be taken for granted. |p* Napoleon the Third Is a great fellow. The way be treats his Plus papa" is a bad example for little bovs who wish to enjoy long life, according to the promise in the decalogue. in fact, Loafs treats the Pope as Johnsoa aid Garrlck? don't allow anybody t? abuse him or defend him, except himself! [E^A Richmond correspondent of the New Orleans Crescent acknowledges that toe rebel cause Is In a very bad way, but adds that there Is still "a universal determination to do or die " The sham Confedersey, It Is plain, will never do; so the quicker It dies the better for everybody. Ir?" "J?ri itn'' tin hf nnr+ rniirlMl < /""? East gal and "popped the question'' to her; (be \ immediate;/ pitched her entire mas* of lovely i clay into hla willing arms, and anawered--"! | want to knoie"' It'a an even bet that "Jacinto" e imparted the deal red knowledge. IET The Spriagfleld Republican reporta that c Charles M. Thomas, a braaa founder in that city, after committing forgery to a heavy extant, haa 1 taken flight, probably to Europe, In company * with a wonun. He haa been engaged on a Gov- 11 eminent work ifTThf Italian Free Masons have Introduced [ regulations admitting women. The female ecc- i tion baa'-slstara,M and "v.nerablee." and "grand mistresses" Whether the Masonic arc rets are a revealed to the "female brethren," are not atated P r The Troy Budget seya It has been dts- { covered that the good-looking lieutenant of a Troy , umpui on toe rwooic is a woman; and abc bas c been relieved from the aervlce. j 1?7" What the dickens makeaDickens hesitate 1 to take up the offer of 900,000 for a courae of lecturing In Auatralta ia inconceivable. Many a worae affront haa been pocketed in this world. |fT Queen Victoria laid the corner atone of her , husband'a mausoleum at Krosmore. She Is rep- f resented at la Ane health ana looking buxom. n ^^ pppi uffiob. fmm ?tii ieei. ? TO ALL WHOM IV MAY CONCXRJf. * Atsuoation having ham mane under the aot of 1 ad Jane, 1M0, for the reissas of the Lan<l War- 0 ranta described herein, vhioh are alleged to have tl been lost or deetrovM. notioe is hereby iiven. that v at the date following the description ofeaoh War b rant, a new Ceuiioate, of like tenor, will be ia- . sued. if no valid objeotion shoaid then M?eer d No. M TO. for IN aorse, isaacd under the aot of q Maeoa. 1Mb.In thtnkiM nt a_.*k -~J u W?iil>?< J una SB. 1M??April ft, mIb."""""* "" L iSKiwssS^&ttac L*nVWsrnfnt 0?rtifio%W. No. lft,l *. for MO tore*. 1 L?ad WuiMlCtTttlMW, No TJ.Mft, for 1M *cr??. tl uair Ue tot or lltii Febrmiry, 1X7. m favor of ^ ?**> A'rt,-ia3.i'? isuutxr. J - 11 - UMMlWIIfTi Qi D&1NUM IS 1K1R !-Oa frM ?SUMUM. *m Dlafit rtook of Ciothioc m the oitr, M the Peo^e'e Clotfaifi* Store.Nq 460 Seventh etreet, op pool te Poit OIM N.B.?Alt of the above leaii wauiM wwlwrww wlHw ? FOE BALK-One Ttry fine joint MARK? ^ uitn.re for Mddt* or baccy. Aleo. gy WM(M4 work V0RBK8. fcn?oire et^Tfk bl J l* KKl.LV'o erooerj Store, ?urner 4X^-0- ? Md K, laiMd. m J-51' n< V i U :-5Vk* ? eU' TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM ISflASl) NO. 10. ["he BtMbtrdatil Frttreiilai lac((ii? tally. St Loru, April 5 ?The correspondent of the lepubllcan, writing from flag-ship Benton on the ivenlng of the 3d, says: This morning an at empt ru made to tow the rebel floating battery to a >olnt where it could command our mortar boats V brisk flre was opened by our mortars, and In he course of half an hour toe battery was struck leveral times, splinters (being thrown In all dlectlons, and several beams were displaced. One ibell exploded directly lnalde the battery, when t was Immediately turned out of range. The rebel steamer W Inche?ter, which was snnk ome time since to obstruct the channel north of he Island used by the rebels as a point from irhlch to watch our movements, waa shelled tolay and burned to the water's edge. Our skllltal firing to-day made the enemy cautious, and ill their tents have been moved far out of range. Advices from New Madrid confirm the previous eport of the erection of rebel batteries opposite bat point. All was quiet there, however. The river is falling rapidly, and troops can soon >e landed atany point along the banks here. otiix accounts?later raon new madrid Chicago, Aprll5?The special correspondence >f the rimes, dated Cairo 4th, says ?Firing at [ land No. 10 up to laat night disabled the floatng batter v of the rebels, and one shell struck dl ectly on ft. killing, at is supposed, three men and llnbllng the battery. It floated down toward the fort of the Island. Our firing to-day has been more activc, and has lone good execution. A messenger from flew Madrid this evening eports that the rebels erected a batUrv last night >ppo?lte Point Pleasant, and this morning opened lercely on our works, but, after firing some time, he rebels' battery Was silenced by our guns, and i warehouse on the Kentucky shore w*s fired hv >ur ahella,and 1U content*consumed. Nocaaiiallea on our aide are reported, and tbe rebel los? la lot known, b?t from the r&ct that they bad to ;eaae firing, It la auppo<?e<l ?o:rc rt?tn? have been killed Chicago, April 5?A apeclal dispatch to the rrlbune, dated New Madrid, April 3. aaya tbe elegraph line having been dlacovered cat In a loien placc* between here and Stkeaton, Gen. ropo immediately iMuert a special order direct-1 ing that tb^ residents aloui? t*e front* be held re* rinslble for the aafcty ot tbe telegraph, mid that any damage be done to It near farms or reallencea, that their houses shall be burned and b^mselvea and families he arretted and brought o camp and visited wltu the severest punish- | neut rhe v.n. ounboat earondolrt ru!?s the OArnrtST or the rebel batter irs at island no. 10. Washington, April 6.?A dispatch to the Xec- I otary of War. dated New Madrid, April P, state* hat last night Capt. Waugb, wltu the gunboat uRrondolet, run the cauntlet at Island No. 10,and now available to General Pope. i*be was Jlred ipon from the enemy's batteries, but not etruck >uce Frem Ftllrcit tfenree. Fortress Monhoi, April 5. via Ualtlmore.? The latest Intelligence we have In relation to the iteamer Merrlmar is dated %nrfnitr in?t nir.m a? hat time ?he wat coaling up at the Navy Yard,! ind wa? expected to come out to day th& has wo new guns on hoard. It has l>eeu reported bat Com ilolltiis would command the Merrimac >n her next trip, bat the name of Captain Teuraii! t the latest mentioned In that connection. Tb* iteamera Yorktown, Jamestown, Tetter, ind four other gunboats are at Norfolk. A deserter came In thlt morning from the vl:lnlty of llarrod's Mills. The rebel troops upon he Peninsula are not reported so large at lis* been lupposed Gen Magruder's head quarters are at present at Lee's Mills, near Williamsburg. The steam tugs Tempest, Haze and Ellen 8. Terry arrived this afternoon from Ncwbern, havng left on Thursday. They bring a large mail 'or the North, and despatches from the Army and Vivv 'Pi. ' ?*' ? m j jl uviv is very uiwe ncwi ui nterest from Gen. Burnalde's department. A eport was current that Gen. Burnaide bad been )rdered to evacuate Newborn within *1* daya, and hat he had returned a reply that he would meet he rebel commander at Goldsboro' and at Raelgb. j There Is little change In the state of eil'airs at Beaufort. Fort Macon stilt holds out,'and is to oe besieged. Extensive preparations are going >n, and ojjerations will be commenced in a few isys. a tew men nave already be?n thrown into he Tort. Cannonading has been heard all this morning I 'rem the direction of Yorktown. No official eporta have been received, but it is reported that '.he town haa been burned. Thla is probably | ncorrect. However, another report saya that a Jght la taking place there thla afternoon. The Richmond papers mention that two men, lamed Pryce Lewis and John 8cully, have been I :onvlcted aa spies, and were to have been hunfc yesterday, but that a abort respite had been granted. The men claim to be Brltinh subjects ind loyal. I Mobils. April 4 ?The Advertiser has a special Tietsage from Memphis, stating that General Buell has reached savannah, on the Tennessee river, from Columbia. There had been a brisk ikirmlih and lh?r? -- , V ^ I ru? ot tiTliy un WIU I tides preparatory to the great struggle On Wednesday, a Yankee fores, 2000 strong, anded at Blloxl, from tbrre Teasel*, and cut the elegrapb between Nashville and New Orleans. FROM GEff. BANKS' CORPS. EoiMacie, April 5 ? Yeatcrday afternoon (be tnemy unmasked a section of a battery thr*e|uartera of a mile from our right wing on the bat. try under Captain Huntingdon,* mile to the vest of thlatown. The enemy's object was to Lrlvc In our pickets beyond Stony Creek, which livides thla town, aa well as to retard our bridge >ulldera' operations Captain Huntingdon abelled hem out (n very abort order. Daring the day he enemy concealed his forces in a ravine, but it* vldette's were In sight, and very active; one if them waa killed at a distance of tlx hundred rards by a sharpshooter of the Wisconsin 3d regment. Detachments of signal corps under Lieut, lowley obtained an excellent view of the enemy encamped near Mount Jackson. Last night the mountain east of this town was n fire, making a magnificent illumination. A corps of pioneers and bridge-builders have leen ordered to be formed by Gen. Williams, and vlll be organized and equipped immediately, as veil as in the other divisions. The positions where our advancc batteries now est, commanding all the elevations beyond Stony 'reek, where selected by Gen Banks, amid the lottest of the enemy'a lire, on Tuesday, and re now unassailable by the enemy. Tbe military force under Jackson are princilelly composed of impressed men, who refuse to Ight us. Those from Page and Rockingham had etired In s nntnt M tl?? ' . .. w vvuuuij ut iwccn IDW ountles, wnerc they are rntrenched, and defy ackson's attempt to compel them to join htm rhere are rumora of aome fighting between them Parua Brawaltw at Cincinnati. Cincinnati, Aprils?The public reception of 'arson Brownlow at Pike's Opera House. last lght. was an Immense affair Every available pot in the house was occupied, Speeches were asde by Mr. Brownlow. ben 8. F. Carey, and ,leut Governor Flsk. of Kentucky. Resolutions re re adopted demanding a vigorous and unceasng prosecution of the war and the punlahment f the leading traitors; resolving that the flag of lie Union a hall again float triumphantly over the ralla of Fort Sumter, and from every other fort olonglng to the Union; extending the warmest ympathies of the citizens of Cincinnati to the lstingulshed guest, and calling upon the Federal overnmsnt to afford a speedy relief to the loyal nion men of the South, and especially those of ;ast Tennessee. The exercises closed by singing Hall Columbia," by a large number of children rom the public scboola of the city, who were gtiea on %M swge. 'rem tk? Thmimc RiTir-RMWiiduiici to FUrtntt, Ala. Cbicaso, April i.-Th? Times1 correspondent, nder date of Cairo, ^tb, says reliable laforaaaon from the T?WW river nti that our gunoato Cairo, Lexington and Taylor, and transport igreaa. made a reconnolssaace at far aa Florence, la , with no realatance on the w*t- They only lacoveret one deserted battery whim the enemy d nine planted. - " \ . La?* INB tlM MaUvnt. N?w You. April 6.-Tki V^arld nyi private iformatlon, den*i4 (ran reliable eoarcee, hat cbed bare that General Bnongud baa been itflaaked, aear Oorlntb, and eonptllrd to (all ?ek, and tbat a large body of our troop* have oved tu between tbe enemy and Mrmpbla, and

H far /rem Mlaaiaelppl. OFFICIAL* Department of state, Wa?hiw?t?i?, January 25, Vs9%. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Membert of CongreM en buflncw on Satnrrtsya, commencing with Saturday, the #r?t of next month. Jan S7-tl WILLIAM II. BE WARN. W4?iv vmi ani.-rid.li, JANVART 21, Obdssbd, That the War Department will be eloeed Tuesday*, Wednesdays, Thursday* and Friday* against all other bualnes* bat that which relates to sctlve military operations In the fisld. Saturday* will be devoted to the business of Senator* and Representatives. Monday* to the business of the Pnbllc. EDWIN M. STANTON, ja 22-tf Secretary of War. ??I SOLDIERS' MONEY AND ALLOTMENT DRAFTS THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY vvil r rimn iDh am nurDtv ui'in r ? ' ? To their Familial at anr plaoe on t>>e linn of their Express at a charge of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Fn* ANY 8tM not ?xo*kpino Fifty Dollars; And a proportionate additional charge to piaofs reached by omineounic Expresses. The remittan?e. whether finld, Treaeurr N?;te?, or Allotment Drafts, should ha enoloeed in an en velopoar.d eeotrelj sealed, end have the full ad dress(inoludimc tovn. Post Oftioe, an J Ptate and in oities the street and number) of the person to whom to ba sent, and the amount iejciMy marked 1 th??reen. Envelopes frr th?? purpose in*y be had at our ?ffioe , Tofaoilitate trompt delivaf? the oharje for re imtt&noe should tio prepaid mhS* 1m ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. IhEPOT QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE 1M Corner 181A. nnt! (t xltf' . Wa?hin8To?. D. .. March ?}. )>W2. rtorotill will be receive at thisotfioe n?ttl Saturday, the Uth day <>f April, 1*62, at 12 o'clrw* M., for <!elir?>rint in tiie oity of Wail.ici ton, at *uoh R plrt^* the IJepot Ouarterinvter mar dirwt, the foiiowin* named FINK LUM BBR : JW,(??n fe?t ? 4(l inch) C'liinmn enllinf*. 411.1^ (IX mob> ' jyonn ? jnst 3 by 6,16 feet loot, tii.rnn nbyfi, 14 " 9 by 6,12 " " Ksauliiuc I by 4, 16 M " jn.wo ' 3 by 4,14 * S.ron ? 3 by 4, IS " All the Lu?n?er to be d?i.v?re-l within ?> da?? after Bignin: 'It* contraot, l'ho LnmWi to bo 1 nnpo*te<3 by an iu?pe?tnr as pointed or the pari of the Bor?rntnt ut. I'ajm'int to be upon tU?? featiafac'^ry oottj p'etion of th? contract. rropca&l* mjmitbe platolj nurfce-i "rsnF,v?i? POB. Lwmpkr. ' '1 he ability of the bidder to Ml fr,? rotitiaot, ehonld it be a^vd-d to hiir. ?nnM i>6 f-ivantie<i by two i flpPTiaih.* pornoni, wh->?e ?>sn*tare? a>aa'. b? append**! to the caarautee. The reeaouiMiitj of the guarantors inu?t. be shown It the official certificate of tho olerk of the nearest district ?'urt or of the United States dts trint attorney Bidders must he pree*?nt In person when the bide are opened or their proposals wilt not he eonsid?N Boras, in the sum of five thousand dolKrs, unrd l>y the ooutrac'or and l?oth ol his juaran torsr will he re^iired of the successful bidder upon sicnins the contract The rifht to rei?et an* or all bids that may be deemed too high n reserved by the Depot Quarter master. Informal proposals w?U be rejected. Form of (ivarantM We, .of the county c?i , atd Htate of??, i and , of the county of , and Prate r f , do ] hereby guarantee that ? is able to fulfil a con tract in anoordsnoe wi?> the terms nf his proposition. anu that.shon'd his proposition be accepted, he will at oaoe enter inf a oontraot in aooordanoe therewith. Should the oontraot b? swarded him we ire prepared to become his seo? riti es. I To this man* Ka n/lsA , t? wv hid uoi (in* oat# above mentioned.) D H. RUCKER, mh 28 Colonel and Quartermaster. SKA LK D I'ROI'OSA J,? A re invited till the 15th day of April. 18e<, at U o'clock m , for supplying the United Htate* toub. I>ep't witn 6 uoo nead <>1 BEEF CATTLKonthe boof. The Cattle to be delivered at Washington city, and e&oh animal to average l.yw po ind* gross weigh*; no arimal admitted which weighs less than l.enn pounds gross The Cattle to be delivered at snch times and id such quantities as the 6overnmoot may require. Cattie will be tequired under this oo&iraot soon after thaconuaot is oloaed. Holders and hulls not wanted. A bond, with rood and satisfactory eeoaritv, wi'l be reqmrad. Government reiervei to itaeif the right to pay in Treasury notes. No bid wilt be entertained when put is by contractors who have previously failed tocomply with their oontrao s or where the bidder is not present to respond to his bid and all bids to b* accompanied by two guaranties. The ntmee of firmishoald be stated in fall, with the precise Address ofail the members ot the firm. Bids to bedireoted to Major A. Bkckwith, C. a, U.S. A., Washington, 1). C. Form 4f Guarantee We, , of the count j of , and ?tate of , and . of the oounty of , and *tafe of .do hereby guarantee tbat it able to fulfil aoontraot in aooordano* with the teims of his proposition, and that, should his proposition be accepted, he wii at onoe enter into a oontraot in aocordonoe therewith. Should the ooutr&ct be awarded h>m ire are prepared to become his secu nties. This guarantee must be appended to e*oh bid. tnh28 NOTICE. ROFOSALS, From dealers and millers- are invited till the 10th of April, 1*3, for FUKNISHiN? FLOUR to the Sub D*p't of the same kind which has oeen received by the U.S. Government, and known as No. 1 extra Samples of this F;ouroan be seen at the Caeitoi bakery in thia city. . It i? desired to make aoontraet for !n bar'els. ShO'.ld, hovever, any per?'>n desire to fura sh a lera quantity, he will sta* t tlie precise number of barrata in his bid. The oontraotor will be required to furnish at the rate of too barrel* daily until theooctraot is fi.ied No Hour will be reoeived whioh does not come up to the alan^ard at the inspection made just be fare the purohase. The Flour to be delivered at the railroad depot In Washington or a any of the warehouses in Georgetown, I). C ttuvrnratnt reserves the rulit to reject any (>i<i for aiiy cause Payments to lie made in Treasury notes, am' the bida to be directed to Major A. HfcCK WITH. C 0. 3 A . Wimhiciton, i). C- mh 35 TO THK1PUBLIC IN GENERAL. T1J~ E U08L1N? RB8TA1JR4IVT, ?4T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. SotJTH SlDB. < Formerly of New York.) hm the nain* and feme of being Out of the Best Restaurants in Town ! |C7"Siye o? a trial, and jndge for you jBkUB31 ICT Don't forget the number? 847 Fenusyivania avenue, between 12th ana Uth atreeU, mh lt-lm eoatii tide. Union liver V?" Utikhfifr and sale stable, Comtr cf Sixth and C its.. Washington, D. C?Persona oan at all 1^. time* be aooomicodatod with Horeee, 1M| Oamagee, or BuggiM- for hire, sale, or xoukqid. ? ? Livery by Um day or month. 1 handaome brown Ladr'a Middle Pony for naie. Bhe u perfectly genlie; she ruki, trou, .opea or and la a perfect beauty, Low tor eaaiu mh 12 eolm ALBERTBKLL. Agent. 2~~ Turniture ' f?t" furniture! furniture f ( f tte firm of Mmm" pJU?m.' Pkilad'a,) Jtaml&ctnrar and W holeeaie and Retail Dealer is Sis g.855Sag B ?5 ^OSBpUj ^ft^iwere wUi etndy th?r int?rMt to o^i befy UANDSOMK UIKM GOOD*, oHnlX Uw t^'i.'v^%r.J.^L,fo'^nj1,ki?Tf. .u,, sysswa " M" w.ofirtv?^ mh S m *43 SttmU at. mot* f%. a v. VXIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. MONDAY, APRIL 7, 18(52. ?s. 2,847 SttO PENN9TLTAFIIA AVIMI. ENILE DDPRE. Jn?t K(?hM and A large and ftraUi&aa aU^k of choice FAMILY GROCERIES, conflating of: SUGARS, of ill gradea, TEAS, COFFEE, UUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD'S CHOCOLATE, Ac?, Ac , Ac. All of which h? offers it lowMt euh prl?v. FIRE'S CELEBRATED WHIPRIE8. 500 barrels Maanoila. 500 barrel! XXX, .*>on harrela Miller* Ry? *<?0 hnrrel* ine Old Kye, 500 barrel* line Old Bourtaa, AT CINCINNATI FRICFS. All the favorite brand* of C 11 A M r AG N E t Murom Verxenv, Green Hoal, Held*lck, which, being bnnahtlow, wc offer at unmu.-llj low rales. A!?o, Sole A Rent P>t PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. frb M tf #300 HLT, I#?o nfeT. do* BUI. THAT DAYTON'* THAT DAYTON** THAT DAYTON'* BLICM) AFTLh Flbe. HL1CED AITLL PIE*. SLICED APPLE IMP*. AUK THK BK8T A H h THE BEST ARE THK BEtf T ? ttf *.? ??f uKi&infx*! m A rii i ^ I?M, MADE IN WAHHf.NOTON. MADE ?N WASHINGTON. RAKEFY is** 11th Strut. sjkerv 4?? 11th St*iit) .hakfc^y *** 11th SriMT. tnh V>-i[ CH. RftTAHT * SI LI.Eli Y CHAM FAG yf PLT'JT REMOVED TO P. C, Cobn** o? I>N!?. Arsnri *ao Piiti? SjClarendon Hotel Bnrldmi. Washington. II. KOSKY, Agent. N|tt Y?>r* JAMES MOLAN, AGBMT. Wmhiikto^, l?. C. SHERRY, FORT and MADEIRA WINE8. FIN K OLD URANOY tud WHISKY, it r A liberal dmoount to dealeis. ?h 19 I AD1E8' RUBBER BOOTS Li AND SHOE*. All aliea, at J. D- PUDNBVT*. .184 Penn aver.ne, hack of C.acett'e |)r* Oooda t*tora, MEN S RUBBER BOOTS AND SHOES, At J. B I'llDNEY'J^ fe 13-tf 384 Prr,c. ? .. H*ok Boom. H OYSTERS?OV9TEB!"1 OTEL8. Reatauranta aui Private Fami'iea oan be kupphed d?'y wi?h OYS TKK f ^ fre*h from the ahei!, dry lueaanre, ap?tj^^fc /_J at tue lowest pr:oa. *VALfl? Pleace give ua a oall. ; AVRK?* CO.. No. 50 J Ninth at , between P "ino A* 17T Oyaters cf the beat *"a!itj apioed to order. m.i 23 . J HAIR NETPS-HAIK NETTS. US1 Keoairei another lot of thoaa handaoma doubie CUinelie Ne^'g. A!?o a Lr.e a?aortm?nt i.' twnted Silk and Corded NetU.ir: ?il union, w ttsTnmniai store ct Mils. l.X>\v?, mt f?. ftTA.. coath mrlA. mh f Just rei;kivi.o a i l a. bka ll * co.?s, No. 3?1 Sereuiii, between I and K rtrMti, a new a lock .f CLICKING, Ki'HKMHIW GOODS, TRt VKS, HAT!? and CAPS. LA HEAli. A CO.'S, no 3?1 Seventh atreet. herweet I ai.d K. la the aiaoe to bo* your CLOTH IN? FURNISHING HOODS, TRUNKS. HATrtnr J CAP? at New \ ork puces COMK ONc. >ND ALI- At L. A. REALL ft CO.'S, No >*1 Seventh atreot, l?etweer I *n<1 K. to l>uj ruai CL.OTH1NG, FURNISHING GOODS, HAf ?cd<3AFS.* jvtow is r.wr time to buy your u clothirtw. furnishing gdiiiih HAT8 u4 Ca.1 4 at verj iow prioee. it L A. UK ALL A Co *, .No. 3^1 Seveutli, M'.WMn 1 and K etreeu. mh 18 Ojv??rfl! Oysters! THE OVu ',AN jjjJYj^ER KXTRI.SS Still eontinae v eoe?re dv'r 1 'inififimoiii pint, ted PATUXEN* iVKR OYSTERS. X"*\ RNttortnti t?<l private familiee^^fc /-J would do weU > ?a!l and tr? them. Those cyiten ?re void 31 ho on after the? oome frun. U? water. HT Oflkoe 46 Market 5p?o*. below the . Avenue Hon? ia8 tin r|^HE MEKcnAMTS EXPRESS COMPANY 1 tnwK? BALTiKs&F AND WASH1SUT0H. 1 Are dam lorwnrdini (with ditpateh) hy the lVaaKia>?'?- ? - > ? * ??iii H|w ivoi.%.TiPJon?D-C^HHHH^^K3 disc of ever* aeaoripUo*. to anT^Hk^ni^^M amount shippers mm rtiuirf, the lowest j?u?. Acent [or Baltimore, JOHN K. W1L.30N, ?<?ce. N. \V. oorner How&rd ao<l Camden eta., oearir ojjoaite Can-.a^u Station V. ft O R R. Offioe an* . tonne. ?6)l 8<?uth Seventh atreet, opposite Ceiner Market, W automaton, D. C Tnh6 lm* A. P. FlTCH. Aient. WHK UAvt JUt*T RKCMVKD A LARGK asaortinent of Raven, Baoon ft Go.'a-a^ I and Pteinwaj A Hon'* PIANO KORTh*.||fllHk < known aa ?t?e boat now manufactured.'!* w?? I which we are utl<?rinE at Uie loweat faotorr prlnee. Peraona in search oi a re.labia are requested 1 to oa!I and e*amine. I Also, one tteoond hand Piano for ?C and one for t ?85. At tii? Miato Mote of i -> 22 w. e. M.ETXBROTT, ( ^V ^*EPx ?A??. We offer oitiaenU and atrangera a lace assort BUinl nf f I V tC U IVI1TU flot-a?nn'?" ' N B88"COA fif ALOcfi ttM(f Ksf si I gi ail ooiore ana eealttiee, c*ul in mak* anJ J.,.k ?, mkab Merohaal Tailors and Cio?a*;?, I M* Pi, ave? bet J th a^wKtii I | n-tt-' i lata * ? pOR PERSONS^ MOWERATB CIRCCM \ The treat bulk of oar (took of Amerioan and European l>rj txooda, in al: the depai tototi of general and epeoiai fMnily wauU, vat selected ?ad prioea arranged to meet the io<air?ineota of the o.uiof pereons above inJioaied. One tnoo only, the actual cash value, marked l in diitinot f. cnree. g'^^a^^ssniyaae Our aortte*m*ftMl inters oorraapondMti Mad at 1 MVMMiiMOJUly. 1 On. ,?M o,iy. mh 37-? P*. nr*. md Ninth Kr?L 1 ADAMS' EXPRKtMBOOMPANY. ( NOTIOM Of AZMOrjLL. ; to l?-tf nnder llrowt'i. ' I lt(8HM K.* ?> '' Stsr&i?!' I \ THE WKEhLV Si'Ai.. FWi Irani >*w? Jmmtwm?<*>r tslntac nil?' * M I iir11 ? m4lii iijtut mq i*''ihi ??? "niy vwtT-ll [^UPVH ^ Irl4? jr m?nilnr Tnm-r?'*. in mdmmm blngio copy. per nnarr ..... if' Kin c?plf? 4 ?*? 1>ti r?p|W.. ?(?i T*enty i?f c?plf? JVW P invariably r<?n tat n*tb?- "Wnkiiij;(?ii N? ?" thai baa nidlr 71' PfJ jr K' tn>*{ Sim* tlrrali'# genoraUf throughout the rotintrT 1lJ~ Single copies (In wrapprral can be pr?cured ?l the counter, tininod'.atelr after th* l?r.? of the paper Price?THR KE CENT* DENTISTRY. DR. J. H. FLABODY. D KPT [ST. Attamta tna'! nf kit at t>? tm?at retaniwie iilia joi | -m f eratmna ran 1-e VKf \n, 'iTb a?9cn?? ^Urwn ! Ltii |n<1 lita air-??? , tv rt'i of t*? m uiw?tuil''im wttb |>? ft** aldaon nil ImMII \1 TKtcmm. ITI. I-*. M P.. th* irT?nt~' *?< ?0?oir? flha SnNKttAl- 1 vAT;. fl.J.TU at ^ ULils j*'*orA:iT at t o#c- r tbia eit? ftgfnv* Many persona ou ?v tfeaa* iMtb %r.rof wear ether#, at^ nc peicon oac *n; ott? who ear.net wear tfc??e. J'ereena eallinf at tn? oikeeran t?aoooromo-iate* Tth &cy aty i? and price of Teeth Uiey ma* cee.r*. ' t to i.'toce wr.c are particular and wiah th* ptrw*. eleanea*. atroTiieat, and moat aerfeet dennrre that art can prod nee, the MlNKRALI LAfi ?w t? more fai r warranted. Booms in thl* eitr?No. SS" la. averse. terwaoa tth an( I"lb eta. A.I so, 997 Area atreet. r 4,ia-.*, a?ia mat ? j^EW ANI? INfftOVI-.O l.NVKNTION aktuici&l chwof;.*sti bom teeth. W;i?8i* MSTAL Flats OK (*L4U>. PR. n. B P!SK9*??NI>, !! ?* f?r> <6> Am ?* <t, ( <!(?* I2?* ??* 1X4 Mi . R Ce"? the attention of lh? ??Wi' tn Uto ;>W?<?wipc advsQtM** of his improvM * ?st"m : ^i?g. I. The Teeth of his rr*'mis?-.t?'ft w nessr corode nor otwu-tte Ooior > ? *r. *"***' Mti^Sj beiut ww fourths tb?? ?n? i*?? ~ t. No to?th ?friM? reod he ?**trec'"~i. tk? fcrtircial noes n*u he in??r??d tson I 'F^e ro???# wiji he mad? ?n ?** sohe. 4 N-1 temp^'ai? t??<li v * ff,, t t en?? psn ! ? n.ado 1 Tun^liV^.j ! t t,# lfc? Ontir*! of tj?? tone, * ?; * .:> the t>M - win Is frstaenUt (ttsfigu. ?d. k This work has foaei; taUr swr ?* ? t-T many of t'i* first ob?m:s*? f fitsicis^i of outer. Dr. S, hM fci?o lamten * wtute nnuestreeti m^t*! 4:.int. -with which the most aeneittr* toer: osq tenil?a withal pair, eort oon tnsi.Wl h* % p?r feet. KOVQu tOCth ofa Sn? tJ'iS touts, wuiOii ?1 i iSft Uiroqch lifetlir.". The hestof refcr^n'*** ?:*?? t? J?r. V. MoU. |?r. Oo'entDs, Prohl'ot >r t'howistit. fS. \ ? Hoc vVer'-*. ??f tiiek' tt 5 ' <s?t ;V*? ii<? t?L. *ii-l tlicnu ' 1 <*?li tod txanv se fpr yosjtfti?. ? *T?> OA* FITTWOT *<i A W * *. linvj, & c??. SSf.r irr^Mrel i"f:wi!' fc?7 ? #?? vlM ft t??7 ro?j I'?fs?pr?^ ?eth? rfcWMUIWt. <AS OP r7KAD( K?ITl!<t JTT" *l?r* ? ?th ttr9*t. * ? ? ?? ? r?. wh'*'" mif M^*EU?r:ni *i? lCHANDKLIFjl}*?n4 ?tk? A?,ATf.AMu< WAtEfc F'XTgBK*- ' ?* '? W* A* riVTIIKI, fc Hfc?* >? *? ??. *-j?j are <??i y reoeiT'-i. lit fllTPHF'jrf <ulir*iv 7*** P*'i*'tn?w< tr> * I tr'*h| ;a^r"?t ir '*" to jtnjthu t KerM' f?r? rt*r<4 tRthia iMrttt. 'C? :nrit*e?*i??r? t 1 * 1? IP ??! fip?l "&?i?ur.e i?.ir -f t?*n f . i V Hi* >!P?t '?< it** cvua>T' ?&*? J MI A A?*tr i * t . k *n V?. ? "All Wftrl :Jj P?eat*T? -*f-3 r*> M ?i'i b? - ?ttrn1?! U. *VFK? * VHBfN. 3*T . ? JT* i/ MNl Iirm?w h?r the wimh . AT LAROF. \V? *'* now ? * ?! vtrc K E A P V-M A P I-' CWTHINti -f U.e latent <leaun? thre4 Inn** a wee* fr^ni oaf mta?ict?rtn( ?fta?>tir!"iiei.t In w*uffetatae?opt?k rtr*?. UAK A UK * fi| ?iti li tw* fa ',w I- ?f-d TUi ?'rwe?? KHAP H KA P : SCAD!!! a it r? ? ? - ? " ? 'r PC. < 'I ' I' ANT> B? ?'?NViVciiP AM' ht: <' !.>(vjN?:hif f.'j t*-'t ti*m '*?".Vet,' ?*. l)tiros'? Cr*r?u? am- Kk iuim ?i Uot*t Mill Hentetj:* ? hi''?Nri. fut Ho"' k<-eper?. an<t Gr??ce*a\ "n-Vi But fa:! to ?. . r * up p.? of U?<? t iack"r? ajiti faotured by iiijtou. l>ih ?'reet, l>etw?en ** and H. Itortop ir.auufarttira* a'l id4? ofCakea and tlrsckert oftha beat mturiti, and "ri tio> ?" keep Jr :? well aware of the erf a? an per.or,t? of ti? father, when fres?i from tli# oyena. to mote *fcf?p?4 frcyn Northern citiea. Sutler* tn; fi??l it ?re?ii? ?.,? their mtereat to eieimne Craoa?~a a- ' 1'iea tefuio i?urci;M!ni e'aswhere. IV Jl W111 phnw nBinaa /s ' ??* ? ? - ?? v w.i. ? r * i m< "i r ni??" *+ ??'" r ? Sut'ere wh? have u*M l*se? i?<acnfac tiiied by other Hatt-rt, and vt" <>b ijeo t? ooa>e to n? iica. t. *nd pa* ,i two doHa>a more p?r hncdr*-: in order to get ao artioi* wktch the men o<?uld m> witiiout ir.ik.nt tin-in aiok. fV?ffi tlu Cortetp&Hd'nt pf r*? A>?r V?r4 D,->/iar?*> "VVe intioe with irnet p ? *?<.,o ?hn ?o?Bi?rity ofoar entBrrntiti f? !ow oitiaen, Ja?. L. i^ayton, in tie Baker* fciaic m id ttua city. rU ?;? _? hM f>een gamed by t!ie excellence f hiaf ood?. . ? _ We letlrr* that ree?nl>eri of the 9ar.".*r? Cow mitree have ate of hi.; Pie*. am! iroaoui.c them her.'t.i(ul; and we Mat; ?f tnju^ioe. ihat wi never partook of more ?!eii?.'*aa ne? in < ?r me Sutler* from every aeot'*D and Fanubee froit. aU e?artem of the eity, e*L3 to hia BaWy. We etroncl* Inviie fami'iH*41 try omj PIC NIC CRaCKI-IT*. HOMTON CRACK bK^, SLICED A rPLK PIE-. RAHPBKKRV PIES PAYT<?N'i U*k-ry,4** KlnvetiU. r.ia"t nib ?-tf Itotweer. <} ar?d P H. ivl<w T B, PHI VATH PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA ' noun iruiu>aumtuaio" .' noom e.a^y >rj-r ihefundar ChronroW cftioe. in Waatungton Mm ?t inc. Pa aveuue, oor?er <?f nh atreet, is cow rea<i? 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