April 7, 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

April 7, 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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_ ?1 ninc.sTaB. AVA5Ui>"X,T0N CITY: *|O*0.1Y - .... APRIL T, IW. ? - .mm ^ _ _ . _____ _____ ___ _____ _ f- '-. u? r's Tti* -t*? u i^i^u^lon ir\a fnaif+i * 4* ii -, *r ?j in : -. trnth ? ' It* Mltion ' ? _' ? '" r "nlrr It tr> hr j?it to pr?-sj ?t an | - !.?- ? r: Iknrtaft *k?14 bt j 'ii *?? -r< ! : ii't'wl *.; ?>th??wt?c tfcrt m?y not ipj". ir until tb* r?-*t d<v. ? ir* .st tv v?ri<^8 military r*tap? i?nd ., - a m c^nfi r a fsror by iwplng tia pri'ed - ' n ''mr-tt ?M *S*'Tt In tke?? Srtrlt ( thm M?rntnc Prw?. ? . uo^ ci'iiuuu ujnm mr niuu* viers tsf "Wmhliiglnr Telegraphy." TLe Ktr*blit*n command" tbe contention Ml* cI tra^tr.r Trumbull. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. AN IMPORTANT ACBIEVRHINT. Tbe success of the Union gunboat Carondolet In running the rebel batteries at Island No 10, narrated by telegraph elsewhere In the Star today. la likely to prove of much Importance to our military operations in that quarter, aa the wantof such a vessel in the rivet opposite his position had rroved very embarrassing to the operations of Pope's army. Rhe passed them in a violent thun-ier tornj> and though forty scTcn shota wert flrcd at btr. not one struck her. f NKB VL ORDER RKSPICTlitO RAILRDAt A>D T?t kgftafh scpkrlmtemdbstk. WAR Department, > Washiwgto*, D. C., April 5, 1862. J D C. McCailum having been appointed colonel "?-? tfcp volunteer service, he is assigned to special duty In the War Department as military superintendent of railroads. ^nson Staler having been appointed colonel i ft*- volunteer service, be is assigned to special rtutv In the War Department as military anperln?n?l-at of the ttlejjraph lines In the United states Fdwards T. Sanfnrd having been appoint<d lonel In the volunteer service, he la assigned to special duty in the War Department as m lltary ftervin-r of telegraphic dispatches and army intelligence throughout the United Statea. They will l*j respected ard obeyed accordingly. By order of the Secretary of War. L. Thoxjls, Adjt. General. Erwis Forrsht at thr Athekkum ?The engagement of Mr. Forrest at the Atheneum has be?n 1 WS'<*biP liicri>?? nn<t th? _ ? 7 ?? - ? 1VV? undsr obl'^atlons to Mr. Ford for hla enterprlae i" pre*fcntlng such performera as Mr. Forrest and, in Vich a bo use *a the Atheueum. The audiencta h*ve not only been large, but r ots posed of the tli'.t of tfce city. On Monday and Friday nights the distinguished tragedian appeared aa Richelieu, and on Wednesday and Thursday nights as Jack Cade H?a p rformaaces during tbe pr?sr;jt engageimat arr rrmarkabV for an added mellowness and flaish which satUlles the critical mind, and ?ives him a new circle of admirers. To-night Mr Forrest appeaU jn bin great char ac^r ui tismiei That CHir ?A chap named Smith say#, In the h'publican, that he aent ua not long since?on the T?tof Arrll, if we remember correctly?a chip .ii one <-f the wooden gun# alleged to have been f< ?l at CenteivUle. To be ture, Smith guaranteed fur tbe chip. But the hitch was?nobody guaranteed for Smith, .'not even the guarantor for thi t epub'ttan'3 late special news of the abduction of the M ia-es Tenant, by Stewart' rebel cavj), frcm seme pt,int about hve miles from th? Chain bridge. l in Nattosal Istklliosnier ?We ajs mf. r . ed, in a note from Mr. Wilson, of the New Vo-k Tinu, that we wtr i 14 error in atatinp a i v :I .ys s'rve ths ra<J pufcli^ied an Interest . -i Inulligtnctr cf this city, and 1 it-J ^ omirg lfa editor on tht; lit proximo + puluiibcd the stiteinent on what wc had v. ?v reason to regard at perfectly reliable autSorJiy. General Halieck ha? sentenced John El p f t j' tof tta Boone County Standard, for ' ra.se"able p ib!icatlo: b, to be carried beyond ?bs llmlta tf the State, and to close confinement If h? re?*'?n? The sentence has been approved >y ne r?crc-iry ci war, and all military comruaider* ?ir directed to be guided by tbe action of rtt Government In this case. JT^Tb" provost suarthal, Major Duster. haa ?rrr?id ruadry pcr-or.a who wire pro?"cutinp a f. uriBiiiag b:sliits3 by defrauding aoidlen, und^r U>c jrttencc of obtaining discharges for them. Several of the partlea are Englishmen. They are now la confinement nt the Central g'.;udhc>"<ae. The \1 eittrn Military Department. M ?KK 1XTHA0RD1SARY EXPOSCRIS. Another d?rk chapter of fraud and lncomper. . v -n revealed in the report of the Western * ai c laims Ccmmlsalon, composed of Messrs Da^'d D?vi*. of Illinois; Joseph Holt, of Ken* \< and If j?h Cimpbt 11 The names, says the N rv York Evpre>s. are a guarantee that the com* 'ii was faithfully tit*, u ted. Their report ti'i. i rtv printed pages, and the testimony of i-A-'.v* 1,.ndred witnesses examined by them will errury fro*Si six to seven thousand manu? ript im^i. The fresh charges against General ? Fr n.opt j,rc bt-yoi'd anything In the past, and we ' jcui cvuarmru, as lonows : He con traced, according to this report, for t.*Lt icr.rfr boats, a: SftGOW, which were apr stvd at ?3?.OCO by intelligent boat and engine biilders. A?ncn? the claims was one for .500 tona of Ice, *uder? d by Gen Fremont, purchased and ablpped in 0~teb?r, when the weather was becoming < ool It was lent to Jefferson City, and moat of It wasted, because there was no room to store It In JeSerson City, where It was sent The commission allowed only one-half of the claim for rent if a three-atory house for tien. Fremont's headquarters, hired at per annum; and ev .-mp'.am that the purchase of railroad cara, <d tbi large dealings In coal growing out of the vtam diid gunboat service, are largely tainted n:?h fra'id > I Heard, a Caltfornlan <<nd J. C. Woods fi re largely as spet ulators tn the report, thev v ea Beealiirtt favored hv the ?>mhi Heard itvind 1191,WW In advance for some ccn<U' u for forta ? '! i: ? special contract* fo' arma and munltlona l ! 'v r- ade by General Fremont, S641,00n rein in rtnpaid, rud the commlsalon deducted from * S4(' uw> for excraa of price. i'eard attacked tbe treaaury in front, flank and r -tr !(.' brought bllla for forage amounting to SU5.0W If the vailoua frauds in Gen Fremont'a departii. l brctigbt to tlfcb? by tbe commlaaionera,are liatcJirilng, Ms d?*dsr(itto?i? w-re more ao He a^td to Ll?*ot. Col Andrew*, pavmaater of tbe r?^ iljr I rmy. accprtllrz to lb*- Watlmony of tbat a Alter tbat ''tfflfelM/ tki Cmtttd Slatti te$re i? tht HtiJ, ir ktad, and that k* h fi t\? rtny ml, gnrd t? tkt rtd tnpt c/'ekt Wa;htngten Col. Aitdavt told hi in thai icd tape meant sy?1' m of vuM.riiir.fiit. which, in its details, might bi_ \i Tit 4 too far by suboidinates, bat the general ?>'".tni of our government waa a wise and good one rnd be who undertook to set aside Its principle* w uid btcome entangled with dlBcuItlea i>ei ' i- mont r plud by repeating hie former rema k. and saving that?" We have only extra c^ns'ituuvnai government?no civil rights, so to sp~ek?and all ordinary peaceful rules were to be set a%Me ,: Otlrr witnesses, of unimpeachable Integrity, testified that tien. Fremont had made similar reniaras In their he-irmg. In commenting upon this, *L<* oirm Hsloners say that Military chieftaa.? *v ? ut red tape always do It with their nvrcrrt and history proves tbat the throat of the count! y rutt=;s as much as the tape does in the operation." Vslck or Slaves ? At a sale of servants, slaves f>- iUe, b-longicg to the estate of Miss Clarissa 14 I.V4 Mmii nil TKum^.u 1?a - ? fit.. " - ? ?-?, vm uwt, on iimr tr.it tun wj? !ff >rd?l <jt tbe depressing Influence of tbe r? ^ellU>n cu tbe value of slave property in tL S^tc. A likely, eound and healthy negro worn n. aged 30 years, ber two children, a boy of four end a girl of two years,both well conditioned, vr?'?> ?-1d :a a lot for two hundred dollar*, &lao, -fcy bor a/?-d 10 years, for |1(6; and a verv it lv mulatto girl, aged 15, wan offered and Mtiu.ur.jwru at fZ6. Leaa iha* two >mn ago, aarvauia of tola a?eer;p*ioa would readily have somm d~*i t*#ty-fl?? naad*o4 deU'ra; bow they fe .& ur tun<red. The reader will remember ih it-* f.ihm. aer ada oniabed tb? sympathize ri wif rebellion in advaic*- that tots would be th? ? *?.-,ijrBc > t th* rrlnx* attd folly of awr? ?!- r: ? ?>/ w<.u!d ! > ' t?fd He t*l| th-m iiuU 'c i.i- i ? la kavr iralrd tte lute 1 the inMtltbtiou ii tbla SUte ? I*td*Ttr.M ?mmmmmmmm i I.1TP RIPtTti UV TVI WIDIDU uaiu 11 ufiu v 1 luuHunni u< ? ? FROM t P RIVER . WoottTOct, April 6 ?The limber-bolt of tbe Dannie battery, containing 105 pound* of powder, exploded here yccterdav, allgM.ly Injuring one man and two boraes. The body o? Col. Molllday pawed through Winchester thla afternoon ?? rowufor New York. While marching hither from Stmaburg yalcrday he left hla command and W?*U Into the woods and blrw hla brain* o'Jt with hla platnl. He stood at the time ?f committing thla acton the hank of the MW, apparently with the Intention of falling Into the water. FROM FORT REM NONRtK. The following meaaage waa tecelvcd at the War Department Saturday evening: FntTKKsa Monro , April 6.?Hon E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War Sir: \Vfe have heard aoine Bring In the direction of Yorktown. Two or three rcglnienta have gone to Shipping Point. From lnft>rmat1on received to-day 1* a?P*&ra that the Merrlmae Is In the dry drck 'oadea with eoel, and ahe Is to come out of the dock to-day with two more guns, otte of large calibre. All goes on very amoothly I do not believe the army of the Potomac will And many troops tn contend with j. e Wool, Major general. The boat which brought thla mrtna^f to Cherry ftonc left Fortrem M6nroe at five o'clock p. m., up to whtr.h time there waa no change In affairs In the immediate vicinity. TBI XBKKIM&C ROT OUT YKX?KICOMSnlsSANCK tit TttS ARMY TOWABD8 TORKTOWS. A dispatch via Cherry Stone brought by the boat which left Fortress Monroe at 10 o'clock yesterday morning, brings word that at that hour all was quiet In the Immediate vicinity, and that there were no Indications of any movements on the part of the Merrlmac. mn. Dispatches from Fortress Monroe, dated at 3 o'clock yeaterday afternoon, have besu 'ecelred by the War Department. A reconnoissance had been made towards Yorktown, &nd the headquarters of our army are about five miles from Yorktown. There had been ?onie cannonading, but apparently without any Injury on either aide, and uo engagement had, up to that time, taken place. IMPORTANT FROM f.'OI.. ni-.o?? - ? ? COn^AND. The Rebels AtUmvt to Destroy or Capture his Command?Ten Thousand Rehtls Outicitted?Col. Geary males a Stand in the Mountains?The Rebels A fraid to Follow Hi m Thorotarr Gap, V?., April 2, via Baltimore. April 6.?A rebel force of seven regiments of Infantry, two regiments of cavalry, and three batteries, were thrown acroea the Rappahannock to cut off Col. Geary's command at White Plains. By a forced march they reached Salem, within ttve miles of the Onion band, last evening, with the Intention of attacking Col. Geary'a command in two columns, cutting off his retreat, and then seizing tills formidable Gap to Intercept the pro- j grvss of reconstructing the Manassas Gap Rail- i rohd The attack was to be made at daylight this morning. Their movements were made secretly, wltb the Intention of making a dash and cutting the Union command to pieces. Col. Geary became apprised of their presence and designs, and moved his whole command off quietly during the night, and battled with the mountain roads, wading streams mod for five miles, and by daylight occupied thU I Gap, where fcc prepared fcr a resolute and determined stand in the mountain detilcs The inovt-uent was a most Important one, frustrating a design to accomplish a victory by the destruc tion of a much dreaded command, to revive the drooping feelings of the rebel* in Virginia. The calls, were beaten in the evening, and the camp tires left burning as usual, after the command marched. 'The chaprla of the frustrated rebel forces can be bettt-r Imagined than described, In finding themselves outmaneuvered. Although in such sqp^rior force, they had not the temerity to follow and attempt an entrance into the rugged defiles h-re. Its supposed they returned at oncc to their original position, ?outh of the Rappahannock. One of the 1'nion scouts was killed, and three cf the rebels were taken prisoners. Lat?r frcm Savannah?The Attack mm w? | FolaskW N*w York, April 5.?Th? utoreshlp Supply, from VVarttw Bound on the 29th, reports that the batteries on shore were all ready to attack Fort P.ilaskl Heavy tiring was heard In that direction | on the 30th, and no doubt the work has cominenced LATE SEWS FROAl THE SOL'TH. Confederat* Ports to b ? Thrown Open to Free Trade?War Rumors?The Impending Battle in the Weft?From Island No. 10?W. L Yancey?Affairs at Richmond. The subjoined interesting summary of late Southern news ?s taken prlnclnallw from ih> Richmond Examiner, of Saturday last: tEl LABATlO.N- ur FBKK TRADE BY THK COKFEDKKATI COHOEKSS. [From the Richmond Examiner.1 A bill for abolishing the tariff and throwing open our Confederate porta to tbecommerce of all the world, except of the United States, has passed the House of Representatives with extraordinary and unexpected unanimity, and is now before the Senate. In the brief dircuislon which the bill elicited in House, the fact transpired that the revenue from the tariff so far had been only sufficient to defray the expense* of the custom-house estab Ishment. The bill provides for the repeal cf all laws by which duties are laid and collected on foreign goods, wares or merchandise Imported from foreign countries, except as regards those Imported from the I nilfA ?' a ? . w. ? . V* auiclita. THB CAPTCRE OF RICHMOND The Richmond Examiner has the following editorial: The northern mind has sett'ed down upon the purpose of overrunning Virginia and capturing Richmond, th<? Confederate capital, at every coat. In this enterpriae all bearta are enlisted, ana upon It all the energies of their Government are bent For thla pnrpoae they have assembled an army of a hundred and eighty thousand men, incltialng that of Burnsidr, which they regard as one of the most formidable in machinery, discipline and equipment that ever took the field. Whatever be the grit and atamina of the men, there is probably no doubt of the fact that It possesses all th? advantages which wealth aud paina can give to troops. It lacertun that the North regard the demonstration against Richmond as the grnr.d roup of the war, ard we need not conceal from ourselves that the danger ia serious and formidable. It 1* believed that, while heavy bodies of troops will attempt to croaa tte country from difierent points on the Potomac. In conjunction wltn an rniv niarcbln? tip the valley from Winchester, the hesvleat columns of tbelr forces wtll be landed from our river estuaries and a march attempted along our eastern peninsulas No doubt remains that we are approaching momentous and decisive events, and that some of tbe moat important battles that will have a place In history are soon to be joined. It Is not for us to speak of tbe heavy movement* of our own troops tbat are constantly going on. It Is sufficient to say that our generals are cneerful and ready for the conflict. WAS arMoms There are two notable war rumors, which were very extensively circulated on tbe streets yesterday?one that tbe Yankee mortar boat fleet bad appeared off New Orleans.aad had got Inside tbe bar; tbe other, that oar picket! near Frederlckaburg had been driven in, and that tbe enemy's lines had been advanced within six miles of that citv. Neither of th? ?*? ? ? 1 ? # ? VM-vswsuk ?pvivm im sua* tsliied by a tithe of offleltl Intelligence received at tbe War Department ? Richmond Examiner I.NCIKOUIT LAH9UA6B. Tb?4tew Orleans Crescent of the 17th save ' A man named Georze Leopold ha* been arreted on tbe charge of using Incendiary language. He didn't want to do military duty; would rather tight for Lincoln than against him, etc. Grorge i? not tbe only one who talks strangely in this city, and Is far from being tbe only one who acts strangely All loyal men should come forward now and do their duty cheerfully, without waiting to be locked up." TUt IMPinSITtG BATTL* IM TBS WWT Mobile, April The Advertiser has a special message from Memphis, stating that Gen. Bucll's army bad reached Savannah, on Tennessee river, from Columbia. There ha4 been brisk skirmishing ..4 ? " -* - ? uuu gam KUTHf on ooia nact jot we gmt struggle. The garrison of Island No. 10 Is well provisioned and confident of holding the position. rrom b1lor1 arb sbif 1slabb. Mobilx, April 4.?On Wednesdays Yankee force. J,u00 strong, landed st Blloxl from three vessels, and eat the telegraph line connecting Mobile with New Orleans. A large Heat is off Ship Island corvrcrratb victory ib rbw mbxico. Murms, April I ? Federal aispstches from Kansas city contra* toe Coafsdseats victory n?ar Fort Craig, and admit Um loss of slzty-tw? kilted and forty-two wounded Tfas Texans entered Albuquerque oc the 3d of Marehcorraoakatr account ob tmb burl at islabd bo.tb> Wr fl;>d ih? following lu the Memphis Appeal (>f Hi 'AMU ul( It : hoi as late as via Cairo, but glv?-? * Sc-u hera v-uni of tLe bombardments \\ t learn that a skirmish occurred 1 uesday 0 i r--- i ?mrnm-Mm?mmmmm ttftfvlng between our gunboata and a shore hatt?ry of the mtuif, erected during the preceding night, nearly opposite to TiptonvlUe. On discovering that the enemy had been at work on the west bank, our gunboat* got up tttKJn early In the morning and went out to attack Uuwtv The enemy had placed three 2*,.pounder rifled gun* In poslHo.ni for the purpose of cutting off our conynttntrallcn at Tipton*!lie, where the transit act'W to Inland 10 bee In*. The gunboata fwooden) engaged were the McRne, 0?n Polk, ivy, Ponchartraln, Livingston, and Mauri pi* The flght continued some two hours The fore and aft chains of the Maurlpas were cut by the enemy'a ahot. They Sent one *hot clear ttmugh the Gen Polk, which sunk her, or r.ame ou? below tha water line, but which we have not been oie to ncernin *ne immediately withdrew, and at last accounta It waa found necesaary to resort to her pumps to ke?-p tie Wnter down. The other boats continued their Are for a<short 'time longer, fcna then withdrew to their anchorage They sustained more or less damage, but were in no respect disable! No one was killed (?p oar tide, only one person being allghtly fcrM**d by a ?plinter. We have no meafcs o? learning the loas of the enemy. "fue Federal force on the otber aide of the rlT#t waa eatimated at 1,000 men. They were engaged In throwing up their entrenchment and strengthening their poaltlon. On Monday alx of the enemy's iion-ciad gnnboata came Hewn tvitbln three-quarters of a mile of Island No. 10, and sbelted the place through the day. They fired alowly, and seemed to direct i their shot, not at our batteries, which returned their ire, but beyond, to an open plantation, where our troops were aupposed to be encamped. Our gnns struck the gunboats repeatedly, but none of the shot seemed to take effect. The gnnboats retired beyond ranee towards night. In tbefr rear the river seemed to be white with their transports. Our loss was three killed and eight wounded. Loss of the enemy not known. Later.?We learn from a gentleman who left Island No It) at half-past two o'clock on Tues day afternoon, and arrived here lest evening, that the enemy renewed the attack en the Islaud Tuesday morning with eight gunboats and three mortar boats. The Are was kept up at iatervals until the hour of his departure. One of the gunbosts having ventured within ?TK>d range, our big gun, the ,4i^ady Polk," was turned loose at her. The first shot was a miss; the vrnnil 1 utiu uicarcu iu way through the boat from side to side. Assistance wa< sent her, and she wa? towed a short distance back, when she sunk. At a later hc.ur a second boat renewed the attack on the battery of the "Lady Polk," which tired seven shots In return Four misted their mark; two struck and glanccd, and theone which was the seventh pssva through the boat, tearing off a plect of the Iron sheeting, which could be seen from the Island. This boat was a.so towed back, evidently disabled, but to what extent our Informant was unable to say It may not be Improper to add that o ir officers felt confident of their abllitv to hold ?? p They have no Idea of abandoning the position. Dy pais?ngers on the Republic, which leftTiptonvlllP yesterday morning, we have a confirmation of the light between the gunboats and the enemy's battery. The damage to the General Polk was not so serious as at fl'st supposed. One shot passed through the pilot house of the Mauripas. The Bold and Successful Small B?at Expedition at Island Nt. 10. I'. S Gcnboat Cincinnati, near head of Island No. 10, Mississippi River, April 2 ? Visierday a little expedition was gotten up for tie purpose of?well, no one knew until this morn.ng about one o'clock or a short hour or two before All the men detailed for the small boats were ordered to array themselves In their be?t toggery, clean their cutlasses, Ac , as if for a hoiliay; each man was furnished with a large navy revolver and extra charges of ammunition; tfvc cutters were sent, containing each thirteen m?n and one officer, comprising twelve oarsmen, onrcoxswain, and the officer in charge of the boat. In addition to tht se. ten sharnshonti>r? of iK? m* 1111 . - , ?iiw u?? I Col Roberts, were alno placed in each boat, making twenty-four men to cach boat, and amounting In the total to qultea resectable body of fighting men. The boats, after an attempt to drop down along a wa^on road (now under water.) In the rear of tbe wood* skirting the river, gave it up, and dropped silently down on the upper battery, which they reached about one o'clock. As they truck the shore, two sentinels fired '.heir pieces, and called for the corporal of the guard, but they we?e too late; our men rushed In the battery and spiked si x large guns before the enemy recovered from their surprise. A body of them having rallied, were approaching when Col. Roberts In a loud voice called out, "Order in the twenty reserve boats ! quick !" The rebels scattered immediately, and cur brave men took to their boats and returned without the Iom of h man?*n achievement unparalleled In the events of this war This battery mounted seven guns when wc tint engaged it. During the engagement of the nth we dtamounted one of their guns, aud now, the whole " Institution" In worthless to them. They returned to the chip at 2 o'clock The rebels became really angry at the occurrence, and this morning and forenoon have been firing at us from their floating battery. Three of tUeir balls came within splatkmg distance of the mortar beats, but fell harmless. 1ntkb**tikg from the Lower Potomac.? The N. Y. Times has the following : Hooker's Division, Thursday, April 3 ?A regiment of picked men belonging to the Excelsior Brigade, left Liverpool Point, under the command of Gen Sickles, early on Tuesday morning for Stafford Court House, on a rrconnoissance. The troops landed at Shipping Point batteries, and marched from thence past Dumfries, through Aquta to Stafford Court House. There was skirmishing between a bodv* of GOO rebel cavalry and the advance corps of Gen. Sickles' command, six miles this side of Stafford, and firing on both .i,?..... ?? - - ..?< nan luiiuiiurtt uam we reacbtd that place on Wednesday, at 4 p. m. The rebel* In their retreat aet Are to the town and all the stores. Our forces promptly stopped the conflagration as soon as they entered. A number of prisoners, horses, stores, Ac , fell into our hand*. From Hrooke Elation a force of 1,200 rebel Infantry and a battery of six field pieces wire moving up to support their cavalry. After remaining three hours in Stafford, camp Ares were built on the hills to deceive the rebels, while oar fotcex withdraw from the place. Gen. IMcklea, with part of hla corps, arrived , back at Shipping Point this morning The rest came in at Bient'a Ferry, opposite Liverpool Point. Onr ? ? * * ? vw?iw?>*v0 WtlC vwu wuunoea una & lew | missing. The corps marched forty-eight miles In seventeen hours ovtr the worst mountain roads. At Fredericksburg there are few troops. They are falling; back to Richmond. The citizens state that the Confederate government intend abandoning Virginia. ryG^SMITHSONIAN LECTURE P.~Rev. J S Kkam is Vinton, 1). !>., of New York wiTl lecture on WHIJNfcSOAY KVKNING, April 9th. Subject: '"TheGentleman." The pubjio are invited. Aduiitt&nosfres. ap7-st -rTE^TEMPERANCE ?Th? Sons of Temperanoe wi.l hold a pubho t'mperanee n.eet ins, ?t 1 eir.parano? Hall.on Tl r.SDAY f.VKMNG,the8to instant %t 8 o'clock The pubiio ,,o lofruuunT iDvuen; alio any tempc-ance speakers who n m t>e in the oily. sp9-2t fY1?"*NOTICE.? Unittd Building Jit?otimticn ? lL9 All person* holding s took, or in any wa* interested therein, are rtauested to meet atl'otomao Hall.oorner ?f Maryland avenue an I Eleventh treet, THI8 EVENING, at eight o'clock, for the purpose of reorganising the Association or of i adopting a plan for an entire settlement By order of the Directors: < lt_ CHAKLE3 WILSON, 8ei, ( rrv NOTICE.?The annual meeting of the 1 IJJ5 Washington Ciir P<ote?tant O ptian A**I urn will be held on TUESDAY NEX C, April 8. at 12 o'olook, in the Lecture Room of New Y ork ; Avenue Churob. All interested in the Institution are oordiall* iovited to attend. The clergy of the eity are ?espeotfnlly requested to remind their oon recationa of thia meeuug. A order of the Board : 1 A. L. FRANKLIN. Bee. J fT^P LAD1KV FA'R AND FKBTIVii -Tk. Ujf ladieeof the Fourth Preebyterian Cbnroh udohm to the publio that ther Fair and Fmu val will beop?n TH18(Satnrda?) EVEN'NO. and that at the whoitaUon of their friend* thsy hare oonoiuded to oontinne It for three afternoon* and > evening* textwe-k. (Monday. Tnreday and Wed- 1 ne*day.> at Franklin Hail, oorner of 9th and D *t*. Kanoy Artiolee and K efteahmen'e in great variet> Good mu*io each niag. Admircion 10 cent* ay 5 ^t* t intn. ? Repnb ] IYV*BA8B BAM-.?The reenter me?ticc* of the Natiotal Hase Ball ulub (for field ex- 1 erour) wi>l be beid on the Armory ground*, 7th on TUESDAYS and SATURDAYS ofeaoVvwk. Member* of other B. B. CinbeareoordiaU* invited. ay 4 ?* A P. flOIM?N. Seo. , Ia"J sRS .'?1 have in*t received a very large and aeeonment of Spring Clothing, whioh I am offering at onr nanal low pric**, at No. 460 Seventh etreet. opeoelto Poet Uttee. near F. fe tJ am Mi^THK UNION PRAYER MEETING Will UJt be holden every day thie week in the Lather* anChuroh, (Rev. J. G. Botler**,) at the oorner of < 11th ana H itrMU. <vnr.m?n..r, .? m - snSewtineedbnl'ooe hoar. gUSINEBB FOR BALK. t Any person wishing to nm? in a Isfibsaate BBPm M VOCAL MUSIO. _ 188 BROOKE Hu tho ?lHa~ ofanaoaaaiac to ife* public thftt a olaaa in Yocal Mutm ia bow f arming at hrr B ariing And l?ay -ohool for Young i.a^hea, No 1 > Psnnayl vama avenue, undor tho direction of Miss J omasa. Mat, who will instruct ih sor ft us Italian stylo or ta the ha'iaJ, aa may bo jreferraU by tho papi a. Foi part.oulara and terras ippiy to I ap 7-9.00* Ml 88 BROOKE. / Bullion bankn?i1u?F IHw bee* e'andea- I Ural* ukf n ud stolen with a foil intention to oiroulate th*?n t?d?f ud the publU Wliwis the Bark k?c new; tad on* doliara jnt <n oircalation, nor neither haa th? pliaers i*eard oryt do?t toi. Therefore th? ?ub!io are *vn?<l innott%kfnc the in. as th? Bank is not iiat.is for the najmeut of them It' W.M. T. THOMSON f^OUPEK AN1> HOR8K8 FOR SAI.F.-'lh* * ' advert i?#r ha? for sale a mmt hwta-^ mmm.a tifnl New Vork t-ailt t<u*ee.*n<l aleiVaESsft' rjkh Haruees. mide h? Wood Gihaon o'w ' W-L New York. Akc, a fair of the beet brok* H?r*ee in the Uisited States, either dcubleor miii^e; eith pntMimK ?i"i irnii ?u OOVM i n* prtOfl will oe low. the ftdrer titer not h*\ inn n*e lor them. The Coupee*>.<i petof H?rne?s with horee* is one of th? hMi^romeet MfrontJiin theoonntr*. Add'***, by !ett*r, L'ox 1HT3 I*o*t Office. ?Ulli more. M 7 ft' notice. NOTICF. notice. DAYTON'S PIC-NIC FA-^A CIUCKKRS, Boston ckackkrs,

da\ton 8 UnrlraUedsoda cjiackfps, dayton's wptced snaps. dayton's lemon biscuit?, dayton's confectionkry, rDL1 AM r% *V r\f x/m^am v<n it i/i j N Y.EVKRTON TAFFY, STICK CANDY, DAYTON'S unequalled RASPBERRY PIES, LEMON PI EL. SLICED APPLE PIES, To be found at Maah Market, Stand No 37, on 9th atreet; Bakery, No. 456 I'th street, between Q and H. fcp ?-lw Ta card. HE Great consignment sale of good* f.om a large Imported House in New York w>ll positively cloae on the let ot May Those who fan to profit themwives by cot purchasing immedia'ely frcm this Large consignment will hare oanse to regret it.aafho goods will real'y he sold at fifty cents in the dollars on the oost of importation In the as aoitnient will be found? ldoii Noire Antiques in white, rote, pick, and blue. Rioh W>ter?<l Silk*. TafTotta Stripe in purple, maiz?, lilac, rose, a: d brown. Eleont Silk Robes in vhite, rose, in\iie, and corn oolora. Plan Tajeta in pink, ro??, rreen. main, oara-v, straw.cherry, ad 1 modes, from 87 oenta to Si.50 yard, BeauiUul line of chene, ?trip?d,figurfd and plaid Sliks, for rpnng. fr> in So cents to 32 per yard. TafTet'a KeRinas, n?w style of foods, a? 37 cents. First quality of Ch.-na Silks, per.'eot goods, at 62 cents. Mew rtyle Fenlardi.in p'aids and stripes, very cheap. Plain black Grenadine, or Hemanni, Chinize Figured Grenadines, in blaok and oo'.ored srounds. White, blue^acd rose oolcred Grenadine Robes Oape re I'a'if, in wnitn p nk.binn, rose, and drab. Mourning Silks, in ohe:ks, plaids, and stripe*. oh*ap. tterase Albina, new styles, two yarsa wide, fcr Shawls and Dressca, Challe Al.'acaiie. two yarda wide, (or do. Berates, Titsue, Grenabine, and Oreandy Robes, fu! 1 assortment of stylos ard colors ver? ch-ap Figured, striped, and fancy Be eues, from 12 oca's to 37 oents, Plain Bereees is all oo'ora, Norwioh Pop ins, cheap, Fine French Poplins,S 4 wide, very oheao. Fire French all wool Pelade, In r ich oolora,37 cents, Many of the *oo !s Have bcsn rednoed in price ?ince nurinti the* objcot '-eini ?o cloae them oat oheap kviIit than to return them to ISewYork. < LAGKTT A. MA V. up 7 324 Pft ave., b 19th a.n1 t?th at*. rii " KIR FURTRK8S MONROK t BK J-ohooner Mera* Tatlor. Cap'ain Ninkerton. will tail for Knrtreaa Monro?. if^LXf* enflioient freight la offers. Ipauireot J. R. IIARK A CO.. ap 5 4 96 Ninth at JJ EAV AN IMAL3. % Mayor's CFries. Wafktwttn*, April 4. lo62. DeaH Anwna'a will immediate'} he removrd ar.rf buried on notic being left a* e;t'-er < f the i'n'.iee .1 >k. >(.. 1:? Ut Ulf I?ini All r?rl!0?l fcMtf should be had in locating the carcass toin.'ure prompt attention. ap6 3t H1CHARH WALLACH. Mayor. Dry good* for mihk folks aw HOME."-Officers and others needing Dry 6?od? of any kind for the folks at home, are solicited to inspect our stock,all n?w, and the prices marked in plain htirea. the acfua1 cash atandard va'ue All paroe's for the interior, properly paoked for forw*r?';ng by eipresa or other conveyances, free ol charge. PERRY & BRO.. ap >-?t Pa. ave. *nd Nirth str'ct. NOT1CK. I HE STEAMER THOMA*COLLYER Will re "irue her trips to Mount Vernon rn Wrduesda*, Maroh 9th and run ever* Wedae-day and Batnna?^^*""s"T*"? until further notioe. leaving her wharf at tfcefo.'t of 7th street at 10 o'clock a in. Fare for the round t ip on board the beat * i so. SAMUEL GLDNEY, CaP'.ain, N. B. On the payment of2b oer.ts visitors will be admitted to th-1 room which General Washington oocapied and in which he died The man?i< n a ,d grounds are oloard to visitors on Sundays. ap 5 2w? A FULL AND OMPLETE STOCK OF Far.oy and Staple DRY GOODS. now in st're, adapted for the spring and Slimmer w.v.ts oi iimilies and housekeepers Our northern *n<l ?ut?m ? ?. ? ?vvi l wo^VU' (Cli^B (OHU U( now auppli's daily. Op? price only, tno aotual c\?h standard valus, marked in plain fiture*. A n inspection nf gtock rohoit?d from ftranecri, residents and sojourner*; it will imply no o* ligation to purchase. PKRRY ft HRO., ap 3-6t Fenn. avenue and 9th street. ^ Dr. I. B. SEELEY, J? MB Sole Manufacturer of the mm HARD RUBBER TRU9S. fjr The vndir Rift I tc Uocdymr's Patents. '4 Rubber 9 J ffi:e for the Radioal Cure of Hernia \TR18S# or ^urtu ?' ^ 126 C ark street, Chicago, lllinoia. Thia lKUSS la having a success. in the CvmiKG or Kittikbi. before unknown in the Juetcry of Trusses;ui. ikaall otoera eve- uaed in the follow ing roapectaIt will never mat. (the "print being ooated with Hani Rubber,) Chafe Gall nor Blister, wil' not slip or move, oan be uaei in bathing, ia a! Wat a Cltan, and good as new i)oea not rrnf cr injur* tue Cord, nor overstretch and enlarge the opining, but oonatantl* acts to coiuere;s aid great It benefit the worst form of Rupture. The same irufa can be mule very stiff or limber aa 'he oa*e may require, it has be*n uaed by overs**' persona m the North-west within the paet two years, and haa never failed to give satisfaction in otses of the worst form. This Truss ia recommended and uaed in preference to ail othert. by all prominent feargeona in New York City, among whom am Pro/esaora Mott. Parker A. Oarnochan, auo in the Weat tj Profs. B'aica-d, Rea, Freer, of Rush M^dioal *J">!lfge, Profs. IM. J*. Davie. E. Andrews. Ltnd University, Doct. Wolcott, cf Mi!waukie, Wia., a*d Doot. Hiinoe. of Jacksonville, 111. 'i'hia Trues haa reooived Medala over all othera iu use, and is guara'teed in evn y >ei>peol * to be as represented. Persona w>shicg thia in atrument oa--i be fitted by aea"ing a:s?,in inatps around nips in line of rup'^re, to UK. I. B. 8BKLKY, Manufacturer and Proprietor, Chicago, ill., P. O B' X 4343. _ WtSKBitEY will beat. J. W. NAIRN'3 mug More, corner ot ?t n and Pa, aveuue, tor* few (1**8. C&ti and examine for yourself. ap4-lw* J P. DAKTHOLOW, whole-alk *!?d bitain u?a; *r in Hardware K Agricultural Implements, 7tu Stkkit, Below Pbkn Ava, (Opposite hast End Center Market,> waehikston, D. C. My Htook einliraoe* many article* for Arm? put p<j*oe ; among whioh are the following : Uan*i Barrows, Aw, Wheel Barrows. Picks, Trucks? heavy and light,tiatoheta, Unndstones. Saws, Grindstone Fixtures, Piok Handles, Anviia, Ax* Handles. Hlack*nuth* Tools, Rattan or Stable Broom*, Portable Forge*, Fork*, L'amr Stoves, fhovos, Letter Pressea, Spade*, Powder and Burglar Lo? Chain*, Proof Wrought iron Halter trains, Boxes, *th Chains, fire and Burglar Proof Traoe Chains, rtuea, J*wirt !ctr?ee, Horae Powers, Harries, Portable oven*, Curry Com bs, Horae Buokets. Card*, Water Buokets, Hand Carts, Measures, Fairbanks' fo&ies-Hay, stable l anterns, Plat.'orm, and Connter, Cut Nails. Butchers' beales, Wrought Nai's lint her Knives, Horseshoe Nails, fiuop lion, Wrenobea, Mrap ron, ko. &o , Wagon Jaoks, Ox Yokes, Rope, large Plows, Ac., Ao . H?t and Straw Cutters, PortableMifls for Grind Corn Shelters, ia? Morse Feed. Machinery of all kinds. ap 5-eolw U? SURE AND COME TO THE BEST D plaoe to hav voar Clothuu?No. 460 Seventh tr?ot TOWERS' PATENT BOOT JACK AND M1LITAIW SPURS COMBINED. ^ I, the BDdrriiiced, ?oie proprietor and marufao tnr?r or the abov? Boot Jut end Spar, hereby give the exoinaive right and privilege of aeihng the aame ia the Dia.riot oT Colombia to Meea . CAKNKR A CO.. Military Safldiera, No. 30ft Pennaylvama avenue, Waahmcton, U. C to whom all dealera and patrona of thia nm*ae and isgeaiooa artiele are reap HJtfally referred. . '*he larie patronage given to ttuanew Spnr ia theoiu or New York alone, ia ita auftoi**:'. recommendation. _ A. H Vv RlrfHT, ftp. 11 Beekman atreet. New York. 305 HORSE SQl'l&tfKNl$ A8& HAJLNKSS >Q? WUtAMl Q? cxv.c tt* J BILL, tte oouifMt of tlJO bhiMi Cora Mr barg* A. L HMMr. la req sealed to du oborge mdrtrio n>4 pa? charges ihereon, or it will be stored at bis risk tod expeaie. bp 3-3t* ROBT U*BE?BN. Opt /''AMP FURNITURE AMU TIN WARE OF v> all kinds to bo Lad of W, H. HARROVLR, uu T-*m i*anii?*"?? ' -v?_ WANTS. WANTKD-A tool DRB8PMAKF.R ; ? *' \ nunc I ?d/to iMrr u* bMiB#M Apply** MRf* SMITH, 4?4Th rtewith?trwt. WuUc ton- P C. ?P7 2S WANTED?A *n?rt Md s?U*? COLORED HOY. ?Soit 12 f?r iS ?Mn r I ? App'f *t H, l*twron mh'ardlfth ?t?. __ _ WANTK l? T<? RENT?B? tb* >?t of Mm, a ni*lI HOU5JK "ontMniDf (h<m 4 to roonti, wUiur l.S m;iHito*' vi't of the Fn?t rtfle> Addr*M "M. A. a .'' Offe*. >r 7 8** VV ANTfc D-Br a h^a't^y yoani woman with a '? lr*?h ! pv-t of mil* a S,Tl> ATlON M wftt rurw. At p j at i\o. 'Jtt O i-tr^t. t>ftwwo Hth wr<l lath nrw^ tp 7 3t? \\TANT! "C ? A STORK RtiOM.oa fir?t fioor, ? oo Pen ,tj v&ma nvnue, north aid?, hrvwo 4k tr*#t ?c<1 Wi.larl*' Hot?|. AddrtM "1. 6 J' ? my V\ ^T'r' * rwjwoiable w>>man, ft "siTo" aT1"N k? r k. eha^kwrnui'd. or t do aashii.it' i'l'it :i?. AxtlreM 'Mary,' SUr Ol?, A- 7 It* WANTKD-Thrw DRESSMAKERS, at No. 1AO 19?K ? ?? ** ** ? ' lotu cm rv, unwwfl ci >na I j BOQ? III cood ban ta ire I f pp'y. Also. a Voani Udy to I earn trie baaiuata it* WANTKD? A firit ciua COACHMAN, grovel ?d Hh In ??ry beat o'.rti?o?toi from prilau'ler^en'B ee>rvioa; nom but ?icQ tiMd app'* 17Mi \r(l K -1? II* AGEKMAN WOMAN WiihN to obUlB A SHua' OB 10 re?t\nr?=t or fino Br.Tate h? f.R, c.ik. AoJieaa MRS. MINDER. *tar ' tt* V%/A> 1'EU?Hv \ rexpsotahie you&c vonu. I *T tfiTi *T1<?N a? cook or cl.arabrrmaid. P.riM>e c?ii lor t)ir?? i'am at M. Phi hpa\ 'o N etr^et_t e.wccu 4 h md Hh If HOUSE WANTED?I wish to rrnt a good llwuxs coatai <in- 3 or 1? ro mi; caaacd water preforre). Aut on* having *no a hoaa* oan find a perrnriLfDt. p&Tinc tannant by apply Inr at 71 Luni?i&Da avnas. ap 7-lw AKKM'KCTAULE PERSON WiihMtBitaM c d or to ltk? gtre of ofcil tiren ; as no or jeotiou to assist with washing and iron;u?. Address Bo* Sf4. to M. 8.," f"r two days. a> th* ^t&r Qifloe apT2t* B~ OAi'DIN THK COUNTRY WANTKD.-A Kont'eman. ho'dinr offioe. desires board in the c * i:.trr for himselt and wife in some pleasant famHT witrnii ei* or eight mres of trie citT Address, st'tir.* terms, < whiou must not be too hijb.t B' i 6t>*. citT post cffioe. WANTIiD?To sell, henceforward, too barrels and t a f barro's of Ale every we?k; also ;the same of Beer, lor the Ha timore Brewery, john GaYNOR. A?ent. Corner of 21a acd G ata. Orders in tho Post Office will b) caned for at 9 a. rr.an 0 2 p. ni. ap 7-ln," WA N rKP?To bay out an established retail GROCERY SrORK. in a ?ood situation. Moderate terms, Leave address to "A. K-," Star Cffioe. a?& 3t* HOUSE WANTED-A modern DWELLINS 11 (lU t. oor.t- ioicg *i<ht or ten rooaas, within a few ssn*re? of ir>? H??t? !* ' ?J . ? - - ... ? mnr ?I(inU' . AU drea*, ?ratinj location, rent, *0., JAY COOKK h CO., 45* 16th auect. ay 5-lw* WANTED?\ Rood COOK, one who thoroughly nn^er^Mnda the hnaicMa Nona ueod apply without tor d recon mMdationa. Apply at EMRICH S Kvctau act, aouthwett oorntr ol 11th and 1'a. avenue. ap nt 4 Bi>Y WANTKP, to attend to a horae aad /v r sko Inin-'plf rereraliy n?e nl A FARM WAl.ON FOR SALE, northern built, ninl but htt e used. Ap?'y to No. 43 Dumbarton streft, Oeortefown. ap 5 St* YVANIKD-A p^act oal BLACKSMITH,or an ** mtere*t will begtv-n 11 toe buaineaa. Apply at the c?r"*i of rev-nth and G atreeta, cppoaite the Patnnt Oftioe. ap 4 >1* A boon C?w>K Wiahaa to hire in aome raipMttUt Iwili,Haaak: wacei reier- nres given; hv a\ ling at No 336, at tfeorge Diltt's Restau-a&t. h?tween New York avenoeand K ttrect ay 4 ?t* WANT! f>- A re?p-ctab!eProtestant WOMAN a* eeamstreft* and chambermaid , none need appW without c^?oil refereuoea?430 D street, between Vh and 6th. pair Ci'y Hali. mh81-tf WA NTKit i O IIENT?Frott Mm 1st, a neatly !u:nu>h"d HOUSE, in a centra, location, from into 15 rooms. Address Box 3 Star Oflioe. mhol-ti W ANTED-Ry a gentleman and hia wife, a ha'devmei* Famished Bed K< om and Par;or; or a Furnished Huure. in icme p easant locality in the city For fnrth"r particulars, apply to EM 11,E DUPKE, 32o pa. av. mh a WANTED?To have every one know that they can hod the best stock of Clothing, Hats ana Caps, at the very lowest rates, at SMITH'*. No. 460 ye\qi.tli et.eet, t-elow F. fe27-*m_ ? inn -AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN V I ""' -v; ojfS.-<6 a d ?*ke the wholesale agency, in every fr.r ? I of Lloyd's Great Military Mass. m>: t>r < ar Oommai?(ler-in Chief. The chastest mar? ir. tlio w rid. A fortune oan be made on the?e map." it ea--h rtate snne ?n-? VI WHV ol my ?mp? have * tweedy t>een so'.d. Also a mu to go to Oslilwu !?, Kf*;%n?l and Cuba. Ageut? also wanted in ever* cconxj aud in everv regiment in our amy. Iread for oircalars. J. T LLOYD. inh?-fir>Ml 164 Broadway. New York. VI/ ANTfcD?Sutlers and ik>]diersto know that Y? thev -nr buy CAMP STOVKS and TIN WARfci'oKw of H J. bKLtiUKV. 3*1 Pen*. avccnc. ja U \Jkf ANTK.ft? Lewry person 'o know that I am in Tv tue market. reatiy *o fay oas'i for al! artio.es In tue iiousefurnishing line. These leaving the e:t?, 6r hsvin* a unro'os, wi'l do well to oail. R. Bl<?;HL,Y,4?* Seventh st, betweenH and H sts., f?e> t Bids,) Dea.er in New and Saoobd hand Furnterra. ? "> '*" W'A.Vffcii.? *Ve are now buyiut SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOVfit* and HKD IHS6, (or w.tish wc are psrini the hifhect c? !i pr;c9*. Families doolitin* hoaaekeepinc, *r t.avine * eurpiue of furniture, wi!! fcta it to tueir ad vactace !o fi*e us a call. BONTZ fc GRIFFITH, fe 11-tf No. 36 J 7th betw. I ana K ata. IV] KW ARRIVAL OF In beautiful styles XPRlNfl C*L OTHINti, Ax AsTONIgKino Low Fbicxh. Whole 8uiU jot op at $10 and All, At BAR A. BRO., ap 2^ Comer E and 7th ?'roet*. SOLD MRS' PAY. H A R N DEN'SKX PR F.S8 WILL FORWARD MU.D1ER9' REMITTANCES. Whituir Momv or Allotmuit Draft*. To their Fannies at any place on the line* of their Expr??? at a charge of TWLNTY-FiVE CENTS For any sunt cot exceecir.j Fifty Dollars.*#50 ) a - j j--* ? - - ii<i?yi<irviu<jiiMi kuaiuoati cirjf lor pMB readied by couceotiug Kxpresaea The remittance, whether in Gold, Treasury Notes, or A lo:m <ut Dralts, should be enclosed n it; etvM p.*. and -ecureiy seaed, ana have the full address, ir.o!u<i:ug taa t?wn, Post Office and S**'e, 01 ih* f<Tfi<.n to whcm to m sect, and the amount l-fiL'.y iiarted thereon. f .nv?-!o?oe Ivr Uiis purpoae will be furnished at this cAc*. Money r?ceive<1 |3 be forwarded at the office in Washington, Third rtreet, second door below Peni.Ryivai.ia aveune. ap 11m K. S fM ITH. Ageiit. '1*HK l'.M),;i!M(?Ntl) Wi*he? to inform his I fronds aud the pot>iio that he lias opened a t?aw I iling and Kepauing t?hop on the oorser of TUi and si streets, and t-elievin*. from a lone experience in lite bu*it.phs. that be will be able to p. ease the wt>od s\wyer and the butcher and e\er> mechanic that uses a aaw. and hoeea, by a I'lMt at Lt-ntion In hnrnnMa that h> w,li ?* ? - -L? - MV win mem Wk VHBTC VI UiepuMic patronage. ah ll-lrn*' JOHN KKWNhALLV. ? BOOTS-SHOES! g?g CouMtR Tbktb St. lire Pa. Av.fjD WASHINGTON CITY amd EASTERN MADE Ladiet' Tipped Balmor?U... .?1.25 to |LB Owir Bumortli . il 50 to MM Gents' Fine ir? f BooU 00 to #6 M All kinde of BOOTS an 1 SHOES very oheap. (?7" Boot* made to order in the b?et ifiBner, by nih 11-lwi* CHARLES H MOR8B. JJNION FIRE WOOD MILL. The under*tuned bet leave to iafora their eaetomerf an<l th public renerally th?t ther are now prepared to ternlah them with SAWED AMD aO* ?T ? -a - * or m t wi*? mnj ifdgvn or i'm# also, coai. of a'i ti*?a moknbw ft marlow, hf 2 4t corner seventh street and canal. take notice: ll boya.fromtheajeof 3 years if, oan cow be fcttad oat w.ta ta?to and aoonomy at Bar ft bro.'b fashionable clothlns eat&b ur.mei.t, no fa >4 1 m* corner e and ?rantfr ata. pOR THk MOUTH OP YELLOWSTONE fort lenton/ahssouri river. theiteatnw emilik, j, b laBo?i, mactar, will 1mt? on or about the mk of april to poraona daoiromotfoiei^f^^na to orofon and tha territory of^hum^bi waahisf ton, uii? ia the moat daairabla roato. aar. UOB.&TIY to wMfttBfton Territory, hftTlftf from Port Ueoton only Uo mi ?a of land travel. oyer ft food ro*d, to the moat d?ni?b ? part of tit* Territory. 1b conaeotion wit h the E*lw will boft Tory illnt drftftfht aid* wheal atcftjcer, whict ?111 hare about the iHk. d?ir dfllo ruram A Yellowatoue t^the Fi^oi Miaaouri. For (M|htor CH)R BALK CHEAP ?A ??w ftod heftleoma r aoren ootftra iron frame Kouvood^pgH PIANO, with ftil the at? improven.fnt?W|^Wf run(xl ooruera, carved m.udin. ovt-r* ' ' ' at r' ii(4. Ac., ft&d cf bno toua ft ad tiuoh. Wcitk #375;will b? sold for f.Moftih. A|>?Jy ? ;i; No. 497 fecnajivftiuft avenue, totweea 9Ui aad loth itraat, aouth ude if l-lw* 0 . : . .... ?. - ???????? I in PASSKNQER TRAIN TO MANASSAS OJ1'? Mit'f Smf'tZn4U S \ Jlf" J. I J VH'l! "**<* ? pmmmfr trele will be run on Ge^urAar ot rmr\ week. from *eret>T* treet and Martland avenue to ManaeM leaving Waatalnjjton at 9 30 a m .arriving at Man*?ea? at 14 m , returning will leave Manaa*** ai ? 10 r IB , arrlvlau *? Waati!?vU. i a< P m I are trow XYaahlnfttoa to Maoaeaa* and return, *3, and from Alexandria to Manaaaaa and return, C* 35 D C. McCALLUM, Military Direc tor and Sup't Rallroada. I', s. p 3-tf [Intelligencer k Republican.) ~ AUCTION bJLLW* THIS AJFThRIMJON ? TO-WOR ROW By WALL* BARNARD. ABOtinneem. South Cbnwr Pa. at a?d 9tk flrret. /1ROCERIK9. LIQUOR*. J?l TLKRW VI ScrrLiao. Ac , at AtrTTo* ?On TUKSUA V MOIMNe.tk?lt:i innut.n l<? o'oook,?ewi , a?U at tfca Auction Roona. an aaaortnent of Gro^enoa, Lueara, Pot.era' fepp ev, Ac.. oom nam*? Karroia Reined, ud Voli?w J? tiara, Boxea Adamantine a^d Storine < end lee. H firkin* Goafcen Rotter, ana Cteeae. Koxea !*<->%?. J?tareh *m1 Piaa'aa. B >xe* udbarrels of Marring and Salmon, > barrel! Sootch Bottled Ale an J Portar, Frail* l>atM, Boim Tobaooo and C:|tr*. Cum Wf. sir. Brar \y. "in. ami <ocia * CasM Madera. Stiarrr, tint, and 0?*mfc9 v% ICC#, Canoa Bitter* acd <?in Cacktai!. Barre * Wnitky ri ff?r*nt brar.ne, Qnartaraand t il.'., If r*Qdy. B&'re ? F onr, Caae* Boot* and Shoe*, anl India Kabbnr Bianknt*, an Barrel* lnk*tan *, C? mb* acd OruhM, Card*.Knives. Folic*. Pip??, an Ca*k* Cincinnati Htm*, Fianna. Shirta ai d other Mnn'l Morea. M 5 _ WALL A HAK.NAKD. AucU. J FUTURE DATS. Br J. c. Meet IKE * CO.. Auctioneers. BAILIFF'S SAI.K OF HDUfKIIOlB FUBn Traa.?OnTllUKCDAY HoRNINtt, April 10ib, commcneinc r. l?o*olook, l>? ?irta? of u or der of distra n, to me di eote<i, for bona* rent due and in arrears, I aha'l ?e!l. at the residence of Mn. B. Parker. No. S41 <j atre?t, bttvwn ink and 1Kb. | all her Houteho d Fnrifttare and bfTeota. We nam* in part? Us* Piano Forte ardStool. Mfthofan* Hair cloth Parlor Fercitare. Walnut Whatcot. Marb:e top Center Table, Mai ocany side Tables. Cane seat Keaeption Chain, Mahotany and other Hur?aua and Wa*hstaads, Walnut and Painted Bedsteads Chamber 'labiee, Cane-seat Chamber Chairs. Lour.**, Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Mattressea and Bed<unf, Three ply and Incain carpets. Ball Oil Cloth and Vemtiaa Stair Carpets. Window Curtains acd Sha res. Parlor and Chamber stoves, Cooklm Stove, Kitchen iteqairitM, Ao. Terms cash. WM. CAMMACK. Bailiff, d 1. C. McGriKK ft CO., A?ct*_ By J. C MeSriRb A CO.. Auctioneers. VERY DESIRABLE a * o NEARLY NEW d\r?n.in<? at tcblic Arctio> ?On THURSDAY AFIERNOOM, April loth, at 6 o'clock, on the p-ern.?f?w* rball ee!l Lot C, in Daily's mbdi vision of Squ&r* nu itbered 2;6. bavinc a front J5 feet on north Latioet, between Uth itreet and Vermont avenue, runniuic t?aek l?S fret 6 inohea to an al'.ev. Improved by a tiandaom" and volt bnllt brown front three ?t?ry and hacemect briok , dwelling bouse, ?oniatnin* in ail even rooms. The location of this property ta believed to ho the boat in theoity for a p-ivaie reaidenoe Terms: One third oaah; the reaidue Inf. IS and II mc r.tna, with interest, seen red by a deed of trast on tbe preinieo*. All oonveyanoiug at the ooat of the purchaser. apS d J. C. McGL tRK A CO., A note. By GREEN A WILLIAMS. A net oneera. 8H BOUSES AND LOTS ON NINTH ST. AT I Acctioh.?On THURSDAY, the loth icatast, we shall sell, in front cf the aremisos. at 5 o'clock m m I ?? ' ' ' * "" ~ ? * i?v? ?*' auu purk ui liul no. 111 id unt* indtu'i sublmsion t-f l>?i?re No. Jf, with tk? improvements. which ire two brick aud one frame houses containing six rooms each. Thin property front* 9th street west, between O and f street* north. Term* cuh a?4-6t SBEEN ft WILLIAMS. Auot*. By WALL ft BARNARD. Auctioneer*. rpBUSTKE'9 BALE OF VALUABLE REAL A EtSATIlMTHI ComiY or W**llSn*OR, P. C.-Uy virtue of a deed of trcst, datea on tbe Mth day of At(i*t. 1RV7, and recorded on tbe 10th dar of November, 1'3T in liber J. A 9., No. 144. folio* 234, 335, 236 and ?37. one of the and records for Washington county, in the District of Oommt la, 1 will seli on THL'RPDA V, *4tb day of April, 1MU. at 6 o'clock p m , at the Auction Hon* *?f Wall * Barnard, oorner Kb street aod Pa avenne. m the city of Wafhsngtor, the fo'lowing detonced tract of laud, with tiuildicrs and improven en's thereon, aitaated In tbe ooanty cf Washington. in the District of Col amhia: 4 Tae said tract ot land begir nm* at the end of tl.e fonrth line of a tract of land eel led New Seat, and running thenoe south 15 perches. th?uce soetn W degrees, west M perches, thence north 96 degree*, east 14S perohea. thence south 69 degrees, east 51S perot.e* to its interseetion with the f. (teen' h line or the larcer tract f.f i?.nn nnr??.?j i>. ? ?1 deviate* of D?vid C- Part er to Edward {**uc, thanoe aouth 49 decreet rut 68 perebes, thence onth 25 decrees, treat >1 perches ard 5S-10C oi a per oh tbenoe, south II decree*, west 46 perob^s to tha becinainc. oontaiwnc 31 aorea, 1 rood and 17 perches. Tbe term* of thta sale will be one-third I baanoe txaring intereatand payable in equal instalment* at *,12 and ilnatUu, tbe deferred payments to be seoared by a tian on the land One hundred do'larsof the carfc pa'men* to be p*iddovnattheplaoeofsair;and ic case tbe parohaaer or tarohaaara refuaioc ao to do the propart* will at onoe be resold at the risk and ooat of the dafaultmc purchaaar or purchasers. k. c. morgan, Trustee. mhSleoAd* WALLA BARN ARD, Aaeta. By virtu hop a writ of pipri facias. iasaad by Henry Reaver. one of the justices of the peace in and lor tbe oonnty of Waahiccton, at the sait of Fdvard Cammaok. acsinst the coods, chattels, lands and tenements of Joerph Boucher, and to ma diraotad, I hare levied apon all the ncbt, t tie, o.a.m, intereet aud estate or the aa d Joaeph M> ccr.er to and into part of L?ot No. 21, frontinc 21 feet on the south side of Proepeet atreet. and ranrlnc back IV feet deep; and 1 hereby cive notloe that on the 10th day of April, IMS. at 3 o'oiook in S afternoon. In trout of raid premises, I will offer aale the said part of Lot No 21 to the hif heel der for oaah. >y*-ar r. h. TRUNNELUConetable. BALLS, PARTIES. Ac. Afternoon entertainment for LAMES AND children -Frof. am. BARNES will eiee a rove! Dancing School Exhibition ani Soiree at T? in pe ranee Ha! , J^R k atr?et, near ?th, oa ti'esuav aktek (a NOON. April 8th. from 3 to 6S o'o ock where en be aeen u improved ?ty e of taahioiiab'e Banoee. Af\er the exhibition the audieaoe wil! be mtiIn to participate m a f#w iMtii^nab'e 'lancet. Admission 25 cent* ; children 1? oenu ; family tick eta BOARDING. CMR8T-CLASS BOAKMN6 HOUSE, iNortlr ern fami r.t 44ft 13(h *tre?t. between 6 and H. Tal le bea d #4 *?; with room* |i to ? ,*" transient Rljflperdty. ap 4-3t* BOARl>?Two l?r(e Front Roomi. Farniehed rach. suitable for gentleman aoi lady, or two gentleman Pleaaautly situated, at SOU K between ad and ?i. Ternie moderate. mh ? 7t* EDUCATIONAL. MI 8 8 . E. W. WRI6HI tiM riffMd A SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES at No. 901 Sivuth Stkiit, And retprcUa T Mki juh.io potroM(*> mh ?-!w' T)LAINrlELD ACADEMY, ? 1 Nut Cauiili,Pi. The SS<i mmiob (SO ) oommmcM Mat sth. Twmi fT? fx muob. ?'iroulAr? at Star OfkM. To ill low TAOAaeiM wm . Af 1 -InMO Pintle* Ctiifl I * GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS 111 NOTICE ?LICEN6MM ?All Aoraosa LLJ5 vAom hoooaoa froa tbo Corpuraiioa of 6*< r * down ex aire ob the t'at iBataat are h?roby BoufiM promptly to ifnev tfce mr; ntnervuo they eabfaot thamaeivea to A fcne, and U? law ta Qomyoliory the vottr oftatra to mnforam ia? 4?UnV??oU. No l?rth?r noUoc wi.1 gh ? a?^tA?1? WM. LA1KP. nkt g 8. RANKIN * CO.. WINE, uquoe.'andchiap bottling ESTABLISHMENT, " 'I'IftVSfSWb'V""'' ? I It* glCKBKIN _LOVE8! Ruubari * Ebert, ti K Oh UK TV vJIifD. C. l\WiC*"%5L tSWHBCTH MITTENS I* the Dirt not. Oftoerf' Gft.QLi.eu mwe|?or4?r. Di>*?i >ad Bturu. U II __ Fooal oil lamps OS BAL.E L.nw thai th?? lttve vrr btm ofrK la U uurkM I htv? )i?t i*o? a <? <t MMlT, HJ UWM' i M1<10MB<I<U, U.Oi kt | vkoiMt1* aatf i?UjI Umi ol Co*. (Ml a? olit*? ?? ft* l? bouckl ia tb* uitf. r t No. >83 C 4 n, lit (wa >n Mb a 3d 7tt, r.uth ?ioe. old aiUKi < &' iu,f imtkw. ' mklttf i. w. moh8lll