9 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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?,..-1 " - ? - gg"!gggglg - * ' :-'?*?^ ' -J- '4*f f ^ ^ ^ ^ Vu-L. XIX. WASHINGTON, I). C . WEDNESDAY, APKIL 9, 1H62. iN?. 2,849 ! THE EVENING STAR ? / PUBLIBH&D BVKK7 AFTERNOON, I' {SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) y AT THE STAR B C 1 L D I * G S , Comer a/ Punuyirttta ?r? mud EUrmtk ttrtt*, T W. F>. WALLAOH. Fapera aerved in packagea by carrier* at W a rear, or 3^ cents per month. To mill aobscrlbera the price la 83-50 a fear, ?* odrantr, 99 for alx month*; 11 for three montha, and for lees than three months at the rate of 12 centa a week. Single copies, oni cast; In wrappers, two ckiti 117" ADrcaTisiKBXT* *hould be sent to the e?ce before 12 o'clock x ; ofherwlse they may ot appear until the neit day. ^ A Cl'RIOr."* CHAPTER OK FOOD. The diversity prevailing in different nations if refaraace to articles of food jeems to confirm in it* literal sense the proverbial saying that "One man's meat is another man's poison." u... .. r^A .ki.k i.:_t , Mm,yj au nivicwi ?vw "mvu io IU uigu 05106111 in one country is regarded in others with abhorrence. which even famine ean hardly surmount In the Shetland Inlands it is said that crabs and k>b?ters abound, which the people eatch for the Lond*n market, bat refuse to eat even half-starved. The John Dory is reckoned by epicures one of the choicest of fi*h; but in Devonshire, where it abounds, and also in Ireland, it used to be thrown away as unfit for food. There seems to be aome superstition connected with this, as it is said that a Devonshire oook flatly refused to dress it. Eels, *hich are abundant and of good quality i n Cumberland and Westmoreian i, and also in Gotland, are regarded f y the people there with as much disgu.-- as snakes. Skato, which is in high estimation in England in Ireland is hardly ever eaten except by th fishermen. Scallop*, on the other hand, which are reckoned dainty in Ireland, are hardly ever eaten in England; and, although they are abundant on many of the coast, few of the English have any idea that they are eatable The cuttlefish (that kind which produces the inky fluid), although found on our coasts, is not eaten by us. But at Naples, it is highly esteemed, and travelers report that it tastes like eal. Cockchafers are candied, and served up with other confectionery, by the Italians. The hedgehog no one thinks of eating in England except the gypsies, and some who have joined them, report that it is better than rabbit The sailers in the English and Dutch whaleships do not eat the flesh of the whale; but those in the French whalers (with their wellknown skill in oookery) are said to make a palatable dish of it. By almoet all the lower classee in England venison and game of all kinds are held in abhorrence, and so are fresh figs By the Australian ravages, frogs, snakes, large moths, and grubs, picked out from the weod?all of which the English settlers turn from with diszust?are esteemed as daintioa, but they are shocked at our eating oysters Milk. as an article of food, (except for suck I ing babies,) is loathed by the South Sea Islanders Goats have been introduced into several of the islands . but the people deride the ?ettiers with using their milk, and ask them why they do not milk their sow?. On the other hand, dogs and rata are farorite article* of food with them. Those last, as is well known, are often eaten by the Chinese, who also eat salt earth-worms and a kind of sea ?iug, which most Europeans will tarn from with disgust. In tfee narrative of Anson's voyage is a full account of the prejudices of the South Americans (both Creoles and Indiana) agninat turtle aa poisonous The prisoners capturod on the prise ships warned tho siilon against eating it, and for some time lived on bad ship beef; but seeing our men thrive on the turtle they began to eat it?at first sparingly and at length heartily. And when aet ashore and liberated they declared they blessed the day of their capture, whioh had introduced to them a filentifui supply of wholesome and delicious 004. Horseflesh, which most Europeans would refuse to aat, ezeept in gre.it extremity, is preferred by the Tartars to all other; aad the flesh of a wild ass'ocolt was greatly esteemed by the Romans As for pork, it is on religious grounds that Jews and Mahommedans abstain from it, as the Hindoos do from beef. But the Christians of the East*eem to have nearly an equal aversion to it; aad the like prevailed till lately in Scotland. The large shell snail, called csoargot, was a favorite dainty with the anoient Romans, and Still il SO in A ffrMt ntrt r?f fKn hah K *\t I -- "? " v. HOIUp*, though moat Englishmen w >uld be half starred 1 before thej would eat it. In Vienna the large wood ants are aerved up and eaten alive. Small land eraba are ealen alive in China. The igauana. a large epeciea of liaard. is reckoned a great dainty in come of the Weat India Islands. Maiae (the Indian corn of America) haa been introduced into New Zdland bj the missionaries, and the people cultivate and highly esteem it. But their mode of preparing it for food is to Europeans moat disgusting They ?teep it into water till it is putrid, and tben make it into a kind of porridge, whioh emits a moat intolerable stench tHaaaan flesh haa been, and atill is. eaten in many parts of the world, and that by people considerably above the loweat rank or (?such M the Fijii Islanders and an Indian people called the Batta, who are said to have a written language And even in cannibal10m there are great diversities?wme nations at their enemies and some their friends. Herodotus relates that a Persian king asked the Indian soldiers that were in hi* service what reward wonld induce them to burn the dead bodies of their frienda, instead of eating them They replied bj entreating him not to mention anything so shocking. vu iae omer nana ttte Acw Zealanders? before their conversion, who seeuiad to havecin idered that the proper diet ot mankind is mwi?seem to have eaten only their enemies. Among the Australian cavages, on the contrary, it is said that if a mother finda a young baby troublesome to carry about, she will eat it although she would not allow any one else to do so) under the full persuasion that she has merely deferred i? birth, aad that the next child she bears will be a rMppearanoe of the eaten one. When remonstrated with, she will reply " Oh, masM. he plenty come again." A SixorLsa Incident.?Almost a Cat as raoPHK?There is a popular superstition that a eat, if allowed the opportunity, will " suck the breath of a child;*' though bow this is accomnlithed is aat iiiMrait C?a am nk. jected t? much suspioion, and, indeed, no animal petted by man is at once so much admired and detested A circumstance earn* to our knowledge recently which seems to indicate that the numerous charges made agaiaat the feline race are not altogether unfounded. The other evening, at a residence only a few miles from this city, a cat was discovered sitting upon the chest of a little boy four year* of age, her mouth pieced close to the child's ling an/i tKm mm# asil Jew ?l- ??? ? -?L r?' ?? ? luouuj tci/ uucu ?o* ?ort?d in the operation. An effort via mads to drive the eat awaj. by a peaking (barplj to bar. Sh? paid no attention to tbia, and waa equally unmindful of a aeries of blowa with a a tick. Tbe eat waa finally (airly jpaahed off the body of the ekild and off tbe bod. She waa then paabed out of tbe room and down tbe ataira; the could not be driven in tbe eaual way. She had a bewildered,wild look all tbe time, and exhibited a aign of feroeity by anringing upon the errant who waa forcing bar down ataira. Tbe cat waa inatanlv killed aa a warning to all eata not to be too intimate with sleeping children Tbe little boy wok* up during the eoiae -Z m _ ^ - wnicD wa- mii?. ana vm DiMriiij wuinowon fnghtoeed. He did not seem to be injured. Though no harm wh done, evil might have eneued had not the oat boon diaeorerod and restored. Har weight on tho child's cheat would nee?arily reduce tho uuratitj of air ineptred, and tend to eauae suffocation, whilo tho ofciid would inspire only car bonk aoid gaa taken from tho mouth of tha oat. Tbe two oauaee might induoa death erea. Ihej maj hare originated tha auperatition that a eat " uAkf the breath of a child." Ttha mM li iat?rr*tir>ir inH nr.vtl an.I ma* *?rv? the p?rpoM of elisitiiig inquiry and fMittirig f4,n? fj*r?u'.. <>u th#ir ^uard agaiiut t l* tn?nk*r?u and ?i?kikjr pc-.- ?Hth which j fb?if ciiidi?n pUjr ? iY Y. L'om # PREKTirEARA. The rebel Government, finding thai its troops are chieflj remarkable for running, ha* hit opon the happy expedient of obviating the trouble by enlisting cripples. The rebels threaten another irruption into the ipountains of Kentucky The mountains might not fell on them, but the mountainpatriots would# There is but one Bull Run, but the rebels have made a good many bully runs. The rebels don't bury their dead more than eighteen inches or two feet deep. They even begrudge the poor fellows a respectable hole in the ground. The abolitionists seem to think that our treat war is not against tbe rebeLGovernment bat agairst Gen. McClellan. The re'oel soldiers should oover themselves with glory if they can, for their Government furnishes no clothing to oover them. Peace and prosperity spring up in the progress of the U S. armies as flowers are said to spring in the foot-prints of angels. Our troops ran from Manassas, and the rebels didn't follow. The rebels hare run from Manassas, and oar troops do follow. Never in any country was there snoh a rapid succession of victories as the United States troops have won. And yet men complain thatoar armies don't move fast enough. Xhere**re persons who, upon a railroad train that moves rorty miles an aoar, will bend their bodies forward to inorer.se the speed. The rebel soldiers are exhorted by their organs to die for their country. But the soldiers, like the organs, prefer running away for their country. Probably they think that the organs, if any dying is to be done, had better begin it themselves. A person, supposed to be a rebel emissary frona the mountains, attempted last week to get an immense quantity'of oloth od oredlt. We suppose Humphry Marshall has some difficulty in covering his flanks. We hear a great deal about the wretched eondition of the Southern troops, and no doubt 'tis all true, but jet, whenever our forces come upon a rebel stronghold, they are very sure to find the rebels tvelf of. The Rev. Mr. Baldwin, a Nashville rebel, was to have preached on oowardice in that city on the 2'id ult , but he preferred to illustrate his theme bv running iwit TTint. w?? than a sermon. The Confederate Government at Richmond atill blusters us to its ability to maintain its position, but it keeps its carpet bag packed and handy. Gov. Rector or Rectum (or acme such name), of Arkansas, calU upon the whole people of that Stare to take up arms in the rebellion. Tho running time of the Southern railroad cars is about ten miles an hour. That of the rebel armies on foot about eight. The rebel* threaten to susp nd diplomatic relations with England They had better watt till they have a few. The Southern Government hu just about aa much money aa the wool of uollin's ram would sell for. Jeff Davis aays that the time la pregnant with great events. Ay. but he eanrt be the father of them. In a double sense the flying and pillaging rebels atop at nothing. It is very true, as the abolitionists say, that, if there bad been no slarM, there would hare been no war. But may it not alao be true, that, if there had been no abolitionists, there would have been no war??Lou. Journal, OS arch 16. If there had been no slavery, there could hare been no abolitionism ; cause preoedes effect. Logic. True, if their had bean no slavery, there conld have been no abolitioniam; and, if there had been no property, there could have been on robbery ; and, if there had been no house*, there could bare been no arson ; and, if there had been no marriages, there oould have been no adultery; and, it there had been no people, there could have been no murder. Wendell Phillips oome out to learn something about Western manners, and Cincinnati gave him an egg-Mmple. It is too bad. Folks are getting to oall the Confederate armies the Considerate armies. The Southern Confederacy, out of gas, out of sperm candles, out of lamps, has got to tmpering. The rebels like to fight on the tops of hills a a ?? * ... on mquniiiDB, ior men mej can easily slops. A correspondent of the Norfolk Beacon predict* that Humphry Marshall will yet fill the Presidential ohair of the Southern Confederacy. He will break it down unless it ia bomb-proof. The Norfolk Day Book says that, when the Merrimao goea out, she "will carry everything before her*/," Ac. Let her go out with an "if,'' and the Monitor may dispose of her with a butt. If Gen. McClellan were to fall in his mighty enterprise, we know not which woald exult moat?hii Southern or his Northern enemies. It i> said that the Iojral prisoners at Mem pan are covered witA vermin and nearly starved?a great deal less eating than eaten. Floyd said some time ago that he would give his last drop of blood to cement the South. The La Croase Democrat thinks he oonoluded to tare his cement when he found that Foote had so maoh mortar. Whenever oar troops march upon a rebel force, the latter, who probably never heard of Chesterfield, are guilty of the gross rudeness of turning their backs upon their visitors. Our forces played a winning game at BowII ?V ?. >* * iiuk vjjoo*} u'4b ibbj unvon I J01 031(16 ft 1U strike in the Mississippi. The rebels, wherever they go, seem to have k passion for barning everything under heaven exeept gunpowder. A Tennessee paper says that Floyd, "far from being disooaraged, is all animation." Then, if we catch him, he may tarn out to be a ease of suspended animation. The rebels say that their armies, if defeated, will retire for aefenoe each to some mountain fectaees. We have been admiring their fastness for some time. A hi*hly intelligent mhHmmm -J*'-- ? w m TTllVtU| W at from Paducah, uji: "The counter revolution hu bow fairly set in throughout oar diatnct. and U quite u rapid as the revolution A man in Memphia writee to hia friend in Richmond, "we have no nooe* here at preeent " He needn't be troubled on that eeore; there will be an abundant supply of the article in that quarter bj and by. We don't auppoae that the Southern landa will produce mnoh of a crop of anything thia aeaaon, but we hare no doubt that the rebel armiea will yield handsomely. tr?a|? Olaenee. The "Vallejr 6tar/' published at Newrille, vtuuuciuuu UU.I r>., Ol Ito. W' y lB*t a linnlw -i'rr-rr ku appeared among the #?ttl? of Wm ttmitb, near Oakrille, in that oountr. The diaeaae oommencee on the aide of tne head and nose, causing the autoal to rub, in one instance^ until the akiu b rubbed off, and tbe eje rubbed out. Some eight or ten houra after tbe diaeaae appaara the head oommeooea to awell, and in two hour* thereafter the animal ia dead. It la auppoaed to be oootagioua WlBtorlag Ikirp lsecM*fally. Tbonaa Oorbj^gfTM la tfc. Oklo firmer th. following rcquiaita*for thij i?toom ?He uti Oood tJMlUr, regular faadiug, y.rietj oi praper food, dry b?dj, ud daily watering, are lodifpaoMfela to wbw with akaap." TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. "x The Surrender of Inland No. 10. FIVE THOUSAND PRISONER? TAKEN? THREE GENERALS CAPTURED. On# Handred Stage Gam, Twenty Field Battertri and Large Quantities ( Stare* Taken. Tbe following dispatch vrai received lut veil Ins : Mkkky Watxx Lauding April 8. Hon Bdvin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Sir : Oen. Paine'* division marched forward to Tlptonvllle last night, and captured Oen. Mackall, formerly an Adjutant General of tbe United States, together with his staff and about S.OOt prisoners, from Arkansas and Louisiana; also, large quantities of atores, ammunition and other property. Gen. Pope'* movements have been a complete success. VVe move In tbe direction of Island No. 10 In a few minutes to capture all that are left. Gen Pope is scouring the country around Island No. 10. DISPATCH FROM GEN. WALLECK. To Hon. S. M Stan tan. Secretary of War. Brig. Gen. W. M Mackall, late of the U . 8 Adjutant General's Department, and 2.000 of the rebel forces have surrendered to Gen. Pope, and it is expected that many more will be captured today. Immense quantities of artillery and supplies have fallen Into our hands. H. W. Halleck, Major General. LATZH. A Oreat Victory?Three Rebel Uenerals ssd Six Thousand Prisoners of it ar raptured. St. Louis, Mo , April 8?p. m. To Hon. E AT. Stanton, Steretary'of War: Gen. Pope hna captured three rebel Generals, six thousand prisoners of war, one hundred siege pieces and several field batteries, with Immense quantities of small arms, tenta, wsgons, hoiaes and provisions. Our victory is complete and overwhelming and we have not lost a single man. H. W. HaLLScK, Maj Ocn. LATEST FROW TEWNEWEE., BATTLE AT PITTHBURO Attack *1 the Rebels on tar Troops at Pitts* burg Landing?Ketreat of the Rebels Willi < snslderable Lass?The Opposln; Armies Approaching Each Other. Chicago, April 7.?A special dispatch to the Chicago Times says that on Friday evening! the 4th last., our forces at Pittsburg Landing, on the Tennessee river, were attacked by two rebel regiments, with two pieces of artillery and a large f.?rce of cavalry. Our forces formed in line of battle, but the enemy only flred one round and then commenced retreating. We returned the fire and killed a large number They only killed one of our men It Is supposed the rebels wert making a reconnoissance, but finding a larger number than they expccted, thev beat a baity retreat. Ten prisoners were taken Farther Ion Pittsburg Landing?The Defeat of the Rebels Confirmed [ kcoxd dispatch ] Hon. E. M Stanton, Stcrtiarjr of War:?The enemy attacked our works at Pittsburg, Tennessee, yesterday, but was repulsed with a heavy loss. No details are given H. W. Halleck, Maj. Gen. The following message w? received by the 8?cretary of War last evening : On the 1th lnst. thejebeis, in overwhelming iiuuiuciif biuk ftru uui lurcfl W riVIOUf J ijftild* lnv, Tenntwee. Tbe battle laated from morning nnttl late In tbe afternoon, and resulted in tbe complete defeat of tbe rebel*, with beavy lo*a on both aldea. Am Br?nt1? Wl<iwi?? ? tK? emy Gen. Buel tau arrived tn Tennesaee Two dirialpns of bis army were iu tbe battle. Farther frim Statleri TriifMte-A Great Battle and a Great Ttctery. Cuicaso. April $ ?A dispatch from one of Gen. Grant1* stalfsayt: "We have fought and won tbe hardeat battle e ver fought on this continent." ThU dispatch Is dated Pittsburg Landing, April 6. ANOTHER GREAT BATTLE. DEFEAT OF BEAUREGARD AT CORINTH, MISSISSIPPI. GREAT LOSS ON BOTH SIDES. St. Lovit, AprllS--The cheering news received here to-day b'ougbt a large crowd of enthusiastic citizens in front of General Halleck's headquarters to-night, wh?n he was serenaded In responae Gen. Halleck said : Gen Beauregard. With an Immense armv. ad aneed from Corinth, and attacked the combined fbrceaof Gent. Grant and Buel. The battle begun at daybreak yesterday, aud continued until late in the afternoon, with a terrible Iom on both atdea. We have, however, K1 tied a "complete victory, and driven the enemy ek within hia fortifications He also announced his departure for the field to-niorrow morn ng. The Connecticut Electita Niw Havxii, April 7.?The election in thl? State la large Union and republican More thau two-thirds of the Legislature is auppoaed to be ITnlAfi.rAnnltllA*n M ? ? ? *?? o * - vH<vii-av^viwi(v?u. *1 W? V?UC Ut UiULf flUC OCIl&LOT la known to be elected. The whole Union-republican State ticket it supposed to be elected by over 5 UOO majority Cornellaa S. Bushnell, of the Monitor celebrity, and David J. Pack, both Union men, ona a republican, the other a democrat, are elected to the Leglslatuie from New Haven over Tllton E. Doollttle and James Gallagher, eld line democrats. Mr. Gallagher Is a former Baltlmorea*.. Important (rta Tnauiee Na?hvillk, April 7 ?GenDumont Is just now bringing la two tramboat* loaded wnti meat, containing 160.Out pounds, captured by Colonel Hazird, flftv m lei above here, on tbe Cumberland river, yesterday. Col. Dofleld, at Murfreesboro', captured a mail direct from Corinth. with upwards of 150 letters, many containing valuable information as regards tbe strength and position of the enemy. From these letters Gen Dumont learned of a nilmh#r nf anioa at MaaKwllU "rxA LU.ioM.u a ? ? ? ??-v una iJU^tutiU auu bu bad them arretted. Vessels Cruiked by Ice. St. John'*, N. f., April 7.?The coa?t it atlll oompletelv Jammed with ice. Many foreign ??sels are close by and cannot get (n, and their crewa are starving. About fifteen sealing vessels are kaown to have been crushed The voyages of the sealing vessels this season have generally been disastrous. The screw seallag steamers from Scotland have also proved a total failure Gsvarnasent Csttsa Sale. Niw Yona, April 8?A government sale of 1,000 bales of New Orleans cotton to-day was largely attended and quite spirited. The prices realised were full, ana up to prevloua expecta-1 tjous. The whole was bought on account of providence inanuracurm The whole cfler wu old >t to 29g cento. Ft mm St. Lnli. St. locis, April 7?The U. 8. District Court ww opened to-day, and toe oath of allegiance was administered to the judges, clerks attorneys and jurymen. Several treason cases will probably come before the court during the present term CONGRESSIONAL. lUTUtt CO * UKKSS?Seeend Skratb ?After oar report closed yesterday? The Mil to allow the Attorney General to fit the salaries of Dtstrtot Attorneys wu farther considered. The consideration of the Confiscation bill was resumed, and Mr. Henderson In a speech of^tro hours, spoke against the bill whlcn he thought was unconstitutional. After a short Executive Session the Senate ad- i Jouroed. i Hotss ? After oar report eloeed? The Tax bill was farther considered sad i43. A u ' Th? Pacific railroad and teleg.-mph bill wu than taken up, an* Mr. Campbell, /Pa., advocated i tbi flMtittn. Mr. Celflu reported the pnat route bill, which Mr Dunn reported a joint reeotutlao to extend the proTlaion* of an act to eacma ibe nimti and men actually employed In the western do- ' pertinent their per, bounty and penal one; paaeed. j OFFICIAL. TAKPARTM KNT OF"STATK.

mJ Washtnstoi, January *5, !?? The Secretary of Btate will hereafter recelv* Member* of Congresi on buaiaesa on Saturday*, commencing with Saturday, the lr*t of nei< month. Janr-tf WILLIAM H SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, JuiuiT 91, laW. OienH), That the War Department will b? oloeed Tuesday*. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday* against nil other business but thnt which relates to active military operations in the laid Saturday* will be devoted to the business oi Senator* and Representatives. jg ondav* to the business of the Publle. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 22-tf Secretary of War. xnT.m kbk' ltfnwv AND ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWARD ?;>LDIfc'RS' REMITTANCES To their Fami'iea at any place on the line* of then Expreaa at a charge of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS FOX ANY SUM NOT IX3XED15? FlVTT DOI.LAXR; And a proportionate additional charge to piaota re&ohed by connecting Expreaaea. 'ins remittance, whether ?o'd, Treasury Notee, or Allotment Drafts, should be eooloaed r. an en velopeard a?cu-elT sealed, rrd have the fall a<l drefca(including town. Pott Office.ani t*t*te and in oitiea the attest and number) of the person to whom to be aent, and the amount legibly marked thor^on. Envelopes for this purpose may be had at our offioe Tofaoilitats prompt delivery the eharje for remittance ahonln be ?'*paid inh 38 1m ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. i i ????m UKPOT QUARTERMASTER'S OFFIHE Corner n<A and O *tnetf, Washinoton. 1). C.< March 38,1861. Sralrd Pbopoiaib wilt be reoeived at this offioe uatil Saturday, the 12th day of A aril, 1862. at 13 o'oiook M.. for delivering in the otty nf Washington. at i<uoh a soiet ae the Depot Quartermaster idM direot, the loilowtnt named PINE LUM BER: )8?,OO feat 4-4(1 inoh) common calling'1, 6-4 (IK mob) " 25,000 * Joint 3 by 6.1? f?et Iod?. Itt.UOO 44 M 3 by 6,14 " 10.000 M " ?by?, 12 " ' 30 (XX* " MftntllUR 3 by 4. 16 M " 10 000 '* " 3 by 4.14 " " 6.i no ' 3 by 4,12 " " All the Lumber to be delivered with*n 2* <lsys after signing the contract. The Lumnw vo be ln*pe*te?i by an ?n?p??fH appointed on the part of the Government Payment to be made upon the satisfactory tomp etion of tUe ooalraotPr> \ 1 * mil kl Ka ml*ir ! n? ? ? ? - - - ? a mi ir%.- pmi.ir uroi ?*TI i ft'jfUSAUB FOB LVMBSft." Tito ability of th* bidder to fill the oontract. aliouM it be twt.dsd t? Uitn, matt be guarantied by two r apoaaiuie persona. whose aignatnrea rruat be Appended to the guarantee. The reapoasiMlity of the guarantor* nuit b? hown by th* offioial of ttificne of the clerk of tha neartat ifirtrict oourt or of the Untied Htatea di?tnet attorney. U.dd-rs inuet be present in por-on wh*n the bids lira opened or their prrpoaaia will not ba oonaidered Uords, in the sum of fiv? thousand dollars, iicmd br the oontrao'cr and both of hi* guar an to.-s, will b? rtquirod pf the snoceasful bidder upon aicLing the oontract. The rif lit to rejeet any or all bids that may b? deemed too hish is reserved br the Depot Quartermaster. Informal proposals will be rejected. Form 9/ ''Mruio We, > of theeouuti 01 , acd State of ?, and ?, of the o junty of . and State r T , do hereby |ti%rentee that ? is able to ftjifil a oontract m aooordsnoe wit! th# terms ?f bis proposition, and that, shootd Uis proposition beaooepted. he will at oftoe enter inf % contract in aeoordanec therewith. fhouid theoontraot b* awarded him we ar* protared to beoooie his sear rtti es. i a. \j iuio |uni auwo 177 appVQUCU 10" O^fTjQcate above menttocMl.) 1) H. RUCKKR, rah 88 C/??on?; and Oaartarnia?t<>r. ?AL>* D PROPOSALS Are invited till the IStb ? day of April 1882. at 12 o'clock m , for tnpp. j the United Htat?? ?i-b iMp't with ?<*? "ad ul UfchK UAITliK Ot tM hoof. Tiie Cattle to be delivered at Waefcington city, and eaoh anuria., to average ],S)Xi pounds grot weight; no annua! admitted which vreuha leas man l.onfi pounis foal The Cattle to bo delivered at inch times ami in auoh quantities aa the Government may require. Cattie will be repaired under thi( oontraot soon af^er the oonuaot u dosed. Heiffers anJ balls uol wanted. . _ A bond, with good and satieiaotory security, will be le^mrel. iov* miner t rerervei to itself the right to pay is Treaeary notes. No bid wil, be entertained when pat m by oontractora who have previously failed tooowply wi'h their ountrac a or where the bidder is not present to respond to h:s bid anl all bida to be accompanied by two guaranties The mines of firms should he stated in fnll, with the precis*" address of a I the ni embers of the firm. Uida to bedireoted to Major A. Bkckwit*, C. a, U.S. A., Washington, o. C. Form of Omiritn ur. - -i - tv o, , 01 m?t county or - , &na etut o< , and . of th? oottuty of , and Mate ?f .do hereby *u.\ranW>? tiiat?? uable to I'fil a oontraot in aooordai.oe wuh the ta>ni oi ot? proportion, *\nd that ahonld hia proportion be accepted, he will at ouue cuter into a oontraot in aoeordono* therewith. Should the oo it tract be watded h na we ate prepared to become hiaeeon ntiea. Thi? guarantee inaat t>e appended to aaoh bid mh 28 P NOTICE. ROPOBAL8, Prom dealers and mitlera. are teTited ull the 10th of Ajril, ls^foTFUH.N1SHINQ tijuunioiQflPUD u?<p-ini ine ?ain? Kind vtuoa n t>een reoelved by the U. 6. Government, and known uNo.l extra Haoiplee of tbia Flotir can be eeen at the Capitol taker? in tJiia oity, it i? desired to make a contract for Josoo barrel*. . D' .11 liHB ATHF. ft.n* ne r inn HaeiM tn a , * 7 w V ? -T./ w vv iviaiva n w * toantUy, hei will ct&f j the preoice buiKber of barrel! in his bid. The o?ntrsotor will be reauired to fnrniah nt th? rate of MO r?rrel* (lajly until the oontraot i* filled No * lour will be reoeived wiiioti does not com up tn the 8fs,n t?rd at toe inspect.on made jusi be { jre tbo purchase. The Fiour to Be delivered At the railroad deppt in Washington or a*, any of tiie w&renousee in Seorretown, D. C Government recerrea the right to rejsot any bid for iwy ciurePaj meats to be made in Trraenry note*, and the bids to te diieoUiii to Msjor A. HbCKWlTH, C 0. S A . Waahiccton, D. O. mh 25 85^/3 TO THK^eUBLlC CifmJ IN GKNKEAL. THE GOSLING RESTAURANT, W47 rENNBYLVANIA AVENUE, Sooth Sim. (Foimwlj of New York.) Hii the nam* and fame of being Ons of ths Best Restaurants in To ten ! ICTfliM as a trial, and judge for yon Mlt^n Al Every thing in the home i? ? ^ of the ID- Don't forget the number? 447 Pennsylvania avenue, betwean ISth and ltih street*. ahtf-lm eoathwda. ?mm FURNITURE! FURNITURE! EL aital FURNITURE I (of tketrm ^?ckhAm,' Phil?d?aj jf anafcotarar and W holawue and Racail D?*;*r la Ciuie Mat Chaira, Cottle, parlor atd Dinin* roorn Thorn'* Bailding, *08 Benntb Kvitrv nrUtv of lIPHflF BTDD i iu a .> .. ' pmayw *'Storeol?u4*1 *?<! o*o?ln? tor theiMtmnMtel'ui a htetodj their interest to ooJl before looking eUewhere. nB-lo* r^HE AMKRICApAiTpLE?RAPH COM Havinc ro-oiened and re fitted * H FAUGH OF kick In WiUJLBM' Hot**. this omfMT u ?re?cred "*U*IJ"V?HiLADaLfHIA, nOK 8ALK -Om vary hi* joutt M*KCLAnSlwi. "**" ?? ?? ?wrnmmmjm ~ ?i?? rmniTLVANu A cnrK. j E911LE DITRE' t jttat R*?!M nnd Op^atd, A l?rte u< frtt-citM Btc-k of *fe?Rt FAMILY GROCERIES, eoMiatlng oft i 8D6AR8, of all grades. TEA*, COFFBE, BUTTER LARD, ? , FLOl'E, MAiI.r.ARD'9 CHOCOLATE, At., &e., Ac. Ail of which hp offprt it iow??t eaih prlu*. I PIKE'S CELEBRATED WH18RIES. 5W bftireia Ma^notit, *<> barrel! XXX, i MM) barrrU Miller* Rye MMoasabftia, UiO barrel* Ine Old Rye. Sdn barrel* An* Old Botsrboa, AT CISCiyNATJ PRICKS. All the ft Tori te brand* M CHAMPAGNE, ; 3 Mnmm Ven<a?y, Gwn , 11 Wtiicfc, b?4nft bought low, w? at nana*ally low rare*. j l ?? A tan, Sol? Ag?*M lor HIES ARMY CORlHA-L. (eb U-tf *ion fafcr. i JftOO BET, ? iOO BET. THAT DAYTON'^ TUAT DAYTON'S THAT PAYTON'J* * SLICED APPLE riK9. HMCKD APPLE P1?-"*. ! SLICED APPLE Plf. ARE THE PB^T AKE THE BEST 1 AKK THK BKST ? MADK IN WASHINGTON, ? MADE IN WASH I NO TON, y MADE IN VVASHl ~*uTON> BAKERY 4A? 11th Sraaar. ' BAKKRY 44* iliH Stebbt, _ BAKERY 436 11th S?nt. 1 i mfa 25-tf ' <*H. RIVAKT 4fc CO. SILLKRY CHAMP Ad NH DEPOT , REMOVED TO 1 8. F. Corns* ot Pen*. Avinn awi> Sixth St.. ( Clarendon Hot^l Buil-iinc, ? Washington. 1 i H. ROSEY,/.8nT, Niw Tns*. JAMES MOLAN, Asent. WiJHim.ro*, D. C. SHERRY, PORT aud~MADEiRA W1NK8, FINE OLD BRANDY and WHISKY*. , |?"^ A iiberal diMonnt to dmleri. mh 19 ADIK8' RUBBER BOOTS' AND 8HOK8. All (ISM. at , J. B. PUDNBY'S, 3iil Pea;* ateoye.back of Cla;<*tt,i? Drr Gocd? btera, * \f EN'S RUBBER BOOTS * * 1*1 AND HHOKtt, i i w ??-'T r^nr.. r.v.. Kacfc Booa. H_? OY#TK?t?<-OVSrK??! OTEL8, HetiMranu aod V rival* FmiiIim 1j can >> tupphed d&i y *lthOY?rKH^^? R?h frosi tha ahaf), div Ni#a*ore, tnd^^ f j a t tne iovost pr o?. Vl f jf 9 P>?Me live a? s ?sJL ? _ m AVRF8 h. CO. Xa?F b .. _ No. 40!i Ninth at, h?i?een UtttaAv. ? IL/"Oyit?.-a of the b??t %ualifj apiceJ to order. . wh a J J.._ SAI* NKTTS-HAIR NL1 I>. , I V Ufvr RftTillAil Ar-.thAr <<k* Ar It.naa kaiJa^iaa doublo Chinefle Ne^ts. Aleo, a &Le asaortinoat of fe i twitted 81!k ar<1 Corded Nettt, n *M wi^ori, at h the Tnamjia* 8 tor a of MRS. r.OWF, l??T Pa !*?..(loath ? < *. mhi n JUPTRK'KIVEP ATL Al! KAI.lv K CO.'B, j? No. *61 Seventh, between I and K atreeta, ft u new a took <f CLOCHI>G, FURRI8HIN? _ i UOOW, TRUNKS. HATS and CAffe. * Li A 8EAl.l> it CO'St No 561 seventh street. betweoi I aad K. it the ai&oe to t>or four CLOTH1 N . FURNISHING GOODS, r trunks. HATSand CAF.**at New York prioee ! fomk ONa / nd all at l. a. bkali. a Vy CO.'8, Nv 1*1 Seventh atreet. between 1 ao ' ~ | K, to bar yv?. Cl.OTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, liafy 4i.dC a PS. ' i\iow 18 r?-ijr timk TO buy your 11 cloth in*, furnishing goouk. H A 'ISA mr.H P. f J a* . ... ' ; -- " BW hwu v?? p <? ??i? ivw pnooa. M ii A* BKALL * Co 4, No. 3bl S?v?oth, Mtwwn I Mid K ?traotv mL U Ojv* era! OyiteiD! {v THE OVfcJi "I'*1?? gtUjoontuiM w MivtdM.TtboMfemois ?t*n?rt PATUXENY ? VER OY&TERR. ^ V Tftono oyau>f+tt sold M kour? iXier ' thvyooraefrv? uewater. ? g ICT OAm r*o. 49 M*rtet Bmm*. balov tha R Hou? " >> ft-tm ^ . ^HK Mtkv ?AftT* KXPKfcSS COMPANY JJ baltik. j ke tjl'washixotox. * Are daili lor?*rdtnf <witu dirpatoh) bj the ? Waehinttoi. Railroad.Mxrohta-^i^^^^, diee of every dMcnption. to anvKji amount ib:ppor?iu*r repair?, at the loweet iu?. Agent lor Baltimore, JOHN K. WILSON, utfioe, N. W. corner Ho vara ax.i Camden ?t?., nearly orpoeite Camden Station J?. A _ Oftoe ana tora* <?. Powth Seventh street. I ??foote Center Market, Waehinctou. D. C. mh & A. F. FiTCH. A?ent | WE HAvc JUST RECMVKD A LARUE aceortm^nt of Raven, tfa^oa A Co.'??t? and Steuw*; A tSon'e PIANO FOHT S.flppMk m known m toe beat now maunfaotered.'i' * * *; wbioa we are offering at tke low set faotorr prteee. S Pereons in eaarcb ot a reliable Piaco are re* eeeted C to oa!l and examine U Also, one t&eoona hand Piano for 1 and one for m $&. At the afuio btoie of U ->*> g W. 6. METXBROTT. Q Weofffl ettiaenteand itrancere a .aio auort I neat of o V Kit COATs, DR E?? COAT*. ttU61- 1 NE88 COATS. PANTALO( Ntt and VESTS. L of all eolore and enaiitie*. eeoal in make aad .m.h W . * Jg erchant Taiiore and CTotKera, K U M< VU ttt P ^0* PKRSONS^IN^MUlJKRATIi C1RCUM yi The treat bulk of oar ttook of Amenaan and European Urj tfoode, in alt the depattmeota cf PBHtl and BptOia) fMil if *UU, TU MiOOted and ? hwn arrant*4 to meet the requirement* of lii? I o.w ot pareone abore mdioated. l One prioe oaly. the aotoal oaah value, narked 1* 1b diitinot fifurec. ^ PERKY fc BROTHER, ai mh l>-tr "**"< and Ninth la CJHKPHERD'5 f LA IDS, of varloae width* atd ? texture*. With man? other New tfi-oi*, adapted for current want*. ? Oar northern and eastern o<>rreepo!idftnta eand ua [ nev .uppiie* daily. t n? TS^T ' O PJkMav * BRO., P?^svs.?*l Math atr?0t. AIM MB* KXPRKM COMPANY. n .. JfQTICM Of KRMOTAL. XuMklioci I " KIM ^torHr.wcV b< ^ ^ ^ J ' ;V THE WEEKLY 8TAK. Tb!?m4 fl??i JwrH. y ulalag a gm'w *v?lr*r af >^w*toj w*^ *an rit t? f.vind !? any *hwr H fMMM Prtiay mora!ag Tkbji*?C*M. M MMW. *it?la copy, per anam,... 31 T Fhre ccpte* 4 7* T?a r?pl(? I CO T??hr |?f COplM *> It laW.tbljr rontaia* tbe ? Waabraftwi NeiW* bat baa madf Tk* DrnUp frwaf St? circa la?e le gcnerally thrnngbmjt tb? conn try irr single coplwa (la wrappera) caa ba pre jftd at thf couuKr, lmmcdiah-U after iba laaa >t tbe paper. Price?THREE CF.XT*. PKNTl^TET* 11*. * H. k UUiOl*Y. ... . 4/*T/5T. AU*"t!a to a I b-aa^aea ef kia profaeafoa at !* ao?t -eMor.at.1e rate* frr wbiob food f letyoan lltb and tita atra?ta.ivndton ** Wtt* kwkeood Houca, in Mnaa bai'^'at ?1?b Dr pee >"* "? m}i t i?"JM VI _ ~ - VKWl -mm i i ?v?-wir, . ^i: W.1l"? W*3*tt 4?h* MINKRAf. VkATK Ttl TH. MCMB*tir ?? Jua -a tHia * NMf Many y^-?oni a?i. wmr Uieae t??U? *mo? vitr other*, arid m p*ra^a eu ?<njw rac r.arTiJt Tear Uiim. Pff?oBaM^iiacncjoflwca: btiNonMlM nth ?rr at*!' a^J K'O" ?f ff*tk Umj km fim; irttoUiow vaeart ptrtroiltr au x?it5ka iiro^TrSTil**1 freak iTRlware aor"fu':y w*.-r*utod. H??,i t id Uiia c:t*?No. *5% LtvmVjfeatVMB h ?r 1ttttfc ?tf. A .a?. V 07 A reF PkUaM ?f-lyji New and itfpftovKD in vk?tw* w ARTIFICIAL CHH0FLA8TI MO MB V S K T I, WiTien MmL fun at Cuirt. DK. B. 0 sleBSMQND, , . 1? Fm York?Xtv ptmmi *i% lata 4? ?*v?, bttw**n )3tk *?i 13*1 til., lf*rtlM<?, Jul:a tie ?tt?ntiTi>of tw p*blie to tfc# WW*rtf dr>ntaeec of fcie ;u> proved aralata: I. f un T<wth of txla ? raikntara vilAKf o??r <tarnd? Dor (hut* ooior by ?oj^^ .Hue. l?inc tcroe fourth* .ubtor thM ur etfcer. t. No tw1! orroota awf U u'-Mtai, am *? rtiSdial on?a c*n b* iceert"7! or** ?hom. ?. ?. m IimZM will (OMV UIWOTHlTe, M M'll ? MW. ?. N < I<w>p*,-wy iwertH. m 11 nil? < dm i* made nnme'iMlri UMrthf (tMnkt [.a i.tktiu?l <?x?re?*:on of thfl bn. wfcioii law* W#M irctem ia frequently <haft cured. ft. Tto? work hu b?en fplly WM vrwr [? r ik*.dt of the til ehe?i?u tod phratoUuia m? oantrr. Or-fl-kui'M .avented ? wtiiM fxlMli?yi? ?et*l ft.line. Witk whiob Um moat mn(iv? tMh ?n bp f.ifj without BitJ au Utuid pp k * s-rt, n?uuJ io-'ti c e "? ?iae root*, whi?i wUl M*t ktru?h ! retime Ths bent of irfnreoe** f i**??to Dr. V. M?4tDr, V>iem??. Profe?ecr of ?" .urrwtry, W?*t ad?e VV a? a~, of l&e - upre:ne Oonrt*> Wiimr *n<? tbonu^dt of oi-.sts. <-'*11 ai.j zx**^at lor y<wir?>lf. ftp tt> ' GAM FITTING, fcc. ft WM V. DO V K * OO. fe* c4 t? n???i mt ri? wVI ti .-"i ???T 'PB* ' "? ^ 'C *?! A?? l* *TKAJf niTIM ?iy l*4?i? ?n 3i* ?ti?et. t !^? 4e?r urtt *f "''fr* finki f??n? b mortiS+H : CHArjDKuifc f ? < (tkf! f VTFAJi mm rATKg rnv?s) " :?>?-? txs F j $ Till!) . ? r n?T" m wsr?, l'v \rr w t IMMILI'I, MI 5ofeut>r?.y JVs-w I'*tf4ras MxO Cmuii uo ic?wm 10 >tri?i to f nythtm iihiw>w far?*t in U?4s >p*n*l. W? 'W* r?ttl?ecr * raws' ; ^ ?* 1 a-1 -Ktwn.ue ???r ?*oet of 0?au>d Wpdar .A* 11 f?,oaziMb* U UW fe??? tk* Ml r ?,'? J stack is WaahuixtcB. * 1 "W ork in tee at^r? T?ne nto 11M ? w Mr* r.i ?*??- '?<U r!*TfcHK?TiN6 rcR thk community I AT LARSE We ?r? bow rweivier PKADV-MADE IL'.'THINO f t*e ItlMt dMirne UmtiiM A re** f'-n onr m?.nt^?swnB* ? i%j"irjcic,vQicn wionr?! BAH *2 rah ta iw? cnrcf K fj. uti m/a ' KKAD' RP.ADM . RFAD!!! AND BK QUNVINCKli m Kg S8S?!SSgB. Ertrutt frwm Pkbntmrf 77, U? l>4Tto?> Chats K?g ANT> Excslibkt Pra*#iot ?Dd KMHurwil K?T?r*. Pytlcri, H?ma?:e?per?. ?nU Gtoce-a*. tliva 4 not i?j. to mmt* m ?#p!r or the inferior Cr&aktr* and Pi?s.aiam to urad by t?ay*on, ltth afreet, between 9 rt) tl. Uv; ij loacnfaoturee alt kind* ofCakes r.d Cr?ekrr* rf the beet materia', and e?erj bo?w of per is trail aware of the great ssper.ority of the ttter. vnen fresh fivrn the ovens, to thoee shi?wl rom Northern oitie? Sntlera wif fin'l It craatly to beir lotereat to exainibe Dayton's Crac k era IM 'ifa before parobaciac elsewhere. We will rtioir the uawee of are than a eoore ef at'ers who have used Piee ma' a facta red by thrr Baker*, *cd were oblifM to ooae to as uaiif.ado pay us two do la's more per hmet* a order to e?-t an a*uaia whieh toe man oodU sat uthcBt inak ait thf? ctek >cm the Cvrrirpo*dm.t of tk* NtW Tec* Dwyalit ...? ?we uutiee wiU mast p aaswa 'he AMl&riN ofonr Ar.tArBriaiBrf faliitm ajIimam I aa .. Dayton, ib t Baker* ?aaln >m in ttii ?Ht. 1a ?u<xv i? bu I'tn fiiaad by the (WMl?N at igeooda. _ W e 1'ft'n that member* mi the Btaitary G?ai nittM bavaate of fata Pie*, a&d vroncaao* tt*w "a'th/ai; ana va mn*t ur in jnaCtM* tfc*4 v* ever vutuok of re or? d?li?t?u Fteein tmr Ufa Sutler* from every eeotieu ?c<f ramu. ~ from 11 quarter* ot the wty, tend lo hi* BatwrVVa ctronfl* invite famine to trr*v PIO NIC ceaciJVL ?Ot?Tt?N CRAOTJEfrg, Kf.K'.EI) APPLK HiKS, liijHBhKtiT pilar DAYTOVB B*karj. 4*6 fcler.nth atrMt. ?ch * ft Detveec 6 acd rni v A T h. PRIVATE PK. LA BONTA %v1b? r??K>v?d feKodko" U> Room No A, ?4>*>aiN> i* Mi [day ChronicU < mo*. in WMfcm<tn? Biif X. P? aveQo't vormti of Ttb alroti, i* bow ?core ?I pi??to W a Privmu wub<?wt te uae of Mogarct.* or rtiaguattBC of Ur i?j. Mid bo iufe f*t?m? witn roar bMaww* Uioaa k*nui d*y-ted tor wfcolo vim* to the u :j ao-i our* of Pr . aio Uliilin off Mil nxn ad to ChruBio ? o< ifco Wooib. l>iv?c. idnora, 9k.ui Ero??ioiw, Ac ,en<l grMtstaac la to >r?t?3h-ol m th-world, tho N?w Vo?k Cir? or p. I*, a. under Ckilm IVIj. U hmu 1 uium\ r**p*euuil; r*4?r 1 will tmn 9} ? the pr?"ii furni-tjiot t o? of ? f W ** hjve dm-mm wkic. I upmdut nod iirai utly oare, :ct the o??? b? okl or b?w. NoIioCm !*air#?1 ; nothing 4*?#?rw?No in Uiy part of tM oalmeBt. OoQ?u '*t:on? tn* wj 'JcTnta Room ft (first fiwot> WMiiiEsUNi ?m diag. n>h<b-bn* t *.>tenao?< IttEl JARNPEN*B hXPREBB. L u, ,?r? .klf^KJW JS?i V.?4 tnmr Ki|:m? to wmiun|wvi. art ara a<rw '6Hr*ltoTruiM*i M?raha?aiaa, Huk fHolM, gsmt oeemtin* with the m?#t raaaoaaibta Kumw iroag boat the ooantrr, w+ tn mUnm ofar mkiHU faetiUWt la ail who nu fa?c u w*k )a? to WMtiiva, PQ. ^KCIDKl) B AIIAIWt. mrc wooae, a ?ii amotubmI Mi ktvto H tM toatf in^^dVri^fl nod Pocket H&odk*roh)?C>? rwesl jgigxiii <gviw*. tin w bi*? ?w1 Find tfeabnon nnd Mn*tta? All of Uteftboveat one *roT*?rb?iaij l9? frit*. arkxl In ??tn fcgttr?, ItiiilMl ??k HiiitJ ,V? ? BO?6? CM>T?IN?. , SyussKre1 ra-wr^fiUjv viB.wnbmcint nl". stilMof low *rio?d. >mlfc? ad ftne 4an.1 ?* . vWh w nr?wUiag?l wmt m(? ~y.4L| _ ? ? SUM P* a? , WirWe &' *?"m? iW [ AD WlW^sio^-JP ?Wt ?!T? ySwt^^asijLjSs^Dr. M. V?lhw'? W>?f nr?"*n? tu m m ?*rr?aUiu? >t. M.iiac -to* h? o*a mmrm *!! <>1 f ?f * Wl fa HUH ?M i^TanSM^CBL WrthMrtfcuwmm A wiaCi and mdicC Mr* ??rnwtatf 'rmm t?* rjr ,r t* >' *? >?*_ H> r-A L e?'. Mir W *"" ttLN ft? ? * *** %J to^KmS t+>t?. s**' Tmt4, ?iiV-1 4?u * f