12 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

12 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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m v J__ "? .y*e:?nBKa-.jjJWMwnii,' * /,'. :- -M * Bl in fflr H H^B ^B ra \ R |^w B B B B * D I S B ^^Ljk ^ g /\g Si ^r i B fl H B fl B B B ^B ^B > f VI 9 ? K *S ?~i-, ' - . \ - V' i ~= 1 Vet. XIX. WASHINGTON, I). C.. SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 1862. N2. 2,852 I f THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AJPT8RN00M, (SISDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE *T.U UtlLDIRftS, Conwr 0/ Ptnmylva*i? ?;i. aifcf Elertutk strut, I?Y W. D- WAliIjAOff. * Papers served in packages by carriers at $4 a fear, or 37 cents per month. To mail subscribers k* mUa la *J\ . ? - *1 f?P ( M jiivc im a year, m wi mi A months; SI for throe months; and foi taw than tarn months at the rate of 1*2 cents s week. Sin. fgle coplea, 091 c*?*; In wrapper?, two caars. IZJT Advist;should be sent to tht t fi-e before 1*2 o'clock m .; otherwise they nay not appear until the neat day. (BRITISH OPI!?IO!<l OFTHE NAVAL BATTLE IS ilAtlPION ROADS. ? Tha Ririlitiss in Naval Warfare. ' B'itisk Opinion of the Fight Betwun the M?riim%e and Monitor?Alt Praise to the ReW Steamer and Nothing of the Union Vessel?Confusion and Mutaies of the London Jo urn tils. [Frotn the London Times, March 26.] The campaign in Virginia has at lajt begun. A naval battle and a general advance of tha Federal army on the Potomac are tha event* which we record to-day. The first of these is one of tha m<at interesting incidents that have marked the war. For the first time the newest applications of scieaca have been tested in a fight between foes of e^ual courage. Who would have thought it possible that after England and Franca had theorized so long on f iron-plated and iron prowed vessels the first re'l trial should be made by the inhabitants o( tha paaoeful New World, met in unnatural strife, and furthermore, that victory should rest with tha party lass versed in naval taotics and construction ' Ihough for a long time there has been mention of the Merrimao in the Southern papers, VA VAPA nft* nP#niP*H fftr tKa ^KJavnmanra iw *' - vu.Biviiiwavo tu the Jam?? river. Xhe Confederate frigate reus to have gained an easy victory over her wooden opponent*. The accounts of the action are rather vague, but it appears that she disabled the Cumberland and the Congress in a very short time,fulfilling in the most oomplete manner the expectations that have been formed concerning ircn-plated vessels. She received the broadsides of two of her opponents at one hundred yards without sustaining any damage. She then ran into the Cumberland with her iron prow and laid open her sides. Thus, both in defence and attack, the Merriinac has realised the calculation of European constructors. It must now be looked upon as ' proved that wooden vessels go to sure and epeedy defeat whenever they venture into action against an iron-plated adversary. Those who object to iron sides that they are not invulnerable, inasmuch as. however strong the ship may be, cannon can be constructed powerful enough to pierce it, must, we think, abandoned their to* eaptioas criticism. We see in the Merrimac that a vessel can be made practically invulnerable even to the heavy naval guns which are at present in u.-*e Nothir.g now remains for our Admiralty but to dis' o ntinue the building of wooden veasets. and I to convert all that will bear it into machines of war resembling the Confederate frigate The only real opp-neut whi-b the Merrimac found waa another iron plated frigate, and, had it not been for this vessel, it is believed that the Merrimac ml^ht have destroyed the whole Federal squadron The Merrimac i* described as "covered with sloping iron Ij'late*. extending two feet below the water line, and meeting above like the roof of a h<>aM." This peculiarity of construction may j ssibiy not be nece.*?ary to efficiency; but, at ve?-?l thus built has actually untie a great success, it would be worth while fully to examine the pinciple before constructing any more of oar own on the plan already adopted The equipment of the Merrimac shows that there are good heads in the^ary Department of the South, and the gallant manner in which she was handled in action is a token that the Confederate courage is still as high as ever. Bat it is not by sea fights that the fortunes of I' the new Republic are to be determined. The brilliant affair of the James river wi!!, no loubt, Id. much to reanimate the Southerners after their successive defeats, tut in itself it is of (little importance. S mtijic De iuc'ions from tk' Kesult of th* B.i'.tt ?T'nf Reconstruction of tw English Nary * W?ri of Necessity. [From th* London Times, March > J When Presides avu. in his recent message tj his constituent*, reviewed the position of he S >uthern Contc Itsracy. he expressoJ the 1: pe that the nav> of the seceding States would soon contribute something owards ti.j ?ucce?? of the cau^e. Those expectations have certainly been justified by the naval victory which ?K ? ?;? ??. ? 1 ? ? J ?V? ?J a v \ vt< m ? IV IVi J ^ ? ' l|CU over a Federal force of great atretigtb, and in water* wbera the Northerners prooably conceived that the supremacy was unaMailably (their own. Three frigates and a heavy sloop are mentioned as either taking or endeavoring to take a part in the action against the small squadron of the Confederates.and a farther and mo?t effective reinforcement afterwards arrived I tW. J ? - ?-1?*- -- ? ? IU mo ouipo ui ouauiig omiorj. * * * From the report* of the action it appear* that ) :he Merrimae, though inouniiag only twelve guni, did not hesitate to proceed, in company with the two other steamer*. in scarch of an encounter with such a squadron as we hare describes above. The Congress and the Cumberland carried between them seventy-four gun?: and the Minnesota and the St Lawrence ninety more. The Minnesota, however, got aground, and eould. therefore, neither come up herself ner tow the St. Lawrence into action. The Merrimae and her attendants had consequently only one frigate and a sloop to deal with, ard it aeems that ahetook the stoop to her?elf, and left the frigate -to the other itaaaeri. The Cumberland had not a chance against ner sne received two broadsides at ono hundred yard's distance without sustaining any damage, and then deliberately ran into the sloop with an iron prow constructed for this special purpose, and cut ber sides open After this she poured a broadside into her antagonist, dashed at-her once more, and then left her to sink Nothing could be more successful or destructive than her maneuvres. Next morning however, she found an enemy mure worthy of her. During the night the new floating battery, called the Monitor, came round to retrieve the honor of the Federal ting. This is the vessel designed by Mr. J. hricsaon, . ot New Vork, and is one of the three iron-clad structures recommended by the Federal Commissioners for adoption in August last Assuming that she has bass roi?ni?i?i ?.-,?/.r.i; ? _ r-?? ? the original specifications *be is simply a floating battery, propelled by steam at a alow rate, and not qualified fur much beyond eoaat aervice, in smooth water. She ta of l.^'OU ton* burthen only, U 17J feet long, and haa 41 feet breadth of beam The general plan of the veeael waa ao novel as to aurpriae even a people accustomed to daring inventions but she teeuii to have fulSUed the hope* of the projector. I What armament she actually carried we have not yet learned; but aa soon aj the Merrimae saw o*r she attacked her. and then ensued the hrat battle ever fought between iron-clad ships, 'lhe results were nioet remarkable The two veaaels engaged each other at ct?-<e quarters t'..r w .ft. l:-v !-i ? - " t.v. MO avuia, will *UKU uu: IQeU only, uu the armor of ont of theu perorated ? by shut, it ww the Monitor wbieh thus drew the first blood, and th? Merrimtc then retired It does not seem. however that the was disabled, and we are expressly assured that ?n board the Monitor not a man wu hurt. ^ Fact* like these may well indooe u to refleet. We find that a wooden veesel when matched against an iron one ia literally as helpless as was predicted. The Merrimao did actually knock the Cumberland u into match es," and is a very few minutes: but when she tit encountered bj a ship of her own claas an etion of fire hour* ensued, with no great damage to either aide. Yat, we cannot imagine that either of theae veesels makes any approach in strength or power to tha flrigataa we have built on this side ef tha Atlantic. Tha Monitor wu to be finished in one hundred aays and at a eoet of lew than ?A0,iHH). whila tha urgent needs of the Confederate* forbid ua to believe that any great amoant ef time or money can hare been expended on the Merriaae- Nevertheless theee extemporised ironaidea are sufficient to give a character to the whole war; and, if they had not neutralized each other, , either of them wonld probably hare gi*en a I <fl>od aecoani of an en^re r<|0?<ir<>u ?if the en y. What a "ailing *hip is to a steamer, an r~^ " will be remembered that the Americans were low to recognise the new principle, and moat reluctant to adopt it; but when the time for action arrived necessity made itself felt, and they hare now given the theory all the practical confirmation it needed. There is one other conclusion, too. which we may draw from the operations of the American i. - 1 * A. _ 'Tl ^.ll X f usiugervnu. iog aiiegou emciency ox gunboats against heavier vessels has been disproved. The Confederates appear to have ouilt upon this theory at first, but their "mosquito flotillas" have never succeeded. Neither at Port Rojal er Roanoke did their swarm of gunboats produce the least effect against the large ships of the Federals. Vessels of this class operating upon rivers, in conjunction with land forces, have proved of the greatest service; indeed, the Northerners owe most of their successes to them; but in narrow seas and against heavy/rigates or sloops the small craft have been found as useless as a fleet of canoes. No gunboats, as far as we can pudge, will do the work of our Warriors,^lor will anv frigate, however well armed or commanded, be able to make wood stand against iron. Our obligations in this matter have proved costly, but it is evident that the '-reconstruction of our navy" was not commenced an hour too soon PR E ft Tit E A 71 A. Miss Anna E. Dickinson, a female abolitionist, delivered a violent anti-slavcrj lecture in Philadelphia last week. Like the rest of the abolitionists, she argued that slavery is not constitutional, inasmuch as the word slavery isn't contained in the Constitution. Oh. well, the word lady isn't contained in the Constitution, but does Miss D infer that it is unconstitutional to be a lady ' An Englishman who has travelled all through our country says that the negroes of the Border State* are finer specimens of humanity than those of the Cotton States or than the free colored men of the North. Perhaps in the Cotton States the race has degenerated by amalgamation with fire-eaters. and in the North by amalgamation with abolitionists. The Richmond Whig say* that the Confederate Government is "an expensive Government after all.* * Yes, those who have to endure the curse of living under it have good cause to know that it is -an expensive Government Jif f?r -ill' m r i ?r ,1! I fh-v hav* i?m un.l ?- ? ? ""V ? more Uo. We learn from those who have seen the rebel troops that they seem very vain of their shirt-tails. Almost every man of them makes a large <1 ixpiny of that beautiful decoration? displays it Hying straight out behind him. A Montgomery paper say9 that there has not been a fourth part as much rain in the South as in the North, se that, while our roada are all mud. theirs are hard and solid In more senses than one the ways of the transgressors are hard. The Richmond Inquirer says that the Federal Government U "worth nothing." The rebel Government is worth leys ftQcmn iikcijt to iay a ueuvjr ui oil dogs We have no objection if they can make the dogs pay it. When you >?ee a drunken rebel bUck with mud. you may conclude that he his dyed in the last ditch. The Mobile Kegister calls us an abolitionist. That's a black lie?though old enough to bo gray. It is our glory to have taken one .Y&shville> and our shame not to have taken another. TL _ - S fc _ - r 4? . i 1 1 1 a qc iare una. i??? 01 me reoaii arc ccru. oui thsir money, so-called. is far otherwise. Number li>"s don t seem to fit our Foote exactly. They day that the secession ladies are shockingly bitter. We suspect they are, Ht any rate we wouldn't have one of them touch our lips for the world. ,re shouldn't expect to get the bitter out of ~ur mouth for a month. If (Jen. McClellan shall win. cs wo trust he ioon will, a great victory, we wonder which will scatter in the greater consternation?his enemies before him or his enemies behind him. If rebel ladies, by insulting Union officers and soilders, show that they don't understand the proprieties of their station, they had better be taken to the station-house to learn. The Editor of the N. 0. Delta swears that he will never support the Stars and Stripes. He may have to support the stripes if he doesn't behave himself. We shouldn't wonder if, wherever rebels against the Constitution, such as .Wendell Phillips, make appointments to lecture, the patriotic hens were to commence laying rotten eggs a week beforehand. The Charleston Mercury thinks that the Southern Confederacy will soon be delivered. We wonder what sort of a little monster the brat will be. W I 1?_ A- A - * ? ? - ? ** * ine uemocrai minus mat iienry A. >Vise is not a coward. Perhaps he isn't; but, if he were one. he would undoubtedly act very much as he does The fact that a man may hare gone to a military muster when be was a boy is hardly a jufli ;ient reason for making him a Brigadier General. A typographical error is sometimes an improvement. A paper before us says that lien. Sidney Johnston and his xtuff are at Curinth. llow can men pretend to love their country and yet be indifferent to the maintenance of the Constitution which constitutes it a country! The Germans tell us much about "thegrape cure." We guess that the grape-vine cure will have to be tried upon this rebellion. Our military authorities will nut hang (ire. however large a business they may do in hanging tir<s-e*ters A .\ew Orleans paper mockingly proffers us [ the freedom of that city. That city has no freedom Let Jeff Davis jmt wait till he get* to the end of the rope, and then he can have full swing. i* ? HA i t' yore fkkibttkkt ? Second Day'* Pro' eeidtng*.?Body met at o'clock. The committee on tb? rHcfdi of thr Fourth Church recommended their adoption, with the exception of the minute concerning the action of the pantor. in refusing to o??*erve the appolutment of governor Hick*, of Maryland, of November-J", IHil, as a day of tbanka?lvlng. Kev. Mr. Lefevre, the pa a tor, claimed It as the especial right and privllege >.f every t'brlatlan to refute the observance ef any day not warranted by the decalogue. After a pln^d delate, tbe vote of exception was lost. Kev A B. Cro * jjave notice of his Intention t.. enter a protest against tbe action of Presbytery, and a lengthy drbate ensued, which was participated In by the uiost prom I urn t members; when, on motion, tbe report wan recommitted. Arrain* at Rich*ojid.?a correrpondent of tbe Charleston Mercuiy, writing from tbe rebel capital, says that tbe "city defences of Richmond consist of fortifications so close to the town that that the enemy, once within the range of tbe guns of these fortifications, could with their rTfied cannon ahell us out." The same writer, after alluding to the numerous disasters of the rebel cause, and those dally expectrd, remarks: "The late army of the Potomac Is concealed; some profound strategy Is being executed; and there are shrewd Intimations la political circles that some grtat t tni Is about lo happen. An attack on tk* Administration and in men by mm of tk* most eminent nun af tk* times, in Con fret t. t*d4lny.d nntil this great event fail* or intends." 1I7> Last Friday the N E Methodist Conference, sitting at Weatield, was brought to a stand In tbe ease of a person asking admission to their < connection, oa [he ohl?tla? iWm* k- -i tcbn eo During the discussion raised, a Urze . majority were opposed to toeeivine any new f member using tobacco, and ao the en* was laid T over. ' . It/" A man. 8* yeara old, was recently married ? In Newburyport, Warn , to a woman C3 years old. ? The woman had before been married twice. * TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATER FROM EPROPE. The Naval Engagement between the Memmae and Monitor Called to the Attention of Ptrliamrnt?The London Times ok m ao n rrf r i cu rt /j ffftl rj. New York. April !l.?The steamship Asia has arrived with Liverpool advices to the 30th ult. Lord FalmeratoQ bad ao far recovered as to attend a cabinet ronncil on the 2Sth. Sir W. Smith bad given notice in the Houae of Commona that be would call attention to the ena age men t between tb? lron-rlad war atearoers Merrlmac and Monitor, and aak whether, in consequence of its results, tbe Government would not tuspend tbe construction of tron-plated ships until tbe question of Iron-plated gunboats Is considered. It Is proposed that tbe Lord Mayor of London call a public meeting to adopt a vote of thanks to Mr Peahody for bla munificent charity to the poor of London. The Times ha? a sarcastic editorial article on tbe taxea about to b? Imposed by the United States Government, and nays that It will take tbe whole army, whan released, to collect them, and Intimate* that it will not be submitted to. vrill F,ift r?hirna 4n fKn Alia H . tertaina the moat sanguine opinion of the ultimate succzM of the Atlantic-telegraph project. Mesara. Glass, K'ilott A: Co. hare oflered to contract for ana lav It ?t bare coat price, reaervlng all claim for pretit till Its efficiency la demonatrated. A brilliant entertainment waa held at the realdence of Mr. Ourney, M. P , at l.ondon, on the a abject of the propoaed Atlantic cable. A great many influential men were present, and many aprechea were made It win thought that England should take the initiative. _..... I. ML.II.. \/i>iiufinii'u nrw? 19 wuuny uruuipurvaxit. Tbe I'aria Bourse waa depressed and fluctu.itlnir, but closed tinner atfiOf 75r. The amalgamation of tbe southern and regular armlet of Italy baa been officially decreed. The rebel schooner C. S. F.vans waa passed on tbe Kb of March by tbe <?, Finning, from Bombay There was .m unknown American ship alongside, and tbe Union flag was lowered when thr ships parted company. The ship C W. Conner, from Boston to Santiago, has been abandoned at ist a and her crew saved The ship A H-Stevens, from Matilmaln for ({u?^?n*town, bat been totally wrecked at Bulle Bay. <Ju**f?*T0WN, March 30?The ship I.lszl* Rice, from Bath to Bordeaux, has arrived here j leaky. MAkKKTSLivrhpool, March ??.?Cotton Mrm and unfbin?ed, sales of 2.500 bales. The advice* from America have had no perceptible effect on the market Breadstuttt very dull. Provisions ruled quiet, but ?teadv. ' liiiNDtiX. Mnrcli ."111 rnnuli i<1nuxt an Sstin.l day cvPQluK al !t,X'*,r money. Later fr?m < nliforuia San Francikco, April I ?Sailed, tteamer G?Jden Age, (or Panama, carrying 'JH> paweiUferM and (090,11111 In treasure for New York aud *130.<iMO ft>r Knuiand \ k'Kivnarn Imll O??? Wrigbt baa been purchased at *70,<KKJ for tk.e China trade San Fiakcisco, April 3 ?The I'. S. Mnnm | Wyoming bat a'rivfd Alao th" Narraganit'-tt. | Dates froin Japan to tbe l!Ub of July, via Vk^torla, per tbe Uriliab steamer Chary hero, have l>een received. At /ikalmno as bad mi upward tendency. Several cargoes wer>? load'ng for England. Silks w*re improving, and the other Japanere product! were in limited supply, In consequence of th^ government holding the merchamliae back. It haa perfect control over all mercantile matter* Relief far the Wmded Sr. L*>uis, April 10.?The ateamera lltted aa floating hospitals <-ft here yesterday for the Tennesat-e river, and large contrlbationa of all kinds of aupjilles are beinp made to-day to furnish two more, wmro win leave tDii evening. The Wirsttiru Sanitary t'omratwion are moving earnesi v and with en?-rgv In this matter, and every *ttort will Vie made ror the speedy relief of o ir wounded soldier* at Plt'sburg Landing Gol. Keltor., Asalitant Adj-itant General, and Gen. Ketchum are In charge, while Gen Halleck la in the lieid Ljovi j April 10.?Forty phyitirtans and nurses arrived from 1'iankfortthis evening, and will imrrif?liately leave on the steamer Autocrat for Fort Donelson and Pittsburg Landing- Several other boats, wlthslmilai aid, are passing down the river from this city and elsewhere. A Suppossd Privateer. Boston, April 11 ?A Hamburg letter, dated IWarch 111, says t&f British Mearaer Bahama is there, loading with guns and ammunition, to clear for Matamoras. The writer has been aboard of her, and thinks that she Is Intended as a privateer. Dfetructiva Fire. Cherry Valley, N. Y , April II.?Lewi*' Hotel and Birge's Hotel, Rhinney's L'. nil dings, Peck's Hotel. Kdward'sc&blnetshop,aud a numb-T of dwellings, were burnt last night; loss S'iOlMXlO. ? anterfeitins EatablUhmeat Brake Up. Si Lotus, April il ?An extensive counterfeiting establishment has been broken up here. Among the bogna notes found were is.OOO In treasury notes. Auction Sale af Waal at Bostsn. Bo<toh. April 10 ?At the auction sale to-day UHJ.UCn ixmnd* of wool were told at 1Ja4" cent*, 'be bidding cloning tirm. Average price 45 cents COiVGKESSIOllAL. ? XUTIItk CU.1KKK&ft? Ituln. Sinati ?After our report closed yesterday? The bill to amend au net dividing the State of Illinois into two Judicial districts was paased. Tlie Court of Claims having made decisions adverse to the claims of Sweeny, Kittenhouse, Kant ii Co , and Thomas II. (irahaiu, joint resolution* wete adopted confirming the declsiou* Mr. McDougall presented the following resolution, and he asked tb.it It be printed so that Senators could understand It He said b* should call it up oil Monday : KfSOlrtd. Thill f h? ?<-? ? ' a' \%Imm ? j ? . > ui ??bi uc rrtjuesteU to inform the Senate at once on the following points. viz: 1. WLrtLcr or not Brigadier 6fneral Charles P. Stone haa ?>een arrested by any perxon in authority in the War l>ppartiuent or In the army of tbe United State*; and if he haa bern <> arrested, from whom tbe order for General Stone'* arrest originally proot-ded, whether (he Secretary himself or the General then commanding the anny of the Potomac. * Alao, whether at the time of *uch arrest Gen. Stone was nut subject to the artlt-lea of war and entitled to tbe tM>aetltof tbem; aud If he was so subject and entitled, whether or not be was arrested for a violation ot any and which of tho*e article*; aud oil whose complaint Gen. st??? um -a and by wliom, If Y?y any person, charges Lave bi*n preferred agalns. Uiin; and that tbe Serre tary of vVur l?e requeated to ceiBmnnlcate t? tbe Senate the spec! Mentions under nurh charge* as fully as lit* preaent information will enable blm to ntfte them. :? Alto, whether any, and If any what, steps have been taken towards the preparation of xucb rbargea and specifications, and if an> such atepa have been so Liken, whether or not tbe prosecution of the matter haa been entrusted to tbe Judge Advocate General of the Army, or of tbe ermy of tbe Potomac, or to some other, and what other, ipeelat Judge advocate; and If not to either of .aid Judges advocate general, why the case of lien. Atone did not tare the customary course when a general oUlcer la m* ? not either of the judvea advocate above specially fii,(rd ho* been, anawhen, first consulted in this matter. 4. Alao, whether or not Geu. JStone has, at any time, and when, and how often, in peraou or by :ounael, applied for an immediate trial, and whether he baa not represented to the Secretary of War the injustice wbieb be supposed would esuit to him from deferring bis trial by reason >f the death of important witness** In any manaer connected blm with the admlui?trB?i<? -? a!s Ute command upon the Potomac. umI whit uwwer, if any, ha* been made to aoca repreaenation by or ou behalf of Uea. Stone. 5. Alao, whether or not the aubataoce of said :hargre, more or leaa, baa been la any, and la vhat way, and upon wboaa application, cominuitcatod to Gea. Stone; and, If uot, why not, aad, f not, whether or aot Oen. Stone haa applied dlectly or Indirectly for wch charges. a. Aiao, whether aay aad what prlveiages have aured to tiro. Stone under the Artielea of War 4oa. 74. 7f, aad 82, aad Noa. til aad JU3 of the levlaed Regulation! of the Army, aad what \

c t i l3i i (?i )> I ? degnjc of coiflnement wag origins! i v ordfred 'n refer jm* to Uen. Stone, mnd whether any and what chani>f hn been made. :?nd when. from in original wwlty. 7. AUo, If 3?u. Stone wai not arretted for some I- *'olulon of tbe Article* of War. opon wbat "prrtenrr u he kept in elo?ecustody. Thie re*oliiion? were ordered to be printed. Tbe Conization bill w** then t*ken up. and Mr. Doolittl* defended hi? colonization irh-me; fter which lit; Senate went into rxecutive e?atora. Uorss?After our report closed? The debateon the bill to aboliab slavery in the District of Colombia \va? r.ftn linn pit nnMI ? * {o'clock, whei the bill waa put oa its pa?ageac<l pined by thefollowln? Tote: AM rich, Alley, Arnold. Aahl^y, Babbitt, Baker, Bax'.er, Beaman, Bingham, Blair of Mo , Blair of Pa , Blake. Browne of R. J., Buffln^toi, Campbell, Cbsmberlain, Clark, Colfax, F. A. Conkling, R Conkling, Covode, Davla, Dawe^ Delano, Diten. Duell. Pimn, Kd^erton, Kdw*rd?. Kit t Kn^li^h, Fenton, Fe.<*enden, Fiah*r, Franchoi, Frank, Gooch, Goodwin, Grantjet, Hal^ht, Hale. Hanrbett, Harrison, .Hickman,' hooper. Hutchini. Julian, Keiley, Kellogg of Jflck . Killln^er, L?r?lns:, Lounl*. L?ov*jov. Mcknight. McPhereon, Mitchell, MorrIhead, Morrill ol Me., Morrill of Vt . Nixon, Odell, Olln, Patt?n, Pike, Porter, Potter, R'c* of Mao* , Rice of Jle , Riddle, Rolllnn of N. R., i*e*teant, Sedgwck, Shanks, Sheffield, Sheilabarber, Sloan, Ijninldlng, Stevena, Stratton, uvmu 01 ?ihh , t rain, Trowbridge, Van Horn, Van Valkenbnrgl. Verree, Wallace, Wajton of Vt., Waabburne, Wheeler, White of ln<L. WUxon and Wlndonr? PH. iVays?Mn<n Allen. Baily of Penn ^ Btddle, Blair of Va , B own of Vs., Catev, Crittenden, Delaplalne, Dnrtap, (Jrider. Hall. H'iTd'ng, Hoiman. Johnaon, Kerrigan. Knapp. t_,aw, Larear, l.eary, Mallory, May. Merries. >(orrl?. Noble, Norton, Nujten Pendleton, l'erry. Vrice. Roll'n* of Mo., Shlel.Stefle of N V., Steele of N J , Thomas of Md , Vallandlnbani. V??orbe?>a. Wads worm, Ward, White of Ohio, Wicklitfe, and Wrltrbt?:*i Ttaf Houite aljourited to Monday. orriciiL. Department of statk, W A8HTNGT0W, j an Vary 25, lf?. The Secretary of State will far reafter receive Members of Cbn;<rt* on bualne'<a on Saturday, commencing with Saturday^ the llrit of next month. Jan 27-tf WILLIAM H bKWARU. WAR UfctARTMKN'f, JtNimi 21, 1-M. OlDIlID- "Oi*! til* \V?? ?hi ?? t ?-? .. ? J?ai I. lliCUl Will or Closed Tuesday*, Wf-dnead&y*, Thursday* and Fr'.daya against all (Tiber bualnr*a but tbat wblcb relate* to act'.ve military opt-ration* In tb? dvld. Saturday a will oe devotrd to tue toiiaine** of Senator* and Representative. Monday* t'? tbr bualnra* of the Public. KUW1N M. STANTON, Ja W-tf Secretary of War. oiNTllS:ttV. \i TKEV9, 1*1 fcOUMlS. M. i<., Hi- io?e!.?or a..u patent** ftha MINERAL PLAT>. f.,1- Til, t*ud? per ?oi.ally at hi* o'J!c? .( tr.is c '' 9W9MV Mtcr rsriimi oui T?a tf.ase Tr.o^1' ' * tanrot -wa?r oth?r?, fcQ'. vj persoa can waa: utnera who car sot wear t;.*vo. pereoaa ea line '** ruj ofice s&n ttt aacor,.ru?>uH64 with air aty>??*. price oi T<*c-:h thay may aoaire: bat to '.ti ne who*' a particular arK wish tuejureal. ieanwt, atroDceit, a;?i ni<>*t perfect dentur- mat artc*u *rodn#<y the MINERAL PLATE Will ba nor? fvjly warranted. Koo ju id thiaoity?No. *39 Pa.avenae.betWMs tth atd l^h au. Aiao, WUT Arch itrMt. rhiladai akia. ? - m*r J^riW AND IMPROVED INVENTION J.RTIF1CIAL CHEOtLASTl BOTiM TEETH. Wimo*t Mital Plats ox Clasps. D^. 8. B.sleESMOND. ?l? Brt+4** , N*u York?**0 mm, t>41 mm* I2t4 IKA II?., W?'*mi(ioN, C*!:r the s**ontioa of the public to t:i? tohovinc IfiTk.'JUOOf hli imsroTea ?T?teiTl : Mh 1. The T^eth t>f his ms.nur*p^r? Beyer eoroue ncr change oolor by any*?*?? aeuls, btir.r three focrtin ligtter thin &r,y other. t. No V.eth or r<-oti need be extracted, 11 Ik* artil??%' one* can be itsertetf over them. S. Tl> * roota wiil be msui mofienaire, aa neve Mb e. < No temporary teeth are reeled, aa permanent b?j can be t.iale mmeJiatey, thereby prejerTUis the natarai exprwion of the face, which irder tb e old system ta frequently disfigured. i. This wcrk has been fo'.ly tested orer five years by many of tne first ohemists anu physioiaas of this r 0000117. Dr. 8. has ?leo Invented a ?iit? nndcstractiv* metal filling, with which the aK.it afjmtive teeth oan be fillea without paiw, and can build up a per leot, aonnd tooth on any side roota, whio.l will last through lifetime. Tae beat of referenoea tiven?to Dr. V. Mort: Dr. Doremas, i'rofosaor olCriera'Btry, N. Y.; flon. Judge Wayne, of the Susrem* Court of Washington, and thousands of others. Call and examine for yoursa!?. no t tn GAS FITTING, *c. AWM *. DOVK * CO. B.E N?v prtNrM l? UNito ui ?r4?ra wtlk Vkioh they mar b? ftTore*! m :ba *A8 OF. STEAM FITY1MC FW8INE8S. _ FIT Stara an IU atraev, a few door* nartk ?f P* iTiiu, w&ere bit be foand a compete aaaortmaif af CHAN DELI ?",*!**?* lUtrVAS. 81KAMu< ff ATKK K11V?RE? it fT-tv W? A S* FIXTURES. K Btre in atne, aid are dai y rece.ving, AS F./Xrff/{.*5 of entirely New Pattern* and Den rut and Finish. auperi ?r iu stjie to anything heretofar* efernd in this mar tel. W e invite oitiaec* general It to aall and examine our stock of <xa* and Water 1 Ftrf?rea, feeling confident that w? have tka teat aa<?eted a took in Waahinc ton. All Wark in the above line latraatad ta a?r afcra Wtll ba preaptly attended ta. MYEll * MoOMAN. W I-tf IT6 I) alrtat WKALKl) PROPOSALS re invited till the '.5th day of April. ICG?, at Uo'olock hi , f?r supplying the United States ^ub. Uep't witii t>oo Read ot UEEF CATTLE on the bi-of. The Cattle to be delivered at 'Vaeiiuifton city, and eaoh animal to average I ,9?i pound* grots veiglit; no animal admitted wlneti weuh* lee* tl.an 1/XMi pound* groa*< The CatMe to tM delivered at inch time* and in auoh ^uautitie* m the Government may regime. Cattle will be ro^uire i under tin* contract aoon after the oonuaat is oloaed. Heiflers an 1 !>ul.a not wanted. A bond, with good and satiafaotory security, will be ><*uired. Huveruuiant reserves to melf the right to pay in 'Treasury note*. l : ? ? Wo pi41 wui m KlerUioed when put in by oon trfcotoi who k&ve previoualy f&:tedtooo?npiy wt'h their oontraota. or where the bidder m not praeent to reepond to hit bid. an i ail bida to be aoconipanied br two (u&r&iities . . ... .. Tba nmiea of ftrma ahoytd l>e atAted in fall, with the preoiao Addreaa of atUhe nieinliera ol the nrm. Bid* to I* directed to Major A. Hbccwitm, O.ii. U.S. A.. Washington, 1). C. form uf (iuiranut. . We, tOf the iuiu lit! of - ? "r , who VI , and . of the county of . and ** * of- .do hereby guarantee that-?? ijabl? to fulfil a ooutract iu acourdasoe with the tarm? Iiib arojoaition, and that ?Ua?ld hia propoaition be aooepted. ha will at oaoe euter into a contract iu aoeurdonoe therewith. SbCKild the contract b? awarded li m we are prepare^" become hi a sac* ntiaa. Thia guarautae mm', ba appended to e*ob bid ; mh* sni n T U Lf e> rt a v ? ? mi . MARNDKN'S EXPRESS WILL KORWAKU tH>UDlER*? REMITTANCE Wh*th? JttoNty or Aluotmbmt Daaits. To their Fftutijet *t on th# llM- 0f ch?ir Exprou at i oi.?ffe of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS J-'Ar fttiT ftirm nn? rc^_ ? .. . ? . # ?? -w?vAowuim rmy iioii&r8.(|9) | And a proportionate additional obarge for plaaea re?oned by Oonn#ctm,; Ei>.rnn Tha remittMee, vltttimr is Gold, Trtuvry Notoa. or A. otnifot DralU, aaouM be *no:csed n an envelope.. and aecuroiy aualed. a-a ba*e the full addreaa, inoluding Ue town, f oat OAoe. and State, ot the perton to vhoni to be ae .t, and tft? amount Uftbly marked tharaon. f.nTfiupe? lor tbia parpoae wl.l b? furiuthed at thia o*o?. Moaey received to be fonrardcc at the oflioe ia Wr?fhiuctun, fhird etreet, eeaond door below Penuayivataa avenue. ' ^ ' , . ap ,.IUI K. ? BJHTH. /^vOYBTKRS?OYBT^Ki.!gfg^ /-% Old Oj??er "sus?"- *vw?*co.' ? I if'. ? .* J 4 4 4 * " * * ^ ? SOLDIERS' MONEY x A*? ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. THE ADAM? EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWAKM SOLDltJUf REMITTANCES To their Fami'ie* at any f ace on the linec cf their Kxpreaa at a oharga of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Fo* AST ?C* SOT kXCXED'.NG FlJTT DOILAW, And a proportional# additional oharje to placet reached bj ooiuiectiEj Expresses. The rsir.tUnce. whether Sold, Traasurr Notaf, or Allotment l>rafU, chonid ha eaoloead n an rave arri eeovreij tea'cti, ifl have the full addre?? ; tooia !iu? town. Poet Office, an! State and in o;tW?thoetreMar.d number) of the pereon to whom to be sect, and the amount lefin'.y marked thereon. Knrelopea for thii purpos# may be had at our oftoe To facilitate prompt de'ivary tha charge for re mittsRoe should be ??e?ai 1 r.hVfi lm ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. READ! READ!! READ! I! AND BE CONVINCED AND BE CONVINCED AND BE CONVINCED. Kj-t'tut from Ih* "Star," Fibrwiry 27, IW. Datton's Cricks** asd Eicblib.mt ik* ? Hotel axd Kestaurafct Ke:pern. r*?tlera , Bn.ee >;ee?ere, and Grocers'. shcn.l cot 'nil tn secure a supply of the ssperlor Cracker* art.I |'ie?. mvcu fao.nred by Dayton, 43<? lith tt'oet, hetwwn 6 anJ H, Da?ton manufactures all kittle of Cakes and Oraogeraoftrie beet materia', ar.d e?*r* ke?>per >a wall aware of the great superiority of the latter, when fVeeh from the oyena, to thoae shippa* from Nortuern cities, hotteri wifi find It greatly to theu intareit to examine Dayton's Cracker* and Piaa before purchasing elaewhere. I We will ?how the name* of more tuan a act. re ol I Stit'era who have ueed Fiea rua'utactnred by I other Biker*, and were obliged to com? to at I finally, an<i ray ua twudo! vi more per h end red in order to <et article which the men oomd eat without making th<*in aiok. Fr?m tkt Corrtspomd'nt ef tkt jV?w York Dt'pairk .... YVe notice with mmt p.eaauie the popularity of our ecterpriairi fe!iow citisen. Jm 1j. l>ayton, in tie Bakery bnein-M in thia city, hia tuccesa ua* Men gained by the excel eLoeol hiagooda. We learn that memhera ?f the Sanitary Com mittee have ate of hia Piea, and pronounce them healthful; and we mu?t ear in juatice. that we never sarfook of more delioieua Piea in our ale Sutler* from every aeotira and Familiee from all quartera of the city, tend to bia Bakery. We atronzl* invite familiea to trj our PIC NIC CRACK* RS. BOSTON THACKKKS, SLICK I) AlTi.K PlKS, RASPBERRY PIES. DAYTOiVS Bakery, 456 Klotenth atreet, ?,t, SS.tf " - ' " ..... uriwoca w OIIU n HAUiNDtN'S t XFKhibis, I L?X*BL1?H?D .* i*w,) U*>1 !? ? to inform tt:fl pab'iot'iai they h%reex tend ad their Kx>r?ai to \V Mlitfcf'on. and are no* sp.irw! to Tra: in.ri Mfroi.auuite. Dank Notes Bpoetd, Jeir?sry, Ac. to fcl! par-s of the Mitidl* Vam Ilatlaaal ?rl <?<? ?. " * " ' ~ 1 OoBuec'iat with the must roein,: e:b e Fx?r?r?e? thruuchont tue co.iiitry. vr*> are enaK.e to otfer *jimrilim.' to a.i who nt&* :avor u? witt thru tatrMifctc. Foi terms and further iuiornta t:ona:?p!?tc K. s* t?M!TH, Agent. TbiiJ ?t.,t<l dnor below l'? a?euu?, ja ? ?rp VV'aaliintoR. U C. WE H Av t Jt'S'f KfcCI 1VFD A LA KG K Mortmain of Kaven, fc'aco: A < ?>.'?: ?na?-> an?l *?eir,wn? * t*on'? PIANO FOKTFS.flMMB klowt; At ii.e hegt u?>w tiT.!nifartu;C(!.'l? * wi.ici wo are of *MiiS at the f*cu>Tf price*, ^e-aocs ar<'h ot a re ia jlf P.aoare requested to caW atu' ex a mire Mao, or.o b?oonj tiauJ Piano for 9%) aud one ior S:^. At the .Yliinio Moie ol -* 92 W. G V K I'/.KROTT UEA1> WITH UKCISION AND ACT WITH PRKCAUTION! DK M. VKLl.N V'S PKIVA TE HOSPITAL, in the Federal tttock. o?pocite the General t oil ai:d Patent Office. Kooni 24 up stairs, corner of 7th aud F uu , Waai.inrtoo, C. F?ta' licnea ior tiie t-ttppre?non of Quackery TwaOn'f Kejuiir Physician Advertising. Or. M. Ve'.lnr's ::i~ r. exoerier.ee in hn?n?] tioe virrtcti h:m m ?ajiut that at eau eintl direa'eaof ?. private natnr*, or he *i 1 forleit the turn of fire hundred doiiara. Cal. and k? hi iw. No charge 1 jr consult-at-or.. A jerfe< tas.d radical oure rerfeetM from one to lour itlT'O'' mh M Jm" MKP. KAT O.N, FAftKlONiBLB l)3tl8tKlIIR < Ha* removal from 4*4 Tenta ?tr?o? lo 409 1 atreet. between 3th and 1th, eouth aida. S. T. Taylor'* dretucuttaig ru'e br >irn k. mb U-'.tn* INTERESTING POR THE COMMUNITY 1 AT LARGE. We are nr>w receiving READ Y-M A l> E CLOTHING t rte ta'est desicns three time* a wt?k from oar ra&nu'aoturing esta!4iahn<ent in liaUiaiore,vhioU waoderatastociahiDg iow prioea. rlAB A BRO.. mil 12 lm* corner K ar<1 7th ftr**ta. JC- in JL V X JS2. P H. I V A T B 3E? n IVA T s. DR. LA BONTA | ti?TiQf removed biaotfiseto Koom No ft.arirtmic f the Sunday Chroniclecflice, ;n Wuhuittcn Hu'.'d ins. Pa avenue, eoreer of ?tli atreet, ; now revlj to cur* a I Oiseasea ( /a Private .Nature, without tue ute of caicaroi.^ or detailing diujaclaiiy kind, std no irterfer-noe witt yam buaioeas av<.eationa - navin dev-rei my whole time t> the stutiy Mid cure of Pr rate Disease" of both eexe* and to Chronic * flV-etiona of the Womb, I, \-ar, Kidceya, Skin Kru? >ioaa, fte , eud rrariuatif.e is the tisat stshcol in m-wor:d. tue New Vork CtT Ho*pitala. under P~>f*. Chtlton and Paker, to whom I moat re?pecmil!y refer. 1 Wi ! par S1 U> the ?t ra?'i? furui-nin me a ea?e of ar.y t-1 the ? l> kit* A i m %. m "? ? * ?? ? * " ~ ' * . u mi nocc w 1 e?UUI'l ?pO?Gliy &D3 f Pi m\ nently cure, et the c*ap i>e old or n?w. No dirtint retuirwl ; nothing Unagreeable in any p&rt ul Ine treatment. Consultations Iree Koomi very pr v&t?, M. La HONTA. Koouj 6 (first tii/or* \\ &siuc*ton Dm ciut, mh 2>--lm* Pa av^an* sni *th st. Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MhTLCUANT T A 1 L O K 3, And Dkalus m SWORDS, >ASULS. BELTS. EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS. ? AUNTLETS, LOVES,**. Ana ?*ery variety of *MAVT MADE CLOTHINH, At rsasun4m.K Pftltas. WALL, STEPHENS k. CO.. SU* Peanajivania kreuue, between 1? u llntol. k. Ktmb.l Kli ami Krtb ?t? I/O* ?ALE-A pur of very handsome light !*j T CAKKIAGK HORSKS-bHierwi to ffy . be the knect in the Dintr ct?bred 111 Hampshire, 6 aud 7 yeart old. Can be seen ! by app'.vinc at the Nava' Store, Navy Yar.i, Wuhit(toii, D.C., betveeu tin hoars o' a m. tndst.in will 2A In.* WILK DRKSSfcS FOR 'fUK PRKSKNT AND O APPROACHING t!KA*ON. t A in j?t ohoioo assortment. at our proverbially ov prises. one pnoe only, the actual ciik s?*uda?ti T&ius, marked il plats figure*. 1'FKR \r A BKOTHhR, inh J8 tr Pa avtH'iftand Ninth >t. 'IT' NUTICK. 1 IIK Copartnership heretofore existing lutweeu l.oui? K. I'bery and 1'hoxi< 1>. DikNUL has l*su dissolved. All per so us indebted to the saij firm vilt please to sett e their accounts with Lout* P. Petrjr, who will *ls?> settle with the oreUitor* of the firm _mh H 2aw3w LOUI3 F. KERRY. \ BALMORAL BOOT8. "T<> AT Tipped Do ut ,e so;* Balmoral (I W Calf Kid do do do f2 <? lore Calf . do - ? ? ! Aiso, all other styiee of Ladia* and M.eaes' bs moral Boota, the cheapen and host asaorment in the city. J. ROSENTHAL. i Ho. in Market (Space, Ja7 so Fenn. averse, between 8th and fttli sta. I TJUST PUBLISHED, * HE New Union Game of ?ooes?ion,or Sketches of the Rebellion; inst the thins for the fimiU ?>? cte. or to ?end ?o trie Union to dter. Pnbluhrd by 1 JOta% P. CHARLTON, Philadelphia. a?i for 1 Ml* br JO?* SHll.LiNGTON, I mh tt ietni at. and Pa. ?re>ta?. ' 'HICK AND THIN FABRICS mankind*?, X MoaraingGonda AUo, Sbfpaerd'a Pialus, aa?l Black and White i Check, aLd Pl-i< Si'ka I <??r (took of Jhicnrainc Good* ia fall and cam 1 plete ilirougtiuat 'lie noure je?r. Our .Non:;f" and Kaatern ocnetpondauta a?nd uanav auppnea daily. One price only, marked lu plaiu kguree ; hri.ce no purcnaaer ia overcharge! I Aa in ejection o " et?ek eolioited at all lime* ?? vuucmwbmereoj icourr?<l to^urcfiM*. w wcm? kJtt? >t. i?OH SAI.K.-OB* vary fin* jojcg MAKK- ( r MitMM for or tafgy. Ait*, gy _ ?t>n>e io<Kt work HOKSfcS. F.r.qurrs f jiTft J** ?BLLlf *8 Grocery S*oi?, oomer 4S <^1- , M-l Kt ?V V*f THE WEEKLY STARi 1 klaexcalirat rai'yu4 Mews J?urMk -mm talniaf a grMiar *ax! **y at intmtln r*a4la* than caa U> r??y4 la am Uk-t ? la nmt?h>l M Friday murulng. Tbim?? C?i*f iir?naM|f, m ?dWMl Single copy, per aanoti .91 00 Klw roptre 4 76 Ten Mfilt* * tt< T*in(i-|Yf ooplea *' ? It invariably contain* the "\Va?h'.ng^on Nrwi" that baa madr Tkt Dmilf Ef$n ft Si*r Circuit'* ao generally throughout the country 117? copie* (tn wrapper*) can be pro cnrrd a: the countor, Immediately after the law* of the paper. Price?THREE UfcNTS. Slia rCNMIYLVARIl ATIIIIII. E91ILC D r r R E. iast Rroeleed and opened, A large and IreUclw iteck of chelae FAMILY O ROC E R 1 UK , cenauUBc en i)l'6 4R9. of all grades. TEAS, COFFSfc, BUTTLR, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD* CHOCOLATE, Ac., \e , 4c. Ali oI which he ?f>r? at lowaai cash prlMi. PI UK'S CKLKUKATKi) WMlPftlGf. MM) Ua rrt-li Magnolia, SO* barrets XXX, StiO barrel! Millers Rye Manoagahala, mm barrel! Bne OUI Rr?, HM barrel* ine Old llourooa, AT CINCINNATI PK1CES. ?~? 11 the (kvortte brand! af CHAMPAGNE, rauaim verseny, Cre?a Het4?'.ck, wfelcb, belag bought low, we ol?x >t uftaaaaUf low rate*. Also, 8cIf Agent lor PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL* feb lt-tf ?AOO bKT. #400 BKT. *40* BKT. THAT DAYTON** THAT llAVrO.V'i? THAT f)A\ TON'S SLICKD APPLE PIK*. oi i m l % a *t it t ?' - oi> #vrrL.p. ni-.?, bLICEl* APPLE PIES. AKKTHKHRHT ? A?K I'HK UKHT AKt VIIE BKr*T MADK !N WASHINGTON. M A UK IN WASHINGTON, MAJ?E IN W ASHINGTON. RAKKBV 426 11th !?T***T. HAkKKS 4S?4|ITK S'tlliT, isAKKr.V 4i0 lit* iflkUT. It'.', 2? tf /2l TO t^k 'Vlblig IN HKNKRAL. t7 k UOSLIXU HESTAtR4.1T, i4T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, SOVTB SlM, (Fuinieriy of New York,) Hs? the name and fame of being One of the- Best Restaurant* in Totvti ' I^TS ve us a trtai, Mid judge for you eeif-^9 ^very thing ir. the home n 40&ll BEST T if t' MARKET >flB^ AFFORDS. 1 7S ^ 117" Don't forget the number? penoty!vaaia avenue, between 12ih nod iSta streets, mh lt-lra sosth aide, Z FURNITURE! {* FURNITURE! I FURNITURE ! |J| W. B. MOSES. (of the firm of Moses A iJec?catn, Fh ad'a,) Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retai. Deaisr it Cane seat Chairs, Cottage, Parlor and Diningroom Furniture?Thorn's Bauding, *06 Seventh stree*. above D. Every variety of UPHOLSTERiNS promH.y a.-a neatly executed | store opes day ana evening for the accoamedt tion of the pnbl.c. P <rchasers will study their interest to call before 'ooking elsewhere. jaE lm* T^HE AMERICAN TKLE6RAPH COMPANY Having re-ojM&ea ud .6 *tw<J a tar B N,:H OFFICE in \V;M.&Kb? M?t*l. ibis company if fr?tar<Mf to Moominodato tha gu??u of t^at house.aad iLm public, with ?T?rr Taleir&piuo laciiit*. Cummunisatioa d: eel * .th BALTIMORE. PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK oEiMLKAl OI rlCE, 4 3a Hust. Avicn mh. w *' westervelt " m" * 'm t*c frr! r, tf i;C?r. l. CH. RIVART A CO. SILLER Y CHAMPAGNE DEPOT REMOVED TO 8. E. Coixil Of Pins, Avxsui A*D Plxrtf Sr.. Citrmdoxi Hotel Uii::din<t Walking ion. H. ROSEY, Acixr, N*w Yofrt. JAMES MOLAN. A??nt. WAHIIMJTOS, 1>. C. SHERRY, PORT and- MADEIRA WINES, FINK OLD BRANDY *uJ WHISKY. \ZF" A :iber?i <1'?conot to ds?t?r?. m u It ?"A DIES' RUBBER HOOTS I a AMD SHOES. All tliM, at J. B. PL'DNE Y*S. Ml4 Peon **ecu?, hMk of ClMrtt'? Ijry iood? Stor*. EN'S RUBBER BOOTS A .> LI SHOtS, At J. H PUDNEY'B, fa ? tf 4 P?cn. nr.. Back Rcf?. Bouts and ?hoes to suit the TIMES. We are now munruturiiu ai: kind* of BOOTS and SHOE!*, fcn<1 constantly reoeivtac upply of aaatarc made w>rk of a*er? dr-flHl criptioL, ma*ieexyrea?.T U> order, aua willfU be rold at amttofc lower yrioatfeao haa bean* heretofore charged in tliia city (or miich inferior article*. t*e'?on? in waot of Uootaand Shoes of eaatern or city made work, will a! way* Sod a good aaaort mem :n store and at the ;ow??t ?n??? - Mil. GKIF*FiN * BRO."" " tyt-r iU PmtMiTMH HOY?TtR?-OYSTR?8: OTKLH. R??iauranta an t Pirate Families 0tuMiuMli*<lilU f with OYSTBRS,^^ irsth from uto aheil, dry lneaanre, ai; f 1 it !. ow*?t pr ee. wiUf I'.etao giv? ua a vail. AYRKS * CO* No. SOi Ninui at, botwatp U a&d Av. 11^- Oyatora of tlio b?at ?ua!it> apioed to ordor. mh 22 JUST KK< Kl VKD AT L. A. BfcALL * CO.'S, No. 361 Seventh, feet veaa ( aixt K itraau. a U?w .to ot -f CLOTHING. F JRR) liUdl),", TRUNKS. HATH and CATS. 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