12 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

12 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVFNING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: SATTRt'AY APRIL 12, 1*64. 1L7"Rttd?ng matter on cvtry See outb:At lor Interesting telr graphs and other wMter. Though Thb Jsra.? la ptIrV^I on the Me* j ?t nro r* ? In u.?e Kinth of Baltimore. lte edition 1? large as tr r jrBlre It to be put t?> pr*M al aa e*rty hour: . tb?**!cre, sbftnld be *nt In btfose 1* n'fWw* otberwlv u?ey may nt t appear nntll tte n?; dav, " *' .. Oat. I turnup rium various military camps and positions wii\ confer a flnror by u? po"t*d aa to mg^eaeata and affblra In tbelr vicinities. l?/~Thc new Dvlinr Weekly Star, fuller than fcver of Metropolitan news and ?jots p, and cbol< e lit' dry rrsdlng, la now on otn countcr ready t^r delivery to tte public. Krrbractd In ita cntcrta'j?lng contents are tbe following artlrU?: f till Aconnt* of tbe l-?t? Ulnrloua Victories, wllh mi ibe particular* mid incidents?Capitulation of Island No 10? Ex red HI on* of tbe Arunv hy land and sea?Battle* and skirmishes in Virginia. North Carolina, Tennewe. and at Island No IP; and a full lint of tie 'SeceMlon Game'' brought down by our troops since they *et out on their hunting tour rich sketcte*; Poetical article""; Latest pf*c* ?itr?a, by telegraph. of th's and of foreign Oiintrirs; Dotngs In France, England, and K'li-sla; ard all tte local new* in. round and '.tout YYzshlngton for tbe past week. '\i-*ugh eiid grow fat," t?v reading tbe Interview b?tw?tn Sar.ders and Folk !n rtfercnce to the P'o\i?!oralG'vcrrnrnt of Kentucky; "Skating a llamhof,M rich, rare and racy; Browniow'* pcech at Clnt Inartl ; and witticisms from IVentlc; and other tirst-class operators upon the r'*ib!<a. Agrlco'tnml and horticultural matters, domestic rcci prr. ard other n.atter useful for fanners and housekeepers. This la just the paper above all others for per?on* stjournlng in tbe National Metropolis to aend to t'-e!r friend* at a distance. Price only thrptf r^nfn W?r rflnr ?r il n*r annnm' ivftafir.1. f repaid by stamps when so arranged Spirit *f lh? Mtrniei Press. T1 e lnttH'gf.rfr rowmeuts nponthe p.^swge ? f tbe I'U'.rlct emancipation bill, and advurts to <Le ;;larir. *rd apprehension witli wLlth this act will inrplie 'he ?lave Herder States The H'f*biiwn is jubilant over the passage of 1'ce bsil. JJT7" Tl c fu'low leg is a list cf tbc Generals of 4?__ O - ? " * * - ~ - i-jf necei coniiafraer billed and captured aince the commencement of the war: Ktl'fd Caplvri'l. Robert i?. Garn?-tt, (Minou liuckn? r, Bernard I". Bee. I.lovd Tubman, I tit* K Zjlllccffer, Kdward I'rtce. Hen. McCullcu^b . Biioowd Jobnscn, Gen FioM, VN m W Mm kill, Pasil O Herbert. Brig. Gen Ganlt, ? n Sla(. I Brig Of" Walker, .Albrrt ? Jcbnaon Brig. Gen. Mrbawm. 1 he 1'ntrn army tbu? far bw lost but four Ge i lal* Natbanlt-1 Lynn, killed, Win H L. Wal" a.'e, killed, Fred* ri> k W. Lander, dl?d, and B. JVI l'rentltf, capturcd. P S.? ^ late ditnfllrK law# ni#?Kl ? ? ?f?. mm ?- - Wy)? iUUt UCU "Wallace ) net dtad, and thai Gen. I'rcntUt hi ftcsped. JO"Alvicfs r-celred from S*ilt Lik-1 City to the !-'h of March ?tate that Hri^bam \ oung \v;t? . duly elected Governor of (he Hiate of lJeseret on the ~d ti I*?t month. Hon. II. C K'nobrdl hvi hern fleeted Lieutenant Gcr?>rnor. and John M. Be nh.aei representative A ineeliug of the General Atstmbly'wlll be held on the lllh of lie prtKat mouth to elec* I'nited Stat*-*S-nator?.rnc ? f whom i? ex peeled to be ex deleft*- Hooper. OltCE A Mi'MII ?Wl> h?tr?> Tmft I naA tho flr?t number of the agreeable little ?emi-musical eemi literary publication lately commenced In .New York, by Richard fltorr* Willis. Mr. Wll1 ?. who ia a b'o her ef N. P Willis, and sfcarta the talent of the W llila family, if well known as a writer and as a nr.ctical author. LATE rr.OJl THE ARVV OF T1IE PO1 O.tlAC {Corrtipor.denee of the Philadelphia Inquirer ] ?.ght Milis rFf*m YoanTcws. Va , / Ktbtl foil, SK f Point, April 9. p in { The roada are in an awtul condition, bat a day two will remedv that aa the s..'l i? * ??' ? , t - - ? -? x*M<J j loan*. Tbere are lmprrtant military movement*, but carnot apeak of llsem at preser.'. We would rdviactte public to rest ?aay. We are *1! aaftnew, Lnd when an advance la mrde In aome future time we wlil have ro repetition of the Bethel tia^edy. Should we drive tbem from tbeir line here, they have anotter at W llllamaburg, about flfteta mile* invalid Yorktown. <h?y Lave a large for re cf sharp shceterf, with r ..1e*, along tbeir front, bat cur men,*? far. keep th m at tfcelr dlatsnce. We want a whirf which can be made in three houra out of tte p ?ta. 4 c . new nere. Tb? atorm continues torwe, and it la to be hoped that >? Licli ?t- wind tubnid^a aomtttinu will be done. A Hiimli-*rr f nr a A- e w-1 * . v. . Oic IJIU^ ai'JHH lljp t?f3rc, lo?? In landing 'I c?? horses art- poj'aed overboard and have to iw!m t.? the *bor<-. Tbe store*, &r., burft to l?a brought in srr.all boats All the work n di>nt ke.e by soldiers, no contrsland are u?td. New* from tbe Rnppahanootk >/'??!% of ih' Troops? Nretp:io* of th* Ktwt ef Ik' Rtc-*? V'Ctort's?Brt+iitil'' Occupied by Our t'ofCfS?Mortmtntu of Ik' Rfbtl*, Ma!sa?sk?, April 10 ?Notwltbst-u.diit; the terrible ftjrm of tbe last three days, 1h? health if the troops in me Department of tbe 1! ti>,a Lannorfc 1* ucn-ualy food. A few are >.flaring from cold*, bat otberwi e none hnve heeu?tfl'cted. The newt ef tbe capture of bland mo 10, and the victory at Pitttbnr?, was read to the svvtral brigades, tacitlng lutenie en;fausiasm, | articular. 1v la th" brigade composed principally of H'eal(|k roe;;. 1 be country between Mshmkh and Warrentou i:-.* bet a effectually cleared of Rebel scouts, ten<le>i*x ranch lew hazudoca A cre*?t nru-nnt of bay. greln ?r.d straw ha* betn found ibr C2b i'r'.iice William county, which tbe army ' tsklPf* pc*?e*Mon of, receipting for the same la d .e lv.cn. i'?v'lle la ff< ;;pieJ bf our f??roe?. Many w __ i - ??a_<A - iuuooi'.ani? reinuu, ei:i apprsr ndiHirent tte advar.ee of the Union army. fh? Reb*!* are reported to tx> entrenching tbfic?clrr< ea tlicfcutk baak of tbe Rappoiianiivck. Finyt *i ?Tt? Mew York Cfiuiofnial A?1vrnlot fuuourcra * dull market at tbe steefc h><miA vntfrdav in?rn)nij. <j over unit i?ta atejdy >?ut<l.ill i*ii*-?of arid at !?3l, for herb lie itkt>V:tdi'cii^k?; Micsourl 6*a deitnt-d ?;Tendeclined Virginia 6'i ?old at 5?3>; ' totals at ?nd uhlo w? lr?aa af !* .M??t * k? i ? - i- ??? - iu irrngn r*rn?riFe *t ?l.'^aj tor *u .kef bill 01. London.ard tl'29ll2>^fi>rprtiiir cti nrw tela' * '<? ????. American gold ?Uadi it BaLTIMuRB I'IMVtibri ? Third and fail -lay TLe first bu?lao? van lb* Krlmt Hook of iM?> ? ipilue, ai d the teversl chaptt ra were t.ken op .? 11:/' ! ;.nd the proceediag* ?Ikit?-4 Intrr' itini; ,1 acuta ?u:t rtlaiicg lo church };ov<eminent. Kev \ 13 lifirtl IMTM thf ?nmilul?M? ?' " " r , .vi ? wvmmti* ??j to l?>ok Into the at w Cfldi, aud provide for tkfli." lu^ply. Alt^r MMi;e d?bjt* Kcv? A. U I'roM ai?i o Oweua aud Kl?kr Pnowdtn were nyfctnicd tbe committee. After cr by R?-v. i . W. L'rauat, the Preahytery adjourned *?*? iif. ?Gen Harvey Brown, the dlatlnyui?rri d-fend^r of Fort IVkma, Major General H'?ecr?nt, rf tbe Mountain Departn.eu!; Brig >irr< *nxnn. from Tort Koyai, Vity General O. Wriv.of Cooncctk.ul (recently appointed), and oivaei t>nrd?n, l.lmt iVJo'if! ii*rdtMT, Lint. Colonel >??wftr;df, and Cipi Crwman, of the Armr.sre ir. tbe city, end domiciled at WHlarda ? 1^7" All the imp#' tant t ostein *e? and nn?r 'cu'ts between Marhviile and Louiavllle are now *>rentd kr<d In opt-raMou. and all tbe rontee on toe .Mea phu uraneb, linn Buwllitg Green to ClarkeMile, will 1* oprned wit Win tbe next ten <lays, or <* M>)ii a* tte bridge arm** Barren river .? cvffl< pieUd. fZ_r Cauo'as eel? brslcd tbe " Dinting ?;.71," * ?oid )ii Biit)iw>r? viMctasy lor fl&o. fjt.iue- tf hiino!o, Vcatule, Ccrctc dud Coiuoiha? WM 4i?v) ?.>ld tTj' Oil Tborsdsv eflernoen the po'.lce of Bal?! u jure r?pu.rtd three Con federate fla^i from private pa;;i?ITT J A Pear e ba? been arruled for alleged eui/oriag of Joe Keener at a lager Leer houae en x*ia . urcet, tiaJtlAore. iST* Geo. C U?rr?eT will M hurjf at Bedhair, , 51 , l- j.ol:.ui4?i', Ml* Tmtii in WcyawtiUi CjOks iwo yeur* a^r, tn 1 lidiy, Au*. 8. IZT ii. on; *<(k Jabn *r<f TfiiMtian iu ' >' iM cl l o* ".utcwm, Md.t i<? fivcct l.urva hy t. iild l'? v?r. I G pr.pMetnrof (fee T LI it I \v ar?l Ho.: e la Vvji, Ft., c-iwrnlttctlsuicide ua ! tu iih Jail ( LATE NEWS BY TELEORAPM. Important fiom Fotttew Monro5. The Ri h*i stfimen MrriAir JtmnUti Bllrt Varlilaivn n.rf .tk... ..allar .* . ??!? make their appearaaec la Hnmptan Kf*4i -* Tbrn vmmIi t'iplirri. Tie >1>rr1m?c thr Maaltar u4 Naagatach. and after rfrrlflnj their fire relara* ?? traaey laiaad The following diapatrhe* retched the War Department laat night: FoaTHT-i* Momoi, April II 1 p. m ?Hon. E. M S'antou. Secretary of War: 1 he ateamer* .Merrmiac. Jame*town, Yorktowu and aevcal gor.braU and t!i?<s Lave appeared between NewporrVews and Sewali'a Point The only damaef done ua is the eapture of three arnall veast M, one empty and one Loaded, it la aaid, wish cal. Thea? vex?rl? were raptured oppnalte Brigadier General Cas-v ' dlvlaion which had only email guns of three inch calibre, and were asmc two hundred fe^t from (he shore (iSigmd) John K. Wool, Major Gen'l. ( "kcosd oiar-ATCH J Fcrtkf.-? Mojgf g, April 11, j r st ?Hon E. M Ptanfrn, Secretary of War: Th* Merrlmsc came down tewnrda the Mon'tor and Stevens f rsau?atv<:k ) The latter flred four or five round? and (Le Mv.-rlmac one rou d, lehtn she, with her rcnsoit$} rcumtd ti Cranty Island Thus enda the d;iy?what the night may bring forth I am unable to aay. (Signed) Johx E. Wooh, Major Gen'l. FROM YORK TOWN Ajrll II, midnight.?General McClellan t? lagraph* the Secretary of War (via Cherrystone) that nothing ot Interest has occurred tc-day. The weatber and road* are a little better and operations are progressing favorably. Particulars of the Reappearance of the Iron Monster Merrimao. A ?CIIOONFK FROM WASHING ION AMONGST THK PRIZES. A SECESH FACURSION BOAT COMES OUT TO SEE THE ENGAGEMENT. THE MKRR1MAC RETREATS TO El IZABETH RIVER. ? Baltimore. April Jii, (from Fortress Monroe, C p.m. April l?.)?Tee return of pleasant weather to-day brought the Merrlmac, as was generally expected, atie had been sten three diy* ago under ?t*?im at Craney Island, and as yesterday evenlnir nromLii d thit Hi? i??rm ku) ?? f v.viua uau tAuautVtU Itself, few were surprised tbli morning at tbe announcement that site *as In sight acd coming down. Tbe alarm gun wan fired at twenty minutes past aeven o'clock, and as aoon u the apjeaiati'tof tbe Metrimnc was generally known tbe docks, beach, and the raropa!ts of the fort.vu -t.d ?btr poinU commanding a view were crowdcd with spectators. Tbe Merrlmac, after showing herself beyond i?ewall s Point, appeared to bs beading this way. fctae did not Ion,: continue on this course, however. a>id turned towards James river, followed by the s'r. otfctr gunboats which had come around t!:s poiut to her company. nr it.-. i? * - ? ui ius nun, ?uc jummown and Vorktown were rpcoijnlird. Among others were uppoted tj be the Kalct^h ani Terser. Arriving at a point about balf-way between Pewall's Point ani Newport N?w? Point, and iu ;ir tbe place where the French vesaeln of war, tbet: itlnitit'id Ga^endl,and the Engltibateamer Hiiuldo bad plactd themielvea early In the morning, the whele fleet came to a ?top; while It t A ? " me . m . ^uMvi!, t'-i i''wcQ ai come distance br the Yorktowa and a small tujj, continued on ber tenw. The Intention of thr Jaonratown wa? not at flrat perceived, > it n? ?be caroc around, leav'.ng Newport Mvwf on b< r letf, it waa seen that ber object nu wcipcu*; two ungs and a sehooaer Which were anchored near shore, about two mile* from the Pa'nt. Till* was done without the slightest <1 tU-uity, aad the assistance of the small tug being rendered, the three prize* were tiken off under the reb 1 ll:g. Tue whole alTilr wu concluded In lea than half an hour, and the Jamestown having rejoined the fleet was ordered to tow !he prlzea to Craney island Taking one?the brig?In tow, and the oifc?-s alongside, she moved slowly away. Slightly alarmed at this bold da?h, quite a cumber of schooners in the upper harbor availed tLpiMelve* of the fivorable wind did Mriled. I p to this time (noon) tbe rebel fleet has remained in the position at which they first placed themselves, and nothing more hat been done. The tide la now out, and probably no new movements will be made for aome hours If the Merrimac .-bou'.d tee fit to pay u? a visit the will be appropriately welcomed. The names of the two brigs captured arc tbe Sabb-o, of Providence, R I., and Marcua, of Stockton, Me The former was loaded with hay, on r rivate account, ard the latter was chart, red by Government. but had been unloaded. The name of tbe schooner haa not been axcertained. The captains of the two hr m Mi-.iru.il in >,..> t r ?- n - ? | ?* ?v auuic ill a .'mull boa!,wUh four of the crewcf the Marcus. Two men were left on board the latter, and ill on bon d the Habbao, who inaJe no ?fT.?rt to lower a bo^t u?e: c?pe. They were taken prisoner*, toyr'Ler with the crew of the schooner. It la aald that the capimcd *e?nIs were ordered laat night to nr>ovc down the harbor for aafety. The arhoouer Uariuony, u?ed a? a water boat by Mr. Noye?, Government contractor, for tun - " plying wat? r to tLe happened to be alongside one of tii!? French men-of-war at the time the Virginia (.Uerrimac) made ber appearance, and was token under the protection of the French thus escapiig capture. Mr. No yes h-u pre. vl^u^iy lost by capture, two schooner* employed a?? water boats by him. Tli- name of tbe wchooncr captured was the r.nu;", from Washington, with -sutlers' storci. A parsenger *tcamhoit, filled with spectators came rat of J'lusbeth river tbls p m , and a number of *>mall sai! fco?t? could he seen through the day ofi ik-wall's I'olnt L\TKR -6 P. M. i n? J..ji:cMown returned from Craney Inland at 3 o'clock. Not i abot wan tired until 4 o'clock, when the Mertiwac Bred three ahoti In tne direction rf Hampton Creek. Tl.r ISVi^nt jck ?>'d (be Octorora, which have bren atalt?wd in that vlrjnltv, replied with a number if 1U0U, all of which ftil mar the rebel licet. The whole fleet, ltd by the Merrlm&e, then returned to Kllzabc'h river. [Notb.?From a glance a? the map(after read. Ing the above detailed and Interea'lng account of the cffalr of yeate rday In Hampton Hoada) It will he perceived that utiihrr the Mcrrlinac nor either of her CtlWrtl of lea* draft of water watnf^ di wn to where the Monitor or any other vessel of our ?qnr?tron of < cimiderabk* draft of water rould maneuver to ar?i)l tier This accounts for the fact 'hat there wa? really no fight on tbe occasion: the MMng of a few guns on both sides at too locg range to hit aaythtng, not amounting to an engagement ?En. tiran j LAIC FUOM CAVIO. i np neorii bci ruriaea ie I'ltliU. Cai*o, April 11.?The oniy additionul Information n-cclvtd to-day from Pittsburg Landing la tfcst tbe pursuit of the retreating rrbela was kept up bet a little distance beyond tbe petition of onr advance previous to the battle. Several bout lotida of prisoner arrived here today from Wiand Mo. 10. The geiierala and field c-41< e.s will be sent to Fort Warren, the company othcersto Columbus, Ohio, and the privates to Chicago and Springfield. Gani. Mcckall, tiaull and aeveral subordinate eftc?*ra are here o?i parrle The latter are generally very communicative They say that onr (our weeks' bombardment killed only one man. Front Kblelds' Ceaamaad. Koisauae, April 11 ?The bridge acroea Cedar Ci.tk a* tola La* been computed. A private t*>!oT><rlag to the -27lh Indiana refll meot vru liiot w ou picket duty to-dav. bv - - -?r _ a tbe !* >*? . A j sty ?ru attacked by a number of AHibjr'K oBvairy 4u irun^, wbo wera rapuiaed. Oae died /rum txfxmut during tbe atcraa. - - ?? Uss* riil CUicsan, April It) ?A special dispatch lo the Chicago Trlbone from Cairo savs: From srver^l ^ntl?m?U wbo were on tie Isld U* SghtUie fM?0+!ng H |??|?rW : . General brigadl, consisting of he 6lat lllftola, 17th Wisconsin, 24th Indisna aid 71?t Ohio, were attacked while eating their breakfast by what seejned to be the whole rebH force. flpnpril Prp> tlu hint in Jtrtlll**rv. And hta \rl.-rait* was nearly cut to piece# and forced t? retire. Oen. Prentln and many of his men wee taken prisoners. At tweW* o'clock the entire lint wai (imaged, but aoon In Ml retreat. At foar o'clock the enemy had take* Sewaf'l'e battery of alt m??, Dreaden'* ba'terv of fonr guns, and Wa^rhnnna'a bvtery; alao twn Ohio hatterlea.name* not known Thousand* of oiir boldier* ho Bad t3k>n refug? under the bank of the river utterly rtfuaed ttl flzbt, and, in fart, they could not, a* oftcera and men wore mixed In Inextricable confuaim. The army at t hi* time ?eemed to be uteriy defeated. At tht> juncture the gunboats Lexington and Tyler opened a tremendous fire of shot a?d hell upon tna enemy, and kept It up ?rery half hour during the night. Pome of the ibell* aet (hl? WnnHt ah anil mnnv rloaA - ?? uvuv vll U<* J '?? ? ! J C * V I B W lll> burned. At seven tn thr evening the firing hadgcnerallr ceased. About midnight the rebels attempted to plant a bt'tfrv within three hundred y?rd* of our alece tun*, but were driven away by tbe gunboats and siege guns, supported by tWte regiments of tien Mitchell's division, uhicb had arrived and crossed tbe river about six In tbe evening. Onr Informant persists In estimating our loss on Sunday at 3,000 killed acd 5,000 vounded as being a low figure. During the night tbe rebeli were reinforced by Gen*. Van Porn and P-rlce, from Arkansas, with a very lsrge force Genersl Lewis Wallace came up wlb the Uth and 33d Indiana, tttb Illinois and 8ta Missouri and Mallard's Battery.andla the morn ng fiercely at'acked the enemy's lefl wing. They went Into tbe fight at the double quick, with ifrrmendous shouts, and did horrible execution. Br 10 o'clock they bad driven the rebels back twomlks. At about 10 o'clock tbe rebels were reln/orced, and for a few minutes our men were t>rced to yield. The other divisions of General Burli's army now appeared, and at once became fully engaged. For two hours all th?dfi'rnrtl*??l?m?ii?. ? ? ? ?? - ? - w-v ?v IUV1I *>? I UTj ea tb seemed to be striving for the maatery en that fatal fi-ld,but at Inst the scuthern chivalry broke and fled in all directions. The rebel troop* were moatly fr?m Texaa, Miasl <^i pp! and Louisiana, with maw from Georgia aad Alabama. Our loforrrnnt* wv that they coukl ride througb the battle field wbrrc our force* wire posted, hot the dead wrre *o thick in the encny'a lines thnt they could not do it there. They taaure ua that the rebels occcupicd our wmps Oil Sunday nltjht and took care of our sick ami wounded, destroying nothing?eipecting cot>liden?lj to have our ertlre army the next day They thru^ht the bat up already fought and won. On Monday General McClernaud cut his way througn th1' enemy that had surr?;!nded him. roost of Lla troops behaved with <;r*at yaihntry, but the 15th Ohio wnc ordered to tke rear in dUgr*ce for refusing to light. Our Informants hta?e that John O !rrrklnrl?lge la taken prisoner They say they tuv him pass to U?e general headquarters STILL ANOTHER ACCOUNT. HOW GENERAL ,'OHKeT ON Wt? KILLED. The Chicago Time*, In its nc< ounl of the Pit'sl)ur?{ battle. say* Cenerala P-eutlrs and ttherman, with roin'orcem?nt* from (j?n Hurlburt, maln'.aiied their position. The attack gradually extrnded to the center under McClernand, whirh soon became engaged with a superior force. 1 pto noon these four divisions?Prentiss's, Sherman's, Hurlburt s and McClernand's?beld the entirn rirtwi tnn>? in check, and although tbe enemy waa ronatantly bringing up fresh troopa, tbey C*ln?*<i no advantage until noon Our lines were unbroken, except General Prentlas'a command Thev being compelled to fall back, abandoned the csmp. <?enerals Beauregard and Jehnstcn commanded on the right, and Gen Polk on the left Shortly after noon the cneinv made a grand attack on onr whole line. Our forces oba'lnatrlr held their ground until tbe enemy burled theettire force of ii/w * " " ,u,mi mi ii annum u?. our lire tru hack under the pressure, in good order, half i>. three quarters of a mile, abandoning tbe camp to the enemy, taking a position In a semi-circle on the bank of the river Here they (tool Immovable, anl fought obstinately live hour*, the ground being fought ever and over again. The gunboat* Tyler and Lexington bad got within raking range, and from their position on tbe left poured In a storm of shit and s\ell. which fairly annlhlUled them. Our Isimenae selge guns bad tbe satr e poaltnn on the right, so that, wherever the rebels turned they met the Iron hall wbtcb scattered them like chaS'. They advanced no more, but stubbornly held their position. Night came without any change. In the mean'lmeGen. Buell arrived on the opposite bend of the river having made a forced march all day Eight regiment!* were croraed, took po?it!on In the centre, and Immediately engaged the enem v. The light continued with tinparalleled obatlnacv and appalling slaughter till darknass closed During the night Gen. Ouell croaked with 3t).000 men. Gen. Wilaon took position on the left and Gen. McCook In tbe centre The battle waa renewed In the morning by the arrival of 45 000 reinforcement! under Gen. Bragg, who were precipitated on Sherman, McClernand and Wallace's divisions. TLey wera held In check, however, and at the same tline Gen Nelson threw himself on their right wl'k hla division, supported by Hurlburt and all the other available force. The enemy, after maintaining their ground til] 3pm, gave way- Tbe decialve blow waa given oy ?ien. tirant, who bended a charge of slx~reglmenU In person, rreclpltattng hU whole body on the cuemy's centre with such desperate force that they broke and ran. Retreat at once became funeral. ** Ithln half an l.our the whole rebel army was fc.iinj? back In dismay. Our rejoiced soldiers followed thrm, driving tb?m through oucamp In complete disorder. Ttey were soon driven Into a brok n cotntry, where fh?y would not form or fight. There was no relaxation In tb? pursuit. At Ibe last accounts the c.svslry were eleven mlUa from the river, still folio* ing. The fugitives. exhausted, lay down and wait to be taken prisoners. We can get no estimate of our lot*, l! is Immense, however. Some of our regiments had not above 1G0 or 2J1I 1? f'. General Prent!** displayed conspicuous bravery during the first partof tbe engagement, and before be was taken he had just led r. gallant charge of wmm iuvuhiiu urn n^ainni a superior r-?rce of (be enemy He wm repolaed ond received a mnaket ball In the arm, at the same time that his horse waa killed JJefore be could extricate himself tfce enemy were upon him. 1 am Informed, on authority direct from the rebel camp, that Beauregard made his advance on Friday t* a point within a few mllea of Gen. Grant'* position, here fcrmed hla line of battle, and during; the night resumed hia m-iruh, coming upon our forcea before daybreak,completely *urI riling them The only wonder if that a rout of our army did not ensue at ont_c. lien. Hurlburt. wboae division was In rmerve, made himself the main prop on which the fortunea of the day hung. He actcd with the utmost promotneas. Geri. A. is. Johmton wae killed In (be forenoon of the second day 's tight, during tbe attack on his position by our forces, while endeavoring to mlly bis inen Apparently fearless of danger, be iodc along the entire front, wavlig hi* sword, shouting to bis dismayed officer* aad frightened men. VVfccn tbe rout was at It height a cannon toll struck htm, crushing his skull and killing him instantly. His body was found by our pursuing troops and brou bt to Gen. Nelson's tent. ?????????? ? [/ "I. o. O V.-UKAHD i-ODfJf.-TheteMJJV lar quarterly ooraraunsoation oi the K. W. Grand l ost* of the District ol Columbia will b? held at Odd Fellows' Hall.Ttn aireor.on MONDAY NK XT, the H'h inrtant, atlH o'olook p. m ap 12 2t JOHN T. HANGS, Grand Sao. nil" OFFICE OF JOINT COMMI'PION LL3 UNIT?I> BTAT*S *Kn Co.'TA MICI, W>?H irgtoh. April 1. l?*ki onered, Tnat this Boa-d will be in session on the 14th day of July urst, for the pa-pose o/ oonsidarim and acnij? upon tush o?.p? si may t>e tA?n read; lot arijaatottion. ap 12-lawim CHARLES W. DAVIg, g?o. rfS^RlVKR MDK CLUB.-Plank Shad and JJs Chowder tt? p. m., Ail old n-tmben wnl be on <ieok It* OAVTOiN. PuperinMcd?n?. ty ROOMS OF THIS Y. M. C A ?Ffay'T LJ5 Mavtinc THIS ETENING atl ?ai Hioli ov Laatare bj Ke? Dr. 84mioi at 7>? o'o'.oclr M*rat*isara cape-tad. The piblis am oorcUal^y V<fp>THK C A I. V A R V HlUinu n.init? 'JJ5 School vlll b? opened ?t Franklin Ha f. oorner 9:tt and D etrtet*, on KUNDAY aKTKmNOON, the isth intlant, M IK o'e.cck. All ohildren are cordially invitee to Attend It /yV?ATTKNTlQN, METROPOLITAN I q HOOK AND LAHDEK uO.-Tbere wi l be a meetiai of ikn Company held tt the Truck House, 01 MONDAY, the 14th instant, At .IX o'clock ?. m . on baauteaa of importano>. llf oider 01 a? 12 It* J T. CHANCEV, President. rcr recnlar ni etiiif Ijt important bmtnoes. on eUNDAY. the l*h ti etna t. At I o'olook f. m , At tkeir Room, coiner of K and 10th ate. &very awmber [g fjipsot^4 to Altera. Hoit?Ths Committee vlll bo aa'hnrised to t;lke from the roll All dehB?u?ata who do art THE C.UMMITTEB. SSS I pi i k s' i M nrti^*A?oftft,cAtt8 and ma vs. R roiPm't Orr:r?. April ?. 1861. , Nonw.lOvsl; ?i?hi JiM L>o?fca*? imam to faDrf.?wi vftt MdaS%/Jh April. And that eA*4.1-iornaM ftiWt M< ratnm in eomplianoe with l?w, a: ii.it oik?*, within t daya iln that tjm*. Sl.MUEv. E.DM9LAS9, M>lw RVrator. fnrTHKUNlON PRAYER MEETIN0 Will lk3r beholden iwrrdAy thi? we*? id the l.tuherAnChirch. I Rev. J. 0. Batler'a,) at the ?*>mffr of tlth And H atreeta, oommeheiftf At *H 0*0,ook a m? %nd continued bat on? hoer. ii *? ICE PITCHERS: ICE PITCHERS! A new lot jnat recei vrd, at rnnvk?ii y t?w prire*. U. W. tfuTELKR A SON. ap ? eo?t 31*. iron Hail. ATTENTION ~~ -??? *1. , BAKFRB ANH SUTLERS A lvre aim PER PKTUAL OVEN, ruftnMe far *? j .Tif the armJ? f?r *?'? ?'T low ?' ootdot II and 11th t'roAta. >. i->.*? WATER. FILTKRKR*. . OF SUPERIOR QUALITY, Warranter to niter potoroao water, Ju?t C. W. BOTBLfcR * SON, _A>JJ-3teo 3lS. Iron Hall Wood: w o o d? lonoQorrfa of teaponvdand hall a?on'd Oak. Fl"e and Hiekf rr VV 0??D on bnnl ard tri I heao d in <o*a at fair piioea ?o contract >r?. e<iiser.s ati4

oth?". JNO. A. GRIMES ?? ! ?, _a p U lw Canal Wharve*. f AP1E8' BLtCK ?1LK Li MANTILLAS! BLACK SILK SACQUFS' H1.a<'K SILK CATS! A tall assortment of f.adies' Blvk Milk Wrap sings in all the new st*les, at prioes an* nr f/? m 99 to #21, just received at MAXWELL'S, >p 11 3teo 32S Pennsylvania ave ue. TEINWAV 4t SONS' AND RAVEN, DA CON A CO 'S oelebratel ln?'ru-w? msnts are sold at lowest faotorr pr'Q^nni^TT fu oisliind approved pap?r, at the Mn-* ? aie Store of W 0. METZKROTT, o >rnf>r oTUth i a(riut atm! Pann ? ?? Severalpianos r'hst have been us*d for raif upon air mon'nly pa>ment?. ap_[l_ T NO TICK. HE Copartnership heretofore existing between JimN Mi?ter*on and Jo&n W. Johnson, tra<!inr under the name of Masterson & Johnson, is this day duiolvei by mutual oonsert The ha^iucfes > will be settled by J am is Maatereon. and a 1 purports in lebt?'l to or haT'ng claims againit said firm will please present them without d<?lay. JAMES MASTERKOn, JOHN W. JUHNSON. Washington. A p Ml 10, 963. a p ' 2 2i? R9. RUSSELL'S RESTAURANT. The popular Reatanrart and Pining Saloon f-r Indies aiifi g?r.t emeu kest ty Mrs. L.| ^ . A RcssfD, 4??> 71 n ?t<*et,aff rdasn?TP>r-YfTHkY 'unity (<>r Oit sens and strsrgcra to ?? ' meal* at: 1 I oars, served up m tL? style fur wi i n thia ei'a-lishm'nt is fatnana. Visitor* may count upon mrJ fare.cnurteoura" tendance and all tfce requisite* f .r a wel!-r -ru a??I firat o a?? hrnac. ?p PENN MUTUAL LIFK INSLR\NCE CO . ^ PUILADKM-n-A. CAPITAL ?l,00 1.4 09 V2. The Hoj d hsv? dfolarel a &o<ip Div>d?tv! of thirty but ?>.11 <*t. uron the easu preiirtun^ paid in la-l.rrd have -leciin) to reo"iv?tho per 9 l>i Tid?n<!? of I'5\ lb , and l'J J iu ;.v rasnt of p ? iunmsfr.ra Ihcae who jay the jiemiums in ca?h. Jrna^d pie**? oall at On Clfioe, No. 31R Penn jl?an'A a?-n -e ay >2 s 'utit1 JOHN R'GG I.K?. A t T.t ff _ Dr. I. B. BUtLEY, /Jf gU Po!? Manufaotnrer oi t o r~j? ^ HARD RUBBER TRUSS, The ^ un ltr 4- <;oo</y"rr'< fo/ocj. g Ilubber 11 Kh-eforthe Radical Cureof Hernia \TRIS8M rr Kupto ?, 'J 126 Clark atrcet, Chicago, lllinoi*. Thia 1'RUBS ia having a incoeaa, in the Cvbikq OK RrrT?K?9. befor" unknown in the hiatorf <-1 Tru??e?; unukeall ntuera (? ' used in the follow 1 ft* !? *??**** It Will * , -- . nii -pr IE? "Cir, f ooatfd with tlard Rubber,) Chafe fiail n<r Jilifer, wil not aiip or move, can t ? ut?. in bathing, u alwaja C\'?a*.aiid food &<t n*w Uoes not m ,< or tnjurt th* Cnrit, nor overstretch and enlarge tt-e opening, bnt oonatantl* Acta to com?i?H atd greatly benffit the worst form c.f Rupture. The f im? Truie oan l>e niide very it II or lnnt>er aa the cvfl i:iay require. It haa t een used ty overJ'on persona la tlio "^orth-weat witlin the paai iwo jMra.and haa never (ailed to giv? satis (net on in ola?i of the worst f trtt. Thia Truss la reoom mendec aud used m prtfrttnrr to ?>' o'h rs, by ail prominent fcorgeoos m New York City, am>>ng whom are Proleaaora Mott. Parker k. Uamochasi, al?o in the Weat hy ofa. H aina <1, Kea, Freer, of Rush Medical L,?'j.ege, Prrla. N.S. Davis l;. Andrews, Lind Unive.nty, Doot. Wo'cott, cf Milwankie, Wia.. a-d Doc. I ilno*. of Jao>ar>nville, Hi. This Truas haa received Medalu over all others :n use, and is guarai teed in every r ><prc*. to be aa represented. lersocs w shine thia in atrament oai be fitted by aeu<iine aixn.in ln^s around hips m line of rnptnre, to l)R. I. B. SEl LKY, Manufacturer and Proprietor, Chioago. 11!.. P. <1. I1H3J.V DR. SfclSLKY Will bo at J. VV. NAIRN'S 6iug Store-io uer ot 9th and Pa. avenue,lor a w day a. Call aud examine lor ycu'aelf. ap 13-1w* 1*7 Nn-M"" VV E H?T?(Jj>,ooo ore hundred sni <ifty thon? n-i HUiLDI Mi ilK IOK. f ?r at < ? > ?m; r>nht du l&'i t?r thius&nd.at tho Ki.n- o-Ji.nr an t t*out Capito! ?treet AI?o,(1?< o"ot Fn nt Buck noe 81fi to 875 par tkoasird. up 11 3f Ajt T. A. RiriH A R PS. Afresh goshen guttkr, FEW inbi of ver? eupjnor ^ail..y. *; ">, oh?ioe Kotl Butter *t 2) aod ;5 fu-nts r*r rourrf. Good Cr kmc Matter at )2 anUi6eent?. Krreh E{M daily receivln*. 6EORGE A. LANE. ap ll-3t* 0> Northern aud Qectrai >t?ikei*. M. GREEN, M.GMKKNCoaNBE Tn RT*BXTH AM) L STRK*If, GOR?EK 'I KtXTRXNTH iji? L STJO ETi, Sef/s Dayton's Superior Lemon Biscuit*. Srtt* Dayton's Superior Lemon. B-'^cuiis. up ii-iw KING A DURCHEL.L, KlNtf A BUKl MK'.L. Corner FirTKaxTii St. ?kd Vbbmont A v., CtK.M':* F ! f Tll.N I II St AMI) VlRM >MT Ai'? iSr// Dayton's Pay tun VraeL?rs. Sill Dayton'* Farina Cractrrs. ap ll lw CURRANTS, DRIED APPLES, PEACHES, At. lft hhia '/mt? CURRANTS. K' tibia. D4|ED At'PLK*. lohr.ia DKIl'.D PEACHES. Juat received ?nd for fa'e br iUKbOLR A SEMUES, ap I'.-eoflt No. fi.1* i t *v?nu?. EM ILK DUPRE, kmilk in:hkK *fOP?M?im*liAV N??, 340 P TKSIDI. ^ Srll* Dayton s U it rival til Iiu*lvn Crafitrs. Srl/s J) ay ton'* Unrsva'rd Boston Crackers. Sifts Duyion's Utirivaled livstu/i CrucAtrs. ap 111* Anew stock of dry <5ood?-wc h%** in store and a?e dtilj rwn'irt a lar*? atuok <>f uti Good* constating of siU*. l,Ktli?i' DretR Good*. Cloaka, 8e oka, and Ma-itli&a ; a vet* ei;eap and large ataok of fciutHuideriA*, HuutekeepiCK Goods, Moil rj and iiomeatio* in |oc*ra\ to whioti ws luvi o the attention of |>tucha;er?. Ca'l and examine our atocx before p'iroiin*st( elaewhere. S. k. W. M BYK N U K R ?, 48 Market Spaec, i Avenue Hniae.) ap 11 I w llet aeenTih an<l 8tn ill. iA CARD. HKRKIIY Return my airoere th*rka to a!! pjrsvna who aided me in teeouinc n? wil-and ofcildren. anl a ?o for aao.it what liUie eii-eta wrr* tavd I om hftrca >ear? oi n tant labor and vatchicz lrum thediha&Uoua hre on tho morning of the 7th laa'ant. apil 3t JF8"F. n. WILSON. 1\\ AsaiKutov, A pill 10, lfhfi. HERKBY Reaprotlullj re<i>it all peraona vho bare o??n aeeount*. ?io? hnii. ??<i ***ko , and dae m? to come at wm, if they can. with the oaah, and cattle, at I desire to pay on" all notes and outat&adinj account* again*'. me without de'ar. JE83fc B. WILSO.x, Offioe Aaahin^ton iiuudinc, Room No 4, ap ll-3w oorne- 7th and Fa a* . north wi;?. MONEV. ~ MONEY. MONEY. A CHANCE TO~MAKE ftl.COO. A CgANCK TO MaKIS Sllooo.' A CHANCE TO MAKE fl 000. 100 B\RRELSFRESH GINGER CAKES. 0? riAK?liL8 FRL^a GlfSttJiiK CAKK"! 100 HARK ELS FRKSHUlNttER CAKES. These C*ke? sre all wade within the la?t three dajs? and anr ?at*rpri?io* mn who w Ii Uke them to Uie Aini7.o%a inaki #'.,?? to 91,600. Apply at _ DAYTON'S Crvsker Bakery, 496 fci?Tenih atre*t, ap 11 3t between O ard tf. tfCOLfclW CAValIER A *1*1). lioanu. *!d oavalena?B<ui? da ri nstr action 17 oema. i>e iraak?Avaat Poetae ce OaTalarta cejere. ManatMffMareohaierie. tn oenta. Cavaierta-Uaide de I'lnatruott nr. *7 ctnta. C4Valeria? 1oatiosuon a Chevai. 76 oenta. OaValarie?oar ! 8?r?iee daa P.ao*a 13 oenta. flibliothf*?e da Soee-Olft' i?r de C**alrie. 31 35. Mi'oeilaoeee Milltalret?Par lo General Brand. D? la ?avaiarie~far la eral Iter ard ft oenta. t>'As mir?Aveiur''e ia OaTtlerie. a *o!a t*ob*nencut?? De I'fcnploi <U I* G*v?Jen? a la 6 a -rre. 1 \ ol^fcixi AUm 14 ?. Ptvntfaa? D? I* 0?t?Iwi? 83 oraa, WtreMV-m nmtimi Str l? OtnitrU tlT) CtTHwi* iMti?i4oa ProviMire ?vr It Oinmtrlt MlMy* ""T* FRANCH TAYLOE m. w. itmhm. Desten is tnrorj d-ton?tina or *1C* MIUTAKY b< nii?. Pre?.'ntatiou Swords, tibrtg, f?'baa, Shoulder Str?M. PUioU. Ao tCT Particular attention u oalltd to an vsint ly 1 *t*? M?artm?ot vrfai fold emrioijercl ihoat'er Strap*. nkittuiofiruulaHlli^ thMruiitrr*} uo?l. ??,3" wsrfeneu, 1 WANTS. ' I WANTED-BtJft r**??otAh'? touhi mAn, ft l*iTO T!??rTm eMmbwrfcAid or oir?o Add/eft? '.tJftrr " li >z Hi. EUr Oftce 1 .* WANTED?A tJIRI. t>d?ffr^ftl i-oi?<?wf>rk '? Ar*!? ftt AL.UKRT W&ODLEY 8 hftrle RNtaurftut, Pft ft.v?Bft? l>uw.<fn n.h in' l#?h tft.. pri**r*- rt ?o- I Hp 12 A SETTLED AMERICAN W?M 4N W1V1 a rt.tmtK.u ro?>k *nrf to ??? : in gpnernl h n*6?orlr, vilhcwt w??h re Caa gi?p ?ood r*f 8f??c?n AddrM# B 'l No |Q Star Offioo. I :* W~~ ANTED 4rrnra1 hw lit of May. HOARD for tiirw r?r? ?>? in up irat? fkre.lt, wbrra 1h? ohar*ra *i I Ad' rMii^aiiot .reality. tvnn io.CL.S. M~" ftar t'ffiit* ll'ANTED-A r?i^o'ftlil?6IKLto do enteral *? h- uf??<>r* A!*", on* to t?t?eir?of rbil it n. Good w?jf? raid. Apy j *t 4Tw?!ft| ?ti ^ WANTeO-A rifc?l* MAN te workonaf-fm ?? and asaitt to inr< * f*w diara AB*l?*tth? G-0--0'- tor*of ArPLEBV * K Eli. h Y. CON n?r of Thi.d and Ma Icet at estr. G orrjtown ap ii H A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 6IRLWi*hoa * P 'aati- fc a ?'n?>?treM rr eh\mK#rma d. i r 11 williUK to a**) t with oh:lJ en. in ? roaye'?Ab? P ,!I Grod rpVenoefl oanba hac. Pea ? a<i<iie*? B i* 9, s?tar ? ?c? It* \VA^Tt:D TO RKNT-A :*rc? trick BOUSE h<-08? a id restaurant. A<*4ress "P C.." aur < tffioa. n VVAV,'KC .*fir'1?'?? PHOT-'GRAPHER. ?? / pp ) at L C GORDON'S. 25") I'a. avenne, tctwet.. nth and lota sts. ap 11 st* WRNTFD?< sisal! COLOR ED GIRL to take ? care of ehi'dren. Apyly at iOl Uth etrect, between C and D. *. 11 tf BOA RD WANTKD-A lady w ihM B ?*rd in a stria! j Smi j. not 'ar from ill* I'ateat < ffi A (' >>? '11.13.,'' atSleraian .V ditft'i Ofcse.91* P?t. ?pli ?* \vA N TE 0-A WOMANtodo the oookir.c atd ?? te: oral fcou ' "uk for i im%ll mi!t. In-I f'lie ?t o ?1 K- 4 *>J T?" fth ?t., hftw#?r Osr.d il.or Pi.)'< ft. firy'i Hardware?t >re. ?p II St* WANTED #i HELL-S?n bn heia rf Cartof ?a<l Meroor roTATOKs*. Bai'iain" c onty growth JOHN ?AYN( R. a? n-Sf Corr.er 21 it an<1 G ?t?. M/ANTKIV-Aiood SERVANT GIRL m cook " in a p?o&2a.nt fan;!j ; tt oome Immwit'e!;. Apply *t 17 j B ?t'eet son'h,oppoeiie?miiiio nian. ?> II 3f \]L7AN ?KD?ROOMS and BOARD fortwo fea *" t emo.i ("mpi'-Tcd in the ^ar Department. >o-tl.tnn part <?' t .a oity find with % pnw.e laa.i j cre.frred. Addrena '!*." SiMUffiae, ti;l Moaday nnit _ ap 11 St* I^KAMS WANTKD, to haul w .od a ?hort du ?. unci) on in- norm 'Wfler oi the city, wh*r* ti?* rca-1 i? Hold, an?1 a iibern' ?nce wilt b? p id. App^y at lha Ofbo'i f l?. ROWLAND, No. 432 ? n K ?tre t, eeiOL'l (tour weetof tiuGen?rH Pott Offies ay 11 3t* VL7A\TBD-A rf"1 WHEKL'VRIGHT, ?o *? ?ro k iou'reywork or rent tke chop > pp y 4fr ?ni M ?t?? I tin iuL ?p in 3t* STOK K WAN rKD-Wa'tad, by t>.a Ut cf M?t. a good STORE cr. l'*nr.?y|?ant? no tU (Hie Adlrest' fc, M. A iiox. 6.1? W**hinrtnn P.?at 0!fiR? up 10 St* OKI u STOKt W ANTliD; must bo weli located, an:!fi*vo n cood rcn of custom. Ar? I>?r?nn h^vit c ~ rh * p'ao* f> <H?p?e<t of can hear f *c??h -ur<ii\?er by aJdi*"WH -e, through I'ott < Hii'i-* I V D L1'H'>?*. ap I" 3:* \V A> J'KD i'O BUY?A tioall frame or hnek "* MOLoK, v .t>. ti foar iqiMrt ol tne corner ??/ 14?h * >r*t r.vira Rverue, f 'r ca?b. A^dretB ?; s Iv.'tlUPttvMw. a?( lv' WANTKD-1 ?.-h to rrnt a Rood II' uMonntiiniit R or lft rorm?: lanard water pre ferret. A iit ? 11 * t>avicg eucV a h?>e* cmi bed a . rfc'iER tenn%iit by EFplyir* at 71 Uuaimca itmii. lyllw ll/ANTMl) I*.. r>e:'. henceforward. 2*1 harreie " and t?a f t?arT?> of Me ever? w->ek ; *'? ? the wni'u! Beet, to; t'.i? Ha timore Bre*-ry. J011N SAYNOR, f+nt. Comw of ;ie* ar .1 G Order* in the Post OlTi o will ov.ed lor at a. ni.ao o 2 p. in. ap 7-1 a.* Y\^ANTKl)-A re ipso table PiutNlMt WOMAN - * ara ooaaioe n.axi; nor.# r.e*<l **?? 1 w.th?!?l s? "f! refpr^uo*#-4 iiO I) etre???, he t?r?-r. tli and *th, i?r City Hali. mhSl-tf WANTKu Hi KLNT?Krom May let,* neatly IniiiiMi-'s IIOL ? K, in ? ocntr*! 'ooation, trom 10 to li rootni. A'ldrfSB Ho* 3 Mar Offi*e. mh 31-tI C; J (in -AOKNT8 WANTED TO OPKN 0 !*"" an < fac* a-.d take the w.v.;eta!e atesoy, in every SIaIa. for a'l of Lloyd'n Great Military Maps. n?{><i t:? cnr Oommanler-in Chief. The c: mnps n the world. A fortune can he made on ti.oee ins#' in ea n St&te. 3 0?i,000oopifa of one 01 n;i t'rrp.'iT ' oen eold. Aleo a maa to go to Ca ami Cor a. Aeert??i?o wa&ted ia ewer- uuaut* and in erer* regiment m oar&m.y. St a', i-i eiroulart. J. T LLOYD. rr.h4 tintyl 1G4 Broadway. Nfw York. \VTANTEU?To ^v* every on? kmw that they ? can Hno th? i>??t wtnok of Clot; iir, Hats and C?ai. at ti e v<-ty owett r\t*i, v. I#.HIT fi'*. No. 460 rxfloTr F. fe*J-Sm WANTED-Su*:f? and Soldier* to know that ? t'.er c??-- ? ' j ?* AM" KT?VK? a:;.; TIN WASt: Ck^r 01 i? J. GREGORY. Sil P*>nn. tver.iio- ia I? VV A N'i>. U?r.vory person 'o know that 1 ani in ? maricL rca>: j to bij caaa for a.i artio'.r* !n the Jict)8*fu!P:?htnK lin?. Tkoee ieavsnc tfce C'if , O' h*v:n- *?rpio?, will do Wf.il to cull. R. JiU' U : V, iJ? ^erertli ??.. uetweentf MiC 11 ?ts., le^cf ride,) I/t? e m Now a;iu deo.ud haaJ F?rc:tBre. n" > *t VL ANTKt).? We tre now bayinc 8KCOND HAN!>ri'RNITURK,BTOV?!s?ad IIK1) DlNri. lot wtstoli we are paving the highest rata prices, t-nm.'.iea desiixunc horteekeetinx. er r ?ur?:ps o! f*rt'ltrre, will fin<l it lo tL?ir tvarmtaj# to t-re u? a o?il. BONT7. ft GRIFFITH, ie TS-t/ No. V?'J 7tn ?u. t>6*w. 1 &ij<i K ita. BALLS, PARTIES, &c?|? MAV HALL! I HE Hicxom ?:LIJ? ANDTHEl'MON FORKVEK: Tre m*i >er* ct the Hiakory Cla* tak* treat p.'\e\i p luancouncirc t i th?ir ro*ny friead? * and the puH c jeneral tli\t tVey will c vt H t icir ?rftnrt Hall at T*i.?er*r.oe n? K itM. brt?r<vi -h ai 'i < ti., o>i I lil'Xt-idi DAY. AJst '*! Tickets#!. v'ml'tsnic a tentiew*n aru *J:ea. By cnler of tr.o Committer of Arrai KeigeLt?. For paruca'.ari ? ? future &dv?; tl*SIR?nTR. It* Black silks : BLACK SILKS! COLORED SILKS: C1LOIEO SILKS! A fn!! a*?ortm?nt cf tve h?et tra?le* at our pro^eibi't'y low pr'.o?* SPRING SHAWLS! SPRING SHAWLS New r applies at tn???t wvlerntc pricra SPRING WKAPPINS-! SPRING WRAPPINSS! >><? *upp i*? d?i j One prion only, li.e actual cr.ta vain*, marked in piaiu un.-ei. ffcHKY A KKt>, ap fc-t't rcrn. avenue r.nu 9th afreet. ' "< NOTICK 1 11E STEAMER ? BOMAS COLLYEJtWill re-?nne her tnrs Mount Vernon < r. VV fOMfc1*', Mr.rcb?:t) a:id wiII^^2Q|9e? ran every \Y ctUerdM s.ud i<aiuraaj^**^^** urtil further t.riic*. leaving uer wharf at the f?r>t i of 7tli etreet at 1<> 'clock a m. Fare for the round t ip on board Uie ?>o?' a I fto. bAMUEL. UEDNEY. Captain. N. B. On the payment of~< esute Tnuore will he admiued to t:i? Timio which Genera! Wa*hice??n I ooo'ir'.e'l and in which he died. The tuanaivn ar.d crnai) .* ure cioifd lo vi?itor? <>n Punuay?. apf. 2W OROCER8. OKOOtKS. Ptuly T?ur irtere?tatd the interertof jour out tone-e, hy>e iit the beet article in tne way of Crackers, to be lo?.nd in tnis market DAYTON'S BOSTON MiruM* PAYTON'* 80??A CR ACREKS, DAYTON 9 1'ICNJO CRACKERS. DAYTON'a WATER CRACKERS. ARE THE BEST. ARE THE BEST. Sold at alt the Stores. En?cire for DAYTON'S Crackers, and take n J ethers. a? It Iw PARASOLS AND SUN UMBRELLAS! A most choice aswrttreo'; many seieot styles : LADIES' I'ARIS KID GLOVES, Ali oolorsaeddiss! With all kioos of Dr; Goods for general acd spsoial wants. 1 uur iMortbern end BMt^rn oorre?fonient? Med u? new bapplies Uailv. 0-f? price only, trie fcotukl sub v& ue, marked in p a n tirur.'B J'fcRHV 4 HHU., ?p 9 St P?. avenue *nd Ninth ?t pOR TILE MOUTH UP YELLOWSTONE FORT bilNTON,AMi880UR1 RIVER. Th"ite*mtw EMILIK, J, D I aPasc*, Kuter. Will le?re on or about ta* ?t>> of~ _H k April To pertoDS detircaaof gome^MSBi^C to Or?{0D aj.u the Territory W**hu cton, this ie the noit MMk route .Mrtlrti.ir i. /> u Fog Beaton food roM, (O tl.ft.mntt dr .rtbie firt ot S, <??? TO J" ^JUi the Emiiie will U TfSr lufctdraof (it ad* vrltM! et'&roer, which will h?x?*fcoatthe>?th.deuiDtdto Von f'oniThi \Z? lowalou* to Ue Fall. o( M W.n Kw fr.,,h t M^mc? a??!r on bond. r ^ a^or Bfu T T K ft! n i! t t p d 3,010 pMinds Ooah<m Butter. ?t?;a Penuiyivasi* ttMm Butter, V? k?fi Cookiui Uuttar. la atore ana for a*la by ^ D. E. DUTROW, No.410 KifHtl it, wv Pt. ?v. RABIES' PRESS TRIMMINGS. J J u?t revived *?> araorimatit of Spnn< Tnmcirp, 0;isa?, rhnt*j. fiatt r..4.j?i;u. it.a* 1? ic?U to nr?Ur. at (uRB. LO E JJ T?la>'u;atf Hi?ia, t*a *T?H, B?utii Md?, between *h eu<! at? N. B ? Alao, an aa?orUn?at of Military Tniamine ob hand, Ba&nera and FlM? aftdc to crdtr. bp 5-eoiw* FiMKilfllK TRAI5I TO MAKAIIAR Wit Ditaitnbmt, ) Ojfttt MU'p Smp'r m%4 frmnwr RnU~Ur V.b > Wathimfn, Jftt! 3, Irm ) Tntll further notice, a pa"*nR*r train wilt h? run on r*turd?T ?*rh wr> k, frrm Perraih street ?od Maryland avrnue tt Manaana. t avtoc \V8Bhlojton at l? W a i*> . ar Win/ at at IS m ; rt turning will Ka*e Nan i*?. at t St f> m , arriving at Washington at i p m Ksre fr*m X\ aah'nRton to and return, f3, and from Ak&andr'a to Muovxa and r?*ira 9i M D. C RcCALLtTX, Military Plrertcr and ?np't ftallrnada, I'. H ap S-tf (lnW!l;ficfr * RrpubMcaa J AUCTION SALKi I FUTURE PATS. " Bf TflOMAJ* DOWUNtf. I Otfiiie 4 _ CHIP 8TIM F. B*' * * ?'i rrr. a*d V '' n l*? . ?T Ai ' I * ? % RbhVAB9i.nB.or. WM>M-"UA\ MORMS? rAt A?n 1# h. 1C&1. *' ,fl ' ' "" k " ' h* ^ "TnVf W ffl H > TO ?r-r tt?c CttoVS 4.'?" Bo?h*,? Browrft' r jow l?o l.?4) Do 9* Do M14dlir.??. .. I n?*h )ve*!., b??uld in l?U tOiuit rnrobMfri. T?m' o??l? (* .! P??itiTO bp U St TUOMaB DOWLIKG. A?oU Br J. C. MoGtIRE & CO . AMtjoor??r?. TRUrVKK'S RUE OF CITY LOT*.-Ob Tuesday AV^RMOON. *"?? nti i??. ftt o'ctoor. rn IDl p:tB IM, LT of t?? r1 ti u?: to th? ?m t>*c- < *?r, on* d itNl J* r.ti'i ?J. 1*?, and d in Ii'-*rJ. A 9, No f llftBllt. ?t mm : tk? "ll*- *" " awl NMH 'Ik Lll?r J. A. B , No, >'4, lo JO# Mil et *** , of th? l.a id r?corr? fr.r Wuh'rc'cn ooui.tr D. C - w? ih*!: ' I on* en4m?t?d r?-t of LoU nnirb?r*d |, 2, s. 4, 5, 6 and 7. in f*uar? BuTtli#.**! ?"<9. fromng on S u li K itrW, bM???n s?t!> *i.d ; 5? r-*t? *?t 11? m > Tnm?: n<m?h- t?e b*l?nc? in *ik mo-tf>?, w.th interest, **ctr?1 h? ?d*jo|ti?i on th* prMnrc? Ail CJBTt asciEK at th* *oat of tb? puro itiir. TMO. J n?.Hl- K. ?ru?t e. a>12-aoA<^> J C wc-f RKtCO.. alfli. B) MaH^HaL' A pake. Auctio:.?:ra Under Odd Ftilcim' Hail. I? L H G A N T rt!iVM iM.aTrn !"? IJ PITCHIII, CA?T?'RI FECIT IIjpkit*, A&r 9.hrL.lV;."f?nA.^ St OK NiNG. Art: 12th %r? TI K?UA\ , April 15th, at 3* o'ckoa, 7e i!',a **, Ao? 'J" Rnomi, a (all assortment of Plated W *,&, Catisry, *rla?? vtara. btooanw. HiuUk, Uoota and rb.ti, a'an a 4rifd telaofiou of tfjri?f (ioodi, to close oont iftDmer.ti ??!?* MARPfMM, ? PAGF. Aieti. Bj Wall* HANNARO. A cet oncers. . ? Pout* to-ntr Pa or'km' nn4 rn ?f. Auction RALb iif ?K??CK*:K^ SAVKn From tui L.at* t ixm ?ob TUMM y MURNi>G. isth m?t .a' 10 o'clock we wil, 01 aooount of thi underwriter*, at tfco Aurtion j Kosma.tne emwcderof lacker a *t->ek ol 6rocsr ?* a&v*d from fiio? | Barrel* refined v% hr* a:.u Vellow Sugar*, J-arreln Ham. 15 N>*'? Tol-acco, k u r.dlo* Totacoo, Chetta T a, boiee Cam e?, ! Ke?- ? d. r"<'pp?r, Itaakcts Champ-too I* ckled Balron, Currant*, Ymt Powder hoie? Herriof. I VY :& many ota*r art>o.e? not if re namod and > ! UkSII > c*tr?|e 1 -r *" a I'ah^AKU, A an)*. BrOKhKN A WIL1 UN8, A??tio?m?, PUBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE KKAL EH1ATR, ^ -r THF HlsT l*ROrKRTT 12* T1 R W*T ?Oh WEI#N*'8UAV, iin jcji Axil.tt 4 H<. o nek t, IB I ?t til* Aac'ma Hotni? of 6ra A W luitnili. Munm in ? .? I.r I 4 _..k ? * - -?r~ ' ? " "vi ?, wins WIIV fjur atoiy ia**iu?Dt brick Km dmg.ooixor of I rnn#.*??u?j?*ii<l2f1 ; L?t.sfroi tict MlSctci ^woiM itrw ; I/i( 7, front.r.^ S7 iMt 8 imIm oi R *ir?M nottft, t?n miii!! htiok f>ui <licc?; rqufcr* 1 ' I fcohitut r>n Third ftriwt; ^oir* D, J^'t A. fi-octing M*r_?l*n?1 ?T?r>ur tJir?efr?n,? batUiafi; fnw? 531, Lk.h 5. #. ?n-l 7, >?a%r* \3I. Ixt 24 froatinf oa U rtr#?t touln; Saurf >it Lola a cm*, irvbcion Hrt-i.-i.tuhl fitnf iphim, ? *"*? ,frmt?,ereC it I^?U. front iik or. 9 h tntf 9 h ?4 ?aro W, pWlOI l/U.lromilH A IM( Oil lh< MtriM ?H? *??* * ?'<"* Ht.rr hf.ok b0BM aid r*ot toiiidin*; ??u*re S1J, 1 01# ;5a?d J6, ?r< ntioc o?N a> d ?th aftrwrtc. 8<iiare .S23, ten Lou, frontinc on 4tji ?tre?t ani New Jer%r% avmue: Houtre k' haf of I .ot 6 fronting on 2? a ?tr ? ; Ifi, I ,ot? ? and 5. on I etrfet; fq iktc .m, uot 5, earner ? f N?? H%mr*hii? aveaaeaud I ?tree*: T?uare7;>, Lot II. fronting M I mel>*? rn New Hampshire RTesi*: Jq-.iS.re aulu cl 1"4 tx>'? 13 aad U i?n Virginia avenue; S^aa'** 7~, 9 L. e'a on lletreet, ronctne fmin Pin ?tr<* t tev , rii*r* VH o'e I. 2, anil 3 (rotting on 12M street a?d Onto arenae ar.d C ftr^t There wri h* p'au xkili'ei on tl?f d*t of as!e. Turret: One fourth ?a*h; the baJan* in??bt irmi atsue! pa*inen?a. with it'erest, aecured f i deed* ot trust Jfitles warranted ' a> 10 q BMUWJ WlL.i-IAM3.AucU FOB HAjLJLI AND K&NT. I FURN SHKD ROOMS, w th or witfoat Board. Aildrea* BiX 6 Sra- i.'lfios ?p 1.' It" F"OR KENT?ft, STtME ard an a.'.o r nc KOOV.on Bridt* crMt, Oeorto'owu. F#f irforin\t?cr. ? j at 7 1 ii ir_iett itt.tie rjetowo, P C. rp 12 it' UH'KN^fiKi) For KRNT NM* r Wi I?rd?' m? te ; a oi tamodioci *Ld we., f iM^ed fcribV b n?e,S rarwt witn tasmne t aid fttfe o >i ti:n : e 12r omi, hnok iul< e aid wool ; uwno, -w.in errvatia rojmi id aecouc a'ory. H'tt f :00 ?r r m< tui in feivjuu* a^.j to iQiK t? k j 8M:TH. 4T(. Tth ?t. mIU* mc FINK PU1T OF CBAMB*- US FO* sr.t. vah Foi-d, to a centi^aim and w f> ?> i sir la r men. n an t a??e. n fail!?, it No *q9 18ih >t'?ft. hwwn F and t?. If 1jH>R IRMT-A Kmuhed foar-iUry PKICK PWKLLINti.'n a ?l?a**ir and bea.thfai ??-rt of the ?ity, with f. e ;ar*e oiiair.hara ud pvriot?. bath room mjp.-ed with bjdract wa er,ai>4 throughout; a t>*rria;e I ?in e and aubie attached. Thi? it a deniable r???iderc? lor in M.C. or ?o*trome&t ear oy? in either on? of the Depart in.ntt. |-quirc at 37S Kieventn attest, between * Kiii1 t.. fr? 'in 5 to 6 ?. m at II L^UR 6A LK.?A HUl'^Kui LC'T, iita?t?d on K Cap.toi Mill. Th^hooM ? br.ofc, eocU bidk mon r<Nm?, a kitoten aid oe'la-.wnh ca? aM a good cittern, 'i'he lontioa it a pleasant o?e, _ i*t>. uiit u>? hii capttoi rvt. on u? Bmlb ud? It vi!l be cold re j low. F?r parUeuiara, on the pronree*. No. 86 A flrtet north. ki 19 3t* L-UK RKNT-KOoMS mitaL.e for a commute ; | r a'eo, ?1 <?bie *od tin^e KM R.oom??914 ?'?. ? a venae, nest to Wiij?'a"i Hotel. apt 1 w* ChTr RENT-A TENEMENT, mi table for a r tm%H fam'ljr, ard rtrj pinaeaotlr a: nated en th? Hcithu ??f Georgetown, irith'n fire minute*' vaik of ttie Waehirc*** at*d ferirt't <WB<-inntho? lme Apply at th? ?& ? of 4. DiiM. No. <4* Fift'enth >fnt. Wa?mrtton. a?7 'r' LAOR KENT?\nto?t?> ightfa; Rr?u)eno?,<wiU r or without iu. uta.-e ) on Cr.o-?ei 'Vk H M{tt'.. on tha rqae.re ixtweea <ireen enl McRtgoa-rv ?b??i, abave fctoddard street, 91 ?. For e'm?, 'ftp . ap?!y on the premie** ay tola >* SUMMER RB9IPICNCK FOR RENT. *r~ ^ Ike ''irim EUm furw." D. C. ntcut IK ?l'(H BbOT' (rimilMn. ta. ;r Mr. 1 tfoairable lurr.uj.e.l Hows* w?h aka<Wf fine water, &a , vilL ttahanR, oarriat? hou??'. fto., fto. Th*a?t4<itionof Meiahm of tk* Uar>inat, Fotiib M in mere. a-?J ceoUrtnon witii fami v ! oapouia!:? invited to tin* fedvartiafm:11 For examination of tbe pr.>n>i ?<# apply *? Ui* manai?r upon the fana (Mr. O Una* > and for firther ?ar;ir>ilare addr?a? Captain W. A T. MADOOX, U tv M , lVld ?>pruoe alrooU l'hi.ade pn a, Pa. mm; in' FOK PA UK-Two fim eiaaa BILLIARD TA- ? Hl,fcS>, DitrUr a abe. ah4 or??rj arrutMMil or replete. Tfcoae dealing the above vil. etudj their interest i>? ca:;;r.i immediate^? at the Earopean Hotel, woraar UU a 1 root and Penaayivania avaaue. u 1 u,,r? ?" ontji na w v? ?r<w at low ritN aid ca w i>Tor?^)? Kr?i m mm f*p<->rNh> iba Merchant', *atl*r? and all aiipH" ill ictl tkia hae well worth? of patrona*?. I). t KKKN. Hapenataodaat Pr>aO??rc Kx p-?u Ca117" Paaurimia avnaa, Wa?l* liuun , fi Broadway, New Vork. ay lC-iw J P. BARTHOLOW, WhOLIULI AND RSTA.Il DliLU I!l Hardware k Agricultural laplcncat?, $i? 7th gTKKKT.Batow Pwi) Ara., (Orroiiw Kaat End Caatar kami WAFUlMTOHi D. C. A \lj Stoak canbraoM many arti >1? for Army ??r* M j?o??w i air.oc* wtic\i ?r? im followi?( : OMNI B&itqw*, Amm, <* b?*t ti BrrowB. Pick*. Truok?-h?*vj ind iu&t,b*tob?U, I Uriad?tone?. CM?fc- ... Grind* ton#PixtarM, Pie* HwIIm, AKUf, Alt Rud <*, jj.ackuni'tj TooU. k*t?noi feui>? 2:o"n*t Por??bl? Porjr?, Fo:it, I OMBP U?/TM, UMier CrrMM, _ ra^5SA*?,iK?!i?3a.. rtr* ?n4 Birilar Proof Troe Cto'w. I e*fo, KtU(|?irw?, H.vm " Istessr: WfttW HMkKl, Hud c&rte. *wE/?ate5sj? { ; BSE. * i I ????** J C"^ ' J u UuM FJtv . ... sse&vPj&si