14 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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0 t '.m ..? *' -j. ': ' t if.itf* . . ' ' - ' *"=r V^. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. MONDAY, APRIL 14, 1862. IN^. 2,853 _____ ~* ^ - \ |l> l_ THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY BTCEPTSD,) AT THE STAB BCILDIHOS, Cenur tf Fauuylrmmt* art. M4 EUvmtA ttr?t, W. D. WALLAOH; 1 Paper* lerted la package* by carrier* at t4 a year, or 37 cents per month. To mail anboerlbera the price la KL50 a year, tn ad**nct; S2 for tlx f months; SI for three months; and fot leas than three months at the rate of 12 rents t week. Single copies, oai cmbt; in wrappers, two cirts. Apv?iTiiSMBST9 ahould be aent to the ofice before 12 o'clock otherwise they may not appear until the next day. I DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES. f r>?. Vistos at th? 3xitkso*io*.?Dr. Vinton, who Is "* acliolar and gentleman" himself, deliv?r#d an Interesting and eatertainlng lecture on Thursday night, at the Smithsonian; subject, ' The Gentleman." The speaker prefaced bis remarkaby rehearsing a conversation between Mr. and Mrs Grundy on "Mood," and held that not a few were of Mrs. G's opinion, that '-blood" makes the nan and gentleman. Many are born rude; others reined and elegant; but there Is a diversity even in children, sad what shall philosophers say to this, la the spiritual and Intellectual?morals must be observed?soul Is often like son!, and children re?emble the peculiarities of the parents or probably some remote ancestor. Each soul la created, not according to caprice or arbitrary will, but with great design, bv the Creator. The speaker held that nobility of nature owed nothing to the tone of society or lack of educa ftlon. tnd ntmrd tbe Indian chief Keokuk ai a fair specimen of nature's noblemen High breeding does not always constitute the gentleman; for one may be spoiled by vulgar associations and vile contact, and thus become the mere relics of the gentleman Like the crab tree, It t> very good to unftoe. 44 Bio* d," with wit and education, will mike the gentleman. The gentleman will have conscience, charity, and religion. The Christian la the highest style of man. But the speaker would not assert that i Christian must be a gentleman, or that a gentleman need necessarily h> i Phtlitian ThP mpfp o*ni)?mftn la ns\? ?a L'gh as the Christian, and It la dishonoring to the Chrlatian to necessarily unite the two; for the Christian gentleman la the highest type of man. The highest evidence of the gentleman la kind* neat; but with the Christian it ! charity. The gentleman. !r acta of kindness, W actuated somewhat by selftahness; what he does, la done for the sake of the object, or bis own sake; while the Christian doe* all for " God'a sake," and in true charity. With the Christian, it < a Christian grace; with the gentleman, a mere moral virtue Sincerity la a component part of a gentleman'a character. He it also a lover of the beautiful, becauae kindness is beautiful. Everything that haa * order, proporlon and harmcny it beautlfnl; there' ? fore the soul la beaatiful; bo Is poetry. All created thing* are poetic and beautiful. We apeak Iof the " poetry of the heavena" and " music of the spheres " As the soul lain harmony so are lta deal re* In nature it will be coarse and aenaual, and only admire such If Inharmonious; while ) with the true gentleman all will be Ideal and beautiful. Character must be h&rmonlcal with (beauty. Art la the complete handiwork of God. The gentleman sees a unity of natnre and cf art, and is fond cf nature's world, and finds all things created exquisitely formed. Tne gentleman, too, Is a man of taste, which may be defined to be the faculty cf receiving r>)<?n from aaii rr ultra r (a ahp I nature. This quality illustrates his deportment, and be see* harmonies which vulgar eyes would pass by. The gentleman is delicate In soelety; never Intrude*, and la no egotist. Delicacy la Uirned by good breeding Society may be characterized by musical instrument! as '*drums or blaster*rs,'' wbo*e emptiness contributes to their knowledge; the dagiolet, the trumpet (which the speaker thought a very useful instrument for public men, lecturers, kc.,) baae viol, bag pipes. A:.; but the true gentleman could be represented by the pianoforte. A room full of ladles reminded the lecturer of a "whole orchestra tuning their Instruments " The gentleman is a literary character, not delighting In yellow-backed literature, but something sterling and substantial. His reading will be maaterly, elementary, and original; and he will be Imbued with the ancient classics, and with intellectual and moral philosophy. His life will be full of poetry, and he himself a 'living poem " Magnanimity will be one of his prominent traits; and will have true coartesy, honor, and bravery. Id conclusion the lecturer held ap as true types of the gentleman Washington and Major Andre, tod hoped that all would so conduct themselves that the "American Gentleman" might be considered the peer of til the world. a CHitsi on thi MrNAaxaits ?On Thursday afternoon, the Provost Guard made a descent on the two show a near the corner of the avenue and Second atreet, and took all concerned to the Guardhouse. The one in the brick building haa been in operation for some two monrhs, and has drawn" considerably. The exhibition contained the tall woman, alias "the s*-ven foot of skin and bone"; Slgaor Anderson,the stoneeat?r and sword swallower; a stuffed goat with six legs, four ears snd two heads; two small anakea ; four monkeys, and a lottery box ; all of which were ahown " for the amall sum of twentf five c.*nt<." In thla conrurn crnitrd rrMfA/4 th? . Eocene Valentin*-, one of the proprietors ; George Anderson, the stone eater and sword swallower; Lewis Marci, the organ grinder ; and Jaa Grarv, who had charge of the gambling apparatus. In the second show, under the teat In the yard, which has be**n open some two weeks, there was exhibited " The Halrleaa Mare, or tn<* Wild ' , Ranger of Arizona." two monkeys, a musk-rat, an English rahblt, and a flee-dot; In a cage, an antelope, and a stufted allgator, bes.de* a lottery (Jk box, as lu the other ahow. The fat woman, or ' Mountain of Flesh," left this show some days since for ?ome of the northern Statts In this tent the guard found H. H. Barber, the agent, [the proprietor, frescott, being absent,) I.ewij Picardl, the organ-grinder, and W. H. Grlfflu, an tfendant. The piiaonera were taken to the Central Guardhouse where they were kept over night, and I \ were vester>ia7 morning nroiurtat out before tk? ProvMt Marshal and Justice W?iter, who, after naming them. on their promWlug to lea\e the city within twenty-fotir hours. released the party. These places hare been far seme time past the eauseof much annoyance to passers by; a vagabond crowd always banging about the doora. They have been largely patronised, mostly by soldiers, and some of th?m expecting to see nothing bigger than the tail woman, have found themselves batting an elephant of colossal proportion*, and have, by the aid of the mysterloui gambling box, been relieved of considerable f qjpsof money. Folic* Matter*?St*,nd frit.nu?iM- C&' gan, drank and disorderly, turned over to the military. Win Benson, do.; do. Two dead drunk soldiers; do. Frank Mickle, do ; do. Jas. Carel, fighting; do. Tkird Prttmet.? Win. Brewer, gambling on Punday; fined S3 44 John Johnson, drunk and disorderly; do. SI 41 Pat'k McDermott, fighting; do. S3 19. Mleh'l Murney. do ; do. Jerri Sullivan, do ; do Louisa Bowman, disorderly; do S3 74. Geo. Abbott, nuisance: 4? 41-14. C. * Krouse, gambling on Sunday; do. S3 *4. Mar* Pumiifinn i)t?Ar>^?lw ? 1 ** ?.*i - ? ? ? J VVHWUV*) 4 *J\f. CMU1 i Poke, lb.; 'do % 1.4-1. Kli.abeth .".^keratelner, tcallar; committed to Jail. Win ttin'.to, di?oi derly; fined t'2 5* Fenrtk Preemet ? Cbarle? Mallard, drank and dlaorderlj; fined tl 75 George Burg, telling l'qaor without license; fined S4J 5?. Ed. Wroe aaaautt and battery, aecorlty to keep the peace John Shade, driving on tte pavement; fine Si 73 John Gaahnng. ateailn? a ham; aent to Jill. Eighth Fr*t\nct ? Jimei Spau'.dlag. Larceny; keld for a farther bearlne. Chailea Fftinegan drunk, turned over the military. Ninth ?n(?a(i'Joa.tttbM,tlot and realatInv o?cer: aecurite foreanrt John Dmk taEen to barrack* Ju Kelly, do; do. Jobs toper, riot, dismlaaed. John Clbeon, tjo , ?nc< flOJb Wm Berber, Ao : fined S5c J no. tfifitth do ; aeeurlty for court 8 Taylor, do.: do , and fined ti M. C tar tea Kdetln, dlaerderly : fined 10 58 ' T*ntk Fr*ei?et ?A. Weagle, making threat! and profane, security to keep tbe peace, aad fined SUM. Robert Lacaa. drank and disorderly: fined SI. Patrick O'Brien, do; fined SI ">4. Tbomaa Rllor. So-; turned over to tbe military, i/mli u?, do.; 4*. getrlc# Sw+U^Bj <?? i a* ? ' mm m 4, ju J ? MrapotTVira or Wmiss a Blvi Cloak ?In tbe eastern aeetlon of the city two old gentlemen res.de next door neighbors, but recent clrcam. stances have led to aa ill-feeling between them. I It appear* that they bear atronjr mutual menb Lance, and aceltfeatally or otherwlae their dreai lir.mllar, their favorite outer garmenta being; long Jowitt* cloak* 0/ bice ".oth which bar# *en yearaof aervfoe, ud are highly Vaiuea bv theli rfflDMrtiM rturn?r? ft anrvn^M #K?t * ??<? ?? -rr^-' am'M*- "U? v* ***V^V partita,wbo we halleall ?r A , bu fotaoioattma p*?t bfn aeaidaeoa la paying bla " dlftriHii" to cturmUu tmbx widow owr the " Branch," taklag a walk to her realdeoca it*T Boaday afteraooa, and oooetlmM eaee or twice daring tfce week Tbo frteada of tbe partlea noticed tbe hiaa cloak of tbe pedeetrlaa. and reoogalfad It j U an old arr lalataaca but by mlaUka of 14?tity, aet down tbe wrong man oTthe nelgbbora u I tbe party courting tbe vidder, and ha being a married nun, tbe report gave rtae to eooalderable aeandal. Mr B , without kaowlag tbe eliCum tance, waa much aanoyad on account of tbe ra> port, tad it waa wttbdi Acuity that be per*oad?d ' mom at hie frtaada that " they bad beea barking np tbe wrong trea," wblle othera remained quite aaeeaelaead. He thereupon inatltuted lnqulrl?, Ph pad gattiag posted m to tbe lore affair, waited on * ' I the owner of tbe other cloak and requested blm to aell oat, atatlng that he (B.) had enough of alns to answer for without standing sponsor for those committed by other blue-cloaked parties. A. refused to negotiate, alleging hla veneration for the trarment, which ne stated was a family relic. The Bighborhood saw that there was no prospect for a settlement of the difficulty by A. and B., and Immediately pat a petition in circulation refltiMlinor hoth nartlM tn th?lr rlAnVi inH If they refuted to secede then they we to " draw straws" u to who aball have hf? cloak dved at the expenae of tbe public. Thua 'he matter stands at present, bat whether tbe difficulty will be settled amicably or a duel will end tbe matter Is more than we can tell. Probably we ahall soon be called on to pen tbe account of tbe " duel of tbe cloaka Polic*.?Tbe Third Ward patrolmen reported H. Rosen Held. firing a pistol in cloaer proximity to dwellings than la permitted by law. The case waa brought before Juatlce Thompson. The accused put In the plea that he fired on bla own premises Tbe justice remarked that this law la certainly baaed on common tense, and was made for the protection of life and property against recklessnesa. A person firing at a mark in his own yard does not know what damage tbe ball may do to persons on tbe outside. He fined the accused 95 W. Daniel Dugan and Suaan Dugan were arrested for threats of violence and sent to Jail by Justice Clayton. Ann Crepsey, for steal iuf^ n V/Mpri aiiu iriaijf ii> uiccii wuic tiuiu, were dismissed. Jobn Powers, insulting ladle* In tbe street; fined SI. M. Lavender, do ; do. Mary J. Mitchell, profanity; dismissed. The Pourth Ward patrolmen reported?Catharine Smith, vagrant Invalid; a?nt (o the workhouse for 33 days by order of the Mayor. Lorenzo Selgle, assault ud battery; held to ball for court by Justice Donn. AFFAIRS IN GEORGETOWN. C?rruf?ndtne? of TKt Star. Gioigitown, April 12,1502. There was no meeting of our City Councils last nigbt; there belH no quorom present in either board Business upon our canal has been very dull within the present week, only eighteen boits have arrived The revenue collected at tbe Georgetown Collector's office amounts to only #7:3. The following vessels are discharging their carSoes at our wharves: Schooners Gen. Taylor, altimore, wood for Dickson A King; Omega, Vienna, coal for Wm. Godey; Home, Philadelphia, coal for ri. Stover; Cnmins, Lei pair, Del , Cumberland coal for Gaa Works; Merchant, Vienna, wood for E. B. Barrett; William Peters, Baltimore, lumber for Plckrci \ Bro ; Edwin, Salem, potatoes and oata for P. Berry; Susannah, Baltimore, corn for P. Berry; Tantamount, St. George, bay for Government; William Donnelly, Philadelphia, oata for Hartley A Bro ; Mllhado, Baltimore, corn and oats for Hartly A Bro.; K. Chester, New Jersey, hay for P. Berrv; Mazzeppa, Southport. potatoes for P. Berry. There la nothing of any Interest'doing at our coal wharves. Flour market ateady but not active Sale* of common to b*at superfine, So 37 to ?0.3I; extra, $5 75 to SO 25, aa In quality. Wheat, red, Si.'15 to fl.35; white, CI 3StoSM5. Corn, good, white, 90 to 63c.; yellow, 5*2 to 55. Spxctatox, Jr Affairs la Alexandria. CoTTtspondt*ei of Tkt Star. Alkxahdkia, April 11.?Editor Star: The April term of the county court commenced on Monday last, and closed ita seasion on Wedneaday. A considerable amount of business was transacted, and a large number of Judgments entered up. parties absent, Some little difficulty was experienced in making up the grand jury, as well as the petty Jury, froia the refusal of aome fifteen or twenty take the oath required to support the Constitution of the United States and the reorganised government at Wheeling. It u?mi tkat iaiii* !#??? !! W - * - *- *? -- ?v-..? >? . ?? > M"? ??lj ncic WIIUIIJJ IU U1K6 the oath of the United States, but did not with to recogalaethe Wheeling government?that u,|nr prismi. Thev preferred to wait the eourwe of events to find out If the Confederate* did not again obtain power hare, which they are praying and hoping for. There has been for some tl me past a settled Intention to keep up the difficulty, and to make It appear that the State Is to be divided, and that Alexandria Is not to be Included In the western portion, whan, in fact, thedivtslon <f the State, if at all done, must be by the consent of the Legislature and Congress, neither of which bodies have acted, and It Is not 1 krly that they will consent to the consideratlen of the subject at all, unless the whole Commonwealth Is restored to Its allegiance to the United States, and all the Illegal acts of the Richmond dynastyand Confederate traitors are set aside. Then, as<f not tlU then, will the subject of a division of the State be entertained. The act of Assembly at Wheellne provides that on the fourth Thursday of May, an elect!-in Is to be held throughout Virginia for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General, and fA* AAim?n Q?rtKl? ?lmo ?v, wuu^j WMWVIV wuif, UWUUiiCU, IDC Pederal forand authority will be In possession ofihe entire Commonwealth, and loyil Virginians be permitted to rote for all these officers, end thus do away with the complaint of a minority controlling a majority. Bayonet law will be set aside, and civil law take its place. God speed 1 the hour when jJtaee shall once more reign throughout our whole land, and bltternesa wid uncharitable feelings no more prevail! Vesterday the trustees of the bondholders of 30 000 mortgage bonds of the Alexandria and Washington Railroad Company, put up the road and Its etl^rts, cumbered with previous mortgages,, claims, and iadgments of all kinds and descrlp. tlons, at public auction before the Mayor's office. It was sold for *14,500, and bid off to Alexander Hay, Esq. Mr. May has thus, I think, been presented with an elephant of enormous dimensions; and his principal care, before long,will doubtless be how to get rid of It. Th* whole thing bavin* been commenced and carried on In fraud, there will be work for lawyers upon it for a half century, naless every one concerned back sqnare out of It. It is probable, however, that the sale will be set aside, and Is illegal, from the fact that the stay , uw passe4 by the Wheeling Legislature forbids aii aaiea coverea by judgments, deeiees, truns or mortgage# until after the 1st of January, loG3 The opinion of a learned attorney of Washington baa been asked by certain parties here, to *ee whether the act prescribing oaths and for reglsterlng them, paaaed at Wheeling, February 10, \ 1802. la binding on merchant*, trader*, bank directors and ottcera here. To day la the last day when bank offlcer* can act, unless they tike tbe \ oatb, without making themselves liable to a 2ne. The Bank of tbe Old Dominion has discharged Its book-keeper and teller, and to all intents and [ purposes Is closed up. The $ ranch farmers' Bank Is alao doing no business, having dlsi charged its olft-ers early last May, the directors , being foolish enough to send of all Its coin and bank assets Into ftecessla, on the supposition It Is 1 supposed, that tbe Federal army would take It. A Very silly Idea to be sure, to sapruae that the Government of the United Statas were coming here te take the property of tbe citizens of Virginia. Only people who meditate wrong against ' the Government could Imagine thla. It la supposed this coin haa long since been used b/the Confederate authorities for war purposes, and ; wut m amongst mc mWng ye. en called fur. ' Tbe branch of the ^icusnge BanV Will con' tinue Its business as usual, loo officera having I taken the oath to-day, under protest however. The president of this bank, Robert JarDieaoo, eso . died yesterday. Mis health has been feeble for tone tloaa past. He was one of our bett and . most valued citizens, greatly esteemed for his . many virtues and uniformly consistent christian condaCt. Such men are rerr ware* to any from a*.? ?* - i? in unity, mi caqwupetb* " V[T^ "There's * woman at the bottom of every mischief," Mid Joe. "Yet," replied Charley, 'when I used to set into mischief, my mother wai at the bottom oif me." Prom thla one may raafooabiy Infer that tba old lady went to tbe , foundation of tbe matter. i U7"Dr. Reed, the philanthropic, lately deceased in England, bai left a sum of money to Brm A fund, tbe Interest of which la to be devoted buying toy* aa Cbrlataoaa giftato tbe orphan i children la an asylum at W?n?teaq. fTT The Catfcollca of Newburyport, on 8u?1 daylaat, contributed WOO M la aid of tbe Gloucester sufferers. See. Mr. Lemmon thanked them for their geoercfity, and hoped they would receive tbelr Ju?t reward. ATA married Udy consulted her lawyer on ; the following question, via:?" As I wedded Mr. for bla wealtit, and ibat wealth ieaowapent. am 1 not to all Intent* and w?" ?' at liberty to many again ?* UynwOwiril Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (New School of tho Lai tod States will hold Us next ennui neetleg April 13th, la the city of Claclana:! CTHon J. 0. Prince, dem., hoa bean reelected Mayor of It. Faui, Mtanaaota, by 944 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE LATEST FROM YOHKTOWN. [From the agent of tbe Associated Press, pe telegraph to Fortress Monroe, and thence *1 Cherrystone to Washington.] Nits Yorktowh, April 12?The snn ahon brightly yesterday and to-day, much to tbe relic of tbe thousands of soldiers who are compelled t sleep in the open air. The roads are still In ver bad condition. The rebels (till continue to open with their mi tillery whenever they discover a picket post, t which our guns never reply. The rebel forces have been greatly Increasewithin the last two days. On Thursday seven vessels were seen to land troops at Yorktown, an also at Gloucester. opposite, which place had nc been occupied to tnls time Reinforcements hsv also been received from Norfolk, by way of th James river. The balloon reconnoissance made yesterday b Gen. Fits John Porter shows that tbe rebels ha materially strengthened their works since the a<i vance of the Federal troops, and that many add tional guns bad been placed in position. H reached an altitude of 5,000 feet, affording an ui _ % a i a i _ ? owrur.tea view a? lar r.s vv liiiatrisDurg ou OD hand and Norfolk on tbe other. Gen McClallan hes written a letter highly con pllroentarv to the 6th Maine regiment for the' gallant behavior while making a reconnolsa&nc on Warwick river. Similar honors have also bet bestowed on the Berdan sharpshooters by Gei Porter for tLelr conduct while acting as skirmisl ers during the udvancea. They now do pick* duty in front of the enemy's works, and many rebel has fallen from the bullets of their unerrin rifles Among the wounded in the division hoi pltal is private Frederick Keroolskl, of the Mil sistippi battalion, who was shot through tt lungs while deserting from the enemy. Capt. ypauldlng,of the6th Michigan regimen was severely wounded on Thursday in the le shoulder. [SECOND DISPATCH ] Camp Betook Yoektowk, April 13 ?On Fr day, while the 12th New York volunteers, 1 command of Major Barnum, was on picket dui In front of the enemy's works near York river, r?aiment of rebels came out from under cover an a-tvanred in line of battle. The Msjor rallle about three hundred of his men to receive thei at musket range, pouring in a deadly Are of Min bells, when the enemy retired, leaving their det and woundtd, which they afterwards removed 1 ambulances i^ater in the day the rebels advanced In coi s!d?Table force from another point, driving in oi pickets, and burnt a dwelling used by the Feder trocf?. During both these skirmishes we ha three men slightly wounded. The 57th and 63d Pennaylranla reglmenta ha alto a brisk skirmish with the enemy on Frida in whlrh we had 2 mtn killed and'4 woundei The klJVd were E. Cross and James Thompsoi of Company A, 83d Fa. regiment; the wound* nre Thorn** Brooks, Company C, 63d regimen I) It l.vtticli, Company K, ?3i regiment; Serg Samuel Merwlne, Company ?, 57th regiment; an John Cochrane, Company E, same regiment. A balloon wu sent up from the rebel iloea th mornlr.4, for the iirst tim?. The weathPf continues pleaaant, much impro' Ing the condition of the roads. The stern-wkeel steamboat Wimhtckon, i Philadelphia, while entering a creek, vesterde was tired upon by the rebels' water battery?01 hot passing very close to her cabin. There was no tiring of artillery yesterday, k either party, of any moment. The army it busily occupied In pushing fo ward the nccsssarv preparations for an advance There are no sutlers here, but the Quarterma ter'* and subsistence departments are rapldl perfecting their arrangements to keeD the arm supplied with everything needed for the comfo of the troops (The foregoing dispatches were sent over tt military telegraph line by permission of Ueneri McClelUn ] LATENT FROM FORTRESS MONROE. A report from Gcu. Wool to th?? Secretary < War, at 5 o'clock p. m. yeaterday (Sunday), stat< that all In quiet and the weather fl-ie. The last dispatch, received at 8.30 p. m., in the following effect: To Hon E M. Stanton, Secretary of War: '1 he Merrln.ae hr.s cot made her appearance t day. H<*r object, 1 think. Is to prevent any lnte ference witb reinforcements being made froi Norfolk to Yorktown. Two d^aerteia came In last evening from t! rebel eaup. wbo report that there are coastal reinforcements to tbe rebels fr*m the direction < Richmond and the Rappahannock. john e. wool, Msjor General. FI'RTII EK PARTICULARS OF THI BATTLE AT PITT&BCRG LANDING. Cincinnati, April 19.?The Chicago corre pondent of the Tribune charges that the Ohio *v and !S3d regiments ran on the flrst day, learlr the Waterhcuse battery to the enemy. In tl ronteat for a Miebigtn battery on Moadav, Bea recard conducted the rebels In person. Durlr bis efforts to obtain It be was wounded In tl arin. A general retreat of the enemy commenced dark on Monday, oar cavalry following until tl horses were' Ired out. But for the almost lmpa sable condition of the rosds, the rout would hai been made complete, and we could have carrlt their Intrenched camp at Corinth, it will 1 Impossible, on account of the condition of tl roads, to do it for some days. The rebel artlllei Is superior to ours. Their small arms are almo equal. fne rebel lo?s Is 15,000 killed and woundei ours 10,000. These are moderate estimates. Tl enemy Las liken many prisoner*. The &th low regiment was raptured en masse. On Wednesday mornlug our advance only Oi eupied the ground formerly held by !he enein half way between Pittsburg a-d Corinth. T1 en<*my are straining every nerve to get relnforci menu; and bloody work mu?t yet occur befo we drive them f:om their position. The Times' meclal correspondent sayi the p sponslbllltv of the surprise rests with the con muiding oiiWr. On Friday a large force of reb cavalry appeared In sight of our lines and r rnalned there. Bherman, who occupied the a< vance, had been ordered not to bring on an e gagement. They remained in position till Sunday mori lng, serving as a screen from behind which Beat reg&rd farmed his troops in line ot battle undi covered. When the attack was first made tl Fifty-third, Fifty-seventh, Seventy-first an Seventy-seventh Onto displayed Inexcusableluf I rlency. The latter fled without tiring a gu ?he others fir&d oc? or two round* And then ie< he cowardice of these regiments left the poii undefended, and the enemy Immediately clost and sorroundea the more advanced regiment i ue i.i'uituiii Tigers were almost entirely left c the battle-field. Gen. Prentiu neaped on Tuesday, Bnd can

Into e&inp alone, In the confusion of the tetrea r.??. ?k. M ?- - ? m. *<u iuc " jiaitia lK)linBM(> Wcatuxe, Va , April 13.?Hou. E. M. Stai ton, Secretary of War;?\ dispatch jnsl recelvt from Gen. Mllroy, at Monterey, und4r date i yesterday, states a* follows: TLc ixbela, about 1,000 strong, with two eavali com pin tea and two plecea of artillery, attache my pickets tbls morning, about 10 Q'ciocil, au drove tl em some two mTl9?- ) sent out relnfow ments, consisting of two compares o{ the 751 Ohio- two ol ?f.f Sd Vlrginla, two companies < the Sid Ohio, oue gun of Captain liywan's ha terv, and one company of cavalry, all qod< Maior VVfU?. TUe a*irmlahing wa? brlrtt fi short time, hut the reb?l( wer? soon put i flight, with conildarahl# loaa. The casualties c our sid* vera three men of the 75th badly wouai ed. The men behaved nobly. J. C. PlIVOST. Major General Commanding. i Ttit Rebels L?irlm Fredericksburg f? Hicbmend *md Yirkuwa. Oattiittitilii Statiob, Vs., 15 miles sout of Manascas Junction, April 13?Hon. Edwin M Stanton, Secretary of War : An Intelligent negl he* Just come in from Stafford county, and aai hlsmaetrr returned thta morning from Frederick) wu * * A *' s mi i? liuinc, ana WIQ nil Wire, 1A tbls nt gro'a preaene?, that all the enemy's troop* ha feXt Fredericksburg for Richmond and Yoritowi the last of them laaili| on Saturday mornlof This baa juat been eonlrmed by another Beyro. Iawi* McDowu.Lt Major Gaaaral. Btoro Spoils V alien freaa lb* Rebels at I si an No 10. CAiao, April 11?Yeaterday two splendid ba terlee of rifled sons were found In the wood below lalaad No. It, left there fcjr tie rebel Lar^e amonnta of property, coaslati ng of horaei muloa, wagons, arma, etcare dally being broogt U bj oar men. Caplare ?f HuUrlllt, Altbtat. The following dispatch bu bMQ received by the Secretaif of War, dated Headquarter* Third r Dlvlalon, H?nUvllle, Alabama : ? April 11 -^After a forced march of incredible difficulty, leaving FayetteviUe yesterday at 12 m., e my advanced guard, consisting of Turchen'a brlt ohde. Kennett'a i>?-r?lrir_ and Slnwintnn'i h?llfrv o entered Huntsville this morning at 0 o'clock. Y The city was takes completely by surprise, no one having considered the march practicable la '* that time. o We hitrecaptured about two hundred prisoners, fifteen locomotives, a large amount of passenger & and box and platform cars, the telegraph sppad ratus and offlee, and two southern malls. <1 VVa have at last succeeded in cutting the great t artery of railway communication between the e Southern States. O.M Mitchell. e Brigadier General Commanding. y R#parted Utslli ( Um. Beanregard. Woodstot*, Va April 13 ?Hon. K. M. Stan, ton. Secretary of War :?We lesrn from Jarkaon's " camp this morning tk?t ft?i. Beauregard ts dead. t The report comes direct from rebel sources near * Mount Jackson. Impressive services were held to-d.iy in all the brifades. There is nothing new to report in re' gard to the enemv. ' N. P. Bawks, Major General. (The "rebel sources" who conveyed to Gen. Banks's division the report of the death of Gen. Reauregard, probably confounded his name with ' tbat of Gen. Johnston, lately killed In the battle ' at Pittsburg Landing. Many persons, both North and South, ascribed to Gen. Beauregard the pof union of commander-in-chief of the Confederate , forces ot Corinth.?.Erf*. J ,e From Fart Royal. t N*w York, April 13 ?The steamer Loetist jt Point, from Port Royal on the 7th ln?t., arrived here this morning. A special dispatch In the Charleston Mercury, . received through this arrival, says there were not " 5,000 rebel troops between Gordonsvllleand Rlch" mond, and that the Rappahannock river was very J hleh. The advice* from Port Royal, relative to armv 5 operations, datei 7th ln?t . state that the assault would be made on Savannah to-morrow (Tuesday P lxst > Our pickets were within eight mile* of ? Savannah then Other Important movements were about transln plring. ' The Latest from Arkarsss. St Locis, April 12 ?It Is reported tb*t the . rebels are withdrawing their forces from Northwestern Arkansas, and concentrating at Poca, hontas, In the northeastern part of that State. ? Their forces at that point are represented to be t' ten thousand strong. The Federal force* under General Steele are "i between Greenville, Mo., and the Arkansas line, . prepared t? meet any movements the rebels may ,J make. General Slgel has arrived from the Southwest, having been compelled to leave oa account of ill health. The Search for the Vermsnt?Steamers ' Lstdlai at Bermuda ts Ran the Blockade. New York, April 13.?The steamer Baltic arY> rived here to-day from her cruise In search of the Vermont She t< itched at Bermuda, and left on the8th, havlne been ordered to leave In >V twentv-four h?nr*. The steamers Bermuda and Herald were loading with f'ngllsh roods, unr donbtedlv Intending to run the blockad". The Baltic h*s twelve seamen of the lost ship s- Ocean Monarch It was reported at Bermuda >7 that the Vermont was in good condition, and was 'T on her way to Port Roval. rt : Death (f Mr. Frelinahavaeen. ie N iw Bbcmsw {. N.J, April IS.?Hob. Thell odore FreHntcbayien died at tats residence, at New Brnnawlck, at * o'clock this afternoon. The deceased w&a a man of floe abilities, a>.id was a candidate frr Vice President of the Uoibd States Df In 1?44, on the ticket with Hon Henry Clay. ea Arrival ( a French Frigate. New York, April 13.?The French frigate Hello lona Las arrived here OFFICIAL. r- -TVEPARTMENT OF STATE, ai A. J W AtmifOTON, January ii5, 1^/52 The of Stutp tsHll Knraaf ^ _ - J OSM uv> I "?n. I t OV* *?w Qt Members of Congress cn business on Saturday!, of commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. Jan *7-tf WILLIAM Q. SEWARD. E TX7AR DEPARTMENT, W JmilT 81, lt*H. i. 0?diu*b, Tbat the Wer Department will be id closed Tuesdays, Wednesd&ya, Thursdays and 'K Fridays against all other business but that which y? relates to active military operations In the Held, ijr Saturdays will be devoted to the business of ovuauirs ana Representative?. Mondayi to the business of the Publifl. " EDWIN M. 8TANTON, i. jt 28-tf Secretary of War. /e ???????? 2 DfcNTiBTKY. ry |V1 VKETK. Jt ill. JLOOMiS. 14. i).. tueinventejandjatentes *l of the MJNKRAL'JTEE1H, at 4 tan ls personal!? at bli otiae .r. this citT.WeiSSsJ "i Many persons can wear these teeth wr,o^-??LJ-' ie eancot wear other*, and ao parson oan wear others i< who oanuot wear tlieee. Persons o&lhn< at my ofiee ean be aooommocaM with any stylJ tnd price of Teeth they caj desire; - * bat to those who are pariion!ar and \rfsh ttiejtdrtat, V, eleaneat, strongest, and most perfect denture that je art oaa erodnae. lh? MINKBir. Pf iTw-iii C .n - ? n will i/f f>. more fully warranted. te Kooma in thia out?No. 3S8 hkitdtm. Setweei Its and ICta at*. A.?o, *07 Asak atreet. Pfetiadel 5> ahia. mtf <-ir?3" i". (VIEW AND IMfftOVLIi INVENTION el ? e- ARTIFICIAL CHEQF LAST1 BONM i- * E E V H, a- Witxovt Nnu Plats ok Cuiira, ]i 910 Br?4*21*'* Twrfc^M) fwSnliwd Z? nw, SdwiM 12fi **d *' Calia tna attention of the tabiio to the lollovini 'V advantacea of hia iir.jrored ejalen:: id 1. 'Ihe Teeth of hia manufacture wi: &M? never corode nor oh%nc* color by any****- * nj. aoi<ia, beiti tLreafouitka lighter than any other, t. No teeth or roota need be extracted, u tha ?f artifiomi oum can be insert*^ n*?f kk?m d rogU l&oiuwiTt, ?* nmt n ni/oa^t ?armui?Bt I r srTSl; #P^M" mSL ? Sf^ufwhE^' JJTH* tdMtrnotiTi a. ?U fi&SlVr.? lfi fOOt? lOflOd tCotk on inv aidfi rnnt* ...n, w?a WUI UUI tbroasb lifetime. ?' The beat of r?(erooQ?i itTmtt-t9 Or. V. Matt: Dr. V J 3 t?Ci.*tfcpd ex*r^nt^Qr?io*f??lf. Bo > In 5 GAS FITTING, to " ARE Rtf renrMUMmU W?in Witt S ?**!* K or 8Ur??n Btt irSSTmfow 4*?rtMiik *f FV W_ ?A9 FIXVVKKIi t "* "' ' * vwjfa* 4 L a^U ) ?'"' AYKES* OO. 14 A., ? .WW WOTICK! : asy-"-? mmZP^iSBmsSk SOLDIERS' MONEY AHD ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMIT TAN on To their Fami'iet at any f sae? on th? line* of tb*ir F.iarAai fit a. AhRrm r.f TWKNTY-FIVK CENTS Foft ANT BUM NOT VX0SKOINO FlFTT DOLLA&ft; And a proportionate ad luincel to p.ae:a reached by oonaeoung Expreeses. The remittance, whether Oold, Treat jrr Noisa, or Allotment Drafts, nhowld he eooioeed m in en ve!op?? and aeou'elf teaied, end have Ue full addre?* unoikdsug tovn. Pott Office, ar.d State ar.d io omee the street and rnmber) of the pereon to whom to be eent, and the anount legi&ly ruuke^ thereon. KnTelopw for thi? purpoie m?y be had at our offioe To facilitate prompt delivery the charge for ramittanoe *koald t>e ^**-p?t-i mhl8 1m aDAMS fc.XPltK89 COMPANY. BO a m a riAi; ; RKAOt! EKADM! AND BE CONVINCED ANI) JIK CONVINCED AND BF CONVINCED. Ertrart from the "Star," February 77, I**. Dayton's Crackxks akd Excxllbht Pib,Bot?l and Ke?tacrant Keeper*, eutiere , House keeper*, and GrooetV, ahcufd cot tail to iw>nr? a upply of tti? anterior Craokert and Piet.raanafaoiured by Dayton. 456 11th ?treet, between O and H. Daytcn iraQ';f*ctBrc>? all kicdi of Cake* and Crackers of the beet materia', and every homekeeper is veil awe of the great toper.ority of tbe latter, when fisah from the ovetis, to thoae tltirped from Northern cities. Hetiers will find it f re*Uy to (KAIr !n?ara?t IV. n. w dauuiuo im>tuu biauivia uiu Piea before puroLacnj elaewhere. Wa will ahow the namea of mora than a a<yre ol Sntfera who have need Pin inarulactnrad by other itakera, and were oMitwi to r?n?a to u* finally, and pay ua twoColare nune ptr hundred in order to yet an artioia which tha men Ouufd eat without making thrm sick. From tkt Corretponaent of tk* Stye York Dispatch . ?\ye notice with must p*a#ure the popu'STitjr ofwurent?r?ri*m* fe'tow oitit*c. Jie L. Dnyton, in tlie Bakery litrn t; is* this oity hia suoc'cia h&a oeen iained by the exoai lance u| hia anode. We learn that member* of the ?*anitarr Com mmae nave ato of hia l?iaa, and pronounoo th*rn healthful; and we inn?t ?*r in th*t ? never partook of mor? deliolova Pie* in our life. Sutier* from every section ar.-J Ks.mi.:es irt/rc all quarter* of tlie oity. send to hia Bakery. W? atrorclf invite faiuihes to try our pic mo qbacel'KS. boston crackeks, SLICED APPLE PIES, KASl'KEKRY PIES. DA ETON'S Bakery, 446 Eleventh etre-?t. | mh <5-tf Between C antl IT. s&MSzmw&iin? HAKNDEN'S express, <E?tabti?fm m 1559,) Bee leave to Inform the pjL'ic that the? kv?e ei tended their Exp.eaa to Washington. and are nw arejared to Transport Merchandise, Back \'ot<?s, Baecie. Jewelry, 4o., to s'l vana of the ? -?/?-,( tl'...? v..... - ?? ? J ,m, t vuu r? wo ?J?U tunaaa i Couhootim with the moat rc>sp<.L?!h.e Expr<*a<>? I throughout the country. w? ars enabled to ofl?f mm*tfualUd f*cilitUs to all who mny !a?or na witL their patmnage. For terma&od further infcrwa Uonapp.y to . E. 8. b.MlTH, Agent. Third at.,td door beiow Pa. avenue, I Ja9 >m Waahmttow, D C. WE HAvc JUST KECK1VKl> A LARGE aeeor'ni^nl of ttaver, Bacon k. Oo.'?. n _ and f leitwa; h. Bor.'a PI ANO FyKT^.KM known a? tre heat now Etonivtuied.**? ** ' whioh we are offering at the 'ow*at fvjtorr prioea. Peraona in anarch of a reliable 1'ia.o are re^ueated [ to oa'l and examice. A ao, ore fe^oond hand Piano fur #6) and one for 925. At the Music btoie of a W. 6. METZEROTT. Read with decision and act with PRPCAUriON! I DR. M.VELLNV3 PRIVATE HOSPITAL, I in '.o Federal R!oek, oapoaito the *Jeuerai Poat a-.( Patent Ottice. Ko. m 34 up ataira, corner of 7th acd F ata , WTaa;.ing'.on, t'. C. Eeta< h?h??i for the 5"uppre?> .on of Qaaokarv. The Oiijy Regular Phyaiciaa Advertising. Dr. M. Vellny'e lone expe'ienos in h^ap'.la! prac tic? warranta him in aiding that La can cure a!' d'-aeaiea of a private nature, or he will lorfeit the n m r?f fi Vfl hnnHnaH Cailand sea him. No oharc* to? oontJitaton. A perfect and radical cure eerfeoted !rom one to four oayn ??r mn ? >m* MR8. EATON, Fa?HIO!?ABT* Dbsssmaetv, Ikn remove' from 4>4 Teutn street to 469 1 tree:, letweeu 3th and 9t*. south mde. 8. T. Taylor's drrea-?na;cg rni? bv Mrg k. mti 11-1 re* INTERESTING FOR THE COMMUNITY AT 1, \Rt?E. We are now receiving READY-MADE CLOTHING ?f the latest dosruce thrae tun-s a Woaif frnm * ? *" * ' 1 - ?- ?.vui w?i >ti9uu AUim i rj* rhilunsniTiPlll 10 iiau;more,wiu<iii we viler ataatoniasins low p.icoa, WAR 4 BKO.. mh 13 1m* pott K and 7th afreets. PRIVATE!. PRIVATE. 3F? R XV A T XX. PR. LA UONTA havmt removed taiar^geto Room No. ?, the fcunday Chroniuiw irt.03, in Wumcitos Bui;d inc. Pa avenue, comer of 7th atreot, la bow ready to oure a 1 Diseaaea oS a Private Nature, without the nee of canj;ero?.4 or diafniticg o.ur* of at) kind, and no interference with your l.ustcesi avooatioca ba?itn drv?ted ttt \rhole time to the study and oure of l'r-traie iiiaeaaas of uotk aexea and to Chrunio aff?->tion? oi the Woir.b, l.ivar, Kidneys, fkin Kru^-.ocs, 4.o ,end f-atiuAt,.,s .a the Lett eohool in th world. th? T\;?w Vn?ir r>;?? Hcxpit&la, oad-sr Pofa. Oc,lu>E viJ Parker, t.o whom 1 ost h><pcoiral!r 1 ^i1! ?&r to the p*r?nn furni-nnc r ? * c*?e of a;.y of t .? above jii wi wmc.? i oiwir..-t speedily a* : pf; mn"bt!r oare, let the mi> be bid or n"W. . > > u: et.ru r.-qnirtd : nothing dM&creeeDie in ftnj p&il of lue treatment. Co&sulUUoni free. Rooms v?ry triv%tn. M. Li EONTA, Room (first fl?or) Waehinfton Bo' din*, mh36-lm* Pa. aTfpi;* and 7th at. Wall, Stephens & oM MILITARY ANO NAVAI. MURCIIANT TAIL O K 8, Axs Dxixxii :.i HWORUi, SASHES, DELT9. fcPAULLT*. SHOULDER STRAPS, ? AUNTI.ETO, OLOV E*,*?. And every variety o! ABAitY-MAUM OLOTHUtBt A* R14I0S> JJ Piles*. WALL SfEPHK^afc Cu.. SQ? Feacaylvaaie ar(?*8, bttweeo taH II?m. * ?th?nd lOtoeU. F?rv? n^Viir"^ P?*r of very h%Qdcom<> nglit bay CARRfA^K rHORSK8-bslisved to . be lit* iD the Dutr ct?bred in New HainM aue; c aad 7 yoara old. Can be nen^-" V* applying at the Naval Store, Navy Yart}, vVa*hiDftoa, D.C., between the boura o' 19 a n. an.1s?. m tnhSSIm* . _m l _ WIT.& DKKSSL.9 FOR THE FRK8ENT AN? ? APPROACH1N8 SEASON. A no't ctioioo &B6o;Uuact. at oar troverbiallr ov prions. One rio* only, the aetnal cash etAnd&'d value, marked in plain fifurf*. i PERRY A BROTHER. tnh 38 tr Pa.aY?pne and Niptu st. T NOTICE. 1 HE Copartnership heretofore existicr between 1-ouis K. Pmr and Thomas 1). Duhul has tf-eu dieeoWeu. An persons indebted to the eaid fared will ?lease to settle their aocour.is with Louis F. Perry, who Will also eettle with Ue creditors 01 the firm. mh 17 8aw3w LOUIS F. PKRRV. s - -.JL SSMS ho. ie MvkM lt7?o Pwu>. want, botwoca ath ?m ith wi. Tjurt published, HE New Union Gun* of h<*M?i.>e,or BtretohM of tho Kabailioa; jiutthe tninj for the family otrcle. or to ??nd <o tha Uuion?o dior. Pabliahad by JOHN P. CBAKLTON, PbUadel?h.a. tod for aaiebT JOS BBILLINUTON, ?h t?-ao?a iij at. awl Pt.Hwn, FABRUd 1111111 kiad?5i Mt>vi wHirBBiu riMitli Win IJiftOK illJ Wklli Ckaak'aad Pi t- Br.ka. u?r atook of Mouramt Good* ii fall and eoa flata ttrouhout ?k? anura jaar. Oar NocUtarn and Kaatarn oorratpoadanta wad a?nev (applies dauy. Ob* pnoa only, buM in plain fijim; kanoe BO parohaaar ia ?*arohartaJ. AaiaapaoUoa of atoafc aolieitad at all timaa ; ao BR apt W Pain. arar.aa and SUh ?L F?8UM v?Uneven ftna *tAKb- J bo ate rood work ^lORSKS, "fenVaira *a{^TA K ItiwuT* roo*r* ?tor#' ouraar - - - the weekly star. I than can bt fou4 la uy PrlAty Baormlag. Tim*?Ct-ik, MMriaUp, w mdwmmm. tingle copy, per annam oa Five copies (7i Ten copies t OU Tmwlylu copies WW It Invariably contains tbe " Wash In* too News" that baa made T*? Dat/y Emuf Srs? i ircuiata o (ewrallv tbrangbeut the country ll /~ Single eepfes (In wrapper*) can be pro cured at the counter. tmrrMlstelv after tbe lasoo of the paper. Price?THREE CENT* S*0 f ENN SYLVAN 1 A ATIKTI, ENILE DrPRB. J mat EroeiveA u4 Opened, - i * 4 f i,? A luge lid Int - Ui gUck of h.l?* FAMILY G ROC B R I E8, eooalrtlBit o!t PL0AR9,of Hlgn&m, TEAS, COFFEE, uu, PLOUI, MAILEARD'S CHOCOLAiT, ke., Ae , At. All ot which he offer* at low?tt cash prto?e. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WBlSklta, MO barrel* Ma?n?'tla, 6u0 barrel* XXX, sou bam la Mlliera Rjr* Me&ongahel*, wj Mm la ftn? Old Rye, 5?? barrel* tn? Old Boiirbos, AT CINCINNATI PRICES. ... All the farrr.le fc-uudi" ot CHAMP AGUE, Mara re Ytrxuay, Cwn Seal, Mrtdnick, which, l*!cg bought low, wr oMot tt unjaotUf low niM. Alt, Sole Agent lor PIKE'S A KM Y COttDiAU trtM-tf {aon brr, sflo ret. ?.vo? bfct. tiiat dan'om'k tbat dayton's to&r daklon'd tsut'rp appi.e pies. Bt.icKn apple hks, *llcei> apple pies. are thf. best akk the m?i,*t are mti tit.tr made in washln'gtotf, made iv washington. made in washfkotonbakery 42c llrn sibwrr. hah km y 43" i (in stakkt, bakerr 4st? uth ?tiui. n>h 25-tf ^isl40 ^ the gohllrfi nestiroiwr SO PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. South Sim, (Formsrlr of New York,) Bu U? nam* aai iaroe o{ b-'.nr One of th* Lett ll**tau< tY?n ?w Tcim ! lL/"biv? ua a trial, and Jed*? for je u ae>l?^3 . Ql Lteir 1'iinis ifi ?i*? hour* in u _ dSm'1"* jgK"^"ET^ jl r~ Don" t fnw*> Hn ? 8*T takijin 4>a avairo#, between ICtu an: 1SU< ?tre*t*, at U-lm loitk ii?. Z FURNITURE! f^V FURN1TURE ! FURNITURE! W. B. M O S F. 9 , (of the tnr. of M ^?ea 4 Paokt nr., Fr t ad'a,) M*EBf*rturfT artl W "ie?a!e aiwi Keta lw?*!er b Cao eeat Oftar*. Parlor acd Oictot room Fartutar#?Xhorc'a Banding, *05 SovettJi ?rAft &UOYC D? tSrerT of UPHOLSTKRINO from?t:? aim neauj exocBtod. Store open i V %nJ eresius Jt-r U.e tcoOur.Mttloa of the pat>MC. Purchaoora wi.' ftadf tUcr ,t,tfre*l to oa.l tef-?r? looking e.aewhere. ia iS-ln' ?T?HE AMERICAN TKLfcGKAPQ COM 1 t an y. tifcvmx re-of rufrJ *ad te tUt*d ft H A A N ?' H Ok'HOE ia WIX.L1BDS' H'/Tll. 1-.4 OC..>>?LT IS prPf*T^l t'> iooonr.rnrx'at* th? ri| thtt b ipio, J i. e fu'jue, with crbTj ?>>eir?ph 9 faniiitr. Coraiaucic&ti. o 4irtxi vuu fl A1'*lM 0 p a i i,A 1> t LFH1A. \fc\V VQKK, and ft" T.*!r-fr?5hio Slit.* n? !:. tne :o>*, bL.NEKAL 6FKM K, 4. ' P< N:U \ im W. V. \Y K ^ I V?\ ?.-i ? >1. 3 Iw H?pe'r.? CH. RiVAR? A CO. S1LLKRY CHAMi A 'Ts'K ULPOT KKMOVED TO ?. E. Coaxr? 07 1'exn.Avi* r ,.nt> Sum il., C.arrbdoti Hotel Buikucc, WmskMifttn. II. ROfeEY, Assnt, N*T ^ of i. James MOLAN, A?m, w, 5lSWi, p, o. SHERRY, PORT anJ MADEIRA U 1NE8. FINK OLD BRA -.DY *ad WHItShY. IZ7~ A 'iliormj d>?y ,Bnt t? dfla., r?. ?nl? | ^ A DIES' RW liBEK BOOT!* A!: urn.at AM> SHOE*. J ?. PDDXF.VS. "m P'm k??a?, ' &ck of Clwett'j Drr ( ' wit stora. \f EN'S kLUBBt.R BOOTS ? .A&P9HOR*. 1. # , A* - J B ro pw sf?. folt-tf 3'J4 ?. . RrK>ti BOOiS AND BHOtS To 3 U 1 4 ? II JI .. TIM lo. .. r.<Lw ?*"-'*ctur - v . d< ?< ru anu stlULSi and coactactii ratrtivir.c auppir 01 tMUru mace woik of evarv iid-B8X scrtption, madeexpr???!y to order, atii w. llw El be rold at a much lower pnoe than hu been* ?% heretofore oaa.ceu >u this o.tj ron^h inie:...r trtioiM. Feriosi la want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or eitj made work, wlil aiwLjt ?o4 a good assort inentin storeaad at t:.: i-ves-pi-^t. ti.vens a -Sail. ?RiFTfN * HRO . s?fr-r 114 P^iiPrrlrana HOVBTKKS-Ol STKHi-! OTKLP. ke??aariPts ?.nf Private Families can besuppiiedda' j with OYSTKKS^^ fresh iron the skell, ?Siy measure, sud JFV> f.J at tne lowest pr:ee. %QUpJ " * avkk? * c?, No. 009 Ninth st .between D ana At. frr Oysters of tne best tuiit; syiood to ordor. inn g I US* KKCJtlVfc.1) ATL.A.HKAIi.kCO.% J No. *61 I arJ K . tree is, t L^m A, BEAbL * CO.*, No Ml *o??ft* Hrwi, I4?im I ?nd K. ? 'ho (Am to bay *o?r gfcg&g. kg & &?> i?:nOSIF O.Vt ,\D AI L K1 U A. BKA.LL * CO '.4, N? *41 aov^ulh ?trt? .-bow-on 1 *r1 g6ODS"WT# WMapa. ' *x*NlsMil>e MOW IB ?o-Jll TiM K TO BUY YOUR HI CLOT HI N*. FL'LMSHiNS 6 OoDS, If ATA and CA-f S ?t tmj tow >rlo??.?t U A, ?5 KLJto5w ' 1 S*T*filh< We BOV* C^OTSINO. Sgssr Jr aw? v^wfrasti? gft?.';; ^.roV^fwi'&'ra?; r. , - iSfJIfanafli.' 1.??. -niSt?r,a*a?