14 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

14 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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.1 LI?I!?1--1 i . *"LLU LOCAL NEWS. Notice?Mr A W. Barns, the managing agent of the 5tmr'i rlrculsUon ta Georgetown, will hereafter also act as the Star's advertising agent there. An* Georgetown advertisement! left at Dr. G B Barnard's, corner of High and Bridge streets, or with 6. Crandell, No. Uft Bridge ' ?Mil ?1 with mninnl Ibnflnn AMVaSMINTS To s:?ht. Fobd'b Aiiiirm ?Manager Ford reproduce* the tragede of ? Lear" to-nlgbt, Forreal rendering hU ruaracUr In such a masterly manner on W ednetday night last as to caaae a general desire for Its repetition Mr. Forrest's great abilities are nowhere better displayed than In tbla tragedy. Mvnager Ford dwerrw the snecesa he rereleca In ao liberally raterlag for the Washington public. wtim<mtc!i Thutii?The frequenters of the "Old Drury" were greatly delighted with the performance of Saturday night. Thlsevenlng, the beautiful and accompliihed Mlta Annette lace appears for the first time In nine years Tbepie** selected la >< Medea." a play abounding in thrilling scenes. Miss Inre la recognized now u a lead lag act re*#, a poslUon a be hu gained by honorable exertlona and hard study. Cast?i?c?t.? F.rery available apace at the Canterbury was fully occupied Saturday night. Tbta evening some new acta will be produced Mia Mortimer will be on hand with a song; e.nd the "Wldow'i Victim" and ??Black **tatue" will belp to cure th? bluet. Laughter, It la aald, la a good medicine, and at tb?"Canterbury" It may be bad in large doaea for a ma 11 feea. Odd FtLLOwa' Hall ?The "Monster Concert" will bo produced to-night; and. we doubt aoC, 1b perfection, aa tbe company la an excellent oat. iaa me orchestra hu been augments The combination of talent la unsurpassed, and this Is one of the most attractive programme* of the teaam. Willaid*' Cba-lea F. Brown, ("Artem is Ward,") will, to-nleht, deliver bla famous lejture, the 44 Children In the Wood " The "fteat abowman" may be Dure of an appreciative tdlence, and the only difficulty la that the ball will not accommodate half who wish to hear him. 8*tthso!?ta>.?Rev. Mr. Vinton lectures tonight. Subject: 44ltaly and Dante " Admission irST. WASHINGTON ACADIYY OV MC?tC ?SlgnOf Alrertlnl continue* to delight the attendants at the free concerts here given dally and nightly. Refreshmen ts. well prepared and of the best, are always desirable, but " mora so1' when taken to the tnne of good mnslc. Paov Vihtos's LacTraa?Prof. Vinton delivered his second lecture at the Smithsonian on Frldaynlght. fcnbjeet: "Phllosphy of the War," wherein he treated of the present war. Its causes u4 111 care. The apeaker'pald a glowing tribute to the doctrine of anlty, as evidenced In all the : retatlona of charcb, family, and nations; and as I the Federal Govern men t waa ronfeeaedly benlgniit, bad no doabt on which aide truth, Jaatlce, and patriotlam have arrayed themselves; and tbe j preemption of wrong la on tbe aide of rebellion, for tt roar like Pallia from the brain of Jupiter, fully armed, matured and panoplied for war. TM speaker attributed tbe war to three caaaee; 1st. The fkllacloua Idea of tbe right of revolution; 2d The pernicloua doctrine of State aovereignty; and, 3d. The malntenacce and propagation of alavery Tbe first originated In tbe American Idea tbat revolution was a peraonal right, wbich vu a fallacy; the aecond, which from a fallacy grew to a heresy, and whoae falae ethics misted the people of the Sooth; the third waa the increased value of the negro; aod tbe speaker | claimed that the invention by Whitney of tbe cotton gin did more than aught elae to atop tbe i tide of emancipation. Tbe speaker claimed that the "Kaighta of the Golden Circle" was a society organized fcr this 1 laat cauae; and said it had three degreea?lat. The financial degree, which waa to convert all the Government property and mcney to the South, which was amply ruifliied by John B Floyd; 3d. Tbe social degree, and 3. The political degree, which was to overturn republicanism and establish a monarchy, with the old feudal system of baron and serf. The speaker quoted largely from Je(Tenon, deploring slavery, and proclaiming a Government rounded upon It to be one of rapine, plunder and piracy, and the sword and tne lash the only weapons for maintaining its mere power Tbe only care he proposed were victories bv Vne armies of freemen, and Iron pills admlui*'.ered jn allopathic doses. In conclusion tbe speaker co^ratnlated the audience on the emancipation . * the District, and trusted that soon the sut^ woulU follow In the same conr- , He qnotfd from Caj. ,??L0W,1V -* ,-*t??man did not believe that nullification ".oeant disunion or dismemberment, and clo-^ wlth the pray^r Df Father Paul to his cottT*>fy| ilSst0 TtrptW? D'.fhavii' Corn*?TuJg* Purctll. ?In ttla court oa inuiraay. ice wins 01 me late KOber: T. .M1 Lis and Juan H. Wyun were proved. Letter* of admlnlatratioh on the eatate of the late P. W. Risque, of Georgetown, were eranted to Mra Risque, tbe widow?the Mew*. Kldwell becoming her security. Tbe Court were engaged In hearing the petition of B. P. Hunt, asking that Lucy Brown, a colored eblld, be bound to hlro. Tbe petitioner state* that tbe girl has been In I be possession of bis family for three years, and tbat the parents, who are intemperate, are unable to maintain it. The parents resist toe petition, and state that they are able to support tbe child Mr. F W Jones appears for the petitioner, and Mr. Matbury for the parents. The case of th* estate of Elizi Park CusUs, otherwise I .aw, which has been before thia court before, aad was taken to the Supreme Court, where the dectaion in the case was affirmed, was before tbe court again on Saturday, being brought befsre It on the petition ef James Adams, asking that tbt lttters to Edtnond Law Rogers, administrator of tbe estate. be revoked, alleging that he has not fulflled his obligations as administrator 1b neglecting to bring sultagainat the estate of k(> wVluK la ln>taK?<ui r? ? ae ? hiv (?v?*?.i , WH4VH ? iv iuc maie vi ifin. ComIi Tbe esse was argued by Mmri Henry May bad R J Brect for the petition, and Campbell of Baltimore and Carlisle for the respondent. Judge Purcell after bearing the argument Issued decree revoking the letters, sad a new administrator will he appointed. Sscoxo Willi Station CaskBefore Juttic? Clark.?Sunday ? Nathaalel Beaumont, charged with steeling a horse; jail for court. Harsh Miller, col'd, disorderly; fined ffi. Martha I'y'.er, col'd. do; do. tit. Louisa Miller, col'd, do.; dismissed Sarah aad Louisa Miller, col'd, second offence within an hour of tbe first; fined each Susan Haillday and Josephine Jonea, col'd, disorderly; fined $2 each. John Drunk, for getting drunk, was turned over to the military Jos. Carroll, for not having the hark badge he being a driver, was fined J. W . Swlth and A N Ferrv, undertook to take two horses from a soldier who waa the orderly cf an ofllter; security for court. James McDonald and Jarues Malpass, insulting t ladyL tbe first fined 92 91, the last vi.vi ueo w. r.wine, sleeping in tbe street; dismissed C. Mahoney, drunk; turned over to tbe military. Mood y?Robert Uatersi, drunk and disorderly: fined f'2 '>1. Mary Jones, theft; dlsmlased. My ma Barker, fighting; fined fl 94. Hannah Grant,do ;f"2 M Geo Mnlth,do.;S3.1M. Eugene Jeanns. drunk; fin^d f 1.91. Tbos. H.Gordon, suspicion of robbery. JoLa T. Smith, do ; security for court. It appears that last night the accused and a young oiau named George Hourk were together. After leaving Houck, they met with patrolman Healy, and gave him a key, which they said tbey Lad picked up. Houck complained that be ha<l bean robbed of bis money and a key, and upon this complaint the parties were arrested by Healy, and disposed of as stated. Tbovbi.k m ' Di?t*ai!ii!?o ?Two county constables la tbe Noel hern Liberties son* days slnee attempted to levy a distrain for rent due, amount- I log torn, on tbe property oft man who Is sbsent I In Virginia on business. In fsror of ths agent far | the owner, while the Ladjr of the bouse was attending a trial In which she was a witness A* they wars about to remove tbe good*, a friend of tb? tenant srpcared and told them that Ife* tenant only acknowledged ovr'.ng *10. 'fha constables tbea ret' '^ut r<rturn*l best asomlng, and sialed that tbey were willing to take *10, aid I wets about to distrain again, for tbat amonat, when the frlsod appeared again, and wyned them against distrain**; slating that the tenant was willing to pay the amount due, If the agent would show a power of attorney from tbs owner (wbo la a secessionist, bow In tbs southsrn array), and thav bad a new warrant; but If hs could not show soeh power lbs law would be prosecuted against hln. Thus tbe Matter stands at present. KsTBirsir* Robbsbt ?One evening last week the bureau drawer of Mr. T Cogan, residing at tbs eorasr of Twentieth and H streets, was broken open by soma thief, who made off with about aluiA ti?i< 1mm nlir?<4 H Ku M r t" The mooey consisted of some $1,100 In treasury note* mad tbe balance la gold and silver. Mrs. Cogan states thai tbe mour was la ber drawer boat 7 o'clock, and that abe went to bed about aloe, and discovered h?r loes on tbe following morning. It U probable that tbe thief entered by the hliehaa aod committed tharobbery while Mr. aad Mrs C. were engaged la tha atare. The police were immediately Informed of the matter, Mil have obtained no cine ta the perpetrators PoLtca ?Saturday, tbe Third Ward patrolmen reported Wm Howell, riding on the pavement, tasd 92 0. Jolta Eaa er, drunk and dlaordcfly; laad t* 18 by Justice Clayton. Tha Fourth Ward Katrolmea reported i George F. aider, treapaaa; fined $26 by J ustlces Kergoaoa u4 WaiLor and committed ta iall la defhult of payncil Frank Hu?be? and Richard Hogbes, nmiH: wurkhtaM 90 daft by Jaatlee CUytoe. John C. Ho ha, Ighttng, dl?nlmed. Michael Doiaa, do ; turned over to the military. Timothy Marphy, charged with hone ateallag: ball far 'urT Denai* Murphy; do;dfmlmedby Jaatlee ?<J aa ] * 0 Thi 9tabbiro Aftsat on tsi iala*t> ? After the examination of Jas. Ponaphrey and iu CalUn, on Friday, before Justice Btratten, who committed them to Jail to answer tbe charge of (tabbing Cilia RnMell, eortaln clrcnmstancaa Indaced tbe boUef that Wm. Mangum, alia* Bub Gun, wbo was arrested at tbe time of tbe affray, waa really tbe guilty party Tbs policemen Immediately set a watch on Mangam, and on Saturday afternoon saw him and his mistress, Mary Tolson, talking together. After they separated, Mangum waa arrested, and tbe girl was questioned aa to tbe whereabouts of tbe knife. She then told them that It had been drives In the ground, and pointed ont the place, where, after considerable digging, they found It. Mangum was at once taken to the station, and Justice Stratton, after bearing tbe evidence, committed him to jail. Several witnesses 'est I led that after the stabbing Mangum went to Mag Wbeatlev** bouse, and threw tbe knife into Mary Tolson's lap. and stated that be had been In a muss. The girl Tolson wiped the blood from the knife, snd gave it to Mangum tbe following morning, who took It out and hid It. Quite a number of witnesses also testified that Pumphrey, who was committed to fail on tbe oath of the wounded man, did not come up to the spot until after tbe man had been stabbed It la probable that Russell mistook Mangum for Pumrhrev. m they bear tome resemblance to each other. Ruwell Is st his quarters on Cspltol Hill, and his condition has somewhat Improved. Strong Hopes sre entertained for his recovery. Tbi Now-PaATtio Olirgtmk!* ? We learn thst the Rev Dr Plackney, of the Cbnrrh of the Ascension, yesterday omitted tbe praysr of thanks for recent victories In the soppreaslon of the rebellion, designated by Bishop Whlttlnghaxa In sccordsnce with the proclamation of the President Dr. Ptnckney, it will be remembered, was elected P'shop of Alabama of the Confederate States, and, according to general report, would have accepted the position but for the disinclination of Mrs. Plnrtoev to leave her Maryland home. Wers he now Bishop of Alabama should we hear of any failure on Ll? part to second s Jefi Dsvls proclamation? Perhaps not. At Trinity Church, yesterday mornlnir. Rev E. W. Svle used the prayer designated by Bishop Wbittlnghara, excepting that portion relative to the "blockade and siege" of the District Sever il irate persons of tbe secesb order swept cit of toe church, "bead and tall up," on tbe deliver of tb? prayer. Central Gcaxdhocse Casis ?Effort .Tu*tire Walter?Sunday.? George W. Armor, drunk; dl?> inisaed. Jobn Carberry, do ; do. Ja*. Lacker, do.; turned over to tbe military. Monday?Tbos. Brown, drunk and disorderly; fined 9*2 Geo. L. Buckingham, profanity; do. I 58 Henry Clark, drunx; dismissed. Tbos. m or mar, Bring pisioi in street, do ; fined 9.'0, and ordered to leave the city. Francis N Grassenmyer, disorderly; dismissed. Geo. Rawllngs, fighting; fined 81.56 Dismissed ?Saturday, the case of R. L. Shelley, who was charged with obtaining boarding and lodging at Mrs Flint's, In this city, by false pretences, was taken up for bearing before J tist'ce Rowland After an examination the Justice dismissed the case. Mr. C. H. Muack, who wis charged with receiving Government property, which had been stolen, had a hearing this morning before Justice Waller, and was honorably acquitted, no shadow _S m .i?a i. a a? _? > -? ui pruvi uiHi vrmg eiicura oy ibp examination. Fist ?Tbe alarm of fire about five o'clock yesterday morning w*? caused by the burning of a shed on Eighteenth atreet, near M Ai the Uolon hose carriage wss being drawn to tbe fire the tongue waa anapped off This accident renders the hose entirely useless, ss the company now have no reel In order on which to carry the hose. Focith Wan Station Casta? Before J* it ice Waller John Potts, drunk and disorderly; fined S2 50 G. w. Armor, do; ?ned S5 58 Mary Lynch, disorderly; workhorj* 30 daya Monday?Henry Clark, Vagrant; workhouse 90 days. Mary Lawrence drunk and disorderly; fined S3 91. Thos S),ter, do.; dismissed. Dan'l Stewart, drunk; turned over to the mili ary. _________? AttivtD at C/jter'a wharf (foot of 13* street,) schooners M.'j. Kennedy, Shorten, from Philadelphia. wU n 138 tona of coal for Castleman ?v Bro.; Mo'j'ut PlMnnl lMth>rhnrr mil lem. Tyfc?r, same port^ with 250 ton* of coal for T. J. A. W. M.Gait Fit.*.?A fire occurred In Alexandria on Friday In the northern part of the city, consuming the stable of Mr Samuel Beach. Some outbuilding* took fire, bat the prompt exertlona of the lire department prevented much damage being done. Psbwoimi. ?Mr. Charles A. Dana, late of the New York Tribune, la In town?the guest of the Hon. F. A. Coukllbg. Navy Yard ?The mechanics were paid off on Friday?the pay roll amounting to ??0,000. Amy PKRao* wishing to procure a loan of a few dollar* no natlafactory security, ran (In sr> r>y calling at 456 Lleventb at., between G and H. aplt Doh't -?pt it op* for akothsr day, but rail at once at the "People's Dollar store," No 43-* Pennsylvania avenue, near Fonr-and-a.talf at , ana kcuic lor mr mm ?um 01 one aniiar, on? of the many beauttful article* of jewelry. ailverplatedwar#, &c.,&c. ap U-M,W,F&S*. Mas. R G. ETCHfto* (No 12 Pennaylvania avenue, between Klghth and Ninth Mreeta.) has Jn*t received from the Nortb the largest, finest, and beat stock of Fancy Good*, Enobrolderle% I,area, Bonneta, Hata, Flats. Ribbons, 31!k?, Flowera, and Millinery Good* generally, that *h? baa ever had: to wblcn abe ralla the attention rf the ladles of Washington andGeorgetown apM-Gi Mkasles are proatratlng the Volunteera by hundred*, the hospitals are crowded with the^*r< Soldiers be warned In time. Holloway's fMifa are poaitlvely Infallible in the cure of thla disease, occasional dosea of them will prenerve the health even under the greateat expoaurea. Only 25 centa per Box. 224. Coins, arc.? Tbo?e afflicted with theae tronhleaome thing*, whether hard or soft; a!so thoae troubled with Bunion*, Calloaltien, club and Ingrowing toe-naila, can find great relief and satisfactory benefit by applying to Dr. G,. White, 420 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4X and 6tb aUeeta, Room 7, aecond floor. * isrn rrests ooot>\. We advise all our readers (as rve know thry are obliged to purchase tbe above named goods) to fob brace tbe present opportuo lty ai Mr 11. .1. Hall Intend* to make a cbing> In his buslnew, and will sell hlseitenslve sloc^i of Rubber Oooda at manufacturer's prices, an^, no family should miss this opportunity to supply tbemse'.ve* For Instance, Mr. Hall will ssil Me^n's Rubber Ovarshoes and Bandals for HO cent* per pair, and Ladles' Overs and Sandalx lor tf> cents per pair, aod everything In proportion, for ten days, at the India Rubber Warehouat, No 'Mb PennsyferanJa avenue, between Wth and loth Htreets, Wa<4i.lnj;> ion, It. M. Bp 12-4T A Cab?.?Henry Egan returns bis best than** to the cltizeiui, firemen, marine* and provuut guard for their kind effort* to save hia property at the late disastrous fire of th* ?th Inst. He haii remaned the portion of his stock *avM to No. 479 Ninth street, between D and E, where be can be aeen, and hopes in a short time to be prepared to resume his business, of whteh due notice will be given to his friends and csistomera. apll3t Limb! Limb!! Limb!!!?'The4Ubecriber has?n hand one tbooaatfd barrels of Uie beet wood bu rnt Lime, which can only be bad at his lime kil as, he having dissolved all connection wfth any ot aer place or establishment for the aale cM Llmet <}? meat. ?c., tea wotcn wtu M Mia at 91.iz per barrel. [mi s?-tQ We H. Oomt. All rnum can tnd the best slock of Clothing, Furnishing Good*, Trunks, B?.ta and Caps, at Smith'*, No. 470 Seventh street, near P. fe '47-3m Tub Followiko Tbstimorials are from well know eitlsrns of Washington, and th*ry apea* leader than anything we could say. It la with pleasure we lay them bates a candid and appreciative public Out people are tired of theories. Whea a man la sick he wanH tte Physician who prescribes remedlea that are sure to cure him, and such a person la found la Dr. Tumblety, Indian Herb Doctor. consumption cwbbd m thblast staob. [Sworn to bete* his Honoa the Mayor of Waah* lngtott] Was hi we ton, March 14. '62. XI.. y n*m t ? s* r?u.n. M n . Dear 8li?Supposing iU?st others |affllcted u 1 have been may be benefited by the knowledge and uae of your recaedlea and treatment, 1 am induced "o make the lolloarlng statement: For a long time I have been afflicted with Consumption, aatd to be in the last atage by moat or the Doctors In Washington and the District of Columbia. They all failed to care me. I applied U Or Tomblety, the Indian Herb Doctor. My coughing, spitting blood, pain la cheat, are aU gone, aijd have been far tome tum> v My voice k quite Mstored. 1 feel aa at rang ti ever, and torn baring been reduced to a vkrietou, now weigh one hundred and thirty4wo pounda. Aa 1 experience so taufh benefit from the uae of Dr. 1unblct*'a medicine*, 1 feel aa tfcooah I could not aay enough la their fkvor. 9t4 1,1 feel thankful to God, the author and preserver of aay life that He has guided me to go to Dr. Turnblety, who has cured me. JOSH A. Laird, U. 9. C ftpltol Mayor's Ornci, ? * Wajhiw?ton, Mirch 18,1882.$ On tkla 18tb day of March, 1882, pfuwuiiy appeared before me, Win. T. Dove, Rating Mayor of the city o! Washington, John A. Laird, and made oath to tbe troth of aald statement mh aim Wm- T. Jtovi, feting N?y?r. ' ' I CittUMM'i BxciLatom Dtb fa unrlr*led la th? world. No other Dyeh?? been analysed. No other Dye produces web f*nltleea oalora. No other Dye can t? applied ao rapidly. No other Dye la ao listing In tta eftcte. Nn oth^r Dve imnroTM the textare at the hair. It has been bf Dr. Ckiifn, Chemist to tb? Crotoa Water Board of New York, and certified by him to be aa barmleaa aa C rot on Water. H la certificate may be aeen at the fctabllabment of the proprietor Manufactured by J. CamrstsDoao, 6 Aator House, New York. Sold everywhere, and applied by all Hair Dressers Price SI, SI 60, and S3 per box, according to size. No. fi. CaisTABoao's Haia Pkokkvati vi, la Invaluable with hla Dye, aa It lmparti the utmost softness, the moat beautiful gloaa, aad great vitality to the hair. Price 50 centa, VI, and S* per bottle, according to site. ap 2-eolm Somithtng worth KTfowiwa.?Persons who wlnh to purchase beautiful styles and well made Spring garments rerv cheap, will do well by calling at A. Strau*, fashionable clothier, Pennsylvania avenu% lw-tu'een Tenth tz.il Eleventh streets. Also, cmstantly on band, gent'a furniahlng goods, or every description. 4t UAKRIKJD. On the 9th tn?tant, by Rev W. VV. Williams, W. FRANK' IN OREIGHToN. of Alexandra, Vi,toM?i HARRIET N. VOWELL, daughter of tha lata Thi mw Vowel 1, of same city. On the 9th instant- >>r the Rev Mr- Monroe, JOHN O. KOLB to Mias SARAH O. BLADES, ail of tfcui oity. * DUO. Ir? Washington county, M<J-. on Monday, the 14U? imUnt. Mrs. JANE WOODRUFF, in the 7bSh year of her age The rtl?n*?? and frtan'a ol the family are rlO'otfelly invited to attend h3r fonerai, from her la'e reaidence. aoroan the Kacterr 'Ira ob. on Wedneeday, the 16th inatart. at M ?'t I >oLa im. 11 altimore Sun oopy.1 * On the 13th int., Mr. BERNARD MclilURK, in'he Si'h yoar.of hia age, a natite of the citin'f Tirone, I retand. The meada of the family are invited to attend the fnn?r?), on Tve?day, the lftth inatact, at halfpast S o'olook, ou 27th at., between i and K. * On thelSth inaUC WILLIAM MATTHEWS, in t*e 2"th yer.r of hia a?e. r Hia friends are reageotfaUy invited to attempt hia itinera .mmorrowi iseiaij 'anercoon, ?l liiil a?t 3oxIfHjW.froin hn late residence- 434 F. ec, bttVM'i 9th and loth ate [ Baltimore Son oo*w, ] On the 14th matant, JAMES ALBERT,y moment arn of William F. and Reheooa Cartwricht. Tie f'lenda acd ao^oatttanoea of the family are rer^ectfahy invited to attend hie fnneral, to ino?ro? eve-woe at 4 o'clock, from hia fathet's reei dence No. 30 Montgomery street,Georgetown. ? WANTS. |*7 ANTED?Two LADIES to work at Qraw*? making, 347 D street, between9th and?>th. It* WANTED?A SALESWOMAN, In a first '? olana Faoor Store, on Pa. avenue. N<en?but Ian experienced person need make atp;ioatic?i. Addrete b< ? No 843 oity Poet Offloe. a> 14 ?t A VlilIMn niDI U'TBQtfG ??n nnma tat a /m . ua*?u ? iwu A V/ UO I A1 H A ] i\ nit uaiiun in a tinsII bmiij, is oook, washer.1 and i*nner, c r to do obamberwnrk. Csl at No. 10xi 24 Hi stre?t. between L and M street*. It* WANTED?A BOY, native of Waahmrton, from resp*ct\ble parent*; noce but aaohncnl appl' . B?M references required. At the- Furnishing * tore m Wili^rds' *p 14 8t* WANTED-A FURNISHED ROOM for a gentleman and wife, permanea'-lv, with or without Bo?rd, by Saturday next. Address Box 115 Poet Uffioe. ap 14 3t VVANTED? By a rerpeoUb'e *oun< woman, a Tv SITUATION as oock, washer or i oner in a snail family. Call at Mr. Morris's,on 23d rtreet, between L. and M. It* WANTED-A WOMAN to do the vrork of a mall fam'lv One that oan oom*. well reot mmecded will find a tool home and lib' ral waies, Apptv it >\ . T. POOLE'S Grooery St ore.oorner 1'th ard I ete It* | \\f ANTED?A GIRI. to do general housework i ; W Apply at ALBERT WOODI. EY'S Latle1 j Restaurant, Pa. avenae bjtwien V/ih and 18th I ete..(private door ) ap 13-2t? I I nrivTcn A M i? ? - ? ?*? " ??ui?w " iu ipufi on ? iarm " anu %p?m to milr a f?w oowi. Ampir at the O.-ooer- titore of APPLKBY A K BUCKY, oorMr of Thud and Market tieatp, G torgetown. apJ2 St WAN'tKD lO RKNT-A larjf >brlok HOUSE for a boarding hosts and rMt auraot. Address "P. r.," StarOffioe. ap 11 3t? VV ANTKD-A fir?t olau PHO 7"(iKAPHEK. Apply a'. L C GORDON'S, ^139 Pa.avenue, totweeu Utn ar.d I3tli eta. ap 11 at* WANTED? ?. all COLORED SIBLto take y o?.o of oiii'rtren. Apply a: oOl 14th Rtraet, between r, and D. ? H tf \|7 ANTBL'?A WOMAN to d<? the cookini and ?> general housework for a sit<all faaulr. In ui-0 at ores at 432 Tw.fth at.. between G and H.or ;*ib:ey A Gay*e Hardsrare Sto**e. ap 11 3f 1 r 1 mitl( u ?rn at*i * ova -* ^?* - II ail t r.u avr cuuli?w U1BUWI Ul tVI?r * ai?.1 Meroer FOTATOEs*. Bal tiroore (y>nnt> (trowth. JOHN i lAYNOR, a? 11-St* Corner 21 ?t and G its. YV ANTKD-A tood SERVANT GIRLasoook ib a peasant family ; to oocal immediately. Apply at 17 J B afreet ion lb, ofiosite Smithso mac. M II St* TEAMS WANTED, to haul wood a short distance on th? north border of the oity, where the roaJ is fno?l, an1 a libera1 ?rioe "ill tie p\id. Apply atihsOffioeof D. ROWLAND, No. 432 <~>n K street, seoond door west of th* General Pott Oflioa ap 11 3t* WANTED TO RENT-A pleasantly located COTTAGE or House. fsriiiM?d. with m. firden attached, in the oity of Waahinjion or ita I in metli&te vioiaity for a permanent residence, if I auiie4- Addmaa, atatinz location, terma anJ con- ' v-menoea. -'T. M. W.," Bo* lljg. Poet OMo* Washington. *#11 eo3t* ' WAN TE D TO BUY-A a mill frame or b r ?v HOlTsK, within four rqu&rea of the oo of 14?h street and Pa avenue, for eaah. Ad tr.II "O. 8 P.." at4 p?. avenue. &f | 1^JTM W/ANTKj)?To sell, henceforward, 8<r ' ? fl.r.d haif barrel* of Ale every week; .ur, th! same of Beer, lor tbe Bal timore Brewer . ' JOHN G.\YNOR, Corner of 2lai and G .;, Ordera in the Poat O&od trill be o*t> #or .. J". rn.ano2p.rn. ap7-l??" WANTEuTOKENT-KromM ay let. a ne^lw furniaLejf HOUSE, in a oeutrr ,j faction iraih 10 to 15rooms. Addr?sa Bo* 3 S' u Offioi mhai-tf 9100 ?AGENTS WAN'/KD TO OPKN a IUU. an offloe and Utke tb a whole?fe in every SUta, for all of Lloyd's Great MilitSr spa, sua i<r on' UWVtBMHa Chief. Thi oheapeet maps in tae world. A fortune oan be made on these mafa u. each Stat? 3.000,000 oopiea of ene of mr inapaTiave already b??n sold. Aleo a man to to to Caliternla, England and Cut*. Ag?nta also wauwd ia ever* oounty r.nd in everr regiment in oar army. Send lor circulars. LLOYD mhl tmayl 1C4 Broaiwa>.N?v YorV WANTED?To have every one know that th' ? > T oan find the beat atook of Clothinc, Hate nd Caaa.lt the very lowert ratea, at SMITH'S. \^0. 460 aeventh f oet. below F. fejB-**ra 1*/ANTED?Butlers and Soldiers to know that W tbay can buy CAMP STOVES and TIN WARE oheap of B. J. GREGORY. SHI pltn. avenae. la IS WANTED?Every peraon to know that i am in the market..reedy V? P*T eMh for aJ i artioJn ID ma nouMlur&iabing Una. Thoaa tor Mnt the oity.or having aaurplna, will do wait V . oall. n BU(bH lTY, 4M8?mdU at. MwmdO and H a?l taut aid*,) Dealar in Naw tsd Baooad- hand Furaitgra. no |< t? W 1iAWpURNlVwH^80^^H8^?t>: DINtt, for which wo are pvfrx thahlih?rt *m4 prion. Familiaa daol:a? a? dou?ekaaplujr, ?r having* aorplaa ? i feraitarr w\Xiad U U Hair advantage to glva oa a oaU . J.U-B T inu. - JUiT Raoei*ed? ?er aohaonera Ny# and 8. Downing, S?0 too* B aokland Laxe loe, and daily txpeoung from *joaton? oar*om PrMh Pond loe, tha beat arer be an to thia market. _ L. J. MIDDLETON. ? _ . OAs# owner ltth and P ata. Depot?F.a*b??? Whan, foot ot K etreet WHt: Cater'? .vharf, foot e< 13th at. ae?th. a#Il ?o3T 486 CA?f(fl,gKSKf 486 Card Photograph! in variety,lueiuding oo?iea at Choicf Viotnrea. Alao CARD VlSlTEand OVAL PICT'J RE FKAMK8, the largest aasortaeaL Te It door* above" Odd Fellows' Hal). T"ARTEMU8 WARD" RE Caaaciu otoa lull mmim.4 i.?n ? tur* ( / c. K. IfEOWNV, K#?.vbotUr know* mm

"AKTKMUB wlau," luu cfen. polled t&e m&na*>?r ot tho etiterffciDh<6Qt to luntt tkt mumbtr if tukcts tojbo uauod, In ordor thai oomiort h?U bo secured to Ih6 iadUno0. Tt.oeo v%9 dwln to kitr the irntNt Amonocn HumorUt will Uo well to mow* UoJcou oorlr- (> ?? adyertuemoBt oUewhoro.) M M |fe? ?a1?r?fMd I'omiuT m T on 'U?oirontir? ttock, ouoMjtioc ol 17 very Jioo work and Hoddto Uursoa.l new kifrNi W&fooa, HtraoM, ?:a. Alio. Tin Con*. *lub?, 4nd AthjrHKllnllliiliniali I" < li ? 1 ImUrnmmm* *?i i*M-gsrrw. mkyFNTOS; M?lw O^tLA^DOVyrRR Kir. CO. gfcSHB.SS - I Mf 8 i? 1, MM AMuaaMgyra. U/ASHIN0TON 1HKAT**. I rtoinn htm amv c 8t|bti. i L??? tod Mut|ir Ml. Oliui KtniO. N FlTit In tM? city ?n nin* mn of th? - Stoocd Fnk of CoaMOT ^ Will b? wformMj tk? tliritunc Mr of r M b D K A* Mtdat ~ Miaa A nnetta loo* u Doors o??o M7 o'o'.Mk ; to oonmenoa at I. . Admitwoa C. so and 7} o?ta ?od >1. | FORD S ATHKIIKCM. C Jvn T. Koar Proprietor and Manar*r jj ohh B. WaiaHT Mutfir & THIRD WEEK OFTDWIN FORREST. M R TtiiD VV fN ^FO ^ R k 91' r Will 'MlfMr U 0 K I N 8 Lt A R. WEDNKa^VEVEf.NS^,-."^ Aa Pawo*. <a Senator,) fn tha O tail Woman Piar of DAAlON AND P\Tim _ rmmanm^ia- i WlllauaUin bit world renowned per?ok*tloa of OTHELLO. f FRIDAY KVRNINO. April 1*. k EDWIN FORR&ti'J in a Ureal character. Asmasioif. Dreaa Circle and 7icenta secured State. ? fl Baloonj Seate???? ft < iirottMtrm Scats ~? ?1 t PitTite Boxea(holdtTi; eight)..? fit <j t- trr.il; Clrole ? 26 oeute r Do.>racpeDM7; curtain riaeaats. 1 _ TUESDAY and SATURDAY EVfcNINtt*. d triad bi.U of Kotertai anient wilt be protected. \ CHARLhP E. KURD. Treaaurer. t f^DD FELLOWS' HALU ^ 1 ^ ?>6V*nw JIm IK?f rn*i KJjn im% ( tiBokal Ki'Niit Ltmetwl Mftuacer Th'rJ Work of the Ormrrt Combination of the Stars of Minstrelsy, i Kunkel't Nightingale Opera Troup? J In their Kefioou an4 Aiuuaizg SOIREES VETHlOrE. THIS EVENlfVG THIS EVENING MONSTER CONCERT. { A LA il'L! BITt With a Grand AucmsaUri Oroh^itra. Admission & oents; Rewrved S??t? 51 c?nt?. ay 14 A. CASSEDy, An?nf. ^ illards'jhall: j THIS (MONDAY) EVENING, April 14.1WJ. ?ARTEMUS WARD." _ Thk Lat TUit ?v Charles r. urowne, ua , i ( ARTEMC8 WARP.") ^ entitled THE CHILDREN IN THE WOOD. < will be delivered as above. TiokaU of admiaaion (60 oenta eaoh) can be procured at Philp A Moloncni' Metropolitan Fook tore and at Wiliarda' Hotel. Pa. avenue, and at tbe door on the evening of the Leotnra fU served seat* (35 oeota extra) to be aecurei at Pliilp | A Solomons' onl?. Doora open at 7; Leo tare begire at 8 o'aloclf. It ODD FELLOWS' HALL. NAVY YARD: TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY ani THURSDAY EVENINGS. Apnl II, 1?ard 17, PROF. BENTON WILL LECTURE. '* buhjeot?VooiNia; lllnatrfttrd by man beiutiful Dioraviie Views of noted p!aoea i?the Stit?.and battle Soenea, Ao. L<*ct*je tooommsnoa at 8 o'clock, Admittanoe it oenta. ap!4 ?f l"?ONTlNENTA4. OPERA HOUSE ! ? (LAT* rHILIMIlau.llV UALUl GRAND OP h NINO NIGHT! This boo Hall will bsopened on WEDNESDAY EVENING. April 16, w.th aoompacy ol msleand female performen nne?sal*4hin tr?ir reipective rotes in the United States The ptotierma^oe will ooasist mtinly of nev and attractive Aiu?ia, rooal and instrumental, Burlerqte Operas, and Fafcoy Daaoea. to iilastrste winch many of the nr.aat refined and talented artists in the ooantry have keen engsged. The p roc ram me eaeh eveniKc will be aned and atttaotive fa the highest decree. Admission 25 oente ; geatlrmen unaooompamed by ladiee, to orchestra ohairs Moeiits; oolored gallery 95 oen ts. Doors open at 7 : to oummeooe at 8 o'oiocfc. ap 14 St* CANTERBURY HALL! CANTERBURY HALL ! (Formerly the Washtugton Assembly Rooms,) OPEN EVERY NIG HT, ** ?? ii ".?? Li a it i w 'fin Wnirn. in point of Splendor. Talent a"<l Ke?i>?o'ability! Brilliant and \mm*nu iti&ctss of Ik* MAMMOTH WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORKCOMPANl^. Crowded to it* vtmoct opacity vrith an aodieooe C+UivaKtd, Crxttcal and NtAned. Batabushiof at vnc? the ;&ct that the eerformiooe . AT THK SHt AT f'ANTKRBURY ta the ) *?( In tb? c:hThe artutea are of the FIRST TALSNV IN THL WORLD. In e*i denoe of a COMBINATl ON OF STAR'* Observe this Bnllk^ant List of Names : the *4ual of wbioh oaa be nowhare found in tk World r| Amuiem?tt?. MISS MlldUE FOWLER, MISS JULIA MORTIMER, am. th* Cctm* of Beauty, M1S8 FRANK la wllt. MISh L17Z1K FRANCIS, < MISS YRANK SBCOR. ?' ?-? L'UUl Ml I.KM I "SaigI Hal**r,ulM DlCKPA?lER' | I ? IE? \ \ BARRVJ ?bw? M. OLA??- I 1 ? IP * y S-h?ch ?u th? com - 1 I *"" New 10Of by U?? CAMt'KUI'KV MISMTUKLS the best Ethiopian Trouje in thaeit/ 2 New Ji&iices, Ao., to. n'fiiVSViW;IK???"" AdsuMioa ? oeau; Ornhaatar CfeAira 10 oe&u, Afternoon Evtertaavmtnt For LadlM and Families, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, at * o'elooli, 'Whan a lariih distribution of t?le<fint Pr?Mr.<> < Blade: Rich md CoeLj Jovslry, Book*. Fatoy ArIioJm. Toy?, 8?v>ce Machines. and macniAo-mt Si'lt UrNw. The Sewing Mao tune wa* presented to Mrs. R. R. Morgan on Saturday afternoon?tiokvt Nr. S4M. Admiuion 90 oati; Children ta oaota. ap u \AT THE ( IT ASH1NGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, No. Pa.- Avsdus, l"octh Std*. ' U * * .?<<? Qii ** mm ,i 1(;/1 >r* p l^riivvcw %rin ?ww i"w? 0**. Ev?rr evening a remarkably fine Free Cor ear t, ern^raaing aeieotiona trout the baat olieaio muuc, and the moat Popular Cperaa rend9r?U ia better ?tyle than In any other Amerloan ooaoert ulaon. The celebrated Italian Singer, Suri.or Ahtohio Tibixtinx, Prima Baritone front t&a St. Oario Theater at Naplea, haa be?n engaged and vill ac aiat the entertaicinant of the evening vritn the finest Malodiaa and Songa ever produotd lu thia oity. The gaeet and the publio ire invited, and raiy rely apjn having every oomiort thay deairok In addition to the finect mua o in Wuhicgton. thay vill obtain on oAll fir^m tha attaative atus ltnu daotdadlr the b??et Refreahmenta toe aaie iu the Federal Matrcpolia. Oflioera oon.tantly in attendant)* to keep food order. Concert oomroeneing at 4 p.m _ ap 13-M HENRY Ro^KNVHAL, Proy'r. PATENT OFFICE CURIOfilTObS-CSnld* la Patent*. Catalogue or CnnoaUiM and Government Garden*, at the a tend ia Pa?nt O?o?, Kara Antiquarian Books; Government B*pk?; Doou m?nt? furnlit*e<l; Raitrovl lieport*; Mfntary R?(orta; Bnrat JPaiect Offioa CoporU; Gkiiee Book* furaiihed to Padlara; Military Triala: ^|uit?rt Lave; Army Recu.&tionai Panorama of Ue'OoMt nowinjorar t/xo miiea; many tfceuaanJ Book a. Keoohect ohaa* rant. Large aalee, Jow pkso&AMUX* fegsstff Hall, K etreet, bMTMs 9*u and loth. Clauaa Kl every Taeaday and Friday?aAerooon c.uiJB at S, nine olaaa at 7. boiree evenr Friday (A U. Ayfly a? above. felt tin* BALLS. PARTIES. Jkn. ! THE HIAWATHA J?OY8 IN TI1K PLKLD 1 AGAIN !?T>??# member* of the Hnvi- gX Uia Club take eiMaure la atnounoini to Jn UiBu- mu; irienda and toa pubuo in K*n?r?!.i49A Utt U*r wlli give a |rand Eaeter Ball WuA Franklin Hal Loonier or 5Uh and 1) iu., tn IhoiiPAY fcVKNING. April *i. The meagre o! the Cia>> pledge thauuelvea that neither rouble nor exfenae will be Mrtd to Bike thia Bfjl agreeable to all thoee Who toe or them with tb ?tr it?ei% Haye'a ealebraftnt attlng bead mi oaea enpigefl for rhe o-^oaaion. RefreehmeaU will b* farntabed bj BekaifiiM. Tuikeu fl. C*mrmiMt??J Arramtmuii-WB. GotUrd, Mob't tfioley, t? akmm. a? i?.w.?i* AFTERNOON KNTUlTAlNMKrN T F ft A LAD1E8 All* C fl IU) JLEN-Pfti O F. g* BAR Nh8 wOl ii-re a novel Dancing Mai ool IS be Ken bu iayr ?\e4 etjltor f*?tuonaM edaaaee. Afl*r the exbiti Urn the audietoe will t? ?invited far | . Ji -.vf..v-'3^ * . * ?*?*., | * > . LOST AND FOUND. ?OUND-A turn of MONET, which Um Iomt otn obUin by proving ownership. Aptly to I. 8. SELLERS * CO.. m*it Nitioml hot*. IT |OTI<'E,-Ctm? toth? autxe tber'f fkrin.o? U? \tth day of April. itGS. a small t?aok^??M ffalo COW. with wiuta bally; la rdar;withaaiUfat bar ?lda. Tbaownartf&ak Ud oow aod oalfare r?taast*f1 to ooma tad ?ror? roparty, ?h pay ohMgaa, tad tati har iwai. Kn Ulil AH D PvaaV fTkW (Ka ?1W ? m *W WW * ?* "! v w? VVK V/ I ? |V* inn oeoupied by RICHARD 8. JONES, i ap 1? it* r OST?Foar CtrUSatM of S.ook of the P?m 1 J Ma toil Life Inanranoe <'on.p*u? of Phiiedel- I hie,aa foliowi -No. 116 for tl': No 1,187 for lift; No.;.><8 for 910; No 1.2SH for *lo; all to tit* ?m? of Jaoob Fn*aell. If ant found arplioatu.u nil bo mad* to aaid camyacy for reieau* vf eama. a?l?-3t? JACOB FUS?Kf.L,. r AKEN UP-On the 10th laaUat. a H A ?* I HOKHK, about M hand* htth. Th? o*?? w rqiNtM to coma forward, prove property, pay harjea, aad take bin away. L. COB 1,ENS. ob Ninth at.. ip 11 St* Brtwwn B aad Va. av . laiaad[ OBT?On the loth met, a boat 3 a. m. dropped Lj from the oarriace on Pa. a??., between 7th and 5th etreeta, a ixall CARPET BAG, containing rtiolea of wearinc apparel, aad a ohi d'aeilrer up. marked Willie R. Mnaeey. The fender will a anitaKI. awar/laH he thAMniARt 1TO 'tt ?! mui t i? w ai ? f ' -"w ? ? ?ww J atrrei, or corner of Jack ton pi tec ud Pa. in, ap 11 8t? T*AKF.N UP E9TRAY-A t?uffalow COW. 1 ah ut 6 old; oo;or red and wnit?;gg?yrf| iau a h>ee at ach#J to her tesk. TheSMf iwner will apply at t&e Uoverbjueat yai J. < etreet, n?ar 21?c atreet, prove property, pav har> ei, and take tier away. aptl-tt* R. Johnson. 2Cl\ REWARD?Ran away from tke re?i p?J\J deaoeot the i>adera>cn*4, on Mon- M lay morninc, UUi it>at, atemt lOo'olook.% JS ^EbRO WOMAN, calling her?e!l Jane ofa brigbto j,poroolct,io jearaofa??; 4al nth a ehiUf S yean of age The bo? larkerooicr; the woman ta very plraaitc looking a?r>lreii I a . a Knn? C f* at kick- aiTT K m g\ A r m f liOU IV^BVU IU| ?iMUk 0 1IVI |lllll( ?UU liw vu -? lue oalioo <?ra?a and pain bawl: and haa a liai>anJ b?luncinf to Hon Cltac. B Ca vert I wj'l civa ?y? reward if daiivared to me, 01 ?Hired ao aa to jet bar MRU E. CRAWFORD. aplfllw* No. 9A4 onth?Mtgoruer9th and 1*. (J> 1 (\ REWARD-Btoien aboat 18>* o'o'.ook m., 1 vl thia ipnmim a ni-dium ?l??d trey ?v_ flORt*K, with rorernment liddi* ud 1-.j* blanket; home had no aitoaa oc; a&d larne^*2^ n left foot; branded L\ S. Ho was aiolen from Vnnt nf AirUr'fl RMttnrinf. H at Anv irfr.rrr*.. aon o< uoerninc hi?n will he received at Mr. Higter'a. tapltf) PHILLIP 7,ITTL?? FOB BALE AND RENT. ROOMS TO KENT, on corner of 12ih at-eet and Ma>>aahuaett? averue. Ajp-7 on preauara. ap 14 S-* F<OR RENT-A Cioalr FURNISHED HOUSE. eoLtaiuirj eight roams: three r?u*r?? from the War Detart"?en ;ga* and wat?r in the House Inquire at No. J6 Patent < nflce Ucreep a> M St* A PRIVATE FAMILY, hanog two Furoiabed Roomaoa second floor, with double bnd. a' i able for four ceDt>.nen. would like to rant them. App t at 444 llth at. None but gantlemen r.eed MUr. ??? * FOR RENT-A TENEMENT, enitable for a email mJiiiJf, im very pleasantly eitnaled co tbeHeichtecf g*orgetown, within five minct#*' walk of the Waehicg'"n and Seorgetowa omaibae line Avflf *1 th? office of J. DENT, No. ?S6 Fifteenth Washington. ap 1? 1 w* OR RENT, in the Watt End, to a email family without ohildren, a convenient HOUSfc, plea*aiit:y located, e^nlaininc eight room*, handeomely fnroi*hed; wlih a yard, treea.and ahrnbbery in fror t, and a garden plat in the rear, pn#esetion gieen at cnoe, or May let, if Je?ired. A p ply until tneiotb,? n the premises, 276 H etr^et, noith eide, n?ar 13'h at- ap H Si* FURNISHED ROOMS, with or without Board. Address Box 6 Star Offioe. ap H it* L^OR RENT-A STORE and an adjoining a ROOM, on Bridge atreet, Seorgetowu. For nf^j-mation ?pp!y at 71 Bridge t.-tot,6eorfc*t^wn, FURM9HEU HOUSE FOR RENT NE4K Wi!l?rd?' hcu:; a commodious and weil fur* ciah<4 bribk house, 3 atone* with t Meme t u.d attio. ooLtvmrg 12 r<<oms, briok stable acd woodhouae. with servanta' rooms in seoon4 stoij. Kent fion month id advance. Apply to KS tc MlTH. 470 7th at. ap 18 Si* FOR R.KNT?A furnished four-atcrr BRICK DWKLLlNO.'.n a pleauntand healthful part of the oity, with fine large obambera a;.d p&rlors, hath room supplied with hydrant water, ud gas throughout; a o?rriaee- house and stable attaohed. Thia is a desirable residence for an M. C. or Government employee in either one of the Depart menta. Insire at 375 Eleventh atreet, between K an* L. from S to 6 p. m. ap II For rent oil sALE-sererai country ^EAlS, with honaea luranli'd and unHir tiiahed. ?itii gardena, oroh&rda, a-.U L?ida oi various extent, wetl watered and very healthy ; one of the piaoea f.aa a m*It. To good tenants the ternaa will be low. Adlreaa H. LOlUHOOROU6 H, near Georgetown, D. C. ap 9 3teo* I/UK RKNT?ROOMS aultableforaoowinittee; r aiao, doable and ain*le bed Kooma?314 Fa. avenue, next to Willard a Hotel. ap 8 lw* CUMMER RESIDENCE FOR RENT %von S5 tkf'Qien Ellin Farm," D. C. about IS m.'as mbort Gtor'itovn, (near Mr. Loutkboromt\'t}?A desirable lurniaiied ikiub.e House woli auaded, fine water, fto , with atabling, carriage hoatea, Ao.,Ao. The attention of Membera of the Cabinet. Foreirn Miniaiers. a d gentlemen with family is especially invited to thia advertisement. For examination of the premiaea apply to Uie manager pon the farm (M-. Jamoa O'bnan.) and for further eartionlara add reaa Captain W. A T. MADDUX, U S. M , 1SW0 Spruoe atrect. Philadelphia, I'a. mhSt-lm* FOR BALE-Two firaSclaaa BILLIARD TABLES, n*rble a.abs. and every arrangement oomplete. Tkoae dealing the above will utady their internet by oa;L.ar immediately at the European Hotel, aorner 11th street and Fennayivanta venae. mo 8 tf jsuAUDiwtf. t^URNISHEL) ROOMS TO RENT, with r Board, in a pleaaant looation n?ar ihe Capitol. Trmnaient Boarder* aacomnxlated. Icatrre at aorOffioQt - irhil-tf Educational. M VOCAL MUSIC. IRS BROOKE k.a? tne pl*aeure of annoansinc to ?he pc *?I'o that a elaea in VocaJ Hum is now l-jraiinc at hfr B >ardicf and I)t> -ohcoi lor Vonnf Ladiea. No 1?? PPnnaylvan.a avenue, nnder the direction of ,M<** jvliaha Mat, who will ins?mot in her tut itai.'tn atyie or in the hailsd, as may be preferred by the pupila. For partionltra *nd tenna apply to ap 7-Steo* MISS BROOKE. I\1 1 S S &TW. WEIGHT [t I hat operuwl A SCHOOL FOR YOtiNU LADIES at No. 601 8?vmiTn SmtT. And retpecUuily aaka public patronage, rnh aw-2w* \1 AS8EY, COLLINS h CO.*S ATI pkilaDklfhIa dka ouht ilb. We haveJnat raoaivod a ivpfij ot U.eaM, re Ai?, m \icu mo recommend tobe ofarery aupenor auajIty. Feraona wiahiu* to parqhaae. by mafciac ! iQ+n vat* tuliemon. ?M bo fi>raiah?l. 4JLNY * SHIN If, ca T SaorcatowL ? - ? ? QjmM*flTOWN AilYJSKY'MT8 17VBRV ONE'S INTEREST TO CALL AT H. niilitlltinUlM t QnW'K P- St.-.ra JLi A. VUl* ~ ^ v? w?viV| No. 7 4 ixUU street. G?>rieto?u, Wiere jou can buy FL?t K nh?aper than any other place in the Dietriot? Extra Family 9* P*r barrel; Supurhne at #6. A:?o, Prorvaiona of a'.l kind*. ap 11-St g MCKgKlN 8 LP VE8! Ramibarf Jt El>ert, 106 Hi?K BTIUT, OEOKVETOWN. J), ft 1 WWtfK?HS3 MJTTENj* in the Dletnet. Ofioere' bannLMe iwl? to ordar, Baokakln Diavm and Bfcirta. ja II fiEALED P* 9 ?9?A L8 A rein ritedtlli the 15th V? OIT OI Apru.i^i MV wwv? tt.? Un,tedfc<atM ? & ? ?? *** 0Q0 *** 01 UEKP CATTLE on the boof. Tne Cattle to be delivered at Weening ton city, and eaoh animal to av?ra?? 1 joo round groM weifht; no animal admitted wtuoh veigha leu than 1 TheCatt delivered atauoh times and In eneh enantitiea a* the Government mar require. Cattie will be re^nirad under thi? ooutmirf toon after tne oontraet la eloeed. HeJflen and buLa not "i^bond. with rood and aatiafeetorr eecnrity, Tl l<? TMHirM. ?["w?rnn?nf riurrii to Itealf the right to Hr la r{J5^t7wilt bo entertained whin put ia by oontrfcotor ??rho have jrenoualy foiled to son*!* wl?k their oo. "If*0**- ?r where th? bidder la not preeer.t to reeeon* to tua bid. lad all bida to bo aooonieaniad bytw * faaraatiee. The Bimt 1/7 irwa ahoald bo atatad in fa;!. with the preoiae t of all the m amber a of tha firm. Blda to baa ?*> M^Lot A. Ukck with, C.8. U. 8. A., Waaii^Mton, 1>. C. Ftrai af tfusfcuiu We. > of i*? ooantyof ??. and State of , and . of tha ooaaty of , and Mate of . do hereby guarantee that ia able to falAl a ooatraot ia aooordanee with the terse of hia jroooeiuon, and taat, ahoaid hie propoeittoo bo aooeytod. he willatqaoo enter into a ooatraot in aoeotdoaoe therewith. Shoe Id the eon tract bo ssatsfE rasstfsf^ Ess jiipw" jftife? sw-Slk bAMtr of tir yrofaMion, %nd la fWl j von patent to cs&ss JWtVMHOM* , , " ** I % tt ** i; <j? A .*'* . *,5 j SECOND EDITION. THKBE O'CLOCK, P. M. COrfUHBBSIVUA U UXTIim COHBIUCtt-tK>rt IHIUI. Nokwt, April 14. Pixat* ? After tbf priMB'JttM of tondrr petition. Ac., Mr. Hoerard latrodnced bill la relation to the Courts of the United Siete* la Michigan l!fhi led The reaol niton for aa taqalnr whether further legislation bv Con*r<eae la necnarv to prevent military oflS-ere from arresting and returning fugitive el area. Ac , was taken np, and Mr Crimea addressed the Senate upon It. Hor?i ?Mr Dawee, from the Committee oq Klectlons, reported that F F Lew* la net entitled te a seat aa Representative from Callfarala; ilaclarUa tkftt I a U?<>. Im ..ihl^l >. . ? ' * >uk m i? iHViK'ii i ^ uv? ruuitrv iv fat a* Repreaentatlve from Nrbruka. ud that 9. F. Dally la entitled to tbe ara', Mid aaked to be discharged from the consideration of the eaa* of Joarph 9egar, which ware laid oa the table and ordered to be printed. Mr Price, of Mo., latrodneed a?eoolat1on milInjr on tbe Boeretary of War for any Information be may bare relative to armed banda of troopa from Kan?aa entering tbe *ta*e of Mtaaourl and deatroylng the property of peaceable cltlten*, bnrnln* tbelr dwelllnga and firm bouse*. and ma tllnu nW f hoi r iIavm a an A?mtlnn t n k ? n<4 M^a #?f I'M > H< II MUHWK ?? tbousaadt of dollar*; whether ?uch property has b?n eonfl.cited, and if ?o, under what p-ocrw After an Jneritual rootl.?n to order Ut^prwiwtM question, (feaa SI, nay* 61.) tbe r<^utlon vu referred to tbe Committee on Military AthUi LATE LOCAL yEWS. - Row* in Fishtirw Allkt ?Tfata well known lAiiat.J L' a n<l fl T LI .A iivf, iwairu uriwrr.i r anu u iirri'* ?tii* I U1 'Q and Four and-a-half atreeta. on Ibf Island wm? the acer.e of two row* on Saturday night and yen terday afternoon. On Saturday right a aqnad of the ptOTO?t guard went there to clear out tbc grocery of Wm. Burr*rv. and aa they were about clMlnt the concern the proprietor and a man named Janxa C*llan made their appeal awe and created a row, tn which a number of tbe Inmat^a of the alley paitl> Ipa'ed. The guard, however, aoon quelled the disturbance by taking Buckley and Call-in to the sUtlon house, wher^ they w?e fined ?3.9l each About five o'clock y-stcrdny afternoon toe alley was again In excitement?this t me on account of the doing' of a number rf Idlers a* Mag XVbratley'a. The house bad t>eeu closed up. and four soldiers attempted to enter. hut finding the door* locked, they broke In, by knocking cut the windows and backdoor, and commenced a regular raw with tbe $lrU. Tbe police were noon on tLe pot, and, In attempting to arrrot tbe partle*, cUlcer Werden wn roughly b?ndled by n soldier named Ogden. After considerable trouble, the odicers Living to use their billies, tbe part! ? were taken to tbe Station House, and, after being kept all night, were delivered to the Provost Guard. They belonged to U*-9lst Pennsylvania Regiment, and gave their name* as Sergeant Stewart, 8er?*ant Delavan. George Ogden and A. J. Friend. Th* Caftvskd Sckoc ni Exilt'This lltue crait, which was captured by the rebels near Fertress Monroe last week, belongs to Capt. Bhroeve, of this city. Mr. J. F. Havtnner bad contracted with various sutlers to convey their stores to tb? army near Fortress Monroe, and for tbe purpose had chartered a schooner; but upon packing tbe goods discovered that thav were too bulkv to be stowed In her lie chartered the Kmlly, and stowed tr> her the store* for several sutlers, and dispatched her, with hie brother ii-law, Joseph Cooper, youngest son of Mr Wna Cooper, of this city, to saperlntend their delivery. It Is feared Capt . fchreeve and his two or three em* ployees, * well as young Cooper, havs fallen hit" rebel hands A rumor was circulated vestrr(hy that Messrs Woolford Stane and Tbo? Lewis, who were down at Fortre** Monroe to a schooner belonging to Mr P., bad beea taken The rumor Is probably unfounded The schooner belonging to Mr. Rtone wis chartered by tLo Government as a transport, and we have no account of her capture Diennox or ah Ihvawt.?On Thursday afternoon last, a young asd handsomely dre*srd woman, with a child about six weeks old, went to the Klrkwood House and engaged a room until tbe following day, stall an that was then golne to Ohio, and giving her name a* Mr? Captain Revaneux. On tfce following morning sbe en1 ated the chambermaid to tike rtarge of U-r "darling little bov'' whi'e the went out to do t little shopping. The patient rliimbfms'.d be.J the treasure fur some hour*, but at length got tirr.i of It and Informed the proprietors, who put the babe Into other hand*, hoping that the mother would return too a, but after waiting until Hnturday tuorning for her appearance, gave up ait hopes of ever getting an opportunity ta present a board bill for the c?re of ih? youngster, aud trau* ferred It to good bauds outside of tbe huUi, wh*? will trsln It up in the way it should go. 8ta9S:50 ox Heb Diokitt ?On Satu'dty after noon, a bright mulatto woman named Jura Cat on, was arrested by Patrolman Johnson In Oregon Alley, and taken before Justice Clayton, on the charge or betas drunk and disorderly. On being confronted by a wit new wbo was black u the ace of apadea. Julia waa expioalvelv wrathful, and aaked If the black nigger wji allowed to iwnr againat her, when ?Le (JuMa) wan half whtte and lived with a white man. The Justice fined her $2 59, which ahe immed'.ateiy paid, atatin? that they miaa?d it if they calculated to send her to the workhouae. Wilhox's ?WllaonV Philadelphia Market, In Pennsylvania avenue, Flrat Ward, la Just now reallv one of tk* alghts of the Federal Metropolia In addition to hia uaaai larne supplier of remark ably fine mutton, aprlng lamb, "beef, fowl* of every description? Including capona?and gam-, hit a up pi left of spring resgeiablrs were never be. fare equalled here Among the laltet are toe a*paragua and tomatoes Th* LAT* Carr. TlltTWCHABT, U S A ?Tlb rematna of thla gullant p? er. who wm killed in the battle of Bull Ron on the ?iat of July, It I. paaaed through thla city laat Sunday on the way North to be Interred. ID* Rev George Gordon. who has been roa lord In J:tl In Cleveland lor loag time. reJ .< to except the President's pnrdoo for Ms rflecc#, which wu assisting In the escape of a sieve H? prefers to remain In durance vile because it* rrder of tbe I'residen; states that be haa atoned aufflclently for his office. Principle la evrrythlng with tone folks. C7? Tbe dwelling of Mr George W Burrcfi, residing two and a half miles from ColenvUlr. Montgomery county, Md , wa* entirely destroy 4 by fire on the 3d lust , together with all his bou?-hold furniture. The houae and barn of Mr. Albert Lodge, of the same county, wsi also totally destroyed. IIT Canadian pipera are pleaard to hear that recruiting In the I'nlted State* haa Hopped, and they think there will not be ao many deeertlone from the British army In Canada. ID- The Pope haa Mat S?00 for the rallrf of the dWtrcsG In the west of Ireland. ll_7~ A lead mine ha?beea diacovered In Puck* county, Pa., and a company organized lo work It fljT The ahoe trade of Lynn, Mtu , haa lately Income quite active FfUNlLU.l * CO., OPTICIAN8, 4A Ptni't ?t.. (north aid?.) ML lath axd lftlk -? EYEGLASSES, MAJLlrtE AND FIELD GLASSES, COMPASSES, A*.. H t?ZriYtr*"* eoa*UfitJT ?B hkad. WA?S?KL?S^V. J?al r?x>?:r?KJ C. W. BOTKLL* A SON. M It-tUo 3IS, troa H>11. f ADIES' BLACK SILK L MANTILLAS! BLACK SILK SACQUKtt! JW-aCK BILK COATS! A tall UtortmMl ol i,Khe?'Bn. <k Mi.k vv' ru MAXWELL'S. *? \l-9ttO >9& P??V< M?, 2 000 Bt8Ht:L^0P,ll<Mt)l? iLEO OATS. ' j. p. imloLow. Afieullarfc, Warehouse. H* *WMI> ?f?C. >< (> W |?>. iVMBI. QARDEN sLK^S^ G^ASS'* BE SOS. PEAS. HKANB.4o.l4o., For Ml* by ffiVypLQW. Axtio tar*: Wtrol ou*?. ?>* 8*???<r??. Uiqi Pa. trona*. FA*CAW).'?Et^^^^^"AK BUOMIU) A.CAD*MY, m i ? ~Nia Couill. Pa. Th? 33J MMlOB f*> VHkl > OumstMN Mh M^u T**l ?m> * ? *- ' ? 0Ui*r. tl (ifl.oe. TO fill ft fit TIOUOIN mUnm^ r 'WlJ &j ) ^ w