15 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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/ . ._ __ __ 11 V?. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. TUESDAY, APRIL 15. 1862. IN". 2,851 * * ? THE EVENING STAR It PUBLI9IIED EVER? AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCKFTPD.) AT THE STAR BITII.U1N09, Cantr Ptniijitanii att. and EltttntK strut, IT | w n U'ai l inn rA xy A. A Pspera aerred la packages by carrlera it W ? y*ar or 37 cents per month. To m*ll subscriber! the price 1* f0.50 a year, in adrmte; S3 for tlx mcntha. fi fr.r ibrce month*, and foi leu than three mcntha at the rate of 12 cents a week Single copies, oxk cist; In wrapper?, two chits. AcvEHTii'tMisT" should be sent to the flee before 12 o'clock m ; otherwlee they may Bet appear until the next d<>\ R I BtLACCOl'ITS OF LATA MILITARY MOVEMENTS. iL'L'JrDQ IV nivif m i niiiu iii rxorriciiL litter of ge*. a. s. johbbtoh to president davis. Pecwr. Ala., March 18.1862 ?ATy Pear G'nrrcl: I received the despatches from Richmond, with your private letter from Capt. Wiekiiff*, three days since; but the pressure ??f afpiirs and the necessity of getting my command acro?? the Tennessee, prevented me from sending you an earlier reply. I anticipated all that you have told me as to the censure which the fall of Foci Pmclson drew npon me, and the attacks to which you might be subjected: but it was impossible for m? to gather the facts for a detailed report, or to spare time which was reqaired to extricate the remaicder of luy troop?, and save the 1 1 _ A * f ? - accumulation pi stores ami provisions aficr the*di<heartening disaster. I transmitted the reports of Generals Flojd and I'illow without examining or analyzing the f?cta, and sctroelj with timo to rend tbe?. When about to assume command of thia Department the Government chargcd ine with the duty of deciding the question of occupying Fowling Green. Ky., which involved not only military but political consideration. At the tiin?of my arrival at Nashville, tbe notion of the Legislature i f Kentucky had put an end to the latter by sanctioning the formation of companies menacins Tantieme?, by assuming the cause of th-? Government at Washington, and by abandoning the neutrality it professed; and in cvn:-equenco of their action the occupation of B >w]ing Green became necessary a? an act of felf defense, at least in the first step. About tbe middle of September Gen. Buekner advance-l with a smill force r,f absut I O<>0 men, which was increased by the 15th Oc'fber I in 1 1 UO.I anil thm.rrh ' .. W. , -wvvrivna I'.'IUW HCIC received, it continued at about the same strength until tbo end of November?measles and other diseases keeping down the effective force The enemy's force was thrn reported to the War Department 50.WW), and an advance was impossible. ** * * Believing it to be of the greatest moment to protract the campaign, as the dearth of cotton might bring strength from abroad and discourage the North, and to gain time to strengthen myself by new troops from Tennessee and other States. I magnified my forces to the enemy, but made known my true strength to the Department and tbe Governors of State? The aid given was small. At length when General Beauregard came out in February, he expressel his surpri?e at tbe smallnoss of my force, and was impressed with the danger of my position. I admitted what was so manifest, and laid before him my views for the future, in which he entirely concurrcd, and sent me a m^m-randura of our conference, a copy of which I send yon I determined t3 light for Nuchville at Doneleon and have tbr* best part of my army to do it. retaining only 14 000 men to cover my front, and giving 16 000 to defend D?aeUon The f-jree at D -nelson is stated in General Pillow's report at much Ie?j, and 1 do not doubt the correctness of hi3 statement, for the force a' Bmling Green, wbic'n I supp )?td ? be ! I OO'l effective men dhe report showing only a little over 6rt0 fick in the hospital.) wa? diminished more than 5 000 Vy tho?s who were unable to stand the fatigue cf a march, and ici le ray force, on reaching Nashv:I!e, le?s than 10, DUO. I inclose medical director'* report. Hid I wholly uncovered my front to defend Donel'on, Saell wouiJ have known it, and marched directly on Nisfcvilie. There was only ten f.msll steamers in the Cumberland, in imperfect condition?only three of which were availableat Xa?hvil!e, while the transportation of the wa? great. The evacuation of Bowling Green was imperatively necessary, and was ordered before and executed whiie the ba'tle wag being fought atD?nel?^n. I bad mado every disposition f >r the defence of the fort mi means allowwl. and the troops were among the best of.my f. rre. The Generals, Floyd. Pillow and bockiter, were high in the opinion of officers and m?n for skill and courage, and among the best cf officers of my command. They were popular with the volunteers, and all had aero much serviee. No reinforccmcnt3 were a.<ked. I awaited the event oppoiite Nashville Ths remit of the conflict each day was favorable. At midnight ?>n the lith I received news of a glorious victory?at dawn rf a defeat. My column daring the day and night was thrown over the river?(a battery had been e?iabli?hed b?low the city to secure ihe pass. : VI- -r J-r * .. . hi'- "i uc.tn.'B irom In position, and from the forces advancing from Bowling Green aud ap the Cumberland A rear guard w*s left under Gcu. Floyd to secure the sf^re? and provision.', but did not completely effect the object. Tha people were terrified, and some of the troops were disheartened. The discouragement was spreading, and 1 ordered the command to Murfresboro', where I managed, by a<?>mb!iBg Crittenden's Division and the fugitives from Donels^n, to collcc? an army able to offer battle. The weather was inrlemf-nt. the fl Mnla* y ? ? ?- ? ? -) " ?' ? *UW VilU^a were washed arsiy. but most of the glotes and jrevisions were saTed and conveyed to new depot?. Tkia having been &rcorop!i?hed, tl> u>rh with serious 1 >m, in conformity with iny original derijjo. I marchd southward and cioesed Tennessee at thi* point, so a^ co-operate cr unit? with <??n Beauregard for the defence f the Valley of the Mississippi The pauage i3 almost comp'eted, and th* head ef iny column is already with Gen. Bragg at Corinth. I ti? movement was deemed too hazardous by the mo3t experienced members of my staff, but the object warranted the riek. Tie diihculty oi effecting a j.motion is not wholly overcome, but it appro ached completion Day after to morrow, uul?? the enemy intercept* me, my force will b6 wita Bragg and my army nearly?? thousand ctrenz This mu2tbe aeairoved befor* th? enemy can attain bis object. 1 have given thi? .'ketch, so that you may appreciate the embarrassment which surrounded me in my attempts to avert or remedy the disaster of Fort Donelson, before alluding tc the conduct of the Generals. When the force was detached I was in hopes tbat ?uch disposition would hare been made as would have enabled the forces to defend the fo(t or withdraw without ??crificing the army. lh the 14*h, I ordered Uen Floyd by telegraph "if he lost the fort to get his troops to Nashville.'1 It is possible this miiht L?v? been dose, but justice requires to look'at events i they appeared at the time, and not alone by the iignt of subsequent information. All the facts in relation to the surrender will be transmitted to the Secretary of War as soon as they can be oolleoted, in obedieaoe to his order. It appears from the information received that Geo. Buckoer, being the janior cfficer, took the lead in advising the surrender, and that Gen. Floyd acouie?ced, and thoy ail eoneurred in the belief that their force could not maintain iu position?all concurred that it would require a great sacrifice of life to ex'rieata the command. Sub*:auent events show that the investment *1.1 not ?o complete as their information from their scout* led them to believe. The conferease resulted in the surrender. The command was irregularly transferred, and devolved on the junior General, but not apparently to avoid acy ju<t responsibility, or from any want of personal or moral intrepidity. The blow was UKwt disastrous, and almost without a remedy. I, therefore, in my first report, remained silent. This silence yoa were kind enough to artribnt* to my generosity. I wi l not lay claim to the motive to excuse my oourae. I observed iiler.ce, u it seemed the bo?t way to mit? the cmn and the country. To* feeta were not fully known?discontent prereiled, ni rriticium or condemnation were more like ' Iy to eugment than to cwre the erif I refrained well knowh.jr that beery censure* wvuli fell upon me, but cooviactd that it w*9 batter to endure th?m for th? prwent and defer to a more propitious time an investigation of the condaet of the OeoeraU, for, in tbo meantime, their service* were required and their influence noefal. For these reasons, Generals Floyd and Pillow were assigned to duty, for I still felt confidence in their gallantry, their energy and their devotion to the Confederacy. I have thus recurred to the motives by which I have been governtd, from a deep personal sense of the friendship and confidence you have always shown me, and from the conviction that they have not been withdrawn from me in adversity. A!1 the reports requisite for a full, official investigation have been ordered. General ru.4 ..J I>:ii l..? * i>v;u auu tlllVH ua>? VWO SUSJteSUOil ITOD] command. | Here follow* Home allusions not necessary to an understanding of the main objects of the letter, and a statement of the disposition of the forces in command, which it is not deemr-J necessary to publish ] The letter closes as follows : I hare troubled jou with these dctnils. as I cannot properly eommunicato them by telegraph. The teat of merit in my profession, with the ?eople, is success. It is a hard rule, but I think it right. If I j >in this corps to theforccs of Gen. Beauregard (I confoss a hazardous experiment,) then those who arc now declaiming against me will be without an argument. Your friend, A.S.Johnston. FROM KORTH CAROLINA. tir'tl account of th? nitrations of General Dnrnsid*. The Fayetteville Observer learns from * reliable source that up to the 21st instant Fori Macon had not been attacked, bat that a Yankee regiment was at Shepardsville on the night of the 21st instant. Shepardsville is in Carter county, a boat 1 ( miles from Beaufort and 18 miles from Fort Macon. The enemy have taken possesion of Hwansboro', which is a small port at the end of Bogue fv>nnd, ahout oC miles from Wilmington, and had advanced to Pollockeville, in Jones county. Gen. Rtngoin'f brigade, we learn, is looking after them. O] the strength of our force in that scctnn we a?j Duthinff ft ii hABov?f Ka!ik? ?" '!? ?. s?| Hwvf wviavr vu v*# ??o nju |'iv. Not half a dozen persons had left Beaufort, their means of egre*s having been cut off The Carolina City Hotel had bcrn burnt ly order, it is said, of Col White, the commander at Fort Macon,for what reason wecanr.ot imagine. Fort Macon i? fully provisioned for six months, whieh will serve for eizht or ten months if carefully preserved Ttiera are live North Carolina companias there, having probablj about 300 effective men These companies are Capt. Blount's, from Wilson county; Cflpt. Cogsdell's, (formerly Andrew'#,) from Wayne; Cipt. Fool's and Capt. Manney's, from Carteret, and Cant. tiuyon's, from Newborn. These have no higher officer than a Captain and Cel. White, of the Confederate army, (of Mississippi.) is in command, lie i* n graduate of West Foint, about twenty-eight years of age, and had beoo in the United States army. Um hm. tk. - r V-: 1 uw uuj iuo ic^uvauuu Ul UUiil^ a6 UtftVO ft 1HQD ae ever lived. A number of negroes had run away and gone into Newbern, bul Burnside did not feed tncm and had them delivered up to their owners whenever applied for Six ef them hai been shot by the Yankee sentinels. The enemy's boats went to Washington a few days ago and took quiet po??ef.-ir>n. the troops marched through ttie town and departvithAut * KaI- - ? outrage*. From oar ex-hanges we learn that the Yankees hoisted the United States flag over the Court House, checring it, whilst the people remained perfectly silent. They destroyed a gunboat,and sjoie gun carriages; threatened to hang any negroes that came to their boats, and expressed disappointment ul not finding a Union feeling there. The I ndta Pf??i an the Battle of the ttrr* rlmac and tbe AlenlUr. THE MERRIMAC A!?D THE MONITOR. The London Timer, of the 23.b, rehearses the story of the naval battle in Hampton IloaU4 and thus moralises thereupon : It is clear, however, that neither the Merri mac nor the Monitor ran bo exnetly measured again?', our own productions. It doM not ?| pear, for instance, that either of thrve veMc'; could put to sea or venture far from land; whereas, our own Warrior, as will have beer ecen from Capt. Cochrane's report in our im preuion of yesterday, is fit for antivo service in any pert of the world. Still there arc point of great interest involved ia the comparison B'j'h the American vessels hare sloping :i L? or if the Monitor's side3 are not c^et at an an gle they are 6) low as to effir little mark f'l euu>. The Americans, therefore, eeem to rely nj.?>r the protection obtained br this expedient whereas we have not jet adopted it; and in deed the iron-plate committee of the In.*litu tion of Naval Architects have just dcclarci their conclusion that " angulated side* po.?ac.no real advantage n? compared with the usua upright sides." Yet one objection which wa urged against doping sides has not been sup ported by the experience of the late action, i waa plausibly said that a chip acting like i ram might run over one of thuo low Wrl with the greatest ease; but the Merriuiao du strike the Monitor without any each remit. , Another notable point ia suggested by thi | armaments of the two vessels The Munito had two guns only, but each of these guns wa nearly twice as large as on* ef Ibe Met rimto's , and fhey were worked from a turret. If, (hero fore, two guns proved a match for twelve, i uut have been owing either to their ealibre or to the new mulkml of wnrWin<? tK?m <>n. _ _ _ _ _ _ - ii m p ? </ a *4 p| ?U V UA VI" conclusion, however, admits of no doubt what ever, and it happens to be the most import-in of all. There is an end of wooden ship" for ever, and the Americans are cow recognizing the fact to some purpose In addition to what they have la\ishcd ot iron-clad vessels during the last twelve month they are now preparing to vote $28 OOt) 000, oi upwards of ?5,000,000, more for structures o the same class, and will probably spend oi this objeot, without stint or scruple, in tb< course of a year or two, a sum which no firiti^t Minister would venture to demand. Let ui hope that we may turn their teaching to eooc account, and match them in efficiency, it no in the expensiveness of our proceeding*. (From the London News, March 29 ] In estimating this first fighting experiment ii modem naval wtrfare.it must be borne in mine that the action was not between iron ships at sea, but between and iron wcoden ships in i riv?r an/) i?A? 2 ? ? -1 *?1 ?w?i ?u uvu bui^ '*?" v nijai 43 QSUOU ''i queer-looking machine, also in rivor Tin running down plan, effective aj it was in thii oh against a wooden ship, ooul<l hardly b< adopted by one iron ship of the Warrior clan against another with similar results; the col luion of two fabrioa of sooh immense weigh and unyielding material would, we imagine be a risk on both sides whioh few Captaim would be disposed to ineur. The Warrior has not, accordingly, been fur nished with any kind ef lighting prow, al though, on the other hand, the deienco one the resistaaoe bare, but not of the double pronged description employed by the Morri mao. Running down, however, would be i dlffioult matter at sea, especially if high etetn power and perfect steering ere made tne ea?cn Il.l Ma: ? iW * - uu ijuBimoB, as lut; oiun meviUDij De in al modern hip* of wtx. In the first of th?M qualities the Americai ships concerned ia the Ute engagement wcr< not partiealarlj remarkable, bat the account would lead as to suppose that even the Moni tor machine was capable of being manage* with ease and precision, although aha was no at all intended for a sea boat, and the Merrl mac was onlj not so handy as she was in hei original form u one of the finest frig?te* it the serrioe. * TELEQRAPUIO NEWS. mon noRTHERi ALAII \MA. O'D'ral Mitchell Adraacti U D catir ?n lh* Wul and Stev?ns?i Junction the Cast. Th? followlne important dl*patch w?? rccflTcd by the 8?cre?ary of War yesterday : Nashvii.lk, April 11 ?On 8aturd.iv morning two expeditions were started from HuntsvlMe, Alabama, with tho raptured cars. One tinder > Colonel 8111, of the 33d Obi , went eait to Stevenson, thf junction of the Chattanooga railroad with the Mem phi* and Charleston road, which point they seiied, a force of *2,000 of the en*my retreating without firing a shot. Here thev r.^p( tir?>d five locomotives and a large amount of rolling stock. The oth?r expedition, under Colo1 n?l Turchln, of the 10:h Illinois, went went, and arrived at Decatur In time to eave the railroad bridge, wh'ch whs ist Amies as they approached, i General Mi'ebell now holds about one hundred mil s of the Memphis and Charleston railroad. THERATTLR ATTI TTSBL R <i LAM)1.NG. 8r. I.orts, April 13.?M?J McDonald, of the 1-th Missouri, has arrived here, direct from l'itt*hur(( Landing. He cor.firma the death of A 8. Johnson, and waa told by a prisoner, a lieutenant, i that B'ishrod Johnson, who escaped from Fort Donelson, was also killed. H~ thinks all the ref?ort? about Beauregard being wounded are unliable. An officer in the New Orleans Creole battalion, i who was ?rk->n prisoner, sa^a that Beauregard made a speech on Saturday, the day before the battle, in which he told the'troops that the result was a eure tbint, they could not fall to capture Grant's army and then whipBaell, and thus hold 1 tbelr ratl oads. If they lost the day, he said, they might as well lay down their arms and go home i ne aiory ?i mewrnpc 01 uen. rrentia* la not believed. The greater part of bis brigade were taken prisoners early in the fight of Sunday. The minboata did line work, and probably aaved our jirmv from total disaster on Sunday. The beginning of the fight on that day wn* a total auri prise. m*nv officers and soldiers being overtaken i In their tents, and slaughtered or taken prtaonera. tjen. Smith waa nrt in the fl^ht, but lying sick at Sivnn'iah, not beirg ab'e to get out or bed. The ? * ? id day's ll.;bt was not half as despe1 rate as "he lirst. The rebel* aoon gave way before 1 our froh trorpa. The pursuit was not continued. M jor McDonald thinks our killed w.a at lra?t 1 (xwt and wound'd :) otn. tlesaya 1,101 or 1 fi'W of the r?l? l wounded were left en the Held, and tLiiika their killed amounta to 3,0MI, bent dot the wrmidcd. We did not take more than 500 p:i? on* ra. Mr. McDonald thinks that Keauregard waa not or1/1 h st^nH iif l!or!nth. Knit If nur inert, will ic'.rfat to Mi** A rilvain from Ironton uy Uen. Van I>Jrn i* ?t Pittman'? F< rry, on Current river, nc3r the Mlss -iirl line, with 10^000 or 12.000 men, awaiting reliiforccmcnta I E?C?ri or A PRISONER. I h" Philadelphia Inquirer h*a the followinc from !i* corr' ?pi>iideiit: Cairo, April 13 ?I was taken prisoner H the 1*U battle at Pittsburg Landing, but have succeeded In miking my c*rape from thr enemy. Artinz Brigadier General Feabody and Mejcr I'owril. rf the O.Vh Miisourl vol un teem, with whom I w is breakfasting at tbe time of theauipri??, were both killed Tbe r'.b"ls robbed me if everything except my pantaloon* and boot*. f.n A'bert Sidney Johnston, of Kv , andO- n. Hi: br<>d Johnson, of Tenn , are buth dead i he latter made hts will btfotc dying, Bragg. B auregard and Breckinridge cacapcd. Tljr bit le lasted thirteen and a half beurs on i Sunday, and flight Lours on Monday, when th?; enemy fled. \Vc captured all their cannot cx:ept two er three. Among the bntterica captured la ih< famous Washington Light Artillery, ol New O leana. Louuvillb, Arrll 13 ?Tb^ steamer Minehaba arrived to-day with about *210 wounded from Pittsburg Lauding, whereof one-fourth are rebt la. Later from Europe Portland, April It ?The steamer Norwegian arrived here to night, with Liverpool advices of tbeV!<l lnst The stenmcrs Canada, City or w ash in^ton, and North Amcrica had arrived out. ; *1'be political Intelligence ia unimportant. The question of iron batteries continues to attract attention in Kngiand. The Times says it is understood that an order ia in course of traur.inlation to all dock y-irsis to suspend any further operation* upon wooden ships. The leading Jo jruals continue to urge the necessity far iron fleets. The Alornlng Poat calls attention to the lm1 provemrnts tlie Americana are making ln ordn ? tVi?? rt'i'lirM rf Ihn ahnt thrnu'ii l*ir IV?r? J ? ? * II". 11 Vi^UI VI IU'.' r U"? ?M?U T? II J ^ Monitor being isenrly double that used on i??ard asiv IJrHNh ship of war [ The Urlt'.sh steamer Mar?, from Waterford for Bristol, waa wrecked nenr Mllford duri.ig a gale j and heavy fog, by which tlfty lives were lo*t. ' CommiT.'.wl?Cotton.?Sales of the l.st three days '1 W/0 bales, pricts te.ndrng upward?ir.arket 1 ruiet and unchanged. I'readatuil* dull,and Mill ?i-elininc. Frovislom rjulet but steady. Consols ) 'J0,\ *90 \. __ Affairs In Missouri. St Lopih April II ? Ha rim el Kngler, who was ' banished from the city some time asro l>y General ll.illeck, for f.tt> rnpsing to roslst military author Ily, hug returned to live undisturbed In the eoinniuflity. Boiiler Is (aid to have taken tbc oath of 1 Mle^lanec and Kivets ?very assurance of future , lovnliy to th? eovrrumctit. The rorr?spondence of tbc Missouri Democrat, . d:itrd Rock House Creek, Mo, April 6, j The people In this vicinity are mostly Union, , ttit re Heine but three secesxioaist-i on this road . from CnMvliie to Flat Creek. 1 In eonsequrncc of the uncertainties of tbc fu8 turc and unquiet atat? of the country, but few arc misli)^ preparations to put in their cropa. The t f.trui-. are 1 jid waste and fenr.ea burned up alon^ a the main road, and the Union men arc dlscour3 a;v d The Heeessloni^ts have mrstlvKCC Houth j with tbeir pe-roe*. Some of the Union people huve n'?i only abandoned the iden of making er.-ps. but ar? setting their wanons out. intend a lnq; to forsake oil tnd emigrate to a place of r fafcty. s , The Body of dm. Wallace?The ll?p9rted Ktcupt ai Utn frtnthi l'ntic\ t Cairo. April II.?The body of tij.irral Wallace, killed in the battle of Pittsburg Landing, 3 hai arrived here; also nearly three bundled prisoners. " The tw ce repeated report of the mipe of Gen. c Prentiss from the enemy Is now contradicted. It la 110 doubt untrue. ' ????? > Disaster on the Delaware and Hudson I Cantil " Pcrastom, ra.. April 14.?The dam near Carr bnndale. on the Delaware and Hudson railroad f work*, broke lMf night, sweeping awaya num. 1 bcr of laborers'dw? Ului?s. Nine persons were , drowned. The water filled the mine* In tha 7 ? I ?1? ...1 J; J ~ V J. , viuumv, auu uiu vidu uamagu. Death (1 Omratr JthaioB ( Kentucky. Louisvillk, April 13 ?A wounded rebel officer, from Pittsburg Landing, repoita that the Rebel Provisional Governor Jobnaon, of Ky , waa i killed or. Monday. It bid been previously reported tbit he waa wounded. j The Cbirchti. k Borrow, April 14 ?The churchet have aeidotn been more thronged than on yesterday, and ibo aervicea were mainly in reference to the Prcal. 3 dent'a proclamation for prayer and thankfulness J for the recent victories. 1 i ?????? I 'FIJK SUBSCRIBERS BE1N6 IN RECEIPT 1 1 cf a top?)j of iateat fashionable r>prin* w , 6oodi. they respeotfillr aolioit a call anc >H , thooontinued fa*on of their patror.a and Ik the aablio ?eneral.y. WW l h?y slso n que?t special attention of thsir?*?" - arm? and navy oaatoinera to their tupply of foods in that line, oonsiatirg of Bworda. Beits, shoulder I 2'W KIfSXliSini &&*" u.vi ? . a*uiu0iwnA o- v*v# ? Boooeaaore to H F. txmion A Co., Citisen and Military Taiiota. 1 Notioi.?All person* ladebtad to the late firm of 1 I.oadon A Co , or their ?uooe*?o?a, arc urgently requested to settle the aaane without deity 1 F. J. llttiBBRBKR * CO.. 8voo?*sor* to H. F. I oudcn A Co., mhSl ocSn Cltiien and Military t ailor*. } 7* OY8 TKR8?OYSTERS. V>HE8> I'bAKK Steamed Oyater Saloon. The s mb*orit>< r hiving completed Iiiia ,?v - Steamed UyeUr 8&Tooa, fa now r??dTji% f \ I to tarn' *h to eitiBaae, etiaagera, udV\IJi , tte put lio generally, with Oy*ter? 4 oojked the new * raoea of learning. - The b* t Oi*tera the Maiket o*n *flora wthair yui bo on hfc&d, at the Cheeepeake Sieun Oy *iar , na!oon. No. 403 0 atreet, near Ttli, and ea*l of the

1 O .?>?? t ?4E " * * WM. P. WfiBB, Proprietor, I official* Department ofTtate, ? W A?HiM8Toi?, January 1NQ Tbe Secretary of HtMo will bemfU>r receive J Member* of Con^rcta on bualnin on Saturday*, commencing with Saturday, tbe flrat of n?.-?? * month. Jnn27-tf WILf.lAM H KliVVARD. * ...... T~~ ??????? ) War Dfci'ARTMKNT, * Jiniiii 21, 1^2. " Okdtiid, That the War Department will be t clo?cd Tnrtdayi, Wednesday?, Thursday* end ? Frldaye against all other bualncsi hut that which ^ relates to active military operations in th? field Saturday* wlll.be devoted to the bualneaa of Scnttora and Representative*. Monda,? to the builnesa of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, , Ja 22-tf 8e.-r??tary of War. I'ASktMULK. TRAIN TO MASASS1S. _ . n WAR UrPARTMFXT, ) UJfic* Mil'y Sup't nnd Diuctor l\riilronrig.U.S.> t Washington, Af ril 3, 1*02. ) Until further notice, a pasaenger train will be ' run on Saturday of each week, from Seventh < street and Maryland avenue to Manaaaai, leaving * Washington at 9.30 a. in , arriving at Mana^sa* at 12 m : returning will l.=ave MannBK?? ?? > -m> ?* " __ ? ?? V ? */W 1 m , arriving at Washington at 5 p m. Farefrrtn Washington to Mannas as and return, $3; and a from Alexandria to Manassas and return, S'2 US. I). C McCALU M, t Military Director andSup't Railroads lr. S ( np3-tf [Intelligencer &. Republican.] i - Dr. I. B. 8EKLKV, Jjm M Sols Manufacturer of ti e Cm HARD RUBBKR TRTSr*. fj The ^ vn'/er Hitts $ Gooilyear's I'attnt*. ? jvuoncr h?- m o lor me n&aicfti uuiooi Hernia ^TKISS^ cr Huptu o, ' '' J? C!?rk street, Chicago, Illinois Tina i RU3S ia havine a sncces*, in 'ho <'?r^g i or UrrTtRB> htfore unknown >n ihe y <?1 , Trusse*; uimke ail ct ;<te ev?r ueed in the follow ' in* rr*p?ctsIt will never rust. (the ?pnne heinf Ot>at?'i with llard Kublwr,) Chnfe H< '? nor 1 w:l' rote'ip or r?o*e. ran | ? n?o; in l-atfHr.c.m aiwavs Cl-ati, and eor><l t* n?w l>oe* not j?r* .? or * injur* ItieCotti, nor overstretch and enlarge the ? oper.iot, but conataatlf aota to romerem and ? greatly benefit the wvrst form of Rupture. The ! same Truss can be mv*o \ery stiff or limber a* tJ?#? l oa*e may require. It lia* t-eer. u^ed by over3"f**> * persons 'n l,IJ North-west vithin the past two year*, and hae never bailed to jiv ratisfaot'on ir * cases of tho worst forsn. 'I his Truee is r?w)m mondea an<1 used inprrferen t to all oth'rs, by All prominent Surgeon* ia New York City, Among whom ar^ rrdfiiars Mott, rarkr-r * OArnochaat al-o inthsWoRt by Profa, liraioA d, R?v Freer, of It nsh M?di<5*i Cnllcpe, Froli. N.8. Davis. K. Andr-we, Lmd I'nveimty, Pont. Woloott, of Mi'waufcie, VVm,av<1 Doot. I'cinoe, of .laoifon vilie, I.!, 'i'hi*. Tru*<li** received Mfd&Uover a'! iitLeri id iifi Ui<l it (UMiiile?4 in eve?y rorpect to be a* repr#fent*<T. I'errona wtVirt thin id , atrumei.t nn b?- (itted bj acn^m* mot** Around ??ipi n lino of roptnro. to PR. I. P. SKSbKV, Wa'nifvt.irer arnl l'ropr if tor, <Jiiicaso.nl. I r. ? r.c *4 iSA. I)R. 8h.bL.kV will bo At J. VV. NAIRNV* D;ii? "tn*.rorn?<- of 9th And I*a. Avenue,lor a I* k (Iats. Call a.-.'J examine for jturaoif. ap n-iw^ * PARASOLS AND SUN UMHRKM.AS! ? A most clmicp Ag^r.rta o;if; manr ael vst atjies! t LADIIis' FA KIS RID K1.UVI-S, ,1 All oolora AB?i nz**'. i Willi *11 kin/In r\ f III ? <;??*>.! r.?? ?... ^. uv w V* MJ / vvvua i-'i fc''UCi f*i C liU 1 epvital wnnte. t Our Northern and Eaztera correspondents send us n?w jrpplie* clK.itr. < <lueprioe only, the actual ^ash va'tie, id vfced in p'a n futures PERKY MKO.. I up fl 6t Pa. nvenn* And Ninth it I^OR ran MOUTH of yiuju?w*tons i AND ? FOHT hE.NTON, MISSOURI RIVER. The atearcir EMILIE, J, II Mmt?r, ? will leaw* on or about th? 25th ot JC1 ?. April To pprson? ctasi oasol foii K i In Oregon &nl fh? Territory 1 Washington. this is lbs most dntiralle routs, rarticu trlT to Washing ton i frntorr, harms from Fort H?nton or.ly 150 mi os of l%n<l travel. oyor a , gcd r'-al. lo tho most <!f sirabt? pnrt of the Terri- . tor*. In cor.naotinn -*ith th? Kir.ihe will a very . i.?i ? w?? mimm???? wa? mon iH?uie', WiUCIlWllI IflVJ " heieahout the'/'tri.d?sirn?l to iua from tU'? Voll?>-vr?ton? to tii? l a'is ?l Missouri. For frrtitUt or * pxrHitfi applt on hoard. mn itf-3w . SOLDIERS' FAY. [ HARNDEN'S KXCRKSS WILL FUIt WAR n 8ULDIKRS' RKMIT- 1 TANObtt. " WHITHIIl MONIY OR ALtOTMIXT DRAFT*. To their Fiinilio* at anj piaoa on tne lme? of th?!r Kxpreas at a charge ?f ( TWENTV-FIVE^CKNTS 1 ! or any aum not exceeding Fifty Dollars-(9&< ) I An<l & proportionate additional charge for places reached by o<* mooting I xpre?*es The remittance, whether in tJolJ, Treasury Notes, c A. Draite. should be rnoiosou 11 , an ei.v?kpe and Kecurety ano hari> the i lull addreea, lujiudmg tin t-?arti. t'*>?t Orti^e &i?i ' Slate, o! the person i<> wbom to 10 so t.anltbe amount Wgib!y marked therein Knvlojea lor tL:a purpoee will be ftimisUerf at thin rffio*. Money reoeired to be forwarded at the otii-. e in * Washington, Third street, second door b.-low 4 Pennsylvania avenue. ap I Jm r.. 8 SMITH. Ajent. ^PRING SILKS, a full assortment, figured ani I K? p ain \\ itli our usca! full Rdsrrtm'nt of all t.:e Dry Goods requisites fir the reneral ar.i special vai.t-s of fami'ies iur i>??rtli"rn and Ke stern corretpondrnta send 1 us i e?rsi!p!>li?''1 dai'y. <>ne piVe onir, the sctial cash standa'd va'ue, marked in pain figures; hsure ai purolia?c-r is ' ovei o: a'geu. All- - * ?r IU? ?? a-_J r - - rt it rm vcio sv#i uic ImIOI iui ?rup"MJ IT6d onkrK?. PKH K\ k BHO,, ftp 9 tU Pa. r.va mo a^-d Ninth st i UAH 1? PHOTOGRAPHS \ UIZ 4oO ANDFKAME8. <*0*1 Curd Photographs in varim, including orpine o! > Cheioe PioturM. Also CAK1) VlJ^lTE aud OVAL PICTUnr. I KAMtB, the largest as;crtmert, , from tho test nmiif&otory in the oourrr?. for qmIi, at J. MAllKR ITER'S. 1 No. 4t*tt seventh etre?<, U is g doors above Odd Fellows' liali. OSPKC AL NOflCK. N AM) AKTKK. TUESDAY, APK1L 1, , W3, the trains on th* Daltiraore and Ohio Kailroma c?nint?!ioi? running daily, Sunday* exocpted. mil iota ?i 7 ?: A. .<1 , and coimrotix f at Washington Junotioo witu n ail train for ail part* if the West vis. Patk<-r*burg or Wheeling. i Through tickets sold ana baggage bhe-ke.i WTP 8Miril, 1 M*??r of Tranxportation Baltimore and Ohio i Railroad. ap I dtf 500,000 :'0Ur,DJ I ROUGH TALLOW , f and ' ARMY GREASE 1 WANTED. s for which the hi?heat prioe -will be pail at the Na tion&l Soap and Candle Aorka, Green street and Canal, Georgetown, D. C. i mti ifr-lm C. B- JE%VKLL. Proprietor. * NOTICE. ? " ADAMS' FX TRESS COMPART." ?'hia Company offers to tue *ablleM l'te?uaUe? rantajex*1 for the Safe aca Quick iHspateli of r Heavy Freijhts. Pao^afM, valaablee, Money, A*. Mo., U all part* of the Ualted States. 0 Kx?reeee? to and from tne flortb and Weitda e part from and arrive In Wastutiton trice dally, j All Lxpreeees are w, ?harie of nnrisuid m4 , nlfblt MoRsenier?. All t'ackac** for The B*hiltra cArrieo at "?n zaLF" oar asaal rates. A All 6oods for the so-ealled "Ceafe4erate Statee" I Vnd all Article* - 0?ntrab*M el War ' will be 1 imin. jcsscr tataswi1* as? j ^'^ rvtBStftfPtiraUi t ?^SK25" *?r IK fct?to p??rtJ? J*< Weal IMTI ANU X,N WA?E ?? i ^ * *.w.H.a)?o7fE5. j; DENTISTRY. VI fKBTH " MHVMI8, .%! Do tije iztvzI** and nl'Mw fth? MINERAL PLATE TEETH. at 4 jpu m?l? psreouAlly at hi? o? re .c on Wbh Many r?on? can *p?r tit*** t?nth wsk> so not ??%r <no?r?, ai.d bo ft: ?oa caa w?ar oih#r? rho oAuno? ?-*r t!if**>. P?r?'>ns ca.iiac >tm) O0c9cati [ * aooon.mn at*" nfh any atr'* au>1 pnr*?f Te^'h t!;tr n;v * I in thr*? whuffs f<trlio>i a> arrt wuh thi pm??t ^r.f*t,?i:ocjo?t.dffitror'? t."*t rtcar ?.-oU?vB. tho MINERAL PLATE w>,! t* torsiu.if **riai t*?<l. Koomi in I m? c.ir No. S3* Pa.avess*.b*twa?B lb a?s?t 10th ?U. A ?o,fc'l>? Arch strwi, . i;a?i?< >"* |ii*r 4-ly.Ufl \JEVV ANU IMI'RO VKI) l\ V I.NTU'N > ? AKTlFlCUr. CHbOTLJi^Tl EO*M TEETH. WIT*ott MKTAL P\*T? O? Cmre. DR. P. B Sl3E!?MONI>, 10 Et*?kw*y, .N?e Tor*?"Jf>0 X* inn*, iiltfitn I2tk tn-i 121* ill , H'?r'nnn<m, '?'!? the attentu-n of the ??blio to tue lollowicj d r*?*?tes of tu? imrrov?l I. TUe T?Mh of M* n*narxctnr? tri::ciar*Sf ever coroie nor cii*r.te <x>u>r *>y urn *'l,xy three :.*hter t\*; m.? otr*'-, t. No teetii orrooU n?M oe eztr^rtn-J, t>* rt.fnul ones car ^e ic=*rt*d crer t;;eu. I. fne rocta will b* aitie utS'eaiiTf, m ceT*i *C."6. <. !Vo tei*?or*'? teeth ?re rne'?!. ** pet a*D t>e ;f\?<le in.meJj*t?'*, ttfehy pr*ser*ir,| he r.?tur*i expre??io:i of Use flko?<. w rcl acde he old ?rloin t? froqumitir nuliin.-ed. J- Tu!s W'-r* li*- hec;. fully tMtiu o??r f.?* i??'i many ot me hret ofcem??t? and pby?:eltus of thi? nmntrr. Dr. !*. ha? *Iik> icrsated n ?w,,.e errfectrwstiT* a<?t?. fiilint. w:tn *> ;.?tr>e noit *?>r?it.T* tr*ti \n trs li!)ea Wlt?0?t p%in. and o*n l a?W a? ? p*r Ml, sound iDftth *uy ?ido re?t*. whictt wi.ll Im? Urongh iirstinie. The Mitof ref>'flLc.?? titer;?tc Dr. V. Mott. Dr V>reoni*t Pra?*?sor ?-f Ohei.-'.r.tr?. N. V.; fior ! Bf1!e W??re. of the ?'i?*?rr? rourt^f w??km? . > - ? ? r" * w w * ** * * cr, **j<1 Ji of ?t;.*r* Ca i and *K*n*ino for j.?jrse!f. co t In GAS PITTING, *& TTM *. COVE * CO. ~ * &.K *" i4?ri irltk ru;?u t.lwr m*T L"?N~~f?<" -n th? riiVMBIN#. r*f fHFITr:** cr Ct?r< o> ??n *?.**#;. i- lev na >ra ntii> ml P?, * -. 'f rrt j 1 f fvV -4 h i -n: r'" f?il-rt*' t CH.? tri ?5sr ?4 it*, nff, - vs. - " '"iXyr^-K yy l/H K I X T I K K 8 i ?v Kliti-iri'i" ? *i* 't, i tr-_- ri, 9a fl x tckkf- of rc?'fc ? Nr* !> ? . - - an-* ci Ed linmh, evpermr in *?jle to *ntlhfi hsr-t-.'Vf? fnfv; m this ni&rket. \> ? iu*>tc citiicx'* j ?? nil Ar,.I 'itfin* o.r ttcosc cf <?*? *i"T W ttti '1** jt*a. Jw.it.i (w.nW?t tiitt w? U?T? ti? IV ?.reU?si et?H'k iu Wukisttoa, A'l W'M k :a tb"*t o?? Tir.f ri' t>* f-rrr' T ?>* > KVKK1 t M*CKil. soldibm8* monet A.*?D allot ml nt drafts. THK AIMM8 FXl'KP^ COMPANY VSLL. t'OIlV.AKU * MUtRs' RJIMIT TANCE3 ro tuCU l'ftiiri i - *! a: f n;^c i >:: IM HUM cI tii6?r I- xpr*** &i a ctifcrr ? <*[ TW1SNTT-FIVK Cl'NTS I on a.ny sen s ?t HflKKDiKa lirrT Dollars; ^li-l & prn^?)ri???nate vl litioc%l r|i?rti? tv? pao;? r?V?l:P?l J:j ".en- -c.jrs Th?? remitMne". whether So'4, Tro%?nrf N< ?*?. ir |}raf??, |>e nneina'Vl II An nn p i.<p? ?r.?l Accmelt rn?i ha . Urn fail v* r'"" (inciudini: town. I'or.l ?rti-*?.^ -it sn<! u?tlK(lh"MrsMftii<i rum'*" ? ? f lit* ! > rliom 'o be a*wt, an t ti:0 anv'iiit j n.a ieil h?r??in. Knvflcpes for this purpos* nt!*y bs h\4 &i otr T f&ai'i^al? jiroinft <! trery tf e chars* for re nittinn* efcou!<f l?e p^p.vl m'i ?* lm KX PR IIS.* C<>MI'ANY. OKAU Willi W! CI?!?N AN L? ACT WITH t\ I'RKCAUflOM! DR. M.VKLLNVS I'KIVATK ll<?SPITAL. a tit? K?<lw(U B'f ok, orj?o*ite tf?? w?nwkl l'o*t ?nd I'M?fit OiEo*, KOvHI up SUL;rS. oorter o17tii And F ei? , \Vashi3*:or, O. ?staH?rh<?<l for tha f-nppra*:!?!! nf ({iiaekery The Ou'y Krgul?r Pi>ysi?M<ui Advertising. I>r. M. Vellny'a lorg experience in horpitai prxc ip* *?rr?t? h?m in *a?iog that he can o<tr?a'l el' a private nature, or he *i'i torloit U.S iur: "f fivo ludrii ioUllfc Call v.'i him. No charge f ?r cn5*iitat">n. \ ;Trf?rt and rvlic a! cure ?*rf"C?ed froa; ?>ne fo f<?ur it < nr ^ '*"* XIKSJ. EATON, Tl PL? H*? rfmnvrl from 4*4 "i>Lt!l t'reci ! ? 4?>'? 1 trrpt. Iietwc?n 8th Afc'i f'lli, ?'iuth P T. i*tor*? d'???cilUiii< r;i e >? *tr? > i?iti IHm' [NTUE8T1M0 PUB TUL COMMUNITY L* A'l' LARGE We 8'# now r'tM?ivme II K A P Y-M A D F. JLOTHING i the ia'.eet uepuix three tirt.** n re << from our inf.nu'ntftnrir:? cmbh?i. M.ent id wen]f?rfctMt"ma>tinc low fuoc* J?AR A tfKO., mh 12 lm* f-o-ner I* *u?i 7th ?trp?ft. CUR E- CORNS?BUNIONS. \f R ri'.KUHlAT, CHiroporiiat, fro? .* 1 l-ft*lo infotm JOU t.\M !. > c-. i a|| -<?( It rp<iio?? (.'wai ?V4 I!aui?Ti* ?r ittw^ut f>u:, ?? u*t tiie ?hoe c* i b<? worn imipr>litteli liner the >t?rauon. wifnont inoon\eni.-::c*. Ai?o reirov? iVaria tud otl??; tuperHuua? flfjili froiii t..o 1.- , > tl.&L tt.cj will :r?~\t u.il! *vi d-'icsitrt. Nt>. It .tAl 1 A? r <"**?- ?? '! '''* *?- " 1 ~ /a v?t uwai WIIJ 14 i?it( ?? k? (,"0 'il??Utir6ir? J^jT Ref?r? to the doctors ol VYwan ct->n coner>!.r mh 6 tf L"OK ARMY AN i? NAVY :-J N.-Navy liiaft L KiM.r.Pl ,\.]o'.i,? ivsU Arm? Ulte Flaknflt, (I'olb*. ri.?I ?'?* :?? 1 i!i?? proper qu*lite? Chat w.li hoiJ th? o.Vor.) A'to oar tisuAl M.;p e *uck cf a i olh*r kiLiln of Dry Oocd?, t.ir ,&u li*? *n l tottwk?*p*ra. ('UA prion cntr. rrn.< k.vi ia?Uiin?l L furor, Au rx*:ni'.&li<'U 11-l.OK impliO< no rUifMi's to >urrh*r.p, J'KKKk ft ?IV| *p 9 <t P??nn. nvm.i" nrni N:nth ?t. ROAMS' tll'RUS? COMPANY. NOTICE Ot KEKOTIL, T!if? deliver* clfcsof this f?!<??*nr l?reT?tT*fl rcmThi'-d to th? i*:*e d*f?t on U w??w?*?n id M ?t?. d* >' ( ' I ADiKS' RluDFK L'OOTS IJ AND PHOKJ, Alt aisea, it J. n. FUDNEVS, nai !*<?nn aven.-e, bivok of Ct?<ott*? 1)tt G<*kta Star?. \1 KN'S Kl'BDEH BOOTS ?i AND3HOKH. At J. ti FOtTMY1^ " f? 11 tf 3H4 Pen", nr.. lift Hoom. L^O" !*M K-? pair rf ypr? h.<nd?ome light hay f 0\HKIA?K H'?R8K8-bf iov*i t=> r ^ _ > ? th? tneit in tha D;str ot? br??i in New i ,T* lAiiipshire, 6 ard 7 jeata Cau Im >7 *FP'*>nt at the Na^al St< r?, Nav* Vivrd, rV?iluc;toi;, I). O., between Ui? hour* or U n, ,n?l S i>. tnh a* 1m* ^i LK DHKS*k?* I OR (UK PKKSKM ANI) ~ A PI'ROACH INS t F A SON. A m">?t o:.o;co assortment, at our proverl'iallj o* price*. Ose ?rioa only, th? actual cub tt&nda'<l raiur, iyute<l iu plain fisur-??. PERRY A. BROTHER, mU 38 tr Pa, avrcto > r,<l Ninth et F? BALMORAL BOOT*. 13TOAT Tippou eo.s lit ruoial *1 K< Jalf Kid do Co do J; ??> Uo*e Calf do ?2 K1 Also, ail Other *17161 of Ladif* a.-d Miete*" ialmOTal Uoota.the chc&BMt ami b*et apsorttuci.t ntheoity. J. KOt>ENTH?L, hn. 1C Market 3pace, laTeo Fenn. avenge, befeec 8;h and iU. rJUST P'JBLfSHED, HE New Ucion Gsmeof r ec<jii">n,or PketehM f the Rebellion; in it the thing for thefimtlr orle, or to ?end >o the Union eo d?er. Pubiirhrd tj UHI V. CHAKLION, Philadelphia- acd for ajet.y JOS riHlcLINUTON. mh 19-e<anri <)j ?t- acd Pa. avenue. ^OYSTERS?OVB fEKi ' (uUf OYSTERS of the l<e?t <uahtf can bo ^giSy ? ? had lieeh ever? an*, at the ? )ld Oyater Ktand.Nc. &0'J MiAlh ct.eet, l~t?t-n I And AVAR*** mMtMm*"" AVHKSt m % TAKK NOTICE! LL Doyt, from th? a*a of 3 7*ar?nf,c*a row o fitted out with tut? and ?onnnmT at BAK * iiJLQ.f* Fwtiionabie Clothing uhment, mh 84-1 m* ?-ornT E ?ud ^aveaUt au. w wmwe ea?W? g #ra )RaWEKS, whioh will bo sold at raaaoatbto flo*. BAM'L W. THOMPSON, IT# P?bb. avona*. <? H tf andar Hfuwt t ?AL?. ^ " Coujuh.t on Ubd-Ullmn j. iT t*# Pe"*?r Jivkot (i U-la* ** * i THE WEEKLY STAR. ThJ? ?*reIU n? Ftn.l!r Je*t?*i oo? U!nlnj a Rmttr vorlriy ( rr.?i r* tb?n can be t 'ar.d In any other?la pseliab^i Friday morning. T?ax??Ca:k. < mdwmmtt Pingie copy, per uuaui..... 31 00 F'tp roplci 4 7S Ten copies | ou Twenty f re crp'.ca *0 (JO It Invariably coi.taln* th?" " Washington Newt" that Lai made T\* Dsify Errmnc Sf?? circulate o generally throughout the country. Ijy* Single copies (in wr?pp?ra) can bo pro enred at tte counter, immediately ?ru* the ia? m of tb* paper. Price?TURKS CENTS. 340 rillNkYLVANIA AVKNDB. C111LE DUPRE. ? J*-? R ce';?<*d ro4 (ipfirt. A Itt^e and id'., im orfc cf i k l?? FAMILY GROCERIES, c?3?'.-tlra cl: BL'tiARS, ol illinlei, TEAS, COt Fhb, SVTTkR, LARD, VlilUI. PAILLAKiT* CHOCOLATE, &(.. if , Ac. Ail of vrLlch be offers ai lowest catii prlc.w, riHK'S CELLitRATKD WHIHKltS. 5C?! bsirelf Magnolia, iNirrrl. X\X, 5??0 barrel* M!U< KT* MHHflhlU, <k*i b.*rr< U fin<* Old K ivW Wrrria Inc Old H<>oiW>?. A 4 t Ji?(, iA .Tiirj f/(/r*S. AU tap favorite fcrnnd* of CHAMPAGNE, M imir. Vertc-ay, Gk-pij *cai, Hrldil^k. wt'.cti, brlag bengal Inw, wc ofej et unarikUf low r*tc?. A'*", S?ui Agt nt lor PULL'S AHMY i*OKDSAL? f-b U'.f PniVATB, P R I V A T H. X* n IV A T MJ. PK. r,A BONTA r?U!Pvs<J P<K-n> No f. r?? tii? hand** Chronifl* ' fh )*. in \V*?binft.>n Boillmi, I't ??er.??. oort^rof ?:ti ?'! ? ?. i? row ie*i? i?o?i"il l)kf??i'n M'nutn wuboat tho e** ofor ?<i?e?,"ti? Ora&sft ftcy km<i. ?ud HA in'O'If -r?e with ? UAuhi C?tlO~t? hRTICl tlrv-lcJ r"T *tJ" ? liiu* t? lit* tU-lf And rt|r? of I'r cv? ?'f u-tl? ?**? *nd to CUronio * e?-it.',r,a ?< t)i? Womb. Livor, K i!r.PT*. Ktui ivit. 4 e. end ci#ou*?ir c in ;t?? ?'h> ??Hn ih in* N?w V>?ik Cit? fl >?p;ts.!e. nnW I' -if* <*hiltu? ?? *! r*'lc. viian 1 m*??t ifft' Oiilf r?f'*r. 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