16 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

16 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVKN1NG STAR. WASHINGTON CITT: U I.IM SOAY APRIL 16, 1?63 matter on crerfpage. Se? potalJ. m I _A - - A? 1^1 _ * .* AA.. ?iue iur in'rrr^'irg teiegrapmc ana cmer master >plrti ?l **? "turning Pr??i. The I*t$Uigenctt 1* occupied with new* de tills to-day. Th? htp*Hir?n cumnipnts upon the rlew* of Senator IItrr;on the Coiifi'rattnn Mil; and argue* that Congrtsa cannot "po??lhiy adjourn without passing acme measure for tne confiscation of property of per?lstent Rebels." I^l?l OUR MILITARY BUDGET. ? !*AVT TARE. The Wyandank Is lying at tbe wharf, having her machinery overhauled The Con: de I.ion V a a inal r n m a aM r\0 I Va ttraf a ka* V. i*T1 V ? U09 JU3I .u iur vu VI I U. najB, ? LCH IJr4 uuu ua? been put In complete order. Sbe has bad a new wbeeihouae put on. and thla morning the nc# Brooke ack wan being put In place. The LeMIe la being painted, and la having new boilers put In. A number of other boata are also belnr repalred. The carpenters, under Maater Carpenter Talbotr, are bually engaged In getting out the frame work for an experimental Iron-clad battery which hae been designed by Constructor Pook at the ins'ance of Capt. Dahlgren. The battery will consift of heavy timbers, eighteen Inches square, firmly braced together, which will be covered with wrought Iron plates four and a half Inches thick. It will be erected about 2W) yarda from the abore. and when flnlahed It* qualities will be fully tested by the heavy guns lu the battery on the wharf. THI GALKXA. Richmond is sorely troubled over the prospect of the sp?edy app?a ranee of the new United State* iron-e'ed bteaic^hlp Galena In Hampton Read* Taere apjiear* to be no help for Richmond In the emergency. The cewsp per men there mow a >hrevd mprtMion on their mind* that while thr Monitor may be " holding'' theMerrimac "as in a vlre,'' the Galena will aoon be steaming up river almost within ahelling distance of Richmond. The proapect for the realization of this lmpre*aion of 'heir* may pouibly be nearer a realization than they imagine. LATEST FROM GK!t. 1A!?S' ARMY. The following dispatch reached na this fore noon: Kdkmu'bo, Va , April IS.?Our salute firing to-dav earned conMcrnatlon among the rebel*, who, unaware of the occasion of it, approached In tome force, firing a few shells from en Armstrong gun, one ef which fell among a camb-r in c-utnp playing at carJs. but did not explode, and did no harm Several regiments were drawn in lint. as for an advance; but all was quiet again btfere night. KOMIlf4T!r"tS COJirtlMfP The ??nate, In Executive session jfiterdajr, corfirmed the Sol! owing Dominations: Governor K. I*. Morgan, of New York, to be Mtjor General J he nominations of the following Ur!galicrGetierals, were also ccpflrmed C-?rl J*hu.j; Col. Nathan Kiaibs)!, e-f the Indiana Volunteer*. Paym ster Beniamln Alvord, of ?he United States Aimy; Cap'. George L HarUufl. of the AdjutantGeneral's Department; Win 8. Smith, of Ohio; Co! Chas. L>ev?r.* and Rnfun Sexton. both of Massachusetts; Co! Janr.es if Van Allen, of the Ttk:rd New York Cavalry Kegimti I, Napckon 1> B iford, of Illin^Si Amos ferry, ct Hhcde I-had, ?u confirmed as Consul to Turin. Later Iram !*twb?rn ARRIVAL or THIt tlliMII MBIM BLffe?SII6S rr ?OSI MACON ? HEALTH ur TUB THOOld GOOD Tbe U. S. tranaport Jeraey Blue, Captain Jackson, arrived al New York yesterday from Newborn, vrbtoce she tailed on tbe 11th and from Hii?era? Inlet on tbe 13tb Tbere bad been jir'.hln^ new at Newbern. Preparation! were being made for the sl?;jc of Fcrt Macon, getting heavy guns Into petition Tbe bridge ever the river Neuse had been iinlsbed. The transport Albany would sail for New York ?. & tLe lwh, with *5G Confederate prisoner}, taken &t NfWbttS. The health of the troops continued gooi, and bu' few cases of fever and ague bad been known HotLtR" CAPxrmED- ? Commander Hollins, L*s "6r?at Gun" of the Rebel navy, has been captured by cur fcrcea. The }*t. Louis At>/?*'??mx cf the 12th iastant, says ?"It is not yet been s'attd. we bellrve, that Commodore Hollins, of rsin' 'turtle' notoriety, was captured la the gen?rai rout at Wand No 10; but such in the fact. He la now a prisoner The Commodore nmil? a present of a handsome squirrel gun to Mrj?r t?pcvd Duller, general Tope'* Adjutant General, thinking. no doubt. that for serr.e time, at least, he would have no use for ?uch a weapon. He may b? eipec'cd here In a day or two " I Postal V ATT***-?Utah Is not, onder "fflclal rpn?tractlon, on the P?dtlc cos#1; theref-:re, letters from the J as* to and from that Territory , ar* charitable witb the three cent rate of poatag" 1 nnl* The PoptOif.^e Department now supplies mail* *e Waterfoid and Lersburc, Va , from the Point cf Rwki, Md .and has re-established post offices at both these towns. Banks' division Is supplied with mails by military messenger. Kisakcial.? New York papers of \e?tcrday report a revival ?f the stock market on the announcein* nt of the surrender of Fort Pulaski. Prices are % a * per cent, better Governments arc steady. The 6'? of lb-l close at K> \ a l<? ^ The 7 CO notes a-e net to be tad under par. Border State bonds have Improved 5, a 1 per cect. Tennessets rose toiSafSy, Missourla to 4PK Gold continue* dull?quoted at 101 \ a 10! . Eicha"pe on Lcndcn steadier. with c.:*?'derab'.e busintaa at U'i \. ???? ? ?? ?- _ J^^Tbe Wheeling daily ?lve* an acc< jot of a ?gbt bttween Senator Cafi'ln and U. Is ?1 iiaba! Norton, on Saturday la?t, in that city Tbe twc d:stlobul?hed gentlemen clinched and proceeded to "trlke and wool one another for ate ?! two consecutive minutes, when gtn- j t:en?en Interfered dud they were separated The ea?<e of the light was certain language and cecuntloM u?ed In letters which bad paxed between thm. ii una j ?~7" Tbe drat branch of the Baltlmoreclty council tv adapted a re?olntlon Inviting a display c| tbe National fl?g, from the bousetooa and ?hio. m ?- r fir;- rf Baltimore, on the 19th of April, a* a nunl. featstlon of ?ratltude for deliverance fr>m the danger* which ancompaafed tha* city on the 19tU cf April, ML The filttki'i Landing Battle* bXEAT airierATIO.IS. Gen B^uregard telegraphed Sunday night: \Vc tht? morning attacked the enemy in a atror; poattir-n lu front of Plttaburg, and after a aevrre battle of ten boura, thank* to the Almighty, r1 mil m tempi*!* t ktary, drtttng the tntmy fj?m rrsiy jciUioii " From the telegraph from hla camp: " Ni*ht ?The rnemy are In full retreat and thr ConW'.itrt 1b hot pursuit. I write from .*.v . Arm on r racnu paper. Lar*e I n ju.fccra of Federal prlaoner* have already been t* k-1?, and we esprct to capture the greater part i.l ?he Federal army W* art drirmg tktm back on tkt ftvtr, im-( fka'.l kill it cmjitur* tk* cut it* ?r<njr " ri-'rom the Richmond Whlir, cf 1 u<*aday] ' I' may wf'ly be concluded that. after the las u vt Mauaaaa-. tfot which wc do not charge V.ri wi'h the r??po:i?lb;iltiea) lien Beauregard v .-:f* *.??*? itioty 10 atlnttamaUt tunst^umcet ti jTtjix an-i alraxtagt 6 BIAT KITKCTAtlOilf DIS4rPOISlED. Corinth, Tueaday, April 8, 19?*. To lU StcriMm ?/ Wmr. - Wc Lave r.td a gr-at and glorious victory. Elgatta ten thousand prl?or.sr? and thirty-six | plete* of cacnon Bueli reinforced Gr?m. and tr? T-.tifd to oar t*lr> nekmtnts *i Cvrifik, wnlcli we cia koid. Loos heavy ra botb sides. llARHilfi And this " retiring back" la the complete vtcto y," the "driving back oa tb? river the Federal trr:. ." aad tb??? Milling or capturing the entire */3>y." LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAM. ? STILL ANOTHER BATTLE! Commodore Foote Commences the Bierje of Fort Fillow! A Pf? lrt i M Tllllfr ^ a-v uatL:c jji i ?i^viv? The following di -p!*t? h revhe1* the Nary De. partmrnt laat Might: Caibo, III. April I The flotilla has hern with*n three quarter* <f a mile of Fort Pillow, and Ihen, returning, took tij> a pn?lt!on twomilea farther up. The Rebel ?unbojt? ear aped below (he Fort. Ten mor?ar boata were In position, and had opened fire. Thiala opto a;x o'clock laat evening Gen Pone'* command occupying the Arkuai aide of the river. LITEST FROM OLI> POINT. The Frcnch Minister Visits Norfolk. All Quiet at Fortress Monroe. A Rebel Rumor that General Baell is Killed. Ualtiv>Bs. April l<>, (from Fortress Monroe April to) ?Tbc Fiencb Minister at Washington, M. Mercier, arrived bere from Annapolis thin morning. He wa.? saluted by the French steamer G amend 1; and subsequently, on landing to pay a visit to Gen. Wool, be received a salute from the water battery cf Fortress Monroe. This afternoon the Gasnendi steamed up to Norfolk,with M. Mercier on board. The steamboa\ Nelly Biker, rapt. Colden, formerly plying bctwcn Boston and Nahant, ha* been placed upon the line between th'.? place and Ship Point. She will make daily trips each way with the mal!? and passengea. The Union aud Lincola guns were cach fired to-day to try their range. The ?bot from the former fell a short distance of!' tfewall'i Point. A flag of truce from Norfolk to-day brought down two l-die?, and also the sword of the captain of the French war vessel Prony, which, it will be recollected, wai wrecked on the North Carolina coast some lime since. A rumor was current in Norfolk that General Buell had been killed in the bcttle of PltUburg f .snrl t nrr !YEWS FACILITIE8 TO 6ECES1I PAPERS H\LT!MoRg, A prII !?> ?The notorious ?ece?lon print, the Maryland Newi ifbeet, publlabea tbU morning qrlte b- n*! fully three columns of Southe'n r.ewi, which Is tsken from the Richmond Pispatrh ni.d Kx*ir.lncr vl Ihr Mb, 8?b and 10th ln t . and th?- Noif >lk v B?ok of tbc 10th, recetvd in tbia city yeate'diy; whether by the undfr?rot:.'.d ral'r^-dor by some V'Hal facility enjoyed through the m?Jiiirn of the government etc iniboat line to Old Point 1j not utated. phi? i' t r ?r t*?* ?? ? i nr. *.\i unr. ur rirni n l.A^KI. Fort IMljfk). the < h:rl of the entranrp of th h arbor of t- >van?rih, '.r, hat been taken by th? comb' i"d Fc lernl '.and < n.l naval forces, whl< *i I fill preparing tor the d'monstratinn for r.nne m nth? Th'* Intelligence of the eve.nl to received southern ?->arc?,?. and ! very tD' a^r"", P't Bt.itt!'; when tfco nttiflr vrai enrpm ti' rt, b-.it r?port; ; : 'h i' the bpmliardment and r ^iininad" wa* vcv ? :;vvoiu. many sho lis fall In,; within th?- fort, aud th*st tb>? walls were breached bv th?' ?<>lid ?lu't Pit fort was unconditionally inrrrcdrrfd on Friday-the 11th Inst The casualties of the Confederate are rt ported as only f ar wonr ded ar.d n' lie kl'led. which may prove correct, an the {prison was small, tnd well protected by th? u?>mb proof r.-sfiriatf* Foit Fa! ski !s sltua'.ed on Oockspur Island, four: en m'.lfs from Sava nnah, at the mouth el the Savannah river, aid None of the largest and beak batlt works on the ^outbern coast. r.o?t In^ nearly a million dollar* It i? of & pentagonal form, ccvertr.^ ?eversl arr< s, with walla forty feet tigb, presenting two facta to the >ea approach, w\tt> ranges of fire radiating at oppoaite angles. TLe fort is em>>re?ured on the front and on one channel aide fcr one row of gnna under bcnah-proof ca?eso .'<??. with an additional tier of {. ura <?n barbette, In ai! one hundred and tlfty, and room for the ancommodatten of a garriaon of eight hundred ir.^n fnlaskl was ?e!z?*d by the 8'ale authoritlea of OeorK a on the '2d of January, 13<J1, b?-f^re thst State had adopted an ordinance of receiwlon. At tbc time of ita seizure tDe work wns garri?oncd by a few Federal tr< opa, and wbs in a vefy IneiflI ,J1U? ' ? ? * vwwrm cviraiiiofl. ciocc lufii icc UOtllCQCrHlCi put It tn a thorough atate of repair The Federal land and navil forc?b operating asjvnst the fort are respc t vely : nder the cominir.d of Gen. Ilun'er and C ni Dupont. othkr vurzMct.e or savaxsah. Fort Wayne drfer.ds SiVtnnah on ttie eaa and Fort Jsck*or.at Five Fathom Hoi#* Strong earthwork* b'vf also li- rn thrown up alocg the river, | or the lfianda. ami o.i the west ar.d eouth of the city, which waa thus, until lately,considered impregnable. Fort Jackson is situated fojjrini lea from Savannah. on a aite near the b**nd of theSavannr.h river It la a smail work and on a low m?r*h, hut command* important p< i;iia on th- channel and the interior line of fort 1 Beat Ion*. It i* built of heavy brick masonry. Its armament ccihIb'.s of icnVt I'luuucii, ^irun nus.f,) iiitvk ijfirt piece*. live M-lncb Lowi'zeri, and pdf llMuch mortar nnd one 8 inch murUr. It rost the tiovertime it 'KiPDAWAT AST) riKKN ULlXtl BATTER IE*. In the latter prut of March last, the Rebels I cbandoned ?hr!r formidable batlerle* on t*kldda- I way ?nd Green I?Kni<t* in ord^r to withdraw and j place the gun? to Savannah. Thus our fores gained compile mn'rolof Wtmaw and 0??U>ir S'iciidt "id the m xith of Vernon and Wilmington r.vers which were Important approaetca j to the ilver. The battery on Hk'ddaway lilnnd wa? a n'rone, best'.oned work f r ten gunv with bomb-proof*, trencher, &c. The f.ant from Gtcen Itlaid KstUry were taken fc fori If v *n gi thm f />.? r? ? * - j , xvtu CKlUUilWiy IU Mon'gomery?tbree qu*rteis of a mile from iiewley proper, tlr a f. j.f i-f the t\ir?e place?t>otb 0:1 \V ymlni-ber^ Mrer. Nklddaway !? 1 larsre Island. parallel with th?_- main, about twelve iivllri tn.vi iU? rlty. ir d cori'i?-( t< d with the main land by bridges Tl le 1> a battery at Constin's Klutt. ?od alioKime moanted ?iim on en eld fort above Fort Jl< ksoit, < Iii* t-y >avannsh F''RT rlllX"HRr JLr, Ave iii)let eaat of Savannah, aid situated on Augustine ?-feek, .> nur.a :da the approar.bes to L-avannab river by that creek. It mounted 8ft**;n heavy ?iius, ?*f wbJch were withdrawn e fu*v day-! ?lii?e. Shortly r.f erward* a boat's crew troii tbe Seir Inole Undid, and destroyed the fort, firing the bnrracks and blowing up th<' magailne. ail tL > * ' an i lie apprcacurft iO (be city t>y TOH(\n, \ c., are fortified t? i greater or lee* t*len!. Twfcjity ibvuwnd OH-n are. a* nearlv at we ran learn, the numiier of r?-bel trnopa <l<-feiidtng the eity. I;!? *ald that the British vene! Kingal, which ran the blockade several months at nee, brought five hundred and sixty infernal machines for destroying ve*?e!?. From Debmida?Safety ok the U mud 9rAT>? fnir Vkmost ? The s'eamsblp Baltic. Capt. J.J Conit'.ook, from a cruivj In aearch or the mltn!n^ United Stateasbip Wrmont, via Bermuda, fcth iuatant, arrived at New Vr>rk on Mon<i.. i -? -* -? * u.j. uniucu ui ntrmuaa. mat toe Vermont vr:ts in uond condition and had p rocccdrd on her way to I'ort iloysl The ?tean-er? li^rruuds and Herald, under Kn^lish color*, weie loading at Bermuda lor Nasiuu.or to run tne blockade at *ome Southern port; 'he cargo for the steamers, belnir brought from Kngland In sailing vwli, ai.d tben tran. sbipptdin the steamers, one ol wuicb bid lately left tan port. Under tte lir.pr?w!on that the Baltic wai an armed vessel, none- was served upon her to depart in twenty-four boors Lv'tr. ? Hv the arrival of the Mary Helen at New Yoik we Lave la'.er news from Bermuda : Haxiltc*, (Bermuda,) March 26.?There Is great rejoicing Li re among the secessionists and tbelr fr.i cds about tbe mischance to the Un.on fleet at Newport News. ) The notorious steamer Bermuda arrived here, at St. George's a few days ego, from Englaud, wlih government *'otts, bat fi? reality to try her luek -gain to ran the blockade. Sne has a large quantity of gunpowder on board?some cf the southerners Lercsuy flity tons?besides other ordnanap fth irn k?ai... k i ? ">' ?? ?-? ? *- * ... -.v^u..w?.epwnt{?ri; out vuat ?<en>s stran^a, i Up parwrs here don't publish tL'.lr mines, ut a usually thf cue. It la rubowevrr, tt?t that tr/-t>.traitor, Slldell. .'tul his fatuity citr ber puM'D^cti, and t? at nwy account tvr tu?- slkuce of the papers on Uit: s iLjn t. otiirr steamer* are here, aud all of tbmj-'be Bermuda, s -uthwlck, Herald and Admlrsl Kanarl?are k^in* to try and run the blockade; and this U lurde uu s?crtf fcrre. $ rnom rp riter. Fuisbcrs, Va., April S?Yesterday morning] a-cordlnjj to coVoni, Ashby made another tlsll in the ne'.^b^crhpod of oar cftttlps, with foaf pieces artillery, and rrtned flrr, which was, replied to by a battery 4nd two Parrot guns from a Penn?vlTant? ba'tery. Some fifteen shells were thrown by the cnemv, only three of wbicb exploded, none, however, rtolnj: any damace Tb? Rebel*. did not stand Are long, but retired hastily I *oon after our batteries opened on them Some of oar men bad crcsrd tbe creek over the bridge now building, fcnrt became the target (or A?hby'a ttfire. 1 h fp Utile ricbxnc of compliments have been lately of almost daily occurrence. Yesterday part of a regiment crowed the bridge at Monv rrcek and erected rtpita, in order to protect the workman at tbe bridge, and to pick oIT any Rebels coming within range General Banks' headquarters are still at Woadst o- k General J*bie!d? was to have left Ptrasburg yesterday for Woodstock, but was praveDted by tbe heavy snow storm that prevailed all day. He will arrive to-morrow if the weather nude aiea Tbc General la progre?ing finely, and represented ,:i bp>n v? rv Imnntlriil to l>k? Hit n?M again Ashby'a cavalry seem to be ubiquitous In theae r-rt-, but the other day one was captured a* far back ai Berryvllle. Another,* wend lieutenant named Puck, wa? brought to Winchester Two or three, at different times, have boen handed over to the terd> r care of " Uncle Sam" at Straaburi:, and tbey daily and nightly make their appearance In front an-1 on both flanks rf the army at fcdenburg, giving employment to the pickets. It Is pretty well uuderstood about here that the country between Charleatown and Kdenburg?a distance of betw< en 50 and 60 mile*?contains a considerable number of a tort of "half horse, half alligator nondescripts," who are farmers la the day time, and play the " Bold Soldier Boy" at night, or whenever the Union troops are entirely out of scent. Tbcy come from over the hills In parties of from thre** to twelve, scour the country around, and pick ft! anything In the shape of a Union man or l:nlon soldier th&t they find "lying around loose " A loyal cltlzm brought Information to headquarters that a party of twelve or fifteen of these guerillas mwd" sorties from over the hills, about twelve miles from Strasbtirg, at a place called Happy Creek Station, and caused much trouble to some of the inhabitants of that section of country. Abov. who came In. said he was chased by an & narrowly escaped being caught by them. A loyal citizen hero, who re-ldfs in that neighborhood, Is afraid to return to his home. <|uite a number of refugee*, many of them belonging to Jsrkaon'a army, daily come within the Union llnea. Thry generally take a roundabout way, coming over the hl!l? and mountains, and mter In the resr of the army, between Edenburg and !?tra?burg. As soon as they arrive the oath of loyalty to the tJoTernment la administered to them, when th*y are temporarily aet at liberty. There Is nothing going on to Indicate anything like a general move from this place; it is the opinion of many officers that the army will remain here for aeveral d:iv? yet. A great many of the soldier* are in want of many necesaarlea, p*rticnlarly shoes, whir h cannot be had at present, at least not until auppliea come up. Jackson has n turned with the main body of hil mpn trt \1nnnt laolrtAn U!o "HOrA ??? ? - - . ? .... ... x/.,.. . m wp?n ? ai ? i r a ^uuiu VIC wen to enter the woods nenr there from signal stations hcaeabout*. it Is thought by some ihat he is well on the road to Staunton by this time. An opinion Is nrw uaining ground daily that there will be no more lighting In this valley worth peaking of Hanks will not move, it is thought, until certain development! take place, beyond this point Kv moving now he would leave his rear unprotected, is it undcr*food the Rebels have a force at Ltiray, * small town at the base of the Blu? Ridge to the left of hia present position. Luray 1^ about eighteen miles west of Woodstock, a road le:ida from there to the Staunton .I'lke, whereby the Rebels on the advance of Ranks' column could get in hit rear and cause trouble. Our Army nt Vorktown. (Correspondence of the Philadelphia Inquirer.] Near Vorktown, April 11.?To day the sun shines out In ??1 its brilliancy, after being hid from sight for four days Thin morning there wes a very heavy frest, and the s ddlers felt the cold night air severely. e?-p<t!ally tho?e on picket duty. As yet the roadc are >lroost Impassable, a though Udtnigct through with food for the soldier* mid fnddei for the ca!l!e. All (he fenr<*s la the vicinity of the ramp k*ve disappeared aa If by maels. and the sonnd of th?? wo<?dinan'? axe can be heard echoing tbrou-h the forests, acting In concert with the occasional booming of the enemy's mortarsand the rin* shots of our plrketi. A boy by the n.imeof KellV, belonging to the SAW ? I ? % " - ^ nu rwicDijjan n?,t";raciiT. picK^a en a K> oel omerr who was sr.ndlng In the earthwork!. The distance was at leatt one-half mile. Fort Grafton \?di thrown up by the rebels some six months ago, and garrlione< by a company calling thems-lves the Albemarle Artillery. Tbl? fort, and an unfinished one about one-quarter of a mile below it, wa? b illt to defend the rlvrr road. They were Intend-daw the outMcr fortifications of Vorktown, but were drserted some a:* w.eks ago. Abont one half mile to the west of Fort Grafton Is a deserted camp of lo</ houses. Thla ramp, during ihe winter, was occupied by the 53d VlrI glnla regiment. Colonel Mo'itauue. Tre houses are well built?the chinks filled with mud, and ' in t>ome instances mortar. The fire places are of brlrk. In fa^t, the camp bore the resemblance of a Western city. It must have taken considerable i time and trotio.'e to her? built it. The streets are laid out at right angles Outside the camp are extensive stables, erected to shield the mules. team horse*, Ac., from the weather. Two of the houses hsve been on hre, jrom appearance*. At present, the ramp !i used as a hospital. The enemy only ltft some three week* :'go. General Maj?ruder's reasons for leaving thin part of the country were, th*t after every shower of rain the roid* became almost Impassible, and It wai almost an Impossibility to supply tne troops with rations a: cl th<- liors:>* with forage. And again, ?eve;al stated tba t Magruder wanted to get ns away from the guubo.ts, so as to entangle the Unionists within his line of fort ft.:atlons. He hc? deserted all his fortifications from (Jrcat Bethel, Howard's Mil's, Fort Grafton, ?Vc., to Yorktown. All the fort!Heatlous the enemy have left are Immense. The i n h i in t o n ts of the Fenlnsu1*. from the set. tlcment of the country?s<>m?' .T.?> years ago?up to within a few years, lived In old lot; houses. A Balt'morenn erectsd a f?w mill, and mce then two-storl?"d houses hive been boil*. The n?n, pen* rally, are of the long, gaunt stature, and apeak a language something similar to the l!n-_ro used by the negroes. The women are not very attractive. Most of them " rub snutt." Their garb Is of the commonest sort. If thcs" are the flrst families, where are the scco-d .' They all resemble what ths negroes call " poor white trash " The roads through th? woodiwtre mere bridle paths until our teams cut them through Now they are mud puddles A shower of rain set* th<i road* afloat?a day of mnsLlne mikes them drsty. The chief food used by tin people is corn dodgers and bacon, and occasionally a few dried apples. Chickens and eggs there are, but a limited supply can only be obtained SORTIE or IHK KNFMY April 11?4 '4 o'clock p in.?Atthishoui heavy li'lng from the enemy commenced, both on (he right and left of the lines. Our artillery soon ll'iibTtd up and took an advanced position. i'iv? regiments of tbc enemy cnne o^lde of their linen and advanced on our picket lTnea A division advances somewhat on tbc left, and draws up in the !lne of battle. The enemy send a shot clean over this lint, tiring from the heavy guns of the enemy Increases, shell burst all round t storv-aud-half white-washed brick, in theccn'cr ? f open space near tbe Yorktown road At this point tbere la an oppn space,,bt Unionists a prand view of the v.istncss of the enemy's works. The pickets on the right kept up a continued popping. 5 o'clock P. M.?Another shell clean over the llDe of battle, thumping the esrth with a tkuf. Some of theae shell come from an 11-inch mortar. Their fiises ar?- very bad, seldom bursting the shell lleavir nirk?>r flriinrror?tlnii?-? nx I The enemy appeared In force. General 'a brigade waa ordered forward to aupport the retiring tin 14m plcketa, who were driven In by maxaea of tbe enemy. A large abell paaat-d over the bead* of the commindlng others and their ataffa. A v^y good line ahot from the enemy, but rather too close to tbe Unlonlxte for comfort Tbe enemy aecmed aa though they wlahed to get to the left. General moved up with bla brigade, and maintained hla poaltlon with eaae, the enemy all the while tending ahell and round ahot. with little or no tfl'tsct. Tbe enemy reaches a building on the left, and aet fire to it, causing a denae smoke 3n> mikvtfg pait S o'clock.?The enemy retire to their wnrka, bting fully convinced that they could do nothing with the Union troopa in the An?n n... ?- ?* *? vrvu avaw. V/UI uwp? wrnfc 1IIIU ?oc 1CU0Q |( A double quick?t-nch and every one anxlona to meet the enemy face to face. The Fifth were picketed In the advance of General 'a Divi&ton. i'hey dug pi?g, and from thue kept the enemy from mine a 42pound rifled gun, throwing an elongated ahell of 84 pound*. The Rebel# kept up the fire of ?hell from their batterira until night aet in, the aharp-ahoateia anawering ahot for shot. Great activity ia dlaplayed in getting ready for the grand fight. ArniL 12. il o'clock.?All quiet, not even a picket gun heard. The enemy nol enough yeaterday to laat a day or two. They had a large n .mUr killed aud woundtd, and left tome or ttiem oat all night. 10- We are lodebted to J HhilUngton^Odeon Building, tor aa early copy of Godey't Mdy'a Uook, for May. _ ITTA largo amount of property waa sold y?a> ttrdiy In Baltimore for arrears In laxea. 0 i CONGR K3B TOl\A L. IUTI1U COHflRB>il-4?fW< ? < > ?*** ?? -Aft?r our report elated v??'erdar? Mr. Wade addrewd the Senate on the rffclntlon calling on the *erretarr of War for tnforma< lion relative to the delay of tbe trial of (Jen and ita cmidtMInn nna nnatmiwil tintll Mr. Sherman, from the committee of conference on the naval appropriation bill, submitted the re. EX of the committee, which waa concurred In. f thia report the appropriations are conflncd to preaent fiscal year ) M.r. Collarner submitted the report of the committee of conference on the Toat Offlre approprl ktton bill; which was concurred In After an executive session, the Senate adjourned Hoc?a ?After our report cloaed? The bill to amend uAn act to (itiblUh a conrt for the investigation of claima against the United Btates," waa taken up and dlaruaaed by Meeara Porter, of Ind , Diven, Watts, Blnpham, Hickman, Pendleton, Shellabarger. and Dawes; after which It was passed, and the House adjourned. Th?Sttaatlan at Yarktawa * The New York World after some prefatory remarks UDon the eo-oneratlve nnwer or mirilviit. on the Tenaeaaee, the Cumberland, and recently on the MtntaMppl. at I?land No. 10, aaya "6en. McCellin. with admirable military Judgment, determined that the moat active and lmportaot campalgnaahould be prosecuted In flelda whare thta great element (gunb^ata) of auperlcrlty over the enemy would t>e available, without the aid of Com Foit'a gunboat* the brilliant vietnrlea In the We?t would not have been won. The enemy had plenty of aelge-guna In fortified poattlona, but a severe experience haa taught them that theae are a aiender resource agalnat artillery of the heavleat deacrlptlon, with the powera of free locomotion which It acqnlrea when put afloat on the water. All Burnalde'a operation*, and particularly hla apl*ndld victory near Newborn, have been'rendered possible by tbe name efficient aid. The Importance which Gen. McClellan attache* to thls^reat auxiliary accounts for this transfer of tbe chief aeat of operation! to tbe Yorktown penlnsnla.

Bat General Meclellan haa the aid of no gunboats or other vessels of war. Though in a portion affording the greatest facilities for their cooperation, and selected on account of Its adaptation, tbe army ia fighting under precisely the same disadvantages it would have encountered at Manassas, or In an assault on sn Intrenched position in the rear of Manassas. Our naval force in the nelgt>orln<r waters ia struck with a sudden paralysis. It finds full employment in watching the new sea-monster Into which tbe Merrimar has been transformed. With a hundred iron throats from wtlch It might belch forth fire and thunder, It la a dumbfounded spectator of the unrestated capture of our ships by the dare devil tenaer* ottbe AI err I mac. * * * * It is not for us, who complain that the Merrlmac Is permitted to prowl about Hampton Road* unharmed, to suggest the mean* of capturing or destroying ber. We cannot command the advice and utilize the ingenuity of every officer of the navy, and of every inventive mechanician and skillful seaman in the country. But we can see no reason why a thousand Uvea might not aa well be lost If necessary, In a successful attempt to board and capture her, a* to throw a thousand lives away at Yorktown by reason of the failure of the navy to co-operate with the land forces in the reduction of tkat place. We refuse to believe that some bold feat of seamanship, aided by mechanical or chemical appliances, may not cope successfully with the monster without an enormous sacrifice of life. A nation so Inventive and seamen so daring a* ours must not permit a slnele iron-clad ship to paralyze Mar navy and peril the uceess of a great army which needs its co operation." F#rl Randolph. Telegrams announce that the gallant, wideawake, ever-on tbc-alert Commodore F?otc is en route for Fort Randolph Aa be atarted for that place on Saturday last, it la more than probable he In taefor-, If not in, flf fort now. This Fort Randolph Is on the Mississippi river, near the town ?f Randolph, Tipton county, Tennessee, about Hi mile* above Memphis, |W) below Columbus, and lw0 below Cairo The position ia naturally a strong one. The fer! is a rough, incomplete earthwork, constructed last fall. It is built upon th?* !*erond Chickasaw Blufls, more than 1<*? feet above the river, and Immediately south of I.I..J \r- >* *1? * ? - - ... jmtnu <n, ?ne mwer pan 01 wnich commands the three mouths of (he Hatchee river, a otream (navigable at good stages) that empties into tbc Mississippi pj?ta*>ove the town of Randolph, at the. upper eitge of the bluff*. Thei?e blott-t form natural parapets* for batteries, and at this, point command a view of the Mississippi river for sis miles ea--h way. Our lrou-clad gunboaU. however, by silencing whatever guns may be placed on Island No. 34. might enter the northern mouth of the Hatcble out of the range of Fort Randolph. The town of Rsndolpb. near which the fort stands,consists of half a dozen dilapidated frame bouses, and Is approached in the rear by several good roads, but the country behind it. being full of ravines and gorges, Is capable of being fortified to an almost indefinite extent. The position, however, Is really of no manner of use or benefit, except to dispute the navigation of the river. It hss no railroad communications, and, as an army stationed there would baye to depend on the river cictuaiveiy ior mc transportation cf supplies, It would riot tequire lon^ to cut it off and starve it out. So, If the Ret* Is concentrate at Randolph, the capture of Memphis will be to much easier, if their whole force falls back on Memphis, tbat place cannot hold out. hicnm 4 WRIT AGAII?T SIMOX CAME*<?N? Smi of Puree ButUr for Fait* Jinpri*cnmemt ?A writ from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania w:ia served, yesterday afternoon, upon Hen. Simon Cameron, at t&e sriit of Mr. Pierce Butler, of Philadelphia, for trespass vi it armis, nsaault and battery, and false imprisonment on the 1'ith August l^.st, Mr. Cameron at the time belnj$ Secretary of War. M r. Butler, It was rumored, was at the time suspected of a correspondence with ihe rebel 8'atet. and was ariested as he alleges without process of law, and without any assigned ciuse, his trunks, drawers, wardrobe and entire apartments fcarched, and private papers taken .... rf I.,- I U U.-l-l p\-?v* L'j v/. c. iuuiauai miuwara. His office wu alio examined, tbc l?>.>k? and pnptrs taken, and In one Lour froin tn- arrest, Mr. Butler wu on tali way to New York, and conducted that evening to Fort l.<afnyette. a subsequent application on the part of Mr. Ktnler's friends to the Secretary of War, to ascertain the action, though In a measure answered. Induced no satisfactory response. Mr. Butler asserts that nothing was found among his papers to call In question his loyalty to the Govcrnmtnt. He does not wish to exhibit personal 111 feeling to Mr Cimeron; and, therefore, In simply UsuIpj; n writ, refrained from au arrest and theaccomps nylng necessity, on the part of Mr. Cameron, of giving security. Mr. Butler wishes merely to test the constl otlonallty of his imprisonment The Worfolk Day Book thinks that no more coal ought to be burned for the Merrlmac to engage the Yankee cheese-box. fhe same (a per says the safest and surest method t? protect the seaboard citlea against the Monitor, Koanoke, M vatic. Adirondack >a to ohstruct harbors and barricade river*, and that the Janiti river can be blockaded securely by bringing atone from the quarries above Richmond, and constructing; ruae fliU and sinking them, and It ought to be drneat ence, and this Is tbe only dangerou&ly weak point In the defence of the city. ry^g=?NOTICE - The SU c< holders of the WuhLL5 ington, Aleiandna and boortetown Rruroal Company, are I.ere y notified thai a meeting will b? heid at the olftoe ot Alexander Hay.Eaa, No. 391 Pennsylvania avenue. Washington. D. C, on SATURDAY, Mar 3d, 1863, at 11 orelook a. in. ALKXANDKR HAY. apie dtd JoBEPr f HOKNIOiN. PnroKaaers ry**NOTlf!K.?A meeting of Stockholders in JJ? Odd Fellows' Hall, lt*? sheet east, will tag* slaceat the Hall, on THURSDAY, 17th inst., at f o'oloek p. m. By order of Preaideot of Trustees. iplt eo3'.? HENRY N. ODER, Sep. |V??EVERY ONE'S INTERW&T-TO THE (157CITIZENS. STRANVERS, AND SOLDIERS I havejoat reoeived a *erj larte and in* aaaorment of Spring Clothinc. whion I am oflerint at onr nauellow prioea, at No. 460 Seventh atreei. oppoaite Poet Oflte. mr F. fe 17-am W A?ONS, CARTS AND DRAYS. Rveiam'a Omcs, April?. isn. Notioe ia hereby [ivm that u??ni leaned to ownera of Wacou, Carta aa? Urate will expire on the firat Monday in April, and that aaid Lioenaee muat be renewed in oompliano* with law( at thia oAoe, within t?n de?a a?W that time. SAMUEL fi. Dot CLASS, ap8-lw Relator, M^THK UNION PRAYER MEETINO WJU lijB be hold en ever; da? thia week in the LotheranCharoh, (Rev. J. 6. Butler's,) at the ooraer of 11th and II atreeu, oonmenaiag at Of c'ojco* ? ?u and oontinaed but one hoar. ia to New yokk . . BREAKFAST BACON! We h*?? just r??eiv?d from Nuc&r& oounty. New York.aamtll lot of oxoollont country-cured H*|b?. to, whioh h>v? been oared exyreetly for r'Ut' KING * BURCHELL. _?f 16 CorMr 15 h at. ud Vermont ? . ff.'f.lW-.. Mi. 99 . c>??>" b") t ti* *oo m'? fe te R *XVp > &t o" H lff?K V BAMNAMJ), Hridit itreet, n?*r digh,^^^^ CeergKovB. *yl*-)W NOTICK TOhv* ?*!?ON K KS -TH? tl?t ?rt?irb#,u" ^ob#tMr' hMnfg> Cargo rwult for <MiT?rr. ?va*B4vy8gWnPt), . . j ?><iU I OFFICE OF THE 0OARD OF HEALTH. { Wa<H!!??TOK. April 15,1981 In comeliecee with ? reo?ft et?etni?rt ol the C't* CoaoeiU, the S oreUij ofth* BoaH of Health herett )ti?r? eohlio wotioe ih%? herrafter he will he <n at'eodfttne at ti? i ffice, in theCi'f Ha'l (No. 3. ht'-rnent, weet w>B(.l eeery 4a? fr<??n l 'ol o'eloek p n?- * for ?he psrpoee of rer??iaj and rejoHu a"all teuiailt* restrains *1" etione or thae&nitarv i*ge??i?-n? of tha eltv, "?!wy itia?? by nt'sens or any rflicer of poller.' en 4 that %t a!l otfe*' i rnee mat be foa<td in tfcer fteea"oonplatrt hoO*," m wh en tlioef interested ere rea*?Me?1 to reoord ail eu^b . o it nM. ?uk t2>o *i?w to th?tr tpMdt examination, and *?t?h re-lieM % ?h? | N rntltv? tlfo'l tt M IKIVK, M. D, at Ifi 3t Bord o( Health. P CAPTION! FEMIl'M MINERAL WATERS ? Having n"t'oed w l.cr *?\f .rs ih?'i ou'? rsr.ninc around ia Washington an<1 tif. fi>wn, with utna on them M IV'owi, -'PHJiMICM M l N k K * L WATBK8, MLVKK MKDAL AW*RDK1?. Ao.." we ?(eld i ilorin the taMie cenera.j that there is tut one *?t?t>:i*!imert in the Dutriet of Co'nBbia where Frrmittm Mir.nral wat?r ismanu'aotured, and that i? ai (lie corner 01 Greet; and Otivs U.,t?4vr<?towik The fit eof Frtmivm wasment'd by a?:n Uv r.i a silver e?rard?l ua by Metropolitan Meonatina* . n?fiture :n ths year >#.vs, and a lny'om% in 18 7 We won id therefore ?lre notioe that oar Mineral Waters are not sold under Bogus Repra?? ntatlenc, aa arms others are, AKNV A HH1NN, ''Dion Bottling D*?ot, *L, W Nn fi? Green St.. 6e rgetown. Th NOTJCK. HE PTEAMER "* HO,MA# GOLLYER Will roiime ber tripe to Mount Vernon on Wednesday, March r>th and will run ever? Wedne-dar and i*atnr ?M?ii luiuivi in?nso? itoTio^flvr vnftri fti id? ioot of 7th atr?et at 10 o'clock a m. Fare for the round t ip on board the boa* fl 5". SAMUEL GEPNEY, Captain. N. R On the f armfnt of25 oenta n?i?or? vill be admitted to th? room whtoh General Washington oooupied aad in which be died. The mansion and (rounds me o'oefd to riaitors on Sundars. CyThe distorted state of th? fi&?nce<af th* oruntrj ha*in* reduced the resouroes oithsA ereiatio-.i rebd" this charge neteaearr, for toe prr>tnt, lor th? iniuttnanoe rnd p.e eriation or Mt Vernon. apU-lw* MRS. Al. A. RATON, Fashionable Drej>?mai?*. is at 37 X New Vork av^nu?, where ahe intends to oarrr on the above business in all its branch**. Wanted.aix Young La^iea competent to work at the at>ove hn?:ne?a. ap 15 3t* Falx f.iekss provescka1 x. RKNCrl KE?TACKANT-a7 7 P*n*stlyam Avim i. WiJHriMTo*. MEALS AT A1 .L HOURS, Day or Night! I adies and Kentlemon'a PKIVATK KATINQ EOOMS H7~Order? for furniahmg Partita jrowttly attended to. i'JH OR K.AM ! a? IS 1W M chairs mended. KS. WELLS, U7 4 C it wl. (nortk aid*.) nvzt door U? the corner of 11th i* rcei. eontmuetfTt to RESEAT CAM E-tifVrTOMEuVV CHAIRS, witn ceatrtsa and diapa'ch, and 1^1 at low rate*. Those having Chairs requiring # 1 I auoli repxira, are informed that the repair* orrtaeati them as gool a* new, and n-ver faua to give satisfaction to thoie sending such work to hsr. a? 5 Iw Of? INCH HEAVY OO COTTON DUCK. 27-inoh Heavy Cotton Duot, 1" 4 Ho\tj Jtrown Cotton Sheeting, 9 ?. lo ? and 12 4 Itleaohed Cottoa sheeting, 4 4 Bleached Shirting?, 4 4 Browr Shirting*. With a CKIlMtl itn^k nf n-- - ? ? ?? "I ktv VI J VVVBI, all at the lowest prioes for oath km. r. riley * bro., No. 3ft CectrHl Store*. Between 7th ud (th street*. ap H 1*H o?po. Center Market. JUST ARRIVED* direct Irom in fca*tern Motion h'juse one hundred eieoei KHtCKKR KL) MATTING. Aleo.an assortment of OILCLOTH* anl CAKPETt*. together wnh a large ei:an;ity of CKOCKEKY of a I <leaeript:ca?. 1 ha?e on hard NEW } LATHERS, MATTR ESSES and REJJSTEMJS. with a large lot of New and JSsoond hand Good* ; 1J good Ref'igcrators, bet little use. am of which l ave be-n bought lor oath and w<li I * boid at a small adsanoe. *. B'JCHLY, 42S 7th street,(east side.) ap IS 1m* Between ? and II ste. I card:" DO Hereby retain ra* unoere thank* to the ftremeu. provost guvd, ana friend* ana eitiiens gen -/f - - . ..iv. w - ?i' j?? w ? i u ' i V I'll ??I vtir property and the reecce cf my faxmlt from thetirtof the7th irat. K. COHEN. I n. to repeat thoeo in my debt to call and *?ttla. in c%*h or not*a, a* row *a the time friends ara wanted o >ad a?*iataoce Ca I at N?. 3A4 Pecna; Ivania avenue, between 6th and 7th itreeta. top ?>air?.)ovar bait * tiro 'a, J ewe era. and ?bilge You: obedient a : rant, ap r> bK R. COHEN. 'I* ~ FOR NEW YORK. 1 HK 8oho?n#r Ann Etna, Captain Kverhan, " KT?i?B^?'RV. *3 Wauratreet,* ap 14 St* Georgetown. C^OAL: COAL:! j coal::: iuat arrive 1 and nnload<ng aerera! oa-go*a of Coai.te.fcbracing all the vanoaa kinia f?r general fimilr u?e. T J * W. M. SALT, >i? i* Pa avenue, pet, llih and ifth ra. SOMETHING CHEAP AND USEFUL. 1 SOMETHING CHEAP AND USEFUL. 2 Sharp's Carbine*?. -jf17-** each. t Ladiea fiold i ha n ana Charm and Croaa 1 Fino6old L?vr.chronomster Watch ? 5A.on l aix liarrei hevo'ver _ 7 00 1 Fine Gold OpeL Face Lever Watch. ">6 00 1 liv Plr.aa Pa?..?-- ' s .xb _ %-?* v? *" ' ia|d. - A?p!y a? 4fi6 11th street, between ar.d U. &P 14 lw ?W HURS*?. WA80H8, Ac., rJEgO, The on!ersigned Company arf^^^w^ selhrr o9 their entire stock, oonaistin* of 17 very (ice Wotk and r*n-1ri!e Horses. 3 new Express Wagons. Harness, e n. Also. Tin Cam. Inbs, and other materials belonging to the eetab ishni'nt. Inquire at the store r.f t4. AW". M E V *i \ HI' Kti, 48 Market Space, l?etwesn 1th and ?th streets, I under >he Aveane Hons*. ap3 1w OVERLAND OYSTER EXP. CO. T'HE UNDERSIGNED Wish?s to inform his friends and the puMie that he Laa opened a Saw Filing and kep.vnr.K Shop on the corner of 7th and S streets, snl believing. from a lone experience in the business, thst he will be aMe to p.ease t!,? wood aawter and the butener and every m#onsnio that ures a taw. and hopes, b? a a?? iot at t' ti'-ion to basine, s. that he will merit a share ol the pnbiic patronage. n?W U-lm* JOnN KJINNfcAl.l.Y. Mi>S ACKKN IIasr<oei*ed mooh attention as wei! a? k mdness from her patrons. Sue will oontnne wiih her prophsti1; minifestations aahort turn longt-r. 6*he is not wi line to ho considered a teat ineuium. although she *ites many in her peculiar way. J*h? ha* fathomed ail ih<? mystio l?e% .t of h?r r inn A >. f?i - ?- ? , - . r J ?i'B' pWHI W write iip'tn 5DT ml.je.'t of depth an<1 linpo tanoe. Ht 0 oti.be f.mcu ftt 31A Penney.vuia evenue, Dee van Hop 80. ftp 9 lw* DR. J. 11 8CHKNCK. Thia dieUmum^ed Phr? oinn. whose hn'.hant au<t w<de-apre?d reyu'a'ion naa been acquired by hia eminently tnoo*t>tfal rreatoifut ot Cousoroption. even in oMesvhioh have been reor?i< ?i and pronounced incurable by tlie reguiar faou tr, wnl beat hia Room a Mo. 444 KieHrU SIRKfcT, A few doom almvn > XNNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Washington City, On WVDNfc,i*UAV, the J of Arn'. For oontultatien at.d to examine(he onriitioaof h'? patients. Hi? great experience,derived from long a?d extensive praet oe. close atndy and devotion to hia profe*ai'?n. tog-ther with the eedatancn of the r<rfect instrument Kith which fcts examination* ol the tunga aie in'de, enable him to detect tne alighlcat ermpUmia of dnense. Hin three t'eat ruedioin's. bin PULMONIC BIKUP.tfEA WKEU TONIC Md MANDRAKE < n LI."?. n&ve been a# widely celebrated a? itmsI die* for dmeaeee of tne Lungs, Liver and Stomach a* hi* 0*11 reputation in the m\n\geroentan4 care of p\tients aufleri&g uuder three diseases.: We would Mititni; woo need hi* te vices to ?all npon him a* aN>ve. For an examination ot i the luuga with the re*firom?ter h a charte la ?*re? | dollmrt; bat for ordmarv ezammationa and advice 'Without tnat inatmmeot no chant t? mmd* Dr. t*chenok w<>u!d feel grateful lo saoh patients a? have been be jf filed or hia treatment if they would oallon him daring hia visits to their citira, and r>eri f>, b? written ttatemsnu, to the berrfit tns? have received. BeeMfB being a mat sstislaobon U him. anoh esri'fioa?sa t*M to imsart oocnuence to Uur<1re<l? rt ?off<>rer? from annil&r diaeaaen, who ne*l only faith ib Dr. Sebecok and .in reineJiea to iet he eared Persona c\n be direoted to hit room* by oall'ni at hit ac*nt'e, S, B. W A1TK, corner 7th atrMt u4 l,ouuiaoa avenue, where ilioou be f un-'afuU auppiy of hia Mediamea. ap 1< 9t* |^|R8. KUSafcLL'9 RKSTAUEANT. She popular Rnturut and Dininc Saloon for ea ani rent ?m?n kept by Mr a. L.A . ? A ftaaaeli, 492 7th rtreettaff.rda an opportunity lor oitizena and atrangere to K*tXC9Ll idm1> at all l-onre. servo i up in tne atjrl* loi wcich thia ea'acliafiin'ct ie fu>oaa< Vtaitora may oouot upon coed fara,courteonaa*tudHMMI &nH ftll Ik* ? ?H_?? ? w. tvi m Wtirinil MCtt ll?i -oifca* hom*. ap u-l? New arrival of heaUTIFUL bu lks SPRING C*L OTHINO, * at a?to51*si*o Low Paiexa. Whoia Saita elejaatlr tot np at fio and tit. At TJAR * BRO., ap t-lm* Coraar E and 7th mtmu. SOMETHING NEW. something new. something""delicious. something delicious. ljayto .vb WAsmSefoN Silciiii: also. Lid; aHMMBHte' Sifcfc f8| m V . . gtfcfc fr?5 onI: If 13-1V BttWtfC G MMt Hi I X*?> _?v4? i AUCTION HALBS. '> rma afternoon * to morrow Ft i.e. MaGUIRE ft CO, A??tic*Mr?. J7XCKLLENT FVRIffTVRK AND HOfPtfom? krrcrt* ?t trmc Irni?i?-oi THlTRfL?A\ MoMNI >G. *fnl ink. a' ia o'clock, on ?h* ??' ii<*? rf Thud MrtM. t f*w 4oor? nor'h ? f Fan?*? ran * ?v?naa wa ?ba I r? | the l wrnitnro ud KfroU of a f?m'ly fWiicnt inasak* Pine, ooirp'itire-I rma ia tnH CI raan r at K k- ? Vi 'H'* x a>: I VlWli I ?fi ' - ? c- T . j ? ' - V? fj*! Chair*. B?>eate 1* Pawim %a<l Fane? CU ri, \V airman* Mahojaat HurCle h p?renrt ?rfaa, aoi Kiv>k?>. a, Mart>'? top Center aad gk?(a TaMee, Mal.ocan? *e*retary and Hook(?a?e. Wa cat Whatnot*. Beaafek, V'tmtL Bind*. w.nlow Otrtaina, , Kn? if h BruMf o. Pa lor, Ha!!,and Starr Carr?t?. O ic'oih, Matt ice. Slair R <Iaac?J Ejw, VVa nut Hat Tie*, Hail Cto* '? Mab t*ry aid Ut tut Kofittxli, Drorainf Bureaus. W a d nt.*? acj >V%*nitaaC(. flair a d Huik V\tfrnr-?. Bot:e? nod Pit'?wt. Lokint O I'im T<> let per#, t>a* Marble toy SMe ?o% d, Oak Omtnc Chair*, M?h"t?nf n Dmirc Table. Silver p *ted Caatoia. Table Cailery, China. 6ia*?. ar?t Crockerr Ware, ,i Kefrueratore. store*. Kite hen Utelmia. fee. Tern* oa#j. p U d_ J. C. MoGMH K ft CO.. Aaeta. FUTURE DAY8. B? GRKF.N ft WILLIAM?, ABCtiwra PERPETUAL BLOOMING ROBE* 6flUU O? 1MB FlSK*T VtllITT XKtl'IRIlEt AT AVCII M-OS TUWIIAY. tk? t? I infant, we ahall e?ll >n Jroct of o?r pu>ra. oorner 0l7tft and D itreeta. No. 3S6, at 11 o'clock a. m ? 3,000 lino Perpetual Dior mir.g RomBoiIim, id lota, ?ach lot comprising a cwtai variety. The enMio la re*pect'Biir invited to the sale, aa itiaa vert choice aaaorimant, aid will be eo.d with, ut reaerve. apHooAde GREEN A WILLIAMS. A acta By 1. C. McGLIRE ft CO., Awtioifara. SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, o Family Cmuai, BfGcr. Bum. Huhim. Ac, at Kmc Arrron.-on T t E J? D A V MORNING, April 2AJ.at P o'clock, at ? denoet ftfce Mob. J. Jl. Bright, on 1Mb street, te tween Pfw.ii jran* averHean<( II utreat. we aha.l sail lilt luroituri act effs tr, comprising? Roaowood t$eveo-oeu?e Pianoforte, H vr ltomeCiimtoo BrorAtelieroveredPofaa. Arm , Parlor, and Kaoey Clxura. Pair t f large aise Fre?eh p ate Pier G aaaee, HAli<tlAri? MifrAf Ka^fe I ?* ? Marble-top Ceoter and SofaYa^ ee. Crimson eilk inrtaca, Corniee. Laoe Curtains. and Fixtur**, E ec?r.t Hrocie Mantel Closk, with Bronta Ficarea. FreLOh Rocker. Recep'ion. and Fane* Char*. Bnu*ii sr.d Tbrae-ply Carpjts, Ku{a, Olio oth, ud M 'tticr. Oak Hail Sat, Ha'.if f>re, top srior Walnut Sideboard. Exteraion Dinin? Table, Walnut uiricf Cbaira. Side TaMea. E *i?nt 6ilt Centre piece, for Ttble, with Candelabra* to matoh, Superior Mirror (runt Wardrobe, Hardeome Walnut Mat be-top Dressing Bar<au?, ,Wa?kataada. Wardrobes, Bedrteads, Toilet Fete, Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillow*. Hair and Ba?k Mattreeaea, Biatkeis. Loanf ee, F.asy Chairs. Roekert. a CookiBK, atd other Stores. Refricerator, Together with trie usual assortment < [ Kitchen Kc?u sites . , , . At 10 O'cLtf?, In froat of the p -emiees? A >arce and ban aome I ami j Carriai*. Superior Blooded Horae, ttrey .tegie, works finel? in single or doable Harnett, Leather top Baggy, Hameas, ?e. Terms oath. ?fi? u j t. aiffiumfc ft C<>, Aao'i. By J. C. M?8UIRE ft. CO.,AnPtii?n??r?, T?RU3TKfc'0 HALF OF CITY LOTS-On I TUESDAY AfliRNOON. May /nk l?*i. at SS c'clook, on the frnnun, by ?uto# ol twa d?ei>? or trnm to th? sor.?onSer,on* dated Jtmtrf Wl, 1SW. anl rec>rd*d in Liber J. A. S , No ??. fu.ioa i*. e! a?a ; the otn*r dit-M J a y Inth, innc, and reordM la Lit*r J. A. 5,Mo.m. foios<4l, et re* , of the l,ard recone for Waahitrttn comity, D. C.. w? shall ee'l one undivided hallpart of Lota numbered I. ?, 3. 4. 6, ?, aad 1. in ^qnare numbered /'S, fronting on S^uh E street, between 12th atd Is'r^ets west < Island.) Term*: On*-half cash; the baisnae in six tn<*' th?, with interest, reocred by a deed o{ trait on the prfini'M. Ail cr?ETe ancios at the cost of the pti'chaser. THO. J MfHtCR. rrxet?e. apl2-?"ftdfl J. 0 MoSI'IRKkCO.. Aucts. Ill WALL ft BARNARD, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE imraovfD R?al Ept?te at Accrtoft ?By virtue of a deoree of the Circuit Court oj the Diatr ot otCviuicb a for the oounty of Washington. fitting as a Cou't of ctiaco?ry, dated ?1 i f Januarr, jRfJ, I, E. C. Morgan, will sell, on MONDAY, the Ma uf Mm. 1362. at 4 o'clock p. m . at the Auction Konmx of Wan A Ha-tard. aonth oorner of Penn j viniv arence and Nicth street, is the city of v\ ashicgton.ue loi owmt devorit^d Kea! Faiate. . namely: Loti 8. 9 and In, in S?uare No. ~Jt\ \ Those Lota tront on eoatn F street, and are between First stieet west aca Second f reef west and on part of the*e lots are four good frame bosses, which will be told separately. t will then sail, at the same plaoe.all ofF?nare north of Square No. Ml This square is bounded by Delaware a venae, Virginia avecue, Uaf-svreet west, ar.d sooth f street. i will men M l, at the Mm* plaoe, S?u%re No. >94. This square is b. undel by north Uifwi. Eighth ?t.eet eut, norta C rtreet, and seventh ?t*e?t east, aid 11 laid out in sixteen lots, which wnl ba Boia separate . I will then ae t, at the same p ace. Lot No. 9, in S*n*re 6*2, at the corner of Delaware avtnae as l tooth 6 street. AH or the foreroing Km Estate la situated in the city of Washington, D. C-, and will be told under aforesaid decree The t*rms of there a&Ies wt'l be: One third etsh; bal&nee in six. twelve, an I eighteen ruon'hs. De ferret pajmenu to bear interest, scd be secured by tae purchaser or pmohnsera' notes, endorsed to tn? satis.action of the Trast^. E. C MoKUAN, TraUee, Jtp ll-3tawA<i s WALL* B*KN AKl), A acta. By WALL ft BARN ARO. AnoUoaeara. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL E?T1TI IN THB CoCMTW WlORlHrO!!, I), C.?My virtue of a deisi of trait, dated on the 26th day of Angurt. M9T, end recorded < n the I'th day of November, 1 47 in iiher J -A J*? No. :?t. foiioa 23t. 335, *36 and 237. oi.e of ti.c and records for Washington county, in the District of <*oiumbia, 1 will eeii on T rtC KM?A V , ;?th day of April, lfc?, at 5 o'clock p m , at the Auction Kouee ->f W all ? Barnard, oarner 9Ui street and Pa avenue, is the oity of W fulling ton, tiie fo lowing de?cnr-ed tract ?i i?ia, witn ruiiaicst er.a imp' .Tfn.?iiU there >c, s.tuated id tbeeouoiy <-f Washington, in the I>ietriot oi Colombia : Ti.e said tract of l%".d btjinnine at the ?rd of U>? fourth line i>f ? tract of lano ?a ed .New ?cat, and running thenne south LS p?rt>he*,?h*noe anut? *t degree*, *f?tK percbqp, theaoe oorth ** rtegreee, mi' liS perches, aoutta C3 <le?reee. rp.itil\ rrol e* to ite in'erseotion with the futeenth lies of > larger tra?t of lentoonreyod br tie heir# aod deviaeea ol Day id C-f art er lo fcdwtrfl Pwanr, ther.oe aoutli 49 degree* wtir 6ft perohes, thence eoath 2C. d*f reea, west St perche* arrt S |w ot a perch Uienee, aocth 81 degrees. weal 45 p*rchea tn ttie bemnuiuc, oocuinitu SI acres, I rood aad IT percbea. The term* of this a?!t wi I be ore-third oath, ba'anoe tearing mtereet and parable id equal instajiieiiti at O? and I* moot ha, the deferred payrner.ts to lie eeoareri by a nea ob the laai. Onehunirrd do'iarsof the ca-h paj men' to be pa d down at the plaee or sa'r: and in oaee the purobaaer or purely era refueinc ao to do the property will at once be reaold at the risk and eoet ol the defaulting pnrchaeer or pu'ohaeera. K. O. MORGAN, Trust-e. mh St eoAd* WALL A BARNARD, Auota. Wood: WOOD! 1 cm cords of reasoned and halt aeaaoned Oak. Pi?e and Hickory W OOD on hand and wi I be so d in lota at fair piioee to oontractora, onsen* and other'. J NO. A. OKI* Kb. A reel. aplilw Caaal wnaryee. CTEINWAV & HONS'AND RAVEN, BA 0 CON A CO *S oeiebraiel Insiru-^C5a? oienta are aold at lowest facto.y pnoet-^^^^W for eaahaadapprorea p?Mr, at the sic Store of W . MBTZKROTT, ooraer of tltk street and Peaa arena*. Several Pianos that have bees u W for sale apou eaay monthly payment*. >p It A NEW STOCK OF DBV fl(inns_w?ht.? f\ in etore and are dm; raoeiv:af a large etoofc of Orf Goofli ootnit.D( of tMite. Lad:e?' Dreee Good*. Cioftka. eacke,and MantiLaa ;a verr r uea* and larfe (look of fcrnbroideries, Hoa>e?eopieg Good*, Hnnrrj and i><>ra*etioa in tecera , to whieh ? mri'o the attention of parchatera. Call and examine oar eUck Keiore ?arot\aaibf aieo where. . M 8. t W. MtVE > BKBtr, 49 Market Sp*oe,( Arecoe H? o?e,l ay II It BMt?n nh and K? aleIWtSH^GT05, Aprl. 10, 188*. HKBEBY BefprcUmiy re*a?it ai! pereooe who bare open aoooanu.daa biha.aod netted**, rait doe, ft o., and dae me to coma at onoe. u ther aan. with the oaeli. and erttie, a< 1 desire to par off all aotoe aad oatetandioc account* afainat me vitooatdtiar. JK?!*hi B. VVILsON, Office 'A aa&acton Baiiding, Boom No. 4, BB 11 - Stm iirtrna. ??W ..d U- - ? - ?r -- *wi nv iw ww j ?. mv ? onrvn net?OUTHERN EXPRESS COM PAN T7 Thia Oompaor* h*iiK folly orr?ai*(sJ u4 pf' "'M nt?u, la now pro*ar*<! to rnwri cf foo<u to Uom baltimore, N?\V YORIwd , > . , eas;krncitifb at lor mat ud on M larorahla tarmi u any ro pocrfbja Its* MorahaLK, ?BtW? ao4 all a: irr^rt will fii.d thla Urn* wall wortLr of patronac*. i>. 6REKN. sbjariotoimlfnt Soathara Ejpraaa Co. bt 0#mj-sw PenujlTaoia avecue, wnilajton ; *x Broadway, new York. . m l"-i? C?__ 8tke8?ov8tkr8. HEBi PEAKS ttHaiMil UyiUr Salovt. tlw rubaenbf r hariac oompletod ha^^ ^ 8uat3?? Oyatar 8*ioob, i* now romdr^^ /.j |o lara ah to ciuaaaa, atraBcera, ar.: vuj# Ui? put lie tecarallf. vitk Orator* MXad f#y tha caw rr%<>*' of a'aamirrTha b?Mt OyUora tu ttaikat au tVM wtlil. ?'' ?'-> wm. P. WEBB. Pr^fUKQf ICE P1TCUKXS! :""""^?8Sgar 0 %