22 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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1 - - 1 ? 4 - _. ** *>? -, MX 11 -, T?^ in ?J|| v ^ ^ r/j ii ^ ? u? /^f / f > i ^ I Q . . ?.? . A -Z.. , jJ. (feunuttfl pite ' ! ' 1 VSt. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C. TUESDAY. APRIL 22, 1862. Ne. 2.860 THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED KVBRY AfTBAJKXM, (SUNDAY EICETTEDJ AT THE STAR BClLBIIIfil, r?r*#r ?/ r>n*tfl**n*a art. and El'itmtJk ttrnf, if Vw . I>. WALLAOH. Paper* aerved In package* by carrier* at 94 t Tear,r t 17 cents per month. To ia*U *ubsc*tber? be pr'ff la *3-50 a year, t* 92 lor *tl irrn't.', 91 for three month*; and fbt lea* thas three month* at tb?* rate of lft cent* a week. Blagte copte*, onscsiiT; la wrappers, two cists. IZf Adv*kt!'I*i^t? should be *ent to the o?ce before Vi o'clock x ; otherwise they may wot appear until the next day. - THE KAPHAS 1MPKACHMEIVT CASES. Wi?HiisioK, April 17, 1"#J. frfuer Star?Sir. The Rtpu'ilien* at yewterday morale? pablUhed a part of a letter fro in Mr. 0. Coliamore, containing false and malic ion? charges against myself. In tbe morning of the sine dav 1 carried to the ofice the accompanying reply, wh ch the editor declined to publish except In a garbled form, leaving oat all showing ttf connection of General Lan? W!th the Impeachment case* In Ksnsea. To attempt a history at tbo*e case*, Ignoring the part taken by General Lm:?, would b? like Forrest playing Othello wi'hout hen*I ago. Until I cam* t* this city I could not nnderstand why the profes?ed or^an of the Republican pfrty w*? simply the organ of 0??r?l T.ane; bat I ah informed the reaao \ it that General L?ne. who claims tn control the appointments of the President, has promised to procu-? a life cSce In thl* city for the editor of the RtpmMui*, pTotlded that paper will anbserve his end*. If this be true, may the Lord fcave mercy on our party while reprtten'ed b? *uch sn nrgnn ' Respectfully. C. Ronmsog, WA*niP?r. r<?!*, April 1$, l?w] Editor Rf publican?Sir: In your paper of ibis morning, under the caption of a "Cm In Kanm. ' y?. i publish what purports to be a part of a letter from Geo W. CoilMunre, as p?b!'sbed In the Leavenworth At your paper 1* supposed to be tbe argan of the Republican party, thu* jflTlne a degree nf '.mp?rtanc^ to It* weIcMons rot attaching to local sheets, i desire So say a word relstiV3 to this iirpearhmeat matter, eaoeclally as thla letter (a evidently produced for effxt In thla cltv ??.fi at this lime. That the caaa may b? understood It U necessary to rrla?e a brief chapter of hlttorvIt will, t*e remembered that daring the winter more t>r lets war laid ia the papers about a " 3o'jth?B Expedition" from Kar.sas, sometime - ca'led the " l.ane Expedition." A numerous Maff wza appointed, a triumphal march was Ual from Washington to Fort Leivenworth, and rs m.k ? * auu nuclei uinat* ov t?e bvtoes tu "glrdlnz on" tfcelr armor as Is generally made tn patting it off " For some reason unknown to the snbserlber, the grreat "Lane expedition, so called," met wttb a sad disaster, or was "ran into thegroand" at or near Fort Leavenworth. Gen. Late did he felt as though a train of cars bad run ever hin< Sn?thinp roust be done, and a rrtolatton was ?ent over to Topekn, to be adopted by the Legislature, endorsing Gen Laue as a suitable f^rl? n ?o take ccir.ntand of the "Sontfcrra expedition'' and for a Major General. Tola resolution was iatriducd lnro the ftwer House, and was re1 * *?' * , VON* iiOUl men vin'.ea ropeka In person, told blsfftr.ds tt.U Robinson's Influence roust be b?a*ea down both In Kansas and elsev?a*rr, *i>& they must Up an impeach men*, whttber guilty or lonflceot. About a dozen candidal* for tue I'ulUd States StDate were impatm>tlf w ail 1st to sb-p into Qen Line's seat, and *u? toid itxrtti there was tut oue way to get fcim oat of 44. If h- wsi nt-ide Nrj ?r General hr would lraT? U; and if ttte Legislature would endorse him for that position the fr'resldewt would appoint bUn in twenty-foor hours (>* the news reached Washing:o? As nearly til t^e candidates were stured by Gen. L^ne that thoir election ?ould tee certain If he ?: v? out cf the war, a* be would elve them h?s support, all went in for the endorsement, and It wentthrough botb bouses Without opposition, many Totinjf for it wbc regid Ge* t. >ne with contempt, both te a General and ?*itl*en. l i tue mean'ltn", the Impeachment committer accoaipimtind their wctk." A "lond wlndie" \ea* rtir^ed, e?<* i bitterly pirlizia committee app >in'.ed to investigate. They found no testimony ta ronaect me with auv sal* of bond* In my way, but d.d And teatiirony directly Anci a"ecttr.g me with any rich a'.e. The commit!??, Uowever, reported they believed 1 wag implicated. r;'?u??*d to rerort the testimony showing 1 hsd nu part in tb? ?-\>e. and recommended an Impe*chme:it. One iifmVr of tbecommlttee stut-d Sn fci* scat In tt? Hon'.e a ?ro*s falsehood touching tb* awe. and t^e parti?* to the conspiracy re ported that I had tl?-d the country. I then being at Pert Leavenworth by req'n-s' t>f Qen Hanter. Vr.der tMa pressure the repcf! of the committee was adopted btfjr- the tes'imoav had b?n rr?d by the member* of the Houa,*. W ben the testimony was published It appeared that while 1 waa In no way imp Icated 6eneral Lane a-id totr.e of his friends were While the negotiator of the bonds testified that I tad ao ts ereat difectlv or lndirect'yln the sale, fc? tiiao *e*?iae?i that tre ot Gen. Lent n iatmate retainer* ?tid receive f5ttJ In money and j promise of $5(K> ru?rr fur bis tnlluenre. Also, one of the t?t?te r-fllc?n testifled f?at Gen Lane proposed to him ti> separate ?he band* him.?eJf and retain several tactitaod dollars of the proceeds. General Lane biir.seit t- btifirtl tefore the cnoir.itt.e, and it ia alr-ariy ascertained he will be flatly contradirUd 1n s?vtral :ns*anccs by sererM of the moat pronvreui ir-n in the country and by bis own signatore. This ia a pnitr f tUeh'??oryof theiippeacUii ent caw.-," but not all Mot daring to have a tiial, and frflln:; utterly to convince the people of their ovi purity or patriotism, it ba*been stealthily but summarily quashed, ast*:elorowin*, letter from my attorney In the case will explain: Torn*, i^anaa*. Aprils, lMt Gar. Ribtnan?Dear 8iV: There la nothing upon record lo snow that any articles of lmoenrh racnt were presented ?r.d allowed in :beH >uae of Reprewentatives airataat Ch\rl?a (loblnwon, GovfrfiT. of Ge?. 8. Htllyer, Auditor, of said State. Youra in haste, (Signed) Nathan P. CASK. Aa tbe auditor la the officer to whom Qen. Lane made the corrupt propoiitton. tfcere la i;ood reason wtv be should tx* dropped with myself. 51' Callamore Is tbe first ma a who baa dlacotered that the " Impeached ' State ofilcera have lost th Ir ttfice* la con*equeuce of (be adoption of ? resolution cf lmofccbmeiH through the lower House of tbe Legislature Tbe Legislature coc tooed to rerognlis tbem seudtri*; their ar U to the ?x iTernor for approval, waiting upon him oftlclaily by tcoajr>?, 4c.,am tue oflrers of the Federal Government continue to reco^nixs them <isu?:al. Et?o Mr Call?m?re corriiiued to recog a te tbem after 44 Impeachment," tranaarttnr oAcul basinooa with them until bo wa? rem jvtd from bla pinion of Quartermaster General for cauoe. Then be first discovered that although 1 a. 1 *a? - naa u?e power ?o appoint? lot be applied tor a reappointment loan agency?fter Impeachment I bad n ? p*rwef to remove. With referecce to the proposal to " go down t? Leaveu worth and get some of those poor, run arable devils to enlist aiid pay tbem 95 apiece,with tkr understanding fer thtin to deaert tbe next day,'* 1 have only to aiy that tbe atateibent to f*lae, and tbe propoaltloa ta so aboard on Us face. nnd*r the . Ircu instances, that It I* unworthy of credence. In tb? brat ptoco, I had no apart fund* to Invest; aud aecondly, tf I bad I could Inveat them mora Mtlsfcctorlly to myaelf ttan In buying recnilta far tb? army; and. in tbe ttlrd puce, ft U notorious that wb?-n tbat regiment (tbe first) was organized several honored men tbat deslr<d to be received bad to be rejected. Such *u the deelre to be admitted Into that regiment that nearly a hundred men In a body waited upon me with a view to compel ma by lal)nidation to receive tbem. Of this fuel Gen tftoao, who is In the city, waa w'.tneaa, aa be aided me to appeal ? Ji 1-*-' Trr <>v?c wuv writ UIMi pumiea Reapeetfally, C Rob:*o*. Natu. ?'The New York coweapondent of the Philadelphia laqalrrr writ** April 19: "The ere?tcai activity preralla at th<? Brooklyn Nitv Yard The lron-pUted steamer Uaiena Wii to tore fcene iato coauiWalon to-dayjbut u l?r iroa porta wvra act properly fitted, ate art 11 not b* ready until Tueaday, when she la to aall fo-thwlth Tm a'.eam frigate Roanoke is to have three htary Erlcsaon tovreri, ltke the Moaltor, on deck. a -I uiuui ik.uw liK wiw 11 10 OM ptlt 1 II (be V-ird but tbitaDovetbe water liue at the Neeelty War ha Tfc*r <teana g jnboat Dawn la undergoing a few alterations at the band* of the joiners. She carries twa 3i poundert and on* Parrott gnn cn the forecastle she will be readv far her crew bar Toesd it The storeahtp Release has nearer finished he* loading, aud will sat I shortly for the Mediterranean. The aloop-of- war John Adams Is undergoing the accessary repairs to tit her for a school ship. A Urge force *f mechanics arc engaged la getttaif tne bablne ready for sea, sod they hive worked for th!s purpose during the whole of Thursday aad Friday nighl*. The new steam (loop of war Adirondack 1* back at the nney yard, and the engineers are fudged la potting the aagtaas op board,which hire been made at the Novelty Work?. The new * eaaa gua boat Port Boyal has alao artivd at the vSrd, aad la tak!>0 t?f aimsineal on board. Th? iNaai funboat Maa?acbuaet*?, Lieut. Cooper cocmiMlnr. I* taking la uterm, and will nil la t few day* Tbe gunboat ftbepperd Knapp la baving n ?xtra ?*rtp of e??pp*r affix*!. a>td wMl, on conuI Ifltloa or tbe work. Mil again ima>pdi*idy. Tbe acbonner Mur V. I tat la la loading a cargo of unn.jn:ttea for S-blp l?Und. I W u li^? I 0 ? ' * 'HM t|# J D BFER R ED LOCAL A R TIC LBS. WAtftiMTO* Pctimfririfc AMcfctAyrtts ?At the laat meeting M tbta Association. Mr. H. L Honmer read a pspw," Ob tbe Dlicovery of America feylbe Northmen, and theeyidencrs tending; to prove that the antlqultlei of North A nwr'c* Wefe erected by tbem " Tbfe tender quoted from a Hi?torv pBbl'.shed by tbe Royal Antiquarian Society of Copenhagen, tending to prove tbat NorttsD>en had wandered to Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Narraganaett Biy; andclt^d a numbrrof evldenrea, auch aa the tower of Newport, the eke eton fo?nd at Mount Hop*, Jtc : and argued that If these evldencea proted any d'arroter* at all, tl>pf proved tbe d!act>v%ret* to l>? the Northmen. Tha readet proceeded to the consideration of tb?> different Items of e*1denc?ln thl* country, as compared with ancient Icelandic snd Scandinavian records, and tbe ability of tbe Northmen to ma^t* uiiu record tbeee evld*DC*s Under the first htad, he referred to the mound* and tumuli found In this country, and which resembled those of the north of Europe, and which part of Odin worship; and qnf>tr4 irow %ncl<nt ports abd W'*'?r* * Pro ?c tb*t the ancient klttgt of NohViy were liiuivd in tomnll 5 o:bW evidences were, cumparl?t aafclftn* tortlScatlotiS w 1th those discovered In this Country and la proximity to mounds. Inscriptions en Stone* found In lb? TU6anus were evidently Sc?ndlatvlan; and ftomttlmes tbe?e l?sertpt'Ohs united the Rual;, Old Saxon and Ro mau alphabet, of all whl^h the WoMWer were familiar. RelUs t*%eS !!oui some of the mour ds as croeee*. ul., Indicated a knowledge of Christ'anltv,wlth which the Northmen were acquainted, a* w*s proven by reference to ancient authors The Northmen were a hardy, energetic, seafaring people; and conarqnently there Wet nothing to prevent their exploration! extending ttr tfce Shores of the New World. They wehe alto a people bent on conquest, ftafl that account* fct thelf emigrations to the West. They elected the sha res of the lake?, Cn account of the fishing ground* and the good quality of the timber for ship building The cbj*ctlona that could b* urged nra'.nst this theory Were i^ehtloUea and refuted; Mich a* that these'rellr* denoted a higher antiquity than thosp cf Iceland; that these antiquities do nut indicate an acquaintance with peaceful arU, that the evidsnces prove too numerous a peop'e; that the fodlana built them; that they are co-equal with the antiquity of the Egyptian pyramid*; that tUev foraa part of the Mexican antiquities; that ne knowledge of the fate of thfe mound builders exists; and that the rorreap?n?lence of Labi? in building WtWet-n the mound builders and the Northmen ia not sufficient That they were capab'eof mak'.nz the record of these evidences, 1* prove) by the fust that tt * Northmen were the navisetnrfl alid adventurers of the ninth and teiith centuries. Tne q-iestlon here recurred. did Columbus know of the Northmen's discoveries ? There was much in bis conduct to induce tbe belief that be was aware of it li t visit to Iceland; bis perseverance; bis positive certainty of a new world to bala.-ice the old: bis strange visions, and bis lolling the fears or hi* mariners by promising bis ownufe, ifthedisccv, ery wal not made !n a glvtn tithe; all tbi? proved that Columbtls lfcas either buoyed up with the courage of a desperate rntbusns*. or that he Was aware of the previous discovery Hut the speaker would uot abate one Jot of the honor due Comtubus. or pluck one flower froin the wreath that encircled his brow. PoLic* MtTT**s ? first Precinct ? Dellan 9bow*r?, drink; delivered to military. John Smith, do.; do. John Urown, assault and battery; do. Second Pretwut.?Joseph Whitney, causing nuisance; ruled for trial. William Bell, taking wood: do. John Johnson, drunk; taken t? rarrp. InKn V'an.r.. Am. . A ~ W7 ?K- * - - J ?vu>( i vn^v*) ?v? %m\* . t* hi. i.uaj'n , u?.; uu. Peter Huzhman, dranlr and intuiting ladi>*?; dn. Michael Jfolean and Robert Cartrel, drunk and disorderly, fined fci.81 I?ewls Deblmsn. fast driving; fined 85 Alfred Turner, aborting S. Bladen; committed for a further bearing. A. Comner, drunk; taken toc*mp Jos. Whitnev, causing nuisance; 4ned S10 Thomas Carb"ry, drunk and fighting; ta*en to p&rtlp. Michael Sherlock, drunk; taken to lock-np. Third Prteinct.?John Doraev, dls'-.rd^rly; fined 8141 Soph!* Jackson, do.; do Alfred Snowden. do.; do flil 56 The patrolmen of this precinct also arrested over thirty of the dealer* of Georgetown for selling without license, but on tbelr taking out the lane and paying co?u they were di tmisaed. Fourth Pretinrt ?Tbos M lt~be!l, drunk and disorderly; fln.d John Hitchcock, do ; do. Daniel Hartegen, larceny; held fo' further hearing Henry Stine. drank, fined *1 75 M Fltzpstrickjdo : workhouse. Jno. M"Lamrbl1n, do.; do. \\ m F<*gerty, disorderly; fined f I To Msgr'ider Waters, thrta's; security to krep the peace. r ?? r # fndiirK liull /4 1 ?/l .i?l ? ?- ? m ' vi ????. vr^.Ti u unviu^nr t? 11" duct; lined S3 SS. Lucy Webster. do.; fined #1.5*5. Jotia Clise, do ; turned oyer to the military. Wm. Cooper, drunk and disorderly; fined Si94. James Hood, drunk; turned over to tbe military. Henry Craham. do ; do. Mary Lyons, disorderly; flntd #.j 58. Samuel Stewart, drunk; turned ever to tbe military. Joseph Andrew*, disorderly; fimd 2.9-t Henry Creer drunk r.nd disorderly; turned over to ttie military. John Csrr, do ; workhouse. ?V. T. Dant, do.; fiaed S5 59. Juo. Cook, drunk; turned over to the.military. John Newman, do.; do. Sintk Prteiact ?Catherine Rodger*, drunk and disorderly, workhouse 60 days. Wm. Young, do ; fined S3 59. Wm. McLear, drunk; locked nn T. A. Talson, fast driving; fined ?3 5>? Jno. White, dlaoiderly; fined SI &1- Wm Dart'.n, larceny; aecority lor court. Michael O'Brien, disorderly; fined SI W. James M. Hagg, assault rt.^ k?tt*rv> a?i*n?llu J J wwuili* (VI WUI W T<*th Prtcimet?Daniel Bm^den, Indecent exposure; fined S5.S1 Henry Hipp, disorderly and profane; tent to tbe guardhouse. Wm. Heilzmin, do ; do Owen Sullivan, drunk; flntd Sl.81. W H. Mangum, aasiult and battel; sent to jail Wm. Buckly, drunk and disorderly; fined S3 91. Jobn (Mian, do ; do. Thom&s Fields, do ; delivered to the military. Sergeant Stewart, do.; do. Sergeant Dele van, da ; do. A. J. Friend, do.; do. Joseph Riley, drunk and profeoe; fined S3 94. James MeGraw, disorderly; fined 82 93. Catharine Gormley, selllrg good* without license, selling liquor In leu quantities than a pint, and selling on Sunday; workhouse. Samuel Henkness, abusing a horse, and profane; fined S3 P4. James Williams, drunk and disorderly; fined SI John Collins, do ; tu-ned over to ttie Provost Guard. Thomas Plgnan, do., do. Oath or Allbsiahck ?o* Washwgto* Vo-' Tarn*.?The following la a synopsis of the bill which has passed tbe Senate That In all municipal elections In tti* ltU(Matf*ahMai> lng tbe rebellion, every person who (bail cffr to vote, and who shall be challenged by an f legal voter on tbe ground of disloyalty, (ball, before bit vote 1* received, subscribe to tbe following oath ?? do solemnly swear (or atfirm, as tbe case may h?,)that 1 will support, protect and defend tbe Constitotion and Government of t?e United States, against til enemies, wbetber domestic or foreign; that I will bear true faith, allegiance and loyalty to th? >ame, any ordinance, resolution, or law cf and Stat* Convention, Legislature, or order, or organisation, secret or otherwise, to tbe contrary notwithstanding, and that 1 do this with a full determination, pledge and purpose, without anv mental reservation or evasion whatsoever: and further, that 1 have always been loyal sua Uue to the Government of the United States. So help me God " Tbe oath of affirmation may be taken bef re any jasttce of tbe peace, notary public, or other Kraon legally authorized to administer oaths In e District; and tbe production of tbe certificate, in writing, of any such Justice of the peace, with a copv of rack oath or affirmation, that it haa betn taken and subscribed to by the person producing It. Shall lM tiff -> _ , ? j wvmuMiMmvuvia vt CICU* Hon luttcient evidence cf the fart. And It (hall also be lawful f >r the commission* era of election, or any one of them, during the time of holding sa<*h elections, to administer said oath. And any person or persons violating nld oath, or making any ffcls* statement In taking the same, shall be subject to all the pains and penalties of wilful and corrupt perjary. THI GK*ikal CoRVIBMCBOVTHI MsrUODUT Pbotbstajit Chubch.?Tbefl st Ta^aday in Msy next this body of ministers and laymen will mett In tbe Congress Street Church. Georgetown, D , C. Preparations are already begun for tbe recaption and proper entertainment of the members. It is the highest legislative body recognized by that denomination of Christiana, and Is wi nnaificrt?i tuu imy rruiHUKiUffl from every annual conference district in the United States. No u Cosmiwi "-The negroes from (be near counties of Maryland steal their masters' stock snd wsgons to oo?q?Ho this city, and partlm li Maryland have frequently stopped them to search tbo wagons (Or " contrabands " A negro, driving a wagon to town a few day* ago, was thus stopped, whoa he said : "No asolooking la dla wagon, mass a; 1 hain't got aay concubines dar." , IfTTha Newbern and Port Pulaski prlsoMM have been transferred to Governor's Isknd, Now Vork Can * jr* ? ' ' ? ; \* i * * %t TBLBQBA-PHIO SEW3. Frtihrt la the Cinatrticit River. RAiTPoib, April 20 ?The river hiu rlaen to 2? feet above tow water r\*rk, and M raring IV one lUcL pci oour. Toe wboit; iowerpirt t>I tbe city 1* flooded, causing great damage and much suffering The rMlroad track near Spring, field U submerged for fire miles, but i> not aeriously damaged. Coxcoap, N H., April '20.?The freshet lithe highest since TS31. Portions et the ?eteral rail^ roads are b^lj wa?hed[; * " T- ' ? Arrest ?f Cel. Jenaistn. Lkavoworth, April 19 ?Col.Jennjaop, late of the tth Kansas regiment. ba? be^n *r*?sted by M?* thlJlIar^r authorities and a?nt (o Alton, III. i lie rauae or bit arrest la said to be Insubordination. Lieut. Hoyt, of the same regiment. Is also undsr arrest Britr. Oen. Carey has been assigned to the command of the troops far the protection of the overlind mill rowt# Heavy Freshet in Lf\rer Canada. Montr sal, April 21.?There hi a heavy freshet t?roiijrh*5(11 Lower Canaan., Minv .lllagfcs are tiooded, and there is a great destruction of property. The locks and dtms near Ottawa City are In dange/. The WeaUtn trairia havfc be?n Interrupted during tne last three days, the road having been washed out near Cornwall. It is expected, however, to get right to-day. New Yerk Bank Statement. N'kw Yobk, April 21.?The weekly statement of the City barks shows the following totals : gecr^ase in ldsna, inceflii#, In apecle, 16 %0j Increase in circulation, fC9,8^0; increaae In deposits, St,<20.077. Heavy P obbory. New York, April 21.?The office of the Brooklyn White Lead Company. on rulton street, v^as robbed on Saturday night of bonds amounting to frrm forty to flfty thonaand dollira of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad. Gavemar Harvey? af Wiacansla. Drowned. ('Aiao, April "21 ?Oov JJar^ej. of Wl^c.o?idn, ^airirowned st J*a?annab,Tehne?st?e. oil Saiuraav nlfhf, by falling into tbe water wbiUt stepping frrm one boat to another. Kf is body bad not been recovered when tbe last despatches left. Late fflift the Mississippi river Expedition. A special correspondent of tbe Chicago Times, writing under date of April 11?tbe diy follow, ing the departure frcni New Madrid?says : Fort Pillow Is right before ns, In our very path; a strong fortification, In admirable position, de? fended by battery upon battery, and peopled cy thousands of re'nel soldiery. TJiero area great number cl the Leavlwl pieces 01 ordnance In tfce possession of the febel army befe mounted. There are elfven batteries on tbe shore In the curve of the river, which Is as much the same as at Island No. 10, in r**gtrrd to shape. The cuive Is much broadtr. however, and the channel sweeps an en. tire half circle around the circumference of a broad |ake fo.rmed hy the widenln* of the rlT^r in the bend, Uir<( expo?lng bca*? that may attempt to pats to a tanntlet of five or six miles of open range, for which the batteries are planted. Opposite the la*t battery obstructions are planted in the river. which compel boats to r??? clote to the shore. Other obstructions are placed near the upper battrry?ail of which ter.d to complete a most formidable and tfoubesSme defenae. On the hill, in the rt?ar of the batteries, is the main fart, an octagonal structure with bastions, mounting some twelve or fifteen lar^e guns. Hurroandlng th!?, and embracing a l'n* seven miles in length, from shore to shore, are fortifications consisting of batterlec, rifle-pi's Ac .al! of which are being increased and strengthened by all mentis in the power of the rebel army This position must be taken by bard fighting. There are no traps to catch the rebels in as at Island No 10. All la plain, open country la the rear, and the fortifications are on high hills. There are other hills which command them, and upon th?-m Gen. l'ope will probably erect batteries with which to fight them. Th* gunboats hive do i!lfraitlT?rxetp( to lie behlrd ft? point, a* at ftland No. 10, and throw their ?b? 11 across the Intervening pace at the bitterles. The mort?r bcata will nrcusarily take the sance position. 11 It my opinion that they are useless for helling batter!**# They m&y be made tn throw shell Into the frit, however, In which ease they will do go-<d rxecntion. Tlie wiiole flotilla i> here, including the gun boa's and ten mortar boats. Gen. Pane's army Is also on the spot, having come down the river In trs*.n?por's I'be great trouble seem* to be to find a piece of dry land to light upon. The army and navy are both sanguine of a ?peedy victory, but I j do not shire in their anticipations. 1 think the rebels will make a most stubborn r:sl?f?nce here, | and that we shall be held in check uatll the great pending battle at Corinth drcldis tbe matu r. If we gain the v!ctory*there, they are outflanked, rnd will yield the position. If not, we muit take It by hara flihtlng. Report puts tbe strength of the place at 120 L^avy guns, and 17,000 soldier*. | I think the latter is an over estimate, as Beaure> ga?d bss drawn heavily upon all thf se ontposts to swell bis ranks at Corinth. He tcok 10 000 men from Island No. 10, which was jmt 10,11)0 prison* eis rescued from our clutches. The correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette writes: I learn since ray arrival here that Fort Pillow Is situated near the town of Randolph, between that place and the mouth of tbe XIatchee river, and not ten or twelve miles above, as has been general'y supposed. Indeed It la tbe Randolph a < -i- a * : - L * * * " iiiiuu .utium, auuui wi'icn we ner.ra so much lait summer. Tbla, at least, I find to fce the eeneral Impression here amonjr thoae who should knew bc<t, and it seems plausible from the fact that we are not now more than eight or tea mile* from Randolph. What th* Coj?fbd*bat*s Say ?Thecdltor of the St. Louis Democrat Ion conversed with the Confederates who arrived there on Monday, and from them learns the following relatire to 6en. Prentiss and h1a command ! Gen. i'.eutlas surrendered about 4 o'clock on Sunday evening- The rebel officers say he and hi* men fought well, but were completely surround d when tbey gave up. They al*o say that tbelr army was drawn up in lint of battle on Saturday mgkl wit/ima ftio hundred yards of our tirrtjif, and plainly aaw our men goli g in and out of their tenta. Their genera la would not let them build their camp-fires for feer of dlacovery. ISA fc FKRK1NI' WorCMterthire Sauce, r[?Hii?w oj CJ UTKACT

OOKKOI38E9R8 B| ef o Lottor from o te be the CI Mtditml &mtItmmm "OMAY tOOD VJ IV Hit Br Mm ABCE," BKkPJ stWoroMtaT. M.?IU?U.U ggffi . ,.|| E*.VR. ktibt 'AKIETT yaHfcepalsUbie, u well u OF DISH. MKiflihe most vholMome ^^?Sj0S*mc* t hot ra mode." The fcbore BAUCE u not only the lie* ond mod nnui eonsmim known, bat the most Etcmom ifl- o lew droM in S?Wi &r?l, or with >TUA. i and eold Bnf Bttmk, 0<mm, #*., layvt oo extnieite neat, whioh mmprtetvM Ponce mooe&atnren hove la ?nin endeovored to imrttmtt. On Ue Brtmkfmtt, Ltmtkton, JMwur, or Sow* rui?, o einet contoiotn* M * PERRIIW WORCESTERSHIRE SAVCE" is ladisjeneoblo. To Mtreeiate the tzttllmi fMU4ti45 of Uua tUli tint >r?pftrfttion it it oaly iMMurf to p*r*hM* a amail bottle of tbo tmcimt, offt raapeotftbla trooer or dM R.at mur tad ituiinrui n*Ki*tora aaldom plftoo tl Pur* S&aoe before U*tf mitt bat rabctitate ft couaiao ?<Mi< filiod vitk ft iTMrwai auxwre. For aftlt by Grooera ftcd Frattarwa ororrwkwf. JOHN DUNCAN * SONS, 9mim Ifffi Ml 14tA ttrM, Xw T?rti Soi# WholMftlo A<enUfor the Uai*d Stfttae. A Btook ftlvftya at atore^-Aifto ortfut m?n? Iwdlrootahip?itaft? rmt?* ae?Hr^o , , . "?* OFFICIAL. T\EPARTMENT OFTXATK, \J W abhikmov, January S9,1091. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Member* of Congreaa oa bnatneae on Saturday*, coMmenalng with Setwday, tho tret of mk! month. WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, Mirnif II, uA. dilun, That the Wit will be eleeed Tnesdaye, Wednesday*, Thnradays and Friday* nf alflfct All After bnalnesi but that which relate* to activ* rbJlit^ry In tb* U#I4. Saturday* will be devoted to the bu*ine*a of Senator* and Repre*entatlvet. Monday* to tbe bndneas of the Pablle. RDWIN M. STANTON, jAStjl ^Tf'CfT rf War. P4 S8ENGEK TRAIN TO MANAMAIk. War DrrAtTHKifT, ) OJfUt MUttntf BupermunHtnt Hnilrnds U.S. > Wttkiatif*, April 1*, 1H12. ) I*o Passenger train wMl*? rnnifrcm Wa?hln2I tnn ? Uan.uM. ??tl1 /...?! - ,t(-H ?vn ?w iuuMacvoo uuui tut mcf oou';iii D. C McCALLUM, ap 18-tf M. D. and Sop't Railroads, U. 8. EDUCATIONAL. i ... i fc? i . . English and classical boauJUng . . scHyyL FOR YCVUNG MEN AND BpY?, Mt Joy, LrAcaint to , Th* lo'K'ion i? cmt oi ae;e?i t>y ra'b^vl, (U)d very health?. For cirwlvi *p*)y to >. W. A?ge, , l.o?i*ian* a* , bet worn 6t1 and 7th street:, cr &dCrea? the frlnc.'pil, ap 19 rofif E. L- MOORK, PLAIN HELD ACADfcfc?, ~~ N?4Il CABL.fi*, FA. TheK-l aeeaionOO *oekt) commerces Mar Mh. Terms ?70 per a^aion, ''Honiara at Sta* Offioe. To fi i a few raoanoiea addree* R K BURNS, apl-lmeo P!ainfield. Com t"o.. Fa. Dr.j.h schenck. Thia dl?*mgnisre 1 Pta*> sioian, whose brilliant and wi?te-apread r?p?i a ion bu bee* aojuired by ?'? eminently ?ueo??sfu! treatment of Consumption. even in ca^es which htve been regard*d abd uroncpunced incuraMeb? the refnl*r facu ty, wi.i beat tut Kooins No. 444 KUjlini STREET, A few doors abov* PENNSYLVANIA 5 VENUE, WanHrFtnn City, On WKDNMUAV, the -3d of Apri'. For consnlt*.ti*n an4 to e*annuo ihe oDmlition of hi* paii^nta. His great experience, derived from lo"*g and extensive p aouoe. close study and devotion to Ids profession tJgi"th?r with tie *8*1?stams*? of the p'.rfett inttnmit* with whieli ?>?e*ami? ati ns oi tLo lungs are m*de, enable htm t-> deuci tne slightest sj n:ptomi of dimte, His tnree e>eat medicines, his PULMONIC 8IKUP.SEA WfcEil TOMC aid MANDRAKE PILLS, have been as widely a* remedies for cisra-es cf tne Lungs, Liver and Stnmaol. as uis own repnlatljn in tba " ansgement and cure of patient! inffenrf n nder th<we We <ron'd advice ai! wno n^ed Lis te vieee t" call upon him a? above K<r an ixannnatior. ot ill* lungs with the re.?pirometer h * chart? is 'A?r? dolltrti hut for ordinary e? ami nations and advuie wi'hooi tna* inrt'urr.ent no ekarie ?.? ma4* ?cn*n?k wuld feel grateful 10 sum patients as have been t*aefsted by his treatment if Uiey would call on h'm durnf h;s Vnitr to their #!tie?. anloertif., ty written statements, to the bee fit taey have received. L>?si i< s being a great satsl&rfnn to hint, suoh eeri'fioares tend to imr&rt ooaficence to hur.d!e^s rf ssfljrers from similar disease*, who need only faitU in Dr. Schenck and .lis remedies to t et be saved Persons oan be diieoted to hie rooms bv calling at hia agent e, 0, D. W A1TE, to ncr rth street aii L'ninana avenue, wlnre also can be f 2nHafu:i supply of his Medicines ap 14 9;* ivew arrival of. * tttVAUTll* Ul< STYLES SPRING C fL OTliiNG, At AsTom?aiN3 Low Psucaa. Whole rntta elegantly cot if at ?luand g 13. At * BAKftBRO,. ap 2-lm* Corner E and 7th aireata. C OYSTERS?OY8 TKH*. IIES/ PEAKK dreamed oyster ttaloon. The inbeonbrr having ooraplsted b>a f.. iUeaued Oy?t*r 9*;oon, is now read* to tarn ah to eiticnt, ?t f>ctvi ai^vtOilflr the put lis generally. with Oystera conked liy Che r aw eraiea of a'eamiuc Th<* hei.t OT.trra the Market o*n tlTord. wii.al way a ho on hand. a', the Cheeep^vke MeMn(Jyl>r Haloon, No. 403 U atreet, near 7th, ana east of the Patent Offioe. mb3i-lm WM. P. VVCBB. Proprietor. A-. TAKE notice: LL Boys, from the age of 3 year* op, can cow be htted out with taste and eot.n >m* ?t VifSitai Faaiilonable Clothing KtU" Uhroeiit, izih 24-lni* Cora?r K &:iU J"dv?utb ata. 500,000POUNUd ROUGH TALLOW and ARMY GREASE WANTED. for which the highest price will he pui at tie National Soap and Candle >V oika. Green at.-eet a-.J Cans!, Georgetown, L). C. mh B lm C. B- JE .YELL. Proprietor, FOR ARMY AND NAVY MEN.?Navy Bine Flanneu, Uotfa. and OaMimer*i. /Lrmi Ulie Flannels, Glotls. aid Ca?a:rserea, tue proper *utilitiea (that will hold the cj'or > Also our uaual amp e atock of a ! other kibda of Dry Goods, f?r ;amiu?? and uoug?k^?perii. One prioe only, marked la cu'icot hgnrea. A n examination of atoos implies no obligation to pnreaaae. Pt.ltRV k, BRO, ap 9 at Penn. avenue and Ninth at, NOTICE, "ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPACT." J his Company offer* to tne tnblie " L'negaalW rantagea'' for the Safe ana Quick Dispatch el Heavy Freights, Packages,Vaiiaolea, Money, M. fco.,_t<)i ail p^<rft^PniwdSUtea. _ Mirnm Ml IN iron! l&B HOrltt and W Mt dOpart from and irriYein WMtuacten twiw dftilj. All Cxtretiet are U (Ur|i of HpiriMtW nU r?a?4J? Meoketnerm. 11 fmkifn for 7k? Soldi*;! onmea it m?kx iaut our u?al rate*. All Goods for the eo-oalled "Confederate StaW ^ ^kil Artiolec 44 Contraband cf War'' will bo Oar Expresses leavo Nov York M 1.1, aid C P. M.. urines id Wa*liiz.?ton at A. M. aid i n 'Extremes learo Philadelphia at tja A, M. aad 11 P.M,amTiag la WasMncton at P.ML,aad Expresses leave Ba.timore at C2? A. M. and I P. M j^arriTinj la Wuhinjtcn at I A. M- aad MO kxirMM for all points North aad Weet lears WashiLzton at 7J0 A. M. and IJ" P. K.cti;. special ContraotaTorTarge quantities of Protfht tan be made on aot-ioation to this Offioe. All Qoods called Tor and delivered fru qf hitra ehartee. E. W. PARSON 3, 8?p*t Adams' Express Oo;iru?. Washington. Asgs at a, 1W1. h O-p READ WITHpDKC1310^AND ACT WITH . DR. M.VELLNV'S PRIVATE HOSPITAL, in the Fede<aJ Block, o?poaite the Oeserai 1'oat and Patent uffioe, Room M up a tan a. oiaer ofrth and F ata , Waahi&|ton, t>. C. KataMiahed for the *'apprea*ion of Qndokery The Ul.j Retoiar l'iijaioian AdYerU?i*f. Dr. M. Vel!nr*a long experlenoe inhoapltal prac boe *irruu via in aaiing that h?oaa aire ali dlaaaaea of a private cat axe, or ha will fertetl tfee Mm of five hundred dollars. Call and aat turn. No obarge tot oonaaitation. A perfect and radio al oare aerfeoted from on?? te f?n qnya or: w't ?m* 'I* " JUcf PUBj^ifttt-p, 1 HK New Union Gameof fec?a?t<>a,or Sketobaa oftha Rebellion; foat tne thing for thefimiif oirole, ox to aend ?o the Untnaae dter. Published by JOHN P. CHAKLfON, Philadelphia aud far aaie br JOS SHIuLJNttTON, mb 19-eoSin *X at. and Pa. evraiie. G^SS^oPfflW ,?iEPrv?A?" i iniah to the Met enatoia work, o& in in? liitu oi?or*c in new h 1fcr H Airbill re; 6 Md7 yoart old. CMMiien^" 1 ,*d. awEs fia&JST. 1"$.; DENTISTRY* UirC* p?*aObAiij at kit oftc? .n U<U eit? MW M?nj f?r*ci:i o*n *?r tbf?e teeth tbo'" '1 ^ Man of vhi otnern, mk> no per*? om wmr ???rt vhoatuotwfltr the? \ F?r*on? calling at my > (U be MMmoMtM with any ?tyie an.1 prioe af Teetk Un su doeiret f?t to tho?e wn??re partiou.ar aad rtaji uejar^-rt, [ eieanoet, atroccMt, ar>4 moet terfeot dep tare tiiaJ I art cau ercdaee, the MINKJLAL PLATS will be _ ' fmiJy warranted. 13zrt*i r c??"asargas? ?btA wt-ly^l ^KW AND IMPROVED INTENTION ARTlPlCIJ(, CHnorLABTl BON* t k i * ii Witvott Mm?, Planes Ciacta _ DR. 8. 8 SUMMON#, , a I ?19 Brtmdwtv, Tfrm Tark-*6 > Pwyeie?? 4? MM, (<nNM Ittk MU lSli III , IfiaiMt**! l. The Teeth <7? Ti re ">*?rj??ter* vili?BK3 Q6T9T oorode nor charne c'&t *t e?T acid*. beinc three-ft>ert>>? lighter then eaf etfeer. t. No teeth or root* need he extracted, U ut artiieial oce? can be ir r^rted over then. S. The reota will Wmede laeffeeaiTe, sertr 4. rig tqmyorvT t?tt.trt geaded,ai aarmaaeat eaea Ml ?$ r*1e irrrnc : Jtuly, tkaratr ?r6aerria? ika utsra. exa??7irt of C>e ;acp, wfiioli aader the old intern 11 fr?^Dsnt.'T aitWtnTM. I. Thi? work tits been Ib'Jt t'tfd ovtr Dt^tcmi hj manj #f the first ahemirta and phTaioiana of tola oDBtrr. Dr 9. haaaleo Invented a white andeetraaiive metal ft inc, w?U wtuofc U>a moat aenaitire teetb WE be *il? irithovt paid, and oat t>ai)d a# a ear feot, eoaidoa as7 ?da roota, wtuok wullwi throajh lifetias. The belt of refcrenaeeriTea?to Dr. V. Mo(t Or DorMt?*, Profctaoi yrChenjistry, N. Y.;,Bon Jsdca Wayne, o. 5a Caarl of Waabiacton, and thonaandi of Call aiid axam:se lqj j'-nr^eLf. (*A8 FITTING, Ac. A.*r- New rramr^S'tFexaaat* ?ry' fdtn ?h)eh Iter mar be faror# 4 in ta? FhWHUUtd, ?AS OK STKA* FlTTDll BlSINEBB* HT 8Wrt cn ttk ctrMt, %iew 4o#n n#rtt #f fa W?_ ?A8 FIJ f IB K8i fc Ha*" in stare, an" are dai j rereiriaf, 9A% FIXTUR ES of entirely IV nr Pattern* and Dealtnt led rhtiak, superior ia etrie to anythir.f taretofvn ror'*l in tn.a jnaiket. Yva i?T!teo!tiiaca cevena. r ?o w;i ana r?. uce 'nr ?tool o; cm ud wale: FUPira.taaiiof <xm?Jeat thai va Uti Ui bar aa.eoiM atoek in W.vslii'f tot. JlIT Work iz the above "n* ntnuM ? tir Hn ?Ui aite urlstl t?. NYKU * Mf?2UM. ?r?-U STCDatrMt ^SOLDIERS' MONEY AMD ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWAR" (SOLDIERS' KKMITTANCK8 To tb?r Faraiusa at acr plaoo oa ?*f llnaa of their Express at a charge ci TWENTY-P1VK CENTS Fo* AST SUM !fOT IZ^XKLIRO f^TT DoLLARS; And a pmportiotate additional charge to p ao-*a rr&ohed by oonneotin* Expreaae*. The 'omittance trhethar Wo!*. Trevnr* Notes, or Allotment Draft*, sf?oald t? *i>eloe?d >n ar en ve!op*ar>d efcnrei} eealfd, er.i have the full ad drraa (incladiLK towa. Poet Ofice.and Pfcvte aad io oitiM the street aud b&mber) of the person to vham to bs sent, and the amatnt legibly muk??l thereon. , Knvslopas for this purpose its* be had at oar ?flic* To facilitate erompt deliver* th?eharfe for re mitUnce shoala be rp>ai<1 mh *8 lm ADAMS EXPRESS COMPAPt Y. SOLDIERS' PAY. RARNDEN'S EXPRESS WILL FORWARD SOLDIEHS' REMITTANCES. WHXTHBX MONIT oa Alxotmxnt D*ajT*. To their Fc.m'l:ei at any pi boo on tae lino* of thsir Express at a obarge cf TWENTY-FIVE CENTS For any sum not exceedinj Filty Dollars.<t5" ) Aud a proportioLXte additional charge for fl&eos reached by occn?oti?< Expresses The reiniftauee, whether in Gold, Treasury Notes, or Allotment Draits, should I s t-n?!oeed n i au e^YeU-pe- ai.4 eeor.rei} sea.ed, act l?a?* the I full nrfilrMi. innlnHin# rha ? . , Wm??. ?. ? ?vwu, ? VOV VUIVO> ??U Sta'e, of th? pereon to whom to ce 6e~.t, aod the i air >nnt!- sibty irarfcod theraon. M lor this purple will be farniahed t> this tffio-. Money re?eir?d to be forwarded at the office id \V*f?ii>?u>i:, Tlard ktreet, eeoood door beiow Pi'.-u^y ivania avca~9. ap 1 1m K. 9 SMITH, Aieat. Black si lu: BLACK SILKS! ; COLORED SILKS: COLORED SILKS t A fail a*aortir,ent cf the be?t trade* at our prorerb?*Ily low pnoee. tPRING SHAWLS t SPRING SHAWLS New eupplie* at moat in.derate pnoee. SPRING WRAPPINGS spring WRAPPINGS? New supplies d%i y One price only, the sotua. rash vafo*. marked in plate ficu.-ee. FKItKV A bltu , ftD A-tr P*rn R?Mia?aa<4 o*k ?? ^ DAMS' EXPRESS COMfANY. ITCTICa Of REMOVAL. Tbe delivery oAcaof tola ooiapany la removed from Third street to the Urge depot on B "trwt, 2d ?n<? M 111 <<? a^-K OSPKOIAL NOTICE. N AND AUKR TUESDAY. APRIL 1, lau, the traina on the B tltitnoro ard Obi" Kailroaa fominww manioc daily. *unJaya , leaving thia elation at 7.?u A. M , and cooaoounc at WuhMton JQDOtion with mail train for all parte of tUe We*t tii Parker*burg or Whealing. Tr.rcerti uoketa aold and bt(t&r cheoked W. P ?Mi rH, Maater of Traacportati.m Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. a? 1 dtf SILK DRKggKS FOR THE l*RECENT AND APPROACH1NO SEASON. A ui^rt ctiioe aaaortment, at our proverbially ow priooa. Ore price only, the actcal oaah eticda-d value, marked in plain ftgvree. P V B U V JL UBnTDDD nih a? tr fc*r??u? asd Niath ?C vura^M'b eg* Qra / M K M J ? jr. TM 9 ft M QBI MAX Vt ACTOR T, 4 VV Iitxiiti nun. Wuw|, B, 9, WlVM M?4?l>vftrded by MurlnO Bfc'timors, Ncreinber 7.18?. a*. K-* I mi ?*wUntlT maklM, seiBlveji ur? m Ujk 1 ;n- LMt material, rrwry ikaHjfeaa W flM Sol* Leather, fubci Truii, i< !? Mill. , IIMKat? ?f aiu< ty ? il -u? v* vw?-?iw WW ? ? viuia vui f pwp ex&anoe my stock before farc.Msir.j eleevken that are mdeia other cib?i. WMfier LmMik and L.cn T;uki aUi u "|^ak? covered tadytrrtll?bertmcp??, ^ I \ FROM PARIS. iJE BERNARD?Le Parave't; *>o Da "ernerd?Ua Hmvq Pere. 3 vo.?.; 60o l>e Bmrtou?Le Cabaret dM NorU, *^o Dumas?L? Boatlil* de)a Cointeaee Berth*; ?V> Mm-J'haoce >? Pooel ?, yo IMjai&i?Tron Miiirft; iOS(?or|?!!Md-L'Uaootat; 90a IlniMW?Un? Anneea fWeooe; r>e l-vm&i-Le Caj|t*ine Artnk; *?o Dura*?-txanreioM an lee horde da Rhis, I vo!? ; Georte Sand?L? Fi Uale, Sto 6ftrr?Oioru Goeatlis; Uo larcer?Malam*01rmpe; ?j . lie Bernard?Le Paratouerre; no *?M FRaNPR TAYI.OW. ^ y^OYBTKk*?OYBTimi, /A G&LmJ OVfTKKB l ttMbMt^O&litJ MM b* i^HLxaxti.'TA?^?u?Z?. ..3/tSTL ^ .. AY It EH * CO. * \ 1 THE WEEKLY STAR. taSa?? gMMR rwJSr * l*ew**r ikueu be fbna4 la Uf vUmt?4i p?t>U^?4 -* mdar nanlaf, r*ji*, * *? <! ttntlt CMMT. m umb . .. li M FHwmptr* Tea oeplee. ? Xw^Bty-Svc otfpirt ? ? i? I? It lavarltbly cvntatn* Uxr ? W^hln^Wn New*" tfcat bu Mdi rUD?x|r imwc 5m* clmoleta o K?o?iiiy Uuougboet the oooniry. 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