22 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

22 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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? -g-.'T rii # EVFNING STAR. j , , - - ... WASHINGTON CITY: 1Y71SUAY APRIL 28, 1MI. 117Reading matter on every See oattide for Interesting telegraphic and other matter. ftplrtt ol the Mmlai Preaa. Ttoe I*ulUg'*'tr, la commenting upon the evacaation of our tree pa of Jacksonville, Florida, argaeo that la all eatea where the peopl* proclaim themselves loyal (aa la tbia Instance) it la the duty of the Government to gtve fall protection, and not leave them to the tcoder mercies af rebellion. " * The ktrmUtea* aay? ?he Rebels M never stake a point of color *>b*h they have work or fighting to be done," ?nd suggests tbat our Government abculd act 'a aalm'lar "common aenae" manner. i OUR MILITARY BUDGET. THB HOMICIDB OS WI1ETM. The continuation of tbe Investigation into the circumstances of ?be aborting of Wharton, the political prisoner cod fined In tbe Old Capitol building, by Trlvate Baker, of tbe Ta. Slat regiment, on tbe night beftxs Hk?. developed mo feature not stated Id our military budget yesterday. Tbe parties Implicated In tbe act are still beld under arrest, for due punishment; tbe Military Governor, General Wadswortb not regarding tbe provocation on tbe pert of tbe deceased (disobedience of orders and tbe use of taunting language) es by any means justifying tbe shooting. Baker, himself, will doubtless be cleared, as be but carried out tbe order* of tbe corporal of the ?,<iard ; who. In turn, alleges tbat in giving tbe order he but obeyed the poeUlve comma ad of his lieutenant. BAD. A telegram from Gen. McClellan's army, dated last night, announce? the death, on the night before, of Lieut. Wagner, of the Topographical hnftlneers. who wu wounded bv a ?h#n whii* making a topographical map of tb? country before 'he enemy' llnee. Aatrlcti Mrckttlei ai<l the War. When, it the outbreak of the great rebellion, l-'ederal foits, ravy-yards, a ad arsenals were ^Wwd by the public enemy, with their vast accumulation of ordnance, It was predicted by a writer who well appreciated the Inventive genius of our people, that this stolen property would be comparatively uaeleas within a year, by reason of the improvement* in guna which the occasion would draw out and bring Into speedy use The prediction stands to-day a prophecy,?fulSlled to be letter. The fact Is vividly recalled to mind iHKinwnini; uy me IMIMHI inlt irglMttr, Wbt-W editor truly averts that brick and atone fortification* prove an defcuaelcsa against modern artillery a* a " wooden" navy la admitted to be aganst iron-clad "Monitors " Oar cotcmporery triumphantly supports hi? proposition, by quoting the evidence of all the correspondents of the lead tng press, narrating the bombardment of Fort Tulaakl, who declare, with united voice, tLat this very strong work was hopelessly breached in thirty hours, by Jama' rtft4 guns and proy-.tiln. Having long a^o predict* d tblisnrcess for (Jen. Jamea' invention, the Star points with no lltt'e pride to the overwhelming testimony vindicating ?ur jn<tv>aent. It is rare that any novelty in inveution secures each frank, outspoken and hearty commendation, wiien In active competition with rlvjls of long standing and backed by devoted frh-nds. But the honey-combed and tottering wtiia of Fort Pali ki. tell auch a tale of dcstructiveueaa, that every beholder aeetns to have been compelled to prcaeot, moat prominently In his narrative, the imtnmtntaluy by which It was so Vrounptly seeured with a safety to the Union forces, working In open batteries, that seems alnMwt Inert dibit The New York Times' cor. respondent, in theconrae of a graphic deacrlp hod oi me scaiierea rort says: " The whole tide of the casemate was ?tot away * The Farrctt guns had been comparatively harmless, the icork b'.tng <ione nlmost tnttrti? by *h* Jam*'' projettil* * * This testimony it to us of tbre greatest value, and >* unanimovs on the part of beelBc-rs and men. It prove* that the o*'y really effetiivt artillery let had agauait the fort 'rert our Jite Jamti' guns?ooe 24-pounder, two 34-pcundert, and two 12-poundera." Another correspondent, writing from the rains of Talaaki tothe New York Tribune, say* " Th* guns tthick conrributid most to the breaching of the trail sr*rt those which carried th* James proThat was the testimony of th? tlcert of tb? fcrt, and in tk* thickest of th* ruins it *tat altcayt there shot irhich icefou?d most abundant. The correspondent of the New York Herald thus tell* the same story :?? Tbe James shells, eehnk had ?*</.' bared and honey combed the pancope of the fort, bad prepared it well for the operatl ca of the solid ten-'nrh iho'.: and wK*n fv.? roluiuUlada from Goat Point opened, the paacope b^ptu to tumble. * * * A practicable breech, large enough to drive a four-home wagon ttroupc, had been formed, and onr J a me* shell# were paaattig through '.t, acrosa the terra plain, and breaching the magezine ltaelf. Tkubmgkt ih? ftb4l: f termt. They unconditionally aurfecdered." L?< scribing with aome minuteness ol detail the p-o^r' ta of the bombardment, a correspondent of tfa* New York ?>fre<j give* ns practical tlloat at>ns of the accuracy of firing by Jamea' gun, when he statea that ' five or all of the effective projectile*" from them aometlmea pmiud imto i\t *ptrtwr? m tmmtdiale suzctstien " Refer* ring to the scene lnatde the fort after Ita aurrendcr, he aaya the devastation " waa terrifi;; carceiy a rpot In the work aeemed untouched ; ?uni were dismounted, embrasures knocked. iraversrs croten, stairways crushed, blindage* mash*); balli and ahelli lay all around, fragments wfre piled up ao high that a passage-way cmj)d ha idly be obtained In many Instances l.rrty proof was afforded th*t one of the moat cfl**tlre bombardments of recent time* had been predacd The breach was clearly practicable; Indeed, Ibr ditch was half filed with the rubbish t hu bad tallto, the magaiine bad been etu .lt, a~d p?'t of its casing of brick-wtrk torn a-jra? Tk* rtbt-t, ffhctri ami mrn, spoke with pro oonl respe:t rf what bad been done, but tim-i f * peculiar horror af las -m' prajtc'.tit " \> liirt onV room to a'd one additional ler- I t'lnonv drawn from lhli bombardment?that of Brig *?? n??il r,!lm*e-tt? engineer oBcer to whom was esaamlttod tbe honor of irdncl^g TaWtkl. In hl? official report be makra ?p?cul in niloa of fan, and aaya: " JVo ft*f* _fcr buMtktm* cam bt&timtl than lit 4JJam's." At the cat battle of Fort Donelaon a battery In G*n. McCleraaad'* brigade employed three Jaavstuu with terrible cBtct, peedlly allenciog each battery agalaat which it was directed, even though cf heavier mettle. So enlbuilaatlc and roBclwtnoa this point wm tbe offlclal repjrt of Cipt l>rta*er, who commanded tbe battery, tbat ?> ? Yatr*. of Illinois, made requtattloa on the J rd- ral ??cvi-rnment for aevea batteries of I'Jpounder* In h:s lr?t?r to tb? Secretary of War ttmly ata'ed (hat he made the requisition L*eaiae of (he repoils from the battle of Fort D^utlaon, atewtnj; the ">?f<rMrily of tbe Jam?e gin ma pvrjeruie, ooth ae rrgirda ran;e,accuracy and tarcutlca iu 3? il service, ?r*r that of all litts " We ccniidetrd thla high teatlinoay to tLt tsvenUvr gealata'd mechanical skill of our (.ountrymar; bat the of hU Ubo plucked at Puisakl *ff InlnHely richer id4 more perfect. We d?> not kn w whether Oe?. McClellaa has auy of tbe Jtrnea' ? una la the worka before York fovta, but It la a well-known fact that, la Decernt.?r li?? la dlftxted Colonel Hudaon, ?n eminent ordarnce ? meet oa hla ataf, to rhlt New York and r raerall/ ajperlntaad a^ia* eiperlmaatal firing f the Jaime* prcjadie. Colonel Hudaon ftiau. 1 bl> o^iaaloo, ard reported to kia chief that toe gi l mod projsctlir wen a (ompittt swccut? 1 la telr uae be bad wltneaaad mwrr ocrwraft ami riaa ht kmJ te?r km tt/n \V bo 2i>u?_a ajjr m ie, that American laveo*1 ye gealna ' <qu-.? to any em#r<eaef, however udilfn lii v Vug or ouaaiv* In proportions f LATE NEWS BT TELEtiRAPH. i ?i Latest trom Fortran Monroe. -?* , The Rebel Senate Wont Adjourn. A Confed Whopper. I Lateit from Yorktown. fPer Tc'eRwph from Baltimore ] Batfixoas, April S2, (from Fortress Monroe April SI )?A flag of tiuce came down from Norfolk to-day. The Petersburg paper of this morning say* tbat the rebel Senate baa refused to concur in the House resolution for adjournment. . It also contains a report of a repulse of the Federal force ander Bnrnslde at Elisabeth City. It is stated that the Federal force, 5,WO strong, attempted to land there, but were repulsed with a loss of 500 by a Confederate force of 1,000, (!!!) Id- ' clnding a Georgia regiment. The Confederate loss In killed Is stated at 15, Including Capt. McCouma and Lieut. Wl'aon, both of the Georgia regiment. A report to the same effect cf the same fight, was correct in Norfolk last night. There Is nothing new from Yorktown, except that ma'.tera are progressing satisfactorily, though the weather Is still bad. The following Items are obtained from late Southern papers: General Gladden of South Carolina, wounded In tbe battle of Shiloh. i Pittahurtr undine ^ ! ? ? * -?a ?-??/ j dead of hit wound*. Major General Bragg baa been promoted to be "full general." A telegram to the Pcteraburg Erprttt of Tneadsy last, aaya: "On Monday last, (yeaterday,) below Pollo:k? tile, near Klnaton, N. C , a *klrmtah took [ lace between a detachment of the 2d Nortb Carolina Cavalry Regiment ard the enemy's ptcketa. Lieut Colonel Roblnaon, who commanded, la probably a prlacner. Captain Turner wa* hurt bv a fall from hia borne. Two prlvatea were aertoualy Injured and five wounded with gun hots." THE ADVANCE OF OE1 McDOWELL. Our forcea under Gen Augur stil! occupy th? betgb'aof Falmouth, oppoalie and commanding the city of Krederlcksburg. On Friday afternoon Lieut. Wood, of Gen. King'* a'sff, l.leut CampV**;l, Fourth artlllT), and Major Duffle, vl the Harris Light Cavalry, cro?*ed the Rippahannock under a flag <?f truce, and rommuntcMted with the rrunlelrni aiithnrl. ties of the cltv, all of whom remain The City Councils had called a meeting Immediately after the appearsnee of our forces and appoint* d a committee consisting of th<. Mayor, Mr Slaughter, three members from each Board, and three citizen*, to confer with our General relative to ttc occupation of Frcderlcksburg aad I the protection of j-roperty. The Coiinrtla ;il the aarae time adopted a aeries of resolutions declaring that the city, since the adoption of the rrdinanrc of secession, had been unanimously In favor of dlsuniou, and waa atill firmly attached to the Southern cause, surrenderInu only upon condition of protection to private property. Arrangement* were perfected for a meeting between therommittce and Gen. Au;ar, to be held yea'erdTy afternoon. Froth citizens of Frederlt ksbnrg. who crossed over to Falu.< nth by means of small skills, much valuable Information ha* be? n dc'ived Moat of these attlrm that ao soon as wc lake poosexxion ?f the city, and th^re Is no fear of the return of the rebels, a majority of the remaining citizens will be found loyal Va?t amount* of train and other forage are stored in the Immediate vicinity ot Fredericksburg. much of which belonged to the rebel army. The enemy, besides destroying the bridges, burned the steamers Logan, Virginia, and S?t. Nicholas, and twenty rchooners loaded with corn. '1 b<- St. Nicholas, It will be remembered, was captured by the ' Frcuch L:dy:' and his accomplice* In Chesapeake Bay, la?t year. The river ia obstructed below Frvderlrksburg by sunken vt'tseia, tbua preventing tbe flotilla from participating la tbe attack, at was designed It ia stated by the citizen* tbat the first shell thrown at the rrbel cavalry In Fredericksburg kliltd a b"rae and mortally wounded-a rider, dismounting and severely injuring a large number In the st-impcde which ensued. Captain Ga'r, formerly rf the Washington and Aqula cttek ?tt-ainbo*t line, took the IIrat Federal steamer Into Aqula creek since the rebellion laat Friday morning. Tbe iaullii^ Is u*rd as a depot for supplies, under the ?-bar^e of Colonel Biddle, of tbe I'ith New York regiment, who is also in < ommand of tbe forces at that ?Utlon Ttie wbarf depot, tavern and seversl other buildings were burned by the retels; but the engine bouse, built of brick, with iron rafters and tin roof, is uninjured Tbe witii i? o-'.ng rapiaiy repairea. Navigation 1* unobatructed, the channel not having been filled up aa reported. The railroad to Frederlckaburg, with the exception of a roll" of the track wblcu haa been taken up, and the Ion of two brligea, eaally reconatructed, la In good order. The railroad bridge over the Rappahannock will require a eonalderable length of time to be repaired, aa thr plera are very high and wlae apait. The road was be'.og rt built at the time of the evacuation of Aqula creek, the ?'T" rail bciag aubatituted for the old fl it Iron. The ralla torn from tb? road In the vicinity of the landing were used In ronatructlng roof* for the rebel magaxine. The water atationa are in good order, and a comparatively amall outlay will reopen the roed in much better condition than before the rebellion. The batterlea at AquU creek are quite extensive, and were well aupported by Infantry, aa la Indicated by the abandoned campa. The battery on thia wharf waa conatrur.ted with great skill, and mounted an tminenae rifled gun. The '.batterlea ex'ended along tbe brow of the bluffs about a mile, and are exceedingly formidable In IK-. - o ' 1 ' . o uiiiuint' rrmainain ' ti*-m wvp broken rari.p furniture and decaying atom. At varloua point* la the rear of lLt>e batterlea. at a distance of two or three in.lea, earthworka for light artillery and Infantry breastworka command many of the approaches to Fredericksburg. Three weeka alnce three thousand rebela were enramped lo the vicir.lry of Itrooke'*Station, atx mile* irom Aqula, and a large body of cavalry have been quartered in that ?< ;tion until the close of laat wee*, a portion of which, It la atajed by cont'ab&uda, are cut cfl by our occupation of Fredericksburg. Faox thi Golf Coa?t or Flobida.? Commander Stellwagm, of I' S ateamer Merclda, oft Apalacbicola, under date of March ?5tb, make* repott to flag ofl-er McKcan, who haa forwarded It to the Navy Department. Ho atatra tbat two contrabinda brooght the lntt lllptnuc that the town had been abindoned two davi "?' ? ? ?-J- ?' u I coming, by all the rcb< lanldlrra. numbering koine 65*. foilowtd ?>y nearly all the Inhabitant*. The rrpoit which wnamadr to htm proved to beatrict> ly correct, tbere not bclnc a ?oldler, cannon or weapon of any kind, apj arenily, remaining In tr.r town Certain peraona stated that everybody had bean ordered peremptorily away by Gov Milton, of h Inrtda. The city, Commander Sleliwajjen rej>r?r!?, entirilv at our mercy, the few remaining inhabitants having no me4n? of de frnae wha'erer. He re/rained from boistijg the Aimri an flag because hia vce<el did not lie near enough to protect the Union citizen* In the place from lb?inhuu>anasHaiiita of the reliela, who had ture tened to return and bum the town m . *?/ tv ? cltUeusht-ldsny intercourse with us. The nr^ioea represent the eiodus of the wem-n and children b?-lnj; truly heait-rcnding. Th?y were taken way attbe short* it notice *nd in a atorin, gathtogether what little clothe* and household ivjnture they could lake with them. He also 1 t??ir? ihit the batteries at the town appeared to be oh 11 rely < l sand. The soldiers. It Is stated, are dl:>sati*ttt-d and disheartened, and some 300 will leave as soon as their lime Is up. A Uter report from CVuimander Stellwagen, efl Apala< hlvou, under date of April lib, states that the town was captured without rcaistauce, as well as all the vessels In the vicinity, by an expedition cf eight arliked boats front bis skip. ArroiitTMBHTS Convikmbd ?The Senate yesterday confirmed the nominations of Samuel K. Vinton and Daniel R Geodioe, commissioners nai*r the set tn atuillili i? 1 - ?? ?- ? ???v? y IU kHV ?/|9?llbl U| Columbia. Also the following : T. Hind, of Mo , 'id Lteut. In (be l*t Infantry, for gallantry at Spiln^fleld, and for faithful aerTl e to General Lyon; John 8. Fillmore of Celorsdo, to be an addlUoaal Paymaater; Wm. A. Warrrn, of iowa. AwUUnt Quartermaster; John rill, of N. V., AaalaUm Adjutant General; George A. Johnson, of Maas., Aa?latant quartermaaU-r; Franklin Haren. of Maaa., Aaalatanil^aartrrnuatrr; Daniel F.Allen, of 111.. Commissary of Subsl'tence; George F. Noyes.o# N. Y., Commlaaary < f Sabs'.stcnce; Richard F. Vanderrer, of N. V , <4aaitenaa?tei; Lieut. BeiiJ. F. Smith, of Hi., Midrtberldan Watte, to be AaaUtant Adjutant General*, Stephen F. Elliott, of Cel., to be Brlgade Burgeon; Alfred Ruasell,to be United States Attorney luc Michigan. U7> Fro.u the publisher!, Tlckaor k. Fields, we nave an advane? copy of the May number of the MmUlu, containing eentrlbations by ?ucit writers M Emerson, Prof. Agassii, J. R. L^wrll, Mrs. L. M Child, Harriet K. Frticott and Mrs. Howe. The Atlantic exhibits eater* prist tad good u?te conjoined, to every page. the iifcec or yoaktowft. (Qpectnl Conespoodrnce of N. Y. Evening Pont.] Camp befobk YoMTOww, April 1? ?With ? ?temscsmfr j^yjawndu: tuai Mir; rwurit uiu imurmotion o rur mofttheftln it several unimportant points, and had erntght their pans to bear In a new dlrectioil The vigilance Pf onr aklrm'shen bad pretexted any attempt of tbe enemy to establish Blmmi outside hit works, ortod1?C('veri?ur preparations, until iastevenlilg, *ben a balloon reconnotasaoce from their camp reveled such point* aa were not concealed by tbc woods, a* most of our works happily are. Tbe enemy opened Are upon ns earlv In tbe day, and found It at briskly returned. One* of onr batteries open?"d from n point on ottr left, on Ifce i Warwick road, and another about half a mile to the right of it, where tbe shells fell thick and fsst among tbe dry earthworks, ploughing ?b*iu np and displacing two of tbe rebel guns. Tbe enemy Immediately opened lire from every plefe on their wcrks. shelling tbe woedsand sweeping our position This operation had the effect of waking up two batteries which we bad plnated under cover of the woods, and for an hour continuous volley* were poored Into toe enemy. They could not stand It. but esefted tbelr works and retired pell-mell In every direction. Thelrworks, however, were not occupied by our forces, although tbe rebels are now proheblv satisfied of onr ability to *hell them out at any time we wish. Our total casualties weresti killed and four wounded. I During the engagement a new rebel earthwork, h intended ft r a masked battery, was discovered 9 short distance to otir right, from the gleam of the bayonets In the aunllgbt, which f?ll among tbe trees. A few sheila Settled that matter The gunboat*, eeven In number, lying in tbe river, opened Are upon the enemy's works, but tbe fuse was probably too short for execution. Tbe rebel shots fell quite near one of the beats, and It was thonght that one struck, but, like the others, it failed of Its aim. TH* FIGHT OK WMMMtSDAY. TntrasBiy, April 17 ?Since writlns th*above, the direction of tbe firing haa changed to a point farther to the left, and haa been confined wnolly to Sedgwlck'sdivision. General Porter occupies the bank of the York river directly in front of Yorktown; Gen Hamilton next and Sedgwick next, while tbe divisions of Keyes' corns are extended to York river A battery waa aet-n to leave the enemy's works In our front at 2 o'clock yesterday, passing to car left, and at 3 o'clock a brisk lire waa op*?ned and continued, with soma 25 dli?char:;ea a minute, iinil 1 sundown, and with an occasional abot until morning, showing that the gun* were atlll m?nne<F and ready. The night had been taken advantage of to bring onr heavy puns Into place, and at sunrise the work commenced with redouble energy, lasting lurlously for two hours. At the end of that time (be enemy retired, and no response ha* sincn been made from his worka. The total number of our men killed ye?terda\ wns 13, and 23 were wounded. It la not known whether an attempt will be mad** to occupy the deserted worka t?-day, or not. The most active preparations are making to place our force upon an ?quality with th<* enemy, and that with premising drapatch With each day a Ions step ahead ) observable; and the romantic locality of our camp, surrounded by deep ravine* and natural wood, gives every facility for the completion of the arrangements for cttick. FRO VI VORKTI1H* [Corrripondtncc of Philadelphia Enqnlrcr ] Till WKATI1BR AND Till AIMT. Nnos, April 90?La*l night a rain aet in, and contlnuca, wl!h fair proapect of what they rail a rainy uraaon. A few day* here m?k<* thr road* Impalpable, and It la next to madnctfttn think of wot king upon the fortifications or trcnchca The men are nearly all tafelv houacd In lc:iU The I'onrho Tents, with which the divlilon we are now In are auppliid, a c a ?rrat f???*r1te wilt tbe men rney are "toe Horace II Ony tent," and are considered better thin tbe regular tent. We have no reviews, no drills, no work, to-day, and notan Item to he found No firing to the right or left, no deserters <?r contraband* corning in We will remein in eur narrow tent to dty, boning, like tbe man who said, in thetim^ol t&e flood, be gue-nd 11 would not bo much of a rain, after all. |lW TO THE PUBLIC -The yoiin* ladies'.,f 1 ?? t*?, Ketfr'n wn?J?r Soh^ol heg ioave to an uoince ti.at th y will TfllS OA Y open a Fur, in tre Ha l of the Coluuit>i* tv cine House, to oontinue du.-icg U.e week.whero t.e j will he mos> n\ppy to we oome their ln?nria Th* want of nicies neooeisary for the oom fort and adnmnent of (be Ch rcb. has induoed them to Una undtrtakinc and ihey siroeretr ho;e that tlidr efforts n ay crowned wi h sio i saooese as wi l enable thewi to carry out tneir o?oeot ap2l2t* V5f"MKMBKHS? OF THK YOUNG MKN'8 IJs cHRrsTiiN association-Memhera in arreara for annual dues are r*qafste1 to oVl on tlie Trca urer I efore th? 3>?h inn. By order of the board of Managers, the names of a11 p9'*oca twelve month* in arrears for annn*! rfuea ?rill (> ? omute froin the list acociupinving th? forthcoming annual repot t. Tie Trea?urer will he tn attends roe at th? Rooils Thursday and 1ri.lay evening*. April ?do <ain. irom o ip7 o o'r.oK. tp?' 31 llnf. ) HKNRV BKARP. Traaa. fyW?INKANT ASYLUM -A Fair w-!l be held IL R during thia wwk at ti e iLf&jt Aarlunw Vermont avenne, near II ?ti?et, for the benrtit i f that inatitbtion vhioh bailor it* objent the ?or oral and Miritua: welfare of infa-ji children wto Of en abandoned by tneir natural proWot?*a. Thi* '% abtiahment it under the charge of iheHjateracf Charity, and drpanda for iu?tort altogether tpon th* beneyolenos of the oubli? i h*r? *r? n..w < ?i> thirty children in ths he use. Tbe present appeat u mvti in beha'f of those little nnrs 10 the good people ot the metropolis, whose charac'etistio liberality n a ?u*r?ntee that it will rot be ra^de in *aln._L.*t >11 par a viMJto the Fair a'SMjt |rW?NOTICE -The Strokhdderi of the WaahLklf mgton, Alexsauna and ??or*etown Railroad Company, are herey notified that* mee'ing will he held at the offioe or A'exan<<er Hay. ? , No. 381 PeonsTlv*'-.!* avenne. Wanhine'on, D. C.,on SA'fUR OA V, Ma? 3-J, iRSi.at 11 o'olook a. m. ALEXANDER HAY, ap 16 ?1H JuaKrH thOKNTON. Parohasers EVKKY ONE'S INTEREST?TC THE 19 ClTlfSXS. STRANMEKS, AVh SOLUTRRS 1 haveiust received a verj larce and fine assortment of Serine Ciothine. which I am offering at our usual low prices, at No. 460 Seventh street, opposite Post Office, near P. fe *7 3m !> THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Will LSJB be hoiden every day this week in tue LntheranChnroh,(Re*. J. 8. Hutier's,) at the oorner of 11th and H streets, oommenoms at 4K o'eiook p m? and oontinned hut one hoar. ]* J" TO SHOWMAN AND OTHEKP.-An attractive 1)1<'kAMA. * \V&?hinit">n and thi W*r." with other a?!ene?. nearly o mpletfd, in < ff-red far ?a!o at a bargain, or an a'r?D*finent o uld b? mad# for a partnership Perhap* manaa log oap*citf and aomo oa?h in?Mvn? required. Addreaa-A M R?" B.>X 36 Post Office, Wa h>n? t-'n. P. C. ay 32 3t* JAY COOKK ft CO,. B A N K K H S, 4(4 KtrTF*i?TH 8intrr. Bnj *nd S* I U. S. CERTIFICATE* OF INDEBTEDNESS, Q*art'rma>ttT>' Chitks a?tt Vtuckers, T 3-10 TREAHUKY NO) Er, And "t.h"r'??veriim*nt Hi^ar' ia*, COIN, CURRENCY AND EXCHANGE. ap w_ira nit LADIES' BLACK BILK WKAI'FLNUS, IIJU REChlVbll TU DAY. .one in* Short. |,IHWK HM'gi'KS Lock tod Short, Tight fitting COATb &nl BAK4UM). OLACK SILK MANTILLAS New kng iah and Frenoh mi. Ac , Ac. Ail of the ftbovo meuliuu^i *itl?* At uimauAhy I"?w prices, At MAX WELL'S. rer.nsTMania >Tenw. apV? eo3t POTATOES, HA* AND CHEESF. baah?la of Jaokao" Whi e i'uU'um, 1 rfW do Carter ToUto^a. 1 ?on b*le? of prime'fnnoihT Hay. 4"o&kea of prime New York ^'hee??. For aate in lo&a to aiait perch&aera, by prTkr rkrhy. ap 22 Stfto* **3 Watfr >?t, Georgnowr. IV ifoWLAND. I/. JUSTICE OF THE TEACE. AND Utntrai A*tnt for the Pr?$itutitn of ClMwii btfor* ?L. II C I> ? ?c v. c. t/rrnr rm'mi i Persona hanus Ola mioi ?oeout.tof the net of ConcrMa rbohahing alavery i<> tho l>iaU 101 ot ?Jo Imubia. or any other a?t or aoU. ar? hereby notifi' <1 tw I w<U beproviued with ail the fo oia ar.d informat on for preparing th? neoereary ?j,pera. aud pf?>?roiii_:g find olaiwa to a prompt and rpe-fy settlement. i'oraona favoring me wuh acaliwil h*v.? t-fir claims laithful.y and promptly attended to oam.no <32 fc. p'reet. ihi beneial Pest Ofioe. Reeidenoe, No. <S02)v Mary laid avenue. ap?i >c8t* I ENDY'S FORTIFICATION; field and permtLj cent London; 32 75 Plan and eltvttton of Va*baa'? First System London; 68 eenta. Modern Byste " of Fortification, l/ondon; #2? Vauban'a Pirat Syatemol Fortification.Xonuoc; #i t.i ~ Kimber'a Conatruotion ol Field Worka. London; Y ulVa Fortiftofttion- London; 93 so JeDb on A1 tack MM Dalenaeof outpoala, and on conducting ft Sie?e London; 84 75. Macamay'a til*1 Foitijioauon. London; 17 ota. ap? FRANCE TAViOR. ipLOAKS. SHAWLS, MANTLES, AND 1/ FINE DRbffS GOODS FiNE DREfcS ftOODS, CLOAKS'. SHAWLS, AND MAVrLKB CHAWLS, CLO^jUj^FIt^ DRES* GOODS. MANTLES. ,mwUN#wi,E A l?rt McortjBMt now in Store, ftnd new u|ylie* fro* tta NorUi Mad Eaat duly. On* arte# only, iwkw tp ?bin hMMtf*. _ ^ Aa inapftotton of a took inenre no obligation to perch?*e. PERRY * MRU., ifBM Pta. ?w?H nftd 9U et. ET SHOES DAMAGED BY THE FIRE. Nov U tie time for LmUm* Mime' ftnd Ckildren'a 6altera Mid bbooe to ba bought at half ooat for e%?h Pro?* from Sit) TJ oenta. Ctil earlr, OOMKN.? 334 P?. H**ue,ae ataira, ovor MilKt 6?it vrv , /eweltrt. ^ ??? ' "f ? - -I -~"pn (JOfifQK EM8I0t*AL. UXTIItk CO.1fiRMft-X.tUd Sum ?AftCT.our report cloaed reeterdiy? The debate on the reeolutlon relative to the Ireprison meat of Ueaeial stone *u continued by \lr4Ul. Motion mil. Wait* BMtWrlnf rktAi!. ier, Po^ll^ptf&lrfr, tad others until' aijaarnDKft. Hop?? ? After our report closedMr. Divln c!T*red a resolution requesting the Attorney General to Inatltnte proceedings to ncover frcm Gen Fremont and t I. Heard a *urrj of money obtained from the Treasury on an oidtr from Fremont In favor of Beard Mr frlvin on offer lug the resolution state d that tbeffiert of tbc resolution would be toqWea speedy trial to Fremont. Mr Colfax defended the action of Fremont, and

asked why tbla resolution was not prepared wh-n Fremont ?ru w.tbout a comuiand Mr. Mallory of Ky , raid that the last thing h!% friends ought to do Is to oppose the resolution, which wonld give him an opportunity to prove himself ijuiltlete Mr. Blair dtsenssed the Improprieties of G' -. Fremont, and was very grateful tbat the President had confined him to the Monntaln Department. Mr. Stevens apoke of the Infamous mr^na taken to a>aall Fremont, :nd also the mean* taken to mislead the public In regard to the motive* if the President ajaln assigning hlni to a rommind. Mr. B character I r?>d the committee on ro-rtraet* as a scandal-hunting r omrntttec, and moved to lay the matter on the table Carried. J- U. OFFICIAL. ' Etattmtut of tk* Btctipt* and ErptndHur't t/ tk? I'nited Statu forth* quartfr *nding Dt timber 31, HOI, tzeluttve of trust fundi. KCIIPTS. From ouftcms if? y?/C6 47 From Mle* of pnoiio lands *,6? 4S Frcm miie?:!aneons___....... 172 5 68? From three years' bonds at 7 3 10 per oent 9119V67? 23 From Unit*1 States nctp* 18 oo? t?. F'Om sixty date' Treasury notre p?r ail Mai oh 2d, If til? le/A) ?? From s'.ook for the Washington and Oregon war debt_~~ 483.0CP CO From .oanoTNcvember 18 h, l?6l.per act July 17th, and August ?th, 1861. 24,?4. 2? 17 9143137 Mb 6 > BxrKKDITUftlS. Civil, foreign intercourse, and misoeilsneour 31753,4' " "? Interior (pensions an<t lr.dian)?? 46*162 m War - ? 8?.661 5i>9 32 Navy 9 77a tK 41 I nterest on pa buo d obt, iuuiutfii.K notoe .... 93,7C8,52K ?6 Payment cf Treanry Eote?. pTROt of December 23.18S7._. .. ?) Payment of Tieaeury nntra, per act of Decern brr I7.U60 429 <XK> CO Parmect ot Tretmry note*, per act of Maroh 2.186' 12 <3 Vol 0" Kf iintiura*ment of temporary loan, per acta July IT, and Aaintt S, 1361- . 2? flnn oft't oo JS L. K. CHITTKNDfcN. keK)aUv. TR*4*raT Dfp***MlKT. Raister't (April 11,1W>2 It SECRET DISEASES! SECRET D!?LISO! tsAMARITAN'3 GIKT! SAMAHITAN'S ?IF?V Tk*. Most Certain Hemedy Ever Used. V ee." a positive oar* for > KUH KT DISEASES. GONORRHOEA. GLEET. RTRICTUR ES. A.C. Centaiusco r.Iueia'. no U'-l-Am. n > Mtresiy. OdIy ten pi.ls t > t>e taken 10 eff ?ot a oxre. They wertirelr v*?etab ?, bnrioc bo bid''.; x>cr any unp|/a*a Bt la&tc. acd will cot n?it ?*-njtt'C ih? stomach < r of the mn?t ce icate. Cure* in from two lo four day i, and reotnt ras-t in "twenty lourhoU'?" >-repire<i t?y a iruw'" ofih* University o( Pennsylvania, one of Ike iro.; enr.oeut Dootors %nd Oieiiii'ts of tba preio^t cay. SAMARITAN'S GIFT Wiiloflre any caeein from two to four <laya. sad recent case* m TWENTY FOUR HOU18! Ao trpeiure m IriuhU.no ckan*t tenuttrr. Let?no*e who nave d>>p?ir*a <>i i?u.i n c^.td, or wh? have hMa gorj M with liaitam LVpivia ur Mercury, at oneo try tre SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Pent by mail io a plain ecvrlope. Prioe male package*, 93 Pno* female saai&gM. #3 samaritan'* Ruoi and hkkb ju-ces. A aPfcEDV AND PKKMANE.Vi CI'RK FOR SYPHILIS OR VENfcREAL D19EASF.&. Here la a positive cure?no Mercnry?no Poison? but the Juic?? of Roots aud Herhs nniriiiir.Afl Till* form of the di*e*a^ mikN Us apceararc? :a roroa on theorgana of ceiiera'ion. or th~y xu?j occur ?n other pvta cf the body. whK.h r.*.>p-:n' mi stly on tie irotns, and rerj often a* n cer* of tne month, tetters, spots, oari?? an<l ntdn of tlxbones,&o. tea An* and all of these symptoms wili eooa yield to tbe BAMARiTAN'i HOOT ANU HKRB J('<CK3. Sen'by eip-es?. Prioe $1 a bcttle, or o t?otti?s f0f *8A>1ARITAN'* CHANCRE WASH. Prioe 25 oent* Full d'rrpMon*. l?E"<MOND A CO . Box 1*1 PtilsdelphiaPcti Cffiae. Bold by 9. CALVERT FORD.oorner l'th ar.i Penn. avenue. ao *i Ira CHICKER1NG ft SONS' PIANO Tl'NER FOR WASHINGTON CITY. V. BRCKEK will attend promftlr to onW* ?ef? for himiUMr. JohnF. Kl'ie ? Piai.o Warrr- o ai, Pa av.. between 9tR and lotb rti A :vr k *xp"ntnoe. and the t>e?t reoommecdations from &r?,atcura aid th* highest h.ub.ojI tilent wuo ( * ? v s ted this oity. will enure cat afaot:on tu a'l oho will favor him with their orrt*n. ap Beautiful tarlkton, tulle, and lacfc dressed. for the may balls and parties. InthaSt-ck of Conai(n?4 Go da from tkr far*/ Importing Houst in fiitu- Ycr* wi I he foun<t so.t.e o{ tne nonest *od moatelreant Diestes, auitio'for the MAY FESTIVALS AND ETENIKG PARTIES. cvercffored for ?a'e in thiaeity. ThaM gooda are of the late?t de? ca?. *?'ranted fell patterna,ana have exquia.ta Trimmmca to matoh. Tl!B OVnWI in N*w Vort k??? 1 Goo is lo ramftio on ?a!eon y until the lat ot -May. &;d they *ave n.Btruo'ed ua to rell thrrn Irom 9 f TO SIS KACrt Thebeautiful PARIS DKKS?F,S aotn&lly oo?t the imp <rte a to land them in New York more than doable the price thej wi.i now t>e ?o<d at LaOim' ? ho contemplate loiniuc iuth?"m-rrf Mit daice" will take the nmt ar.d profit by i?n r\rly call, as the cho-oeat pattern will to nl>o diapoied of, CLA6KTT ft ?1\V, ap 21 6itf 324 Pv are . bet, y.h ar.d lot* ate. T FISH-FISH-FISH! HK Corporation f-i?h Wharf le n?>w looatAl *t Ihd (Ant of k-Uwunlb ' u ,u-' ?1 ?. - . - . . .... -?.? < > * a*. i ??TT m VTli?llt'Wn' I " tiic publio caa be sup plied with Fi?h aint fait amice ill* WMWi ap 13 4w ! lit fUftSCRI BfCR HAVING I.ATKLY * rammed from the Philade ?btn.%n?t Yo'lr tmHe calea, ean nowotfcr Bound Hoot* al treat inducements to all who may desire to pcrohtae. WILLIAM F. K1CHSTF1N, National Book tttore. No iiTS Pennsylvania avenue, ar> 1 w* VVa?hinttrp, It. O. C'ARD PHOTOGRAPHS AND ALB.'MS' Wear reocivinc daily ar><1 ke^p cur>iact y on hacd Card Picture, ol ail ti>e pros* in?i t m a o! the North and routh. Alio, the large*! awoitrrvnt of Fancy Card Picture*, oopie* of choice Jvugrav.ijff. French Prin?e,*nd Comic Card Pio ' ire*, at WII.LIAM F RICMSTKIN'f*, National f*o?k fctore. No. S7* Pa. ave., Wa*hiu*,ton ll. C. ap '9 1W rgM> QUARTERMASTERS a?D DEALERS. 5000 Bnahel* OATS. 3000 Buahela CORN. 140 Tonaol Prime TIMOTHY HAY. Ju*t arrived ant lor *a<e at TAYLOR'4 Wharf, ne*r the Canal Aqa'duo*. ?e->r*aiown, D C. Apply to A. P. HUNT. 10S Pnt??rith BfMt I or it the Wharf, from 9 a. m , to 4 p. m. ap 19 Iw* E H. * H. J. Gk'lGORyVin ooni^QMCe of iho lata fire, bar# removed to J?01 Pea /IvMua ivnii between 9th and iota atreeta, wK o there iray atill be fonod itoomp'ete a?pcrtraeni of TIN %VARK, HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLE*. Xo. . ? EXTRAORDINARY V INDUCEMENTS ffll TO BAVK MONEY. ? K. 60,000 PAIRS OF BOOTS AND SHOES will be opened arHj ready for enie at the Old Stsn l, oorner or I and Seventh atreet, on Satnnley mvrin*. the Itth icatant. I aan determined to n:t every body. bath to price, it, and qaaiity.ead to rive the pablie acd id re what they say expect, f will in?Ltioa the price* of a few article*. Larfiee' fire Heel fiaitoraand Balaaoraia. at 81, had 91 IS, woi th a inoat twwe aa maeh. Laoiea' Moro oo ?oa Kid Heel Sl> pper* from 60 eeata, to f 1SS, the M cent Slippor > worth at iaaat ?'# LadiM' tlimm without H?ei?, 25 an 1 5 orata, ^^S&"?serr; *tt*' F. M. MAGRLUFR, M 1?-M Coraw of 1 Bwwtt ?to?t. For ? a lb-two food farm mules, wagon and harness; wtlltl*^ old ebMf. A!W>, two OARRt*Gfc*WHfc BORBES, CAR Ml AG k. and HtruHt; OMriHovn, atit-lv AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S ATHCnsrM. Jrnn T. K"?9-__.._Prctri?tor *a4 M(Mf? Joir* b W*.?ut.. . Stac* FOCKTH WKEK OPftPWI* FOHRttfT. Tftis Fflvrvft. T n F OCTOROON. Or, L'ft in Louisiana. F<.fr?fc' 'n>Mk'P.sr?-'?cr;?:ir?t*d tr????F. MAt'i.EFfl. ? M?ci..r . John *eriV,??*li Li1< Mio'i- . ;?i :io ... ? .Mica Atti a*j V. A?ril 14. E-3?;n Ft ntv VIHH5N1U* ?b"rten?\nFath'f s.vii .... l2.ii A i r*ri?r \iti ~w Athauk _ A'jX IVw# C?r?M awl -_T?e?wtB p^c iir?J >- v* ??81 Biioor.? rSnu ? ! ??rots-:r*i v"?*t?. #1 Pri?&>? i Uo'.d.nf e;jul)_?. #10 _*''t i t < irr ? - e?nU {! t~ i*t-x f jt frt>m lil' I t'olort. l?o>ri orep n 7: ftj'tv.n I _H CHAMU*>_K. FOH1). Trwarf. riROVE':"4 Tfl':ATFR, "T ( 711E Yfe W SATIOJfAU> Penc'?!**- a Ar?*7jce, e-vv- F-"-rteeatk SltHud WtUftrtis* ll?tPl. I B^tAUT' B tt. irtULlir Flu* Mutnt INAUGLRAL I'KHFORMAiNCE! -B of C iro J* Com' ia&Uoa ! A HAHE COMEDYA ? 'ItKAMI NO CvMEDlETTA! Fir?t ?p?*?^r*rco of th?Gre*t M A HI> * . BAND. With it- 33 Sfcillial Grand Orfrti/re d'Inaugnration ! MOMS 1t R BALCONY Q O N C E R T U> P<"f TBIJk'O*.) X E W" LXTRF AC IE MUSIC' Tha j^r'o'inv'o* oi TrU* ^TUESDAY) hVKNIHG. Ami a. WU1 oeitixtact * ti tio tie. if h f*i, iMgatbl* Comt<" j ni THE SERIOUS FAMILY. MI?S LOU V HOt'KH. A* th? Widow Delmai ? MIM SOPHIE GiMBFR. A* Ea.ni j Torrent. M.S8 JULI \ WEL-OW. Ap Mr?. Char'.M Tott?m? ? o o a Of-'? ? ? ? tuns. n. urn?i>*. A? L? !jr Creamlj. MR. JJAXIfcL sri JHKLU As AcuL&d&U Sleek. MR. J. M. WAUti, r.* Ont?ia M&tmro. MS. R. a. MELDttLM A a Ck*r'.n Torres*. Se'ectiom by the Marine Band. To cono u J - *. h';-e *uj :i?V*coiro',i???U OBtitled j j. .<r i ;i.. v. Ai: UKPAKTMKfMT. Ms. D - m buy Ooodlaok boo-* Will! e Oj er Rt 7 o'slook : to oommeses at 6 o'c.cax. Pmcsj or Aixiecio*. Privue B xm? $6 ...........40 cnu i ! ? i'I j c . i '*. . - -. *. . . . a . .. .. h. . .5 06E t^ <>rcit iln ___ _^..7joenta C . .25 nt? < <*'cr ti far. r o _...*> csnu iD" *ve\ . - p c; tl Verfcrmaroein k*>ror of M: ft., v \ _?;' ; M.ii :iiks>r?r? >p C C^ONT;> tc "? i i. ? P* K K MMIJUK! j (mtk rHIUIU?mc hllbj TKK>ILNLOl' 3 ANNOUNCEMENT! <? K. A If H OP K~ti HfQ NIGHT! w; -, . > . / kvkxino. aprija. W - a ' * i :-f v twj-mvkiit ??ombi ? ' iwt * ' ;e r?<iuty on^n&lwl in >*?: 3 ; intro^rein V ^RIindMKL'tDY, Ntir Ot-. is, i ><nry Dance* and Burletquet. lac-'i i'-pis tiosl Temp'eof Amneem?r.t :. i- il* i .i t n cjtj.^nse in procuring " t' s.r t r.? r.rrf lr?t tv*rt .n i lie con nt >, '.it rt . . e sr.c Fci-V? Stars of iiie brightest :oir - it-:' MIM.Y ROSE. Tj. - k- ' is.t? f f R?ve!?'Tro?f?; Mi- S Jl I . \ I'A SHAMO, I ho eliint i g t'j^teirt^afioni Ut9 New York th? br-'; VIsaiTVTK VA'SHALL, 'iz' < v ... c a..i ? l of ths C^'Lvd *. uznn* Troips ; Mi*-- . AI?Y WALTbM, Th* on .inut VoMbet; t.L'O* CI It TON, Tpjiavroiiac t;aa?:nse, FP-ANK 1 ?- *< i k' ? lit; nf^.:' KV F'.K f H1.TI. ? :' Md i*i*h Voca'ift; li *F.H V t .\(<Ouf^?ao| Mcmua ; KAartS* : IL. 1 >cr.t"in* Jig Utuoor; [ i< ?. .K lift. ?f'?Nh, ?Jj f ' ?Ju# tr?. i'e f.rmer; An . c. Il? St?.r? .n i&;i! ei:?cwiion! 1 A . - a. :- - i t t: o i-adcrahif of th?* ? *'! kno-jra Vi -'im-t, fZor.UV" *aiHM(K. VZr ' ? * r - rrsi f ir %<'..** _/~Tl i f t t - . -. Ti : r ?nti. i.i ? ? a.^-- >n vo?nU; ?.>. : x u-- .. *r? i" - 7; ' rvj" t to oonmer.n* %t o*u.tc. ' f c.... y. i/X- 0 H liAhKUUN", r ^1 " Ac r.t ?fi" TreftfU'er. CvX.Vii.i iitii* HM/ r.AN rERHlJRV ff ALL ! (F . ;. \ Af -m; j Rooma,) vpe:v frxnynight. 'fill Fl**T I ts c ii*LL i* TM* VVomLO, i o. a ;<t > ctwc-abiiiij! Cr vie-: i ; - >r- vitt m> fc&diecoe ?' at \ :\m, C'ti.'.-i* eni Art***, AT THK c, m?\t ? At*TKRFURV It t - o i . 7 v . :s c? ?r0 f th? AALKXT IN *1118 WUttLl). iaitkTT \?EEK r I-' P r ! V 4 T 'w I VT^? - ? r*? - . .. ? am I.<i.il0iri4'nufl co3*ir.are, *e %iof !\-r?v ? A't- A? WORITES, Moutiay i*.., n t , nd JSc ry 2iiqkt tint t c*?t. Fi"-' BT'f-r.-n -- <f Ironclad Gniihrat?the *;eaiOtvC. V, !i nit sr Artirtoftb* Ag*JBI t jkOW?i. irc?. f fh* ?'Mr?airg cad Besotifal ?' relr* us. 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A<5mi?s:?ii's:OL: J eul&ceau. l|11 UU i tiXoT V tlAI.L &tL -*ik !(., *ear Pq/t OJitt, Tn? pv? - tc p r. u?. p?troui*90bylh? iot ri, ui.ACiV ami Gallantry or Tl'? CiHTil! CSi?" of Pre*ramraf hitktly' MOiNilA . KVhMliX., April B. (K\?t?r Ho CO^PLIiHbNTAKY BSNKFIT To tuo J.ene* and Nianacer, M J* . G K ?? R G K KUNERL, ST TK5 fll)2 !!? OT VaSBtSSrCH, Whfii ?ii> (> cfAwl Ta* Mat Avsutint Bid ?/ Ih* Ftasan! i Adirue:.ou Zj am.T.t* : ?pl? -- - --- AbV>TJy. AtT?t I^UMiENIJON CUNCKRT HALL! * ' hKKK COSCEK T HALL. MUSIC EVERY EVLM MJ, BV A FILL BAND: Tit' * TT?TT r%*- m wr - "? * ' ? 1 iigiaw nr cli v. .'.i; U')OL? L'QUORB, And VTerjtViaf onth**** York f?t*lo! ap h ] w' twr-v 6'.?1 atyr^t aid Pa. it. Pm ATENT OFUCE CC KiO*IT!E?-0*i4o to Fai?u'.a, Cataiccue o; Cur-o*iur? Government Ga ~.*i 5* t ; ^.a^-1 I- Patent Ofiioe; Ran Anti^c*r;An H oVs; fi w-.ne-i Cooka; Doesmen's furai*K?? " Kfyortr, VJiiUr* Re porta; Burnt Pat*r t (JC>o? He/<?rt#; Cheep ttooka lurci?&e<i to r.u;iir?; iyii.'tnrr friju*: Miliary La?-a; Amj K r .j jr&rna of theCoMt r.howia&f>vrr - i .>t?, n any taonnrd CkH> Dcik*. ircl or :<fi| r.-Lt. Lailo ae'.ea, low aiiooa. Uo ttii.:e??Tcr J!i\. of AVi^ViyrTon. ALl'KEO HESTER. * a u a u < ? " ? ? W H ,U A r J5 ChORGIA, 8'Jt'Tfl CAROUNA. ALABAMA, FLORIDA. Mbiiahed by U?J*t*t<?OoTt-rniT?enl? on?*?ry *ftcVfStttsr Any P?r-o^ciu.n'3t" RKFilIOgKsToti Mieetcrt ft-oa?!?r|* M?eitnunt tffrt L. H.?H. J.6IE60RY, 301 htaartm:* tfoaUcU*. ay 11 Ettw# ?A and i?U itewti gUTTER 3 OB BE. NEW fiOiHtN liUTTKR in Iiw 1 Italia ??? -* I I ! AUCTION 8ALK9. THI8 AFTERIfOOrf V TO-MORROW 9f 9RERN * WlMJAMP. HOISEHOLD ANU K1TCPKM ri:R:<(rr?i at Arcrsow.-Ou wO'lDAV.ib* fit Ifirtftnt, Wt ?h%<l ?n| at th* iwMmm of Mm fclict Cut?a.(Alor?4. it I" ? Voe* &.r -n tk* ?kr Mr fcoi h F [i*9 J?r??T and Tirat tt?c will ?* *fi ?xrj.ie?t ? :.t r: J . 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MAKGARtvT W.L?Qy 0mjTiWtmtnK. I I _ap IIL* J C. mc?imrb * Co.amu. By GREEN A WILLIAM#. Awllrewrfc HOUSEHOLD AMD RITCMEN FURNIttil at ArcTioW.?On WLUNt SOA V . U>? 23d iuttnt, w? auall tel at JO o'tlwk rM.dttc; of 8 B. Ee* i? Er< S? *1? M'rlh itrMtWNt. between L And M bum** nortfc.a ftwl aeeortmant of Karmtare, *? . Mahotany **?(??, Parlor acq Rookmc ^ai'a. I Do Center aai oiker Tab e?. Maple Cottaica. ?rd othar Bi?c?teadA, I Hm. lerm* b.< oAte ie Wib4o?''#rUJ:>?i Cookiaf, Hadia'or.and other Bt?vwe. f With A (ooc l..t of Rt'cheu hrauiarae, And roar? other artic.ee which we deem anr eoet-a t to MMMjA CKKF.N A. Wif.MAM*- A art*. Bt HOTIlLKK A WILLSON. Aaotionaere Pm t'RKMPTOR Y SALK OPN?W LUMBF R AT ACCT19H ? ? MONDAY MORM*fc? April SUt, at li o'olook, we eh All eel. poeiUerly without >ee*rre, in lota to Aa>t pnrcl.aeer#, at> At lan/no f??< Scact ini and Common CalUn*. Tk? l?>??K?r i* I. - . ~ ~ ??? > ? m is ; iu|| f a? ? *? * 4*? ?< ? ? ??' < Mvwn 7th *t d ?;h rtrMM, ?nd tre arger portion north of th* railroad and U *treot?. ?h# rt ? vili oommacf At the ittttr place. ?rmi cut. arU-? BOTELER k. WILL?OM, AmcU. ILTTBF. ABOVE H\t E ?? PCPTP?t?KI?. on ac?o?nt of rato.uotii WBDJiKSDAV, Apr.I ??1, s*me hour. ??*>-St BUTKl^ R t WII.I.SOV. Aunt'r* Br WALL A BAH.NAKU. Aa?toMfTi. INCLOSED LOT AND PTABLK AT ALCtioh ?tin \VfcUNr>IMVt i> o'o.ock m . 231 inaian we wt i tell in irorf orih? pjfTn<e??a. p*rt of Lot on#, t*aare 34S, Irontmc 9? feet ?n n-ti VMt Mil, cuti corner of r vuOi Otrnliiik ?w?, and ruEo;i/c baok 131 (e+t 9 .n.Uea. A joofl fence inc'oa*a ?fculor, an.i fable Tw?a mad* known at rate. aa H WM.i, A MARNARO A uof Br J. C. MoGL'IRK A CO . Avctioaorra W^LK OF C HOICK ROSKS. Ac, AT ALCT1OH.-OB *'fcD??*DAl AfTKRNOuN, April Sf31,at S o'clrck.at th* Acctoc Mixm.a of Jaa. t. MoGu're A tX. I rhali abovt OP* ihcuaanrf of tue ehAiceet kivd? mt ]:ar<*y. prrpetuai hioomTK Roa*a Mas do i*?. Cairn.ia*. Japonicai, Orname<ita Pan*. rhraba. I ruit free*. Ever err eat, and a treat maty oilier new aud rare riant*, Ao The atteaion of amat*ara la itv tel to thia aa>, whioh enn raote aa hr.e a co :ection a* ?rrr waa offeree in tim city A. JARDI*, Flori?ta&4 Nnrarrytnan. ap i? J. C. MoGUiKK A Co., AaaU FUTURE DATS. By GREEN 4. WILLI&M8, A?cti.n**re PAWNBROKER'S BALK?I * A AC BhRZ sirs'* Gb*at frinjs S# i * cr Vut?ui t>RiMiKiD fLirgo -On i'M u k a l? A Y MORNING. Ma* iat. at So'olock a. n, ?t oar Auction Room, No. AjA.nti erd U ttreeu. we hvi offer for mI? the most ext?n?:ve assortment of? Gold and Pilrer Watehee. Jewe.ry.6um. and Pieto a. Gold Fcbaod Neck Cue:i.e. variety ot Shawm otKher wi!h Wearing arpval of every dowi ptioo ISAAC HKRZRKftC. r*wn?.rowk*r. GREEN A. W ILLIAMS. A?sc?. a> 6^9,39 /GOVERNMENT SALK op H < > R' E? AMI ? CONDEMN D MULFB There wi I be eotd at Pub 10 Aocti > on TH1 R S DA > , April *?. at the < "rrai u??ar tn? ?. j*' *' ij, F and i33 etr^ei*. a lot of Il*r?ea audUmM, oon'emafld aa unfit far ruh e ? vie?. Terma caah. in Gov-.men' 4'ur.Jr. J. ? I)A!N*,Capaiii. Ae?i?ttnt L'.S. A. ay 17-td MA?fhai,l.? I/hK..a?cj [VI A R-HAL'S SALE.?In ?trtne of a wr:t o| l~a fieri (ania*. iaau>M frori ihe e eric "a office f tie oircnt oourt of the Diatrietof Columbia, for the oonnty of Washington, and to ire direetou, 1 will expose to pablie a%e for oa'fi. mfn.crrf the Ufc-k of W**h bt'on. in ihe City of rt'uk Lfton. on SATURDAY. tie 26 h day ?i <t?ril, ma'ai.l, carr.mencinr at '0 w'eloek a in . the ful twice toots e.r?d chattel#, to wit ?i*2 BiacL Ha.rcoth S?iae. Wa r?t, 6 Do do C>-a:re. do, | 8 1>? do Arm chare, ?*a'rut, 2 Marble top Center fai>)ea, v\? nut. I 'li^?itr; Pa-lor Carp;t, and I Ku*. Seixsdani levied up"a at the gooda and oliatt* a I ofWm. W.Camp'er ata will f.e tod tor* iff Iadteial No. Jflt. to Ma* term, 1W3 in farorol Win. Fraster, aee of 1'h.i.ip T. B?rr?. | WARD H. LAMON, apl7 d'di l:. P. Mara ha: |NOIA-RUB6EB GOODS' Merchan'a who eell as7 of the variona e**>a of Icdia-ft ubber irooCa witi ao wei, to ca.. he Nr. H A. HALL, aa heia closing ont hia extei.eive atock at leaa than mannfae'nrere' price* ra'her than remove ihera to *ew Yotk I i.e India K a"t-er \Var?hoc?d la at 30* fa avetuf, i^twu-n ?U. and loth au. ap 17-l?t \ Tnotiok. HE STEAMER THOMAS COLLYKRW ill reanme h?r tripa to Monnt Varnon . on Wednesday, Marcs ?t1 and run every \Vedee*day and Satur-ia'^**^ * until farther notice, leering her wha-f a? the fo? t of 7th atreet at 1? o'clock a m. Fare for the ronad t. ip on board the boat 91 50. SAMUEL GCDNEV.Captam. N. B. On the payment of 25 o*r.ta vi?i?ora will be adirlued to th* room which ttenerai Waehirgton oooapied and in which be filed The iran?ionai.d groanda ate eloecd to viaitora on t-ardays. fry The diatnrbed ata'e of the finanoee of the eeentry having redaeed the reeonreee o( the A-a oiation render thia charce nsreaaary, for the fi'i?u, tor the maicUnanoe and preaertatnn cf Mt. Vernon. aa l.s-2w* 1W*?ht*?tok, Apri! I?, l?i^HEREBY_ Reepeot:n;[y r?*tie?i all peraona -"r"1 oo'icnw, <1M .-.Ct'-* f n?. HftdH,*e.,ud4Dtm? Wcojir*. unee. :f .h*< qm. with the out m>4 ultic.M I dMire to p%T on All note* led oiUUoliu acoour.t* ?ja..n?i ui9 wilhont d?l?f. JKS^K B. WIL.MJN. Oftoe WMhiiuton Bai.dwc. Room No. 4, ? ll-?w ornT 7th >nd >t . north vie T?? m ^ CAN'T BE BEAT: HE 9nb?m>?era determined to tcooeswdtle nil eitfcer n rlwwoT# or bn?i - ?m?a f*. U?? im? to t l*r|? n n th^wR?ft . MrO*M* <H CferTi**#* tfMltM'Ml ?! UorMa, ill f?r the ? ? of the hiSmo. ( .mi iei? wiet-mg it, MB at til iim procure nice with lent.? hortu an/1 -- ? ' . m.U rtroid ariT^r. Ordere a"at to tha *U.b *a witn wan- r * Will be f romjtW Mtonded to. Oharrf* a* mcde^ae I aa ik? but* will allow. Hcraos uhw at iivory. J c txxm * Co.. Sixth street, om block ao?th of aril la' P??\.am??. UTKiNWAV ft fcONt*' AMI* HAV^N, HiT R CON ft. CO *8 c?iet>r*lei lae?rB i|Qga Mitiart eoldat loweet faotort prior1 street and Pens artnt*. Mnral Plaat* that liav? boon aeed for aai? apoa ?MyaoatViy yay?? . Mia nUNILIN ft ? , OPTICIANS, | Ml north aide,) bot.ltth kd II: h ito. EYE6UNE9, MARINE AND FIELD 9 LASSES. COMPASSES. * .. t?*2o?fcr*"* on tud. 2,000 BVU1B%rPMi5Aif 8LE? ?ATf' 1 * * ?**inuuiw. -8H1. m? ^igya~T?/?a&. 1.000,000 '???? ~ j caafp grba8b a*i> rough tallow iiiwag 1 OiW??vt.vi '?,ww" -