24 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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9 f J ^ 1 *. - * -. t ^ i ' * ' ? tf': i '? , <9 r # i . . ^ f . =========================^^ V2i. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 1862. IS^. 2,862 i. THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVERY AJTERNOOH, {SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR HI1ID1NGS, Corntr ?/ Pennjflvanta ?r?. and EUrtntk it rut, ?T *iy T\ ? * T A mr - t_7. v> AliliAUiT. Paper* served In pudka^es br carrier* at $4 year, or 37 eenta per month. To mail subscribers the price la *3.50 a year, t* mdvnc*; S2 for alx mcnths; ft for three months; and foi leas than three months at the rate of 12 cants a week. Sin* gle copies, osi cbnt; In wrappers, two cknts. IZ7~ Adf*btisbme??ts should be seat to the oflce before 12 o'clock ; otherwise they may aot appear until the next day. RUSSELL'S CORRESPONDENCE. Dr. Ra*?ell, under data of March 21. hai ometfcing to say of the starting of the forces for Richmond via Yorktown. We extract the following from this missive: It will scarcely be credited, however, that there is no system for supplying men with ammunition when engaged with the enemyThere is no small-nrm ammunition train, noi pack-mules to carry it. An officer, to whom the deficiency was pointed oat, Mid that "the; did not expect men to be closely eogaged foi more than 1 i minute? When they had flred away all their ammunition they must only retire, and then let other regiments come up and taka their places." The way in which the men were embarked on Tuesday was rapid and orderly. ? The politicians believe the Federal ii .? ?:11 % _ _ /* ? ? ? # uag win wave m AicuuuMa in iorioigouroiD this time. Mr. Sumner and others are of that opinion, and will be disappointed if there u any greater delay. However, it does cot seem quite feasible. The two corps which are going will number about 9rt.00<J men. and they must take stores and supplies of all kinds with them As far a; I know, there has been no change made in the programme of operations sent over by last mail. They are keeping a bright lookout at Fortress Monro?. All eye* are straining fcr, all thoughts are turning on another sortie of that tremendous destroyer, the Merrimac. Neither the fortress nor the Munitor could save ihe flotilla of wooden vessels from destruction, nor the camps from being shelled. * * * Blenker s division remains at Fairfax Court ilouse Ceuterville and Manassas are held by some 15,000 men. The controversy about the wooden guns continues, but it is pretty well established that there were a number of "dummies" in the embrasuroa. However, Gen. MoClellan is so strongly sustained by the Preside&t and by the regular officers, by the Democratic party, and by the moderate men of the country, that he can afford to be indifferent to further attacks till time has been afforded him to do some brilliant action and vindicate the good opinion oi bis friends. Although many violent assaults are m&de by inuendo, in and out of Congress, no specific charge has been preferred by any responsible body, and Gen. Bnrnside's express % A ' ? ? * ? ? ?? " declaration in ma uispaica irom JNewbern, that he had endeavorod to carry out the instructions he had received from his chief, has atrengthend lien. McCleilan's position and ii considered good evidence that he is a guiding mind, and has a plan ot operations embracing the whole country. I have heard evidence which leads me t? think the recent combinations in the West and those on the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers were planned if not carried out by hiin. From all sides comes newa c f ?uc**e=se? The sction at Newbern is mo-M creditable to the Federal troop3 nnl to thtftr lienor.*! it is certainly the very reverse to f ka f*-trif.a'1 aratuj I P " "ool! Kava I uv V>/W*vu Vi UIV J. | Vt U?l? H U< ?IC1 Ceaaregtrd i bombastic proclamation upon taking cox is and of tiie rebel army in the West. ?nd guyj: |?Hut, if the Confederates do not behave better than they did at N'ewhern, tbese ere but vain words. Unikr very groat diffic .I'lv- the expedition proceeded up the Neuse from Roanoke, landed below the place on ?he4:h, rassed the night undisturbed in the ram, and tbe next day alter a most fatiguing march, comc upon the enemy iaside strong infrftBAhmAnU- and in a fArmirlnkla vwvailsstn ..... ' ??? ? ? ??V-?V.V fvo' | engaged them, and after some abarp encounter*, rooted them utterly, taking six forts. 54 guns, and Eva steamers, as we'.! ?s the city, and suffering a loss of less tban 500 men. * * * Tha magnitude and severity of the action at Psi Kiiga are shown by the official returns of tha killed and wounded on tha Federal side.which Ueneral Curtis places at 1.400 It mast have been a picturesque combat. Sige] and his Germans behaved noblj; and saving the baggage train and rear-guard by deter mined hard fighting, against which the wild Texans and Indians, with shot guns, bowi< knives and scalping knives, could not stand Their batteries ran short of ammunition also ?cd the loss of the leaders?the ?o often slain Ben ^IcCulIoch, as well as Mackintosh?accel crated their beadlonz rout under Price and Va Dora. The Indians acted as savages? scalping daad and wounded on the field. Thi Mutilation or 7*kasc?t Notts -Evi deaee has been received at the Treasury Depart ment that the work of mutilating Trf aaury notei his become quite a business, atd not an unproflt able one. For instance, the nntliatcr take or.< tea dollar note, and tears cfi' a tenth part on om corner. and pastes off tbe note for tea dollars? nobody qutstioclng that it la perfectly good. ?1< takes another note of same denomination, anc tears oif a tenth par' on another corner, and so 01 until he has secured fuur cornrrv Then he takei another note and lean out a piece from the uppe 'de right, (ram another note a piece from th< upper side left, next to tbe corners; from tw< more oou-a a piers Is extracted frem tbe 'owti aide right of oue. and a piece from the lowei aide >ft of tbe ether. From ti.e ninth note hi Kimw a piece from the right of tbe middle and from the teeth and last note a piece from tb< left middle. Then he haa t? n part* cf whit ap pean to be a single ten dollar Treasury note which he Ingenious!? pmtea together, and paa?ei off under the plea that the no'.? wis accidentall] torn to pieces, but ia nevertheless ju?: aa {rood ai It It wss whole. 8 rgular ea It may seem, thh buslnew b&A become so extensive that thealten tl on of the Qmremm-nt has been call ed to It, and it Is decided as tbe only effectual way of checking the evil, not to redPt-ca any note at par urlesi ills whole, and to deduct one dollar for ever] tenth part of a note tore off. and In that prcpor tlon for larg?r amount* remaved. I make th< above ?tatem?nt upen the authority of the Trrlsu rer of the United elates. Tn Tax Bsil i? Danokr ?The last advlcei from Washington are to the ?ffert that It It seri ?usiy propOkfd to let ILe Tax blli lie over until the nost sewlcs elf Cenzress. The delay In re porting it to the Heuute, tbe immense interest! engaged ia throwing Impedimenta la the way o the adoption of any harden of this kind, thi relaeUnce of Congressmen to (,<; identified Witt a measure Involving so maeb local uanodularity gives color to tikis alarming rumor. It has bfei determined to adjourn la .May. vrblch is near ai hand, yet we are to'.d the Senate ccinwittee wll not report it betas tbe clo*w of litis w?ek I most then be debated,amended, and seat back w tho Hoaso, a process likely to Life* mouths tathri man weeas. ana yet i&e seuion Is near Its c.c*e We do aot like (be bill under discussion. A fat b-nter one nr.l- ht have been framed la a quartei of the time with oae tentb tbe labor. But, b? aa it la, it la infiultelv better tban cone at all Better for tte couatry that we lost one of oui grand armies tban that Congress fat'ed to paaa i tax bill at this present sesalen?$*w Y*k W or Id A PiNeviAB Pbofhect ?Tte Allowing e!r caaiaUr.ee, Bay a tbe Richmond Whig, rtcfntl-, occurred at Pers-icola, and lti trutb Ta toucLkJ for by a truatwortbv crttcer of tbe army: A soldier In tbe Confederaje service fell Into a long and prcfoaad sleep, from which bis comrades vainly esaaved to arouM Lira. At last bt awoke himself. tic tban stated ttat bp iboalddic tbe next afWr.ocn at 4 o'cUok, tor no it was re. vealed to blm In bla dream. He aald la tbe last week of tbe month r.f April would be fought the I ?_? * _ _ I ??til. -m a ? ^ ? ^rrdifsi IUU uiwu w utiur ui m^gfro nrnei, *nd that early Is May peace won Id break npoii the land more ruddenly and unexpectedly than the war bad done in the beginning. The flrat part of toe prophetic dream baa beta realized, toi the ?oIdler d'kd the next div, at 4 o'clock p m Will tbe reat bo Jo April aad May? Let believer* In driuu wait aad fee ?Moiilt Adttttmr. Tbc TA?or*?a PKiaoxsss ? frobsMy no definitive decUiua faao yet H-en arrived at by tie Oo?? r ire eat la tbe caa# o/ thoTaugJera p>Wo.:cra, no-v at Boatoa Tbe prtaelplf* ]nrilv?-d bavo aoderjoi.e rare/ul ex&miasth a, cud it 1* believed ta io-.ce qaartera tbit tbo lucluuUoa of tha Exe_.. *a? I. r* tiiA ?,i '1 nH Ikat ? ka mm CUUTV IV l*J IC Cl^C ?#iv JII'WTO vua? lUfjr roiw wiUilo the d-Ual'.Jon of political rtfttgera, eaillLad, uaJer American pracedrata, to the right of Mvittia, even ia coontri-#wher# our PombIi bave p!?oa--]r civil a?d criminal jurisdlaWo#. It 1? at U1 ??enu pre'.t? cerulo that Uovermnanj w.J: a it talak thac?p*t*e* worth much diplomatic cormpoadtare. ilJ~ A hogth'ad cf tobacco wai sold In LgqU? v'.Ky , a few du? a*o, for f?) per buadiad, *ud MLOlhez lot 93 per hundred. ^ I PRBNTICEAXA. A Missouri paper s?j? that tbe rebela "get i ahead of the Devil himself in their atrooitiea." We have bo doobt that thej are always ahead of him, oertainly he is after them. Some peraena try to find a aoft phrase for their disloyalty by oalling it ''sympathy with the Soath.'' He who aympathisee with rebellion and treason is a rebel and traitor. The New York Evening Post sajs that the rebels will yet repent in dust and ashes. Ye?, they will barn tneir cities, we suppose, and then repent in the ashes. All the bridges destroyed by the rebel; , should, after1 their reconstruction, be used as scaffolds for the hanging of the offenders?' made suspension brides. The Rebel Confederacy sprang in the Fell, end is likely to fell in the Spring. Albert Pike led thousands of Indians into i battle and then pretended to be shocked et their scalping their viotims. He might an well tarn wolves loose in e sheep pasture and ; effect astonishment at their eating mutton. Why is Oen. Floyd like one of the loyal ' Generals upon the Potomac ? Because he is a ' General Hooker. It is stated that Jeff Davis end the member; of his cabinet have decided to burn tbe city of Richmond npon finding that it must fall into the hands ?f the Federal army. We hope that it will be sarronnded so that they can't get oat of it daring the conflagration. Gov. Wise, while he hung John Brown, talked enthusiastically of the old man's nervo. It seems tben that a ohap oan admire nerve with, oat having it. There's no room for live rebel soldiers in Kentucky. It is enough that her soil is defiled by the carcasses of some thousands of dead ones. Oar old friend Fanny Fern the piquant bai parted from her third haaband. So thare'n room fer some other enterprising young man. The Richmond Enquirer thinks it difficult to say what side whipped at Winchester. It is 1 very safe to say which side ran. At the approach of the Federal armies, the hottest rebel papers get as cool as if conducted by so many Coolies. When Floyd is hung, he will be, like all the statements he makes, whithout the least foun. dation. "What is the ohief end of man?" Of ordinary men the head. Of Hnmntimv Mnntnii? not. r The Confederate rulers are like the Confederate notes?there's nothing to redeem thein. Gen. Beauregard forma very ingenious 1 plans; but, like the laay servant, they won't ' work. The salt famine in the Southern Confederacy is dreadful. L^t's wife would bring seventyGve cents a pound there, ller little finger or little toe would be deemed a seasonable prize , The rebels were driven away from Island No. 10 by Foot-balls. ; The Richmond Enquirer says that the milii tary authorities of the South have plighted i their faith for the establishment of the indei pendente of their Confederacy. That's a very bad plight of theirs. The Scriptures speak of men's asking for bread aad receiving a stone. The rebels call for salt and get peppered. They think they i get the wrong condimont. We learn from the rebel forces that thnrn baa been do advance in pork, bo?f, flour, ?orn, and in the U. S. armies. Everything, we understand, is finished up at No. 10, and our Foote-steps are now onward toj ward Memphis. p The Rochester Democrat says that "slavery ! cannot possibly emerge from this war as it en[ t?red it." We don't believe that anti-slav6ry , can. We hare received a map of the Southern , Confederacy- We have looked over it in vain i for the location of "the last ditch.'* It is "tha play of Hamlet, with the part of Hamlet omit1 ted." The privates in Beauregard's army are not permitted to read even rebel newspapers. Lut it isn't EMMItrv for th?m fft ?/l Had out that they art whipped. They hare in Georgia what they call "Decant Creek." It is perhaps the only decent thing in the State?except the U. S. army. The New Orleana Delta denounces the U. S. army at made ap cf *'vulgar fellows." The New Orleana people, aa they watch itsprogres3 on the Miasfcaippi, may well believe that it will socn be getting 44 low down." Floyd, even if his nose were cut olf, oould soent danger fifty miles away Several peraons engaged in repairing one of the locks and dams on Green river have been notified by rebels to quit the river immediately. They'll see it dam'd first. HumDhrev Marshall is nmuinti. v ? ??5V iar, most men hat? him, and even ordinary , chairs and benches can't bear him. Qreat Britain mud be a very depraved old i harridan according to h?r own account. fche > call* herself the world's mistress. Qui. Hallich and Qes. McClillan?We i bave good antborltv for saying that a letter Las j been wrlttea by Gen Hal leek to a member of bis family In tbls city, In wblcb, with a soldier's 3 anxiety for the giving of honor to whom honor is , due, he ascribes the credit of the entire plan of movements at the West, and the successful combinations which have resulted In the repoaaesaioa by the Union of Missouri, Kentucky and Tennes1 ae*, to Major General McClellan This handsome ; acknowledgement is crcilt*bia to beta the dls 1 tlnguiabed Generals conc?rnsd. Gen. Halleck take* nothing from bis own title to the gratitude of the people by such a statement. In all t^e qualities constituting a great military trader be has no superior, (tin subject o( profound gratttude that tbe nation has two such soldiers as McClellan and Halleck, men who are abort all political Intrigues, In an age when political conuecticn: seem to determine tbe fate of personol reputations, and vbp do their work with steadfast devotion to duty,~baedleaa of the attacks of tartfon or the criticism of popular leaders. A short time ago Gen. Halleck was by a radical paper denominated '-this upstart Haileck.*' Hi? upstarting was a blewing to the Union, and If Gen McClellan planned the tlTerern campaign, to Halleck U due tbe equal praise of executing it. No soldier wishes bonor which doea not belong to him, nor ! any true soldier envious of tbe reputation of a brother In arms. There is much of the secret history of the war to be written when It aball be tsM, and In calmer times of reflec tlon the country will remember with pral?e those r ueoerals who throughout the wLola shall hare 1 kept themselves free from all political connections with anj party, and who ahall have pursued t the plain path of duty for soldiers of the (Jnloa. Journal if Ctmnuret. A MoHtTta Oc.i Cikiusi -For some time ' past a wrougbt-lron gun carriage of large proportions has been in process of eonetructlon %t the Watertown (Mass ) Arsenal, to be used In connrrtion with *? hn?4iw?* ..A <? _____ ??l? will b? com plated wltbl* a f?w city* The carriage alone will, It la aald, Weigh tweuty-five , Urn*. ?Bottom Hit aid. il^Genemt Doniphan, of Maecurl, la now urvlng all Aliaaourlsns to lay down their arma and take the oath of allegiance. Other speakers an now (tumping the State, on Union grounds, I in view of tbe election for Governor to Annual next, and produce an excellent effect in cooUnz ofl the population. C7* Rev- H. 0rattan Guinness bat receatly laaued a pamphlet, taking tbe ground that ChristUnaj^aeld net igbt even In tnetr own country's gy Wm McKeever, of Dlllaburg.York county, Pa , killed J ohm Peats,* lad only Id years eld, on Friday lent, by stabbing him with a dirk. Tbe mnider wm mid to be entirely unprovoked. ITT" Admiral ttlr John C. Koaa, tbe famous Arctic voyager, la dead. UT'li.uecaamof boots acd shoe* were shipped from oaten last week. V* TELEGRAPHIC NEW3. LATKR PROM EUROPE. Nkw Yobk, April 23.?The steamer Per;!a, from Liverpool, via Queenstown, on the 13th, haa arrived. The privateer Sumter still remains at Gibraltar and the Tuscarora at Alffealras. The schooner VV. C. Alexander, of Savannah, at Palermo, was boarded by armed boat'a crew from the U. S. corvette Ino, and the master and crew taken prisoners on board the Ino, but they were subaeauentiv reten?ed. under renrea^ntatlons from tne otflcers of the fleef The subject of fortifications, and the recent Important experiment* with a 300-pounder Armstrong gun at Phoeburyness has been further debated in Parliament. It la predicted that Armstrong will soon produce a 6U0 pound"? to do the same damage at 2,200 yards as his 300-pounder has Just done at 200 yards. Tfaf House of Commons have also debated Italian affairs Lord Palmerston believed that sooner or later the unity of Italy would be completed by the possession of Rome Both houses bad rmolved to ad journ an usual for the Faster holidays until the'.Mta of April. It was'belleved the session would not extend much beyond the end of June. It is rumored at Paris that Count Walewski will make a special mission to Kngland on the subject of thedifference between France and Eng mm in reierence to Mexican anairs I be Paris Bourse closed firmer at ?0f. 10c. Continental news Is unimportant. Consols closed at London on Saturday at 93? a93\. Particulars ?f the Occupation ( Harrisonburg. Harrisonburg, April '2ri ?Col Donnelly made a reco.moi usance to-day towards this town, and when approaching it we were fired on by a reb?l cavalry scout. Two companies of the Ohio cavalry w-re deployed on the left towards the Gordonsville turnpike, and the same number of Vermont cavalry on the right, whilst the Mlcblgan cavalry were In the center, with Hampton's battery, and the Connecticut Fifth formed the reserve. The rebel cavalry, after the first fire, retreated to the town, where they joined their command, and when escaping by the Gordonsvllle route were met by the Ohio cavalry, and 7 men and 11 horse* were captured. The rest ea capea. The town wai tben entered end occupied by Col. Donnelly and hia cavalry. We found in the town ?-ight of Jackson's Winchester hoatngea, whom he released yeaterdav near th? Shenandoah on their parole of honor. Two of the original number had died of fatigue and want of attention. The reat are now on their way home. Large amounts of forage and grain are being secured in the valley. Frona Pittsburg Landing. ahotiirr bxbkl steamrr captbrrd. Cairo, April 23.?A ateamer from Plttabnrg Landing ha? arrived with dates to vesterday. The gunboat Tyler, while reconnolterlng up the Tennessee river, captured the rebel steamer J. Robb, near the mouth of Crane Creek, one of the boats which eluded our first expedition up thia river afU-r the fall of Fort Henry Her name has been changed to Ladv Tyler. The weather la rather more pleasant. The water is subsiding. t rom com. footr's flret Cairo, April *23.?Advices from the fleet yesterday aay there has been no firing for the last three da^s It is reported that the rebels have fourteen gunboats, of which seven are oil' Fer? W'&lker, Including the famous Manassas rain, which arrived up on Snndav. tlolllns w&a also there, having come on the McRea. The Itcllff V?ifd by Maryland for the Familici *f the Killed and Disabled Men at the Massachusetts Sixth Regiment. Rostov, April 21?The resolution adopted by the Maryland Legislature, signed by <j ov. Bradford appropriating ?7,000 for the relief of the fomillf a of the killed and disabled men of the Massachusetts Sixth Regiment by the secession mob in Raltlmore on tbe 19iii of April, 1*51, were r*ad this afternoon in tb?* House, and referred ta th* committee on Federal relation*. The reso.utlou caused a marked sensation, and its reading was followed by hearty applause. Released, tec. St. Louis, April 22 ?Henry L. Rout, one cf the partlea Indicted by the jury of the U. S. Circuit Court in this city for conspiracy and treason, has been released from custody by order of the President. The difficulty at th? culvert of the Ohio and Mississippi K.illroad at East St. I.outs has terminated. Noeflort was made to Interfere with the military guard left there. It 1s believed that the onen'ng of the culvert would Inflict leas injury tiaa we* at tirst supposed. The Esm?ri In Regard t# (in. Smith. New Yoii, April S3 ?The Post aaya that the rumors against General Smith appear to have no ftur.datlr.n In fact. Not only Is he one of the most temperate men In the army, but a privatedespatch from Gen McClellan says ho gallantly and skillfully galri-d a great advantage for us, ailendng the fire of a battery splendidly, with little load on our side Letters from Gen. Smith state that his horse, a spirited animal, fell with him during the action, which suggests the probable cauae of the nnina t UUJUtt lUUIVtti Arrest of an Kdltir. St. Louis, April 22 ? Re*. Dr. McAnaiiy, editor of the St. Louis Chrlstiau Advocate, baa Wn arrested acd placed la the military prison, and his paj>er has teen suppressed, for publishing treasonable matter. The arrest causes no Burprise, as the course of the McAnally's paper for some time past has been very obnoxious to the officers of government. From San FrancUca. Sam Fjiascuco, April 31 ?Four steamers bsye arrived from Oregon and British Columbia within the paat three dayt. The northern mining districts are becoming accessible again, and the ateamera will doubtless return crowded with passengers. Hon. Kdward Stanley sailed to>davfdr New York In the Orizaba. The c onnecticat Hirer. Spbikofikld, Mess, April 22.?The water In the Connecticut river has fallen three feet and a half froin th- highest poiut, and la still going down. The train* to the South have resumed their regular trips i ? * FROM FORTRESS MONROE. [Correspondence ot the Associated Press J Foktkkss Monioi, April 24 ?A small rowboat arrived here this morning, from Norfolk, containing three men, one woman and two children. The refugees report the Merrimac as still at Gcsport navy yard. Workmen were engaged In placing Iron ahlelds over the port holes. It was supposed the improvements would be completed and ttc filerrlmac would be out again In two or three days. The Merrinsau, they sty, was aground on the last dav she csm?nm > u?? <rtr.i _ . ? I?l ? - ? erally su'ppcaed here, but whether Injured or no Wis not itated. Nothing ?n acid, however, about the bursting of any of Iter guns, and that suppoiltlon was undoubtedly Incorrect. The at earner Jameatown and the iteamtug Beau/ur: went up James river on Friday, and the Yorktown on Sunday, to obt4n co?l at Blebtnor.J They to?k In tow a number of schooner! loaded with Iron to be rolled intq plate* at tt.fi Iron works In Richmond- four new gunboats bave bven launched at tbe navy-yard and four more are In course of conatructlon at Norfolk. A portion of these will, It is auppoaed, be covered with tbe iron plates above mentioned The previously reported engagement between the troops of Qen. Burnside and a Cecrgls ragimeat took place on Saturday. The I'nlon troops *re said to have numbered 500, not 5,000. The rebel troops consisted of the 3i Georgia regiment, Col. Wright, and the engagement took place, ??>? as iirst dated, at Elisabeth Cti? ? > iV? abor* that place. The rebel 'lota viTTwsan and 35 wounded. They were partly quipped, I onlv and many lacked muaketf and ammunition, I ar.?I LbeV Hi tild to Lava HJh taWaj[ tttaeked* The Uolon troopa held their ground until they had burled their dead and carried away their wounded, when they retired. Kleven grave* of Union wUllert were subsequently counted on the battfe-fleld. Oae of the refugee* visited Richmond Inst week. He s-tatea that there were few troops either there or at Norfolk, they mostly having been sent to Yorktown. Fourteen thousand troops are aal4 to have pawed through Richmond one day last week, board for Yuri town. The whole party of refugee* came from Savannah Oae of the men, who is accompanied with his wife and children, belongs In Halifax. Another is a native of New York, and ia a carpenter. The third ts oneof thccrew of tha Plngal, which

ran the blockade some time since at Savannah, and who were sent here, it will be remembered, from Norfolk by a # but w^e Immediately returned by Geo. Wool. Tbe rest of tbe crew are rtill In Norfolk. Up to last .Saturday tbey were supported bv tbe British conaul, but a recent dispatch from Lord Lyona has thrown them upon their own resources, and it la auppored they will b* forced to enllat In tbe rebel navy. One of the men who left Savannah on the lat of April conflrma tbe report* of th< great con sin nation laere inc.aem upon ine expected attai k on Fort Pulaski ?nd the city. The steamer Pingal and other vessels Id tbe harbor were ready to be aunk or burnt. Considerable mortality pre ailed among the rebel troops In the vicinity of Savannah. Our Informant say? they have been dying In large numbers from sickness Indured on account of the dirty condition in which tbey keep themselves. As heretofore frequently sta ed, tbe city might bave been easily taken by our troops at the time of their first landing at Port Royal. An attack was then confidently expected, and the whole city was In a state of Intense excitement and alarm. These refugees arrived at Old Point at about 2% o'clock tbls morning, after passlnz very clsse to tbe rebel pickets and batteries, and were balled for tbe first tim* by the steamer Baltimore, lying In tbe harbor. Tbe French steamer Gassendl returned from Norfolk, with M. Mercier, the French minister, tbis afternoon. His dlspa'ches proceed Immediately to New York by sea, where a steamer is waiting to carry them to France. inn LADIKS' BLACK SILK WRAPPING?, IUU RECMVfiU'l'U DAY. I.on* and Short. LOOMK. * ALQl'?>S Lor* and Short, Tight Fitting COATS and BAS.:Uh8. BLACK SILK MANTH LAS New s'vle knjrish and FrsDoh Saoqies. to , Ao. All of the abova n.entioueii si*l*? at aLusual y Ijw prices, at MA X WELL'S, 328 Pei.ns?i*a?i* avenns. _ ** w vw? OTATOKS, HAY AND CHEESE lt(0)bttahela of Jaokaon vVbi e Foiaioja, 1,(00 do Carter Pot&tofta. 1 Oil" bale* of prime Timothy Hay, 4flcaksa of prime New ^ ork Cheeaa. For aala in iota to auit purohaaera, by PKT?-R BERRY* tp 23 3tW 83 W'atw U , fceoigetown. D ROWLAND. jl'STlCE OF THE PEACE, AND Gtxtral Attnt for tkt Prostmtion of Clum> btfore the V. S. Depart m'mi Peraona having Cla-mi on aooouut of the act of Conareaa aboliahint alavery iu the Iiiatrtoiof ?'o lunib'a, or any other a"t or aota. ar* i?ereby notiS -d t?ai I w 11 be pruvirud with all the forma Mid mfjrmat on for prpparing theneoeraary a^pera.asd P'oaacutiDg aaid olaima to a prompt and ?pe*?y att'lement. Peraona faroriog me with a call wii h\re t-eir oi*im? faithful.y and promptly attar-led to Otfiie, No 434 K a-re*t. near General Post Offic?. Residence, No. 803K Maryland avenue. ap M PW yo quartermasters and dealers. 5000 Bushel* OATsT" 30(10 Bushels CORN, 140 Tons of Prime TIMOTHY 1IAY. Jnst arrived and for sale at TAYLORM Wharf, near the Canal Aqu?daet, Georgetown, D C. Appl* to A. P. HUNT, S9S rivtsenth street, or at the Wharf, from 9 a. in , to 4 p. m. ap i? iw ?| HE SUBSCRIBER HAVING LATKLY 1 returned f'on thd Phi'.ade sbiaaiid Ntw Yo;k trale sales, nan not offer Bound Booxs at jfTeat laduoaments to all who may desire to purchase. WILLIAM F. RICHbTEIN, Natioral Book Store, No 2Ts Pecn?rlvaEja avenue, ap 19 1w* wawhington, U. O. |"*AR D PHOTOGRAPHS AND ALBUMSv> Wea.e reoeivitg daily atd keep constantly on hand Card Pictures, of ail the pron inert men of the North and * oath. Also, the largest assortment ef Fann* Pud Pi?tnr??- ?!>">?? Engravings. I^recah Prin't, ?'s'i Cairno CaH pio tnree,at WH.LIaM F. KICHSTEIN'S, National dooir Store, No. 2TS Pa. ave., Watiuniton D. C. ap ?9-lw * |J U T T E R H O U a E. NEW GOSHEN UUrTER new rso?<vt:g dai'y. Butter of all graces constantly in Stoie, and lor sale at the lovect Market rate*. h? d. v. im'trow. No. 4 SO Ki*l'th ?tre>-t, * p 18-12? * ntar Pa. |N DIA ItU BUER GOODS! Verohan'e who tell any of the varione ylea of If.ika-ii ubt/er Good* w?ii ?ia veil to oaii oa Mr H A. HALL, as he u oloting oat hie extensive clock at 'ese than n>ax.?j'aotardr?' price* ra'her tl.an remove item to N?* Yo. k 'lheliiiliaK.it>U?' w*r<*noate is at 309 Pa avenue, between 9th anil Iflth st?. apl7-10t Of? INCH HEAVY oo _ cotton duck. T. inoh Heavy Cotton Du^k, 10 4 Hm.j Hrowa CottonSh?9tinf, 9 4,10 4 a id 12-4 Hleachod Cotton btiAet.ai, 4 4 ttitached Shrtiaje, 4 4 Mrown Shirtincft. Witn a general a took of l)ome*tio Dry 6oooa, all at the lowMt prioaa lor oach. WM. R. K ILK Y & BRO., No. 36 Central Storea, CatVMQ 7th and 8th atresia. ap 15 lot oppo. Center Market. IENDY'S FORTIFICATION; fceld and fena* j tent Lcrdon; 32 75 Plan atd elevation of Vanbaii'a First System London; 68 oenta. Moiem ?y?te n of Fortification, London; 8- 25 V&uban'a FiratSyatero of Fertilisation. London; 91 87Kimber'a Conetiuetionof Field Worka. London; f*85. Yule'a Fortifioation- London; $3 S.t. Jefobon A'tsolcand Drter.aeof ?mtpoata, and on coniiuotiuf a Siege London; Silt. Ma^aui*y'a Fie.i Foi tifio&lton Locuon;?7 ota, _a pjQ F RAM OK TA Vj.UK ._ CLOAKS, SHAWLS, MANTLES, AND FINK DRKsS GOODS FINE DRESS toOODS, Cl,OARS. SHAWLS, AND MANTLES lMA" *-" GOOI", MANTLES, AND HNE A iarta aaaoruunot now in St >re, and naw auopliaa Irotu tae North and Kait daily. On* anoa only, marke i in yUin fijurac. An inipecuun of stock iroun no oblirttian tn purcuve, P?KRY A BKO., ap? 8t Peua. avo^ue and 9th ?t. lUjsT ARRIVED, direct trora an Eastern auo J two bonse one handled pirees rHECKERtD MATTlfsO. A'eo.anassortmentofOlLCLOTRH and CA RPETS, together with a lar^e Quantity of CROCKERY of aTdesonptioas. 1 have on hand NEW FEATHERS, MATTRESSES and BEDSTEADS, with a large lot of New ann Seoond hand Good* ; 12 good Refrigerator*, bat little use. A1] of wliieU have be-n bought lor ??sh ana vui he sold at a *tnall advanoe. R. BUCHLY, 49S ?tii street, (east aide,) ay lw lm* Betwewn B and H ate. rp <JANT BE BEAT! I HE Sbbeon'ier* determined to aooommodtte all persona, either m pleasure or bB*l-rpma ne*s. have (one to a large sjpsate in theVgSgSjjB^ purchase of Carriage*, Uuggien and Sad-? ~ w die Hurses, all for the use of the pablio. Kamilie* wiaLing it, oan at all tircee proonre a ciee oarrUge with gentle horses and a goi*l and oareful driver. Orders s?Lt to the stab'es with street %nd n?>r.oer will Uepromptlv attended to. Charge*aa moderate as the umes Wiil allow. Horses taken at rivet j. J C. COOK A CO., Sixth street, one bluok south of ap 14 lm* Penny avenue. TI RKMOVA L. fi H. A H. J. GKEQORV, in ooaseeaenje of the lata fire, have removed to 301 Heoiajlvsma avenue between nth atid 10th street*, whetq there mar still be found aoorap ete assortment of TIN WARE, HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES, Ao. -ttS ?V i' ?? . upt rli u LUSHED, Union Ouna of J*?o???ion,or Sketoheo 01 the Rebellion; juat the thinx for the fuuily oi?r,eiV?LtV^.,,?. Ujion ?o dier. Publuhed by CHAELTOIV, I'hiladelthia. an-2 for Jos adiui, in8Tun. r mh 19 eo3m 4% ?t. and Pa. aTeuno. I n,oPn /B..W CUSHIONS. ih?.hTE.a?jsrtAtoV' " '6ot' cu,i"3m> -t'gat oo'ai.tf fc. Wo fMTT^fVEl'L'N6 TRUCKS, ^NYa'Kti'lSFifleLi' tiMa,eA^vaieo*??n now Miiiac I ?t ttj low prio?a. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., MJI X9 j P??n. tT?BU. j 486 ^?f#?KSW ? 480 Picture FIIAJH es. the int^t M?ortic*iir, tm ?* sack's "* No. 496 ti*r?nlh trw?', fcll >6norw >ho^* y?iu>w' n^lj. y^KT 8HOEJ DAM CEP BY THE FIRE. Now U tbe timn for L&di*s' UiaMi' &a4 Cfetldr?s'? Q?it?ra and bfeOMto b*boockt?t htlf ccst . for oaah. PrioM from Sta li Hcti. i?.i awl/, fci tkcy litit b# oloMd osi,it R. COHEN'S, 114 Fft. tt ?Uirt, or+r >f 91'IH wk* ro,J??.?r?, i orricuL. Department of state, WAIH:X?IOI, Jluo&I-' K, 1S83 . The Secretary of state will hereafter reeelvr Members of Conpren on bualneaa on Saturday! oommenolng with Saturday, the Ant of *ex? month. JantMl YYH.MAM H SBWAWP. "\^TAR DEPARTMENT, T JA*VAI? K, WH. Oatnns, Tbat toe War Department wtli be closed Tuesdays, Wednesd&ys, Thursday* tnd Fridays against all otb? Lulneas bnt that wfcich relate* to active military operation* In the laid. Saturday* will be devoted to tbe bualneaa of Senators and Representatives. Monday* to tbe business of the Public. EDWIN M. 8TANTON, Ja ?-tf Secretary of Wat. PASSENGER TRAIN TO MAIUSSit. Wn Dkpastvsnt, ) 0?le* Military S*perinttnd*nt Railroads T.5. > Wo j A in jc fen, April !P, ISfri. ) No Passenger Train will be run from Washington to Manassas until further nntira D. C. MfCALLl'M, ap IS-tf M. D. and Sap't Railroads, U. 8. EDUCATIONAL. I?NGLISH AND CLASSICAL BOARDING pj QPUflltl FOB YOUNG MKN AND BOYS. Mt Joy, Lancatttr to , Pa The location la eaa? oi acjeea tsj railroad, and er> liealthr. For ciroalars aptly to O. W. Afcjel', Louiaiau* iv , b!?twe>a 6th a ad 1th atreeti, or adOres* th? Princpil, ap 19 >orif K. L MOORK. PLAINHELD ACADEMY, . K??R CaUI!H.Ha. ? ne xm aeaaion (an ween > commence! Mar Sth. Term a #7f> pe.r envaion. Circular! at Star Oltoe. To b:l a few vacanciaa addraea R K BURN?, ap 1 lmv) P'amfiald. Com Co.. Pa. pKNSlON OFFICK. Juhb 6TH, 1M1. TO ALL WHOM 7? MAY CONCERN. Application having hem raaae under the a"t of 23<i June, 196<>, for the reiaaue cf the Lan<l Warrant! described heroic, which are ai.oged to have been '.oat or dsatrored. notice is here^ Oven, that at the date following the denoription of ?*voti War rar.t, a new Oertilioate, of like tenor, will be leaued. if no vaiid objection should tnen appear. No,37^34,(or 160 acres, isiued under the aot of March 3d, 1858, in the ntme ot Jacob Brader, and wai granted Augunt idih, 1436? Mar 9a. IS8S, .!<<. viis, ior ?. aorea, i??um under the act of Maroh, 1855, in the n?me ct Cha'lotte widow of WaUer Cole, and vu granted January 2b, l&M? May 17,18G2. Lead Warrant Certificate, No.754*7.for 160 acrea. (ut 1847.) iq favor of Patrick Biady, Private of Company K.2d Heg't U. 8. Infantry, bearing data 81 ?t Ueceir.ber.185'?June24.1*3. Laud Warrant Certificate. No. 77 8*3, for 16" acre*. una?r the act of llth February. 1847. in favor of Thomat il'nxhara. private, of Oapt. Banter** companr, Battalion of Mormon Volnnleere. i?c isdlttii Aerii. 1S&?Ju y 3d. 1862. Land warrant certificate. No &?^4',for *6i a*re?, 5ranted u?"ler eot of iltn Febr.>a y, 16?7, to Anfew TaufT*r or Th* ? ?r, a private of Ca; t T%?lor'? company, Col. J?tf?ver?on'? regrneut, New Y"r* Vo unt^ers. and bearing da e <8th April, 135).?July iSchi 1SCI. JOSEPH H. UARRKTT. mh 27-1 aw Comnv ?s'oner. KCKfcT DISEASES! SKOHFT DiSriASLS! SAMARITAN'S GIKT ! SAMARITAN'S K1F ?.! The Most Certain Kenedy ?vjr Used. MYee," a paaitive core for fKCHET 1HSFASE?, GONOR RL(K \. GLtET. HTK ICTUREfl. A?. C".>T.*aum no ftliBtrti.aoBMHm.no Mercury. Oi..r l?a P! I? t."? ;.e taken to rftact fi cure. They am entirely vpgetab e, issvirf no smell nor any mplraiaut i&et*, aotl will cot n anyway injure the itotua?h ? r bowel* ?f the mot de'irate. Cure* in fr??m two to fun^ day*, and recant 4ts*c in "laeaty lour f on'a " t repxratl hr J iiiJt&e of I iiJ i, P'v-rsity of rean?T!rftm?. he nioit eiuiseul Doctoi? an J CnsjmiHe < ! t (ie pteieut t.ay. SAMARITAN'S GIFT W'i<l cure any case in frcai two to foir day*. acd recent c&s?* in i WENTY FOUR HOUK3! A'o exposure n) trtuhie, no c4o??? te.tatrrer. Let ti'osfl who have drrp%;re.l 01 getting cured, or wh i have ?e*n guried w.th DaJaaiu Ccpavta or Meroury, at moo try ue bA.MARITAX'S GIFT. font by trail iu a plain envelope. PrioM male package*, t'* Fnoef-maie passages, #8 SAM AillTAN'a KOO'f AND hi'KSi Jl fCLS. A BFKEDV ANI? PKKMANKNT CI Kk FOR ftYPH'Li** OR V KM b REAL iHSKAHKK Here la a positive cure?uo Mercury ?no Polaou? but the Juice* of Kocta ai.a Herba combined. Tbi< form of the dlceaa* nukea i'e aprearatoa in ore* on Uieoriana of cen^ra'iot; orth?y nny o<jour r?n otlier pirt.? of the l.ody. wbio'; happfut moatly on tie groinj, and very c.'ten a* u cer* of the mouth, letters, tr. t?,OA'ies ana nt uea of tne Donee, <to &o A n* and all of thea: syxp.oma will aeon yield to tho S A M A H i'TA fw' -i - MOT ivn UDDD '""IM __ ? ?. . nnv ?ir>n o <1 IOI'-Oi Sent by express. F7ioe ?i a b^lLe. or b boit!*a for SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Price SSoente Foil direotlosa. HESMONU k. CO.. Box IS I PtuUdilphie Peat Cffice. Sold by S. CALVERT FOLD,earner l<tii and Penu. tveuue. J H. EATON, 'ii 3outh Eighth etreet. Philadelphia. a? 23 1m ' ? A U (t E MAPS bEOIiUIA. SOUTH^^UwNa, ALABAMA, pMbli*he<l hy theStateGovsrninenta cnaver* eaIeried aoale, mounted on oloth in a portab'e forwa. ap 17 FRANCK TAVLOH. lYJEW YORK II iiKEAKFAST BACON ! We h?v* just received from NiyMa county. Nov Yurk.aaraall lot of exoeilent ^ nrr eared Kama. Ao , whioh have been oored expreaaly fo boHinj end frying. KING Sc. BCRCHELL. ap 16 Corner IV-h at. and Vermont ev. TUK SUBSCRIBERS BEING IN RECEIPT J. ofe tnpply of lateat faahionable Spring n -* ' " I - * vnm, uwi iripruniuij *011011 & 0&.1 aru the oontmued favor* of their j$tr?>aa and T% the ?ublio tenfrai.;. {jf They aUo re, ue?t speotil aitMtios of th?ir arm? and navy ou?tomer*to their supply of foods in that line, oonaisHr<g of Bwords, Belts, f i.ov.ldtr Straps, Epau.ettea. Gold Laoei. i:yj, ho. F. 1. BElCERuElTfc CO.. Successors to H F. I.cu-lon A Co., Cm sea and Military Tailors. Notiow.?All persons indebted to the late firm of Lovdoc * Co , or their fUdoeeao'S, ar^u'jsii*!; reeueated to settle the name without dela*. F. J. UEiBEKtiLK * . Suocessorato K F. Loudon & Co., tnh SI -aoStn Ciefcsn and MUttar* Tailors. T~~* " ^ NOTICtS. HE STEAMER THOMAf COLLYKR Will r?s?me her trips to Meant Versos jm. on Wednesday. Msrch gth an.-i w.n p ran eTery Wednesday and SataruaTMBaflKMs until further notiM, leaving her *h&rf at the fo >t of 7th etreet atlo o'clock a m. Fars for the roiiM til# oa board th* boat a1 >k AM uEIT OEDNEV, Captain. ~ ft? p*yme?t of0 oeats visitors will be v>iu|hcu u m- ruuia vuioa tiener&i W&ahiBftuD ootsupiAd k:A in ?iuoL he died T-he mantton ted (ro?tilia!f c'owd to viaitoraon fandaya. H7*T)?e diatftfu?d atate of Ua hutcjoa of the oonitrj ha?inc reduoed the refmroaa c-fue A?acctation render tbia charge naefcaafy, for Uie ???. *(, (or the Mil?Mt s?J preserration of Mt Vernon- ' aa lS-tir' ? WlSHIltOTON. ApiU lo.ttsST" 1 HEREBY Ho?peotJolIy r??ne?* ail peracna Who have open ao?<>nr.U, d ue tails, and ccU* J*a, (Mt due, Ac.,and due aaa to coroo it cnoe, if ihmj can. with the oaah, and settle, aa 1 deane to pay of ill uotoa and outatanJine aocoaoU arai^at sue witAoat delay. IEb^k S. WIIjSUN, Office Waahiartoa Hmldiag, Room No. 4. a? ll-frr ourt?r lth and l a %w . north ai.ta 1,000,000 e<""* >? i /I i ETA />?? an ?? i/iiiur i/AJHAOil A*? ROUGH TALLOW WANTED, for wH?h th* hif heat Cash trie** vill h? lh? Fancj Mumfeoturr, tU *l4 16CWfcUr 'ffiiSgg**- " ?- DAWPON ? OO. , F%stj&i i b? th? Luett in ot?1>r?3 in Nevj2B U&my?h:r*; ftAcd 7 j?uti o;d. C*ii 04 mm* r-? h7?.pp,iun ?l Uli N?t*I 6trr?, N?rr Vim, Wm?i D. C7, botvren U* bo*ri o W ? m. mrf it ? mh as Inn' THE WEEKLY STAK. Tki? tirtUral Fuallr u4 flf** eo? *lal?C a greater vtrictf tf lateiwrt'.ai ^ I |M ? ? IB Uf MM-M piNilAM M Frld^ moraine Tuiu-Cul, ta ><i?w Single copy, per annum...,,......#) 0# Fticcopln 4 76 Ten cep'r* it (* Twenty-Ire coplw *> ?*. It Invariably contain* the w\Va?h!u?to:i New*" that ui iaa4e T\t Da..'? En?n< ?'v circulate to generally throughout the oouuuy. m~~ dingle copies (tn wr*pp?n) car Sf rr?. cared at the counter, ImmM'.atrlv r.ft<-r the j?a e of the paper. price?1 . ittl.L fR^T*'. 190 PENNSTLVAN1A 1TIMCI, ESIVLE DVPRB. Jut RuetTMl an4 Opec?4, A larpe and lr?t-a*a stock of rfa lc? FAMILY Q ROC R R I G S, 66ifi?Un|t Oil BUG ARB, all fradf* TEA?, corrsac, BITTER, LARD, FLOUR, MAILLARD'B CHOCOIATE, Ae., Ac, Ao. All of whlet be offer* ?t lewaat aufa prlct*. PlIL'S CELEBRATED WH'.??1KS. 800 barrel! Magaoila 600 barrels XXX, SuO barrel* Miller* Rye MoBoag&Le:* M barrel* ftae Old Rye, WO barret* ftne Old Bnurboa AT CINCINNATI PRICE* AU the favorite ?>tnd? ot C HA MP AGNB, Mumm Verxenjr, Greet S-al, Helda'ca which, being bought iow, we offer at auit^.tf low rate# Alao, Sole Afreet lor PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL, feb 14-tf PRIVATD. PH.I V ATS1 JE* R IV A T JB. DR. LA BONTA t*Tinf rwaoved hl>otf."*to Room No. 9, adjr in:* r thebuoday Chronic!*< ?00. ia WaiA.niu-n tin. iln*. P? avenue, o*.r..er of ?th *tre-t, u now ra?'.:v to oar* a 1 pi?e?*e* 0/ a Private Nature, without the see of dang*rot? or diagustitg <Ii*g*of r ?? kind, and no interferon?* with your hua:t*c? trooation* having dev-ted irr whn? ?im? to : a tndy anJ onre of Pr-rtte cf tx>th t?* and to Chrosio ?ffc>?tioi;* of the Womb. Liv. r, Kidney*, Hkin Kru>-ioe*. tte . end rr*du%tire a th? b**t *ohiol ia th?- world, th* N*v V01K Citr Ro?i>it%.*. uuoor t' 1I1. Chtiton x-.iJ Park?r. t whom 1 moit r*?peo^ni!!y refer I Wi!l ,n? $/ to th* ??r*"b furni-nrg b# aoa?#of ar.y of tte ah jve <21* u?* wh:o) I oinnet ap'odtu *' P""i.kn?nt>y cure, iettaeawe* bo eld or t?w. N n required : uoihiui d,*i? ??ta...o :t any pr.'l c! 1 .* treatment OoneulUUotii free Room* v*ry ?nv*t?. M. LV *ONT\, Room (Lrat fluvr) Wanh.ccffi Bui cirt. mafc-lm* Pa. ?ver:i**n.? *Mh at Wall, Stophenfi & to., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, Am Dbaum .* &WOKLH, SAiiita, BfcLTft. tPAULLT*J. bfcO;;LO:w; Slei ViTS. AL'NTL^-rS, ! V t- , k . A.U inr; nri?tr o( mXAur M1D& 6LDT7i:r?. A* i'l'Hh WALL.&tfKPUKN* A O., Swil P?uti5T'.*?EtA *T?r.m8, btiwet^ U lluttl. A .1 . +u . . Z FURNITURE! ~ FURNITURHV FURNITURE! i W. B. M O 8 K fl . (of the ftrci i r?o?fUkT . ; ... t Macula-i-ir'-- n.d '.V . . lu-j ?' ?ii?, Coi'?r?, r&v^: rovui * fcfiuUy??buL.2) -';, i ? - traet, above D. krerr nrirtr of UPHOI.Sl'UKiN ; p:. . % t ana LeU r exoout*d. Stor* opon day en;. 4. 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