28 Nisan 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Nisan 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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0 " f f f+ ^1 - ^1 l^p ^1 ^1 ^E9^k H \ p| s ! V^^# * , - , > ? * ....... . i ' - k" r1' V?. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. MONDAY. APRIL 28, 1862. N?. 2,865 I I Tin: CVEiMXG STAR ? PUBLISHED MVMHY AFTBKSOOS (SUXUAY EICEFTED,) * AT THE STAR B U I L D I <1 o i Cn%m mvt. and EUvtmik ur\,t I IT ' ** -> -? A M-LU _ , IV. . i J. ptptra trnred In packages bv 'trrlm at 94 a ynr, or T r*nt? per month. To mail anbaerlkera tte p!ff !? 93.50 a yr.r, in uIpmn; 82 for alx mcnth*; St for tbrw mnntha; snd foi 1tm than tbree ninn'.ha at the rate of 12 cenu a waek. Sinpie f-ptea, ojt* nsii In wrappera, two c*KTa. J^T A"VMTi?itt*T* ?bould be aent to the ct e before It o'clock x ; otbervrlae tbermn not s^ear until the next day. I THE DELUSION* OF ONE YEAH AGO. A < ft -vtriiicn r f the absurd calculation upon nhi -h ..e ni ts one year ago initiated the present deplorable war. we republish the foil winj? article fr m the Mobile Evening News of that period. copied from that paper into the Columbia (S'.uth Carolina) Guardian. No comment is cecewarj: ?4 Ihsre are now, as nearly as can be estimated. upwards of one hundred thousand organiied and armed men in the seven Confederate States, under orders or anxiously n: ii : a- * - * J aw^iiirg mem u ??i inc j'u-i i>i ainff^r at the word of Jefferson Davis. Within eight days' time at the farthest he csn concentrate sixty thousand of these men,.the beat soldiers in the world, at ar.y point on the northern border, and htarl this splendid army like an avalanche upon the foe. If the battle ground be in Virginia or Maryland, aa it probably will, tue grand army of the Confederacy will be doubled or trebled by the rallying hosts of tb;>?e States We have reason to believe that hundreds of companies .are now on the move, tr will be within twenty-fonr hours, all bound ^mewbere. Sack is oar immediate war. power. ' Should we taov? on Washington does the enemv expeot to hold it arainat us ? To hold If against an army of & hundred thousand men and a hostile local population7 Large as the telegraphic re-orts from the land of the enemy read, it will be at least a month before Lincoln can master into service and eonccntrate into an army a hundred thousand men. We are ready, he is not. Onr people naturally so inclined,have been making saidiers of themselves for months. His people have been doing nothing of the sort, and are not naturally ao inclined. Oar ordinances of secession were really the notes of oar warlike preparation Their first note <_ f preparation was the cannonade of Charlja: n We have had three months the start of th?*ic. an4 are ready?th^y are not. .. \f u w? a en tho Tn?rwi3 r. P mr nonr, 1 a Ko/4 I cttle:! resolvedly to meet any issue Now the ; - -t *c i f the North are in all the wi!?l panic - j'l i ofa;ioa cf war's first alarms. We confront thria, a oool. collected foe, that will never give them time to recover from their l surprise. We are ready for action?they aro ready to prepare to aot. They may r^i?* p'en'v of men?men who prefer enlisting ; st rvation, scurvy fellows from the slums of ci;i,- whom Fals'HfT would not have marched throng Coventry with: bnt these recruits are do*, aoidicrs, least of all the soldiers to meet ? hot-blooded, thoroughbred, impetuous men *" tb?South Trenchcr soldiers. enlisted to war <-n iheir rati, ns, not on m??n, they are fellows who do not kn^w the broeeh of a musket from it: mcrzle, and hod rather filch a handkerchief baa fight an eteuy in manly, open eombat. These are the levied 'forces' whom Lincoln suddenly array as candidate* tor the honor of h?ini? si 4 ugh tared by gentlemen?such as M-bile sent to the battle yesterday. Let them oouie South, and we will put our negroes to the dirty work of killing them. But they will not come South. Not a wretch of them will lire on this side of the border longer than it will take us to reach the ground and drive them over. ' Mobile is sending forth to wage this war of independence the noblest and bravest of her eons. It is expensive, extravagant to pat such material again?t the riff-raff of mercenaries whom the abolition power has call oat to war > upon u*. We could almost hope that a better class of men woald fall into the Northern ranks that oar gentlemen might find foemen worthy of their steel, whom it woald be more difficult to conquer, and whose conquering wc aid be more honorable. For the present, however, we need not o*p?ot to find may foe worth fighting.witb the exception of a fuw regiments. for the North is jast getting ready, and will likely fee whipped before it is ready." Ths FtTSsri axv Tint Wa* ? A. circularised by authority of 'he Society of Frlenda, aod addfn-'d tn mtn.tera, Inculcates the following view*: That wart. withou' diaflnctlon, are incompatible with the ben'gn r??l*!on of the Redeemer. That Friend* b- exhorted in bo way to unite with an? manure*. either ofl>n*if? or defensive. TLV 'bey refrain fro4n seeklne or accepting anv i roflt or reward by ary preparations f^r ^ and neither attend nor view military operations, nor'eacourage the decef tful spirit of pirty. nor c onverse upon war or b ttiei. TKat mi r.jf?jui ahftll ?fniin ? mpnihpr of th? w:n psys anv fine, penalty or tas In Hea of per* -al *errir?i for carrying on the war, or ?:!-> * tfcelr children, appreviepa or aprranta to i t'.ereijj. r.r renrernetl :n t'uu'.v.u. "'equipping ve-J"'?, or 'n d-nling in public rertifleai"g. Thta iu:e ? i* m1 >p J in 17-ij. That f irn:sa!n? wajfon, or f th"r nr.^a'? la conveying military atores it a military a^r?|<*? That Friend* cannot consistently pay tares or fine* levied on arc-'::it of a refusal to aerve la the militia, and t:.at If the pood* are te!i- d and Bold, til IU iu J ?UI plus iruiaiiii vtri Uim a w f ? ?u* ??* or line, It cannot hp received by the part? to whom th* goods belonged In concision, the m-mberi are earnestly exLorted to bear all putfcriags and all reproaches without a marmnr, rather tLan evade or set as Me ihel* prnelpl**; and are reminded that "oeis tue uest tH t>s and truest patriot whose life is regulated by the law of Chri*t, ard that th?y can nev*r aivar.ce the welfare ?-f 'h>:irciaBtry by disrega.*dice His holy example " At the same time, it is positively ?u*crtrd that the Society has always beea opposed U any ??t*inp? to i-verthrow the civil p wrr.tnd hs* ic o;?ra;;rd lu member* to ?w*y all laws leading to qilet peareablo iivca YA.WIZ* M ? A* IXPROMFTr ?Th" fpU<-w:nt? letter, publ.shtd In tbo MarbMwad (.Mui) Ledger, describes a shrewd Yankee tr'.ok: U*it*d Btatk Ba*? Bohio, / Snndav. Marca i?. 1?G*. J "uw rireni*: me Homo 03^ orea at work acaln. Yeate*day, at 6 a m.. \*e sighted a ichoon" in the ho'.Zf i. L^iaU-d the Spaouh enalgr.. and she did the s^m-. bat aa ?r>on as we ran up theaters and atripea ?be hauled to the wind a:,d tried to eacsp?; we put on ?:i!l after her aail, till we had twenty-ore a -.11 pet' bnt tae a^.boaner waaa aaart sailer, and w~ did not gain any. We then roa out the a.i<l tt'-d twosiot* at her, bjr ihe dtd not mind It Tfce captain ordered the nij m htvrtili.vii. ifc. vworp and we b*?an to con.r upM-ithb^r. At l ist tc rforted to strategy, and ri^ 'd#'?mcke stack' sni'.dskips, aad !< ::j J - e!>d i <oa bad 'steam on.' As soon as sbe saw thin sue i.ove to, thinking that we we-e a steimer, and wouid soon cafrh b?r. e boarded brr, ar d found her to be the Htnrr Tnvtrs. of Na?aaa, N. P.and in Th? Mine e-rsnd a? the other prize, rta.: to run the blockade 8ba hss car,;o of coffee and sn?p, her papers show her to be worth ftSO.OU). We fcrp sow on tbe war to tbe t*outhw-*t Pa?s with I .r -he hrd b"ct? boarded before b? tbe King i??BPr Baa anow^a in -%?c usu cuue 01 '' *tt tours, ripioring ser at 2 p. in " tZ^Cojrjo J). Prentlco, of the Loirtstiile Jo-ro*!. ha* received a tarestfnlnjj letter from ?^Tie >^e???iOBi?t waouD, Wfco signs herae>f CLariotV Cordav." wlietaupoa )t* rtuiaika: From the slar^ture tint our amiable correaP' citn.' uses, -CtarSotf* Cords*,' we Judge (hat tb** itm-sd* to Jo the >tabb!ce part of the business t-enelf. But w? don't brltere she can. Her n-tmesake *tabU d Marat In bis bath. and. to pro. m . a . t M 1__a _ _ a_ r< . i u>Mi?d iron, me in'.twim oi jdk aucn eh?.:act?ra u our Georgetown correspondent, w? mvi long b-rii m tb? habU, while taking o*U?, of keeping lb* door locked." The Run Pnr*Tiu Otiito?A? extract from a private WMee to a gentleman ' . New York. d*vd Liverpool, March a*b. lUtei that tte Orieto L d left mat place I >t Palermo. but be vu made to diKbar^t her gioa before ahe ailed. Bat lor the Collector at tflbnltv ?b? waold become Rebel rrop^rty at Palermo, but tfcta roaa baa been given up and tbe guaa will bn tipped to Jamaica, and ake will go there to | ?8|iit - ? I 11 11 * i $ ' ITT The boy* wbo aubaiat by b'Mkla* bo** in I?t11a4e!ph1a, have been organized l?to ? "Boot-black Brigade," a?d meet ?t ?t*tod times ?t the Young Mea t Cbr'stian AaaoeUtten roon? tor privet tn4 mor&l lnetructon. * ' ? ID" Beo)amia M Bowdie,E?qftor *Vr? the member of the Hov?e of Delate# a?d?U? senator from Talbot countr, Md , died l? E?W on Friday last ~ MILITARY OPERATION* IN NEW MEXICO. Tbe following la the official report of late military operations In New Mtxleo: Headquarters Nertkem Division V. S. fortes, ) Saji Josi, N M , March 30, 1862. J Th> Adjutant General V. S. Army, Washington Ci/y, D. C. Hn 4i th*? rfpnartm ?nf *?f.mnr?nHo? fast Pnrt Craltr. beyond tb? linen of the enemv. I have the honor to ?ubmlt. direct, a aynopala of the military operation* of thla division slnco Its organization at Fort Union. When an opportunity occura. a complete report will be submitted through the proper channels After the arrival ?f the First Regiment Colorado Volunteer* at Fort Union, I found that Col Paul, 4th N M Vols., had completed tb? preliminary arrangements for throwing a column of troop* into the field, and, bv seniority of volunteer commission, I claimed the command. Acrordingly, the following division was organized, and I as umed command at the whole First Colorado Volunteers, aggregate... W16 | capt uwii' battalion 5th mrantry and Oapt. Ford'a company Col. Vol* , (4 th N. Mexico,) three companies 191 Capt Howland's cavalry, detachment* 1st and 3d cavalry, Company E. 3d cavalry 150 Capt. Hitter's battery?4 uona u3 Lieut. Claflin'a battery?4 ?mali howitzer?.. 32 Total 1,34-2 The movement commenced from Fort Union on Saturday, tbe 2*2d Marrh. and the command ?nc*mped at Bernal Sprint*, 4". mile* from I n)on, on Tuesday. 85th Inst. On Wednesday, 23th. a command of 20<) cavalry ?nd 1^0 Infantry was advancrd towards Santa Fe. with a view of capturing or defeating a force of the enemv. reported to be stationed there. Maj Chivlngton commanded the force thus advanced. Tbe enemy, in forre, were engaged near Johnson'* Ranch, in Apacbe Canon, about 15 miles on this side of Santa Fe. 1 he result VU ?!otnftnn? tn mir forM? The enemy wsi defeated, with iom? 20 or 25 killed, more wounded, and nbout 70 prisoners, who fell Into our band*. Our Iom waa small?3 were killed in battle, 2 since died; and some 3 ethers are wounded. Amin? the wounded is Cart Cook, ol. Vols , badiy 1 regret to report bnt Ijieut. Marshall, Col. Vols , accidentally killed himself, while breaking a loaded musket, whicb be held in h's band by the muzzle. Havlne accomplished this, Ma|orChlvlngston's command took position on the Pecos, at Ko?low?k;'s Ranch, 27 miles from Santa Fe. About noon on the 27th. I left Camp Paul, at Bernal Springs, and about 2 o'clock next morning I had posted mv entire force at Koslowskl's. Onthe2*U?, a movement was made upon tbe enemy la two columns, with a view of reconcoitering his position at Johnson's Ranch. For this pirpiae an infantry force of regtilars and volunteer*, under Major Chivlngton. was directed to move off on the Gallnto road, attain the principal heights upon the aide of Ap-.che Canon, and occupy them, while the main body, under my command, moved directly Into the Canon. 1' \i a* known before this movement wat made, that the enemy had been strongly reinforced, and hi* estimated strength was from 1 to 1,400. At 9 o'clock we left our encampm-nt, and at Id# a. m . we arrived at Pleeon's Kanch, miles distant?the command nnder Major Chivlngton having flanked off at a point about 2 miles below Koslowskl's. We had just reached Pigeon's, when I directed Capt. Chapin, 7th Infantry, Adjutant General, to proceed forward with the cavalry and recounolter the position of the enemy. He had proceeded but about HflO yard*, when (ur picEera were driven in, and the enemy opened a Are of grape and shell from a battery carefully C| laced in position upon the hill-aide ab >v*> The dtterlea were brought forward, and the Infantry thrown out upon the flanks; tbe cavalry, with an addition of infantry, supported tbe batteries, and the tiring became general The battle continued over live hours; the fl <htl r.g waa all done In thick covers of ced ir; and, having met the enemy where he was not expected, the action was defensive fiom its beginning to its end. Major Chivington's command continued on towards Johnson's, where some 200 of the rebels were posted, and fall nfwu> train at SizU' Wagons. cap. tuiliiK and destroying It, and capturing and destroying one six-pound gun, and taking two otflc.ers and about 1.3 men nrisonfrs The It-ma r.f this train was a most serious disaster to tbe enemy, destroying bit bajgage and ammunition, and depriving him of provision*, of which be wis abort Much praise Is due to the officers aud men of Major Chlvington's command About five o'clock p. m , a flag of truce eatne from the enemy, and measures Mere taken by b.-vh forces to gather up the dead and take care of tne wounded. Our loea Is not great. We ha.1 one officer (Lieut. Baker, Colorado Volunteers) killed; two (Lieut. McGrath, U. 8 A-, and Lieut Chambers, Colorado Volunteers,) wounded; twenty, eight men killed and about 40 wounded We lost some IS prisoners. Tbe loan of the enemy is gremt His killed amount to at least 100; bla wounded at least 150, and one captain and several mm prisoner*. Hi* I* still burying his d-i?i It Is claimed in the battles of the iflth and 2sth together, that we have datraged tbe enemy at least 360 killed, wounded and prisoners, and have destroyed their entire train and three pieces of artillery?one bv Major Cblvington and two by onr batteries. We have killed S of their officers? 2 uirjors, one captain and two lieutenants, and have captured 5 more?2 captains and 3 lieutenants This has been done with the purpose of annoying and harrassing tbe enemy, and under orders from Colonel Canby, commanding department. But as the Instructions from him are to protect Fort Union at all hazards and leave nothing to chance, and, as the enemy's numbers and position in a mountain canan aje. too strong to mike a battle with my force, I shall now occupy a petition to protect Fort Union, and at the same time further harass and damage the enemy. Officers and men, regulars and volunteers, all acquitted themselves handsomely daring both en^agem^pts. It Is especially proper that praise should be accorded Csptaiu Ritter and Lieut. Clafiln, U. S A , for the efficient manner In which tapv handled their batteries, during the battie of the 2@th iast. I desire to notice the members of my staff for the efficient manner in which tfc?y assisted ire in the battle of Pigeon's Ranch, and espocla)ly Captain Chapln, U. ri A . Assistant Adjutant General; (<!eutr Bonesteel and Cobb, of the Colorado Volunteers; and Mr. J. Howe Watts, Volunteer Aid; upon all of whom fen tap heavier portion of dangerous duty during the battle; and whose intelligent and courageous and prompt action contributed much towards the result attained In conclusion, I would add, that to Captain Cliapin, whcie connection with m? was tue most Intimate, and upon whom fell the burden of duty, 1 owe and return tapeclal thanks. 1 have the honor to be, with much reapect, your obedient servant, (Signed,) John P. Slough, Col. Comd'g V. S. Army in N. Mexico. ILj~la a divorce suit, at New York, brought by Mary Ann &inger, against Isaac M . Singer, the noted wlnv mirhln* n?*4U iVm Court ordered her an allowance of 000 per ann:im, alimony, and her counsel a fee of S750. It w?s given In evidence that Singer's income waa StfUb.OUO a year. Qvsx* K?a*on for a Mubdib.?The convict Toole. who aiurdvred the warden of the Weather* field, Coin., priaon, says be did It In order to be hong; the life Jmpritorment to wblch he waa condemned had become imopportabln to him. ID* Illinois ha* now flfty.flve regiments of infantry and thirteen of cavalry In active service, with twenty batteries of artillery. Four more regiments of InfSntry are on the point of taking the field. * rrr- rk? ? _ i. . ua iur i*aaie?' nepoAixory s* vs ' tie nation wtaU man;" and the MUford 1 Journal aaka If that lady baa not ''confounded her own peraeaal waata with that of tbe nation." j |?7?Countarfelt flO'a, altered from SI'a, on the Corn Exchange Bank, Philadelphia, ara now being circulated. 07"From China there are report* thut the people of Nankin were In a state of starvation and were eating human flesb. LC7" The people of Nicholas Co , Ky., recently held a meeting, and resolted that none of the abaent traitors ahoulA aver be permitted to retnrn. rpH^ 8UB8tilt 1 pER?_BBIN8 IN ?ECK1PT -ft the omuhM favor* of ihtlr patron* ?c l W\ [ Pfvu'Ja gMomU*; Vjf Ttoj also tMMti *M?t?J at too tic n of their-* wtexzzssrp&xts Ritt: am er- -mUr,r&its.b\in ssF* SoooOMor* to H-F. LWiJon ft Co., OitixMi ud MiiiUrj Tailors. Notiob.?All yorwMM iad*M?4 to tko late firm of Lo?4o* ft Co . orthftir mooomo**. ar*?ig*ntlr r^awtod to Mttlc (hufpg UT, iaiiora, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. HIGHLY IMPORTANT. SURRENDER OP FORT JACKSON. ? ADVANCE ON NEW ORLEANS. CONSERNATION AMONG THE CITIZENS ? GREAT DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY. ALL THE COTTON STORED THERE AND MANY UTEAMBOATS BURNT. ? The following dlapatchea have been received at the W ar Department: FoiTim Momort. April 27.?Hon. FJurm M. Stanton, Strrttary of War:?A fugitive black man has Juat arrived from Portamontta, and hrinoa the Petersburg Kinresi of veaterdsv. which contain* the following dtapitcb : Mobile, April 95?The enemy poaaewed Fort Jackson at 4 o'clock yeaterday morning. When the news reached New Orleans the excitement waa boundless. Martial law was pat In fall force, and business was completely suspended. All tbe cotton and steamboa's, excepting sr.ch ax were necessary to transport coin and ammunition; Ac., were destroyed. At 1 o'clock to-day the op. ?rators bade lis }?ood bye saying that the tri'my had appeared before the city This Is tne last we 1_ ^ ...... J t ? ~ ?L. C-* ! 1 HTM I .... .* *uv?w rr^diuui-; iu?* iaii. ?? in ruu panic uiais as they can be had " Tbe negro who brines the above report* that the rebel* have two Iron-clad ateamboata nearly completed at Norfolk, and that It la believed that the Merrlraar will be out to-mrrrow. John E. Wool, Major General. The !few? Confirmed Through Another Soarce. Hkatquabtkbs Department Rappahannock. Aorll 'ii.?Hon. E. M Stanton, Strrttary of War: I have nut returned from the catnn nnnoiite Fredericksburg. I was to'.d that the liicnmond Exarn'.ner of the 20th (yesterday) had been rectivrd In town announcing es follows : " New Orleans is taken, Great destruction of property and cottcn and steamboats. steamboats enough were saved to take away the ammunition. There i? great consternation among the inhabl> tanu." Irwin McDowell, Major General. ? r> frttD cic-nni irnn v?An-ir rr.w'i inc. sir.ut ur iunniunn. Desertion of Two Frdrral Officer* to the Enemy. Hkaeqtjarters Army of the Potomac, A>?r Yorktow*, April -.26, lQfl2 ?It is still raining here, making the rf.ado next to impotable. The rebels opened their battery at Yorxtown this morning on three canal boats while passing into Wornely's creek. The nineteenth shot exploded in one of the boats, without Injuring anv one, when, apparently satialled, the enemy ceaied. * Colonel Crucfc'r and Mrjor Cassldy, of the 834 vr %_ n ..._? * 's<i .... j new 1 or* nc^iuieui, 011 t uursuay itiicinuva passed through our outer pickets Letters have been received from them to the effect that they are safe and well, and they seemed to be much pleased with the cardial reception they received. The sentry told them he was the outer guard. The affair will undergo an investigation. Everything is remarkably quiet. A Rebel Outwork Carried by Assault. HBAtQUARTEKS ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, Cdinp Winfleld Scott, April 20, 11 a. m ? Hon.E. M. Stamen, Secretary of War:?Early this morning an advanced luntttt of the rebels on this side of the Warwick river, near its head, was carried by assault bveompany II,1st Massachusetts regiment. up won Diia a aiicu ui itei uftp. wua a iironjt parapet, and was manned by two companies of infantry?no artillery. . Our men moved over open ?oft ground some d 0 vard?, received the fire of the rebels at arty yirdi, but did not return it, but rushed over the ditch and parapet in the most gallant manner. The rebels broke and ran as soon as they saw that our men Intended to cress the parapet. Our loss was three killed, one mortally and twelve otherwise wounded. We took fourteen prisoner*, destroyed the work sufficiently to ren?lrr it _. i..., Mtir?d. Th? operation wa# conducted bv General c. Grover, wlo hunn><4 the affair most bandiomely. Nothing could have been better than the conduct of all the men under tire The supports, who were also under the artillery tire of the other works, were companies of the 1st and Uth Massachusetts. In aplte of the rain our work progresses well. G. B. McCi t.li.an, Major General. (From Correspondent of Associated Press } Camp Scott, Department Potomac, April27. Duririg Friday the enemy constructed a rifle pit in front of the lines of General Hamilton, with a view of picking ofl the men working our field Dier.es. which had been Dotted In nnaitlon prevent the rebels froci strengthening their v/orkx. At daylight yesterday morning three companies of the 1st Massachusetts regiment and two of the 11th were sent out to endeavor to capture those who might cccupy it by getting between them and their reserve. The result was la every way successful, with the loss of only three killed and thirteen woundt-d. The number of killed and woundrd on the part of the rebels must have been equal if not more than ours. Fourteen of the enemy were taken prisoners and brought to headquarters, and were 'to-day taken oa board the prison boat John R Thompson The following is the official list of tne killed and woundfd, all belonging to company H, 1st Massachusetts regiment Killed?Geo P. Noyes, Wm. D Smith, Walter B. Andrews. Wounded? Allen A. Kingsbury, mortally; Geo. L. Stoddard, George H Cambell, Wm. U. Montague, Thomas Cuttlck, Horace H. Sommers, George H Stone, Wm H. Lane, O. C. Cuper, Wm. T. Wright, Jas W. Spooner, W. P. Hallaene, and Themis Archer. Tte boat from Old Point last night brought up about twenty paymasters. Their arrival will be hailed with joy by the troops. Paymaster Cametwafl ?< *V ? ? 3 " * iuu ?.? biiikicu witu luu^ciiioii oi toe Drain yesterday, on the way up from Portress Monroe. He Is better to-day. About ten o'clock to-day the enemy opened a brisk fire on our men near York river, without, however, doing any damage. One of our gunboats shelled the rebel worka near Yorktown this afternoon for about one hour. The enemy responded, but without doing any harm. l-be rain ba? ceased, and everything now indicates pleasant weather. FROM ?EK. HALL KIR'S ARMY. Death ?f Ma} Gan Smith?Anither Battla at Pittsbarg Landing. pittubno landikg, April 36?vta Louisville. Maj. Gen. C. F Smith died at Savannah, Tenn., on the :iSch init.,of dysentery. He waa taken alck shortly after the occupation of Savannah br the force* under him, and nad been Buffering and sinking alowly for aome weeks, though hia condition was not thought dangerous until within the past week. His family are on the way to Savannah. a special dispatch to the St. Lout* Democrat, dated Cairo, 26th inst . says : Passengers reached here this morning on the steamer N. W. Thomas, which left Pittanurg Landing on Thursday night, bringing highly Important intelligence of an engagement between the advance guard of the __n l ? _ -a i l mL * rr% 1 . national ouu reuei srinien, on iujrsaay. i ue rebels were driven back to Corinth, with heavy lo*a. H .lieck was pushing hla whole arm)' vlgoroaaly forward. A correspondent of the Chicago Journal, writ, lng from Cairo under date of the 96th, says that a reconnotuance in forca was made towarda Corinth on laat Thursday. When nine rallea out they surprised a rebel camp, took twenty prisoners and destroyed their cauip equipage. Our advance to Pen Ridge, within six miles of Corinth, remained from elevea o'clock In the morning gotil three in the afternoon. Tber# were no ilgns (f the enemy. Mr. ewTenion, 01 uenviue, unio, who accompanied the reconnolssance, reports that he heard aconatant rattling of can and Bounding of whistles towards Memphis. Thay got the i egression that the rebel* were evacuating Cor I nth for the latter,

place. Loinsyuli, April M?General T. W. Sherman arrived In Uiia city yesterday. The Death ef Gee. Smith. Pittsbviq LUMU, April 98.?Hon. S. M. it ant on, S*er*tmry War :?M?J K Gen. C. P. Smith died at 4 p. m. on theSSth. His remains have been sent to St. Louis, where they will be hurled with mUltary honor*. He Is a great low to tfata army, f have not directed military honors to be paid to his memory here, but will await your orders. The eaetnv has been stronslv rein. forced alnce the last battle. H. W HiXLicii Major Ottiwtl. TtO* THE Vlt luinynT DI*ECTIN? XILITABY HOHOXf *0 Ml TO TBI KK*0*Y sijuisMUUCMmii. } WaB Difatbkst, April ST, IMS.?This D?jserwsassfp ae?w .1 -l7T ** 1 f 9 otic valor and military skill waa signally exhibited at the capture of Fort Donelaon. died at Savannah, tn Tennenee, at the boar of 4 o'clock p ra , on the '25th of thla month; and it l? ordered that the euateia&ry military honora be paid to hia memory. Epwis M. Stahton, Secretary of War. Beavrtgftrd Reported to be Evacaatlag Corinth. Cairo, April n.?A specl.il dispatch from Cairo to the Times uyi that pussengers from Pittsburg report that on Thursday over thirty deserters from the rebel army entered our camps and begged to be enrolled among our troops They all corroborate the atatementa received the day before relative to the evacuation by the rebel * of their present position, it is asserted that Beaureg^ri bad withdrawn a considerable portion of his forces for the defense of Memph!s department or shenikdoah Ua?RTcotibo?!}, April 25 ?Last night a strong reconnaissance was made from New Market towa?ds Stanton On ppjw?Kinr* \tt mile* south of Harrisonburg, the bridge over a branch of the south fork of the Shenandoah w?f found burnt and the strenm too deep and rapid to croan The bridge ?nrpr another feranch of fir ante stream wax alto burnt. This waa dr ne last Tuesday???it bv the rebel* but by cltir'ns, ns stated by person* In the neighborhood. It wasascertained from clt)2?n* that yesterday morniia a body of mounted rebel* came to the river. intending to cros*, but found the current too strong tnhazird the attempt. They st&trd to clt'zens that our troopa were In pcs?e>sioii ot SUunton. Todayone of our brigade* pa.?*ed through Harrisonburg and took po?ses<ilon of one of the principal avenue* leading from here Since our tlr*t entrance In the town no attempt haa been made by the rebel force* to enter. As usual in all the ipwm in wis vauey, dui rew males remain here It la reported that Jackson is in front, and rumor says he baa been reinforced, but ha* burnt the bridges over the Shenandoah, which preventa the possibility of any night attack. The roadi. with tue exception of the s'.one turnpikes, are almost impassible. We have a strong picket In front to-night. I.atkr ?April 2fi.?\ofh!ng worthy of not'ce transplrid Inst night. Deserters from Jeckson's mllltta report h'm as making vrry slew p ogress towards Gordonsville and that eight hundred militia had deserted during his escapade The Bhenandoab bridge 1* not vet burned, but tt.e pickets stationed there are ready to apply the torch on our first approach Harriv>sbcbg. April 2ft, p. m?Jackson is now resting on tbe east side ?f the Shentudoah with hl? whole force, about sixteen rnlles hence. H is scouts frequently make a da*h on our pickets; one of them was killed by them this forenoon. The spongy nature of the soli prevents our advance at present. The weather !> now clear and pleasant. Reported Capture ( Fort Jark*an? near Savannah? I be Federal Pickets only Faur .Mile* from the Citv?Arrival *( lha *ll?n. tic lr?tn r?rt Koyal. New Yoar, April27 ?The Mercury of to-day states, on authority of the otHors of the steamer Boston, that Fort Jackson, six miles below Savaamb, 6a , is iti possession of our troops, and that our pickets ere within four miles of Savannah The steamer Atlantic, from For! Roval on the 24'b, brings ?5 of the Fort Pulaski prisoners, and 1,957 bags of unpinned cotton, and 36 bags of ginned. She brings no news. OFFICIAL. Department of state, Washington, January 25,1341. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive ' Members of Congress on business on Saturday*. commencing with Saturday, the frit of next Matt. Jan 27-tf WILLIAM H. 8EWAKD. WAR fiei-ARTMGMf, J INV Alt r 31, liftS. Oiini!), That the War Department wilt be Closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday* and Friday* against all other business but that which relates to active military operations In th? fold. Saturdays will be devoted to the buslnrsa of Senators and Representative*. Mondays to the business of the Poblio. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja '22-tf Secretary of War. PASSENGER TRAIN TO MANASSAS. Wit Department, ) Offitt Military Surer mte.ndtnt Railroads U.S. > Washington, April IS, 1802. ) No Passenger Train will be run fmiu WasLlngton to Minaakift until further notice. D. C. McCALM'M, p IH-tf M. l) andSup't Railroads, U. S. PROPOSALS FOR 1HORSE8. DlFOT QUiKTKRMiJTEK'S OFFIC*. J Corntr 18f* and O its., Wanktngto*, > April 23 1962. \ SsAtlD Proposals will be reoel ved at this Ofii-"? until Saturday. the 10th day of May, at 12 oMooh M.| for luriu-hinr the Hov^rmaant wi*h iSJaM") TWO THOUSAND HOReES, ol the iollowiuf description*, vis: CAVALRY. Fo* Cavalht.-( 1.000) ona thousand hors*s. from ('*) i itear to( 6) sixteen, hands r.ijh, between tire anu o.gm year^ot are; of da-k color*; veil broken to the saddle; oompootly built, and free from all defeota. A RTI l/LLRYi For Autti.1k*y.-(1,000i one thousand horses, from |U-H> fitteen acd one h\!f to(U* sixteen hands huh, between five and eis&t years of at?: of dark oolors; free f.-ono ail defeota; ooappaotiy built; i*eii broken to liarbMs, and to weigh not >ess than 1,100 pounds, PROPOSAL?. Proposals mast specify clearly whether the bid is for Cavairr or Artiuery ho s>e?. and 1* na cast must both be bid for on the satne <a?cr. If any b dderwuhesto propose lor both c .msps he mnst forward two dis'inet eropoe&js?one for each class in itself, ana having no reference to any other proposal by the same piriy. If a bid is in t&e name of a firm tie names oi all mo palmyra uiusi apMtr or n will not b . consider ad. Proposals ir.a*t be addressed to Col. D H. Ru^ker. Quartermaster V. S. Armi, Wa*hirsgt->n 1).C , and most be pinniy marked "Proposata for Hone*." ?UARANTER. The ability of tbe bidcer to fill Uieeoctract, shou'd it be awarded to him must be Guarantied l.y two re; p: naib'e person*, whose aii&aturM must be appended to th ? guarantee. The responeihility of tha guarantors roust be hown by in? (>ffie<a< oertifioate of tbe Clerk of the nearest Uletriot Court or of the United States i>iatriot At'oi n?r Bidders must be pr*ae<t in person whan the bids are opened or their proposals will not be considered. Bonds, in the sum often :hou?anddollars, iigned by the oonti aotor aad both of hia guarantors, will ?? io,uu??u 01 me ?uo3bk?itti bidder upon aigning t..e oontrwr. A* the bond maatacoomp&ny theoont aot, it will b' neoearary for bidder* to bar* iheir bond*men with thtm, or to have bonda eigned in anticipation and ready to be prodnood when the oontraot ia aitiued. Blank* fur bonda oan b? pooured upon application being made at taia offioe, either per aoaaaj, by letter, or by telegraph. Form of Q*araaU; We, ?rrtol the county. 01 ,and State of ?, and ?, of the oouaty of ?, and State < f , do hereby guarantee that ? u able to fotfil a oontraot in acoordftnoa wah the tar ma of hia propoaition.ana tnat, ahou.d ui? propoaition be accepted, he ^iUat oao* eater lntr % oontraot la aooordanoe thoufd the oontraot b* ? warded him we art pr?MrM to kilAAm* hi .MB rt#i mm *w"d*4 , ?N81?ISCTION. DELIVERY, Ac. ooatraoUd for under tfcla dvertiaement will be nhjeofd to a rigid inspection, and auE? totJl* "^"iuuou wftl bp ?? will bo jeooifod. * n. * ??' ??> dwWwta fa thia oity OB ?2?fTini^i omwf&it*0 to*2? nlS'W? *? * * tar?? BUBb?r.., T?# ,Dn?t Qaartarntttar rmrrN to faimMif * flA^ A NOTICE 0*_d*M0fAL. # DENTISTRY. MTKKT3. JbOOMlP, M. j:., ire icrectcraad KtnUl nr.- Vili-iUiLXi, i'LkJK TEKTri, fcf _| Mil-1 Unit r i.t h'? ?iM .n thueitT fUmamf Many Krsoni can vmt theae teeth ?t.^aTr" aatoi vear cthere, and n<i pereo'-i oas wrar oU?n who cannot w**r there. Person* oailiiif at my oecan be imodddmaM witn an? tj .? a/~-i pnoe of Teeth they may daaire; bat to those woo are parti ou'.ar ind with tbajrfratrt, laaseet.atroncMt, a..d moat perfect uentnre tfctl ar? nan ? 1 tl VVI l?D 1 f War a rar* t. if iimu. ?iuutt?n? trie TLAffi Vlll M aorefiltT %a Tinted. Room* in ti.n city?No. JSS P?.? ?. ?,t*nr*M lb iu? 10th >u. A ?o. tfUT Arok atrcet. Fhi lad* ]?'?. m?j??Tr*) J^EW AND VCD INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHFOTLAFT1 BON I ? K E ? H. ** ;non Pun 01 Cum DR. P. B SMJF8MOND, 10 Br?dw*v, .Yi? franivimto it mki, iiiwu* 1SU Md 131& iJi , Ga'la ths ?ttertic-n of the pnbli4 to the loliowiai ldr*cV*rei c-f b'? i.-bto-??<1 n?*t?m I. Trie Teeth of his mtnn&otcre wV fcflM sever ccrode n<Xr ofcics" coior by mit r 1 w Mida, heme th'ee foo.tha lighter than ?rr ether, I. No te*<h orrocia re* be extracted, u U? artificial ou<*? ean be : jprted ?.?ar I '* e ro?U fce cede inefieuaive, ?a seret 4. No tST..j>crary testh ?.re ceedei, a? fenumesl 3ts? sac l>e tPide iir.rj.ediateiy, the>-f?hT jreforrinj the na:sra; ex^rf*#r. >r cf the face. wuoh ac4ei theol<l sjatem is fr^uentlr cli*f.forad. f. TUi? work na* b?t>?i fc'Uy ia*t?d over fire yeara by many of U4 tr at c:en i>ti jhyaic'aiiS ot tfcn aonntrr. Dr.?. has a'.as jt.t* *-vi a bite rr jeatmotiTa sietai feiii-if, **ith w tti the lr.ost aeua-.tive teeth oaa be tii'.ed w.'.hout pais, ar.-t *?a bj-1.1 ay a yefeot, aouc i U-ot'i os ar,y ade roota, ?.,ioh will .aet Ihrcajh lifetime. 'Die bf*i of refercrspa riven?to Dr. V Mott; Dr. Dor"CT:u;, Prcfev.or orOhenr.fiTy, N. V.; Hen. Ja-1re \V<%yt?>, < { tr.e Snpreme Ocu-i of Wsehlnr ton. and f:jut&i.da of o-.nera. C?:i and exiumzie for ycareelf. no t Ira GAS PITTING, kc. A WMl IJOV5 * CO. * ,->?*o*?.i an* rlcra wlii wkisa jc?T - * e? je ite rk?!*SJ*f: oT. S-VKi.M F1TTIM1 ><?SINKt?. [!?* Sura a& S j strc?t. a fe-sr aarU ! P* ?i:m, <- a*.e .sir M tatn^ ft uiv'tnti' ?f OH'.NJh'.iiiK * A7K4M *t? WiTKF. m M-PiA W? AS I'lXVIKtJ, E BtTf 12 storft. ?.r? /!?.. - flXTVRSS ;ferf-e'.y P?.?i*rn? and Hfiifoi mrt Kiniab.anpenor iu ?tyl6 to aurthim heretomt flsrxd lu Li;is i kt?t. A e n?itc oitnecB It to ?.i:i a.-"' f-t-. wr g'..>rk \j[ tfaa ?u?T WtUi Put t'os, f^linr nalv* kara tk? twt ??.?ot?d atook in Wafi ijjioa. All Work tM r'.-r; .-na ;strut*l ta aar ttrt Will t/3 ? fc.^S'a - .>1 t?. * Si ? t MS * KaVKAX. osM 'l _ _ ST* D alraal StCRfcT DI'MA^ISECRET DISEASE*! SAMARITAN'S til KT! HA v; ARI TAN'S GIFT' TA* Most Certain R-ynerfy Ever U<rd. "Yea," a pjeitiv? our? icr ?KCKET I.IBEASKS. 60N()RRr(E\. Gl.EET. STRICTURES, ka. Cortaina r,o Mineral. 10 Bs:??tn. no Merouiy. Only ten p::la to he taken to effect a our?. Ther *r? entirely vegetab e. bavitg no ainfll nor an* tlllBl'-S.-ant tv-f*. a'-rf V 1 nrt n *n? <aa m _ - ? - - . ? ? mm ?' mmr ju< e the atomaoh < r boweia of the rr.o?t dotirate. Cure* in from t tu to fourdeya, and rooer.t oasea in"t?vuty foarh(. . ?" 'ep^r-d by a fredua'e of the University ol Penrmlvaaia, one of tl s rao*t eminent Doctor* Cherr ,*ti -fr e prevent c^aj. SAMAHI [A.V.< GIFT Wi'loore acy oaae in from two to four days. end recent oa.~e* in twenty four hours: Ifo exposvre n i trculU, no ckan*i tokatrt tr. Let tl>o?e wno 1:&V6 de?pa;rol 01 icettint cured, or wh j have been gorged with ti&ieata Cop&v.a or Mercury, at onoe tr? tr e tSAMAKl TAN'S GIFT. font by trail 10 a plain envelope. Prion mn:? ?*.i?'n*un? fi'! Piioa femal^r&JseseeTss SAMAKITaVK ROOT AXO HKRfl JL'ICiiS. A SPbtiDN A>L) I'KK MAN KM T Ct H F-'lK )SVPHILIH OH VKNKBKAL, DISKAfK*. Her? U * positive cure?no Aif/oury?no Poieoa? but the Juices of Roou a&d Herb* coubi&ei. Tb? iorrn of th* m*kA?i it* a;-pe*/*Roe in ecrea on theortaniof ten.-ra'ion or i1i*t ?i>*t o*? cur "n orhor p*rt? of th? body, wcieli happen? njostly on tec tr.'in*, and very often a-: u'owe of tbe mouth, r?;ier?, rput?, o&ri?? and ncdee of tiie l-onee, ho fee An* and ail u! tiieee ajaptoma will e?.oa yiek: to the P&mah/f AN'J ttOOT AND iiejim JUICES. Sent by oxp.ecs. Price a U-itie. or b boitl** l0T *SAM AR1TAN'S CHANCRE WASH. PrioezScsnt* Fall d'reot'onn. A_? < kAl IV _ ? 1? ? ** ' * l?. - 1. J - 11 ? - ? ? a w i dui it i rnuaueipaia ro?? Cffio*. ftoltl by 8. CALVERT FOR D.ournar iltii and Penr. avenue. J U. EATON. Soutii Hish'Ji elftrt. Philadelphia. a? a Un TCANT HE RLATHE Sul.aen^cr* d'-teriDltuM to aooonurrdate all persona, either m p>n?u'n or t.uil-. dfh. I.a?e pone to \ iar*e 01 p-r-e in tfieMKJWOf pureh&ts t.| Carr ae^s, UumL'.on arl S?Cale Horssa. Mi fu' th? ?i4? oj i!t? pubuo. Kami, lea wHuiag it, oac at al! t:>nee procure & r.ice o*fn?ge with jfat o horr.ps and a good and carc:ul driver. Order* B?et to th* *t?b:?s w;th str-^t ami n-'mter will he prcrr.pti* c.te:.ded to. Char**a a? it-derate as ihe tunes Will allow. Hordes tafieii at nxetj. J 0 COOK A CO.. Sixth utreot, one block aouth of ap 14 lm* Penny aveme. r|i _NOTICK. a. tt C. SibAML.lt ? MU>1A? t;UL.L,1 EKW retime h*r tries to Mourt Vernon on Wrdnesda*, Marco 9th ?r<1 vill run every Wcd i? day and Satnr-iav"*"?^^** until further uotioe, living her ?Uarl at the fo.?t of 7th street at 10 o'clock a m. Fare for the rour.4 tt lp on board the bra* S t SO. Sa.UUEL GEllNEV.Captain. B. On the p;ymmtoi 25 o^cte rifttora will be rr.ltted to th? u;o:n whlon Gea?nl Washington ccoupiM anti In vHch be<ie4. The niau*ion?i.d rror:!<1? U-*. ?kto t'i-Umob '.-fltdaye. dieturtb* 6tata of t^^ im?&ees of the eoniitry ha* in* reduoe>i the retouroea of the Ateooiatioii rewdar thu eaar?e necestary, for the prt$tns, lor the inaiLtenaaoe and preservation of Mt. . r,wu. *P It-W COY? TLKS-OYS rF.RS. HEP/PEAKE Steamed Oyerer Saloon. The abacntxr having completed h'* ^ Steamed Oy?ter S&.oo-, ia now readyflP^u f J to fnrnahto citurrs, et ?.a;cra. and the pul lio *eneraily. w.lh Oyster* vgSSy ooolcwi '?y the tiew traoei of t?a.um?. The ber.t Or?tf>ra the Market oan efford willalwaj?. t?o on h*id, at the Che?epe*i.e Steam Oyeter Kaluon, So. 4OS O street, near 7th, and east of the Patent 0?ce. mh3--lm WM- P. WFBII. Proprietor. 486 CABA0Nruuf;KS?rH8 486 Card Photographs ia variety, including eopies ol Choice Pictures. Also OAUD VISITKand OVAL PICTURE FRAMES, the ! art eat aasortmscl. from the Deit manufactory in thecocr' r, foroaak, at J. makkuijkK'S. No. Seventh siree*. IU II - L? Hall. Rhead with dkcirion and act with pl kc aution! OR M. VEI.LN V'S PRIVATE HOSPITAL., in the pedeial B'ook, opponta the General Post and Patent office, Room 24 up stairs, corner of7tkaud F Washiirtoo, u.c. EttaMished for the ?uppres.ion U t?oackery The Only Kecuiar Phjaioiaa Advertising Dr. M. Vellnv's lone experience in hospital practice warrants mm m sayiuf taat he can ottreall diseases of m private nature, or ha wih lotleil U>* an ri of five hundred dollars. O*.. and aee htm. No cnarje (or ooamltatfon. A perfect aad radical oars terjeoted from one to fou oayBor mh n am' ON AND AFTKR1,TUESDAY, APRIL I, 1862, the trains on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroaa commecoe rnr.mns dsLi, Stn^js except*!, leavinc Una tn.tnn at 1 ta a. m "a at VViihufton J anotion witn wall train far 'Ml arte of the VVeat. l*arkar?b?rf or Willing. Ttxouxh tioketa aoU ?td ba^^fc^t^ Matter of TnuaaportaUoa Baltimore' and 0h)0 I tRAVKLLINU TKUaKS. E Offr-i (tor Mi* tho largest asaoitmSHt |of TRAY BLLINt* TKUNK8U)lie foond mgHnil this oity, oompnsiM beot Pol# LMtberRCaM Ladiea'Drew and Packing Tronks, Va-^1-*-*** (ieee, Oarset Bar*. *o., whioh -w are now aalliu at verr low prioaa. WALL, BTfcPHKNP * CO., ay ia f aaa. avenue. F^aSJAISS oe i&e hn*tt inth* UiBtr ot?6r*d in"S?W^5? Hunpafciroi 8 and 7 yetra old. Cu b? ^ HWll>. w>. mil H Iii?' Li-1-! LI? . H THE WEEK I.YS1AK. TW??u*nr?i Ffcmllv New* *. mm Wali|i |NM niMf of llenrtlBg rw4iag tfcaa can to fou4 la Uf ?ttoi to p>iUi>?l m Prldav morning. Tnvi r?iA. ?' i ' > Single copy, per ar-am 91 W FIvccoplM 4 *i Tea oopiea * M Tweoty-ive oopiea SO eu It invariably eoatala* the " Waahlaxtar. N -*r' that bu made Tkt Dmiif lt>nt?f tircoii i *> generally three? boot the eonatry. CTT Slag'.e eop'.e* < ? wsfvri1 ran be t ?' eared at the cr*vut?r, ImmMWMr after the latna of the paper. Price?THRLK , KNTS. IM rcitmTLViJiu ATIMCI. EMILL DFPRB. ltd R<o*iVf4 *ri OmM. ? w -?"?-?r A 1 uvte f.d lrmt : law ttock of family or oc b k i ? s, OOMldtlftf ?n BL0A&S, ?* *11 gr>Ar*, T?A8, OOP PBS, Ba?TU, LA AD, FLOUR, MAILLAKO* CHOCOLMi., Ac., Ac , *3. All of fflUL le <>Ver% It lAW?l oath procs. PIEF.?8 CEI.EBR ATF.P ^ H19IJKS 500 b?rrela Mafu> U(, too barrels XXX, 800 barrel* Rve M?noir(h?:i, 6<? barrels fine OiJ Rye 500 barrels flne Old Boorbo*. IT CINCINNATI PRICES aii toe brand-" it CHAMPAGNE, Mania Vrrt.ny, Gm-3 Seal, I* .-Jdo'.-k, wb!ch, btW.f lo-* w? oftf! *t U3wn< j Uv. rites, A jo, So?c Agent lor PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. fcb 14-tf PRIVATE. PRIVATB. X* n IV A T B. DR. LA BONTA hfttini removed tin to Re;.n No i.aJjici* c tieSiinday Chrcritcl.i - in W\,. :. Hi. inc. Pa avenue, oor?.er <> 7th ?trf?t. :a now ? #*, j tooure a! 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