1 Mayıs 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Mayıs 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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# ~ LOCAL NEWS. NoTiO i tu* xur'f rnl?HM <a eMrsetewtT Will tereafter alao act M the 5*m^$ advertising * < *ierr Any (ieortatown advertlsementa ten 1 l>r. ti U Bantara'a, corner of Hlgh?r,u Bridge streets, or with 9. Creadell, No. lis Bridge street, will Beet with prompt attention. auvtuiijits to-ri?>t. Vobd'k Atmbjiivm ?Mr. Forfeit repeats tonight hla p*>raonatlon of the great French Cardinal, an effort ao remarkable In llaweal'h of Intaller tu*l caltare, artlatie harmony and Inartratlon of geotua. Nor la adxnlratloa of Mr. Forreafa " Richelieu" exclaalTely * cla-Atlantic tribute to hla penlu*. In England, when hla original coaonilrn of in'fnd'.d chinetn of tn*> subtle firdlual wa* brought latodlraet comparison with Mirmdy'a renowned portraiture, the Tltal force and Intellectual gracee of Mr. Porreat'a embodlmeat were recognized with a fulneoa aad a bear* tloeaa of applause not more honorable to tbe artlat than to the audience, wbo?c adm'raMon of hla genlua could for the time overcome their national vtr*(tull^#d ><raInai fh* IllnafriAtifl rival nf thi'lf favorite actor. To-nlght'i performance of ,4Rlckalleu" la tbe final one by Mr. Feereat daring kl? engagement. Gmovii'e Trsatbs?The comedy of ' The Habea In tbe Wood." made a bit laat night, and will be repeated to night. StetebelTa "Beetle" writ unctooualy good, "make up" and all, for <rreat aa bla natural ffenlua la be baa tie stood aenae to avail himself of all the advantages darlved from csrafnl attention to costuma and such auxiliaries. Mr. Phillips, (an admirable actor by the way,) MUm Drain, and Mr* G#nnou, were also noticeably good. To-night, aUo. "Skatebos In India," i wltb Ftte Qertnon and Ben. Rogers, and also sweet Mrs. Hough In excentrle song. CaXTsaaray.?Frank Brower's engagement la 1 drawing to a cloae, and therefore all who have not aeen him In hla negro characters most avail 1 themselves speedily of the opportunity. Mi us 1 Duval, a vor allat of unususl power, who has been 1 so successful, also has but threa nights more on the Canterbury boards. A very attractive bill Is offered to-night. Cotrritta*T?L ? Miss Mary Walton Is the card a > k..n. j 11 l_ i. if ? ? a UfTf. nrr uannu, -- luia is woor," wm rxqui? . a'My fiwuted laot alght. To-right she will repeat It, and also sing a " Union Song" of her own < imposition The entire force of the company will also appear. Wilt'* BntD!!fo, C?mtr Ptnu'ylvnnia Actn*4 an,i Steond Strut.?A grand bail will be gl?en at th's place to-night. All who wish to enjoy the dance moat attend. Mat Ball.?Votaries of pleamire and disciples of Terpsichore, will please remember the ball of t!i? Hickory Club, wblcb take* place this evening at T?mperanc* Hall. A fine opportunity for an evening of enjoyment. i Odd F*llow*' Hall, .Yary Yard Company C, National Guard, give a grand ball to-nigtat at tLe above ball, wblcb will no doubt be tbranged with tbe fair and gallant. Ovatto* to thb Hox Damil P*att ?Pratt, tbe Ureat Ameriran Traveler and funding Can- | didate for tbe Presidency, bas retnrned to town I after a vl?it to onr camps across tbe river. Ho ; I n fe\ rrrv m m iKal km mm# mftW m rrv /mt otilknaiaalU IIMVIM** mmm% ? ? CUiU UtIHIil. welcome from our volunteer* At Camp Runyon, on the 23th Instant, a grand ', banquet wu given to Mr Pratt bv the o?cers of tb* 14th regiment Mta. volunteers Heavy Artlliery, (Mr. Pratt In Bostonlan,) at which a spirit>d poetic addreas, composed by one of the 14th, vraa read and received with thunder* of applanae. , We have not tvpe enough to give the whole, but subjoin a few speelmen bricks: O thou Immortal Daniel Pratt f Uproarious, glorious Daniel Pratt! fl e? nil ll?in n?flt a. 1 rri nan ' 1 nffir anKllsk.* < *j I I IVIIJI *UWIIIIJC) To (bee we addreaa tbe mualcal rhyme. A^pa ttfo, when Arehlmedea rat upon tbe throne of Greece, IVinoetnenes tbe Grand awoke her heroes from I the dream of pcace. Bnt since thoee ancient daya no orator Is found To equal Daniel Pratt In sonorousness of sound Ring tbe bells, scutd tbe gongs, let the cannon* roar. Fur *uch another orator, was ncrer known before Win were the nighty men of yore, that conquered all the world, And fr< m Intemperate to torpid soae the'r vie to rtoaa flag unfurled! Alexander and Bucephalua' Marcellua and great C **ar! Prince tug ere and Victor Hugo, and the mighty Ebeittrr, Old Pegaauathe valiant, and great Hector King of Troy Who beat the hanehtv Ptralana at the battle of Foatenoy. B'at tbelr war* are pale and van tali before the brilliant flame That hover* like a halo o'er the Traveler'^ mighty name He catb la&orea an ma nit in aup^ort or me proposition To restore our glorious country to its aboriginal condition: Hatb visited all tbe public inatltotioss of the land? Academies and broth?Bethels, which yon find at every hand. lio cootenda that the plow, tbe anvil, and the Loom Are the backbone of the nation, and the seal of Treason's doom. I n bis own modest language he has been a mighty _ ? And be means if he lives to let every bod v know it *##** * Hark to tbe tbunder peal, wulcb rumbles o'er tbe land ! >-e tie forked ligttalngs flssb, majaatleal and grand; What v'.ant form la tbat,aloft ao proudly soaring, Fiir above tbe lightning's flub; Car above the umtwfe-r'a roaring 7 1U the crreftt A merit an Traveler, the mighty Did if! Pratt, With the wisdom of un centuries beneath hi* time-worn hat; Oa the wing* of the wind he flies from shcre to bore, W bile the storm's awful chorus sound* hla praises everywhere. The ocean waves shall chant his praise, a thou und afcf?? hence, For proving tue advHntage* of sound over $?nne. let <t? rmlae to hla pralae a monument of bra*a. For none bath like hlia spoken ainee the day* of tba C rurt -The word. "Balaam'a As*" conrluded tbla llue In tne original, but we Mnd the mora dlgntl*d (If lean euphonious) terminal, above, sub*tltuted la tbe characteristic hand writing of Mr. Pratt. T>t BviSii School CntBBBATtoa ?The comxnlttee to make arrangements for the anniversary celebration of the Sunday School Union, met last evening at the rooms of the Young Mens' Christian Association, the following gentlemen being tresent: Messrs Hsynes, F street Baptist; Hines, 'ninn Chapel, Noerr, English Lutheran; Clayton. .Ninth street Methodist Protectant; Bradley, Sixth Pr?sbyterlan; Richards, Baptist, Bradley, Jr.. Trinity: and O.U. Witht, Secretary of tha t' atom. The committee reaolvfd to divide the city Into Mf district*; iL* achool* of each district to a*, rirbl* la their !f*p*cliT? church**, md march to ttr chnrch dcat^aatod at the place of celebraMom The day Axed upon la Mandav, May 8<Uh. After aeteeUag appropriate by mm, and trmnaactlDv aome other bu*la?M, the committee adjourned to Monday next, whea they wUi divide 'he cltv Into dlatrlcta and designate the churches In which the eoremonlea are to take place. DmaiMfi Ahtimit Pkactici ? Editor Sfr : Tbe Inhabitants of tbe neighborhood of Kert Galne*, near Tenallrtown. commanded by (.'olenel Tldball, of New York, have lately been v> rr.dangf i?d by lb* ehot eud shell practice from UM lor* aa to contemplate emigration for tbelr personal safety bin from tbelr huge CipejLder rlted gun "truck within sixty feet of tbe dwelling of Mr 8 F. Borrow*. Three balls struck as sea/ tbe dwelling of Mr. Nott. All tbe other neighbor*, Ugetuer wltb numerous per sou* passing the river road, have badslmllarexperience as to round ebot, while fragments of exploded abell fall la shower* throughout that popaloua and d-?oted district. Before long some frUfQtf j catastrophe moat occur. W bo Is responsible for the?eUilcge? Tbe gnllaat Colonel say* be baa . .* M ?s --- ? # Li. ? -a i /ra?i iron) lie w n utyhtjii ivi ' pin.i m U laea Yet It iww Incredible that lh? hoMM It chief of that D*putont cac be acquainted with ) the circumstance*, or he woold relieve Colonel T. I from the Beceaalty of pointing hla guna at peaceful and defeoseleaa ciuzeaa. A Scrriaia I Vol ice?The Third Ward patrol see reported ? ? ? ? a u? a"^., I i :i?aar-Jo&a nmeaiy, proiaany: nnea wt in byJuatieo Thompson George Seltz, throwing Olt& It the atrwt; d? f 1 58. Conrad Boaau, L drunk; dlacnlMod Win f. Partello, driving on If the pivrntok; do. FkUlIp Htftu, aaMultlng I" i.'.* family, Jail. John Hanover and H Q. Har1 rover, dlaorderly conduct; turned over to the military by j aMc0 Clayton. The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported? Adolp I V ...la w ji ' I .J w? ~ n'WiBC, UNin; IVUI1KU ?T Win WUituRs, drank ?cd disorderly; turned eve? to the military. txM:?iTion Mat Ball ? Prof. Barer* will it1 ? * grtod dancing exhibition of tbe paplU of li* itr+r academies, it Temperance Mall, on tbe of Tuesday, May ?; and the ball continued daring tbe night. * t t fLtn L"ff*'r,ae* ? *?. Tbttradajr, May I Ul ** fc'Kt'y ittncqvt, wt doubt dm. i Jf t?l3?5 L<""* -* ?"* ?? *? 4mm?\ I Pttfioiitma Intiin ? Vfaterdty afternoon, JuaUce i. H. Mmm administered tbe oath of allrglance to tba follow!ng.named prisoners at tbe Old Capitol, wbo are w*w?d I* be released . Wm Mattbewa, Job a W. Vlrtx, Wm F. Luckett, of Loadoua oouaty, Va i Joba R Goodwin, of Sfcffor4 eouaty, V* i Anthony MeOec, Fairfax county, Va.; John A. ARhet, FrancU N. Sbtnk, Put county, Va.; Thorn* w. Pamter. Jtawt Wlnklor, Jtmua cmty, Vi.: James Frmzlcr, Jtntt L. Cuter, Stafford county, Va.;F. A. OrW on, London* county, Vn: Henry F Weekly, Roeklncham, Va : Lewis Stewart, Richmond, Va.; Clinton W. Gullek, Ltncaeter, Va ; Jam? Grijfaby,. Jokn Rawllnjr*, Kin* Gwga edunty, Va ; bdward H. Wytill, PrlnanQforge, Mo.; Edward Utti7>r. Raititilind: Jokn Mr.Sorle* Ireland; Alfred E. L*ary, Franklin Pariah, La " Tbe examination* wera mad*by Captain T E. Ellawoftb, U.S. A. Focitm Wats Station Cams?Btfor' Justice Walter ? Dan'l WlUdoo, disorderly and fitrbtlag; dlamtrwd. Angelo Franxl, do4, do. Thome.* O'Connor, drunk; tamed over to tbe military. George W. Power, do : floed St. 8am'I Cbanev. do.; TilamlaoeA. Columboa Harrli, colored, au?pccted ot larceny of glovee and ribbon In Alexandria, which be offered for aala In thlaclty; the gooda weir taken from him for tbe beneflt of tbe owner*, and be waa dUmlraed, aa an accomplice of Wo. Dueke,wbo, aa principal, was locknd up 24 hours. Wni Moody and J. F. BeU, colored, In Ibeaime party, were d lam laaed. Abram Ctark, drunk and dlaordarlv; do. Jacob Stranb. do.: do. Oamm Uivwrllnno A? . ? eO ?'-?* * UVV1KO HWWl*Uf?| wv., raster, colored, do ; fined *2. Prank Martin and Dominlck Geary, do ; dismissed. Bab C?iLt>**r? ?We ara Informed that on Tuesday nlgbt. sotne fonr or five of the irenok rem meni iu "lom t'tuarit" encamped north of the city, smn?ed themselves by attaching several per?ona on Seventh street, among whom was tbe m#l carrier of tbe 3d District regiment, and an employe of tbe College Hospital, at whom they presented their pistols and threatened to hoot An oScer of tbe 9d District was called on nd fnrnlahed a squad of men who started In parluls of them, but they managed to escape. The oUlcers of tbe "F.nfkn* Perdus" were however In- ; r.# tks ? ?- * * - 1 IV! I>KU V* tuc I M>? MIU 11 l? W UC uupeu fldTf made an example of tbe delinquent*. Tki Odd Fsllow* have uaually favored the public annually with an entertainment or two of t kind more attractive and dealrable than the anal run of auch affair*, affording by tbelr good order and varied programme an Inducement to " atny at borne people," aa well an babttnal pleaiure-*eekera. to come out ami eninv iti?m ?? everybody will note with plearure the Announcement elsewhere of a grand I. O. O. F. Levee and Festival tq be held on Monday evening next at Odd Fellows' Hall. Look (or It, and " when ( found make a note on't." Tas Oath Riqwrrd or Corporation OfrieaRa ?Justice Thompson, at the request of tb? Mayor, commenced his official vtatt? t? th? I icboolf for tbe purpose of administering tbe oMh required, by a joint resolution of the Council*, of fvery person holding office under tbe Corporatloc, i* well is the teachers of public schools Tbe nalh has b?en administered to about thirty of the teachers by Justice Thompson upon former visits, ind It Is the desire of the Mayor that it shall be to all as soon as possible. Aaaivan at Carter's wharf, (foot of 13^ street,) lrhiiOB#rc a UautIpp \v KaaU* d-i with 76,000 feet of lumber for A Coyle k Bro : Lewln, Livingston, Salisbury, with lumbar ana hingles for >Vm. McLean; Oceola, Whmtlev, Philadelphia, with a cargo of coal for C. M. Keya; T. C. Worrell, Hubbard, Havre-dc-Grace, wtth lumber and coal consigned to F. L. Blitz, who will please come forward tad receive the me. Pib?oX4 troubled with Coma, Uunlou?, etc., cannot do better than to call upon the w*llkfiAian eklrnnAilUt t\m Wkl?- D ? _ ? _ u-. ? u V?i>"puui?, 1/1. <1 UIK, nWill liu. I, -111. 126 Pennsylvania avenue. lt? Bs evil to pay a vlalt to the People's Dollar Utore, 43? Penn. av , near Four-and-a-half street, to aee tbe splendid stock of jewelry and plated ware tLert offered for only one dollar. inal-3tfc Tui Ladt b*?ubbs of tbe Star will please notice tbe Want colamn of to-dav. for tbe new stamping Depot on Seventh street The proprietor 1* determined 10 please yon, both In price and workmanship. Give him a call. ma l-3t* P*V*!fTH WAID UNCONDITIONAL. UNION M?ITrxr, ?We are requested by the unconditional Union men of the Seventh Ward, to Invite all true Union men to attend their meeting on tomorrow evening. Democrats, Whigs, Americans, Republicans, all are Invited to come who will aluk party and labor for tbe alngle purpose of preserving the Integrity of the Conatltution. St Lyos's Mabnktic 1??bct Pownxa, Tented for 19 yeara ai.d grows in favor. It kills and exterminate* Roachea, Bed Bug*, Anta, yUau Ma#Km In Pl/vlKa L'nra mw\A 0??nl?n*A m ?v?wj t'j vmo in vivtu?| ui n niiu I UliiiiUlCi Garden Injects, 4c. All genuine bear* the alg- ' nature of E Lyon, and u noi poiio*ou$ to ptnoHt or domt$'-tt ?aimalt. Beware of counterfeltsand imltattona. Lyon'a Powder kllla all Inaecta In a trice, I.yon'i Pills are death to rata and mice. Sold everywhere. D. 9 may i-et>3ai 208 Broadwav. New York. Ant on having copies of the Fetntng Star, date September 14 and S6, 1601, will roofer a favor and receive a liberal compensation for them on application to the Star offlre. Limb ! Limb !! Limb 'The nbscriber has on hand on* thousand barrels of the beat wood-burnt Lime, which can only be had at hi* lime kilns, he havlni? disaolved all connection with anv other place or establishment for theanle of Lime, Cement, Sec., and which will be sold at it per barrel. [ap 2?-tfJ . W*. II. GoimT. Th* India* Hk?b Doctor (F. Tumblety, M. D , f'om Canadn,) will devrlbe dlae&a-i and tell b!> patient* tbe nature of tbelr complaint* or UN neaa, without receiving any information from kUTIM i? ? < UHI ?VI VI riu ? l*_ ^ . Office, No. 11 Washington Building, Pennsylvania avenue, corner of 7tb street. ap W Phriis asp Small Changi may alvi)i b* bad lor exchange at the Sfar office counter. if CiiaTADOKO'a Excelbtor Dti la unrivaled in the world. No other Dye has been anaiyxrdNo other Dye produce* tuck faultless colors. No other Dye ran be applied so rapidly. No other Dye la so lasting la Its effects. No other Dye improves the texture of the hair. It has been AHatyzij of ur. i ntiton, CbemUt to tbeCroton Water Board of New York, and certified by Mm to be ai harmleu a* C rot on Water. Ht? certificate may be teen at the aat&b iahment of the proprietor. Manufactured by J. Cbbiitadobo, 6 Aator Hnusef New York. Hold everywhere, and applied by all Hair Dreaaer*. Price 91, tl 50, and S3 per boi, according to ik. ,io. a ClIlT ADOKO'S H Alt P2K*SKVATt VI, la Invaluable with his I)ye, as It lmptru the utmost softness, tfce most beautiful gloat, ttod ?reat vitality to tbe hair. Pt1/>/? SO rrntt vi and RJ rt#r hntt!* ir/>nr4lns - ? WW ? j m - , ?? I a oslze. ap 2-eolm India Rubbi* Good*. Wr advise all oar readers (m we know they are obliged to purchase tbe above named good*) to embracc the present opportunity as Mr H. A Hall Intends to moke a change In his business, ...J ...all _ ?I I hi. -A T. .J D..VU /I J*_ Utt wilt veil Ull riM-lltlTC WUCB VI llUDuer VVOOOJ at manufacturer's prices, and no family should miss tbta opportunity to supply themselves For Instance, Mr. Hall will s?ll Men's Rubber Overshoe* and Randal* for bU cents per pair, and Latin' Overs and Sandal* for flu conta per pair: Indla Rubber Bed Protsctors for Children'* lied* (an article that no family should be without) only V) cents, for ten days, at the India Kubber Warehouse, No. 308 Pennsylvania ave , between ttb and 10th streets, Washington, D. C. ap lt-tf Cobim, etc.?All persons afflicted with Corns whether hard or soft: and all afflicted with Banlooa, Callosities, club tod Ingrowing toenails, may and great relief and be satisfactorily beneitted by applying to Dr 0. White, 45J Pennsylvania a vena*, between 1 # and 9th streets, Boom 7, second too?. * Ait ruioi wishing to procure a loan of a few do Lars on aetlafectory aeeurity, can do eo by call* lag al 454 Eleventh at., between O and H. apl4 Stabtliso ! Bot Tbci?The Volunteers are braving tbe danker* of Fever, Scurvy, Wounda aad Cholera. Many a gallant fellow wUl leave his boaea to bleach, who by the aid of Hollowav'a Pills A Ointment, would have returned to hie (hmlly atrong and healthy. Soldiers try them ' Only *3 c?nta per Box or Pol. 298. All rxaaons can fad the beat stock of ClothIsff Pnratihlnir Trunk* Usta aHsm at SnlUI, No. 47? SeveaU ?., near P. Is 87-3m m On tha aorninx of Ua 1st laatant, at f o'oloak. after aailomiol uin days, ?f ooagMuon of Us t>'fcia.Miw MAM A LA W lL?ON, a?aa M y.ars. Hsr friaadi and Us insects of tha itailr ars ia TlUd to att^ikar faasral, to mirruv (Fuday) 4U?tr?* ? C lltlminwww) * By?8vsa > * WANtS. ll/ANTFO TO RK NT-ROOMS ssiUbls for " ? kynoiu'a office; Ico&Uoo -' l'vhle ?nrf mil utiui AiIHrc?? '-Ph??ioi?n " St?r r.ffina It* wANTED-Bt ft ro?Dt firu A SITUATION fti " oh&mbermiid or nnrM. ??* ? if Wqair-d. Addr?s Bo? Wo l.StarOffioo It* W ANTKD-Bt ft?*?teot*ble woman. * 8ITU" ATION m ooofc or ohftinbonnftia. AadreM Bo? l.fUrOtt?. . It* .T?F*V, f " ? pi ? a l i??ni ss cn^roueruiam. Apply o il E ?t, b^triw Tsth *?J I4tb. . rty WANTED-8ERVANT to do teoerftl ho???" work. Apply it F J. O'Bnen'i CfrtMTi onir W?w York *v ard 4Ui ?t. U' . A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, with b?rt of tm rtitrKoei. ?iim> a ruaauon 10 oo?k, iwi IBQ iron In ft urni). jenttel Unuiy. ln?uir? ftl Sis H ntr?et. shov 80th. U' ., VE7ANTEr? GIRL to ftssitt indinincroom ftt:iJ nuke hereof t?n?r?l'y uaeful. None need ft??!y uol?Mth?r anflerir^ad th i?- b&fineu. Apply . Hnidon Howa,oorn?r 9 h and F ?t?. It* A TOOTH FROM THE COUNTRY d#slr? ? Hit a?ti'.n *.? c'ork or h ?okkeeper in cm* Crv fr>odror grocery star*. Heet of oaantry reference# riven a? to ?ofcriety, int^rrity and ospsbility Ad nr?i> "I A. K Mfir CiTiw It* ^JVANTKD?Hy a raepte'ab'e oolorM rnau, a " SITUATION aa ooaouiua 1 or to attend to }*raea. Good rafaraao*" xivrn. II repaired. *dr?a?, throath Poat Oflije, J. S. MArTHUW?, No. 83 Eipraaa Allay. It* VVANTED TO BTY?From 5 to 15 torea ol " LAND, aaitabla for gardauinr, m tha naghborbood of tha Diatr'ot. Auy fr?on having aaoh to dlapoaa of may find a pnrenaaar by addieinrg "Butt." Georgetown PoatOtfloe. m 1 X* | 1VANT8D? A?x)ut on a handred abla-bodied I MEN to go to * hip Pt>int, near Yorktown, aa I Uborera. Apply to M r \ o??. at Morjin'e wl arr, at foot of 0 ?t Payment far vatea to be mid* with oeriainty on the last dar of eaoh month. ml A. BKCKW1TH. Major C. M. I Want 'ioo AGKNT* to Mil my ramped sooia. Thu it a flee chatoe for lar.oy-tt??re kMMri. A liberal diacourt n a.lowed to fhoie who wuh to ?oll ai&'ti, m 1 can topply 5,mo pattern* Umped on the tinest niueiio. Call- on next rtloudar at the New SUm? ut Depot. 980 8*v*nth at., between L and M. Please oafl earlj?No. 980. m 1_? * WANTED?Every Mdy to look at thi?, an<t then oall at the new Stam){rg Depr>t, No. ?8(? Seventh ri?et, between l. *nJ M streets, and get their stamping dojc on itanuel, ve1ver, silk. ?atiu, camhno. oe'nm*. muslir, ana doth, at Krcatyr^4uce<1 prioes. Wehavsun hind 5.<K0 choice patterns fur stamping the above good*. Wiit to open an Monday, at 980 seventh ?t m 1-lt* 11TANTED?100 LADIES to amnro der yokei, v " h?nds aid ?lee?e-, Pantsl*tts, skirts, co ars and oatt's, at 9*0 S?ven-h street, between L rnd M. Ttie highest price pud for neat l-.an Is. Steady employment given to those who suit. Call next moTiay n convenient, nung a ?ampi9 >v* nave 5 i?4)ohuioe patterm far itimp ng on evar? de?8nptioti ot gocda A ?o, an endleea lot of stamped |OMI ohrap. fw 1 3?* WAMEO, to ?a!l a Horse, Wagon and Harness for Old American History, 3d and 4th volume*; Hark'* n istorj of Virginia; ttrarton'a South Carolina, 3 volumes: Nils'< Register; Kihim'i Scath Carolina; Wilkinson'a '? ria'; Bu r'a Trial; Old Coin*; Autograph*; Old Paintioga; O d boooir.ents; UTn?in>a- I a>l . I. ?? I1WU|3| AiO!V*iB| IJWW ?I cujuii . I n IHUI 1U? , omsTolumM vera !o?t; iheir value will i>? bmj, ifr?tarQ*d to id?. ALCRKI) HU vreR, m l-3t* Over Back of ^ antntjton. VI/ AN TED?A U1K1. to Uke oharjt of twochil tt drcn. Inquire at 309 Ninth ?t ap SO 3t" VVa^ted-a HOUSE, unfurmahed,^the rent | vi wuiuu mtimn uv^ oauoou <7 ? v. AUirooi D*'i Mfl. Pott Office ap ;o 3t? WA1MTKD?i BO V to learn the !>:&3kamithit,| baaintaa. App'y at the Pl.reaix Carnage Wofta. corner of C ami ?i?>h ata. ap 3t* WANTKD?8oni? able HAN 1)8 to aeir at fine iiiualina an>I do <jp l&oe good*. Apply at Mra 8 COUKTKH.LK'S.i* KleyentU at. ap 30 at' \VANT"U-P?>nr DRF8 3MA KERSat No 359 WW l&lh ?tr? ak Kc^wian CI >> 4 V ?ai. * &*?? *a#ul ' ivtll ? ?* V I l/Vk W VUM tl "U a U-'UU |<A/U hands need apply. Aiso, a Vomg Girl to l?arn t o iiu?irw<. a? a? st* AMKD-To pu chssa for ca>h a y-ong getstie M'tKSK.. Bl'OGY and HAKN KSS, or either. Address "A B," Star OfRoe, stating erioe and where to he ?ean- It* WANTED?A sober, honest. active YOUNG MAN to drive a nulk waton ; hs mart understand tee oar* of Ms horse and wagon; ais<>, inilk; tutiBi vwarvvu ivowbbhrnhi fli?w iwo men u? work on a firw. A?ply at Loot s'. Hill Farm, ?th ntra*t road. near tli? first toilga'.g ay 3 -?.* WJANTED-A well ednoat*d. experienced and ? ? fiae looking YOUNG L&Ui. who is willing to assist in tending to fir?t class club rooms. One who scltf will fird & pleasant h'm* and best of wm?<. Address, f ?r thr<?? days,4 P*blo Oxeireadi.'' care of A. H.. Boa 66, Cry ?*. O. ap 80 2t*_ m-w T A Mlivn _ A* A f. # ? *L ^ m-Li t ?? L. mmjnii* DU-AI a IUI? III IU? Tiuiuuy I'i r? ??n ir*ton a COLORED BOY a<f cook for an offio?r?' men of from two to five peroca. Apply lor two oar* to "Howard," at tl>? St. Char;* Hotel Waahinjloi, between 9 and 10 a in atd 4 and 6pm ?p3Q 3t* E*ARM WANTED?Want.nl, an improved firm r in Montgomery or Prino* 0?"r*e'? countr. Mar?!?n<1. within 10 mjIfi ( f the oity, for which A?h will he paid. Ap? y without de ay at th? law Ik ** L<> k I L' t/ 4 2^.4. UUIUV U| if *. ri'Lib I ? 11U, J, V/V1U' But.dint, Waahington. ap y-3t* WANTKD-Bt ft young man a oollege gialua'e, a SITUATION aa oopyat, olerk or employin*ct in aorce otber re?peo'at< e coonpation. Hai no objeotion to leaviae theoitr Most uiieieeptionaKia relerenoea given. Addre^a, a'atlrg p?rtionlarn."D. A. H?" Star Cfhie. api^s-.* T?WO KOOMS RENT FRKU FUR *?X monthr: furcitare for aa>e. S'Sfi cash 373 New York avenue, betwdon 12!h ai.d lith street. ay 2B_3t* ALAliv FROM PHH.ADKLPHU Wimei a Mtuation aa C'??amaker, euher at ehildren'a or itaiM' dre?ees ; a so, iieaodreas**? ft oo^petant hand. Address a not* to WM. UOH! , Wiliftrd Hotel. ap 29 4t* WANTED IMMEDIATE!.Y-Copiea of the daily Evening St?r <!atrd S?p.ernt?er lltb, 1&6!, and September iStli. 1W51. Th* co?i?8 must 1 e ood an<! p?rf?ot A libera', price will be given for them, on application to ?.Se star ''fine. ?>2? tf C|(m ?AGENTS WANTED TO OPEN <$? 1 \J\Jm an offlne im! take the -?holi?salo nger.CT. in every State, ror a!! ti l.ioyii'a broat Mliit&ry Maps, used bj oar CogimaD?2?r-!a Cnief. Tf.e obeapact, maps in tha wor!J. A fortuie can be mate on the*? taaba il eaoh State. of oca of my ji.apg have already baen au!d. A ?o a man to go to California, Knjiand and Cat v Acnnta alio van tad in a?er? county and in evcrv regiment id our army. Send lor uu-oclara. J. T LLOYD. mti< trrayl 184 Broadway. N**r Voti. U( avf el>? fc>ery pereou to know that 1 id tli* market, ready to pay oaatj fur all artiolee la tie tioaeefariuatiing lias. Tlioe* leavinr t>e otty,or baTing a ?s?rp.u?, wul do well to oal!. K. Bl/CHLV, 4'j? to>ranlt, it., bftwMuti ana H at*., (east aid*,) Dealer in New acd B?eobd Land Furaitcre, eo ii tf WANTF.D?To aell. henceforward. ?w? barreia acd t a:f barreia of Ale everr week: alao the Mm* of Hear, tor lb* BaltimoraBrewerj. JUUN GAYNOR. A?ant, Corner of 21 at and U *ta. OrJera in tha Poat Orfioa will be called for at 9 a. u?. an c 2 y. ro. ap7-lrr>* WANTKU-To hare every one kr.ow that they oan find tha bent a took of Clothinj, H&ta and Capa. at tha vary lovaat rataa. at SMITH'S, No. 46o Seranth atraat. below F. fa Zl-im \kf jLStED.? W? are uo^ buimi SECONDLY HIND FURNl'f U R E, BIOV E9*ud BliP i/invt tur wmuu wo ?ro m? ui|nvai Mh prioei. 1 aim! Ida dftciiamc houaakMpinc, ar LiTicf a aarp'.us of fKrnltnre, will find It to tLalr U flf Bft 0*11, BON f Z * 8R1FF1TB. la l?-tf No. SAW ith at.. t>rtw. I and K all. pUOPOSALS FOR WHARF. Sb?ikd PsoposALg for rebuilding the wharf on tha Potomao aide of tne Washington Araanai will VkA a a i vaii At ft * AAtrimftftnln* nmrAr'a r.4li fi* iik ?n I WVWtfFU Vl.v V?'UllliSUUIIif; VIII oi m VlfiWV Uf ?u 1; o'olook a. m., on the 3d Oar of May. For furthsr information apply to GEO- 1> RAMSAY. ap 29-d Lie it. Colonel Commanding. YY'ET SHOES DAM * G ED BY THE FIRE. Now is the time for Ladies' Misses'and Children's Gaiters and Shoes to be bought at half oost for oash. Prioss from 351j V6 osnts. Ca.l ?a?ty, tf.AT ir. mt ninAd nut. af , '"ft. COHEN'S, 334 Pa. avcnuo, ni ataira, over ? >1 1?t Oalt Jk Brn.. ThK fOHOON^R EsJeVinS CHESTER is sow loading f<>r tt? %U>y? For Iroutit* apply to _ g[fa? i PETER BEBRY.*"? Rft 2fl At Nn Al W &Ur aft . <2 a^r?o?Aw? I I COAL OIL LAMPS. HAVE A Large assortment of Coal Oil Lamii, Ghimiuee, Paper Shade*, Wiok, Ao., whioh I offer to dealere at the loveet eastern prioes. Having the me nor of a large glass factory, dealere may be aesured to purohaee at the loveet rate*. Chimnies alvars on hand oy the barrel. Coal Oil of the beat brands < warranted) by the barrel. Orders solicit-d for Glacs snoh as Tumblers, Goblets, Lager Beer Mais, a e. at factory arioee. Please sive asaoe.il M No. 47B 7th it'SM, oppo?it? th* Po?t Oflioe, Wuhinc'on, D. 0. > a-lW HErWRV BAYLEY 4 CO. DUAL PARIS KID GLOVES - For Ladi**, XV ail lis** Acd color*. loO piooa* of Uvu, 1SK o*nt* ?r ytrd. One pric* only. PERRY k HBO.. fcpM-et P?. *?* *nd Niath *tr?i. rr? 'wW^SS?fc8sJ SI?W^^vw CHAMPIGNON fj C UK'rI KPO WUfck .to. etc. Vary BaMrior OLD KVK Wtt|*KV laria lot of COHLKR SHERRY Juat ra eivexi-an

axoa last artio a. Th* aboTa will ba aolJ at the lowaat Ca?H Warnin Paican, and la luanutt* to aim rarahaaara, by tsM II H ft H <HTi B.auoh if P Tlarnan ft rton, A>aJtimo'?. 11 Payaath at., adjo:n'Bg ottu a of eoat .Naiioua! Intell ?ar fl*r. 11 W8inM!Wni,f4Ug*1 I ???. ?4r.?s* IS.'W LOST ASP gQPXD. poCND-A PORTKMONNAIE ttonUiainr a I una ! nm of moner. which the owner o*n have in'*U*^tn< >( * r^TXf fnr this advertisement. ? ? REWARD.-9,r?H or from tto ? w /u^ri&r,ol ti?ir.k <**y o< AorJI ft ffv , f4mk brown M*RK. mtb * !f?'ti?r h?;tef >3 around Mr nook. and marked "U. 8 a*d*^*=*Vttk fold; boioncisc to tb* la of the Merman ArtlLUry 1 will tiro tie above ?*ward, lT ah* is brouthtto me, ao I can rMher acaia. DAVID ATKINg, : 3 * OaniioB ?tr-of, Navy Yard. f\18THIC? ??F COLUMBIA. WauttnpToX Couwrt?Thtt day parioaaliy ?p Win Knight. to m* w*ll kno?n acdmsdo oath, in due form of lav, tfcat o? ^ n { SJ in?tant,a*rty in th* morn'Dt, be found a bay ROK8S,a?>arectiy between tha-age of I and 9.y?*r?; with whiteapcton b? fo'?hea4: tracpa/ mg nyon hit enolo*or#i, tn the city o! waihing ion, n-ftr ilte Lone Hridfo. 'I be l.orar it brand*! "II H. n.,'* and the o?nr or owners.thereof cm have him ly p ran eg properly ud paying the legal chart??. Hiven under ray head and real thi? 84th day of April, A. D.1B6L tnl-xt* JOHN H. JOHNSON. J. P. FOUND?Came to mr on Monday. ls*h of Aprt!, a red and white BU with horr?, wbioh the owner can htr.?fc >**** b* ercviiig erip^r^t aidpay?t>eex?-i?e*?.?^-5f C*n^ at l?HKNKOPtff 0A1/T on K ?t. irr??TOifli sua ota ?u . ?p - ^jTRAYKD~FROM THE OWNER'S ON *7 gatnrday. Af?il*Ui,a lerjedark brtn-ga*r?| <JI? CO W, with iop?attaoh?dto h?r kur i. A17 on? rtiiriiiif her to No 1T1 ioutli?Uw Betrwt hftfMn 9;b and lOtfc.onthe !?ian<i. wi'l t>-> liberally rewn.ru ed. a> S<> 2t* "PA KN. on th? 26th luti't, (tup?nsed to have ( . been stoetu) a bar. B OR8K, U nanda JTV PTfh.a&oott yeara wld. with government condemned mark upon him. The owner ii"" notified to oome forward. pro*# property, pay o.i?riM, aui t%te him ?war. B W. FERGUSON, J. P , ay 30 2t* Corner Pa. avenna and Firet et. ??I. -?? on tbe28 h inet.. the toO OUowicg CRRTi KICATK9OF STOCK *o., ?i* : ?unbar* 4 Erie Ral>road r??t ?. %7 n: ?*t*u be mile it ltd una. K&i.road Stock S*?>, Allegharr V?iieT Kaiiroed Stock. 9V50. Al*-, betters and F'.pe -g c! no aluaexoep* ?o t n owaer. By lea* - iuk n-n tjuTo at M? ciiih i?i n? ?T nune Wwhiotton oitr.ihe ab.vereward will t* paid * d no ^ueat ons aalred. ay ;o 2t* P?HF-QHK L08T-0n Alocday, Ap il Sath, a ^ CHfcijUE, on Rirf? & Co., i'r?wn by Phi s A. Sole non, for one hundred anil utnety-aix (#156 ) dolIs-3, \ -?t>le to Loui* Frar s^. All pareoLR are her i*y ?>?tioned again*. resemng ot tietociating the enne, payment Utvinr been atoppei *t the Batik LOUIS i-RAN'/E. aprest* 320 C atreet. /ni mm 11 i?tir A U n . -? ?-i ? 1 (l n r. " ai\ i>?sirmjou ur *? ou, a man turre ! HOKbE, four white feet: lon? tr\ t%i': thiolc rrane; had on sadd e and r.rtdie. Soppo-ed *.o fcavtj been etoien on Saturday ci?ht, JC.h instate, from the (root cf Citr Hall. 1 ha abovs reward will 0? paid for h-s return t? JOHN GRINDER, oorner of lat an<t I, me*ta ea*t. ?p 2>-3t* CM A KKWARD Will ba given for the safe V "II" return to m$ of two t?*y HoR?*KP. JEV vhlnii ?ArA UlrAn fmm lv * w'w i i narfar Plan-" ?* tv.iuii i>n Wednesday. April Zii, or in the^CZX night baforo. The i&rgevt one 1a a bright lay,with a?ma I e?ar in til* forehead ; the otter ia darker. Both hor *? wer* fat and well groomed, i will give 4) reward for either of them CHARLES C. HILL.. ? oilingtun Post once, a> 26-1 w* Prince Oforie'e c^ur.ty. MJ. RKWARD-Kor th'i apprehenaion (and '.J>f\J delivery to meat Hladenanurg, Mary :&r<j, or toour^J in any jau it-.M%rj!an'J, ?o D1 th?'. 1 let mm,) of NB81LO MAN, s??lve?ter I,y!e?. lau? the property of Uenr.* H. Wmr-Jn rinr, deceased, of Prince 8eorge'? ooucty, U Ud. Sylveeterie of oopper oompleiioa; of stout eutue; ahout nx feet hii?; and ot pleasing oounteuance vhen spoken to. tlo is veil kiovuin Washi'lt c ci^y, and is no doubt lurking inthatplaoe or its vicfintr. 1 will give the above reward no mutter where taken. DI<>NY?IUS SHERIFF, ap 15-1m* Ext'r of II. H. Warrint. decia??<5. FOB SALE AND RJBftfT. THK FURNITURE; AND GOOD WILI, of a 'ar^e Hoardi;;f Hou?e far ?a;?, n>w fnl! of coed a*irK h->*-dera. Inquire at 6*2 Missouri avenue. * in I *> * L"M)K RKNT-A froi-t Furniahed FAR'.OR. r with gaa. Would sait one ?.r two cm'1 tin'u as ti'droom. Near Wiliard'a Hotel, 316 Mth ?t. corner of Ohio ave. in 1 2t* [/'OR 9ALK OR KXOHANGK-A *e ifht'ul * Reniderce, with thr?e %oree of itnjrovea rround", t- &t?<J on the Hudson river, 24 im.es ab*>v? New York Oitj. For p&'tioui&r* uquire of ?. tifcYMOUR, MetropoiiUn Hotel, W aal.infton. m 1 at* fOR BKNT-Tht Fl RMSilKL) HOUkK No. r 1S1 6 ?lrw? ?en. formation given at'toe Inquire at No. 497 fleventwentti tt. ap ?t 3t l/UHNlSHfeD KOOM.i TO L K T-Sererai l ro?ma without boaro, in a n>| desirable ioaation, rui'&Me for airgie or in*rn?d gentlemen, mar be hfcd bj early apphoition at 4 49 t atre?t. near 7th. ap ?> 6t* |7?OR RKNT-A FURNI8HKD HOlSb, oonr ta'mnc 10 rooms, f'-%Fantly located in the Fi'?? VVa'd. Apjl/6tlf#3 H street, between 2i>tti and giet ?U. ap23 St* |,M>R RKNT?On the_He^fht? ol Oeorji-towr, a. a oaraionmiB tUI >Abb, !U!tlWiiU or in furnished. Kniuim on tLe premise*, F*7 J'ie et. ?p28 3t* l^OR PALH-An eld stai:i?hed BOARDING 1 HOlVsonl'i. dome z food !>a?i ne*?, it ha* a fina trans'-nt custom, a d w?o.J make on* ot tso t>eiit ctund* m tna cu? loi a Lr*r olaes reaiau ?!:t; w.U be ?oi<l oh?ap fir oasf:; tii? present proprietor ha?inr othe- t?<i*1 neas to attPd to. Ad Jresi "Enterprise," Bo* 1 **a P. O. a^> 3.* I?OR~RKNT?I'onr FURNISHKl) K'WiMs f situation Seventeenth Blreot?No. 4(?l?beH and I. ap 2?" <t* hpOtt ttAl.K-Srcall B*ICK HOUSK.No. 44? L street. i '3 h. for terms injure A O. HAI.L.6<?lift'?. tHeeob] a;> 2?:-W ITUJR KKi\'1"?A large ar d v*r? hacdeomeiy forhlmed th eo etnry br:os DWKi.MMJ, wuh bask buildinr. Mid tilth ri.or.. No lftQ W??? ? tiflorgetown,containing about t'n rooine, **s fixtur-a ooBip.s^ and wai?r In the jar<1 Inquire KPlt rtoor ?i??t. ap26?o8* BEALTIFl LCOUNTRY RKHIDENCt! FOR Rl-N'l ? lb* *ut>?on><er vi?h'n 10 reutiaiiU p ??s83%ion given ia modiaw^ i h:? lonner lul residence, ooiitainm* six rooms, kitohon. &cd seeping loams for eervaus; gnu&iriJ on 111 emipasoe exaatly oB*osits 'n th? N?tt Yarw.omniandir.j the &ie*t vuvr of Waaiiugton Gitr, G?orietowii <Jei?kts am uie Mirroundmic country tor miles. known iu this K?jtioc; uevr fvlitig kprine?, ol the purest water, very i.*ar the bnuse; stibiinc for four hora*p;*oe house; einoke r:ooee. With shed for fure bead ol oattle. To a ro>i>?o'aole a'. d prompt tenant. and nose ot tor ueed app j. I will make die terms ao^jn.inodatjaj. For parttou'ars er^ulra at tha !a'e>e?i- > Ot Vl rm Jftfl Wnoilfim nrtftHan resign.* iu F ?tr *t. Inland, who will i>* able &> tire any o.Ler mf??r mation they ma? r *u i*, GEO. VV.TAI.BUkTT, aj 5fc-ec4t* . near the Navy Yard Brid FMJR BALK-Twu medium ?i?e HOUSES ir. a p'eaiant n?ifhlor'ood; witbm fi*? minute* va t of ibe Patent ? ffiae, and aeveral fint class dwellers A'to, several tin*!l i-RAMb?,i'ii ttie laiar-d. App i at 499 l?Hk street, between Ayerue ?i? v.. ay ?? -r rP|ii .31* SA?,K OK KKNi-A larj* thr*? a OT I lJKl1 K.o* ca ated for h^telor ^cftr.Jinj house; with or without a Urooerr (tore attaohed; a'ar*a yard to acc^mmodata oouUry wajom; with or vtthont atook and furniture. T?rm^oa?h. Situated on 14th at eet, bsiwaen P?iU(( ?tr?efa ap3-?5t* GKt). M. NU'tlDLH. Prep iMiir._ F^UK KtN l?haiitJ?..iue]j Furmsh?*l HOOM8. iini'y or i" ruiU, tupali'd with cu fciid witar. App:? at No. aoo llth treat.bfclwaan Fa. a*?uaa and E atre<?f. ap3* ao3t* T^O LKT-Six well furnished FRONT ROOMS, haly sMe of ihe street; every Parlor, tied room and Kttcjien re%u'*itd. See the Kuomi at 3*8 C sueet, between 4X aod 6th. <up stairs ? Alto, splendid Summer Bedrooms for g-nt'emec, at No o?7 Massachusetts avenue, ten o*rner of ?h st. at 3D at* IV 1 t ' ii ij ? > tr ? / i o ITTTTT - |v-? iili ? i lie udlol. wi in rural 1. fure, on thi north side ol Pennsylvania avenue, between 19th and 20th ata , and recently oocupied by Uen'l Reyes, it oontaina about <5 ror mi. and poa eaa*a every oonvenienae to make it a coraforuole reaidanoe Apply to M. AOLEK. No. 4*J, Winder'a Building. ap lti aogw* ITOR.KKM1'?A furnished lour-atcrj tiKlCb JT OWKLL|NS,!n a pleaaintand healtl'ful part of the oity, with Kna larre obambera ard p&rlora, hr.tn Ti k/t m Mil nnl i aH ?i?k Kad??n? walar aaJ r- rn m thrpnjhout; a G4rriaje hou*e and lUUe attached. Thia li adeair&bla reaidecos for an M. C. or Gov rnmeut nip oyM In either on# of the Depart riolu. Igeijire &t 3TA Eleventh atraet, between t an* 1.. frotp 5 to 8 ?. m. aa U ^UM Mfa.R KEB! HKNCE FOR RKNT. upon ? tki-4?tm 1iUm Farm" D. about IK mtl" abort Otorntoun, (near Mr. Lo~agliboroutk't)?A. deeirable iuruiahed Double Houee well ahaded, fine water, Ao , with tabling, oarri%|?-housj?, <ko.,*o. Tke attention of Membera of the OabinAt. Foreirtl Miniiiura t.n/f ??nt!Amiin with fimi w II espeoiallr Invited to till* advertuement. For examination or the premieee apply to the trtOMer npon the mra(Mr. Jamee O'Brian,) and forfLVtb?rea{Uouiare add re?a Captain W. AT. MAPDOaTW B- M-, 1990 Bprnoe afreet. Philadelphia, Pa, ah H-lm* VALUABLI^ of^lfoPEETY FOR ale oo P.enn. avenne. between 4)4 and Id etreeta. south ude, with i npjov?m?tU two email frame hoatea, iroontc on Pen a avenue, In Lot No. M, uare A, *> feet, ranntaic baek to an alle* 17? feet ft inonee. (?qu?re fee' 8.1?i ) For further information ap? T to Jo?KPH F. KKLLY, Ateut, on 8tfc treat No. S?I, between 1 and New \ ork av. a? ?8 tw* "boarding. F^S!^#&Y*A9fc?!H3a 1 o'clodK *? M >r _ UAN|>1N0.?Ueailaman with or withoat tk*?r ikmllita, vl*iUDf philade p?l? on tmnaMs or ?.?atur?. will ftad superior aoourn;nodaticn?(*tOM half Ho el no**,; ib tko most de?irahl? looaUoc, No. 180-3 ChMuat ttr**t, oonTftnleni to b*?ln??? and all tk? >ubLo plaoea of mUraat. Por?anoat >3 tr^nalaat Wttlt* UOR8K0 KUf. ttALIt. to I ISECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK, P M. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. LATEST FROM YORKTOWN. Tbe War Department have telegrema from tbe *tnjr before Yorktown up to about 6am to-day. From them It la gathered that laat evening and nlsht there waa more or ltti deaultorv trine on ! three or four of the polnta occupied by the rebeta to cberk the proaerotioo of tbelr work la extending their entrenchment*; with aucceat, though not amounting to what might b? called an engagement. FROM BANKS' COLUMN. The War Department have a WWram from General Bank*' column,dated yeaterdayevealnc, whlckt however, embraces noaewaof any la'e lntf-reatlr.g movements, either by hie timf or that of the Rfhpl Jtrkinn In Kl? frnr.t BLEMISH'S DIVISION. The story being published in new^-papera frying ttat Gen Blanker baa been superseded by Gen. Ro*eerfn? In tbe command of bis division la a mistske. Gen. 0 'a division has been or tiered to join the command of Gen Roaerran*, who rank* Gen. Bienker.and therefore when they may be together will command botfc, Gen U commanding hi* own division at before under him. Tbls we apprehend to be the true explanation of the mistake COLOMKL WtLM&XS. We bear that among thf recent presidential nomination* of the President wi> that of Colonel Robert Williams, (Captain of the 5th I". S. Cat-airy,) now Colonel commanding the 1st Mintcbusetts Cavalry, and also the co>nmander of th* three regiments of 1". S volnntetrs at this time occupying llie Island of Hilton Head. Color.**: W. Is proverbially one of (Me nooet effl-ient and accomplished officers la the regular service: his present Massachusetts cavalry regiment b*lnn proverbially unsurpassed in soldierly qualities by any other regiment In either branch of the service. It will be recollected that hewas General Banks' Assistant Adiutsnt Gener.d at Haiti n.nr* and on the north hank of the Potomac. THI NEW STROKON Q ENEK A T.. IVVfr Dtpartment, Adj': GfHtrnVt Offtrr. J Washington. April '2*\ l?6;i. J General Orders, No. 4~. 1 AtM*tant Surgeon William A. Hammond. II a a " - - v. ? Array, oavirg wen appointed bv the President, Surpeon General with the rank of BMgadier General under the act approved Ap'il 14, 1962, will enter without delay upon the dutleaof hi* office. 2 Application* for trantp3rtatlm for the removal of sick men, for nur*e?. and for supplier 'or the aick, will b? made hereafter to the burgeon Hpn?rfll TKo a ? 41 * - ' -x ... .?. . u< k?u^>u ucunai ii alio BCTDOriZPd (o give panirt at hli dlarretlon for private pbyalclan*, nurse*, and friends of alck and wounded soldiers to attend and vlalt tbem. L. Tkoxas, Adjutant General. Official?E. D. To\vjis*51), Aas't Adj't Gen. RKLKA3ED " FBOX SOCTHM* IVLZ A119 T7*A!?ST." The following significant eplntle hit been received at the Pout Office Department: ?, County, Tenne>?ee First Assistant Postmaster General. DenrSlr: Being liberated for awhile from Southern rule and tyranny, I take the earliest opportu nay 10 miorm you tbat, notwithstanding oar post office ha? bten employed by the Houtfcern Confederacy, I and my assiatanta are loyal to the United Stales; that when thla office came under the rebel government, and the oath waa aent to ui, we filled It bogusly. and aent It to Richmond without (wearing to It. If you will hunt up my l&jt report for the quar trr e: aia? July 1, 1*61, you will ?w from It tbat I am loyal. I Lave In my hand* all the money tbat hai been received at this oflct alnce 1st April, 1961. Of course we had to adopt the Ave and ten cent rates, in order to bold the office for our convenience, and also a loyal community. Your friend, . AVT Ii*D. The French fr^ate Ga^cnd! left the yard this morning at six o'clock. A large number of schooner* have latr^ arrived with coal, and are discharging their cargoes. Tl.a IsaaK QAI I ?.?u I ? * * - >r ?* <>? UTI> u?n U3U UT UIU l/u'..er UtfD out, to nuke pl&^? for a new ?r.r FKOU fitKKS' IflLI MI. M? ? 11 * ? ? A iiiw nauiTt <!., April ? ? 1 MlrfJiy Uf OhiocaT*try re.,or;ao!tr<si the Gordcnsvllie ro%d ten mile* beyond Harrfcbary, M whlrh point they took two of Ashby'uravalry snd one lr,ft?ntry man jnUoneri. to^eth^r with several hnrw-s Jackson Is reported to be r*s'it,j r.ear Swifl Run Gap on the Bl-e RMlt, with Ariiby'i resr guard on the Shenandoah Tbe ravairy crnce In ai^ht of Cub Kun, wber?> a reb?*l iMrket wu Rationed, who bad placed combuatibles under tt?e bridge to burn It on our approach. No doubt exiata that Jaekaon hna t?een reloforced sine fata atamp-de from fiarrlsburg, but to what e*t?*nt is not rertatnly known A portion o( Kweii'a brigade jolaed him & day or t " O Ci,U Before wu advaure to Wood\UW tL?rf ? ?f three to live thousand rebel troop* In and nrouna Staunton, liut their i.r^tent Iccittloii 1* not known. A larjje tire wss aeeii lu?t nlgbt from Harris >rburtf which 1* thought to have bren :ue burr, iu^ of the bridge over Cub Run. It is painful to witnesa tbe credulity of (be inhabited of the rural dlatrlcU trhlcb w.? h?t? occupied The most ridiculous abau.-ditlea regarding the appearance and barbarous characteristics of the Vankee* find r?-adv believer* la otbvrwUc intelligent female clrclt* For Instance, It is supposed that our troop* wear natural or artificial horns, and gore tbe wounded on the battle field; that we abow no quarter, and even buru women and children at the stake, drinking the warm blood of their mile relatives and friends. It la unnecessary to add that our pretence change* t Kfl v!&W fA <mv * ??* ?v a vuuiiuriawic CAkClU. Luray has been visited by a strong I'ntoa force, who found no algne of any enemy lu that section In abort, the whole of the Shenandoah valley 1? now permanently freed from the myrmidon* of Athby and Jackson, In any considerable fere l.leut. \N arren Thompson, of the 12th Massachusetts, has been appointed Ordnince officer, and l.leut. Wm J. Ansustlne. 2Mb Pennavlva. nla, Ordnance ofllrer of iLe 1st Division. Thi Captcr* of New Orleans.?'Tbe news of the capture of New Orleans l? at leugth con flrmfd. and iast one vear 100 n?it Mli> New Orleans ('ommtrctai BuU-tm wai speculating upon calculation* made In the loyal States for this very event Speaking of the } r*par? iims nece?*ary before the Government could reassert it* authority there, the EvlUti* averred that: "Thia trAir.endcua force of annibl'afors will commencplt'* march when every requisite 1* prepared %Od supplied A* this canmct ie ac omplitkjnfor stveral years to come there is no necenrity for us to make Immediate preparations for the reception of Lincoln's big army * * * lurir iiuicih"u? KurniM 01 our ouDjugaunn ?LciW conclusively that tb?y are thoroughly alarmed and panic-striken. We of the South can kuccmfully resist an lnvation from a million of suck eravtit wretcJut." CONGRESSIONAL. UA T11U VVHttliKSS?SMtll INHHi Thcbsdat, May 1. Sisati ?Mr Howard presented petition* in favor cf a general bankrupt act. Mr. Wright presented a memorial of John Brock offering to bnlld a city railroad In Washington In alxty days, and pay SIC,000 Maiully to the city for the privilege; also, other pMraons for a bankrupt law. M r. W llaon offered a resolution Inquiring whether one Frederick Emory, who murdered Mr. Phillips In Leavenworth, Kansas, in 1655 or '56, ha* been appointed to any place In the department U1 1% BUVQt, iftiu UTCI . Mr. Davis ottered t resolution declaring that the war should be vlgoronaly prosecuted and continued to compel obedience to the constitution and laws within tvery State and Territory by ail cltl sens and residents thereof, and for no further end whatever; laid over. On motion of Mr. Wilson, the p?nd.ng resolution, whether any farther legislation Is necessary to prevent soldiers and oAcers from returning fugitives from labor, was taken up. lit Anmn*r >ii J -* *>?? * ? mmmm ~ -WW ? ?? ' ?H? BVMIV irH|UI iU favor of it. Horn ? Mr. filalr of Mo., called up the bill authorising the appointment of* board of fortifications for Hwout and harbor drfenen and for tber purposea. Mr Ktavena moved to poatpona lta consideration until f ueaday wteh; carried m * I 24TR VOCAL IfBWS. _ v- vri _L*?t nijrkt. Patrolmea ArtiMft *l k Ldw'dNeal, cotBtavera *ud S?/?ui ^ . .aD. UDwa Mr, orrd, far utteinpUun to c . j. cwrtral Elisabeth t?*M, nmi\ JJ tntloo where be had * h*.VSw? Cla'k. actl?f f?w Juatlc* Tboot Other*l?e r? ??"- ? "rK that of Mr*. Erang acd hrt buabaod, from which It appeared that N?| ia la thetr ropier u a hooa* wrvant Several night* a*?. whlU Mr. and M? Fraca vrrtailwp In b-d. aon^ rut* entered the room aid awoke ber bv running bin band under tbe covering and pUctog It upoi her body. Kbe aroused ber bubv>< and told blm aome body waa In tbe room, ai<dMentioned wbat bad occurred He jumped out of Wed and got a nlrtol and a light, and aearrbed tLefeouae but found no one. and h?r r^rm?mA^A v? that ?be bad been dreanln-; (.art night she to d Neal teat be might / > to bed, hat be dtd not go She retired to ber chamber, and had been 1b bed about t?n minute* when Ne?l esWed tha room ar.d threw himself on the brd a;.d mtdi known his p;irp?.e Mr" Rrar.i J out of bed, and aUrmtd her father, nod tber bad Neal termed Justice Clark com ml ted him to Jail la default of ball for court, b:it he was subsequent* lv released upon giving a *u rt jr In lor b'.a appearance at court. >rat 1* about seventeen vea* of ?" ? ~* Thi Balttmoxi Anstal Coxrsssxct of tt>? African M F. Church adJoura??d :bn mo'iilng al'?r a ae*aton of twelve ilay? Tbe follow: ag ai? tbe appointment*: W?'_V . t* ? ? * ? anuingiun \j\\y, U I ? 1 inpl V. UntTD, ll#DTy M Turner; Union Bethel, JA. H?n<ly, fi street Cbai>?*l. B. T Turner G^rgrtowr, M O Rholi U&ltlmorrCltv.Md ?B-ihelChurcb. .? . W. \\ avmm; tbenei??r, J M Brotrn; Cntou BKbel. D lr.-d?>rtek C ty, W. H Water?; HueeTfto'jrn, D. Dae.*, Cumberland, S. L Hamouj; Hanrork, R A H?U; Pll'roiCi Mllia, J J Herbert; Long Cftt, Wra. H. \V 11ll am*. Washington County, WaulW Kldont; Port L>* poalt, D. W. Mocre, H*wre.d?--Gr*o*, W 'litem U Hopkins. K.aston, W . H Rns*-':; Fr??der5rk M:??lon, J. Mch. *1. I>intrlw?nla? Lewis town, Alexander Johnson, H?>iitd?v?b .rti, > K H?n\; Ca-'.'.sle. R ? i>ihb? bnftwar*?Wll> mlngton, M F. ; Smyrna, R F WijrtiM, Camden. ?. P ByarA; FrMerlck . G*o K Boyar, l.fwll'iiw.i. Iwisr J FlPdfii; Laurel, Ic be *up plird \Vil!l*ni U.ti Huntrr la transferred la tbe Ohio Conference. TV prparh tbe aext ur.ui *erm.?n. David Smith I'?R'<>!IAI.?Lt Col. J.J Uoonry mi Cap. H ila^tni'tun, ??l tt?e army near V^rklown, a: rlv^d It K 'k wood*' tbU fr?.?rnit:? Gen. ti. L>. Bsyard. of Pj.j H K Davi*? and Prof. Charles H. J Ravmoadand wife, of New York; Capt Rouif, B. A Canada , ard Gm. C. P. Bdrkiwgbam. of Ohio, art at WUlarda'. Cpwtiia.1. OrARr>Hor?s Ca*?? ?Barnard Oarran, drunk and ditorderiv: Kileabeth Jonntn-. drunk; workbouae 3<> day* each. MbleyJarriCharie* Mal'on, rtrual; #1 '?\ rarh?by J<iat!e* Thrtn??rn. Kdwirl .\?l, rnioeed, attempt at rape; jail?t>y Jimtlre Clark. FcNSRaL ? St. Joaeph a tfc".clety f u^ity arternoou attended tbe funeral of taelr l rotbec, Krreman Tbe remain* were I ti er red In fet Mary'* (German) Cemetery, wheretbe aervlceaef tbe Catbnllr C buret wrre conducted by Re* Father Alig I orv* ? Peranna during authorized btans for in* under thf emancl patlon art ran obtil n tb?iu at Mcrriaon'a, 44W Pennsylvania sveuu? Sm ad mtlMMBt. BALLS, PARTIES, kc. _ I. O. o. F. <^R|Igra.n? Fkvke festival, To t>e h?:a at Odd Fsllowa' Hall, ?th str**;. On MONDAY EVk.NINO.Mi! 5h.Ua, FOii THE BENEFIT OF THE LIBRARY Th? Commltt?* f 1 Ar7&n*ei?*nU wcu d rw^e'r In' , inform ti-.n it* ?n 'f? f?i?. . ? >? ??.? 6r*ad L*\*? and F?-etir?i wi.i ?.? iiaid *t ih ha Ion MONDAY tVKM>e.M?- 6. for wbta? the moat oomp e te arr&scomeot* h% v<i boos mad? tor the ooon'ott and piea<vre of tA jm who mar favor there with th?ir cm pan? The Entertainment will ooinmKMtl 8 0*0 004 with a V rand Prom ?nade C.jD??rt by F. I'rni^rl'e fisn hanl, ir J at S? o'o'ook a snort A i>?u win b* delivered by the <irard Mufr. Tta Cono*rt WLil be oontinuod onii' 11 o'olr^c*. when the 'i.oon vilt h* taken i i ih&rr* by In* lliof manner* tor lt.e etjoymsm of those foul of tn? pea?ures o< the tea**. Ticket* ONE DOLL Alt?adn.ittine a (Mil* m*n and laoie?; to be ha) ?f tne >?nmit'.eM>of tie d 0V?b? Lodges a".1 Lnc&n?m?r.u. ?>3V5t EXECUTIVE COHMITTKK. AUALL WILL UK 61V t N AT WARD'S Bui disc, c >rL?r of P on?;tvs'it avonne % srH Seonad s'reet, o& THCKsOAY fcVfc- ? SING. Mu l.r S'l ^uoiiMinc n?nti<nu a-.1la-O^ diaa; to bo obtained at the door. a? *>-8t* 1? MAY BALL! UK HICKORY OjLUH AND THE L'NUN FORRVRR Tre E'mMri of tae HioKwi/ Ciu'-> take k'*a? pifwn 8 in annuanci^c t? tb*?r mic* friend* acrt the puUo th\t t-*t ? ill g.ri JH their Kifht iU'an DaMMTe n>erai "e H >t-eef. tstwocn *;h anil Kit:.. o.i rn!,R!*-I^R DA\ . May 'it Tuik?u 91, ad re; uns a (?ai'c ban ar.u . a Je? ('nrjlj AT< thiimtnTt. M. Muuara, J. Larcu. K. Coi?ina~, J J< hc?oc. K. Johreon, J. Mu'Kjt. A. Ocut aa, I MoCcnaft, A. r. E I Trrhn J. Matt.-.aa, U. Mc\Vi?iiii>., a? AOHAM) ANNUAL EXHIBITION M A * UALl- wiit fake p no? at Te?? ^rtsst ?4 Ha !. Krf. I I K?UAV NlflHT. %a? ? AB D*nc*ag t.f Prcl Kariim' pruii tnre? ? *'i^':nrs, f en s t>i <><% oVoefc. t'UMH wtuoli !&?t ituur t'i9 ? *>'iPoae wi I oonticue it* dino** iVw tfi? uicLt Prof. e*<.>rc'* Ar'hV fu 1 Wad u ncft(?d icr lii? i-oaiicii. 'iV'aati ji *umitui>i t s?r, 1 ikh: w*. a 7t* |/ >1A V u AL u: I I H S 'k' ?j il A N t> BALL 1 O. **0." A Till\AL Ut'AHJ. A 'to t>* fcai?l at /Tfc (>[.b I illoWi' Mill, \4VT YaED, ban < li >1 luUt. . . ? - i hi, n r jia l . :n?j ' ? Ticket* vrt? Uoi *r. aJn.:tt;ri & t eta. en.*' ai_ j i*4ui. M U-?f 11/ r. R. LAHPB ? ILL UIVB A MAV FESTIVAL a: Tr.MFK*.*scr h*li . tin TUUK&DA MAY stii, Lm2. F K. LABBEU&i lt>? tunoi of ilU'.-ibit* ins ladies ?nd t?ntl?ir.?n of .V&i^cftos. ana vioir.it> that he vi t give ft Sr&nd F&aUtftl it t?? ai?o?? fiac* and time &p & tfl% m mm rfriiiani GEORGETOWN ADVEKTMTB ^NOKSKIN UtO VCt! Ramsburg & E jUt, lOi H'.3H "Jtrm, UFORUE roSVM. It. n Wh?om? ro&Lif*'jturer? of 6J-OVE}*, I.iibl I AH\ d.tVTi tLkte, ?il Ml l-rLNS in Ui* iMrtml. Oaoere' Gftn&t.eta ,:jJ< Cm on*!. ?rrfc?%<r l>t?w?rg %t..' >? '? '? .\| AbSKV, COLIilNB ft CO.* 1*1 P illL A J* XL t HI A HHABHHT At*. We hftvejux rea*t?*l ? tsrptr otth? *:?>* A.#-, viuoh we reootiuuaba u i-s oi ?#ty suk'>w<|!*' I rv W?N(.r? *- ?? K- ? *kl*" ? ? vi>.vite. ? ?i.tU4 w v u v'UMVi 'jy U?M' U* Jl o>diaU to furaitioil. AKNY A ftaiNN, A A RARK CHANCE! a I have made up my mibd to ?raba>k in other buMce**, l oifsr the WCOli WiLL ?n0 FIXTL KISS of tLc HOTEL on Ue oorner or 9ereniL ai.a I streets for sal* 'l'i ere U bat little um tb nuking any oo.T.ni?ntfth3ut the ? toe, a? all wi? p.'juw iui mini 01 uie >uu\i<:id Know trij: |t K a> food a plaoe tor t>ot?i l>??ines.i u?r in Was<-tag?p 18 2^ao* Ccrnar 7th and! iti .^W aVhln)r*? ^ 8PLKND1D STOCK OF WftAPPlNGa. We are now pr*?ar?d to rihitot a large a-J aia vftnt ttrkA^ t\f f ?? a a/uv** a ? < * a ?*o Wo 4 I*?m* iY.??**01 Al ? S&KSSjSSSSfe. a iw ivi WUIUU \Ui9 III0LI IB IHTCttB. Visitor* mar count upon good for*, o"nrtaon? M Utui&r.o*. ftou all U>? re*ui??t? tor * Wtl-rf lpf < tr?t o!m? homa. M * Iwa IN"* "UIWL'iivlb I r R IN 6 C*L O T a 1 ft ?, AT AtTOIIIMIMO Low Pxics*. Whol* Suiia got ip^it M Hi* Corr.T K ao<3 Ttii L~ A DIE*' *LN UHRKELLA?. PARASolU AND 0I7N *>!>*?. ara&sss ssut,? * -f*W flit y,k jj'yv. GOL 1.1 y ^JAYU6A COUSTV *;?? ^"'S wi ,? ?_??*? Ai.LB.-yj gooy,?l|8|^ PKOKK 90K ALKXANDKR WOLUWMU la ooqqtik.ci hi* ooariM on the flKSu AND IN ?lM?INO, Si hi# new and empufad Method,at Lie re*U**oe o 4*1 ThU treat, tut v. m fc. and K Ail <h?ee who deeoe to bMonelte enrereo,.exoaiieot yertoman, ?h (4 trail thamealTae of hie new nateo. oi laatrnetias. u ?.>_