5 Mayıs 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

5 Mayıs 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I % THE EVENING STAR i? rUBLISHKD XVXRT ATTML5005, / I V ?I 1 ? (firming Stat * * V?. XIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY, MAY 5, 1862. N? 2,871 (BUSDAY S1CMPTMD,) AT THE STAR lUILOIRfll, r cm* fniuyi?MM m mmd XUvtntk itrut, n w. D. WALIjAOH; I ' J P?per? aerved tn parkajrea by carriers it 94 fm/, or 37 cents per month. To m&ll subscribers the price la S3.50 a year, m ?4m?c?; VS for tlx menths; ft for three months; and fai lees than tkree months at the rate of 18 rents a week. Single copies, o*? cxwt; In wrappers, two chits. IZT" Adtbbti?bmsxt? should be sent to the offlfe before tt o'clock v.; otherwise they may ?ot appear nntll the next day. - _ _L. l_ DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES* m Potict Matters?Fitit Pnrintt.?V. Simonson. Eliot Thorn, John Webb, drank, taken to camp. John Raydon. do , taken to For? Carroll. Strand Prfctnet ?Thomas Bender, W. H Scb??'Kn, Lieut F!?hcr VV. H?rdlng, Theodora Mother, G W. Walker, J. T. Trecv, driving on th? %\ Jf walk:'SI .V? H Smith T Part*. I. Brow, F. P. Blair, do; dlsmi*a?d. W. Ilall, hooting tire cracker*, do. John Polltosclo, drink; turned over to the military. George W. Foak, drunk and disorderly; carried to the guardhouse Jofcn Rrbertaon. stealing; turned mr to the military- Frln Borluaq ie, drunk and fight. Inc; do Margaret Lowe, N Lowe, drank and d'sorderlv; dUmlaacd M. Rogers, keeping nulsince; do. Fred Pnowsletn. stealing horsr; commltted to tail. James Fol?y, W tikerrlngton, JnDn McMullen, Joseph Crage, J. B Shewn, P Kelly, N Coleman, drunk; turned orer to ths , T. nwrmnun.Mi^UoW) inrftl DOIBf. f JoUn Smith, drunk; 91 W. Mrs, t*?her, do ; fctk't bf>me TS rd Prtrimrt ? W. Hancf, disorderly; fl??d ?.?!? L Bwll, do ; lint d 91.62 Ellta 9ctao#?ld, do.; fined S3 5rt W. Briebtwell, celling Mrlthout Ik-nae; fined 92 44. \v. Ma Ore, drunk; di?tn'.ased. John Jenifer, dl?or<terly: fined 91 41 Jitmes Mcr^OR. de ; fined 9o ?W Jobn Whalen, I dn , dl?or>l??*a. Robert Donev, stealing; committed to jail. Mary Harrison, drunk; dismissed nwgam do; do Robert Mller, do ; do L. Rhode*, dlaorderlv; fined ?1.68 J. S Krvmager, without licence; fined ?2 41. Lewla Chl*lv, disorderly; fired *1.31 Tboma* Kernan, retty larceny; committed to Jill Thomaa Marriot. drunk; dl*m1s*ed. IT. Kilts, nuinnce; flr?il ?2 44 .MVtael MrCaon, disorderly; fined **5 41. Martha Uall, drunk: dlamiaaed Ttomaa S'nddard, disorderly; fined 92 44. J Rldgley, do ; do. S. Lee, do ; do. Mary tiranderaon, do.; f D ...J ? ^?- * " w>- r . run. 1111 , wolionnr. A. CtOlUDli*, do ; fined ?l 14. R. O. Griffin, vagrant; workho't?*. 8. Klllngiworth, drunk; dUmlssod. Fourth Prt tart ?Wm. Morland, driving en pavement, lined S-.75 Hugh Hughei, aa*aalt and buttery; weurlty for court. Jefferson, do ; do. Mary Gaff ey, do ; security to keep the pea-e. Tho*. Gaffney, do ; do Margaret G*1Tnry, do.; dismissed. George Barber, attempting id (mi roumerieu money. do. Jinrn \v Ullams. d'snrderly; fluid 9U James McCne, drunk. turnM over to the military Peter Hinea, do.; do. Theodore Vanger. driving on the pavement; fine *2 5*. Arthur Hurley, do , do E Mitchell, do, Ir.ed $*2 75. James More, do; do. Larry O'Tocle do : do. Jolft A. Croaa, do ; do. Jaa Lynn, do ; do John Magann, assault and battery. s*nt to jali. Kieh'k Precmtt?John Robinson, malicious iai?CQi>-:; ai*mu?ea H C. Fcwler, taking sand cat of Tiber creek; do. W Ken"e?lv, larceny; do M M'-Namara, drunk; do. C. Young,do ; do. M Flnegan, do; 81 6e J?mc> M L*wreuc?. do ; fined So 91 W. Htrabla, do ; ti'd fi 5:. E. R ltaeil, do.; dlsin'ned A. Rtbiey, do.; do. P. H Covey, do ; do. Tbos McCray. taken to tbe Navy Yard J. C. Miller, dtaorderW; fln?d 91 56. Mary Gluamora. do.; fined ?!; W P<txton, grand larcen*; com mitted to 1all. Z Beach, deserting; turned over t" ttse militanr John Cook, imnk ami iin d?rly; do R. A Herry. threat", farther hearing. William Taylor, do j dlamia*ed. Ann Lawless, disorderly; workboaae. Caaper OflVnUeln; ?c-eaU, security for farther hearing. Jobn Hawkins. larceny; dismissed Mary Johnston, drank tid disorderly; fined *l ^r Austin Marshal, do.; nrnrli hftncp A?*'? Prettntt ? George Ptewart, drunk and dla rderly. Oned 92 50. James Birnea, do.; dlarn'.aaed C McVay, burglary; committed (or farther bearing. Mary Adama, drunk and diaotde-ly; fined #1.58. George Adama, J. B. Cawood do ; do. John McClellan, do ; flned f'J 50 i Jcba Toinpklna, drank; dt?miaaed John Collln^a, do : do. Thoma* Fugttt, robbery; dlsni?ed. T. Martin, do.; do Frank Cole, drunk and disorderly; fined *4 58. George Bell, do; do John K**nn?dy, drank, turned over to the military, vr unne, breach of the peace; aecurHf to keep the peace Jimet Prl^e, drunk; dJamli<*d. Jannee SlcCalllne, do ; do. Ellen Nash, drunk and disorderly; workhouae Henry 8hiw, do ; fined SI S3- Oreva Noble, da ; di?ml??*d Ttwma* Oerrou*. do.; taken to the barracka Frank Cole, breach of the peace; ?eeurlty. Tboa ^taoo, drunk; diastased. Henry Barne*, do ; taken to the narv yard. Tenth Prtttntt ?J no. Mostni, vagrant; security for good bebavtor. Peter Herwtgoner, do ; dlsmlwed. T P. Jarboe, su?nlclon of atealtnxi do. Hfnrv H Wlillama, do ; do A. Kldwell, do ; do Cbarl?a Banc herd, do : do. Andrew Kldwell, Charle* B'anchard and Margaret A. Bailey, va^ranta; wtrkbeuae Rebecca Rlcbardiou, do ; (ttim'iUHl K >1* W11 llama Vaanlao hnnae; workboute. .Mary liell, profanity; fined ftt.fM. Sarah Jackson. vagrant; security for good Urbavlor. John Ellason do ; dlcmiased John ? HheekeU, do ; security for good behavior, lillen L>?bg> profanity; dUmlased. J. V. l) ?bman. drunk and protane; fl.ied $2 <H J. B Rics, suspiclon of s'eallnz a hone; further hearing. Jas. Hagden, disorderly; workhouse. Alfred Tod burn, profjnHv; dlamlaaed. John Boyle, dlaorderly, Hard 8'2 91 Mil Donovan,do.; do. Mary Slnmona, vagrant; workhouse. Andrew Brown, whip ping boy; dlamlaaed. K Coillna, riding on pavement; fined 4J O Fitxbngh, disorderly; ?! >. ?t! o| w Radcllff, drunk and profane; do. KUen Naah, dlaorderly and profane: do. SI 9t. Mra. McDonald, disorderly; do. Patrick Jor>laa, profanity; lined 93 M Bercardo,drunk Bn/1 d ' titrH?ri ir- H a !.?*#? V! Jl" ? --ft wiv.io oiwui^viiiri t. uitur derlv, do. 92 91 Charles Kod^*r<, assault with knll'e; jail for court. \V. Brown, disorderly: discolsst-d James vVllUama, fighting; do. C. O. TJuiman, Mealing; do. George Mctihan*, do. W. Morehouse, do.; fl;ied 95 94- Eliza faylor, prostitution; security for good behavior. Mary J .Ward, do ; do. MaryGr fflth, common drunkard; security to keep ibe pesc*. John Archer, druuk and dl?ordec.y; flneo S3 tft. W Baldyer, di . do 9 A RuSMiLi, drunk; workbonse. Jno. Broyston, fa?t driving; fined 85 1M. Julius Roan, threat*; dismissed John Woods, fast driving; Bird So. Henrietta 8l ClAlr, do ; do. John Car* berry, assault aod battery; security to keep the r ace. Elisabeth Young, prostitution; dismissed. Ilia Jaek?on. do ; do. The Oeneral Synod of the Evangelical Lutneran Church of the United Slates orKauiied their twentieth annual convention, In Lancaster, Fi , on May 1st, by electing Rev. B. Kurtz, of Maryland, (editor of the Lutheran Observer.) President, and Prof. Stoerer, of Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa., Secretary All the sva~ds were represented except those of North and r-j.utn Carolina. Virginia, Western Virginia and Texas. A Thocsamd Kibils to bbSbkt to Camp Urstv ?A report la Id circulation that the Government baa ordered tbe barrackaat LeRoy, (imnes ee county, to be fitted up for the accommodation oC l.WJO of tbe rebel prisoner* captured at Fort Dineiaoa. Tbe barracks at L?eRoy are composed of substantial and permanent buildings, and are aaid to be tbe beat la tbe State ? HocMtitr Expr?tt. Bora Alui.?A gentleman arrived here yeatrrdiy from Tennessee bringing bla fatally and negroes. lie was aaked If be was not afraid to bring bla negroes In a free State. He replied, wltb a profane adjective, that be d "just as soon lha * HoHtl/tnl-l- - I >-_ <a ? _ ? a. waxcwf OTWlitt* ?ucm IB UttBMIOHliU,ulh(T both done business on exactly the Mine principle ? Svmmsvtlli (I ml ) Journal. In Na?h-lile business honses and hotels keep posted placards Inscribed ' JVo S?utkm money taitn sad Confederate notes sre slued a boot as roue h ss the same amount of brown paper, bo* the United States Treasury note* pass at par In all transactions \?J~ J Wilcox Jenkins, of Baltimore, at one H?. I. n m * ?- ? ..<uv ih ?uc \j. o. taa priTmie Kerf Urv to Commander Lynch In the expedition to tbe river La Platte, wai killed la a aklrmlah at Yorktowa. He wu In the rebel army. 117" H J Raymond, tbe editor of the New York Tlmea, write# to that Journal from Yorktown tbat within twelve boara from the time Gen McClellan commence* hla attack upon tbe Seceaaion worka be will captor* them. CZT It may be a matter worthy of re mem bra ice, t^?at In New Hampshire, on the third week in April, In tbe year lofri, the farmer* were hauling wood to the railway rations on top cf the anow. * 'across Iota," without regard to roidi or fences' irr TIm> population of France at the census of lwl aroonnted to 37,28J.%tf persons, being an i' raw by excess of blrtns la fit* year* of oaly :3&U, the rest of the la?ree?e brine canaed by th- anuexarton of Savoy and Nice, Mi 069 IT^The city of Freds Irkabnrg rental at many s'rtiots of importsaes. Tn?y are rh'.t 6/ ia poo ee*loo uf th? M?'.<nte |#. d.-e, waje.n to toe oldest It tii.4 country ben*rai Wa?bing'oa Was a C.?mb*r of It liT" It Is reporu-d that ths woods la Western r<aaiaan are ailed with loyal men who wars forced to flee from their koms to avoid lk? operation of the rebel conscription irwa. L?? SOME RECENT JURISTS IN tE**E?. SEE Colonel Myers, to ez California Sheriff, is at present Provost Marshal of Nashville and vicinity. lie is a quiet-looking gentleman, with nothing threatening in his demeanor. The Secesh can indoed hardly realize the fact when he arrestc them; yet, when they discover their condition, no attempt is ever made at resistance, though he generally goes without eacort?frequently without arms of any kind. Ona UTitnin? h* rnrln nnt in I hnr?v tn th? ? ? ? ? - I** ~- - ? ? w&m residence of Gen. Q. W. Harding, and found him riding on horseback about his beautiful grounds. "This is Qen. Harding, I believe?" said thft Sheriff. "Yes, Sir, at yonr serviae," replied the President ot Harrison's Military Board. "I have called for the purpose of arresting yon," said th? Sheriff. ffltv . _iij i??w ?u. 11l ..i..1 -:>k *? nu m rv i in iwa uo uauvi ?i ?p?ou , wuu* OQt demanding the reaann for his arrest? "ITyou arrested Neil S. Brown7'* "No, Sir,'' said the Sheriff. "Who ia Neil 6. Brown?" Collecting his senses a little, Qen. Harding dropped a subject which waa an inadvertent confesaion of sjuilt. Neil 6. Brown was his associate on the Committee whose business it was to send the young men of Tennessee to a i'!aurht?r n?n On hi* ?* <-> th? PuniUntlirT Jen Harding, it is said, declared he should commit suicide, but for the company of Gen. *Worthin*ton in prison The poor fellows he caused to be hung in East Tennessee have no company in their narrow house. When first arrested, the General inquired if Colonel Myers had come alone to arrest him. ' Yes," said Myers,'' and I am unarmed, (opening his vestas proof of the fact,) don't you thiuk one is enough V All this while he held the reins of the General's horse. On the prisoner's asking perraieeion to take leave of nis family, he iraS directed to get into the officer's buggy, by bis side, and was driven by his residence for that purpose Col. Joe Guild was also arrested by Myers a short time since. Guild was elected Judge of the Chancery District which embraces Sumner county, after this State was forced into rebellion. lie is a lawyer of some ability, and A LIIH - 1 e ?- ?!-! * - AL- *_ wm a unuuua lucuiuou politician. in ids wori of treason, no one commenced earlier, or ran fsster. When Myers went to take him, he asked some one he met where Colonel Guild lived "Judge Guild? Yonder he goes now," said the citizen, "on that pony." Quickening bis pace, the Sheriff soon caught up, and approaching him inquired if that was Colonel Guild. " Guild is my name, sir; what will yon hair*'" "I bars come for the purpose of arresting ycu." " Arrest me !" said Guild, with well feigned astonishment. "I hare done nothing worse than thousands have done in the county of Sumner." " That may all be very truo, Colonel Guild, but we are determined that those who took frent seats at this little show shall keep them throughout. Colonel Guild desired to visit his residence before setting out for Nashville, but Colonel Myers was in a hurry. ' Bat the Court is in session," said Guild ; "surely you will allow me to sign the records." "Yes, you can sign them. Send for them, and sign them at the Provost Marshal's office." The Judge sent for the records and for his family. When these came, quite a number of citiiens came as a committee of oondolence. Judge Guild's female relatives were particularly demonstrative. Mrs. G. wished she had just the power, she would drive the Yankee Hessians out of the country very quick. " Yes." said the officer. " but we have the power, and intend to drive the enemies of the country " Very well," said the lady. 41 You need not think you can force our people into the Union." Wearenot particular about that, Madam," said Myers, " but we intend to force the foil in anyhow. And those who do not want to c?me in with it can leave, and it will doubtless be pleasanter for them to do so." AM INDIGNANT LAMCLOKf). A short time ago one of our citizens, who lovespokes as well as folks generally do, bad occasion to Tint oca or tbe email country towns in the interior of the State, and knowing that he weuld have considerable walking over muddy roads, he took with him a pair of long rubber boots, lie arrived at bis destination about nine o'clock in tbe evening, and upon inquiry found that the only tavern in the place was half a mile from the station No conveyance waa to be had, and the road was muddy in tbe extreme Congratulating himself on having his long boota, he set off, and found the mud in some places so deep his boota were barelv long enough. He reaohed the hotel at last, looking rather soiled about the feet. Aftmr mnn?P K? innni*^ "We usually charge," Mid the landlord, who also had nine fun in his composition, "twenty-five cents; but if a man goei to bad with suoh boot* aj them on, (pointing to his customer'* feet,) we oharge him fifty cent*." After half an hour's conversation, the landlord showed him to hi* room, and they parted for the night,mutually pleased with eaeh other. The next morning our friend roae late, and inquiring for the landlord, learned that he had gone from home to attend to some business. After breakfaat he handed a dollar to the i a s it- ? - i*naiora wue, saying ' There ia fifty eenta for my sapper tad breakfast, and fifty eenta for my lodging." "Twentv-tre eenta ia all we charge for lodgings,'* said the landlady. "Yea," returned the atrancer, "under ordinary ciroumatancea; but in tnia caae fifty cenU is not too much." The stranger departed, and the landlady was deep in oonjectura as to what eould be the eircumataneea which required a man to pay double prioe for lodging. When her huaband came home he aakea: "Haa the man who alept In the front room uvmo UUWU Jfl * ' Yee," answered the wife, "and be has gone away. 11* paid fifty cents for hU lodging, and (aid under the circumstances, it was right." The landlord rushed up stairs. His wife followed to learn the meaning of such strange proceedings, and found her nusbend with the bed elothea turned down, and her beet bad looking sere fit to plant notatoea in. than it did for any human being to sleep In. "Yeu sew that man when he earn* here laat nifht?" "Yes " "You hw hit boota, didn't you ?" "Yes.'' " "Wall," aaid tha landlord, "ha slept in them " A few days after, tha traveler, on his return home, put up at tha same tavern Neither himself nor the landlord aaid anvthing about the boota, whieh were in about the ium ? - dltion u on the pravioaa oooaaion, bal the landlady looked dintra at him, and eyed hie boot* with mooh anxiety. About tan o'elook ha aaid ha would retire. "And, by the wit, landlord," ha eaid, "what do joa usually charge for lodging?" "We cbarga," said tha landlord with trameodoua ampbaaia, "twenty-five oanta, and wa don't allow folks to alaap In bad with thair boota on." "I'm glad to haar It. 6how ma mj room," and the traraler want to bad. IE7" Tha Tibdcw* eatton planter*, uhm oar I n-M nl-Dd, ?!?<? mg+r dlspialtlon to I'D Ibil itiplr, vbltb la rapidly bongbt up by apeinla'.ora. Tl?a prlc<? ruir for good middling lttalTc. in ap^rle or U A. Trnaury note*, and Ma 23c. In TeaneaiW fundi !Cr Th? ootton growing wiaint la prog rawing favorably U Jamaica. TELEGRAPHIC WBW8. FROM GEN. HALLErK'S COMMAND The Eieni Bring Vi|tr??lr Poshed. Prrr?BPii?? L&Nrmo, May 3, 9pm ?Hon. E. M. Btanton, Secretary of War : Gen Pam's Division made a reconnaissance to Farmlngton to-day aod found about 4.500 of the enemy, and drove there in handsome style, killing 30 and wounding many; also cipturiog tome prisoners and their tents, camp equipage, etc. At dark our cavalry wa? in pursuit of tbelr artillery and a baggage train beyond Farmlngton, in the direction or Co rinth 1 wltneased the light. Our men behaved splendidly. An artillery recmnoiseanre went to Glendale this mornine and destroyed two trestle bridges and some of the track of the Memphis and Charleston railroad It baa been a splendid day's work for the lef! ? 1 > in f? a u| . The weather U clear and the road*are becoming good Thik A. 8cott, Assistant Secretary of War. Tha Latest-Iropartant Event* to Transpire Shortly. The War Department at noon yesterday recel'fd advice* from Gen. Halleck, from which It Is Inferred that Important events will take plaoo 111 the neighborhood of Corinth within the next two or three day? Operation* of lb* GuaboaU oa the TinatiMr Mirer. The following from a report of Lieut. Com'g Gw1n, of the U. 8. gunboat Taylor, addressed to Com Foote, has been received at the Navy Department. The report Is dated Hamburg, Tenn , April 23d : 8!r I bave to Inform you that on tbe 21 at 1 proceeded on tbta vetnel a? blirh up tbe Tennea*?-e river a? Flo ence, Ala , capturlug tbe steamer Alfred Robb, (which ha* been u?*-d a* <t rebfl transport on the upper part of tbla river, not having been a.jnk aa we flr?t aun-iosed.) and burning the Dnnbar, wblrb had 1>.?en used an a gunboat previous to the fnll of Fort Henry t found the Dunbar some dutanc* up Cyprrss creek, whlrh la two miles below Florence. Ala., unk, the wafer being above her guards. It was Impossible for me to raise hfr. I am bappy to Inform you that tb? rebels have neither a ooat or a gun on this river. I captured their last gun at Florence, and It Is now on board the ? Ladv Foote," late Kobb. I learned at Florence that their bridge was destroyed by order of (Jen Beauregard. The Inhabitants were very Indignant at such a wanton leotxucUon. Operation* of flag >1itchfll In Katt TenoriKe Huntsvillk, Ala., May 1.?Hon. E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War Your deapatck 1? received. A (toldler'a hl^'he?t reward for nervlce Is to merit a nil wo (Via anr\onK?Hnti n f Via anr^rl a* r. HI UKU irv?i ?*/ ur- oj>|iiuva .J^U V* uis ujxiivi "tu ccr?. An expedition from Bridgeport crowed the river on the 1st and advanced towards Chattanooga, a distance of 12 miles, and captured a quantity of stores and a southern mall carried by the railroad bands. A panic prevailed at Chattanooea. The enemy are moving all their property In the direction of the Atlantic. Gen. Leadbeater had been punished for cowardice at Bridgeport. There were not more than 2,000 troops at Chattanooga. They destroyed a saltpeter cave, and returned safely with the captured property. Another expedition penetrated to Jasper, and found a strong Union feeling. On the same day a skirmish with the enemy's cavalry took place at Athena. Our outpoata were driven back, but on being reinforced the enemy retreated In the direction of Florence, Ala. There are stra^gllnK banda of mounted men, (artly cltlx ne, scattered along my entire line, threatening the bridges, one of which they "cceeded In deatroylng O. M. Mitchull, i'rl^. Gen. Commanding. lieanregard Evacuating Corinth?Purdy Evacuated a?d Borned. Chicago, May 8.?The Memphla Argua of the 29th of April haa tbe following dlapatchea: Cobinth. April 2H ?Gen. Beaureeard la moving large bodies of troops southward; #cme go by* railroad and other* afoot. A few have gone West It is generally understood that he la evacuating the place, though he declines answering questions, lie aaya that President Davis understands hU movements. Purdy was evacuated last night and has since been burned Kvery building Is said to b?* destroyed. The Yankees are moving in tnat direction. Our outposts had a skirmish with their advance early this morning, capturing sixty prla cners, Including nine commissioned officers. REBEL VESSELS CAPTURED. Arrival (I the U. M Gnnbfcat Santlog* De < nba with the ( aptnred Rebel Steamer Isabel, Loaded with Armi. Niw York, May 3.?The U f* gunboat Santiago de Cuba, fr< m Port Royal on the 30th ult., has arrived, bringing h* a prize the captured rebel steamer Isabel. The Santlnjo phased the Nashville several hours on the !23a ult., but was uuable to overtake her Tbe same day she captured a schooner from Charleston, loaded with cotton, which was sent to Key West. Also two ther schooners with assorted cargoes for Southern trade. Both are now on their way to New York. There waa nothing important transpiring at Port Royal when the Santiago ieft. Arrival ?f the Priz? Steamer Florida with 300 Baleaaf Lctun Ph'ladbi.ritia, May 3.?The rebel steamer Bermuda, which aailea from Liverpool abuut the first of April for Bermuda, waa captured on Hunday last off the Hole in the Wall, by the steamer Merctdata Commander Htellnagen. She waa brought here to-dav. In charge or nrlan master Abotf. Her cargo 1* prl net pally powder and munitions of w?r. She la heavily 'idru with arm*. The captain, crew and twelve passengers were on board the Bermuda. Also taken, tb* steamer Florida, captured In St. Andrew's Bay, Florida. 8ne alao arrived at the navy-yard ttala afternoon. In charge of prize maarpr Lewis. She baa on board about two hundred bales of cotton. \V. H. Harrison pilot, with the engineer and nine of the crew, took tne oath of allegiance and came on board the e'eamer. Nine of tbe crew, who refused to take the oath, w. re p-t ashore In St. Andrew's Bay. taptare ! the Steamer >satra Niw Yoai, May 4.?The United Ststea ateainer Empire City baa arrived with the prise ateamer Nostra, Stgnor de Regla. Also, the captains and crewa of the prize ateamer s Dixie, Wave and Bella. _____________ * rtin ii>*"Db udq tfivxicv* Niw Voik, May 4 ?The ateamer Roanoke, from Havana, baa arrived. The advlcea from Mexico state that the French commlaaloners would no longer treat with the present Mexican government that they will aid i*nd protect Ameote, who waa recognized by the French Emperor. k liii ? a?a?.? -?* _ ?? - aLHTL uiniiimn ottwren ine allies and lb" Mexican troop* was expected. President Juaiei baa lisued a call for troop*, anl men are flock log to tbe government standard. Five small steamers and four acboouers, loaded with cotton, bad arrived at Havana between t'u* 18th and 27th from New Orleans. Freni New Mexice?The Rebels Defeated by Cel. Caiby. V * m* ? n... *?? ^ n-i % ? ?? - - - viii) iuaj o ?v,oionci 1/inOJ QfI9&lfd the rebeie at Parllio, ou the Rio Grande, where they had fo'tlflrd themoelvee. Our loaa waa 'i5 hilled and wounded. The loee of the rebel* U aot ascertained. Colonel Canbv got below the enemy, while Major Paul waa In Ita rear. The whole rebel force would probably be captured, aa their only alternative waa to aurrender or fly to the mountains, where the Indiana await them. The Pirate liaiUr U be leld. Mottom, May 3 ?Information has been received here that Captain Semmes and the officer! of the Pirate Samter arrived at Bonthamntnn ?t ? 17th alt., from Gibraltar. Tb? crewT had been paid of, and tbe vessel waa to be aold. Death at Fart Warren. Bostom, Mav 3 ?Colonel Davidson, of the 3d Mississippi regiment, captured at Fort Donelson, died at Port warren on Tuesday. His body has beea sent to his friends. R*Btlai?18M laltk. paiuidblpau, M?r 3 ?Tbe retntlna of Gea. C. V. Smith arrived here thla evening, and lie tn tale In Independence Hall. Arrival el tha Aaaeriea Boston, Mays.?The ateamahtp America, from Halifax, arrlv?d here thla afternoon. OFFICIAL. TABPARTMENT oFsTATfc, XJ WAiHiMTon, January 23, W*. The Secretary cf State will hereafter receive Member* cf Cenjjrew on hualnen on Saturday*, ccmmer>cln? with Saturday, th* 0r*t oeit month. jao z7 *i WILLIAM H PEWARD. WAR DCl'AKTMENT, J&nviiT SI. l.*W. ('EDiniE, That the War Department will be oloted Tuesday*, Wednesday*, Tburtday* and Friday* again?t all other bualneM but that vrhiob relate* v> active military operations In th? fl?ld. Saturday* will be devoted to the bu*lne? of Senator* and Representative*. Monday* to tbe basinets of Ptiblla. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja K-tf Secretary of War. PA>SKN?EH THAI?! TO ,>UNA?SA<I WAR Pkpartm- NT, ) yijnm /umuirp unprrinitndtnt li'i'lrofU U 5 > iriMin((lofi, Atr>i *? WW I No Passenger Train will b<run from W??Hngton to Man&Mr.* until further notice. I). C. BIcCALLUM, ap tf-tf M. D. andSup't Rallroada, U. 8. I^O THE PROPRIETORS OFHOTKLHAND tKSTAUKANTII T?;eattention of tl*e above is repp?o?/"t.ir calird to our iarse and ?arie<i itook cf h iRS I' CLASS 8UOIM, tm!' aoing every thin* in tbeirlioe

WINKS, LlQUOKSa-id r.ittARS. CORHIAI.H, OLD JL'LKP, 1*1 'KLES. RAliCK-J Wl.l V E Oil.. FfcTI r PUIS. CHAMPiGNON^.CL'RKiK NiWDt.R etl eto. Very"up?rio' OJ.[> RYE WHISKV A lure* lot of COBLE ft SHERRY ju?? reoeived?aii exce'lent artiole. 'ili* above will be Hold at the lowest Cami Mabkit Pkicks, and in tuannties to suit purcnaeeri, f.y 8M 11 H ft H * K'l'< Bi&nohof P. Tiernan ft Hon, i>altin>oi?, 611 Seventh ft- ad.'o n cr office of a?28 eo3t National lite, gfnaer. MHHE SUBSCRIBERS BEING IN RECEIPT 1 of a supply of l%t#?et fashionable b?ringA? Good*. they respectfally solicit a nVl and^SS the oo7it nued fa?or* oi thru pair-ms and iis vaniio (ravmiif. .5 i heyaigo request ??eoi%l fttten'ion of their *rni?fcnd nary customer*'<> their nicply cf rnod? in that line, o<>B?ia'i'>c of i'wurds, Beits, Hnoui lor Straps, Kpaulettra, (joWi L*oe?, <i hapeaus, &0. F. J. H K! BKKGKK A CO. Fuooe??f?r? to H F. i.oiHodA Co., Citizer. and Militaiy Tailora. Notiob.?aji pinions mdeblsi! to the >&t<? &rm of Loudon A (.0 , or tlioir euocee*"*. are duerilj re^'iMted to settle the rani? withou' d?iar. F. J. HK.BKKUKK * CO . Succeeaora to H. F. !,?>sdon Ac. Co., mil f I tl tar. nrt Ui!fl?r? 'I'biIa## I PUBUC NOTICE 1SHERKUY GIVEN,t^tt until otherwise ordered, th? t'o-^n isaior r? undor she aoi of Conyropg of 1h? I6t.i of April,IfbJ, ot.titlc-d, "\i ?ot for t>ie release of certun pcrton* h?sld to aervioe or labor in the i>.strict of Columbia." vili b"ld their 6*i*:oas in the City Hall, >o the City of Washington, on Mouday, Tuesday, WeJneedi y. TLurnlaT, arui FridAT, <? every weoi. and that^ll pemvnH, loyal t> the Unimd rHate*. hoidini Aairr* to *orvioe or le!>or atau.ct pentose iM'cha-ged ll.effioin by that act iuy, ?nh.n ninety days from the p?F?ar? thTf"?. ( -hich wi l m m m ? * > ? 1 eki. .. C ? _ * ? -.a -* *1 r - ? v ikiiu iiiu uiu ui j my urj>m iiui uui lllfi enuor, prouent to the<:<nimi?;jo-cr < their reapc-iTe atA'ementa or petitions ;n writinc. v?rili*v? l>? oath of affirmation eoit.ni forth the nil's, are*. and ?.* onal deaonption of euch pertone, ihe inM.n'r in wh<ob toe petitioner* acqur e?l s'.ioii cNim. p.'.'! si j facta touchir c Uio va ue thereof. and de -tannic t> s or hrr a! erifcnoe to tue Government ot iha 1'iatH Htat??, ana that the p-'ittorr'' has not b-;rto ft'm? aicitnal ti>? i;mte i Haat.*e dorm* tun prev-n' re'.xsilion :<or in any war ciren aid or comfort the'et??. And notiet is htrtby /uthtr tirtn, that thetim? named id t o 9th eection of tha-act. for filing a rtatomect in writin or aohedii!?t with the Clerk of t'.e Ciriuit Court fur tli* i? rtriot of < olnmbia. t y j the aevo'al owner* or olaimabt* t > t> o terpens of the peraona n.ado fits by t'iat act, aef.iut fcrtii the name*, a*??, aez- and p?rtiou'ar cosoription of luoi peraona 8?*erai<?.ia lir nut! ?ntr iriT?r to the Co.nTnl??irn*ri?. f>r that aot. extent!-"! to the l?r of Jcne ne*t. Tb Commissi nern are prohibited from allowing the claim of nnj psr?on who hall n*fl*otto filenuch Btatonieaior oherfalc with ?ai<l Clerk, according to Ilia reiuirtmei.tB of thai section of said act. 8 F. VINTON, 1>A NIKL, K OOODLOE, HORATIO KIN'J, Cor.iniiriionf; S. Washington. Ayrii 23,1862. a? ?i-tf MR. B . Jl I B 3 r, lj I< ' " rk.htaurant. The popular RKBTAURANT ana IMN1NG SALOON lor ladien an<l teet.einsn ke?> A . ? Jk by Mrs. L. Russell. 7th Kfeet ?f y f') dn an opportunity to cit S'oa * ' LI't-j i starters to get meals at a!! h >urg, served up ;u tne ttin fur which tfci < establishment is fair ous. Visitors may oount upon good far*, c'urteons atI tenfiaroe, an< all the reunites k r a weii-rogn!ated first claa> h<-u?o. ap <4 1 m DHKH* MAKING-Mle? I. G. ARTHUR, Fasbiona'lP Dtess Maker, reep^ctiui.y inform* the ladies of VVa*hin iton tlia' ehe ha* | open'd a dress making es'abiishment at No. 4 10 9:h street, Mtwaer. H end I, awl is prepared to ex 'e^nieall ordar* promptly *nd in the la'oat styles of fashion. Cutting and fitting dou-,auu patI terns sold. | Wanted I oi rued lately.?Young ladies to learn Dresi Making- ap 3Vlm* PROFESSOR ALEXANDER VVOLOW8KI a oontinuing hi* courses on the PlANo AND IN M1N0ING, by his new auJ simplified Method, at tm re*id'rios. No 451, Teeth street. b<tw> en K an'I F. All those who desire to heooine fin# s>nreri?or excellent performers. ?hou!d avail themselves of his new system of instruction. i p 2J-1 in rrO QUARTERMASTERS 1 AND DEALERS. ?000 Bushela OATS. 3000 Bushel* CORN. 14o Toas of Prune TIMOTHY HAY Just arrived an for sale at TAVI.iiK'rt Whs.rf. naar the Ceual A?q*duot, fl?orptnvn, I), C. Apply to A P. fli wr. 39"? 16th twt, or at the WliArf. fir m ? a. m . to 4 p m. ap 2&-lw? |)KAUTIFUL BPK1NU lJ DHE8? GOODS. J act reoeired ;n rreat wietee, iti atjl#* and fibnof, ?ad at reduoed prtc"*. BLACK SILKa' ULACK BILKS'-Very ehrap Hlaok Siik"* in aopenor cradle. J nat opened Una diy. J. vv. i oiii tV, &p26Wif 343 7lh^Ve*t,na?r Pa.ave. 1JUC1 rUHL,I?lltU. HE New Union Gmiioof peceg?ion,or gketohee of the Rebellion; iunt ttie tiling for t*?ef%miiy circle, or to aend >o the Union aodier. Publiahed t?y JOH\ P. CttAKLfON. Philadelphia- and for aia br JOS 8H1 ISLINGTON. mh 19 eo3m 4)j ?t. and P?. iwanu". YyifiT 8HOK9 DAM -GED BV THK FiKK. Now ie the time for Ladiee' Miese*'and Children a 6ait*ra and bhoea to be bought at half ooat for oaah. Pnoea from 25 to 74 ceuU. Cail early, fLA tr>AV mnmt aI ?? m - vv V1VBOU VUtf ? R. COHEN'S. 334 1'*. avenue, dp ataua, over at 21 12t Bait A Hro.. Jawelera. SPLENDID STOCK OF WRAPPINGS. Wo are now prepared to rzhtbit a larie and e'e ft lit atook of th* a'>ovc tooct. of the .at?ar, style*. ia anporior Blaok Silk, Lariiea' Cloth and Mohair Olotha?all of whiob we off?ir at prioee it,at cannot fail to pleace. M. TAYLOR. A OU? a>23 6teo No. 48 Center Market 8??oe. A A RARE CHANCE! B 1 have ir *do np raj mind to embark in ether buaiceea, i otfer the WOOD WILL and FIXTURES of the HOTEL on the ooraer of Seventh and I atreete for aale There ia bet little uae in n*klll( anr aommtnt fthnnt tlia a> all ? ' " know an> thinf of theaituttion tnow that it is aa f'xxl a plaoe for fcotai baainaM aa an? in Waaimelon. H. W. boRBbY, ? 18 >wep* Corner7th and I aU.. Waohictton. DARNUU 18 HKRG !?On free exhibltiou, < <* JO finest a took of Clothing in the oitr, at tha Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh atreet* oypoaita Foat Office. N. B.?All of tha abova ?ft VIrr Inv #i? fl txm 1 Hk i^HOONK^ KMKUNb CHMTKK ii now loading fr.r tha above port. f or (reitlitianif tn '*** ..M M .PETER BKRRY.Mflfc M 3* <t No. Bfi Water at, aeorgetown. Ia . COAL OIL LAMPf. . VE A 1-arfeaaaortment of Cod Oil Lamft, the arejiof of a Large *l&ca factory, dealera m*y bo neaured to porohaee &t tl?o lovMt r&tM Chi;i;i:iee ?<?*; on band hy the bvrtl. Ooal Oil of the heat brairte (warfam#d)by the barrel. Order a aotiottrd for Giaaa auort MTumblera, 6obleta, Lajwr ri?ar 1>i ? o. at factory trioM. PIMM live a tail iS&XJi*"* u*w ??~>??Mw* HKNRV BAYLKV A CU. Any P??0nMWB0t'uulAt0(b? uUifird ?'th a R KPKIGKRaTOK Mitotm from ?large KM M*ortm?ot kt|t by ggS * S611 AAsafssfc. M M W DCtVMQ fiTMd'imll KtTMU, Proposal* for arm? for thkt NITKD staafc* SEKViCE. 0*rs*w? 0*rf?, f V*?HT!f#TOJ?. I>. C.. Aprrt 23, ittl.t PuTottx? ?t!J btieomveJ by th ? r>?p%rTT.?r nnul 6 p. m on the ev^nlni of the l HU of M?y.?' for m%uul?c*uM; ?, iii the ?i?tes, fo? t<i? ?<wer? m?nt. within on- yr.\r from th?* di'**. fh? 1 > lowin^ J^?o lpti ;n I urns?- ^ * nprintnein it!D? ."*1n'W!. harper's Ferry Kifles. with swoid ha?on*?? anl e'eel seibb\rdf, "iodel '846, Brceon logins Carbides, for caval'y. Revo'ver Pistols. am y ?i??, 8?bre* for ilfht oaralrt. rvcn-e iiii!n?B?k-DOd (Jffioers' Swords, I ftee! soaN Musiota&s' Bwords. { bard?, S eel roibhards for rifled mustet bayonets. Proposal* will rtate? Fur mufkt s and rifles, the prioo for 2f ?*> of either. ana the reduction proceed per (tin it r ea<ih ad'' UolaI 10,0011 to ? o. rur rtrutvi ar.a cirbt*t .' b* lln<i prop^?e<1,%*><! tta? pnoo lor 5 (i"0. and T^t?r>ti?!u, p r piMol or o?r b?r?, f^r ^ac-h ?si ttiooai 5.t?? to ?) M>?. F'?r *a^r^ st?'4s a".<l t(?4'i its,t ?e prfr? nrwwh of the pr??onN?<l palt* rr.? to th? n.mt-er of iivo e*^, in-' a so I r eioL au'iitioi a. ?,(. t? to 2>mo. All the fire srra? ar* to b* furr:"h*<t Tr:?h th? r'tutar appendac**- The r n>u fcet* are to bo in ail rrtprott lUectlov wi?L tuat iiian>i(a.tuieJ a' f ,c I) K 1 rm<.r? Wn?it ^ M * * * * ? .. . w Ji I^IK U -r ? iiir-.rcau- II -Vfcvr . ?? ' 1 are to laterohsnt* with i?. tnl with moh ?>thrr, in tli ir pari*, t ft< ; ol '.ae ot.ier ? thrr arms ftl*." in'.erohfti.di tr fh oi.ft ftaotKrr 11 tti?> u.ftrnet Ttw> m?t?>nfti8(oc thfaaftrin- rrn^t b* of lh<* ??>rT (y?-l qaVitr. ftuJ no mslira .:e ir n parts *iiil? nJhtWMl |M !>A AlJ #??rt rlJAl.-.i. m??.l ? jeet t > th* iuepeo'ioii prrsorii??tJ Dftt? Or-nance Ketu ation*. ani u>n?t be boxed, !e?dt for traiir p Ttatiun. at the ?xp'n??> of the eoMmeUwe. in ch nanne as may hedirected. Ifcopeotions win be iii&de a*, the faoiouea in i;U of no: .ran thin 1 <?>> each. i'roposa s will atate the cam-' of <he establish in*i t i! ak nj t!t? < M :>r, liis BMHt>er a" J -'ai- t SL"? hr*t de l?rrr,*rj rttonf denver? mor.tniy is re after. Failure to ma*e adsuverj at a ^pcoifie>1 f imf*. or ftlii Li : tlr^Hnn* ?,*?! ? ?? irn?? >f otfiei inferior material into the wort, w?t'#uf' ie?it the w!i<-ie nnmhprof |->r to forfeiture at the op'i?u if tiie M> pmi .ent. f':? L'fp*rtir o i rfafltvaa to its-It ii??? 'i.-ht to rfject mr? i,H. ai.4 ?li co i?i->r ntn-.ti m.v!? thr.'Oja ti-ji ac*nt. broker, or p?ft* other than tae reiular roan i? lactam*. rr<>yo*?iB will l>? a<IJreMed f.t, fo!!ow?:?'"8m*ra! J. W. Riplst, f?hi?M of Ordmw*, VVa?hint ton. V (J;" an J wtii < *> eiiJow.i "l*ropo?a i lor M'jsk:ts,rt or *a'??r?, 4.0 , a? '.he ca*err?T h*. _ n.p ? dtMarjf pHOPUSALS I'Ofl -JU)BHt8. DlPOT ({UAETER.Y 4STKR** OMCt, ) C*r*tr \Hlii ind U its., Wnsk'ntton, J Atrit *3 i*l.\ 8**t.Kn Ftop >?ai.r wi'I beroe^lvod at -ht? Ofh'e i uptii^A'.unia*, ihe ivth o*r of May, at i? o'l'im k M., ' r = c?-u? '* tha <?-iv vrr.1 '2.*? ) TW?? THOUSAND HOIUM3. of the foliowiux <1e? riptioris, *iz: C1 VALR V. 1'OR C.ivtLUI ? (l.fWMon* th'. BMfn'! hora?*. from (IdMteea h) gixt?-*?n hftb<ln Unti, fietwoen ivfl and eigiit fearpof arr; of <ia-< aolc*; woii l-rotm Ce**? rv oonr.p&oMr rn:lt, rp-1 free fr<>m a I dsfeoU. ARTH.LEftY. Ko* Asttiaust-(I.?*'? one fr?-.n ilfJi ) hfre~n arrl ?>ne ii\if !o< it, rijiirri. bantia hi^K, i:einavotaaeickl jmtb oi &*e, of aart <?ofor?? /fopf'omail rfelMta; oorrp*jH ? huilt; w? I biok?n to I^OMM, V?4 t, -tr'.iii tot km th?n pouuda. TKOroSAl.P. Proposal* niTt apnotif cl?ariy *?h*th??r th* iud it fjf' avf!f? or Arliutry hoiezu. a;:d it no ta<? mnpt toth h? bid for on th* g*i i? ?a:er. If ar.r b^Uler w>l>9a to pr^pote for b"th c!aaa*^ li? must forward t?ri> dntir.?t propi*a;a?ona for each cla^a rompitf tn nrtlf, and >-."inj 10 rflor e;.e? I-- ar.y other proposal b? th? same pa ft/. If a tiid is in tfi? of a fi'm ?; o imtner of all thd n&rtriArfl inual an^?r nr .f wi ?-?? K? w ? ' > "?? ? <?rrva i vi i? w * . hvi u i v" n:rr Crrt'.. Proposals mint *?ea<idre?sfd to Col. D H. Hacker, Qoartarroajtar V. S. Anr>*. W&'hibgton I>.C , and mngt be p amiy ir.arkM 'Trotnu&l* for Mortos," eiJARANTKB. Th* ability oft!"* bid -er to fill th? contract, ahou'd jt !><? **arrte I *o hifii njsst b? mtriMit It j two repp mib> p-rnoii*, vWr?fs sixratu.'** mut l* e? pet.'l.>d to lii* su?r%ntc?. The re?pui!Bii>:iitj of the ruararicra rend b? ahopn fcT tl.a offio a. o?:Uhc?to of ILe C t* cf the neae-t imtnct Court or of the Unite! Sivtet District, At'orn -* tJiddcrp ?nu?t be pr**e*t in pera.->n tsh.-"n the bids are <ip*ne.l ?~r tb? ;r r'oposA,* will r.ot f scon iderel. Ur.iMifl, in tli* *1111 of fn 'liomamldoilsM, atgsed by the c-ii.t'acr'?'Mi<l brtii of lua KU&'&ntora. wii! r>ere^nire<l ftlioaacoeaala! bidj.-r up'n aicnoit t e o ctrv??. At the f.ond mint acey tbe ootit. aot, it will It* lirrfiti #r? 1. > r ' ' ^^? " \r:Ui them, or to > av- r.on i? mcnrd m aaf iupvioa at >: real* l<> ut fro.uo -?1 worn the cucVaot la ei> n?-!. JtlKcki fur b< & '* <?a- . < p-oaare-i opi-n ap?n"Ati <?ii h?mj in?Go ;t tula < fior, eit.?er per6u<a.ij, hy letter, or by ?e!?-fraph. bor-,n of We, , of tne coVititT of , ard State of , Mid , of the oounty of . an 1 ??a?? < f , db l.ere)>y (u.ir*.(.te? tna' ? 11 able to fU fil a contract in aboard-.live with the t*r..ia nf hi* pr-.po?itio and that, <h< j'd hit pr ip iit;on ho aoo-ptel, ha ?il: at oaoo eii er i~v % contrast in aoic Caa'.e Uitrcvith. hhfluid ttiO contr&ot b? atrard?d fcim we are proma r?k-~i ra K ? ?'>* 1 I VT4 ?W WVVIUV II ' 1 BW (III 1i (To thi? cuirsntM m"?t *>e appended thf o#'i?/ eertitioate &tfOv? imntioiied.) inspection. i)i;ijvj;rv. Ail horaea contracted for uc<W tM? ?<lvfrti? v m*nt win b9BubjaotcJ lo a ruid inrpectiox., ?.nd Ui^ki ! ot cvrJonuiDc t j the cptwiCcMl >ls ?i I be relucted. No mares will be reoei?*-!. The tir.r?es mm! a:! <>e delivered id thia eitt ot orb-fore Saturday, ?4? 31.?? day of May, acd nc extension of tirae will r>e jsr?r.t?ii oa any pr?t-*xt Fm mfnt tn h? mad* IBM 1 ?rr- rA oontraot, or ao toon thereafter aa the i>epot CiuarfnuReter ahail ?>n in 1muda. An? informant* >n the bi*. or nc>?i-?oi.r>rm*n?? with thetorria ol tM? *d?'rti*pni?at. wi.s eixire tne rejeotiou of tue f ro?o?al. TJieafl iioiaon will da 4wa-?ied id 'ct?ofiwt mm% than (Z>0) two faundied eich. an>?? it,a i>e?.,t Quartern aster should deem it for the intereat of tne O ermn8"t 'o aosept a larjer number. Tlie Dep t Quartermaster reaerrea to himieif the runt to re jeot any or a:l bida that b? may iie.-ni t 'Ohirh il II. KI CKKK. a? 83 tni?9 Colonel an J D^pot Ou\rtennaater. rpO TH c, L&PIM OEKEliLLT. AND ll.L *. A OMIKKH* (if < HOICK PLANTS, *o7. &0 i PA RTJCij LA K L Y.-FOK'SALE-ZS.W ex tra ohoi"? Hard? Perpetual b!<K>min Hotes, ?trnatnentai gfcrubr. Parlor aad Oiirr.t.iae flint*, Majnouai, KiK'aotllndruni, Lvsrfroet.8. 4o. The collection compruM ail tbechoio*#: kir.de knows tn Europe or Ar^enc*. All Matte warranted true to name and of firtt IttiiP-T. A J&RDiN, Florut erwl Nnreerrn ad, An j /*' (:nr.n*ntiAnl mrr A/ \1 - w u ?W nt I W1UOI V JW !** NOTICE A HE Copartnership heretofore eaietmt in tne name of t"L*?ETT * M at, ha? re?n dissolved uj mutual consent emoe *?ni 1st. wi. a]! <uat'r>e aiamst the lata fttai wi.l be settled bj J. B- ClageM. those indebted to the lat9 firm are r?*nest>Mi U> make parment to bioi. . J NO. R. CLAGETT, JOSEPH J. MAT. (VOT1CE ?The undersigned will continns the 1" Dry Woods business at the Oid Star.d. and ttop-H* to merit a oontir.uanoe ot ti.e .ib?r%i pa;roa a*9 boretviior* bestuwed upon the late tirin. J fro H. CLAUK ? T.3'i4 Ta. are, I (VOTIOE.?All persons havirc accounts with | the late firm of Ciacettt tt War. who do tot wish them to h* pres^ntej, will fin 1 them readr at tue d?sk until Mar 1st, after whto^t t m? ther will I ba caJied upon, wbeu it ia expected all e.aima will I be settle*! upou j r<M*utM;uu ? | ap .& lw J. H. CL.AOfe.TT. 32* Pa ave 1WA?Min?T02f. Aptil 10,1182. HKKEUV RecpeoUullr reaueet all pereona who have open aooounta, due biUa.aud sctes dpe, past due, &o., aud due me tooomeat once, iftner can, with the oaeti. and aettie, aa 1 deaire to par off al! notes and outatAB'Mn? imnnnti ftinil witfcomt delay. JK89k B. WILSON, OfSoa Washington Hui:din<, Kooui tio. 4. e p U-iw oorner 7th aud Fa. ar . north lidl. I^VKJRY PKRSQN'S hNTEKEflT^ThaTfiii Li ctook of Clothing for sal* over Baita' Jewelry f>?or? ii now off-red at In? than ?n?-? at fNllTH'ri. Nr.. 460 Keren'.h e-.reet. opposite poet Oto? ? TH" T'HK PKOPLK'S CLOTHING STORKS, No. 1 460 S*eT?ntL >1. Alwar* ahea-1! Neirarnrel of ferine Go-.ds. all the latest ?tj e? of Clothtaf, At No. 4oO H?rwith etr?et. near y. faff Sin L^OR t?ALK?A fine stocK of ClutAinf, Furnish I * lac Goods, Trunks. Hats and Caps, at whola aie pnoee, at No. 460 seventh street, opposite Post OCes fr tf Sa /JJKNTS Fornishint Gooqs, Trucks, Ciothiac, VJ TroDlri, Hau ami Caps, all at NortLs'b pri?ae, at tbe PeopJVs Clothing store, No. 460 7th atre t. CU1RTB, SHIRTS, SHIRTS !-Juat receive* ? 1"04o*?b S, irU. wh'.oh weotfpr ?l oij crioes, rt ItMITH'S. >i?. 4?4> KwOli t We offer emaeata and ftranrerja an Meort port ofOVt ? COATft. DlESS COATS. MUNNES8 OOATt*. PANTALUi NB rnd VK8T8, ?f Ml ooiora tad <a&liUee, lb mi* mma UlX ?? go,. rroiAEi Tti'on 3* P?. are.. tH.l? U ? ' let* ?** i cwtasfiiWi amb wa,b or i v?-?wa'ASiil THE WEEKLY STAR. VfelaexoaBMt Fuallvu* New* jevMi - ? tolalat trmtm **r:t*r at iumK** ?? <!* tbaa mb be froMl la aay olter?!? p?ul*&f4 o? FrlAay morals*. Tnai-rut, irfbif, ( ? ! Btkfle copy, per annum ^1 ? 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