9 Mayıs 1862 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Mayıs 1862 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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. ^ _ j . n ifLI * (gtaittg Star, Hi . __ V24. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY. MAY 9, 1862. IN?. 2,875 . .. ? _? THE EVENING STAR ? ? PUBLISHED XYXET AJTCRROOH, (SUNDAY E1CKPTBD,) AT.THE STAR BUILDINGS, Comm tf FmfUflrami* *v*. Mi EU*t*tk ttrut, w. D. WALIiAOH; P?l*n la packages by carrier* at 94 year, or 37 eeata per month. Ts malt subscriber* tfcc price la 93.30 a year, m adeaart; S3 for six mcnthft; 91 for three months; and foi less than three months at the mte of ii cents a week. Single copies, oj?? cmt; In wrappers, two cxhts. C7- ADV1BTIIIHI5T* should be sent to the ott'-e before ID o'clock otherwise theyjasy act appear until the next day. D EPERRBD LOCAL AR TIC LBS. A Smit Visit to th? PisnrarmaT ? On undav mornlne we paid a visit to this Institution to be present st the religious exercises Pindocted bv the cbapl.iln, Rev. Mr. Slpst, Of th? Methodist Church On entering the chapel we found some of the prlseaen?IPO white, and 40 Mack?seated In rows facing the door and pulpit, which ta at the east end, tney having Juat been marched In frcm Wa ?s*K?m k.?l V. ? V - J -I * a u^ )diu, WHTir .ucf u?V* w-^u u.?lturu AUUMl IUT om" ilttl* time for exer?-lea. Ia one corner of the room la th? library, which, we regret to aav. ta not In the b??t condition, moat of the booka from frequent tuage, being worn oat. Along this corner la a bench, on which perhaps a deten of the beat educated ot the convlrta were aeated alerting one of them who acta aa eecrrtary and llbrarUn While near thla corner we were politely handed a ilip of piper by a middle-aged convict of good appearance, on which waa written the following la a neat hand : ' Sir. I understand that you are connected With a Va tva -%a rvo r nnhllaKMi In lVaaKU??Ai* 117 ? ? ? . ^ w* .w 1.1 IU ?? affHIH^xnit ? ? O would respectfully call roar attention to the dilapidated state of oar library; and b? kind enough to recommend an appropriation by Congre is f r Its replenishing. We wlU feel much obliged to you " [In tbls connection we would mention that If any persona have any old magazine* or booka, and will notify Mr. 8lp*s, the prison chaplain, he will send or califor them, and be under many obligations for the gifts. Here la an opportunity for the benevolent to do much good.] The chaplain Informed ua taat he had two Bible J clauses of *orae twelve or fourteen?r-ne of white ' and the other of black eonrtcts?who take great Interest la the lessons. The other cogvicts are not fully -organised Into classes, bat some of the % A? . ? ? ? - * ? ec'.ier eaucitea or me prisoner* lake it on tfm??lve* to Instruct those Id religion* truth* It Is unuii for th"?m to engage 4 n these exercises before preaching, but as the chaplain had recelvedquite a number of nugaslnes and other bosk* for distribution these exercises were o.-nltte-d, and the book* were distributed, the prisoners receiving them sagerly; but there not being enough for all many were disappointed, but were assured that they would receive some next Sunday Mr. Slpes then announced that he had a number of tracts with the title, " May Christians beet me soldiers," whteh were particularly suited to some of them: and he desired that those^hould have them, ana lastsatlv some dozens of nsnds were uplifted to I ? - ? fit * - " ncrive infm, ana soon xaev were distributed The presetting ser?ices were then commenced, the prisoner* all riling and tinging the hymn commencing " Oh, for a closer walk with Ood," and at its conclusion kneeling while the chaplain Invoked a b'esslng upon them. After tbe singing of another hymn, 'Am I a to Idler of tte Cross,", the chaplain preached a abort, Impressive sermon from St. Lake, SKh chapter and 23d verse, and the services were closed by prayer. After those services were over, the convicts engazed in singing such hymns as "Vain delusive world adieu," *c ; some convict at the conclusion of etch calling out the page and number of hts favorite, which all Joined in singing. Tbe singing was very good?far above tbe average of congregational staging, and one piece commencing "Oh where Is Father Wesley, 1 wonder where he's gone," was sung in such a manner by the forty bitch prisoners a* would have dlawn forth tbe heartiest applause If sung In pufelie. Dinner hiving been called, tbe convicts were marched down In the yard, where, after they were drawn ap In line, the order wts given Kightrace," they all turning quickly and restIns their right hand on the aboulder of the mm In front, and at the command starting on a march about the yard "a la snake," at each turn the line being drawn In toward the cent*', until at last they were d'awi near the door of thedlnlng hall, Into which tbev went regularly, and were soon discussing the prison fare, which oi this eccaalon consisted of bean aoup with pork. Some of the convicts appeared as if they took no Interest whatever In the exercises, but the majority were very attentive, and with many It was apparent that they had taken considerable pains wUh their Sunday morning toilet, having on clean shirts, and treir hair put ap In the most elaborate style. The blacka were seated to them wviv H^owf VI i ? MCH, IUQUV Wl iUf III wearing iraudy neck-ties, which probably bad been i~nt tnern by their frlendt outalde, and. which contrasted oddly with the coarse whit* aud brown prison suit. Polici MATTias? First Prtcinct.?John Kelly, disorderly conduct; #S 94. Peter Lltby,'pertonal Tlo'ence; ball to keep the ponce, end flned ?i M. Mary Lighter, turetv of pnace, bail to keep tbe peac*, and flned 93.60. c ? j a rw-1-1 rx ta ? occvna x retiwi* ? i/?a?w arun K IOQ ftjUt'.ng; tak-n to camp. VV. Bell, drtink and disorderly; taken home. John Bcrlbner, Mlebael Bnrrett, Peter Bowermsn, drank; taken heme. Jcha Tihbett, do ; dlimlased Mary Anger, telling liquor without lloense; do. Peter Wolres, W. Hardrlck. J B. Cauado, Henry Hunsberman, drunk; turned over to the military. W. McDonalds, do.; tsken to bospttal. Third Pr?ci*tt.?Mary J. Dorsey, Ann Q j?en, prostitution; workhou*e. Wm. Sopher, drunk; dismissed. Christian grouse, forgery; do. Cuss. Ellis, Joseph Newellj Wm. Coshram, disorder iy conau-T, 91 u. luaiinda Mooabet, do.; dlsmlf?d. Fourth Prittnet ? W on Luther, larceny; ooratnittrd for eonrt. Kits* Jofannon. burglary; do. Charles Brown, disorderly; f I 75. W.Welch, drank; dismissed. John Beard, driving on the pavement; 91 Sir. John Slaver, drunkenness, dismissed Bigktk Prtcxnct.? Joslah Dorset, disorder^; dismissed. Francis Grover, sbdnctlos; do. Tbos Jones, dmnk and dliorderly; tu ned over to the military August in Rlbley, drur.k, dUasissed. PitHok u.fnll.w.k A- J- ?*' " -? * m ....V.* ?v., ?V. ?* . tilCHeiUrfD, do ; do . Frrderlck Martin, aaaanlt; security for further hewing. Alfred Baxter, drunk; coats, W cents. Xmtk Prtcmct ?Johanna Berden, disorder!v; fiued fil.58. Jacob Wood, drunk; dtfimlaed. John Koberson, disorderly, fined <2 M. John Kelly, drunk and d!?orderf*; fined 82.94. Tboa Holding, carrying concealed weapooa, fiord 92D.se. Mn. D. Callahan, drunk and disorderly; fined Sl.SP. Michael Nash, do.; dismissed. John Kelly. do ; do. ?<| Tenth Pr*ci+tt ? Mary Donnelly, disorderly fined f* 91. John H. Long, do.; do. Marcel lu* Pin, do ; fined S3. James Cecbornn. drunk: di>. mlaaed. W. Campbell, disorderly; Jo- John Kvin, do ; do. Cornell oa Deamend, obooene lan-, ftuagr; do. George Galea, do . do. Geo. Jones, do.; do Wm Stephenson, riding on pavement; flood 89 Woo 9. Danbanaon, drunk; diamlneed. Darry O'Brien, mallelona mlacble*, do. Thoa. i Pjanpbrey, do ; do. Jobs Stafford, threa??, aecurity to keep peace. Thoa. Wheatley, dlaordealv; lined 9'2 Edward Ooldamttb, do ; do. John Kale, do.; do. George Wilson, do.} dlamlaaed. Auguatua La Fontaln, feat driving, flood *J 00. C bar lea Hawea, do; do. Diana or SoLDiaaa -The following aoldlera of the army have died alnce our last report; Thomaa Baghea, oompaay K, 11th Peonaylvalit reaervea. Beraoaat Cbarleo Honwtek, company 0, lat battalion City Gaard , Private J ohm, company E, 19th Penntylraaia. Geoff? MeMuui, company 1,1*U New York. Gecrge Ray n?, company E, Sid Pennsylvania. Wm Mitchell, com pan* F, ICih New Jeraey. N lchol Hartf, company M, ltlh Maaaacbimtta battery. Horace Hill, company H, Wth Now York. Durtur Miller,.company G, 101a! Now York. Canatlaa BrauteIn, company F, 104th Penoaylvaala. Canter Leopold, company B,Mth New York. M C Davie, oompaay B, 3d New York aa airy. . Washington Adams, compaay K, load New York. s John Eaoch, company ? ,8(1 D. C. votanloera. George Parmenter, company H, 6th New Yark cavalry. . CharVea Rice, company G, loiat New York. Fowler, oompaay K, Tith New Yeek. retcr a niacney, empuf a, 107th ftoaajrlfuk Benry Palrbtak*, eoaptay 0, 30th New York CturlM BrraweU, cam pan? ?, 24 D C vol. ulna E 6m, eMDfuy 0, Ittfe PeesiylntU c?t'Janlei Coriel 1, company A, U PMurlnU I E. V C. TkMM S- Zakfcter, OMipMT K, E4U FmbjtI*uU. * J v > (DriNaate W i?'d wkm frtn BaOw,! , to the iDtaes aaar Laaetarg, N. far tWp'ir- , pooe of aaecrtalnlag the hf? la irpifd to tha . HeWaa of tte pl?rrr?of that r^floi, hiw * '] < urn^d rh? conclusion nwbtd to that excapt j bv it* u.<f uf capital ud eooibtifd actios the n lb* ?.f Non Pr<rtu will oot prove a p? d' bl?... a Id Of l ?bor. 1X7- John CulUpv ha* sued Ibr Kwatuckv C"itrai Rallrund for fJO 0||U da stages f?t Um MO Pt m um by u tccideal tf tbe road. j- . A t &t PPOSED ITEM* Of * HE f AX BILL, Whioh, it U thought, bar* been suppressed bj the censor of the press. on ae4ount of be in* regarded as "oontrtband" For smoking a 9 cent cigar, 6 eenU; other Harass* in proportion Smoking a meerschaum-pipe, 8 cents; i/ colored. 18 cent*. For every quid of tobaeeo, 3 cents; if begged from a friend, S cents. aixm vrsra liquor, 12 emu a glass; common liquor in proportion. Jersey champagna, 10 oenta a bottle, (that being its fall value;) other foreign winefl in proportion. Calling for ? drink, A cent*; with peppermint in it, 3 centa extra. Riding in eitj railroad ear, 8 oente; if compaiied to atftnd, 10 centa. For wearing dollar jewelry, $2 each article. Boot blaeka, 5 oenta fo*r each job. Reading the speech of a Congressman, 10 oenta a line, and three moatha' imprisonment. For bowing to a lady in the atreet, 10 centa. All unmarried ladies, 92b per year; California widows. tdO ner Tear. For being poor, 910 a month. White shirts, flO a month; colored, $1. Buckwheat eakea are to pay a tax of 3 cents per dosen. Buckwheat cakes with molasses on, 5 cents per dozen. For using an augar, 30 eenU a month. For using a corkscrew, 45 centa a month. Deviled kidneys, A. cents a dosen. ? ?- ? ? - ror looking over in* fence, 10 cents. For licenM to oatoh bullheads, $5. Toeatoh eels, $6. Shad, salmon and sturgeon, $8. To open oysters, $5. Clam*, $3 50 For privilege to ait on the dock and eatch shiners, $1 per month. If the head leans against a pole, $1 50. Salt mack*rel, if caaght in fresh water stream, 3 oents each. To sit on the carbstone and peddle apples, ?S a month. For the privilege of gathering peaeh pits, $8 a month. License to peddle peanuts, $26 a year. Snuff boxes are to paj a tax of $1 per jear. For every pinch of snuiF given to a friend, 3 cents. For asking a friend to drink, 35 cents. For playing billiards, 2o cents For liconse to kill skunks, $5 a year and onefourth of the perfume. Tax on mustaches, 12 a month, if dyed, the tax te be doubled. On whiskers, other than those belonging to t sts and dogs, $3 a month. For blowing the note in the public stre?U, 75 cents. In country roads, 50 cents. To shoot marbles. 21. If "CWn* are used in the game, a further tax of 40 cents. To play euchre $1 50. If the two bowers of trumpe are held, a farther tax of 50 centa. Hardy-gurdiee are to pay a tax of $1 a tune. Mocking birds, 75 centa. To sneeae in the public highway, 15 cents. If aooompanied with unusual noise, 25 cents. Snoring, 20 cents. License to peddle fire-wood, f 1 per month. License to bez cold vitualg, $1 50 License to gather benes, $2. Every person makinr an affidavit ?h?n K? assessed 25 cents Ordinary cursing and (wearing to pay fir# oents an oath, and swearing to ho measured by a cursometer \o be furnished by the Secretary of the Treasury. FEARS OF THE REBfcLS AT RICHMOND. [Prom the Richmond Examiner, April 30 ] The fata of Riohmond depends, in the present posture of affairs, upon the army at Yorktown and the the efficiency of the Merrtmae. If McDowell is concentrating a force of fifty thousand for a march from the Rappahannock upon Richmond, there is danger also in that direction; but it is a danger against which the gorerament, being forewarned, we have a right to believe will be forearmed Taking it for cranted that a demonstration fr?m i'*? tlon of the Rappahannock, being foreseen, Is provided for, we retnrn to the proportion, or rather the fact, that the sata* of Riohmond depend! upon oar army at Yorktown, and the obstruction which lies in the channel of the James river in the form of the Merrimao This veeael may be set upon by not only one Monitor, but bj a fleet of tnem, in a very short time. It may be overcome in regular oombat, er it maj, by a spark falling into its magatine, or bj the accident of fire, be put out of the way at any moment. If so, Riohmond U at onoe approachable by gunboats, under an attack from whioh it ia perfeotly untenable, and indefensible by land forces. Our numerous batteries on the banks of the river, experience has shown, are utterly incapable of beating off the enemy's boats. If two vessels cooM run the ganatlet of two formidable forti on the lower Miaaisaippi, and entire miles of batteriea on its bank*, eurelj it would be madneaa to plaoe any reliaooe upon similar and, we bare do doubt, inferior lefenees on the James. Happily. there is one expedient practicable for the defenoe of the chaDnel of the James river, which could not well be provided in the ease of the Miaaissippi. The low of the stream in our river is slow, and the depth of the channel comparatively slight. It admits of easy obstruction, wheroaa us Mia. BiMippi did not admit of sach thing, except t the cost of inmiBN labor, time and expense Various modes hare been suggested for obstructing the ehaanel of the James Some reoommend the plan of rafts constructed of entire trees dog np by the rooU, and thrown, root* and branches, into the stream The roota aink to the bottoai, the branehei point down stream, and an sbattis ia thai formed of thiek! studded treea for a diaUnee ap and down tae channel of the atream. The enemy have engines for rt moving promptly almost any aort of obstraotions in the channels of rivers; bat the removal of a raft of trees, matted together by the pressure of the stream, and held to the bottom oy aooumulated sand and earth ?llhul ??lll tliam l? ???' L 1? ? . p ? xavui, M IUIHQ W U< WOT& It" quiring the most powerful and expenaiTe atebinerj. Another pita of obstruction ie that ef tiling the channel with (tonee Urge ud waall?the smaller the better, u the work of removal ie thua rendered more todiooa. The obetrnotion f the channel for n few hundred jurde by thii mean* would effectually atop the ueeent of gunbouta; and, if pro toe ted on euoh ride bj bombproof battoriee, they oould be put beyond the poeaibilitj of being re mo red bj the enenj. SK Accounts from Part* represent Mr. and Mrs. 11 as wall reoetred Id private circles, bat not recognized in the oAclal world. Ta*T are, as the representativee of a slave oligarchy, a thing that I I'm highest brewing and the best cook In th? wo?ld would set get ever la tbS circles which (key wlah to wla round to their eause. The Inmates of the (Jetted States Legation, aie on tbe Other hand, extremely fortsnate la represeatlafi a popular psese, and baring the aaae abiongut the French of represent! nf It worthily ?? .i , m E7" One s< ths leading merchants hi New York failed the olber dey for the vast of 9*00. Be held property at A* time that In ard< nary tines would bare brought S80 000. But he Mtae deeply IhiatVft He raised even dollar that he eeuld Be VrlkM Ive hand red snore to save falsa. Be eoald ae? gel it ao heweatnnder. ICTOa the lMh eCMev. 1M1. the Confedrr.t* CongreM m?ly New* OrUnna "? port of ??tiy^ It *ly^be?WM m, h??wr. wbu gy A eofWjp?to> of tt* L?<w *NUt?p>, writing tna WmUicIm, n)n: 44 It cannot to I r-''-dM that toy nauon m rntk ti to Mrong In nctllier? at tbla moment u tto Prderml :Uato of AM|n." DJ1 Th? Rev. Nathan Bu(i, D. D , mm of tto fit hex* of A merlon* Mntho41an, died nt kin deoee In Mew toiu/dny morgtkg. * ' \i 4 A A - * * * TELEQftAPHlO NEWS. THK tAPTtttE OF ORLEANS. Arrival ?f ? Bearer ( Diapatcheg ? ?o?r ram ud Ifameroaa BtUirlri Captarit)? aiMrau llriiractiaa ( PropertyThe fallowing dispatch from a bearer of dlapatchea from Cora. Parragdt, 4ho baa arrived at Fortreas Monroe, *u received at the War !)epartment iaat evening : FomTiKon Mo**o?, Ma? 8.?Hon. Qldeon Welle*, Secretary of the Nary:?I have the honor to arineunce that In ths Providence of God, which tmllet upon a Justcauae, theaqnadron under Flae Officer Fafragut bas been VoUchaafed a glpr'om victory and trltimph In the capture of the city of fVew ( Irian nl Pn?(a f Q* DKIIla I lwf???. i*V ? vi?\"??cj ? VI m ?av?0V*l| 1JI ? ton and PJke, the batterlel below and above New Orleans, u well as the total destruction of the enemy's guobosta, steam rami, floating batteries, (tron-clad,) Are rafts and obstructions, booms and chains. The enemy with their own hands destroyed from eight to ten millions' worth of cotton and snipping. Our loin Is 30 killed and lv3 wounded. Tne enemy lost from 1,000 to 1.500, besides several hundred prisoners. Tbe way Is now clear and the rebel defenses destroyed fN?m the Gulf to Baton Rouge, and probably to Memphll. Our flag waves triumphantly oVer them all. 1 am the bearer of dispatches. feigned,J THBocoacs Bailkt. Captain and second In command of the attacking force, of the gunboat Cayuga. rnu.q inc. ?wu.i ijim utr^Ki 'itn. Important M?T?mfnt. Niw York, May 9 ?A special dispatch to the New York Tim*, giving particulars of an Important movement In the Mountain Department, baa been received, a* fnllowa : heatqpartka? Mountain Department, near Parlsburg, Gllea county, Va., May 8 ? A*11? patch from Fayettevllle announces that the advance force of Gen^Cox, coinpoaed ?f part of the '23d Ohio, ander Major Cowley, occupied GlletCoortHouae and Narrows, on New rlyer, yesterday. The rebel* ran. and did not burn the place aa they bad Intended. Abundant commissary store* were Mixed here. Lieut. Col Major and twenty pi? ?utco ncic tapmcui 1 uiwinis on rnuiin. It seenu that the local deft at of the rebels at Cainp Creek wn? more Important than first s'ip. rosea. Gen Mtlrov la now fighting, arid Oen. Schenck la advancing. [The particulars of the movements ere withheld for the preaent J [official ] h bactca rtkrs mountain Df p a rtjd * n t , Mdy P.?Hon. E. M btanton, Secretary of War : Gen. Cox telegraphs that hit advance, Consisting of part of the 23d Ohio, under Major Cowley, occupied Giles Court-house and the Narrows of New River yeaterdav, driving out the rebels, who wera taken oy surprise. A considerable quantity of commissary stores was taken, and some twenty privates made prisoners. The surprise prevented the burning of the plane, as the rebels had Intended. The cWtens icuiwu. ouu in 111 tu mem kcib ioyany aiapcifa. He add* that the reverse of the enemy at Camp Creek Increase* in Importance a* they become more known. John C. Fksmoht, Majr?r General Comirnndin#. FROM OKU. HALLKtK'S lONnA^O. Cjuao, Ma^ 7 ?By an arrival from Fort Henry we learn that It la probable that less than two hundred of the Nebraska cavalry were captured In the recent skirmish with tba rebels, who were under Clay, Instead of Jeff Thompson as at first reported The affsir occurred twelve miles west of Hlnnara, on the opposite side of the river from Fort Henry, and a strong force baa been sent in pursuit of the rebels. 1 ne rumor or ttie evacuation of Corinth, and Its occupation by the Federala la reported by every arrival of deserter* Tbere Is nodoubt that Heaurega'd, while holding hl% forces In line of battle, is gradully falling back on Qrand Junction. The opinion galna grttund that there will be no general engagement oetween the two armlea at tnelr present position. From Bean regard1 a Army?Hie Headqaart?ra Re movrd u Facahantaa. Chicago, May 6 ?a special dispatch from Cairo to the Times, says that a refugee from Jackson, Mississippi, reports that the headquartera of Beauregard :s at Pocahontas. with nearly 75,000 troops concentrated around blra. Gen. Loveil'a army at the latest advices was at I Patchpahoe, on the New Orleans and Jackion railroad, fifty miles north of New Orleans. FROM GEN. BANKS' COMMAND. Skirmishing with tke Enemy?Gen. Mllrsjr near %taulM. Niw Market, May 5?Yesterday afternoon the rebel pickets above the Columbiana bridge, on the esst side of the Shenandoah, were driven back by detachments under Col. Foster, who was subsequently ambuscaded by two rebel regiments. Tne sctlon lasted one hour, when Col. Foster withdrew In good order. The euemy did not pursue. A company of Vermont Cavalry were cut off and surrounded, but escaped by swimming the river. Thf enemy's low Is not stated, except tbij taking of seven prisoners belonging to tne Oth Virginia and the 7th Louisiana regiments, which indicates that the enemy's force was one of Ewell's Brigade. This morning twelve of our men are reported mls*log. I (. ...... ? <?a _ **? a - * ? * - - n ! iciimruwu bp re ion a icrmnn occurrtfl yenterday near Staunton between Gen Mllroy's advanw and Gen. Kdward Johnson'* command, In which the enemy were repnUed and retreated PROM THE MISSISSIPPI VALLEY. Great Deatractlon el C?tt*n and other prep* ertv bv the Rrbela i ovisvillk, Mar 8.?Two thoroughly-reliable Kentucklan* have Just arrived here from New Orleans. They report that all alone the lppl river, from Mempbla to New Orleans, there Is one general bonfire of burning property?particularly cotton, of which 11,700 boles were burned at New Orleans. At Memphis, sugar and molasses In large quantities la on the bluff, ready to be rolled Into the river, and all the stock of cotton Is ready to be flred. sn the approach of the Federal fleet. The people of the river towns are retreating Inward, and de troylng property all along the southern tributaries of the MIssIssIddI: the nlant*rm in many caaea applying the torch to tbetrown cotton. The Rebel Government haa alao boata running up the river, deatroylng cotton Among a great number tt la aald only one plmter waa found who objected to the burning of hla cotton. FROM rOaTRK&S MONRO*. Federal Oaaktata Paat up Janaea River? Confederatea Evacuating Sewell'a Ptlat. Foaraiss Mortaoi, May 8.?The iron clad gunboata Galena, Aroatook and Port Royal atarted up Jaoiea river at alx o'clock thla morning, and have already paaard Oay'a Point battery. Heavy f ring waa heard up the river at nee the denattHMi ??M ?* * 1 tiuv vi ?uc uvbm. iacy win cu* oh me rirer communication with the rebel army south of Chickahotnlnr. Immediately after the departure of the gunboats the rebel tog J. B. white eame out from Craney Island, having left Norfolk this morning with a craw and two citizens on board on a mission to Tanner's Point, but by previous consent they ran over to Newport News and surrendered to Geo. Mansfield. This is the third time they kave made an attempt to escape. He well'a Point is being evacuated, the Monitor, Naugaiuck and several other gunboats having Just left for that point. IadictMsat for Treason. Cihcihhati, May 7 ?In the United States eir cuiicvuii, Apru Kim, 17)1, ine grand jury found an Indictment of treason against June* W . Chenewlth for fnrnishlng supplies and munition* of war to the rebel*. At the present term ex-Senator Pagk, the counsel for the defendant, mored to quash the Indictment on the ground that the first clanae of section third of article third of the Con- i Utution, which provides that treason shall constat , only In inlying war, refers to rebellion, while the < second clause, for adhering to their enemies la l giving aid and comfort, relates only to a publle war with a foreign enemy. Justtce Bwayne gave his decision yesterday, sustaining the motion by quashing the Indictment. Arreet far Pauiai Cmttrteit NttM. j Pnumiiu, May 8 ?Well-exec?ted oan- ' Urfelt kuadred dollar notaa on tba Allegbaay j Bank of Plttaborg wore being puabed May oa tke broken. One party waa arreated, aad It la anderatood the tame neteaare elrcalatlng In New York aad throughout the country. - - ,-r , ? ? - I Detttattloa of a Orala Elevator* I . " ... ?owb,??t 7.?,* grata elevator in 1 UU eltjr, belonging to Towo?end *. Co , of Boa ton, wm 4ootror??bxftro laat night The Iom mounted to ?t5,000. Eight thouaind bushel* of ' SSl5o?7r!So^'** wWcb there? * OONORBSSlOiyAL. iumth COKflHK8?-S*(?M (Mtlil.

9 8t!?A.T* ? V^ttcrday. after otJr report closed? The Vll providing iv? the??l*c'ton ofifletfo# the District Of CtfltJfffWia ??M fig*C?d The bill for the rrln.-aiif.'fl W Cplor?d Children in Washington city and the District t?f Co'ambit Wilt I a Wan I1 n t T ft n*n ?? IA f Kit 10 rvsp # ?*? ttf r* ?? >i?aru u p. |a> r* '?*( uo< >w fu ffce ta^ea paid by the colored people of the city halt be sef flpai? by the city corporation fr.r the eatabl'ahment of pubifc aehools for colored children, Ac ] On raotfon of Mr. Wilson, of Mas-;.. tti* Mil was amended by adding ? section, aa follo\f*: That all perst-os of color In the Dlatrict of Colntnbis, or In the corporate limits of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, shall be subject and untenable to the same law* to which fr?e white persons are or nHy be g-jbVrct end amenable. and shall be tried for anyoflenK! against law In the satne manner as free white person*; and upon any legal conviction ct any crime or ojfenae against any law. auch persona rf color shall be liable to the senns penalty and punishment, and DO Oth*?r thst xrf? imnoftwi nrvin fr*?? whiff ror ?? , ?? r ? ? ? ? ? r son* for the arms crime or offeree; and all act* or part* of ecU lncoruiaient with thia are hereby repealed. The bill wan placed upon lta panaage, but no quorum Toting, tae Smote on mot on, adjourned. Hocss?After our report rloaed? Tbe dl?cuaaIon on the Ariionft bill was conAt ? . 1 wi. *?' i?_ it - * a-t iiiiucu uj iTimn t? ins, iii-nntu, ijoyrjoy, atuley and Others, until ibe hour of adjournment ? . Cannecticat Lrgialatnr?. Nsw Havkw, May 7 ?The two houses of the Legislature organized this forenoon, the Senate by the choice of Hon. Hiram Goodwin, president Srotem. and the House by the choice of Joslah I. Carter speaker. OFFICIAL* Department of state, WAfHiK9T0!t, January ?5, 1091. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Congress rn bnsi.-iasn on featnrdavs. commencing with Saturday, the ?rat of aeit month. Jan S7 tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. WAR DEPARTMENT, Jarvaky <1, 1?JW. jiDitiD, Th;t the War Department trill be dosed Tuetdayi, Wednesdays, Thursday* and Fridays against all other builneM but that which relates to active military operation* In th? Bold Saturday* will t* demoted to the business of rvnBvon ana nepres?niacive?. Monday* to the bail nets of the Pabllo. EDWIN M. STANTON, J?'? tf fl^rrterv of War. FAftSEftGKR TRAIN TO !**.ANAS#AS. WAR Dkpabtmkivt, ) OJflr* Military Supermten'ftnt Railroad* U.S. S Washington, April 18, J* No Pa*?enfrer Train will be run from Washington to Manaaaan until further notice. D. C. McCALMJM, ap lB-tf M. D. and Sup't ftsllroada, U. ?. T NOTICEHC Copartnership heretofore ?juatmg urder the name an1 atyle of Arji a Shi.ii, ie taia car dissolved by motua! oonfnt All ovinia admit the late firm wiil b? aet'lel by R. A Shinn. Th'.ae iodebteJ to the law brm are requested to ir^ke pajmentto him. O. VV ARNY, K. A. SH1NN. Gforjetown, D C., May lit, IEm. NOTICE ~Th? nndrratco?d will continue th6 Bott'lnr and Agency bu?in?ea at the Old H'and. and hope* to inert a ooutlnaaone of'he liber*] ptitroL&ce heretofore beatowea upon tu? late fl-m. m.S lm R. A-JSWLNN. PERSON* DaSIROU* OF PURC1IaK1>G light CAKRIAOhS vrni iii oo to giT? me aoili. ?h I have a - ham lot vhioh 1 wili tel: low to o'oae oat .w-?TB-? A'ao, aerer&l aecoad hand fcret quality New York bail' Burner, wh oh wili h. t.> d ver? av&p. Re airioR of all htoca promptly attended >a ROBERTH GRAHAM, _ m 3 6t* CoaclnnaV' r. Hth ??reet. IS?T1C^0 THE PUBLIC IN GENERAL '^*>57 GOSLING REST tlrRA!f <7 ?IT PEN NBV I. VAMA AVENUE, SotTH Plt'K. (Fcrmarli oi [Seir York.) Hu the Nam* and Fame of beinf ONE OF THE BF.ST FKSTAUHANTS tn town ! . frrsi^f it a trial an J juJjo for your?elf.?/j| ___ ? * ny mvuso m ? -JV ia of the 4fP&AL 13EST 1HK MARKET NHWIJ^ AFFORDS TP* Don't forget the nnmber? , ?4T Penu*jrl?anta avenje. m 1 3m Between 12th an.) 13: Hi. soa'-ti aide. M FRENCH MILLINERY. RB, TBOMAS, Frora Mew Vorjr, Room No. 9 Delev&n House. has just arrived vtiU a *eieot stook of FRENCH MILLINERY ofS? the la*e*t styles ar.d fashion*, to whiou he<^^ reateotfnllr invite* the attention of tne iadi?s of I Washington. *P S8 riw' I PUBLIC NOTICE 1SHKRKBY OHF KN, that I until otherwise ordered, the Cm - .. under the ?.oi of Congreaa of th t?tb of April.IB#, entitled, "An not for the r?>&?e or cor lain perccns held ?o eervioe or labor in the District of Colombia " will hold their aeeaiona in the city Hall, iu the'City of Washington, on Moutay. Tuesday, We<lne?d?y.Thur?da?, and Friday, ?f every wee*, and that all potaona. loyal tr> the United ^t*tee, holding claim# to aervioe or ltbor against person* difoha'ged therefrom by that aot niay. wuhin ninety dan imm the MHtr" thereof, < ?hich wi I expire rn ine uth or July DfJM hut rot thereafter, present to theOcmmissiorera their reipea ivo statement* or petitions in wntirc. vern<*i byi-atftef aArnatiun settins forth the iimw, imee and per sonal description of such persons, tje ncni n?r in whioh uie petitioners aoqet'ed sooh oinim. and any iact* touoh'nf the value thereof, and rfe< larrng his or li?r al.egiaDoe to the Government oi the United States, and that the p?nriun?r has not borte firs against the United States daring the prevent rrbelli<>n "or ia any way given aid or oomfort thereto. And notict ti Ktriiry /utktr tivtn, that 'be time named ra tne 9th seotion of thai aot. for filing a statement in writi?g or sohe<;uk with the < leric of t?<e Ciranit Court for th* Uistnotof t otnmhia :>v the seve-al owners or o'aimar.ts to t'.e sorvioes of the persons oiade free by tnat aet, ?ettin? forth th* names, ages, sex. and p?rtiouiar description of soon parsons severally, ia by authority gi?e.i to the Commissioners, by that aot, extended te the 1st !'/ ji."11? Commi??ion?r* are croi.ii tom ?l?pwinc th# olaim of Roy perron who lUllDMltoi to file auoh itatemeut or aohednle with aioCUrk, according to the reqairemaat* of that ceotioa of said sot 8 F. VINTON, pANIKL & GOODLOE, Horatio kins, v ? - Comn>i**iOBer*. _ WMhinr?on.Apm 28,1863. a? 30-tf pROFS>SOR ALEXANDER WOLOTVBKI A- la oontmuun hi* ooarae* on the . . PIANO AND IN RINSING, y hi* and aimpiifiod Method, at hi* re*idene?. '? t*i, lenm urNi, 0(iv> to t ?iil r. All (hoc* who deaue to bieomiiM linear* or foeltent perturmera, ?hv8.d &v*U thtaMlrn of hi* w?w T?f m of icttmofaon. ?? ?-ln JAY COOKE * CO., B A N K H K S, * 4*9 Kiftk*>tu Strut, Boy *od 1 U. 8. CERTIFICATE- OP INPFI1TEDNESS, QuaTteTmatttTi, Check* and Votuhcrt, 7 8-10 TREASURY NOTE-, And othor Oovernnaent !**onr> i*?, com,currmmcy and exchange. ?ZM? msuspsnL.1 o_A?TKug. ftt&TSS. ?7 h? ?Jwn.'fL* d:?" miking establishment at No. 410 LJi? ^w**n H nd I. axd u prepared to ex?o?ie ?J order* promptlyJUKI in the latest atjlee tern^ecld.11* ? ltn^ fitting doa>, anJ patDr egoist1n^rn?<^ "*Yo an* tadiei I jgNSaAVlNO-BNOEAVINO, WmUUMt, Vi.ittu.Md BuiB^u^Nuti. uu'okn, i?i,i Hm4i.Maiio TjtlMalcM*lytion ?a Med*l?. Arm, Ctmu Ktpkm, Coffic KieXN,ud " * with g. m . M C. J. HOLYLANO. C?>yr PUU Printing. , mt+w' D LACK AND CUUORKO &1LK:J.-New au D ?Iim. <>eo ?1 barca.ca ; N?w Urea; ticodj orored to da?, with oar una! tall stoat of |)r? Sooob (Foreign &cd DomMt o) rMalrod lor c ?aeni family noU. ' prtoa uGiyt Ki&rieu in pisin ngurM fum. Ki * HRO? ?i*> P?M. W?M> and Oth mtreM. > rROPO?At.** FOR PMM.I, ARMP F??K THE UNITED 8TA1E9 PERViCK. Hioxtno Or*tc<, / W ASH!!*STOH. D. C.. Arrrt 29. I8K.< r*qpo* US will be rfoaive-J hv th a Itcpftrtn ?n*. nntti p. m on ths 8?e'fct of the l'i'fi of M?t. 1**2. for ia the UnitAi Scmte*. for t ie Soverr ui3.n?. w.tTin on? J * ar from tn?t ufcte, um to!iowii?d?Kr!p<' n of *rm?. vn . B?rinc4?M Rifl? mo*t?! 18*5, KM r?rr. VI th avnrd hRTnnAti tr.^ U< l r?l VI/ III ' ^ *' ??av tee; e*i??r*r<M**i.9<i*t '*56. Sreeon loaiict C??t>ia*?, K?r caw:y, Kevo Ter Piatoia, army ?i<<;, H\bre* for ti?ht cava'-?, rfoJi M'nmi'Bioiied Oi5:er?'S?W(?ri?, ? * *' aoab1 SFnatoianr Hworda, { txnia, S ??1 FasbSUrda for rifl*d muaket bayonet*. PrarJ??'* wtfl ?tate-? fcr mmftci'.* ana r?y?t, th# prion for 8f> '"W of either. at?u r?Vjnoiimi yrcrpoae4 fr gttZ. l??r 6Aoh add tiona iJJ**' to 2C 0 & For aid kitfft irotor^ the pnoe for 5 <**>. and ?-r fufoi ot oar b!n?, for ea.-h ad itional 5. ^0 to SofW. For *?*r? fififlr/tt ?T d urabbi * ptif* *?f of the #r?a?ri{>*?d pattrrra to the num!-?r ?i U'si AiAh kfirl alft'. f.w A. aK ai4.ii?ln.al CAiAtA <11 AM v *? ? mmmm - ? l" - va?H ij W V Ml 4*?n*?. All the fire-arm* ar* to be farti?h?d with the r**Hmr appencac"*- The r fle mi>kru are to t?" ili all re?petft? niectlev ?itt tuat manafactweJ a* tie U S. Armory. fpnrJUi, ft;a?cachn*ett?. ?r.d are to interchaut* with ?r. wwi with ?aeh <-thfr, n all thrlr parts, fcaeh of cfte otner kind* of fire arms muit also interchange with vc.9 another m t?ie ratio manner. 1 he material* (or theaaarm* mo?t be of the w&rr quiutr, aa-J no m?lifa;.ie iron pw!? vlllte to be urfd At! th-? article must bo fat last to tl)? inspection pr?dcnb#-d m the <?r<*i^noe Her*'ation* and idiisi b* boxed, reedy !or ftan? portauon. at th? ex?>er?e of the coatta"* >r?, in s eh n.?nfi?r a? "i*y be directed. lnnprotiona wili t?e made at ite laotonei ta J >u u[ not -cm thr.n 1 '00 mcL 'Proper*'* ittT! ate the came of Ibe ee'ablitih m*iit rraktni J&e r (fur. the nnrof.er ar.d <:au- of th? ?r?t de i?ery. Rail rite of Je.ivKr? montiiiy li reafter. Failure to make R(lcii?e?T et & rpeo>fied tiiTi<*. or tint *t'erT'?tt.? intri dua ? malleable iron urnthftr infArinr ii.nt*r 1 % inLd 7 rk . v.II ftult jeat the whole number of arm* ccstr*ct<*a for to |orf?it>ire the option of the l>*p%r?ir.ent. T*.e res*, ves U> itself tn*rutit to rtjsc: *ej f.id, atd will coiill cr wr.e ma<3e Um.ivh e.tent. broker, or pjrtr other than the regular manufaoturorp. Pr pvrxh will be ?:!drea?#1 * fo.iows:-?"??n* eral J. W. H irtrr. Chief of Or 1 hat"#, Waa'uSt f<>n U C wii! be eaii?Teerf j tor or r;fl-i, sa'er< 4.3, as in" f ap >' dt.'ray .6 PROPOSALS FUR :HOK8W. DOTOT QUA>TXIM?STKS'? OTFin, ) Corntr \tlk and O sts., WaslStnifm, \ Arn. ?3 i.\ finid P*nro?u.? wii! he r?cr!ve<i fct this Office un'*! Hatordr.?. -he I'Jth d&j of M*j, M U o' -!'?ok >(., fir fnrfli'hiai the ??ov-'uir.etit ?rn 2.<" ) TWO TliOUSAPD HORcE^, >A th? fol.otr-.ne dMctiptiocB, ?i*: CAVALRY. F< r Tavilkt -I1,wi one t'^nwand from (15) f flees to(:?) r?itren h*n4s hieh, befreec and ?.ght jearvot &*e; ofd%'k oolon; wan broken MHWi eoafscii; Mini, ana i.ue liuIH defeota. ARTILLERY. Fob Abtilimt - ;' l?>- ) cre thoosacd horws, from t ? fittcer; a~d <"ce half to( hands high, bet *k obi* acd eigut o> ag?; of da t oi'ofi; fr*e f email defect*; oonpacliy D?ult; wf i broker to harness, an.! to weigb Dot ifsa tnan 1,1 nn pound*. PROPOSAL*. Proposals mnat Bpftffy whether the hid Is for Oavalr* or ?.rti!ler? he-?w".and t* no t?i? niu*t t-o'h be bid far on the same ?a>er. If any b dder wiahes to propose for both ?: ***? he must forwaH two dia<ir.?t srnposais?one for each ciass rovipliif. te ?.?*//, ana laving no /ele? enos to an* otl>er propo&ai br 'bo aamo party. Ifa bid is In the nar,e of a firm t* e ram** of a'l the paitaera roust appear or it wui not b* o a?iu#r(v!. Proposal w"?t tfRdtlreeard to Co.. I) K. K ncker, Quartermaster V. J*. Arm*, Wa hu.gto?i D.C , and must be p a:aiy marksd "froposas for fcoraes." CUARANTMK. Theabi!Tt? oft! ? bid er to fill the contract, shou d it!? awarded ta him mast be guarantied hy two rerp ,n?ib person*, whose signatures must i>J apn*ml ?rl ?* tK > ?" The responsibility of the RTtanirtorg mint h? Uown Dj ilit? offl'Vfti c*rtil.o%te of tt* C;er* of the t*? ivis-.r 01 wj.i or v? i: ?; _ !'?i : i;i'ss Ut?triot At'ornwr ? lli<J4era muit b?* pr?aert in period wf?*n the bid* ar? cp?cM or th.-ir fropoav.? wn. not t>e oonimwn. kioDdt, in the rum of tsn taouaan i dollars. i!tn?d by the ooLttfr-strr aci both of hu cuarautora. *nl b? required of the aCiWew.'jl bidder up.n ii|D.U? t e o- ntrusi. A? the bond moit aco mpacy the car.traot. it will h* n?(?e?n?rT for bidder* to have .heir o-r.d meti witft them, or to have bond* aimed in anticipation aLu ready to be pro?luo?d wn;a tin oncta jt is Unei. Klacka fcr bonia rs: be prOcu^J upon npp lcatipu *>eiKc inade at tnis office, either per loe^ if. ht or "* tn!A*r??h Ft**i pf tf?ir?nr?s We, , of the count* ot . Stato of , and ?, of tne oonnty of , ami State? f , do hereby gu&raLtee that > able to fuifil a oontrvot in aooardanoe wit^ the W11.0 f hie proportion, una tn?t, ehou <t mi proposition beaooepted. tie wilt at oace et.er inf a c^niraot ?n accordance herewith. Should the contract b? i warded him we are prepared to beoOme his ? _> vtiee (To this tu;irantec *a appended the oficiol ceruhoa*e a ove mentioned.) INSPECTION. 1>EI.IVERV. Ac. All hor^ea ooiitracUil lor und?r t' i? edvertiee mrm win oa eur>j?*MO'~ if> * rigi.i lcspoctior, anrt linw* not oorforimcg to liae npeoittcaiioxu will t>e relented. N?> mutt* will t*cc<ire<*Th? tiorr.^e inuB*. &a t* d?iiT?r?d in this citron or b- lorn Satmrdiy. tkt S 1st <tay of Miy, ?n<l ho tj-iemion of tiir.a wi!l t<etr:nt?4 o^ b^i pretext |*tt **i *r. t tn h* n?fl* M m. ?n f ? m ? r coiiir&ot. or ao eoon thorcstte: aa me Depot Quarterir.neter ahal! b?in funds. An> informality m tb? *?-*,orBon-oonforrn*na? *i:h the term* of ti-ia aJvertiacwnt. wii tuonra tiie rejection ofti.e proposal Tdm# horaea wtli t * aw^'ded in 'nta of nr.t mori tuau two hundred each. na <*aa the Depot Quartern ??'er ahonld deeui it fvr the inter?st of trie OoTernmei't ?o aoo'pt a lirger camber. T.'.a Depot Q uarieri.taaler re??r??a to himae'f the r:iht to rrjsot any or ail bide that be mar uK i? too hUK i> H. K I CKKK. ?> ^ tm<9 Colonaland Qi-pot Unartermaater. Mno. V K8TACRANT. The popular Kfc'STAUKANT awl DINING SALOON ;cr ladi*? an.i cet.ti0.11au koHA . . A by ,Ur?. L. Rti'toll 405 7 a a:ioei af yMOTT fa de fin opportaoity to c.tti cs rj r*B| I atan^era to goi iaoal? r.ta., 1 h >nrs. wrv?-J up iu \i ? H'^f >r which ?hif eit^bliahntrct la l%n oui. Vlaitnra rray cvont upon good fara,cnrtaou* attendai oa. *.? *U the re*ui?nea lor a well-rerulat?d firat < !% hwnaa ap 24 1 m T CAN'T BE BEAT! HR RfiKaiiri K*r? ? * ? ww/ovi* ". ID wviui UIIUOU W BWUIXIIIM'UfclC ail peraoca, either in pieaaure or hun A n^aa. hare |olo 10 l^rte f? pea-e ir UifVsg*?J?l>fT. Snrchaae ofCarriacra, ttutiieaanJ 8*4 , If Hotidi.iil fu. th? u?o of the publio. ham; iea wiaiifnf it, can at all timoa proocre a no# earner* with ?ent.e iior&M aod a good and oarefni driver. Ordera awitt to the atabl-a with atreot and nnir.bw ^1 1 h? proraptlv intended to. Cfaarcetai mtderato u the wwea will allow. Horaea taB?n M liw*rj. J C COOK & CO., Sixth street, due block south of ap 1< lm* Henna, ay wife. ?1M? THIS L.VDIxiS GKNEilALLY, A M I) ALL 1 AUM1HKK8 OF CHOIOK PLANTS, Ao? k.0 , PARTlCULARLYr->lOJU8iiLr-25,0i|0e* tr%ohoioa Hard? Perpetual -btoomir.i Kmrt. Ornament*! ShruSa. P?rtor and CliinhiBf Haut*, Magnolias, Khododindram, Ereifrceut. to- The collection comprises all tteohoioret fciads kfcown in Kurope or America. Al. plant* warranted true ti name and of first <ua.it/. A J&RHiN, Flortit and N arson n an, ap & 2w? Qonceo'lcnt av , corner of M at. pVKRYJ?Jh:KSON'S 1 MKRKr 7 ?That f.ne M~m hiwjk "i umrnrn* tor *&ie oyer 6&lta' Jew*?iy btor* it now offereu at LLas wiiule?alc pri^'% at SMITU if. No. 460 beTemh ?t:e?tv< ptx-?;U Post Ofeeo ? S*-*"" THK PEOPLE'S OLUTHIN6 SlORE, No. 1 4<H> Mventh >1. AiwaT?a:.^i4! KW arrival of ?>ria? Gt*xi?.afl the latest ?t*iea of C.oth'a*, at So. 4o0 s?ryenth n?*r fr fe ti Im F?OR bALE?A fine etook of Ctotaia*. Permieh V inr Oood*.Tracn. Hata an.l 0*a?. *t ?*.>!<? ei> prioee, at No 4 66 Sarenu itmt, f u?t uAoe. la 27 2m ? 1ENT8 F nrnuiiinf SooCa, Track*, GiOth.n*, aJTTrcnti, H&t*amfcapt.alut Nortiwa>nctt. at the Peo?i*,? Plowing *mr*. No 4to ttit aire u CH1RTS, SHIRTS. *UIRTS .-Jual tmmtM O l?<?do?en Shirt*, wtucn we offer at old Kiooa, aTHMUH'fi Mo 4?f> ??r??nth f? W4n G** ft?r JSififr,?!"" waooer oiumuud atrarjivr* a lueMwrt s^A Zhz% 1 color* ud ?<B&1 IB WH fc?-f I to th? b?at auton -work. W?y?l.?2 ra'^C?0" ?*s< Ant,??rson mllo* Tt!iAw^?2Ui^?4 4riui ft RKPKI0KK ? TOtt Mlaot*l from a iaF<? KM """feS. J. ORESORY. A 301 reauiy.vnuA ggSy ??" . "txw fch^d'lwii CAJftiSfcHriSfS "" WA" ????^ THE WEEKLY STAK. TkU rsr*n*bi Publlr ui Nrwi J??r?v telnUt" greater tinm ! ittrirM^ nonAi * m m w wiM ta uv ovui?H pMlM^ -a normtng *Tama*?r?<?. immm?. ? ? Plagleoopv. ?*r annum Ftn (wpto I T? oopu- 9 ? TWMit| i?f OnpH* W ? !t l?nr1iWjM<ntaln?ttf"Wu.k,n^ton Ne*r?> that bu mad'1 7>? 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