28 Nisan 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

28 Nisan 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE EVENING STAR W . D. WALLA* H. Editor and Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY: THI RS0A* APRIL 2ft>, 1*64. NAVAL INTELLleil.ME. Sl CCtSc! I'L BOAT KXPKOITIOX. ir.xvsn. DESTP.rcTioN or rt.bki. pro perty. T lie Secretary ot the Navy has received the following ? F ij h-p -V. A It. FquoJron, of Ven-part tfc'iat, I a , April -its !~0I?Sir: The statements ot retaxeea received on hoard the Niphon, olf Wln>:agtor.. on the 7th instant, indicating that extensive nnd valuable State salt works in that vitinily were weakly defended and might toe destroyed. I directed 'Japtaln Saads to or gan.ve a boaf expedition nnder command of Acting Vol. Lieut., Breck, to effect this im? lortaatobjec. I am happy to inform the Department ot the complete success of the expedition, which re stilled in the destruction ot one largo steam pump, boilers aad engine attached, seven large boilers, about two hundred salt pumps, the large vats, res. rvoir, and outbuildings of the establishment, a lafge wind-mill, arid nrty or ??xty Government wagons, with harness com plete. The furnaces and bolter wore blown to fragments with 90-pbnnder shell. One hun dred and sixty conscripts wore captured, of whom but fifty could .be brought off in the boats across the rough bar. Complete order and discipline were observed, much to credit of the officers ^nd men engaged. The work was well and quickly*done, the bar at Mason boro safely crossed and re-crossed in the same tide, and the vigilance of the military rorce close my completely eluded, My thanks are especially due to C'apt- Sands . aad Acting Tol. Lieut. Brack for the good arrargements made, and to Acting Vol Lieut Breck for the admirable manner Jn which they u ere executed, _ '* I have taken thepilot* OrellABd ^uckett into Government serviee. $aBiO 1? I have the honor to be, vary respectfully y^urs. S P. Lex, Acting Rear Admiral, Commanding ST. A. B.Squadron. Hon. O::>xon Wellxb, Secretary of the Navy. THE M ^TLlMlY FORCE VOLUNTEERED FOR Tin-: NORTIlWKSTERN STATES. The 1 olio win* letter from the Secretary of W ar accompanied the joint resolution appro rr.;at?ng?23 f*t>,tX)0, which was so expeditious, ly passed by the House yesterday, just previ cns to the recess: ?Wau I??*A*TWMrT, April 25. ,,r ?The Governors of Ohio. Indiana, llli i on-. Iowa and Wisconsin have tendered to tae President, on the Wd inst., a large number or volunteers from their respecttves States for es'vice during the present campaign They se expected to number from eighty to one hundred thousand men?their term of service *o be one Tmnctr^il davs from mustering It v> be.ieved thev can render useful service j hfy are tc be paid no bounty, and are not to d.numih or delay the draft tor three reara' rren in ibe States where the quota of the pend ing draft Is not filled up. The qaotais ^Hied LPHmtia.d^Qa* P^^lowa and WtacoXSJ r!Ltr Tii u lhoasaild are due from of "*??? troops are not Fore submitted! " W#r d*bt ^reto. -,1.; tted ? &m?00 will meet the ?oionf?^ hundred thousand of these extra 22&OT& acJ 1 respectfully recommend a special appropriation for that pumose and ThV? 4 i0lnt "solution for that purpose^ The impending operations render it expedient ;it.?ernuhou,d * ear,y acu?? b/C? if-,;??. Proposition, to that if sanctioned all T h^FTtVJ lOU may be roade in due ?eaaon. l have the honor to be, very reiDe^tfuiiv vour obedient servant, 7 ?,>ectf,",Jr' Lnwiw M. Stanton. T.VKE.N TO ALBANY. Col. William S. Fish, late Pro-rest Marshal Baltimore, who was tried byt a court martial ?.pon the charge of conduct prejudicial to good crderand military discipline, and sentenced o pay a tine of *.>.??> and to be confined in a penitentiary for the tfrm of one year, was on Saturday last conveyed to the penitentiary at Albany, N. Y. naval orders. I irst Assistant Engineer Henry Schneider, l detached from the Katuw, and ordered to spe c.al duty at New York. First Assistant Engineer B. C. Bampton, d?- ! tached from special dnty at the New York ravy yard, and ordered to thesteamer Nyack NAVI" YARD. The steamer Eutaw left this morning for the blockade off Wilmington. 1 he Baltimore arrived yesterday afternoon from Fcrtress Monroe and Yorktowa. MAU\ LANr> UONSTlTUTIO?AL CONVENTION. Ihe Mary lard Stare Constitutional Conven Hon assembled at Annapolis yesterday. Eighty members were present, having previously qualified by taking the oath prescribed by the convention bill. Altera temporary organize. t.on had been effected, Mr.Stockbridge,of Bal ? moTe, being called temporarily to the chair, rhe Convention proceeded to eltet a perma. iu?nt president. Hon. Henry H. Goldsboroagh, c! Talbot, was noa nated as the Union candi date, ar.d Judge E. F. Chambers as the oppo stvon candidate. The latter, however, de clined The nomination. Mr. Goldsborough received fifty-eight votes, every Union member rresent voting lor him. thus showing that on every issue the emancipationists will vote - 'eadilr toge "her. f ?n ly two ol the Union mem. ? ejs were_ absent. On taking the chair, Mr Gcldsborouijh delivered a pertinent address, a*-d the Com vent ion then adjourned 91. til to* ?tny WCn the anniversary of the captnra of V'ort Sumter b. the rebels a few shells were i?red from tbe fort, which, however, did no Uaaiagd. Tiie "swamp angel/' which, first i.ew shells into Charleston and subsequently -a: st, has been replaced by another gun equal- | '* a~ effective. Shells are now thrown into e C.;y, and r-ach points which have hitherto b-e- considered oti? of range. Th* Conceht this evening of Brignoli and tli- artists of Max Maretzeck's Italian Opera j i roupe, aeisteo by Mr. Pattieon, the American piaciet. and Mr.Mo!lenhaner, the violincellist, j f?rtm:ses to be a graat success, as many seats bare already b?n secured at Mezerott's music *>ore. Tbia concert will close the season in Washing ion. WCclonei W his ton,, of the 9th North Cir<? '.a regiment, was captured last week at his bj?-t ih Vhe northeastern part of the State, Uy i scouting party of the 1-lftih New Yori volun t-er?. He would nqt sun^'tider until fired uP^^*^wae wounded in Ave pjaces,though ^Ttoe mister of Mmw militia in Ohio, under *.te late offer of the Governor, was well attended j? the Voih. The four Cincinnati regiments WiM report with ftill ranks. TELEGRAPHIC^ NEWS. ?*OM THE BAXKS EXPEDITION. uis : o.^sig ox kkd river. f By Independent Telegraph Line.] : v VfcEK, April at-?Private letters from t a trleans state Banks' lossee on Bed rirer ? eft me? mid 5? pwces of artillery, - rs ?nd cbout* 1,000,coc in greenbacks. It < J ai'd believed that Banks will be super. ? 1 by Gen. Sickles. ^ ARRIVED. 'By the People's Telegraph Line?.] v- York, April VS.?The steamship Oham> j ?? 'rom Aspic wall, with mail and 1 '3 . cv??, ha* arrived. 1 PRICE OF GOLD. [By tte Peoples Llne.J f-t w Y02K, April m ?. m.?(?oid, rfv; |Y~==?NOTICE-W A*TVtt fcUTT.PERS - \t ft r? [>_< u!?r mftl ngof theCarpenter's Association of M ashington, D. C? held i n the 2?th instant. it WH- r( *?oh t*f| t hat the mcmhcri of ~aid Association shall demand Mfi at< advance upon their prc-cnt rati? of pa> per day. on an 1 after tin- I-t day of -Ma? n?-vt. All are to cias< work until these de maw's arc acreded to. All Jiiiincymfn Curp'otiTd of the District of Columbia are requested to meet ?n t|r ?MtWP' itol Ground* on MON DAY. Mar ?1, at 2,l? o'etork l?. in. I!> order. F W. W. L.KTWRNAN. up 28-3t '|Becret|M|. (rg^TII K FOURTH l?HK8RYT KRIAN CfSWfCH LL ~f FAIR ? ill Hose for saTe of Article- on Fri day night, Mini close linnll> ^>n Suliinlii)' night ?it!i a Grand Vocal and Instrumental Concert at Odd Fellows' Hall. Tickets !B? < ?111?. to be Iitt'l at the Fair and at Hall on night of the Concert. icp t7 4t* rYjp" GRAND PROMENADE CONCERT. ^hc Iiwlies of the Calvary Baptist Church grt preparing for our citizens a rare and most delight ful entertainment, Every next week,, enfhmenrirg wffh Monday. May 51. a Fair will be held in Old Trinity Hall,on ,"itli *tr*set?, between D and Ij Monday, the openmgjii^ht. a Grand Promenade Concert u ill he given lti Wliich the best musical talent in Washington will be engaged. Mondav morning a papers \v ill announce the programme of iiolos. Duetts and Opera Choruses. Proceeds to aid in building; a church. Tickipts for Monday night SO c ent-, to be bad at bookstores and door. A hana of music'Will be nrefr?-nt upon some or all the remaining evening* of the fleck. After Monday night admission ??* cent*. Grand Promenade Concert Hill cowmenee at S. Coors open half-past ti The Piano to be used is of Chickeriyg St Sons' make and from John F. Ellis's, 3t?tt Pa. avenue, ap 27 4t* . 'FAIR AND FESTIVAL.?The Fair anil Fe? tival for the benefit of the Fourth Pfesby nrian Chnrch, (Dr. J. C. Smith,> is now open at ODD FELLOWS' HALL. wKrt-e may be fonud a fine collection of fancy articles, confectionery, a', reasoualile pricc*. Come and nee us. ap gS-fit* m coc"y The Board of Assessors, liming completed the general assessment for the year last, hereby aire notice tfcat thoy will sit as a Board of Appeal for the purpose of making any correction thereof from ThurNli).the 21st (lav of April, to Saturday, the 3Uth day of April, inclusive. Suudavs excepted, at the office of Nicholas Callan, ?64., No. 413 F t>t., from9 a. m. to J p m:'eachdav. D. V. BUtfR. J SW. PI,ANT, 5 Assessors, ap 51 d CHA9.lt. BKLT.S |Y-^=? THERE WILL BE A SPKCIAl, MFKTTVO of tlie Bos> H(spf>e-Shficrs and Blaek?mith's Association, 011 THl'RSDAY, the 28th instant, at the Jb*eharase Hote . on C fctreet, between i'i and 6th. at p. ip, ap23-ftt* CATHOLIC FAIR AT POMPEIAN HALL, A Fair, for the benefit ap 23-ft*^ nr^CATHtaiC FAIR A LLS ckorgetown. ortho Male and Female FreeSjhools of Oeorre town. is now open. da> and evening, at the Union Hotel, and contains a great variety of things to? numerous to detail here. Admission it) ? ap? lit ire** SKCOND WARP LIsS rX"ONDrTfONAI, VNTOX TICKET. For Ali>i JAMKS W. SPALDING. *p *L3il . MANY YOTKRS ?THIRD W\R?~Jl'jXBF.r.ECTHt\.-Th> uncvndl.t>"ual I uign Voters of tlio Third ? _ will support tbe folio* intf tick at at llio Juu? , election : Ft>H MITCH? RICHARD WALI.ACn l oit Alwkkm an? r. ^ alkxander k. SHKPHLRD. Ion Common Cocawl? I*. D. LARNER, JOfi W^ANGCA, j-OltN IV. SIMS. ap 23-tr rv^5=? THIRDI W A Hit-JI XE EL ECTW V -Tl^ n^i ;'Vco,,djt,i'"?l 1 "I(,n voters of th?- Third Ward will support the following ticket at the ap proathmarimininpal election viz FokMayoi> ? RICHARD WALT.ACH. For ALIifcKMAV? JOSEPH F. BROWN, Fog Common C?pxoiir NOBLE D. larner, t. jmtf.itk**?"*- < I" OR AfSpESPO*? JAMKS P. McKRAN ap 21tf rTffJ? *nt ^*tcr Ices made by steam p^wer, war ^ ln ftity, wholesale and re Rnl'j i n- any Part of the city. Charlotte Russe, Jellies, Pyramids and WeddingCakes made ary. 386 8Ut> bat, g and g. fe li-8m? Iv i PR'7KS CASHED M\ All legiliM lotteries InrormatJon given t^ded'to.Tddte AUdlii ?rd"r* pro"",ll> ?f" JOSEPH, BATES. 1 I Wall street. N. V . _*P Post Ofliee Box 4,?U4 Ppyisntifffg&SI&mm wa?he7fc to aHiy the duM^th^fri^?, !^ eSreof^a^r ta*lterfsUn ** U",> the cenveni V88 eon RICHARD WAL1 .^mi Mayor. t^EALED PROPOSALS will he received at tlia !> i'lr'1" " ??ce 0"til 12 m. on Tuesdav the lofh da*of Marnext. fot an extension of the DVhllc school building at the corner of New York apex!!* and 6th st reet, according to the plana and specific* M snTL^:RLL '' WM. J. RHEES' ..... O.C. WIGHT, *1^hub Board Trustees Second District "v iKvt?tp>;^TAL.kotVce: ~ ? , f Attention t? the sales, on the premises, of the following Valuable Improved Property, ou FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Apr if" -*T O'CLOCK, south side of l< street, between llth and l*?th condition, with water, gas w and good drainage. ? c n ? . . AT Si O'CLOCK, 1UbSr.iel 1 ili*.''0"**? with a well estab , ortf mV'TI? V1 ?'r,,Ct'r> "tor*, "t tilecor ner of 1 _?h and M streets; al,o a side lot, with stable and wars house. ,. . at o'ci.ock. \ handsome and well furnished three story and oiu'ls building Brick Dwelling-house on north ^5.s, reet. between ^'Jst and '.'2d streets ? est .ff*, lmine<liate possession nf all this prop?-rty ! lJ h' firen ? J. C. M , G r IR E A CO . ap d Auctioneers. PROPOSALS FOR FLOUR" Off'e Thpnt CbwmiwKj of Svhsi<tltirt > <?ni rti P., }Vayh'ntUm, IK C . April 2:. i?6i. ( r rwi%-M.,>?AfcS "rp, lI>vit"d until the idli i TiL.' n t , n'" ^'r f?""ni*.hin* the Sub. I f ri iiM-' Oenar:m< nt with ; L1GH1 IHOL'fiAMj^^.Ot^O) BARRELS OF ; The proposals will be for what is known at this fr rTi 2?n(1 3,ft!idJ>1da Will be entertained for any quantity li-ss than th>> whole : dinnrt !,T'A',IVi"pli,'"te- a,w f<,r wh *rade on ( cniieri'iit of pnp?-r V'4" V'iui to IjO lier.li gr<>und( and delivered in i ?. T'/tf-els. head lined. f-JJ'? delivery of the Flon# to commence within | f rom the opening of the bids, and in ?,iCh Quantities, daily, as the Government may direct: aen vered at theGovernment warehouse in George ? int'ton*V p *1,arve8 or railroad depot in Waih ?.iT*!Sit'u-4i!r>? uf 1,our awarded to !?? coin Cids Wltll,n lw?n?> diys from tht opening of the Payment will he made in certificates nf indebt ^ i."' ?1- 'ich other funCs as the Government iHikv hrtVf t<?r <U^bur*ement. The u-ual Government inspection will be made eV'V ?lour'r received, and none will he accepted which 1* not fr*<-h ground. An oath of allegiancemu-t accompany the hid of eaj-h bidder who has not the oath on file in this oflice. and no bid will be entertained from parties who have previously Jailed to comply with their byls. or from bidders not present to respond . for an)Fc?nse1 r^"rves ti,v to r?wt ??"> '>W jddrc"cd to the undersigned, at \o G street, endorsed " Proposals for Flour " v?! vR til ? s o; GREENEl *P^8-tO : Captain and C. S. V. F?mavV.K,.?A OKAY MUSTANG a WAnri. l.)?, hands Ingh: sound and /rv kind, is a good ladv's saddle mare: 'iy.-arsTZ3h old inquire of WM. H. DOWN'S. C*uip/=C3S ,4?? ?**??" N . 1. KiiKiiie. rsvn.Tir Navy Vard. *?|? mi ?Ai KJuuStfIi%Kiin Ijfcg u!?-' 1?*- "rr+ Oraim. - ? m? s Farina CrackttPs on hhnd aial ftirmJe lur ? ?? EGAA' A PAiiRlJ^, fit ^_^rn?rjdJ^i^(itU ,?i I4 MATKRIAL ot' tlio Persever &c wrn b^M!1] ?"0.uie-"'.f'uding bricks, lumber, M?v -d It n /' I 'V I,u1',K" auction on W?]hk j?iaj ?a, at ,0 o elock a. m., to the highest bidder Ly t *e p' n l!Ss^tned!at<',> t"ru ,!ow"u s"'* removed 'P> order of the Company wpy-rt- HtNftY 1.VI.KS. President. M'^^f^onZn A M<U,,1Hl ^ 'niitarySur. Mcftdell's Military 8arreving Carter ^ ''?"don Carter * Elements of Map Drawin*. emith s Topographical Drawing. Li.i^ton*!011 S Military Drawing and Survejin*. ^?m^~?.Iethodp.d<-irrer les VJ'ln!, P*rig. Paris ours de Topographic elenientaire. I.'Art de lever les plans. Paris. -apZr FRANCK TAYLOR. A -CLARK'S ON. ?n?Sd to irodC'cV\ MT'Jrrtrw&JZ!1" Mt;us.t,ches.in "six upon^/mX.Vhe 't fa^e without stain or injury to the akin. Ahy^ nerson t^?r*ue-nt and engine it not as rep?? Znn 'r fanWSA? of.thf ?5?.'<*'' hate tSeir Q3c>Dcri returnoa to tbetn nt ?p t timA within months from day of pu?ch^,e Tri? Si sealed and postpaid to anyaddre,, on r^eipt of thi Aii?.?,,ANdl'rrr" A- "?CL***-p-" 1>?TOIff ? fTviw??r*i ptvwmi), no. tfinriiirAAt corner of nth. Houm of reception only from 9 to Iv 0 '?lwk *, B, tj 21-jt WANTS. IVAMKW?Ctrl. ? fllTI'^TrnN ? * in an American family, to do goinT?l house vork;?-Call at4t-'N and 7th street. It* \\7AKTE!) IMML1>iX?KLV~\ BOY that can 11 reii'l *n?l writ*-, between the r i? and 18. ? *ppiy?at the Star OJBe* counter. apSS-tf ? wI A^TKD^By ? re#pert?Mi woman, a SIT *? UA1I0S as chambermaid. Address Bov 1* Star (Xpce. ? .*>**?"? ?r 11 * M ANTED-a tir*TeU*rTxi7EywoM A8. an* ** MlLLINfctt. ApnWto L. PIBRAH.^fo 7t| ' *.t reet. bet ween R and If. apW 2t* * VV SNTKD-A roll.-f.l PU^TKR. G o?d refef 11 cditk required. Appl> at no Msrk< t tinace ap in at* WAM1LD?An active COLORID MAN. who U ?? ?Wfr nrf willing to wwrV ami muke hiiwseli useful. Reference required. Apply at store No. 4^0 7 th st. , , , , ap2t>-.?? A ?"ETT LEFXiffcBIC A N W0\lAN wishen-a si t ?fa. uati. n a- COOK and to assist in washing, in * private lannly. (Jan fm good references. Ad drey* Box IP Star Office. tt*__ Y\7 ANTED? fly tiro respwUbte *irla SITUA TE TIONS, one as cook, washer and ironer. and tlie other to do chamber work and plain sewing: Apply oh-Mass. avenue,between 2d street and Ne?' Jersey avenne, on the left hand side goinj; to New Jr fct tfvenne. It* SITUATIONS WANTED-By two younTWomeiT one as cook, washer and ironer. or to do gen eral houtework for a small family: the other as chambermaid or nurse, would be willing to help with the household duties, is a neat nlaio sewer. Good refereni-es given if required. Address Box So. lh Sttr Office. Mo objection to the country, ir WANTED?A woman for GENERAL BOTHE WORK; a (icniian preferred. 454 Eighth street. neiir'D. ap27-2t* WANTED?One journeyman SHOEMAKER; alM?. one COBBLER and BOOT FITTER, at FREDK SCHRfEDELS, 378 Sixth street, be tween G and H street*. apZ7-3t* CLERKS WANTED?We want two goodSALES MEN in the Dry Goods business. Good refer ences will bereqnired. JOHNSON & SUTTON, apTMt* tf'il Seventh street. F" ROM 9.1.000 to $4,000 WANTED-From two to five years. Deed of trust given on real es tate .ft* mote than twice the amount. Address i>? ? So. a.> ??'Tar Office. ap27-3t* WANTED TO RPNT?Two unfurnished ROOMS, to bo occupied as parlor and chamber by one person. ,-Unexceptionfcnle reference given aud re quired. Address Box 3.5 Star Ofliee. ap27-3tJ; YET ANTED? A competent LADY, to attend in " the office. Also. a WOMAN t? eook. wash andiron. Apply at W. II. WHEATLKY'd Dyeing Establishment, 49 Jefferson street. Georgetown, D. C.- ap ST at WANTJCD?'J.? COLOR!D MEN. for waiters, at the Metropolitan Hotel. ap2">-Jt* WANTED^Bv h good FRENCH TOOK, e.n ployjnent in the Army. Applv at the Cap itol House,j^Penn1avenue1iNo. 346. ap 2?-3t* WANTED?By a respectable young woman, a SITl ATION as chambermaid or nurse. Ap ply at the corner of 21st and L sts. np 2i 3t* %*/ ANTED-A COOK at the McClellan Housq.G " street, between isth and l!?th. To a good, in dustrious woman good -wages w 111 be giveu. ap 26-St* WANTED? Tn a healthy locality a HOUSE con - taini iik about six rooms. The best of refer ences will be given. Address "C. C. C.,'" Wash ington, D. C. ? p y ?jt1' ROOM WANTED? Ky a young geutleiuau; with v idow lttd? preferred; between iitli and llth ?tree??, north side of the Avenue. Address B. B., Star Office, ftp l. a* W'ANFJ-.D?A tierpian GIRL, willin;; an-l ca 11 paMe of doing general housework, with good recoiumendRtions, may apply at >fme PRINCE'S, '2'2 Market ?pace. V ages ?10 per uiouth. and more if .-he prove* wyrth it ap .'it' W ANTED TO RENT?A small HOUSE, contain ing six or sevpn rooms, situated between Pennsylvania avenue and G street, and and Htu streets. Address '? Merchant." through the post office. A good bonus will be given. ap 2ti-.lt" VV 1 ED?An OPERATOR. ? lio can furnish r /Xfowtt inacliine, (U heeler A Wilson pre ? ierre;r. <?ne w ho Can do any kiiul of machine work ana is si line to assist in a store, steadv work Address "William. ' stating terms,*?t Star 1 ap 2t?-6t? C1 ARM JIaNDS WANTED?Three good Farm * Hands to work on the farm at the -Soldiers' Home, near Uie first toll-gate. 7th street, plank road. Inquire of the overseer, Mr. G. WARD, on the farm.- ap 22 WANTED IMMEDIATELY-300 LADIES to ii Embroider on Muslin, Linen and Cambric hands constant work and good wages V L*a ***, ? HI Please bring samples ?Jf q^-?Pi ? a PRINCE'S Stamping and Pat en t"Offi c'e.C DoPot' 381 * ^reet, op^osUe ^0 nnft I^ADIBH WANTED TO CALL AT , ?UUU pRINCK'S Stamping Depot, 3*M p ii* !?? vnt 0flr,5?li>and get their Stamp ing. Stitching, Pinking and JCmbroidery done As there are other Richards in the field, ladies better look out that they come to Prince's, who is the only practical hand tn the <*ity. Be sure you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. mhV W ANTED-SECOND-nAND FURNITURE n,'? ^I.irro/,a' tlarpe1"- Be?ls, Bedding and Housefurnishing Goods of every description . M , R. BUCIILY 43M 7th street. mh 30-tf bet. G and H, east side. Skat an'vwopn*!/5'8i0rJ,cfl- A?ril y> ^J5Aiiip 1 HOI 08Af,9. in duplicate, a'l'lressfd oue copy to the President of the Board of Alder r/" c"" to President of the Board of Common C?>uncil, will he received at this office until Monday. the Mh of May. at 1 o'clock p m W?sbin"f- a,.^DK for th" Corporation of >> ahiiiD^ton aurinc fhe mrrent rnleiviiir year 'ori'Sand.specifications can be had by applying at this office. RANDOLPH COYCE, ap 27-t9my Water Registrar. ' ^ . attention. UoderNignM is now ready to receire her ?Z~.' *p."?*? 'ratij io receiTL Iany fri^ildsand tlic ladif*8of W^hintrton at her FRENCH MILLINERY ROOMSVVhe?efM she has the most magnificent Silk. Illusion, JJT str.1^ fP^ndi* ?ssortme^tof Stvk" BoDn^ts ?nd of the latest Parisian Bonnets and Hats trimmed at the shortest no ti-e. All goods will be sol4 at New Vork prices Ladies * i-hnit eood*. will do well to call and ex aimne my stock Wfore purchasing elsewhere MADAM K Dk BORRIES. IS{I- 06 Pennsylvania avenue. * p -7-2w between 12th and 13th sts. CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES Prime Sugars, only 16 eta Prime Coffee 25, 36 and ? ets ?est Imperial and Gunpowder Tea*, only ... F?,n^ mn<l English Breakfast T.-as ; <"'1> SI.50. >ine Brandies. Wines and Segars. ,n ? ,t? s. E\ ANS. 4?"7 Hth street. I X n between D ami E. I7"l KOH FURNITURE FOR SALE.?Will be sold in all this week at the Foundry Church corner of G and Hth streeU, sundry Pew s. Fur n.,Vl." M.Vn H"'1. P,,T? Blinds. Oil el . h a i Carpet-and Matting, affording ? go..d 1; \ HT>\tR vSaV?A m see D A 1 .ihKa"d^h st"" B?tmfer "V"nUe' betW"'J" K. F SIMPSON. Sec. ^TllE FIRM OF RICHABDS ^ GUINAND hav * u;g been this day mutually dissolved, all uer sons indebted to us are requested to settle their accounts by the 1st day of May. otherwise their bilfs *01 be placed in the bauds of a collector I be iiusiness will hereafter- be carried on bv Mr Win Guinaud, both on Capitol Hill and Navy JAS II. RICHARDS. ?- , t MM. GUINAND, ? ashington. April 2T., Htfti. ap 2". :?* PIANOS ?Anew assortment of Stein way & Sons', i, Rllk?nit Bacon and Haines Brothers__j^?^ I lanoB have just been received at ourfiaBn Warerooms. which we offer for sale at fae-H! Ill tory prices - ?e have also on hand sereral very good second-hand Piaoos-one for Slim. ,,,,e for >I2P and one for Rui. Purchasing for caih evclu Ttbe/i 7," *rt" M"Ll),e4 to KeI1 ^wer prices than other houses, and upon easy terms. Sole agency ol Mason A llambliu s Cabinet Organs v ? W. G MEt/EROTT. l * Corner of llth street and Pa. avenue. FRANKLIN A CO OPTIC1AXS, ?Tf U44 Pa. avenue, between lith'auduth streets . n ? ? ?i*? aa-en,,e" ?n.<ler th<1 National Hotel, stock of t,fllCt'rs "f Winy their well selected . ' .FIELD glasses, Mn;l(' ('r doultjo, with the boht achromatic lon.4e< Opera it hand Compa^^es at the lowest price?. 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WALL it CO.. ,, Auefrs and Commission Merchants l?rOKTA>T FRO TH* UKRRYJWMP TROOP r " ?? A T.I,^oT' A HTKK9 FOE Til R I>KKK <>V RICHMOND \NI) to Ki: INFORCE LF.E. ALL TILL IIAILRUAI^S^IZLD FOB. THAT ^This mornij)j Stanhope Gaweckie awl Marj Gaweckie, refugees from Augusta, (fa , pre sented themsehrer at H?# Provost Marshal's office, and were released upon taking the oath of fidelity. Gaweckie states that on the l?th of last month the rebel authorities issnid an order prohibiting all citizens from riding on the rail roads from Tar ions points in the Son th leading to Richmond, in order to facilitate the move ments of troops, which are being hurried up to Richmond in large numbers. Gaweckie and his wife, by bribing the con ductors on the road, were hid away in the cars, and by this means succeeded in reaching Richmond, where they arrived on Wednesday, (yesterday a week) and on the same day pro cured a pas* from Gen. Winder to come North. On the next day, (Thursday) parties who ap plied to Gen. Winder for passes were informed by that official that he was instructed by the War Department to issue no more passes for the present to parties desiring to leave the Confederacy. At the time Gaweckie left Augusta, Ga., which was some two weeks ago, there were no troops stationed at that point. Those that had been quartered there were withdrawn a few days previous and sent to Richmond. When Gaweckie was at Richmond he saw large bedies of troops on their ya v to reinforce Lee, and the arrival of every train lit that place increased their numbers. SUPPOSED SINKING OF A RKUEL TOKPEDO BOAT. Com. S.C. Rowan, of the S. A. B. Squadron, has forwarded to the Navy Department a com munication from Capt. J. De Camp, written on board the U. S. steamer Wabash, ofTCharles ton, S. C., under date of April 10, in which that officer relates the supposed sinking of the re bel torpedo boat which sunk the Housatonic. It appears that on the night of the l-th the deck officer of the Wabash discoveied a dark object about 150 yards distant from that vessel, which corresponded in shape and movements to the torpedo boat. It moved rapidly up against the tide, till about the main mast, and then turned and stood directly for the the ship. The men of the Wabash quickly Tushed to their quarters upon the beat of the gong, and when the supposed torpedo boat was about 50 jards distant, round shot were fired at her from each of the spar deck guns. A round shot is supposed to have struck and sunk her as she was seen no more after the first fire, and the second vollej' struck in the immediate vi cinity of the first. SENTENCED TO BE 31IOT. The court-martial of which Lieut. Col. P. Brinton, 1 '?th Pa. volunteers, is president, now in session at Stevensburg, Ya,, has found pri vate John Cnnninnham, 140th New York vol unteers, guilty of desertion, and sentenced him to be shot to death by musketry. The sentence has been approved and will be carried into ef fect on Mohday, the 9th proximo, in the pres ence of so much of the 1st division, 5th army corps, as can be properlv assembled on that day. CON OBB88IOJN A JL.. XXXVIIIra CON?MS8.?FIRST 8BS8ION. TiirBPDAV, April ?>. Skkatb.?Mr. Ten Eyckcanetfup the bill to change and define the boundaries of the judi cial districts of Fast and West Virginia, &c., and it was passed. Mr. Fessenden, from the Committee on Fi nance, reported, with amendments, the House joint resolutiou to increase for sixty days the present duties on foreign Imports 50 per cent., exempting therefrom printing paper. [The amendments rcduce the increase to 33 '3' per cent., and exempt goods on bond from the in crease.] Mr. F. said that the Committee, in conversa tion, thought the 50 per centum increase was too great, and therefore had proposed to amend by reducing t :e increase to per centum. The Committee were of opinion that when the new tariff bill is passed, it will act, on an average, put up the duties higher than 33per cent, and therefore it would be impolitic to make this temporary rate higher than that. He thought it better to put the rates a little below than above what may be the final rates of a new tariff. To put them up 50 per cent and then put them down again on many articles in a short time again, would effest trade very ir regularly. Mr. Sherman said he had disagreed with the committee in their recommendations. The proposed increase of 50 per centum was not on the value of the goods, but on tbe existing du ties. Therefore the House rate would be but l.'i per cent, additional really and the rate of proposed by the committee but 10per cent, additional. Holpk.?The House resolved itself into a Committee of tbe Whole on the state of the Union, (Mr. Washburne in tbe chair,) and re sumed the consideration of the Internal Tax Bill. Mr. Kasson, ol Iowa, offered a substitute for the 151st section, which was agreed to, provid ing it shall not be lawful to record any iustru pient, document or paper, unless the proper stamp shall be affixed, and the record on which the proper stamp is not fixed shall be utterly void and shall not be used a- evidence. The section stricken out proposed a penalty of $50 for the failure to affix stamp. Mr. Farnsworth offered an amendment pro hibiting any person or banking association to issue any notes for circulation unless author ized by act of Congress; otherwise they shall withdraw their circulation in six months, and the said banks shall pay a tax of one-fourth of one per cent, each month on tbe note so issued. Tnis amendment gave rise to detpte. On the one hand it was contended that it would sup press the State banks, and on the other it was maintained that taxation should fall equally on all. On motion of Mr. Holman tbe words "unless authorized by act of Congress." Mr. Fenton appealed to the geutlemau to withdraw bis amendment, as it was calculated to delay action on the tax bill. Mr. Farnsworth could not withdraw it. Why should not banks be taxed, while they taxed everything else. This amendment was adopted. LATE T^6tiRAP.HJC NEWS. ARRIVAL oit TU^ CliLiAN frigatc I NEWS FROM CHARE K.STON -? ATTEMPT TO DESTROY THE WABASH. ' IILR ASSAILANT REPULSED. i Nkw Yohk. April 98.?The Italian line-of battle-ship Re Golantuomo, has been heard from at Perceira, Western Islands. Her masts were carried away, her bulwarks smashed, , and all her guns thrown overboard, besides . other heavy articles, but no lives were lost. She was thirty days making this voyage, hence to the Western Islands. An unsuccessful attempt was made on the leth to destroy the frigate Wabash, off Charles ton, by a torpedo boat. The Wabash gave a broadside to her enemy, wblch either was tank or escaped under cover of a heavy fire. PENNSYLVANIA UNION STATE CON* veNtion. Habribburo, April 28.?The Union State Convention called for the purpose of placing in nomination the electoral ticket, electing del egates at large to the Baltimore National Con vention, and to take such action as it may deem proper In reference to the approaching Pres | idential campaign, met here to-day. There was a fall attendance of delegates. Henry Johnson was elected temporary chairman. r*rfc?Ur!i Bear*. a ,lBy thf People's !???] ? i'. s. coupon s?, !*??. m#; *T-: (>i tificates of Indebtedness, IK; Gold, 1"V N. 3F, Central, Erie, 113; Ilndson, I*-. llarlem.-23'13&?,; Michigiw PHI ElcblgRn Southern, Ji-?4; Illinois <>ntral, V7*5 Cleveland mod P?*tsburg, i antf Chiiat o, l'J*|Cleve?aod and Tol-do, \}hl|fctobnf! Roc^l*"*- m"> Milwanfcle and Prailledu CblenTlk*; *ltt*burg, tort Wayne* aud^hienpo, 114 tf; Alton and Ton* ?*?'*? fiOUi Chicago and North western, ,?0; QmetcMl <*>? LATEPT CiVOTATfO.NB. Gold, tf-1; N. Y. Central, 135; trie, J11*, ; Hudson, 13?X; Reading, i:!5*'. Michigan J*?atn era, IlItriGis Central, I28X; c:jefvT i Pittsburg, 113- t?Sicag? ird tunk Island, 1H. Chicago and Northwestern, 5C?X; Quicksilver, ?s*- ,m.a: *- : 5 ^ LOCAL NEWS. OvBRBoir.D.?Yesterddy,* Secretary Stanton having 'visited Alexandria by land in his car riage proposed to return by the ferry boat. The horses were detached from the carriage, on being placed on board the boat, butoneof them becoming restive got his leg entangled in the wheel of the carriage, and in this coudltion plunged over the side dragging the carriage with him into the water. The horse and ca rtage were both rescued. Fortunately the Sec retary was not in the carriage at the time, and tnus escaped harm. The Ebuollmbkt and DRAinr ii* thi 8 Dis trict.? On Monday, March28th, we published In the Star the correspondence between Mayor Wallach and the Government authorities rel ative to the enrollment and draft in this city up to that time. The last letter in that corres pondence was one from Capt. Maynadier, dated March Slat, and which was accompa nied by a tabular statement as to the number fnrnished by this District. We give now the further correspondence as going to show theeffbrts made by the corporate authorities to have the District properly cred ited for men, and the quota reduced in accord ance wlih said adequate credit. To the letter of Cast. Maynadior, above re ferred to, Major Wallach replied as follows: Mayor'* Office, March '29, I&G4.?Hairy E. May' nadier. Esq, Capl. U. 8. A* in charge, *c? Sir: In reply to mv letter of the 21st instant yon omitted to respond to the second interrogatory, as to whether this District is not entitled to ?rjber if so, what credit, on account of exemp tiona from the late draft, and in the tabular statement accompanying that reply yon fix as the number credited to this District therefrom ''AmTtounderstand that number as the actual result or credit from that draft, and all the Dis trict of Columbia is entitled to be credited therefrom, that it covers and embraces as well those who were drawn in the draft and failed to appear and be mustered into service: those who, having been mustered into the service, have subsequently deserted: and those who, though drawn, were exempted from 6erv?oe by an act of Congress, physical debility, alienage, non-residence, age, or other cause, as those who were drawn and mustered into and remain in the service! Respectft^ly, Ri< HARD Wallach. Mayor. To this letter Mayor Wallach received the following reply: War Department*, Provost Marshal it OA\cl, Washington, D. C-, April 1, 1*61.?Bon. R. 1Vol I'jch, Mayor of "Washington? Sir: In reply to vonr letter bl the 29th ult., received yesterday, 1 am directed to say that the number of men credited to the District of Columbia upon the draft of lf?3 (1,183) includes those who were held to service personally, who paid commu tation, and who furnished substitutes. By existing orders and regulations, men wno failed to report, and those who were exempted for the various causes enumerated in the act ot March 3, 1^03, are not credited. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, Henry E. Mayxaiher, ' Capt. U. S. A , *c. On they'd of April the following letter was sent bv Mayor Wallach, and elicitudareply on the !ith instant, which we also give below : Mayor's Of ice, April ?, Henry E. Mayna ilier, J?*/., Captain C. S. A. d-e? Sir I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of yours yes. terday, in which you say, " by existing orders and regulations men who failed to report and those who were exempted for the various causes enumerated In the act of Congress of March 3d, 1863. are not credited." May I be permitted to enquire if exemptions are not admitted, to show at least an inordinate and excessive enrollment the necessity for its reduction and consequently a diminution of the qnotas. Also, if those who tailed to report are classed as deserters, and if subsequently arrested, are not credited ! Respectfully, Rich.ved Wallace, Mayor. War Department, frorost Mar thai General's Offine, Washington, D. C., April N 1661?flow. Richard WaUach, Mayor of Washington?Sir: In reply to your letter of the 2d Inst., received on the 5th, I am directed to say that men who fail to report after being drafted and notified are considered deserters, and are not credited eves if apprehended and punished. In regard to your enquiry as to "whether exemptions are not admitted to show an inor dinate and excessive enrollment." Ac., I can only sav that I am unable to perceive how the exemptions could show that the enrollment was excessive, but rather the reverse: for if a great proportion of those enrolled were ex empted, it would tend to show that the able bodied, and those not entitled to exemption, had not been enrolled. I presume, however, that if it he alleged that the enrollment is excessive and inordinate, the admlssability of proofs of the allegation would be governed by the ordinary rules of evidence. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, Henry E. Maynadier, Capt. U. S. A? in charge ot Enrollment Korean. The following letter was addressed to the Levy Court by Mayor Wallach: Mayor's Office, March 30, 156-1. ?Xathan Sargent, Et'i-, President, dc., Jc?Sir: Be kind enough to inform me if the Levy Court of this District has or intends making any provision for the payment of bounties to volnuteers to till the quotas of the District of Columbia? If this matter has not as yet been before the body over which you preeide, do me the favor to call their attention to it at its next meeting, I and urge the importance of immediate action i in the premises. Respectfully, Richai:n Wallach, Mayor. And the following to Capt. Sctiee'z : Mayor's Office. April 2, 1664?Henry A. Sch'etz, E.-7., Captain, dc., dr.?Sir : Will you be kind enough to give me as soon as possible, In exact figures, the number of men enrolled in the city of Washington proper, that is the seven Wards, asrfubject to the late ilralt, the number drawn and ilie number exempted therefrom. Respectfully, Richard Wallach, Mayor. The Adjutaut General's Oflice waa also ad dressed upon the subject in the following terms: Mayor's Office, April .'?, Iftfl ? E. D. Toicus-.-nd, rot. U. S. A., awl Assistant Adjutant General? Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt ?f your letter of the loth ultimo, In whicn you eay, "By order of this (War) De partment all men enlisting or re-enlisting in the regular army irom the District of Ootum bla, or from the different armies in the field, are allowed to select the State, district, town ship, town and ward to which they prefer being credited." "The large State aad local bounties at present offered by some of the Northern States, proves a great inducement for men In the regular army to be credited on their quotas." The enlisted men now at the Washington Arsenal were therefore allowed to select oC their own free will such localities as they prefer being credited to nn<l *r existing orderw and regulations irom tills (War) De partment. The Department, when framing such orders, were, permit meto suggest, not probably mind ful of the fact (bat these men, whether ?liable to the draftpr not, were^nrolledhereastfubj-et to it. aad it . b*a occurred to me that this city should af least be permitted'to have Its enroll- ( ment re4Uoed netbnly by1hfe4feducCtoiU>t siUA* i enlisted men, and all others (nneulisted mtytH in the employment W the Government, and contrabands minted away, who, on aeeoant of ??the luge State and local bounties," hare electedto ealUt elsewhere. > As this city is making extraordinary efforts, pecuniary and otherwise, to fill up 4's quota bv volnuteers, and avoid the approaching draft, I trust it will no trespass to inquire if the city of Washington is not entitled to have its enrollment reduced by deducting therefrom all who, enrolled here, have enlisted else where. Respectfully, Richard Wallach, 'Mayor. Subsequently an interview was had with President Lincoln and Col. Fry, Provost Mar shal General, by Mayor Wallach and the committee, (an account of wh1 cl* W"P in the St*r of the 13th last.,) and Mayor Wal lach, in accordance with the nn^n. ' said interview, addressed to Col. Fry the fol ,0?, Office, Apnl 13, Ml?Janes B. Pry, Fsu Col and 1'rovast Marshal Oeneral ?Sir: We will elect to have the quota of this District upd? ib?callsof 18GI, ana lWki, fixed on the basis of the Census of IM* Be bind enough tt? tofprm, m? ii amber w? wotild hftT? to furnirti ou tliEt basis and in complianc. with thow calls and what is the exact number remaining to b<? fur nished at this time- Respectfully, Richard Wallach. Mayor. To the above letter Col. Fry answered in a letter published in the Star of the ISth inst., and rjatrlt-* tmiex c?Il? ot ?-*l i'fdiV' 1 nn;>-, Itijp population aeehowa by the cen*** of I-Jj , A careful commutation ?fci>w? that fh? quo^a on fftis basit- m? "%7-43 Had the aecounr ol <???? I?i?trtrt, tip to April I, stands as follows : ;f *?R | Quota ni'drr calls of Irf.l axd !?<*.' J,:i; i Quota uader call? of IW an* K<rt.,'.f,r..1,^ tsT V Uk.< By iroop* rakalcbpd opto January I, . .s.r.77 tredited by draft .... .. t,l>3 IVnmber furnished from January r to JfVb ruarv %?9. ... 1 /?iJ Number furnished from March 1 to,M..,. SflJft Balance due, 'April I, IpOI ?lD tsTOD Tire account of veteran volunteers who mar be credited io the Ilistrict lias not ypf beau re ceived, rind any credit which may be due oa ibis account is sot included in the above state ment. Very respectfully, yonr obedient servin*. Jaw B. *>t. Provost Marshal General. This correspondence, wit* what we ha\? previously published, completes the history of rhe steps taken by Mayor Waflach and the city committees, resulting, as above aeen, la the gratifying fact of the recognition ??y the Depart ment of the jus* ice of the claim (so persistently nreed by Mayor Waliach throuzhont tL-? cor respondence) for p redaction of the exceavlve enrolment and fbr doe credit being given for men furnished by the District. The i^uou Mr tbe District has thus been reduced to a merely nomiral om> and will probably be wiped out altogether wben due credit has been given for veteran volunteers. EfH'Am from Carroll Prisoh.?Yester day afternoon, two men confined mi (?arrall prison, named Bernard Richard and Ferdinand Rekowski, made their escape by jumping a fence about sixteen leet high. They are both foreigners, and are notorious bounty jumpers, having Berved lit several regiments each, be sides having served the re belt, alter deserting our service. They were in tbe rebel aervtoa and were taken prisoners at Gettysburg, and sent to Fort Delaware, where they were de tected as deeerterp from our army, and were sent here'. During the last day or two thev were employed in white-washing a new high beard fence, and were using ladders. Yester day, wben the guard turned hla back, they jumped the fence and made their escape. Tbe police of the Fifth Ward were informed of the escape, and got on the trail of one of fti'iq, who they traced to the house at one Bicb%r4*on, in "Poverty Row," on D street north, w!ween Third and Fourth streets east, but were too late for him, as he had been tk?N and changed his clothes, leaving hie secesh garments in the plare of new ones. Officer Sprague had previ ously met one of them, but he did t.ot krxov. him at tbe time. Dkath of Fikl?t Johnson ?Finley John son, the well-fcnowr. poet and sketch writer, died at bis boarding-house (411 Third bi real) yesterday, after an illness of but two day Mr. Johnson hails from Baltimore, bnt was employed here in the quartermaster's depart ment. " His iuneral will take place to-morrow morning. CrimtitalCourt, Judyt Fitter.-This morn ing, the motion of arrest of judgment and tor a new trial in the case of John Mc^tlIv, con victed of grand larceny, and awaiting**! ter.ee, was argued by his counsel, Mr. Adam*, and the motion was sustained, and paisonrr dis charged. TO RENT WITHOUT BOARD?First el*?; ICR MBHK1) HOOM8. The best of city i ('fereucss given ami required. Menls furnished at a boarding noiw-e Within n few doors. Apj>!y at Vo. Peon. avenue. al>ove.2l*t street. ap2rt-tw*, ? -''OB SALE?Tlie (Jo<?i| Will, Stock riii1 Kivtur**, f of a GROCERY AM) PltOVlSrWN StORt now doing a mini ca->h business. satisfactory re? sons given lor selling out. Afiply at tlie St*rOl fiee. Possession given immediately. ap 24-Ht' OR RENT?Three neatly furni-hed ROOMS on the third floor (with board) of a con>fi>rtitj> house, plesssutlv located. Apply immediately at No. 1 Frankliu f'laee, I*treet, between 13th mid Hth sN. Also, a few Table Boarders can be ac commodated. sp2?jt% PliTRENT?The HOl^Kou K street, between ?.tli and 27th streets. No. 33. containing U rooms. Also, a l.ot on corner of Seeond. iyid t ?treets; a House on Pn speet ft Feet. No. 44. Georgetown. D 0. Possession t*i veil immediately. Apply to JOS. F., KKLI.Y. Real Estate IlroWer, I'ftice on Mh street, near the corner irf T street &P 28 3t' . For bent ?A well-fnrniahed HOIT8E. in one of the most delighttni ai>1 )?e*ltliy locations in WashiiiistMi? 5'i Missouri avenue, between 3-i ami atreeta?witliin a f? ? niiouti-a vralk of Pcun?yi vania avenue. Haaliroonis: gn? tlirougliout tbe house; water in kitchen and ynrd. A uood car riac*-house, sertnnts' rooms, &e. Hv<es??i?n tfiveu imm?>diately. if desired. it" NOTICK HK Undersisrned having bought the pro'Tiis, known as the Oyster Bay House at Georgetown, corner Bridge aud Montgomery street*, now ealle I the'"Ni-w Idea," respectfully announce to tii"ir friends that they will always have on hand s !in. assortment of 'Hines. Liquors, Cigars, Ac,, Lc., aud have aUo Furnished Rooms to rent. G. BENNHAM, II. FARJIHA.M, ap 23-2w* l'roprietors. 4 QQ SEVENTH STREET, j QQ 4*50 Between O and H streets, e*ft sid". L , P r"7~B RAM Has just received, a large stock of latest style SPRING AND SFMMKR BONNETS AND HATS. SILK AND STRAW. Also. Ribbons. Flowers, Foatbers, Head Cress s. Netts, Laces, Embroideries, Hosiery. Ac., Ac. Ladies' Plain and Embroidered READY MADE UNDER CLOTHING of ev?-r> description constantly on band. . Bonnets and Hats Blc&i'hcd aud Trimmed ap W-41* |^Y GKKEN^k WILLlTMS Atietiineei*. ONE-HALF BABRKI. OF GfiOU V.?RNTsn %T Al'CTION Cn 8ATFR1>A Y, tb?yith in-taut, we shall *ell. ii front of onr Auction Rooms, corner 8eT?>-,|i, Rt,d j) streeta> at IP o'clock, a in., one half barrel of ctllent Varnish. Terms cash, apiR-l?t GREEN .V WI I.LI AMS \uc'? DY j C. McUUlBE A GO., Auctioneers MCE FRAME DWELLING HOI SE \NI> I OTON MASSACHUSETTS A V KN 0 E B?TtVKKN lTU AND5TH HTRF.ET WE8T, AI PUBLIC SALF t'n THURSDAY AKTE7!N?.?Off, May 5Ui, at 6l, o'clock, on thepremisoa we sha 1 soli, partoff.ot No.'??, >u Square No. a'7, frootlog 13 <?-et 4 incht s# i s the south sidt* of Ma.saekn-^ft rn *v*> ut>. Wtween Fotitth and Fifth str otr wost. running ba'k t irith to a 3l>-fo?it alley, improved by a two story Frime House, containinc; six rooms. Immediate posseision eiven. Term! cash. ap 28 il lRep.1 J. C. McGCIRE tc 00*. Auet*. |JV J.C.McGUlRE A OK. Auctioneers. valuable iotson yiegi ma avenue, us ?i WEIM 4f . AND 6TH HT BEET, ISLAND. Cn WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON". May 4th. at4'? 'o'clock, on tlie premises, we si <11 sell, n*rt of Lot No. IS. in Sqnare No. I'M, froatnig 62 feet f. |ncbe?. on Virginia avenns, between 4).- and 6tb streets. (Island .1 mnning back, an avirage depth of L* feet. If desired it will be dividciintothree Lota of ?'out 21 feet front, each. Ttrms: One-third cash, the remainder in sic, and twelve months, with interest, se~aredbya deei of trust <>n tbe premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. ap.28d fRep.l J 0. McGCIRE A CO.. Aucta. HY tt.M. J.. WALL A CO.. Auelioneers, At the Horat Baiasir, 9* La. kv. A 1'AIU OF MULKS~WORK AND SADDLE lltiRH.S. CARRIAGES. BCGG1ES. Ao? AT AUCTION. on SATURDAY MORNING. S?t>i in?i%t,t, at V o clock, we vvill hell, at the Bazaar, a t.u-p?ir o' Mu e,<. gvntls, true, ana will aotAiok; vt rk mb^ v or aoub.e. ALSO. A number ol Saddle and Work Bvise?.< An Extension top Batroaoh, n?arl> in*W ALSO. A number of other Carr?are?.ifci*gits? sad Wa?ou?. l'lTtDH cash. ? ap.28 WM. L. W AH, A OQ, A?ict^ |>jft BOTELER A W^tUSON, Auctiin'tTs. Cn rONDAY MoR^'INGvMay 2d, Comm ?t o'rlftck. si tbe rosideice 'of Joseph!. No. 4-.?. D htreet. be^wei n First and.>ecorv ttoo'l a'sottment of Hou?holi ret line of one superior Rosew9?-d ristn,^: r Suite, in maroon Vejr^t.tun ?iec??; -t ?_ a - J ?*' - ' " ? w* will-stUi a good avaottment ofTloue? -rOuTo. e'dnsi'stp" ~ " Walaut Pailor 1 . . l?o.'ew?.od. Marble-toe, and other tildes. Curteins Cornices,**.: Hair oloth So^fcs. Chairs and Rockers; Walnut Sectet&rj; Briisaeri Carpett, Ila'l. Oil cloth, and Stair Carp?ticg: Marb'-e top and other Bureausand Wa>l.stsuus; Oil Paintin^i, W.i'nut and other Bedsteads: W?rdrobes. Dinner and Tea Setts, Glassware,said Tab> PumitnT > *?9 ? rally: Cook i a* sod other Stores; and a ftenenu assort msnt of Kitehen Furniture. Terms cash. ap/.'8-.-lt IK>TELF.R A WILLSON, Auct^ gY J. C. McGUIKE A CO., Auctioneers. ~ CHANCERY SALE 0*~VALUABLE gtiCARK OF GROFND ON SEVENTH STREF.t WEST BETWEEN Q ST REIT AND RHJDE ISLAND On MONDAY AFTERNOON. May 9th,at lis!? pa*t So'rlcck, on the premises, hr virtue oradrareeo/1 the late Circuit Court ana an amended decree oftfcr* Supreme Ooartof the District of Columbia. tweiTe njo^ths ^ **?a?nder ia six and facfl??f U^Vru^U^?or^n , 1? tbe enrcbaser. ' r ca?b. at the option of PjtcjSSSfrW*M# tad *tWnp# *X the of ??e re A '? OAR ROLL BRENT. Tr^sta* tp^S-4 J. C. MfGUIBE A 00.,AucU?'

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