4 Mayıs 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Mayıs 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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??. ? r l "1 i V I ? - r -- ?_ t i i I V?. XXI11. - VTA8HINUTOIN. I?. C.. WEDNESDAY. M VY 4. 1W54. N2. 3 489 auction sales. rUTURK DAT*. YTTMcGr IBM A CO., Aiioti-weari. Y J. C. MoGUlBE ft CO., Auctioneer*. cFA*C*RV S\\lB OF VALUABLE TTNlHVttniEi> P opB *rV 0>? D*L\ Mr ? r k AV KM<1 *. BITWKJ* ? A>fD V- ST* * OBTH, N K s K TTI K : A ?I rOL GAT B On ? ATI ROAY AFTERNOON, May Uth, at a ? , en\\?? pr^mi^e*. bf virtu of* ?i~ere* of St? lite Circuit C? urr W &rp?na*<1 <*?<3 ee of *?upr.meU>nrt of iH? Hi t'lOt of Cola-nb'*. sitt bV? aCeurt of Eoaitv. Ufa U? erdecr-. Uted A?V'.9II>1 1S64 aid rendered in acanee N i 7H. w&elr Brcrft is com pWinant, and >%? B Rr nt s.nd others, ilefcmUnt*, t>i? nwl ?r?,^l,lii ?8 ???'* 'sXm.ii ? Au*r*> No follow* P' kit0t?SB north B ?* 1 6B Delaware ?tobuo. ,a * - -^?t) streets. and ran i in* i A* r j/^.f^taley, improved 0y a kilCR Dw?DlJNrt-llorg? WITH BAOR BUILDING*. A'lrfLotNn 8,f'ontlruj an f.njt * ineheeon Dela ware av?? \x*. between North B and 0 ?tr?ets.' and rasni g ba*k an nr'ri** .lepth of IMS to a V ftrt slley improved b? a large a to woll arranged BUCK DftELL'NG HOU'E WITS BAOR .. ? BUILDINGS. . , L Part of Lot Na. 10, fronting 3fi foet % inches on relawaie avenue between B and C streets n rlh. mi nio? back about 14" teet to a 16-feet allev. All ?ni* vproperty in si uated within a v? rv short, di?tance of tne Norrh Oat* of i1!* C*?i lol and if the proposed extension of th? Capitol (rounds is consummated wi-1 bo immediately al Tftm* : One-thi?d cash; the renraiftder in ?lx and twelve var stbs, wilh interest, secured to the satis tarOoa of the Trustee, or all cash, at the ootton of Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the par ?fcrty possesion Jf ^RbROL L ^kN T* f ru&e. ap -9 d J^C. McGUIRl 00., Aaeta. DY GRkfcN & WILLIAMS, Aacuoneers. TRU8"KK^8 8AL1. By authority ot a iloed. of tru^t and a thf 8uornm? Court ? f thi? District, in the cauft* ot Krglish Dndge ani tin* a-ainnt ?lha? H aud Wui. H. Ve able, th<> subscriber will, on the Iftth day of May rext, at tive o'olook in the aft^r Boon e.- p<??? to cale at auction, to the highest bid der, th? following property in thiq city, near the ? avy Yard, name y. Lot No. W and part of 17 In #?nare No 847 beginning at th<? northewt earner of said lot 16. fronting- on Bixtb street east and running thence soath 72 feet, thence west 1 >5 e%& 1 ioch theDee north 72 feet, thence eas% V^fl feet 1 inch to the beginning. There are rn this oarcel of ground fire tenements fed eaob will be sold separately, with a sufficient portion of eronod attached to each. Terms* One fourth of the purchase money in eosh. ana the residue at 6.12 and 18 months, with interest, for which ttie purchaser's bonds, with surety will be taken, and a lien on the premi es eold retained. A deposit off 20 on each lot will be re ;olr?C at the sale. * Deeds, certificates, bonds, stamps, at the pur thawr's cost. If the terms are not fully complied with within ?ve days from the day of sale, the property will be resold at the defaulter's risfc and co>-t. W. R1DIN. Trustoe. ap 13-3taw&ds OBI EN A WILLIAMS, Auct?. b TBC8TEB3' SALE Of BRICK HOUSE AND LOT on Twelfth street west, between C and D streets north. BBICK HOUSK AND LOT on Eleventh stree* w?st. between G and H streets north, and VACANT LOT at the oorner of Twelfth street west and north P sfee*. r On FRIDAY AFTkKNO iN, May 13, ?t S o'clock, on ihe prHmi?es, we shall'sell. by virtue of adecree ?f the hnpreme Court of th? District of Columbia, sitting in chancery, passed on the 9th day of Apr>l, M&4, in a cert tin cau-e wherein George W. Miller to complainant and Ellen Miller et al. are defend ants No. H6? Part of Lot No. 1 in Square No. 2)3, fronting A3 feet 9 inches ou 12th otreet went, between north 0 and D streets, and back that width the dep:h of ?aid lot. together with the improvemei '??, Consist Ick of a two story Brick Duelling House. Immedi-Uly alter, part of Lot No 8. In Square Fo. 3*5, frontirgSo feet on 11th street west, be tvreen G and II streets nor h, and running baok wMh that width to the raar of said lot, together wJUi the improvements, cor silting of a vwo-story Brrek Dwe linn House, Immediately afUr, Lot No 9, in Squam 779, frontiDK 26 feet ? n 12th street west, at the corner of sorfh P street.and runningbaok S5 t> a 13-foot al )^y and cont'iniag 2 128 square feet of ground Terms: One-third in cash, and the re<?idae in thieeeqnal instalments at*ix, twelve, and eight een months, with interest, for -whijh the purcha ser shall givo notes, ?? cured to the fcatiai'a :tion of the Trustee. T t purchaser to have xhe option of paying all in ca^h. Coi-veyances and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five <a>'8 f*?m the day ofssJe the trustees reserve the right to re sell, at the risk and sost of the default ing pnrch^r. on one week's notice in the National loteiiigenlir. ? GEO. A. BOTTRER, ) K.C.MORGAN, f Trusteei. A. THUS. BRA>>LEY,\ ap 2u-eo<lA.ds J. C. McGUIRE A. CO , Ancts. ?^ALM OF CONDEMNED UORSE8 AND MULES. Ckitf Quartermastt's Qfire. D-pot af Washington-1 W.ifHi*?TON, D. C., April *7 1954 S Will be sold at public auction, at the Corral, near the Observatory, in the Citv of Washington, D. C., ?n WlD^ESDAY.May H, 1864,and WEDNESDAY, May 25,1864, a l"t of? HHB8K8 AND MUI-BF, eendemned as hi fit lor public service. Terms: Cadfen Government funds. Sale to cotnWrnce at 10 o'clock, a. m. D H. RUOKBB, ?rlg, Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, ap 27 Mt Depot of Washington. D 0. A UCTION SALE OF COND^MMKD B0R8E8. War Dbpartmkkt. Cavalrt Burbih, l Op/iok op Cbiip Qt'ARTIRXasTia, > Hiutkiwtton. D. C. April 25.18?.\ Will be sold at public auction, to the highest bid den at thf times and dIhcss named below, viz: Newport, Penna , Tharslay, MayAth, Gettysburg. Penna.. Monday. May 9'h, Alt?-?.na Penna., Thur>day,May 12th, M ittiin, Penna , Thursday, May )9th, Heading Penna., Thursday. May a#th, Lebanon. Penna.. Thar'day. June 24, Nt.rthumberland, Penna., Thursdav, Jane 9th. Scran'ou, P^nna..Thursday, June 16th. WjlHameport, Penna , Thursday June 231. One Hundred 1100) horses at Gettysburg, and Two Hnndr-d snd Fifty'2So.at ea^h of the other places The A horses have b?en condemned as onilt for '.he tavelry service of the United States Array. For road and farm purposes nany tfood baagains way be bed. Iiorses will be sold singly. Bains begin at 10 a m., and continue daily until a/1 are sold. Terms: casb, in United State* Treasury notes ?rly. JAXE8 A EKIN, ap ii tjeSO Lt.^ol andC Q.M C>valry Btir?aq, IT 8. MILITARY RAILROADS, ' ? Qfice o/Assrstaut Quart tr ma iter, WabHiJKiros, April 15,1%4. AUCTION.?Will be sold, on WEDNESDAY, the lfttfc day of May, at the Railroad Depjt, in AJexan dria, 100 Tons of Old Railroad Iron, l#o Tors of Old Car Axles, 3&0 Tons of Cast 8orap Iron, H?o Wens of Wrongbt Iron, 3 Tons of Old Brass and Copper, 100 ?O Barrels. _ Terms Cash in Government Funds. Ton (W) ?er sent, to b* paid at the time of purchase, the Balance on delivery. The property must be removed within ten days from dlteof sale. H. L. ROBIN SOW ap.ld-dts. CapUin and A. Q. M. 3 000 HOE?ES WA:!iTJiI>? 1 Va Dbpartmrst, Catalrt Eur?auJ Qjfi.it of Ckitf QuartertnatUT, S Wa9HI*0T0S. D C., April 8, MM. \ One hundred and fifty (fl5>?)dollars per head will fee Dftid for &11 ^ CAVALRY H0R8E3 delivered within the next fifteen ?H) days at ?ewernmeiit 8tables, Giesboro, D. ?. Skid horses to be sound in all particulars, not will I* strutiy adktrtd to and tutidk/ tn forced in trtrt particular. l*ayment made on delivery of ten (10) and over. Hours of Inspection from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. JAMES A. EKIN. Liemt. Colonel and 8-15t Chief Quartermaster, Cavalry Bureau. PIANOS.?A new assortment of Bteinway Sc. Sons and Haines, Brother Pianos has Just^j^^ keen received at our warerooms. We have|||HI also on hand one almost new aeven-ootav#?e? *?' Piano, eost $400. which will be sold for 1280, the ?wner leaving the city. Several second-hand Bssr&sir'" "*? ml Cotn.Tof 11th .'.nil. ^ H E A P BOOKS. Upwards of one thousand works cfT Engli sh and foreign Literature, embracing HISTORY, TRAV. BL8. POETRY. NOVELS, etc., etc., at from W to go per sent, below the regular prices, at HEILPRIN'S Bookstore, 344 Pa. avsnae, ?? 11-lm between 12tk and 18th streets. ^ " ATTENTION. A HE Undersigned is now ready to receive her she has the most magnificent Silk. Illusion, Crape. Bombaxine and a splendid as?rtment. of Straw Bonnets and Rats of the latest Parisian * Bonnets and Hats trimmed at the shortest no ta^e Al goods will be sold at Hew York prlees. Ladies wish! lg g^ds will do well toeaB and ?* amine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. MADAME De B0RRIES, ay 27-lw" No. 466 Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and 18th sis. J. HEIBERGF.R. SUCCESdOB TO H. F. . LOUDON A CO.. _ >a CITIZENS' AND MILITARY MERCHANT TAILOR, Km Metrcmo ht*n Uobl (ls'? Brown's.) 3e2 Fennnsylvania avenue, 27-tf Washington, P. C. . TO LEARN?Fe Pu^>M<r D/t%e and Stmt It tied Mtthon' ir Woloir WINDOW SHAPES. FhMfes of an y r*?ulrod style or aUe wf. T?rTD(icA#h. J. llAliEft'TB^t ?> V lmlf* AUCTION SALES. B Y J. C. McGUIRE * UO., AuetloBeere. W EXECUTORS' SALE OP VALUABLE BRICK YARD AND APPURT1NAN0R3 Tht triolet quart So 111 with fint Br<tk Rtsidtnoe tnd Out Buildings, iorge number of Loti,simenf tkrm\mp*9V'd with Frame Dwelling koutfs ?t> teker with the Mm:hinery Material, and Imnl menUJar the mann/a iwe of BritJcf. On TtJES AY AFTERNOON, May !0:h. at S o'clock. ? n the premises, we ihall sell the while of 8qu-r? Nob 9ft ar d 96, in the northern part of the n r*t Wa '1 on Twentieth street west, known as ' Hopkin* Brick Vard,** wM^h In believed tibeono rf the best located n the D.strict, bavin* o >th Geor*?town and Washington for a market, an abundarce of line clay, brick and temperingsheds, kilnp. offices, and all necessary outfit for a first class Bncji Yaid; the yard will be worked until the day o> safe. IllMnDIATXLT ArTER, We will sell the stoca of? Bor?es. Mules, Cat ts. Wheelbarrows, Buggy, Moulds, Seiner Sand, &c., Ac. ALSO* The whole Square No. Hi. formerly the jesidenft of Colonel Eaton, fronting respective!. 01 Connec ticut avenue. Twentieth street nortu. 1, and R street*, and Nineteenth street west, irnpr <ve4 by a la ge Brick dwelling house and back bu Mings, carriage houses, stabling, dtc.. Ac.; the whjleen c'osed and beautified with fruit and ornamental trees and shrubbery. also, Lots Nob 8. 9, 10, IS, M, 17,18, Si,51, and 24 in sub division of Square No. 110, fronting each on Twen tieth street, between R and 9 streets Lot- 36,37 . 38.39, 42,43,44. and 46. in s%me Sauare, fronting on Nineteenth street west, between Rand 8 streets; four of the latterare improved eaah with a small frame dwelling-house, ana will be sold sep arately. also. The whole of Square No 94, fronting respectively on Massachusetts avenue, Twentieth and T verity ? first streets west, and north Q streets, with tbe improvements, consisting of one large frame stable and *h-ds, two small frame houses, and an office. Terms of sale: One third cash, the remainder in six, twelve. and eighteen months with interest,se cured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyances, insluding revenue stamps, at the cost of the purchaser ?7~A cash paw ei-t oa each piece of real estate will be required at the time ofsale. GEO. W. HOl'KINS,? JOBN 8 HOPKINS.{ ?fcx?cu?ort. ap.ZO-d J. C. MoGPIRE Sc OO..Au*ts. gY THOMAS IOWLiNG, Auct*;Georgetown. PEREMPTORY SALE oFvALFABLE TMPROV E" PROPERTY BETWEEN THE CANAL AND THE POTOMAC RIVER IN GEORGETOWN. D C. AT PUBLIC AUCTION I will ?e)l at Public Aifttion on WEDNESDAY, the ilth day of May, 1864, at 5 o'clock p m , on the premises, that Valuable Property, be'nc part of Lo? No 79, in Georgetown, and fronting 71 feet on the south side of Cherry street, and "W feet on the east side of Potomao street, and opposite to the Cotton Factory. Tbe improvements consist of a large two-story and Basement Brick Dwelling House, and Back Building, also, two Lots, eachf on ing 20 feet on Potomac s trect. adjoining tne above aad running back 7? feet. This property, actuated as it is, be tween the Oanalana Potomac river, offers great fa cilities for manufacturing or other purposes, and for an investment such an opportunity seldom oc curs. Terrs: One half cash, balance in sik and twelve months, secured by a deed of trust on the paoperty, T>tl? perfect Conveyancing and stamp* at the cost of the pur chaser. ap.9?d&ds THOMAS DOWLING, Anct. J^Y J. C. McGUIllB Sc 00., Auctioneers I JJOi TRUSTER'S SALE OP~A HOUSE AND LOT ON ELEVENTH, BETWEEN LAND M STREETS. By virtue of a deed of trust from R. B. Bridge, dated October 2,1*67 and recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 137, folios 440, &c., of the Laid Records of the county of Washington, I will offer at Auction on MONDAY, tbe 16tn day of May next, on the premi ses, at 6}-i o'clock, p. ni., part of Lot seven i7) in Square three hundred and forty-one <341> in Wash inton. bounded as follows, viz : Beginniog forty nine feet sev*n inches from the southeast corner of M and Eleventh streets and running thence t on th twenty-five feet on Eleventh atreet, thence due east one hundred feet, the wh?le depth of said lot. thence due north twentv-flve feet, anl then e due west to the begii ning with the improvements, consisting of a Frame Dwelling. Term* of sale: One-tbird of the purchase money to be paid ?n cash, and the residue In two equal in stalments at six and twelve months, with interest, to be secured The terms of sale must be complied with witfcin one week after sale, or the property may be resold, after a week 'a notice, at the risk and cost of the first purchaser. CBAS. 8. ENGLISH. Trustee. ap 19 lm J. C MoGUIRB &. CO., Aacts. Auction s*le of valuable real Eg. TATE ON THE POTOMAC RIVER, In Alexandria Corsry, Va. By virtue of a deed of trust executed by G&spar Tocbman.and Appollonia J. Toohman, his wrfe, dated July 14.1897. and rec-rded among the land records of Alexandria Co nty. Vs.,?the said Gas par Tochroan belngengaged in the rebellion against lae sovereign authority of tee United State*, and tre intorest on the debt secured by said a^ed of trust being In arrear and unpaid from the 31th day of October, 1861,?I shall pro otd.by order of the p< rty secured, and by virtue of the- authority con ferred by said deed, and the statute in snch case made and provided, and on tke 19th day of May.l&H, I shall sell at auction to the highest bidder for cash in front of the Mayor s office in the City of Alexan ? ?\> aj' " o'clock, m., the property ntmed on U.',J?V^ed. that is to say the l'arm called " Summer Hill' on the Potomaerive* in said County,?the same com pri in g about one-hundred and fifty aeres, and being situated about midway between Wash ington City and Alexandria, Va. Further particulars of the sale will be given at the t<me thereof. *P 30 td J. M. STEWART, Trnatee* JjNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. In virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, issued from the Clerk'b Office of the Bupreme Court of the United States, for the District of Columbia, aud to me directed, I will expose to public sale, for cash, at the front of the Court House door,of said Coun ty, on WEDNESDAY, the 25th day of May nex*, 1864, at 12 o'clock m., all defendant's right, title, c<aim and interest in and to the north part of Lot No 34,in8quare No. 877, bourded as follows ? Beginnirg for the same at the southeast corner ol Lot No 33, on the line of Seventh street east, run ning thence west 97 feet, thence north 30 feet, thenoe east 97 *eet to the beginning, together with all singular, the improvements thereon seised and levied upo* asi the property of Samuel and Joseph Arnold, and will be sold to sati|fj judicial No 2K, hi lavor of White, Middleton & Beall, usfl of Elias K. Whit^, my.a WARD H. LAMON, U. 8 Marshal, D. 0. 562 SEVENTH STREET. 5^2 TO CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS. 60,000 Lights of Sash ef all siios, from 3x10 to 12x20, glazed and unglazed, l.Ooo pairs Blinds, I,#tl Doors of all sizes, styles and qualities, 2TO.OOO feet Mouldings of various patterns, Also, a large assortment of Brackets, Newel Posts, Balusters, Door and Window Frames, Glass, 4.C., Ac., making ii^all the largest and most complete stock in the builders'line ever offered in this market, all of which will be sold at small profits to make room for more con stantly arriving from th?_factories. H. W. HAMILTON, Agent. N. B. I have also the agency for McLean's Ex celsior Sash Sustainer ana tbe West Castle Slate Company's Mantels. The Sash Sustainer is the best thing ever in vented. aside from weights and pulleys and at lose than one-quarter the cost. Tbe Mantels manufactured by the above company are too well known throughout the country to re quire anv comment upon. For cheapness, dura bility and beauty they surpass all others. Sample can be seen at my office. H. W. HAMILTON, Agent, ap 16-eolm* 662 7th st., oppo. Center Market. PPAttfWlTM & CO.,^^^^ OPTICJiSS, 344 Pa. avenue, between' lfth'and 13th streets, and' 3S8 Pa. avenue, under the National Hotel, offer to the officers of the army their well selected stock of HELD GLASSES, single or double, with the best achromatic lenses. Opera Glasses ana Compasses at the lowest prices, Barometers, Thermometers. Mathematical In strnments, Photograph Albums, Oartes 'de Visit*, plain-or colored. Stereoscopes and Views in a great variety, Braxiliao Pebble and Periecopic Spectacles and Eye Glasses, careiully suited for every partie ular eyesight and warranted. ap a> J08SPH REYNOLDS it CO. PLUMBERS, OAS, AND STEAM FITTERS. ?o. 600 Dim Btbht, sear avenae, k w,u constantly heap on \i*?Z"il>"t assortment in the city of OhandeLiers, Brackets, Drop Lights, Portables. ^5* "dother Shafes, and all arU eles in this line, from the beet establishments In New York, Philadelphia, 4c., which wiH be sold on the mo6t reasonable terms. ^Aleo, *JJI?E8. FURNACES, and Pi re-Board we are prepared to furnish the use anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Kif* 0*11 and seeonr BaUiing Tube,, flaR eeubUahroent In eilpi AMUSEMENTS, CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC J0AN1WRBURY HALL,/ AND UAL LiCANTERBURY HALL,\THEATER LOCTfilASl iTlSDI, Ntar Cat mr of Sixth Strut, Ktar of Naiionaland Metropolitan Ha?lx. Sign of the Big Calcium Light, Giorok Lax ?. -......... Proprietor W. E. Casavacgh StageManatsr. BRILLIANT TRIUMPH! ' ENTHUSIASTIC RECEPTION OF THE NEW COMEDY COMBINATION. The largest and most Talented Company of Artistes ever seen in the Ci* y ofWa-ihington. GBEAT ATTRACTION FOR THE COMING WEEK. ENTIRE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. John F. Poole's Prize Drama of the MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, MOUNTAIN OUTLAW, Ob, THE WRECK OF A LIFE! Ob, 1HE WRECK OF A LIFE! Oh, THE WRECK OF A LIFE! which received the premium of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS From the American Theater, New York, and the right of playing it in Washington purchased by Geo. Lea, exclusively for the Canterbury. SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY AND INCIDENTS IN THE DRAMA. SCENE FIRST?Squire Nolan's House at Con nomara; Meetiug of th<? plighted lovers. Redmond and Kathleen; ' Farewell to the land of the Sham rock . green fields, and bubbling: Streams?I go to the West, the home of the aspiring, America, the birth place of Washington;'' The clandestine meeting overheard by the revengeful brother of Kathleen; " I'll weave a web that shall stay your journey?Beware! Beware!" I.auty cLaughliu and his jewr 1, Judy O'Crlen: A cure for the colic; The anticipated wedding; Luis of children ana maloy praties, strawberries and butter milk. SCENE SECOND?Th>? inountafn pass; Hugh Hafllan.the Outlaw; The convict, returned; His mother and the wrrth^s of a wretched life; Ven " I ?!?! it?I mutt rrs5t the hour to strike the avenging blowj" Philip Nolan Is foils ! by the timi-ly ai rival oi Laniy, who tickles his catastrophe; " Look at the blackbird;"' The out law and his fool accusers! Retribution for past wrongs; " Die like a dog aud rot;"' Kathleen dis covers the body of her murdered brother,' " Who did it?" " 'TWas I, Hugh llanlon. tie Mountain Outlaw;" For revenge I slew him, ana for r<>v- nge ] now make her mine; Circumstancial evidence; Redpiouii accused of murder. SCENE THIRD?A room in 8'iuire Nolan's house ?L8i)ty and Judy undergoing a cross-questioning from the Squire; The mou-ie and the male bag; ?' Meet me, Judy, attbeouldhut;" Lanty's resolve to find the true murderer. SCENE FOL'RTII?Hugh Hanlon. farewell; To the land of my birth, my shame ana my triumph; The rf .ipe of Redmond; The outlay confesses the deed; Redmond attempts to drag hiui to Justicc; Terrific combat; Redmond overcome; The outlaw liberty; R?-dmond again arrested as the assassin. SCENE FIFTH?Interior of the old hu+; Thoold oak chest: Kathleen a pri?on?r, and in the power of the Outlaw- Lanlv's arrival with his juveni e hlunderbusa; He releases Kathleen, and vow* to irrotert her; Judy in se&icli of her lover; The Out law foiled; 4 We are all lier.*;" " Your daughter dies;" Your youn* blunderbuss is brought into requisition; The wreck of life I Tableau. Erery department of the GREAT CANTERBURY is well filled. DRAMATIC,ETHIOPIAN & TEBPSICHorkaN, Consisting of some of the MOST TALENTED ARTISTE? in the profession, viz; JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, . H. W. WILLI A M9, H. W. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMd, 11] DOUGHERTY, DOUGH KRT Y, DOUGHERTY, W. B. CAVBNAUGH, W. B. OA VRNAnGll. W. B. CAVANAUGH, DELEHANTY ANO WARD, DELEHANTY AND WARD! DELEHANTY AND WAHD DELEHANTY AND WARD, DKLErtA NT V AND W ARD, DELRH AjtTY AND WARD, DELEHAVTY AND WARD DELEHANTY AND WARu! MRS. FRANK DREW ? MRS. FRANK DREW 1 MRS. FRANK DREW I MISS JENNIK ENGEL, ? MISS JENNIE KNGKL, MIB8 JENNIE ENGEL* MISS HSTKLLE FORREST, "IBS E'sTELLE FORREST, IS8 E8TELLE FORREST, e MR. J. Dr FORREST, MR. J. Di FORREST, MR. J. Db FORREST. MISS NAOMI PORTER, MI*8 NAOMI PORTER^ MIB8 NAOMI PORTER. THE BOUQUET OF BEAUTY, con?itting of JENNIE FORREST, JENNIE FORREST, LUQY QLIFTlN, LUCY CLIFTON, MAGGIE WILSON. MAGGIE WILSON, LEONORA CREED, LEONORA CREED, EMMA DREW, EMMA BREW) ELLA OLARRE, ELLA CLARKE) in the Bxavtifcl Divkhtiseueht entitled Higfi at Hi SH!^! :ENE8 AT THE DERBY ! EVERT ACT NEW THI8 WEEK, forming a '? SSigSgSSS^SSIfiHgi! Admission 1| y, Orchestra...- - gn Private Boxes, holding six persons.. g at Door* open at 7 o'clock; Performanoe to com mence at 8 o'clock. FAMILY MATINEE OR SATURDAY AFTERNOON. AT J O'CLOCK. When the Pri*? Drama of the MOUNTAIN OUtHW will be prainead, SNOW'S SNOW'S v OakkrMed Troup# gf n # PERFORMING DOM AND MONKEYS , 4 BAVl AWnTEO, mi will mak e their firet appearance On MONDAY, May ftb. AMUSEMKNTS. NEW THKATKR. Tbhtb Strict. above Prhk^tlt amm Arise*. _ BENEFIT OF MI8< ALICE GRAY, On which occasion the universal favorite, ? MISS 8U8AN DKNIN Has k ndly volunteered her valuable servics. TU1& ( Wednesday) EVENING. May 4. Will t,. presented Cher, y's glorious Ovnaedy, .n thry.3 rite, of fllE SOLDIER'!? DAUGHTER. Widow C liberty Mi*s Alice Gray To conclude with the amusing farce of SKETCHES IN INDIW, ?jally Hcrsjrtru ^.Miss8usan Benin W ith her iamous song of WHACK ROW DE DOW, To-morrow?Edwin Forrest will appear, for the nrittiine in ttis city, a* CAICS MARCIU8! la &haksp?are'9 stand 1 istorical play of CORIOLANU8! Being the last night but one of his engagement. Monday. May Reproduction of the Grand Piiiry Spectacle of the _ NAIAD QUEEN. With gorgeous Scenery, Costumes and Appoint ments. GROVt.R'8 TI/EATLR. Pssssy.*.vakia av., near Willard's Hotel. Leosard Gaovkr Director R THIS <Wednesday) EVaNING. May 4, 1864, Last bight but three. most positively. of the * i R K A T DHAMATIC COM III NATION. MR. E. L. DAVKNPORT. MR J W. WALLACE. AND MRS. FARBEN, Who will appear this evening, supported by the entire ureat company, in two magnificent plays*. Mr. Wallace, in compliance with the many public requests, will repeat his unapproachable i in per solvation of -mw F'GIN! Which was a'knowledKi-d by the large ^udience that sat ?pell-bound until midnight on Saturday last, to be the most wonderful and thrilling char acterization ever witnessed on the Ameriean stage. Mr. Davenport for to-nigl t only as Ruy Gome/.. Tlie performance will commence with the beau tiful Comedy of , FAINT HEART NEVER WON FAIR LAD v. Ruy (ioiriMz.... Mr E L Davenport Duchess de Torrenueva ... M rs Farren To conclude with Mr. Wallack's own peculiar and unequalled version of Dickens' great play, in three acts. OLIVER TWIST. The entire una'vridjred play, including the Great Last Scene. which was unavoidably omitted on Saturday evening last. Fsgin - Sir J W Wal!ack Nan?-y Sykes m Mrs Farreu EADIN98 FROM SOME OF THE BEST AUTHORS, AT ODD FELLOW# HALL. Seventh street, above D. Washington. o* THURSDAY EVENING. May5. lavi, BY, E U G E N J$ A11ERN. SELECTIONS. Paradise aul the Peri: Lala Rooko .Moore The Men who Fell at Baltimore J. W. Forney Spartacus to the Glaliators at Capua Kellocg Twenty Years Ago Anonymous The Vagabonds Trowbridge The Ksrsmaniao Exile. From the Ottoman J. C Mangan The American Flaff Drake Doors o?en at 7 o'clock, commencing at So'clock. Cards of admission, fr) cynts. my 3-3t* METROPOLITAN MUSIC HALL, PiMHBYLVAfcia Avtsm Attn Elktbhth street R.1ARH N*R * H. ENOCHS Pro?-ietor?. PROF. HOLDBN ?Musical Director VXL. GRAND COMBINATION! DOCBLE COMPANY ! First week of MISS NELLIE TAYLOR. the beautiful and accomplished Vocaimt; acknowl edged by the Press and Public X L U It of the pro fession. TOM VANCE, the inimitable Comic Vocalist and Comedian, in his new, original and local Songs. JOE CHILD3. the greatest Clog Dancer before the public. 1 EON BERGER, the American Warbler. HARRY ENOCHS will see that U see the dark side of the picture. And the shaking of the sides by the coadjutor oi' the aforesaid CHARLIE PETRIE; form an important feature. GUNBOAT MINSTRELS, ?who have been engaged, at great expense, for two weeks, in addition to the regular company. SIG. CONSTANTINE and his GREAT BALLET DIVERfI3EM-ENT, afVanged by Sit; C Constantino,entitled LA SICILIAN 1 MIPS ANNIE RUSH, MJLLE ELISE. MISS HEI.ENE SMITH. MItS VIOLA. MISS SALLIE WESNER, MISS LIZZIE WESTER. MISS MOLL I E L ANE, MI8S ELLA, W, babtholomeu. GE0ROE MILES, WILLIAM SCOTT. LEW BRIMMER. BILLY UnOMAS, the wh'ile making the LARGEST AND BEST COMPANY ever produced in the city; the performance con cluding with the laughable Comic PaQtomioie of Till OLD FOX I GRAND M ATI N if S On SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT^O'OLOO*. with the whole strength of the Company. Admission 25 and fio cents. Private Boxes $3 and my 2-lW VARIETIES! VARIETIES! MU8IC HALL AND THEATER. FHOHTIXO P?N*8YI.TAKIA ATEB17B A NlHTB STMKT SION OF THE BIGGEST DRUMMOND LIGHT ! biok of the revolving and globe LIGHTS t THE ILLUMINATED AMUSEMENT rEMPLEl Hamblih A Co ? ? ? ? Proprietors Vitk Simmons?~ Stage Manager and Advertiser. SPLENDID 0VAT'ON TO NIGHT I Just from the American Theater, New York The Great Comic Pantomimist, ' 3. 8. MAFJ1T, J. 8. MAF&TT, J. 8. MAFEIT. J. 8. MAFFIT linaWindel, kr.Hall. Maggie Friel, Mr. Kerns, Fanny May, Mr. Thompson, Kitty Lee. Mr. Bloodgood. Maggie Vernon, Mr. Francis. "il'TfcoUTK IN A GREAT DOUBLE BILL. A GRAND COMIC PANTOMIME, BONOS. DANCES, NIG R0 ACTS, Ac. * WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON PERFOBMANCE, LADIES' AND CLERK8' LJlVEE. ? ' Admission 25 and 60 cents; private boxes 10. Performance at 8 in the evening. EDUCATIONAL. MFEMAL*E SCHOOL. Bfl. MARIA C. McCORMICK, late of Alexan dria, Va., having removed her school to Cam bridge. Md., is prepared to receive four or five ?rls. ?s boarding pupils, in her family. Their Intellectual. domestic and mortl training will re ceive her most assiduous eare. Her success, while for rears engaged, in Alexandria, in educating ^irls, is well known to all old residents of that Parents in this vicinity who desire further in formation concerning the ad vantages of her school are re?P??tfuUy referred to Lewis McKenz-, Esq ' of Alexandria, Va.. or W. D. Wallaeb. Editor of the Waahmgton Star. Her terms for board tu ition. Ac., are moderate. Cambridge, Md., where she has recently located ber school, is one of the healthiest and most de lightful villages in the Union, and has about it no attribute whatever except such as a prudent and solicitous parent will approve in selecting a local ity in which to haveadaughter thoroughly edu cated and trained for future usefulness. ap%-<flm ap 28-1?* Post Office Box Tb? ?to{S8 vggBuunrn MATTINGS and . , ^7*OC8*K**PING GOODS ?.WViV'WVW stRe it, Bitwie* I ^no K Sraaars. DonH mistake the place, ?THI HTgA AWNING. You, *re allowed a discount of *? per oent. on all to h o. 3f 6, opposite weet wing Wtf Rwl. MB-lw" LOCAL NEWS. Tbi Oahal ?M r. Sej moor, the (Jowmraeni engin'?rcf the aqueduct, in his reply to tbe resolution of be Uiiy Councils asking hisopin iod as 10 the most feasible plan for cleaning and improving the Washington canal, says: In my opinUn there are two Indispensable elements nec?esary to th* successful worki g of any plan lor cleansing the caral that may be adopted. First. That the water should neAerbe allowed to flow In but one direction thiong b the canal, or any portien of i', that may he set apurt exclusively for sewerage pur poses. Second. Thatasnfflcientbodyof water, v itb an adequate head, shonld at all times be at ciramaLd lor tbe jpurpose of flushing or swnf hing ont the sewer during periods of low tides in the Potomac. From the month of the canal near th? foot ot 15th street west to the bend between O b iad 7ib streets west, the canal is stra'ght, and is about 150 feet in width. Fiom that point to tbe interaction with Ud street west, and also w itli Tiber or eh, it is notso wide, and there aro two changes in direction of ninety degrees each, as shown on tbe map. The original bo'tom of the canal through its enti'f length is supposed to be below tho level of tbe lowest wat*r in the Potomac river. Tbe rise and fall of tides in the Potomac are affi nit d to be about four feet. * By walling in such width of the canal, say twentv-flveor thirty feet, as may be necessary lor tbe discharge ot the sewerage and drainage of tbe city tributary to this portion ot the canal, including the wate'rs of Tiber cree*; and con strut ting a tight dam at the upper or easterly end: and one or more flood-gates, opening out wardly at tbe westerly end, near the entrance into the river, we would certainly prevent the irflnz of the Potomac dnring high water, and consequently tbe flow of any water through tbe sewer in an easterly direction, while at tbe same time it would be allowed tj tlow Ireely in theopposi e direction, whenever the interval exceed?d the external pressure upon the flood-gates at the lower or westerly end, tbns complying with the first essential requisition abo>e referred to. Bv ?onstructing a lilt-lock and dam across the'lower or westerly end of tbe remaining portion of tbe < anal, and inserting therein flood-gates opening inwardly from the Poto n ac, this portion will ecome filled with Po tomac water to the level of high tide, which will be held there when the tide recedes, by mean* of the self-regulating process of the Hocd-gates, by which ihey opeu and close in response to the preponderance of pressure on tithtr side By this means we obtain a large supply of water lor flushing purposes, to which will be added the natural llow irom Tibt-r creek, and, If necessary. any amonnt that may be required lroro tbe Washington Aqueduct. It is proposed to discbarge this water into tbe npp*r or easterly end of the sew?r, at times ot low water in the Potomac, by means of ml\? ga es inserted either iu the drawer or dividing-wall, or bo h, and thus under a head of lour feet to cleanse the sewer whenever cir cumstances may render it necessary, tbns com plying with th? second essential requisition at ove reletr< d to 1 have no <*oubttbat the same theory can be euectss-lnlly applied to the entire canal in a mui h more simple form, in case It is deemed resirable to preserve its present dimensions for commercial or olber purposes. Assuming ihat the bottom issueli asto allow the waier to flow tre'ely at ail stages through the entire canal, between tbe main and eastern branches ol the Potomac river, as originally dt signed, there should be constructed a lock, with a lift equal to the rise and fall ol tbe tide, at each end of tbe canal, so as to allow the iu gr? ss and egTess ol vessels. In or near one of the<e locks should be In serted flood-gates, opening inwardly from the Potomac, so as to fill the canal to the level of high water; nud at the other end ot tbe canal either flood-gates or valve-gates should be so a ranged in the locks as to discharge tbe water frtm tbe canal into the river at low tide?, as often as necessary, for tbe purpose of purifi cation. In this way tbe current of tbe water j a-sing through tbe canal would always be in tbe same direction: and, if necessary, tbe entire chi al could be flatbed oui at every low tide. Whenever this was not necessary, it could be kfpt lull of pure Potomac wat? rr-o the level of high tide, which would add greatly to its bealtbiulness as well as usefulness. Referring again to the proposed plan of im proving that portion of the canal between 3d and 14th streets west, which is by far the most d> sirable reShlt to be accomplished at tiie pretent time, I would say that there appears to be no objection to reducing the width in the manrer proposed by the bill introduced in Common Council February 1, 661, provided ibepioposed rednced width will afford suffi cient room for commi rciftlpurpcee, and storage capacity for tbe purpose of Hushing out the sewer when ne^es-sary. In that event, the por tion sei apart for a sewer should be so located tbat the southern wall of the sewer wonld form tbe noitbejn boundary ol tbe canal when ra ti uctd in width. The 6ewer should also be arc bed over, and tbe present northern boundary filled iu with the material excavated from the bottom of the canal. The city would thus reclaim a width ot from seventy-five to one hundred fe. t along tbe entire length of this portion of tbe canal, which being located as it le, hi the hear: of the ci'y, could certainly be rented for an amount sufficient to mak~ tbe Improvement, and also to create a sinking fund that would in a short time repay the principal. Tbe other coi siderajions that should urge forward this Improvement in tbe shortest pos sible time are too apparent to every ont? to re quire a reference here. The same considerations should, in my opin ion, apply with equal force in favor of arching over the channel of Tiber creek, from its junc ion with the canal, at least as high up as New Jersty avenue, and If this matter should ba undertaken in good faith by the city, there can be no doubt tbat the general Government would immediately arch over that portion of tbe cre?k which runs through tbe public grounds between the canal and Pennsylvania avenue. Beiore any portion of these improvements is commenced, however, I would advise that carelul andcomp ehensive surveys, plans, and estucates be made of tbe whole qnestion of sewerage and drainage of tbe city, upon the re sults of which would depend, not only the probable cost of the works embraced In this particular improvement, but the requisite di mensions and capacity of the main artery to be formed by a portion of the canal, and the sizes of tbe different lateral sewers and veins tbat would intersect and be tributary to it; and for which it will be necessary to provide aper tures and flood-gates in the northern wall of the main sewer. It is very manifest that tbe present system of drainage and sewerage for the city is much too limited in its capacity to supply the present de mands npon it and that it should be greatly enlarged in view of the fact that very sooja from twenty-flv* to fifty millions gallons of Potomac water will be discharged into it daily from tbe Washington aqueduct. These considerations should induce the adop tion of a general plan of proper proportions to commence with, and the adherence to it in any branch or portion of the work that may from time to time be undertaken and oompleted. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, S. Sbtxoub, Chief Engineer Washington Aqueduct. Thb District in OoHoaass.?The following i is the bill introduced by Senator Wilson yes terday: An A< land ct to grant one million acres of public J for the benefit of public schools in the District of Columbia. Be it treacled, dkc., That one million acre# of any lands of the United States subject lb pri vate entry, are hereby granted ta tbo cWe? of Washington and Georgetown, and the county of Wagington, ln the*District of Columbia, to be divided between the cities of Washington and Georgetown and the county of Washing "^,c'TTrb^r.?^'rTP?V??'i:?rior shall,'immediately after thepassageof this act, eauce to be ascertained the nnmberof acres which tbe eltksofW asbington and George town and tbe coOnty ot Washington are en titled to recoiveunoer the provisions of thi? act, aed oeuee tho lands to be selected and patents to be leaned therefor to each of said cities in their corporate capacities, and the said county, fo* *1*? quantity which may thus be ascertained to be granted to each. And when tbe titles of said landa shall be vested la said cities a*d satt County they ?h?l| thenceforth estrcM* *** control and ownership of Mid lt-nos, with full power to sell and7cooveytfw fee reduced, the Inoomoof wUokdtall be for ever devoted to the tastractfoaof children be tween the ages of dye and seventeen years, wi'hont dUtlretton of color or race, bee. 3.* That tho said landa, aad all money arrrning therefrom, shall ininifwl a?<1 cortioll'd h? the mtfora and corp ?mti ?ns oI said d'i?e and the fj*ry u ,nrt or ?>ud frioatf, lespectlvely, for tbe time betur. And so I >ng hs the lnnds sr^nn-d bv this net shall r^na^o the jipp?r?y of eitt er of the -^vd ctue* of WiisMigttn or Georgetown, or the c >unty of Vr^btigcn, the Bime tball not be subject W taxatii it. f*?-c.*t. Tt a* men of color betw?en the ages fv ? m> a> d six y. <n the cltiw of Wiv*Tunf ion ard (Uorte'o-* u, and the coun'y or Wm&tne 'or, in tbe D strict or Columbia, *h II each am sally p*y a poll ta* i f rne dollar, far Uvj o?e si d'bemflt of public schools In ssid cl ies ai d said county to be astes&Pd and collected ? y the corprrate aohorltlen of said cities and tbfc Levy court ol said county. TttEGrABittAW Soctrrv ?W* very ab??r. fi liy publish the following cotmianic&ttoa In in H. B. French, Esq., In relation to m* Guardian Society,aud have (ur'her to ray thai If the gei tlemen he names as con> ejted with ? be society (himself incloded) will talre ah ac tive pnrt in its management, it is certain to have a useful career: Waphiwoto!*, May2, 1861. To Ihr Editor of ih' Star : An article appenred In your paper of April 21, beaded ? Nortbrnp Again," which doe* great Hjus'ice to the "Guardian S.x?letv ' ol tbe District of Colombia, and to the (Jymtuiiw on Public Huih1in,ta and Grounds of the Hjne*i tt K? i iet-entati\pf. You speak of a bill grant ii*g io that society the use of a portion of a re ? iyJ>lion ot the public ground, wtii< b yoa er ii'itODih state is out E&stCapiel street (it M ine on New Jersoy avenue south.) aa being n uct ltd through the House, &c. And you say a so tbat tbe "Society consists of a single tn ?riMdi al by the name of Northrop." "The Guardian Society" of which yon speak. is a socie y incorporated by an act of Oodgr-es. T he immb? rs of it whom I can now call to minri,l? r I have no record to refer to, are Amo* KfPdaP, John M. It rod bend, Z. C. Robtnns, H. B French, J. B. Nortbrup, Deacon HeaJi, Juflpe Cart'er, and Judge Olln. A rej-ular meeting w*s held under the oh&r t r, and officers of the society elected; but it havii g a very limited amount of fonds, be; little has been done. Congress was petitioned three or four year* ago for a grant of land, and a bill passed the Senate during the last Congress making It, and was only lest in the House for want of time. The petition was again presetted to the House early in this session. It was referred to the Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds, and a number of tbe members of the society, among them Judge Canter, Mr. French, Dea con heath and Mr. Northrop, went before Lha; ct mmittee and urged the passage of a bill. 1 be e< mmittee took tbe trouble to go and ex amine the land asked tor, and they formed the* bill as they thought would be best for all con cerned, making it imperative upon the sootetv to exper.d a large sum of money within three years from tbe passage of the bill in erecting bi tidings, &c., otherwise the grant was to be void. The commi'tee had the bill a long time under consideration, and matured it after much consultation. It was reported to the House (n the ll?th of February by Hon. Mr Bice, of Me., the most respectable and worthy chairman of the committee, and was ordered to be printed. It was printed and was eight weeks before tbe House without a single ob jection being made to it. On tbe 2Uth of April it was considered and passed. It was no more rmvggUd through the liouse than any other bill regularly passed, but had all possible noto riety given to it, Tbe object of the bill is an excellent one, and of much importance to our city; and should r. become a law. and Its provisions carried into ?ffert. great pood will result to a class of per sons now running loose upon the community wi'h no means of support. Respectfully yours, B. B. French. MBETIXO OP MBTBOrOtlTAV POLICEMBN.? Alarye meeting of the Metropolitan Holioemefi, who are making an effort to secure increased compensation tor their arduous dutes, was held last night in the Council Chimber, <tity Hall. All the precitcts were represented. The rr.e?tirg was called to order by Roundsman. E< klofl", of the Fourth ward. Officer Lipscc mb reported that the committee appointed at a previous meeuug had had an interview with the House Commute uu Dis trict of Columbia affairs, and tiat the interview was a very saislactory one. as Mr. Steele favored 'he request of the police and tbouKOC they should have an increase. Mr Steele afnd tie majority ?f the committee expresse t them s 1 v?s pleased with the manner In which the p lie bad gone to work in the matt r, and with t le resolutions adopted by them, and stated t^t ( he amount asked) was lt'tle cnanrh, a wl the police deserved it. All of the oom m tt>e were in favor of increa?ipg the pay, aid ga\e every assurance tbat they wouia work to tbtt end. It was stated that toe Caottol police received 9l,3i<0 per annum and were on duty scarcely more than three days < ut if - ix. and tbe cemmittee could not see why the Cor >ora. ton police shottld not also rceelre ade^na'e compensation. Other cflicfrs expressed themselves satisfied wi'h the interview, and Mr. Pendle said he had no doubt the increased pay asked would be granted. He had heard tbat the Di uict Ct mmittee favored a fifty per cent, increase, aud he believed the Committee of Ways and Means of the Council was in favor of the Oc.* poi&Uon doing the same thing. Alter remarks by other gentlemen, the oom mi'tf e, consisting of Messrs. Grant, Lipscjinb, Nooimn.Cronin, Pierce, Clark, Hepburn, Se? bold, and Sergt. Barker, (who was added 1 an-, nifht.) were, on motion of Sergt. Cronin, di rected to confer with the Board of Metropolitan Police with regard to this matter. Kesolutions were unanimously adopted ten dering tbanks to the editors and reporters of tbe papers of tbe city lor their ad voc icy of th* policemenB' interests, and also to Mr. Aabory Lloyd, president, ar d the members of the UoxrT mt b Council, for granting them the use of the ? hamber for the meeting, and the meeting then adjourned to meet again at the call ot the ccm mittee. Aiexamdbia Affairs.?Several attempts buiglary occurred in the city last evening. Some one gained entrance to the grocerv and provision store of Messrs. Davy & Harmon, on the corner of Prince and Royal streets, laet night, bnt did not succeed in making a very valuable haul. The burglar enterea the feed, room through the second story window on Prince street, and gained access to the store by removing the upper partot the brick wall over the door leading into the same. Something must have alarmed him exceedingly, as ho iieit. so hurriedly as to forget bis coat and hat and a flue pipe. Some one also gained access to Mr. Andrew Jamieson's stt-am bakery last night, but did not succeed making a very profitable invest ment. A few crackers were taken and a few destroyed and scattered around the ro jtn. An attempt was also made to gain access to Mr. Jannev's grocery store, on the northeast corner ol Prince and Kova) streets, but the at tempt proved unsuccessful. We should thluk that a few watchmen or policemen were badly needed in the city. An order has recently been issued, taking effect from the 1st Instant, requiring all civil ians traveling on Military Railroads to pay fare at tbe rate of fire cents per mile. If pas senger cars are furnlahed, instead ot the ontldy uncomfortable box cars, the result would doubtless be a snug revenue to the Govern ment. We presume, however, the order was not issued so much with a view to making It profitable as to that of turning the travel into other routes. A young woman, giving the name of Belle Davenport, was arrested at the depot on Sat urday dressed in the uniform of a U. S. soldier. She waeendeavoring to go to tbe front, where she stated she bad previously been in her male attire for along lime with Major Pattoa. A collisslon occurred near Geesboro' Point, ebout one o'clock to>day, the ferry steamer Fulton running into tbe small government steamer Argo. Tbe Argo was attempting to cross tbe bows of lha Fulton, and although the latter reversed her engine, she was unable to prevent the collision. The Argo sustained considerable damage, while the Fulton wae uninjured.?Alexandria Journal May 3. Grajtd Ulr< est Cabbs.?Monday after noon, Simon Lowman, who keeps a cloihing store on 7th street above G, was robbed of a coat, pants and vest, which were taken from tbe front of tbe store. Mr. Lownn seized two boys, James Ryon and James Gorman, who were in company with those who took tbe goods but managed to escape, and 'urned them over to officer Noonan. Yesterday Justire Thompson committed then to jail for ooart. Seveml days ago a pair of paatakxme wae stolen fromthe tailoring establishment of D. Herbet & Geo. Gerhold, on E street, and yester day morning one of them identified them on a colored man named Oliver P. Howard, and called officer Ttwfcf. who lo^ Howard in austody. Justice Thompson heard the oase, and committed him for court. katwm or Bmal Empaw.?Yesterday after Messrs. James U. McGuira ft Ool seM that .innlire of ground known as ??KtacmM's ear situated on tbe lint of the Mth ^ Sfy. Lot 50, corner of 11th and ? B. Jost, at 42c.: lots 19 and ifl, A. M- Hepburn, at 34o. per foot, Ma '? J?*1'? to H. W. Hamilton, atSOo.; lo? f; Lavender, at 3i?~ lot IS. ** 85e, lot 12, Dr. !?. S. Lincoln, a* Mo, lotto, corner ot 13th arid Q stn?et*. to Dr. Llaotfo.at sac.; rotsa, Dr. ?*?'01f *?l J?*t tV* ?? Crown, at 18e.; lot 58?t?, .1 lot 55 B Jotftt xt ^ it Me^lotai Dr Lincoln,a<22s;I0t?, OUas. H. Kieb, at 1?T jot 24, Dr. Lrneota. at 26, Dr. Lincoln) at loc.

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