13 Mayıs 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

13 Mayıs 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMU3EMENT8 TO-NIGHT. Obotkkb Theater?Miss Mary Provost takes a benefit to Bight, and appears as "Lucie D'Ai vi'le, the Persecuted Wife," in the French sensatiou drama of that name FukdsThbateb?Mr. Clarke takes a bene, lit to bight, and, supported by Miss D.-nin and ottiers, will appear as "Tom Tittler," in the ?? Kni^hu of the Round Table," and as ? Paul Patent," in ?? Love in Livery." Cantbbbiby ?The nsnal excellent concert ball and dramatic entertainment will be given bere to night. Also, performances by the docs and monkeys. Metropolitan Hall.?The Gunboat Mln-, strels and the double company of concert hall j>erformers in a good bill to-night. Seybhth Ward Mbbtiwo ?Pursuant to a call, a large number of voters of the Seventh Ward assembled at Island Hall last night, for the purpose of nominating candidates to be To tea for at the June election. Mr J. E. Holmead was unanimously called to the chair. He said he was there not as a party man, but as an Unconditional Union van; and he hoped the meeting would be Char acterised by harmony Mr Jno R El vans was appointed secretary. Mr. Robt-rt H. Graham ilfer dthe following, Which ?ia UBanitnously adopted: httolred, 1 bat this meeiiug approve of the aominatitb of Mr. John H. Semm?*8 for Mayor, and that we ? ill use all honorable means in our power >o secure his election. Nominations for a candidate for the Bjard of Alderman was then announced as in order, and Messrs. P. M P^areon, Charles Wilson, John R EI vans and Wm. J. Murtagh were Earner. Mr. Elvans declined. He did not wish to jeopardise the ticket, as he would probably de if be ran, on account of his radicalism. Messrs. R. H. Graham and Luther J. Martin .bavin* teen appointed tellers, a vete was u-k-n by ta'.ly and resulted as follows:?P. M.. Pearson, 11; Charles Wilson, 9; W. J. Mar. ia?>b, 7. Mr. Pearson was declared the nominee. J- Murtagh, George Wright, WHIiam Wise, John G. Dudley, W. Tobias Walker, Augustus Edson, Crosby S. Noyes, sud R. H. Graham were nominated for Com mon Council. The two latter positively declined, and their sanies were wi'bdrawn. Messrs. A. M. Swann and Richard G. Stew-" art v ere appointed tellers, and the first ballot TeeulteO as follows:?Murtagh. 26; W>igh', IP Wlw.MO; Dudley. 30; Walker, 30: Edsen, s?. No one having received a majority of votes Cast, a second ballot was ordered and resulted as follows?a resolution to consider the three obtaining the highest votes as the nominees having previously been adopted:?Murtagh, 23; Wright, 37; Dudley, 42; Walker, 37; and ?dson, 27. Messrs. Wright, Dudley and Walker were declared the nominees. Me.-ers. John H. Bird and Peter Hepburn were nominated for Assessor, and a ballot re sulted in the nomination of Mr. Bird, he re ceiving 35 votes and Mr. Hepburn 22. On motion, an executive committee, consist ing of Messrs. R. H. Graham, John Stephen son, John R. Elvans, John Webster, and C. C. Andt-rsor, was appointed. Adjourned. Dbath of Col. Eaubis op the Marine Coups.- Yesterday morning, at a few mioutes p**t eight o'clock, Col. John Harris, Com mandan' of the Marine Corps, died at the head quarter* here of typhoid pneumonia, after an illness ci ten days. Col. Harris was in his 77th 5ear, and bad been in the service a little ?*er fifty years, in that period being unem ployed less than four years. He was born in Pennsylvania, and app inted from that State on the 13th of April, IH14, as a lieutenant; and on the 27th of January, 1S37, he received the appointment of Major by brevet, for gallant services in the Florida war. He also served with distinction through the Mexican war. On the death of Gen. Henderson (January, 1^59) he received his present commission. Col. Harris was a fine officer, and was universally esteemed in the service and in the communiiies in which he has served,?New York, Phila delphia, ard Norfolk?which stations he has Commanded, as well as here. The funeral will take place from hi3 late residence at the headquarters st 11 o'clock to morrow, and the rem&ina will be placed in the vault at Oak Hill, Geo-getown. There will be no military escort, but the officers and marines Will accompany the remains as mourners. ?Ool. Wm. Dnlf-ny, now in command at the Go?port, Va , Barracks, beln; next in rank, will succeed Col. Harris aa con mandant of the corps. -? The Reception op the Wottnped.?At the Sixth street wharf, where the wounded and sick are being landed, thare has been fitted up a saloon by the Governrient, from which re freshments are dispense i, consisting of soup, tea, coffVe, lemonade, milk punch, sandwiches Of tongue, bam. Ac., and already is it becoming a popular Institution. This place has been Dtted sp under the charge of Dr Abbott, the Sdedical Director, (who takes a lively interest in evury effort calculated to relieve the wound* ed and sick soldiers,) by direction of Dr. Waters, Inspector of Hospitals. Dr. Bliss, of Armory Square Hospital, also affords valuab'e aid in this enterprise, and furnishes men to run the machine. The refreshments served here, being some. What different from the ordinary fare, are greatly relished. Yesterday a number of ladies were busilv engaged in dealing out refresh, tsents to the wounded heroes. Near the wharf is also a lodge of the Sani tary Commission, whieh, during the reception pf the wounded, is a decidedly busy place Washington a* a Port op Entry.?The bill reported In the Senate yesterday to estab lish Washington, D. C., as a port of entry, and for other purposes, is a substitute for the pre. Tious bill which had been referred to the com jnittee on oommerce. It provides that the dis trict heretofore known aa the district of George town, situated partly in the District of Colom bia, and partly in Maryland, be hereafter des ignate as the district of Washington?and the city of Washington be a pert of entry, the ool lector of customs to reside therein, and with the approbation of the Secretary of the Treas nrv, employ a deputy collector to reside in Georgetown, at a salary of 81,500 per annum. The collector is to receive the same compensa tion and fees and emoluments as now the col lector of the district of Georgetown The Sec retary ofthe Treasury is authorized to appoint mot exceeding tour inspectors of customs for the district, at S3 p??r day each. Assault with Intent to Rob?On Sun day afternoon tour soldiers, James A. Coombs and Andrew Shafer, 69th company Invalid corps, stationed at Lincoln hospital, and John Pinch and James Worden, 5Uth Engineers, were at the bouse of Miss Anna Smith, 7th Street east, near I, when a remark was thrown out that Coombs had some money. Pinch and Worden persuaded Coombs to go out in the yard, when Pinch knocked him down, using a brick and clothes prop, brnising and cutting feim severely. Shafer also was knocked down, and the rnmpus soon drew together a crowd, the parties attempting to make their escape. f*inch in his attempt to get off, jumping over several fences, but officers Walling, Shelton and Brennan sncceeded in arresting Pinch and "Worden, and they were taken to the station. On the following morning they were commit ted to jail by Justice Cull. SKB2>AI>DLBnB SENT TO THE PROVOST MAR SHAL'S Oppiub.?One hundred and fifty ske daddlers from Gen. Grant's army, who were taken from the boats which arrived at the6tn street wharf at a late hour last night, were this morning sent to the Provost Marshal's office, ffot one of these men were wounded in the least, bnt some represented themselves as hav ing been "sun struck." It is the intention of Ocl. Ingrabam to place these men in the va rious forts around the city, and compel them to do garrison duty. Dead.?Hoa. Chas. B. Calvert, of Rivers dale, Md . a representative from that State in the last Congress, died suddenly of paralysis yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. The announcement will cause both surprise and regret in this community where he was so generally esteemed. Statb or the Thermometer.?At Frank lin A Co.'s, opticians, No. S61 Pennsylvania avenue, the thermometer stood to-day at 1 O'clock "4 in the; shade. Lecture iw the Hocbb o? Representa ?TIVB8.?The Rev. J. R. Warner, of Gettys burg, will deliver his popular lecture on the battle of Gettysburg in the above Hall on Weddfeday, the 19th tost. See future adver tisement. It* * i m i r r i SPECIAL. NOTICES. Corns, ?-j*!OB?, Bad 9aiis. Ac. Persons wishing immediate relief from these troublesome annoyances, should call at Da. Wbiti's rooms. No 434 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4K and 6th streets. Jswblry! JewslrtI! Jewilrt!M Just received new and beautiful Gold-Plated 4?welry, in every variety, at the Dollar Jewelry Store. 43* Pens, avenue, near 4* street. jny i 4t* SPBaBATOssacxA cab bb Ooaso.?Dr Band's Bse ftiAo cure* fir* wiaterrktm. Seminal Wmkmut, tmr ISrfSiu are Irvly magicai. '"Jtrill'^fths^peJrf^e Brill eonvinse the most skeptical of its merits frioe 01 a box. Sold by s.O. Ford, comer 11th ?Weet and Fa. avenue, Washington, sod Henry Alexandria JftS-lj S. J. Miuku, Ea?., hukwi appointed Aceni of the Ureit PrninflTMii rout*. rio? K. O. Nor ton, to tai e effeot on theJtta.ef March Mr . Wll kina has hwn conne<*ed wlttt the OAoe. at the comer of Sixth street mad Pennsylvania *T?nn?, during the v*?t two rear*, mad ia thoroughly con Tenmnt with the business of the ro&t? in nil it* departments. All application* for information, ticket*. Ac., inuiit be address** to K.J. Wilkina. Agent Great Pennsylvania Route, Sixth street sad Pennsylvania avenue. Ed. 8. Yocho, General Passenger Agent, ap 6 Great Pennsylvania Route, BkOWN'B BBONCHlAL TbOCHIH. These Lozenges are prepared from a hirh'T esteemed recipe for alleviating Broneblal Affec tiona, Asthma, Hoarseness, Concha, Colds, and Irritation or Soreness of the Throat. PvUi< ptakert and Vocalist* Will find them beneficial is clearing the voioe before speaking or singing, and relieving the throat after any unuaual exertion of the vocal organs, having a peculiar adaptation to affections *hich disturb the organs of apeeoh. mh 2#-dAwtf DIED On Friday morning, 13th W*y, CORNELIUS LEE, aged M years. His funeral will take pla;e from his late resi dence. on I street, hi tween.'d and 4th, Navy Yard, on Sunday. at J o'clock. * WANTS. WANTED-A COOK and HOUSEMAID. Apply to W. G. BU8EY, High street, below Bridge, Georgetown. my 13-3t* WANTED?Two first class WAITERS] None but white peeple neod apply, at the Eagle Resisurant. No. 171 Penn. avenue. It* WANTED?Some ore engaged in teaching to take the sale of an article particularly adapt ed to achools Address HOWARD, Star Office. It* 1\'ANTED IMMEDJATELY-^ArsdrE street, ? ? between 2daad3d, a PUPPY, not over ten days old. It* WANTED IMMEIH ATELY-AVIAN to maka Ice Cream. Apply to T POTENTINI. 279 Penn. avenue, between 9th acd 10th stB. It* YVANTED?A good r stanrant COOK. Also, a LAUNDRESS,at good wages,by A. WUKTH, 438 L street, near 7tb. my 13-3t* WANTED^-A good DRESSMAKER, to sew a few weeks in a private family. Apply at 249 Penn. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, south side. my 13-tt* WANTID?At Washington House, a tirst-cla** MAN as Head Waiter, and two as Side Walt ers. C< rner3d street and Peun. avenue. my >3 2t" - W/ ANTED- A steady, sober and industrious " MAN, to take care of and drive a horse, aud make himst-li useful about the store. AduIt to THOs. THOMPSON, 367 Penn. avenue. It* VI/'ANTED?A first-class COOK. Also, a good '' DINING-ROOM SERVANT, colored pre ferred. None but those who can come well rec ommended need apply. Apply at 61 Missouri ave nue, between 3d and 4,S sts. my 13-3t WANTED-A BRICK-HOUSE, with from8 tolo .roomi, situated in a healthy locality. Un furnished house preferred. Apply to Major 8. BKECR, 404 12th street, between 1 and K. my 13-3t* \\r ANTED?By a respectable youner woman, a ?* SITUATION as cook o: < ham Mermaid, in a respectable family. Apply at PATRICK LAR KIN 8. 21st street, between Land M. House not numbered. It* W ANTED?Two white WOMEN, willing to go a ?v short distance in the country, for tho sum m?r. One to cook, wash and iron for a smail fam ily; anotbe: as nurse for two small children, and who understands plain sewing. Good r*f?renc? required. Apply 392 4th street, between D and E. my 13 3t* HOUSE WANTED.?An unfurnished HOU8E, contairirg four to eight rooms; or unfur nished ROOMS, suitable for housekeeping for a small family. Best of r-ference can be given Rf>i.t paid monthly, which must be moderate. Ad dress S1880N, for one week. Star Office. my IS-St* WANTED?One good BREAD BAKER Apply at the Star Office. my 12-3t* W ANTED-A reli?bFProtestant"W0MAN. "to vv take care of child four years old. American preferred. Room Ebbitt llcu-e. my 12 3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY ? Tvo~flrat-clua MILLINKRS. None need tpgly but those well acquainted with trimming. Wages no objoc tion. Apply at 439 7th St. my 12~3t* ANTED?A COLORED WOMAN (cook) to~go to country. None but those well recom mended need apply. Inquire at 3*26 G street, be twetn 12th and I3tn. my 12-4t \\/ ANTED?A good colored WOMAN, to do " washing and general housework. Wages $10 per month Apply at Mrs. BARN8* Boarding House. No. 303 D street, between 12th and 13th. mv 12-3t* THIRTY GOOD GRANITE STONE CUTTERS WANTED, at the Cneatnut street Bridge, Philadelphia. Wages $3per day. CLARK, McGRANN & KENNEDY, my 12 2w Contractors. Philadelphia. WANTED?In a family of four parsons, a good COOK. WASHER and IRONER To mch h person good wages will be given. Apply at 328 Venn, avenue, or 383 6th street, between G and H. my 12-2t* U/ ANTED IMMEDIATELY?Two SERVANT GIRLS, one for general housework, the other as chambermaid and nurse. 445 J>th street, between F and G, opposite Patent Office. my 12-3t* GARDEN KR?WANTED. ? A mai who under stands raising vegetables, and is willing to cultivate about 2 acres on nhares, in this city, can hegr something to his advantage by applying im m?diatel> at M. TOBIAS', 42b Penn. avenue, be tween 4^ and 6tn sts. my 12-3t* ANTED" IMMEDIATELY-At Andrew J. Jovce's Coach Factory, one first-class WHEEL MAKER, and one general JOBBER, for wood shop. my ll-3t W-' ANTED?A respectable GIRL, who under vv stands plain sewing and taking care of chil dren, to go into the country for the summer. Ap ply at 44 6 9th street, corner of F. my ll-3t GENTLEMAN who ia employed from 9 to 4 only, desires to be employed as COPYIST, or at anvthing else, mornings and evenings. Address Box No. 12 Httr Ogee. my ll-3t* I*/ANTED.?A good and competent SEAM vv STRESS, with a Sewing Machinc, can pro cure a job by addressing l'F," Box 248 City Post Office my ll-3t* ANTED?A WOMAN, white or colored, to do general housework of a small family. Lib rood, tidy servant, and H. my lJ-3t* w eral wages will be g;ven to a good, tidy servant Apply at 457 12th street, bet. G WANTED ?A middle-aged NURSE, to take charge of two children, aged 2 and 4 years. Also, a WAITRESS. To suitable persons good wages will be given?mast be white. Apply at No 349 19th street, between I and K. my ll-3t* SITUATION WANTED ?By a young married MAN; is a very fine penman, quick and correct at figures. Will devote his whole time and ener gies to the interests of his employer. Recom mendation from last Employer. Address "n.," Georgetown Post Office. my ll-4t* C?OOKTwXsHER AND THONER WANTED^a Woman to do the cooking and a portion of the washing and ironing for a small family to whom good wages will be paid. Apply at No. 420 New York avenue, betwe n 13th and 14th streets, my 11-3t* WANTED?In a small family, where there are no children, an AMERICAN GIRL of from ten to fourteen years, to be treated as one of the family. An orphan preferred. Or a yonng Amer ican Woman. Address immediately Box 15 Star Oflice^ mv ll-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?One COOK: one to help in the kitchen: and two GIRLS to wash and iron, at CHA8. MADES' Restaurant, corner Penn. avenue and 3d street, my i0-4t* P<ARPENTER8 WANTED - Apply at 470 G V-/ street north, between flth and 7th streets weat. my 9-1 w* JAMES G. ELLIS. WANTED?A white GIRL, to do housework fop two persons; or a yonng lady can procure a good home who would do a little housework, by addressing Mri M. A. V., Washington Post Office myT WANTED IMMEDIATELY?300 LADIES to Embroider On Muslin, Linen and Cambrio. To good hands constant work and good wages given. Ladies applying will please bring samples of work. Apply at WM. PRINCE'S Stamping and Machine Stitching Depot, 381V street, opposite Patent Office fe 18 |\fAS0NIC HALL ASSOCIATION OP W U ITI 1NGTON CITY, P. C. NOTICE OF OPENING OF BOOKS OF SUB SCRIPTION TO CAPITAL STOCK. In accordaace with the fourth section of the Act of Congress to incorporate the Maaonic Kail Association of Washington city.D. C., approved April 26,1864, which provides as follows ? Sec. 4. And 6* xt further enacted. That within twenty days after the passage of this act the cor porators named in the first section, or a majority of them, or if any refuse or neglect to act, then a majority of the remainder, DOall cause books of subscription to the capital stock of the said cor poration to beopenedand kept opeu in such place and for a period to be fixed by said corporators, or a majority of them, public notioe of which may be given by advertisement or otherwise as said cor porators or a majority of them may determine; and subscribers upon said books to the capital stock of the corporation shall be held to be stock holders: frcrtdtd. That every subscriber shall pay.ftt the time of subscribing, such per aentum (ten has been determined upon by the corpora tors) of the amount by him subscribed to the treasurer elected or appointed by the corpora tors, or a majority of them, as mar be required by said corators or a majority of them, or his subscription shall be nnll and void. And when the books of subscription to the capital stock of said corporation shall be closed, the corpora tors named: in the first section, or a majority of them, and in case any of them ref use or neglect to act, then a majority of the remainder shall, withia twenty days thereafter, call the first meeting of the stockholder* of said corporation, to meet within ten days thereafter, for the choice of di rectors, of whleh public notioe shall be given for three dars in two public newspapers published daily In Washington cltv, or bv written personal notice served on each stockholder, by the secre tary or clerk of the corporation. ? And in all meet /he stockholders each share shall entitle the holders to one vote, to be given in person or by proxy. The amount of Capital Stock fixed upon within the limitation of the charter is $180,<M> Notice is hereby given that the books of sub scription will he opt tied on FRIDAY, the 13th in stent, at the countiB,f rooos of James C. McGnlre A Co., and will be kept open for aixty days. By order of tae corporators. .... . . ROBERT McMURDY, inytt-Bt Secretary Board of Corporators. MILK DAIRY FOR Bale?Large hotel trade and a good retail route. For parUcnlam *d VKAFNBS*, CATARRH* and diseaeee of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIS PASSAGES. D*. LJQHTHILL, from 34 St. Mark Place, New York, Aatnor of "A Popular Treatise on Deatneee, " letters on Catarrh," is now in WASHINGTON, and can be consulted at the Ebbitt Houbb tor obb ww nntU Saturday evening, Hay litn, on DEAFNESS, CATARRH, and all tbe various diseases of tike EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. Testimonials! Wabhibotob, D. O., March 5,1964. DK. LiOHTHiLt?Dear Sir*. I take this oppor tunity to publicly express my gratitude for the wonderful cure of deafness you have in so abort a time effected in my case. 1 was deaf for about six years, and for tbs last tew years so mach so that I could not bear preaching or common conversation; bat now since your in valuable services have been rendered, I can bear as well as ever. In conclusion, let me say that the noises with which I have been troubled In my bead for years, have also disappeared. Very truly yours. Jambs R. McUathras, 10th street, between E and F. "Wabhiwotob, D. CJ., Maroh 1, l?64; This is to certify, that having been deaf siuce the year 1853, and since that time gradually losing my hearing until 1 was unable to hear common conversation or public speaking, I applied to Dr. Lighthlll, of New York, who, after a short and painless course of treat ment, entirely restored my hearing. I hearti ly recommend Dr. Lighthlil to the deaf. Fbkdbbick Robkbtsob, Residence ne&r Fort Saratoga. Wasiiiwgtob, D. C., March 2, 1864. This is to certify that having been affected for twenty years with derfness, and having tried some of the most eminent doctors of our ctty without any relief, I at laat heard of Dr Ligbthill and put myself under his care. His treatment was brief, and successful. I am now completely jestored, and the cure is ap parently permanent I have all confidence In Dr. L.ighthill'8 skill, and would advise all af flicted with deafness to go and consalt him at once. Joseph Whiticby. Residence near P and lltn streets. Remarkable Cure of Deafness, From, the Rev. Joteph M. Clarke, Rector of St. James' Church. SVBAcrBK? February 20,1864. I have been deaf in one ear, ever since I was in college, some twenty years ago. By the skill of Dr. Liighthill, its hearing was entirely restored, so that now I hear alike with both ears, and I find that I can use my voice with much more ease and comfort than before. Joseph M. Clause. my 4-eo2w BALLS, PABTIES, &c. r?RA?D ^iC"proSPKC'?HILL CEMETERY, WW be ?iTe?MON My M. 1??ADgiVi atlq ffLEH s"" Persons wishiii? to enjoy themselves wou' well to go to this GERMAN PIC NIC. my 13-2t? AGKAND PIC-NIC WILL BE GIVEN HT TilK HARMONY SOCIETY OF GEORGETOWN., ON MONDAY, May 16,1361, R B Z E RA7 PARK. _ Seventh street, near boundary line. Admission 60 cents for a gentleman and lady. Cspt Scbreiber'8 Baltimr re Brans Band has be?n engaged^ mv 13-2t"_ E MEET AGAIN IK QALL80F PLEASURE. YN, & w FIRST GRANT* HAT BALL or THE _ , , JUNIOR BACHELORS fit Will be given on /n TUESDAY EVENING. May 17th, 18&l.UUMi At TEMPERA NCE -iALL, E fit., between 9th and H?tb sts., Washington, D 0. Master of Ceremonies?Lieutenant C. r. Rand. Floor i. bh. Eli Garrett, William Dougherty, Henry Booraem. A. S. Brewer. Committee. W.H.Bourke, George S. Garrett, J. B. Burton. This being the last Ball oi tbe season, we re spectfully request all who wish to participate to honor us with their presence. We pledge ourselves that nothing Khali occur to inar the pleasure of the evening. Tickets, admitting a gentleman and l?<i!c?,?2; can be obtained at John F. Ellis's Music store, or at the book storeB on Penn. avenue, between yth and lOtb sts. my l3-4t* P I C K I C I A Grand Pic Nic will be given by the TRIO- C LUB ? AD EfCKFRTS GARDEN. Oli MONDAY. Mat 16th, 1S64. A ace on $L ta, or Isil Dancing to commence at S o'clock p. m. The Committee pledge themselves that no pains will be spired to mase it a pleasant affair. my 12 4',* P R. LABBE'B MAY FESTIVAL! F. R Labbe's May Festival will take place on TUE8DAY EVENING, May 17th, at his hall, " on Peon, avenue, between 6tb and 7th sts., directly opposite tbe Metropolitan Hotel.I over the store of Messrs. G. A T. Parker AI Co. No ladies will be admitted without reeeiving an invitation directed by P. R. Labbe. Servants positively not admitted in the dancing ball. my <2w' 17IGHTH GRAND OPENING D M>iN Da Y, Mar 2d, of GEO. JUBNEMANN'8 /? - PLEASURE GARDEN,' corner of 4th and E streets aorth. East Capitol Bill. Dancing every Monday afternoon. The Pleas ure Garden is so improved that it cannot be beaten by any ether of the same sort in this city, and can be truly recommended to parties and societies for pic-nios. GEO. JUENEMANN, ap 29-lm* " Proprietor. QUERY7?Who has the largest assortment of pattern for Stamping f Who is the only prac tical person that Stamps? Who has the largest number of hands at Embroidery 7 Who has the finest stock of Embroideries, Braids, Ac., and who is tbe only persen in tbe District that does Fluting for ladies dresses 7 N9-PRINCE, 381 F 8TREET,.?| where ladies can s* lect from 26,000 choice pattern* for any kind of work, and where thev caa get ANY PATTERN stamped. Having stamped for 80,o00 ladies is proof that he knows his business. Ladies who do not want their goods spoiled, but stamped as tt-ey should be, go to the only person in the city who does good work. FLUTINGI FLUTINGt FLUTING! The only macJiin* in town now in operation. Fluting done as good as in new York or elsewhere. my 8-tf iy3fl F street, opposite Patent Office. FOR BALI?Pour large, sound, well broken MUL/E8. Sold for n* fault, the owner having no use for them. Apply at the Star Offloe. my 4-lw* PERKINS. STERNE & Co., 180 Broadway, N. Y.. EI0LUBIV1 I1AL1X8 IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PUSS. For sale by all Orst-olaM Grocers and Druggists everywhere. mh 30-3m* AUDUBON'S BIRDB OP NORTH AMERICA, ia flve ?els., royal octave of text, and one msgnlfloent folio volume of plats*. isiseV br 40 prioesioDbp0e *" or'*** 8n*00P7only ap?3 FRANCE TAYLORS - RBMOYAL.-Syl MUBL T. DKUKY, Ut^nty ?mntL'??u/i,Ur.*t baa removed hisofflcs "LSSlSS?' opposite wee) wi^g gity FOB RENT Ajfo SALE. TO LET?For the nimmtr, ft HOT78K, completely furnished, in the Fir?t Ward Ay ply at Cottage Market, 309 I street, mj IS eotf CURNI8HED ROOMS for email family, for rent * at f25 per month, at No. 37 3 13th street. be tween H and I. my 13-It* FOR RENT?One splendid SUIT EOF ROOMS, one large and one small cbumbor; all hand somely furnished. Bath room in building and good boarding near. 404 I street. It* '|>W0 OR THREE UNFURNISHED R00M8, * communicating, for rent; also, one furnished, at 492 L street north, second door from 1 th street we?t. Kent moderate. References given and zm nusred. my !3Jt* fcjjTORE FOR RENT?A rood business stand. auit* able for grocery and provision store, with two rooms adjoining, corner fith and H streets. In quire H street, three doors east of tfth street, my lS-3t* FOR RENT" a STABLE and CAKRIAGE H0U8K. with stalls for two horses. Apply at No. 429 jflth street, between H and I. my 12 Iw* 1/OR RENT?To gentlemen only, one large fur rushed CHAMBER. Gall at 35S 7th street, between I and Mass^avenue^ my 12-st* 'T'lIB OOPARTNER!?RIP heretofore existing nn- " f der the name of EDWARDS A BRONSON wa3 dissolved by mutual consent on April 21st, 1834. my l?-3t* FOR RENT.?The new HOUSE on Stoddartst., near Congress st., in Georgetown, is now ready for occupancy. my 12 3t* JOHN HARRY. FI*0R RENT?To a party purchasing the furni ture, a HOUSE containing six rooms itnd kitch en Apply at 284 8th street, between M and N streets. mh 12 3t*_ FOR RENT?Two well-furnfttied ROOMS to sin gle gentlemen, without board. Alec, a large Room on Pa. avenue, for a doctor, dentist or pay master's office, or any light business. Apply at 47 7 13th street, near the avenue. my 12-3t*_ A RARE CHANCE.?An established, good pay ing, respectable BUSINESS, may be pur chased very low; the proprietor wishing to engage in other bustuess. For particulars address A . B. 0.. Star Office. my 12 3t? F^OR RENT, IN THE COUNTRY -The second floor of a comfortable DWELLING, situated about five miles from Washington, on the Rail road to Baltimore. Garden attached. Apply to Room 36 (first floor) General Post Office. my 12 3t* A RARE CHANCE.?FOR BALK, the Stock. Good-will and Futures of the WILbARD HOTEL STAPLES, one of the best stands in Washington. D. C., consisting of Horses, Car riages, Buggies, A. o. For particulars inquire of THOMAS CLARK, at tbe Stable, my 12-1w* 14th st., below Penn. avenue. F'OR 8ALK? A three-stor* and basement BRICK HOUSE, containing eight large rooms, sit uated on li th street, between N and O; been built About three \ear? Price f2.5fl. A two-story FRAME HOUSE, containing six rooms, situatid on bth street, betweeb L and M; under rent focJl" per month. Price fi,800. Three fraa'l FRAMB HOrSEP. situated on rith street , between F and G, Island Apply to D. HAUPTMAN, 512 11th street, three doors north of Penn. avenue. my ll-lw* 'OK SALE?Within twenty minutes walk of the _ Capitol, a pretty COTTAGE RKSIDKNCE; over twenty thousand feet of land; choicest fruit and flowers. Price very low. For terms addres.i "C"ttage," Box 37 Star Office. iny 11 3t' b^URNISHED ROOM8~P0R~ RENT?TwtT"rooms ?n firBt floor, suitable for gentleman'- busi ness room. Location one of the beet in the city. Inquire at 450 6th street, between E and F. Ref erences required. iny ll-3t* I^URNISHED I10U8R FOR RENT?Containing a 1ft rooms; ha* gas in parlors and 3 chambers; a hvdrant in tr-e jard and stable and carriajre house. References required. The house is sit uated in Georgetown, Inquire at thio office, my 11 eo3t F( H OL'SE FOR SALE?On Maryland avenue, be ... tween fith and 7th streets. A three-story BRICK HOUSE, with frame back building?11 rooms and passage. Lot 24 by l?jp feet. F MACE. Real Estate Broker, my ll-6t" 51 T 7th stroet. ? OR SALE OR RENT?Nine years' LV;ASK of * store-room, situated ou south side K street, between 7th and 8th. near Northern Liberty Mar ket. Possession given in one we>"-k'. For terms apply to WM. H. CAMP BELL, No. 3*3 Penn. avenue, between 4,H and Oth sta, my ll FOR SALE?A three-story RRICK HOUSE, No. fll** Maryland avenue, near 6th street, bal cony in front, and contains 11 rjoms. Terms made very easy, and price low. The owner can be s<*en any evening aft? r&i o'clock at the house. Title perfect. RICHARD BARN HOUSE, my 11-lw* FOR SALE-A three-story BRICK HOUSE and lot on 8th street, between D My,??' For further particulars inqui-e at R. ?. JOHN SON'S coach shop, on 12th street,No. bo6,between B and C. 1 FOR bALF. ? FnrnitHre and Good Will of a BOARDING-IIOUSE, containing 10 n oms and a number of boarders. Inquire second door from 4H street, on P street south, near Arsenal Gate. _n,y 10-lw* 'OR SALE?A small FARM, of ?6 acre*, in Mont gomery county, 12 miles 'roin Georgetown and 1% mile* from the canal. Location healthy. New DWELLING HOUSE, (small. > Sixacresm high cultivation, and the balance in oak and pine tim ber, \> M. KItuOl K, . my 10-St* Attorney and Trustee. 517 7th st. COR RFNT?By the 14th instant, two new brick r HOUSES, each containing seven roomsand a cellar, located in one of the most delightful and healthy parta of the city on 14th street, between V and U streets, opposite Kingman's Garden. The city cars run by the door, and only six minutes ride from the Treasury Department. For par ticulars apply to JOHN CHAPMAN,on the prem iseg. "^y 10 4t A RARE CHANCE FOR SALE-HOUSE on K street, near tbe corner of 19th, containing four rocrjs and a har-room attached, with the ToVI fixtures and full license, and two rears and hve months lease, Inquire of THOS. McC AM A. owner. my 9-lw* FOR SALE-A GROCERY STORE. Apply at the Star Office. m> ' lw COR RENT-Those large ROOMS under theof r fice of the Gas Light Company, designed for a first-class Restaurant and 8aloon, are now about finished; have every convenience. Apply at the Gas Office. " my 7-dlw FOR RENT?a delightful RESIDENCE, with Furniture, on Georgetown Heights, on the square between Green and Montgomery streets, above Stoddard st Possession given ou the 10th of June next. For terms, Ac., apply on the prem ises. ' ?y6_ FOR SALE?a FRAME HOUSE, with five acres of ground, orchard, icf:., on the Rock Creek road, six mile* from the city and two from Fort Plocum. For terms, Ac., apply without de'ay to MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, ISth street, 2d door south of the avenue. af 3>2w COR BALE?8,000 acres of rich FARMING r LANDS in Iowa, (Hardin. Story, Wright, and Franklin counties;) 4,000 Wires in Minnesota; tracts from 40 to &4"> acres. Located 1856. Patents from theGovernment. Will exchange for property in or near Washington. FOR SALE -Two and a half years' lease ef a store property on Penn. avenue, now renting for $200 per month, will be sold, with Confectionery Stock, Soda Fountain, and Fixtures complete. $13,000 for a property fronting 40 feet on Penn. avenue; a three-story brick building, having two stores and eight large rooms additional, now rent ing for $2JtOper year. ? ^ MITCHELL A 'iON, Real Estate Brokers, ap$)-lm* 8outhe&fct tor. Pa. av. and 16th st. d* 1 nan WILL BUY THE LEASE of * large. ? l.UUU commodious HOUSE, with store and stable attached. Addresa Mr. LEASE, Star Office. ap21-lm* l/OR SALE?A small tract of LAND (16^ acres j r about three miles from theNavy-Yard bridge, well located for a market garden farm. Pr'-Ce Also, 80 acres, same distance from Navy Yard bridge, mot-tly under good fencing, well lo cated, with a fine road leading to it. inquire ot JOHN W. VAN HOOK, No. 55 Louisiana av. ap 19 2aw3t For bale OR RENT?A flrst-rate two-atory FRAME HOUSE, containing nine rooms, to gether with nine BUILDING LOTS, all set out with ohoice fruit, such as peaches, peart, plums, cher ries, grapes, all of the best selection; with a pump of excellent water in the yard; on the corner of G and ISth streets and Penn. avenue east. For farther *?."?{? "" * *"? P CARE01.L. POR 8ALK?A valuable SLAUGHTER H0U81 PROPERTY, 26,'0-'1 feet of ground and Im nrovements, as follows: Slaughterhouse, 16x46;one do., 2"x25; ice house, 2 x2 ; stable 13x26?subsUutial brick buildings: cattleand stable yards well paved, admirably adapted for a soap and candle factory or tannery. Willbe sold for $8,?*W. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, ap 16-lm southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15th st._ COR SALE-A 8T0RE and "DWELLING HOU81, r No. 401,on7th street, between rt and I streets. Lot?' by 70 feet. This is a flrst-rate business place. A BRICK HOUBE.No. 6?6, on M street .between 4th and Sth streets. Has six rooms. Bets back frona the street. Lot 30 by 219 feet, running through to Rid je street. Is a very desirable place for a private r?A BRICK HOUSE, No.438,on9thstreet,between ! G ftod H streets. Has four rooms. Sets,back, with yard in front. Lot 19 feet 6 inches by 99 feet. A FRAMX HOUSE, No. 373. on ?th itreet between I and New York it?bu. Seven rooms, i L A *FRAMEfeH0U8E. No. 343, on 10th street between L and M streets. Has ai* rooms. Lot ? b V'fVaME HOUSE, No. 343, on Q ateeet.between llth and llth. Six rooms. Lot SO by ?0 feet. For partienlara apply to Jr. ap !3 lm* No. d33 M bet. 4tl> and 6tfl. OR RENT?With or withoat Board an excel lent PARLOR and aeveral well furnished.BED ROOMS, at 450 12th ftreet, within flje mijitea walk of the Klrkwood House, Wil lards'widthe Patent Office. Poat Office and Treasury and Btate Department**. Tbe location Is unsurpaaned in Washington. No childr?" in the house^ jeg^ ! PERSONAL. A REVINED TOUNG LADT, stranger here, A would like to make the acquaintance of a wealthy middle-aged or elderlr gentleman, Ir agreeable, with a view to matrimony. AddreM Miss A. Y. R.. Washington Poat Office. It* MEDICAL-Magnetism and Electricity !? cur ing chronic and acute dUepaea when all other treatments fail. . MB8. WRBN%449 K at., between ?th and Tth, Washington. P. 8. Ladies attended and boarded during con flnement. ?P H R8. L. SMITH, an excellent Olwrroyaat and teat medium, 836 ocrner of Wh street and Maaa. avenue, over grooery, exMainee diseases, heals by magnetdam. sees your dead and living ^nds, tells their character, gets names, r?ftd> i w WH: AUCTION SALES. ror ?hw A action Sale* see first pn*e. TM1? ArTgRWUOK AMP TU.MOftKUW P* *0GUIBB ft 0(1., ABeOoBtert, TBUBTSIS'SALJBOr BRIOK HOUSE AMD LOT ot? Twelfth street west. between C end D itrrtU north. It KICK HOUSE AMD LOT oa Eleventh CKRaSS&SS'V!! O ??< H ? treat* north, end VACANT LOT et the eorner ef Twelfth street vest end north p street. On FBI OAT AFTBBNOON, May 13. et 5 o'clock, on the premises.we cbsll sell, by virtue of e decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sit tin* in chsooery, passed on tbs 9th der of A?rM, 1864, in a certain cause wherein George W. Miller is complainant end Ellen Miller et el. ere defend ants. No. 146? Part of Lot No. 1. in Square No. 393, fronting 23 feet# ineheson 12th street west, between north 0 and D streets, and back that width the depth of Raid lot, together with the knprovemer ti. consist ing of a two story Brick Dwelling House. ImmedUUly after, part of Lot No 6, in Square No. 845, fronting 30 feet on 11th street west, be tween G snd H streets north, eud running baak with thet width to the reer of said lot, together with the improvement*, col si sting of a vwo-story Brick Dwelling House. Immediately after. Lot No 9, In S*uarr 279. fronting 2ft feet on 12th street west,at the cornjr of north P street, and running beak 85 toe 15 foot al ley . and containing 21 2* square feet of groend Terms: One-third in cash, and the residue in thiee eqnal instalments at six, twelve, and eight een months. With interest, for whish the purcha ser shall give notes, s-cured to the satisfaction of tbeTrusteie. T *e purchaser to have the option of paying all in cash. Conveyances end revenue stamps at the eost of the purchaser. If the terms of sale ere not complied with in five days from the day of sale the trustees reserve th? right to re-sell, at the risk and oost of the default ing purchaser, on oneweek's notice in the National Intelligencer. . .UL?... GEO. A. BOHBBR, J B.C. MORGAN. x.Trustees. A. TH08. BBAOLBT.V ap 2o-eodAds J. 0. MoQPIBB ft 00 , Aucts. JgY J. 0. MoQUIRB ft CO., Auctioneers. A VERT VALUABLE LOT ON EIGHTH STREET BETWEEN P AND Q NORTH. Ob FRIDAV AFTERNOON. May 13, at6 o'clook, on the premises, we shall sell, Lot No. 11, in Square No. 397. This Lot Is 62 feet, flinches front oa Eighth street west, between P ana Q streets north, and 109 feet deep, and will be divided and sold in three equal parts Terms : One-third cash;acd the balance in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. All conveyances and stamps at eost of the pur chaaser my.3d J. C. McGCIRE ft CO., Aucts. gY J. C. McGUlRJS ft CO., Auctioneers. IMPORTANT BALE oi" CHOICE LIBRARY BOOKS On WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 4th, at 7~ o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, and continued ea*h succeeding Evening, at the same h<ur, until the whole is disposed of, we shall sell, without reserve, a portion of the Library of th* lat? C has. F. Mayer, of Baltimore, Md., to which valuable additions from another source has been made, the wh le comprising Miscellsneous and Scientific Work*, Il lustrated Edition, Sets of Monthlies, Pamphlets, Congressional Documents, Ac., Ac. Terms cash. ?^"Catalogues now ready for delivery. ap.SP-dtf J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auets. pY J. C. MoGUIRE ft"00.. Auctioneers^ PBBEMPTOBY 8ALE~0K FINE LIQUORS IN BaBREi.8 AND CAfKS On SATURDAY MOKNIP.G, May U.atll o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, w- thull se'l for account or a di aler declining busineFS the following liquors: 7 Barels Fine Old Extra Monangahela Rye Wilis K 6y 3 Bb' reis Superior Old Rve Whiskey, 1 " OIq Dominion.Rto Whiskey, 1 " O d Family Nectar, 1650. 1 " Proof Rye WhUkey, ] " Ho land Gin, 1 C?sk Port Wine. 1 " Sherry Wine, 2 " best Cognac Brandy. 2 Cases Compte de Flore Champagne. Terms cash. my,12-d J. C. MoGUTR* A CO., Aucts. 15 T WM. L. WALL ft CO , Auctioneers. B 80REW* AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING May 14, we will sell at the Auction Rooms, a lot of Screws, slightly damaged by water. Terms cash. my. 12 W. L. WALL ft CO.. Aucts. Y WM. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers, At the Horse Bazaar. 9S La. av. HORSES AND CARRIAGES AT AUCTION. On 8ATURDAY MORNING.May 14, commencing at If) o'clock, we wili sell, at our Bssaar and Repos itory, 9S Louisiana avenue, about foity Work, Saddle and Driving Horses, some of which are ex cellent stock Previous to the sals of Horfes. we will fell a large stock of Carriages and Harness : 3 New Leather top Buggies, built by an experience builders, 6 No-top Kuggles and Trotting Wagons, 9 Family Carriages, and Rockaways, 1 Very superior Jump Seat Carriage, 1 Jagger Wagon, 1 Park Carriage. 3 New Road Wagons. Second-t and Express and Harness Wagons, With other Wagons,Carts, Harness, Ac. Sale without itserve. Terms oash. my.12 W. L.WALLA CO.. Aucts^ B Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneer*. S. W. corner Pa. av. and 9th at. B CANTON COCO MATTING. FURNITURE, CAR PETS. AO., AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY MORNING, 12th instant, at 10 o'clock, we will sell at our Auction Rooam. with out reserve, for cash, for acooun* of whom It may concern? 210 rolls fresh white and checquered 4, 5. and 6-4 Canton Matting,lust imported. 1(0 rolls 4 4 and 6 4 Coco Matting, 10 ro.ls Carpt-t, 10 Cottage Sets. Jenny Lmd. Cottage, and other Bedsteads, Marble-top. plain, and other Bureaus, Hair and Shook Mattresses, k'vhogaD. and Walnut cane seat Chairs and Rock rlS. Mirrc<s, Easy Chairs, and Lounges, Marble-top and other Tables, Mahogany and Walnut Sofas and Tete a-Tetes, 8afes.Glassware. Crockery, Ac.. With a variety ofotber House furnishing goods too numerous to meneion. Terms cash. my.7 W. L. WALL,ft CO., Aucta. 07-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, IN consequence of the rain, until 8ATURDAY, 14th inst., same hour andplace. my12 W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctd. Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. S. W. corner Pa. av. and 9th bt. PIANOS?PIANOS?PIANOS AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY MORNING, 12th instant at 11 o'clock, we will sell on the first floor of our Auction Rooms: One very fine Chickering A Sons' Rosewood seven octare Piaio. Two new and beautiful seven octave fine Rose wood Pianos, warranted. Two excellent, very little used Pianos, rather old in style, but good in tone, and excellent tor begin ners We respectfully invite the attention of purcha sers to the above Pianos^as they are in part first* class instruments, and will be sold without reserve for cash Biy.ll WM. L* WALL ft CO., Aucts. tar THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, IN consequence of the rain, until SATURDAY, 14th inst., same hour and plaoe. my 12 W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. ^LDERNEY COWS FOR SALE. On SATURDAY the 15th day of May, at 2 o'clock, p e ,. at the Cattle Scales in Mecbanicsrille. Mont gomery County, Md., I will offcer to the highest bidder, 12 or 15 valuable fresh Milch Cows with caives, moitly of the Aldernev stock. So justly celebrated for docility, th* richness of the>r milk, a od delicate ilavor of their butt- r. Terms of sale: a credit of four months, the pur chaser giving his note, with interest, and satisfac tory fecurity. my.7-to4t* A. B. DAVIS. gJNITED bTATESMARSHAL 8 SAL*" In virtue of two writs of Fieri Faelas issued from the Clerk's offioe of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, and to me directed. I will expose to public sale, for cash, at the front of the Court House door, of said county, on MONDAY, the 6th day of June next. 1864, at 12 o'dock M . all de fendant's right, title, claim, and interest in aud to Lots No. 1. 2. and 3, in Square No. 90. being the undiviled third part of said Lots, seiied and levied upon as the property of William Douglass, and will be sold to satisfy judicial No. 298 and 299. to Octo ber term 1859, in favor of Wm.G. W. White and Br< tber, use of James R. Smith, use of Henry Douglass. WM. 8ELDEX, my ,13-dftds late U. 8. Marshal. P O. LOST AND POUND. IPOUND?A POCKET-BOOK, containing a sura 17 of money, which the owner can have by de sot ibing contents paving expenses. ISAAC H. MoOATHRAN, at W?H. Shuster ft Bro's, my 13-3t* No. 38. opp. Center Market. & 1 () REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, from near the premises of the undersigned, a BAY H0R8E, between 4 and 6 years old, with forelock cropped square. The above reward will be given if returned to W. B. WRIGHT, on north A St., my 13-2t* bet. 7th and 8th sts. east. RAN AWAY?On Wednesday, about 11 o'cloek, a dark salt HORSE, four white legs, and a white stripe on his face, with harness. Any one that will bring him baok. on B street, between 1st and 2d sts., will be liberally rewarded. my 12-3t* p. GBATTB. fe' shoulder from tbe cellar, and a bump on the right hind leg below the knee, the sice of a hulled wal nut. The above reward will be given if delivered at the New York Stables, corner 12th and O sts. my 11-St* WM. ROW ZEE, A SMALL BOY'S PATBNT LBATHBB 8HOB was dropped oa Penn. avenue, between 0th and 9th streets, yesterday. The finder will receive the thanks ef the owner and a suitable reward if required by leaving It at the store of Ferry ft Bre. cay 11-H ?K REWARD.?Lost, on the 10th Instant, two ?$D HOBBBB. one darV hrowa, about 9 years old, left sbonlder shaved and lame in right hind leg. The othei a llt,ht sorrel, with 1.0. on left shoul. der. The above reward will be riven if returned teN^tilBLSY, ?B M ptreet, IfltMM* fcjjeciy* AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. gT 0. R. L. CROWN 4 CO., Auctioneers. A?X.ALJ*All?-* LOT ATTUCT?* AND A EAR! ?5A?C* *uR investment. as the own J.R 18 ABOUT TO LEAVE TtlWlT*. We will ?ell on SATURDAY, Kav 14th. at S ?, in., on the pra*nlses, being I/nt dusi Vr Bine, it.) in Square No. ?B9. 8aid lot fronts S5 feet on txk street wwt, between south H no t south I street*. I el end, running back ia feet to a aa foot alter. The abort- naned property lies within tiro amar?4 of the stesn.bi at wharf. Sale witheut reeer^e. Title good. Torm?cash. Ail conveyances at the ci>st or the pnrehater. my 12-St* 0. R. L. CROWN ft CO., AttCtt. |^Y J.C. McGllRK ft CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY 8ALE OF~VALUABLE tMP*Q.VED AM) UNIMPROVED PKOPBRTY ON DELA WARE AVKNUI, BETWEEN B AND em. NOBTU, NEAR TtaE CAPITOL GATE On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Mar Mth, at ? p.cl?ck,on the premise*, by virtu* of a decree of the late Circuit Court and an amended decree of the Supreme Court of the Di-triet of Columbia. ?.lttA,)'L*^*<l2nrtof Equity, the l?tt?rdecree Aated April 2Sth, 1964, and rendered In a cause. No. SB, wbfreiB Elir.iwtn Hrentj is complainant, tod Obil. E. Brent, and others, defendant*, the uadaraignee Trustee will Mil all of Lots 8. 9.p?rts of 7 and Iff, In Squire No 686, as follows? Part of l ot No. 7, fronting 90 feet on Delaware avenue, between north B and C streets, and ren ting ba-k 193 f< et tQ a 30-feet alley, improved by s substantial an<l wall built BRICK DWELLI^HOUSK WITH BAOB AMofLotNo 8,fronting feetflt aches on Deia ware averue, between North B and C streets, and ruunii g back an average depth of 184)i feet to a ? feet alley. Improved by a large aid well arranged BBICK D WILLING-BOU^E WPTH BAOB BUILDINGS. Part of Lot No. W. fronting 35 feet 8 inches on Delaware avenue, between B and C street* n>rUs, running back about 140 feet to a 15-feet \lley. All this viluable property is situated within a very short distance of tne North Gate of the Capi tol and if the proposed extension of th? Capitol grounds is consummated will be Immediately ad joining. Term* : On*-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve mrnths, with interest, secured tot be satis faction of the Trustee, or all cash, at the option of purchaser. Conveyanoes and stamps at the cost of the pur Early possession of r*r,;su ap 28-d J. C. MOGUIRB & CO., Auete |?Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. 8EVEN VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN T5B NORTHERN PART OF THE CITY AT AUO TION On MONDAY, the 16th instant.at 6o'ctock, p. m. we shall aril, in front of the premises, in Square No. 5!3, Lots No. 8 9,34 and 35. on M street north, ?>? tween 4th and 5th atr*ets west; also. Lot, No 21, in Square No. 5K. frontingcnO etreet north,between 4th and 5th streets west. T?rms: One-third cssh, balance in 6, 1J, and la months, for nvtes bearing interest, secured by ? deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing std revenue stamps at the oost of the purchise.". my II d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. ny J. O MoGUIRE A CO . Auctioneers VALUABLE L TB ON~MA83ACnU8ETT8 AV? NUE N > AR MTH 8TREE r AT PUBLIC SALE., On toONDAY AFTERNOON, May t*. atSo'clocx, on the premises, wa ahall sell. Lot No. 1, in Sqatrs No 21.H. fr?utiug l?f feet t inches, on Massaoha settx avenue, at d 162 feet 11 in"*he?, ;-n M strest, being11 he oomer Lot at the intersecti ?n of F ?or teenth street M street, and Massac nusetts ifnne. and immediately opposite the fin? residence of Chas Hill B-q. It will be divided into small building Lots if desired. ? . Also. 1m ? euiat?-ly after, we sbaU sell. LotNo '.6, in Squar 247, fronting 66 feet on M?ssaonusetts avei ue betwe-n Thirteenth and Fourteenth *ts . and turning back to a 3 ? foot alley, ?o be divided into four lots of 16 feet 3 inches each Terms: Ot-e-third in cash.the remainder In sit and twelve months, withinter-st,secured by adaal of trust or the premises. Conveyances at the cost >1 the purchaser, my 10 d lRep.} J C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Auete. DY J. C. McGUIRE A < 0 , Auctioneers. EIGHTEEN SMALL BUILDING LOTS AT THE CORNER OF NORTr* L STREET AND NBW HAMPSHIRE AVENUE. ? _ ^ On TUESDAY A if t ERNOON, May 17th at BK o'clock, on the premises, we sbali sell, the wnoleof Lot No. fi, in Fqnare No. 72, *ituat*d at the corner rf north L street and New Hampshire avenue ai vided into eighteen l.ots of about fifteen lent fr st, each fronting respectively on L street and New Hampshire avenue. . , . Termf: One-third in cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest. s*?cured by a deed o trust.on the premises, or all cash at tha option of the purchaser Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. A payment of $40 on each lot will De requirad at the time of eala. _ .. , my.io d J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Accti. HYJ. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE AND GROUNDS ON CAPITOL HILL AT PUBLIC 8AL?. ^ , On Tl! EfDAY AFTERNOON, May 17th. at S o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell. Lots No. 41. 42, and 43, in Square No. 732, fronting together vm feet inches on Second street east. Between aout? B an i C ?treets runt.ing back 136 feat 8 Inches, wit i a BO-foot alley on the north side, and im proved bv a Handsome Cottage Dwe ling, contain ing two Parlors 18 feet square, separated by aflos I*all and snail Dining Room in rear, and una Chambers, with brick kitchen and small a table, cistern of water at Hack door, and gas throughout. The grounds are handsomely laid out with fruit and shiubbery.and altogether itis a char aing res idence for a small family. Tte House was built in the moat superior man ner by a master builder for his own uae.hasabriok foundation, aid ia double framed througho.rt Terms One third in'ash; the remainder la Mix and twelve months, with interest, aeeured or a dead of tru#t. my.1? J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Aaeta. Y W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers. B 500 DOZEN Extra ohoioe Cognac and Bochalls Brandies, Scbeidam Hi Hand Gin, Royal Port Wiaa, Bourbon and Nectar Whiskey, Clarets, Aa.. ra iraining of the stock of R. Cromelien A Co.. will be sold or their order at Public Sals, on WEDNES DAY. 18th Mav. et 10 o'clock. The same mar be examined at their ?al?s room, No. 393, Penaerl J^Y J. C. McGUIRE A OO , Auctioneers. 4.000 DOZEN TRADE*" SALE CHOICE OLE BOURBON WHISREY AT A CTION On WEDNESDAY MORNING, May l?tb, at 11 o'clock, on the first floor of onr Auction tUomt.Ws slu-l sell, in l?ts to suit the trade 4.000 DbZEN CHOICE OLD BOURBON WHIE KKY, . ^ handsomely labelled an<f put up in oaaes by old snd reliable firm of A. Binninger A Co. ?9"The attention of the trade is particularly called to this sale. Terms rash, e my.ll-d J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auots. J^Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. ELEVEN BUILDING LOTS IN THE VIOINWT OF FOUR! EKNTH AN D P STREETS AT PUB LIC AUCTION. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, May 18, et? o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell. Eleven *o<>4 Bulla ing Lots in Drury's sub divis'on of Squsre No. situated betw en Fourteenth acd Fifteenth street west, and north P and Chestnut street Terms: One fourth in cash, th-e remainder la stz. twelve, and eighteen months, with interest secured by adfed of troston the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. 19" A cash payment of #20 on each Lot will be re quired at the tame of sale my .7-d J. 0. MoGUIRE ft 00. AuflU, SALE OF CONDEMNED CLOTHING. CAMP AND OARRIfeON EQUIPAGE, TENT CUT I kxtfQuarttrmaster's OJiet Dtpot WashmitmA Washington. D C , M'V lJ, 1864. I Will be sold at public auction, at Gcyernmaut Warehouse, No. t> 17th street, between H and I streets, Washington City, D. O., at 12 c-'clook M., THUB8DAY, May 26.1864, nnder the supervision of Capt. D. G. Thomas. M. 8. K.. U. S. A., a lar?e lot of stores condemned as unfit for public sac? vice tiz * Infantry and CavalryOoats and Trowsers, Shirts. Drawers, Stockings, Felt Hats Caps, Trumpets, Bugles, Flags, Drums, Tents, Tent Poles, Mesa Pans, Csmp Kettles, Spades, Shovels, Knapsaoks. HaversackB, Bed Sacks, ftc., Ac., A?c. Also, about sixtj- <60) tons of Tent Cuttings. Terms cash, in Government funds. Successful bidders will be reuuired to remore the stores within five (B) days frcimdate of aale. D. H. RUOKER, Brigadier General and Chief Qaartermastor. my 12-td Depot of Washington, D. O. /^RANGES AND LEMONSt U ORANGES AND LEMONS I ORANGES AND LEMQN8I 1,000 BOXES MESSINA ORANGES. Prime 8weet Fruit 300 BOXES LEMONS. Just arrived at JONES ft 00.*?, my 7-8t* Oarnsr 8tt and P streets. Jgg PAPEEHANQmQS: A selected and varied stock of Fine, Medium and Low - pr ioed P aperhangin ga. Borders .StAtues, * e., at J. MARK KIT ER'S, dff Bight doors above OdnFallowa HaU. Terms cash , a??-l?"* 486 486 nak If *?li Terms cash PICTURE C0EEa?? TASSELS. A?. District jnst received a^ kaKKBIIIXV, Me. 486 7th street, ^t^ra aboVe %TTeraxs oash. W j-SSf* Jgg OYAL PIOTURE FRAMBsT" 486 A beautiful assortment of Gilt a** Dark Orai Pictures; Ei.ht doo?a"v.<Jdd Terms caah apn-mn 170R SALE?The Meek and Good-Will ef a GEO F CERY, now doing a good caah buainass. TtUa ia a vara oaoortunity offered to any one wishing to Lo In bSriSeSsTI?fat this office, or ta 8. H. ^ACON 393 south aide Penn avenue, between 4^ind 8th streets, or BAEBOUt, 8BMirfE3 A 00. plntmPderata. " lMW rrafl **RCFAW*7?AND BAS^-iR'S ALiU VT*4 we

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