4 Haziran 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Haziran 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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V?. XXIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. JUNE 4. 1864. N2. 3,516. auction sales. FUTURE DATS. T?Y J. C. McGUIF.E A CO., Auctioneer*. tlMUCKRY 3?LK OP~TW0 ?RAME HOrSES ami lots < n fifth s-keec *e.iT. hb T*m N ASU 0 STREETS NORTH. Pursuant to ad-crte of the Supreme Court ortee Districts Columbia sit'ing i Equity,.?? * entered in the cause, No. 211, wher?m Ma*tna J am-sand Th"irni? Go din. George, tj> ?rt and Martha Owea* ar? complainsnts, and ~*rJ. Jarbo*. executrix of the lait will and testament o EHxabeth Ooodin. deceased, defendant. I snail proceed to seli. on the prerrtlees, on the 9^h/iar o JtiM n?xt. at ^o'clock in the afternoon, all1 the e? late rinht tit>? interest. clvm and demani whi^h U.e s'airt E ir.heth hela or had attbetimeof her death, of. iu. and to part of Lot sixteen. (W, I.ot f ev. nWn, (17.) and part of Lot eighteen, {?.? in square >n th? P'sn nrth? city of Washing ton. tcgeth?r with the improvementsthereon,con sign g of two frame houses in *ond condition. The property is situated on Fifth street west, oe wee n >' and O streets north. Term? cash All conveyances to be prepared un der the direction of the solieito- in the ^ause. J? the expense of the purchaser. Revenue stamps to be also paid for by the purchaser. If the termi of sale are not complied with within live days thereafter. the executrix reetrrea tne right to re-sell the property, at the risli and c st of the defaulting purchaser, on one week s notice m the National Intelligencer^^ jaRROE, Exeentrix of Elizabeth Goodin, deceased. T. M Rlocnt. Solicitor. n my.28-d J. U. McGUIREA CO.,AUCT*. |> Y J. CTMcGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. srsbm* >? 'S'iSTSS- " f.MibSftSfmMiS.vr "tll'iSShi f...? inchM o? tj. .-t .Id. of S'ew Jersey aT?nu?, between K and F itre?ts north and running: hack 1*i feet 3 inches to a nr teen feet alley, and containing each 2,850 square ^'niese let) are in the immediate vicinity of the Railroad Depot, and on the great thoroughfare 'rotn the Capitol and Depot to the northeru aua w.-stern part ot the city. .... Terms One third in cash, the remainder in six twelve, and eighteen months, with interest secured by a deed o? trust on the premises. Conveyances at theipest o ft h ?.u Tc r; _ . my.jo d J C. McGUIRE A CO .Aucts. |>Y JTTjTMoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. focb valcabl. "all On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Juno .jth, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell. Lota No 37, isi :t>, and 411, in sub division of Reservation No 1?, fronting each 58 feet on the 80 foot alley on street in the rear of Jackson Hall, running back about 1M- feet to an alley. , .. , x ? .. These Lots are admirably located for the purpo ses of a Livery Stable or for a Manufactory, and we invite special attention to the sale. . . Term*: Ot>e-tbird in cash: tne remainder in six and twelve months,.with interest, .secured by deed cf trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser, my .27-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO. Aucts,^ IIY J. c. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OK VALUABLE VACANT LOT? ADJOINING THE CITY, AT THE COR N1R OF 7TH AND BOUNDARY STREBTS. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 221. at 6 o'elock. on the premises, by virtue of a decee of the Supreme Ciurt of thf? District of Columbia, sitting in chancery, passed on th? 9th day of April, IsSl. in a certain eaii>e wherein George M. Miller is complainant and Ellen Miller et al are defend ants, (No. 14^ ) we shall sell, part or a tract ot land belonging to the estate of the 1-tfe Charles Miller, fronting on Seventh street west, on the east and west sices. and on B'>undi?'y street, divided into good sized Building Lets. ?lats cf which may be obtained of ?ither of the Trustees or the Auction ? ere prior to the sale, or on the premises at the time of sale. .. . ? _ .. These Lots are just outside of the Corporation limits an4 consequently are not liable for city taxes. . Terms t One third in cash: the remainder in six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, for which the purchaser must give n>'tes secured to | the satisfaction of the Trust.'es. The purchasers to have tfce option of payipe sll 'O ca?b. Con vh)anciuif and Btftrnps the cost ot tne pur ChlTthe t?rms of eale are not complied with within Ave days thereafter, the Truatees reserve the right of rebelling, at the risk and expense of the de faulting purchaser, on one week's notioe in the '""'"i'laA BOHREB, ) E. C MORGAN. > Trustees. A. TH08 BRADLEY.S Tr.y.3C-eo.V ds j. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. ~|^Y ORKhtt A. W ILl>lAJic. AucUoaeeis. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ES TATE. _ By virtue of a decree of the 8uprem* Court ot the District of Columbia, da'ed * n the 21st of May, A. D 18?4. passed in a certain cause (No. 1,*M) pending in said cm. t, betwe-n Joseph R. Ca^sin, truatee, complainant, and John Williams, defend ant?the undersigned trustee will, on FRIDAY, the T7th day of June, A D 1??, at six o'clock P. M.. in JroLt of the nremises. proceed to sell_ all that lot of ground situate in thecit.y of ? ashing t n. and District of Columbia. known and desig nated as lot nuio'i<*red J6 in square numbered 6; also the east iev^n i'eet eight inches front of lot cumbered 15. in *ai0 -quare. together with theim pr.ivementh on said l it and nalt of lot. consisting rf a larce thiee story brick dwelling house. ( ^eing a portion of t'ae real?stat<j of the late Commodore Stepheu Cassin.l ,, _ . , . This property is situated on North K street, be tween ?.th a^d 27tb at eets west, fronting 57 f 'et and 8 inehee on K street, and extending back with tbatnni - width, (57 feet ? inches) 109 feet 10 iiichrstoi jblie alley. , . , Th? Wrnje ot the sale are : One third cash: the balance to be paid iu two equal instalments, at six and twelve months from the day ot sale: said bat *nce to b.-ar interest from the Oay of sale, and.the pai ment thereof to be secured b? toa bonds of the jurchaser or purchasers, with surety to be ap proved b?? the trustee. If tfce term* of sale be not complied wi.h within five days trom the day of sale the trustee reserves the right to re-sell the property, at the risk and et st of the d. faulting purchaser, by advertising f-uch re eale three times in some one or more dally newspaper^ published in the city of Washington. puVcha0"!'?*1"8 anv.lf!LASKEY.C^stee my 3K-StHwftds GREEN A WlbLIAMB. Aucts. |?Y J. cT"McGUIRE & CO., Anctieneers. -1RU8TEES' ?ALE 0|T~VALUABLE REAL ES TATE-BRICK HOUSE AND LOT. By virtue of a decree of th* Supreme Court of the m-trirt of Columbia, sitting in Chancery, passed .,n the 9th (Jay of May A D., 1*U, wherein Edwin r Morgan and WalVr 8. Cox, Trustees, were com plainants. and Susan G Walker et al . defendants, we will sell, the following described Real Estate and the improvements thereon, namely, Lot No. 2o. in Square No. one hundred and seventeen, (117.) and the improvements ttiereon. consisting of a Bri. k UwHiUng House on M street between lDth and-nth, in the City of Washington. District f>r Columbia, on the premises, MONDAY, 13th day of June, at 6 o'clock,p m. . . , The terras ot sale *iil be, one-third cash, balaQ. e in-> U. and 18 months, bearing interest, ana se cured to the satisfaction of the 1 rostees purcha M-r* will h... <h. ?.? rj; WALTER S COX A Tr lrtee'' my.W-3awAds J. C McGUIRE A 00. Aucts. ^ALE OF CONDEMNED BTORES. Wab Departmmt, Cavalrt BuRBin, 1 Office of Ckitf rjuaiUrmaster, > Was hint ton. May 27, l*t.S Will be sold, at Public Auction on WEDNE8 D \ Y. the 8th aay of June, 11:64, at the Oavslry De r.tt ,J Giesboro' D. C." a large lot of U.uar>rmaa ^-'g Stores, condemned as unfit for the public ier vice, consisting in part of Btoves and Stove Furniture, Knives Forks, Ac., ?Water Buckets, Wagon Saddlee, Curry Combs and Brushes. (laddies Bridles, and Whips, 5la%mitt"and Carpenters'Tool., Bro<>ms, Shovels frorks.and Rakes, Lanterns, Picks.and Leather Cuttings, Scrap Iron. Horse Shoes. Bop#, Empty Barrels, Ac., &<*.? occ Bale to commence at ten (Id) o clock, ?. ra. Terms ? Cash in ?-overnment funds. Five davs w 11 be allowed after the day of sale to remove the articles from the depot. For further information apply to Captain H. A, Dupuy. Assistant Quartermaster and Depot Quar termaster Cavalry Bureau, Giesboro , D. C. By Command of Malor General Auger, Com manding Depot of Washing*A IRIN mv 28-td Lt. Col. k, 0. Q. M.. Cav. Bureau T ccTION 8AL1 Of CONDEMNED HORDES, Wa? DirurniT, OATiLay Bouin, l Will ha sold at public auction, to the highest bid der, at the time* aad plaeca named below. Til: Newport, Penna , Thuraday, May #th, Gettysburg, Penna . Monday, May 9th, Aitoona. Penna.. Thureday.May 12th, M ifliin, Penna., Thursday. May 19th, Reading, Penna., Thuraday. May *th, Lebanon. P#nn*., Tknri<i^y, <-*? ln_A Northnmberland. Peona., Thursday, Jane 9th. Scranton. Penna., Thureday, June 15th Williameport, Penna . Thursday, June 2S1 One Hnndred t lt?> horses at Gettysburg, and Two Hundred and fifty (ISO; at each of tbeother places These horses have been condemned as anfit for the cavalry service of the United State# Army. for road and farm purposes many good bargain* may he had. ,. , &r.rhSL w a "? .* and continue daily until ^Terms^cash, in U.S. Treasury^. ^ ap IB tje20 Lt. Ool and C. Q. M Cavalry Bur au, ^ALE Of CONDEMNED HORdEi AND MULE3. (W Quarter mi <r*r's Ofitt D?*t ' V? ashisoton, D. C., June 3,1^4. \ Will be ?old at publii auction, at the Corrals, n#ar tb? Ob?erT^orr. in the city of Washington, DC WEDNESDAY, Jnaei, ?S4, and on WED DlVflV) a Y Jun'1 22* '8 4. ft 'ot i)' NEBDA HORSw AND MULI8, condemned as unBt fo* public service. Terms Cash ia Government funds. Sale to commence at Wo'c^. *tTCKER, Bri* Gen. and CUet Quartermaster, e j td Depot of Washington. ^ ? K1DWELL A HENDERSON, No. 3*iT D ST*B*T, SKiR NrSTtr, r.espeotfully inform their friends and the public ?en. rally that they have now in store a well se ">XW PAPE1W AND WINDOW SH ADE9. which tbty ale prepared to ^eUatthe lowest cash ' Work done at short notice in the city or country by e*p. rienced workmen. ,tr..t np.eqth Rememl-er the place. No. 3C7 D street, Dea , Ir&uklin Hali Uuilding. apJ u AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. B T GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctieneerg, TWO TWO-STORY BRICK HOUSES AND LOTS AT AUCTION. On MON DAY, the 6th day of Jane, at 6 o'clock, p m., in front of the premises, we ?hal( sell, part of Lot No 3, in Square l'?o. 14, about 28 feet front, running back 30 feet deep, more nr leas, on Twen ty sixth street, between M aid Pennsylvania ave nue. A g.-od Brick with all the modern improve ments. Terms: One-half cash, balance in six, and twelve months, for notes bearing interest. Deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. Je 2 a GREEN & WILLIAMS. Aucts B 1 JAS. C. McQUlKU & CO., Auctioneers. HANDSOME THREE 8TORY BRICK DWELL ING HOUSE. WITH TWO STORY BaCK BUTLDTNG. AT PUBLIC SALE. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, June r,. at6 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell part of Lot No 19, in Square No. 4o6. fronting 2) leet on the south side of F street north. between Xlxth and Seventh streets west au<- running back 99 feet S,l2 inches with a two foot alley, to be used in common with the adjoining property, improved by a Handsome three story brick house. with *wo story brick back building, containing in all nine room*, aai two good cellars, that can be converted into offi-es. Gas throughouttke house, with hydrant !n the yard. The property is the third house e*>t of Sixth street, alio is numbered 4J9. Terms : One half cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured bva deed of trust on tbe pren ises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. Early possession given, je i d J O. McGUIRE 4, CO.. Aucts B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. HANDSOME BUILDING LOT FRONTING ON new jkrse? avenue, hetwken m and N STREETS NORTH, at AUCTION. On TUkSDAY,the7th ins'ant.we ?halls*ll.on the premises, at 6 o'clock, p m., the following handsome Building Lot. viz: Lot No 9. in Square No. J23, having a front of S3 feet 10 inches on New Jersey avenue, bv 93 feet 4 inches deep, and very handsomely situated. , Terms : One-half cash, balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing interest; a tieea given and deed of trust taken. All conveyancing, including revenue stamps, at cost of the purcha?fr. i?.2 d GREEN 4 WILLIAMS. Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers AUCTION SAKE OF CHAMBER FURNITURE AT NO. 401 EIGHTH STREET. BETWEEN D AND PEN \*V LV *NIA AVENUE. On TUESDAY MORNING. June 7th, commen. cing&t '() o'clock, we shall sell the Furniture en tire of the second and third floor and attic as at>ove, c? nsisting of? Bedstead*. Bureaus Wardrobes, Rocking and other Chairs, Centre and Chamber Tables and Covers, Mantle Clocks and Ornaments, Mattresses Feather Pillows, Bolsters. Sheets, Blankets Comforts, Pillow Ca3es, Spreads, Carpet Oilcloth. Washstands, Toilet Wsre. Stoves, Ac. Terms cash. Je.2-dta J. C. McGUIRE A. Co.. Aucts. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. A GOOD TWO-BTORY BRICK HOUSE ON A LOT ON LEASE GROUND RENT AT AUC TION. On TUESDAY, the 7th instant, at 6 o'clock, p. m . we shall s?-ll in front of the premi-es, on ith street between N and O street* north.a Good Two story Brick House on ground rent, payable quar terly for ninety years. Leans in Ward sub-division of Square i.??. Terms cash, je 2-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE S SALE OK BAR FIXTURES STAGE, AN D STAGE SCENERY AND FIX I'URES, AN D LEAS* AT AUCTION. Cn WEDNESDAY", the 8th day of June, A D., ].Sb?. at 11 o'clock, a. m., we shall sell, at "Metro politan Ilall," by virtuaof a deed of trust to the ? ubucriber. bearing date the 9t.h day of March, A. D., 1864, and rec 'rdt d in Liber N. C. S , No. 35. folio K*toe5 one of the lasd records oi the District of Columbia, the following described property : The Bar and liar Fixtures, two hundred and fifty Cbair?,8'age and Mage Scenery. Gas Fixtures, and Cbandaliers. one l'iano Forte, one large and one small Stove, one Clock, together with all the right, title and estate oi Gardner A Co., in and to the aame as assignees of a lease. Terms caEn. JOHN MICHEL. Trustee. Je 2-otd8 GREEN A W1LLIAM8, Auita. |^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VERY VALUABLE BUILDINGLOTSNEARTHE CAPITOL AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 8th instant, we shall s#?, on the preir, ires at 6 o'clock p. m.? his handfome Building Lots, in Square No. 6-37, it being the Square immediately north of tbe ea-t Capitol ground; Lots 1 and J, which front the Capitol ground; Lots 14, IS, 20, 21. and 22. f ont ing on north B, between DeUwar- avenue and 1 >t street eaet. one of which is at the corner of 1st street. ? It is deemed unnecessary to say anything further in commendation of the above described property, as it is well known to be the mcstbeiutiful and de sirable buildirg sites now for sale in Washington. The sale will commence on Lot No 2. Terms 0ne-th:r? ca?h; the remainder in six and twelve months, tbe purchaser to gwe n.tes for the deferrtd payments, hearing interest from dav of sale. A deed given and a deed of trntt taken. All eocveyancing, including revenue stamps, at tbe coat of the purchaser. je 2-d GREEN A Wllft.IA.MS, Aucts. B Y WM. L. WALL A CO,, Auctioneers. EXECUTOR'S SALE of VALUABLE IMP ROVED PROPERTY ON FOUB AND-A-HALFSTKEET, BETWEEN MieSOLRl AND PENNSYLVANIA AVENUES AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON inth instant, at 5 o'clock, we will sell in front of the premises. the southern part of Lot 12 Square A. fronting 5S feet mi Feur-aud-a half str-et,and running back 72 feet more or less, on a 2s feet alley, and improved by two two-story Brick Dwellings fronting on Four-and a-half street and a Brick Stable on the Terms: 0n6-third in cash; the bftlance in ?>, 12 and 1? months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing and stamps at the expense of purchaser PETER O'DONOGHUB. Executor^ Je 2. W.L. WALL A CO., Aucts. Dl GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. Chancery sale of~valuable reil es tate ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. In pursuance of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in Equity, made and entered in tbe caan No 22H. wherein W. Henry Farrar, Edward Thomas Farrar, Jacob L. Bright, and Anna Elizabeth, his wife, formerly Anna Elizabeth Farrar, and Frances Farrar by her next friend are complainants and Joseph F. Kel ley, executor .of the la?t will and tes'anent of Mary Farrar, de-eased defemant, I shall proceed to sell,on the premises, on WEDNESDAY, thedlh day of June next, at 6 o'clock, p. m. all the es tate, right, title, interest, claim, and demand of which Mary Farrar died seized and possessed of, ip and to a certain piece or p?r?<-ll or land, l?ing. situate, and being in the city of Washington, and known and distinguished on the plan of said city ail Lot number twerty six. (&> in Square or Reser vation A, together with the improvements there on. consisting of two frame houses and appurten ances. The said property i? situated on the south side of Penrsy1 vania avenue between Third and Four and a half streets west. Tt-rms : One third cash: and the residue in equal instalments, payable re-pectively in three, six, nine, and twelve months, with interest. The de ferred payments to be secured by a deed in trust on the premises. The coat of cenveyancing, including the price of revenue stamps, to be at the expense of the pur chaser, and the conveyances to be prepared under direction of the Solicitor in the cause JOSEPH F, KELLEY Executor of Mary Farrar, deceased. T. M. BLOfPT, Solicitor. my.28-eodAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers T*rSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE VACANT LOTS ON THE ISLAND. On 1ATURDAY AFTEREOON, June 11th, at 8 o'clock, on the premises. fey virtue of a decree of the Snpreme Court of tbe District of Columbia, ?itting in chancery, paused on the .id day of May. A. D. 1864, t shall sell at Publia Auction, Lots Son. 69.70,71,72,and 73, in 8quareNo &<2.frontingeaCb 25 feet on tie w?>Bt side of Four-and-a-half s^r-et, between aouth M and N streets, running back 19> feet te a 36 feet alley. ALSO, LotsNos. 3.4,and part of Lot No. 5 in Square No 49-i, fronting on south <i street, between Four and a half street and Sixth street w.'tt. Terms cash. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days after tke sale, the Trustee reserves the right to re sell at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. T. EDWARDC' ARR. Trustee. my.20-2awAds J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. Bargains in millinery. AND children'-SFANCY HATS, AT THB new york establishment. No. 4 Market Space.eecond door from 9th street. Having a large and extensive Stock of Goods, and desirous of reducing it before the close of the ??lifon, the prices will be marked down much below their original value. ^ Ladies will n"w have the opportunity of pur chasing au elegant, stylish Bonnet for the same price they would pay for an inferior one else where TLe *tock complete, with every novelty of the ?earon. 17-2w* AMUSEMENTS, CANTERBURY HALL. MU8I0 ICANTERBURY HALL,! AND H A L L/CANTERBURY HALL,\THEAT1B Louisiana Atihd*, Stetr Corner af Sixth Strut, Rear of National and Metropolitan Hotels. Gnoses L?A ??. ?. .Proprietor W. X. Ca*ataugh_??..... ...StageManager. MORE NOVELTY I MORE NOVELTY! MORE NOVELTY! New Attractions. A New Bill. New Attractions. O A New Bill. New Attractions. . A New Bill. MORE FTTN ! MORE FUN I MOKE FUN I TWO NEW PIECES TWO NEW PIECES TWO NEW PIECES A Laughable Farce A Negro Burlesque A Laughable Farce A. A Negro Burlesque A Laughable Farce A Negro Burlesque TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. TO NIGHT. THE FLYING MILLERITE, THE FLYING MILLERITE, THE FLYING MILLERITE. Billy Wfest an Jako Naomi Porter as Pete Billy West as Jake PT Naomi Porter as Pete Hilly West as Jake Naomi Porter as Pete Or, THE DEVIL AMONG THE DARKTES. Or, THE DEVIL AMONG THE DARKIES. Ok. 1HE DEVIL AMONG THE BABKIES. THE MANAGER'S ASSISTANT, THE MANAGER'S ASSISTANT, the managers assistant. Mulligan ax Toby Cavanagh as Manager Mulligan a* Toby T Cavanagh as Manager Mulligan as Toby Cavanagh as Manager Or, TOBY S MISHAPS. Or, TOBY'S MISHAPS. Ok, TOBY S MISHAPS. Second week of M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, The great The ?rcat Tight-Hope JB3 Tight-Hope Performer. Performer. M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL) Who will also appear in TWO SPLENDID BALLETS, TWO SPLENDID BALLET*, TWO SPLENDID BALLETS, Solo Dances, Beautiful Tableaux, Solo Dances. R Beautifnl Tableaux, Solo Dances, Beautiful Tableaux, Supported by MON8. BAPTISTAN, MONS BAPTISTAN, MONS. BAPTISTAN, AND TH8 RONZANI BALLET TROUPE, RONZANI BALLET TROUPE, RONZANI BALLET TROUPE. Grace and Beauty Each a Solo D&ns'ii Grace Rnd Beauty B Each a Solo Danseeus Grace and Beauty Each a 8olo Dansc-eus of WXTJ?EN LOVELY YOUNG LADIK8. SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES. SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, W. B. Williams, J. J. Dougherty, W.B.Williams, T7 J.J.Dougherty, W. B. Williams, w J. J. Dougherty. , , BILLY WJvtfT, BILLY WEST' is NEW ACTS, NEW ACTS, NEW ACTS. New Songs, New Burlesques, New Songs, R New Burlesques, New Songs. New Burlesques, NEW BANJO SOLOS, NEW BANJO SOLOS, NEW BANJO eOLOS, MISS CARRIE GARDNER, MISS CAKRIE GARDNER, MISS CARRIE GARDNER. Miss Naomi Porter, MisB Jenny Forrest, Miss Naomi Porter, Y Miss Jenny Forrest, Miss Naomi Porter. Miss Jenny Forrest, MIS* ESTELLE FORREST. M fPS EBTELLE FORRKST. MISS ESTELLE FORREST. First week of the side-splitting Farce, entitled THE FLYING MILLERITE! OR,THE DEVIL AMONG THE DARKIES ! Jacob ?.?.Billy West Pete? ?. Miss Naomi Porter Old Sqnintum^... J.J. Dougherty Mr. Pil!garlic~.? -.J. DeForrest Mrs. Squintum.. H. W. Williams Louisa. Miss Eran- ? Schell JOHN MULLIGAN in his Laughable Character of TOBY TURTLE in the funny After^ieee of THE MANAGER'S ASSISTANT! TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, A DELIGHTFUL OLIO OF SONGS, SONGS, SONGS, SONGS, DANCES, DANCES DANCES, DANCES, EXTRAVAGANZAS, EXTRAVAGANZAS. Ac. &c. &c. Embracing the strength of the ENTIRE GREAT VARIETY COMPANY, EBTIRE GREAT VARIETY COMPANY, ENTIRE GREAT VARIETY COMPANY, numbering over Fifty Performers. Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night. Admiarion ??. ??.?? JO 35 Orchestra - ??fo Private Boxes, holding six persons. ?? S 00 Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to Com mence at 8 o'clock. mi: family matinee Saturday afternoon AT TWO O'CLOCK. Ladies 25 cents; Children 10 cents. In preparation, and will shortly be produced, A NEW SENSATION DRAMA! written expressly for thia establishment, by a popular Dramatist, and founded upon incidents which have transpired within the city. Due no - tic# of its first representation will be given. AMUSEMENTS. GROVKR'g THEATER. Penksyltaijia at., has Willahd's Hotil. Liohahd Grotsb _. _ ..Director THE COOLEST THEATER IN AMERICA. VEN TILATED BY OVER 100 WINDOWS. ICE WATER FOR THE AUDIENCE! THIS (Saturday) EVENING, June 4, Last sight of the GRAND OPERA. HERMANNS, HIMMEB, in Lis great effort to-night. MADAM JOHANNSEN, M LLE FREDKRICI. M. 8TEINECKE, All to appear in the last grand representation, GOUNOD'S magnificent OPERA, P A U 8 T . which will be presented in five acts, with a cast of gr^at strength a powerful chorus, and the entire Grand Orchestra. A FULL MILITARY BAND. M.Himmer as. Fault Signora Frederici as ?Marguerite Madame Bertha Johannsen as Siebel HerT Joseph Hermanns as Mephistophiles (His Great Lyric Triumph.) M. Pteinecke as?-- ? Valentine Mad. La Roche as. Martha CARL ANSCHUTZ Conductor of the Opera MONDAY, J-ine 6, MISS CHARLOTTE THOMPSON AND THE DRAMATIC COMPANY. FORD'S NEW THEATER, Testh Street, abot* Pehxsti.tasia Atknuk T1IEC0CLEST and BE8T VENTILATED PLACE OF PUBLIC AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY FAREWELL BENEFIT OF MR. B. G. ROGERS. who will appear TniS EVENING, June I, DR. PANdLOSS in Coleman's celebrated coniedv of the HEIR AT LAW. Cicely Honiespnn..?. ..... Miss Susan Denin /ekiel Homespun..... ~?.. .... Mr. G. F. Devere To conclude with the exciting Dra ria of JACK ROBINSON AND HIS MONKEY. Mutiawey, the Monkey..?. Mr. J. H. Foster Monday, first night of the engagement of the popular Comedian, MR. J. S. CLARKE, who will appear as Dromio of Syracuse, in f-HAKSPEARE'S COMEDY OJT ERRORS, supported by the favorite actress. MISS ALICE GRAY, and other popular favorites. BOARDING. Boa HD IN the COUNTRY, five milen from die city, in a \ery peasant location. For par ticulars inquire at the Star Office. j* 4 3t* ?OARD.?One large handsomely FURNISH ED J KOOM, <uifable for two gentl^m^n. to let with BOA KD. Apply at 138 G street, between 21st and Sr2d streets. je BOARDING.?Rooms for rent, with board, large, airy, aud comfortably furnished. To more thar two gentlemen occupying the same room a deduction in price will be made. An excellent table is provided, aud good attendance. A few table boarders taken. Apply 395 18th street, bet F and G streets. je 3-2t* F16 UR OR FIV E S T N G L E G ENTI.EM E N canbe accommodated with good board and pleasant rooms by immediate application at No. 377 13th street, between New York avenue and I street. Also, Table Boarders wanted. je 2-3t* GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS GEORGETOWN, D. C.. May -24, 1H84 IIE I. ndersigned Grocers and Dry Goods Mer chants do hereby agree to close our respective places of business at p. m. from June 1st to .September 1st, 1864, except SATURDAY, in order to afford our employees a portion of time for re creation. ? G. W. BEALL ft CO , W. S. MATTHEWS. JOHN J. BOGUE. GEORGE W ORME, D. JACKSON. W. R. HURDLE, LEWIS RROOKS, F. T. MILBURN, A. J. ratclikfe ft CO., GEORGE UPPERMAN, T. A. CARROLL, A. F. OFFUTT A CO., W. H. ERNEST. J. F. KELLY, MAYFIKLD A BROWN, EDWARD H BROWN. SMOOT A BTRROLUHS, E. 8. ROSENTHAL, EDWARD MYERS. my25-3w* PASTURAGE FOR HORSE?.?Fine pasturaga on Rock Creek, with a responsible per- r~ I son.where horses will receive the best at tention and care. Apply to Mitchell Housed | Stables, 18th street, corner of E. my 3o-6t* TIIE COPARTNERSHIP H ERETOFORE-Ex isting between H. Xilowski and A. Ktoczew ski. under the firm of H. Xilr.wski A Co., has, by mutual consent, ben dissolved this 2d day of June, 186-1. All persons indebted to the firm, and .?ill those having any claim against the same, are respectfully requested to settle their accounts within 3o days from date. je 2-3t* ICE! I C E ! ! I C E ! !! Tbeundersigned having permanently established himself at the foot of lltfi street, oilers to the peo ple of Washington the purest quality of Boston Fresh Pond Ice. Persons using large quantities will be furnished at extremely low rates. Fami lies supplied daily at prices heretofore unknown in this city. Orders sent to me at Gunnell's Wharf will be answered promptly and regularly. my31 lw* T. 1'. FOWLER. T^OTICE OF DISSOLUTION. The co-partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the name of E. M. LIN TH ICUM A CO., ha< been dissolved by the retire ment of Elw&rd M. Linthicum. Chas. A. Buckey and John Marbury, Jr., having purchased the en tire interest of said Linthicum in the concern, will collect the debts due to the late firm and settle all claims agaln-t the i-ame. E. M. linthicum, C. A. BUCKEY. JOHN MARBURY, Jr. Georgetown. D.C., May, 186i. TIIH UNDERSIGNED, HAVING associated for that purpose under the name of BUCKEY A MARBI'RY, will continue the Hardware Business at the old stand of E M. Linthicum A Oo., corner of High and Bridge streets, and respectfully so licit a continuance of the patronage so liberally extended for many years to the late firm my ai-lw BUCKEY & MARBURY. Allow me to call your attention to my reallv handsome stock of MlLLI NERY and FANCY GOODS which have?? just arrived and ready for jrour inspection. I can state without boasting that I have the handsomest stock of FLOWERS ever imported, which, looking at them, will convince; English Straw Bonnets from ffJ.50 to ?15X and tnose beautiful Pamillas. as white as the driven snow; a fine stock of Back Combs and new styles of Fans. Having been for so many years in the wholesale business in New York, render my facilities to offer you any goods in my line beyond competition. M'ME PRINCE, my 2-Mm* tfg Market Space. P MUSICAL. ROF. ESPUTA Would respectfully inferm the public that he isnow prepared to give lessons in Vo"al and Instrumental Music. Havingl retired from his other professional business, he is now able to devote the whole of his time to in truction in music to all those who may Ite pleased to patronise him. Prof. Esputa's method is the same as is taught in Europe?that is. while he makes good performers of his pupils he makes good musicians of them also; so tnat any one who may receive nstructions from him may acquire th*t knowledge of music as will maks them com petent for teichers or professional musicians. Prof. Espu'a Is now forming classes and all who desire to enter must apply early, as the number is For terms apply to Prof. JOHN ESPUTA, No. 313 8th street east. Navy Yord. N. B. The cars pass Prof. Esputa's residence eve ry six minutes during the day. my 27-lm* PAPERHANGINGS. A selected and varied stock of Fine, Medium and Low-price 1 Paperhangings.Borders, Statues, Ac ?t J- MARKRITER'S, 486 7th street," Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash ap 29-lmif* ?ABBUGM. oha , , CABS, Ac. Jnst received a Tery large and splendid assort ment of _ CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES. CHAISES, CABS, AC., which we are running off at remarkably low prises. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, my 20-2w ? 3?9 7th St., bet. land K. [Alex. Gazette and Jonnial.) L?1LLIARD TABLES I0B BALE.?The Bubeorl D bar hM three flrat elaea Billiard Tab lee. nearly new.whioli he will iii^e of t*tt low. lotnirs I at the Billiard room oorser at 11th i?** I PimmylTaaia arena*. ??* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES.] Army of*tlie Potomac. Severe Fight near Salem Church?Enemy Drive* within their Werks?Heavy Lo*s of the Rebels?Breckinridge Driven from a Strong Position. [Correspondence Associated Press.J Headquarters Army op Potomac, May 31?noon.?An engagement occurred on Satur day evening, between the 1st division of cav airy, nnder General Torbet, and the enemy, near Salem Church, which lasted till after dark, resulting in our division driving them back over two miles. Fighting was resnmed on Sunday morning, and they were driven into their works. Our loss was severe in these encounters, numbering abont four hundred. The loss of the enemy was fall as maiw. Yesterday the 5th corps advanced from Haw's Store toward Betbs&ida Church, driving the enemy about two miles. At sunset our men were engaged in throw ing up rifle-pits. Rhodes' and Early's divisions made an attack on War ren's right flank, causing him to fall back from his first line. The enemy then advanced and charged the second line, where Ketchum's brigade of heavy artillery was posted, and which opened with heavy fire, in connection with batteries on both flanks, which almost demolished them. They lell back in terrible disorder, leaving their dead aud wouuiled behind. Our army tbis morniug occupies a position on the north side of the Tolapotomy Creek, the enemy being in strong works on ttie other side. Considerable firing took place last night and to-day on the right, but without definite result, except that Hancock drove the enemy from a line of rifle-pits, which we now occupy. Our advance on the left (5th corps) is witbin nine miles ot Richmond, and a heavy battle may ensue at any hour. May 31?5 v. m.?This morning Birney's di vision advanced against a breastwork held by Breckinridge's corps, on the south side of the Tolapotomy Creek, on a high eminence, a very strong position, and one which might have been easily held against a vastly superior force. The enemy, after firiug a round or two, and seeing our determination to take the place, evacuated and took to the woods. Our loss was about twenty-five. We took about fifty prisoners, mostly belonging to Breckinridge's command, some of whom said they were in the Valley at the fight with Sigel, but did not have to fight there as they had here. Captain Rowe, 16th Massachusetts, and Adjutant Jack son, *Jd New Yom, were among the wounded this morning, the latter having hia leg ampu tated. Onr line now reaches from Mechanicsvllle, on the left, to the Fredericksburg railroad, on the right. An attempt was made to turn onr left last evening and to cut us off from the White House, onr new base of supplies, but it was defeated. The loss was considerable on both sides. ACTIVITY OF THE REBELS IN AR KANSAS. Their raptures. Designs, Etc. Cairo, June 2.?Prisoners and boats from White River report that the rebels are thick, but that boats are not molested. A heavy force of Rebels is reported within twenty five miles of Duvall's Bluff, marching on that place. Marmaduke, who is reported to be in com mand of the rebels, had twelve pieces of ar tillery, and he captured and burned the steam er Lebanon, and carried the crew and passen gers off. They are supposed to number fifteen thousand. The Rebel General Shelby captured Dar danelles last Monday, taking 200 prisoners. Alter the capture, he crossed the Arkansas River, And it was supposed he intended to strike the Little Rock Railroad. Guerrillas are reported as unusually active in Arkansas, and it appears to be the intention of the rebels to force the Union troops to evac uate all the State, except Little Rock and Helena. Jackson port and Bates ville have been evacuated by our forces. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Gen. Butler's Command Again Attacked? The Enemy Repulsed?Reported Capture of Fit/.hugh Lee and >300 of His Cav alry. Fortrkbb Monroe, June 2.?Last evening at 7 o'cloi k the enemy attacked Gen. Butler's left wing and a spirited fight with musketry and artillery was kept up until9o'clock, when the enemy were repulsed. Our lo?s was very slight. The enemy's loss was not ascertained. The steamer George Washington, from the White House at 9 o'clock this morning, has ar rived. It is rumored that Gen. Fitzbngh Lee and 500 of his command (cavalry) were captured last night while attempting to make a raid in the direction of the White House. General Smith's forces made the capture. Inauguration of Governor Gilmore, of New Hampshire. Cokcord, N. H., June 2.?Governor Gilmore was inaugurated to-day with qnite an impos ing military and civic display. Governor An drew anil staff, of Massachusetts, were present. Governor Gilmore's message is a practical and patriotic document, and confirms the un changeable loyalty of the Granite State. It says the state debt, including 8600,000 paid to the families of Volunteers, amounts to about 81,900,C00, and recommends tlie funding of the debt by the issue of six per cent, bonds, pay able in fifteen or twenty years. Ihe prosperi ty of the people is represented to d<j in a very healthy state. THE OPERATIONS OF TUESDAY. [Correspondence Philadelphia Inquirer.} Headqvartbrs Army of the Potomac Twelve Miles Northeast ok Richmond, May 31,10 a. m.?Our line ot battle remains, nearly as yesterday, with the exception that it is somewhat further advanced. Wright's Corps (Sixth) iB on the extreme right and Warren's (Fifth) on the ieft, Han cock's (Second) connects with Wright and Burnside (Ninth] with Warren. Our front on the Richmond road from Hanovertown via Mechanicsville, is witbin less than twelve miles of Richmord, and on the left of our line we are still nearer. Our right is within absnt. five miles of Hanover Court House, and our eft a bout the same distance from Cold Har bor on the Chickahominp. The Rebel line opposite Wright and Han cock's Corps extends along Takopotomy Creek, but near our centre that stream couses to the northeast, and our lines besects it. It is prob able that the enemy has a line of worns ex tending from near this bend in the creek to the Cbickahcminy, but his main line on his right is thought to be beyond the stream. The posi tion of his left on the Takopotomy is probably merely an inciden ail one, held to gain as much time as possible for further preparations. All day yesterday there was considerable skirmishing and desultory cannonading, and the same condition ot affairs exists this morn ing- No geueral engagement is likely to take place to-day, as Lee will hardly attempt to at tack u?, and we will probably delay our of fensive movement until Smith is abie to co operate with us. Gen. Smith, with his corps, is now on nus way up from the White House, and is expected t0lTong the Taltapotamy Hancock's lines and those of the enemy have been in close ity since yesterday morning, Jf" v,? lines are much more distant, and the enemy e position is not so deflnitely kno^. We have uav.r tHttt nnrt nf OUT liXi? AS W0ll IOrW&Tfl 8?S possible w^thon t disconnecting it from the right LiT,,! h ,? w# advanced have thrown up reveer'al Suc"?ive lines of works. Yesterday neB.Warren pushed forward Craw ford's division of his corps on the road from hIwI's Sbop to Bethesda Church, to recon the position in front. Gen. Crawford aHvfmced, driving the enemy's skirmishers be fore him to the point designated in his orders, ?bere he commenced entrenching himself While his command was ihus employed, a force of the enemy, consisting qf Rhodes divis ion and one brigadeot Early's divislenof Ew mi s corns, appeared upon his left flank, and fbout sunset made a vigorous attack, Our ttoops were of course compelled to retire, and did so in good order, the enemv following up with ereat eagerness. Kitcbin* s brigade of het vv artillery, aprovlsional brigade attached to the Fifth Corps, bnt uf ed as infantry, had followed Crawford to within Supporting dis tance, and aided in checking the advance of the enemy. On reaching our first line of rifle-pits our troops at once occupied them and awaited the assault. These works were so constructed as to enable ns to deliver a heavy cross fire, besides which we bad in position two foil batteries, which opened with splendid rflect as tbe Rebel lines advanced, t'nder the stcrm of canister from these tatterhs, and tbe deadly cross lire of musketry, our assailants were mowed down like f rass before the scy tbe. Their repulse whs instantaneous and complete. Tbev fled in the utmost confusion, leaving their dead and dylnc on the field. A1 houph ? x posed to this fire but a very short time, their loss was sever* in the extreme. Our own casualties ?vr? compara tively light, amounrtng to perhaps two hun dred, including Colonel Entofthe Sixth Penn syiania Reserve Corps, who was slightly wounded in the hand. ?We captnred in this engagement about *ev en'v-flve prisoners. When the attack on Warren's Corp# was commenced Gen. Hancock was ordered to make an assault in bis front, and create a di version in Warren's fnvor. The divisions of Birney, Bariow and Gibbon ranging from right to left in tbe order named, at once pushed forward a strong skirmish lire and made a spirited attack. Barlow's Division, which moved a little earlier than tbe others, wis the one most warmly engaged, and succeeded in driving the enemy's skirmishers from tbe crest in front which tbey had occupied all day. In accordance with the instructions, the at tack was discontinued an hour or two after dars. Torbert's and Gregg's divisions of cavalry encountered two brigades of the enemy yester day on our extreme left, and had a sharp fight with them, resulting in our favor. Gen. Torbert is reported to hold Cold Har bor, on the Cbickahominy, this morning. An officer just ia frora the front states that Barlow's ri vision, ol the second corps, bu made another advance, and driven the enemy from their front line of entrenchments. A squad of sixty prisoners, taken this morning, is just coming in to headquarters. THE BATTLE OF TOLOPOTO.>IY CREEK A Battle Between Biruey and Breckin ridge?The Enemy Flee to the Weods? The Fight at the WbiteHoa?e. Washington J one 3 ?A dispatch from the Army of the Potomac, dated 5 p. m. on Tues day, says: This morning Birney's division advanced against a breastwork held by Breckinridge's corps on the south side of tbe Tolopotomy Creek on a high eminence, in a very strong po sition, and one whicb might have been easily held against a vastly superior lore?. Tbe enemy, after firing a round or two, and seeing our determination to take tbe place evacuated and retreated to the woods.' Our los6 was about twenty-five, and took fifty prisone rs, mostly belonging to Breckinridge's command, some of whom said they were in in the valley in the fight with Sigel; but did not fight as stubbornly as they did here. Captxan Ronse, Sixteenth Massachusetts, and Ajudant Jackson, Second New York, were amdng tbe wounded this morning, tbe latter having his leg amputated. The attempt made to turn onr left last nigh? and to cut us off from the White House, our new base of snpplies was defeated, and with considerable loss on both sides. Georgetown Councils, June 3?Board of Aldermen.? The President (Mr. Cox,) read tbe communication of the Mayor, vetoing the res olution directing the market-house building committee to contract with the lowest bidder for the erei ton of a new market house. The question occurring on the passage of the bill notwithstanding the ve o of the Mayor, it was psssed by the following vote. yeas Messrs. Beall, Godey, Berry, Shiun, and King, 5, nays?Mr. Cox?1. Tbe Council resolution directing the Guardi ans of tbe Georgetown Schools to have two windows placed in the front room of the base, ment ol the West Georgetown scheol house, was passed. The Aldermen also passed the Council reso lution appropriating #i,2wi for the purchase or hose and the placing of reels in different sec tions of the town. The Board then took up the Council resolu tion asking the appointment of a committee consisting of the Mayor, one member of th* Board of Aliermen, and one member of the Board of Common Council, to confer with the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, iu relation to the direct tax law of August 5, t?Cl. On motion of Mr. Beall, Mr. Cox was ap pointed on behalf of the Aldermen, and the bill passed. The Council resolutions establishing a hack stand, and in favor of John T. Essex, were passed. Adjourned. Commfin Council.?The following communi cations from the Mayor were received : A message returning the bill for the erection of a new market-house, with the Mayor's rea sons for declining to approve the same. The main reason is the probability of a very heavy increase of the debt of the Corporation, whicb would become a heavy burden on the town for years to come. The present financial condition of the town urges caution and frugality in appropriations. The Mayor says in his mes sage: "Since the Holland debt was taken off our hands by Congress, at no time have we been so much in debt as now; at no time within the last forty years has it been so hard a matter I)r. Cragin said he designed to vote to sustain the veto. The circumstances of the town a this time forbid such an outlay. Besides thi a small minority of the citizens only favor tli building of the market at such a cost. Mr. Hill said he had conversed with citizens generally, and found but little opposition The or ly opposition, in fact, is among those who have monopolized the market for years. As to the veto, Mr. H. was satisfied by the Mayor's own calculation that in twelve years the mar ket will pay back *60,000, and then we wia have the market at a costof $10,000. The bill was passed. Yeas?Messrs. Clem ents, Edmonston. English, Heiston, Hill and pec k?6. IN ays?Messrs. Cragin and Davis???. A communication relative to a stable for a. horse which the town has recently ??eetfree'' after long services was referred to the work house committee. A communication relative to the purchase of a horse for the scavenger; referred to ways and means committee. A communication from Samuel Strong rela tive to the contract for building the marker and avowing his readiness to give bonds to complete the building for 83-5,000; laii on tho table. Mr. English presented the petition of G. W Beall far the return of a pistol taken from Jas Carter, col.; referred. Petition of J. N. Fearson, for damage to his [ property by the improving of a street: referred to Street Committee. The petition of merchants and shippers for the appointment of an Harbor Master was referred to the Harbor and Channel Com mittee. for any people to support their families, no matter how hard they may work and to what extent they may subject themselves to the mo?t rigid demands of economy and self-denial?at no time within the last fifty years would the erection of a market-house have cost as heavy a sum as it wonld now." Mr. Clements moved the bill pass notwi'h standing the Mayor's veto. Mr. C. could not 6ee the objections in the light that the Mayor presents them, and does not believe that the Mayor saw them so on th* fith of May when he wrote a letter which Mr. C. had in his possession. Mr. C. said the object of the Mayor is to be re-eiected, and for that purpose he would sell the town and the people in it; and now he would deprive the town of a market for that purpose. Mr. C. declared that as the Mayor had pub lished his veto before it had reached the Coun cils, he (Mr. C.) would publish the Mayor's communication upon the'subject for two years past. Mr. C. regarded the veto as an elec tioneering trick only. A communication from the Surveyor relative to the cost of repairing tbe road leading to the Stone House on tbe canal was referred to the Street Committee. Mr. English presented a bill of J. o. Hies ton A Co. for coal; referred to the Claims Commit tee. Mr. Crogin, from Claims Committee, report ed a resolution appropriating money for the payment of bills of J. Libbey; adopted. Mr. Davis, from Grievance Committee re ported back the petition of Thomas Proby for remission of a fine, the Committee beinr un able to find the record of it. Mr. Davis offered a resolution remitting tbe fine; adopted The resolution relative to the direct tax law of August 5, lr>61 was taken up and adonteef The resolution calling for the appointmen' of a committee to consist of the Mayor and one member of each board to consult with the Commisioner of Internal Revenue relative to the quota of the town. Mr. Iiill was appoint ed from this board. A resolution to pave a portion of High street ?was laid over tempororily. Adjourned. The Last Two Weeks.?During the past two weeks the war has raged with fury unex ampled In ail our previous campaigns. Th? forces of the enemy have been directed by i genera] whose one idea is to hurl them into ba* - tie. Reckless alike Of the lives of his soldiers fnd the arts of strategy, he has trustedfor t1?j tory to the momentum of his attack and th rapidity of his blows. He has hoped to crush his enemy by his mere weight. He fights by "main strength and awkwardness," combined it most be confessed, with great industry and pertinacity. As a consequence, the operations which have ensued since his crossing of the Rapidan present a series of great battles and severe skirmishes not before equalled ia th? war, accompanied with a sacrifice of life oa the part of his soldiers that shonld touch the profoundeet sensibilities of a monster, If that monster were, their GcneraL?Mickmond intl.

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