21 Haziran 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

21 Haziran 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THB EVENING STAR W. O. WALLACH, Bettor and Pr?|in?U?? WABHUfOTOBT CITTi TUESDAY JUNE 91, 1964. ?5TBBADINQ MATTBR Off BVBRY PAOI FBB OUTBIDS POB INTBRB3TIN& TBLB OKAPHIO AMD OTHBB MATT BR. EXTRA. IMPORTANT FROM THE FROST. n?rr rifkliM la Fr??l .1 Pelrrsbar( Saturday ? Grant Constantly Gaining Ground the Enemy?He Captures a Piece of Artillery en Saturday?The Ad vantages Gaiaed Over the Baeoiy on that Day to be Vigorously Pressed. Bbbucda HrNDBKn, June 10 (via Baltimore, June 21.)?There was fighting in front of Petersburg yesterday, np to two o'clock, with, oat any decisive results, bnt our troops have been constantly gaining ground upon the ene my. Another piece of artillery captured from the enemy was brought into Gen. Grant's headquarters yesterday. It is understood that the advantage gained on the enemy yesterday will be vigorously fol owed up to-day. Decisive results are expected soon. General Glllmore and stair left lor Old Point on the steamer Wyoming last night. The General has been relieved of bis command. Everything is moving very satisfactorily with the army. Bbbmupa Hi'Idus, June 20.?Sunday, the 19th, was comparatively quiet with the army about Petersburg, the operations of the day being confined to reconnoisances, slight skir mishes, and some sharp shooting along the line, which now extends some distance beyond Petersburg, up the Appomattox river. Gen. Grant and Gen. Butler went np the James river yesterday and had an interview with Admiral Lee. MOSEBY ON A NORTHERN RAID. He Crosses the Potsmac?Rebels Reported ia Large Force?They Occupy the Towa of Winchester. [Dispatch to Philadelphia Inquirer.] Haubrptown, Md., Monday Morning, June 20.?During last night a rebel cavalry ferce of some two thousand forded the Potomac (which is now very low) some two or three miles below Falling Waters. The scout who trailed them through Thoroughfare Gap says the remainder, a large force, are near Winchester, which place has been in rebel hauds two or three days. No damage has yet been done to the Balti more and Ohio Railroad, or to the telegraph; bnt the scout says they have the telegraph tapped between here and Martinsburg, and so Gen. Sigel does not use it. They will destroy the railroad as soon as the remainder of the command is safely this side. For prudential reasons, the enemy is keeping as quiet as pos sible at present. The force is headed by Mose by, who seems to be aiming only to secure a freth supply of Oavalry horses. The news of the invasion just begins to be whispered in this place. Some persons, who became acquainted with Moseby while he acted as provost mar shal here during the Gettysburg battle, seem quite willing to welcome him again. Among others the greatest consternation prevails. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.] bw Yobb, June 20.?U. S. 1381, coupon 6's, 112; U. S. ?s, 103X; Certificates of Indebt edneea, 96; Gold, N. Y. Central, 132: Erie, 113; Hudson River, 114\; Harlem, 2-5; Reading, 132; Michigan Central, 152,'f; Mich igan Southern, mi; Illinois Central, 121; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 112: Galena and Chi cago, ; Cleveland and Toledo, 14S)<; Chi cago and Rock Island, 115\; Milwaukle and Prairie du Chien, 89; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 116k; Alton and Terra Haute, 65: Chicago and Northwestern, 54*; Qolck * liver, 74*. Official War Bulletin. The Assaults on Petersburg?No farther Fighting Reported?Despatch Irons Gen. Sherman?Barbarous Rebel Act?Retali atory Order Issaed. Washinutow, June 20, 1^64. To Major General Dix, A'ev York : No operations to-day on the James river have been reported to the Department Un official statements represent our loss to have been severe in the assaults on the enemy's works on Saturday, but no official list of the catualties has been received. General Sherman, in a despatch dated this evening at 7.30 p. m., says: "I was premature in saying that the enemy had abandoned his position. 1 based my report on that ol all the army commanders. The enemy has thrown back his flank, and abandoned all his works in front of the Kenosaw Mountain, but holds that mountain as the apex of his position. His Hanks are behind Noonday and Moses Creeks. We have pressed him pretty close to-day, al though the continued rain makes ail move ments almost an impossibility." General Foster, commanding the Department ol the South, at Hilton Head, forwards the fol lowing dispatch, dated the 10th of June, at Hilton Head, S. C.: ?>I have the honor to report that I have to day received from Major General Samuel Jones, commanding the rebel forces in this department, a letter stating that five general officers of the United States, as prisoners of war, bad been placed in Charleston, to be re tained there under ourfire. Against this wicked and cruel act I have protested. "In the meantime the fire on the city is con tinued. I respectfully ask that an equal num ber of rebel officers of equal rank may be sent to me in order that I may place them under the enemy's fire as long as our officers are exposed in Charleston." This Department has issued a retaliatory order transferring to General Foster an equal number ol rebel general officers, 'to be treated in the manner proposed, as long as our officers are eipoeed In Charleston. Edwin M. Staktow, Secretary of War. FBOM CITY POINT-FIRST ARRIVAL OP WOUNDED FROM THAT PLACE. Three hundred and seTenty-two wonnded, including sixty.one omcers, arrived here yes terday evening from City Point on board of ihe hospital steamer George Leary, which left that place at 6 o'clock on Sunday. Ct nsiderable cannonading was heard at City Point during Saturday and Sunday from the direction of Petertbnrg. Our forces at that timo were not in possession of the town, but w*re within easy shelling range. The rebels occupy a high eminence near the town, and it would be a useless sacrifice of life to attempt to hold the place, as the rebels, unless dislodged, would be able to throw shells in the midst of any force occupying the town. The position we hold is, however, a very em- ? barraselrg one to the rebels, as they admit. Hospital tents have been erected at City Point for the accommodation of our wounded, but they are coming in in such numbers that it is almost impossible to provide them all with shelter. The wounded now being brought in ; from the front are more serious cases than any *ince the beginning of Grant's campaign. This is accounted for from the fact that the rebels , are enabled to use their artillery to a better ad- ; vantage. The floating hospital New World (the ma chinery of which lias been removed) had ar rived at City Point in tow of two tugboats. She would take on a load of wonnded, but her des tination was unknown. On Friday last about 40? rebel prisoners i were sent from City Point to Point Lookout, j Gen. Ingaila has been assigned to duty as Chief Quarter master, with headquarters at City Point. The wounded brought up on the George Leary were all wounded in the battles before 1 Petersburg, among whem were the following officersColonel E. G. Carshail, J4th Ohio, wounded in hip; Col. D. C. loi, 27th Mien., in right arm: Col. C. E. Hapgood, Vh N. H, in right arm: Lieut. Col. J- N. McKlvoy, loth Ohio: Lieut, t'el F. B. Doty, 179th N. Y., in thigh: Major W. J. Kershaw,47th Wis ,in both legs; Major C. P. Larkln.:f?th Wis,in leftside; <'aut Frank T. Hobbe, 37th Wis.: Capt. Nelson Trnckey, *7th Mich ; Capt. J. T. Hall, ?d N. V Mean ted Rifles. Capt. A. Taylor, 24 th N. Y. v-avalry: Cnpt. C. Martin, same regiment. 1 he steamer T'tica arrived here thi? morning before daylight, with about four hundred wonnded, includtrg a number of officers, i None ot these wounded were Terr serious . awes, and they all come from City Point W Our neighbor, Metzerott, has jaet pnb ?hed ?? A Tribute to tne Memory of the Late I < ol Ulttc Dahlgrea," words by B, B. French, aev"ic *?>* J. M- McPwlBttd' 9 - I OFFICIAL. Avkiraii Liicoli, of tl? Vnltad Suite# of America. To all whom it may concern. Satisfactory (Tidenw having bean exhibited to me that <J.F. M?bic? baa been appoint ed Consul of Bavaria, at Saa Franciaco, California, I do hereby recogniaa bin as anch, and declare him free toeaarciae and enjoy aocb functions, powers, and pririleges, aa are al lowed to the Consula of the moat favored nations, in the United States. In testimony whereof, I have caused these ? Letters to be made Patent, and the Seal of the United Statas to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand at the City of Wash in?ton. the 1?>th day ot June. A. P. ISM. TL. 8.] ana ot the Independence of the United States of America, the 88th. Abraham Lihcoln. By the President: William H. Sbwabd, Secretary of State. Abraham Liwcolw, President of the United States of America, To all whom it may concern. Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited to me that Jo?*ph Lahg has been appointed Consul ol the Dachy of Brunswick-Luneburg, at New Orleans, for the Southern States of the North American Union, I do hereby recognize him as such, and declare bim free to exercise and enjoy such lunctions, powers, and privi leges, as are allowed to the Consuls of the most favored nations, in the United States. In testimony whereof, I have caused these letters to be made patent, and the Seal of the United States of America to be here unto affixed. Given under my hand at the city ot Wash ington, the 16th day of June, A. D. 1h61, [L.S.] and of the independence of the United States of America, the 88th. Abraham Lihoolv. By the President: William H. Seward, Secretary ol State. War Dbpartmbht, June 19, 1364. Major Benton, U. S. Arsenal: The funeral and all the expenses Incident to the interment of the sufferers by the recent catastrophe at the Arsenal will be paid by the Department. You will not spare any means to express the respect and sympathy ot the Government for the deceased and their survi ving friends. Edwih M. Stahton, je 21-3t Secretary of War. Treasury Djpartmk.nt, Fourth Auditor's ofpicb, June 18, is?i. Persons having claims against a balance due from the United States to Dennis Grenier, de ceased, are hereby notified to present sach claims, properly authenticated, to this office, within four months after the above date, je 21-3t Strphkk J. W. Tabor, Audi tor. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, ) Washington, D. C., June 20, 1F61. \ The following officers, having been reported at the headquarters of the army for the offences hereinafter specified, are hereby notified that they will stand dismissed the service of the United States.unless, within fifteen (15) days from this date, they appear before the Military Commission, in session in this city, of which Brigadier General Caldwell, United States volunteers, Is president, and make satisfactory defence to the charges against them. For fraudulent conduct in receiving pay twice for the same period from different paymasters. Second Lieutenant George Schuler, 9*th Pennsylvania volunteers. Absence without Leave. Second Lieutenant J. Hank, 20th Indiana volunteers. 15. D. Townsbnd, Assistant Adjatant General. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, > Washington, D. C., June IS, 1H61. \ General Orders No. 213.?I All sick and wounded officers, absent from their commands and not fit for duty in the field, but able to sit on Courts-Martial, will immediately report their names and address to the Adjutant Gen eral of the array. II. All staff and regimental medical officers, now on leave, in the Department of the East, in New Jersey, the eastern part of Pennsylva nia, and the eastern part of Maryland, if able to travel, will report to the nearest Medical Director for examination; and those lound un fit for active service, but able to do hospital duty, will be ordered to report immediately at the hospital at Camp Parole, near Annapolis, Maryland, for such duty as the Surgeon in charge may require of them. By order of the Secretary of War: E. D. TowjfBEifD, je 21-6t Assistant Adjutant General. ps; ATTENTION, KNIGHTS TBMPLAR.? The members of WASHINGTON and 00 BIA COMMANDERIESare requested to meet punctually at th# Asylum, on THURSDAY MORNING next, the 23d instant, at 9 o'clock, in full regal in, prepared to depart for Philacelphia in the llW o'clock a, m. train. Sojourning Sir Knights are invited to accompa ny US. Those who are not provided with uniforms can be supplied. JOIIN F 8HARRETTS, L. HOLTSLANDER, Je 21-2t Recorders. |Y3=>I. O. R. M.?A Special Meeting of the Great 1L? Council, Improved Order of Red Men, will beneld at Osage Wigwam on TUESDAY, the 21 st inst.. at 8 o'clock. Members are requested to be punctual,as bu*inessof importance will be brought before them. By order. je30-2t? R. J. MIDDLETON. G. C. R. nfB^NOTICE?The Carpenter's Association will LLsf bold their regular monthly meeting on TUESDAY NIGHT at 8 o'clock at German Hall, 11th ctreet, between F and G A punctual attend ance is requested. By order. Je 20-2t* . 8ecreUry. ryss^NOTICB?Colcmbta Institution fob thk Ibstroctiob ok thr DurisD Dimb and thk Blind. June 17. 1364. Notice is hereby given to the li'abscriberfl of Funds for the support of this Instigation, that a membership competent to give two hundred votes Las been constituted, as provided in the Conititu tion. and that a meeting will be held at the Insti tution on the 2?d day of June, instant, at 11 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of adopting a permanent organization and electing officers thereof. At said meeting it is proposed to make the fol lowing alterations in the Constitution : 1. Add to the 6th Article the following proviso, viz: " Provided that said nine oersons shall be competent to give one-third of tne entire vote of the Association." 2. Add to the 8th Article the following words, viz: "The President shall be ex officio Principal of the Institution." 3 Strike out of the third clause of the 11th Article the following words, viz: "A Principal of the Institution and.7' ., . . ? , , , 4. Change the word "seven," in Article 7, to "eight." making the number of Directors eight in?tead of seven. , . wv. By order ?>f the Board of Directors. jel8-.lt AMOS KENDALL. President. rr-S^FAIR AND FESTIVAL, at Odd Fellows' I L if Hall for the benefit of the Home for t riend ](.?? Women and Children, Wives, Ac.,of Wounded Soldiers. J** '6 H GRACE CHURCH FATR AND FESTIVAL, [IT? At ISLAND HALL, Corner of Virginia Avenue and 6th Street. The ladies of Grace Church. (Rev. Alfred llol mead Rector.) will open their Pair for the sale of useful and fancy articles, for the benefit of Grace Church, on MON D AY next, June 20. A large and splendid collection of articles will be presented, suited to the season, and calculated to secure the patronage of the friends of the church and public generally. Season tickets, adults, 50 cents; chil dren. 25 cents. Ja 14-2w F O ^OR SALE?A HORSE and WAGON. Also, two J MARKET STANDS. Apply at No .lb-* E street, near lltb. J? tlliL rpHE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN AND ITS 1 ANTECEDENTS, a? developed by the report of Gen. McClellan and other published documents. By Gen. J. G. Barnard. 1 vol andmap; *1. jeai FRANCE. TAYL0R._ SHIRTS' SHIRTS i! SHIRTS!!! , . . FRENCH YOKE SHIRTS made to order in the verv best styles: guarantied to fit. FaMILV 8EWING promptly done on Wheeler ft Wilson's machines. MRS. KLINE, je21-2w* 421 H st., between 11th and 12th. STRAYED from the subscriber, on Monday night. 20th instant, 10 nKAD BEKP CATTLE.JEJLb with tar marks on each hip. The finder will be liberally rewarded by return ing any of them to JOHN H. SNYDER. Je21-3t* Corner 22d and M streets. RDNANCE OFFICE. * Wis DarABTiinrT, Washington. June m iijm. The following contracts have been awarded for R inch shot and *hell, unaer the advertisement from this Department, dated May 15.18 >4, tie bids under which wera opened at this office, June 15, a INCH COLUMBIA? SHOT. Thomas Terry, 6,000, at Now Yor* Arsenal, 3.95 C'T1VoWACo., 2.000, at St. Louis Arsenal, 5.8 cents per pound.^ jjORTAR SHELL. MJW TORI ARSR.H41.. Albright k Stroeb, 6.0C?, at i\ cents per ponnl. Seymour* Watson, 3.000, at 4\ cents per pound. Swett. Wuimby A Co., 3,000, at 4*f eents per 's'tarbuck A Brothars. 10,00\ at 4K cants per ^StSrb'fck A Brothers, 5,000. at Waterrlict Arse ""VidROK D. R?M?T. It Brigadier General. Chief of Ordnanoo. C*OR SALBCHEAP-A PHOTOGRAPH GAL r LKRY. Iweaire at Fort bunker Hill. <c'_u-3f Map OF RICHMOND AND SURROUNDING coantry,showing rebel fortiflcation?j5',e,Mjts. Je? FRANUK TATLO* BRICKll ERTOK8I TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. flaTluUkMtlw Rrick Yard formerly con lusted by Jobs van H*?wlek 4 Bro. we are a->w ready to f urnish BRICK of good quality and at fair rates. ? ' _ J, PUS IT A 00 Je 1! JJctier tooth Cajlt'.I aul 3 : LOST AND FOUND. E REWARD.?Strayed or stolen. on the 14th inst., an iron grev COW, heavy with calf; horne black at the enl; hole in nch ??r. The abeve reward will be firm if returned to CON RAD SCHRBWKR, on sth street west, between R and 8 ftreeU north. jail at? I-<-0?T?Near the Baltimore Depot, Monday morn li ini early, a fine light brindle BULL DOG, who answer* to the name of Frank. Any person leaving this doc at Capt. Ctmp'i office, at the Sol diers'Rest. at the abovenamed Depot, will receive a liberal reward. le 21 3t* TAKEN UP BETRAY, i.n the 21st of June, a email red COW, with white brea?t and white I horns; head and right fore foot tied together. The owner is reqaaaleft to cam') forward, prove property, par CharM^JgAftake her away. JOHN K RITTKR, nnr wwH Lampblack factory, foot of 22d street. Je 2l-3t* FOUND-A BUNDLB OF NEWSPAPER*. Ac., which the ownercan hare by proving property and paying expenses. _ R M. COMBS, je 20-St* No. 613 8th street east. 0>1 A REWARD.?Strsvi-d on the 13th iu*Uut,a dark brown COW, with white face, one short and crooked horn*, black around the eyes marked on both ears: in food order. The above re ward will be paid on delivery to MARGARET FLEET, corner of K and 21et streets. Je 2^-2t* RE WARD?8trayed away on the Hth inst., *P?? a buffalo COW. with head, back and belly white; pale red on the sides She is jti?t about, to calf. The above reward will be given if returned to WM. BABINGTON, on corner of 1st street west and I street north, below St. Aloysius Church, je 20 St* CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER. on 19th of Junf, two COWS, one dark red with a white face, and wide horns, and one red and white cow. Trie owner will please come forward, prove property, pay charge*, and take them awar. CHARLES FRANCIS H AMILTON. Je20 3t* Piney Branch road, back of the race track. FOUND?This morning, a POCKET BOOK con taining a small sum of money and sundry pa pers. The owner can procure the same by calling at 20T F street, proving property and paving charge!. je 13 3t* $1 A REWARD.?Lost, a moroceo leather MBM f IU ORANDUM POCKET-BOOK, tied with an india rubber strap, containing papers of no value to anybody but the owner. The above reward will he paid on delivering it at Room No. 2 Fed eral Block,corner 7th acq F stg. je 18 3t* TAKEN UP ESTRAY?On Friday, June 17,1354, a bay mare MULE, with shaved tail and mane, and hair rubbed off by collar on the shoulder. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take her away. Apply at second toll-gate, 7th street road. je 13-3t* 108T?Oa the i7th inst., in going from George J town to the Navy Yard, a FISHING ROD and CASE; the rod being a jointed one, in four piece*. The finderwill be liberally rewarded by leaving it at EBHS, YATES A CO.'S Dry Good Store, corner Sth and I sts.. Navy Yard. Je is 3t* ^JTRAYED AWAY from S street north, b^tw-en k 6th and 7th, on Tuesday, a small red COW, with Khite face and very large horns; and white spots on the sides. $:> reward will be paid for her re turn to ROMAN PELTSMON,on S street. b?t. 6th and 7th. J? lS3t* WENT ASTRAY-Two bay MARES, one with mane trimmed, star in forehead. The other has a star on forehead, and the right Hind foot lias a white spot on it, and is heavily foaled. $10 re ward will be given by returning, corner l"th and Boundary gts.. CHRISTOPHER MEYBNBERG. je 18-3t* CjQA REWARD.?Lost, in going from the Hop Restaurant on 7th street, between D and K streets, down 7?h street to the avenue, a roll of TREASURY NOTiS. amounting to ?'.<5. The find er will receive the ab?ve reward and the thanks of the loser.hy leaving it with J AMES BELL. Clerk at the Ladies window. City Post Office. Je liHit* BOARDING. B' i v nK^'TMr' E. Jacob h*s taken the house ? ?>'. -'>2 I street, formerly occupied by Mr. G. ???*. ?P?Tt'nents aro richly furnished and suitable for Members of Con^res" or officers in the army who wish to find themselves perfectly at ?'** Jhey will find first-class French board, and Mr. Jacob will take special care that the ser vice of the table will receive his particular atten tion. je2l-lw? BOARDING?A few first class BOARDERS can be accommodated with Rooms and Board on or after the 1st of July next, at No. 426 20th street, southeast cor. of F. je2"-2w* PERSONS CAfTBB ACCOMMODATED WITH BOARD and LODOIN'r at ?5 per week,(orf I per day.) at the Philadelphia House, No. 517 New ISew Jersey avenue, near Baltimore Depot. D. H. NICHOLS, Proprietor. BOARpiNG.?For rent, with board, large front and back ROOMS, handsomely furnished. Lo cation first-class house, airy and commodious, to gentleman rooming together or permanent family noa-raerii. Terms very moderate. A good table * few meal boarders, Applv at 395 18th st., bet. F and G sts. je 17 4t* WI? HANDSOMELY FURNIshFd KOOMS. for two or three gentlemen, or fami ?one single room. House commodious and airy, with spacious grounds. Terms moderate Apply southwest corner 21st and H streets, near renn.ave. Je lt> 2w* I RE WORKS 1 FIREWORKS ! 1 The largest assortment in the city. FLAGS 1 FLAGS!! of all kinds. LANTERNS! LANTERNS I! for illuminations, 4c. Roman Candles. Exhibition Pieces, Scroll Wheels, FireCrackers, Sky Rockets, Pulling Crackers. Pin Wheels, Torpedoes, Triangles, Flotillas, Vertical Wheels, Chinese Bombs, Saxon Wheels, Fire Balloons, China Flyers, Toy Cannons, Flying Pigeons, Cracker Pistols, Serpents. Torpedo and Cracker Pis Grass Hoppers, tola combined?a new Flower Pots, article, Blue Lights. Transparent Lantorns, Bengola Lights. Toy Drams. Mines. COME EVERYBODY! ! and get your supplies for the GLORIOUS FOURTH from the great NATIONAL FLAG AND FIRE WORKS DEPOT, 302 E STREET, NEAR FOURTEENTH. Depot for Boswell & Warner's celebrated COLORIFIC FOR COLORING THE HAIR. KyThe Trade sapplied. je RUMMER DRESS GOODS AT a RE A TL Y RED UCE D PRICES J. J. MAY & C3. W ill commence on Monday, June 20th, to close out the balance of their stock of SUMMER DRESS GOODS at very low prices. They have on hand of recent purchase a large stock of? PLAID AND EMBR0IDERBD SILK GRENA. DINES. WORSTED GRKNADINES. PLAID AND STRIPED TAFFETAS, PLAID, STRIPED AND EMBROIDERED M0 ZAMBIQUBS, PLAIN, PLAID AND STRIPED ALPACCA POP LINS, PLAIN AND FIGURED BAREGES, SOLID COLOR TAMARTINES, CRAPE MARBTS, CHALLY DE LAINS, FRENCH CHINTZ, JAC ONETS, ORGANDIES, LAWNS, GINGHAMS, Ac. , Allof which will be marked on Monday next 25 per cent under former prices. The above goods are of fresh importation, and are very choice, both in styles anl quality, having been selected expressly for the best city trade. MOURNING DRESS GOODS, SUMMER FABRICS, will be included in the goods marked down, so will THIN SHAWLS and LACK POINTS and MANTLES. We expect to have a great demand for the aboTe goods at the reduced prices. Those who intend to ' go in" should be quick about it, as we don't in tend it shall take all summer to dispose of them. J. J. MAY & CO., 308 Pennsylvania avenue, je 18-2t between 9th and 10th sts, T COPARTNERSHIP. HB undersigned having formed a copartnership and taken the store No. 394 Penn'a avenue, two doors below National Hotel, will conduct the Hat terabnsiness in its various branches, under the arm of M. O. Gladmon 8c Co.. where a full assort nientof STKAW AND FELT HATS may now be fo.n"d-. B. H. STINBMETZ, ??->* M.O. GLADMON. B? NOTIOB. ? H. STINEMETZ Desires to inform his cus tomers that he will continue his business at the old stand. No. 23# Pa. avenue until , his new 6 of erection, next door to cor ner ISth street, wul be completed. B. H. STINMBTZ, Hatter, IB lw 236 P>. avenue. SB. COOPER. ? . iv 9.ABPBNTER AND BUILDER. f?op mtherear of 27 a Nth street west, between M and II streets north. Jobbing promptly attended to. je 20-.1t* pBNTSI TBNT8II T B N T 8 I! I Sutler's Teats made and for sale by BARN K* A tON. Sail Makers, 63* llth street,1 1 near Ril-y's Whar', j * ' . J I 1 4 O'CLOCK P. m. LATEST FROM THE FRONT. Heavy Firing heard Yfntcrdar la the di rection of rrtrrtbar|-Th? Rebel* (all te Comply with a demand te Surrender the town and it is Shelled?Steamer Wiaan fired into by the Rebels oa James River. The mail steamer Keyport, which left City Point at 10 o'clock yesterday morning, arrived here at an early hour this moraine She reports heavy cannonading heard there at that hour from the direction south of Pe tersburg. Parties who came in from the front to City Point state that the rebels having failed to comply with a demand from Gen. Grant to surrender the town, onr forces began to throw bhells into the city on Saturday atternoon. On Friday evening, as the steamer Winans was passing Wilcox's Lauding, on the James river, she was flred into by a rebel battery from the north side of the river, one shot pass ing entirely through the boat, near the rudder. One of ourgnnboats stationed in the vicinity returned the fire, bnt with what effect is not known. Dr. Epsey's honse, near City Point, is occu pied by Gen. Grant as his headquarters. On Saturday evening Gen. Butler visited Gen. Grant at his headquarters and spent several hours in conversation with him. Six pieces of cannon, which were captured from the rebels in the vicinity of Petersburg, have been brought down to City Point. The rebels must have defended these pieces with much desperation, as they were literally cov ered with blood. A large force of laborers are busily engaged in building wharves at City Point. Our wounded continue to be brought in from the front in considerable numbers. The am bulances bring in the serious cases, while many others walk in. The hospital steamer Connecticut, has gone to Annapolis with a load of wounded. The rebels have adopted a new plan of sur prising and capturing our out-posts. They ad vance towards our pickets with arm) at a trail, indicating a surrender, but when within a few yards ol our men they recover arms and Are. One day last week they practiced this game, and succeeded in wounding and capturing about sixty men. They generally select North Carolina troops to play this "dodge," as it is well known large nnmbers of North Carolinians have come within our lines from time to time, to give themselves up. On the day fallowing their successful attempt they again tried to play this game, but it would not work, as our troops flred upon them, when they immediately turned and fled. The hospital stermer Wenonah arrived here to-day at 11 o'clock, having on board five hun dred and live wounded, six of whom were officers. Tne Wenonah brings no news. The wonnoed brought up on this vessel are very slight cases, and the majority of them walked in lrom the battle-fleld to City Point. FURTHER FROM GRANT'S ARMY. An Attack on Onr (-enter Repulsed?A North Carolina Regiment Captured? Beauregard and Lee Claim Extravagant Victories. Information from the Army of the Potomac, received this morning, is to the effect that there was quiet all day Sunday, with the exception of firing at intervals along the line. Both armies seemed disposed to rest after their re cent severe contest. An attack was made on the centre of our line, which was quickly repulsed, and a regi ment of North Carolina troops (perhaps one hundred and thirty.one) captured. A flag of truce was sent from our lines, but the enemy refused to receive it. A negro was banged yesterday morning for an attempt to commit a rape. Generals Beauregard and Lee, in despatches to Jeff. Davis, claim extravagant victories over our troops. PRE8IDENT LINCOLN. The President and bis youngest son left the city yesterday afternoon, on the Ordnance steamer Baltimore, to pay a trip to Grant, it is reported, and see how affairs are progressing ou James Kiver. BURNING OF THE WHARF AT AQUIA CREEK. On Saturday last, a large band of guerrillas made their appearance at Aquia Creek, and set flie to the lower wharf, when the gunboats C<sur de Lion, Primrose and Leslie opened Are on them and scattered them. Boats' crows of the Primrose and Oeur de Lion were sent on shore and endeavored to stop the destruction; but on the Ella passing that place yesterday morning, the wharf was still burning. GENERAL GILLMORE. This officer, who has oeen relieved, and or dered to report at Washington to await further orders, arrived here last night at 12 o'clock, on board the dispatch steamer Lady Lincoln. ? OFFICERS DISMISSED THE SERVICE. The following named officers, having ten dered their resignations, on frivolous pretexts, and for insufficient cause, whilst their com mands were in front of the enemy, President Lincoln has directed that they be dishonorably dismissed the service of the United States: First Lieutenant Robert M. Calby, -21th New York cavalry; Captain George W. Field, 59th Massachusetts volunteers; First Lieutenant Andrew J. Whaley. 21th New York cavalry; Captain W. W. Paige, loth New York cavalry; Captain John Ordner, loth New York cavalry; Captain Williaaa E. Morris, 1st Connecticut cavalry; Second Lieut. Edward M. Schmidt, 25th New York cavalry; Second Lieut. Albert M. Brusle, 2.3th New York cavalry. DEATH OF A BRAVE OFFICER. Captain Wm. S. Schuyler, 155th New York, aid to Gen. Tyler and Judge Advocate, died on the night of the 20th at Douglas Hespital, of a gun shot wound in the knee, received on the 3d of June in front of Richmond, while rallying bis men. Capt. S. was a man of flue social qualities, brave as an officer, loved by his companions, and respected by his superiors. He was from Saratoga, N. Y. TnE 13TH INDIANA REGIMENT This regiment, commanded by Colonel C. D. Dobbs, reached here this morning from the front, their term of service having expired. This regiment has seen hard service, having been through all the campaigns in Yirgiula. It came out with over eleven hundred men, and returns with but two hundred and fifteen. COMMITTED TO THE OLD CAPITOL. W. C. Dnnlop, of Wilmington, Del., (said to be a defaulting Government contractor,) ar rested^* New York by order of the Secretary of Ws^fcrrived hero this morning in custody of a detective, and was committed to tne Old Capitol. W&~ From Hudson Taylor. .?34 Pennsylvania avenue, we have an excellent map of Rich mond and surroundings, published by D. Yau Nostrand, New York. CONGRESSIONAL. Tuesday, June 21. Sbnate.?Mr. Grimes, from the Committee on the District of Columbia, reported favora bly on the House bill to authorize the bailiffs of the Orphans' Court to serve processes issued by said Court, and for other purposes. Also, on the House bill granting certain privileges to the "Guardian Society" of the District,with amendments. [Instead uf giving the use and occupancy, in perpetuity, of all that part of Reservation No. 17, in this city, lying west of Second s'reet and east of the easterly line of New Jersey avenue, the amendments only grant it for the period of 33 years, and also strike out the provision giving the fixtures and materials in the military erections thereon to the society for use in their own temporary structures.] Mr. Morrell, from the District Committee, reported back the House bill (No. 522) to amend the charter of the Washington and Georgetown Railroad Company, with an amendment. [As proposed to be amended, the bill gives the com pany the right to extend their horse rail way on anv public bighway in the oonnty of Wash ington, commencing at the present terminus of eiiher of their roads, extending north from 7th and 14th streets, first having obtained the con sent of the Levy Court therefor, and may charge additional fare of five cents for every three miles on each branch so constructed.] Mr. Pomeroy, from the Committee on Public Lands, reported favorably on the House 1)111 to secure to persons in the military or naval service homesteads on confiscated or forfeited estates in the insurrectionary districts. Mr. Hale, from the Naval Committee, re ported favoT&biy on the House Joint resolution authorizing theSecretary ol the Navy to amend the contract with John Ericsson for the con? strnction of two impregnable floating batteries, the. Dictator and the Puritan. Horss.?Mr. Schenck reported, with amend ments, the Senate bill providing for the exam ination into physical and business fitness of quartermasters and assistants, commissaries and assistants, and paymasters and assistants. I* It was pasted. ? ???' T*? House also j>??eed ? bil1 providing that ' .... I parBMten and storekeepers of ortnam shall receive tbe pay, emoluments and allowances of a captain of ordnance, but without com I mand. Also, a bill to increase tbe efficiency of 1 the medical corps or the army. Mr. Pendleton, from the committee of coa fiere*ce, made a report on the disagreeing amendments to the leetslative, judicial aad ex ecutlve appropriation bill, and it was con curred In. Mr. Schenck, from tbe Committee oa Military AffatTs, reported a bill to repeal tbe S300 com mutation clause of tbe enrollment; which was under debate at three o'clock. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM NEW ORLEANS. Cairo, June 21.?The steamer Mollie Able, from New Orleans oa the 15th instant, has ar rived. The steamer Progress was burnt to the water's edge at Head Man's Bend, Mississippi river, on the ?th. She came out of Bed river. The cargo comprised 1,359 bales of ootton, 500 of which may be saved. The cotton was marked Wm. Butler A: Co., Oairo. The boat took Are from a lamp In the engine room. Twenty lives were lost. The cotton market is active, but offerings small. Two buildings were blown down In Oairo this afternoon during a severe rain and wind s'orm. One man was killed, being crushed in the ruins. Geld Speculation Ussed. New York, June 21?Gold has been struck off the list called at the stock board. What was termed tbe gold board closed to-day. Speculation has ceased. The price Is nom inal. The rate at ten o'clock this momina wu 2(U. and is now held higher. Two Spanish frigates are below. LOCAL NEWS. Wilby vs. Bbowu.-1This case was continued this morning in the Circuit Court, before Jus tice Wylie. CoZ. Columbus Durham, of Baltimore, sworn. He testified that he knew Mrs. Brown /then Miss Elizabeth Phillips) during tbe years 1^33, 34, and "35, and that he frequently met her in houses of ill fvne in Baltimore during these years. In 1931 witness met Betsey Phil lips at a bouse kept by a woman named Kels endaffer. She (Betsey Phillips) was then with other girls, viz: Jane Phillips, Pol Pea cock, a girl named Kutcher, and others, and there were a party of gentlemen there. The girls were giving in their ex perience?it was a sort of a class meeting? and witness recollects that Betsey Phillips said she was related to old man Peacock, of Cecil county. Witness recollects that subse quently in the spring of 1835 he met Betsey Phillips at a fancy ball In Baltimore, which was given at the house of Betsey Osmond, for the benefit of tbe latter that she might raise m* ans to pay a heavy fine imposed upon her. This testimony was for the purpose of prov ing tbe character of Mrs. Brown for chastity prior to her alleged acquaintance with Tillot aDd prior 10 1110 birtb of Emily Tbe witness was subjected to a lengthy cross examination by Meters. BrowHing and Brent, in order that his memory as to dates might be fully tested. Police Reports.?iSecond Precinct.?Francis Hollin, disorderly; 83. Patrick Flari'y, Ellen Flarity, do.; 82 each. Miller Evans, sellina whisky Sunday without license; 820. Third Precinct.?Fannie Davis, disorderly #1.56. Annie Lewis, do.; dismissed. Mace johnson and Mary Barnes, do.: 82.44 each. Fourth Precinct.?Ed ward Murphv, drunk and disorderly: military. Dominick Daley, do.; S3. Bridget Keenan, do.; workhouse. El len Kusick, grand larceny; dismissed. Lams Bell, disorderly; $2. Ainsford Ooodenow, drnnk; workhouse. Sixth Precinct.?Garrett Nagle, drunk and disorderly: military. Henry Kine, do.; do. Joseph Carson, violating corporation ordi nance: dismissed. Jane Johnson, disorderlv 81. Wm. Bntler, de.; Tenth Precinct.?Margaret O'Brien.disorderly; 8?, and a common drunkard gave bail for good behavior. S. A. Thayer, cruelty to animals; S3. Matthew McNamara, drunk; dismissed. Mary A. Tilghman, disorderly; sr. Wm. J. Pearce, grand larceny; bail for court. Patrick Jackson, disorderly: *5. Spencer Bland, do.; dismissed. Spencer Robinson, do.; 88. Samuel Taylor, larceny; Benjamin Ringold, larceny; dismissed. Fofp.th Wabd Station Cabe<>.?Georee Maubley, grand larceny: jail for conrt. Rlch'd Rollings, sleeping in street; Elizabeth Shorter, perjury; dismissed. Jacob Aaron, disorderly: locked up. Timothy McFay, do.; do. John Orr, do.; do. Anthony Jennings, drunk and disorderly; Wm. Jones No. 1, deserter: mlllta- 1 U' ,.W- Fails, resisting officer; do. Wm. Jones No. 2, deserter; do. Robert Kemp, assault and battery; bail for court. Adam Zenker, Inde cent exposure; John Burns, Daniel Burns, J. Cole, sleeping in a wegon; dismissed. Daniel McCarty, throwing stones; locked up. John Sbebey, assault and battery; ruled for hearing. Also, a second assault and battery; do. Geo. Moody, drunk and disorderly; 815*. Ana Dorsey, disorderly and profane; workhouse. James Redmond, assault and battery; dis misted. John Snllivan, grand larceny; do. Peter McGinnis, violating hack law; for trial. George Carl, having possession of a stolen cow; dismissed. Hannah Stafford, drunk and disorderly ; do. Daniel Conner, throwing stones: do. James Sweeny, drunk; workhouse. Ellen Smith, do. and disorderly; do. Union Meeting for Prayer on Behalf op the Country, at Wesley Chapel, piyb o'clock p. m. Each Day.?On Sunday, Rev. Drs. > adal and Sunderland announced a Union meeting for the country, to be held at 5 o'clock p. m. at Wesley Chapel, and to continue during the week. The deeply important tact was al luded to, that the two armies now confront [ each other, and are, perhaps, actually in the last struggle. It was urged that now was the time for all who love the country to join in im ploring God's blessing upon our efforts to put down this terrible and wicked rebellion. Will all the pastors and their people come to the meeting? We hope they will. ? The Montment Fund.?We hear that per sons are collecting money, ostensibly for tbe election of the proposed monument to the vic tims of the Arsenal disaster, but who have not been autnorized by the Monument Committee to collect funds. Circnlars will be ready this afternoon to be sent in behalf of the fund to the different Departments of the Government, and also to prominent merchants and citizens, and meantime, it would be well for citizens to avoid contributing to irresponsible parties. A Contract Taken?In pursuance of an ordinance of the Georgetown Councils, direct ing the placing of hose at available points in the city, to be made useful in case of fire, a contract for fnrnishing the hose has been awarded to R. W. Dnkehart, of Baltimore, and this morning the necessary documents were drawn up and signed, and Mr. D. returned to Baltimore to furnish the quantity of hose re quired?about 800 feet. Fatal Accident?On Wednesday laaf, J. Burger, a first-class boy on the gunboat Ana costia, was on shore down tbe river, and the hammer of his rifle caught In the brush, by which it went off, and the ball entered his right side, passing through both lungs and out the left shoulder. He was brought out to his vessel, where his wound was dressed, but he died on Friday. _ The Board op Fibs Commissioners have organized by the election of Mr. P. M. Dubant as President and E. C. Eckloff as Secretary. They will go to Philadelphia to-day aepom panied by several members of the City Coun cils to examine the different kinds of steam flre apparatus in use in Philadelphia, in order to select the best for the requirements of this city. Another.?It was another of the victims of the Arsenal disaster, Mrs. Bresnehan, and not Mrs. Tippett, as stated, whose children were left in destitute circumstances by ber death. Mrs. Tippett, we hear, left but one child, which is properly cared for. A Good Move.?The clerks and other em ployees at Giesboro' Point have commenced a subscription in aid of the families of those who suffered by the Arsenal explosion. State or the Thermometer At Frank lin & Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, the iheimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock, 82 In tbe shade; 113 in the snn. I CJTEAMER EMPIRE I1AS ARRIVED?Con ni*nees will please attend to the reception of their r oda at offcl. < Tbis steamer (tails for Slew York Thursday, June 23,18?4, at 12 ni. )s MORGAN A BHINEHART. PIANOS !? P New Staiaway A Son's Pianos, and sev eral other wakens, have just been received. w e nave a'so on'h?n<l oneT-octave U tlletpJI^HQ A Davis, for St7B, and several, that have'*' ?? ' be^en used, at low price#. . u. j* >1 Corner l'th *t. an'l P?- ? _ |) BBSS MAKING. . DRESSES CUT and BASTED In the mti fart ionable maimer, at 389 I. hetwee* Wk and >4th . ? _ t-. t> ? ' - ' . J ? ill ' -li " -Ot { ' DTO&inkVU ?STRAY COW A On W1UHKSDAT, WILLIAMS. AND <ULF AT AUCTION. . . at 4 o'el'ek, p m.. we shall seU. at the reaidenee' of Jervwie'h Lynch. en Bonk IT street, between 4th ani Mh rt. ?trt, On* bUch Oew and Calf. with whit? ipot? on tbe hind quarter". taken op and d?)y alvsrt eed llffWlohW M Ml llttu Cow. je?l?t ' GRRRN A WILLIAMS. Ancta g? W. L. WALL A CO., Auetitnw U. 8. MARSHALRSALE OF 15 CAN0R8 AND FLAT P0A13. In virtue of en order 0* s*l* issaed from the Clerk's Office of the Snprema Court of the- Di<?riet of Columbia, holding a District Court. ant tome directed,1 will aell, at public sale for cub. at the foo? of Sixth street wharf, on tbe Potomac ri??r on MONDAY, the 27th day of June inst., at ?o elk] p. m. 15 Cannes and Flat boats, tackle, Ac., A?. WARD H. LAMON, U. 8. Mamhtl, D C Je 11-dAds W. L. WALL A CO.. Auete iChron] I^YQRBBN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TWO YALUABLR BUILDING LOTS OH JrtTn STREET. BETWEEN NORTH M AND N8TS., AT AUCTION. Ow MONDAY the 27th Instant, at?0'e!k, p m., we shall eel!, in front of the promises. Lots l??n( 17. in suh-divisioB of Snuare No. 93. These Lo'a have each a front of 9^ feet 3 inchas on 2"th street. Terms : One half cash; balanae in six and twelve months for notes bearing interest. A de?d(i?n and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing and stamp* at the cost of the "Vjnwffl* ?>? required of each purchaser when the property i? knocked off, or it will be put up s<ain and sold to the next hi|hest bidder. je VI ecAds GREEN A ^ ILLIAMS, Aurts. B Y J. 0. McGUIRR A CO., Auctioneers. FRAMI HOUSE AND LOT ON K, RBTWItltN 9TU AND 10TH STRKBTS AT AUCTION For Sale, nouse No. 403, on K street, betwsen 9th and 10th, containing six rooms, and just re paired throughout, will He sold at Auction to th? niabeat bidter on WEDNESDAY. June 23d. at 7 o'clock, p. m. This ia a neat comfortable and con venient dwell in*, its location, for health. good wat?r convenience to Market, City Cars and all the Pnblie Buildings, cannot b? surpassed in the eitj. Terms cash. Possession riven at Bala. Conveyancing and stampaat eo?t of purchaser. This Property, it ia believed, will rent for fv per month, Je 11 J. 0. MoQUIRR A CO.. Aucta B* J. C. MoQUIRR A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE LEASE HOLD .BUILDINGS, 8T0CR, AND TOOLS AT PUBLIC 8ALE. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. June J7. at o'slk, on the premises, we Khali sell, the Lease which has four years to run,) toother with the improve ments. consisting of a Brick Building with Stable* in the rear, used as a hor?e?h?eing establishment, with the Stock and Tools, No. 340 R street, be tween Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. The main building on R street la 7! feet flinches by Vi feet, tbe lot 38 feet by m feet 9 inches. The premises front in full view of Pennsylvania avenue and are desirable for any manufacturing business. Asao investment it will pay well. f7U per month belnr offered for it on a Lease; but as th* own< r is about to leave the city he prefers to sell. Terms cash. je 21 d J.Q. McOUIRR A00., Anota. BCAPE MAY. Y RAILROAD FROM PHILADELPHIA FROM WALNUT STKBBT PIKB.e-~ BOA *E5T JEBSEV RA"'Sll^^ At 6 a. m., accommodation due at li?>, a. in At 10 a. m., expressdue at l'i p. m. At 4>i a. m.. expressdue at 8 p. m. Returning, leave Cape Mar ti a m. express due atP'j a. tn. 11.46 accommodation due at 4?, p. ia. fl.10 p. m. express dueatf?^ p. m. Through without change of cars or baggage. New cars, and everything- first-class. je 20 3m J. VAN RENSSELAER. Sup't. T PROPOSALS FOR MEAT. HR Undersigned will receive sealed proposals until 3pm of Wednesday, the 2!Hh inst., for sup plying the Washington Asylum with all the nti-at that may be required at the institution for the ye ir ending the .**h Jnne.1865. Bidders will state the price per pound for fresh and salt beef, for pork, lamb. veal, shoulders, inid dlings. bams, and sausages, making separate hi Is for the meat required for the use of th* Intendant. The meats required for the use of the Asylum U# be free from hone. ATI meats to be furnished at such titnps, and in snch quantities as may be required by the Intend art, and. if not in accordance with contract, may be rejected by him. W O. H. NEWMAN, JOHM McDEYITT, WM. SLATER, Commissioners Washington Asylum. je td I Intelligencer.^ 00D MOULDINGS t WOOD MOULDINGS! WOOD MOULDINGS! w UNITED STATES WOOD MOULDING MILL, Nos. 24 and 26 South Fifteenth street, PHILADELPHIA. Always on band, a large stock of the above articles, made of the very beet material. Orders filled at the shortest notice. Freight paid to Washington, free of charge. NSLRR A BROTHER*, je lT-lm Proprietors. ITNITED 8TATR8 HOTEL, t OAPR ISLAND. N. J, JOHN WEST, XVRON MILLER, PROPRIRToRS. Beg leave to call the attention of their friends and the public to the above magnificent f Rstabliubment, which will be open fori the reception of visitors on the 15th of J June. Besides a spacious Dining Hall and Parlors, it contains an unusual number of large and well ventilated Bed Rooms, all handse mely furnished with new furniture throughout. Tbe Proprietors of this Establishment will spire no care or expense te meet the wants of th^ir guests, thereby hoping to share liberally in th* public patronage. Application for rooms made to the subscribers, by fetter to Cape Inland, will receive a prompt reply. e3 fiw WEST A MILLER. ir inenis trait R OOFING FELTI ROOFING CRMRNT THOMAS FAHEY, Corner Icth St. Wbst ahd the Cabal, Wa.iAtHffofi, D. C., Being the only agent in this city for Roofing Felt and Roofing Cement from an oid established firm, can afford to sell tbe above articles at the very lowest prices. Roofers and those engaged in the business are requested to call and see for themselves, having a large stock of the above named articles always on hand. my 3i)-lm pAPRRHANGINGS. I would most respectfully inform my customers and the public in generaTtnat I am now receiving my spring stock of American and French PAPER HANGINGS. consisting of the finest French Gilt Papers, suitable for parlors, dining rooms, cham bers and balls, I am also in receipt of a large assortment of Gilt Cornice, Gilt Window Shades and Picture Cord and Tassels. All persons wishing to purchase will do well to look for themselves before buying elsewhere, as I have the largest assortment of the above goods in the city. JOHN ALEXANDER, my9-eo2m [Intel.] No. 240 Pa. avenue. pLEASURE BO ATS.?T o let ,b y the day or hour, the Loft- near the wharf, of 1 two fast sailing PLEASURE BOATS, at the 11th Btreet wnarf ie PLEASURE BOATS, at snarf Apply at the Sail^Rl? iarf. of BARNES A SON. je 20-2w* Till! BBL8. BEST ROCKLAND LIME Will be # v" sold at a Great Sacrifice to close consign ment, in lots to sutt any class of purchasers. Also, a large lot of Ceuieut, Plaster, Lumber. Pickets, and Hay. ,,, _ *. W. PUTNAM, jea>-6t* 111 Water?t? Geprget"wn. PERKINS, STERNE A Go., 180 Brendwny, M. Y.? 1X0LU8IV I DRALRR8 IV CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to he AB80LUTRLY PURR. for sale by all first-class Grooers and Druggists everywhere. mhaD-3m* 0. W. BOTBLBa. JSO. W. aOTSLSS C. W. BOTELER ft SON, IXPORTBHS, WHOLESALE AND UK TAIL DEALERS ? CHINA, eiwAM, AND CROORRRY WARR, TARLR CUTLRRY. BILYRR-PLATRR WARJ. BRITTANIA WARR, BLOCK TIN GOODS, TIN 0BAMR1R 8RT8, OOAL OIL LAMPS. JAPANNRD WAITRR8, DOOR MATT8, f RATHRR DUBTRR8, RRU8BR8, WOOD WARN, AND B0U8NKN1PINQ ART10LR8 OEEMMALLT. HOUBRB, B0TRL8, A?? ?*NAM?0AT8 FURNIBBRD AT SHORT ROT AON. 310, IRON NAMs FMIjsSYLYANIA ANRNUB, te IT so?iu *etw?a ?th a " ?j "^giTATRST 8TYI/L5 ilk * R A W?' H A T 8 0NA8. L. LOOK WOOD A 00 '8, je 9 im.if 324 Pa. av., bet. 9ih and 10?h st? (TfrTST'OR SALE.-Two very lar*e, r<-un* fyl MULES, kind tn any harnens. AT* ALFRED J0NR8, Feed Dea'er. 126 K at., between 2Ut and ?d, or ?e!3-6t* 431 Center Market )i1 OGRE'S MAGIC SODA FOUNT IS NOW Ivl ready to diapenae pure and cold Soda Water to hi* very numerous pat ons. M00RR*8 Wett Rnd Drugstore, my W-tw 11* Paaveaae w*st 486 ??o " ??t. -jgg n 0U WCn' lull. TtmidA Mto-lsair

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