22 Haziran 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Haziran 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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^M11-1mmm?^??????MMMB?a?l?i??????????????????????????*.M?i*???>?_??M?i !"?'-,' ',., /: .'- '.? ' W T , : 1 ? 11 " ? - ? . ? -..; . - 1 " 1 -' 1 1 m , *'i> . ' . ? V?. XXin. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 22. 1864. N2. 3,581; ' I . _ ' . '? . '. vi iii . Hi. at .a't '?;; . i xisqi-Ufciuii i , ?i ?>-<?<.> ?,,,. ..., >...... ??_. r-1 ???? ?*? . '- v . AUCTION SALES. gPTuaiTjAT*. gT J. O. MtODUi * 00., Anotkraaerw, L*I ?.? ?^o;g?,wg?dI giafegjab "iiJfij'ij*??? 1. ?.. e,i, irwtS atowifaa Ki'"" " "?? of No, l.in Sauare 367. fronting on ruZJu ? aIePu.?' an(1 hin* between 13% tndUU ? ? 5 \ ?n}*ininK 3-131 square feet, and h%vinjrun J t a donMe two-story frame (hreUlnVhouse ' ***??*?' One-third in cash ?thS'day af SSrJfj pnrebaser or purchasers to areeata his bonds for the residua in U?n*me *f the respective f*??ble with interest at toe lagai rSattslg k^? ??Bths aftar date; the title to b? with held till the payment of all the purchase money All conveyancing at the cost of the Durfchasei w&wrmw Kh? oUESbulMoiuett' / -'? "-J f, 0 McapiiSggfc'HS; ? ?* MoOUIKKA CO., Auctioneers. sale OF REAL ESTATE V ^ttt i'^T ?eViiion" ,n'he Circuit Court, D C lCvHI-'?ka < ftrBaasr^*^ ?fth* court i tD0 I>istrict of Columbia, (and at th? nf i?*2LWr on petition of ^erer"r r?l^Ti 1S8,i ln Jh* tttttep oft*? M Park e GH o? l- VL Ani ot.h?rB. heirs at law o'!,?? ?iu- u?wl?. deceased, the undersigned - FffiS ? v?i*r* ?n ^e above ^titled ?us* will' Jum ,0?n the <>n TUESDAY o?clorfph*MWnt^e*rC P? ?ith }h* fl?t namsdate C? CiOCK r, 3*., tD6 fo'iOWID* dftPCriSfd ro&l AfltafA but*ran^T DJ? ? th* city of W^Vton dT' 'sssasftssp c~eb Ws&& r?r??< sassst ffihSrissy. a? foot of t h,' Po^?*c?W^j?ontainlag S.Square ? n *on fl lot there 19 a lafire Brick TW*n m^OU,e, -,ni'-AbI? [or ^ver?,M^other inapcoy#. Terms of sale: One-third In cash on th?-d*."?f *al*tandthe purchaser to give bond* for th*r?si 7fv? ? D*m' ?f th? MSpectiye heirs savahU with intereat a* the legal rate ai rf* ? rat nths after d?te, the title to Sa withh^W till^hA Payment of all tte purchas* money.1 b11 lhe AH conveyance* at the cost of the purchaser -? " - ' C MrGCIB^n10^';;. "CGUIRE & cq, Auctionceri. TRUSTEE'S SAI.E 0?0^|LUABW2 BUILDING the"District 0? Cnhl^-** ?.Lthe Snpreme Oourt of inth. cause of H?^l*/I?tln*Ln P"<?d the Ttn ins'ant tfo ??K.a ?78 "s.6^ a^-?on sfll at P..hi^^. subscriber, m Trustee, will lrf?fS?Sn*SSSx** th." ,ftS"diSVS &" r?f5iM0^i teWSWI? """ 52 ??" ? fronfi^^^cSl L.ct No- W, adjoining Lot No nine back %s f^?M?6 fncSa37 f**1 ? lucheB'an<1 raa' at^?i-alJLtfc!i ??'rtrofvLot N?- u< fri?r immedi nieitioned wMeh ?I th^t 'ftart of Lot No. I4?, last Wn wil-.ri1'8^iB B?*- ?nd for many years hafl ptrfof L.,^n? *w M it ?*rden with the said of Lot fin u ? ^^-the said portion inches ?" U htlug 37 fwt ? inches by 15 feet 3 rJrtof^rjV "?iB ^mUs and improving purchasers.*111 ^ 8ub4i'id*<l? lf desired, to suit Ju^t tihsLf,1i1i?rW'D^ daJr- TCKSDAY, the 13th day of feSviif '?"ow: SriltiS'- <-"? ?''"rW,i?E Lots No*, l and 2. in Sqnar* l.llt, lyine at tb? J^er ?f *<?uth C and iyth straits east w^fsntT.t?r?P^*??a^ t0rner %ot?- on tha tvi%V.? V0n,hi* 1> groand. 4c. fonnws' P>?^r,b,<1 by th? decree are as i iiowi. one third of the porciase mosey to be nTente1 at*iii ^r.?8i<ln? in two equal install ?'j?h " ? ?nd twelve months from the lay of or bonds inter?8t-h* ?cu?4 by approved note* t J}er7?i'nt** rtleTTe.8 tha right to resell any por tion of the property, iu caae the terma of MaieVra sa?i?CiT till ?uih Aru fTom th? <?ayof jale. at the mk of the defaulting parcha?^r, on Lpn days notice in the National Intelligencer Conveyances and stamps at the cost of tha cur ?ttSWo ftj>. UMftttS: Li Y WM. L. WALL 4. CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTSB8 BALK 09 V ALU A BLR AND TM PROVED REAL ESTATE ON CORNER OF VERMONT AVENUE AND NORTH N^STREET. JN WASHINGTON CITY, D O. Pursuant to th* provisions ol a deed of trust, dated May 23. 1B62, and reoorded in Liber J. A. 8.. No. 219, fulioa 1)6, Ac., of the Laud Records or Washington County and tha District of Columbia, tbe tubscriber, as Trostee, will, on the 7th dav of July next, at five o'ciock p. m , offer at Public Aac tion. to the highest bidder, all that piece or paroal of ground lying in Washington County, in tbe Dis trict of Columbia, ami known as ail that paroal nf ? ronnd lying in the City of Washington, of said District, beiag part of Lot two,(2 > in Squaratwo hundred and forty-thre?, (243. ? beginning at a stake on tha building line of north N street, on a line with th* west side of N. B. Smith's house, and tbence north along said lina to Vermont aveune, thenc* south along naif avanne to the original corner (southwest) of said Lot, and thence east wardly on N str?*t forty-four (M) t*et to the place of beginning, containing twenty-two hundred fuet of ground, more or less. Also, all tbat piece or pareel of Land commencing at the extreme north part of the above cited Lot, and running parallel with Vermont avanue fifteen feat, thence east and parallel with the allay tan and six-twelfths feat; then south and parallel with Veriaeat avenne twelve f*et; th*nc* west and par allel ? ith the ailcy nix feet; thence south and par a. lei with Vermont avenue twelve fe*t; and thence north to the place of beginning of this latter piece of ground, with tha building* and improvements, rights and appurt*nane*s to the same balancing. Terms of sale: One-third cash; th* reaidu* in notes at 6 and 12 and 18 months, to be secured by a deed of trust upon the premises. Conveyances and stamp* at eost of pnnhasers. In case of non compliance by purchaser with Tha terms of sale within five days altar th* day ot sal*, th* Trastee wi 1 resell the praminesatth* risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. A payment of fin)will be raquirad fiotn tha pur chaser at th* time of sale. AM conveyance* to ba prepared under supervision s f tha Tmstaa. _ CHARLES M. MATTHRW8, Truitae. Je 16 3tawtds |Int| W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctn. BY J, C. MoCtCIRJC A CO., Aaetlonaert. TRC8THE S SALE OF REAL ESTATB. On TUESDAY AETERNOON, July6th.at 6o'cik, at the Auction Booms of Jas.O McGuir* & Co.. by virta* of a deed of trust from John Patrick, dat*d Kebraary 2d. 18S3. and duly recorded in Libar J. A. f ,No. irJ. folios 771. et. seq., one of the Land Rac ords far Waahiugton county, D. C.v we shall Mil th? east balfof Lot No. 9, in Square No. 563. Terms cash. Cost of eonv*yanc?* and ituipn to ba paid by tha "iS: ?: b ABii( Je.l?-2aw4ds J. C. McQUIRl A 00.. Aoe?l. KIDW1LL k HENDERSON, j No. ?6T D Btriit,*aaaNisth, Respectfully Inform their friends and th* pnblio generally that they hava now in store a well se lected assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, which they are prepared to nell at tha lowest cash prices. Work done at short notic* in th* city or eonntry by *xperieneed workman. Remember the place. No. 36T D street, near 9th, Pranklia Hall Building. apll-tf F^ROM CAPE COD TO 91X11. By J.M.Uackia, Si so. D?nise, by the author (ft " Mademoiselle Mori," vols ?!.?'. , Lamb's Tales from Shahspeare, green and gold, 11 25. Halited's Caucuses of ISfiO, fl. History J the Rebellion, its Authors and Canses, by Hon. Joshua R. Giddings.M. Colton 's Atlas of the Union. $3. Stillman on the Staam Engma Indicator,*]. M 0B1IJ MOBITI MOM S Yl M. K. WALSH * CO., /?k LICENSED PA WJfBMQKMMS, Q A -? '"'^&trsss.rtmkX aiooay nArana** aa floM aa4 BUtaj WatahM ssrisvr1" "* ??????'srsvi' AUCTION bALES. FUTURE AYS. gy J. C. MCGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CATALOGUE BALI OP~VALUABLE OOLLEC 11ON OF MILITARY, SCIENTIFIC, AND MIS On THURSDAY and DAY EVENINGS June S3d and 24th. ws sbaJlselL,?o?n??nc>n?*t half-past seven o'clock each day at our Auction Rooms, the Library of the late Gen. T~. G. Totten, Chief Engi reer U. 8 Army, comprising over one thousand Volumes of rare *n<1 Valuable Military, Scientific, and Miscellaneous Works. I Terms cash .. . ? . .. Catalogues may he pbtauied on application to the Auctioneers^ ^ TBMPTj*, U/f. ?.4 Exeeutor. je.lO-eod J. O. MffgniRBA Oo.. Anr.f |> Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. LARGE SALE OF~BUILDING L0T8. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. June 24th, at. o'clock, on the premises. we shall sell the whoie of Square 133. fronting respectively on 18tn and 19th streets vest, and north Rand 8 streets, the whole subdivided iot? 64 desirable Building Lots r<T*c?^f ^nnft-Vhfrd^in cash: the remainder in 6 and 12 months,with Interest, secured by a deed of trust ontbe premises , . Cost of conveyances at the expense of purcb aser. 19"A payment of $2u on each lot will be required J- 0. MoGCIRE A CO., Aucts. OY J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY BALE OP VALUABLE PROPERTY ON G 8TRBET NORTH, OPPOSITE THE PAT ?vt OFFICII On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, J?M 14, ate o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a decree of the Bu ?reme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in fchancery, pissed in a certain ctase, wherein Wm. W . Ueoreianra C.. and Evettne O. MacGUl are complainants, and Emily MaoGill and Winfield S. MacGill and Richard Butt are defendants. (No. 194 equity.) passed May 16. 1864, 1 shall sell the west cart of Lot No. 14, in square No, 4fr>, fronting 25 feet on north G street, between 6th and 7th streets west, running back that width to the rear of the lot, togetherwith the improvements, consisting of a two story Brick Back Building. Terms: One-half in cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by the purchaser's notes with approved endorsement. If the terms of sale are not complied with within five days thereafter, the trustee reserves the right to re-sell on one week's notice in tlie NapioLal In telligencer. , _ ... . ... Conveyances &cd stinpfl %t the cost 01 tne pur ctower WM. W. MacGILL. Trustee. Jel4 d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Ancts. |^Y W. L. WALL & CO., Auctioneers U S MARSHAL'S SALE OF l.> CANOEB AND FLAT BOATS.. In virtue of an order of sale issued from the Clerk's Office of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, holding * District Court, and to me directed. I will sell, at public sale for cash, at the foot of Sixth street wharf, on the Potomac river, on MONDAY, the 2Tth day of June inst., at 5 o elk, P" "l5 Canoes and Flat boats, tackle, Ac., Ac. WARD II. LAM0N.U. 8. Marshal, D. C. JeSl-dAds W. L. WALL A C0.,Aucts. lChron.j DI J. O. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT OS M AR\ LAND AVENUE, BET WEEN 6TH AND ??TH 8TRBET8 EAST. j ^ ^ M4W _ By virtue of a deed of truft, dated on the 13th day of October. A. D., 18156, to Charles 8 Wallaihand John C. C. Hamilton, trustees of the Franklin Building Association of Washington eitr. D. 0., and recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 124, folios 65, et. seq., one of the land records of Washington county, D. C..and, by rirtue of a decree passed by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. in chancery, in eaose No. 65, wherein Henry Barron, et. al? in behalf of said Pranklia Building Association, were complainants, and Charles 8. Walla<-h, et. al.. were defendants, I was sub stituted as trustee in the place and stead of the said Charles 8. Waliach. the surviving tin-step under said deed of trnst: I shall proeeed to sell, at public auction, int front of the premises, at si* otlock p. m , en MONDAY, the 18th dar of July next. Lot No ?, in Over's subdi vision of square No. 915. in the city of Washington, D.C., improved by a geod two story Frame Dwel ling House. The property fronts on Maryland avenue. betw?en 8tfi and 9th streets east. Terms: One-half cash: the residue in six months, the deferred payment to be secured by a deed of trust on the premises. If the terms of sale are not fully complied with withia five ds-ys from day of sale the trustee will resell at the risk andcost of the defaulting puichaser, on one week's notice in the Evening star. Conveyancing and stamps at tne cost of purchasers.n Q gpAlD,NO Trngte(l> je 17 2awAds J. 0. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. nv j, c. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF LOT ON P STREET, BE TWEBN 14TH AND 1.5TH STREETS WEST. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, July ?h^ 1**, *1 ? o'etaek, at the Auction Room#of *. C; McGuire A Co.. by virtue of ? deed of trust from Charles B Rjer^on, dated June 25th. J86S, and duly reeorded in Liber J. A. 8., No.?,Tolies 194, et. seq . one of the LandiBecords for Washington county. D. O., we shall sell the west half of Lot No. 8, in Drary's sub division of Square No. 208, fronting Jli? feet on north P street, between 14th and ttth streets wr st, and running back 100 feet to a 10-foot alley. ContsyaAOSBand stamps at the cost of the ?ur chaser. WMg. H. WARD. | Trustees. Je.io Saw&ds J.C. McGUIRE A CO . Ancts. ^ALE OF CONDEMNED^HORSES. y WAB DBPABTMMT. ClTll-RT BCRliO, I Office of Chief Qumtttmatttf, > Washington, J). C., June la, 1864-1 A Will be sold at public amotion, to the highest bidder, at Giesboro Depot, on FRIDAY, the 24th instant, beginning at 10 o'clock a. m., from one hnndrea (100) to one hundred and fifty (ISO) HORSES. . _ . These horses have be?? oondemn*^ as nnflt for the cavalry service of t5e Army. For road and farm purposes many good bargains may be had. Horses sold singly. Terms: cash, in t. S. currency ^ Je 16-td Lt. Col and 0. Q. M, Cav. Bureau. ^IMPROVE YOUR EYE-^^MB sight by the use of the cel-^^ ebrated Pebble and Piriscopic Spkctacls3,uni versally acknewledged as the best for 8trb*qth e.ni^o A*I? Pbbsirvisg the impaired Eyesight, scientifically and correctly suited, by JrRANlS.Lir< A CO., Opticians. . . . . . 244 Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 12th and 13th sts. and 3?fi Pennsylvania avenue, under the National. FIELD GLASSES, OPERA GLASSES, MICRO SCOPES, THERMOMETERS, STEREOSCOPES, PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. CARTES DE \ ISITE, & c.. in a great variety, and at the loweBt prices. jeH - THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subscri ber has obtained from the Orphans Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, lett'-ra testamentary on the personal estate of Ma ry Key Wallace, late of Washiugten City, D. C., deceased.' All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 4th day of June next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of ^Giiren Snde? 4th 19? je 8-wSw* Executrix. ' fl^HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri X ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of I Washington county, m the District of Columbia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of Wil liam Parsons, late of Georgetown. D C., deoeased. All persons having claims against the said de ceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the28th day of May next: tney may other wise ^y law be excluded tioa all benefit of the said 'often under my ^VtHIA^vVuCkY^ my 30-law3w? Executor. T^HI8 IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri I ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of Isaac Cook Bartiett, lateot Washington citj,D. C., deceased. All persons having claftms against the said deceased, are hereby warne* to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof* to the subscri ber, on or before the JSth day of May next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit 'UVnNSTrm'y ha^dthis,?tj my 30-law3w* Executrix. This is to give notice that the sub scriber has obtained from the OrphMis' Court of Washington Connty, in the District ofColumhia. letters of administration on the personal estats of Barbara Williams, late of Georgetown, D. 0.,de ceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers tnereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 24th day of May next: thev may other wise by law be excluded from all benent of the said ?' 'oH^MiNA'aWFlios""' my 24 lay3w* Admluwtratrix, THIS IS TO GIVE notice, That thesubscri ber has obtained 1rom the Orphans' Courtpf Washington qeaaty,in the District of Columbia letters of administration ?. t. a. on the personal es, tate of James Bnttjate of Washington eltf, D. C., deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with tho vouchers thereof, tothe subscriber, on or before the 17th dav-of May next: they may otherwise bylawba excluded from all benefit of ^?iven un^er my hand this17th day of May a n i<K4 ROBERT BR1TT, my K-lawSw* Adssinistrator e. t. a.B AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUBIO 1 CANTERBURY HALL,) AND HAL LlCANTERBURY HALL, t THEATER LOOIBIASA ATMUM, Neetr Comer of 8ixtk Street, Bear of National and Metropolitan Hotels. Gaoaoi LiA ? .Proprietor W. E, Ca?at*ooh^.??... ..Stage Manager. LARGE AND ENTHUSIASTIC AUDIENCES ' 1 Nightly attest, by their Deafening Plaudits, their intelligent appreciation of the . ELEGANT AND RECHERCHE ENTERTAIN-, MENT8 PRESENTED BY THIS TRULY . GIGANTIC ASSEMBLAGE OP GENIUS, " i ' ENTIRELY NEW AND SPLENDID BILL! ... I) ' .si To-night, presenting the Beautiful, Graceful and Daring Artiste, MLLE MARIETTA RAVEL, ft -!> In her novel and magnificent act upon the Tight Rope, entitled DAUGHTER OP THE REGIMENT, In which she appears without the aid of a Balance Pole, executes the Manuel of Arms. Fires Guns, Extinguishes 12 Lighted Candles at One Shot, and accomplishing many other Difficult and Admirable. Feats, hitherto unattemptt^l by any oilier Performer. The Charming Floral Ballet, LES AMOURS DE FIGARO 1' In which M'LLE RAVEL, and the great Parisian Dancer, MONS. BAPTISTIN Will appear, supported by the RONZANIiGRAND BALLET TROUPE. A WEEK OP FUN. LAUGH AND BE MERRY. ? . f * .* A BILL OF BURLESQUES. The Funny Burlesque, entitled THE DEMON LOVER OB, SATAN IN TROUBLE. Peter Stiggins??_ .Billy West. Rest of characters by Messrs. DOUGHERTY WILLIAMS, DE FORREST, and Miss NAOMI ' POaTIa, Also, the laughable Negro Farce of ?n . . . THE WIDOW'S VICTIM o*, THE COUNTRYMAN IN TROUBLE. JOHN MULLIGAN . ,' In hi* Great Character of PETEK PIl'EK PEPPER i'vUOJS. To be followed by A SCHOOL FOR YOUNG STUDENT?, In which Messrs. MULLIGAN, WEST. DOUGH ERTY, WILLIAMS, and others appear. HEIGHT OF IMPUDENCE, MULLIGAN AND WEST-. JOHN MULLIGAN, The Prince of Ethiopian Comedian*, BILLY WE8T, ... The Great Song and Dance DirKey. til . ? .71 ii - . : j WILLIAMS & DOUGHERTY, In New Ethiopian Songs and Dances. W. B. CAVANAUGH, In New and Original Comic 8ongs. . t J.DeFORREST. The Talented Actor,&c., 4c, .r. Will be produced for the first time on MONDAY EVENING, June 27th. The greatest Moral, Local, Sensation Drama erer witnessed in Washington, entitled BUSHWHACKERS OF THE POTOMAC! ' 4 Everything connected with this Life Drama has been prepared in the most magnificent style, and it will be presented with NEW AND ELEGANT LOCAL SCENERY, FAMILIAR SCENES IN WASHINGT<#?, LIFE LIKE REPRESENTATIONS. All of which hare been minutely copied by the artist from careful observation, and are therefore accurate copies of Wwhiogton city and its sur roundings, and cannot fail to strike the beholder as being exact counterparts of the origiaal. The Costumes have been made similar to those the persons themselves,-thereby Showing termination to render the characters ersily recog nized by all, thus making the plot still more ef fective. ... The Machinery and Appointments are al{o com plete in the minutest detail, and everything has been done which ingenuity and enterprise could devise, to make this play what It'purports to be, a faithful representation of Life hr the Capital. A full synopsisof incidents, scenery and cast of char acters will appearahortly. ' \ 2" i*> ? ? Remember next Monday, June 27th, the BUSHWHACKERS OF THE POTOMAC! ..i i f ANNOUNCEMENT. An engagement has been effected with the cel ebrated . ? ? ? ST. GEORGE SISTERS. Whose astonishing revelations in Spiritualism has puzzled the world and created the greatest excite ment in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and other cities, wheid their performances have re ceived the highest encomiums from the press and public, who pronounce their exhibitions far mora | miraculous than those of the renowned DltENPORT BROTHERS. ? : ? ? 4 ' ': - ? ? -J J j - a . i Due notice of their first appearance will be given. . < j FAMILY MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON |i AT TWO O'CLOCK. Ladiss U> cents; Children UCouta, AtaM?> Orehestra 'B Private Boxes, holding sU persona. ? ? ? Doors open at 7 ?'cloak; *nee?tlo'cleeh. AMUSEMENTS. FOED'S NEW THEATER, T*?th Btukt, abovb Pisbbtlvahu Avaroa. THIS (W1DNESDA"sTEVENING. JUNE 21. TIIE GRAND SHAKSPEARIAN COMEDY PIS TIVAL will be contiaued.for the FAREWELL BENEFIT and . LAST APPEARANCE Of the eminent Comedian, MR. J. 8. CLARKE, who will on this occasion appear in the TWO GREAT C0MIC CHARACTERS, . , LAUNCE. (with the relnonstrahie to his dog Crab,) and DROM 10 OF EPHBSU3, in Sbakppears' earliest productions, i TWO GENTLEMEN OP VERONA J *HE COMEDY OP ERRORS, supported by , . . , ? MISS SUSAN DENZN, . and the full strength of the unequalled company. To-morrow, the grand Oriental spectacle oi the . FORTY THIEVES. will be produced, with a strong east'of' eh?rae. NA^f/ Su?IC?S secnorT' Rn<* THE ORIQI OKOVKR'S THEATER. PMTHSTLVAIUA AT., XSAE WlLLARD'S HOTSL. WM. E. SINN.?Temporaiy Lessee and Manager THOROUGH AND GENUINE SUCCE8S _ OK THIS SPLENDID ORIENTAL EQUESTRIAN PAGEANT THIS (WEDNESDAY) EVENING, JUNE 22. Third appearance of the Celebrated EqueBtrienue, MISS KATE VANCE, Who,together with the admirable Educated Horse, DON JUAN, Will appear in the grand melo-dramatic pageant, from Lord Byron's great poem entitled > MAZEPPA, OR, THE WILD HORSE OF TARTARY. Ca^imir! j ? Miss Kate Vance Sustained by Mr. Grover's Philadelphia and the Washington Companies. l?F"Dne notice will te given of the rc-apjearance of the talented young comedian. Mr. J. K. MORTIMER. In preparation, "ROOK WOOD." RATES OF ADMISSION: Dress end Parquette Circles?~? 50 cents Orchestra Chairs? - . ??.75 cents Family Circle.- ' ? .25 cents Seats may be secured during the day at the Box Office, without extra charge. Tickets for sale at all the Hotels. ' FINE, READY-MADE CLOTHING, AT BAR & BRO.'S ESTABLISHMENT, CORNER ? AND SEVENTH STREETS. Persons deBiTing good and easy-fitting garments, without leaving their measures, can get fitted in our establiahmentin garments made ef THE VERY BEST MATERIAL, AND THE LATE8T DESIGNS. We have now a very large stock of SPRING and SUMMER SUITS, FINE BLACK CLOTH FROCK CO^TS, AND BLACK DOESKIN PANTS, And a general assortment of VESTS, of varied styles. Also? A FINE STOCK OP BOYS' CLOTHING, and an immense stock of GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS. >?F"BuSinesB closed on Saturday until evening Je7-lm* rpo THE RESIDENTS^ OF THE ISLAND I,. LEMKUL. WATCHMAKER A XI) JEWELER, No. 105 4K street* between E and Fttreets, Island, (Next door to Tenth District Station House.) "Watches Clocks and Jewelry repaired in IS. the most ncat? st style and warranted. Par tieular attention paid to repairing of watches.?4ai Also, A large assortment of Books, Stationery and Fancy Goods constantly on hand. je 17-ot* \fEDICAL PURVEYOR'S OFFICE, 1t1 ' Wishikgtob.B. C., Jane 15,18(54. All dealersin this city and Georgetown, who wish t? sell to the Medical Purveying Department, are requested to send to this office, on the MON DA Y of each week, a sealed list of the articles they may be prepared to furnish, at short notice, with the price of each attached to **ffcitAKDt Je 15-tf Surg. U. 8. A., Medical Purveyor. THE UNDERSIGNED, Citizens of Washington having usedthe REMEDY OP O. KEENAN No. 519 I street, between 6th and 7th streets for the cure of Inflammatory Rheumatism, have no hesitation fn saying thnt we are satisfied it is one of great value to all afliicted with this most painful disease. We therefor* cheerfully recom mend it. WM. C. MAGEB. E. bet. 12th and 13th, MARY NEWTON. 4th, bet. G and H, MARGARET A. MITCHELL, . GRACE HURDLE, I, bet. T9th and 20th, ROBERT WARREN, 7th, bet. K and L. The above medicine can be procured at JOS. W. NAIRN & BRO.'S, corner 9tn Btreet and Penn. avenup, and full particulars can be learned in re lation thereto. Price 51 per bottle. Je 15-eoi!w* Medical purveyor s office, Washington, June 14, 1864, Merchants of Washington and Georgetown de sirous of furnishing the Medical Purveying Be nartment of this city with such articles of Hospital Stores and Furniture as may be required, are re quested to send in their proposals to this office at as early a time as practicable for examination. A schedule, as well as samples of articles required, can be seen on application at this office* 0. SUTHERLAND, je 14-6t Surgeon U. 8. A., Medical Purveyor. REMOVAL. OTICE TO FARMERS. MARKET GARDEN ERS AND CAPTAINS OP VESSELS. JN The office for the Batoof Manure del i verabl e from the different government corrals in the Depart ment of Washington has been removed from the corner of F and l(ith streets to the corner of E and 12th streets, one block from Pennsylvania avenue, on 12th street. The planting season being oyer, now is the proper time for farmers and gardeners to lay in and haul a supply of manure for top dressings and fall use. Large quaaaities of well rotted manure on hand and for sale at low rates. Wanted?Vessels for New York. Good freights and dispatch given. Apply to ? E. HEDGE, Agent, Office?N. E. corner 12th and E streets, Jel-6w 1 block from Pa. ay., on 12th st. SASH, DOORS, AND BLINDS. Receiving constantly a choice article of SASH, DG0R8, AND BLINDS, of Boston Manufactory, of superior style and workmanship, which we are of fering at low prices. We respectfully invite builders and others to call and examine our stock of goods, FENWICK & STEWART, Office?west side of Seventh street, je 15 im* at Canal Bridge. A MENTION. LADIESl| 77713 .. RE D, attinTION ! PRINCE, on F street, Stamps, Flutes, Crimps, Hems, Sews, Braids, and does all kinds of work neatly, cheaply and promptly. Call and see for yourselves. Remember the name? . PRINCE. Je 13-Im Allow me to call your attention to my really handsome stock of MlLIa-^^Bi NERY and FANCY GOODS which havedEI lust arrived and ready for your inspection. I can state without boasting that I have the haadsomest stock of FLOWERS ever imported, which, looking at them, will convince; English Straw Bonaets from $8.50 to 915, and those beautiful Pamillas, as white as the driven snow; a fine stock of Back Cembsand new stvleaof Fans. Having been for so many years in the wholesale business In New York, render my facilities to offer yon any goods in my line hejron<i e ?Pff?N0 E?" my 23-lm* 88 Market Spaoe. 7 IVIO CURE, NO PAY l-Go to Da. BROTHERS 1 v A GRAY and be cored. They have given their particular attention to the treatment and cure of ail forms of "Disease," particularly that of a vrivgte character, far twenty years. This is the oldest establinhed Botaaic Medical Office in the Distrietv and have saved thousands from a dis graceful and horrible death. How important it is, then, for those unfortunates who have brought disease upon themselves, to be cured' before , it is too late; thus preventing exposure of themselves snd family. ?? Office and residence 179 south B street. Island, opposite Smithsonian. Je9-lm* lE&RIKN?S NEW JTOPOGRAPHICAL WAR with|a 486 FAPERHANGINGS. ?u A selected and varied, stock of Law priced Pe#?haa*ingSvI at 1. aMftMlaa' Bight door* above _ Terms cash tr > > a? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ' ' 1 ? ? ' [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES.] ARMY OF THK POTOMAC. From the Front at PetersbnrgT-Lee's and Beauregard's Telegrams?Rebel dec patches from Georgia? Reported Hetulut ?f Hooker's C^rps-Rebel News from Lynchburg. 7T [Correspondence of the Associated Press.] H?AD(JDABTIB8 ARSV Of TUB POTOMAC. June 20? 6 a. m.?Yesterday whs a very quie* day along the lines, both armies seeming de-*u roua of enjoying rest after the severe struggles of the previous days. Skirmishing and artil lery firing occurred at intervals, aad the 5th corps lost probably a hundred men during the day, their lines being so close to the enemy that it was dangerous to enter or leave them. An attack was made on the centre of the Hne about 10 o'clock last night, but was quickly repulsed. In the charge made by the 5th corps on Friday evening, the 3d brigade of Crawford's division. Colt>nel Corroll commanding, took the 39th Norih Carolina regiment prisoners, numbering about sixty men, with their officers, flags. Jro This regiment was on the right of iTcolumn who were preparing to make a charge on onr works, but were surprised and astonished at being ordered to surrender. General Crawford had two of his aides, wounded, Captain Lutor and Captain Chester, in the light of that eve ninfj. The loss of the 5th corps will reach about two thousand for the past three davs The 2d corps lost heaviest, the figures being 4,200 since Wednesday. A fiag-of-truce was sent to the enemy yesterday for the purpose of getting the dead and wounded between the works on each side, but it was refused. The negro who waB tried some days sinoa 1 or an attempt at rape upon a white woman, at Coal Harbor, has been sentenced to be hung, and this morning, at 9 a. m., is the time desig nated to execute him. He was employed in the quartermaster's department, but has ac knowledged that he belonged to the 1st colored regiment and had deserted. The Richmond Whig of the 16th has the fol lowing despatch from Beauregard to General Bragg, dated Petersburg, Jnne 10, 9.40 p. m "Sir : The enemy made two attacks on our lines this afternoon. They were repulsed with loss. We captured about 400 prisoners, in cluding 11 commissioned officers. They be long to the 1st brigade of Hancock's corps. All is quiet at this moment." It also says that communication was Inter rupted on the railroad to Petersburg, but that, alter tearing up a mile and a half of the track and pulling down three hundred yards of tel egraph wire, our men were so warmly pressed that they backed out and retreated from Port Walthall Junction, after making a stubborn fight until late in the evening. "The principal fighting occurred two miles from Chester, where we repulsed the enemy and took two lines of their breastworks. We captured a few prisoners, and some of the en. emy's dead and wounded fell Into our hands The enemy's troops were commanded by Gen Gillmore. They consisted of 2,500 all told Our force consisted of Pickett's division. Our whole forces were not very heavy." The following despatch has been received from Gen. Les: , HeadquartmSj June Excellency Jeff. Vans :?At 11 o clock last night we took the breastworks at Howlett's House. Other portions of the same line were taken The battery at Howlett's is being re-estab lisned. Five vessels have been sunk by the enemy in Trent's Reach. Ten steamers are within the Reach, behind the monitors. Some fighting occurred near Petersburg this morning, without result. I have ordered the railroad at Port Walthall Junction, yesterday destroyed by the enemy, to be repaired. R. E. Lkjc, General. PROM C.EOROIA. Atlanta, Georgia, June 15.?A'telegram x-pciorjune fo?r.re6t to ?aptain Adair' dated TupolO, June 10' nr. Ounrol ans hurt. The victory 1b complete. The killed, wounded, and captured of the enemy exceeds the total of my troops engaged. I have just forwarded 1,360 prisoners, and there are more yet behind." Three Miles from Marietta, June 16, 1J?64.?There was little skirmishing by the ene my yesterday. Sharpshooters were going all day. Maj.Massey,ol the 20th Mississippi,was killed. At 5 o'clock yesterday Hooker's corps made a charge on Cleburne's division, three lines deep, and was repulsed with grea slaughter. A few prisoners were taken, who confirm the above. Cleburne's division fired 315 times with shot, shell, and canister. The enemy was not able to bring his artillery to bear. prom the vallbv. A gentleman who left Lynchburg Thursday says a Yankee force, 15,000 strong, under Hun ter, Crook, and Averill were at Forrest De pot, on the Virginia and Tennessee Central Railroad, some eight or ten miles from Lynch burg. They have done a great deal of damage to the railroad, as was to have been expected: but he did not learn the particulars of their vandalism. A train of cars arrived from Danville last evening. The Yankee feat has not been ac complished. Wood Peace Meeting in New York. New \ ork, June 21.?The Wood, or Peace State Central Committe, met at the Astor House this afternoon. Sixty persons were present. Several letters were received; amongst others, one from Senator Richardson, advoca ting peace. A proposition to nominate an Independent candidate for President met with little favor. Wood declined to commit himself to McClel lan, or any other man nominated at Chicago A mass meeting is called for Wednesday 'in this city and other places, with a view to im press the Chicago Convention that the people I are in favor of peace. The committee will [ meet again on Monday. A Sensation Stoi'y Spoiled. Baltimore, June21.?The statement in some of to-day's Northern papers that Moseby is north of the Potomac with a large force, or any force, is absurd, and totally without founda tion. No hostile force, great or email, has crossed the line of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at any point during the season; and for several weeks not even an armed guerrilla has been seen near the Toad. Gold* New York, Jnne 21.?An important meeting of the bankers and brokers will be held on Wednesday, to urge the repeal of the gold bill. Business In foreign exchange Is suspended. Gold closed at 205a206 offered, and 2U5aaio asked. The Rebel Gen. Polk Really Killed. All doubts as to the death of the rebel Gen. Bishop Polk are dissipated by the following despatch, which we And in the Petersburg Ex press of the 16th: TUB RBMAIBS OF LIEUT. GBW. POLK. Atlabta, June 15.?The remains of General Polk arrived here this morning, aad were de posited in St. Luke's Chnreh. The funeral services were conducted and a sermon de livered by Rey. Dr. Quintard before a large assembly. The remains were then escorted to the noon train for Aagusta with military hon ors. The death of this Christian hero has made a profound impression on all classes of our community. . r Hurrah !?A great many people have shont* ed "Hurrah!" "many a time and oft,' but com* paratively few know its derivation and pri* I mary meaning, rt originated among the Eastern nations where It was need as a war cry?from the be lief that every man who died in battle for his country, went to Heaven. It is derived from the Scavonic word " Hurrah," which means ??To Paradise." ?^The Virginia Unconditional Union State Committed assembled Monday in Alexandria and appointed September 7th next as a day for holding a mass convention in Alexandria for the purpose of appointing electors for the M9" A society is to be formed in London to put down street organs, and we may therefore ex pect a speedy emigration of foreigners and monkeys to this country. . VSince the Danish war the Germans hate the English so nncMu) tourists And it diffi cult in tome sections tflk obtain even sleeping accommodation*. ' WT Marshal Pelissier, who, in the French THE JAMES RIVER FLEET. Where the Iran*clad* arc Rrmoral of Torpedses? Position of the Rebel rUatr-CrtudiUan al the IHiruei an the Same* River. [Correspondence Providence Journal.] U. S. S. Oi?**oaoav j amb^'Rivs*, Virginia, June 7.?Tine It on fle?t u now M uebor hi a bay - like expansion of the river called Trent's Reach. W? are three raiiaa below Fort Dar ling, <lnd ten below Richmond. The river la y>ry tertuon*, making a little peninsula of the land on our rigfet, which la low and marehy, and overflowed at high stages of the river. This shore of course cannot be held, and is of no if it could be. The western bank consists of a series of rolling hills of considerable eleva tion, and thickly wooded. A mile is. front of na the river makes a sharp turn to the right or east, and lrom this point the bank, litre a broad lawn, rise* to the top of the hill, w"hieh is crowned with anew, large, unfinished country mansion. This house marks the point where the left flank of Beauregard'* amy rests upon the river. At . this point they have been endeavoring los' weeks to erect batteries, which might serve to annoy ns, as well as to oppose onr ascending the river. But the emphatic intimation to >clear out," which always accompanies a 15 inch shell, hfts stopped the dinging, and the batteries are yet unfinished. We can see none of the rebel army, for the laad slopes gently toward the interior, and their lines are hid by the intervening woods. Immediately on our lett, and almost abreast of us. the right flank ol Butler's army is in position. Along and in lrontof the line of the right of this army the woods have been felled, and the remainder of the mile, which separates the two lines, is broken by ravines, and quite thick with tim ber. and this intervening distance is occupied by t,he opposing pickets. So much for the po sition. Although we hare seen the enemy in no force of any magnitude, either on or near the river?that is, on the eastern bank?yet we knew there are scouting and sknlktng parties who are vigilantly watching our move ment*, and from which the rieet has suffered to a small extent in the /rapture of pickets, of sailors and marines, who were sent ashore, and, venturing too far, were surprised, anr ronnded and captured. From rebel sources we have been threatened in all sort* of ways, and by all manner of things; but the threats have resulted in no recent material manifestations. From the bed of the river, both above and be low this point, a large number of torpedoes have been taken, some made of three-eightn inch boiler iron, firmly riveted, and containing large quantities of powder, one having nine teen hundred pounds. In their exterior geom etry has been amply illustrated; for there aro spheres, cubes, and ovals, and polygons, and all other kinds of gont. Some are anchored in the river and fired by concussion; some are at tached to logs and sent floating down the river, and some, 1 presume, from their exhaustless store, are awaiting onr moving up the river. And we are hoping that the river may be suf ficiently high before long to warrant on* mov ing still further up. At the foot of Drury 'S Bluff, which is the&iteof Fort Darling.the three rebel iron-clads,Virglnia, Richmond and Fred ericksburg, are lying. The first was built in the early part of tne war, and was intended to go to sea with the rebel Merrimac, and ia ar mored with eight inches of iron, and mounts eight guns. Her draught is too great to admic of her maneuvering in the river, except at it* highest stages. The other, two are lighter draught and smaller vessels, but more vul^ nerable. We have understood that the ob structions placed in the river to oppose our ascending have been removed, to permit Ul? rebel iron-clads to come down. This, how ever, is very improbable. Opposite Drury's bluff is another high bank, called Chapin's bltlff, and this, too, has be?n and still is, c^ovued with batteries, but from which, wo are assured by recent deserters, the guns have been moved and taken to the defenses of Rich mond. Above these bluffs there is sufficient water, until you reach the lower suburbs of the city, called "Rocketts," where there is scarcely ever water enough to ?oat vessels of much draught. As Rocketta is some distance from the city proper, it is doubtful if the city could be injured by the guns of the fleet, though it is an experiment we are extremely anxious to try. IMPORTANT CORRESPONDENCE. Uxaduuartbr? Dspt. South Caboliwa, Geoboia, amd F lobida, Charleston, S. C-, June 13, 1864.?General: Five generals and forty-five field officers of the United States army, all of them prisoners of war, have been sent to this city for safe keeping. They have been turned over to Brigadier General Ripley, commanding the First Military District of tme Department, who will see that they are pro Ti ded with commodious quarters in apart of the city occupied by non-combatants, the majority of whom are women and children. It i& proper, however, that I should Inform you that it is a part of the city which has been lor many months exposed day and night to the fire of your guns. Yervreapeciiu'ij' ul uvumi'h Sam joj,hp, Major General Com'g. Major General J (J. Fortbr, Commanding United States Forces on Coast of Sonth Caro lina, C. S. Hkadquartkbs ok Dbpartmbnt or thb Soctu, Hilton Head, S. C, June 16, 1664.? Major General ?am. Jonet, commanding Confed erate force*, Department of South Carolina, iieor gia, and Florida .?General?I have to acknowl edge the receipt this day of your communica tion of the 13th instant, informing me that five generals and forty-five field officers of the United States army, prisoners of war, bare been turned over by yon to Brigadier General Ripley, with instructions to see that they are provided with quarters in a part of the city occupied by non-combatants, the majority of which latter, you state, are women and chil dren. You add that you deem it proper to in form me that it is a part of the city which has been for many months exposed to the fife of our guns. Many months since, Major General Gilmere, U. S. A., notified General Beauregard, then commanding Charleston, that the city would be bombarded. This notice was given that non-combatants might be removed, and thus women and children spared from harm. Gen. Beauregard, in a communication to General Gilmore, dated August ?3, 1&63, informed him that the non-combatant population of Charleston would be removed with all poasi ble celerity. That women and children have been since retained by you in a part ot the city whicH. has been for many months exposed to tire, ie a matter decided by your own sense of .human ity. I must, however, protest against your action in thus placing defenseless prisoners of war in a position exposed to constant bombardment. It is an indefensible act of cruelty, and can be designed only to prevent the continuance of our fire upon Charleston. That city is a depot for military supplies. XC contains not merely arsenals, but also foundries and factories for the manufacture of munitions of war. In its ship-yards several armed iron clads have already been completed, while others are still upon the stocks in the course of construction. Its wharves and the banks ol the river on both sides of the city are lined with batteries. To destroy these means of continuing the war is, therefore, our object and duty. You seek to defeat this effort, not by means known to honorable warfare, but by placing unarmed and helpless prisoners under fire. I have forwarded your communication to the President, with the request that he will place in my custody an equal number of prisoners, of like grades, to be kept by me in positions ex posed to the fire of your guns, so long as you oontinue the course stated in your communi cation. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, J. G. Foster, Major General Commanding. Official: D. C. Wager, A. A. G. Headquarters, June'21,lw>4. Another Successful scout.?A scouting party sent ont on Saturday night by Colonel Wells, under the command of Capt. Lnsk, 1st Michigan cavalry, succeeded in finding the store of John A. King, in Prince William county. King has kept this store in the woods for the past two years, frequently changing its location, and by that means escaping cap ture. His store was a sort of depot for smug glers to take their goods to, and for guerrillas to pnrchssa their supplies. A smuggler who had just arrived at tne store with some goods, was also captured. This individual nad taken the oath and was passing In and ont of onr lute* frequently. The goods in the store con sisted of boots, shoes, flour, medicine*, salt, &c., and was valued by King at about ?3,000. The scout returned to the city yesterday about 3 p. m., with the prisoners and captured good*. Alex. Journal, June SO. fy /in individual advertised in one of the mornaig papers for "a wile" the other day, and requested each applicant for the situation to enclose her carte de visite. One of his corres pondents closed her reply in these term*: do not enclose my carte, for, though there is some authority for putting a cart before a horse, X know of.aone for putting one before an ass."? N. Y. Expreit. aW Mrs, Maximilian was displeased that the ladies of Vera Crux, more accustomed to republican simplicity than to imperial court line** and etiquette, had not appointed a dep utation to wait on her and express their ar dent loyalty. However, an explanation as to the previous idea* and independent tone of the lair sex in b*r future empire, removed the* which had fallen on ths imperial brow. ?7* Fifteen million and a quarter of people have visited the London crystal palace since it was opened. OT'CtpoOod fishermen are in luck UU* sea son.

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