23 Haziran 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

23 Haziran 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE EVENING STAR W. D. WALL1CH. Editor ud Proprietor. WASKUTGTO* OITt7~ 83, 1W. READING MATTBR ON EVERY PAGB 0BE OUTBID! rOK INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC) AWD OTHER MATTBR. 4' INFORMATION FOR TOR ENEMY." The Republican professes to fear that the an nouncement made by the papers that tbe Pres ident has gone down to the James river on a boat, baa given information to the enemy, ena bling tbem to shell said boat Considering tbat tbe announcement was not made until many hours after tbe President bad reached his destination, the fears of the Republican may be safely set aside as groundless. But what shall be said of the recklees announcement made by the Republican, in much-leaded type, that tbe President has gone on "a horseback ride into Virginia for his health"? Could a more imprudent statement be crowded into the same number of words ? The result probably is that every sharp shooter in Lee's army is occupied hritging his telescopic-rifle.sight to bear along our lines in search of any tallish individual on horseback who may bear a resemblance to our respected Chief Magistrate. And even if the President should escape harm, it is more than likely that many valuable lives will be lost of equestrian civilians, who happen to be split up rather high?newspaper correspondents and others?in consequence of this indiscreet an nouncement by the Republican. And in view of the serious consequences likely to result from the Republican's danger* eus publication, we submit that there is some thing like crnel irony conveyed in the words ?'for hi3 health." tROM THE MISSISSIPPI?CAPTURE OF A KKliEL BATTERY. Bear Admiral David D. Porter forwards the following to the Navy Department: U. S. S. Choctaw, opk Fobt Adams. June f, 1N54.?Sir: 1 have to report that this morn ing I went on board of the U. S. steamer Chil llcothe and started down the Atchafalaya. tak ing the 17. s. steamers Neosto and Fort Hind man with me. When about one and a half miles from Semmesport. we were opened upon by a bat tery of two 30-ponnder Parrotts at that place. y> e stood on until in good range, then opened, succeeded In driving the rebels off and captur ing their guns and six muskets. One ot the guns 1 brought away with me, and send it to Cairo on the despatch boat Gen eral Lyen. Finding that the other had been bursted I left it. A deserier who came to ns states that it bursted at the third fire this morning. I regret to report that Charles L^>wer,seaman, was severely .and I fear mortally) wounded by a rebel sharpshooter in endeavoring to get the gun off. The rebels left one dead on the ground. I am not able to say whether any more of them were killed or wounded. The deserter states that the gun we have was captured by them from Qen. Banks in the late Bed river expedition. Theforce at Semmesport consisted of the mea belonging to Bone's Battery, and a few men be longing to the Crescent Artillery. Two regi ments were in supporting distance, but we sa\v nothing of them. While we were getting the guns off the enemy kept up a fire with musketry. The gun was : gotten over the levee by the Neosto s crew and | was then taken on board the Fort Hindman. i Very respectfully your ob't servant, Frank M. Ramsay, Lieut. Com'dr, Comd'g 3d and 4th districts. ! Bear Admiral D. D. Pohtku, Commanding Mississippi Squadron. Official War Bulletin. Grant Organizing Another Movement?Re. ported Defeat of Hunter at Lynchburg, * a.?Latest from Gen. Sherman?Con. tiBued Severe Fighting in Georgia?All <|uiet in Sigel's Department. Wa8hihgtos, June 22?10 r. m. Tr Major General Dix, Netv York: Dispatches from City Point at half-past four o'clock this evening, report no fighting to-day- I Movements are In progress which are no' . now proper for publication. The Richmond papers report an attack on ! Lynchburg, by Gen. Hunter, on Saturday, and that he was repulsed. It is believed, however> j that there was nothing more than a reconnois sar.ee, and that, having ascertained the place ! to be strongly defended, Gen. Hunter with- j drew, and is operating upon the enemy's com- ' munications at other points. A despatch trom General Sherman's head quarters. dated yesterdav evening at half-past eight o'clock, states that*?it has rained almost incessantly, in spite of which our lines have been pressed forward steadily, and an impor tant position gained by General Howard. Tiie enemy made a desperate attempt to retake this position last night, making seven distinct as saults on General Whlttaker's brigade, ot . Stanley's division, and losing not less than 700 j or MX) men. Two hundred killed were left on 1 Whlttaker's fiont. The assault was followed by heavy fire of artillery, under which the pceition was fortified, ana is now safe. Our cavalry is across Noonday Creek, on our left, and one brigade of the 23d corps is across Moses Creek, on the right; but the rebel left Is behind swamps, and the rains prevent any advances. The fighting has been quite severe, at all i?ints the enemy resisting stubbornly, and attempting the offensive whenever he can." General Sigel reports from Mariinsburg to day that there is no truth iu the statement of the Philadelphia Inquirer of the aist, in rela tion to a raid of Moseby. Winchester is not cccupied by the enemy, nor are the telegraph wires cut between this place and Harper's Ferry. ? No military intelligence from any other quarter has been received to-day by the De partment. E?v> ik M. Staktojj, Secretary of War. fV^=-AN ADJOURNED MEETING OF THE UJ*J Board of Trustee* of the Public Sohool w>H beheld on SATURDAY, the25th inatant. at 5 fc clock ?,m. R. T. MOR3ELL. 3t ^Secretary. |r*f?7RV DONOVAN'S BLACKBERRY- COlT 1)3 L, 1>IAL FOR DYSENTERY, a certain rem ?rTn ??r hy the fullowiag Druggets: D.B.Clarke. ? Allen. ~ Lintwerd 4. Adam-, . Btntiey i, Newton. je 73 jw rr^NOTICE TO COUNTY TAX PAYERS ? Lr^5> The Levy Court lias authorized a deduction f t 10 per cent, on the tax of 1864 until the loth ot ?Jxuy. and 5 per cent, from that date to the Lit of August, providing all arrearages are pvid. The County Collector will attend at the office (City Ilk.; I or. TUESDAY? and SATURDAYS from 10 a. rc. catii 2 p. co , commencing Saturday, 25th lust , ar.d nntil 1st August. JAMES PILLING. Collector. |Y^=?FAIR AND festival, at Odd Fellows' l/o Hall for the benefit of the Home tor Friend l?5i Wenienauu Children, Wiveu, Ate.,of Wounded SOidiers. jelS-tf ||(*i ?GBACB CHUBCII FAIR AND FESTIVAL, UJ? .At ISLAND HALL. Come- of ^ irginia Avenue and 6th Street, laeladletof Grace Church.(Rev. Alfred Htl mead Re<*V r.) will c pen their Fair for the**le of nMfu./ind far.cr articles for the benefit of Grace Churca. on MON D aY next, June 20. A large and fepiendid collection of articles will be presented, fcuitec fo the season, and calculated to secure the patrtaage of the friends of the church and puVlic rt-neraliT. B-.i^en tickets, adults, cents: chil dren. 2? cents. je ty-2w FOR 8ALE.-A 80DA WATFR FOUNTAIN at No. 414 U:! street, between K aud Netv York avenue je23? ?TiRY I-ONO*AK*S BLACKBERRY CORDIAL! A Price, fl rer bottle. For sale by all Dr> g ? Je 23-6; J'NGINE AND BOILER in order, and tit for use A Immediately will be uold low. if appUed for aeoo. Apply at Duval e foundry, Georgetown, D ?? je?3t* PACIFIC RR REPORTS FOR SALlT-O^ eet, minu? the firet volam<?. Addrenn "fi W M.," Bo* 599. Georgetown, D. C., stating what wiil be given for tbem. je i'J-st* Rosewood piano for hale.-a handsome ro+ewood 7-octave Piano for i=ale tta^^^. nacritice on account of the family leaving|MHH| leaving the city. Also, a Furnished House"' In for rent. Inquire at 400 16th otreet, between I and Kst?. _ je 23-3tT EUGEN E SUE ? Paula Monti. 50c; Therese Da ?oyer 6 c: La ConraratcKn, 6 c: Le Comuisa deurde Malte, t? cj Le Morne an Diable, 6 c; La Boone ?v?nture, Migg Mac* on L'lnstrutrice. ?c: Ccmed'es (Pocialea, ?r; Laireaumoat, ?>?c. I.'Avarfeo 4 c La Luxure, 4< c; L'Bnvie, 6V: La Colerw, 4' c: L'Argueil,0>'c. Je2S FRANCE TAYLOR. PFOFO'ALS for WORK ON THE WEST WING 0 T THE NAVAL OBSERVATORY. Bur tin <J A a Nary Oevartmtn:,f Wmehintto* Jume i2 lfl^4. ( ] 8e?ied Proposals for work oa tb? woet wing tf tbe United BUte^ Naval Observatory, endorsed 'Pro^oeale fo* nork oa Observatory," a^d ad dre??e<l to the chief of this Bureau, will be re ceived at tbe Bureau until n<vn ?>f August I, I8M Drawings and upeeWentlons of the work to be dene itn be at the Ob*erratory. The work in to be completed by the 1st of No eabtr, IsM. e Sl-Tk T ait P O R 6 A L 1 Tbc finest SADDL.K HORSE in W?*h ington. A pp)> at A. J, JOYCE'S Carriage Pae tory, 49T Uth st. jeC-lw' M F pROPOSALS FOR FORT BR. MEDICAL P??T?Y0?'8 OfftCt, f Wahiivotoi, D. C., Jane 22,18S4.% Manufacturers and dealer* in this article who wish to supply the Purveying Department of thia city, in large quantities at abort notice, are r?> quested to send written proposals to the office at as early a date as practicable, for examination. Porter to be of best quality, in pint bottles, well corked and wired, and packed in barrels of six to eight dozen each. C. SUTHERLAND, Burg. U. 8. A., je 2S-$t Medical Purveyr. ^OR SALE.-l splendid Rosewood BILLIARD TABLE?slate bed?in complete order, will be sold a bargain. Inquire J at 894 Pa. avenue. up stairs, between j the hotus of 1 and 7 o clockp, m. J je 22-3t* I REMOVAL. HAVE Removed my CIGAR and TOBACCO STORE from 452 8th street to 502 9tH street, be tween Pa. av. and D street, east side, 3 doors north of Penn. avenue, where I will be pleaded to see all of my old customer? and as many new ones as may favor me with a call. Je 22-lw* JOHN THARP. J" AMES THARP, DIALER IN TOBACCO. CIGARS, PIPES.&e? 502 9th st.. aboTe Pa. are.,east side, Washington. The attention of sutlers and purchasers general ly is called to his stock, which will be round to embrace a great variety of evert article in his line of business. He would take this occasion to return hia thanks to the Washington public for the patronage heretofore extended to him. ]e 22 lm* TO THE GERMANS OP WASHINGTON-I fcave now secured the services of an excellent Ger man Druggist, one who thoroughly understands the drug and prescription business, and is conver sant in the German and English languages. Ger mans wishing their medicines carefully and accu rately compounded, will do well to rive me a ?all. __ _ _ JOSEPH P. BULLIVAN. P. 8.?-To my other customers and the public generally, I need only say that I shall always keep heretofore, a well selected btock of pure Drugs and Chemicals, which stall be dispensed in a care ful and skillful manner. je g-lw* J.P.3, The peninsular campaign and~itI ANTECEDENTS, as developed by the report of Gen. McOlellan and other published docv B y Gen. J. G. Barnard. 1 voT andjma^: of Gen. McOlellan and other published documents, y Gen. J. G. Barnard. 1 vol. and map: f 1. je 21 PRANOK TAYLOR. SHIRTS! 8HIIT8!! RHIKTS!!! FRENCH YOKE SHIRTS made to order in the very best styles: guarantied to fit. FAMILY SEWING promptly done on Wheeler &. Wilson's machines. MRS. KLINE, e 21-2wx 421 H st., between Uth and 12to. CT RAYED K5 from the subscriber. JfiS from the subscriber, I on Monday night. 20th instant, 10 HEAD BEEF CATTLE,# I with tar marks on eaeh hip. . The finder will be liberaiiy rewarded by return ! ing any of them to JOHN U. SNYDER. Je 21 3t* Cornf-rjSd and M streets. MAP OF RICHMOND AND SURROUNDING country, shewing rebel fortification*; .>i cents. | J?20 FRANCK TAYLOR. T COPARTNERSHIP. HI[undersigned haviug formed n copartnership I snu taken the store No. ;j?4 Penn'a avenue, t?o doors below National Hotel, will conduct the Hat : tersbusiness in its various branches, under the firm of M_l?. Gladuion A Co.. where a full assort I rnentof STRAW AND PELT HATS mav now be tt un,d- B. H. 8TINEMETZ, ! J*' W-1w M. O. GLADMON. jjMRE WORKS! FIREWORKS!! The large-t assortment in th-> ?*ity. I FLAGS! 1LAG31! of all kinds. LANTERNS! LANTERNS!! for Illuminations, Ac. Roman Candle- Exhibition Piece1'. Scroll Wheel". Fire Crackers. Sky Rockets. Pulling Crackers. Pin Wheels, Torpedoes, Triangles, llatillas. Vertical Wheel-. Chinee Bombs. Saxon Wheels, Fire Balloons, China Flyers, Toy Cannons, Flying' Pigeons. Cracker Pistols, Serpents, Torpedo and Craokor Pi3 Grass Hopper* tols combined?a new Flower-Pot*, article, Blue Lights. Transparent Laut?*m-?. ? Bengela Lights, Toy Drams. Mines. COME EVERYBODY! ?ud get your supplies for the GLORIOUS FOURTU j from the great NATIONAL FLAG AND FIRE WORKS DEPOT, 302 E STREET, NEAR FOURTEENTH. Depot for BosweLI &, Warner's celebrated COLORIFIC FOR COLORING THE HAIR. I lyThe Trade supplied. B NOTICE. ? II. STINFMETZ Desires to info >?121 his cus tomers that lie will continue his bu-iresp at tho old stand. No. 236 I'a. avt-nue until hi? now store, now in course of erection, next door to cor ner 13th street, will be completed. . B. H. >TINMKTZ, natter, 3e Is Iw 23ft Pa. .iy?niii'. 11THITE BAREGE MANTTLLAS. ** BLACK BAREGE MANTILI AS WHITE BAREGE CIRCULARS T nuva. EARKGK CIRCULARS, LADIES MISSES. AND CHILDREN'S BLACK SILK SACOUE8. CIRCULARS AND MANTILLAS, A complete assortment at . ,4 MAXWELL S, 329 Poui. av.. '"-fd between ath and loth r.troets. rl1HE STOCK OV A WHOLESALE DEALER IN 1 W INKS AND LIQUORS FOR S\1.E. compri sing a choice selection of pure Wines and 1 mported Liquors. Chami.agues, Ales. Cigars. Canwd Meats and Fruifs. Withother Sutler Suppli*1-, which will be sold low for cash or approved paper, to close up the business. Address "0. A. W.,,; Tost Oftico Box No. 13t?. je lb-lw* THE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY INFORMED that the UNION HOTEL, George- jj__ A town, D. C., has recently changed hanfi?,Y|f!|AV *nd is now open to the traveling commu- 11"H[ aity. The hotel has been refurnished v^u^e?? treme care and taste. Persons who are obliged to E-eiJi1?, ln daring tho summer months will hnd the rooms large, airy and comfortable. The Union Hotel is only SO minutes' ride in the cava from the Baltimore ar d Ohio Railroad Depot. Board Je 6-1 m* REFRIGERATORS! REFRIGERATORS!! Just received a ve-y 'nrge and complete assort r.ient of the celebrated p?? ifll CONTINENTAL, \ "'Tl U zxcEisror. "?KII0B- ^ V V a . REFRIGERATORS, which are admitted to be of the mo?t approved P&tterns, and workmanship of the best quality, which on trial and examination cannot fail to be appreciated by all. BONTZ & GRIFFITH. j*- 3 369 7th street, bet. I and K. PERKINS. STERNE & Co.. 1^0 Brtidway, (V. v., 1X0LUSIY1 DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them ail to be ABSOLUTELY PURE. Fox ia'e ty all trat-ciaas Grocers and Druggists ?verywhers. mj, go-3m* I^LIARD TABLES f(.R SALE.?The fcubseri ,ber has THRkE FIRST CLASS TABLES, nearly new, which Le will dispose of very low. rWilreA* V26 Ei^iard rocm. corner t'f 11th stree. aodj'enn.-ylvanla avenue. Allow me to call yocr attrntion to my reaLy handsome stock of MILLI ON pijsR^ Kd eANC\ GOODS which Lave^Ep VCsi.?rriTfd for your inspection.5T I can ?tate without Loastfng that I have the ihifhC^l 'tf0k? ?1 FI'?wWks ever im^rt"! which, looking at them, will convince; English Straw. Bonnets from *8,50 to ?l.. and those beautiful PamiUa*. white as the driven snow; a hnt stock of Back CemUsand ntw styles of Fans Having been fcr so many years In the wholesale business In New Ycrk. render my facilities to offer you any gcods ir my line beyord competition. M'ME PRINCE, gy?-?n>* 22 *Krb?t Snace. fV? CURE NC'PAY !-Go toDi. BROTHERS ? uTi * t?Ay cured. They have given the.r jpartruiar attention to the treatment and enre of all forms of "Disease," rsrtlcularly that of *.tr>vate character, for twenty years. This id the oasst established Ectamc Medical Office in the District, acd have saved thousands from i d " graceful and hcrrlble death. How important It is, then, for tho?e enfortjca^ed who have brought disease open theirselves, to be cured before it is andftiml'y *rT*T *X*>inr* cf theme#:re* (;&ATIL KOOFfl u G E A V 1 L BOOFBlj OO,, successors to J. F. Walker pRikvfer c. manufacturers oriM EOOF*" fEW0F C" "er>'.be,r* ? *^?se Ortere v?kyrtT, .- ? ,?'?0? .y**11*1 iMntwiee Compaor, Kit'oSce Box tit ****' 0r "1(l? ?L work eaeentAd promptiy and on tka bhI reasonab.e terms, ^ad warrante<U Repairs made prompt, y. , mV1 ISm" ?^*1 ft>f?Mtfave? aa? hep** L LOST AND FOUND. I ?f3?^2?L,'r*(ln*2<lEX?'?,,e ,8M>h large sorrel lJ HORSE. with L. 8. utd C. marked on hisa. A UH?* wiu *? ?>**? on bia return to je J?t* ?n ,trwt' L and M. ? ? 111.FBWAR1>-A GRAY HORSE strayed ?" ?{p lUMoidar from Buzzard1* Point, Island, about nine> years old. lam* in right hind foot, where h* has b?en recently blistered. Reward paid if re tamed to 8. II. BACON. 393 Penn. av. Je ?-3t* LOST?On Mondav, the 2?th inst.. a white and red buffalo COW. middle size. $5 reward will be paid if returned to E. C. GAYER, No *0 Mad ison str?et, between 6th and 7th and M and 5 sts. je 28-3t* L?^~2n^?1J?es<lll5', Jnne 21, a small COL ORED CHILD, aged about six years; goes by the name of Catharine Jones. Any oie returning ber to her grand mother, will be liberally re warded; C at. aouth, between 2d and 3d west. It* f OST OR STRAYED?On Monday, the a?th inst. ?-J a dark brindle buffalo COW, with white star ill ber forehead, and slit in her right ear. $5 reward will be paid for her return to JOHN MAHONEY, No. 36 Madison at.. Je23-3t* bet. 6th and Tth and M and N. pAME TO THE PREMISES OF THE SCB v scriber, on the Bladensburg road, near the Catholic Cemetery, two COWS. The owner will piea*e come forward, prove property, par charges and take them sway. jea-3t* HENRY W. DIEHL. TAKEN' UP?By the subscriber, on the 22d, a brown MAKE COLT, supposed to be .'5 years old, with one white foot, but no artificial raark3. The owner is requested to com* forward, pre re property, pay charges and take hfr away. ELIZA BAEER, 14tk street, opposite je!3-2t* Mount PUasant Hospital. LOST ?On Wednesday moraine, between the Bank of Washington and thecorner of 7th and D streets, two BRKA8TPTNS, one a mosaie. repre senting St. Peter's at Rome; the other. Burns' Residence, on cop^per. The finder will be liberally rewarded by lwavmg them at the store of JACK SON, BROTHER Sc CO., 333 Penn. avenue, be tween 6th and 7th sts. je23 9t* LOST.?On 8undfty Evening in Lafayette Square, a pair of GOLD SPECTACLES. Tne finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving them with the Teller at Higgg k. Co. je 22-3t? OST?On lath instant, a medium sized red COW, with short horns, one crooked leaning over her ear, and having a collar on. Any one return ing her to No..?41 H street, near oth, will be lib erally rewarded. je 22-3t* LOST-A pair of GOLD SPECTACLES, between my book store and the market. A H. scratched on the frame. $3 reward will be paid for their return. If they are offered for sale parties will please take notice. ALFRED HUNTER, je 22-3t* over Bank of Washington. 108T ?On Tuesday, the 21st inst., on 9th, H or * 1'Hh streets, a medium sized MOURNING PIN, with the initial* S. G. on the back. It is especially valued as it contains hair of deceased friends. A suitable reward will be paid if returned to .?04 lltU street, near the avenue. je 22-3t* HIRED AND NOT RETURNED.-A man call^ _ ing himself Wilson, hired a BAY HORSK, white star in fere head. little sprung in front less, about^ 15?i hands high, and black shifting top Bl GGY, boot covered with patent leather, square box, odd cushions, and harness, on Monday. June 9<th, about noon. A liberal reward will be paid for the return of anv or all of the above. and aK? for the man. NAILOR A: BKO.. je 22-.">t* D street, near llth. ?C RE WARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the 14th in?t., an iron grey COW, heavy with calf; horns black at the end; hole in each e*r. The above reuard will be given if returned to CON RAD SOHREWER, op, 8th street west, between R and 8 streets north. je 21-3t* I OST?Near the Baltimore Depot. Monday morn* * ing early, a fine light brindle BULL DOG. who answers to the name of Frank. Any persoA leaving this dog at Capt. Camp's office, at the Sol diers' Rest, at the abovenamea Depot, will receive a liberal reward. je 21 -It* TAKEN UP E5TRAY, on the 21st of June, a small red COW, with white breast and white boras; head and right fere foot tied together. The owner is requested to come forward, prove prop-'/tv, pay charges, and take her away. JOHN E. RITTER. near Wilson's Lampblack Factory, foot of 22d street. je 21-3t* BOARDING. BOABMNfi.-FOB REN*, witlf Board, larce front and back ROOMS, handsomely furnished. J.ocation in immediate vicinity of four Depart ments. House airy and plea?ant. To gentlemen rooming together, terms very moderate. A good *n<* a ^ew n,eal boarders taken. Apply at.39* Igth street, between Faud G. je 23 4t* BOARDING.-Mr. E. Jacob has taken the house ?' * street, formerly occupied by Mr. G. Smart. The apartments are richly furnished and suitable for Members of Congress or officers in the army who wish to find themselves perfectly at It'ti ? e>i Wl.U first-class French board, and Mr. Jacob will take special eure that the ser vice c. .he table will receive his particular atten tifaP- je 21-lw* BOARDING?A few first cla-, BOARDERS can be accommodated with Rooms and Board on or alter the 1st of July next, at X". 426 2"tli street, southeast cor. of F. Je20-2w* CAA ACCOMMODATED WITH BOARD and LODGING at per week,(or $1 Ser day.) at the Philadelphia Ilonse, No. a 17 New ew Jersey avenue, near Baltimore Depot. J"2Mnr P. II. NICHOLS, Proprietor. BOARD WITH HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS. !or two or thr^e gentlemen, or fami lies.?one single room. House commodious and airy, with spacious grounds. Terms moderate. Apply southwest corner 21st a:.! II street*, near Penn. ave. jeI6-2w? PIC NICS, EXCURSIONS, &c. Grand picnic. " picnic j GERMAN BENEFICIAL6SOCIETY AND ST. ! . J08EPII S SOCIETY. will be held in ?? JUKNEMAN'S PLEASURE GARDEN./A (ou Capitol n?lM UiA ON THE 11TII OF JULY NEXT, 'if-';'e benefit ol the Orphan Asylnms. ? for a Gentleman and Lad v. I Je 2'-'t THE COMMITTEE. FOR GLYMONT. , TEAM1.R PIIENIX, Captain Stackpole. will dTyMO&^V? a"tt10ot*c!ockydfiri?gl tbe season, for the above Summer? Resort. The above steamer can be chartered to private parties during the week, by applying to Captain Btackpoie, or 3?4 Pennsyhania avenue, upstairs. je 2ti Im J^EMEMBER THE HIAWATHA BOYS. The Members of the Hiawatha Club, take pleas ure in announcing their FIFTH ANNUAL PIC NIC ! THE WASHINGTON PARK, 7TH STREET j On THURSDAY EVENING, June 23d, ISM. The Holy Hill band has been engaged for the oc casion. A good Police force has been engaged to preserve strict order. Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. By order of Committee. Dancing to commence at 2 o'clock. je le-5t* ? pleas A I pOLUMBIA G ARDEN, in the city always on hand. jo8-lm* rpENTS! T E N T aT? T E N T SI | Sutler^ Tents made and for sale by BARNEd A tON. Sail Makers. , _ ? , 63"^ llth str?et, . ^ 2,1 near Riley'.s Wharf. PMU8ICAL. Would respectfully inferm the puolic that lie isnow prepared to give lessons 0^ In \ocal and Instrumental Music. UavincuHl retired from nis other professional bcsiness,5Si be is now able to devote the whole of his timeto instruction in music to all those who may |e pleased to patronise him. Prof. Esputa s mrthed is the same as ia taught m Europe?that la while be makes good performers of his pupils he makes good musicians of them also; so that any one who may receive instructions from him may acquire wV*d*t ?r mu8,c *8 W.'H maks them cfci? ?*tont for teachers or professional musicians . Prof. Esputa is now forming classes and all who Umited? enter mU8t appIr early*w ^e numberTa _ For terms apply to Prof. JOHN MPUTA Vr, *1? Yord. A' I*? Jit??!IV p?f *'*aU,a residence ere ry six minutes during the day. mr rr - JMPOBTANT TO SUTLER^ 8UTLERS TTILL FIND H. A. DOWNING * CO.'S CONCENTRATED L A- M' TO BE A MOST VALTTABL1 ARTIQli*' TO THEIR TRADE, It sells rery rapidly, and is the most economic*! article of d!?t Tor the officer's mess. It is prepared in one minute, and makes a most delicious 8oa? or Chowder. It i* highly recommended by Arm Surgeons. The profits are large. . r H. A. DOWNING St CO., War u factarers of Coneeatrat?d Food til East ISth st.. New ^ork. For sale by BARBOUR ft 8EMME8, Bole Agenjs, ? , 6? Louisiana Arenae. ** *i7 Washington. D. c. F PIANOS OT"R New Stemway Sc. 8oa'? Pianos,.and senr WMuotber makers, harejost beeh receirs ..""m 4 H?jnUitV CAI Mu*ic je" ? Oerneel?tli st. ud Pa. a?. tl/'OOD FOR SALE JapeefM*??'" &?p}' fcnd n<ir thetocnfUa, r1' W- VKIT0H. Atto?i Lav.BlMlenAVvrg, Md, u ? aeyj t*' 5 O'CLOCK P. H. FROM CITY POUT. Affairs Progressing Satisfactorily in Front?Grant bnsy with his new m ? v e - ment?Reported attack of the Rebels npoa onr position at the White lloase?They are repulsed with loss. The steamer Highland Light arrived this morning from City Point, having left that place at 11 a. m. yesterday, with the mails from the army. At that time Grant held a tight grip upon the works of the rebels about Petersburg, and being at points about a mile from the town, it could be destroyed at any time it that is found necessary. Grant, it is said, is about to "come Yicksburg" over the rebels. A movement which promises important re sults is in progress, but it is not deemed pru dent to give any particulars of it for the present. The position of affairs around Petersburg remains unchanged, there having been no light ing since Saturday, although there is now and then some little firing to the extent of half a down shots on either side, and then a lull ec curs for several hours. On Tuesday evening it is reported a body of rebels attacked our position at the White House and they made some desperate charges on our works, but wre repulsed, our guns having been worked handsomely upon them. Some of Sheridan's lorce returning from their raid made their appearance about this time and accelerated their departure. During this affair a shot from one of oar guns exploded one of the rebel caissons. There was quite a number killed on the rebel side and a number of prisoners taken, while our loss was very trilling. One ot the prisoners taken stated that the rebel force numbered abont 6,00?. The Highland Light brought downtrom Ber muda Hundred about thirty bushwhackers, blockade runners and rebel deserters, taken about Petersburg, and left them at Fortress Monroe. Some of these will be sent to Point lookout, while othere will be sent hern to take the oath. The railroad irom City Point to Petersburg is being rapidly laid, and it is expected in a few days it will be in working order. The Mary Washington also arrived this morning with a load of condemned horses. LATER FROM THE WHITE HOUSE. Further Particulars of the Sncressfnl Re* pulse of the Enemy there?They retreat with loss. The steamer Lizzie Hak^r arrived at one o'clock to-day, from the White House. We learn Irom a wounded officer who came up on the Baker, that a severe ffght occurred on Tuesday between a portion of Sheridan's cavalry and a large force of rebel cavalry, said to be Fitzhugh Lee's and Hampton's com mands. General Sueridan returned to the White House from his raid on Monday evening, after the fight between Abercrombie and the rebels at the White House>the particulars of which are given elsewhere. The rebels were believed to be still in the vicinity, and next morning, about 10 o'clock, Sheridan went in quest of them. He advanced about one mile and a half from the White House, when he suddenly came upon the enemy posted in a thicket. A severe fight immediately ensued and continued until three o'clock, when the rebels fell back about two mile3. Here they again made a stand, and held their position until near dark, when the fighting ceased. During the night the enemy fell back, and in themorning (yesterday) (len. Sneridan ordered another advance, and when our informant left tha White House, which was at ll o'clock yes terday. it was reported that Sheridan had pushed on some fire miles without finding the rebels. In this attack we captured about thirty pris. oners and a number of horses and equipments. Our loss is reported to be fifty wounded, and between ten and fifteen killed. The loss of the rebels must have been much more severe, from the fact that when our forces came upoo them thoy were dismounted, and before they could regain their horses a deadly fire was poured into them, which threw them into confusion for some time, but they finally rallied, and fought with much desperation. Maj. W. G. Bentley, of the 7th New York cavalry, who lost a leg in this engagement, came up ou the Baker, as did, also, thirty-two wounded men. The rebels infest the banks of the Parnnnky near the White House. The steamer Lizzie Hancock was fired into yesterday morning by a detachment of rebel cavalry when passing down the river, at a point teu miles from the White House. One hundred and. forty-two shots struck her, and her pilot was seriously wounded. A cavalry force was sent after the rebels and drove them off. ATTEMPTED ESCAPE OF CON3(JKIPT5->EV ERAL DROWNED. This morning, the steamship Constitu tion, of New York, arrived here, bringing up eight men taken from a schooner off Lower Cedar Point, which had picked them up. They proved to be of a party of conscripts and de serters who were embarked yesterday at Alex andria, on the Delaware, for the Army of the Potomac, and while going down the river flf trr?iof them jumped overboard, and endea vored to make their escape by getting ou the schooner. The remaining seven are supposed to have been drowned. They told various stories as to how they came to be aboard the schooner, some stating that a rail Broke, when they fell over; but there is no doubt but that tliey are deserters, as the most ot them had no pantaloons on when they were plckeu up. and had their money tied up in their shirts. They also attempted several times to bribe the offi cers of the Constitution to let them off. They were turned over to the guard at the fith street wharf tbis morning, and taken to the Provost Marshal's. OFFICERS KILLED AT PETERSBURG. Yesterday, about noon, the Thomas Powell, from City Point, arrived at the wharf, having cn board the bodies of Pighteen oflicers killed in battles before Petersburg. Thoy were in charge of Dr. Bunnell, embalming surgeon, and consigned to Dr. Holmes, by whose pro cess they were embalmed. Among them are Col. Pat'k Kelly, er-th N. Y.; Col. Geo. L. Pres cott, 22d Mass.: Lt. Col. Dorrell,3d Del.: Major E. L. Blake, >th N. Y. Art.: Major J. B Sloan, 3Jth N. Y.: Adj't Miles McDonald. 63d N. Y.: Adj't Chilson, 1st Mich. S. S; Capt. L. O. Khines, do.; Capt. Samuel Stevens, 3?th Wis.; Capt. Jacob P. Km brick; Capt. W. A. Stevens, 16th 3Ie : Capt. BulFum, 36th Mass : Lt. Win gate, %?th P. V.: Lt. P. W. Blake, N. Y.: L'. M. N. Heiskell, S3d Pa.: John T. Groves, 1st Del.; Lt. J. Kussel, Mth Pa ; Adj't C. M.Lyons,57th Pa.: Capt. O. Mumfoid, 50th Pa. SUCCESSFUL RAID OX THE REBELS. A correspondent of the Baltimore American gives the particulars of a recent raid into Vir ginia lrom Point Lookout by the troops under command of Brig. Gen. Draper. The force had two engagements with the rebels, captured prisoners and horses, and destroyed a large amount of property, including the flouring mills of K. M. T. Hunter. The expedition returned to Point Lookout on Monday night, having been away eight days, capturing on the route 200 horses and mules, 400 head of cattle and so sheep, and bringing away 400 contrabands, and farming utensils to a large amount. EXTENSION CU THE DEPARTMENT OF WASHINGTON. The following General Ord'erhas been issued from the War Department: ? Was Department, > * Adjutant General's Office, June 21, 1H>1. $ General Orders, No. 214.?That portion of Maryland between the Patuxent, the Chesa peake Bay and the Potomac River, including the Prisoners'Camp at Point Lookout, is added to the Department of Washington. By order of the Societ&iy ot War. F. D. TOWK6KKl>, Assistant Adjutant General. 11 1 '? . 1 1 1 ? Thb Aehest op Navy A?k?t Hender son.?The New York Navy Agent Henderson, reported by telegraph as under arrest charged with fraud, Is one of the parties concerned in the late peppery controversy with Thurlow Weed.. ... From the publishers and from Hudson Taylor, 334 Penn. avenue, Jcs. Shillingtoii, Odeon Building, and J. C Parker,379 F street we have copies of the admirable July number' of the Atlantic-Mntkiy, ???.?. ?? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. u ? Vf ? -? \ REBEL BARBARISM. List of Union Offkers Piat-ed ander Fire by the Rebel* in the City of Charleston; f Philadelphia. Jane 23?'The Petersburg Express. Of the 18th, gtves the following list of Union officers who have be*ti placed ia a por tion of the city of Charleston which has been exposed many months, nights and days, to the ore of our guns, 9T Which General Sam Joriei "notified Geaeral Fosiwr; Brigadier., Geijerili raS a W. Hamrnan, J. H Lefeaaa, O. II. Legtan je; Major* IK A. Carpenter, H. D. Gant, J. N. Jobnson, O. H Barm*, J. E. Clarke, W. Graadell, J. HaU, B W. Bates, W Y. Barker; Goto. W. C. L?e, K. White, H. Ballinger, H. L. Brow a, C. I* Dana, E. Fardell; Lieut. Cola. E. Alcott, A. 8. Roger*, C. P. Baldwin. W. F. Bartholomew, J. F. Fellow#, G\ A. Fairbanks A. G. Hays, N. B. Hunter, T. N. Higgenbor tom, J. Potsley, J. H. Bnrnbam, W. R. Gook, (5 J. Dfckerson, n. Glenn, S. F. SpolTord, W. W. Stewart, A. W. Taylor, G. C. Joslln, D. Mills, J. D? May be w. B. Swift, W. P. Lacelle, W E. MeMakin, W.C. Maxwell andS. Morfit. Tbe rebel General Gardner passed through Philadelphia this morning, be being one of the rebel officers designated by our Government to be placed under rebel lire in Chariestoa harbor. Arrest ?f the Flavy Agent at Ifew Yerk an Serious Charges. Maw York. June iJ.?Navy Agent Hender son was arrested yesterday on a warrant is sued by Commissioner Betts, on a serious charge, embracing fraud, bribery, and trans mission of false vouchers. ? He was held to ten thousand dollars bail. He was removed from office by the President and Mr. Bridge ol the Navy Department has taken charge. FTtW YORK STOCK MARKET. fBy the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.] Nbw Yobs, June 23.?U. S. 1881, coupon fi's, 118#; U. S. 5.?0's, 105 V: Certificates of Indebt edness, 96*; N. Y. Central, 132*?: Erie, 112 Hudson River, 139,^; Harlem, 260; Reading, 133#; Michigan Central, 150; Michigan South ern, 94 V, Illinois Central, 12f?*f; Cleveland and Pittsburg, ill; Cleveland and Toledo, 143 %; Chi cago and Rock Island, 112^; Milwaukle and Prairie do Chien, 68; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 111; Alton and Teria Haute, S Chicago and Northwestern, 55 V; Quick ver, 71 CONGRESSIONAL. Thursday, June 23. Sbnate.?Mr. Cowan, from the Committee on Finance, reported the bill to remit the du ties on goods imported for sanitary and Chris tian Commission fairs, with a substitute, re mitting the duties simply for the Chicago San itary Fair, and relieving the officers from the penalties for sales and lotteries without license; and it was passed. Mr. Trumbull, from tbe Committee on the Judiciary, reported back the bill providing for bail In cases of military arrests, with amend ments. Also, the bill for ascertaining and ad justing the claims for property destroyed by the U. S. army dnring the present rebellion, with a recommendation that It do not pass. Mr. Wilson reported, from the Military Com mittee, the bill for the examination of certain officers in the army, recommending a concur rence in the House amendments. Agreed to. Mr. Collamer, from the Post Office Com mittee, reported back the House post route Lill, with various amendments, and it was passed. Mr. Wilson, from the Military Committee, reported back the Hons,- bill to amend the act te provide for the payment for horses and other property destroyed in the military service. It allows pay to officers and soldiers for horses belonging to them, when captured from them by the enemy, in the discharge of their duty, and was passed. Mr. Sherman,from the Committee on Finance, reported back the House joist resolution amend atory of the act to provide for the deficiency in tbe appropriation to pay the men actually em ployed in the Western Department, and it was passed. A message was received from the House that it non-concurred in the amendments of the Senate to the bill to amend the charter of tbe Washington it Georgetown Railroad Company, and asking a committee ot conterence to which tbe Senate assented. Also, a message that the House bad receded from its amendment to the yth section of the Senate bill for the instruction of youth in the county of Washington, so the bill is passed; Also, a message that tbe House bad passed a bill to establish Colfax street in the city Washington, I). C., which bill was re ferred to the Committee on th* District of Co lumbia. Mr. Powell submitted the following, which was ordered to be printed: Whereas a military order lias been recently issued in the State of Kentucky prohibiting the circulation in 6aid State of the Cincinnati En quirer, a newspaper printed and published at Cincinnati, Ohio: and whereas a free press is essential to maintain the rights and liberties af the people: Therefore, Resolved, That the President be requested to cause the aforesaid military order to t>e revo ked, and that tbe President be further requested to Issue such orders as will prevent th? mili tary authorities from encroaching upon the freedom of the press in future. The following bills were reported on ad vereely from the J udiciary Committee; The Hons* bill prescribing the time in which indictment may be found against persons charged with crimes against the United States; and tho House bill to restrict the jurisdiction of the Court of Claims, aud provide for payment ot certain demands for quartermaster stores and subsistence of the army. Hor.?K.?Various bills relating to the District Of Columbia were passed, namely: To incorporate the Young Men s Christian Association in tlie city of Washington. To establish la the city of Washing'on a new street, to be called Colfax street. The House agreed to the Senate amendment to the bill providing for the instruction ol youth m the county of Washington. A bill to define the powers and duties of the Levy Court of the county oi Washington. [It gives the court exclusive jurisdiction oi bridges, excepting those erected by the United States; authorizes the appointment of a collec tor ot taxes; that in the event, of dog taxes not being paid, the animals shall be killed.) Also, Senate bill to incorporate the Potomac Ferry Company. To incorporate the Colored Catholic Male Benevolent Society of the city of Washington. The Hoiu?t aiso passed the Senate bill to amend the act of March 3,1 wi3, to promote the progress of the usefnl arts. It extends the time witnin which patentees who may haveneglect ed to pay the first lees to secure their patents for six months from and after the passage ot this act. On motion of Mr. Tracy, of Pa , a resolution was adopted instructing the Committee on Military Atfhirs to inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill giving bounty to soldlfrs who nave served for less than three years. The House resumed the considerat.ou ot" the loah bill. LOCAL NEWF. Polio Reports?Second Precinct.?%F ted k Smith,disorderly, dismissed. Ann Jones, do.; Sophia Blagden, do.: ?2 each. A. E. Danty, assault and battery; jail for court. Third Prccinct.? Chas. Granderson, selling liquor unlicensed: ?20. II. Dodge and Charles Jett, assault and battery; jail for court. Emily Berkley, and Lizzie W ells, disorderly; each. John Ashton, bathing; locked up. Mary Barnes, disorderly; $1.41. John Couner, do. and drunk: $5.14. T. K. Holson, disorderly: 82.41. Catharine Donsey, drunk; 81.11. Dennis McCaun. do.: dismissed. Fourth Prectncl.?David Baird, grand larceny; ball for court. Barbara Bnrley, disorderly: $2. Mary Lawrence, do.: S3. Eliza Bias, do.; do. James Dunovan, do. and drunk; military. John Johnson, disorderly; 82. Thos. Wright, do.; do. Thomas Wdod, do.; do. Sixth Precinct?Mary Fable, disorderly; dis missed. Henry Ducket, alias King, supposed deserter; military. . Tenth PYecinct.?John Evans, assault aud battery: bail for court. Sarah Brown, keep ing a bawdy house; ja ilor court. Catherine O'Brien, drunk; dismissed. John S. Valiant, disorderly: 92. Elizabeth Brown, threats of violence: btil for peace. Charles Swift, dis orderly^ military. -Ellen Smitt, grand lar ceny; deferred. Pasbixg a Corm krj>hit Not*.?Yesterday Marshall S. Burnett was arrested by special officer Hnrrigan for attempting to pass a coun terfeit fifty dollar note upon Gait k Bro., jew elers. 'The note was offered in payment for a pair of sleeve buttons. Tbe note is an excel lent counterfeit aa far as the plate Is concerned, and calculated to deceivp any one not accus tomed to handling the genuine. The counter feit was detected by the paleness ot the ink. Officer Harrtgrm took Burnett before Justice Dinsey, who committed the prisoner to jail for court. Burnett has been engaged in bringing horses from Vermont for the government.'Sev eral persons have been.deceived by aijail*r counterfeits. ? i ?? Sscokd Ward Station CA8S0-?Jamf'S McGuire,disorderly, #5 J?o. Lee? do.;Sl-!|0. Catbarme Khun, assault; hall ft>r peace. Ar thur Whltherow, desertion. Sno. listener, suspicion of tfieft; and Z. Seymour, drunk; di missed. Martha Birch, and Mary Smith, pro fanity; S2 each. S*mCrniti dfoorderly;9-2. J. Gillen. disorderly, do. Sam Oruit, disorderly and profane; dUmisi&d. Edw&rd Chantfiar, drunk; military, V v L J I ' Grajt* j^wjiiiv^Ss^rdsy, office* W, Grant arrested a hoy13 years of age, for, the larceny o> Iff f*om TnhetV baker, on ?K. near C ttrW. The boy wu? employed by M*,Tuber, and took an opportunity to rob his employer of *lft? He was taiffln before Justice (rtberson, who sent him tcrjaii tor court. u i 11 j i.<^i ii * '1 B?sa*bb 'Bail.?We hear it stated jftfcSnSSftAJBA ? Gewrotoeut, has bees > released ?a bath,his securities belnr T.'P. Marfan ISpaldl^;. GaotgeUaeageyhMd Us own re Stat* o? th* THfesvoiraTktf.?~&f praat. tin ft Co.'s, opticians, No. ?? Peansylmtis avenue, the thei mometer stood to-day a: i o'clock, PS in the shade; 109 in the son. ?????????????^ rpRT DONOTAN'i BLACKBERRY CORDIAL 1 Price, #1 bottle. For sale by al Dmf. gists ? J* 23-6; |^Y J. C. McQUlBB k CO , Auction**-,; " By direction of thp Vestry of St. John'- Pa1-:**, we shall sell, on THURSDAY. June 3ft, at: o'clock ob the premises, sll that part of Lot No. *, Square No. COO.fronting 2f? feet V? tncheson ens side of 16th street west, between H and I north, and ronnin* back SO feet. This lot is situated in the immediate vicinity *f President's Squat*, and is considered a ae? rxV., building site. ..... . .. . . Term* ? One-third in cash; the remainder >.a t|r and twelve months, with interest, secured bT \ deed ef trast on the premises. jhw??* rirw , OY~W. L. WALL & CO., Auctioneers. valuable impeoveZTproperty on pes*. 8YLYANIA AVENUE AND THE CIRCLE AT (^WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, ?th in.ta?\ at 3 o'clock, we will sell, in front of the prem i*t. Lot No. ?, subdivision of Skusre V. fronting > feet on the south side of Penn. sTeuue and run nine bsck to K street, between 24th and JStk st. near the Circle, and improved by a two-story a?4 basement Brick Dwelling, furnished with ca^ aal irat^r. and in good repair. Po^siion ?ivt*u .2 B Terms^'One half in cash; the remainder in , and 12 months, secured by deed *>f trust on tb> ^?mUjes. and bearing interest.^ (,Q ^ ^ |PY JAMKS 0. McGUIRE k CJ., Aaatloaeer. DESIRABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY AT THE CORNER OF 10TH AMD On THinW^)AT AFTERNOON. July *\ at s x and-a-h alfo 'clock p. m.. ou the premises, we sb* .1 sell Lot No. 18 and part of 19 in Square No. lv. subdivided iuto four parts- One oi the lob?fron. ine 22 feet Ti inches on lG*h street, near K. and improved by~a substantial two story Brick Dwe. i in* House, with back building, stabling, Ac another, adjoining the above on the south -tide, witha front of 26 feet 3 inches, on which is stabline and other outbuildings; another Lot on the north side of the house, having a front of ? feel 1 inch and a lot at the corner of K and ltith streets, hav in* al front of 51 feet 2 inches on I6tl* street, a running back 106 feet 6 inches to a 15 foot alley. This valuable property is situated on the seconJ square north of Lafayette Square, and in a very fine location for private residences; Terms: One third cash; the remainder in six n 4 twelve months, with interest, jscure lby deed ?, trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. je 23*d_ J AS. C. McG l.'IRE k CO.. A-:ct - gY J. C. McQULBE k CO., Auctioneers. BEAUTIFUL BUILDING LOT ON MAS8ACHI" SETTS AVENUE, BETWEEN 10TH AND 11TH STREETS WEST, AT PUBLIC SALE. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. Jnnc 2*. at 6 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lot No. lb. in Subdivision No. 542. fronting 25 fret 1 inch oa the south side of Massachusetts avenue, betwe* 1 th and 11th streets west, and running back 19 fee". 4 inches. . . This is a choice building lot, fronting on a 6n? avenue, with a public reservation in front, in a healthy and beautiful part of the city tor a re?i dence, and possesses the advantage of fine paved alleys in the rear and the entire depth of the lot ca ihe east mde. Terms: one-half cash, the remainder in six an-J twelve months, with interest,secured b? a deed m the premises. .... Conveyances at the cost of the purcha -ers. je 23-6t J. C. McGUIRE k CO . Auct> |JV J AS. C. McGUIRE k CO.. Auctioneers. VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PROPERTY \V THE CONNER OF MARYLAND WEN IK AND TWELFTH 8TRPET WEST On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, July I<t, a4 *-? o'clock, on the premises, ire shall sell thr who.* of Square No. con the Island.) subdivided in" ? good BnHding Lots, fronting resperti vely on 11 and 11th streets west snd Maryland avenue, a running l?ack to alleys. This comprises some of the choicest huild.n; sites in that section of the city, and the ?8'e j. worthy the attention of persons who wish lii building sites. Title indisputable. . . Terms: Ouc-third in cash; the remainder in * and twelve months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on th>* premises. ' All conveyances and stamps at the co?t o" tu * purchaser. . . , . ,,,. . , A payment of f>0 on each lot will be required * tbje2J?ie ?f SHl?' J. C. McGUIRE k CO., Suets. "&Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. AuctioreerrJ. ' TRUSTEES ?ALK OFVALUABLE PROPERTY By virtue of a deed of tru>t dated the 31st dar.n< Slav, liflu, recofde?l in Lihei J. A. 8., No. 2*4, folio* 9<?. io., "ue <>f the land records of Washington county, Disnict ol' Coiuinl>ia, ant! at the request <> sll the parties interested, I <1ih.1I, on FRIDAY Al TKRNOON. the liith of July naxt, 18?>4, sell at pal> lic auet ion, <>n the premiseH. Lot*Nog.4,5,6, 7.?,??. lo, 11. 12. and 1.1 in Square No. 1 in the city ? Washington, being the west liatf of said squ?r -. These loi- front on D and E streets north and 12t!? street ea^t, and some of them are improved by ?. dwelling and slaughter h"?n-e. Terms of -ale: One-third cash: the residue in two equal pnMnejit'*, with the purchasers notev at six find twelve months, with interest from th dayof sale. Deed ^iven and ?lee.l of tro^l taken to secure -ai pureha'.e money. All conveyances and revenue stamps at the pti: chaser^ cost. , . If th<? terni^ of -ale are not complied witii in ft-..* davs. tin- Tru-tce reserves the right, after oi.., week's advertisement in any newspaper in Wash ington eity, torem-H, at the ri-k and cost of th-? del.tultius j u WOODW ARD. Trustee ie 2fi ..(,*-!? _ TRKEN A WILLIAMS. An 1 > Y w7lT\VALL < O., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE"? SALE 01' \ ALTJAULE PR0PERT\ By virtue of a decree passed in Chancery caa-<* No 62. Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, I shall oner lor sale. at. public .auction, to the highe>tbidder,on WEDNESDAA.the 22.1 day of June, at i> o'- lock p ni.,nll of Lots auinberel eleven, ill,) twelve. (12.) und thirteen, (13.) :n 8<iuare numbered nine hundn-d and sixty,(Sw1,! lying and being in the eity of Washington, in th.i District of Columbia, looting on north G ?tre< . between 10?h and 11 tb streets ea?t. The sale t# take place on the premice--. Terms of sale cash. All conveyancing at the cOct of the purchaser or purchasers. . , , Upon default of any purchaser or purchasers u> ... gMle, the propeity wi I my 17-dtds W L. WALL & 00.,Auct-. ?3- TIIE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED T'l WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, 2!ith innant, at ? o docs, and will be sold at the auction room- < ; Vm, L. Wall A Co. SAMUEL L. PHILLIPS. Trustee. .ie 23 W. L WALL A CO.. Auct?. J AS. C. McGUIRE A C(5.. Auctioneers. EXCELLENT FURNITURE AMD HOUSEHOLD _ E1EECTS AT P1RLIC SALE. On WEDNESDAY MORNING, Juno J9th, at 10 o clac k , at the rc aiilcnce ??fNaliian Ric^, ?sq.. No. 40*? F street, between 6th nu.l 71 li. we shall >ell the Furudture au?l EfT^ct^% conipri^iu^-* Excellent Parlor Suife Solas, Arm :uid Side Chairs, Ottomans and Foot stools to n.atch. Hair-cloth Sofas and Chairs, Marble top an.t Fancy Talde-, What not, Cane-?ent and other Chairs, Lounge. Quartette Tables, Rocker-, Paintings, Engravings, Va-cs, and Mantel 0'.n? ments. Brussels, Ingrain, and other Carpels, Oil Cloth. Mattiug, Rutrs, Dining Table, Refrigerator, Sideboard, China, Glass, snd Crockery Ware, Bilrer-pUted Castors. Waiters. Table Cutlerj, Bedstead*. Bureaus. Wardrobes, Withstands. Toilet Sets, Looking Gla??es, Excellent Hair and llusk Mattresses Feather Bads, Bolsters, and Pillows Blanket*. Comforts, Spreads. Bed and Table Linen, Towels, Ac., Cooking snd other Stoves. Together with the usual assortment of Kitcain requisites. Terms cash. je?1 5t JAMES C. McGUIRE A CO.. \ j)REBS MAKING. DRESSES CUT and BASTED in the most fash ionable manner, at 33V I, between I3'.l a&A li'.li ftreets. Je lt-U' Gray"s Patent Molded Collars, Are univereally pronounced the neatest acd teV fitting collars extant. The upper edge presents a perfect c^rrt, t:3* (tom the angles noticed in all other collars. The crav at censes no puckers on the lns!?? e>f t i 4 turn-down collar; they are as SMOOTH 1N31U AS OUTSIDE, and therefore perfectly f-es ail easy to the neck, ?? The Garotte Collar ha* a sine oih and evealy tz Ished edge on both si da. These Collars are not simply flat pieces of pa??r eut in the ferm of a collar, but are MOLD!9 AND SHAPED TO FIT THE NECK. fhey are made in "Novelty," (or turn-dowi style;) in every halt*size from 15te 17 inches,aal la "Eureka," (orGarotte,)from 13to I7inche?; and packed in " aelid sites" in neat blae cartons, eon-aiaing liX) each; also in smaller ones of tea each?the latter* very handy package for travelers army and nary aficers. WEVERY COLLAR is stamped ' " GRAY*'S PATENT MOLDED COLLAR." Be id by all dealers in men's furnishing foods. The trade supplied by . ?i STEPHENS * CO., aplt Sm 528 Pa. avenne, Waaklngton. W V&VW&SZ) KsrwsgatoggegggQ ollltt ?t-?? ??' '? is?itSB the win

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