23 Haziran 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

23 Haziran 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUSEMENTS TO-NIGHT. Ford's Th?at?r.?" The Forty Thieves," a play of a novel character, dramatized from a tale in the ??Arabian Nights," Is announced, and Mr. Ford promisee Ui prodnc" It with new and appropriate scenery. His promises are always carried cut aud therefore a splendid entertainment may he eape< led. Miss Susan Denin, a favorite with our citizens, Iscneof the performer* Geovkr's THiiTK.-Mr. Sinn, temporary lessee ot this popular resort, continue* to de light bis visit. r* with tbe play of " Mat*ppa," and is certainly not toomnch to say that it never was performed better. Miss Kate Vance makes a splendid "Ma/eppa." and all the characters are so w? 11 cast as to command tu* admiration of all who witness the entertainment. ? CJA>"*ri?KBriM ?One of the merriest bills of tbe season is now belnc performed at Cm*er oury Hal I?laughable negro farces graceful | dancing and popular songs, with a good comic drama r<a a conclusion, all tending to make this ball a favorite resort for those who would laugh and grow fat. Fair? ash Festivals.?At Island Hall, the Indies of Grace Church are still holding their Fair and Festival, and a cordial invitation is extended to all to pav them a visit. With the commendable rood feelingexistlnzln the Island ward between the different churches. there is a delightful social interchange nigh'ly of all de. nomination-, at the Grace Church Fair, and thus the entertainment is of singular Interest. Among the new a tractions here are some exquisitely beautiful crosses made by Mrs. Downs of wood of the charter oak and the etesmer Merrimar, and resting on bases ot lichens and mouses. A line band is in attend ance nightly. At Odd Fellows' Hall, the Fair for the benefit a Home for Friendless Women and Children is still in progress The cause is a good one, and di serves the patronage of all. The Public Schools.?The examinations " ^written) of tbe Public Schools commence to day The following is the list of questions for the grammar schools, which are examined to day : First Cl?uy.?OeogTaphv?Which is the great er, a degree of latitude or a degree of longi tude" Name the highest mountain peak in each of the Ave grand divisions of the earth; which is the highest of all; and is either a vol cano ? Which is the largest river in Austra lia? Name the larg-st five cities on tbe globe, ' ,n the order of greatest population. Mention J the principal monarchies on the globe, and also ' ihe \ rincipnl republic!?. Arithmetic?What is a prime number ! Di vide 500 yards, 3 qr3M 2 na., by 04. lieceived in exchange for merchandise 8500??ot' of which was profli; how much per cent, did I make If 3 men. working 10 hours a day, can plant a field l.r>0 rods by 94b rods in 5 days, how many men, working IS hours a day, can plant a field measuring 193 rod- by ')<*' rods, in 4 days! What will be the distance from corner to cor ner, through the centre of a cube, whose di mensions are 3 left on a side Grammar?What is an adjective .* Define ibe degrees of comparison. (< ive the principal parts of the verbs mistake, see, admire, dei.y; and state which aT? regular. Give the poten tial mood p'-rfe. t lense, active voice of the verb beteech. Analyze and parse the folio wing sen ?ence : "James is a boy who loves to study." Natural Philosophy.?Name the different kinds of attraction. Mention tbe three Kinds of levers. Describe and explain an intermit tent spring. What Is rejection aud what is refraction of light? What is the diflernnce be- j tveen galvanism and electricity ' Hist jrv.?VV hen did i'olumbus discovtT America." and v. hat land did he first see J Who were the most oistingnished Generals of the Revolutionary War : State in what manner, from what nations, and what territory bis ! beer, acquired by the United States since the j foundation of the Government. What hare ! reen the principal causes of the unparalleled trrt wth and prosperity of the f"mted Suites { Name the principal battles of the present war, and the States in which they were fought Governmental Instructor.?When a vacancy occ urs in tbe Seuate cf the T'nited States, or che House of Representatives, how is it tilled in either case I In case the Presidential chair becomes vacant, before the close ot ?term, state what ether public oThcers may fill the place, and i? what order ! Who may be Impeached, tor what otfeuccs, and what punishments may be inflicted! V. hat are the Constitutional qualifications for Vice President of the I nited States ! In what does treason against the 1 nited States consist! ,s-c*?i4 ci- 5i ?Geography.?What are the three <rreat divisions of Geographical knowl edge Is there any part cf Yixginia as far north as some part cf New York ! What two ?tapes, of the same name, in North America, ar.d where are they ' Where Is Lake Titicaca, and what is its height above the level of the sea? Which is the most populous natiou on the globe; which is the most powrrful: and i v, hicfc ha? the largest extent of territory ? Arithmetic?The product ot two numbers is ! 1.11". and one is <?'i: v hat is the other." How ! manv revolutions will the wheel of a carnage, i 1) feet'? incbef in circumference, make in i miles 1 turlongs ? If 3-lGcf a barrel of Hour j ?ostot a dollar, wha' will ; of a barrel j cost? What number multiplied by will be equal to? , multiplied by 5%? Reduce to a decimal. Q-ammar.?Compare inch of the lollowing words as admit ot ccmparieon. viz: Mis. hie vous. imrio tal, much one, round, bad. Define th? classes of adjectives. What is the pissive vcice of a verb and how is it formed ? Define a par.iciple and give all the participlos of the verbs, am, and undertake. Correct the follow- | nip f-ev.tence, and parse th* words italicized: i ?? V io did you mee* r.- you ten* tuning here Thir l C an.?Geography ?How many de- . grew of latitude, and hov. many of longitude are there' Wha: two peninsulas and large ' slacd nearly shut in the Gulf of Mexico? How j raar.v dayt and nlchte are there Mi a year, at \ fhe poles; and what * their length! What < mountains and rivers between Europe and Asia' Name the seas in aud around Europe. Arithmetic?What is a composite number: What is a multiple of a number! A cistern ?. obtaining gallous, has two pipes; lj gallons run in every bonr by one pipe, and 25 gallons run out by the etber: bow long a time will be reunited to till ?he cistern! If 5-6 of an acre of i land cost I !t, what v.ill t* the value of an , iicre ? Ken uce 11 3-30 v 7? to a simple fraction. Grammar ? Name the different kinds ol ! uoi n- l?e lir f I nnd name the other person- I al prononns. What is an adverb ? Correct the | Ic.iiowiug sen'euces: no do yon think him | to be "! The council wa- not unanimous. lie. and cot they, are mistaken. Parse the words . ju tt.e following sentence: "To do good forget no'-"* The fbllowing school? r>re examined to-day: First District.?Female Grammar, Miss Ev-?ns, teacher; examined hy Mr. Wilson. Male Grammar, Mr. S. J. Thomson, tea. h- j er; by Mr. Tustin. Second District.?Female Grammar, Miss j Dogns, teacher; examined by Mr. Miller Male Grammar, Mr. Wil*on. teacher: by Mr. ? Wight. Third District.?Female Grammar, Mi?s M. , E. Ramsay, teac heT; by Mr. Waish. Male Grammar, Mr. McCathron, teacher: by i Mr. Davis. Fcurth District. -Iemal * Grammar, Mrs. Amldon, teacher: by Mr. "Holtnead Male Grammar. Mr. J. E. Thompson, teacher; by Mr, Ho!m?-arf. To-morrow is the day fixed for similar exer cises in tbe intermediate schools. The written siDswers of the pupi?s of each school are to be i reserved in a convenient form, and produced icr inspection at the oral examination of the same si hot 1. Ttey will also be made the test of qualifications sofarai may be practicable, j ii. aklng transfers f-ctn the intermediate to the grammar schoois, and in selecting caudi ca'to to coniect for the tTulu.abian College scholarship. The list of Umsfers and cai.di tlatei in eachschool will be publicly announced j at the oral examination of the same. I Tu? Dm k Hkw Chic KE?- ?Last week, Rlrs. J.ynch, who reside> in the Sixth Ward, missed cm ot the five chicken* of her blue hen, and h*r suspicion fell upc-c her next door neighbor, Harriet llicbon, a colored woman. Mrs. Lynch on Saturday procured a warrant against th? colored woman, ur d it was placed In the hands of otbeer Harrison.1 ut before the officer servi d it sb^ become impatient, and went 11 the house to ?*nrch for tiie ic*t bliidy. There she fonnd a pot cr. the fire t>clliiig and in it a chicken, v, hose earn teing blne.she 'nuaedlatvlyclaim*das her own. ar.rt waited eft w.'h pt,t, ,0up, &ud all. Shcr.ly after mis ;n- officer arrested tne col ored woman ai.d too* n r before Ju>u^eCull, mi ths nixth precinct statiou, where all parties Interested iaet. Mrs. Lynch hera 'esuGed that tbe chicken was po?iUvelv her own, aud :iUo brcosrbt up h-r sistfir. who corrobcraied Ver testimony. They knew It becauce of its gi^e and the color of its skin. Justice Cull sug gested that they shonld net he so positive; thit there were other chickens like :be lost one, to which Mrs Lynch replied that smill chick ens wer* worth fifty cents npiece, and the colored woman Ilenson, not being Well to do in tbe world, conld not aft ird to {ea-t on h:cken sonp therefore, It mu.<t tav?. A?eeu stolen, and efte knew u belonftd t > her. The wcmarT* hutuand. Uensoc. iLdigcactlvdefied lhat bf- wa* poor, and stated that be bad teen in the army, and bad saved money, (at the same m- bhcwlrg his rnr?e, cobtalolng ever a hundred dollars.) " And now," said be, "I < jil afford a chicken, and will eat It when I I kes." Henrr IMggs testitted that he had ciugl.t the cb.. ken ;r. uu>thoD for his wife, :<nd Umscn bad givpn bltr. ftfty cents for it. After mature deliberation ihe Justice dls im?fced itp case fvir*ia*t Henscn, and adjudged tat Mrs-. Lync^shield return the pric* paid 1q the cticken ^h' tv.\ 8v t:nc?retaonloatiy po?f?*-cn cf Ai*iahdwa, Va., Rial Ebtat*, stocks, Ac.?'The l*r*? and beantifnl establishment, late the residence or Caleb S. Hallbwell, Eaq , was yesterday sold at Ruction, for S8.2TO. Tbe purchaser Is Mr. Geo. E. Trench. A lot of Alexandria corporation stock, with six months' interest thrown in, sold at 70. Alexandria Lyceum stock also sold at ?10 per share. The company present, the bidding, and the sales all evidenced unbounded confidence in tbe present welfare and future prosperity ot the good old city of Alexandria. ForBTH "Ward Statioh Cask ?Margaret Ward, disorderly; dismissed. Eaward Wilson, do, John Wilscc, do.; locked up. Bridget MrLeary, drunk; Hannah Wilson, prostitution: Edward Crocket, drunk and disorderly; Eliza Wigbtingman, disorderly; Kate Williams and Anne Smith, do.; Wo." Haviland and John Fershner, drank; all dismissed. John. Kens nor, fraud; held for hearing. toard of ) Columbia. > 21,1^61. S OJice rf T*rcrost Marshal and Board of Enrollmerit of District of Washington. D. C., June For convenience of Government employees cnly, the Board of Enrollment of the District of Columbia will hear cases of exemption on the ground of non-residence, at their office, corner of liighteeath and I streets, from 7% to 10 o'clock, daily. J. C. Putnam, Captain First Regiment V. R. C. je 22 -. and Provost Marshal D. C. Sbiiei* unt?The Sixth Ward friends of Mr. .lohn H. Semmes, gave him a pleasant sur prise in the way of a serenade on Tuesday night, having Wlther's excellent band for the occasion. Real Estat* Salm.?James C. McGuire k Co., sold, vesterday, thirteen lots on Seventh stri et road, beyond Boundary street, to various purchasers, at prices ranging from nine to twenty-four cen;s per square foot. Headquarters Military District of Washington,' Provost Marshal's Office, ' Washington, D. C., June 22, lt?6l. _ Special Orders, A"o. 97.?[Extract.]? * * '# From and after this date, no liquors will be allowed to be sold in this Military Pis rict, in the cities of Washington and Georgetown, within one entire block cr square of any hospital, barracks, camp, or where there are any trceps or guards station ?d* All licenses heretofore granted an? hereby revoked, and liquors found on any premises within the prescribed limits will be at once confiscated, and tbe owner will be liable to imprisonment. # ?- * By command of Col. M. N- Wjsewell, Mili tary Governor. T. Jkgraham, je 23-lw Colonel and Provost Marshal. Exbmptioas from the Deaft.?Persons entitled to exemption from draft can have their papers correctly drawn by John H. McCutch en, attorney at law, corner of 7th and F streets, opposite Post Office l?epartment. ? * SPKCIAL NOTICKS. Thk attesti os of the reader* of the Star is railed t?. the advertisement of Kidweli A Headerson. No. 367 D street, near 9th. Thev Lave just received a fine assortment of Window Shades, Picture Cords, and Tassels, together with a tine assortment of Wall Papers of all kinds, which thev are selling at tiii- lowest cash prices. Kidweli 4. Henderson have in their employ the best workmen to be found in thecountry. an<i all work done in their line is sure to give satisfaction. We advise our friends to ei ve theiu a call before purehasing elsewhere. ltx Ice Cream ! Irr CR?n ' The undersigned ''eg* leave to inform the public that he ha* always on nand a fresh supply of the choicest flavors ICR Ci'.F AM, which he is prepared to supply to stores, sutlers, hotels, pic nics. parties, excursions, and families, at the shortest notice and tue most reasonable terms. Jos. ScHafkiei,i>ss Steam IceCream Manufactory. No 3*66th Rt.,bet. G and II. Wholesale and retail. j* 23-lm* JirWltT.nv.?Gold-plated Jewelry, and Silver plated Tea Spoons, at th ? Dollar Jewelry Store, 43? Pa. avenae, near 4}? sjTeet. je 22-2t* Corns,BtKiOSS. P.\D Nati.s, etc. Cornsare the universal torment of mankind. To be relieved of these terrible evils, call on Dr. White and submit to his manipulations. You are snre to get relief without experiencing pain. Of flee. 424 Pennsylvania avenue.(Lane & Tucker'* building, between 4lj and ?th streets. No charge for consultation. je 21 11 Sork Tdro\t. Cor nil. Cot. n. p.nd similar troubles, if suffered to progress, re sult in seriou.-! Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asth matic affections, oftentimes incurable. IiaowN'fc Bronchial TROrnrs are compounded go a? to reach directly the seat of the disease, and give almost instant relief. je211m,r A New Pi:p.i roa ths Haxokkrchief. Phalon"Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's '"Night Blooming Cereu*." Photon's ' Night Blooming Cereus."' Phalon* "Ni.-ht Blooming Cereus." Phaloti*.< "Night Blooming Cereus.-' PhaJon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon"Night Blooming Cereus." A most exquisite, delicate and frarrrant perfume, distilled from the rare and beautiful flower from Which it tafcos its name. Manufactured only by Phalon ft Sox, N. Y. BBW U;B OF COrNTSRFEITS. A-k Phai on's?Take ?o Other. je 16-Jr.i Sold by druggists generally. SECRET DlSKASlS, Samaritan's Gift is the most certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Cures in two to four days, and recent case* In tw?nty-foar konr* Nomineral oo balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and ^ friend to those who do not want to be exposed. Hale packages, 92; female, $3. Samaritan''* Root find H"h Jvirts?Aposltive and rermanent wire for 8yphilis.8crofola,Ulcers. 8ores pots. Tetters, Ac. Price 91, or six bottles fer 90 8old by a. O. ford. See advertisement. mi Diseases of thk NERVors, Seminal, Urinart asp Sexcai. Systems?new andreliable treatment? In Reports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Skillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia Pa. mh29-3m WabbantedtoCurb m Six Data.-Dr.Godfrey's Antidote, an English Specific of sixty-five years' standing, will cure Gonorrhaa in six days. No change of diet required. Price 81 per bottle. Bold by S. C. Ford, corner lljh street and Pa. avenae, Washington, and Henr^pook. Alexandria. Jafi-ly NEBver? Dbbilitt, Pbmtbal Wbaxnbss, etc., (an Be Cured by one who has really oured himself and hundreds of others, and will tell you nothing but the truth. Address, witn stain p, Edward H. TbAtbb. mar 3 Dft W.ly Lock Box. Boston, Mass. Thkchfafist and best Hair Btb in tbb World ?Wevtr FaJfs or Washes (hit.?Dpham's Hair Dye, ?0 cents ? box. The best in use. Try it. 8old by P. 0 Ford, corner 11th street and Penn. avenue, Washington; and Henry Cook, Alexandria. a 6-it Baib Dti I Hair Dti II Batchelor's celebrated H?lr Dye is ths Ust in tki world, Th* only harmlsst, tnts and reliabli Dye know- This splend id Hair Dye is perfect?changes he I, Busty or Grey Hair instantly to a trios.<y Black or Ifatvral Brown, without injuring the hair or stainiog the akin, leaving the hair soft and beautiful; imparts fresh vitality, frequently re storing its pristine eolor, and reetiflesthe ill effects of Bad Dyes. The Genuine is signed William A Batohblob, all others are mere imitations, and ?hould be avoided Sold by all druggists, &e. Fae ry? SI Barclay street, Rev York. Batchelor's Toilet Cream for dressing the hair. J y 7-eoi y DIEP, On the23d inst . I RANCId XAVIKR 8CIIKMG, a^rod ?? ' year^ ant lit months. May he rest in peace. Lonolt the house and sad the hoars Since our dear father's gone; But. ob ' a brighter home than oars. In heaven is now thine own. 11 in languishing head is at rest. Ilia aching* and thinkings are o'er; llis quiet, immovable breast Is htavtd by afflictions no more. His friends and friends of the family are invited to at!*^od the funeral on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock, from his late re-idence, Sth etrect, b? twi?r M and N Oo TLursday morniry, at 9 o'clock, FMfLY JANE, daughter of William and Jane Hcrner, 10 months. Uer funeral will ta'se ilace on Fridaj afternoon at I p m. from Cd stre-t west, between B and C nortli. * Thir. liiorring, THOMAS, cl "Id cf Thomas and Mxruart-t Morri--* y ? hc<*<J 3 months and 23 da>s. Hi- f-. iioral wiiitjk"?.e plaee frrm the residence or bistat'aer at 3 o'clock p. ta., Corner 16th and K ttreeu. * the fcterat fiom the residence of her parents. A kt-e^t Li rtb, Ittwcen 3d and 4th streets east, to tflt'tte* sftemctn. /4th It.at., at 3 o'clocte S'.:ddenly,OBth?-a4 itsiaat, JOHN O. HARRY tor 15 yrars htt iuw.% Te-.aai.) town, D. C. * At Aanas<>lij,<>c ti.e Uth Mrs. CATHA BINT. M ACCrrpiN.'ritei Of the late Zechariali gUtF. ^ ?trMt.a^IlU. je 21-3t* FOR RENT AMD 3A.LK HOr."y. FOR SALa.-f fr.ra. H0O8I *?!>.; room, nntr NavyYard Market. loquir* ?t Fo. 160 D street. between 34 and 4th ?*?.. Caplto. Bill- C"3t _ ?70R SALE?A RESTAURANT, with & lease of F ?fMNK. Rent f25 per month. Reasons for falling. the proprietor goingWest. I??nire *** 10th street, adjoining Ford's Theater. Je 23-3 I^OR RENT-A BARBER SHOP AND FIX; TUBES, with a good run of cn?toni. Aopl) at No. 49 Bridge street, near Washington st..George town. Will be rented ca account ol changing business. 2d-*t FOR RENT?a ROOM ox. the first tloor and a ROOM on t h" second floor Also. tw o ge.ntle men can he accommodated with neatly furniened room. Apply for three days 0 street norvi. be tween 3d and 4th streets. Capitol Hill. Je St F" OR SALE.?A three story P.RIOK HOUSE, eon. tv.nius six rooms. situated on a corner lot 12" feet front t> 100 feet deep, on l?th street east?he tv?een T and K streets north, vriil be solil reason ably for cs-h. Apply on the preirms. jeg-lw, I RNISH ED IU?OMS FOR RENT.?Rooms sin gle n- in suits, suitable for officer, with or without board. at 43-.JG street, between 7th and Stb sts. The house contains bnth room, water ar.a nj. Table board^rs can a' so be accommodated, je ?8-lw* 170R RENT?Anew threrStory BBIOK HOUSE. ' with basement and atticjca* throughout ,he house, witter in yard; immed-.ate vicinity ot De partments. Boarding, or jodgiijr houiekeer._r, neet not apply. Inquire of JOSEPH A. MOCK BEE. 214 E street. or 400 4th Mieet. between G ana 11 ? Je23-*1 FOR SALE.-A neat frame HOUSE of six rooms. No. 403 K street north, between Sth and l th strsets wf-t, (near Northern Liberty Market.) re paired throughout. Persons wishing a residence in a healthy and good neighborhood. gr,f,a water, rear to market, city cars and the public ruilaints will p!ease call and see it. Possession given at time (.f purchase. Title indisputable Inquire ot J. F. KELLEY, on 8th st., rear 1 at. jeJEt-lw* _ HOTEL FOR RENT.-The. NEW BUILDING recently erected ou Louisiana avenue.extenu ing through to C .street, will be finished and rendy for oc ? ipancy en or before the iioth of Juiy next. It If six stories high, with finishea oa^emeiit, vault-. Ac., and contains an tflice. seven store roou'R. two dining room.-, parlor, and < ne hundred and mneteen ehamber?,.bs.th-roou-e. water-closets, A c., with water and ga6 is every room, and is so constructed that it can be used as an American or European Hotel. For particulars inquire of JOHN H. SEMMES A CO.,Nu, 683 Ninth street./-orrer Louisiana avenue. J* 2.j eo'it VRN13HED ROOMS FOR RENT?Two large and pleasant ROoMS at No. 41 Leuifiana av., bet. fith and 7th sts. Je I^URNlsHED ROOMS FOR RfNT -To gentle men on! v. 506 9tL street, one ucor from Ph. avenue. I*1 FOR RENT?On verv reasonable term*, three bp: isomeiv famished and wry des;rab.e ROOMS. Inquire at No. 537J; H street between ?th and Tth streets _____ J? OlTRE NT ~Four f FURN ISHED ROOM? on tut corner oi Kith and G streets. No. 431.. N. B. Also, wanted a l />d w< man to wa-h i-ron and do general housew wk. A German preferred. j. gjt* | _ ITEGANt FI KNTTUK* FOR 8ALB AND HOUSE FOR RKNT.-Possesion given, im mediately. The house ;sls.rge and <?mmodioli-, and tlie location most desirable.. Apply to K. *. PAGE. Auctioneer arid Commission Merchita., .'?0'? "th street, under Odd te lows Hail. ;e 2L-tf OR SALE?The STOCK and f I VIURTS of a frocery Store, doing a _oc d ousiness. on the I-tland. The proprietor itt ndijgg to change Uis busine-s. is the oaly reasoa fo.r oneriaj.' it for sale. For particulars, call at 599 SavtutL -t.- t?e^we?U Virginia avenu? and D sis.. Isiaad. je ---3t HOtfSFTFOR^RKXT^A Brick !)*( iling-house, partia iv furuishid. eontah in* 8 rj,< ms, of convenient, pizf, suitable for a sn3R?l fnTnily. Ml isfactorv refereutes required. Fo< mformatiOH apply at Grocery Store of I'. WHITE &. CO . cor ner 13th ami F ots. ORRKN T?1 URN I-LI E D ROOMS, suitable for a couule of gentlemen or a small 'aniuy, with privilege of cooking. This la a comfortable rouse, in a desirable neighborhood, only two squares from the Patent and Post OfiiceS and7th street railroad. Inquire l?eforc* lo a. in. c?r alter 5 o c?ook No. 4!?h O St., nearMhj ?O AAffc-HOTEL FOR SALS?United Htfl, No. 4?t? lltb street. t> t'e? doors above the Avenue, containing an elegant l>ar. kit chen. acd dining room, twelve *,*.1} furnished rooms: also, a lartje hall, which r.ouldbe u^-ed as a billiard room, or made into f-leepmg rooms. Best reasons given for selling. Inquire at theprepii pes, je 22 Uv * . FOR RENT?The '.irge(basement) SALOON, ipi der the Central Hotel., if appaed for at one*. It is one of tiit- best places in the city for business anl decidedly the coolf~t. The saloon is hand somely titt.d up with every convenience requisiie fur a lir.st-clnss -aloon: with marble tile llo?.r and heavy marble-top counters. Apply at the Hotel, g corner I'enn. avtnu'' and 6th street. je ?3- ttv; FOR SALE -A FARM of H?? acres of superior land, 3 miles from Georgetown and i! ? miles from the camil: 60 acres in cultivation, and the balance in very heavy pine wood, I moroTea oy a small frame house and orchards. Wood enough can he sold oil the farm to pay donble th-amount of purchase money. V ' .J i V .5. Agent forthe Sale of MarylandLaud", je 22-lw* 417 Seventh street. CJTABLING TO RENT?Stabling for 50 hor-en. ? Apply at Union Hotel. Georgetown. je21 3t UBNISHED 1100M3 FOR RENT, for gentle men only. No. Ss9 Maryland avecne. bet?<-? u 10th and 11th ftrvt*. je'21 ot OR RKNT?A furnished front DEI' ROOM, for one or two gentlemen. Also, frout ba=eraect. suitable for an office. Apply at No. 346 It'that., between L and M. .:B -' ?'< FOR PALK A eorner LOT. 241 ? hy 75 feet, rear the War Department Mast he -oM.*ud'wi! go cheap for ca-n. Inquire at No. t>*.? l<th itreet west. je zi-31 L^OR RENT.?A .-mall S'lOBE on l'cunsvhatua, f avenue, between M aud ll* street. No.^4 i?i. Possession can be given iiuuiediatel> v ituout !'5> ing for the ^ood v> ill. It would alio suit f.>r an Of Bee. -*1 I- BURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT.-A two story 1 Hriek House, -with Furniture, for rent for three months. Po=session given .Inly 1. Apply on the premises, No. 358 G. second door al.ove 11th street, between the hours ot 4 and , o clock p.m. _ ie 2'-go3t OR SAI'li?A BRICK UOU8Eaiul LOT, situa^ tid in the moot healthy location and spleodid view of the railroad. Persons wishing to bu> a good refii iHiCi' would a?' II to call# on K Street north, betweei 2d and iid btrect.5, (Japilol Uiu. je 20-lw ? TO LET AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN?One of the finest FU RNISHF.D RES IDENCES in the First Ward, containing about 17 rooms. To b? rented till the 1st ot Octobe r, l>ut not to be used a> a boarding or lodginc ltoase. Inquire of J AS. F. HALIDAi, Real Estate bro ker, 5 5 11th street, near i'a. avenue. >e W-tt ]~j?OR RENT?Well furnished ROOMS in a private family. Inquire at 339 21st street, near thu avenue. je ivlw 17011 SALE?A small brick HOUSE arel good r sized LOT. containing four rooms and summer kitchen. Situated on 4th --treet, between N and 0. For particulars inquire at GIPBS Hair Store, 842 l'a. av., ii"?r 13th st. _ je 17-lm 17OR SALE-A MOULDING MACHINE and 1/ TENON MACHINE. Must be disposed ot by 1st of Jaly, and will be sold very cheap for easti. Can be seen at corner Maryland avenue awd 6th St., Capitol Hill. t ie 17-1 w 1 B. L. NEMl S. flOTEL FOR BALE. A RARE CHAXCE!~A BARE CllAyCE ' THE SIMPSON HOUSE. Me. KEYWORTH, of^this 6rm. (CIa?ett Sc Keyworth.) wiil dispt se of his interest in this pop ular HOTEL AND RESTAURANT.. It has t< n excellent Chambers, a fine Parlor, nice Kitchen, etc. Ihe rent is onlv $U pc-r xnontL, with r lea^e of two years and a half to run. The Bar is second tosone in the city. The continued lll-healta of Mr Keywortii compels him to dispose of his in terest in the hotel. For furth^ information ap ply on the prnniseii. jeli-lw* F'OR SALE OR RENT-A large brick HOUSE on Pth street, between H and I. Possession given atontre. Inquire of Dr. BOGAN. No. 4?>>> Massachusetts av., near Cth st. Jciri'itv* FOR RENT?To gentlemen, two ntatly furnished CHAMBERS, in a very pleasant and healthy location, near the State Departmenu and Lafayette Park, 4 80 New York avenue, and forty yardj- east of the torse ears running lroui the Capitol to Georgetown. Rent low. je f-'' OR SALE?100 ACRES OF HJfD at Belta villo, k>0 acres at Contee'e, 50 acres at Laurel, 300 acres at Suvage, 16t> at Annapolis Junction, luo acres at Jes?op's Cut, 160 at Hanover Switch, 45 acres near Eikridge Landing, 60 acrce^t nine from Baltimore. All on the Washington Branch Railroad. For terms and description, apmv to 31. BANNON, 32 St. Paul a et,, Baltimoie, Md. jfei-iB: . FOR RENT?A large STORK: go(<i lopatiom for cor fecttonery or ice cream salooni Inquire at thest6r?. ^IOI street west. je6 l'a ROOMS FOR RENT.?Comfortable and weli f-.; mi shed Rooms at 450 12tfc Street, between G and H sts. The location ieoae of the mostde cirable in the city. ; v'r pilOTOGPAPH AND AMBKCTIYPE GALLERY For rent, me or the largest and best located G al leries in Washington, with ail the modern 1m provemeLts. None but firtt-cl&^s artist^ cf high repuUtion in the art need apply. This is a rare chonce fcr a good energetic operator witk fcome capital. Applyoatbeppremisesttow&oo ^ 5107th street. 3 doors south of Odd Feiicws' Hall.. Terms cash, first month in advance. 5fcC-tt 0 RENT-An elesant HOU8E, w\th Vrown Bteae tront, partially furaUhed, witn a^l raod retary Cr-sse, togetner mtc large erick stably. The preiaisei )?ot to be rented for a bcatdinv heuse. For patticulara inquire cf Hen D. K. SOMES on the premises, or Capt. GEORGE ELY, Nc^.87^4H street. Poieesaioa given immediately, ffO LET-A handsomely furbished HOCSB, Jl the First Ward The who.e. or in suites Pos session given the let ef Jc .y. Inquire at Star Of fice, C address Mr. EVER, Georxetewn Feet Of fice. Also, four large PARLORS, tot Gc-vernweat offices. - ay ?-l m* F. HELBERGERj^UCCEScOE-Tu CITJ7EHS' AND MILITARY .. KEECHANT TAILOE. JUfrefateaw Houi (tarn E'twm tJ -<vu WANTS. WANTED?Fira rood PLASTERERS. Ap?Ifr. on 7th street, near D. Je WANTE&-A CATERER at house No dSi.'G 11 street. between7th and 3th Thebest oft#-' ferencps re<iuir??d. je 23 3t* ANTED?A good SERVANT GIRL for gen w era! housework. Apply 473 D street. north east corner ot 2d. jo 23-3t 117 ANTED?A smart white GIRL to take rare of " aehild. Apply immediately at 379F*treet north, between 8th an8 9th. Je23-3t* WANTED?A WOMAN, to Cook, Wash, ana Iron. Apply at No. 420 New York avenue, between 13tli and Hth. je M' 11TANTED IMMEDIATELY. ? A gaod steady 11 BAR TENDER. Inquire at Canal Rf'tau rant. No. 8,Market street, Georgetown, D. C. je K-Stj^ _ |g| WANTED?By? respectable woman, a SITU A TION bs chambermaid. Good references g'.ven if required. Willing to assist iu the waah '?* and ironing. Addren* Box 15 Star Office. It* 117 ANTED.?At No. 511 E street, between 2<1 ~~ and 3*1, a first elss, SERVANT to rook, wss'a and iron None but tho.->e competent need applj, Je 23 21* WANTED ?A SITUATION fura i{irl of 16 to do light ?or"s. A Good home more looVwi for thaa wag* .-, Iai juire of Mrs. Kiliau, Si99 F street ?<earl2tb. je23 3t* llrANTED?By h re-pectnble steady woman a " SITUATION in a respectable family as nurse find cehw-tTesp or chambermaid arid seamstress. Can brine: srood referents i( required. Address by iett?r a' thi- offl ~e to K. W. It* WANTED?by two resectable WOMEN situa tion^; one to cook, wash and irou. has no ob jection to a restaurant; the other to do chamber work. Apply at No. 183 H stieet. bet. 19th and ?Cth fits. je 23 It* 117ANTED-A good COOK. WASHERan.11 RON * ? ER for a small family?one who will go a short distance in the country during the warm months. Applyat 1 "20 New York uvenuc, between 13th and 1 ftn streets. je 22-31* WANTED?A competent MAN, to repair stoves. None but those thoroughly acquainted in all its branche-, need apply. To a man that will suit, a first-clast situ&t'on i.- open. fc 2S-3t SIBLEY k GUY, 322 D street. WANTED TWO WHITE HKLPS-One as Cook, 11 and to assist, in tbe Washing, the other as Chambermaid, for a family in Georgetown. Apply to DR. THOMPSON, 51:2 11 street, between Id and 12a. m., or 3and 6 p. m. je23-3t* IV^NTED-A WHITE GIRL, to do the g<meral hotigfHrpjk, w-ho is a good washer and ironer, tor a small family without children. Good wages will be given to a competent person. A set tled one would have the preference. Inquire at F. DESFOSSE'S. French Baker. 3tt7 15th street,near ,the avern.e, from <0 to '4p'clock. ;e 23-'2t* ANTED-A BOY at HARK & BROS.. No. 115 Penn. ay., bet. 19th and 2?tth sts. je 22-2t* w H W WANTED-Two good CARPENTERS to work rn Inside work. Apply immediately at No. 4:24 Massachusetts avenue, near 7th st. je 2U-2t* llrANTED? A sood WOM AN to assist in cookine. " Good wage* will be *iven. Call at STRAT TON'S Restaurant, corner Penna. ?v. and t'.th st.. ui> stairs. je 22-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY ? A COLORED COOK, to so a few miles in the country. Ap ply at 322 E street, under Grover's Theatre. je 22-21* WANTED?A good WOMAN (white) to assist with cooking. A c. Also, one to wash dishes and make beds. Inquire at the Gosling House. 217 Penn. av.. between 12th and 13th sts. je .. 2t* \\f ANTED? By & respectable young man. a SIT 11 IT ATION a.s Clerk in a Grocer> ^tori-. Well recommended. Uad a long experience at the busi ne-s. Address Box 31. Star office. je 22-3t* ANTED?An OFFICE CLERK and BAR KEEl'ER at the Central Hotel, southwe-t cornei of Pennsylvania avenue and Si-ith street. Good reference will Me required. jo 22-31* WANTED?An horxwt healthy WOMAN with a fresh brea*t of milk, to nurse an infant three or four times a day. If she lives near us the child can be sent to her house. Call at No. 534 H si., bet. 6th and 7tti. je 22-3t* OUSE WANTED? In a central location, with abont 10 or 12 rooms. Will buy lease and fur niture. Apply to W. L. WALL A, Co., Anction and Commission Merchants, south corner Penn. ave nue and Oth street. je 22 ANTED?A good, steady GIRL, to do the general housework of a small family. One that will suit will tind a good home, good wages, and prompt pav, bv applvingat the Star Office. Box No. 31. je 22 31* WANTED-A wood CATERER at N>. 132 G street, between 7th and Sth streets. None need appl> without the best of reference. FURNISHED ROOMS for r.nt. at 132 G street. Single or in suits. Suitable for Offices. For gen tlemen only. The house is being titled "P with w.'iter in rooms. Path rooms. See. je22-2t* ANTED^X competent DRUG CLERK. Ref erences required. Apply at the corner of 3d and Pennsylvania avenue. je 21-31* ANTED-A SITUATION as first-rate French cook. Inquire at the corner oi F aud 7th sts., confi ctionery store. je 21-.".t* OUSE PAINTERS WANTED?Five sood hands atT. A. BROWN'S PaintShop, No. 19, Louis iana avenue, between 43^ and6th streets. High est wage- given. je 21-3t* Wf ANT"ED ? Several trood CARPENTER?, to " whom good wages will be given. Apply to II. WING ATE, Congress street, Georgetown. l?e tween 7 and 9 p. m. je 21-3L* SUBSTITUTE WANTED ?An e!i?ibl?? Sub.<rti P tute wanted for the District; one not sub ectto ?ira!t. Apply to THOMAS KLSSELL.U94 K St., near IPh. j- 21 -3t* 117 ANTED-BODY 8ERVANT (colored) to wait 11 on a wounded officer. He mast be active and ?'xperie!iced. Only tho<e who can brins the best of references need apply, northwest corner of F and l>th sts^ y 81 Iw PRACTICAL FARMER TOT VKE CHARGE of and work a farm nine miles from A\ *siiin^' ton wanted. Also, a Farui Laborer. The highest prices will he paid. References required. Apply to No. 43 Dunbarton str< et, (ieorgctowu, D. C. je 21-eoOt* ANTED?1,000 LADIES to c.jtue and bnv the camc number of Embroidered Yokes and Sleeves, B?nds and Wrai'pers.. We have r?duc"d the price one fourth, andnow offer them cheap'T than ever. PRINCE. je 21-tf 331 F st., opposite Patent Office. WANTED?BOARD, with ROOM, from the 1st July, for a gentleman and his wife, in a pri vate familr. or where there are but few boarders, in a locality convenient to the Treasury Depart ment. Address A. J. B., Star office, or through the post office, care Comptroller of the Cur rency. je 21 3t:" in fiOOD (. KANITE CUTTERS WANTED at the Ch?-tnut Street Bridge. Wage." 53 p'-r day. I'a^ every two week-. CLARK, McCRANN A KENNEDY. je 2i'-2tv Contractors, l'hila'lelpiiia. IITANTED?Two good MEN. who havea g' neril ?? knowledge of running and attending the machinery ol a well regulated planing and rawing mill. Apply at the comer of 13th and C streets,in the city of Washington, D. C. Je 20-lw N.C. DRAPER CO. WA N T E D?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Aho. MIRRORS. CARPETS, BEDS, BED DING. and HOUSEFU RNTSHING GOODS of every description. R. BUCHLY. 428 7th street, Je8-t? beWeen Gand II. east side. tn AAA LADIES WANTED TO CALL AT DU.UUU PRINCE'S Stamping Depot, 3?1 F etreet, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing, 8ntching, Pinking and Embroidery done. As there are other Richards in the field, ladies better look out that they come to Prince's, who is the only practical hand in the city. Be sure you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. mh 4 FLUTING, FLUTING! WANTED, Every lady in the District to know that I hare, at considerable expense, bad bui It a very elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping DreRsee, &.?. Dressmakers and others can have any kind of goods Crimped at short notice, in as food style, and as cheap as in any othercity. Ladies, remember thia is the only machine in town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. 381 F street, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and Machine Stitch ing Depot. ' myS YV PERSONAL. HDR. J. II. THOMPSON AS Reinr/v^d from No. *27 4 north F to 512 II street, one door vest of 7th st. Office hours, 10 to 12 a. m.: 2 to 5 p. h., .te23-lm* CA I T1 ON .-Having bt?n informed that SEB AS TION BANGERP has odered for sale, Lots No, 13. y?. 15,16,17,18, and 19, in Square Nq .%>, and Lots No. y, 1'', 34. 35, ami S7, in sub-division of Square No. in the City of Washington, D. C. All perse ns are hereby cautioned that the pretend ed ownership of said LANGERT U> j^aid properly is illegal, and thai the purchai-er will he involved in liquation without any poaoible ?rouud of suc ces, JOHN MILLER. Washington, D. C., Ju? e2i. 1?6*, >e 23-3t* IRS. L. SMITH, an excellent fc'airroyan+ and I Test Medium, 252 FourSh street, flvedoofs above I street, examines diseases, heals by mag netism. sees yocrdead and living friends, tea; character, get" names, reads the future, has great sympathy lix the adiicted. Hours trom Id a. m. to by. m. . , , je 10 2w* T?0 THE POOR AND ITS' FORTUNATE -Oon 1 saltation gratis froia 11 to 12 lu. Medicines withoutchargas DR. PECHTTNGER, Formerly 8arge?tp,in charge in the Aust*r?p and ItaMsn army Int^rtrs' the public of Washington that he has just arrived from Paris, and devotes his attention to tbe treatment ol all kind? of dis eases. Particular attention to females and private diseases. He converses in Eag-ish, French, Ger man. Spanish and Italian lauguages. His diplo mas from the most celebrated university of Europe h*tg In his cmi-f, Penn. avenue, 50-2, near 3d street Offirt hcurs, 9 to 11 a. m.; 4 to 6 p. m. jf 7-flfr ?. ? ? f\ UERYf?Who has th? largest assortment of yC.pattsrc Stamping? JJ|ne js the only prac tical person tiat Stands? who h?ath? largest number of hands at Embroidery? Who has tbe finest stock of Embroideries. Bralte, & ei. a*i who is the only person hi the District that does Fluting for ladies dresses^ ?TPBINC?? 3?1 ? 8*RlOT,i?g . where ladteacanMlMiCteaaM^OO caciee patterns ; for any hini?f work* and where they can get ANY PATTERN stamped. Having atampad for 80, VM ladies Is proof that he knoww hts bastiMs. ladies 5whe do nof vadtUair goodi'*??U*4, MU^mped Wis they shonld be-,?e-to theealf persodU'tbi ttty ?ho dobs good whrr.T ir>?- no. f *'-? ~Y FLUTING f FhUTLNU I FlUTlNfrf! I i . The (My mhrkiki la to#n niw in operatic*. Ilutiag3?aa*aw4asian??J|wk oreUewhare., > mrtXi (WTJl F sL-o?*>. app?m? *aMtt 0*?#, 5 AUCTION SALES. j<" ???r Awil>? >tlti m firat pf. THIS ArTIENOON API? TO-MORROW B1 J. 0. MoGUIRR A 00.. Auctioneer. THM* S*ai?? houses and lots on south ?t&m!Vaotw kbn 81xth AND8BV ru CHANCERY SALEOF IMPROVED RIAL .vPc^.*?VVUd*,c,>f of th# 8n?r#m? Court of the District of Colombia pasaed on the 26ih day of Ma>, IBM. in an equity cause, (No. 217> wherein Jrsepb H. Skinner and ethers are conBlainan-a and John! Hall defendant, the subscriber will, on THURSDAY, the 2Jd day of June instant at ?'j o'clock in the afternoon, on the premises. offer foT sale at Public Auction, tothe highest bidder. Lot No. 6 nl the east half of Lot No. 7. in Sauare 876, in thi? city. The lots are adjacent nod front od X 8treet south. between Sixth and Seventh streets east, running t ack to South Carolina are n?e. and ire improved by three frame houses. The termaof sale are : One-third cash: the ra mainder in equal instalments in three and six months after the day of aale. The notes of the purchaser, with approved security, will ba taken for the deferred payments. It the terma of sale are not complied with with in fire daystbereafter, the truotee will re sell the property at the risk and coat of the defauting purchaser. Oonbeyancea and atampa at the cost ofthe pur chaser. ROBERT M. BEALE. Truatee. je7-3tawCwAda J. C MoGUIRK ACQ. Auc??. gY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. A BRICK HOUSE FOR SALE. On THU RSLAY. the 24th instant, on the premi sea at 6 o'clock p m.,will be aold at public auc tion, part of Lot numbered 22, in Square 367, im proved by a three story Brick Houae containing 8 room*. Possession tat July. Thia property is act uated on Kith street west, between N and O north. Terma: One-third cash; balance in 6 an 12 months, with intereal, secured by a deed of trust ob the premises. Stamps and conveyances at the expense of pur chaser If terms of sale are not complied with in 5 days the property will be resold at the expense of the purchaser after 5 days notice in the Star jo 13-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucfs. J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE oF BUILDING LOTS ON H STREET NORTH. BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH STREETS EAST. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. June 231. at 7 o'clock, on the promises, we shall sell Lota No. 1, 2 and 3. in Uhlratn's subdivision of square No. r<*i, fronting each 17 feet 6 inches on H street north. at the corner of Sixth street east, and extending buck 80 feet to an alley. Also. Lot No. 6, in Laner'e subdivision of square No. 77G, fronting 17 feet H inehes on north II street, between 3d and 4th street* east, and running back 85 feet to an alley. Terms '?ash. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. Je2C-d {Rep.l J. C. McGUIRE A Co., Anrta. J^Y J. C.McGLIRE A CO., Auctioneers, DESIRABLE SUBURBAN PROPERTY AT PUB LIC AUCTION. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, June 23. at 6 o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lots No I and 16. in Square numbered N"J, situated at the cor ner of north L atreet and ,r>th street east, fronting 1< 5 feet 1 inch on north L ttreet and 167 feet 9 inches on 5th street east, improved by a new two story and basement brick dwelling houae, contain ing8rooma, with cellar; stabling for burses and cows, wagon-house. with large hay loft, and other out buildings. The grounds art laid out with choice fruit trees, grapes. Ac., and, with a small expense, could bo converted into a fine summer resort and public garden. Terms: One-third in cash; the residua in 6, 12 and 18 months, with intereat, aecured by a deed of trnst on the premises. %JT Early possesion given. Conveyances and stamps at the coat of the pur chaser. jelS-d [Rep.l J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Ancts. UY J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. LARGE AND WELL-FINISHED DWELLING HOUSE ON G 8TRERT NORTH. BETWEKN 21ST AND ?*JD STREETS WEST, AT PUBLIC SALE. On THUR8DAY, June 2.3d. at 6 o'clock, on the Rremises. we shall sell part of Lot 15. in Square o. 80, fronting V> feet on G street north, between 21st and .3d street* west, and running back 128 feet 8,'t inches, together with the improvements, con sistinjj of a well-built and finished three-story Brick Dwelling Houae, with two-story Brick Building, with Marble Mantelft, Water and Gaa, and finished in the mostsuperior manner through out; cellars under the whole building. Immediate possession will be given. Terma: One-third in cash: the remainder In six and twelve months, with interest, 6?cured by a deed of trust. Title indisputable. Conveyances attbe cost of the purchaser. The House iawell furnished, whioh may be taken at a fair valuation. _ jel 4-fl J. C. McGUIRE A CO ,_Auct*^_ JJ Y W. L. WALL A CO., Aucta. BLACKSMITH SHOP AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, June 23, at 3 o'clock, we will aell at the Blacksmith shop'con nected with the stable of Thomaa Clark, on C street, above 14th street, the effacta of a Black smith shop, and the shop for rent. Terms cash. je 22-d W. L. WALL A Cn.,Auots. |^Y J. C. McGUIRE &C0., Auctioneers. CATALOGUE BALI OF~VALUABLE COLLEC TION OF MILITARY. SCIENTIFIC, AND MIS CELLANEOUS BOOKS. On THURSDAY and FRIDAY EVENINC.8,June 23d and 24th. we ahall sell, commencing at half-past seven o'clock each day at our Auction Rooms, the Library of the late Gen. J. (J. Totten, Chief Engi neer U. 8 Army, comprising over one thousand Volumes of rare and Valuable Military, Scientific, and Miscellaneous Works. Terms cash. Catalogues may be obtained on application to the Auctioneers. Capt. W. 0. TEMPLE, U.S. N. Executor. je.lO-eod J. C. McGUIRE A- Oo.. Aacts. jJ?Y WM. B. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. STOCK OF B00K8. STATIONERY, Ac., AT THURSDAY. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY EVEN INGS next, at our store, No.3u7 Pa. avenue, be tween Otli and loth its., at 7,'i o'clock, we shall sell the whole stock of a Cook and Fanoy Store,among which are 8iO vol. of New Booka, soiue200 Photo graphic Albums, ditferent styles, lots of Stationery and fancy goods, splendid l<>t of Engravings Framed. Paintings, Ae. _jie 22 -t [Chrun) W. C. LEWIS A CO.. Anfta. J^Y WM. L. WALLA CO.. Auctioneers. U. B. M ARSH AL'S S A LB OF SCHOONERINDI AN AND CARGO. In virtue of a decree issued from the Clerk's Of* fice of the Supreme Court ofthe District of Col nmi'ia. holding a District Court, and to me direct ed, I will expos# to public sale, for cash, at thefoofc of Sixth street Wharf,on the Potomac river, in the the City of Washington, D. C.,on FRIDAY, the 2ith ilny of June, latil, commencing at ]! o'clock a. ni.? The SCHOONER INDIAN, her Tackle, Apparel, and Furniture. AL?o. 12 Pigs; a lot of Chickens, 1 bag of 8alt; 1 barrel of flour, 1 Ham: a lot of Cigars, Lot of Beef; Mackerel and Suga:, 2Compasses- Sextants. Lot of Charts; 2 Spyglasses, Lot of Soap; lot of Brooms. 1 small Glass. Also, immediately after the sale of the above, I will sell? The 8CH00NER MALINDA, her Takle. Apnarel and Furniture,for cash, and 1 barrel Whisky. WARD H. LAMuNjU. S. Marshal. D. C. je 18-d per WM.L. WALL A CO , Aucts. |JY C. R, L. CROWN, Auctioneer. We will aell, on FRIDAY MORNING, June 25.Ii, at in o'clock, at Riley'a wharf? 2 Masts, a lot of Brooms and Gafta, lot of Blocks, Ac. ALSO, 2 Sails in good order. Terms caah. Je22 tt? C. R. L. CROWN A Co.. AuctS. JJY J. C. McGUIRE A CO..Auctioneers. FURNITURE AND eTfICTS OF A FAMILY DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING. On FRIDAY MORNING, June 24th, at the resi dence of I. B. Bloss, Esq., corner istn and lets., we shall aell the Furniture and Eflects, comprls iug? Excellent Rosewood Case Piano Forte, Mahogany Parlor Chairs, Rockers, Marble-top Center and other Tables, Cane and Wood seat Chairs. Three ply and other Carpets, Brussels Stair Carpet, Rods and Eyes, Bedstead*,Bureaus. Washstands, Wardrobes, Hair and other Mattreasea, Bolsters and Pillows. Window Shades, Mahogany Dining Tables. Refrigerator, China. Glass and Crockery Ware, Cooking and other Stoves. Terma caah. Je 13-d J. C. McGUIRE & Co., Auct's. ALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES. s Wax Dkpaktmiht, Cavxlxt Buxbjc, J Office of Ciiitf Ouantrrr.astav, J> Wmshineton, D. C.% June 15,1864. S Will be sold at public aoetion, to the highest bidder, at Giesboro Depot, on FRIDAY, the 24th instant, beginning at 10 o'clock a. m., from ene hundred (100) to one hundred and fifty {150) HORBB0. These horses have been eondemned as unfit for th<e cavalry service of the Array, For road and farm purposes many good bargains may be had. Horsee aold singly. r"m' D' '? mt*$2B?8 A. KIN. je 16-td Lt. Col and 0, Q. M.Cav. Bureau. J AS. C. McGUIRE It CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OV*NIKB BUILDING LOTS 1T^'e?''8T at thk oornerof On WEDNESDAY AfTERWOON, JuTy Wth, at ii-i o'clock, on the premiaea, by virtue of a died of :rnt, dated May 7th. 1867, and duly recorded In -ibei j7A. No. 133, foiioa g et bm., we shaU ?ell all of Lot No 6 in Square Ho. 6?Tnronti?g 140 feet on First street west, at the corner of south D street, and running back SO feet, subdivided into 8 lots 15jt80 and ona?ot2px?0. Conveyances at tfca eoat of the puMbscer. . A caah payment off Jo on each lot will be required ? *** HORATIO N. GILBERT.'Trustee. Je &d fc. WsOUIBE A to. Aucti. rm xnr Mtwt arruu ^ f R A W HATS ^ J" LOOKW?? A- CO.'S, l?t Vai^ r?. ?r? Wfc ULi HU AUCTION SAXiBB. fctvrk days. JJT GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TWO-STORY and attic frame house WITH BUCK BACK BUILDING. AND LOT ON 13TB STREET. BETWEEN NORTH H AND I STREETS, A+ AUCTION. Oa FRIDAY tbe 24th iu?t., at 6 o'clock p m.,we shall Mil in front of tbe premises. part l.ot No. * in square No. MO, with the improvements, oomisl ins of a two story and atUc trine bouse with brick tack buildin*, containing eight g?.o<i ro?Mi. The above property Isia * good neighborhood, making it a good (treatment for any one wishlag to purchase a private residence. Terms: One half rash. balance in (, 12 and H mouth?, for note* bearing interest and seoared by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at tbe rest of tbe purchaser. Je iC-a GRE1N A WILLIAMS. A net* _ I^V GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anctloneera. j FOUR HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS FRONT 1 IiG^N north e, between fikst and SfcOOND STRFETS WEST. AT AUCTION. | On I RID, tbe 24th instant, we shall sell, ia ? fr"ntcf the premises, at <5 o'clock p m., the fol j lowing Bniiding Loin in Kibbey's subdivision of Square S71, being Lots Nov B.2S. 26 and ft, in Mil , Square. each baring a front on north R atreet of ? I feet and contain 2,7"" square feet. On t*?of ?a?* lot? there are brick foundations. All run baca t* 1 a wide alley. Tbe ab<ve described property ia b? aati'ully eii ated and handsome building site* Term* One-third in cash: balance in 6. li and IS months. for Dotei bearing intereat from day of sale. A deed given an! a deed of trust taisa All conveyancing, inc.uding stamps, a; coat ?C pu*ebaser. ? 1M will bo requi-ed on each'ot when knock** eff. Title indisputable. je 13-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aue** DT J. C. McGUIRK A CO., Auctioneera. LARGE BALE OF~BUILDING LOTS. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. June 24th, At o'clock, on the premises. we shall n il the wboie of Square 1S3. fronting respectively on IFth and 19th streets west, and north R and S streets, tbe whole subdivided into m desirable Building Lot* running back to alleys. Terms : One-thir t in cash; tbe remainder in ft and 12 montha.wlth interest, secured by a dead of lr??t on tbe premises. Cost of conveyance* at tbe expense o' purekaae-. IVA payment of I2U on each tot will be require! at the sale. je 18-d | Bep.1 J. 0. McGUlBE A CO., Are'.s, |^Y J. 0. MeGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. | CHANCERY SALE OfTaLUAELE PROPKRTV ON G 8TREET NORTH, OPPOSITE THE PAT 1 ENT OFFICE. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Jn?e M. at8 o'doelr. i on tbe premises, by virtue of a decree of tbe Ba preme Court of the District of Colam'ria, sitting in I chancerv, passed in a certain cause, whafein Wk i W., Georglania C.. and Eveliae O. Mac3ill are complainauts. and Etnilv MaiGill and Winbeld 8 MarGilland Richard Butt are defendant*. (N? 1Q? equity.) passed May 16.1*64,1 shall sell tbe west cart cf Lot No. 14, in square No. 455, fronting i 1 feet on north G street. between ittb and 7th streets ! west, running bsck that width to tbe rear nf the lot, together with tbe improvement*, consisting of a tao-story Brick Back Building. j Terms: One-half in cash; the remainder in s'x ano twelve months, with Interest, secured by the purchaser's notes with approved endorsement. > If the terms of sale are not complied with withia i five days thereafter, the trustee reserves the right to re sell on one week's notice iu the Nallot a* I r> telligencer. ' Conveyances and stamrs at tli<? eost of tbe pur chaser WM. W. MatGILL, Trustee, i je ltd J. C. MrGUlRE A CO.. Auct*. ' |?Y J. C. MCGCIRE A CO., Auctionaera. TRUST EE'8 BALE OF~LOTON NORTH f ST , i BETWEEN (iTH AND 7TII STREETS EAST On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Jun" 24tu, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed cf trust, dated April 4*-b, l-*w?, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8,. No. 192. folios 343, et seq.,one of th? land records for Washington County, U. C , I shn I sell, the most eastern fifty four feet from front to rear of Lot numbered thirteen, (13.) in Square numbered eight hundred and fifty-eight, (Sih,? fronting on north I street. betwet-n Sixth and se? euth streets east, and running ba:k to u 3U-foot al ley. ; Terms: one-half cn?h. the remainder in sii ? months, with interest, secured by a deed of tru-t ! on the premises. ! T1108.J. FIBHER,Trustee. I my.24-2awAds J C. sfcGUIRE A 00.. Auctg, WM. L. WALL A CO., Ativts. At the Horse Beiaar, UMig. av?&a? BALE OF I10R8ES.CABRIAGES. HARNESS, Ac. , On SATURDAY MORN ING neit, June V. com tnencing at 10 o'clock, we will sell at the baiM j and Repository, ^m^nsm^^bout? . Including * A pair of very Stylish Mares, kind iu Haraes* I Top Buggy and Harness, sold lor the waut of U"S. AT.SO, Other Horses, a description at sale. i ALSO, A large assortment of desirable new and moat band Carriages, Wagons, Harness. Ac. Terms cash. je22 ICbron] W. L WALL A CO., Auots. gY J. C. McGl'IRJ A CO.. Auctioneers. BUILDING LOT ON NORTH G 8TRFET. PH TWESN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1ST STREET WEST. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. June IS, at o'clock, on tbe premises, we shall sell part c f Lot No. 14, in 8quare No. 624, fronting 16 feet or north G street, between North O?pitol street and 1st st. west, and running back 175 feet3 inches to a 3f foot alley. Terms: One-third cash: the remainder ia My, and twelve months,witb interest, secoredbya dee* of tru6t on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser, je 15-d J. C. MeGUIRE A Co., AuoVs ?-TH*;ABONE 8ALB 18 CNA\OIDABI.T postponed until SATURDAY, Jont 2ith, sane hour and place. je 13 d J. C. McGL'IRE A CO.. Accts. B1 gY J. 0. MoGUIRJ A 00., Auctioneers. TRtJBTEl'S SALEOF"rEAL ESTATE CORNE* OF PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE AND 13TB STREET EAST. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. June 2r.th,at?-; o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust dated Marcb HI. 1864. and duly recorded Id Liber No. 31. folios 12 et seq.. one of the laad rec ords for Washington county, D. D.. 1 shall sell Lot No. 1. in square south of square No. l.f |*?. situate.? at tbe corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 13th street east Terms: One-half cash: b?lauce in three and sia months, secured by deed of t'ust. taf to be paid on the ground at tne time of sale. And tie trus tee reserves the right to resell, after four inser tions in tbe Evening Stai, at the risk of defaulting purchaser in the cost of the sale, not being com plied with in five days after the day ol sale. Conveyances and stainos at eost of purchaser GEO. C. B MITOHELl . Trustee Je 14 d J. C. MeGUIRE A CO. AaeU |^Y J. C. MeGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE LEA8 EUOLD JIU1LDINGS, STOCK. AND TOOLS AT PUBMC SALE* On MONDAY AFTERNOON Juner. at 6^6'elk, on the premises, we shall -ell, the Lease (Wb>.b has four years to run,) together with theimpro ve mi nts, consisting of a Brick Building with Stablen in the rear, used as a horset-h.ieiue e.-tabiishment, with the 8tock and Tools, No. ;i40 E street, be - tween Twelfth and Thirteenth street-*. The msin building on E street is 27 feet 8 inches by feet, the lot 28 feet by 8* feet 9 inches. The premise* front in full view of Pennsylvania avenue nu'l *re desirable for any manufacturing business. Aiu investment it will pay well. $70 per month bein^ ofiered for it on a Lease; but as the owner is aloct to leave the city he prefers to selt. Terms cash. je 21 d J. 0. MoGUIRl A CO.. Auet*. gY J. C. MeGUIRE h CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF~THHEE STORY BRIGS DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT ON NINTH ST. WEST, BETWEEN O AND P8TREFT8NORTH. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. June 28. at 6 o'c.k. on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust September 23d, 1861, and duly recorded in Liber N". C.T. No. 2ana folios 1, et seq., and ofth? Laoi Recc rds of Washington county, D. C.. 1 eha'.i sell. Lot No. 9 ia Crittenden's sub division of Square S98, fronting J? feet on Ninth street west, betveea O and P streets north, running back 94 feet 4 inches to a public alley and improved by a th-ee story Brick Dwelling House containing two ba*enaen* rooms, saloon parlor, wide hall, and three cham bers, with wooasbed, Ac., in the rear. Terms cash , ... Conveyances at cost of the purchaser. THOMA8 S BURR, Trustee' je.g dts J. O MoGUIRE A CO ? Aact* gY WM. B. LEWIS A CO.. Auctloneere. C HEAT BALES OF rTrE AND VALUABLE BOOKS. AUTOGRAPHS, ENGRAVINGS, PAINTINGS. Ac . AC . AT AUCTION. WEDNESDAY EV.EN ING. June 15. at 7^ o'cln. at Mr. A. Hunter's Rooms, over the Bank of Wash ington, we shall sell, all of Mr. Hunter's stock of Rare and Valuable Books, Magacinea, L*w Htat-e Papers. Exploring Expeditions. Crimean Reeerts. Annual Debates of Congress, Dictionaries. Mi*:e. lateous. Religious Ac., with Coins. Curiosities. Autographs. Rare Plaster Busts, Fainting*, amoay which a valuable Picture of Jupiter, Ac., by Oor reggio. Also, Secretaries,Book Cases, Shelving, T Sales'will'be coutinued TUESDAY a-il WED NESDAY EVENINGS, nntil all are Sold, aa th? ro??is mnst be yaoaUw ?**? "fly day Catalogues of ^ lots ready three day J before each mle Bock* can be e#ea at any time, " ?"f IpSop.) W. B. LEWIS A CO., Acet* lb? GEEEN a WILLIAMS. Aactioneer*. AUCTION SALE OF "SbUiEHOT.D PDRNI TURK ON D 8TREET. BETWEEN 13TH AN? 13* STREETS. SODTM BIDE OF P JINN A. On MONDAY, the Mtb instant.at Hko'eleak a. as ? we shall sell, at tbe residence of a centleaaaa de clining housekeeping, yir: Sook\S*ef"Wf r *robe?,*Dres?fng BertSwi. Bedsteads, Wash Standaand ornaraenU Mattresses and other Bedding. Carpet. Crockery and ? [see Were. Slot kitcSnraqSai&i;'and maay other a?t.rl?s UWgm*tm? A ^WUXLAMfl. W. J ? * ? -uu(*M?a taama ja22GRmxa A wn.Liawn. A.ac-.s Tbe hoosi i(i for reat on moderate tesunt# Fen pssion given immediately. Inquire of klWpr#* te*.. . ivr -t-.- . the ll& atMat wharf Appi* 'at Tree nafl Loft, wear the wharf, of BARN Ei A jQD-aw' * WAI

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