9 Temmuz 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Temmuz 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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v?t. XXIV. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, JULY 9, 1864. N2. 3,545 AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. I'NITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE OF CON > FISCATED PROPERTY IN THE EASTERN DISTRICT OK VIRGINIA. , Br virtue of fifty writ* of venditioni exponas issued from the Clerk's Office of the U.S. District Court f?r the thoT? District, and to me directed, 1 -will offer *t public sale. for cash, to the highest Hrider, commencing atl^ o'clock a m.. on Tu B3 DAT. the 19th day of Jnly, 1S;4 at the Court House door. i Fast front Post Oflioe Building,) Alexandria. V*., all the rirht, title, interest and estate of the T>artie? named below in and to the foljowing de scribed real and personal property, to wit : IN PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY. WILLIAM SEI.KCM AN'S?The "Swan Point" farm, about U0acr?g, one mile east of Occoquan. Tfce "Louisiana Keutucky'1 farm; about 2Siaeres, ka'.f a mile southwest of Occoquan. Home and Lot in Oeroquau. JOHN H. HAMMILL'S? House and lot in Occo quan. Vacant lot in Occoquan. JOHN W. FAIRFAX'S? Freestone Point farm and fishery: 6oo acres on the Potoma-: river, near Otcoquan Creek IN FAIRFAX OOUNTY. ARTHUR IIRRHKRT'S?Farm; about 0) acres. 1 ittinv t Ko I'm* <"?? ? O ? ? i- a _ _ .. --- , V Wt* W 01 adjoin in* the Fairfax Seminary grounds. S AMUKL COOPF.R'8?Parm: about 20 acres, about one mile we?t of Alexandria. ~ tract R .C. M ASON'S?P?rm; about fit) acres, and ' adjoining of about 1"<> acres, in all 5H) acres, more *>r lees, about three and a half milaa south of Alex andria. FRENCH FORREST'S?"Clermont Plantation;" about three miles west of Alexandria; large farm. GEORGE K. WITMER 8-Farm: 48 acres and 38 J*?les, abont 2 miles west of Alexandria. Ten acres. 3 roods. 25 poles, adjoiuing above; on cnr of these tracts there is a large, handssrae new dwelling- house. W. 8. KEMPER'S?"Cliftop" farm; about 2X miles south of Alexandria; larre l'arm. SAMUEL R. JOHNSTON 'S-We*t Orovo farm; about 3fiOH acres, immediately south of Hunting Creek. W. G. CA7EN0VE S?Farm; about 177? acres, together with the tract adfoinin^, formerly be longing to W biting A L*e, 2 mile# west of Alex andria. Farm; about S4 acres, about 2 miles west of Alex andria WILMKR D. CORSE'S?Farm; about 117 acres, about 8 miles west of Alexandria. GEOROB H. PADOETr'S?Four acres, 2 poles of land immediately west of Alexandria. Lot on Little River Turnpike, east of toll-gate; 56 feet front, 188 feet deep, more or lea*. Seven acres of land on turnpike leading west from Alexandria, JOSEPH BRUIN'S?House and lot at West End, rubiirbof Alexandria, Lot al West Bud; 110 fret 6 inches in front, and in dopth 228 feet 1 inch. RICHARD L. RWCH FORD'S?House and lot of V' acres and lt!2 poles at West End. House and lot at West End occupied by John Klein as a'-Brewery, Ac." Farm of 44 acres, more or less, six miles from Al e*sndria on the Leesburg road. MURRY MASON'S?Chestnut Hill firm; about 192 acres, about three miles south of Alexandria. IN ALEXANDRIA CITY. OKOR6B K. WITMERS and DBNNIS R. BLACKLOCK'S?Lots No. 5. 6,7,8 and 9, on east ?ide of Fairfax street, between Jefferson and Frnnklin streets; each lot 20 feet front, 123 feet 5 inches deep. W1LIIAM N McVBIGH and WILLIAM H. FOWLS'!?Three story brick house on Royal nreet,Ji>feet north of King;2;> feet front, 5? feet deep. WILLIAM H. F0WI.B'S? Lot southwest corner rf Prince and Payne streets; 121 feet 5 inches on Prince street. 143 feet 7 inches on Payne. Lrteast Ride of Henry street, ISO feet north of Wolfe street; 13 feet front. li*i feet deep. ARTHUR HERBERT S-Lots Nos. 2, to In in clusive, on south side of Madison street, between Columbus and Alfred streets; the whole about 223 feet 5 inches in front, and inn feet deep. MONTG0MF.RY D CORSE'S-Lot on north side ? f King street. between Royal and Pitt streets; 26 feet front. 8S feet deep. DAVID FUNSTEN'S?8 acres, S rods and 2) poles Cin Washington road. JAMBS C. NEVETT'S?Lot north side of Duke, between Pitt and St. Asaph streets; about 2d feet IfT'ut and R3 feet deep. WILLIAM WHAI.EY'S?Loton Queen street,110 feet Irnin the corner of Henry Mtreet; 40 feet 10 inches in front, prf) feet deep. Lot southwest corner of Queen and Patrick sts.; 5 feet on Queen, 1 0 fret on Patrick streets. JOHN L PASC0E and BDWARD SANOSTER'8 ??Quarter square, southeast corner of Prince and West street*. JAMES H. MCLEAN'S? Let southeast eorner of Cameron and Fayette streets; 60 feet on Cameron ?treet. 1?> feet on Fayette street. JAMES H REID'P?Quarter square southwest corner of Wolf and Alfred streets, with buildings thereon. LotN. W. eorner Wilkes and Alfred streets; 123 feet 5 inches on Wilkes. 1JS feet 7 inches on Alfred, more or less, with buildings thereon. , LAWRENCE B. TAYLOR S-House and lot; No. 1*4 Prince street. DANIEL F. HOOB'S?Forty-eight shares of the (V;ek of the Alexandria Water Company. R H DULANRY'8?One honrtred and thirty-flve fLares of the stock of the Fire Insurance Company tif Alexandria. W O. CAZENOYE'S?Twenty shares of Alexan dria Corporation stock. _ _ Tr. ORLANDO FAIRFAX'S-Eighty seven s'are* of Alexandria Corporation stoek. RAYMOND FAIRFAX S-Twenty two shares of Alexandria Corporation stock. ALBERT FAIRFAX'S?Seven shares of Alexan dria Corporation stock, EDWARDS. HI HUTCHINSON'S?Household fur niture. .... Br M. M. LEWIS?Household furniture. ROBBHT R LEE'S?Household furniture. W.N A J II. McVF.IG? S-Hou se and lot on Cameron street; at present occupied by George W. The furniture will be sold at such places as may be convenient; said places will be announced at the O^urt Hou?e door. All purchasers must pay ten per cent, of the amount or their bid as soon as ptru'k off. or the pronertywill be resold at once. JOHN UNDERWOOD. U. 8. Marshal Je 5S 20d Eastern District of Virginia. Y J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Aoctloneert. B PFREMPTORY SALE UK BRICK HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH C STREET, BETWEEN 11TH AND 13TH STREETS WEST. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, July 13, at?K oVloek, on the premise*, we shall sell part of Lot No. 2, in Square No. 323. fronting 17 feet inch on north C street, between 11th ana 12th streets weat, ?nd improved by a three-story brick dwelling hon-e. (No. ) containing eieht nice rooms, n ith passage and porches back and front. Tern's; One-half ca*h: the remainder in 6 and 12 norths, with interest, secured by a deed of trust ,r the premises. limm-tliatc possession given. Cost of conveyancing and stamps to be paid by the 'e '.9 d J. C. MqGUIRE A CO., Aucts. B Y JAS. C. McOUIRE A CO., Auctioneeri. POSITIVE AND UNRESERVED SALE OF NINE SMALL DWKLLINQ HOUSKS. Or, WEDNE8DAY AFTERNOON, Jdly 13th, at lo'cleck, on the premises, commencing with the trst n-imed, we shall sell part of Lot 23, square 512. ?a Fourth street west, between N and O streets iorth, improved by two small Brick Dwelling louses,four rooms each. Immediately after, we shall sell partofLotNo. ?- square449, fronting on the jn foot alley between 1 ar.d M streets north, and 6th and 7th streets >e<>t. improved by five small Brick and two Frame Veiling Houses. Terms One-half cash: the balance in six months, *uh interest, tecured by deed of trust on the Jremises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. _3y 2i |AtepJ J. 0. McOUlRB A CO., Aucts. JjV J, C. McGtIRE A CO., Auctioneers, BOUSE AND LOT ON~N~ORTH E STREET BE TVS>;kn 19TH AND 20TH STREETS WEST. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, July 18th,at6>< * c.ock, on the preiuises, by virtue of a decree of the Orphaoe' Court, dated June2lst, 1464, confirmed ty the Supreme Court, July ith, 1861, I shall sell, Tsrt of Lot No. 2, in Square No. 122, fronting about 3' ieet on north K street, between 19th and liOth fr'.reets. and running back 97 feet n.'i inches, togeth *- * ith the improvement* cousi.-ting of a two-Etory Frame DwellingHou-e,(No. 214.Containing four rooms. T> rroa cash. Cost ofconvejance lobe paid by the purchaser. M. F. N0RRIS, Guardian. Jy ? d J.C. McGUIRg A OO .Aucta. UC1 ION SALK OF CONDEMNED ANIMALS. A B4 \ Win VmiTMnr, C*?ai.av Bcaaio, Qfirt of Chit f Ouartcrmotttr, IVas/itMKioa. D. C., July 7, 18R4.. w.;i be sold at Public Anetion. to tke highest .rtQer, en THURSDAY, July 14,1864, at Giesboro I'-r-ot r,.ar Washington, D. C., beginning at 10 *? tiork a. m , TWO HUNDRED CAVALRY HORSES. These horses have been condemned as unfit for tl e ravalry service ?f the army. For road and (arming purposed many good bar ira.tis may be had. Ilorsc? -old singly Terms ce.3h, in United Rtntes eurreney. JAMK8 A KKIN, Lt. Col. and Chief Quartremaster. yy ?-<31d Cavalry Bureau. A CTI0N SALB OF CONDEMNBD HOBdBS. tjj ,? DKfA?TM1,1*v.CiV\i.*v BoanitJ, " Ofiu *f Ckuf^uarUrmiiiUr, Wae?'?<?T?".0.. Jn'r 18d4:i i b? sold at PUBLIC AUCTION, to the high ??*. bolder, at the tiroes and places named below. y! I. '? i ?4.\ ?higl belo-v c \non. Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, July 14th, h- aliug, Pennrylvania, THURSDAY. July 21st iH'i ' Harrlsburg, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, July j- ? y. ' v <. Ai; .,0a, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, lit. . nmsport, Pcnnirlvsnia, THURSDAY, A%. g' st Jltb. 1%4. T WO 11 UN DEED (280) CAVALRY HORSES at tfcch ; lace. Ihff?-> orses have been condemned as unftt for t.'--- Cavalry service of the Army. For road and farm purposes many good bargains rray be had. Hor*es ?o!d singly. 'erni*: Cash in United States currency JAMES A. EKIN, , L.eut. Col, and Chief Quartermaster, y 6 d Cavalry Bureau. c all of condemned horses and mules. , ? <Ji"J (fdartrrnaiiier i DtpU Washington,I C Waskmrtf*, D. C.. June 26, lfV>4. ( fill be said ?t public aa?tioa, at the Corrals. ?e*r the Ot?i*ervatyry, in the city of Washington, I' C . on WEDNESDAY, July 6, Ittfti ujj on WEDNESDAY July 20. 1S64. a lot of HORSBd And mules, ? ndemned as unfit for public serviee Trrnse. Cash in Government funds. ?aie to commence at Kro'elock a. m. D H. RDOKer. Brig. Gen. aart Chief Qoartermaster, it V> rt Depot ef Washington. PEKSONAL. 0NLY FIFTEEN WEEKS IN AMERICA. DR. BECHT1NGER, formerly Surgeon in charg* in the Austrian and Italian army, oc cupied himself with the treatment of all kinds of diseases. Particular attention given to Female Diseases and Private Disease*. Besides the knowl edge of three nM languages, he converges in Ens. lisn, French. Italian. German, and 8panish lan guages. His Imperial Commissions ana his Diplo ma* from the most celebrated university of Europe bang in big office, Pennsylvania avenue, ftOil. Dr. Becbtinger ia very much encouraged to haveduring this very short time the patronage of the public of Washington, as. among many others not pub lished , the following certificates may be attested: *' This is to certify that I have been troubled for the last three years with a chronic disease, resist "tf medical treatment, and which through the aid of Dr. Bechtinger; I have been perfectly cured. "Washington city, 1st Jane, 1S'">4. G. DONE." ''Tour treatment of my involuntary discharge, and your success in it, recommend you very high ly. T. L. SMITH." What German newspaper, (Weker Columbia.) say?: "After a long sickness my po.ir cfcild became dropsical, in which time I call to you. dear sir, and you saved him. MA3CON A R. B street. No 296." "I had tried all specifics, without any effect, against the chrenic lung disease of my eldest son, ULtil under your treatment be improved "Maryland av., 12th st. MULLER, Painter." All these and many other very difficult cares have been made by Dr. B. in the above specified time. Regular office hours from 9 to II a. m , and 4 to 6 p.m. For the poor and unfortunate posi tively only from 11 to 12. Medicines without charge. Pennsylvania avenue, near 3d street, No. SOi. .ty 3-lin* Beware of impostors ?i i-Dr. leonT^ many years a successful practitioner in New York, has opened ( for a few weeks) an office No. 4 1 I Penn'a avenue, between 4>a and 6th streets, where those afflicted (either male or temale) with diseases of Private nature may consult him. No charge made if he fails to csire. Persons at a dis tance can be treated by addressing by mail. jy 2-lm* DOCTOR JONKS, No. 410 Thirteenth street west, between G and II, insures success in all FEMALE COMPAINTS. Consultationsexclusive ly with ladies. Honrs 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. je 29 Im* DR. J. II. THOMPSON AS Removed from No. S74 north F to 51ii H street, one door west of 7th st. Office hours, 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 5 p. m. >e23-lm*' |\JO CURE, NO PAY 1?Go to Dr. BROTHERS i^l A GRAY and be cured. They bave given their particular attention to the treatment and cure or all forms of "Disease," particularly that of a private character, for twenty years. This is the oldest established Botanic Medical Office in the District, and have saved thousands from a dis Raceful and horrible death How important it is, en, for those unfortunates who have brought disease upon themselves, to be cured before it is too late; thus preventing exposure of themselves and family. Office and residence 179 south B street, Island, opposite Smithsonian. je 9-Im* QUERY??Who has the largest assortment of pattern for Stamping ? Wno is the only prac tical person that Stamps? Who has the largest number of hands at Embroidery? Who has the finest stock of Embroideries. Braids, Ac., and who is the only person in the District that does Fluting for laties dreeees ? ?yPRINCE, 381 F STREET,.49 where ladies can select from 2&,<)oo choice pattern* for any kind of work, and where they can get ANY PATTERN stamped. Having stamped for 80,'"00 ladles is proof that he knows his business. Ladies who do not want their goods spoiled, but stamped as they should be, go to the oniy person in the city who does good work. FLUTING I FLUTING! FLUTING! The only mcuhin* in town now in operation. Fluting done as good as in new York or elsewhere. my 9-tf By 381 F street, opposite Patent Office, SPRING DEBILITY! LANGUOR, LASSITUDE. A WD THAT LOW STATE OF THE SYSTEM Peculiar to the SPRING TIME OF YEAR, are immediately relieved by the PERUVIAN .8YRUP, Or Protected Solution of PROTOXIDE OF IRON, THE PERUVIAN SYRUP supplies the blood with its vital principle, or LIFE ELEMENT, IRON, Infnsinsr Strength Vigor and N>w Lips Into al parts of the system. One of tbe most Distinguished Jurists in New England writeti to a friend an follows : " I have tried tlie PjbkOVIAN S^RLP.arad the result fully sustains your preliction. It ha* made a iiw mam of me; infused into my system new vigor and energy; I ain no longer tremalou* and debilitated as when you last s tw me, but stronger, heartier. and with '*reer capacity for labor, men tal and physical, than at any time during the last five years." An eminent Divine of Boston says; " I bave been u^ing the PERUVIAN SYRUP for some litre past; it gives me jib w viooa,BBOYASCy Of SflKITis. m.ASTlCITY of MOSCLR." Pamphlets free. J. P. DIN^MOKBk No. 401 Broadway, New Yort, COUGHS! COLDS! CONSUMPTION! W 1ST AW H BALSAM OF WILQ CHERRY OXK or TUF r , DK8T AXD MOST RgT.TABLK KkMB ?? ix thi World p > Ctruths. Cif Whooping Couth, Bronchitis, Dijfi cully ' Brttuhin*. Asixriia, Hoarseness, .re Threat. Vt&up, and totry Affection of THE THROAT, LUNGS AND CHEST. Wistar's Balsam of Wild r ?rry does not Dry np a Cough and leave the seed* uf Consumption in the system, bnt loosens it, aad cleanses the Lungs of ail impurities. None genuiLe unless signed "I. BUTTS," on the wrapper. rJ READING'S RUSSIA SALVE!! .,1 REAL PAIN EXTRACTOR. FORTY YEARS' EXP EH ENCE Has fully established the superiori'v , f this Salve over all other healing remedies. I*, reduces the most aagr; looking Swellings and Intiamations aj if by M'igic; heslr Old Sork<<, Wousd.s, BurNcJ, Scalds, A c., in a surprisingly short time. - Only 25 tents a Box. The above are old and well established Remedies. For Sale by J. P. Dmmonn, 491 Broadway. New York, 8/W. Fowi.k A Co., 18 Tremont st., Boston. my 28 SAWT3m and by al} Draggirta. FURNITURE. CARPETS! CARPBT3 P OIL CLOTH9, MATTINGS, MATTINGS. ??* ??*' % The Cheapest Store in the District to furnish your house complete is 369 SEVENTH 8TBEET, Between I and K Streets, where yon can get everything in the HOUSE FURNISHING LINE, such as / FURNITURE, CARPETS, . OIL CLOTHS, MATTINGS, COTTAOE HAT RACKS, REFRIGERATORS, WATJjH cooi^a.^ BCTS BOLSTERS AND PILLOWS, MATTRESSES, BLANKETS, Ac., Ac. IV Terms, Cash. A discount of 10 per eent. allowed on all bills of fit) and upwards. _ BONTZ & OBIFFITH, 369 7th street, bet. I and K st<., }c ?'-et Sign of tbe High Awniny. J AMIS THARP, DEALER IN TOBACCO CIGARS, PIPES, Ac., SO'2 9th st.. above Pa. ave.,east side, Washington. ' The attention of sutlers and purchasers general ly is called to his stock, which will be found to embrace a great variety of every article in big line cif business. He would take this occasion to return his tLanks to tbe Washington public for the patronage heretofore extendeq tohim. Je22 lm* S A 8 H , ? DOORS, 0 .. AND BLINDS. vJJf.iiaV'ffiiSon*t*ntly 11 ehoice article of SASH. I>^?3. ANDfitlNDS of Boston Manufactory, of pupenoi'- -yle ana w.rkmanship. whieh we are of fering at lew tine**. r We i?"4* bnilders and others to call end examine our stock of goods. ^ FBNWICK a STEWART, west side of 8eventh street, *131m* at Oanal Bridge. F. '? xo H r. I c'TSM&i&0r1&*r il 1 ? V-U Wt.shInrtan. . O. THI MEBOHANT'S AMD BAWlUm ?1"? B""i"Bo?aiftATW AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MT78IO J CANTERBURY HALL. I AND HAL L/CANTERBURY HALL,\THEATER Louisiuu Atbrci, Ntar Coftt ?/ But a Strut, Rtar of National and Mttropoiiunt Hoult, 6?om?? LiA Proprietor W. S, CA?ATAO?H^-i. Stage Manager. COMMENCEMENT OF THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE COMMENCEMENT OF TUB COMMRNCEMEI.T OF THE COMMENCEMENT OP THX REGULAR SUMMER SEASON REGULAR BUMMER SEASON REGULAR SUMMER SEASON REGULAR SUMMER SEASON REGULAR HUMMER SEASON NEW STARS I NEW STARS! NEW STARS f NEW 8TAR8 1 NEW BTAR3I FRESH TALENTf FRESH TALENT f FRESH TALENT i FRESH TALENT 1 FRESn TALENT! INCREASED ATTRACTION ! IE?KKASKD ATTRACTION! INCREASED ATTRACTION I increased attbantion f INCREABED ATTRACTION' ANNOUNCEMENT KXTRAORMNARY! ? ANNOUNCEMENT EXTRAORDINARY f! anniuncement extraordinart i : ANNOUNCEMENT extraordinary!! ANN OUNCEMEN T EXTRAORDIN A RY 11 SPIRITUALISM OUT DONE I And the Spiritualistic frauds of the davenport BROTHERS Xclipaed by the joungand talented ST. GEORGE SISTERS! THE WONDER OF MODERN TIMES Gr&?><) Drawing Room Seances of the celebrated ST. GEORGE SISTERS, (EMILIK and KATE.) who will introduce the far-famed SPIRITUAL FRAUD OF 111E mysterious CABINET, in which the unaccountable manifestations of the so called SPIRIT HAND* AND ARMS, RINGING OK BELLS. RATTLING AN P FLIGHT OK MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, AND MYSTIC AP PARATUS Will bv performed, claimed by the DAVENPORT BROTHERS t?i be performed by spiritualism, but will, nrj this occasion be done without the aid of the SPIRITS. The ST. GEORGE SISTERS Will do, outdo, and undo the DAVENPORT BROTHERS. That i?, they will perform the same KEAT, with more NOVELTIES, in QUICKER time, than it has "ver been done before, including the bind I NO with ROPES by a Oo.'nniittee, and IN stant UNLOOSING, eto. THE CABINET WILL BE RAISED from THE STAGE, and can be examined in any way to be certain there is NO HIDDEN mechanicalor PH YSIOAL FORCES about it. Thin feat is without a doubt one of the most PERFECT AND SCIENTIFIC thatluis ever b*?-n invented, and has BAFFLED THE calcu LATIONS OF THE WISEST wherever it has been introduced. THE MYSTERIOUS DISPLAYS AND INCOM prehensible DEMONSTRATIONS IN SPIRITUALISM 1 Made in the presence >of these YounS Ladjes, have been T>rohouticed by th< I'rtSi ?f Nuw > or?, Phila delphia, Boston, and other cities where they have exhibited, THE MOBT startling PHENOMENON THE WORLD EVER WITNESSED I The exhibition* given by these celebrated Sis ters, are conceded by all to be FAR moke mysterious Than those of the renowned DAVENPORT BROTHERS, re their experiments are made entirely WITHOUT THP AID OF APPARTUS, AND WITHIN THE BIGHT OF ALL, Thereby a?rarins the moat skeptical of their fair n*-#s in every particular. Their wonderful per formance, however, MUST BE SEEN TO BE APPRECIATED. First appearance of JOHNNY REDDEN! The great Bong and Dance Man. Also,of MR. GEORGE ROBERTS! The celebrated Maitre de Ballet. Second week of the highly successful Local Drama, .ue . BUMIWHACKERS OF THE POTOMAC ! bufhwhackebs OF THE POTOMAC" BUSHWHACK ER8 OF THE POTOMAC! BUSHWHACKERS OF THE POTOMAC! bushwhackers OF THX POTOMAC I Pronounced by all who have witnessed it THE BEST SENSATION DRAMA Ever produced in Washington. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, aDd 011 SATURDAY AFTERNOON, The Great Sensation Drama, written exprehsiy for the Canterbury, entitled the BUSHWHACKERS OF THE POTOMAC! Bean Eickman, who Lives on his Shape _W H Williams Mark Bran ton, Chief of the Bash whackers.? J DeForrest Jim Braxley. One of his Gang..?. J J Dougherty Lieut. Cwnpton, U. 8. A Billy West Tim Pagan, the Swam poodle Game Cock....?-W B Cavanagh Peter McG&fiin / Break \ ?.?..J Wilkinson Hnvlo I n' J Hf 0*:K ? Michael Doyle of Charley Finnegan... 1 Day Murphy,the Piper,. I Boys. W Stiles ...~.T Burges ...P Thomas Ft ui uu J< kiic a. ajrv* y* \ i?U jo. J ?????-??? ?JT I UUIQ&B Moil Dolan.aBuxom Young Crayture ,JMulligan Mrs McLaughlin, a Sporting Widow..Miss Porter Peggy McCarthy,a Girl from Home .Mi*s Wbener Florence Ricketts, a Dashing Belle .Miss Gardner Miss Georgey 8impson Miss Magci Wilson Mrs Mark Branton, aUnion Lady. .MinMGardner Lucy Gilmore, her Sister Miss Viola Black Sal, Genuine Mahogany. Miss Mary Young Blind Eyed 8am.. J Rn/.i,wli?<-kerv I J Ralman Bmokev Jake ) Backwliackery { 8 Linrt^r Spirit of Washington-.? ? W Steve .r Goddess of Liberty...? ?. H Waite Roberts, the Union Picket? F Swaggart Bushwhackers, Pickets, Union SoldierB, Ac., by the Auxiliaries. FAMILY MATINXX EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON A* TWO O'CLOCK. I*dlea M eeata; Children Ueenta, Admlario? <0 95 Oreh<?rt*a ? ? - ... SO Private Base*, holding six persons^? 0 00 Boon om it V e'el*ck; Performraoe to oom aftSVvkMk. AMUSEMENTS. F ORD'S NEW THEATER. SUNDAY EVKNING JULY W, 18*4. GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL Concert of^aored Music BY PROFESSOR WITHERS and ORCHESTRA, Asmsted by the eminent native Prima Donna, MISS JULIANA MAT, The favorite Tenor IIERR WAGNER, and others who have kindly volunteered. The Orchestra will be composed of FORTY MUSICIANS, of the beFt talent in the city, forming an ARRAY OF TALENT such as has never .before appeared jointly in Washington. The Box Sheet will be open on SATURDAY from 10 till 5 o'clock, when seats'can be secured at the usual rates of admission, without extra charge. The Piano used on this occasion is from the cele brated firm of Steinwsy k 8on,kindly lotned for the purpose by Mr. W. G. Mctzerott. jy 8-2t CVroveb'Ttheatkr. J Pennsylvania ave., near VVillard's Hotel. A Complimentary TESTIMONIAL BENEFIT to tlie Attaches of this Thetter having been tendered them hytbeir Manager, Mr. Grover. ?aTUKDAY EVENING, July 9. lias been est spart f< r the presentation of one of the Finest itntertaiamenfn ever given in Washington. The recipients of this esteemed courtesy are proud to be able to present as fine an Array of Talent as is possible to combine in oue Grand Mam month Exhibition of Professional Ability. M1SB SUSAN DBNIN.MH. C. B. BISHOP, and MISS JENNIE GOURLKY aupporUd by the Dramatic Company, will appear in one of the most Dctular Dramas of the day. 8ANFORD S OPERA TROUPE ENTIRE H ?tve volunteered. and will honor the occasion with one of their Drawing room Entertainments com vl"te. The far-famed GARDINER SISTER* Have tendered their services, and will render son.o of tbeircbuicestselectionsof Song*, among which will be civen that beautifully touching L'uett "JUST AFTER THE BATTLE. MOTHER." Sung by them with unprecedented succprs. The younger sister will also appear in her World-re aoi\ ned SCOTCH DANCE, which has so lately won GU"h great favor in this city, and in which the uioat severe critics allow she has no equal. ADMISSION. Parquette and Dress Circle - .V* cents. Orchestra Chairs..? ? -.75 cents. Family Circle?? 25 cents. Private Boxes. - ? "0. Doors ope* at 7.30. Curtain ri<et&t8.15 precisely. Tickets for sale at the principal Hotels jy 8-2t PIC NICS, EXCURSIONS, &c. APIC-NicTwiH bo held at the GREEN SPRIN3 PAVILION on TUESDAY NEXT. 12th, by the Catholic* ofl Georgetown. Coaches run from the j_ terminus of the Btri et railway to the Grove every hour. Gentlemen's tickets, 50 cents; Ladies', 25; Children's. 10 cents. jy 9-3t a R A N D FESTIVAL, GtVEV BV TUB GERMAN CITIZENS, in aid of the funds Of tho GERMAN RELIEF ASSOCIATION FOR SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS, WEJJXESbAY, JULY 13 TJi, 1861 at BEYER'S 7TH STREET PARK, nf ar the Boundary Line, commencing at 1 o'clock ?. m., with Speeches in English aud German, mgicg. Music, Dancing, Gymnastic Exercises, and other entertaiumentB. In tie Evening there will be some brilliant Fireworks, to commence with the ascension of stveral Ball< ons. . The Committee will leave nothing undone to make this the ?reat?st Festival ever given in Washington. The Washington and Georgetown Glee Clubs and Turner Associations are invited, and will be present. The city authorities, a* well as President Lin coln and Cabinet, have been invited. at d several of them have already promised to be present. N. B. An extra number of Cars will be put on the7th street line TICRETH, AO CENTS each ; children under 12 years, free. TleVet* for the last Festival, which had to be postponed on account of the weather are good for this. CFt AS. K L.OMAN, Pretident of the General Committee; A. HART. Secretary. JOSEPH GRRHARDT, Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements: jy St MAX COIINHEIM, Secretary. IIE YOU NG UNITEDIN TH? FIELD AGAIN T A T*>? Tenth grand Picnic of the Younz United Club ?o ^ given nt LOEPLEK'rij WASHINGTON CITY <?AKDEN , on MONDAY, July 11th, 1*?, To erect a monument Tor a deceased member. Tickets "jO cte., admitting a Gentleman and La dles. Jy?-*t H? 1 ! FUR THE AWKWARD CLUB. Second Grand Afternoon and Evening PIC-NIC or THE AWKWARD CLUB Will be given at Washington Park, 7th street, on TUESDAY, July 12, 18 M. The proceeds of this Pic-Nic will b* appropriated to assi=t in erectiog the monument to be placed over the remains of those unfortunate females who lost their lives by the recent explosion at the Washin*ton Arsenal The Committee pledge themselves that nothing will be left undone to make this the Pic-Nic of the season. Ccmmitue of ArrattgantHtf. A. W Bnsey, G. Schafer, A. II. Bishop, G. Tucker, 1y 8-.'Jt* R. King. p I C I C . ST. MATTHEW'S SUNDAY SCHOOL will have a PIC-NIC at WASHINGTON PARK, 7th street, on MONDAY, July 11, commencing at ID o'clock a. m., and closing at a seasonablt hour. A good Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion, tod finch arrangements have been made as will insure order and promote the comfort of visitors. Tickets of Admission, 50 cents. Children, 25 cents. Proceed# to be applied to the enlargement and improvement of the basement chapel. By order of the Committee , Jy7 3t tlURRAH \-MORE FUy.?THE KENNEBEC 11 ASSEMBLY IN THE FIELD AGAIN. The Fourth Grand Pic Nic of the Kennebec Assembly willjtake place at Green Spring Pavillioo, onMONDAY, July 11, 1861. All arrangements have been perfected to make it' the PicNic." Police force in attendance to preserve order. Dancing to commence at 1 o'clock. Omni busses leave the corner of High and Bridge streets, for the (round every 15 minutes. The Holy Hill Band has .been engaged. Tickets 51 cents. Nodis reputable characters allowed upon the ground. Committee 0/ Arrangements. J. T. Clements, Geo. Reynolds, J.T.8haw, W. H. Lauck, J. L. Bociall. jy 6 ?t* C^RAND PICNIC J or THE GERMAN BENEVOLENT SOCIETY 410 ST. JOSEPH'S SOCIETY Will be held at G*o. Juenemann's PLEASURE OARDEy, ? .. S CaPiUl Hill.) On MONDAY, Jdhb 11th, 1964, for the benefit of the Orphan Asylum. Tieket? Fifty Cents, for a gentleman and lady. )y 5 St" THE COMMITTEE. I, THE GRAND FESTIVAL N Aid of the German Relief Association for Sick and Wounded Soldiers, which was to ftR come olfon Thursday, June SO, 1854, was 29 POSTf ON ED /m on account of the weather, and will be heldhaPV on WEDNESDAY, July u, 1^4, at Beyer's Seventh Street Park. Tbe tickets now out will be good for that day. i ? FOR GLYM0NT. C*TEAMER PHENIX. Captain Stack pole, wiU leave f??ot of 7th street every SUN DAY M?RNING at 10o'clock duringj the season, for tho above Summer Resort. * The above steamer can be chartered to private partieu during the Week, by applying to Captain Btackpole, or 324 Pennsylvania avenue, upstairs 20-Im __ . COLUMBIA GARDEN, Corner of 12tk prut a*d Ohio avtn%4, FREE CONCERT EVERY NIGHT. Monday and Saturday's Ooncert commence at 9 o'eloea.with afull Brass Band. The ooolest Lager in the city always on hand, Je 8-lm DILLIABD TABLES FOR SALS,?The Subseri JD ber has THRBE FIRST CLAM i< _ 'W BILLIARD TABLES, nearly new, f which he will dispose of very low. iDquire at the Billiard room, eorner of 11th street and Pennsylvania avenue, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. The Rebel Raid. The Enemy Retreating from Frederick, Md ?Gen. Wallace in Pursuit?Union Reinforcements Arriving?Or4rr Issued by Gen. Couch?General McCantland at Williumsport?Great Destruction o( Pro perty m Hagerstown?They Threaten t? Burn the Town?Gen. Wallace's Sue cess. [Dispatch to the Chronicle.) Baltimore, July 8?p. m.?The most reli able information here to night is that the reb els have been gradually driven back from Frederick by General Wallace, whose action since his promptness in tikiug command in the field has ?won fer him great praise and un bounded confidence. The enemy was repulsed by him three times yesterday, and as many times to day, lie is still pursuing, and the rebels retreating. At last accounts the rebels were near South Mountain, and believed to be making for ??Dixie." Our foroe, under Gen. Lew. Wallace is ample. The trains run to Harper's Ferry. The Northern Central trains all arrive at the depot regularly, but consternation in Cum berland Valley continues. The nnmber of raiding rebelB is estimated at 10,000. Some rumors say they aggregate 40,(100. Notwithstanding, all accounts at headquarters here are encouraging. [Despatches to the Associated Press. J The Situation at Frederick. Frederick, July V~ p. m.?There has been no fighting to-day to this time, with the excep tion of picket flrine by our skirmishers, who are leeling the position of the enemy. During the night they fe?l back lrora the line they occupied during the fight, and are now reported to be in position In Middle town Val ley, holding the road to Middletown and Ha gerst^wn, crossing the Catoctin Mountain. Tw o guns are mounted in the Gap, and the force is now estimated to be about 5,00". Gen'l Wallace has received reinloroements, from where and to what amount he will leave the enemy to find out for themselves: but they are men who have been tried, and who know the work before them and do not shrink from its performance. Frederick to-day is not like Frederick of yes terday. Sine? the arrival of General Wallace and his ienforcements the appearance of the city has entirely changed. Business has been resumed, and the people seem confident that the dangrr is passed. Our casualties may be summed up as fol lows : Alexander's Battery.?Sergeant Charles C. Grau, wounded, 1st Potomac home brigade; J. Cunningham, wounded, 3d Potomac home bri gade; Major H. C. Riser, C. H. Mason, J. W. Bail, J. Mobley, John O'Brien, G. W. Sprin ger, J.Baker, J. W. Rice, J. A. Binney, J. Richards, J. T. Ilalstead, S. Yates, J. W. Oru. milsor, and A. Fite, all wounded, 8th Illinois cavalry. Ljeut. Gilbert, who was first reported dead, is very seriously wounded by a shot through the breast. C. Greenville, J. H. Remington, W. M. Amtiay, and S. A. Carver, wounded. Very few are seriously wounded. Latest from Hnrrisbnrg. Habbisburo, July 8.?A dispatch dated Grtencastie, 5 40 p.m., states that nothing is known of any rebel movements toward* Cher ry Run. The rebels who were in Hagerstown this morning lett on the Sharpsburg road, after having burned the railroad engine-bouse, wood-bouse, and other property, besidesstrip ping all the boot and shoe, hat, and grocery stores. They spared a commission warehouse upon the citizens paying them 51,500. The Citizens cf Hagerstown state that Imbo den's brigade, about 1,600, had started for Mercersburg and Chambersburg yesterday, and that a portion were at Ctearspring getting horses. No further news from that quarter has been received. Latest. HABcientTKO, July 8?General Couch has issued an order directing that all vehicles and horses in charge of men fleeing from supposed danger, shall be stopped, either befoT? they reach, or at the bridge across, the Susque hanna, until further orders, implying that the danger, it not actnally over, 4s of no threaten ing or serious character. Hundreds of ?vmers lelvtheir crops juRt ready to be harvested. A dispatch, dated two miles north ot Hagers town, at 10 o'clock this morning, states that 190 guerrillas, from Imrboden'S add Mcseby's com mands, entered Hagerstown at 5 o'clock, rob- . bmg the stores, and have fired the engine-house ' and Thurston's warehouse, and burned 250 tons ot Government jhay. They intend, burning Seeler & Co's warehouse, and also threaten to burn the town. The turn-table of the railroad is not yet de stroyed. The rebels are heavilv laden w<th plunder. The rebel General McCauslahd, with his brigade, was at (Villiamsport this morning, but there are reports that he will leave there to-day. A high wind is blowing the fire up through the town, and threatens great destruction of property. Late dispatches from Greencastle assure ns that the main body of the rebels which entered that place have retired?it is supposed, south of the Potomac?leaving only a few stragglers in the town. FROM THE FRONT. [Correspondence of the Chronicle.} Near Pbtkbsbubg, Julys?10 p. m.?The enemy takes some trouble to convince us they are in no danger of immediate starvation. I have little faith in short ration stories, but think they must inevitably be distressed for provisions this time. Very little satisfies their wants, however, and 1 begin to think they can subsist on air. In tront of our centre they brought out a small drove of cattle. This was early in ths morning. The bovines were trotted along the line in showy style, raising great clouds of dU6t. We all knew the interpretation of this pompous triumphant display, ?? You may cut our railroads, but we have remaining at this time within our lines ample supplies for all." A etop was put to the bravado. Two guns were trained upon the rebel stock, which gal lopped off* mingling their roar3 with those ot the thellfl. Cannonading has been going on all day. Little h&rm is done, and all are so aceustomed to ii we ghould miss it exceedingly ir stopped. Our lines have undergone no change, and there appears to be no signs of renewed activity of hostilities. A struggle may begin at any mo ment and no one be surprised in the least; or we may wait and watch still longer. Nbab Petbbbbubg, July 6.?I have not yet learned the result of the national salute of thirty-four guns, tired into Petersburg on the 4th of July. The dally papers of that city en deavor to make light of onr shells, but they mnst have fallen among them heavily that Biormng. The battery near General smith's headquarters never neglects to discharge the nsnal matutinal shots. Sometimes the gunners point their pieces at the broad dial of the town clock, which stares boldly npon onr troops from its place in the middle of the tall spire. Then their attention is turned to the railroad bridge, spanning the Appomattox. One of the trestles has been broken by a lucky shot, and the passengers are obliged to take the precau tion of walking over. A narrow bridge for pedestrian? is being constructed near the one upon which the track Is laid. Our artillery is constantly shelling the working party. An order from Lieutenant General Grant, dismissing from this army two regularly reg istered army correspondents, was to day dis tributed among the different corps command ers. They represented the New York Times and Tribune respectively. Richmond papers of the 4th Inst, profess to be In possession of lat* and reliable Information irom the Yankee army In tront of Petersburg. One item seems to afford them great^atisfaction. The 5 th corps is reported to have gem* to Mary land. It is wonderful where they gained this astonishing Intelligence! From New Orleans. New Ycbk, July 8.?The steamer George Washington, from New Orleans on the 2d, ar rived this evening. New Orleans papers of that date ire very barren of news. Generals Granger, McCook, Hurlbut and Davidson Have been ordered to report for duty to General Canby. Proclamation by Gov. Bsyatomr. Albaby, July 8.?'The Governor has issued his proclamation relative to the filling up of the N ational Guard of 75,000 men. Each oounty must furnish its quota of one hundred days run called for by'the President. No reply as to whether thirty days men would be accepta ble has been received. LOCAL NKW?. PrBLic School Examination. -The ex an I nation ot tbe Public Schools were con tinued en Thursday, as follows : Tbe Female Orsrom*r school of the Firsi District, tanght by Miss Annie E Evans, was exammed by Mr. Wilson. This Is Ml?s Evans* Wist year as teacher of this school, and when she took choree It was very low in numbers and greatly disorganized. In order to bring the school up to the usual standard, heavy ^ ^ ere rBad** opon schools of lower grade, and when MIsb Evans bad obtained a sufficient number of scholars, ene set to work to re organize the school, which she done very sat islacorily. 1 he first and second classes in Diental arithmetic passed a good examination, and the only failures (some threeorfour) were in the second class Mr. Z. Richards examined these clause?, and he remarked that as to pro ficiency. the scholars were a littl? above the average run. When the class in botany wan call* d, Mr. Wilson arose and said that some two inontns ago the trustees desired to Intro duce this strdy in this school, when tbe lowest book of the series was introduced, 6inc? which time the scholars ot this clas? had accom plished much. He (the speaker) believed it was an exrellent study, and.would interfere with no other. A year ago parents thought it was foolishness to introduce vocal music Into the public schools, and perhaps some of tbem thought the same of botan.v.but he was con vinced that they were mistaken. Mr. W. then introduced Prof. Schafer, of the Maryland Agricultural College, who examined tbe class thoioigbly, upon the conclusion of wbich be teaaiked that he was perfectly satisfied with the progress the scholars had made. Several ?x eel lent compositions were read, and one en ticed - The i lowers," by Miss Taite, received specialI commendation. In reading tbe scholars showed good training. The dictation exercises were good, and in the other studies the scholars passed a very fair examination indeed Tba order maintained was good. During intervals of the examination the scholars sang several pieces with fine eflect. fifcond Ihitrict ?Primary No 8, taught in tbe third story ol tlie Medical College, corner loth and 1. streets, by Miss Woodruff, was exam inea on Wednesday morning by Mr. Wight, in the presence of a few visitors. This school was organized in February last, and Miss Woodruff, a pupil of the Orammar school, was tempororily placed In charge. It num bers about 4(i little girls, some of whom are just commencing spelling short words, and most of them were present The scholars showed that tbey have been studious during the short time the school has been in operation, and tbey have certainly made an excellent commencement. The order of the school was excellent and the general appearance of tbe scholars reflected credit upon Miss Woodruff, who, we under stand, will decline to serve aa a permanent teacher. Secondary No. 2, taught in one of the lower rooms of the Washington Market bulldinr. 5th and I streets, by Miss Sabra P. AbeII, was ex amined on Thursday afternoon by Mr Rhees in the various studies they have been purlin* during the year. The school numbers 51 on tbe roll of wbom 44 were present, and folly one-third are scholars who have been admitted this year. In geography a fair examination was passed, as also in spelling. The readlnr was very good In most instano?a, the spelling was tolerable, and in abreviations tbe scholars were excellent. The room was handsomely decorated, and on the wall in evergreen letters was "Union and Education." The order was not good The school has'some very bad boys, a few of wbom will give any school a bad name, and rather than tbe credit of tbe school shoold suffer It would be well to weed them out. This school labors nnder many disadvan tages. It being on a street much travelled, tbe noise of passing vehicles frequently interrupts the studies. Many of thescholars too, are each as heretofore have had the free range of tbe streets. The school-room is much crowded, and is, perhaps, the mdst inappropriate one for the purpose in theSd district. Secondary No. 4, in charge of Miss M. A. Tucker, taught in the old Medical Oollece building, corner of 10th and E streets, was ex amined by Mr. Wight on Tbnrsday, in tbe pres ence ot quite a number of visitors, In tbe va rious studies pursued in schools of this grade and the eeholars acquitted themselves admi rably in reading, spelling and mental arith metic. The order was excellent, and the gen eral appearance of the scholars was remarked. There are 41) t tm?s on the roll, 42 of whom were present, five being sick. The singing was very line, some of the girls having excellent voUes. Miss Tncker will this year have a class of fourteen to transfer to the intermediate school. Third District.?Secondary School No. 6 (male and female) was examined by Mr. Hltz, Miss Mary E. Ramsay, of the Third District Female Grammar School, and others, in the riesence of a number of visitors. Miss Lacy B. Davis is the teacher, ana she has 59 pupils on her roll, ot wbom 57 were present. There was every indication that tbe pupils bad been well drilled in the elementary branches, but this school does not equal the one conducted last year by Miss D., so far as the studies were concerned. But we do not attribute this to any lack of industry or capacity on the part of the teacher, but to tbe pupils; for she certainly had not as good material to work upon as in her school of last year. Individual members of all the classes in all the studies answered, correctly and quickly: but, as a whole, the classes were not equal to similar ones in other schools. We fear the trustees are a little to btairie in not properly grading the schools: for Miss Davis bas certainly a number of pupils who would bring discredit upon a first class in a primary school. Then, again, she has a num ber of pupils who, judging from their size, should be in a grammar school, but whose at tainments will not more than warrant a trans fer to one of the intermediate grade?tbe fault cf themselves, or their parent*, who did not p?d tbim to school earlier- Considering all the disadvantages she has labored under the teacher has accomplished ranch the past year This school is taught in the basement of Odd Fellows' Hall, and back of the feth precinct station house, and Thursday it was much an noyed by unruly children who congrerated aboHtthe doors of the school room, and b* loud talking Interrupted the exercises occa- * siorally, and attracted the attention of the scholars. To this cause, the beat of tbe day ai.d the length of the examination, may be atl tribi ted the fact that ihe smaller classes were not t o orderly as they should have been to wa- ds the close. Even while classes were re citing there was occasionally a good deal of whispering, despite tbe teacher's efforts to pre serve order. In the third claas also, there are many scholars who have lately entered tbe school, and this cause undoubtedly operated acaicpt the examination heing more perfect. Secondary No. 2. (male,) Miss Jennie A Ramsay teacher, was examined by Mr. Fergul son. Tne school 1$ in the basement of a church on Virginia avenue, between 5th and tJih streets end in a dark, damp corner, which has a teudi ency to breed coltrt^cd sore thyoaJs at all times It is a satisfaction to know that the school will be removed to the new building. Miss Ramsay has 43 pupils upon her roll, and 42 were present at the Examination, which was a rigid one, but which was at the same time very satisfactory Jbe boys excelling in mental arithmetic and dictation exercises. There will be a good manv transferred to other schools. The order main ta:ned was excellent, ai.d Indicated that while Miss Ramsay is firm in her demands of the pnptls, she bas the knack of winninc their af. lection and respect. f ourth Ditlnrt ? On Thursday secondary No 7, (rnixsd) taught by Mrs. Maria F. Walter (late Miss Norris,) was examined by Mr Eliia* Of 51 pupils on the roll, 50 were pre wot.' The sehool passed a good exannnktlon generally and the classes in mental arithmetic and read. so" ^e teacher is a graduate u .?AlI,idon'9 school, a sufficient reason why she is well qualified for her position^ W e must not forget to give a word of com mendation for the neatness ot the desks hook, slates and furniture generally. The room? as" has been the case throughout the Fourth Dis decoratecL ?x*minwionf' w&8 handsomely ? The attendance of parents and other visitors wa6 also good This school room is of the one story 'shed architecture" style, but theesilinr is pitched higher than in some of these struc* tures and the ventilation is tolerable. W? hope to see the day when the city will do awav ?h^?bnUdi^gTretChed 8ub8titutes P'0P?r Mrs Walker, we regret to say, now leaves ?xd havil1* tak*n to herself a husband lately. We are not sars but there should be a law forbidding teachers to marry. At the close of the examinatien there was an interesting presentation, a bandsomemetallia ice pitcber was presented to the examining trustee ,Mr. EUi.)to Br. AdaS., ta tatS A ol tbe two scboo" jndsry Ko.^ ' (P^ary No. 3 and sec Male Intermediate, Miss Geneva A. Reed, eacber, was examined by Mr. Jno. E. Thomp Z&rFS* bj*,Mr' Eii,u* trQ8te'*i and l?r. ' The examination was lgld, and thq proficiency developed satisrae ory. in graibmar ana practical arithmetic .ha classes were e^ual to any in oar bast gram, mar schools. In writing, spelling and name. ?atiutt the classef were markedly good. la nu netatlou, up a*'high as quadrillibns, tbe an swers were set down with precision almost at soon as the question was from the lips or the sxaminer. At tbe close of tbe examination tbe ?cbool and ttacber were warmly complimented >y Messrs. Thompson, Ellis, Cassell, Hyde uid others. ?^Ninety-three thousand f^nr hundred and orty-oiie emlgants have arrived at New York lince January. Daring the same period rear the number was 6P,S83. 9T It Is said that a number of ladles of rank n London meet weekly at an entertainment ol ?ptritual fortune-telling,"

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