22 Temmuz 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

22 Temmuz 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE EVENING STAR W, D. WALLACH, Editor and Preprieter. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY JULY 33, 1864. VREADING MATTER ON EVERY PAGE. SEE OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. FROM ATLANTA. Advices from Gen. Sherman, received to day, coyer operations down to last night. The work of in resting the city U fast going on. There was some hard fighting yesterday, resulting in a repulse of the enemy in his ef forts to dislodge our troops. Gen. Palmer advanced his line toa more ad vantageous position. Our loss during the day wa? small. According to report, the rebels have been in dustriously fortifying Atlanta, first by an ex tensive line of rifle pits nine miles in length, covering an interior line of fortifications pro tected by abattjs, and interlaced with an inner series of rifle pits. The position of the city is, however, not favorable for defense, and it is evident that the rebels do not countupon being able to hold it by the aid of its defensive woiks. P. S. We learn, since writing the above, that Sherman has torn up some five miles of the railroa d between Atlanta and Decatnr, and, on one portion of his lines, holds a position over looking Atlanta, and from which it can be shelled, if necessary. There was considerable fightirg going on on Wednesday, as well as yes.erday. we learn, resulting advantageously to us. Everything is progressing most favora bly to us, according to all reports from that quarter. A DESTRUCTIVE BLOW. We understand that Garrard's cavalry de stroyed at Rossville,Georgia, woollen factories which turned out thirty thousand yards, and cotton factories making three hundred thou sand yards of cloth monthly, besides a paper and a starch mill and other factories. This is a heavy blow to the resources of the rebellion. Thete rebel cloth mills thus destroyed bySher. man's army have been employed and run on r?bol government account, and have been a leading source of supply for the rebel army. THE REPORTED FIGHT AT LBE8BURG. No confirmation of the reported fight at Lees burg has been received here. If a fight had taken place yesterday at Leesburg, which is in the Department of Washington, it would doubtless be known at Gen. Auger's head quarters by this time, but no information of the sort has reached tnere. NAVAL CAPTURES. The Navy Department has received informa tion of the following captures: On the loth instant, the 6loop Hope, of Nas sau, N. P., loaded with nineteen bales of cot. ton and nine boxes of tobacco, from Savannah, was captured by the V. S. steamer Ladond while attempting to run out of Sapelo. The cargo of the Hope has been sent to Philadel phia tor adjudication. On the night of the 20th of June, the sloop Mary, of Nassau, N. P., was captured by the tT. s! steamer Norfolk Packet, off Mosquito Inlet, Fla. The Mary had on board nine bales cf cotton and one passenger named M. J. Buckner, of Savannah, Ga., who has frequent ly run the blockade. The vessel was sent to Port Royal station, where she sank in Horse Island Creek. INTERNAL REVENUE BUREAU. Commissioner Lewis has gone to his home In Pennsylvania on a short visit. During his absence Mr. HoHins, the able Deputy Com missioner, will run the Internal Revenue machine. THB PnKMDKNT'B FKBLING FOR THB SOL tmbrk.?During the time that the rebels were engaged in their bombardment of Fort Stevens, Mr. Lincoln happened to pass a short time within the walls of that fortification. A shot from the enemy passed into the fort, and, stri king seme projection, glanced off, the ball en tering the leg of a soldier. Mr. Lincoln cast his eye first toward the point of impingement and iur:i at iue sunerillg soiuiei, nia eiciiuiutj, while a happy smile irradiated his features, *' That was a good carom!" The unfeeling re mark was heard by some soldiers standing near, and produced, as might naturally be ex pected, considerable indignation.?.V<io Yuri: World. There was no " bombardment" oi Fort Ste vens, and no incident there to serve even as a foundation for tLe World's transparent lie. Why cannot these copperhead papers maintain some consistency in their villiflcation of the President.' While the New York World, as above, describes him as in the midst of the fight making cold-blooded jokes at the expense of the wounded, the New York News insists that he was concealed in abject terror on board a gunboat in the river dnring the visit of the Confederates here ! We advise the3e copper nead journalists to compare notes betore pub lishing their manufactured "incidents" abu sive of the President. ?9"The publication of the new literary paper, Thr Jbninrt Table, has been discontinued in con sequence of the exigencies of the times, so on erous on publishers generally. KT The price paid in New York yesterday for three year substitutes was fcSU'J, and for one-j ear substitutes P3C0. Tub Fortikicatioks op atlanta.-The correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette, writ ing from the banks of the Chattrhoochee, speaks thus of the fortifications of Atlanta: ??Ascending a high hill which overlooked the river, 1 got a splendid view of the doomed city of Atlanta, with its net-work of defences. Frcm the banks of the river all the way up to the city there is a suc cession of earthworks. It would be impossible to conceive of a more strongly fortified place. Not far from the banks of the liver 1 noticed a fort, which i3 said to have some twenty siege gnns. In regard to the railroad bridge, in my former letter, I stated that we held it. I was misinformed? we do not hold it, but the rebels have not de stroyed it. The cars run up as far as our lines and scream victory into the ears of the rebels on the other side of the river. Dibai poibtbd.?The Richmond Enquirer of the Ulth Inst., states that whether the capture of Washington was or was not the object of the late raid, its fail was most anxiously ex pected until late news brought the knowledge of the fact that the rebels had withdrawn from the front of the Federal Capital. The Enquirer consoles itself with the scare created aid say* the accidental arrival of "C&nby's corps from New Orleans'' saved the city. It acknowledges that the raid comprised "forty edd thousand men," and much yet was hoped from it in aid of the rebel cause. The hope is tviiuuaieij uupeued by the retreit of the raiders, and the recapture of a large portion of their plander by Gen. Crook at Snicker's Gap. Advakcb in Pbjcb.?At a meeting of the representatives of the Boston weekly press on Monday, it was Btiolrtd, That the subscribers agree to ad vance the rates of subscription to our respec tive journals, flrom 20 to 50 per cent, by August 15, lfct. Sesetrfd, That the subscribers will advance their rates of advertising from 20 to 53 per cent. 93~ a rebel paper in Southern Georgia in quires, if General Jo Johnston cannot hold the line of tbe Chattahoochee, where is he to make a stand r Thi? u the very queston which John ston himself is now called upon to answer to General Sherman. 9T We learn from the Paris Opinion Na lion ale that tbe Peruvian Government are se riously meditating a proposition for putting the Chincha Islands nnder the protectorate of tbe United States. WSome secesh women have delicate sensl bill tie*. The wife of an officer on the late Gen. Polk's staff, arrested in St. Lonis, had in her possession the nil of a Yankee soldier, which she preserve# as a memento. mr The Governors of Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina have issued a protest against interference by JefL Davis In managing Import and expert trade. mr The Lo?lslana Convention have agreed upon a Constitution, and will submit it to the people en the first Monday In September. tar The Mohi leans are reported to be in a high state of perturbation over an anticipated attack by our land and aayal forces. . WGeo.scott'a autobiography will be issued about September 1st. if./"There are oier 15,000 rebel prisoners in the different military prisons of Illinois. ? ffT Hon Richard Vaux has been re-elected President or U iraxd College "? 'c tar A New York speculator was recently* .-stuck,cu Pojs. Served ?i?i rig&C ^Ex-Sec retaty Chase and Mxs. jspragae ax* at PftWlKXt. - v ?? t' ?t <-'* ? ?? *c "W TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. MEW YORK STOCK LIST. [By the people Line-Office 511 Ninth street.] 1 JlU7 ??U. 8.1981, coupon 103*; U. S. 5.?0's, 1MX ; Certificates of Indebt JJMM. MX; Gold, 255V; N. T. Central, 131*: Erie, 11&?; Hudson River, 137; Harlem, ?? Reading, 131X: Michigan Central, 132 *: Michi gan Southern,Illinol8Central,l23 Cleve l&nd and Pittsburg, 107 U; Cleveland and Toledo, 135 Jf ;Uhlcago and Hocklsland,106*; Milwaukle and Prairie du Chien, 63; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, liou; Alton and Terra Haute, 51; Chicago and Northwestern, 59*5 Quicksilver, 74 a | GREELEY AND SANDERS' CORRES | PONDENCE. A Letter from the President? His Views of I the Restoration of Peace?How the Cor respondence Originated. : Burraxo, July 21.?The correspondence with the rebel agents shows that Messrs. Clay, Hol comb, and Sanders asked, on the 12th, of Hor sce Oreeley, the protection of the President or the Secretary of War to rlsit Washington. Mr. Greeley, in reply of the 18th, understanding that they were bearers of a proposition from. I Richmond looking to peace, tendered a sale conduct of the President. They replied they were net accredited with such proposition, but were in confidential em ploy of their Government, and felt authorised | to declare, if the circumstances disclosed in this correspondence were communicated at Rich mond, they or other gentlemen would be vested . with full power. They asked a safe conduct to Washington, and thence to Richmond. Mr. Greeley answered that that state ef tacts being materially different from that understood to exist by the President, it was advisable for him I to communicate by telegraph with him and ob j tain instructions. After some further correspondence in rela | tion to Greeley's communication with Presi dent Lincoln, the following was received from . the latter: Exbctttivb Mawsiow, ) I Wabhikotow, July 18,1864. t j lo whom it may concern: Any proposition which embraces the restor | ation of peace, the Integrity of the whole Union, and the abandonment of slavery, and which comes by and with authority that can control the armies now at war against the United States, will be received and considered by the Executive Government of the United States, and will be met by liberal terms on other substantial and collateral points; and the bearer or bearers thereof shall have safe conduct both ways. Abraham Lincoln. To Hon. Her act Greeley. Major Hay, on the 20th, in a note, asks Hol comb and others if they have any communica tion to send to Washington by him. Holcomb replies on the 21st, regretting he has been de layed by any expectation of an answer to his communication delivered to the President of the United States, adding that the communis cation was accepted as a response to the letter of Clay and Holcomb to Mr. Greeley, and to that gentleman has an answer been trans mitted. The letter to Mr.Greeley, after alluding to the tender ef a safe conduct to Washington on the hypothesis that we were duly accredited lrom Richmond as bearers of propositions looking to the establishment of peace, says this assertion was accepted as evidence of an unexpected but most gratifying change in the policy of the President?a change which we felt authorized to hope might terminate in the conclusion of a peace mutually just, hon orable and advantageous to the North and the South. Exacting no condition but that we should be duly accredited from Richmond as bearers of a proposition looking to the establishment of peace, thus proffering a basis for conference as comprehensive as we could desire, it seemed to us that the President opened a door that had previously been closed against the Confed erate States for full interchange of sentiments, free discussion of conflicting opinions, and un trammelled effort to remove all causes of con troversy bv liberal negotiations. We indeed could not claim the benefit of safe conduct, which had been extended to us in a character we had no right to assume, and had never affected to possess, but the uniform declarations of our Executive and Congress, and their thrice-repeated and as often repulsed attempts to open negotiations, furnish suffi cient pledge that this conciliatory manifesta tion on the part of the President of the United States would be met by then* in a temper of equal magnanimity. We had, therefore, no hesitation in declaring, that if this correspon dence was communicated to the President of the Confederate States, he would promptly em brace the opportunity presented for seeking a peaceful solution of this unhappy strife. We foe I fftnBHoni ih?t you iuiul euaI6 onr proioiuiu regTet that the spirit which dictated the first step towards peace had not continued to ani mate the counsels of your President. Had the representatives of the two Governments met to consider this question, the most momentous ever submitted to human statesmanship, in a temper of becoming moderation and ecjuitv, followed as their deliberations would have been by prayers and benedictions of every patriot and Christian on the habitable globe, who is there so bold as to pronounce that this frightful waste of individual happiness and public prosperity which is daily saddening the universal heart might not have been termi nated, or, if the desolation and carnage of war must still be endured through weary years of blood and suffering, that there might not at least have been infused Into its conduct some thing more ot the spirit which softens and par tially redeems its brutality! Instead of the safe conduct which we solici ted, and which your first letter gave us every reason to suppose woula be extended for the purpose of initiating negotiations in which neither Government would compromise its rigbtsor its dignity, a document is presented which provokes as much indignation as sur prise. It bears no feature of resemblance to that which was originally offered, and is unlike any paper which ever before emanated from the constitutional Executive of a free people. Addressed to whom it may concern, it pre cludes negotiations and proscribes in advance the terms and conditions of peace. It returns to the original policy of no bar gaining, no negotiations, no truces with rebels, except to bury their dead, until every man shall have laid down his arms, submitted to the Government, and sued for mercy. What may be the explanation of this sudden and en tire change in the views of the President; of this rude withdrawal of a courteous overture for negotiation at the moment it was likely to be accepted; of this emphatic recall of words of peace just uttered, and fresh blasts of war to the bitter end, we leave for the speculation of those who have the means or inclination to penetrate the mysteries of his cabinet; or to fathom the caprice of his imperial will. It is enough for us to say that we have no use whatever for the paper which has b^en placed in our hands. We could not transmit it to the President of the Confederate States without offering him an indignity, dishonoring ourselves, and incurring the well-merited scorn of our countrymen. Whilst an ardent desire for peace pervades the people of the Confederate States, we rejoice to say there are few, if any, among them who would purchase it at the expense of liberty,- honor and self respect If there be any military autocrat at the North who is entitled to proffer the conditions of this manilesto, there is none in the South author ized to entertain them Those who control our armies are servants of the people, not their masters, and they have no more an inclina tion than they have a right to subvert social institutions of sovereign States, to overthrow their established constitutions, and to barter away their priceless heritage of self-govern ment. _.*^"The Emperor of Russia has presented \ ale College with a fac simile copy of the cel ebrated Greek manuscript of the Holy Bible found in 1659 at the convent of St. Catharine, on Mount Sinai, by Dr. Tischendorf. K^The milkmen ef Albany have raised their price to eight cents, in consequence of the scarcity of water rv^MlTHOPOLITAN RAILROAD.?The Kirst LkJ> Meeting of the Stockholders of the Metro w^lan Railroad Company, in the District of Co lumbia, will be held at the rooms. Mo. 465 oth street west, on TURBDAY, the 26th inet., from 12 o clock m. to 4 p. in., for the purpose of organizing said Company by the election or officers, as pro vided by the act of incorporation, and for the transaction of such other business as mar leeall? come before sai'l meeting. ALEX. R. 8HKPHKBD. M. G. KMKBY, 1 8. V. BROWN, jyan-lw Committee. ti?Tp2S ~n th* and i tt.kj K /2Mr*w* Upholstering and streetnorth, between 4* end 6th street west. L^nnnsT'iiiKTJwfi?'*'SPRCOR. RA8TKRX fiSU J!aai?2BBAtvg us ?*. ?. 116 High street, Oeerget and 'get? wd, irTi 'ittM. comer ORee, i? SH* LOST AND FOUND. 08T-A pi tin cold SLEEVE BUTTON with the j initials 0. F. T., engraved thereon. The finder will reeeive ten dollars reward by leaving the same at the office of Willards Hotel. It* QTBAYED OR STOLKN-On the 14th instant. a C9 atnall black COW; a flit on the right ear; Terr short nap. Five dollars reward will be given for her return to MICHAEL CONNKR, on L street, between Newfgmar. and 1st at. Jy 23-3t* CTRAYED OB BTOLBNTin this place, last night, ?3 a large SORREL HORSE, his tail aad mane mixed red and white hair; rib on right side has been broken: next hip marked U.S. and J. C ; fresh shod; about six years old. Any information ofhimleftat the 8tar Office will be suitably re warded. <y H-3t? ?Off REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR TFIB yP&'J recovery of a heavy gold chain BRACE LET lost on the morning of the list between 49T 9th street and Ascension Church, Apply at 497 9th street, betwoen P and E. Jy 21-3t* fAME TO THE PREMI8E3 ?F THE 8UB ^ scriber, on July 20, a small BAY HORSE, blind in both eyes. The owner is requested ta come forward, prove property, pay charges and take him away. _ A. G. 03B0RN, Grocery Store, Jy 21-31* Junction of 7th and I4th st. road. HORSE LOST?On the night of the I5th of J uly, a grey HORSE, nine years old, short irane, branded U.S. Had on a full set of equipments. Any person returning the same to the subscriber will be suitably rewarded. H. CLAY THOMAS. Lt. and A. Q. M.. J2d Reg't V. R C., jj 21-2t* Martindale Barracks, P. C. REWARD.?Strayed or stolen from my farm, on the night of July 10th. a brown HOBFE, 17 hands high,8 years old; has a large curb on each hind leg: on one front foot has a crack or hole: switch tail; has a sore on wether*. The above reward will be given for his return to SAM'L RAIN FY'S Stables, corner of C and fith streets. (jy 21 St*) TIIOS. OQYLE. Q>| A REWARD?Straved or stolen from the J w subscriber, on the 23th of June last, two milk COWS; one six years old; smooth horns, in clining upward: of rather a strawberry color; back white; sort of white in the face, medium size: the other of good size; five years old; large spots all over, white and red: strait horns. The above re ward will bo paid forjheir return to THOMAS GRADY, North Capitol Street, Hoover's old slaughter house. Jy 21-3t* Hired oh last bunday, a small short tail MARE and TOP-BUGGY, to a man whe ?ave the name of William Moran. Not having een returned, the supposition is that the horse strayed off. and has been picked up by some per son. A suitable reward will be given for informa tion leading to the recovery of tne same CHAS. A. MURPHY. Agent, JylO-3t* National Hotel Stables. L08T OR MI8LAID?This morning in the Georgetown market, a POCKET BOOK, con taining between f75 and $80. A reward of 825 will be given, and no questions asked, if left at 140 High street. Citizens' market, Georgetown, jy 19-4t* D1 ISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, CITY OP WASH ? INGTON, as .-?Personally appeared before me. the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace in and for the said county, M. B. Farr, and made oath according to law that he found on the lfith inst. a mare Mule of dark brown color, without any pe culiar margs. straying and trespassing on nis premises near the Anacostia bridge, next adjoin ing Selbey B. Scaggs' farm, in the District or Co lumbia. v The owner or owners thereof are hereby noti fied to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take away. _ M. B. FARR, on S. B. Scaggs' Farm. Sworn and subscribed before me this 18th day of July. 1804. JOHN II. JOHNSON, fi. s.l Jy 18 eo.1t* Justice of the Peace. SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTES! SUBSTITUTES' SUBSTITUTES ! I have on hand this morning ten (KM good three years' men Parties wishing Substitutes will please call early. G H. CASSIDY. jy21-lw* 446 8th St.. bet. Pa ar. and D St. II. MILLER A: CO. SUBSTITUTES! SUBSTITUTES!! Will furnish at reasonableprices. WITH DISPATCH AND WITHOUT DELAY!! Office No. 511 Ninth street west, near Pa. avenue. Runners and others liberallv dealt with. Applv at W. A. REAMER, W. S. RADLE, N. II. MILLER, Juitsce of the Peace. Exemption papers prepared. Jy 19-4t* SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTES. SUBSTITUTES. Enrolled men in the District can be supplied with good men. aliens or Virginia negroes, and exemp tion papers procured for three year* Apply to G. H. CA8SIDY, 44B 8th street, Jy 2l-lw* bet. Penna. avenue and D street. PERSONAL. MRS. LLOYD CAN FIND WHERE IIBR HUS bandis, bycalling at Mrs. GORMAN'S No. 696, G street, Washington. It* INFORMATION WANTED OF JOHN WELSn, M. an irianman, wnolert nis home on Monday, the 18th inst., and has not since been heard from. lie is 60 years, large sized man. Had on a p"\ir of cor duroy pants, blue Jacket and black beaver, Anv information left at L street, between 1st and 2d streets, near New Jersey avenue, for ARTHUR LEARY will be thankfully received. Jy 22-2t* g?() SEVENTH STREET. 369 HIGH AWNING. GREAT BARGAINS ?n~ CARPETS AND OIL CLOTH. Fifty pieces HEMP, RAG and INGRAIN CAR PETS in new and beautiful designs; some as low as 50 cents per yard. Seventy pieces OIL CLOTII, 4-4, 5-4, 4-1,8-1 and lf> 4 wide. The above were purchased previous to the last advances, and we are offering them at decided bar gains. Parties in want of the above articles will (ind it greatly to their advantage to give us a call before purchasing. H. BONTZ, Successor to Bontz A Griffith, Jy20eo3t 369 7th st.. adjoining A. Goddard's. M?W0r0LIT?N.4TB|^ HOT AND COLD BATHS, SHOWER AND DOUCHE BATHS, 3*21 Penna. nv., bet. 11th and 12th sts. jy 19 lw* LIME AND CEMENT ! Just received a cargo of superior ROCKLAND LIME. Also, a cargo of superior HYDRAULIC CEMENT. which we ofTerat the lowest market rate*. LIME, PLASTER, HAIR AND CEMENT, con stantly on hand. J. P. BARTHOLOW, Jy 19-eo2w corner 7th street and Canal. J. C. HOWARD S LIVERY, HIRING, HACK. EX CHANGE & STAGE STABLES. G Street, Betioetn 6th and 7th, North Sid'. The subscriber has constantly on hand a large let of fine HORSES, BUGGIES, Ac. Ac., which he will hire, sell or exchange Theoffice of the Marlboro'an.i Washington stage line is at the above place. Also, attached to the same place is a fine RES TAURANT. jy 19 1m Great bargains. GREAT BARGAINS. French Lace MANTILLAS, from SLtu np. French Laee POINTS, from f I up. Cloth and Barege SACQUIS and CIRCULARS very cheap. Black Bilk CIRCULARS at reduced pries.-at MAXWELL'S. 328 Pennsylvania avenue. N. B.?Five hundred yards colored TARLETON MUSLINS, for covering picture frames, chande liers, mirrors. Ac-, Ac., two yards wide; only 05 cents per yard. jy '8-6t IEW8 OF BATTLE FIELD, July 12th, near v Fort Stevens, 7th street road, to he had of J. GOLDIN & CO., Photographers, No. 4 Penn. ave nue, between 8th and 9th streets, Market 8paoe. jy 16-lm* tJUTLERSHIP FOR 8ALB.?The subscriber be ing compelled to so to California, offers for sale the best 8UTLERSHIP in the country, worth at least ten regiments. Call at 519 12tn street, TkTOORE'S WEST END DRUG STORE, 113 ItI PENN. AVKNOB. SOUTH SIDE.-Ly man's Patent Preserve Jars, fresh and pure Medicines,..Perfumery, Toilet Soaps, Co lognes.Ac. Ayers'and other Medicines. Jy 10 2w Fruit jarsi FRUIT JABS!! Housekeepers who wish to put up fresh frnit are invited to examine our SELF-SEALING FRUIT J AR8, as they have been thoroughly tested, and we can warrant them to keep fruit perfectly. As the fruit requires no sugar and the jars no cement, it is economy for every family to put up all the fruit they want for the winter. WEBB A BBVERIDGE. _Jy 16 6t* Odd Fellow*' Hall. IYJOTICE.?FOR SALE?#00 lets of one, two, and 1? four horse second hand HARNESS; air) good second hand SADDLES and BRIDLES, Apoly to H. 8. JOHNSTON. No. 373 Penn avenue.between 4,4 aad 6th at., opposite National Hotel, jy 15-lm* N OTICE IS HBRBBY GIVEN THAT THE 00 _ . partnership heretofore existing under the name of Finch ft Lloyd, doing business at 39011th sxsiif uui d" ?"?'lite'iitifD".10" JylMw* H C. FINCH. fftHANKFUL FOR PAST PATRONAGE, THE X Ice Cream Buaineas will be continued by the undersigned at the old stand. No. 390 11th street, between K aad L streets. jy U-tw* 8AMUEL LLOYD. MOTICE.-I have opened anew BARBER SHOP 11 on C street, between 1st street and NewJer sey avenue, at Boyl?% Hotel, where I will be glad to see my friends aad customer*. A. LEUTNSR, 0 street, between 1st and N. J. av.. JyT-l?* Boyle'a Hotel, near the Depot. F. '? 10 *7 -? I" < ar ?> fegrrSnii n .. ^ CITSi year old BLACK HAWK hie. Oaa Gstreet, ' ?C.. at U-lW li^VB DAliA?A. BO0 W1U 0LAUA Oft I saaastit"? iiti 4 O'CLOCK P. M. government securities. Jay Cooke Sc Co. furnish the foil*wine quo tations of Government aecarlties: WASHINGTON, July 28, ISM. Baying. Selling. U.S. 6's Coupon 19S1 102 103 U. S. 5-2<i's 103X 105 7 3-10 Treasury Notes 104 105 One Year Certificates 91^' 91 Certificate Checks 95 New York?First Board. Coupons, 1C2^; 5-20's, 104*j; Certificates. 94*; Gold, 857. BURIAL PLACE OF OUR GALLANT DEFEND ERS. General Meigs, to whom the Secretary of War assigned the duty of selecting a proper place in which to inter the bodies of those who fell in the defense oi Washington daring the late rebel invasion, has selected an acre of ground on the battle-field about six hundred yards to the right of Fort Stevens,and ab.>ut fifty yards from the Seventh street road, in the im mediate vicinity where the severest fight ing took place. The duty of disinterring and removing the bodies has b3en entrusted to Cap tain J. M. Moore, Assistant Quartermaster, who has already properly interred all those who fell near Fort Stovens. The ground has been laid off in a square, and will be provided with a handsome paillng fence. The bodies are being interred in a circle, in the center of which it is the Intention of the authorities to erect a monument, bearing a suitable inscrip tion. Each grave will be provided with a neat head-board, bearing the name, rank, company, and regiment of it? occupant. BIDS FOR FURNISHING TH1 GOVIRNMENT WITH FLOUR. Yesterday, at 12 o'clock m., bids were opened by Capt. S. C. Greene, O. S. V., at his office, No. 223 G street, for furnishing the Subsistence Department with flour. All the bids received were for No. 2 flour, and the number of barrels accepted was 4,987. The following is a list of the bids and bidders : A. Ross Ray & Bro., Georgetown?2,000 bar rels, at 913.25 per barrel. Accepted. Geo. W. Mears?1,500 barrels, at 813.48 per barrel; 1,000 at 81358; 1,000 at 813.68. One thousand five hundred barrels accepted, at 813.46 per barrel. Thos. H. Donohue?2,000 barrels, at 811.44; 159 at 814.15; 960 at 813.65; 1,287 at 813.40; 200 at 813.25. The two last bids of Mr. Donohue were accepted. John A. Green?1,000 barrels, at 813.79; 1,000 at 813.82; 1,000 at 813.85; 1,000 at 813.S7; and 1,010 at 813.9>). IMPORTANT TO PERSONS FORWARDING BODIES OF DECEASED FRIENDS. Several of the express companies have de cided not to forward any tody without a writ ten guarantee that it has been properly em balmed and can be sent to its destination without becoming offensive. TOOK TIIE OATH. Fourteen rebel deserters, all of whom were of Georgia regiments but three, arrived here this morning irom Oen. Grant's army, and were released upon tnking the oath of alle giance. Resigned?Dr. H. E. Woodbury has re signed his position In the office of the Auditor of the Treasury for the Post Office Depart ment. ?yTbe British Army and Navy Gazette, edited by Russell, formerly correspondent of the London Times, says the sinking of the Al abama has proved the supariority of the Dahl gren gun over the Blakely, with which the rebel craft was armed; thinks that the conduct of the Deerhound involves grave considera tions, which require inquiry and satisfactiry explanation; and censures the proposition of Admiral Anson to present Semmes with a sword, as likely to increase the bitterness of the American people toward the Engli3h. WAmong the births insert?d in the London Times the other day, mention is made of a Mrs Pigg and a Mrs. Hogg having each presented their lord and master with a son. ?yThe coroner's jury upon the late railroad disaster on the Grand Trunk Railway in Can ada, have returned a verdict censuring Bur nie, the engine driver. ?/?Jtticnaei Blue, or Pulaski, Tennessee, had a terrible attack ot the Blues a few days ago His wife presented him with three Blues atone birth?two girls and one boy. ?r A hundred factory girls from England, whose passage money had been paid bv the Lawrence mill companies, arrived in Law rence a few days ago. ... Cincinnati, hereafter, every street walker found on the pavement after 9 o'clock in the evening is to be arrested and fined fire dollars. KTThree quarters of a million of property and a number of lives were lost last week bv an incendiary fire among the steamboats at thi St Louis levee. An attempt to reorganize the ladies' dress relorm movement in Chicago, last Saturday, totally failed. J NT" Lager beer, among other "necessaries ' of life, has "riz," and is now 10 centa a glass everywhere. K7"Yellow fever is on the rampage at Nas sau. It will probably clean out that nest of anglo-rebel varmints. *^The harbor of Sebastopol is nearly cleared of the ships sunk there during the Crimean war. The name of Mr. Charles Dickens's new novel, in German, is ?Unser-gengenseiti^er Freund." ^"Two negro regiments have been organ ized in Louisville, Ky. KTThe Rothcbilds propose opening a bank In Mexico, with a capital of 815,000,000. iflrOeorge Francis Train, it is said, will rep resent Nebraska in the Chicago Convention. ?ST Amaurosis, a painful disease of the eye, is attrlbnted to the u>e of tobacco. A dinner was tendered Generals Banks and Sickles by the bar of New Orleans. ?7"Enclish papers again talk of Clueen Vic abdicating. LOOAL NEWS. Affairs in Georgetown.?Sudden Death. ' Tuesday night, a man named Hugh Gra ham, went to the Baltimore House, on Bridge street, and asked for liquor and lodging, and was accommodated. Wednesday morning he got up late and called for dinner, and in the meantime took some whisky and a glass of mineral water, and laid down on a lounge. A short time afterwards he was found dead. 'he coroner declined holding an inquest, it be> Tdg considered unnecessary. The deceased had been employed some time previous to his death at the Government grave yard at Arlington. It was stated that he had been paid forty dol lars the day before be went to the Baltimore House, but upon searching his clothes nothing was found. Concluded.?The distribution of premiums to scholars of the public schools was concluded yesterday at the Montgomery street school bouse, when premiums were distributed to Primary Schools Nos. 3 and 4, Miss Laura Reed and Miss Edmondson, teachers, and the two Grammar Schools, Misses Emma Reed and Martha Heustls, teachers. The medals (one in each school) were awarded to John Stalcup, Emma Rodier, Mary Hunt and Thos. Martin. A number ot premiums were distrib uted to meritorious scholars. The distribution was made for the guardians of the schools by Bev. Dr. Edwards, Dr. Barbarin, C. Myer* and Thos. Jewell, Esqs. The schools are in excellei.t condition, and are in high raver wi h the citizens. Fart of Georgelovm?Entered?Barges Western Sea, Harding, Glace bay, Cape Breton. Sch'r Exchange, Hamilton, Portland, Me. Clei red.? Sch'rs Golden Pearl, Barkley, Deal's Island; Wm. Ruark, Hooper, Havre de Grace; Pinta, Bell, Vienna; E. Virginia, Cai lter, Saulsbury; George Washington, Barton, Baltimore; Bodgers, Holmes, do.; Tropic, Bui lev, Saulsbury; Skinner, Moore, Baltimore; A. W. Thompson, Reeves, do.; George Washing ton, Beatley, St. Mary's; H. Ann, Chase, do.; Ann Carelton, Perkins, Philadelphia; Wm. S. Loud, Fage, Glace Bay, Cape Breton; Sea Bird, Moot, New York; G. H. D. Smoot, An derson; Fort Washington; M. P. Iry, Secar, Nanjemoy. Sloop American Flag, Welch, Cedar Point. The Paid Fibb Department.?The com missioners of the Fire Department have com menced making appointments of officer* and men of the steam fire engine companies, but as yet have not completed them. At their last meeting the following foremen wars appoint, ed No. 1, located in the First Ward, W. H. Hires; No. 2, (D street, near 12tb,) Wm. Dorr, No. 1 Hook and Ladder, (Massachusetts ave nue, between 4th aafl 5th streets,) John T. Cbauncey. Tbe appointments to the other offices were postponed. ? a Navy Yard.-'The gnnboat Freeborn, of the Potomac Flotilla, arrived at the Yard yester day for repairs, her rudder having been knocked off by a torpedo, which exploded under her stern on the 3d of July, while she wuljlBf at anchor in Dividing Creek, V*. be Tub fiiosumiT to tbi Victim* op thi Explosion AT THB Abakhal The committee of workmen of the Arsenal to raise funds for the erectloa of a monument oyer the remains ot the nnfortBMte victims or the Arsenal explo sion, have that far raised over two thonsaad dollars for the purpose, and this sum not being deemed sufficient for the purpose, two of the committee, Messrs. James R. King and Joseph A Birch, are yet soliciting subscript ions. This Is a very laudable undertaking, and the com mittee hope that the citizens generally will subscribe, and enable them to raise a handsome and substantial monument to mark the spot where eighteen of the twenty-one unfortunate victims reBt. Thb District Militia.?At a meeting of the National Rifles, held last evening at Tem perance Hall, it was announced upon the au thority of a gentleman connected with the War Department, that the Secretary of War had turned the militia of the District over to Pro vost Marshal (General Fry for reorganization, who was determined to call the militia out regularly for drill, and every man who was enrolled wonld be compelled to attend the mus ters. Marriage.?Yesterday morning a largrf as semblage of ladies and gentlemen gathered at the Church of the Ascension and witnessed the nuptials of Mr. Franklin Rives, son of the late John G. Rives, and Miss Jeannie Tree, daughter of Lambert Tree, Esq. The cere mony was performed by Rev. Dr. Plnclrney, rector of the church; and after the numerous friends assembled had extended their congrat ulations, the happy couple proceeded north ward to 6pend the honeymoon. Statbopthb Thirhovitib.-At Frank lin A Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at <; o'clock a. m., 56 in the shade; at 1 o'clock, 79 in the shade. JJY W. 1). LEWI3 & Co., Auctioneers. AT AUCTION. TO MORROW(Saturdaylat 9*, o'clock, at Auc tioii Koum, No. 30> Peuunytvauia avhuiiu, we shall sell a good lot of Furniture, ss Mahogany Bureaus, Bedsteads. Feather Bed*. Hair Matresses Linen Sheets, fine French-plate Mirrors, splendid Pianos; and also invoices of Dry Goods. Hosieries. Sheetings. Ac.; Boots and Shoes, with a variety of other goods, to close sales. jy 22 W. B. LEWIS A CO., Aucts. JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. ROSEWOOD OA8E piaTk) FORTE. HANDSOME PARLOR SUITE FURNITURE, Jko*AT AUC On TO MORROW MORNING, at 10 o'clock, ii front of the Auction Rooms, we shall sell, a? Superior Rosewood Case Metalic framePiano Forte. of line tone, and in perfect condition. Suite of Walnut Parlor Furniture finished on sreen and gold brocatelle. and consisting of two Sofa two Arm and six Parlor Chairs, Marble-top Centre and Sofa Tables, Sleepy Hollow Chair, Oak Hall Chairs. Cane Seat Chairs, Lounge. Oak Cottage 8uite, Spring Bed. Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wasnstamls Sideboard. Refrigerator, Gold Band Dinner Sett, Glassware. Table Cutlery. Gilt Candelabra^, Bronze Clock, See. Together with many other articles in the House keeping line. _lt J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. Representative substitutes.-i am ready to supply any person not liable to draft, from over age or other cruses, with good MEN, to represent them in the army for three year3. Now is the time to show your patriotism. , , . G. H. CASSIDY, 446 3th st? JV 2I-lw between Penn. avenne and D st. PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED FOR THE Brick Work required in the erection of Cav aV;y Baptist Church until August 2d, noon. They will be directed to the Chairman of Building Committee, AMOS KENDALL, Washington, D. C The p'ans and specifications of Messrs. Clnss and Kammerhuber .Architects, can be seen at their office, No. 130 West Second street, between D and E streets. The work will be paid for in cash, subject, how ever, to the condicions usual in giving out sim ilar work. The bids will be opened at Old Trinity Hall, 5th street, between D and E streets, August 2d, at 6 o clock p. m.. and the contract awarded as soon as practicable thereafter. Jy 21-1 ltd B[No. TOO.} Y THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. In pursuance of law, I.ABRAHAM LINCOLN, President of the United States of America, do here by declare and make known that public sales will be held at the undermentioned Land Offices in the State of'Minnesota, at the periods hereinafte designated, to-wit: At the Land Office at minneapolis, commen cing on Monday, the flfth day of September next for the disposal of the public lands within the fol owing townships and parts of townships, vix : North of the bast lint and reest of thtfifth princlpa meridian. The BE and the W Y% of section 5; the N % of section 19 of township llfi; sections 19 and 21; the N >* of section 23; sections 27, 29, 31, and 33, of town ship 117, of range 25. Sections 1, 3. 5, 7, 9, II, 13, 15. and 17; the NE I* of section 20, of township 116; sections 19, 21. 23 25 **7 ??? 3l"p\-?f township 117; the 8 \i SE Jtf, and of 8W of section 33, of township 118, ot range 2b. Sections 1. 3. 3. 7, 9 11, 13.15. and 17; the N ii ot section 19, the I* y. of section 21, and the N ? ot section 23, of township 116; the 8 of section 19, the ?A?f?ec.tl0,i21-the a * of section 23. and sections H.' ?ud 5s- of- township 117ithe S Y, 8E ^4, the 8 J* SW of section 31, of township 118, of range 27. Sections 1. 3,5, 9.11. and 13; the N Y* of section 15, ?? township lib; sections 1, 3,5, 7,9.11, 13,15.17, 19, range'28 ' 29' 31' 331 &nd ^ of township 117, of Section 1. of township 116; sections 1,3 5 7 9 11 S: r.f8fe?Ci'0KS ;3' I'9' "?13-16< 17, 19, 21, 23, and 23, of towhhipll7, and sections 25, 27. 29 31 .v: and of township 118, of range 31. ' ' aua 3j' V-3' 5\,r an'' 17. oftownship 118'ofninge3?n8 29.31,33, and 35, ef township Sections 1, 3, B, 7, 9,11.13,15, and 17; theN of section 19 the N H of section 21; the N J* of section 23. oftownship 117; sections 25, Z7, 29. 31 M and S? of township lis. of range .33. -"-and Jo. Sections 1, 3. 5, 7, 9, II, 13,15.17. 19, 21, and 23; the N y% of section 27 and section 29, of township 117- sec tions 26 , 27 , 29, 31, 33, and 35, of township lis o range 34. * Township llfi; sections 1, 5, 5,7,9,11,13, 15 17 19 21. 23- 25, Z7, and 29, of section 31; the N Y, of section 31; the N S of section 33, and the N Y% of section 35, of township 117, of range 35. Township 116: sections 1, 3. 5. 7. 9,11,13,15.17.19 21,23. 25. 27, and 29. of township 117, of range 3rt ' Township 116 and 117; sections 19, 21, 23 , 25 . 27 31.33, and &. of township 118, of range 37. v At the Land Office at ST. CLOUD, commencing on Monday, the fifteenth day of August next, for the disposal of the public lands within the follow ing parts of townships, viz : North <J the bas( line and west cj tht fifth frintii *1 meridian. Sections 7 and 17; the N Y? of section 19, and the N i-t of section 21, of township 121, of range 28 Sections 1. 3, 5. 7, 9.11, 13,15, and 17; the N M of section 19, the N of section 21, and the N H of section 23, oftownship 121; sections 31,33, and 3a, of township 122, of range 29. Sections 1,3. 5,7, 9, 11, 13. 15, and 17; the N Y% of section 19. theN of section 21, and the N Y* of section 23, of township 121; sections 29, 31, 33. and 35, of township 122, of range 3'>. Sections 1,3, 5,7,9,11,13,15, and 17; and the N o section 23.of township 121; sections 19 and 21 ? the S X of section 23; sections 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, and 35, of township 122, of range 31. Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13. 15, and 17, of town ship1121; the 8 Y? of section 13; the S Y* of section 15; the S)? of section 17; sections 19, 21,23, 25, 27.29. 31 33, and 35, of township 122, of range $2 ' ' ' Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11,13.15, and 17, of township 121: the S H of section 13; the S S' of section 15; the S>? of section 17: sections 19.21,23.25,27 , 29,31.33. and 35. of township 122, of range 33. Sections 1, 3, 5,7, 9,11, 13,15. and 17, oftownship 121; sections 19 . 21, 23 , 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, and 35, of township 122, of range 34. Sections 1,3, 5. 7, 9,11,13,15. and 17, of township 121; sections 25, 27 , 31, 33, and 35, oftownship 122, of range 35. Sections 1. 3 5.7, 9, 11,13. and 15; the N X of sec tion 17, oftownship 121; section 7; the W S' of sec tion 15; sections 17,19, 21,21, 25, 27, 29,31,33, and 35, ! of township 122, of range 36. The E k, the NWk, and the N % SW of sec tion 1, of township 121; sections 1, 3, 8,7,9,11,13,15, 17 , 21,23,25. 27. and 35, of township 122; sections7. 17,19, 21, 27, 29,31, 33, and 35, of township 123, of range 57. 'lhe E NE >4, of section 1, of township 121; sec tions 1 and 11, oftownship 122; the W }-? of section 1; sections3. 5.7, 9,11,13.15, 17, 23, and 25; the N )?% of section 27. and section 35, of township 123; sec tions 13,14,15,19, 29, 31, and 33, ot township 124, of range 38. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, military, and other purposes, together with selec tions of swamp lands Bled in your office by the Surveyor General, will be excluded from the sale. The offering of the above lands will be com menced on the days appointed, and will proceed in the order in which they are advertised, until the whole shall have been offered, and the sale thus closed; but the sale shall not be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry or any of the lsnds will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the citr of Washington, this 18th day of April, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four. I ^ n . ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Bj the President: J. M. EDMUNDS, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO ACTUAL 8ETTL1KS. All bona fide actual settlements under existing laws, mbsisting prior to and up to the date of this proclamation, will be recognized; and all such set' tiers are hereby called upon to come forwent and establish and enter their claims with the Begister and Receiver before the day fixed in the focegeinc ii,o "icement of the public sale J. M. EDM UNO*. Commissioner. Nora.?r nder the regulations of the Department, as heretofore and now existing, no payment Can bo made f6r advertising proclamations, except to such publishers as are specifically authorised by the Oom TOsaioner of the General Land Office, is ?-lawi>w Ta.\,rS?J?SSit* 5**,**!?" ""> "i W'8?^ 'StrS: Proposals fob mail steamship skrtiom imiaWmiTID 3TATBS AMD BRAZIL. POi* Orrioi Dinwiinr, f Wa?11?oto?. Jane 17. IK4.( In accordance with the provisions of the art of Congress, approved May ts?,lS>t. which in ia the words following, to wit: " A* ACT to authorise the establishment of o~?an mail steamship service between the United State* Mid Brasil." " B* it tnarted by tke Stunt' wf House of R'm imiatires of the Untud States (J Arntryenin C?ntret\ auembUd, That the Poatma*ter General be. and he in hereby authorixed to unite with the General Post Office Department of the Empire of Braxil. or ?nch officer of the Government of Itraail as shall b? authorixed to act for that Government.in establish ing direct mail communication between the two countries by meana of a ninthly tine of flrat etas* American sea going steamship-. to be not lees thaa two thousand tona burden each. and of sufficient number to perform twelve round trips or veyages per annum between a j?ort of the United Stat**, north of the Potomac rirer. and Rio do Janeiro, in Brar.il, touching at St. Thomas, in the West Indies, at Bahia.Pernamlmco.and suchother Brazilian anil intermediate port or porta an ahall be consilered neceaaary and expedient: proadtd, That thee* pense of the service shall bo divided between the two Governments, and that the United States por tion thereof ahall not exceed the sum of one hnn dred and fifty tbouaand dollars for the w rformance of twelve round trips per annum, to he pnid o?*. of any money appropriated for the aervice of the Post Office Department 'Sec. 2. And be tf fvrth'r nwtt f, Tliat the P.>*? maater General be. and he ia hereby, authorised to invite proposals flnr said mail steamship -.ervice by public adrertiaeinent for the period of sixty (fays in one or more newspapers published in tho cities of Washington, Baltimore. Philadelphia, New York and Boston, respectively and to con tract with the lowest responsible bidder for the aame for a term of ten years, to commence froin the day the first steamship of the proposed line ?b*;i depart from the United State- with the mails far Braxil: Provided. That propo-als for monthly trip?? that ia to nay, for twelve round voyages pe> annum out and back?are received and accepted by him within the limit as aforesaid.,from a party or parties i?f undoubted responsibility, pos*e,sing ample ability to furnifh the steamships required for the service, and offering good and sufceifut sureties for the faithful performance of such con tract: Andprovidrd, further. That anch proposal* shall be accepted by the Government of Branl.and that dirtinct and aeparate contract*.with each Gov cionitnt, unitaii>i?K >.|>nUaf provisions, ahall be executed by such accepted bidder or niuurin, ? Government to b<* responsible only for its propor tion of the subsidy to be paid for the service. "Sec. 3. And be it AirtH-r martvi, That any cen tract which the Postmaster General may execute under the authority of this act shall go into effect on or before the first day of September, one thnus and eight nundred and sixty-five; and shall, in addition to the naual stipulation* of ocean mail steamship contracts, provide that the steamships offered f< r the aervice shall be constructed of the best material* and after the most approved mo del. with all the modern improvements adapted for sea going steamship* of the first class; and shall, before their approval and acceptance by tho Postmaster General, be subject to inspection and ?urvey by an experienced naval constructor, to be detailed for that purpose by the Secretary of thw Navy,whose report shall bemrfdeto the Postmaster General; that the two Government* shall be enti tled to have transported, free of expense, on each and every steamer, a mail agent to take charge of and arrange the mail matter, to whom suitable ac commodations for that purpose shall be assigned; that in case of failure from any cause to perform any of the regular monthly voyages stipulated for in the contract, a pro rata deduction shall be ma'le from the compensation on acenuntof such omitted voyage or voyages; that suitable tines and penal ties may be imposed for delays and irregularities in the regular performance of the service accord - ing to contract; and that the Postraa-ter Genera! shall have the power to determine the contract at any time, in case of its being underlet or assigned to any other party. " Sec. 4. And be, it further tnnrtiJ, That the mail steamships employed in the service authorized by this act snail be exempt from all port charges and custom-house dues at the port of departure and ar rival in the United States-. Provided. That a sim ilar immunity from port charges and custom hou r dues is granted by the Government of Brazil. " Approved May 28. 1864 " PROPOSALS Will be received at the Post Office Department, in the city of Washington, until 3 o'cleck p.m. of SATURDAY,the first Jay of October. 1864, for con veying the mails of the United States by a monthly line of tirat-class American sea going steamships of not less than two thousand tons burden each. an 1 of sufficient number to perform twelve round voy ages per. annum between a port ol the I nited State* north of the Potomac river and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, touching at St. Thomas, in the West In dies, and at Bahia and Pernambuco, in Brazil, fur a contract term of ten years, to commence on or before the 1st day of September, lJKi, and to date from the day the first steamship of auch tine shall leave the United States with the mails for Brazil. Bidders must designate the United 8tates port of departure snd arrival, and may, at their option, propose t- embrace additional intermediate ports at which th*- steamships shall touch on their out ward or homeward passages, to deliver and receive mails. I Each bid should name the time proposed to tie occupied in performing the passages, each way, be tween the United States port of departure and ar rival and Rio de Janeiio. and nhould be accompa nied by a map or diagram of the route, showing the intermediate porta at which the steamships are to call to deliver and receive mails. Schedules of the sailing days, stating the proposed days and hours of departure from each port, as well as th?j proposed days and hours of arrival, should also accompany each bid, such schedules, however, to be subject to the approval of the Post Department* of the respective countries, and to alteration by | said Department* from time to time, as the inter ests of the proposed international postal service may require. The steamships offered for this service must be American steamers of the first cla-s. and before acceptance will be subject to inspection and sur vey oy an experienced naval constructor t? be de tailed for that purpose by the Secretary of the N & v y ? Proposals mast conform in all respects to the provisions and requirement* of the aforesaid act, approved May 2Sth, IfiVI, and must be properly guarantied, with a satisfactory testimonial that the guarantors are men of property, and abun dantly able to make good their guarantee. The bidder's name and residence, and the name of each member of the firm, when a company offers, shoull be distinctly stated iu the proposal The acceptance or non-acceptance of the bids will be determined by the Postmaster General as soon as practicable after the time limited for their reception; but no proposal can be accepted by this Department unless the bidder is also accepted by the Government of Brazil, as provided for in the aforesaid act. And in case of such Joint acceptance, distinct and separate contracts are to be executed by the accepted bidder or bidders with each Gov ernment, containing similar provisions, each Gov ernment to be responsible only for its proportion of the subsidy to be paid for the service. Pi oposals should be sent, under seal. to "the I'irst Assistant Postmaster General." "Foreign Desk," with the words " Mail Proposn/.?'' Fortttn Mail*'' written on the face of the address; and they shoul 1 be dispatched in time to be received by er before the first day of October next, which will betlw San', day for receiving proposals under this advertise ment. M. BLAIR, Postmaster General. Notf ?This Department is not advised that any definite action has yet been taken b> the Govern meat of Braxil in respect to the establishment of the proposed steamship service between the two countries, but it is probable that by th? 1st of Oc tober next, the limit fixed for the reception of proposals under this advertisement. Certain infor mation on that subject will have been received. When received, it willbe made public. je 18-w9w M B (Lj NEW STOCK. k^OLE IEATHER TRAVELING TRINK. I.A DIES' DRESS TRUNK. HAT BOXES,VA ?rgTftt USES. LEATHER and CARPET BA<i3.?tftV?\ SATCHELS. A c., comprising the lartest^1"-*1* and best assortment of ladies' and gentlemen's traveling requisites to be found in this city. WALL. 8TEPHKNS A CO., 322 Pa. av., bet. Pth and loth streets. Jy 21-2wif llntelAChron | YY A T E R R T S. Water Reoiptr\h'.s OrrtCR, l City Hall, July 7, t All persons w?o use the Aqueduct water on their premises are hereby notified that the water rent:* now due to the Corporation for the period from July I. ISM, to January 1,1863. The water rent is required to be paid at this of fice during this month of July. If not paid by or before Augnst 1st, the law commands that the water be shut off at the main and not restored ex cept upon payment of arrears and two dollara for expense of shutting off and restoring. The law doee not provide for serving individual notices, and this public notice is all tnat will Le" given. RANDOLPH COYLK. jy8-lm Water Registrar. RAILROAD NOTICK. While the Philadelphia* Road remaina eJoBed.traina will be ran between Baltimore and Washington as follows ?iz ? FROM WASHINGTON 6:3" and 11:18 a. m. 4:45 and 6:30 p. m. FROM BALTIMORK. 7:00 and l<?:00 a. m, 3:30 and 4:10 p. m. Ivl2 GEO. L. KOONTZ, Agent _ PERCY'S METALLURGY. IRON AND ST LRU London, 1964. Phillip's Metallurgy- London. Percy's Metallurgy, Copper, Zinc. Bra??. A; London. Iron Tables. Scrivenoron the Iron Trade. London. French's Iron Trade of the United States Beecraft'e Companion to tht Iron Trade L ? don. Hogc's Iron Trades' Guide. London. The Manufacture of Iron. Truran on the Manufacture of Iron. Overman on the Manufacture of Iron. Fairbairn'e Information <?FrR??fcTTAYLOB W.B" D0BT: ATTORNKY and Aiiu?g0lJN8KLL0R AT LAW 427 fifteenth street, je 2T-lm* Next door to Rlggf' Bank 'CQEMR SUB. ?Paula Monti, flt?c; Therese Da , / Qoyer.6>c:La Concaratcha, 6"e; Le Comman lenrdeMalte, 60e: Le Morne an viable. B*nae aventure.W^c; Miss Mary on L Instrutrice. Comedies Bocialea, 40c; Latreaamont, ;?? u'A?arice.40e;La Luxure, 40c; L'Knvie, 6>c La fBAKCK rr?H18 18 TO GIVB HOTIOB, That the ?al?; 1 scriber Mm obtained from the Orphans' Court ?f Washington County, in the District of Cola"' hia. letters testamentary on the personal estate el aeriber, on or before the 4th day ef June ne?t. they may otheewiae byUw be ercluled. fr?a> ? ' benefit ef the Mid estate. . , . ... lllU (j-lvoQ undor bv itk dif of IbMi lell RxKilrU

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