23 Temmuz 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Temmuz 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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V?. XXIV. WASHINGTON. D C.. SATURDAY. JULY 23. 1864. i . A HP. 3.558. PERSONAL. T7ITBAORDINARY POWER.-Mra L SMITH, JEs Clairvoyant and Test Milium. '23i 4th atreet, ? few doora above I street. with the aid of spirit*, examines all kind* of diseases aee* your dea l and living trieuds; describes them. *"t* n?uwii will character; real* the future. Advice about buni nees. Bitting 92. )y 18 ln?_ QNLY FIFTEEN WEERS IN AMERICA. DR. BECHTINGER, formerly Surgson in charge in the Austrian and Italian army, oc cupied himself with the treatment of all hind* of 4i?MfH. Particular attention j)tm to Female Diseases and Private Di?ea*ea. Besides the knowI ?4|< f f three old languages. he (on?er?e? in Eng. )isn, French IteiUn. German, and Spanish lan tvatM. His Imperial Commission* and hi* Diplo ma* from the moat celebrated university of Burope hang in his office. No. 491* Hevnth street. Dr. Bechtingeri* very much encouraged tohaveduring thin verr short time the patronage of the public of Washington, aa. among many others not pub lished, the following certificate* may be attested : " Thin is t? cert ify that I have been troubled for the la?t three years with a chronic disease, resist ing all medical treatment, and which through the ?id of Dr. B?chtinger: I have been perfectly cured. "Washington city,1st June. 1964. (J. DONB." " Your treatment of my involuntary discharge, and your auccesa in it, recommend you vary hi-h ?y T. t. 8MITU. ' What German newspaper, (Weker Columbia,* ?ays: " After a long sickness my poor ehild became dropsical, in which time I call to you, dear sir. a'id you saved him. MASCON Jt R. B street. No 29ft." "I had tried all specifies, without any effect, *gnii"t the chrenic lung disease of my eldest aon, until under your treatment he improved "Maryland av., 12th st. MULLER. Painter." All these and many other very difficult eur-s have been made by Dr. H. in the above sp*citi*<t time Regular office hours from 9 to 11 a. m , and 4 to 6 p.m. For the poor and nufortanate posi tivelv only from 11 to 12. Medicines without charge so 499 Seventh street, opposite Oil l Fellows' Ball. Jy 5-lm* Bit WARE of IMPOSTORS Mt-Dv. T.BON for many years a successful practitioner in New York, has opened ( for a few weeks) an office No, 4 I 4 P?nn'a avenue, between 4)4 and 6th streets, where tno?e afflicted (either male or femala) with diseases of Private nature may consult him. No rhargemade if he fails to oure. Persons at a dis tance can be treated by addressing by mail. 1y J- lm* DOCTOR JONE8, No. 410 Thirteenth street | west, between G and II, insures success in all FKMALR C0MPAINT8. Consultationsexclusive ly with ladiea. Hours 9 a. ro. to a p. m. jaM Im* HDR J. H THOMPSON AS Removed from No. si7 1 north F to 313 H ?treet, one door west of 7th st. Office hours. 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 3 p. m. je23-Im* QUERY??Who baa ti-e largest assortment of pattern for Stamping r Who is the only prac tical person that Stamp*? Who has the largest number of hands at Embroidery ? Who baa the finest stock of Embroideries, Braid*, Ac., and who la the only person in the District that doe* Fluting for ladies dreases? WPRINCE, 3?1 F STR?BT,^i where ladies can select from IS,"*) choice patterns for any kind of work, and where they can get ANY PATTERN stamped. Having stamped for 80,100 ladies is proof that he knows his business. Ladiea who do not want their goods spoiled, but stamped as they shorld be. go to the only person in tha city who does good work. FLUTING I FLUTING! FLUTINGI The only ntarkitw in town now in operation. Fluting done as good as in n?w York or elsewhere. my9-tf F atreet. opposite Patent Offioe. TRAVELERS* DIRECTORY. B- CAPE MAY. Y RAILROAD FROM PHILADELPHIA FROM ALNUT STREET PIER, 1 ?JA WEST JERSEY RAIL OAD. At 6 a.m., accommodation due at ln}i a. m. At Hi a. ro., express due at 1% p. m. At a. m.. expressdue at 8 p. m. Returning, leave Cape May? 6 a. m express due at9)? a. m. 11.46 accommodation due at 4>? p. m. 6.K' p. m express due at p. m. Through without change of cars or baggage. New cars, and everything first-class. )e 20 3m J. VAN RBNSSELABB, Sup*t. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Hnnday, June ]9th, 1854, Daily Trains will be run between Washington and New York and Washington and the West, aa followa: FOB PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7.30 a. m., 11.14 a. m., and 8.9' p. m. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at flJO p. m. only. TOR BALTIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA. Leave Washington at 3 p. m. dally, except Sun day. Passengers will note that this train runs as far as Philadelphia only. FOR NEW YORK. Leave Washington daily at 6.39 p. m. This train is/or Ntu> York passengers exclusively. FOB BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.30a. m., 11.15 a. m.,3p. m.. 4.4?p. 111.,7^0 p. m ,auJ i.Ji p. in., except Sun da Sunday at 7 JO a. m . 3 p. m., and 8 30 p. m. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.3> a. m. and 3,4.45and 3.30 p. m. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 3 and 8.Si p. m Tickets sold to all points WBST, and baggag! 1Kecked through. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at C.30 a. m. and 4.15 p. m. daily, except Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Sunday. T-ains leaving Washington at 7.S1 a. m. And 6.3" p m. go through to New York without changt tkf tars. Sleeping ear* on6.3rtand 8.3? p. m. trains. Berths can be seemed until fip. iu. daily at the ticket of fice. After that hour they must be secured of the Bleeping car conductor. The first and fifth trains stop at all way points. The 3 p. m. train stops only at Bladensburg, Beltsville, Laurel. Annapolis Junction and Relay House daily, except Sunday. On Sunday it stops at all way points. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Passengers will please observe that tha 3 p. m. train run* only as .far as I ktladelphia daily, except Suntiay. Or. Sunday it runs to Baltimortonly. Also, that the 6 JO p. in. train takes Ntw York passtngers cm Iv. For further information, tickets of any kind, Ac., apply to GEO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent at Wash ington .or at the Ticket Office W P. SMITH. Master of Transportation. L M. COLE, General Ticket Agent. )e 20 tf G RBAT PENNSYLVANIA ROUTE TO TH* NOR THWEST AND SO UTHWEi T. ON AND AND AFTER NOVEMBER 13TH trains will leave Baltimore from the North Cal vert station as follows: Fast Mail at ?? ?-? .9 *? A. M. Harrisburg Accommodation??3.W P. M. Lightning Express. ? ? ??J' P. M. THE 6 30 A. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the9.10 a. m. train from Baltimore for PitUburg and the Wast,and for Elmira, Buff alo. Rochester, Dunkirk, Canandaigua, and Ni agara Falls, and for New York city. THE 3.20 P. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with tha 9.30 p. m. train froin Balti more for Elmira and the North and Pittsburg and the West, SLEEPING CARS ON NIGHT TRAINS. BoLDi?a?' Ticxars at Govkrmmiiit Ratis. ONB THROUGH TRAIN ON SUNDAY. LOW FARE AND QUICK TIMB. WFor tickets and any information apply at tha efflce of the Great Pennsylvania Route, corner Peun. aveaue and6thatreet, under Natioaal Hotel, Washington. J. N. DUBARRY. Superintendent. N. 0. R. E. K. J. WILKINB. Pass and Tiekat Agent, cor. 6th at. and )e ?-tf Penn. avenue. DENTISTRY. (^RBAL DISCOVERY IN DENTISTRY. ThiA Extracted without Pvtn with th* Mukritt *f I would ad viae all persona having teeth to ai tract to c?!l at Dr. LEWIS'S office, and have them taken out by this newM^SL ted harmleee procaaa. Also call and mi IT TIT aa amine tha Doctor's new and im proved method of Inaerting Artificial Teeth. If yon obm ace the great improvement in his teeta r a will lift Ut?m 1q do oi^#r flljrl# th*n tkii n#w and valuable one. No.U44.Pa. avanna, between Uth and Uth streets. novtt 8. R. LBW1B. M. P.. Penttot. MX K K T H. . LOOM 18, M. D .the Inventor and Patentee of the MINERAL PLATR TlgTH. at tends paraonaUy at his oBee la thiafl|^^?9K city. Many persons eao wear theae^T/^^^F teeth who cannot wear others, and no 1 1 person can wear others who aaanot wear theae. Persons calling at my offloe can be aeoommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may deaire, hat to thoaa who are particular and wish the purest, eltioeat, atrongeat, and moat perfect denture that art can produce, the MINBEAL PLATB will bg mora fully warranted. . . Booms in this city-No 339 Pennsylvania avenue between ?th and hith streets. Also, 90T Arch at? Fklladelphla. ?sar4-ly WHITE VIRGIN WAX OF ANTILLBE?A new French Cosmetie for beaatifyiag, wWtening. and preserving the Complexion. It IS the moat ?onaerful eomponnd of the age. There ia neither akalk, powder, magnesia, bismuth, or tale in it* wnnposition, it being composed entirely of pure virgin Wax?hence its extraordinary ?ualitiaa fey *kin' making it aoft, smooth, fair, appear youBg, tfni n th* handsome, mora bean ful, *01 the most beautiful divine. Vrieeai and 1 iim S BLOOM OF ROdBS. a most perfeet color I !?r cheeka or lipa, does n.it wash off or l%l?i I i??.,kln Priee 28 cents and f l. HUNT'S COUET I ??? V* POWD&R, for whiteaing and areaerving I lrll,?\ F'lC"Manufactured by I Co ?41 Eonth Eighth atreet. Philadef I 1 J1 k?" ?*? o> M Bant ft I cinTisrf?flB.?B. bottl??- For aala at A. X tod w twW-e'wt'b.B? tlmor* rtreet. Baltimore. ^ fiiJ*.? ENTWIBLB, eorner TrMfth street and rM*sylvaaia eve.. Washing ten D. 0. apl-Ea PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS FOR STAMPED ENVELOPES. Post Officr Dbpartmmt, i a 1 > n , ABHiaOTOll, July W. Wfr. t ?vwit ? w\llb* receiT>d until three ???. r ?' ? I?? thirteenth day of August. lSfi4. for fur rushing ml the Stamped EnrelooeH an { New?p*perW rapper* which thirDepartment may require during a period commencing on thetwelfth SWrSwfe'-1!>S4' "d endins on th* first d*y ' STAMPED ENVELOPES. papeT. ?r 8IZB' 27' by KY* inctl?8, of white 1e?2;fcJ5* ,nche?, and extra Jrl.V, ?i' br ? 4- ?nch?s, of white, baff. or M may beVSu^d''Portions of either i-- official siee 37,' by 8^ inches, of the tr^thm^rn ?*?? 2i an'' nnder a like condition as iii ProP?rt'on of each. ?s.i! * aboJe envelopes are to he embossed witn ii postage stamp of style and color similar t? 11hose now in us*, of such denomination as the Postmaster General may select. ,no\a-mpud E e P* P*" r xvrapper?. not legg than 6 by -iwfw ''a ?'hufTor manilla paper, embossed *i".tn? -wo-cent postage stamp, or any other de DnH ,nat'?n that may be required. Proposals are also invited for furnishing straw or manilla board boxes, or others of equal or su perior strength, for packing parcels of envelopes and or newnpaper wrappers, containing from one hundred to five hundred each, and for water-proof fivethousand Peking parcels of four to twenty Th* manufactory must, at all reasonable times, be subject to the inspection of the agent of the De partment, who will be instructed to require that the envelopes and wrappers shall be made in the Dest manner, or paper of approved quality, manu factured socially for the purpose, and with such ."Tw as the Postmaster General may di rect. They must be gummed for sealing?the for mer at l?*a?=t 4?? inches on the point, and one end of the latter ; they must be banded in parcel* of twenty-five, packed, without charge for packing and furnished complete in all respects, ready for nse with all reasonable dispatch, and in such quan tities as may be requirel to fill the orders of post an<1 mn?tbe delivered daily.either at the Post Office Department or at the office of an agent duly authorized to inspect and receive the same? the place of delivery to be at the option of the Postmas'er General, and the cost thereof to be paid by :he contractor. The agvnt of tbe Department will furnish the address for each parcel, which is to be pasted on the bo* by the manufacturer without charge The dies for embossing 'he postage stamps on the envelopes and wrappers are to be executed in the best sr > le. and thev are to be pro vided, renewed and kept in order at the expense of the contractor. The Department also reserves the right of re quiring new denominations of stamps, and any changes of the dies or colors, without additional ciiar*e. Bidders are notified that the Department will require, as a condition of the contract, that the envelopes and wrappers shall be manufactured and store4 in such a manner as to afford entire security against loss by fire or by theft. Bidders are expected to furnish samples of paper with their b d?, of the quality they intend to u?>e in the manufacture of the envelopes which they propose to supply, and also specimens of the enve lopes. unstamped, and of boxes Proposals are also invited for'devices other than watermarks, (or additional to such marks.) to afford protection against counterfeiting. Speci mens to be submitted. Tbe contract to be awarded to the bidder whose pr(JP1v ? ^though it be not the lowest, is consid ered the most advantageous to the Department taking mto account the price, the quality of the sa-rples, and his sufficiency and ability to manu facture and deliver en*elopes in accordance with ??i vms of ?>8 Rllyertisement; and no proposals ante eg considered unless accompanied by guar Before closing a contract the successful bidder may be required to prepare new dies and submit specimen impressions thereof. The use of the present dies may or not be continued, but no rad ical change in the device of the stamps will b-J idOptt'd, Bonds and security will be required for the faith ful performance of the contract, and payments un der it will be made quarterly. The Postmaster Gene, al reserves to himself the right to annul it whenever he shall discover that the same, or any part thereof, m offered for sale in the market for the purpose of speculation; and he will not in any case sanction a transfer of the contract to any party who fihallbe, in his opinion, less able or less qualified' than the original Didder or contractor. The right in also reserved to annul the contract ur ? perform faithfully any ?f its stip ulations. The number of envelopes of different liieg and of wrappers issued to postmasters during the fis cal year ending June 3?, 1863, is fnlly set forth in the last report of the Postmaster General The bids should be marked " Proposals for Stamped Envelopes snd Wrappers,"and should be addressed to the "Third Assistant Postmaster General, Poet Office Department." Jy 16-eotd M. BLAIR, Postmaster General. / JRDNANCE OFFICE^ V-/ Wak Dbpartmkkt, WasHiaoToa. July 19, 1?4. Sealed Proposals will be received at this office until 4 o'clock on tbe 1st day of August, 1864, for the delivery at the New York Agency, No. 45 Worth street. New York city, of ti0,000 ARTILLERY BLANKETS. These Blankets must be of pure wool, close woven, of stout yarns, to be red, with a black border three (3) inches wide from tbe edge,and the letters *'L. S..'' six (6) inches high, black color, in the center of the blanket. They are to be seventy five (75) Inches long by sixty-seven (67) inches wide and of tbe weight of 3.1975 lbs , or 3 3 16 lbs., on which a variation of 0.1S73. or 3 10 lbs., will be a'lowed. They must be single and not in pairs, and packed in cases of one hundred each. The Blankets are to be inspected at the factory where made, and none will be accepted or paid for e^'e,Pt as are approved upon inspection. Deliveries miist be made as follows, viz: One twentienth ot the amount contracted for on the 31st day of Angust. and one-tenth of the amount per week t! ereafter. Failure to deliver at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. No bid will be considered which does not come from a manufacturer of Blankets, or regular dealer in such goods. Forms of bid can be obtained at the above named arsenals. Proposals not mailt out oh this form will not 6 considtrtd. GUARANTY. The bidder will be required to accompany hii proposition with a guaranty, signed by two re sponsible persons, that, in case his bid be accepted, he wsll at once execute the contract for tlie?ame, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to deliver the arti cles proposed, in conformity with the terms of this advertisement; and in case the said bidder should failto?nter into the contract, they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must be shown by the official certificate of the Clerk of the nearest District Court, or of the United States Dis trict Attorney, Bonds in the sum equal to the amount of the contract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be required of the successful bid der or bidders upon signing the contract. FORM OF GUARANTY. We, the undersigned, residents of , in the county of , and State of , hereby jointly and severally covenant with tbe United States, and guarantee, in case the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they will at once execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amoont of the con tract, to furnish the articles pioposed, in confor mity with the terms of this advertisement dated July 13,186t.under which the bid was made; and, in ce*e the said shall fail to enter into a con tract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between the orfef of the said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or tbe person to whom the contract may be awarded. ) Given under our hands and seals Witness- /this day of , 186?. f8ea?.l l.l To this guaranty most be appended the official certificate above mentioned. Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged to enter into bonds with approved sureties for the faithful execution of tbe same. I'pon the award being made, successful bidders will be notified and furnished with forma of contract and bond. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all the bids, if deemed unsatisfactory on any ac cou nt Proposals will be addressed to " Brigadier Genl George D. Bamsay, Chief of Ordnance, Washing ton. D. 0.." and will be endorsed ' Proposals for Artillery Blankets." GEO D.RAM8AY, Jy 4-eoSt Brig. Gen'1, Chief of Ordnance. K0P08ALS FOB WORK ON THE WEST WING F THE NAVAL OBSEBVATOBY. Bur mm of Navigation, Nacv Department, I Washington. June i2 1864. \ Sealed Proposals for work on the west wing of tbe United States Naval Observatory, endorsed 'Proposals for work on Observatory," aod ad dressed to the chief of this Bureau, will be re ceived at the Bureau until noon of August 1,1864. Drawings and specifications of the work to be done may be seen at the Observatory. The work iatobe completed by the 1st of No vember, 1864. je23-Th&M4w WOOD MOULDINGS 1 WOOD MOULDINGS! WOOD MOULDINGS UNITID 8TATI8 WOOD MOULDING MILL, Noa. 84 and 36 Booth fifteenth street, PHILADBLPH1A. Always on hand, % large stock or the abort articles, mode of the very best material. Orders filled ot the ahorteet notice. Freight poid to Washington, free of charge. aSLBB * BROTHERS, le 17-1m Proprietor*. sjasfisiisflgg AMUSEMBNT8. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC } CANTERBURY HALL,) AND H A L L/CANTERBURY HALL. { THEAT ER Lociaiaba Atudi, Near Corner of SLrth strut, Rear of National and Metropolitan Hotels. GkoRgb Lbi_? ??Proprietor. W. E. Catakaugh?? ..Stage Manager THE POPULAR 8UMMER RESORT! THE POPULAR 8UMMER RESORT I TIIE POPULAR 8UMMER RESORT 1 TEE POPULAR SUMMER R180RT t TTIE POPULAR SUMMER RESORT! THE POPULAR SUMMER RESORT! COOL, COOL, COOL, COOLER, COOLER, COOLER COOLEST, OOOLE<*Tt COOLEST. The astir* treat Dramatic. Pantomimic, Operatic and Terpsichorean MONSTER COMBINATION, MONSTER COMBINATION, MONSTER COMBINATION. In an Immense Bill of NOYELTIE8, NOVELTIE8, NOVELTIES. The Incomparable Ethiopian Comedians in a New Batch of OOBKOORAPHICALITIES, cork (tO It A phic A LI TIM, CORKOURAPHIOALITIEe. Including the Side-Splitting Farce of the MIPCHIEVOUS DARKEY, MISCHIKVOU8 DARKEY, MISCHIEVOUS DARKEY. JOHN MULLIGAN, In his Great Character of Bully Ike in the Laugh able Nvgro Extravaganza, entitled biooino a runonAni, RPGttINO A PURCHASE, RIGGING ? PURCHASE, OK, THE WINE SELLER SOLD. Gra d Characteristic MISCELLANY MltCKLLANY MISCELLANY by the MAMMOTH OOMPANY! MAMMOTH OOMPANY! MAMMOTH COMPANY! New Comic Vocalizations by W. B. CAVANAGH. New NegTO Acta by the Inimitable Trio, DOUGHERTY, WILLIAMS, and REDD1N! The Beautiful Characteristic Ballet, arranged by Mile Viola, entitled THE SAILOR'S CARNIVAL! THE SAILOR'S CARNIVAL! THE BAILOR'S CARNIVAL! To conclude each evening with the Comic Panto mime of COOPER VS. COBBLER! COOPER V8 OOHBLKR! COOPER VS. COBBLER! . W. B. Caranagb -H. W Williams J. J. Dougherty LADIES AND CHILDREN! Do not forget oar SATURDAY AFTERNOON MATINEE commencing AT TWO O'CLOCK. THE ENTIRE GREAT OOMPANY APPEAR IN A SPLENDID BILL! Admission?Ladlee M cents; Children llorato, LOOK OUT FOR NEW FACES! LOOK OUT FOR NEW FACES I LOOK OUT FOR NEW FACES! LOOK OUT FOB MEW FACES! UaUBexec, holdingai*punaia I? Ticket, for sale at the Hotels and Restaurants, at? ?'do*; AMUSEMENTS. SROVER'B THEATER. SAN ford OPERA TROTTPE flRAND CHANOE OF PROGRAMME. SICK PAKKRR and the GREAT ALLIANCE, In all their comicalities. To eonclude with the Contraband's Jubilee, en tit ed GUT ABOARD TBI flat-BOATS; Or. who will find us now. jy 18-lw ts in A [>EN. It* &nized, A A A P10 N1CS, EXCURSIONS, *c. C^BAND EXCURSION TOOLYMONT, 8UN * 1>AY. July 2?th, given by the ALEXANDRIA LITFRARY a3so CIATION Ticket* 91. to be had Rirter A Wallacb's, 4.'>0 I'a ay. Boat leaves foot of 7th et. at 7 o'clock a. m. [Chr n.) It* Remember the old hickory boysTn the field Rgain. Will rive their FTmST GRAND PIC NIC On WEDNESDAY EVENING, August 34, | LOEFLER'8 WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN7 For particulars nee future a lvertiwement. It* T~S5t1Fb7" HE SHIELDS CLCB nave antin organized, under the direction of it* old members, and they intend to give the first GRAND PIC NIC atLoettler's City Garden, on _ MONDAY EVENING, August 1st, 1S&, commencing at 2 o'clock p m , and will continue until 1 o'clock a, m. Ah this is the first time since the commencement of the ^rar that the original Shields boys have met together, they are deter mined to spare neither trouble nor expense in making thii one of the merriest parties of the season. By order of the Commilttt ?f Arrangements. W. Blake, J Hogan, J. Flanagin, N. O'Day, J. Tobin, M. Brady. A. Gleason, jy 23-3t* TnE FOURTH GRAND PIC NIC of the KEN NEBEC ASSEMBLY, which was post- M prned, will take pla?e at Green Spring Pa vilion. Georgetown. D C., on Monday. July , vrth, >8-?4. Tickets fifty cents. By order "fu.. the Assembly. JAS. T. CLEMENTS. _jy 21 -3t^ President. Hurrah for little mac is the ex clamation nowadays in every man's mouth and woman's too. FIRST GRAND PIC-NIC OK TH1 McCLELLAN SOCIAL CLUB, To be given at SEVENTH STREET PARK, on THURSDAY, July 28,1864. Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committee of Arrangements.?J. G. Dranev, J. F. Linkins, Arthur Donnelly, Marcellus Holtzman, Daniel McCarty. jy 2t-eo3t* f^RAND GERMAN FESTIVAL. VF in aid of the funds of the GERMAN RKI.IEF ASSOCIATION FOR SICK A AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS, ft* Will positively take place on 99 Monday, July us, lsbi, BEYER'S SEVENTH STRERT PARK, near Ihe Boundary line, To commence at one o'clock p. m. Admission, 50 cents; Childreu under 12 years free All the tickets out for the former Festivals, which had to be postponed, are good for this. J GERHARDT, Chairman of Committee of Arrangement*. M. COHNHEIM, Secretary. CHAS KLOMANN, President of General Committee, jy 2Q-U A. HART, Secretary. SFOR GLYMONtT TEAMER PUENIX. Captain Stackpole, will leave foot of 7th street every BUN DAY MORNING at lOo'clock duringj the season, for the above Summer Resort. The above steamer can be chartered to private Sarties during the week, by applying to Captain tack pole, or 324 Pennsylvania avenue, upBtairs je iO-lm DR. LEON, 414 PENNA. AVENUE, DR. LEON cures Gonorrhea, Gleet, " '* " htrictnre, :: '? " Syphilis. * * * - *- -* ? " " " Inflammation of Bladder, " " *' All Venereal Diseases. jy 7-lm* |MPORTANT TO SUTLERS BUTLERS WILL FIND H. A. DOWNING 0c CO.'5 OOIfOENTRATED OLAM TO BE A MOST VALUABLE ARTICLE TO THEIR TRADE, It sellavery rapidly, and is the most economical article of d!si for the officer's mess. It is prepared In one minute, and makes a most delicions Soap or Chowder. It is highly recommended by Arm Surgeons. The profits are large. H. A. DOWNING * CO., Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill East 18tb St., New York. For sale by BARBOUR Sc. 8EMMES, Bole Agents; 60 Louisiana Avenue, sel-ly ' Washington, D. 0 M AS8EY COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE AND PORTER. I am now receiving large quantities of DRAUGHT ALE and PORTER from this celebrated brewery, which I am prepared to furnish on short notice to all persons who faTor mo with their orders. Orders given to my drivers will be promptly at tended to. Goods delivered in all parts of Washington and Georgetown, free of charge. RILEY A. SHINN, Agent. Union Bottlin% Depot, 5T Green street ap5-tf Georgetown, D. C. IZIDWELL & HENDERSON, IV No. 367 D Stkbxt, xiae Nihth, Respectfully inform their friends and the public generally that they have now in store a well se lected assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW 8HADES, which they are prepared to sell at the lowest cash prices. Work done at short notice in the city or country by experienced workmen. Remember the plaoe. No. 367 D street, near 9th, Franklin Hall Building. ap 21-tf JOSEPH REYNOLDS fc CO. PLUMBERS, OAS, AND STEAM FITTERS, Ho. 000 Nipth Stisst, near avenue, Have lost received, and win constantly keep on hand, the largest and best assortment In tke eity of Chandeliers, Brackets, Drop Lights, Portables, Glass Globes, mica and other Shades, and all arti stes in this line, from the best establishments in New York, Philadelphia, Ac., which wiH be sold on the most reasonable terms. Also, RANGES, FURNACES, and Fire-Board ^We'are prepared to furnish the best RANGE in ase anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Hotels, Restaurants, Ac., sre invited to call. We do all kinds of GAS and STEAM flttincs promptly and cheap, as also everything in the PLUMBING line in the most satisfactory manner. Call nnd see onr Bathing Tubs, Fountains Water Closets, Wash-stands, Basins, &o., fce., at No. 000 Ninth street, near Pennsylvania avenue, the largest establishment in the city. fe 8-eotf 0 T I 0 E . Office of Commissioners of Improvements, J City Htll, June 28.1884.S In compliance with an ordinance of the Corpo ration, entitled "An act for the removal of offal, slops, 4c.," the public are hereby notified that all kitchen offal will be removed from their respec tive dwellings once a day until the 1st October next, and all housekeepers are hereby notified to place vessels sufficient to contain snch offal, and easily handled, in the rear of their several prem ises. when accessible to the garbage carts, and when not accessible in the rear, theni at a plaoe most convenient. F.R. DOB8ITT, Commissioner Fir,it Ward; JAS. W. 8PALDING, Commissioner Second Ward; JOHN T. GARNER, Commissioner Third Ward; WM. DOUGLASS. Commissioner Fourth Ward; WM. H. hamilton. Commissioner Fifth Ward; ? W. A. FLETCHER. Commissioner Sixth Ward; JAS. H. RIRCH. , Commissioner Seventh Ward. N. B. All offal of other kinds will.be promptly removed by notifying the Commissioners of the same. je 28-Iawim 369 SEVENTH STREET. 369 HIGH AWNING. GREAT BARGAINS IN~ CARPETS AND OIL CLOTH. Fifty pieces HEMP, RAG and INGRAIN UAR PETS in new and beautiful designs; some as low as 50 cents pur yard. Seventy pieces oil CLOTH, 4-4,5-4, 0-4,8-4 and ^The above were purchased previous to the last advances, and we are offering them at deeidjri bar ens. Partiea in want of the above articles will I it greatly to thair advantage to give us a call before purchasing. H bONTZ, Successor to Boats k Griffith, jj 20 co3t 369 7th at., adjoining A. Goddard'a. telegraphic news. FROM SHERMAN'S COMMAND. Decatur, Ga., Occupied by Oar TrN^i Important Rebel ? ?nunanication Cut? Xf ported Capture ?( Atlaata. Louisville, July 22.?Yesterday's National Union states that on Monday morning Docatar, Oa., was occupied by onr forctw; thus cutting off all rebel communications with South Caro lina, by way of Macon. Deserters and stragglers have been coming Into our lines since we crossed the Chut tohoccheo in gr?at numbers. They repre sent tbat all hope of saying Atlanta has disap peared. Atlanta Captured. New York, July 22.?A special dispatch to the Herald from Nashville to day has the fol lowing : The success of Sherman's movements in cutting the eastern and southern communi cation with Atlanta, leads to tue belief tbat the r?bels had been toiled in th<?ir attempt to escape, and that their operations at that place have already been narrowed down to a Eieffe. Two large cavalry forces some time since left the army at different points, and have doubtless ere this cut the Mucon and Colum bus railroads in such a manner that, if the ereroy succeed in leaving the city to go away, it must be at a loss of mnch valuable pro perty. [ANOTHER DISPATCH.] New York, July 22.?Dispatches to pri vate parties state that Atlanta was this morn ing occupied by Sherman's forces, and that General Thomas' headquarters are in the city. This statement is credited in official circles, and we think that no doubt ieed be enter tained in regard to it. Surgeon Clendinin, medical director at the post here, is in receipt of a dispatch which states tbat our losses in the battle or Decatur were very light. The engagement at that place * as not general. Telegraphic Communication with the Army. Office Associated Press, New York, Jnly 22.?The Western Union Telegraph Com pany is in communication with Sherman's headquarters to-day. Messages from that place of this date have been transmitted over the wires. FROM MISSOURI. More Guerrilla Fighting?Engagement at Plattsburg?The Enemy in Formidable Numbers. St. Joseph, Mo., July 21.?The guerrillas turned back from Livingston last night, and occupied Cadwell county. After being joined by another band irom the West, the combined force, numbering some Ave hundred men, marched to Plattsbnrg, Clinton county, when the surrender of the garrison, consisting of two companies of militia, was demanded in tha name of the Confederate States. Cap'ain Tur ner, commanding the post, refused to surren der, and told his men to eicape. A fight ensued, in which Captain Turner was killed. Most ol the militia escaped, and have arrived here. General Fink's appeal is being promptly re sponded to, and men are sent Into the field at once. One thousand men, under Gen. Bi-n Loan, will soon be here from Andrew county. Lbavbkworth, July 22.? A despatch this morning from Col. Ford, at Liberty, Mo., says the people in the country north and east of that place are joining the rebel Thernton. and that his force is increasing rapidly. Col. Ford has nis troops well in hand, bnt bis force is too small to effect much, and reinforcemen s are asked for. Arms have been sent from here to St. Joseph and Kansas City for arming the loyal men called out by Gen. Fisk. A later despatch from Col. Ford states that Thornton, with 2,000 men, is moving north, probably with the intention of striking the rail road. Plfcttsfourg and Maroon were la th**lr j/u-ecsciUll loot UI&IaC. Col lolt LUorkj at four this p. m. in pursuit General Curtis has several armed boats pa troling the Missouri river to prevent the rebels crossing. Pickler and Banks are reported to have 10,000 men in Southwest Missouri, threatening Fort Scott and our southern communication. It is believed that 50,000 of Price's men are now in Missouri. These will ho joined by Thornton's guerrillas and the Pawpaws, and will make a formidable force. A portion of our State militia is to be called out, and troops are now being concentrated for co-operation. General Blunt is here waiting orders. The Indians are troublesome on the Western Colorado mail route. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. The Florida Reported off Cape Hatteras? All Quiet on the James River. Fortress Monroe, July 21.?The steamer General Meigs arrived from Newbern, and re Eorts the arrival there of the steamer Dudley luck. The captain of the Buck reports having been chased by a vessel answering the description of the Florida, on the 19th instant, when about thirty miles northeast of Hatteras. when the captain beaded for shore. Then the suspicious steamer changed course and made for some vef sels farther off short). The General Meigs, on the 29th, passed a ship's mainmast, with yards attached, appa rently burnt off above the deck. Arrivals lrom City Point to-day report the usual quiet in front. FROM CALIFORNIA AND THE SAND WICH ISLANDS. San Francisco, J uly 20.?Sandwich Islands adviceB to June 20, say that a majority of the members elect to the Constitutional Conven tion are opposed to changes in the Govern ment. Liberal contribntlons are being made to the Sanitary Commission. The Nevada Constitutional Convention has rejected the proposition to aid the Pacific Railroad, and adopted one providing for tax ing the products of the mines. The confession of one of the recently arrest ed stage robbers, implicated some prominent men, and leads to the suspicion of Secession designs. Omission of an Alleged Important Letter from Mr. Greeley. Buffalo, Jnly 22 ?The agent of the Asso ciated Piess at Bnlialo learns from the Clifiou House, Niagara Falls, that, by an oversight, au important letter of Horace Greeley was omitted in the published correspondence be tween himself and the peace commissioners. It was not handed to the agent of the Associ ated Press, or it would have appeared with the rest. [SECOND DISPATCH.] Buffalo, July 22.?The omitted letter of Horace Greeley, previously spoken of, ap pears to be simply a letter to W.C. Jewett, who, fearing he might be arrested for his con nection with the so-called peace commission ers, requested Mr. Greeley to write him a let ter stating that what he (Jewett) had done in the matter was from patriotic motives, and by his (Greelej's) desire. Fight with the Indians. Omaha Citt, N. T., July 22.?Indians at tacked a train last night, twenty miles above Fort Laramie. They cut loose 52 horses and ran them off. A sharp fight ensued, in which abont twenty shots were fired, and some Indians were wounded. The most of the horses were subsequently recaptured. Women are reported to be leaving PlumCreek for a place of greater Bafety. It is reported that a large party of hostile In dians are abont forty miles from that place. The Rebels la Kentucky. Louisville, Ky., July 21.?a despatch ftom Ackersvllle says that a barge containing 800 barrels of coffee belonging to the Government, which accompanied the steamer St. Louis! when she was boarded, fell into the hands of the rebels and was destroyed. Last evening, the rebels took the engine of our constrnction train at New Haven, on the Lebanon branch road, fired her up, opened th? trottle valve, and let her run will towards Lebanon. Large Fire la Oswego C?,, Nev Oswbgo, July 21.?About half of the bu>i ness portion of the village of Mexic >, Oiwbk county, was destroyed by fire this afternori The fire originated in the Phrenix Bio snaking th? Post Office, Mexico Hotel buns, and Tlcknor's house aad livery stable There is s o estimate of the loss. The nron?*+. was well insured. The property Accident at Niagara Pall*. BfFFALO, July 22.?An accident occurred on Goat Island, Niagara Falls, *hls afternoon, near be Btddie stairs. A earring, containing he wile of Captain Webber and wife of ?Japt. Htint, of tbet^nanermaster 8 Department, was thrown over the precipice, in c> nxqaeace of tt.e horsea taking fright. Fortnna'ely a ahelf in 'be ro?k, tome twenty feet down, broke their tall, and tbe ladies lodged In the trees. One was seriously and the other slightly wounded. Plasm* Mill Dewtreyed ?Bieter* Shet? Fear* af Aaether Outbreak. Chicago, July ?i ?The planing m II of Gage ai d Safer vu destroyed by fire this afternoon. Loan >25.100. insurance not known. Advices from Cole* county report that two Ot tbe instigatora and leader* in the riots at Charlestown last March were found dead, one ot them With several bullet Itoiea through his body. Some excitement exists in thit county, and 'ears are entertained of another outbreak. The Draft. Pougiibbbpbib, jnly 22.?The following dis patch, which explains Itself, haa just, been lecelved by Mayor lnness, of this city: ??W ahhingtoh, Jnly 2Q.-G-o. Inness, Jf.iyor of the Cityof Poui/kktrptf: One three years man will not count lor three twelvemonths men. Count them man for man. Jamba B. Far." THE PEACE NEGOTIATIONS. W# published yesterday a very fall account of a mysterious ?? peace conference" at Nrig ar i Falls. As Mr. Greeley, of tne New York Tribune, seems to bave bad seme connection with It, tbe following remarks of that paper will be interesting: [From the New York Tribnne.] The telegraphic stories concerning p^acecon ferences at Niagara 1- alls have a slander foun dation in fact bat roost ot the details are very wide of the trnth. The editor of tbia paper has tak? n part in, and been privy to, no further or other negotiations than were fully authorize* and more than authorized but these related solely In bringing the antagonists face to face in amicable rather than belligerent attl ude, wi'h a view to tbe initiation of an earnest ef fort for peace, to be prosecuted at Washing ton. Tbe movement has h:td no immediate success. Of course all reports that the writer baa been engaged in proposing or receiving or discuss ii g hypothetical teims or bases of peace, whether with accredited agents of tbe Rich mond autliorltes or others, are utterly mista ken. He has never had tbe slightest authori zation to do anything of tbe sort: and be is quite aware of those provisions of law which relate to volunteer negotiations with public enemies. Those provisions he heartily ap proves, and Is nowise inclined to violate. More than this he does not as yet feel at liberty to state, thongh be soon may be All 'bat he can now add is bis general inference that the paci flcatlcn of our country is neither so difficult nor so distant as seems to be generally sup posed. TUB RBPPOHflB OF CLAY AJtD nOLCOMHB. The final response of Messrs. Clay and Hoi combe to Mr. Greeley was given entire yester dav, with the exception of tbe following con cluding paragraph: This correspondence wll! not, however, we trust, prove entirely barren of good results. If there is any citizen of the Confederate States who has clung to tbe hope that peace was pos sible with this administration of tbe Federal Government, it will strip irom his eves the last film ot such a delusion. Or, if there be any whose hearts bave grown faint under the suf rering and agony of this bloody struggle, it will Inspire th< in with fresh energy to endure and brave whatever may ye' be requisite to preserve to themselves and their children all that gives dignity and value to life or hope and consola'ion to death. And if there be any pa triots or Christians in your land who Fhrink appalled from the illimitable virtue of private misery and public calamity which Btretcnes before them, we pray that In their boaoma a resolution may be quickened to recall the abused authority and vindicate the out raged civilization of their country. For the solicitude you have manifested to inaugurate a movement which contemplates results the most noble and humane, we returnour thanks; and are, most respectfully and truly, your obedient servants, O. C. Clat, J k , Jambs P. Holcombb. Next follows a note dated July 20, expressing the thanks of the Confederate agents to W. O. Jewett, Esq., for his good offices, and stating that the negotiations bad been suspended in consequence of the position taken by the Presi dent. The N. Y. Journal of Commerce says: This closes the correspondence connected with the peace negotiations. The reported ?? mission" of Mr. Greeley haa produced some effect in financial circles, coupled as It is with a knowledge of the fact that when Mr. Fessenden was here last week e.i "ffi'sifcf e,UT;v;it 'sssra made in thirty days," if desired. Most of the other New York papers seem to attach but little importance to the "regotia tlons," and allege that the whole affair is intended to bave an effect on the Chicago Con vention. THE FIGHT AT SNICKER'S GAP. Movements ef Gen. Wright. Snicekk'h Ferry, Va., July 20.?The forces under Major Gen. Wright bave pursued Early and Breckinridge from Washington to this place, sometimes skirmishing with tbelr rear guard, which proved to have been kept twen ty-four hours in the rear of the main body for purposes ot observation. It invariably fled when attacked. When near Pnrcellsville, some miles south of Snick er's Gap, Duffiie's cavalry, of Gen. Crook's command, came upon their trains, and cap tured 62 of their wagons, with but slight loss. Up at tbe mouth of the gap he had a more seri ous time, and lost a few men. Crook then brought up his cavalry, and, passing through the gap, reached the ferry, which was strongly protected, so that be could not cross. Tbe next day Gen. Wright came up with seme of his troops, and soon determined to at tempt a crossing, sufficiently, at least, to de velop their strength. He did so, and under cover of our artillery Are crossed over several regiments, which maintained their ground mar,fully for some time; but, as reinforcements were about to join them, they came back, the right of tbe lire being in some confusion. it was now near night, and a renewal of the attempt could not be made until morning. Gen. Wright tben began to maneuver to divide his enemy's force and his attention, when he could tr.sily bave destroyed him. Instead of succeeding in this, he found tbat Early bad received news from Lee which, together with the chance of being thrnshed by Wright, mvie him pack up and leave at double quick in the direction of Stras-burg. Gen. Wright crossed tbe river and proceeded a few mile* towards Winchester, but learning nothing to change his mind as to the direction the enemy had taken, he countermarched his force, In obedience to orders Among the casualties on the ISth, at Island Ford, were Col. Washburne, lltith Ohio, wounded; Col. Frost, 11th Virginia, wounded in the bowels; and Lieut. Col. Murray,5'h New York heavy artillery, (serving as infantry,) missing, and known to be severely wounded. The whole loss was 300 men. The enemy's loss was 500, by their own statements. Financial?Increased Confidence in Govern ment Securities.?The New York Post of yester day evening save: The most gratifying feature of the Stock Ex change this morning is tbe increasing demand for Government securities, and the rapid re covery of several descriptions, which have been temporarily depressed by the stringency of money, the consequent depreasion ot busi ness, tbe general diminution ot confidence, and tbe increditude as to tbe future policy of the Secretary of the Treasury. Gold opened at 2t>6, and after selling at 257 W, closed dull at 253. The reports that Mr. Fessenden has returned to th? city are without foundation. Tbe three year seven thirty notes are now printing. They will not be paid out to the creditors of tbe Government, and their In terest will be payable semi-annually. They will be offered for popular subscription at par. The stock market opened dull. We observe a small irregular advance in quotations, but no Increase of activity or spirit. Towards the close of business there was an improved feeling. Governments are more in demand. Crtl flcates have advanced to 9\)i in consequence ot the diminishing issue from the Treasury. Five-twenty coupons are quoted at 104%, and the small bonds are held at 105. Registered 1881 are offered at 103and for Augustseven thirtles 104# is bid. The Ccmmercial Advertiser says: Governments sympathized with the general improvement. Five-twenties sold freely* bringing at the close 1W#,. an advance ot % on yesterday's closing figure; one-year certificate? sold at with a brisk demand. The gold market is weak, with rwr little demand for export^ and little wanted by lau porters for customs. The transactions Are ? good deal confined to nominal dealing* between specalators, who lack the pertinacity and strength of the class that were scattered at tha closing ot the gold room, and cannot keep up prices during a season of dnllneea. The prioe opened at 859. bat subsequently advanoed to 258 U. At the secoad board stocks were inactive bat strong, and generally a fraction above tha morning quotations. There la an active speca* latlve movement In certificates of Imitated ? ness, based on an expectation that the lasna will^be largely rednoed. The cloalag prfca Gold bas remained steady sinoe a 30 n. ? - at 253*254, with little iolng. p ^

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