13 Ağustos 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

13 Ağustos 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. D. WALLAl H. Editor aud Proprietor. WA8HINOTOW CITY'S SATURDAY iffluar 13, 1864. EXTRA. Important from Mobile. Official Report from 6??r?) ??*'!? *f ?ar Iwrttui?Fnrteci o??b??U and 1hrr< Monitors fan the Forts at Mi* bile-One Monitor Blown ap by a Terpe da?The Rebel Ram Tennessee Captared, with Admiral Bacbaaaa? Farragat ha* Virtaal Possession of Mobile. Naw Yobk. August 13 ?The following dis patch wa* received by the steamer Evening Star from New Orleans: New Oblbans, August 6, 1864.?Mrs N. P. Ba&kt, on tbe Ft amship Evening Star; The following hu just been received from Fort Pike: The steamer Clyde arrived here from the fleet thia moral dr. She reports that 14 gunboats and 3 monitors passed the Forts at Mobile yesterday, at 8 a.m. One monitor was blown op opposite the Forts by a torpedo. The Rebel Ram Tennessee was captared. Admiral Bucbanau lost a leg in the fight. This gives as possession. I have no ether particulars. N. P. Banks, Maj. General commanding. Latest from Up River. Heafy Skirmishing Between Sheridan and Early?Early Retreating up the Valley, Pnrsned by Sheridan. Nhw Yobk. Aug. 13.?A special dispatch from Winchester, to the Herald, dated Aagnst 12, 10 p. m., says the last of Early's rebel forces left there Thursday morning, with a train over three miles long. Onr cavalry charged into the train as the rebel rear guard went oat Early established his headquarters last night at Newtown. Yesterday morning heavy skirmishing took place between our forces and a portion of the rebels, on the Whilford and Front Royal roads We drove the rebels. Early Is well protect.! ing his front and rear, and making up the Val ley as fast as possible. FIGHTING IN WICOMICO RIVER. Capture of a Boats Crew of tbe Steamer Reliance?Copt. Dnngan of the Steamer Reliance Killed. Baltimobb* Aug. 13.?While the Uni?d States steamer Reliance, of the Revenue ser vice, Capt. Thos. M. Dnngan, was in the Great Wycomico River, Northumberland county, yesterday afternoon for the purpose of taking off the family of a refugee, who were repres ented as being there in a ftarring condition, ono of her boats was attackea oy a large party of guerillas on shore, armed with rifles. Tbe Reliance opened upon them with small arms, in the hope of driving them from the woods. After a few rounds the gallant Captaia Dnngan fell mortally wounded, and died in an hour. TbeCaptain of the plyot gun,Thomas Roberts, was also severely wonnded. The firing was kept up until the Rebels were silenced, but not baying sufficient force to land, tbe Reliance was compelled to tarn down tbe river with the loss r f her boat's crew, Coxswain G. W. Ay res and lour colored men. The body of Captain Dnngan arrived here this morning. NOTICE ?The proprietors of the Ejenino Star and National Rkpcelican, compelled by the unprecedented rise in the cost of pub lishing newspapers, have to announce that on and after Monday next, the I5!h of August, Inst., the charge for their journals served from their offices to subscribers will be 12% cents per week ; to newsboys to sell again, and to persons served over their counters, three cents per copy. The cost of paper has Increased *250 per centum since the commencement of the war, and all the other expenses of their offices have increased from one to three hundred per centum In the same time, lu making this change of rates, we have but followed in the footsteps of nearly everv other publisher in the country, and trust that the course of mili tary events will soon enable us to return to the good eld standard of prices that ruled before the war. W. D. Wallach, Proprietor of the Evening Star. W. J. Mcbtaoh 4. Co., Proprietors of tbe National Republican. New Fnblicntions. Tbi Battlb Fields or oub Fathers. By Virginia F. Townsend. New York. Jehn Bradburn. For sale In this city by Hudson Taylor. A well-told story, founded on events In the war of the Revolution. Those who do not find sufficient war reading in the current literature of the day will find in this story quite an en largement to their stock. Bbisbanb's Ready Reckoner Is the name of a very useful little publication by Dick A; Fitzgerald, New York. For sale in this city by Joe. Shiliington. Tbi Fibobb Port to Public Business. By an ex-member of the Philadelphia Bar. New York: Dick A Fitzgerald. For sale in this city by J. ^hillington. This book is a curious omnium gath'ralhum, affording information not only how to transact all torts of business, public and private, but also as to tbe rules of games for exercise, amusements Ac. It must be a ??good thing to have in the house'* for those who need to be posted upon such matters. Also from Shiliington we have Pierce Egan's la'est novel, " Imogbnb, ob thb Marble Heabt," published by Dick A Fitzgerald. "Tbb Cowabd," a novel of society, and the Field in 196U, by Henry Morford, author of ?'Shoulder Straps," Ac., Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson A Bros. For sale in this city by J. Shlillngton, Cdeon Building. The battle scenes are depicted with consid erable spirit and there are nere and there bits of tolerable character painting, but as a whole the book is a terrible perplexing hodge-podge ot careless writing of the sensational sort However the "interest is kept up," and that we suppose is the main purpose or the writer. From Franck Taylor we have "A Manual fob Cavalry, Ac.," by Brig. Gen. W. L. El liott. Also, from Franck Taylor, we have four numbers of "Ladbbtt's Classic Modbls of Fbkbcb Cobvebsatiob," drawn from the plays of the best French authors. RrMOKor a Demonstration against Nbw Oblbanb.?The statements ot passengers by the Evening Star, from New Orleans, that a Rebel force was at Algiers, six miles lrom New Orleans, is not, we think, entitled to much consideration. That ship arrived at New York yesterday morning, and her news was published in the afternoon papers of this city. It contains nothing of the sort, and even .ghad brought such news. It bMn *nown ?*'ore last night. *;? 22JKST ttoe sto17 " * "cession canard, and designed as an offset to the re nor ted cbd bTsforc^with hiD'ck Wor haa a consldera rltmht hi rtur^lmJ V1 11 U P???We that he might disposed, in conseqoence of beinr unable to reinforce Hood at Atlanta, U try a bold game at New Orleans, which hepro&a. tljl*?agioesdefence,ess The arrival of trSnsI porta with troops from Western Texas, which occurred the day before the Evening Star left would probably change the aspect of such an operation if il ehou 14 be attempted. WIBHCn an Thb PBTBJWBcaa Assault?The Military Commission to investigate the canse or the failure of the assault on Petersburg was in res*ion on Wednesday at City Point. General Burnofde was present, and was examined, and gave a history of the affhlr. He claimed that he had carried out the orders of his supe rior officers, and that neither he nor the officers of his corps were to blame for tbe failure Q*n os? the other hand, puts in charges againet Oen. Bamako for flat disobedience of ortere. Bat la this, it la understood, Gen. Burs side replies that when, at the last moment, Geo. Meade made a change in the programme wTfTir. he fancied General eade would take tbe charge of the execution of tbe plan Into bis own bands. It was thaa it happeoe* : Neither Meade nor Barnside was on the fleid. M9- Sweet potaieee are worth ?3 per bushel a Harriebnrg, Pa. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS, LATEST FROM H.*RPER'> FERRY. Early Falling Back to Strasbnrg?Moseby's GuerrillasOpe rating enour Rear?Rebels te be Poshed Back with Vigor. Harfkb's Ferry, August 12.?Five hundred of the enemy's cavalry wera seen at Summit Point, and for & few moments our cavalry employed them. There were prospects of a conslderible fight, but the rebels retired pre cipitately without firing a shot. Prisoners differ as to Early's probable move ments, bnt the moet prevalent one Is that he will not make a stand at'Winchester, bnt fall back to Str&sburg, or possibly mate a stand before giving battle, If indeed he does it at all. In that case the fight or foot-race hinted at some days ago degenerates into a foot-race. Onr forces, however, are being handled with admirable vigor and skill, and a portion of the rebel force may be brought to bay and bagged. Moseby's guerrillas are hanging on tbe rear o' our columns, and annoying us somewhat by picking up stragglers, and picking up infor mation, and have picked up nearly one hun dred of onr men. One rebel officer boasted that he had counted every man, gnn, and horse, and by saying that he would have it at head quarters at Winchester before night, unwil lingly Informed me that Early is still at that point. These guerrillas also captured, yesterday, Mr. Shelby, of the New York Tribune, going to the froDt, and robbed him in a most ap proved style; and, giving him what they called a parole, let him co. Yesterday a small scouting party, under Ser geantjas White, 1st Va. cavalry, proceeded towaTdaMartlnsborg, and ran upon the rebels at Cunningham's woods, near that point, and were driven back. Sergt White oethg wound ed was captured, and report says he was Im mediately bung by tbe rebels. White was one of our oldest and most valued scouts, and his loss is severely felt. Altogether the campaign in the valley has opened anspiciously for us, and the rebels will be pushed back with vigor. THE STONEMAN RAID. Circumstances and Details of the Expedi tion. Nabhville, August 11.?Information from Marietta, 6th inst., gives the particulars of Stoneman'srald. On July 27 the 5th and 6th Indiana cavalry, and two sections ef the 24th Indiana battery, set out for Macon to relieve the Union officers imprisoned there. The expedition arrived too late; tbe Rebels had removed the officers to a place of greater safety. Gen. McCook's force started at the same time to effect a junction with Gen. Stoneman, but were overtaken by an overpowering force, and obliged to let Stoneman's command cut its way out. The rebels attacked them on Saturday, July 30, and tbe engagement lasted all that day, until late at night. Sunday morning found them completely surrounded. Colonel Adams, finding resistance hopeless, escaped to Marietta. Colonel Capron, with his command, escaped once, but was again surrounded, and his men cut to pieces. The 6th Indiana also cut through the enemy's ranks, but were again attacked. Their fate is unknown to our Informant. General Stoneman, Colonels Biddle and But ler, Majors Thompson and Soper, Oapts. Whit man, Elliot and Finney, and Lieuts. Anderson, Stanton, Angell, Lindsay, John Hubbard, Mil ler, Simmons and Clegg, are prisoners. Lieut. Chittenden was killed. Company I, Fifth Indiana, lost fearfully. So id i?rs who escaped report that the rebels surprised Colonel Capron's camp, shooting his men and braining tnem with their guns while asleep. Tbe Fifth Indiana lost about 400men. Three hundred and eighty prisoners of war, including fifteen commissioned officers, arrived here to day. Maj. General Palmer reached here thi3 eve nine, en route for Washington. It is reported he has been relieved of the command of the Fourteenth Corps. Later information is to the effect that Colonel Capron, with several squads of bis men, is in Marietta. This will reduce Gen'l Stonemttn's loss to less than 1,(XK>. The Farini Hoax at the Falls.?As we anticipated, the Farini hoax at the Falls came to an end yesterday. As a speculation, It was a lamentable failure?the whole thing having been bunglingly managed. The Island on which he was "discovered" is called "Robin son's Island," and is about 150 feet across by 200 feet in length, thickly wooded with pines, the lower end bring about 100 feet from the verge cf the cataract The story that Farini "waded from the American side" is a most prosperous one. He might as well attempt to walk up the Horse Shoe Fall. A venturesome man could reach the Island without much dif ficulty, however, by following the edge of rocks on the opposite side, and swimming a short distance. Yesterday morning a man who pas?es for Farini's brother, waded out to some rocks ly ing within a lew feet of Robinson's Island, and floated tbe end of a rope to tbe "unfortu nate man." Making this fast to tbe trunk of a tree?tbe other end being "belayed" to the rocks?be, at about 4 o'clock yesterday after noon, while as many as twenty-flve people were looking on, "rescued" himself. The whole thing was ridiculously flat. Not a cheer was heard?not a hand raised. The next time any little game of this kind is at tempted, for the purpose of drawing people to the Falls, let there be some ingenuity dis played in getting up the "sell," and it may be attended with more success.?Buffalo Exprest, Aug. 11. ?^"The people of Colorado will vote in a few days upon tbe question of accepting a State government in pursuance of the enabling act passed by Congress at its last session. A letter from tbe Territory intimates that tbe constitu tion will be rejected by a large majority. The population of Colorado is estimated at 25,?00. The vote cast at the last general election was 6 700. The aggregate cast for members of the Constitutional Convention was less than 800. It is declared that 2,000 votes cannot be obtained for a State government. The matter, however, will soon be decided. fl7*Hon.H. S. Bundy has been nominated in tbe Utb, and Hon. Columbus Delano in the 1.3th District of Ohio, for Congress. 17"Oen. Canby has ordered an enrollment of the militia within the lines ol his department. The disloyal don't like it. ?y Parson Brownlow advocates the pro prietv of negro suffrage in the Border States. MpNIW YORK AVENUE PRESBYTERIAN LL*r CH URf'H?Preaching in this Church TO MORROW MORNING at 11 oMock. It* JOSEPH A. DI1BIK. tYs~MNOTICE ?Temperance Meeting. SUNDAY Ll^_3f AFTERNOON, commencing at 4 o'clock.at the Music 4tand, Capitol grounds Addresses by Rev. Dr. Marks, Dr. Joseph Walsh and others. The friends of the cause are respectfully invited to attend. it* rysp* NOTICE?To the Bow Plasterers and others LLjjf ?' the city of Washington, D. 0 : Toe Journeymen Plasterers of tHs city will de mud f4 per diem on and after TUESDAY, the 16th of August. By oider of the A?rciation. au 12-3t* Q. H PADDON, Rec. Sec., pro tem. nrS=? WATER REGISTRAR'S OFFICE. June LkJj? 29, 1864.?Th s office having been necessa sarily closed for several days during the present month, the time for receipt of water rente is ex tended to the 31st August, after which date the water will be shot off from all premises of which tbe water rent is unpaid. No further notice will be given. RANDOLPH COYLB, }j 30-d Water Registrar. CTEAMERFAIRBANKBHA8ARRIVKD-Con SN mill please attend to tne reception of their goods at once. r? * ?K80S ^ Just rec?'T,!VvdtfolS, 306 Penn.avenue. JOHN x. fin*40' gtn andH>th sts. an l3-3t - ^ TO THOSE IN WANT OF A GOOD COOKING 8TOVR?Call at our store and examine the ARBITER. E.H. A H. I GREGORY, 321 Penna. avenue. Call and see the portable RANGES, MONITOR and BELL. We will warrant them to bake well. B. H. A H I. GREGORY, ? 331 Penna. avenue. THE ARBITER COOK STOVE. The great fuel saver. B. H. A H. I. GREGORY. au 13-lw W SPECIAL NOTICE. B Call particular attention to the chancery sale by Win. Redin, E>q..Trastee.of the beautiful residence of the late Col. Ellet,known as "Clif ton." and situated on the Heights m Georgetown, to take place on the premises on TUESDAY AF TERNOON, August 18th, at 3 o'clock. Tbe sale will positive!* take plaee on the prem ises at the hour indicated, and we advise all who wuh to secure a choice suburban reaidenoeto be present on this occasion. Reference is made to the advertisement in another colamn for fnll description of this flne estate. , _MJ3_d JAa. c. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. COBBLER STRAWS: STRAWS for sale. Apply to the Importers. . H. B. LANGDON. ,<? i?-st **ent and Commission Merchant, ** 11 " ?? Park Plaoe, Mew York. OFFICIAL. Dki'akthknt or Stat*, ) Washington, August IS, 1S61. { It will be seen from the lollowlng commaai catioa addressed to thte Department by Mr. Brows, Acting Charge d'Affaires of the United Statek'at Con stan tin opto, that a new flag has been adopted for Ottoman merchant vessels, and U*t the old one (red gronnd with a white ctf sceot) Will in future be used only by Turk ish T?ieU of war: LboaTIon ofTHI U. S. of Ahbrioa, > Constantinople, June 16, 1861. y Pali. William If. Setcard, Secretary of State C. S. of America?Sir: I have the honor to enclose to the Department the tfanslation of a com mnnication received from the Sublime Porte making known to foreign Governments a new flag which has been adopted for Ottoman mer chant vessels in place of the old one, hereafter to be used by ships of war only. With much respect, yofcr obedient servant, John P. Brown. [Translation ] Sublixs Ports, Department of Foreign Affairs, No. 10106 17. June 9, 1864. Sir : I have the honor to Inform yon that ac cording to the decision adopted by the Imperi al Marine Department, and sanctioned by his Majesty the JSultaa, all of the vessels of the merchant national marine, as well as the steamers of the privileged Ottoman companies, will hereafter hoist a red flag with a halt-moon in the centre aad a border of green around it; the red flag with a white crescent being exclu sively reserved for ships of war of the Govern ment. For more exactness I sentl you here en closed a model of this new flag. Begging "yon, sir, to be eo good as to quikfe the proceedings known whenever It may' be nec essary, I embrace ttota opportunity to offer you assurance of mv perfect consideration. John P. Browk, Esq, AAliI. Charge d'Affaires ad interim U. S. of America. Department op Statb, > Washington, August 11, 1881.J It has been officially announced to this De partment that, in consequence of the conclu sion of a suspension of hostilities between Denmark and the German Powers, the block ade of the Prussian ports of Colberg, Cammin, Swinemunde, Wolgast, Orelfswalde, Stral sund, Bartb, Danzig, and Pillan, aa well as that of the ports and Inlets on the east coast of the Docbiea of Schleswlg and Holsteln, was ordered to be raised on the 29th of last month, (July) at noon. p BOFOSALB FOB LOAN. TaaisuaT Dsfabtmmt, July *5, 1364. Notice is hereby (riven that subscriptions will be received br the Treasurer of the United States, the several Assistant Treasurers and Designated Depositories and by the National Banks designated and qualified as Depositories and Financial Agents, for Treasury Notes payable three years from August 15,1864, bearing interest at the rate of seven and three-tenths per cent, per annum, with semi annual coupons attached, payable in lawful money. These notes will be convertible at the option of the bolder at maturity into six per cent, gold bearing bonds, redeemable after five and p&yable twenty years from Au?rustl5, 1357. The Notes will be issued in the denominations of fifty, one hundred, five hundred, one thousand and five thousand dollars, and will be issued in blank, or parable to order, as may be directed by the sub scribers. All subscription mast be for fifty dollars, or some multiple of fifty dollars. Duplicate certificates will be issued for all depos ites. The party depositing must endorse upon the ori final certificate the denomination of notes re quired, and whether they are to be issued in blank or payable to order. When so endorsed it must be left with the officer receiving the deposit, te be forwarded to this Department. The notes will be transmitted to the owners free of transportation charges as soon after the receipt of the original Certificates of Deposit as they can be prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all deposits made prior to that date, and will be paid by the Department upon receipt of the original certificates. As the notes draw interest from August 13, per sons making deposits subsequent to that date must pay the Interest accrued from date of note to date of deposit. Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollars and upwards for these notes at any one time will be allowed a commission of one-quarter of one per cent , which will be paid by this Department upon the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. No deductions for commissions must be made from the deposits. Officers receiving deposits will see that the proper endorsements are made upon the original certificates. All officers authorized to receive deposits are requested to give to applicants all desirel Informa tion, and afford every facility for making sub scriptions. W. P. FE88ENDBN, 1y tf Secretary of the Treasury. LOST AND FOUND. CjQJT REWARD.?Lost, on 12th inst.. a small hooting case 0')LD WALCH. with chain attached. No 1724. Auy one leaving it at No. 1*^6 Frederick street, Georgetown, will feceive the above reward. au 13 3t* LOST?August Hth, a little BOY, about three years old, black eyes and dark hair. He had on a green gingham frock, a dark hat and little sliopere. Any information of him would be thank fully received by his parents, at 543 O street, east of 7th. lit*} A. WORLBY. ?OK REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the 11th inst., a black COLT. 4 years old. long tail, white spot in the forehead The ab^ve reward will be given if returned to JOEL WISE, at Peter Van Esxon's Livery Stable, on Congress street, Georgetown, D. C. au 13 e<>3t* TAKEN rp ESTRAY?On Monday,8th instant, a dun MARE; had on saddl* and bridle. The owner is requested to come forward, prove prop erty. pay charges and take htr ? wav II. WILLIAMS, au 13 2t" No. 186 Frederick st., Georgetown. I OPT?On Thursday, August it, 1384, a RBGI8 J TERED LETTER, addressed to Mr. Tobias, care ef Lewis Rice, 285 Pennsylvania, avenue. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at the 8tar Officer au 12 at* REWARD.-Strayed from the subscriber, on the nivht of the 7th of August, in Wash ington, one BAY MARE, three white feet, two bird and one front; lately shod all round: feet fared tolerable c'oee; a small star in forehead: be ween 7 and 8 years of age; had on at time of leav? ingaMcCle lan saddle and sca'Iet blanket. By returnining her to meat Camp Barry, D.O.,I wiif pay the above reward. au 12 3t* Lieut. JAMES SMITH. POUND TRESPASSING?On the premises of the r snbscr ber, a cream eol^ied COW, with yoke on. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay chargeg. and tak? her away. PIERCE SHOEMAKER, au ll-3t" On Rock Creek. LOST?On Wednesday,the 10th tnSt.,on D street, between 7th and 9th, a CERTIFICATE OF STOCK of the Lake Crome Mineral Company of Baltimore. Application has already keen made to the company for a new certificate. The finder will receive a suitable reward by leaving it at the Star office. aull3t* SUBSTITUTES. UECRUITING AGENTS AND PUBSTITUT1 It BBOKKRS TAKE NOTICE.?Men wanted for the NAVY in the District. The highest prices paid. Apply No fill 9th St. west, near Penn'a av au. 13 lw* N. H. FILLER tc Co. Recruits and substitutes.-dorsey* COYLE.No 530 New Jersey avenue near the Baltimore Depot, are ??ylng the highest cash pries for acceptable RECRUITS ana SUBSTI TUTES, and are prepared to furnish Substitutes on reasonable terms to parties wishing to secure their exemption Ladies In want of representa ft..*. an 12 lw* ^GENTSiroRTHEQUOTAOf THE D18TBICT. SUBSTITUTES I SUBSTITUTES! N. H. MILLER A CO., No. 511 Ninth street west, near Pennsylvania av. (26) TWENTY-FIVE men for the army, as REP RESENTA1ITB8 for thoas liable to the DRAFf. AT THE MOS C REASONABLE PRICES N. B ?Runners liberally dealt with. Exemption papers prepared, with dispatch, by . _ N. R MILLER, au<-Sw? JusH"?nf the Peace. SUBSTITUTE*. UNNBRS Bringing men to my office will be paid the highest price for good men, either for the Army er Navy. a2, Recruiting Agent for DUtr'i^ of Columbia, , . _ 446 8th street, between renn. aveane and D street. (SUBSTITUTES 1 D < SUBSTITUTES II _ . v SUBSTITUTES III Having been appointed by the Mayor or the city of Waahlngtnn the only authorlred agent in the District of Columbia to proenre substitutes and re eruiU to fill the <noU of the District, persons wishing substitutes, by depositing their money with the Mayor of Washington, will be supplied with good men at once. , ^ V . OBO H GASSIDY, 446 8thi st.. between Pa. are. and D st. au 1-tw* tOhron. A Rpp.f ^UBSTITUTEa.?Substitute bought aad fold, O Enrolledcitisens had better apply at 193 I st., between JMb and *ist, before engaging a sub. elsewhere. Will ha famished at the cheapest rates. JyW-lm" 4 O'CLOCK P. M. GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Jay Cooke 6l CO. furnish the follewiug quo tations of Government securities: Washington, Aug 13, 1864. BATtns. SeUins: U. S. ?'s Coupon i8et.... v lo7\' U. S.5-20's Hie# 1?W* 7 3-10 Treasury Notes 10* 109* Cue Year Certificates Pt % 95.^ Certificate Checks 95% . Nbw Yoek?First Board. Coupons, 106\\ 5-ao'a, 109, Certificates, ?17,; Gold, 255*. FROM THE FRONT. Arrival af Refugees and Deserters?Impart* ant frem Richmond?Traeps Sent ta Re inforce Early. The mail steamer John Brooks, Capt. Ben der, arrived this morning from City Point with the malls and passengers. Affair* before Pe tersburg remain much the aame as at last re ports, with the exception that during Thurs day night and yesterday morntng heavy firing was going on at Bhrnside's front. Ttae Brooks also brought np six refugees from Richmond, and twenty-one deserters from the rebel army, among the latter an officer, Lieut. Nix, of Qa., ol the 1st Confederate battalion, in charge of Lieut. Thos. Dodge, 1st Pennsylva nia veteran cavalry. The refugees are Edward Fewers, Charles Giblaa, John Morris, fit. Roach, M. Conway, and Peter Doyle, and they left Richmond on Thursday night, at 8 o'clock, in charge of a guide, to whom t ey paid from >300 to S500 each in Confederate scrip for piloting them to the river, and they walked twenty-two miles through the woods to Haxali's farm, on the river, and came out to a gunboat, from whence they were sent yesterday morning to City Foint in time to take the Brooks. They represent that there are no males, men or boys, in Richmond, except those in govern ment employ. The men are nearly all in the army, even to the old men over 55, who form the militia of the State. Cn Saturday last, toar trains, of twenty cars each, arrived in Richmond, bringing a body of troops from Petersburg, bald to be a division, and tbey left immediately on the Central road to reinlorce Early in the Valley. A large body of cavalry arrived the same day, coming by railroad, and departed for the same destination. Cne ot tnis party worked on Belle Island, and states that when he left there were but five Federal prisoners there, the others having all been sent South, to Georgia. There are but few Federal prisoners in Lib by, in fact, none bat the sick and wounded are kept there over a few days after reception. At the time trie Danville railroad was cut, our prisoners were made to walk on foot some70miles before tbey took the railroad, and these men heard the guards when they returned say that many gave out and died on the road. There are no troops in or about Richmond, except in the fortifications, those on the south side being fully garrisoned, while those on the north side have barely enough men in them to keep things in order. One of these refugees drove a baker's wagon, and says he sold loaves of bread weighing six ounces at $1, ai d bacon had lately lallen in price, it being Oow quoted at from 87 to >10 per pound in stead of from >9 to SU. They say that the government had been putting everybody into some kind af service, and tbey have bean watching for a chance to escape for some time past; and notwithstand ing that the Confederate detectives have been alter them, they kept themselves so secluded that tbey escaped. There area large number of persons in Richmond, some in the service of the government, who are anxious, to get away, and will do so at the first opportunity, those that remain being sick of the war. The deserters irom the army have belonged to different regiments and have left their lines at different times, some as late as Monday night last. Most of them are lrom Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, and have not generally served over one year, but that year has been enough. Those from the States named above, say that there is a sort of half mutiny among the treops of those States who are sick of the war and anxious to give in. The officers however, man age to keep them lrom deserting by making them belie va if they come over to our lines that Grant will put them in the front ranks. They state that for a long time some of them believed this nonsense and were deterred from coming over, and they are satisfied if the men in the Alabama, Georgia, and Flor.daregimeats knew that tbey won id be treated well, desertions would be extensive. They represent the works at Petersburg as very strong, and do not believe that Grant or any one else can take them by storm, but say that bad our men acted promptly when we blowed up their fort we could have entered the town easily, but that the golden opportu nity is passed and that we cannot possibly gain another opportunity so favorable. The bouses in the city have bean pretty well tattered and many destroyed, some of them by fire. Nearly all the fire engines belonging to Richmond are in Petersburg, and they have a regularly organized fire department, composed of soldiers, who are ready at a moment's no tice to go to work and extinguish the fires oc casioned by Grant's shells. Business in the city has been entirely suspended, none of the inhabitant* remaining except " hucksters aad harlots," the former of whom, la the language of one of the deserters, are willing at any time "to trade a peck of produce for a peck of scrip." Most of these deserters have been stationed at the front, and cannot, they say, form any correct estimate of the strength of the Confed erate force at Petersburg, but none of them be lieve that their entire army exceeds 50,( 00 men, and brigades and divisions are being sent away once or twice every week toother points. Conscripts are constantly being received, how ever, and their army may be, for some time, kept up by theee accessions. PRISONERS AND REFUGEES. Eighteen prisoners of war and five refugees reached here from City Point this forenoon and were committed to the Old Capitol by erder of Provost Marshal Ingraham Among the pris oners was a lieutenant who represented him self as utterly diaconraged at the state of af. fairs down South and who expressed himself willing to take any oath however binding that would insure htm the protection of the U. S. Government. He considers the Southern Con federacy as about "played out,*' and regards the success of our arms at Meblle and Atlanta worth more to our cause than woatd be the taking of Richmond nnder any circumstances. FOR THE DRY TOR.TUGA8. C. S. Simmons, Hospital Steward, 1st Conn, cavalry; privates H. A. Bhrnham*' Company B, 50th N. Y. volunteers; Jesse Sheres, 20thN. Y. State milttia: Wm, Doyle, 23d U. S. colored troops; Morgan Griffith and James Reilly, 2d Pa. volunteers: Martin Burke an^ Charles Tabor, Company A,WJd Pa. volunteers: James B. Savage, 8th U. S. Infuntry; James Norman, l?5th N. Y. volunteers: Wm. J. Evans, 14th N. Y. S. M.; Frank Trumbower and Jos. Kistler, 5th V. S. infantry, with some ten or twelve others, leave this afternoon, under guard, for the Dry Tortugas, Fla., In accordance with sentence of general court-martial. SENTINCE REMITTED. By special order No. 267 of the War Depart ment the sentence ot the general court-martial in the case of Mrs. Mary E. Sawyer, charged with a violation of military law, has been re mitted, and Mrs. S. turned over to.Major Gen. Butler, commanding Department of Virginia and North Carolina, to be placed within the rebel lines on the first convenient occasion. The seaqmce Of Mrs. Sawyer-published by ns at the time?was that she shonld be con fined In the military (female) prison at Fltch hu*g, to lahor during the war for the benefit of Union soldiers. BAGGED AGAIN. I. Beebush, one of the Western counterfeit ers, arrested by Col. Baker, who succeeded in escaping while the guard was asleep, but who subsequently gave himself up, reached here yesterday evening and was committed to the Old Capitol. When the escape of Beebush was discovered his wlfy was arrested and held as hostage, the knowledge of which fact it is supposed induced Beebush to voluntarily place himself in the bands of justice. TOR THl ALBANY PENIT1NTIARY. Ctpt. Thos. Dain, company E, 103d Pennsyl vania volunteer* tried by a general ooart martial on a charge of desertion and misbe havior before tine eaemy. lb nod guilty, and sentenced to three years' imprisonment in ?e penitentiary at Albany, N. Y., leaves for that point this afternoon, nnder guard. In addition to the sentence of eee?nee?e?t in the peniten tiary, the Captain is cashiered the service, losing all pay, allowances, Ac. ""TFENIMfl HOME. ? * ., ^8t nl*ht, the 133d Ohio, National Guard, _ men? ved here from Fort Powhatan and Bermuda Hundred, where they have been doing guard duty, on their way home their - term Of eervtee harta* expired. There has keen ?*>* i ^*rsktB~flYi|n>ett Jn'lhtr*gie> pt alt if a number are yet on the siok list- Three of them died dm ttae ? ^ ?- -* k.t I; a -i. ?v FROM TFE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. Farther Particular* ef the Explosion at I City Pelat?1 hrllllng Incident* ?Bra very ?( a Sentinel-Barrels ef Hunaa Rrmaiat Picked L'p. * [Cdmspondeneeof the Associated Press ] Hs*ihiuartbAe Abut or thi Potomac, August 11, 1964.?The came of the explosion at City Point has not yet been ascertained, and probably nerer Will be, as the only persons who could give any nocount of the matter were on the bpat a* the time, and not one of thesi |a belie vti to haw escaped. There were flvh ?r el* soldiers Ml guard on the Teasel, and they, with a number of Idlers, were occupied in fishing at toe time, and none of them hare sincebfen fonnd. Of the large crowd of negro laborers at work on the boat, there were about twenty-llTe dead fonnd: and allowing for these blown overboard and mitring, there were at least fifty killed. The nnmber injured is believed to be about ore hundred, many of whom are scattered In different places, and whose names cannot be ascertained. One man who had been kept a prisoner at headquarters for six or seren months, who bad been tried and convicted for some offence, bat had not been sent off to the I toy Tortngas, as ordered, had beea recently paidoned, and bis time being up, whs on his way home. He was visiting a companion on the boat at the time, and mast have been blown Into the river, as his body was found on the shore three miles below City Point yesterday afternoon. A number of instances of hairbreadth escapes are related, many of which seem almost mira culous, and when the scene is visited and the large quantities of debris seen which covered the ground in the vicinity, it Is surprising that tt'onfeasds instead of hundreds were not in volved in the calamity. A soldier of the 4 th U. S. Regulars was on (entry on the bank at the time, and some of his comrades seeing the aiT filled with missiles told him to ran and hide, but be refused to leave his post, and fortunately escaped injury. This same man had been tried four years ago for an offence, and sentenced to forfeit all pay excepting one dollar a month daring thS re mainder of hi* term of service. A few days ago he received notice, through the Adjutant General's office, that the fine had been remitted, lor gallant services in front of the enemy. This act of bravery, In remaining at his post regardless of danger, shows how well he deserved consideratioa at the hands of the Government. ? large fore* of laborers are at work clear ing away the rubbish at the landing. It is said that several barrels of human re mains were found scattered throughout the mass, none of which can be identified, they btine merely fragments. August 12, 6 a. m ?The firing between the pickets yesterday and last night was much sharper tban for several days past, and since daylight this morning a regular duel has been going on in front of the 18th and 9th corps. COMMITTED TO TUB OLD CAPITOL. Oney Paine, Q,. M. Sergeant, 5th N. Y. Cav hlrj; Privates R. Lowell, Geo. H. Farnsworth, and Andrew Kearney, 56th Mass. Volunteers, John Lowrey, 27th N. Y. Battery; and Chris tian Willis, 1st Conn. Cavalry, nnder sentence of court martial, were committed to the Old Capitol this morning, br order of the Provost Marshal. Personal.?Major Hay, Assistant Secretary to the President, left the city yesterday evening for a visit West. He will be absent some weeks. tor From John C. Pfirker, 379 F street, we have an advance copy of llarprr't Magazine for September, a good nnmber. Financial.?'The New York Commercial Advertiser of yesterday evening says: The stock market opens dull. A decided stag nancy has set In after tbe recent improvement, for whtch there certainly appears to be no obvious cause in tbe state of tbe money market or tne value of stocks. It may appear strange tbat such a remote contingency should affect Wall strset so far In advance: but it is not to be denied tbat a fl oating idea of a comparatively early peace has taken considerable hold upon the speculative leaders, and made them less disposed to venture upon any important stock combinations. Governments were strong at the first board. The gold market opened rather stronger, nnder the improving demand for customs. Toward noon, however, the price was rather weakened by a rumor of the fall of Mobile. Yesterday's receipts at all points for tbe new seven-thirty loan were #471,300. The total receipts up to yesterday were SI 1,272,450. This averages, for the fifteen days the loan has been upon the market, $751,496 per day. K7"A.dlspach from Memphis, of the 9th,says: "General Smith's expedition is well out. Its destination is unknown. Major Gen. Slocum bas been relieved at Vicksbnrg and ordered to report to Gen. Sherman. The district of Vlckt burg has been assigned to Gen. Washburn, who now controls tbe river from Cairo. Tbe report from tbe Gnlf Department Is that all is quiet there and on tbe White river. The rebels in tbe Trans-Mississippi Departmentare trying to cress tbe Mississippi. Gen. Diek Taylor Is at Meridian, and commands la place of Gen. S. D. Lee, who is now at Atlanta. IK/" The details of the progress made by G?n. Sully's expedition to July 11, have been re ceived at St. Paul. At tbat time the main body of the troops were near Fort Rice, Daco tab. The expedition reached the month of the Long Lake Creek on the 9th, and part of tbe 1st brigade was crossed to the west side of the Missonri on the 9tb; the remainder was crossed over the next day. Tbe 2d brigade, or Minne sota division, under Colonel Thomas, was then on the opposite, or eastern bank, but was preparing to cross. Another Editor Arrested.?Orson C. Cone, editor of the Somerset (N. J.) Messenger, was taken Into custody on Wednesday, and conveyed to Newark for examination, on the charge of publishing articles in his journal discouraging enlistments. Still in Fort Laeayette.?The New York Commercial says there is no troth in tbe report that Joseph Howard, Jr., author of the bogus proclamation, has sailed for Europe. He is still in Fort Lafayette. The Reason.?Mr. Memminger, the late rebel Secretary of the Treasury, in a letter to Jeff Davis, assigns as the cause for his resigna tion the dissatisfaction expressed at his mode of managing the rebel finances. Loes by the McCook Raid.?We have of ficial sanction for saying that McCook's total lose, in his late raid, is less than 500. Other stragglers may yet come In, reducing the num ber still feather.?Nafhrille Union, Aug. 9. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS FROM KENTUCKY. Rebel Proclamation Calling Kentuckians to Arms. Louisville, Aug. 13?The rebel Colonel Adams Johnson has issued a proclamation re quiring all persons in the rebel department of Southern Kentucky between the ages of eigh teen and forty-five, not lawfully exempt, to re port for Contederate service to their courtry towns, or the nearest camp thereby, on the 13th Inst, threatening with conscription afterward those who do not comply. All is qniet at Bradersburg. FIRE AT TROY, R. Y. Troy, N. Y., August 13.?The car and coach factory of Gilbert Bush tc, Co., of thia city, was destroyed by fire this morning. Loss, 8200,000; insurance, ft100,000. Decrees sf Distribution in Prise Cases* Boston, August 13 ?Since the 25th of June, inclusive, decrees of distributions have been made in prize cases by the District Court, cf the steamer Mary Ana. captured by the steamer Grand Gnlf; steamer Sciota, captured by the steamer Connecticut; schooner Alliance, cap tured by the steamer Sooth Carolina; and steamer T. A. Ward and steamer Greyhound, captureed by the steamer Connecticut; and the steamer Yonng Republic, captured by the steamer Grand Gulf?total, ?1,155.559.38. This is the greatest distribution ever ordered In this country. From Key West* New York, Aug. 13.?Arrived?Frigate San Jacinto, from Key West, with Admiral Bailey on board as a passenger. NEW YORK STOCK LIST. rBy the People's Line?Offloe 411 Ninth street.] New York, Aug. 13.?U. S. 1881, coupon d's, 107; U. 8. 5-Ws, 109 Jf; Certificates of Indebt edness, 96: Gold, 255 K; N. Y. Central, 131: Erie, 112V; Hudson River, 131X; Harlem, 100; Reading, 136V: Michigan Central, 139: Michi gan Southern, 91X; Illinois Csntral, 12 >#; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 113 Cleveland and Toledo, 133; Chicago and Rock Island, 113*; Milwaakle and' Prairie du Ohlen, 70; Puta. burg. Fort Wayflsand Chicago, lis*; Alton and Ten a Haute, 63K; Chicago and Northwestern, 57; Quicksilver, &0 y. LOCAL NEWS. Orphans' Court, Jim(m PurceU.?This morn ing, the will of Francis Sobenig, which be queaths to his wife, Eliza Jaae Schemg, was tally proved, and tetters testamentary wars is sued to the wUh ps executor. ,r.The will of CorneliasO'Leary, beqaeathlag hie tjones and iot to his wtth, Maria O'Leery, ; J .sei'iA.I-oi.ji so Ion* 8-8 shp remains unmarried, during her UXeUnse, rever table to bta brother, Daaiel O'L^nry. and the balance of his estate, alter paying the debta ttohie mother:iBd hrotber, aad nominating the brother Daniel O'i^eary exscu lor, ?as partially prarea. ' The will *t>X James Oarrico was partially froven. It bequeaths bis house and lot in iki* 'iret Ward to his wife, revertible at her death to his grandson, James Carrlco-ths latter also receiving a lot on south Oapttol street, and the residue of real estate and Improvements to his daughter, Rllza Jane Stnder, to revert after ber death to bis grandson, Charles Carrlco. Six thousand dollars to U. S. stock is left to his grand-daughter, Susannah Carrlco, to be paid when she attains She age of t5, and the balance of stock, 4c., to tbe grandsons, James and Charles, who are not to sell or assign anj part of the real estate or stocks, until 21 years , after they shall have attained lawful age. The widow is nominated as executor. letters of administration were issued to Wary V. Holmes on the estate of Henry U Holme?', and lettersof gnardianship were issned to Isaac Talks to the children of Thomas h.ol lidge, and W. H. Padgett to the orphans of James Collins. The first and final account of Henrietta Foofe, administratrix of Andrew Foote; of W H. Clagett, guardian to Dorsey tJlagett; and Cleopbile B. Hnrr, administratrix of H. A. Burr, were approved and passed. Skcowp Ward Statiow Uasbs ?J. D. Kw ell, suspicion of larceny, military. Thomas martin, drunk; f2. John Oopelaud, drank; dismissed. John Adams, proranlty, Thos. Woods, drank; do. Frank Barry, dssertion; dismissed. Thk Verdict.?Tbe body found dead in the Georgetown College grounds yesterday, as stated in the Star, was identified as that of a man named Martin Connor. The jury of in quest returned a verdict of death from m an Li ft-potu. Statbopthb Tbhhoutii?At Frank lin A Co.'a, opticians. No. 944 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at I o'clock, 95 in the shade; 116 in the sun. Affairs iir Georgetown?Stabbing.?Last night, about I o'clock, a man named Charles Porter wa? stabbed by a soldier at the corner of Jefferson and Water streets. The wound is not supposed to be dangerous. The soldier es caped. There bad been some disturbance in a lumber yard near by, which led to the stab bing. Drountd.?A boat 6 o'clock, a man, name un known, supposed to be a soldier, was seen swimming in the Potomac, near the Three Sis ters. He apparently had a bundle on his back, supposed to be bis clothes. He called for help and sunk, rose to the surface and again called for help, and sunk finally. A number of par sons, soldiers and others, were looking at him from each shore, but were unable to do any thingforbim. His bodv has not been recovered. Port of Crforpffown?Kntered.?Steamer Fair banks, Hunter, New York. Cleared?Schooners A. T. Clark, Dlze, Ann am esses; Advocate, Dasbiel, Sanlsbury; Saalsbury, Simmons, do.; Access, Bradly, Vienna; M. Spicer, Paul, St. Mary's: Brunett, Johnson, City Point; John Hamilton, Baker. Mattawoman; B. Ann, Car ter, St. Mary's; Wild Pigeon, Bagley, do.; M. P. Ivoy, Segar, Nanjemoy. Sloops J. S. Wil liams. Woodruff, Bait.; Kdwin, Cumberland, Blackstone's Island. Long Boats, Pilot, Saunders, Nanjemoy; Jenny Lind, Green, Broad Creek; Alleghany, Ragan, Occoquan. GboROETOWW, August 12, 18G4. Editor Star:?The slander uttered by a cer tain member of the Common Council, Corpo ration of Georgetown, upon our police and po lice commissioners, is contained in the follow ing report of the proceedings of the Council: " Mr. Clements made a short speech against the bill, and in the course of bis remarks said that he would vote against appropriating one cent to increase the wages of the Georgetown police, because a majority of them are unfit to hold the position, and the men who appointed them are just as unfit.'' The people may congratulate themselves, and egy: " Diogenes' lantern needs no more, An h( nest man is foand, the search is o'?T. * And I may venture fo say that Superinten dent Webb will feel that be has committed a grave error In presuming to give bis opinions as to the fitness of the police stationed here, when such a man as Mr. Clements calls In question, not only their fitness, but alt* Su perintendent Webb's fltne?s, together with the commissioners; and although be (Superin tendent Webb) may feel hnmiliated to find himself in opposition to Mr. Clements, yet a sense of justice compels me to publish the fol lowing letter from himself to Mayor Addison, dated July 30, 1864: "In reply to your note on this sheet, permit me to say that the police force of this District, of which Georgetown is a precinct, has, since my appointment, immediately after Its organi zation, been under my constant control, and subject to my daily inspection; that the con duct of the mea assigned to Georgetown, has always been equal, it not superior to that of the men in the other precincts. Taken gener ally, the Georgetown, D. C, officers have al ways been complimented for their appearance and efficiency, and whenever anytning has been reported against any one of them, charges been preferred against him, he has been tried, and if found guilty, punished in the manner marked out by the Manual Regulations. Very respectfully, W. B. Webb, Sup't. To Henry Addison, Mayor/' JPflTIOB. WANTED-By MORGAN * RH1NEH ART, at G street Wharf. 5,000 Tods GRRRN HQS PITAL AND CAMP bONIS, for which thi h'<h est market price will be paid. au 13-eolm Gas stoves! WHIT ALL'S AIR TIGHT JARS. (the best ) PUTNAM'S CLOTHES WRINGER. For sals at OGDBN'd Housefurnishin? Store. ?>19 7th street, near Pa. ay. aul2 3t* PROPOSALS FOR RATIONS. Headquarters Marine Corps,Quartermaster's Ofite # Washington. August 11, IS54. f 8ealed Proposals will be received at this office until 1J o'clock m., of the 16th instant, for fur nishing rations to the United States Marines stationed at Washington city, D. C.,until the 31st December, 1364. Bach ration to consist of three-fourths of a pound of pork or bacon, or one and a fourth pound of i fresh or salt beef; eighteen onuses of Dread or I flour, or twelve ounces of hard bread, or one and a I fourth pound of corn meal; and at the rate to one hundred rations of eight quarts of beans; or, in lien thereof, ten pounds of rice; or, in lieu thereof | twice per week, one hundred and fifty ounces of OMBicatea potatoes, and one hundred ounces of mixed vegetables; ten pounds of coffee; er. in lieu thereof, one and a half pound of tea; fifteen pounds of sugar; four quarts of vinegar; one pound of sperm candles, or one and one-fourth pound ef ad amantine candles; or one and a half pound of tal low, four pounds of soap, and two quarts of salt. The rations to be delivered upon theorderofthe Commanding Officer of each station; the fresh beef, either in bulk or by the single raMen, of good quality, with an equal proportion of the fore and bind quarters, neeks and kjdney?tallow exclu ded; the pork. No. 1 prime mess pork; tbe flour, extra superfine;the coffee, rood Rio; the sugar, good New Oi leans or its equivalent; and the beans, vinesar, caadles, soap, salt, Ac., to be of good quality. All subject to inspection. All bids must be accompanied bytke following FORM OF GCARANW. The undersigned. , of . in the Stateof -, and , of , in the State of , hereby guarantee that in case the foregoing bid of for rations, as above described, be accepted, he or they will, within ten days after the receipt of the contract at the post office named, execute the contract for the same, with good and sufloient securities; and in case the said shall fall to enter into contract as aforesaid, we guaranty to make good the difference between the offer ofthe 8ai<* and that which may be accepted. Witness. A. B , Guarantor. 0. D., Guarantor. " % ?. loo I hereby certify that the above-nam?d are known to me as men of property, and able to raise eood their guarantee. To be signed T>y tbe United States District Judge, United States District Attorney, or Collec tor. No proposal will be considered nnlese accom panied by the above guarantee. Newspapers authorised to publish the above will send the paper containing the first insertion to this office for examination. Proposals to be endorsed " Proposals for Rations for 1864," and addressed to the an H-dtd Major and Quartermaster. T'AKK NOTICE. A. H. TO W N G & CO.. No. 469 Ninth street, between land F. have Just received and selling fast. Brown and Vhlt^Sagar,4* * Coffee of all kinds. ' Teas or all grades. Wines and Brand vs. Old Baker Whisky. Claret Win*, vary ?ne. All the above goods of best quality, at low prices for cash, or to puwctual easterners, au ll-4t* No. 469 Ninth St.. bet. ? aad P. p I A N 0 GREAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS. I have one go?d second hand Piaao for $IM; one at f 140; one for f iflO; two at 940; one for ftt; one at one a* ?A riBW* iv> 4 ? musical Instrument f ^ Piano and Music Btors, I0fi Pa. av , an 11-lt bet. 9th aad ltfth. north atde^ B0"""1 OB1IVII aoan

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