2 Eylül 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

2 Eylül 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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wmm% ????^ ? WASHINGTON, D. C. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 2. 1864 V2S. XXIV. N2. a592 AMUSEMENTS. Canterbury hall. Bt-??? iCASTJRBURY HALL.i AND ? ALL ICANTS?B?BY HALL. I THSATBB LO?ISIABA AVBBTB, Gbobob Lai-?-? .?? ?-5____^_i___?__? t??? ^oV'osv" r:.rr.^:r-?B^.?MArl5 J.7bs?VuVs?* r.v.r:..rr-.mus?-i ?*??^ GLOS10US FINALS ??? LAST WEEK OF TUB 8CMMBR SEASON. TBS ONLY FIRST CLASS CONCERT HALL? IN THE CITY. UNEXAMPLED SUCCES.? BY TBB HRSAT BTAR AL?JANOS. GREAT STAK ALLIANCE, ? SEAT BTAB ALLIANCE. GREAT 8TAS ALLIANCE HOUSE CROWDBD NIGHTLY HOUSE CROWDED NIGHTLY. HOUBS CROWDBD NIGHTLY. AUDIBNCB8 WILD WITH DILIGHT. AUDIBNCI8 WILD WITH DELIGHT. AUDIENCES WILD WITH DELIGHT. ALL NEW ACT8 FOR THB CLOSING WEEK First wsek of the celebrate?] Ethiopian Son ? and Dance-Man, BILLY EMERSON. BILLY EMERSON, BILLY BMBRSQN. BILLY EMERSON, W te will appear in hie great character? sf THE'OURE," ? ABD ?ACTIVE BOY " Mies AGNES SUTHERLAND. AGNES SUTHERLAIfD, AGNB8 SUTHERLAND. ?T??8 8UTHBBLAND, AGNB8 8UTHBRLAND, AGNBB SUTHERLAND. The Scottish Nightingale. The Comic Pantomime ef MONS. DECHALUMEAU. MONS. DECHALUMEAU. MON8. DECHALUMEAU. MONS. DECHALUMEAU. MONS. DBCHALUMEAU. MONS. DECHALUMBAU. Mon s. Szolleey as-..Roqn in*>t W. B. Cavanagh a.-.....-..Mone.Dechalumeau With new Trieke and Transformatione. Fast Week ef the beautiful Ballet, arranged ex pressly for the Canterbury by MONS. LOUIS SZOLLOBY. MON8. LOUIS 8ZOLLOST, Entitled THB BOSS OF BOOTLAND. THE ROf-B Of SCOTLAND. TF1E ROSB OP SCOTLAND. THE ROBE OF BOOTLAND. CHASACTER8 BY THE BNTIRE BALLST CORP8. MUX LIGAN. MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN. WILlIAMg WILLIAMS, WILLI AM8. WILLIAMS. ABD WB8T WEST, WEST, WEBT. )? ?eme ef their original Ethiopian Eeeentrisitiss. ALL THB BEST ACTS Of the Pestoa will be prod need, thereby closing one ?f the mo-', successful spasone of the Canterbury. POPULAR FAMILY MATINEE, POPULAR FAMILY MATINEE. POPULAB FAMILY MATINEE. POPULAR FAMILY MATINBB, POPULAR FAMILY MATINBB, POPULAB FAMILY MATINBB. ON 8ATUBDAY AFTERNOON, SATL'BDAY AFTEBNOON, SATURDAY AFTBRNOON, SATURDAY AFTBRNOON. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT ? O'CLOCK. AT ? O'CLOCK. AT S O'CLOCK. AT 2 O'CLOCK. AT 2 O'CLOCK. AT 2 O'CLOCK. WtlD all tbe Choiee Geme of the Evening's En tertainment will be given. NOTICE. The Pall aad Winter Season of the Canterbury will open on MON DAY. SEPTEMBER ... WITB L ? A '* NEW ORLEANS COMBINATION TROUPE, ~ BW ORLEANS COMBINATION TROUPE, ? , BW ORLEANS COMBINATION TROUPE NEW ORLEANS COMBINATION TROUPE, SB? ORLEANS COMBINATION TROUPE, NEW ORLEANS COMBINATION TBOUPB, Introducing the Greatest COMBINATION OP STARS COMBINATION oF 8TAR8 COMBINATION OF STARB COMBINATION OF STARt? ???t witne?ed. THS NAMES ?ILL BE ANNOUNCED NBXT WEEK The Price? of Admisi?n nrvt Season will remain the same a? heretofore. aamisMoa ?.? ??-?- . ? SB Orchestra-n?-. - . so Privat? Bex??, holding six person?-__ | as Tickets for sal? at the principal Hotels sad tararan ta. Door, open ?t ? ?'?lock; F erte* ma* ? ? to at ? o'eloeA. M N U R ? _ ' _ M A ?^? BMB_ m D y THB BEST AND CHEAPEST MANURE IN THB UNITED STATES. ThsBBdersi Menare at aigned. having soatraeted for all the Lieeboro Point. P.O., ar? bow pr? paie? to put on hoar? veeaele free ef ??????? to Captai ? ? at low rate?. VBS8EL8 WANTBD. ?Mrses No. 3 JO ? street. Washington, er to IB8BORO POINT MANURE WBARF. aw ?" g JOHN PBTTIBONB ??'CO. _ I oTlOa.-FOB ?ALB?AOW sensor?M, two,??? ? ^VT lOa.-FWa DALB-SIM? MtS of ?M, tWO, and fcnr her^isKond hand HARNESS: 9U0 good ?eoo?? band ?ADDI.Be aad BR1DLBS. Apely to bTb^OHNb^OMJIo 37? ?? .??,'.. bJtwVan ?M na4 safe si.. SBPsmtoJlsMs_nlJjUt?| lyls-lm? ?fJBSBJ ????????-? ARB BAR KIEV ALMA LIST OF LETTERS BEMAINTNGr IN THE WASHINGTON CITY POST OFFICE, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 186?. OFFICIALLY PUBLI8HSD IN THE PAPEB HAYING THB LARGEST CIRCULATION. B^ Free Delivery of Letters by Carriere at the residences of owners may be secured by observing the following Rnlee : 1. Direct lettere plainly to the street and nnmber of tbe house. 2. Head letters with the writer's fnll address, in ?-'-ailing street and nnmber, and request answers to be addressed accordingly. 3. Letters to strangers or transient visitors ina town or city, whose epecial address may be un known, should b* marked in lower left hand corner with the word " Transient." 4. Place the postage stamp on the upper right hand corner, and leave apace between the stamp and direction for post-marking without interfering with the writing. A request for tbe return of a letter to the writer if unclaimed within thirty days, or less, written or firinted. with the writer's full address across the eft band end of the envelope, face eide, will be complied, with at usual prepaid rate of postage, payable when delivered to writer. T-ADIl^S' LIST. Andereon MreW Goh Adeline Nelson Amanda! ? Gordon Mrs WF Onderdonk L Alexander Mr?R Greely Mary A Oldin Oaroline Allen Abigail R Gartner ? >phi ? O'Daire Aehton Clara Goddard Lizzie Page Henrietta Arlington Kate GissenterferMre Pstt>reonElle_2 Adams Nellie Garvey Mrs R Prather Olivia AnderaonS G Garrott EmmaR PhillipeCecilUB Anderson Mr-K Oilsen Helen L Phnntner L L Adkins Rosan "h (ine den Ann Patten Mrs Geo Allen Bmiline F Garrison JuiiaA Price Mary ?ser Mrs Jas Gordon Lonisa PnrterHeldLn'la Ashburg Mary V Gainer Sophia Patterson M F Anders Rose GardnerAnnieC Peters MrH ? Armer Mrs D Grniston Am'da PeArre Mary Annie Mary Gramen CathV Parker Mrs II? Brown Mary A Gratntun Cath'e Pinkerton M V O ersehe Anna Qijar Kembush Gray Mrs Jas Green Adell Graham Kate Gibbon Teresa Griffin Annie ? Geiser Isabella Rennolds Mary Garnett Lucy BnmphoffB Griffin Miss CA" Brown Jennie M Goodchild M A Briecoe Mary J Hart Mrs W ? Be?lar Louisa Hart Annie Baldwin Mollie Hood Mary A Bark? r Alice C Hill Ellen Bradley Sarah A Hill Mary C Buell Mrs Gen Ho<Ue Maggie Broadrnp Mary Uinkley Mary A Reading Amelia Benedict? Mrs ? Henderson V ? Read Anna W Butler 8allie A Howard L E Rider Rosanna Deedle Mollie Harvey Mr? S M Rauscher Mrs Lreweter Virg'a Iluch? -on Mag'* Rice Betty Biilman MAE Hamilton Mrs J Reading Rose Bowie Mrs ? ? A Ros?; Maria Barman Kate ? Harris Calile Rose Susann* Biellord Rosa Hubert Mana Rawlinge F ? Burroughs S A Harris Grace Rhodes Gusty Buhler Care Howlasd Emily Reed Mary S Beam Sarah Handy Elizab'h 8moot Ann E Brooke Mary Harrington C R Smith Hanra Biscoe Miss S A Hartembaugh Sheers Annie Brent Lisa Brewn Juliett3 Brown M DC Black Mrs A M Bays Mrs ? Bass Emma Brent Blsey Beaird Mary J Beali Mrs L C Kate Rice Lizzie Rauscher Annie Rose Melley Ream Mise F M Rose Maggie Reddirk Maria Reynolds Hart Renolse Mary Hucker Lucy Ritchey Hannah R-?lyEuphe'a Rivers Anna 2 liar ford Mr? Hall Mrs D W Henry Lucy Harris Molley Hamilton Eliza Buck C M Barley M A Bell Dolly Bell Jane Brant Elda Barrett Cath'e Borner Mary M Bowden Liebe Bnckley Mary Bifford Mary brown Mary Bennett Emily harbour Mrs J Barke Mary Bes?e? Jenni?? Brown Ma J A Branson Mr* ? Benton Caro li urnes S a -in BurkardBarahA Unse Mrs Bickten Mrs V Hayes Miss Bourk Jane 11. wn Maggie Bell Sarah Bellen Mary A Brown Mary Benson Annie Ha: r,y Mrs B. B'e Be? eie Sarah L Shaw Tacy Ann Horseman Fanny Sauds Rebecca il meline Jan? Smith Miss L A Harrison Mafie Sliaw Eliza Herbert Francis Shuman Hattie Hyatt Rebecca Shoemaker Mrs Pierce Stafford Haa'b Sommere Ella R Saiinder* M A ?Stinger Dorothy Hehle Magdel'e Schreiber Eliza Hosner Louise 8nllivan Mary HigxinsMary SandersBlizab'h HambriglitC Burner Mary A HolltyMre Sweetland Mrs Hickman Mollie ? A Harnee Matilda Stuart Mollir Haya Mrs Wm Sperrt Sophia C Sweetman MriR Skid ?a or- ? ? S weelaneGine Slatford Mrs A Sweney Mary A Janes Doretta JonBon Annia Johnson Sela A .lohn -.n Adel ne ?-?pain Mary J earn Mrs Selvay Martha Jordan Mrs A Smidtt Annie Jackeen Carrie Stewart Mrs JanerLuerC Bloot Ann Brooke Moll i.-A Johnson Charity Smith Anna M 2 Bates Matilda Judge Mrs M C Townsend MrsA Baylen Cath'e Joyce Mr* W Bowie lie it.e D2 Jones Priscilla Bailey Mrs King Loa Clark Mie L 8 Kelcher Mary Cook? IsabellaA Kelly Mary CalbLncyA Ke!!oSg Mr ? II Chapman L V Kearney Mrs J Countee Char'e Keenan Jan. Cranmer Mie D Kinsey Lizzie Carpenter Tira Kayler Mrs Clements Kate A Reagan Mrs ClementsMaryE Kelly Fannie F Tewhle Sarah E Twine Mohala Tyrrell M A Thompson M ol'e Thompson Eliza Travers Mary Thoma? Georg*? Trumbull ? J TwemblyCIaraA Thornton Mary Twwnsend Mrs LA Corea Mrs Benj Keefer Antoin'e Tiemen Rebecca! Cambridge J 2 Kolb Mis? Collins Agries King Mary Clifford Ros?- Kamerer Cooper Lies?.- Lorna?arah Corcoran Mrs E Lind Mary Compt Amelias Lyn< h Sarah Crump Betsey 2 Lee i-'annie OrofforatMS Lan? Lavinia 11 Taylor Mrs U J CkamberlainSH Leasure Mrs E 2 Torbert Jaue Camel Mary Loveday Fan'eS Thomas Minty ChrismondJane Laskey Julia R Turner Annie E Trilby Jane Taylor Sarah Thompson Mi-s ML Tyler Jane Tneker Mrs J Tap-d.-o Elizab'h Cgrrington JaneLarney Marg't Calvert Mr? R Lyons Mrs M Clark Jane S Lamb Henry Cooek Augusta Leveyor Annie Dines Susanna 9 Louroue Loui.sa Downs Marga't Dig?? Fanny M Deleman Louisa Lowe Mrs LC Dowell GeorgiaLenora Mary Dickinson Mrs Lewie Marg't R J S Logan Mary Davis Ann Maria L?-wia Mellie Dickins Eloise Little Mary W Davenport M &J Lowrey Mary A Dy venpo er Fer Taylor Elizab'h Van T y ne Mi ry Vallingtine II W. Ils Eddie Wright Anna Lawrence Mrs D Wright Mar> L Whvte Laura Wail Barbara Wells Khoda White Roeeann White Louisa Woodvillelrene W instand ley R Washington M rana Marsh Ad elaide J Wilcox J H DickersonSusan Morse Susan Dcwning Rob t Daucy \ irtoria Diegine Annie Davis Tbea Dolen Bridget Dickens Mi-s 8 Dillan Mrs ? Dines Mary Davis Fanny Do ree y M i Sri Watson M 8 Mountjo) Rachel Walton W Ann-i Mitchels Ma. y C Worthiiig'ou Mitchell Nellie Mra Reuben 2 Mathen Frances Wagoner Mary Mathews Fanny Wadleigh Mrs Moxon Adda L G A Murphy Ann Webster Mr- S Mitchell Lon M Uadieon Matilda Warneil T.11,e Mvrrltt Annie Wal'ais Mies L Denham Marlon Manning Lucy White Jane M Dillion Bridget Mellen ?bagail Williams Lavi'a Draper Elizab'h Meudell Elle? Woods Mary ? Delany Maggie A Mai ney MrsHM Wilson Flora Dorse ? Mary EllicottSallie Ed.lin Mrs Dr SadsMrBJaeB Ellis i;a;y Ehren Lou i-a MeOo>?ilcst C Mack Becca Mors Sarah Martoii Mary McMaanes M Marearon E EskridgeMaiyA Mnmarn Mr? E Frost Martha W S Wayne Mrs W i i le mo re I \\? HI is m Emma Williams Mise F Walker Mrs.? S Williams Mrs W i Ikes Mrs Whatken Sally Washington R Parr Charity Miller Mary Kenner Mra Marshall Gnar y \\ ooddeokMaria I?!?! Mary McOlive Mary Willis Milly Franklin Marie Mathen Betty E William Miss Farren Fanny Mills Anna Woodruff Mrs J Floren? Annie May lard BettyA Woodback Manu. Foster Mary Madigan Mary WondNancyY Fallan Mary McCaity Mary Willie Mary A Forrest Lizzie Mathews P?lia wattaon Maria Forgerty F.liza McCarteyMary Weeton Laura <' Freeman Sophia Mason Rachel Wright Mr* E Gr*t ? ? Lomax McNairy AnnaM Wells Anna MintyMreA Werren Ellen C Miller Mrs William* J Moore Sarah Young Harriet Motter Mrs S Young Uattie NewbergerML Youn?; Annie Neugen Anna YoBBkerM A Nichela 8arah F. Y.; Mis- Ella G. M.: Green Emily G Grave? Mary A Gray Mrs ? L Grey Mary Gaatt Rosa Gear Mrs A F Gray Minnie MISCELLANEO!'!'?Mi'S Miss Ginnic. UENTL.EMENS LIST Adame Alea Abbott A Co Abbott A W-2 Adame A boy Anderson A Alexander A Adam-Col A W Ainger Chas Ackley D O Arme? E A Abbott Edw AH?? S -? Aehmore ? ? Balkier AT Black uier A ? Brown Dr A G ata?a aC Brown A H Brown A G Berna AJ 2 Barber A Brown Bern Bedrick B F * Bine ham C H Banmaon I! Banfi rd Chas Bure Capto H Bangs C W Benins C ha? C Bailey DL Brochwai D Brisbane Dr BrighasaDJ Baidwia D ? D Bam an hOwi Buchanan B Bauman S Bartholomew B M Bennett Edwd Eatee Saw?-S Benwav Frank Baker FrayA Braehett F A Brown Dr F Burks F ? Brad bo ry PA EvastOee W Angel Frank Agnstoiff FR Arnold Fred Ashman (? C ?..an.s Geo Akers G W Anderson II-, Ariiistroug Dr AyersHG Ashby JR Atkinson Iia&c AveryN H Alge PR Asu : ne Rie.i i Argoe Baml S Adams 8 E Allen Thon Ard Thos H Allison MajTS Allen W W Acroyd Wm Ande ? Anderson W W Baldwin Jno Babe rk J M-3 it?b ock J W Brumagnn J M BrighaBS J . 1>, ?worth J C Burra*? Ja Heeler Jno ' BartonOapt i H Bailey JO BakerJ M Barte? J W Bttckaaan J D BarnhaitJ BaeoB J H BosaeanJ ? Bishop J L Bloomer Jas Bn ant J C Bailey Jas Barclay J D Burke Jno ? Ball Jno Bloom Rev J ? Burke J W ? ownJ ? -toos laaae Breen Jno-] BarnsJss Bate? Mai J F I Ball Jas 2 Barke J.io H Barnot Ja? BarkeJW Er??*?* M Barlow Dr O A li rekhead ? ? Bognton 0 BoydenOW Barber ? Bland Col ? ?-2 Barboiir ? ? Baidwia ? J Bu ri ingaain ? W Bender Dr ? Bole? Pat BurteebyPe.ry Boyle PC BentonLtColRC BuckaiooOapt R Boggere R ? B*rr a<k R 8 Burr Dr R Barrett Rich BayiiB R 6 Berry Rudolph Hallow Sleph RtaisdeUBM Bowen Col S M Bagg Bulli van Halar SS Bayle? Capi ? H Burrows 8 Berkley Silas Bayne Tbos Blair ? feoi'dl Barrili Oapt ? M Burk? Tao? Ba?.*rT LK Beaary Titter Bate? G A Brown J ? Burgee Geo W Bobier ? Biniiix Geo BoyceJoo BernebonseGeo Boid Jas HoaleGW-2 Brown J W Bewenden Ball J no BartholomewGHBrown Jno BateR Geo A Barr Jas Burroughs G F Brown J ? BrookinsGeo Ball Jno 2 BuekinsbamGB Brown L W BautellMa) G Y Baker Louis I!ranni ? CsptGUBeyeTR Lewis BrownDeacenH Black L ? Brooke Henry Bennett H A Brooke ? M Boswell ? ? H Burrell H U Bennett H B Buck Dr H Broderick Jaa Brebm Joel Bennett Jno Backmsn Jno Brinning J M Breeberger J Cutting A G Campbell A H Oridge Alf 2 Buobannan W A Botler Wm Baxter W H Bartlett Wm Barney W C Babel W ? Bunnell W J Baily W W Brown ? Barrv W F Boyaton W 8 Ballard Wm __ Bennett LtColW Bate man Wm Bncksminster W J Browne Wm Clinton H E Coleman Uy 2 Church Alander Carr Henry L Brown Lt L F Benton Lester Banck Lt Boyden Col L L Bell Wm Hasore Louis Bean W R Buck L A Bridges Csp L Bartell Mr Bartlett H H Baldwin Dr M O Bower W E Brown Marsball Bates Dr W Boyden O W Brooke W 8 Barker LtO A Crutlenden HB Conner Ne'aon Bain Wm Benedict Lt W U Baldwin WB BeggWH Clark A D Co?well A M Cole A H-2 Colby Anthony Clayton Ben) F Corion Benj B Connors Chas Copeland Chas Cook CbasL Coin? Chas Conrad CbsR Caddin 0 W Conner Chs ? Chard Cap H ? Case Hol lis H Com stock I N Curtin J Connan Jerry Crawford J D Christie Jno M 8amjibell J J ooper Jno L Cheines Jno H ConnorJno C aid well Jno II Cullen Jas Champlin DrNH Clark Cap 3 ? G Connolly Pat Colley Prof Conloo Peter Caeny PO Costelow Patk t'ollinsPatk Coyle ? CraneRobtS farter Robt Canali Dr Robt CurpenterColRB C h ir ley Sylvester Cooper Sidney 3 Casey Hon BL-2 Chasteneen Ma) Chaffer Jerome ' Cochran Baml C F Connelly Jno CulbaneDanl Casey Jas Carr i gan Dani jr Cooper Jos Cole Dani Collins Dennis Coleman Edwd ('beline Elia Cole Ends Clark Ephm Colbert KR Cliiigeman Jno Chambers Jos Cranmer Isaac Cox Capt J R Card Jno Clark CapJ W Cair-J Fendali Culiton Francis Crandall L S Casidy Frank Cu nip?? ton L D Case Frank J Culver Dr L ? CbamberlainFA Challis L C Clark F J Colburn G W Cower G W H Cornish Geo Cony Geo W Cottes Geo Clink Mr Coftin Mr Cook Capt ? ? Carter ? ? Calhoon M Chronister 8 ? Coster Steph Crawford 8 ? Cassidy S Camp S ? Chamberlin ? Campbell Thoe-2 Cook Lt ? ? 2 Condon Thos Curtis ? A Cook Rev Wm Coale Cast W X Clarke Wesley Clark Willie Crawford Wm G Copley Wm H CcrvinWmM Carrington W C CbamberlainWS Dirkeon C?1 AO Delriebio J ? Dodi Col J W Dimock Adison DelveochioCpjRDaw Jno M Dobehnann Che Dillir Israel Dyer Chas V Dailey Jno ? DwyerCbe DalyJoseoliD Dawes CW A- Co Donnelly Jos Douglass C C Dutten Cpt C E Dnrbin David A Davi? D W Dyson D ? Driscoll Dani Derrick Edw Dunham E DadeECbas Day Frank Davis Frtnk Bouglaes F ? Dooley F ? Devlin Jno R Deane LtJ W Donnelly Jas Un motJno DonaldsonRv83 Deck son Jno A Douglas Jno Davenport Jas Davis Jno ? Darnell Jae E Dellen Jno Dranev Ja? G Doly Jno H II Dene Geo . Davy Irving W Duplieenlloratio Doyle Jno E DownsLtHF DoahJasF Ellott A C.-2 Elliott Ansel ? no A moa F JE Horsey Lewis Deever Lewis.I beane L W Diner Micha??! Dawson A Mc Judkine Demning Mr Dodge OR Donohue Phil De Hurt Robt De Forest R Deveilatta 8 G Donovan Sam! H Dennison Baml Downs Thos D?>an Wm W Douglass Win Dunivsn Wm Davis Wallace Donaghy Wm Egleston Erwin Brrickeon Messrs More A Ebrad Sebastian Eike Wilhelm Egbert H Ellis John Katon Bergt ? ? Klington J 8 ? ? ers??? ? Chas ? Kichholtx.l oliiiC i'.gner Wm KganChaeW Lilis John G Evans Wm F Ettyng Clarence EvansJudgeLD2 Elliott Wm A Evans David K?hey John J English Wm D Elliott ??* _aw Forbes A A Furey Joe W Foster L L Fell Capt AlbertFisber John French Capt L M France Aquila Forrest James LFord Michael French Chas C Fagan John Ferguson Dr N D Ferguson C ? Farrab James Ko\ O C Fitrgeral David Fulkerson Joe ? l'lansbnrg Ph'p Foster Frank J Fremont Gen J CFoot GaptRobtll FlowerGeo W-3 Fowler James J French Robt J Fletcher Geo Fenger John French Geo E Farris James Farwell G*pt II CFiek John S Fleming John 2 Fee Dr John Fall?n John Fry John ? Frederick JacobFlynn John A ?_? French 8 ? Prankish Wm French Wm Frank Whitney Frank? Wm II Farrer Wm M Gillespie A H Goocb A ? Gillchrest A Graham A C Gennet A Genld Adel E Galligan ? Grant Chas A 3 Carver Davis GazroloDom Gilbert A Co Messrs M L 3 Gallagher Mr Grotenunt J Jowan James Gibons Julius Gallagher John Glin Mr Gulick James Griffith? Mr Graham James ?. .b-on Ja? G Galway Jamea> Giberson Jas Goodnck J H Gunnel Dudwel Goodwin Jas II Groen Edward bidding? I J Gaines ? ? Gibbons Geo ? GriflinGeoH Graham Geo F Gordon H Ganan John Garoner J F Gorman Jas Gru pe Mr (inteline ? ? Cold en Robert (iardiner Sey Goddard 8 M Geary Wm J Goodridee John Guimm Wm Grant Joan Grimes Jas E George Jahn Green Josiah Gear John M Gott Lewis t?arvey Luke Gr?nese Myer Griffith M J G iebner CapJ T2 Gsrrett A Son r* Heman Alfred J Hixeon ? A Hamilton Gen Hurskinge F A J 2 Griffin Wash J Gilder Lr. W H2 Glendy Wm M Green William Garritemi ?/__ Gruel W Geary Cap WmG Gerruh W Gary Cap W J Halliday Adc-I" llorting A Hitchcock A Hay Albert Haakell A H Ha?;m Abram D Hill Geo W Homer Geo W Hart Co ? Head Geo M i lo wen Geo H aman Geo Hurbert Cap GCHi'nton B'ichard .??' run- Mr Hiigden Mr Hopkins ? J Hartman ? ? Hanigan Pat'k liai ten?'ine ? Hyle M_JR H S H?tten AL llmniston Asa Herbert Alfred Hull Cap Ales Harri? Con B F Heminway A Bennett Iluntley Chas Hughs Cay Uendereon R J Hiiblrand Lt Geellampsou Rv Uiggins IL-n yAllallBum'l S Harrison ? HaleySam'lG Hal'l II Hunt Sam "1 II Hudson Henry Hertz Samuel Higginson HC 2 Hughe? Simeon Houghtou H y CI! un? Setta ? IIolduleyJB Holmes Bol'ma 2 Henon Joe H Hoyt Bteph J Hall Capt Ch'lerllangetetter JnoHackett Thoe HarhouseCol HamlinJohn nuntThosR llartwick C M Haseltine J G Hety Cap Theo Ilolccmb C W HickeyJosA Hews Too? lloer/.er Cap Ch Hopkine Jacob Hai pin ? H Uimnion Calvin HendricCap J Dllill TQ Hayes Chas HolotaanJonn Hudersons Thos IIueterChasE Henderson Joe ' Hartley A Broa Hamacher Jos Harrison D ? Hawkings Isaac niggins David Hanck Josh W Hai berte Edw'd Hall John i Ueman Ed C Hood Jas Hortenstein E Hall J ? Heller Fred llaves Ja?; C Humphreys F'k Hahn John S Harne Truman HallleraelC Hanilick Lt Hageman M L neltzeil IO 1 Hopwovil F ? Holme? Lt F'k II"use Wm A Hunt WalterlO H.'liriHu WS Hall Wm ? Ueietemao Wm Hening Wm ? 2 Huseey W.tlter H o ward Wra Hutto n Wae h'? Tlyser Cap Wm Howard Col ff ? Ilackett Wm Jordan Alfred Jou?e A J JayneB W JenksB R Jenkine Cbae 2 Johnson Edw-l Jackson Frank Jack Geo Irish G ? Jackson II? Kessler Albert Kelly Dr A W Keith ? F Kelly Cbas-5 Kinney Cha? King Chas Kelly Cbae?: Knox DR Knerr D F King Dani 2 Keuceilay Dr Keosdy Dennis K?rner D Kinny Edw Keller ? H Jaquees Col JF-2 Jeroan Robt J arrie RB J eh ? so n R ? Jones S A lugram 8 Johnson Tobias Johnston W u Jones Dr Wm 11 elan W II Kerven Mich Kramer Mat Kelly Martin Lake And Lery Abram Lear And l.vlesA Birth Lucas C M Latini? r Cap C Lyon OD LufkinD W Lantel Dan Litenberj ? W Lewi? SD Leonard F W Line Oapt G R Lamb G D ? Lealasd GeoR Lewis Holland LaRueGeeF Jobneon J M Josepn J C Jorren J H Ire dell L'api J Johnson J J Ingraham Jae Jones Jos S I ms Jacob Janee Joseph Xi. Eoone E S Kinnicutt F C Kennedav Geo ? rieg Gottfried Keeler ? A King Geo W King ? 8 Kothe Henry Keane Pat King ? L King Dr R ? Kreamer J B Keaeb R F Kozel John Kilam R A KelioggMajJno_ Kellogg R 8 KimballJnolI Kelleher ? H KainbowJno Kinny Thos ? notte J W Kelly Capt Thoe Knapp Hon J G Karns Wm Kelly M J Kuen Mr S_i Levannay H C Link Mich! LuugaboroughHLewie O Lee Arson Lamed Otie-2 Lewis Peter La a ?!<? y ? A Lynch Pat L-e ? ? Lewis Lt S W-2 Lent 8 C Lindsay Thos W LockermannDrT L una-?. Wm Loyd Wui Lea W A Luca? Wm 2 Leonard J D Liddy Jas Liuwoo't Jno Larkln Jos Loveless Jno Luxus J l?. Light Jae?b Love John S Lambed ? ? Linch J W Ltevd J 8 Lord Capt J m. LudTow Lev*? M LeC-mto Lt Col Lesler W J ??? Mepbail AlfredEMoorebead J ? Manchester M'n Mndge Anios-2 MurpbyJasJ-, Mot M A Moore Albert MyereJ H Meyer Mont? McClnre Alfr'dBMitehell J D MeukeM MrBillan A Mercntie Jame? Moore Milton MeC.ll Alex Milton Isaac J Meyer Morris J Mel aw BW M tere John MaeeoraasNich'a MoxteyCG MatchettJ AlVtMurphyNick Mack Cy renine EMaguire Jam? e McParfandOwen Mollica Clke-n 2 Mi 1er John L A Oo Miller CLJr Miller John 2 Moran Owen McH ugh Cbaa Maseiy Jerome SM any Peter MaderChria Mason Joseph M ah on ? MarkhasuCha* PMorgan Jas M .-Unire Pat'k McDonnell ChrisMartin Jpa McCeun Pat'k McDonntU LtOolMarcellus JameeMcCsrty Pat'k Maber David ?otlT''I1Bl .?nrphfttPl Manger D 8 Maxwell/??.??TMarahall DrPk'p Sccf?lla? D ? bergan J B-2 M_OaUieterCapt Mrlatyre David MePh. reonDrJ ? Ricaard M?ouire David M-Pherson IeiahMcJeigh Robt ? MeC?eUssd ? ?*?_?_?}"* *??_.?.??*?*?H . MeNsieyBdwardMcAllal _ Miller Rost ? 2 Miller Vraah Mf Oinni? Jno-3 McFalle L ? Maria ID Morris Jceeph ??? -risos Saal W Scasa Frank McDonald Jno HMagaw SarrTl Mitchell F A Maxwell Isaac Miller 8amJ Menkert Fred McElroy Jno A JMcIntyre ? C Manon Geo McParlandJnoMMarray Thos Merphy Geo McCabe John Malony ? ? Machade Geuie'eMulrany John Mal?n _ Thos Morrison G F Mo ire John ? MeigsTimothyY Marsh Geo Man James D Marke Wm Mellick Oso Moore CantJnoSMcCullough Wm MageeGeo Marsh John HS Mawin Geo Meade Lt J L Mauger Wm Macy Col Geo W Marhe Levi Milner Wilson Manin G G Myera Leander Musson CaptW A MrKeeHClay Markwooo Lt McKay Wm McKay H Miller Lewie W McKnigkt L MnrehonseHen'yMcGrath Mhv 2Merri!l Wm Morris H A Co McCauly Mr M acuire Wa Mills Henry McKnewMJ Msy Henry Moroney M Martin Capt H W ?t Nichols Geo M Nitze Geo NeymireHenryDNye Samuel Norria John MonotS Nevil Jeremiah Nasli Simuel Niles Lt Chas M Noble John Nichols Thus D NewtonCalvinA Nottingiam JH Newell Hon Norris Chas H NngentJae Wm A Newberry LtCol Nulty Joseph Nichols Wm H Nevin CaptDRB Neiseer Moritz Nevin Col Wm Opperman Aug Oscood John Ovitt A W Osgood James O'Connor A Orange John O'Neill Chester OwinsJaeH O'Connor Chas O'Brien Mat Oliver D 8 Olney Oliver A J?rmstan Wm Oregon Demiek O Conner Patk Quinter Thos J Orma? Forest Ombr?e Perret JQuigley Thes Otis Dr Geo A 2 I? Platt A Warner Prichard Jno Neble Alex Neal AC Newman A Newton A E Nichols Benj J M cCarty Wm Miller LtW ? Newcomb Prof Simon O'Bryan CapRC O'Klorthy Tim Oaf'ander Theo O'NeilThOB Osmon Wm L Palmer A Park A F Phillev AT Pray Capt A C Porter A J Pr?vost Jonah Penly Isaiah Y Potter Joe Porektor Jas PiperJ 8 PickertonAllen Perry Lt Jno F Pool AdisoD-2 Peacock Jae Potter Wm R Pole Chas H Proctor C A Perkins Chas Potter C C I Peck Clark A Peirce D A Pullen Dea G Peters Edward Pieri Fraeisco-2 Park Isaac L Pierce Fred A Pierce LaftteW Pistorius Fred Patnode Frank Perrott G W Platt Geo Park Geo W Pearson Geo Pierce CptGA-3 Peter ? Pen Paige Cpt ? Ml Phelpe Peter Pryore Jas V Pardee R Peed Robt Pattison Capt R Pollard Renben Porter Rnfne Pane Sami ? Paul Sai.il ? VancoaM Saml Packard 8 M Paras Saml Post S O Parsons Theo PatWsonCpTNl Peck Thos PearceTboB Patrick Col ? L Peter Wm Park B-rg't Wm Place Wm O PenaultManrice Prie? Wm ? Preeeett N M Parker W ?-2 Perita Bev O? Putnam Wm ? Purdy W ? Plummer Wm Paieone Wm ? Porter Wm A V 'iakham Wm Prefater Jack'? Powell J ? l'aine Jae Pike Jae PoetIsaac J Price Dr J Poole J L Polk Jno Pogue Jno Porter Cpt O O Piper Peter W Parker Preston Ramadell A H Rosas Al.\ ReckafellonCap B F P-3 Rebison BF Roby BF Robinson Chas Rauterberg C Roherson Capt Rltzine Curth Rodgere C Buggies DC 2 Russell S S Robinson Rev E W Reinecke F E Ranser Frank RinggoldHnFW Binehart Geo Rice Geo-3 Robinson G C Robitoy G Sanderson AH Sears And Spencer A J Smith Abiatt Sallader AM Riceks H Raymond H Richardson H H Rader Henry Rorke Hugh Ryer Henry Rothery ? ? Roused: Howard Reynolds Jos Robertson Jno Rineer Jno Bobbins J M RedickJ W Rilly Jas Rohbins J F Ram edel I J R Raddan Jos Rurghiser J Rice Capt JaB Roth Jno Rice J ? Ronk J A Rest Lee liger a Rickets LB Roberta L Ra-noils Maj Riley Owen Reinhart Ringer Obed-2 Reed ? G A C Read SB Richardson S A Rayb?ld 8 H Riley Thos Reese Rev Wm Redman W 8t C Roby W 8 Rimer Wm Russell Mr Rohbins W II Rogers W H Riddle Maj W Swift Henry Strubbio Abram Stanley H C Staples Horatio Stone M 0 Seely Horace Sower? M Steams ? M Siegel Moses HtaplesHoratio2 Snarch M F Smith A J Shekels Beni O Stephenson Dr BF Scott Chaa Slilrly Capt Schots Chris Seymore Chae ttowell Chas Smith Chae StephensC C Shields A Ber nard Staio:: ?' H Strickland S Strovemaeter C Smith Dan M Samuel D Stevens Durell S? moods De-an Smith D F Biro rue David rttreter D C Smith Paria M Samuels D-2 Snow DJ Smith D R Smith David L St-11 Dan K Shoemaker Ed SturgesE H Squires Edgar Sullivan ? B Shaw ? H Sullivan E Sender Fred Smith Frank Se*bald Ferd-2 Sil lot.-i'iii F Spnrgeon F C Springer Geo Staelin Gus Smith G.o A C Senseney G E Sessford G A SimmsG GC Seger Geo W Selby Geo Scribner O F Smith M II Snyder II Stratton N II Simmrt N W Sherman A Pat terson Siliere Robt Smith H S?bel Hermann 8herno Jn<* M Spencer Jno M Saunders Jae H StephensJ<col'd)Stokee Robt Sterling Joseph Sprenket R .- piel man 8 R Simpson Jae Sehseffer Jno-2 Simpson Jas S Stickney J B Stevenson lion JD-2 Slater J 8 Stewart Jas E Santmyre J ? Shorter Jas Shaffer Jacob Skinner Capt J Srive Jae ? Striker Jae S Sandere John Stickney J II Shafer John C Smalley Jas E Spaulman Joe Sandere John Sanborne J D Sheaves J W Smith John Smith Jas H Smith Jas M Smith John S Sewell Rer R Smith Lt S S StevensRJ Sutherland R Stevens Ma) R J Sowers Stephen Strachan S S Steer Sam L Schendell S Sny<lers A 8ons Skillman Sam St Pierre Pierre Stevene 8 S SuthenTR StrohmererTheo Smith Thornton Sullivan ? SheaThosJ Simons Thos Skimer ? W Seramee T F Schmidt Lt ? 8mall W u ? Smith Capt H W Sealee W W Smelt W S'iaw Wall-3 Smith Walter Shaw J W Steele Judge Jas Spinnev ? Schwartz Jos Shoop W ? Seaton Lt L Baarbeer Levie Bnett L R Sherman Geo ? Sandford M C ? Tanker A ? Ttmpleton J A Town Col C II 2 Tratuon John Toinnk ine C II Thomas J H 2 Santa L C Snover Lem Hwaine L H Staples L M Banborn M B Sostowskey Mr Sweeting Dr M F Sloenm W H Stiff Moses Smith W W Sl-vman Morris Strickland W ? Sinclair Wm Stebbine W Sliter Wm 2 Snter W II Steward Wm Singleton W R Snyder W H Singleton W R Staple ford Capt Trade ? B Twe.-del O Thompson O W Travis Otie Tu ill Oaeoim Tracv ? 4 Tau<-hner Ralph Trou ? Lt R Thomas Smith S Tri?ley Charlee TelfordCapJ G Tewer Oliver O iode Col 0 8 Thomas Jae R2 " Twaddle Dan! Thutston J R Turner E W2 Trav?e John H 'l'ii-?n Edward Thompson Jae 1 hornton B Thon: pson L 0 Taylor F 2 Terril! Rev L H Tochmau G Tinkham Leroy Talbot Rev S Thompson Geo STiBani l'iman Tensili T W Thornton W U Tracy Morgan DThompson Thos Traverse Henry Todd Mr Turner William Tilley Henry H Tyson ? E 2 U-V UlteySimonP Vantesdals 1F VeinerenP Fpcraft Wm VarnerJnoH Yincun Richd VnnClender A B TT Williame A O Wells C?_>tG W Wirth John Waterman LtCol Wallace H ? Weiner Loin'?* AN Woodcock A Wasson A Williame Alex Williame Alva J Williamson A-J White A ? Wilton Chas Wells Clark Wilson Chas Wise Chas H WilstorfHL WylieHJ Ward H U Waldron H C Wright Lt H Whitcomb Levi Whiting Leon'd Wood Levious Wilson Milo Wiser M L Williams Harris Wildman ? ? Wiegant W?tete 8 ? 2 Wilson LtLC Woodward Jas Walling U Williamson OAJWysoan John Watson SergtCAWeltn.-r Ca WilkonMajCF Wheeler J ii Wilson Cyrus Wagner Jno G WildyCol Williameon J Williame David Walker JW-2 Wabster Dani Waters J 0| Wetherby DavidWeller J ? Warner Mr! Wengert Michl Waters Lt Ned Whitney ? Wheeler Newton Weltel Otto J RWhitneyON-2 Walken Bunyon W ?Ik er Robt-a Wa dener ? R Williame Robt Wicke Syrue West Btenken Waldron Dan! WWilliame Corp J WoodrufTALind Webster D W S barner Welch Mal D Wilson J ? West Stillman Wallace Christ Wilhelm John WelmanJaeC Willians Kdw M Winrorder J ? White Thoe Watson Edw A WigganeJosll Whittington ? Ward ? ? Whiting JW Wallace TUob Whitfield Lt E-2Winyard Ja? ? Wall Thoe Williams FrancisWilliamsJ M Warren ? R Wallace Frank Withers Jos Willis W R Whitney Geo WcodJaaR ' Williston W ? Webher Gotlelb WrightLt J H-2Williame W J Winf?eld Geo Wadge John Withers Dr G WWeed John J Whitman Lt G Wise J Yocam ? Yates Chas A Yonne Geo ? YoungHy ? Young John It Yarick John Yeatman Lewis Yeatman L M York Michl White Wm Wigxine Wm Yornall Mord'i Yeatman Col TH Yettuian W 8 Zwetzsig Wm BAYLE8 J. BOWEN. Postmaster. ?ar NOTICE. I MTtI) MA1KS r 3-10 LOAS. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WASHING TON baa now on hand, ready for immediate deliv ery, afnlliupply of these new Bonds, bubscribers are requested io present tktir certificates at once and rei nit I A? it Bond'. Th-?? having money to invest should not lose eight of the fact tbat by investing in this Loan they not only receive interest, at the high rate of 7 3 1? per cent., hut secure to themselves the very important advantage of obtaining, at t*te end of three years. 6 PER CENT. ?-SO TEARBONDB AT PAR, which are now worth ever IS per sent. premium, sad whi< h after the war muet neoes-a rily advance to a much higher rate. ?u 21-tf C~TsYSLAND'8HINT8 TOBIFLBMEN. Question? and aunwere ca Musketry, part ?; Instruction ofMeeketry; London. Thackeray'? Maasal of Ria? Firing; Jaeob'e R??? Praaticei London Willard a Msaaai ef Tati aVesYni ? ?fir-. .'?: ? ?. ?* tea. h-?? SHI .-'?73 '.? frATLQB TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THL IND1AM WAR. Accumulation of Outrages? Gevernment Reinforcement? Called For?Immense Amen?t of Property Destroyed. St.Louie, Sept 1.?Late advices from Fort Reiley say the Indian outragea bave increased during the past ten days. On the I9tb a train from Santa Fe to Leavenworta was attacked at Olmmeran Springs, and ten men killed. All tbe stock was captured, and the train aban doned. Oi. the 21st two hundred Indians at tacked several trains, including one belonging to the Government, elxtv miles weet of Fort Larned. One man was killed, and ail the stock captured. Large bande of Indian? are congregating in the neighborhood of Fori Lyon, and outrages are of daily occurrence. Several unprotected ?etGemente between Fort Lyon and Baze Mountains are now receiving the attention of the Indians. The country traversed by tbe savages extends from tbe Platte to the Arkan s: s river, about tour hundred miles from east to west. Our present force is entirely inade quate for the work bet?re it. Immediato reinforcements are absolutely needed. Over two hundred persons nave been murdered on tbe Platte route, and one hundred on tbe Arkansas head-waters, Smoky Hill, and Republican rivers. 300.000 dollars' worth of property baye been captured and destroyed, oesides tbree thousand borses, five hundred mulet-, and two thousand oxen. Idaho and Montana are said to swarm with disloyal men. It is estimated that two thousand of thi-s class have gone there the past year, and half of tbe Mexicans are very uneasy along the entire mountain range. Rebel Mormons are said to have been at work among them. FROM NEW ORLEANS. The Condition of Fort ?Morgan?A Rebel Ram Blown up. New York, Sept. 1.?The steamer McClel lan, iron New Orleans on the 24tb, via Mobile Bay on the 27th ult., has arrived. She bringe Admiral Farragut'e official dispatches re garding tbe capture of Fort Morgan, and tbe flags of the Rebel Ram Tennessee, the Rebel steamer Selma, and of Forts Qaines and Mor gan. ? he Rebel ram Nashville was blown up by tbe Metacometon tbe night of tbe 25tb, just below Mobile. Sbe was 360 feet long, and was to mount 12 guns. Tbe gunboat Onedia Bebed up eix tor pedoes on tbe 25tb, in the channel below the torts The ram Tennessee would soon leave for New Orleans. The Selma is doing duty in the Union cause. Our forces ashore and on shipboard are in excellent condition. The McClellan touched off Key West, and brought a mail thence. The fever is increas ing. _ From tbe Valley of Virginia. Tbe New York Herald contains the follow ing dispatch : Fallino WATERS, Aug. ill.?Oen. Averill's cavalry attacked the enemy to-day on the Winchester pike, and drove him beyond Clara. ponville; also pressed the enemy's pickets npon tbeQerrardstown aud Cnarleston roads, on the Winchester pike. The enemy's pickets were reinforced, but held in check until short ? ? after one o'clock p. m, when the rebels ad vanced with an infantry division and artillery, shewing but little cavalry. On tbe rebel ad vance being made a brief engagement ensned, tbe enemy showing a much greater force than our own. Our casualties are light. Lieut Hagerty. company C, 14th Pennsylvania, is among the wounded. This morning a dispatch was received from General Keiley, at Cumberland, tbat all was quiet in that neighborhood ; that McNeil, with about 250 men was between Romney and Banging Bock, threatening a raid. The result of tbe operations is what was ex pected and was desired. The reoccupation of Martinsburg to-night by the enemy is not to be regretted. Tbe Pirate Tallahassee Chased by a Union Gunbsat?Her K*cape into Wilming ton. From tbe first moment of discovering the strange craft tbe Monticello commenced to throw rockets, signals understood by tbe rest of the fleet, distant over eight miles from the scene of action, and continued to keep them apprised of the condition of affairs. At about 7 p.m. communication was established between Captain Pbelon and Senior Officer Glosson. who bad made all speed to reach the scene of contest. Deeming further search in the dark to be futile, it was abandoned, and a vigorous lookout was kept up by all tbe fleet during tbe rest of tbe night. To Captain Phelon all honor in due. To him belongs the credit of first engaging the rival of the destroyed Alabama, whose end may be similar to tbat ol her predecessor. It would seem as if still another was to be added to the fleet of our rebel cruisers. A few nights age, a large, fast steamer, carrying at ber stern tbe English ensign, at ber foremast tne rebel colors, entered the port ot Wilming ton. Fort Caswell and the battery fir?d a feu de joie. She is supposed to bp a new rebel cruiser, or to have bad on board some distin guised, welcome passenger. She likewise still r?: mame there. Tbe Tallahassee had bnt one mast standing when engaged by the Monticello. From California. Sam Francisco, Aug. 27_The last steamer Horn Oregon and British Columbia brought over ?700,000. The northern mines are increasing in pro ductiveness. A great trade is springing up with this city. Tbe Indian war on the northern coast of California is at an end. In the fair of the Christian Commission about 92,004) in gold are received daily. Business is improving. Tbe mining stocks are dull. Tne steamer Constitution has arrived from Panama. San Francisco, Aug. 30.?The ?hip Intrepid, has arrived from New Tork; also the steamer Sierra Nevada, with f 100,000 in treasnre, from the northern mines. The Union State Convention organized at Sacramento this afternoon. After nominating Presidential electors, the convention will di vide into three district conventions and nom inate tbree Congressional candidates. What is called the "anti-Conness" wing of the party teems to be in tbe majority. From Arkansas? Reported Capture ef an IllinoisRegim't-Duvall's Blnff Threat ened. Cairo, Sept. 1.?Accounts from White river say the country along the shore is aliye with guerrillas, who are firing into all the passing boats. On the 23d, a part of Joe Shelby's rebel gang attacked tbe forces guarding the railroad be tween Duvalls Bluff and Little Rock, and cap tured nearly all the 54thIllinois,occupyingthe tbree stations. Colonel Mitchell is reported killed. Shelby's force is threatening Duyall's Blnff. t hicage Convention. Caicaoo, Sept. l.?Among the members of the National Democratic Committee, Odin Bowie, of Covington, ie appointed to repre sent Maryland, and John A. Nicholson, Dela ware. The committee organized by the election of August Belmont as president, and F. A. Prince secretary._ West Kentucky te be Invaded? Cairo, Sept 1.?The rebel Oeneral Buford is preparing for another raid into West Ken tucky. His advance gnard has entered Mc Craeien county._ Missouri. Cairo, Sept. 1.?Gen. Rosecrans has issued orders for the repairing of tne Charleston and Fnlton railroad, Missouri. _ ?????? - ?????. Johneon, ?av?ngobtained tbe requi site authority, ie raieing 20,000men for the pur pose of olearlng Tennessee of predatory rebel bands andguerrilias. HF- The St. Louis Union thinks there are in di catione of an extensive rebel invasion of Mis souri this falL s-rPiacs o? the large theaters in the United States hare been sent to Paris to model new theaters npon. ay The wool-growers of New York ar? about to form an association for th? benefit of' the trade. ?ts*"A mother has been arrested i a Chicago for teaching her chiWrer to steal. ,-*-' '.? ' . .-; .uu . ? at THB SURRENDER OF FORT MORO AN Interesting pnrtlenlnrs ?f the Siege and Surrender. The New Tor* Tribune correspondent gives the jolK'Wing interesting par ucniars o? the cap tare of Fort Morgan : The fort was ranch damaged, owing to tbe ret id Bring of the fleet. Which was ao quirk an it constant that the fort could scarcely re ply. When the white flag was hoisted, the ?nibusiaem of onr officers and men knew no bounds: th?y immediately commenced a pro miscuous saluting with mnskete, pistols, Ac The following diapatchee have been re? C FxAflSHir Habtforp, Mobile B?y. August M, IHM.? To Com. Palmer, Commanding a! New Or, ean . -Fort Morgan made an unconditional suneuder at I p. m. to-day. to the force? of the Army and Navy. General Paige did not mike us wait as long as I expected We will cheer our Beg and sainte it, when hoisted, with an hundred guns by the whole fleet. Congrat ulate General Canby upon the great success which has attended bis first effort in this De partment. Nothing could have been more har monious than onr combined operations. We had no ambition to exeel each other bnt in the destruction of the enemy's works, which wae erT'-ctnally done by both Army and Navy. Very truly, yonrs, D. O. Fabba?ut. THB 81BOB ABTD ITU BMULTS. Six hundred prisoaers were captured, and are now on their way up the river on the U. S. steamers Tennessee and Bien ville. All Satur day aid Sunday night a regular artillery duel WhB kept up between tbe fort and Gen. Uran - o r'( m? n, about one gnn being tired by the en emy every fifteen minutes, no damage result ile to either side, as far as known. On Mon day- morning at daylight a combined attack by tn- land and naval forces was begun, and shot and stall were fiercely rained upon the doomed place, until between 6 and 7 o'clock yeeterday morning a white flag wae displayed over Mor gan, and firing immediately ceased. Oen. Paige was given until -2 o'clock p. m. before the linai capitulation took place, which was unconditional At two o'clock Fort Mor gan was taken possession. At five o'clock on Monday afternoon the Inner works and quar ters of the fort caught fire from our shells, bn' th? flamee were speedily extinguished. At s o'clock tbe same evening another fire broke out, which spread rapidly and burned with great fury until ti o'clock a.m., when it ex hausted itself. During the whole of this terrible time, onr fire was poured in upon tue garrison from all sides, rendering the place as near a bell npon earth as the imagination can well conceive So fierce and continuous was oar fire that the enemy were unable to respond in a way tbat in tbe least interfered with onr opera tions-, but one gnu was worked by the rebels during the whole engagement. Our loases during the conflict are stated at one man killed and three slightly wounded. Fort Morgan is badly shattered by onr ter rific fire, and is but tbe wreck of the strong hold over which proudly waved the rebel flag on Sunday last. A sainte is now being fired in honor of the victory. Fikakcial.?The New York Commercial Ad vertiser ot yeeterday evening says : The stock market shows a slight recovery from tbe reaction of yesterday afternoon. The transactions at the morning board were large, and to an unusual extent speculative Tbe options were about equally divided between buyers and sellers, showing a very great dif ference of opinion abont the future of the mar ket. The presence on the market of operators who have been long absent is making itself lelt, and there can be no doubt that more activ ity will henceforth be shown. The proposal of Secretary Feasenden for bids for the balance of ?75,??*?,0?? of sixes of fered June '., has a depressing effect on Gov ernments. The ? bonds were sold at a de clineof'2; Five-twenties opened at l<W .. and sold np to l' n,L-, closing at a decline of I. There were large sales of certificates, nnder which the price tell to SO\?a decline of \. Seven thirties of April are scarce and wanted. State stocks were dull, but firm. Hallroad Bonds were quiet, the principal interest being on shares. Gold shows a strong tendency to recover tbe recent decline. The fall created a srrong; "short ' interest, and the purchasers to cover the "short" contraete have forced np the price. The Evening Post says: The new government loan is attracting con siderable attention, and althongh it is offered ten to fifteen days later than was deemed pru dent by the financial authorities, who urged its issue, still the hope is indulged that no very serious or protracted inconvenience will re sult either to the interests of tbe government er to tbe engagements of our commercial class es. A large amount of currency is now going West, the demand for the moving of tbe crop having feet in three weeks earlier than usual. The new bonds, it will be observed, will be sixes of It-1??. Five-twenties it was supposed would, in the present condition of tbe for eign demand, have sold better, and a limite..? amount may perhaps be hereafter offered to the public. The stock market is lower and feverish in consequence of the prevailing incertitude as to the derangement in the money market, which may be caused by the paj ments on account of the new government loan. f*7*The Chattanooga Gazette says there is no nee in administering the oath of allegiance to rebele there until we can invent an oath that w ill choke to death the party who violates it. b7"Mibs Katharine Sonthey, the last unmar ried daughter of the poet, ie dead. AM?SEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATER. Tenth street, above Pennsylvania avenue. JOHN T. FOBD_Propriet?r and Manager. (Aleo of Holliday Street Theater, Baltimore.) BENBFIT OF MR~W. J FLORENCE. THIS EVENINO. SEPTEMBER 1, On which occasion he will appear in three pieces, end tbe versatile and charming Comedienne, Mrs w. j. Florence, w?ii saltala FIVE DISTINCT CHARACTERS. Introducing her most POPULAR SONGS an! DANCES. The performance will commence with tbe excel lent Comedietta of IRISH LION. . Tim Moore.Mr. W. J. Florence. To be followed by the Pr t^an Burletta of the ?OTJNG ACTRESS. Mario, assum'ngfour other character?, Mrs. W. J. FLORENCE. To conclude with the laughable pie-e entitled LORD FLANNIGAN. Lord Flannigan.?_.Mr. W. J. F orones. "gROVER'S THEATER. Leonsrd Grover,_._.-_.Dire-tor 0. D. Hess,-._?^.Acting Manager. 8. H. Verney,.-Stage Manager. C. Koppitz.__i-?-... Musical Director. This popular Establishment, newly painted,dec orated, and renovated, will open for the FALL AND WINTER SEASON OF IB?? 9. ON MONDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 5, with the celebrated WARREN COMEOY COMBINATION. supported bv a company nf artists that have been selected during the past four months with a view to make this THE BEST BTOCK COMPANY that hae ?ver been organized under this management. SW Koppit ? itili Con l un the Orchestra SALE OP RESERVED 8EATS WILL commence at Metzerott's Music Store ob Thursday evening, September 1._ anal ODD FELLOW'S HALL. "ILLINOIS AND FOOTS." This popular place of entertainment has already become a famous resort. Flattered by the suoeesn of their first week amrng ue. they have opened for a second week, orTeringsmew attractions at each entertainment. These wonderful little people are full of wit and humor, and their venitility is truly astonishing Their whole entertainment is so admirably adapted one part with the other, that the pleasant evening paeeea away like a dream The musical department ie well adapted to the rerformance of thee? little wonders?the interna?? iate ie will performed, while tbe voices of the quartette are all fresh, and ehow unmistakable Bign? of thorough training. The selections of this company for their pro gramme ie free from all vulgarity and lo w saying*. The Management may justly claim a moral enter tainment, for Buch it really ie. They remain with ub through this week. Let all who have not paid the Commodore and party a visit do go at once, for it i* an entertainment that ie full of merit, and one rarely offered the cititene of Washington. an 29 IW PIO NIPS, EXCURSIONS, kc. GRAND PLEASURING PIG NIC-By Rn\ the Young Benevolence of Washington JH city, at JiiDMi.an's Pbasur?? (?arden. cornerjPBB of 4th and E sts., Capitol Hill, on FBIDAY.wSsBb September 2,1S64. Tickets SO cents, admitting gentleman ?ad ladies. To commence at 4 o'clock. Good music will be in attendano?. sep 1 ? ??,- REMEMBER THB STARB ts^^t * will be given at the Ween- * C?^uaV^^?ttnerftnr'4 Mc&r?ott? ft- Le??? Ballet Mar entleiiian and ladies "? Ritter. J. Berkhard, C. Ballet Master. eeyl-cf THE ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB X ARE Great pleasure in announcing to t their friends and the public generally that. they intend giving their I THIRD GRAND PICNIC At ^WASHINGTON PARK, SeventhB<rwr.";i ON THTJR8D4Y, 8bptibss*8, ??, The proceeds for the benefit of Mr. Wsllereford. who Buffered great loe* by ore on the 6th day ef July. 18*4 T.eket? &> Cents; admit.:ng a g?BtlfJteaaaed !a ?lee. By order of Committse. ??? 1-)w*

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