3 Eylül 1864 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Eylül 1864 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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?iiirnj jlter. \SH; XXIV. WASHINGTON, D. C. SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 3. 1864 PH? 8.5S3 plOFOBALS HI LO A ?. Tas ??ttbt Dsr a ?y ???t, July ?? twU. ? ?tie? is hereby fi*?? that eub-erlptioas will be mei ved by th? Treasurer of th? Usited Btstea. tb? several Aasiftaat Treasurer? and 1>^1?n**** Depositor!?? sad by tb? National Banks designated and qnalifled a? Depositories and Ftsaseial hgente, for Tressury Bote? payable tbre? yeers fresa August ??,???. bearing interest at th? rats ef Mv?n and three-tenth? per eent. per annum, with semi annual coupon? attaehed, paysbl? ia lawful bbbbBbEV These note? win be convertible st ths optiea ef tb? bolder at maturity, into six per eeut. gold bearing bends, redeemable after five and payable twenty year? from August 15, 1367. Tb? Note? will be i??u?d in the denomination? of fifty, ose bandred, tve hundred, one thousand and five thousand dollar?, and will be issued in blank, sr payable to order, as may be directed by the aub Mribera. AU subscription raa?t be for fifty dollar?, or asm? multiple of fifty dollar?. Duplicate certificates will be issued for all depos ites. Th? party depositing must endors? upon tbe ori ? ina I certificate th? denomination of note? re quired, and whether tbey are to be Issued in blank sr payable to order. Wben so endorsed itmu?t he left with the officer receiving the deposit, tob? forwarded to thi? Department. The note? will b* transmitted to the owners free ef transportation charge? a? ?onn after the reeeip efthe original Certificat e? of Deposit BJ they ean be prepared. Interest will be allowed to August 14 on all deposit? made prior to that date, ?nd w-ll be paid by th? Department upon receipt of ?he original certificate? A? tbe note? rt'?w interest ?too ?.nen?t 18, per ?on? making 4?pealas ?nbeosnesd te that late? must pay the interest a>-crtie4 from d*te o! note to date of deposit. Partie? depoaiting twenty-five thousand dollars aad upwards for these notes at aay one time will be allowed a eommiaaion of one-quarter of on? per ?ent., which will be paid by thi* Department npon tbe receipt of s bill for the amount, certified to by the officer with whom the deposit was made. Bo deduction? for eommiaaion? must be mad? from th? deposits. Officers receiving deposits will see that the proper endorsements are mad? upon th? original pertinente?. All officer? suthorited to receive deposits are requested to give to applicants all desini informa tion, and afford every facility for making sub scriptions. W. P. FES8ENDEN, Jy 16-tf Secretary of the Treasury. DENTISTRY. QBEAL DISCOVERY IB DENTISTRY. Tk?la Exuacud withouTfout ^__4 tkt Mukriit _/ ?,LWOBj<! J?,*1*? ?" parson*? having testh to ex? *"ft*? &l ?.?*? Lewis's oaM,_s*a_pa and have them taken out by thi? n?vl_i 3 and Bannie?? process. Also call *?a?[????t^? examine the Doctor ?. ??V and lm ^^ G ??? proved method of Inserting Artificiel Teeth. If you once a?e the great Improvement in hi? teeth you will hay? them in no other atyle than tbis new ?At 1?.???? 1??? *No- 849.Pa. avenu?, between IJth and 15th street?. ?OT?_E_E_LBWIB, M. P., Penttrt. ? ? E R 7 hi m LOOMlB, M. D , the Inventor and Patente? of the MINERAL PLATE T?BTH.at- ? _?? tends personally at bis office in tbisdL___ eity Many persons can wear tbese'-tTTTw?!??? teeth who cannot wear other?, aad no ' ' ' " person can wear others who ?annot wear these. Faraona sailing at my office can be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire, but to those who are particular and wtab the pnrast, eleaneet, strongest, and most perfect denture that art saa produce, tb? MIMBRAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Boome In this city?No 338 Pennsylvania avenu? ??????? nh *a? 10tk ?tesete. Alao, ??? Arch at,, Philadelphia. maM-ly TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY'. ? CAPE MAI. Y RA?L ROA U F Ri'M PHI WALNUT 8TREET PIER.? 'Y RAILROAD FROM PHILADELPHIA FROM VIA WEST JERSEY RAIL-, JAD. > At ? a. m., accommodation due at loj_ a. m. At hi ?. m , express du? at IS p. m. at is a. m.. express due at 8 p. m. Returning, leave Cape May? ? a. m. express due at 9SI a. m. 11.46 accommodation due at 4). P? m. 1.10 p. m express due at ??_ p. m. Through without chu?are of ears or baggage. New cars, and everything first -clas?. leausm J.VANRENSSELAER.anpn. BALTIMORE ABO OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Sunday, June lPth, 1844, Dally Trai ne will be run between Washington and New York and Washington and the Weet, a? follows : FOR PHILADELPHIA, NEW TORE. AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7 .30 a. m.,ll.U a.m., aad 8.9 p. m. daily, except Sunday. ?>n Sunday at 8 JP p. m. only. FOR BALTIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA. Leave Washington at 3pm. daily, except Sua? Passengers will note that this train ran? aa far aa Philadelphia only. FOR NRW TORR. Leave Washington daily at ?.3? p. m. This train is for New York passentterg exclusively. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 1.30 a. m.. 11.15 s. m.,3?. m.. 4.45p. m, 7.2|i p. m .snd 8.3? p. m..except Ban day. Ob Sunday at 7 ?? a m..s p. m., and 8.90 p. m. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at ?.3? a. m. and3,4.46 and 8 JO p. m daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 3 and 8.30 p. m_ Ticket? sold to all point? WEST, and baggagt checked through. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 4.30 s. m. and 4.49 p. m. daily, exeept Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Sunday. Trains leaving Washington at 7.3" a. m. aad ?.3? p. m. go through te New York without change of cars. Sleeping eara on 6.9> and 8.3" p. m. traina. Berths san be secured until 5 p. m. daily at tbe ticket of fice. After that hour they must be secured of the ?leaping car conductor. Tbe first and fifth train? ?top at all way point?. The 3 p. m. train ?tops only at Bladensburg, Belteville, Laurel. Annapoli? Junction and Relay House daily, except Sunlay. On Bunday it ?tove at all way point?. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Pasetvngers will pleas? observe that the 3 p.m. train run? only as Jar as Phiuidtlphta daily, txtept Sunday On Sunday it runs to ? a! timor ?only. Also, that tbe 6.30 p. m train takes New York passent erg on Iv for further information, ticket? of any kind, Ac .apply to GBO. 8. SOON TZ. Agent at Wash ington .or st the Ticket Office W ? SMTTH, Master of Transportation. L M. C?LE. General Ticket Agent. je30-tf BEAT PENNSYLVANIA ROUTE G1 TO THB NORTHWEST AND SOUTHWEST. ON BND AND AFTER NOVEMBER 1??? train? will leave Baltimore from th? North Oel vert Metta*, aa follow? : ?__,_,__. Fast Mail at?- ?? ?? ?? ?? * A. M. HarrUhurg Accommodation-3.U0 P. M. Lightning Exproaa?? ?-FJO F. M. THE ? SO A M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with tb?9.20a. m. train from Baltimore f< r Pittsburg ana th? W??t ,?nl forEl mira. Bad alo Rochester, Bnnkirk, Csnaudaigus, and Ni agara Fall?? *?a G?G "*w Y?rl c'ty? THE T.?0 ? M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON icDDHCti ?ith tbe 9.3? p. m. tram from Balti more for Elmira and tb? North and Pittsburg and tbe West. _ SLEEPING OARS ?N NIGHT TRAINS. Hnimiu' TlCBBTS AT GOVBBBMBBT RaTBS. fjNBTHROrGH TRAIN ON SUNDAY. LOW FARE AND QUICE TIME. ?7-for tieSete and any information spply st tb? offie? of tb? Qreat Pennsylvania atente, eorner Penn avegu* and 6th ?treet. under NaUosal Hotel, Washington J. ? D?BARRY. Superintendent N. 0. R. E. XI WILRINB. Psaa snd Ticket Agent, ?or. 4th ?t and Jsfi-tf Peno avenu?. ASSISTANT QUART ? KM ASTER'S OFFICE, FOBAGB ABD RtVBK I ? \ S s PORT \Tit>:i SavaSTH Sterbt Whakf. Wash?Boton, D. C , Augmtlo, W44. CIRCULAR. la accordane?- witb iustructions from Brigadier Ornerai D. H. Rucker, Chief Quartermaster, De pot of Washington, I have placed schooner? at Uppe-r.ud Lower Cedar Points, in the positions t< <? n-d by tk? i a ht boat?, previous te their de ? trucliob by th? rebel?. Prom suoeet un.il sunri?? a light will be awang from . ?eh of tbe schoon r?. The reason given by raptaibsof wotjemho, chartered and owned by the Liiit.d State?? 0.a?rterma*ter Department, for ai r! tring ia tb? P?u?iiac river at night, was. tbat they f?-ared that the<y would run their T?*?*l? aground if 'hey attemp ?d to run past tb? uh cals ?r.t*r ? * ,Td? lamp? placed on the ?chooner? will give a ligi t snfficintly strong to enable all pilot? topes? upanddowD the river with safety, provided th?y guv?rn tbein?alve? by the charts prov,d?d by United State? Coast 8arvey. Frees aad after thi? date.no ve??el propelled by steam will be allowed ?o anchor, excepting is ?neh weather a? by running th? lo?? of the vessel or cargo might be endangered. All masters of ?ufi? a- e directed to report any e.lect on tbe part of the partie? ou board of the ?i_ht ?chooner?. m "iot keeping their light? burn ing ai*U hours of the uight. . ?? A ropy of thi? circular will ba k?pt posted in th? Pi!? t boute of every vessel owned and chartered ?r ib? Government, plying on tb* Fotomae river _?. 8. ALL8N. w??_Capi and A.q7__) ?'?? MBROHANTS ABB BABBEE* ALMA AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC )CANTERBURY H ALL, i AND H ALL ? CANTERBURY HALL. \ THEATER LOVISIABA AVBBOB, Near Comer of Sixth Ortet, Rear of National and Metropolitan Hotel?. Gbobob Lb a-.-._Proprietor W. ?. ?????????-. Stage Manager Loris Siollobv-_.._^ ._.. Ballet Master Jshb Sbfota._.Musical Director GLORIOUS FINALS ABD LAST WEEK OF THB 8UMMSR 8BAI0N. THB ONLY FIRST OLASS CONCERT HALL IN TBS CITY. ??* BNEXAMPLBD 8CC0X88 ?y THB GREAT STAR ALLIANOB. GREAT 8TAR ALLIANCE. GREAT STAR ALLIANCE. GREAT STAR ALLIANCE. HOUSE CROWDED NIGHTLY HOUSE CROWDED NIGHTLY. HOUSE CBOWDED NIGHTLY. AUDIENCES WILD WITH DBLIGHT. AUDIBNCI8 WILD WITH DELIGHT. AUDIENCES WILD WITH DELIGHT. ALL NEW ACTS FOR THE CLOSING WEEK First week of the celebrated Ethiopian Song-and Dance-Man, BILLY EMERSON, BILLY EMERSON, BILLY EMERSON. BILLY EMERSON. Who will appear io his great characters of THE "OURS," ABD "ACTIVE BOY." Miss AGNB3 SUTHERLAND. AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND, AGNES BCTHERLAND, AGNES 8UTHBRLAND, AGNES SUTHERLAND. Tke Scottish Nightingale Tbe Comic Pan tomi -ne of MONS. DECHALUMEAU. MONS DECHALUMEAU. MONS. DECHALUMEAU. MONS. DECHALUMEAU. MONS. DECHALUMEAU. M0N8. DECHALUMEAU. Mor.s. Bzollosy ??....Roquinet W. B. Cavanagh w) *.?,?.Mone. Deehalumeau With new Tricks and Transformatione. First Week of the beautiful Ballet, arranged ex pressly for the Canterbury by MONS. LOUIS rWOT.LOPY, MONS. LOUIS 8ZOLL08Y, Entitled THB ROBE OF SCOTLAND. THE ROSE Of BOOTLAND. THE ROSE OF SCOTLAND. THE R08B OF SCOTLAND. CHARACTERS BY THE ENTIRE BALLST CORPS. MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, ' WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, *** WEST WEST, WE8T, WEST, In seme of their original Ethiopian Eccentricities. ALL THB BEST ACTS Of the Season will be produced, thereby closing one of the most successful seasons of the Canterbury. POPULAB FAMILY MATINES, POPULAB FAMILY MATINBB. POPULAR FAMILY MATINBB, POPULAR FAMILY MATINES, POPULAR FAMILY MATINES, POPULAR FAMILY MATINBB, ON SATURDAY AFTEBNOON, SATURDAY AFTBRNOON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 3 O'CLOCK. AT 3 O'CLOCK. AT 3 OH3LOCK. AT 3 O'CLOCK. AT 3 O'CLOCK. AT 3 O'CLOCK. Ween all the Choice Gem? of the Evening's En tertainment will be given. NOTICE. The Fall and Winter Season of the Canterbury will open oa MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, WITB LB A 'S NBW OBLBANS COMBINATION TROUPE, NBW ORLEANS COMBINATION TROUPE, NEW OELSAN8 COMBINATION TROUPE, NBW ORLEANS COMBINATION TROUPE, NE+ ORLEANS COMBINATION TBOUPE, ?XW ORLEANS COMBINATION TROUPE, Introducing tbe Greatest COMBINATION OF STARS COMBINATION OK STARR COMBINATION OF STARB COMBINATION OF STAR? Bv er witnessed. THB NAMES WILL BE ANNOUNCBD HSXT ?? ? E _k . The Prices of Admission next Season will remain the same as heretofore. holding aU Tickets for sal? at th? principal Hotels and 1 toaraats. PIO NIOS, EXCURSIONS, *a A LOL E OUT FOR THB GRAND PIC-NIC on MONDAY, tbe Sth of September, at SEVENTH STREET PARK, to be given by OSAOE TRIBE No. ?, ?. ?. E. M. The Committee pledge themselves tbat no pains will be spared to make this tbe most pleasant Pie b'ir of tie season. Ticket* Fifty Cent?, admitting a Gentleman and Ladies. Committee. A. Lawson. A J. Cawood, W. C. Weiden. Chas. Hager, Job. Pullings, John Meyer, J.H. Hunting ton,_aep 2-2t? w - REMEMBER THE STARS t^yj \ I Second Grand _^ \ and Evenini m^\ /?* of Q V 8T AR v will be given ingten City Park, on TUESDAY, September 6th, dancing commencing at 3 o'clock. Tickets, Fifty Cents; admitting a gentleman and ladies. Floor Managers? J. ? Ritter. J. Berkhard, 0. McDcrmott, G. Lewis, BalUt Master._sep 1-fit? rp~ THE I8LAND SOCIAL CLUB ?*- ARE Great pleasure in announcing to their friends and the publie generally that, they intend giving tbeir THIRD GRAND PIC NIC At the WASHINGTON PARK, Seventh street. On THURSDAY, Beftsmbsr8. 1864, The proceeds for the benefit of Mr. Wallersford. who suffered great loss by fire on the 6th day of July.l?64. Tickets 90 Cents; admitting a gentleman and la dies. By order of Committee. sepl-lw* nd Afternoon \ v. ? PIC-BIO ??X CLUB If at tbe Wash- ' A PERSONAL. MADAME AHOLIAB, an impressed Medium, continu?e toread, witb great safety, to all who desire it, the Past, Present, and Future, and is able to advise and counsel with safety on all important matters, at No. 249 C street, between __j and fith street?. Island._se ? 2 Ot* LADIES, ATTENTION-PLAIN 8B WING done with neatneMs and despatch by Mrs. POLLER, No. 580 7th street. Island. Particular attention to Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children's under gar mente. Machine stitching done at five c*nts per yard;_ _an22-lm* MADAM MARSHA, late from a northern city, would inform the public that ehe has taken up her residence at No. 403 R street, between 9th and ?? th. Is prepared to read the past and foretell future events. ______j____ (CAUTION.?togati whom it may Concern.? All J persons are hereby cautioned against filling half-pint porter and mineral water Bottles marked with the names of "R. A. Shinn,"and " Amy A Shinn,'' a? all who are found ?o offending will be prosecuted to the Btmost extent of the law "pro viding against the improper uae of trad? marks, Ac " I would also notify mv customers tbat payment will be exacted for all bottles lost by them after this date. RILEY A. SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, UT Greene st , ____________ [an 19 1m] Georgetown, D. 0. PERSON AL.-WM. PRINCE, 381 F street, oppo site the Patent Office, is the only one in town who does FLUTING, having three very elegant machines now in operation. Ladies who desire this very fashionable trimming should give him a exil. Stamping in all its varieties elegantly done. Stamped Goods. Braid and Bilks for sale, au 12-tf FEMALE COMPLAINTS receive partiular atten tion at Dr. DARBY'S Office, 492 7th street between D and E. Tbose in need ef a confidential sdTJ?ercan be suited by callingonhim. auS-lm* PRIVATE COMPLAINTS Are treated, either personally or by letter, at Dr. WOOD'S Office, 4?b 7th ?treet. Separate rooms for patient?. Of fice open day and night, au fi Ira* NOTICE. UNITED STATES 7 3-10 LOAN. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OP WASHING TON has now on hand, re-o'fy for immediate deliv ery. a full supply of these new Bonds. Subscribers are request?d to present their certificates at once and rreeive their Bonds. These having money to invest should not lose sight of the fact that by investing ?n this Loan tbey not enly receive interest, at the high rate of 7 3 b> per cent., but secure to themselves the very important advantage of obtainis_g, at the end of tbree years. 6 PER CENT. W 20 YEAR BONDS AT PAR, which are now worth over 12 per cent, premium, and which after the war must necessa rily advance to a much higher rate. au 21-tf SPRING DEBILITY! LANGUOR, LASSITUDE. ABO TBAT LOW STATE OF THB SYSTEM eculiar to the BPRING TIME OF TEAR, are immediately relieved by tbe PERUVIAN BYRUP, rotected Bolntion of PROTOXIDE OF IRON. THE PERUVIAN SYRUP auppliea the blood with ita vital principle, or LIFE ELEMENT, IRON, Infusing Btbbxotb V?aos and Nbw Lirs into al parts of the system. One of the most Distinguished Juriat in New England writ-? to a friend as follows : ?' I have tried the PERUVIAN SYRUP, and th? result fully sustain? your prediction. It has made a saw Mas of me; infused into my system new vigor and energy; I am no longer tremulous and debilitated as when you last saw me, but stronger, heartier, and with larger capacity for labor, men tal and physical, than at any time during the last five years." An eminent Divine of Boston Bays: " I have been using tbe PERUVIAN SYRUP for some time past ; it gives me ?iw viooa, BPOTAWI Of SPIBITB, BLA?TIOITT Of MD8CLB." Pamphlets free. _e< J. P. DINSMORE No. 491 Broadway, New York. COUGHS! COLDS! CONSUMPTION! WIS ??? S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY Osb or THB Olobst abo Most Rbi.iabt.b Rsmb? bibs ib TBB World pob Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis, Diffi culty of Breathing, Asthma, Hoarstness, Sort Throat, Croup, and every Affection of THB THROAT, LUNGS AND CHEST. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry does not Dry up a Cougb and leave tbe seeds of Consumption in the system, but leosena it. aad cleanses the Lungs of all impurities. None genuine unless signed "I. BUTTS," on the wrapper. BEDDING'S RUSSIA SALVE!! A REAL PAIN ? STRAU TOR. FORTY YEARS' SXPBR ENGE Has fully established the superiority ef this Salve over all otber healing remedies. It reduces the moat angry looking Swelling?, and Inflamationa aa if by Magic; heals Old Sorbb., Wodbds, Bunas,' 8CAL08, Ac, in a surprisingly abort time. Only 35 cents a Box. The above are old and well established Remedies. _ For Bale by J P. Dibsmobb, 491 Broadway, New Yorh, BW? ?2???_* 0?- 18 Tremont at., Boston, . my M BA w3m_ and by all Druggists. CLEVELAND'S HINTS TO RIFLEMEN. Questiona and answers on Musketry, part J: London. ._ #._--?-, Instruction of Musketry; London. Thackeray's Manual of Ride Firing: London. Jacob'a Rifle Practice; London. ' *??a??? Bosk's Rifle and hew to use it; London. Willard's Manuel of Target Practice. iFEj_FRABOE TAYLOR. ? A* ??*?% ?BE, _ MANURE. THE BEBT ??^??^??,?????? IN THB The undersigned, having contracted for all the Masure at Giesboro Pyint. D.O., are now pre pared to put on board vessels free of expense tn Captain? at low rate?. F- B w ?EB8ELB WANTED. Address No. 3SO ? street, Washington, or fcn GIESBORO POINT ????p? WHARF. ' * t0 auM-tf_ljr0?,l_p*TTIBONE A 00. TEB NBW INTERNAL REVENUE LAW. up proved June y?, M64. ' *F Poem?: witb translation? from the German. By Lucy Hooper. _ Captain Brand, of the "Centipede." By Capt Wise, U. 8. H. _.__,, The Atlantic Monthly for Anguat. The Ladder of Life By Amelia ? Edwards. Msurice Dering By tb? author of "Guy Living ? ton fr BUiott'e Manual for Cavalry. ???Ktt??e. Tra?ala? of Children. Cenia.. Voyage devra th. Amoor. _, .^ AM?SEMENTS. FORD'S NBW THEATER. Tenth street, above Pennsylvania avenue. JOHN T. FORD._Proprietor and Manager. .Alno of Hol lid ay Street Theater, Baltimore.) SIXTH NIGHT OF THB ENGAGEMENT Of the talented Yonng artiste, MR. AND MRS. W. J. ELORENCE. ___ t THIS EVENING, SEPTEMBER 3, Will be presented the beautiful Irish Drama of 8HANDTMAGUIRB. 8handy Magni re_Mr. W. J. Florence. To conclude with the Protean Farce of the YOUNG ACTRESS. MSrii?'D*?1nm?,,f four otiier characters. Mrs. W. J. JTLUHBNCE, introduci ng a great variety of her moet POPULAR BONGS and DANCES. Mr. Camomile, a Tragedian.. Mr. W. t. Florence. Iu rehearsal several noveltiee, including a NEW IRISH LSGBNDARY DRAMA Written expressly for Mr. and Mrs. Florence. GBOVER'S THEATER. Leonard Grover,-.Director. O. D. Bees,-__.. ___, ?-...Acting Manager. 8. H. Terney,.-Stage Manager. C. Koppits?~ _?. -..-.. MuBlcal Director. This popular Establishment, newly painted,dee orated, and renovated, will open for the FALL AND WINTER SEASON OP 1864-5. ON MONDAY EVENING,SEPTEMBER 5, with the celebrated WARREN COMEDY COMBINATION, supported by a company of artists that have been selected duringthe past four month? with a view to make this THE BEST STOCK COMPANY that ha? ?ver been organized under this management. EOF" Koppitz will Conduct the Orchestra BALE OF RE8ERVKD SEATS WILL commence at Metxerott'e Music Store on Thursday evening, September 1._an 31 ODO FELLOW'S HALL. "ELLINGER AND FOOTS." This popular place of entertainment has already become a famous reaort. Flattered by the success of their first week amrngus, they have opened for a second week, offering??new attractions at each entertainment. These wonderful little people are full of wit and humor, and their versitility is truly astonishing. Their whole entertainment i??o admirably adapted one part with the other, that the pleasant evening pHs'eg away like a dream The musical department is well adapted to the performance of these little wonders?the interme diate is well performed, while the voices of the quartette are all fresh, and show unmistakable signs of thorough training. The eelectione of this company for their gSJO ?ramme is free from ail vulgarity and loweayinge. he Management may justly claim a moral enter tainment, for such it really is. They remain with us through this week. Let all who have not paid the Commodore and party a visit do bo at once, for it ie an entertainment that is full of merit, and one rarely offered the cititene of Washington. au29-lw ? GEORGE FORREST, i ATE Quartermaster United States Army, Adjusts Officers, Ordnance, Quartermaster's, and Commissary's ACCOUNTS, 464 Tenth street, an 24-Im*_Washington, D. C. gTlARDEN BEEDS! VF GARDEN SESDBI Ju?t received, fresh and genuine, TURNIP, RADISH. CUCUMBER, CABBAGE, KALB. Also, CLOVER AND TIMOTHY. J. P. BARTIIOLOW, 558 7th St., between Pena av. and Canal, an 29 eo6t _ Washington, D. C. JAY OOOKE A CO., BANKERS, FirTKBNTB Strebt, oppositb U. S. Treasort, Receive Subscriptions for the NEW U. S. T3-10 LOAN authorised by the act of June 3tHh, I3?4. The notes will be issued under date of Auguet 15th, in denomination? of ?50, 8100. 9500, 81,000 and 85,000, payable to bearer or order, bearing interest at 7 3-10 per centum per annum, payable ?emi an nually, and will be convertible at the option of the holder at maturity into six per cent. Five Twenty Bonds. We buy and sell? GOVERNMENT BONDB of all issues. TREASURY NOTES. CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS. And COIN, And pay the highest pri?e for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHECKS. jygr-tf_JAY COOKS A 00. PROF. J W. KBEIS' DANCING AND WALTZING ACADEMY. Temperance Hall, E street, between 9th and luth. PROF. KREIS has the honor of announcing to hi- friendH, patrons, and the public, that he at will resume the duties of his profession on J MONDAY EVENING, Beptember 5, at 7/T? o'clock, for gentlemen, ana in WEDM?SUABk DAY AFTERNOON ?September 7, at 3 o'clock, for ladies, mi??es, and masters. ?__?_??? DAYS AND HOURS OF TUITION. For Ladies. Misses, and M as'ere, on WEDNES DAY and SATURDAY AFTERNOONB. from 2 to S ? Gentlemen's Class, on MONDAY and WEDNES DAY EVENING? from 7 to 10 o'clock. The Hall hae been thoroughly renovated by the Professor, for the better accommodation of his pupils. Circulars can be had at all the principal music and book stores, and at the Hall. For fur ther information, apply at the Hall during the hours of tuition._an 27 7t NOTICE TO S?TLER8.-Adouble deck BARGB ?leu tons?in good order, all ready for use, can be boughton reasonable terms. Sale to close concern. Apply to Capt. Cushman,on board Barge "M. Kenneay." at Ship-Yard, Alexandria, Va.; or to Mr. L&mpkin, at Palmer's Wharf, foot of Uth street. Washington, DO ; or to Flowens A Bowen, No. 1 King street. Alexandria Va. au 25-2w* SW . O W ? ? . . . successor to S. OWSN A SON, MlLlTART AND ? AVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. 313'Penn. avenue, between nth and 13th streets, Washington. D. 0._an 1-lm (IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS AND 0THEB8 We invite tbe attention of all persons who are in want of FUR] TUREorHO?SBKKBPINU GOODS to call and examine our large and exteneive assortment, which we are prepared to offer AT GREAT BARGAINS, thereby soaking it an important item in the solee? ti0n ?f FURNITURE and other HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, always tub? found st the well known establish ment of McGregor a Zimmerman, No. 530 Seventh street, between au 26-eoi m Louisiana av. and Dst, east side. ?ftfi CHOICBBTOCB inn M? INTERIOR ADORNMENTS. ?96 48? PAFBF HANGINGS. 4*6 A select and varied a ock of Gilt, Medium and low priced Paperhangings, Borders, Statues, Oen ? e Pieces, Ac. WINDOW SHADES. Buff, Green, Chocolate, Brown and Gilt Window Shades, a variety of patterns; Shade Fixtures, Tassels, Ac. PICTURE CORD AND TA8SSL8. Bilk end Woreted Picture Cord and Tassele, dif ferent size? and colors, a beautiful assortment; Picture Rings, Nails, Ae. OVAL PICTURE KRAMES. The largest assortment of Oval Frames in the District, warranted to bj gilded with gold leaf; also, a variety of Dark Wood Frames, with a va ried stock of email-Bised Oval and Carte de Visite frMMSNGRAVlNGB AND PAINTINGS. A few ?hoio? Engraving? and Paintings always Ordere for Paperhanging and Window Shades punctually attended to in city or county. Terms cash for goods or labor. I Terms ca? MARKRITEB, No. 4 ?6 Seventh etreet, Jy 7-t81* Bight ????? above Odd Fcllowa' Hall. URNT O RPHAN8' COURT, August i6.1864.-Distriot . or Columbia, W-sbibqtos Ooosvy, to wit: In tbe case of Virginia Miletead, executrix of Thomas Miletead,deceased, the executrix afore said has, with the approbation of the Orphans' Court of Washington County aforesaid, appointed Tuesday, the 6th day of September next, for the fliii settlement and distribution of the personal estate of ?aid deceased, and of the assets in hand, as far ss the same have been collected and turned into money; when and where all the creditor? and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend,(at the Orphans' Court of Washington County aforesaid.) with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit iu ?ad deceased'e estete: provided a copy of this order be published once a weok for throeweeke in the Evening Star previous to the ? id 6th day of September, 1864. Test-Z. O. BOBBIN?. aa 17-lawaw* Register of Will?. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. a SHERIDAN Early Still in the Shenandonh?Location ?f his Headquarters ? Reinforcements Beaching him. Baltimore, Sept. 2.?A special dispatch to the American, dated Cbarlestown, Va, Sept. 2, save: "I have been much disappointed on hearing tbat dispatches which I sent you from Berry ville have failed to reach their destina tion. ??I have not r-ufficient time in this dispatch, as the mail leaves Harper's Ferry at 1:15 p. m., to enter into details, but will briefly state the principal points of information which were obtained by a reconnoissance. ?'In the first place Ea>ly haa not left, and haa no intention of leaving the Valley. His headquarters are at Bunker Hill, half way be tween Martineburg and Winchester.' "He is busily engaged in repairing and putting np the teiegiaph wires, and already has telegraph communication with Richmond from this side of Woodstock. "Early is receiving rein forcements, and Fitz bugb Lee is known to have received 500 fresh horses for his cavalry, who are said to number 7,000. ?There is a-regular stage from Winchester to Staunton, whicn runs every day, and several officers and soldiers are receiving short fur? longbe to go home and return to Winchester, which does not look as though they intended leaving the valley. FROM THE SOUTHWEST. Mare ef Wheeler's Movement. Nafhville, Sept. 2.?Several miles of the Nashville and Chattanooga railroad were burned by Wheeler's force yesterday General Rousseau drove the rebel torces within three miles of La vertue. He met with stubborn re sistance. Persor-s just from Franklin report that the town is in the hands of Wheeler's forces, he having entered and captured it last night. Par ticulars are not yet received. Our casualties in yesterday's skirmishing were live killed, and fifty or fifty-five wounded. A small body of rebels fired on a train at the Tennessee and Atlanta railroad, at Brentwood, eight miles from here. The rebel loss yeeterday was eight killed and fifteen wounded. We captured a number ot prisoners. We are in telegraphic communication sooth of this ?<4? t. The river is falling. From California. Saw Frakcisco, Aug. 31.?The Union Re publican State Convention has nominated for presidential electors J. G. McCallum, Samuel Brannan, Rev. C. C. McClay, J. W. Oliver and Wm. Crane, and, as a matter ot precaution, have instructed them to cast their votes for Lincoln and Johnson. A nolle prosequi has been entered in the case of W. R. Smiley for keeping the treasure re ceived from the steamer Golden Gate. Sab Fbanciboo, Sept. 1.?J. A. Me Rimer, of San Francisco, has been nominated by tbe Union Republican Convention for Congress from the southern district of California, Wm. Higby from the middle district, and Jno. Bid well from the northern district. This is re garded as an excellent ticket. An arrival from Honolulu brings dates to the 13th of Angust. King Kamehameha, on the 13th of August, after an excited speech, abro gated the Sandwich Island constitution of 1852, and declared the constitutional convention dis solved. This arbitrary act is regarded as a regular coup d'etat by the King, and if submit ted to by the Hawaaian people, will render the kingdom nearly an absolute monarchy. McClellan'? Nomination in Baltimore? Good News from Atlnntn. Baltimore, Sept. 2.?McClellan's nomina tion here created no enthusiasm. There has not been the slightest demonstrate? OutiM? of the secessionists ne nas no supporters. This to Unionists is significant, and causes even bis personal friends to hesitate to rally to his support There are private dispatches here to-night announcing tnat Sherman has captured At lanta. The Indinn War?Victory by Gen. Sully'? Command St Louie, Sept, 2.?The Sioux City (Iowa Register of the 27th ult. rays Mr Sell, of the Quarter master's Department, haa just arrived from Fort Union, and reports that a battle oc curred between General Sully'e command and about 5,<>oo Indiane, near tbe Knife river, July 25th, in which the latter were defeated with a loss of 150. Onr less was 5 killed and 20 or 30 wounded. Great Bank Robbery? Boston, Sept. 2.?The messenger of the Bank of Mutual Redemption was robbed this fore noon of fifty thousand dollars. ? ??? ? A Word About Pbaybb-Mebtihgs.?Under this heading the Rev. T. L. Cuy 1er contributes to tbe Independeut some remarks on the man agement ot prayer-meetings. He saye: Many churches are well filled on the sabbath whose weekly meetings are so thin that if a musket were fired through tho room it would endanger no Christian life. Those who at tend are seldom any other than church-officers, and "of devont and honorable women quite a few.'' The meetings are usually formal and stereotyped; they begin with "Mear ' and "On tonville," or "Old Hundred," then a chapter lazily read, then a deacon, then "an opportu nity for remarks," then a silent pause, then a hymn or a deacon, and the dosing prayer dis misses the handful to their hornee. Ho snch solemn somnambulisms build upacburcbl Do they bring epiritual baptism and promote revi vals? Do they attract the young, the thought less, the backslider, or any classes that need to be prayed for! Matohbb.?The manufacture of friction matches commenced in this country in 1835, and tbe business has now become immense. A firm in Boston consumes over five thousand cords of wood per year, mostly young pines, and make fourteen million tour hundred and forty thousand matches per day! They pay a government tax?one cent per bunch?of ci, too per day, about equal to ?450,000 per year! It is eaid that tbe Government will derive an in come of some $3.500,000 per annum from the manufacture of matches alone, throughout the country. -'.._ ?STTwo thousand of the rebel prisoners at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, it has been ascer tained, are members of the treasonable Demo cratic secret society known as the sons of Lib erty. It was intended to release them, to help in the contemplated work of Inaugurating civil was in Indiana. ?arihe Hamilton (Ohio) Telegnph says that many of the Copperheads of Butler co un - S who had been positive in the assertion that e Government would not dare to enforce the draft, are now procuring substitutes, and that there will be no resistance to the draft in that county. %WMayor Gunther's daughter came near being drowned while on a pleas are excursion a few days ago. The captain of the pleasure boat plunged in and saved the yonng lady, and got f 1,800 for his heroic effort. ?sr Anthony Musgrave, Lieutenant Govern or of the Island of St. Vincent, has been ap pointed Governor and Commander-in-chief in and over the Island ot Newfoundland and its dependencies. mMTIx? Belgium, by combining eight parto of coal-tar with ninety-four parts of coal-duet, a most valuable fuel is obtained, which produces but six per cent, of aebes. Thua do they save what is generally wasted. ?8*" Missouri claims to have furnished the youngest veteran in the service. His name is George Huffman. He enlisted at 15 years of age and is a veteran between 17 aad If; having fought bravely at most of the Western battles. %W The complainte agaiast John Morris*ey anh others to recover ceri-in monies lest by gambling have been dismissed oy the New York Court of Common Pleas. They involved several thousands of dollars. KTFannie Klmbal!. respectably connected and refined, but a victim oi rhe seducer's arta, committed suicide In a New York houee of ill fame, a few days ago. ???-A. G. Watkins, formerly Representative in Congress from Tennessee, ia in the Kuox ville jail, for directing a rtsbei force apon a squad of unarmed Union men. ter A whole family,m Wnido, Maine, have died from a diseaae contracted by a member* of the family while nursing eick twin calves. > ?GMaseachnsett ?, a Plate which the Copper heads profese to hate? tarnished the music for the Chicago Oon vention. ?_~Th* V't Intfj&uB are Joy~i. (?bcbobtown Cocu ci Le ? ab adjonrned miem.g ot tbe Georgetown Cosuoil? was held lest night at the Custom House In tbe Board of Aldermen, Mr. Beali intro duced a resolution in relation to cord wood snd tan berk, which provide?? that tbe ordi nance "to regulate tbecordmgof fire-wood," spproved July lo. IMI, be so amended tbat the price allowed to tbe corder, from and after the passage of tbis resolution, ?ball be ten cents per cord. The resolution also amends the or dinsnce "to regolate the meneur? aient of tan bark," spproved .Tune J?'?. l?m. so as to affix the price tob? paid the meaenrer, after the passage of the r?solution, at twelve cents per cord. Passed Mr. Beali also introduce! a resolution to amend ?'the ordinance regulating tbe measur ing of lumber," approved Fer? 21, 1818, so as us allow the measurer to receive forty cents per 1,100 feet. Passed. Mr. Cox presented a resolution in relation to tbe Warehouse Market, which assessed a 11 oense tax for tbe period of six montb? from the lstof July Is?: on each and every stand In the market house and within tbe .imite of tbe mar bet, instead of tbe monthly rents assessed by tbe market bouse committee to be paid for stands in tbe said market. Tbe resolution af fixes tbe tax on ?ingle butchers stenda at $00 ? en every butchers steud, butter ataad, or bread stand witbin said warehouse, tau, on every such stand outside raid building, within the market limits, except those occupied by deal ers from tbe country. El-'?. Every stand holder who refutes to pay the tax within ten days alter demand will be subject to a fine of 81 for every day such failure shall continue. The resolution was passed. Tbe following, from the Board of Common Council, were passed : Resolution to lay a flag tcolway across Congress street. in relation to a pump ; tn relation to the? expense of tbe poor and wcrkbonse, aud in favor of John UldBeld A Fro. The Council resolution providing for the ap pointment of a harbor master and for otber purpoi.ee was referred to Mr. Berry. The Board then, at the request of the Coun cil, adjourned until next Friday evening. Common Council.?The board met, pursuant to adjournment. A message from tbe Msyor relative to the re pair of a pcrnp corner of 2d end Warren streets? with a petition for Its repair, was referred. A communication from the trustees of the poor and work bouse, in reply to a resolution of inquiry passed at the last meeting of the board, was read and laid on tbe table. Mr. Clements, from tbecommitteeon pumps. reported a resolution appropriating 873 for the repair of a pump at the corner of 2d street, near tbe College gate. Also, a resolution pro viding for tbe payment of the bills of John ( Hei rieh! A Bro. Mr. Englisb, from tbe poor and work house committee, reported a resolution appropriating; 8/80.46 for the payment ot expenses of the poor and work house for the quarter ending June 3u, 1664. All wbich were adopted. Tne committee on grievances was discharged from the consideration of the petition of John H. Woodward; and the committee to whom was referred tbe Aldermen's ordinance levy ing a special direct tax for tbe year W>4, for the payment of the increase ef the police salaries, ? as aleo discharged from tbe consideration of that subject Mr Peck from the committee stated that a tax of ??ten cents" as provided is insufficient to pay tbe increase for 1* men, the present force on duty, and 18 men are not needed, and it has been decided by the police commissioners that they can assign ten men for duty. Mr. Clements stated that a committee be ap pointed to consider tbe expediency of appro priating for the aid of those drafted. The ordinance of tbe Aldermen levying h special direct tax for the "-ear lNH, to la crease of the salary of tbe police provided by act of Congress was taken up. Mr. Cragin moved to stiike out "ten cents" and insert ?eight;" withdrawn Mr. Edmonston moved to refer the whole matter back to tbe committee with instructions to ascertain if the force lor Georgetown can be reduced; agreed to Tbe ordinance relative to the warehouse market, assessing tbe rent of stands, Ac, was taken up. On motion of Mr. Davis, the market limits were extended from the west side High street to the side of tbe old market. Mr. Cragin moved tbat the Aldermen con curring, wben tbe boards adjonrn it be till Friday night next, usual hour; agreed to. Mr.Myers moved torefrr the resolution rel ative to the market limits bach to the market committee to report npon tbe expediency of changing the limits; agreed to. The Aldermen's resolution supplemental to an ordinance regulating tbe measurement of lumber, was iahen up, but before any action was taken tbe board adjourned. -m, - Policb ?,???????First Precinct?John An derson, last driving over a bridge; 8150. Thos. Williamson, do.; 83 Second Precinct ?Conrad Steiner, disorderly; 81.58. Ann Lang, do. and drunk; dismissed. Mary ?Steiner, disorderly; 81.5*. Daniel tlenan, assault and batterv; dismissed. Thos. Kelly, honeebreaking; jail for court. Margaret Anger, threats; bail for peace. Daniel Cenan, assault and battery; dismissed. Third Precinct.?Martha Dillon, disorderly; workbeuee. James Goidlng, do.; Samuel Hol ding, do.: dismissed. Lucy Tabbs, do; 82 62. John Banes, drunk and disorderly; military. M. Donovan, disloyalty; military. Mary J. Jones, disorderly; $2 44. Charles Donaldson, do ; James Keese, drunk; Wm. ? Bradley, suspicion of larceny; Charles Holden, drunk; dismissed. C. ? Jewell, nuisance: tai. 19. .T. Brisco and John T. Harrod, disorderly; $5.87. Ephraim Phillip?, shooting; jail for hearing. Margt Homer, nuisance; held over. Mary Thomas, drunk; workhon-e. Fourth Precinct? Winfor Finnegan, drunk and disorderly; ta Mary Twine, disorderly: do. John T. bmitb, drunk: do. James Bacon, indecent exposure; workhouse. Tarry Bacon, vagrancy; 81- Sam'l Jones, assault aad bat tery; bail for court. James Tobin, do.; bail for peace. Jobn Leibfried, threats-, do. James Tobin, disorderly; 81.??. Elizabeth Rounds, do.; 82. Ann Lewis, do.; do. Marg't Clary, do., do. Jas. Becket, do,; do. Owen Clark, assault: dismissed. Otis Soase), assault and battery; bail tor court. Fred'k Steof, disor derly; 82. Also, for threats; bail for peace. Fifth Precinct?James McGulre, drunk and disorderly; 8158. H. A Ses ter fighting; 84. Jehu Dougherty, drunk; dismissed. John W. Weaver and Jerry Jones, do ; H eacb. Sixth Precinct.?Teresa Johnson, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. John Shay and George Scbenck, grand larceny; for hearing. Jacob Turse, drunk and disorderly, military. Wm. H. James, leaving a team in the street-, ti. W. Winter, disorderly; 82. Albert Foeter, do.; dis missed. Cokely James, do ana drunk; 82. J. Fitzgerald, .do ; $i -m David S. Martin, do.; military. John Hoover, violating market roles; tfi ?>. Wm. Johnston, disorderly; 85. D. W. Merryll, do-, dismissed. John Clark, horse stealing; for bearing. Wm. Mitchell, threats: bail for peace. Cane James, drunk: dismissed. James Hurdell. J. S. Johnson and C Steward, do. and disorderly; 82 each. Tenth Precinct?Anne Jackson, grand larce ny; Wm. Griffith, drunk; dismissed. John Cole, do. and disorderly; $2. Mary Lee, do.; $6. Solomon Combs, Stephen O'Hare, drunk; S2 each. Jacob Rice, threats; bail torpease. John McElroy, suspicion of desertion: milita ry. Henry Bar cus, fugitive from justice; held for final hearing. John Dowue, carrying con cealed weapons; 820. Jane Marshall, threats; bail for peace. John Curran, larceny; Julia Hawkins, assault and battery: bail for peace. Louis H ?ber, drunk; dismissed. Mary Brooks. Sarah Smith, disorderly; t3 89 each Michael Fie??, profanity; J. Williams, drnnk; 82 eacb. Thb Jail.?The number of prisoners con fined in that rickety old building tn Judiciary Square, designated by tbe name of jail, await ing trial is 151, and among tbem are some con fined for nearly every offense under the law, from tbe smallest to th ? greatest There are 9 charged witb murder, viz: Dennis Mahoney, killing a soldier; Wm. Maxwell, for killing Gilbert, a car conducto: ; Walker Furet; Pat rick Galvin, killing Th unas Morrisey ; James Johnsen and Nat. Williams, killing Peter ? Stanp in the not between ?oldlers and citizens / near Lincoln Hospital a few weeks since ; (js Woodland, colored, tor killing Robert Berry: Ephraim Phillips, for killing J W.Boyle, in Georgetown. The other cases foot up as fol lows : assault and battery, 1 ; attempt at arson, 1 ; assault and battery with intent to kill, 5 ; burglary, 2; compounding a felony, 1- keep ing disorderly or bawdy house?, 4 ; forcible entry of a bonne and larceny, l - bouse break ing, 1 ; highway robbery, 1 ; robbery, 5 ; false pretences, 1 ; indecent exposure, ? ; threats of violence, 1 ; house breaking and destruction of property, 1 ; forgery, 2 ; fraudulently obtain ing letters from tbe post office, 1 : rape, 1 ; per jury, 2; larceny, lin. Some oi the prisoners are in for the second and third time, and the most of them are desperate characters and? few have to answer for two or three offenses each. This number does not of coarse com prise all who have to ?tsnd trial st the ad journed term ot tbe eliminai court, wbich will commence on Tuesday next, aa there are par baps as many case? out on bail. The building i? as clean as the old hulk can he kept,and every P"??< u *???? ?Tid??0? that the officers attend well to their trneta, but the concern i? eo insecure that they all may be said to bave a double duty to perform. The walls of the building are rotten, aad can he easily en t through, and to guard against th? e-cape of prisoners, u is necessary to exercise tne closest vigilance. Tbe h-alth of the priso ner* is Generally good, owing in a great degree to Hie clean liners with which the building Is kVpt, snd the wholesome, although coarse rare IsFued to the prisoners. The following are the present efficient officers: Robert IteaJe, war den; ? Milburn, Dt-pnty Warden; Df. BJ. Young, Physician; and ? ?. RoSanaon, Pat k Wilson, G. ?. FaynviB, R. Warer*, Joha BeU, Amon Durali, ?. Rusa, I. W. Boas, Gaard?.

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