22 Kasım 1866 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

22 Kasım 1866 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ?t? Gambler F*tt?? Anether ( Mairj tbe Karmrr'i Wiic. H tf? days since a singular marriage o*mrrrd it m?- pr?v?i* boo-.- ol a Pr??ti;i#rtAD ,*i*yman m .>?w York, tbe circumstance* of whieb are ?? follows Tin* bridegroom wns This to *tyl*d a -pjrtii.c roan, ?uU ?uu lii? way u> Ch c^u with ? i>r?ilMr klKllff, woo po**e-?ed a very d treble pie ! of prop'rtj, iu the suayeofan r* riurrUmary pretty w,ie. The marr,ed ra-nh ?r bad not been ! >?? on ib? boat h<* n^Tinl eomethine is th? conduct of *>ia spou? to n BCe h 1^^* 'U?p?Ct ttat lb* w ?s a??>:# fend o' In fr.en i tutu w? lilfMUt to conU mpiate, or pruden' lo permit. lie h> t?t hi* u-vn counsel, however. and m iJ? ?u fjko?f for i??a vi iic in# pair alone. They i rr? tl'. it by bis abeeu -ei irnt, jus' befof- the ivsch'd the capital, be wen". snddealy to hi* fair room anil forced open the door. H? found lb# twain within, and at the point ol a wslver, but cilmly, made the l?T<r swear , r?t he would marry the false wife immediately on returning to New Y'ork Yeu -ay you lov ber,'" he added. ? Prove U in tbe Wity 1 prescribe, and 1 shall never i rouble you or ner. Kail to make ner your wit', \nd I'll pursue yon to the entli of '.he rj?rtb, and take your life as sure as ttiere is a <;od in heaven. Have no hesitation about the |. g t| diffical'y. 1 shall never make my apje?r?nc? on your domestic scene: and lew villi know, and no one will disturb you in vour connubial relation. I hare loved tha: woman better than ray Hie?I love her nt!!l. i fl'ir. after what has occurred. 1 cannot take her to my arms aram. She bis transferred Iter i .afectosa to yoo, 1 believe I)o not abuse i them. Cherish and protect her and. if ever you need a friend. applv to me. Yon have tnctL to marry her. If you have any regard f. r your lift, k?*ep your oath, tor 1 havesworu ? j mi have, to kill you if you do uor redeem .jier ?a. red word.** At Albany tbe betrayed Henedict parted with i the v. ile aod her lover, who came d,re:rly . vrr to New York, and wore ?triifh'.way otned m wedlock The first-mentioned perhiu is said to b? a man of education, at one nr?e u merchant in Baltimore, M<1 . and re. nnrbal.le iimon| his profession"' for th?trwine?s wi'h wbi-h h? keeps bis word, and i the p ^rfei t coolness of his play. 11 is said thar bejtiiled* man in a duel at Ki>btnond, Yit.. 1 before tbe war, on account of the Wfman b'b*? qnit'ed. and that he is ahoat nsgil for : faiiMrriM, to p:i-s the remainder of his days. He is w?H Known in New York and Chi ago amcrgtbe larger and better class of faro-dealers and frequenters of tbe tnrf. co?ir hi- Imahivatiov?a weal hy lady lad kling in h-r thrwt: and tu.n.ga: i br;?- | i ? . I lier to-^b brt'*h hail gone ,li<wn a'id ' ha.g'd in her gullet. Her tbroa'daily tr?>w worse. It was hedly Inflamed and sae sent for th? family doctor He examined it carefully 1 jin>l ac'titf I her that nothing wa< tbe matter? it was a m^re nervon*- ilelnsion. h" sa-d. s^iil fcer ibr^t troubled ber, and she b.\ nm>' w mu h alarmed tli-?' >-be w iasure sb? would ii<e 1 A friei,d sudue* e?l mat ?be ?iiould call in l>i I Juuts a youug man |U?tcr>mmencini; practi>-e. Slie did sot at first like ?be idea, bar finally ' onsen'ed. and lir Jones was called. He wv :? person of food address and polite mannfr^. i He looked car?fully at ber threat and a>ked ??v?ral questions as to the sebsation Kt rb? n%: of tbe malaily. aud finally aunoua-ed iha*. be could leiieve her in a short time. ??n bis second visit he bronchi wi'u bim a lienoate pair i f torc^ps, in the teeth of wh;ob he imo mser'ed a brittle taken Irom aa orthii irj looib-brusb. The rest can be imagined Tt*1 lady threw back ber heio; the forceps were cnrefnllv in roduced ln*o ber mouth a f i-lr, a ?cream, ani twr? all over: tfc.> >onr* physician, with a ^milling fa^e, w:t* bidding It up to tbe light and inspectinz wi ll lively . nriosity the extracted bristle. Thepa iew wa? in rap'nre?. She immediately reoav- i ere?t her heaifh and spirits, and weiit about I everywhere sounding tbe praise o( "b-*r i>av- ' ht, ' as -he persisted in calling the dextrous 1 operator. a'- ivf'artast iv pro', kmknt i* i' ttch f.KiKu k>.?The provincial parliament ofCana. I la ba* passed an act whicn. if executed, will ; afford M-curity to life aud limb against one of 1 b-- mosi terrible of dangers, when an assembly, j s'rti u w.rh alarm by fire or accident, rcsbe- ' 'he door- o! egress and close- them by \ i*s i re?-ure ri?am?t the poasibility o* b^in^r i oi>*iied The act provides "that congregations | and oibers owning churches. Bad individual*, i <i)i(iurn'ton- and eoinpauies owning hall-, j the -res orotber hnililmirs ns-d for 'he pi-r- ' I ?e ol holding p'iblic meeting*, or pl?.?es ot 1 Tiblii* resort or amusiaent, sbail wit!Jtn tv. ?lve vb- fr-im the passing of the a -t. be required 'ob ivetlie d?x>re ol .-neb churches, theatres, ! b-II- or other buildings so hir^ii a- to open : e.-iy ou'w'ird- All the d.wrs are h > b.n;:?d, and it 'lie ^ates ol outer leuces do not : open outwards they mn^t be k?p: open by I j.-oper fr.s-eiung? luring ihejtime su:b buiid: r- ;r" puMii-ly n?e,}. ?u laciutaie tbe egress ?>: | eo;>l?- ib case ot alarm froia fire or other ?:a i-e. A fine of litiy dollars is imposed for every viola'ion of the act, to which is added a j ur'hee p-Mial'y of five doll: rs for every v.vek :-#r 'he complaint i- made till tbe ucce-ssary ' v bailees are etl'ect?'d.* No. iu. m .i?k ok < ohmittim; St iciiik ?Ttse following extraordinary accouKt of a deter, n-ii <1 attempt at -i.icide i? grarely related by '! e h.poca of Madrid i>u?. as nettlier th? nam1* ol 'ft.- party nor tbe locality is mentioned, w e im -t -nprcse that ibe v t.ole statement is in- ; trnCrd a- a pie.-e ot plei?-antry: ?Tbe indi- j vidnal In <|ues'ioii being tired otitis life re. Ivd to 'ike sncii j measure* as must mfallibl v ' n.?ure bis death. To that end he started lor be r.:i shore provided with a ladder a rope, a ; loaded pistol, a bottle of poison aud a box ot ! match*-*. Having some time before di?cov ered a post ?tnnding a little way out in th? j waier. he fixed bis ladder against it, and as. ending fastened one end of the cord ro the top aud parsed a slip-knot around bis neckr, 1 swallowed tbe poison, and striking a liebt set j tire to his clothes, then placing the pistol to bis ear. kicked away the ladder, bnt in doing * ! his hand ?werved. and, as he fired the same | moment,Abe bullet, instead of penetrating his ! brain, divided the rope, and he tell m'o ihe sea, . extiHfnisbwg bis burning trnrmeuts: also a qiisutiiy of salt water he swallowed cau?d him 'O throw tip the poison he had take i. so thai he .cramhled on the shore, conv ini ed that bis time bad not yet arrived.** A CrRioi s Pa>*?A curious pigt a-ewas i la?el> tried at Norwich, Lngland. A woman, j being about to purchase a lull-iriwu pig for ; the moderate mm of sixteen shilling?, asked the vendor whether the animal was "all r?gh " I It's a precious sight nghter than you," wn I ibe reply?an a^-urauce which the purchaser, | (" bsidering her ow n soundness niiirapeacn i> j ble. appears to huv<- thought perle^tlv -atL-flar. ' ?ory Tbe pi*, however, m a few davs. dieit. | and 'be question then aros?. and wa- tried N - j fore the local mss ?trates. w hether a ' war- j ranty" bad beet, given with it. The wo nan j laid treat s'ress on tbe fa> r that'he p.^ inid 1 heei, declared '-rigU'er" even man stie w'as: ' but tbe magistrates were ot opin on 'ha' that j 1 id"t amount 'o mu. h. and <ii?:n>*>eil tbe case. Par*i:?The quantity or pip?r n.-ed every ' year in Knglar.d eepre/euts a v.-eight of two j hundred aid twenty millions of pound4. I ranee i >e? one hundred and ninety-five millions of pounds: while tue l/ni'ed States ,>x ' America, wi'h ? tnnfh smaller pornlatiou. ! ronsnmes more pvper than Kiigland and h ranee put toge'her?namely, four hundred and forty millions of pound* A' a mee'tnr of the caipenier- ,.f N'e * ci<y, at whir-h three trade sov iet!** were ' repr, -?ut.-d. on Tuesday evening. i.>oiua >a.? were adopted to maintain a full boot fo* itm ner. the f,>nr o'clocU rule on Saturday. M op. pf se -jie lixhtmr up tysiem mi wiu'er. in.I to nutate the ei*ht hour system ot labor until , tlia* reform is achieved _ _ a ' I TVarr.RTY ?HeadritkS Tu tle.of N'.tiiugn:im. M H.. a married man of about ihirivfive years without cbildmn. has scnudali/ed b.s native pl?e bv de-er'inz hi- wtfeand ra . rymgofTan unmarried wotnai <?f re?pe?>'aHie fxnulv. and bi'ber'w respectnble ^b:irac,J>r a litile y junker than himself. HT A person d iia#.l P L lieim. of William? i bi.rg, N* ^ hat l?eeu arre-'ed >?v oiie ot the t vigilant detective, of the Treasury l> ;?ai rrepi for coun'erfei'mr I' S fractto'itl ' reucy A plate lor ? fijty enf ?tarnp w ,s I found in bis possession. Jibstm,**ed f- ' pi in ting burnau .if ;Ue fre-.i^nrv Iiepur bi-mi . i mjrA married ladv ot lieTroit sold her rig 1 bar on Tuesday for ,?ne dollar, and after w irds | remembered tha' - he had de^o-ited th -urn ,rf , *l!Mi in it f,?r saf'' keemnr. 1/ Mr Kistori, m being mfoi med that wh -n 'he ejephant travels bis w f? ha? oulr /?ue : truuk, U understood to have said ih.u ne would ?ee 'be elephant and so 16' bnxter. GT We learn from a Kan*a pap r -aat Koi?ert Kreeby ha> l>e?n fined 910 iu Leaven w.r .h for u?tng -sib?rnre languageV H? wa- piobably a may Tribune reporter /"Ann t'nnners. a girl twelye y-ars of a?-, hs- been missibg from Ooboe* ?.tee Tnesdhy ! Sb* had uu pleasant words wi'h hsr ra^'h r. ' aud it * fenred she may hare drowned bersell *jr l.nther Sage drank *ome of his wfe's bed-bng mixture," mistaking it for wbtslcee. and came near getting measured for a colfiu Not -e Sage, after all A V At.PAHi.g !>iiU.o. gn v ? A valuable no. j( tialt snd DKkei mine has been opened in M idteen reun'y. Mo. This ore is worth in K*^ik fl< iter ton. At Reailiog. I'eun., a p-il^ eman wm fined fonr dollars andoosts for dri* e;.. tirs?;??>r than a trot, thronrb a j:ree cf ifca citw, ef > ib pnrsi.it of a thief. AUCTION SALES. U* OEIIH A wIllTahb. ABctlenew,.OrABDIAN SAL* or BBAL ESTATE B> viua*otdO'-re*or Orphaa* Oaartof the Dlatrict ?.i Cotnbbia c ohrmed b* th* l\ art *f Chancery *a ah i?) of July ^ J wiii sen Qb tho premie**. tb* d-ecribed property. being JnuU. S?nB* 'dt:*aa*dj oa *T k - November, in;, it : r ?2i'** .fc *" piece* Hd pv-iiuf th:rom;M' orvHUn^ iQ th? District of Cnlauitilt, krlu| part of *a orttfirtl iT?\ -Vn T H7'~" ??* AnSSTM f * !?l v f*?" *b* >?M tb* id ! of the aecobd following iln? ran from a bouud ? J' 1'vBlf*' '?*>rtb ii 1 of lb* I " whicb divide* tb* Uud of lira John lt>k?r iaota tkiViSllh".U,# UearS odstiud SWUiJ5tta.?5*jra. WASS' riaiXtlll r;rv?j*' *? ?b? Little *! !?. * v 1016 min. w*at, tw*l*e fh? ?? i? 2?rc^".i? **ona Mo ?. Bow planted for OOOtt j *4 O.I the ' *! " of th* Bldg* th?c? to iKln lc tbe Htl'Jlll1 'tlfj* c.oo**Jf*.<l,>?0rtb 7* dec t. Slim S*1' S'SL1 "d l"'"". to knottier ton*, No. 2. tbance north IV d*?. is min ?*? \Dl 94 ^ ?? No 3, th-nr? TEL 2* ?** 15 ?i,, e?*bt and ?k j?) p*rSK N*' * .r'*nt?d in the **<t ii** of th* tforMald Bid** road. th*nce by aa>l with tb* mm road n a straight line to tb* beginning. o. oUIn log 1 acre, being tb* iiai* aire or I*** and im proved by telT.tory rr*m* Hoa-S. '* mJt W** *'?? Wi'" b* '*<iulred at the tin* of JblV?hi?rT#V" Wt4 ,t4a,M * lh* ot JOHN B ADAMS Oonrdiin. UBEBN A WILLIAMS. no7 1awAd* A or ti oneer * BY J 0 A_CO. Auctioneer*^ OUABDIAH fl 8ALB or BUILDING LOT IN _ riBMT W A BP. i AFTlBlOOf D'c?mb*r ?,it I o cloch. ok tke pr?uii*.-*. I shall sail. ]*>t s! la b*?u*l Davidson aubdlvlston ..f lot., |B Sinnr" i k 01)i? ?fe:1 OD *orth K -?r**t, bTtT^ i. hi'to'ii',^"CtZ*?x'r,nni"f b*ek 14411 Termp 0i c third ca?b. realdi* in t?o inatalu *utrt it aix ami t??lt* montha, witli iuteri**' to b* a?cured oa the properly. Jt LI A II. ADDISON, UMrdiiii >-f Charlei Morrt* Aildi bo JAS Mc*;lirb * <:o . 1' !??*?' _ Aaettouwern H* * ct> * Aactioaw. Hal?*-roon* No. 491 P*noaylvanta aveaaa will |tv* their paraoail i*4*atlon U th* ?* r*u HoonhtH V^raltar* at . iimille* d*etlninc boaa*it?*pla* Also, t* th* na.ea of atooka ?f Groceii** m?i |j*r HanMwT. ai,#*#ry d? J^AL* or NA\y POU Dius: I.t R^< or 0*PN?xrF. S?v, Dkpart^int,/ -.str?*>!'i.n''IT,,N C! rv*Nov ^ \ r , ? r/jT w,I1.b' 'O'd pnhlir aoction, to the highf t i".d<-r, ? noon. WSUMnDAY.thn 2Stli Sav v ll?. i??he offl- of the Impact'.r*r Ori n.?T,<e. N> * y orv Navj V*i<l. about two tlioo l?n^iT,L. rH* P w,,"r< compoaed oi a2?^ and ui:at-r?i<eaM">. wr inTt M^cbJl^T"1 b" bj,"'"?,e'lu ??t' to fc?''ca?-h.in Government fan.N.to dfpojite.i i.b the r, acluaiou ?f thf -ale. m l tlj^ Lk?.k ?fT?W!l. D t,>n rt*,B kft?rwardB, d?:rin wbicb tii>i* the powJ*ra r? >?t ?>e remove.) ),v Mit*'C CF "* rexert to the 0<>mmP'irrha?er? will b- r''intred to furnish their own p*ckag> a wtiere tLe powder u not in liirr^H. JBANKBB87 H'ills on London! rOB SALS IN SCM8 TO 8DIT. FOREtUX E\ril.*yr.E BOUGHT OA' rt I Oil A H I- E TEH MS. LEWIS JOHNSON A 00.. Banker*. _ a9? Ptaaaylrinia avenq*. JAY COOKE k CO., BAIKIIS, Fifltmtk strtet, orponf* 7V??itrnr, Boy and ael aicnrrrat market ratea, and keep caatantly on hand, afnll anpply of all OOVBBNMHNT BONDS, bKVBN-TUIBTIBS, AND COMPOUND 1NTBBBST HOTBS. Ordera for STOCKS. BONDS, Ao , *x*eat*d ?n1 C?Uoctl?ui tnaU* on all acc**eible poiuta, aaltf |*AR ROW kTo., BANK BBS. Ccrner Loaliiana avenne and S*T*ntb reet, DKat.KRS It tiOVEBXMEXT SECURITIES. GOLD AND SILVKB _j3r_a-tf AND LAND WABBANT4. Hnt Natioaal Bank of Washington. B D COOKE. (Of Jay Cooke A Co..) Preailont. W>. B. HUNTINGTON, flakier. GO* KBNMKNT DBPOSITOBT AN Ii flBANClAL AOBNJ Of TUB UNITBD STATES, IorPo-itt the Treasury Utywmtnt, Cc\prDBD*ct 5fcarit|ea with Trainurer United i>t?te? mroxK mjlliox dollars w e buy ind *e!l a.11 cliaa*a of UOVERXJJExT khi I R /T/KS*t cnrr*nt market rate*. fLRXISH MXClIAXliE <m>l mnkt CoH'rt'nnr or ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE LMTED STATES. W* purr baa* Government V .ochera oa tb* *;OS7 FA VORAFL K TERMS, and (ive careful ana prompt attention to ACCOVXTS ?/ B U SIX ESS MEX mi Fill MS. and to any oth*r bnain*M *atraat*d to a*. FULL INfOBMATION in r*Card to GOVKBNMBkT LOANS at all tirn** cheerfaliy fnraiab*d ?M. 8. HUNTINGTON. C*abler Wiahiacton.Marchao.JSM, tf 1 kbpabtmbnt or THB intbIiobT : " Tf. a i Ornre, July istb, MB ApaUr^Uon Ma T OOBOBBN J*n?a um fat".!?* ?od*r tb*a?t of acrtb^L^" th* following iakaealoJt <?r 7 *fr "!*?? w^?ch are all***l to biv* ' hereby ffiv?o wrtnt *JSwl2r,'.Jr,,>i ,h* "^rtPtion ofeioh will b^r.u2TL cf/u?ea?f or warrant of like Uxor app*ar 4 okmtion abould tb?n M^52.-6r!;,,0r !ff **'* ?*n?'4 an.ler U.* art of arch J IM... m th?- name ?t J?m*a t Un<i*rh'll ? M.-4.-Der*ml*rT 1*4 K ^ far 8i?acre*, tabued und^r tb - *ct o lB*k*??MioofDaa.el M.lton.ind ?? Stauttd Ii*c*m?i*r l.tb, 1 J8:-Dc ??b*r lat, Ma^.'h\;*?aaTft? u?a^ under th* act ?f ?A ,V : J1* ? "' <>< Dani*l Miiton, ?mi ? ?*m?^- ? U?<?December lat, 1?4 M^cbVrior,^r-? ' n/t,,B<|er,h? ?.n. a..' ?f Taru*r. widow of DejeaiuVii i'-" *M crm,,t,Hi Au?oat 4. 1*4No 3..J.21 for ?> icr a. iiau~<i tin ier the act of 8eptem? ?r Ufa In the name of Spe>u-?r Wiiev ?- ?. ?ranted Apr.I a,tb. 1?? -I)i^,.b*r No. a.jdi fur u aerra. lan.ed under tbe act of Manh tr|. ifV, in liie name of fl^ucr Wiler and urn,.^ febraary uth. 1SS6. D*cemb*r a. No It JW. for ICO acre*, iaatted under th-I< t Of March Jd, Inin the aanie of Ilorice Gregory ? UK*" W. J-December yo for 120 :t'-re* ot land, ia?<.*d nnd?r the ct *f March S. 1Vk5. <n the nam* of Bli.ha Ba J, *?7 W>" *r*",fd 2?. 1<W. Janoiry jf] No 2S #4? for 1M %fr*?. l-.ne-l uadtr the act of March ii, 1<ja, in the am* of Ivory Mutler ,>i w?? printed April It, iSf*!?K.-hruiry J, 1*7 ' .?? ?! '^SSSStii, "'""JvMSfe """ ?? ??' isrissfftu'tre .vs* *? Order* for Plnui^r a SLABS promptly attended s..bpc:?.*i'?0"-k-- " ? -d r| HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, T^iitlhriabacri? J>?r ha* oVtiined from the Orphir.*' Court of Wa?hiu?t*b ( ?unt>. in the Di*trict o< Columbia, b-tura of idmitil.traliou ou the rer-ioua] eatite oi H "?y D. r?,er. lat* of W^kin^ton D , T*?* All pera >|i? liavitic cl iim? against tti* ami ije< ea?. .t, ir,. Inttlii wartit-d t*? exhibit the aal?>e. with tiie Ion. hrri thereof, to the aubacriber on *r before the J.ttb day of N>?ri>mi**r next; they f*Mjfd^*UteV *** lrom benedt Given ttnd.r a.y hand this ljth dav ofN-?v*mhrt ^ . St'S*? OOO.-BB. * If law A>iniiai<'tr.t*rix 'l'lns 18 TO r.ivis NOTICE. TtauliirS.i^rt. \K pfr ha* obtained from the Orphan*'('n.rt *f Ma*Ma?toa< .wntv. in the Diatrict of Colombia *' <?+" '? "" the pentotial oaufv of "Q*>dloi# t^toie. lat < of ^a?hij*ton. I> < eea?"i AM pefM.|,? having rimai. ai;ai.i?t the ?aid ir.rr4' *r->*rrt,**?,??,a^i??^xhii,it th* ?,?,*. ?. V ! t'C " u',hi' ?b*rib*r. ,,n .at i"te the j, tb aay of October next; tl.er mav ntt>?r. i^tXti!* U* U" ,'lc,,, froa? all leueflt of the *aid G.ven t>a-r*r ay hi ad, thi.rth diy of October 3.v^k? Mti. Ii ta?r?Mi ind B*ea aaatle"a Mi?a- KrM*n lr. An Aiflrlc5^ Timify In OerSjaT b? J B*>?? 8r??b*. Illuatri i-4. fun H'li.t ] 0 BBAVi'saArKwrVBESi&lS AlaakMS. tM|) W. ? MBTEBBSiT'i^ k RAILROAD LINES. _ _ _ _ I WASHING TOV ALEXANDRIA AID r GAOHULTUU 51 kAILROAU. SKm3B9PsaBcv Till TABU, 1 On aad after MONDAY, But'SiIw ij, dj^, mn(* j \ aatli fanker aottao. rMM>t(?r Trains will ran b?- ! Washington au?i a l? x an. I r fa M follows ; Lka*? WAUH jiyro;*. _ LkavsAlkxavokta i Fiub M4. ???n 4?p.>t. Fr>>m c*r. Duke 4 H>-arv 1 Local *-U A. M. ?tt., Loral at 4 a *. Through Mail <t *1 " Local eoc. King * "* ' tot al at.~r~~ 7 CO " tnd Henry. . fl 09 ' . 9 00 '? Local at 8 U0 " ...IMP.l 1100 *? " " 3 00 P M? i ?? " Through Mill.orn/rof !, ' ?._....1130 " NakoAlienryf uu P.M. Lo alcvr Kisf and Hour)..,. 7 >4 " " u A > SUNDAY PABSENOES TRAINS ' ' Ml*Amu,moI?*\ - LKAVX Alxxaii^IA.. ' From Md uveas*d? pot. Prom cor. Doke A Henry Tlronth Kill I V A 1. #t* . Locil at 4 is A. M , :3? H * Throneh Mail m*i p. j|. J O. A. 8TRV ENS. Q?neral Kaporintenderil * ' W J PnriVS O^neYal Manager: T'WHDIffSmjWHK*0" ! Smmmmmmm \ . . WA*Hii<-.T??5, March 38.16M ' aoWun !Tr3TJir^,,,,t0* *nJ ? * Tork.ro ; FOB NfcW TrOBK , without rkanffeof c%r*. ? i * i?Tf ttjueft Sunday) *1 7:30 %. m *rd .* B. W 1 t ^POa NIW YOKR, chaatrfa<? car* at PhllaJUl- ! , fexcept Snmiay > at IV.lt a. m. and i : 4JO P B> ! PHILADELPHIA I L,ea*e diJ'> ' ">'?pHliit'<lay J at 7 m and 1 vi*. a. ! ?u . *n?U 30 m-t 6 30 p. m . , _ OS BUN PAT. Leave for New 1 ork and PhilaJ Ipbis at 6 30 p. I ' ; ? oaly. IMeepiagcars for Now York <jv. C.S0 p. m. train 1 dfti ly. . I Through ticket* to Philadelphia. Now York, or ' ! Boston, ran J o had at tho station OiBc<< at alfboarj ' in the day. a* well ?? the new oftice Kj the 1 hanker* an<? Brokers Telegraph I,in-, .i4'5 Peun. ; nvtntic, *--twr?n oth ind 7ih streets. Pee Baltimore inrt Ohio Uailr..* 1 alvcrtljoniet.t ! , for scheduts between Washington, Balti'uore. I Anna poll*, an' the 1>t w, P. 81111 H. Muster ol TransportationL M. (-OLE d-reral Ticket Agent 1 ^ 0*0. a. KOONTZ, A?oBt. Waihlimton. 1 oe SD-tf OALTIMUBE ASI> (HI 10 BA I LRU AD, ' '* Waiiiis , r<>N, June is, ls"<. XS ? " =?--*3sr^J W AiHl NOTON AND DALTl , MoBK.aud WASHINGTON AND TIIS wx^r r>? new rtia as follow*. Ti? PUB KALTIMOHB. ?i ^?pt 8u' lay. at 7 0". 7 ?. ?Bd 11:15 a. ni., and 2:4.r?, and 4 ?t. and ;:o?> p oi POB ALL WAV STATfONS Buad?y. 7 0? ? n> , and - 40 a?< leUOp iq, * 1 FOL ..AY STATIONS SOUTH OP ANNAPOLIS , .1 IJ NOTION. ^L^eavoat ?>.J?and7 oo a. ua,,ai.d at 2 15 a id t 33 1 . , rnit ANNAPOLIS. -< avr ar70" and 7*t a.m., and 4:90 p m. No < trains to or treni At:aapolls on SnnJay ON BUNl>Al. 'OR BALT1MOBK. Leave ftt 7-to a. qA. an 1 2 45 aoi 3 <)0 a ,u *V?WA* STATIONS. ( L#*T??!/:;* * m > 7:45 and ?? no r?. r> I^?i^.ALL PA?IB ?* WEST. 1 8-i? m except Bsnday, at 7:30 ?. ni.. tn 1 mtMrJZl 2L9.:## lim- 0?ly.connortin? at Belay ' Park^fbtirf V.0* m B*1Un,or? '<> WbsoliMg, THBOliofi riOKBTB to the Woetran bo had at 1 ?** ?'* Station Ticket Offlco at ail h>uis 1 In the day. m well m at the aewoftlco of the Banker* aad Brokers' Telegraph Lino, 34 9 Penn , a'.eunt*, between tfth and 7tti streets. For New lfork FMla<ielphlm. And Boitooi i?o ] ?<3yertlsemeitt of "Ttironfh Line." W P.SMITH Master or Transportation i ?... ll.M-LOLB.flanwal Ticket A*...t. G*<J> ^ KOOMTg. Agent, Wa^lmtop. 1 STEAMBOAT LINES. i _ 1 J^ou THE EASTEBN SHOBE. ] Tbe lar^e, ttannch, and comroodioa* Steamer WIL?fc?N SMALL. OAPT E. T. LEl^ AB1>, leAT< sher pier opposito^br4g|i^^^ * No .10 Light street nii.irf7(be-^^*""*3e twttn Barre anil Leo utie. ;?.i Baltimore, every ' TUESDAY, THU USHA Y. ami BATTED AY, at 9 p in., for A.I S TO.V t'Oi .\ T. /to Uh I. E Mill. S. < OXFORD, Cl.itHA '& l OIXT, WALLACES ' WHAHF, CXMRKHHi K. HUH Hl.KTT $ < WHARF. fARIS CHEEK, MKUFUHU'S WIIAKr,*M\ LLOYD'S I.A.thlXd ] Betoruins lr .in "THE SHuKK," ?he leaves Llojd'j Landing at 1 p. in , Camluidse at I ,0 p. u... and Eanton P,.lnt at 1 p in . (toucning at t!>? I 1 ntern^diate lauding, t on Moudv *. Wed?osd*) ?, S arid 1 riiiaya. , blifc Las tine statemoms, and all otiirr pa? en?^r 1 arc* mmodatio::s. e ;n?l to thono of any oth.-r | steamer on (?h<'sat><'ako Bay. - tf J>01 C M A ( TBANSPOBTATION LINE. ] NOTICE TOBHIPPPBS. TheBUauier RXPUESS, Capt. JE. A. BYTH>B, leaves WaahiugtouatS a in. ai.d Al _ri?im _ exandria at 7 a m EVXHV BAT E?4wA UK WAY forUijmunt.Budd sF*iry,4HMflHb Bniitb's Pcdnt. Cliattorton Landing, Nanjernoy 1 Bfores, Matliias Poii?. Chapel Point Plowdeni Wharf, Lancaster's Wharf Stooe'i Wharf ?'trpHomen Bay. PoxwelPs Wharf, Haz. ll s Wharf, Pta?y Point, Point Lookout, and arrives at Balti. mere at 9 on bitidap 4. B. BBYaN A BBO , Agents, ^ ap 7-tf Penna. avenoo. j Richmond, PKEDKBiCKSBUBO and po ! TOM AC UAILBOAD. TO TBAVELLEKS OOIN'J BOOTH TW ICE DAlLT,(Banday a. m. excepted.! The anlckeot aad mast diroct roate to Elchiaond. 1 , Ya , and tbe South, ria tbe Potomac- jnas . | ] steamers from Sixth Str-et WI f f| T1^ .T> , Washington, to AmdIa Crock uid^MflHt Blchmood, Prederlckabnrg and Potoaiae Salfroad ?owoompUted from A jnia Oroek to Richmond ,Va, connect 1 ng there with trains OB the Rich* mond and PeUrsbarg and Richmond and Daarille 1 Railroads, for Potorabnrg. Weldoa. Wilmington, ; lUlelO. ^Oreoaaboro', Sallsharr. CbarlatU aal , I 8tesm?r? Key port aad <1 Yonder Wit laa to Sixth Btraet W harf dally tgonday moraine excepted) at 1 > 40 a. m. and 7pm aad arrive la Rlobasoad at i i l.Mp. m and '< ?a m. j TBBOUOB TO RICHMOND IN SSTRN HOURS. ! i Fifty Mile* Shorter ana i:t liouie (Quicker tbaa ?y Other boa to. ^ , Bo tare and get Through Tictfota via A ant a Creek nod Prodoricfcsbnrg, to Ri oh mo ad, at the Company s Office, corner of Peana. avoano aad ?tfc ' street, or on board of tho boats. Baggage oheoked ! throngh. i Omnlbaeoeo aad Baggage Wagoas will bo la ' readiness to ooavey passengers and .baggage bo- 1 | tween depots In Richmond. Passenger* by this line pass by daylight Monat Vernon, and may have aa opportunity of visiting several battle-fields near Prodsrickshnrg by stopI plug at that point. | Breakfast and sap on board of Ptearners. OE<? MA TTINfJLY .Snpt.. Wa*hlngtoa, D O i C E MATTIN<;LY, Ticket Agent, Washingtoa. "- - hawmt/ apJ ly Ooaeral Passenger Agsnt. 'SECRET V I g B A b R B. I ? IANARITaR'I flirT! I SAMARITAN'S oirrt THE MOST CRBTAIN RIMRDY EVRR USED ; "Yes, A Positive Ott**,"fer gOAOKUhiMA, GLKKT, STRICTURES, ?, j Contains no Mineral, ao Balsam, no Morcnry. Omit T'? PiUf :o ht Tbkm 10 Eftd a Cure. They are ontlrely vegetaoie, bavlug ao sa?e|| not %*y unpleasant taste, and will aot In any way lainre tbe stomach or bowels of tho must dslicata. Cores in from two to roar ?ays, aad recent casas In 'tvbiity tonr hoara. Prepared byagratinate oi the UniTsrsity *neof the most , enna.nt Doctuts and Chemists of the areseatday, I ao ixr?>?Tt, no -roa'/l*. ao <Ain*s ttka' ret. Lot those abo havedeepalrod of getttng cared. or ( . who have l>eaa i?rg^^th Balsam ropavia or Mar , enrv try tha SAMARITANS uIPT oary iry tna , pl^; eBWlo^. Price?Male packages, <1. Pemale. |). BLOOD/ BLOOD! I BLOODr'/ SCROFULA, ULOHRs. SORRS, W??T?J, BAMABITAjrS BOOT AND HERB JUIOB Is offered the an Micas a positive care SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES ths SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB J DIOR l.s 1 a n>st potent, sortam and offo<tnal remedy ever are 1 scribed; it reaches and eradicates svery particle oi 1 the venereal p?4son, so tbat the <-nrels tbeaonct ' aaJ permanent . 'I *ke, tlien,ot this pnrlfyinare'n edy ami bo boalsd. >wnd do not transmit It to roai i posterity that for which you may repont f* gfil I ****** DO imr DESPAIR I swfmviasms. will reatt.se every ?f-tige ef Imparities from u* I "'ymE&if la many alt actions with wbicu a am oars of aw .lie. en/w tho ROOT A*l> 11ERB JlflCR^t 1 happily adapted, la Ulcerated utoraa. is ? rbora, la be wing down. F alii ng of the W ogj? 2blllty,aad lor allcomplalptsii.cldont to tbaiia ! Boat by ezprass. Prtoo flit por bomg. "** SAMARITAN'S WASH ? ? >?. Pull directions. Piioe ? eontp. The efficacy of theoo remodtos Is aHkS aeftnow.1 Tb*r fT" Stat lag that 1 have aood Tb? Samarilaa RomaSlsa* for Yeiioral dissassa la Its most msfcnaary forme - ; that 1 havs ased thorn with jmtpnnt, dlscrsti^,' 1 aad property, and. baoa foaod ttosa raspond to m* anticipations promptly and effectually. Kaowtu I 1 ga; aes?.1ayaagsSg! 1 "" VOWBU, Asslstaat Bargooa.tb R. T. Yols ' SaMby f. o poRD.saraorutft stsaataaS P?di- *?SKV:rSaiJ"?:;" [yS - * r ,4 * -U T' i )* |(i j . fl 1 V **$4 \ * * ,irt* '** -Ji f* *h U MjlJI I ') % 4 41 i PROPOSALS. IKtVflBY P BP A BT HUNT, Ctfi.. 2L **f-r < '***<*& Ar^.hUu Washington. Nov. mh. 1366. Pasted Propoeale w uk t? moeive-1 ?t tne ono f lit* bafM-rvliilUt AJcbiUrt o! tbe frre-ury L)? >er meat, antl' U'o r.l?. ). m . D?c?int? r I, l?v> r tbe pmehaee ?f the Prae sior ? work of t?e oi< fx>t tit v l th? -t*t- L*tutr aient. including the a ' n ns p<l-e*?re, 'bs ?at ,blmUr> and |<?<iiu*i ! Tr? work tobeUkin dcvi br the Dspartmrtit tid en the r-onnd to the pqr hMr Payment to I* niM? within Ave data after tb> tercpttm r of the bid. i rv(K?iU will be *-ad?*sed * Proposals tor pur . ba-e.fold Fiee Stone Work." and addressed U ike Sapsrvitlss; Architect of the D< nartaei.t. . . ^ A. B. MVLLBTtf, no IJUet 8t|?rtiiinr IkrrhiUcL yH*A?r*V PBPAHTMSBT. M. OjSft vf S*p'%rvt*img A fkiSr<!, _ _ M?Tfihl)?r |Ith.l4(. Be *1 tot Propoeatawlll In rwiTKj at this offii unti? 12 orlorkm . DocMnbr 1st. IMA. for fur nailtigand delivering lUteer, han*rwt?i.v?" loadi j S*i <i *nd oDf tbonsand H.otWiioeds ofijraval ftae aand most be sharp. cl. at and of such erati i? i? b?it ?ulUd to masonry, and the gravel mm iafrat fr<.n clay, of the meat snltatla slxe roi orCrete The bidder must subuilt ipccimi iii'if'hi nn?l an* gravel he proposes to laraisb.aud ttn

batarial mnat be deliver-d at sn-h pla?-.>e near tb< 11 eunry Building a- anav b? designated by th. uipert nirc ArH it*ct. and tbe whole of thi im. nut QjUdt be delivered by or before tb^ l-tiaj 'f Jt?rcb 15#7. The prlc<- must inclnde ail tb< nanliug and unloading The materials will be ia r te.i and measured by the Inspector of Miteri of the Treaeur? JCxteB?i?n. and any not e<iua in quality t? the aamale will be rejected. Tna I purtmsnt reserves the riaht to ifrep >r reject any or ail bids as it nay ba deemed for it n*ci?; to no Pmpoaala should be endorsed "Propoxate fo 'aijd and Orav. I ' a*d ad?irI to the S'ipervis tig Architect of tlw Treasury Dap irtment ? A. B. MULLET L\ 0 19 W Supervising Arcl.ita.-t, pnopcsALa Folk supplies. ~ QurncrintLftfr,i $. Cam, f ? , , . IV<i?.ii*trf?a, October ?i, I3i6. \ S? tied rroposals for each claes, separate!?. wil reoHvtd at this offre nntil ^ o>I-*ck n m o K Ibl'AV, the 4tbd?y of l?at. ml er next, for tar -'I tin? to the I'bfted State* Murine Corpi, frail lanuajy 1, 1W7, t<> Jtrne A), Isia. tt.e follow in* ?Ud )Ii?? to bt? deli*ered .it the fitic* of the Ami?i tr, jrar'ei ma.itei M w,bb i orpe. PI ila^t> iphi.t. P, n?i i)l\..tiif. tree ot expi tiae to the edited rftit-* ii ocb ".Bautitiei. ar. nt*r. f-'> ni timf to time, be Ye inljed : ? . CLASS Wo. t. :-0 Yaidaof Sk) Bin-Keraey.allTool fr -e fron hiUr. M incbea wt le to weif h U ounc^e to th, \ard.<in<lic? wool dyed! ;.t(? iarda of Dnrk Blue Keraey, all w<>oi fP,.( from hair, ft in .he* wide, to w?iKij a 0iiac? to ihe rutd. (iu !itf0 W.m.| d??d) ^ ;v,!. V rda >!*rk Blue Twilled ftloth, all wo?! fre. lroui Lair. W incli.-a wide, to wi l?h 22 ouurt. totbe yard, (?Wl*o wool dye.|. -"ou"ce IU.. VaidH ?<-?rlet Oiotli all wo.-l, (eochlnf-i uy?l,>*4 Inchea wtoe, to ?eig|, |., 0IU1. OT yard. CLASS Nil. 8. 6.,'UU larda nix lourtha Dark Bin- Piaan.l fn ?*< v?ol. ifndiso wo,,i dyed ' ard * t0 W' Uh 13 ?nnoaa pe', 0 '?? *?rda thr. e gnarftra Dark Bine Flatiiiel fo, ihirtt. nll wool. < tndj^o w .<>1 dyed,; K iuchn wide, to wtt?h6 ? outicea pt.r ymd Blank.-1*. all wol.to weiiil, 4 p.,0n(i, e?.-li, to be 7 leet long a:.d 5 fee: wide, acd fie irouiKteaae lre? i.fc.0 Pair a <1 Woolea Secka. three (| ^ prorerl, i?J lOW i.eec? w,f*' dot/hie a DC twiat.-d yarn, to wciph 3 p.mada p?r dot< B p%tr.?, free from rreaae r . , CLASS No. 3. I..00 Tarda white LlDta for pucU, e<i iucUae wide to weigh l^ouncea per tard wide U.cU) 1 arda white Lin< n forabirta, ?j|n. hM wid? to1 ?rr?h 11 oub. ... per yard '""aw wide it U>? > ?riia Ooi.ton VIkik al f> r drawnra 2' utrhM. wide, to ?el?ii 7 oama* per yard 8 ' * m aacotton Ti Ma? tor bed ancka CLAS^ No. A. 11 nifr.rm Cap*, oJhplete. except pompotid ^' Poinrooii.rei w*ated. Lali aliape, aud^in < be^n, r|rcuM*reuie v ' n . ratigueCar" with rorera. to !.e Hiadi witl ,.t ?!"" cl""". ih'llco vtol dyed H'la i>'00 stecka. rtlp ? CLASS No. i. >' Greaa Coal Bnttf.na. teagle) Battona, (eaglet - 5^? ^Qtt 'Ds. (eagle) 1)410 Str'Ua1'"0* m',al Civaeanta an I Scal< ,ai0Ef0i priT?Ul Tarda Tallow B.udlug !<w? Yards Bad Card !6 Sv ord* f<?r MergeaD'a 0 B*ord? for Mnaicim* M) I'rum- i tenor) comideta :.'i? flatter Drum head a liW Snare lirnm h< ada > " I>rnm Corda S Beta llrnai Hnarea m Boxwood B Vifaa '5 Pair* Drum Sticka ( LASS Mo K. I0,o0? p iir- Arc- y Hoot e< Infantry patters 1 ^ Cartridge Hoxesaith Masa/ine* l,ft?0 !.a)ouet S< atb*rd~. with Kro^a attach'd I*' reunion Cap P.iiKhet HM C ?itrldc?> P..x li lla i#u v-'st r flu M aia: Plates 0 S^ord Kroctt ''LASS No. ? . 1 soc Knap?a?.ka CLASS No ?. rorni.iK'nc and trimming tie following article* ti< : V. at. h i '(>ata li.itoim Conta for xre^anta, orporala, mini emtss and pit\at<-? lai|i.'iie Coat- ! r <-rg?-aiita, ro. poral , an i r-ian*. and p'lrstes Woolen Pan!* f..r aer-.eauta, orporals, lua-i ci?tia. and privates Linen P'Dts fi r ?*. _;smU. corper l?. mn-iclani and prfratea Flannel Sliirta Linen Sbiria T>raw era Flaaat-I Sacks Hed ant I Bide Jncketa for b<>ys B-dsaoka The ab*a?-?entlone 1 article^ ain't conform 11 all teapei ta t the .1 <1 >tan?iard patb rn- in tit <??? ?t th" ijnftrt?-rm?-trr. Marine Ojrpa. Maria Barrack'. Wt?bl'?r*<?n, U C., Assistant Qaart< r inasterNi Office >U.md- 1 orp* South Fonrtl atrei-t Pijla-ielphla a:.d at tbe Marias S.atioui Bmokh n. New York, and Boston Mawacb?*ett"here thtyean h e.tanin-1; and whenever th artlcie" named ah *e <>r anv j.orti n of them sbal be rr.rrld-ml aa not 'ally conforming to samalei tie< will b>- rejecte.1, aa 1 tbe contractor will b bound to turniah '>tbera of tha required kind a or.ee. ?m t e j aar u raianter will till the deli ienc at the expense of tbe contrv t-.r. Pavn.enta will ) * made upon tbe accepted ds li>er> of tbe whole quantity wnich may from tim to tlni- h?-order>-d, wirbbolding tra per ceat fron the p >1 ment of accaan: rendered en ter first orle i.nt.j tbe se. on-1 erdei is Iliad: aad ten a?i sent Vrom accor.nt renders! azUsr second order nnti third order is filled, and so on until contract i completed. lath proposal a>a*t be accompanied by tbe fol Iot ins sraarantee FOBM OF aCABANTSK. Tha nnderslgn-'d . of . in th* State 0 and -.of -. In tba State ol i.fiHi.y :aarat<tee tbat In case lb- foragoiatf bu ot .for auppli'-s as ahova de.r il^d, t.e ac cept'd. he or they will within ten daya after tIt '* c-ipt f the contract at the post otlioe named ex ernte th- contract (<>r the sam>-.?ith good ani ml'. ieiit sureties, ani la caae tbe aaid ?ha] fail to entei into ro-tract as a oreMtid, we jcuar arte# to make good the differan between theotte of th* aaid and tbat which may ba accepted Wl'uea*. A. 8 , Gnarautor. B. T. C D . Ooaraator. 1 h- reby c rtiry that the ahoy** aamed ?-? ar Wi ?ii to tie as :u?;i of i>roperty. aud are ablet make ?ood tb< lr gnaraatae O. H To i,e ai _'ue-l l.y the Umt'-d Stab a Distrir 'Hdfo. L'nlt?<t States District Attoi n<->, or Col le lor. Ni ?rope?.?l? will be considered nnb ss accom ponied by the aletxt- guarantee. Jtt-wapap^r" aa'borired b- pnl.ltali th- *?>ore w?| -eno ti.* paper votitaluiug the tirat-iua' rtion to thi ofl'i e for examination. Tbe ld-lder's place ot business or u tiiu'a toriu -atabliahni- n' must !> t-apecfnlly stat.-j io cli pioposal I'roposali ?n*t be i>ril?i?Kl on envel '? " Proposal" toi ?lM,pii?*" t?*r the Maiiu- Cir^s, and >d'ire\?e<l t" Major M ILLIAM P SLACK, oc il- trtw 1'itwrtei naatsr. 1* S. M C / OLL UBIA UOSPITAL FOR WOKEN V. AJiD LT1NQ IN ASTLCM. Fo^rteatitb atr?et 1 circle,Rnrutr of M atreet Washington, 1). C * This Tnstltntlan ha# been established for tbe r< caption oi aatieuta who may be suffering from dii cases peculiar to their sax. and for the adnUssi^ c' -nth ! mate* at may re<inlre tha coafarts of tfe lrWl bufld?" Usltnatad in tbe Most healthy pet ti.?n of tbe Dtatrlct, aurronnded by ita ow ( loi.t 's. Cars pass the door every Bv<- mlnntes Terms of aowi??i?n : From * ; to 910 per w?-el in accordaare with tbe raoto reqtjred. payable i *lc> Title Iuclndo* Board, Mediciaes, MH ica! iuJ Snrglcal attandanca. M F D IO A L STAFF. BCBC.BON IN CHIRF. J H THOMPSON. M D.. 1*4 I itreet. Itetwaen 20th and Slat streets. CONSULTING PHYSICIANS AND SUBUKOM JOS h. KAkNXtl, M. D , bargeon Oeuara DMtMl Stataa Army. JOS BILB1.M D..Georgetown. THUS. M1LLBK. M. I> , F street. Washington A Y P OAhNBTT.il D.. New Torknva.ua, V, P JOHNSON M. B .Washing! at. UBA PTON TYLBB, M. D., Georgetown. F HOWARD. M. P.. F strcat. Orders for admisstca to ?ha tree bads in thla hn pitai.foC which these are al.i can be obtained ? tha But gee. n ia chief at this odce |?l 1 stroet, 4 of any of tbe Me<iical staff, and of the Be vs. Drt Ilall Onrley. Gillette, and Coombs. W iT'-s and widows if soldiers desiring ad mi sale will apply to the Surgeou General, United StaU p -tlents living at a distance wfi* desire to com to this Instttnii^n fr.r tr -atment can sarure privat rooms by applying by letter to the matron of tb boapi al. A. V. GlLLXTTR D ? , an 13-aaly^r President. Till C BOO II BT COLLAR HOOK MBS Uayve's Knitted Lace Collar Book. Tba Bag! KniUiKH Baok; Mrs QaagainHi hint Shawl an< boarf Booh; Mrs Oanaaln's Crochet Hatty Ca Book; Tha Greek and Bonuin Lacs Book; Tha Aa H?NBfl HONI11 BOBBT111 V a? to-day receiving HOBBY of the fiaes ?. BCsra rll. * (torMr #f lub aoU P ftr?*t?, an4*r w 11 *ttm B?m0. '* r nm v xf " ; 7/ i 1 7 ' el \ t xn j 4 PROPOSALS. PNOUI t. BOTOTALS Are invited for the purchase of Um ' tyofrrtj k*ow? u tbe METHObVT PBOTES > TAFT rii' BCH PAHAOMfOB. n Ninth trwt *??t, I and r Mrrrtii north, ?4, olrlns tbe t hronicle Betiding 1 BICi will b? r*c*i?*4 for lk? ?W? property, or for tbe Church or separately. til Wt Df??Ut ?nt , For further Information tn<in1rocf O I. IKNBIDV, Nt A0t"7tfc street, between 1/ ?nd ? no 7 -ktawtdoc 1 lOhrop A Intel | j^S^POSAis rOE I BON HBADBI*OBf. OMrtirweiCr MeriJ'i r&L<t, t lPa?hwMt*n. D C. October SI. tw ( 1. Bi?l?< PrupoMl* wlil bo received U tb? Office of the uwatlsuaa-ter t.eoeral. * aebinfton. D 0 . until KOVIMBFR :t0. I*?**b,fer furo.ebinf OastIron Heed Blo? ks f r National Cemeteries. delivered in ?iaat?lli?i? at oat * foil we, via . At Boston, Maes , from ? tohead biocks Providence, R I , fro* jtO to NO do 1 Hew Haven. Cod a front 3*0 t > M) do * kew lork city, M. T.,trom tAt to 6.UW keud h?'?k? Philadelphia, Pa., from 3.000 to S.fOQ bead " blocka Pittsburgh, Pa . from 1M to 200 head block! Fra*arftch. Md . fr?m 1.W0 to l .tfll do 9 Cumberland. Ml . from * Ate-O) do Baltimore, Md , from I MO ;o J.oflO d<? Annapolis. Md., froai 1 ioO to 2.780 do Point Lockout. Md., from J.^o to 4,000 bead 1 8 blocka * I ABlietam. Md . from ? ?*) tohead blocks I Wtaellrg. We?t Va.. from 100 to JfU do ' I Charleston. (Kanawha O. H..I from 2W to W load blocks Y\ ??b t |!uD. D. C .from 20.OW to ZS.uUObeel ! M .cm Alexandria. Va . from 3 900 to 4,J00 head i r bl"cke Fredericksburg. Va., from li.POn to H 00# head blocka M iD' beot^r, ??., from i,vJ0 to ',i<# bead blocks Harier's Kerry. V.,.. from 1 >100 to l.:40 head block* Richmond.Va-< from r.'BO. to 11 nonhead block* Hampton > a.. tr> m 3,"? t <.uuo bead Mock* Norfolk. Va., from7l*> t<> l. 4>* d ? City Point or Petersburg, Iroin I'sOM to 20.1M) head blorks Newbera.lt C . from l,?W to ! .4*) l oad black* Wilmingt-a, N. from - t-M to J.oyO bead bi< ck* Salisbury, N. O . fr? ni M to 'te*d * lock* Gol ieb?T< Mch, N. < , fr<>m 1 .UKi to 2.ouo bead blocks Chsrle^on S 0.. from 90*)to] i>?0 heai blocka Florence. 8 C., from fOO to 3 Niu do liilton U?al. 8. C., from 2.W to 2 S>i h al bWks Beaoiort.K O..from 1.000 to l ..'<?? head I dock, a Snvanuali. Ga., from 1 nofl to l js j do Marietta. <?a., fr< m 4,lUMo 7,ct?i do Atider*<nvUle, Oa , fio.n 12 i?0u to 13,ow heal blocka Miil-n. Ca., from I At*to i.fflnh- it block* Mrl-ile, Ala , from 70h to I.00P do telua or Montgomery, Ala., Iron : >?) toS. Ml head blocka Barrancas, Fla ,fr->m <0 t 1 00) head block* Ki'W OrleHiis, La.,* ftom 3 UOU to ?.!?? h?al blocka Baton Honge, La , from 2.100 to 2.600 heat bif< ka i'oit Uad?o:i, La., from 5<0 to itfo bead blo< k? Urowiitviile. T< za-.fr<<nj tottiO do Erazo* Satitiago, Texas, Troa J0U toJOUhc^d 1 blockNaif be/. M'M .from 1 JPM to 2 0i? h.>al blnrkt Mck.?t'urt, Miaa., Uuu Ij.O 0 to 25 i*H h?td block* t -rin'h. ISita.. from t.OOii to 6 .'40 ^*d bio ki , Mempkii. Tei-ii , from >.<?? u i: **r d, ! l ort P< n?laon, Tenn , from 2.0" i? to 3.00o head ! blnck* Na-hville. Tenn., from 15 ?> to 2? oOO head I blocka l'itubnrph Larxiiac, Tann.,lrum 3 (V) to bead hlccka Stite Blver, Tena., lrotu t odo to 5JJ0? heul block* . Chattanooga, Tena., fivtn 9,o?' to l'J.OOO head blocka i Knoxville, Tena., from to 3,'W h^-<f blocka Columbia, Tenn.. froa 1 ,wn to l h?ed blocka /.t-nittille. Ky.. fiom t <?w to 6 non j,ea-J Mock., C iinp Nel?on, Ky., froin 2 (>o to z ;oi do bowflD^ Qreen.Xy.,fr?in l.atitc 1 so> <Jo 1 Lexinyton, K> .,troiu !,W0 to l^O .lo Cairo. III., from ?* lo ? 00i do Chit a*o. 111., frotn !.' < to < a?) do { iriugfield, III., from 600 to 1 .u0 do JniL' T, III . from V00 toSOu ilo fio?k laland, ill , from 1,200 to 2jw >?.? , JelTeriosville. lud . from 80>) to ] .oo do IudlaDxpoUi, Ilid . from 1 JO" to ; ujO do Ja k oii. Mien , from ItT' to 'JtO do Cincinnati. OMo, lrom 700 to 1 ??*J ..o Oelnml-na, Ohio, from Suo to J.-'M do Cam* Demdaou. Ohio, trom S > to !? } do J.'hpaoa a 1 ~la*> l. Ohio, trom yi to 3H) h' blocks !?t Loola, Mo , fr?:n t (*? to 5 0'?i h?a I bio k* Jeflereon Bxrracka, Mo , from 4,.o> to t,o he?o blofka Fort Lea\enwortb. Mo., from 1,00" to l..'4 h -al bteck* Oavenaort. loara. from ItW to beat ?do Ke> kuk. lewa. '.roiu -vO to l.ia>o do Litiie fio k. Ark , from J 000 to 2,oo oo Port Sn.ith Ark . from 1,20)to i.sui do Omaha. X. T.. tiom 1 4o0 to . (> } .,o fan Fran 1m-o. Lai., frotu 20 to l.OCi ,1(> 2. The fe?u bl(<cka to be na<ie ia ac< * Ua e ?ith thegptcin a lor e.and ttf Cuiifoiiii strictly to Hot c?ir pira. t>oib of which ma> be aeea at t ie O <.i < t th<-l*ep.t <-r <Miief ?juart< rmaaters atB^-* >n, hem Yatk. Ptnlauelaiuik, Pitt?bae?h. Baltimore, Wiehinfton. l'ortrea? M >Lroe. K h n. nd. R*. leith, >?-wbet ii. Ka) ett'-i lsl?-. Ch?rie?ton. 8av?nnali, AuKust.t. ,Oi ,t T .liana?ef. Mobile New Oilean?, (!al\chton, Vi< V?baiir Memplua N ?-hI eille, Cliai tai.ou* >. MnrtieeoN ?o , L a:* ll -, Cairo. Chicago. Ve . r*oaville Colam'nt. i Ohio,J < incii.bati. l??troit M Louia, Foil L' st^oworth. Oaiaha, Little Bock au Pan Franciaoo. ( Htds for 8au i ra .ci?co wil be rv"el\>-d until l)ocember 31. ISM. > rt. They will l>e about Bine <?> in?) e< hieb fr .m 1 teu (10. to taelre i I2i lucliea iou4!. aa.l Loot three aoil a hall <3,',) to lour aud a : al* 14>? > iacoea wide, , i, with a rlnnire arouud the bott in They will be ' kollov and uili i.ave a number cast on tbe tack, , and an in-cription ot tie name. rank. r>- 'im*-nt, am-, ri.inpai.y, or corfa. and date ot deattiof the deceeseo. a^t fa raised letter* on the top. They >n?t be cast ot tood atove plate iron, weleb a t l^e- tnan twenty porta is - ecu, and be ooa ? d ' fnorooeblv I > ctpp ck' in melted /inc. a i 8-parate bids are invitad ^er delivery at aarh , e place, and in case the a<?e parties offer to sapa'y . e more than one locality. It nbenld be state.) at what redacni pi ice the articles would Ik luruisbad ia , k the increased number. i, b Kacb bid mtiet be arrompanied by a food and i, uflicieiit aiiarante* of at l*aHt two r*yp<>uait>le ' e partita that tbe contract, if awarded, ?j|i ^e . j laithfully and premptlr execute I, ( The r> s**nsibilitv of the aaaraatar* mustbeshowa by the e official rertibcatt: ?f tha clerk of the ueareet Dt ? t trict Coart, or of tke United States District At y toiaejr > C. The Govern meat reserve* to itaalf tbe right to I re ect all bids, if nnsatlsfaetarr; and to delay tba * award not later than tbe Irst af Janaary, is?; < a and al?o, in some instances, to channa the points r of delivery of a portion of the bead-bl >cks ia which case a reaaenable allowance fbr iacreased 1 or de ioctlon far dimtnisked transportation wiU ' * be made. 7 Tke time of delivary to be nabjart to fatnre arrangement, t-nfflclent time being al'owcd after tbe li?ts af names arv famished to tt e coatractor. | 6. Tke articles must Coafoi m rigidly to tbe sam- 1 >f pie. and * ill be ?nb.ect to such inspection at tba paiat af delivery as tk* Chief of tbe Baraa??ay ! 1 direct. Tbefnllnamaaad aoet office address of tba blde der nbecld appear in the proposal in. Proposals should be plainly endorsed "Pro i i po*als lor iron Bead Blocks. ' aad be addreaeed I ' To the Qaartermaeter General. U I A., Waab in^'ton, B. U." C MKIOS. r Qnartrrmaater Ceoeral, no 3 tnc30 Brevet Major General, U. 8. A. |)KOI'OSALS FOB B&TIOB8. O /^t?ar'?rm<?.?/er*.? Qfirt. V. S. Mtrrmt Oi'FJ>.* V?xi<s?iin.Octnt*r II, liM. '< * Sealed Proposals will b> i*celvd ?t this office no til 2 o cibck p. m.. of Tu- alay, the 27tb day of November next, 1-r faratshing rations to th tnited State* Marines at thafollowing utatleo ? frpm 1^ J"? n?ry lSAJ. to th .> nuc . Ism. vi/ I' POHTt?llOCTH. BewHatnpebire ' " i'HARI..KSIOWM, Massachusetts. BROOK LYX. New York. ' PUlLaDKLPBlA, PeanayIvaaia. * WAfHINOTON CITY Di?ricterColumUA. OO8PDBT. near Norfolk, Virfiaia. MOl'NH C1T?. Illinois PKSSkCOL\, Florida. Bacb ration to conststaf three fourths of a toend ot perk or baivm, or one and a fourth auaud of fresh or salt beef; t ight-en mm ee of bread ai our. or twelve ounces of bard breal. or one-aod a fourth pound of corn meal. and at ihe rate te ><ue hundred rations ot eight <marU af le-aas; or. in lieu thereof, ten ponndsofrlc*. or. in lien theraof twice per we* k. ca<? baudre l and fllty oances i.f de-icateo p .tatoe*, and en* ha ad red nnnei of mixed vogetablee: lea pounds <d coflca; or, in liaii j )* therer-f. one and a half ponad of tea; tlfiean ! ?- pound* of snfar, fonr <iaarts of vinegar, one ! Q pound of * per a candle- or oaa-aml oae foarih * ponad af adamantine candles, or aae and one half poaad of taltaw; four pouads of soap, aad two ' qaartsaf saB. n The rations are to ha delivered npon tke order af tb- commanding officer of each station, tbe fresh t. beef,either in balk or bv tbe sltigle ration of>rv>.| n quality, with au ?i|Bal portian of hi ad aad fore I- Quarters, at* ks and kidner tallow exoladad. the Boik No I prime mass pork; the riour kaowa as extra snperflns in tbe market of Hie place where tbe statloB ia located, the cofe? good Rio; the I sugar food Hew Oileans, or Its equivalent; aad the beans, vinegar, candles, soap, salt, Ac., to be , of food quality. >- All SBbje-t ta inspection. ' All bide mast be acc*mp*aled by tbe fallowfa guarantee. Tke under?1|aod . of la Mm State of , ud af . la the State of , hereby fnarantee that la caea the farafoiag bid of for rations as above desert in*1 be acre*tad. h.- or they wlQ. within ten day* of the tgt oi th<- contract at the poet office nbmed. exeenfa the I contract for the sam.-, with ?Ood at: I fnfti lent-e : curitiee. and ia case the *ald" shall fail to ea* ter lot" c?atraot as afor aatd, we guarantee to * make go.>d the difftraaaa between tba orar of the said ? and that which may be aoc- pi?,|. n A. B? Oaarantor. * *tta*ar 0 D ' ?? * . ias? * 1 hereby certify that lb* above aaaned ? are * kio?n to me a* men of property. and aid* to make fi?d their guarantee. To be slfi>e<i by the United States Diatrirt I. Judge, United States Dlatric* Attorney, oc Col ! No proaoaal will Ba considered a ale as acoaaspa. nied ay tne abnve faarantee * bewsfapers aathoriaed to pabliah the a Sore r will tend the Bsfmrooatalnlnf th* trat iasartion r to thleepre for **ean nation _ ' profoaalato be ?mdor**d "Propoaals for Batfo&l. 'aad addressed to th* nnders%aed www WILLI All IT SLACK, ae N lawiw Maior and Onartermteter gSr*'"* -i'nftSftrtse. *i ii I 4 t | f ( ^ 111 ^ LEGAL N'OTICKS. Dki ABTBEKT ?>r~TUB (vTIIluH UXlTbD STjLTkS PATEST OtflCF, w (tifluMJ, Oct .ber fl. 1ft* Ot atKllIloi,.' Jolt > Je h fB < Kb CN ()('?. H. ol N*' ?erk. N. T . pra>lu furth? uih>i|. of a p?-ri)t traitte bl a ?ne 1 th da of Jata.ry, IA>-. ud r?l??c4 Ilk* tlN?r of Jalv,i-*.. f*Ji ?? * ??ik? lltbday , f April, M4. tm aixdlvl l.aa. anmbered *9. 7>*>. 7i?i. "OJ ai.d .US. <'0 which divisions uln-i n l, m? preyed tor aa improvement in Marbiee* f?t f'-rcio* B<x>t? ana *b"?* f. r Mrri >*?:. 'row the eipC ^''o; of said pat eet.w kick UkM piece oa toe l.th in of Jua?n. ItU rtiered ttottk*?u< petition he k**rt a? tb*- Patent Office on BoaJa*, tbe l th any af Pel tuaiy. l*-7. at 13 a clock M . u4 til irrtuu are notified to appear and ?bow ean*e. tf anj Ut#_ beve. why MM petition ought at to be granted I'fon opposing tk? extrusion ar- required to fit* in tlir Pat* nt Office their obje?'rloas. *p*? tally ?et lortfc In writing. at least twenty da>t before the day of bearing; nil testimony Bled ly either p.irty to be nsed at the aald bearing in j*t be taken aad transmitted la acc ordance with the rale* ?f the office which will betarnUhedon application P. portion, and other pap- rs relied ipoo aa taa tlruoDy must be filed lathe office twenty day* before the day of hearlrg. the arguments. if m within t?n dap* aPer filing th? t?etimany ( reared, alao, that thia notice he published la the Republican and the Intelligencer. Vaatiiac t->n.D C. aad in tbe Time. Nrw Tori, l7l we a eeek for Ihrea ancce#.| va weeks. tha ftrat ?f aald publication* ta ba at least sixty daya ara r|. ua to tha day of heeilng. Y. 0. TI'KAKKI. P. 8. Editors af the above paper* winfViMw* copy, and send their btlla to tha Patent Office with a paper containing this notice. no I* lawSw fkBPHANS'COUBT. November ?h iw -Dt* y TIIC1 op Colvmbi*. Wa*?i?eroa Oac<nv. To wif ? In the caae af John Sh?a. adalilitrator of Jaai a Shea dareaaad. tha admtalatrator aforeeaid baa. with the approbation of the Orphans' C?art of Washington county af<ieeald, appointed Saturday. tha l.t dap of December next, for tbe Anal settlement and dlstril ntion of tbe personal aetata of aald de ceased. aad of th* a*net* ia hand.aa far aa ttta sane have been collected and tnm?d into ao?c; when and where all the creditor* and keira at aaid deceased ara notified to at tend w,tb their claima properly voncbe.|. or the? may otherwiae by law be excluded from all t-eaefit 1a aald de wmhI '? nt*U provided a copy of thia order ba pnhli'hed . bc? a week for threa week* la tha Keeping htar prerlona to the aaid day. _ Test-Z C BOBRIN0, no 71awlw* Berlater of Witla OBPHAMb'CDUBT, OcToatcK 90, IHt-OitnirT oy Cm r*i'?, Wi?HiMToiiCortm. iem.-? 1 n tbe caae of Harriet Rnrti*. adninlvtratrix ol John B Burtia. decea?<~l the adutnietratrii afi re mid haa. with the aparwbatlni^i tbe 'Irphaaa' Coart of Waahlnatoa Ooanty aforfWld. appointed Saturday, tbe 2?th day of November neit, for tha final aettiement and diatrlbntUa of the ur aonal eitate of pjld deceaaed. and of thaaaa?tala hand, aa far aa tha ?anie hare been >"?lifted and tmrnod into m?Miey; m hen and where all the creditors and liefra of aald deoeaaed ara Hctiftel to attaud, with their claima proparly vonrhajL or they may etbarwiae hy law exclnded front all ben<-fit in aald dr-raaci estate: provided a ropy of thia order be pnbllabed oace a week for three w>?ka in the Brenina Star, prerioaa to tbe aald day * Teat -E.O. BOBBINS, ii 11-wSw - Baciater af Wllto. ORPHANS' COITRT, Ho*. 10, IW.-Di*ftM OP OonMBI*.. WacHISOTON 0?'i HIT, To iru In th<? ca*a of Sarali Ilukroe y. adoiini-trattti of <;?e r Un? .?!. decaaaed. tbe admlniatratrix aforeaaid haa. with tbe aaprobatlon of the Orphan*' Coart of Waahinirton County al .reaatd. ap pointed Satnr iay, the <ttb ?ay of 1'ecemtM-r next.for the final aettiement and diatri botlon of the peraonal eatate of said deceaaed, aadef tbe aaaeta la hand. aa far an the aeme have been collected aad taraed I a to me?ey; when and where all tbe creditora aad helrt of said deoeaaed are notifted te attend, with their claims property vouched, or they map otherwiae by law be excluded from all berieftt la aid deceased'*estate - Provided a oepy of thia order be pnbliabed once a week for three waaka ia the Evening Star, prwrt?n? to tbe aaid day Teat?J AS B. O BEIRNB. no It lawSw* Bacister of Willa. ' 'HIS IS TO OIVIBOT1CB, Thai Ifce Mbaart1 1-er bas obtained from tbe Orphaua' Court af Wa*hlnrtoD county. In the Dtatrict of Colambla. letters t?a ameniary on tha aeraonal actate of J?.l.n Mcl>ti< II, late of Waabinftoa, U. C , deceased All persons having alauna against the said deceaaed. are hereby warned to exhibit tbe same, with the voucher* thereof to (ha aabacriber. on or before the ;.^d day of Otto'er next; tbej may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit of the aaid eatate. Given under my fcaad this 3d day of October, ]W K LIZ A M niELl. oc 24 lawSw* Exectiti X. THIS IS TO CITE MOTICB, That the Mbarrli?er has obtained fr..m the Orphan*' Court of Wathtngton County, in the District of Celamhia.letters of adminlstrauoa. *a. oa the personal eiUte vt Philip W. B*ri ' , late of Waeblaru n County, deceaaed. All persons navtng claima agHinrt said deceased, are hereby warnod to e\hlMt the same, with the vouchers thereof, to tbe snl?acriher. on or before ttie.VI day of November, next; they may otherwiae by law be axoluded from ail benefit -1 the said eatate Civen under my hand this Sd day of November, 1<?. WMT KEEN AN, tio ' lawja * Administrator, w. a. I'lIIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the anhacrl1 her has obtained from the Orphan*'Court ?f V-":i*hiiiKtoii County. in the District of (Vtluuibia. l' tter* of admlnistratioa en the personal eatate of John J. Spies-er. late of Maftamet m, D. 0., i)<ceased. All persons bsTing claun* acainst the said d< <-e**ed are hereby waniM to exhibit the aatne, w ith the voucher* ther?*of. to the snb*-rii.er, on or bolore the j;th day of October aext: they tnay oth<-iwi-e by lew be exclud?d from all benefltof th. wd eetate. (iltru audei my haud this 77th day of Oetoter. l?*. MART L SriBSflB, ao?law*w?_ Adtniai*tratrix. ' 'HIS IS TO U1VE NOTICE, That the subscrt Jl bei has obtained from the Orpitans' Cowrt of H'ashiugtvn Cotintj. in tbe District of Columbia l<tr>T*ot sdnilnielration on the peraonal estate of Johanna Kxepel. late of Waablngton, DC, de<-eaaed. All peraon* bavin* claim* againat the said deo ased. are hereby warned to exhibit tbe mane, with the voncher* thereof, to the snl>ecrih?r. on or before the 3d day of Novamlier next; they mar otherwise by law be excluded from all bene It of the aaid estate Given under my hand this 9d day of hovambrr, IMS r KAPBBL. no .'lawbw* Admims^atog. 1. M. BLVAM * CO., " WIOLBBALB AID BIT Alb Dealers la BUILDERS', COACH, AND CAB 1MBt f ' HARDWAKB BAB I BOB BSD BTEEL. OUT MAILS, BOB9B8BOM. HORSES BOB BAILB. NCTff AID WASHBB8. Ac.,Ac.,At. ? m 9 WABEB0D8B8: 30V PEHB8TLTAB1A AVBNDB, 301. SOS. 304 O STBBBT. Aad ? and ?T Ol lKI ABA ATBWB, WASB1NOTOB. D. O. All Orders, SOUTH BHD WEST. Filled with Care aad Promptaeaa. CABBIAOE BBD WHEEL STOOK Constantly arrlviag from radary. aad aaM lowest market prices. T1H PLATB. t P1PB AND BBBBT LB AD, OOPPEB, Z1B0, Br , Sold at Eastern Bats* and shipped with daspats i: AIR, MOM. TOW, Aad BXUBUU0B ( osttattl) on haad la bags aad bales. BOPB, OOBDAOB.hs. PB10BS CO BBBBT rOBBlSBBD WBBBXT JOBS B. ELTABff M Oa., T?m Wasaia?,?,?