27 Kasım 1866 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

27 Kasım 1866 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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* V?-1. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 27. 1866. N'2. 4.283. J * THE EVENING STAR JB rUBLUHBD DAILY, ilXCBPT fUBDAIJ AT THE STAK BUILDINGS MTMr tf rma'a mmmt aM iiU htni W. D. WALLAOH. TM STAB ft WTTMl by tn? earner* to their bacnben in the Ulty ud Dlatrlc at Tn tvnrm raa wm Oor?ee at the conater, with r wltkcut wnpywi, Two Om? each. fuel pom Mmi?#:-Tliwt montha, Ou "r n t ?Ml at* C*mU; ill moatBa, svm Z>ot- _ i?r?; on* JMT, flM DoOtrt. No paper* aro ? seat from the ollw longer taan p*id for. TWWEBLLT ST AK?pnblUhad on JhT lday tmnacf?Ow DoUmr tmd a a rear. PERSONAL. t*b* wabb1ngt0n homff.opatblu dis- s i pbnbaby. Be J14 0 street, b*-t??ea lJtfc end nth streets. Pi AM K r people will receive medical attendance J ud e.edicine?./rs' oj rkar*, at the abwe ln?titj tie*. OKntd dtil;, SundiM exctytM. ?? T B VERDI, from llnlp .at. *>v c S. VERDI, from J to 3 ? tn. ?RST Rl'CJTION OB THK PIANO -A lady who ,* hae studied niu'tc under the beet nvlrn, is a * wished perfertner on the Piano. end who ha* ? A Owed deal of exaerleaca as a teacher, will *ir? rUNu LI8iiOM8lut!r? laylU in or out of tho W 1co?e The beet of reference* given. F F<r term* mod particulars. call upon Messrs. WIT/.tBOTT A CO S Music Store, or hlJr>* fietOIIlM Boi794. n?ti )m* p /CONFIDENTIAL-Young men <sho here in jnred themselves ny certain aecret hablU, which unfit them for bnsine-e. pltMare, or the dutieeiif married life; also. middle aged and old men, who. from the fellie* of youth, or other cause* fe?l a debility in advance of their years, before placimc tbemselvssi nmlft the treatment of anv ?Df. should firat rend "The t*ecrf-t Friend ." Married ladiee will learn ?ar>eih'n8 <*f importance by perusing 'The Secret Frletm-iApfnt to any ?J 1 dress, in a s*ale-i envelop*-. ?n f*<-.'Tpt of ib cente. , Addroee Ur ( BAH A 8TDABT k CO.. Ro*to?, Maee wfly BRIPAL ANP Fl NERAL WftlATH". PO CROSSES. tNUHKUS. STARS. A ., preserved In natural form VA \ X FLOWERS. HAIR FLOWERS. and RRAIVINO. h> Mrs. FHII4. Utr ??f Bi'?I"n Hae removed tn No IVM Ilth street, brlwren G and II. ?>c J i m' Iamf.p WBO AKK DESIBWSOKVSKILL j fnl and +cc mpi si.ed I'h.sician, -hiuldcot unit Pr BFTBRY MORTON, 1-4 Park street uear Richmond street, Baltimore, Aid Pr Mar a M-ryice? ma> be enga^rtl in W:?aliinst.?u < r ei t < tliercity. h> addree?iP2?< ?hove <>c l.'l (ru* J A M ?S Gl'ILIV Dernier tn S>-and Seeond \>im l S h'irni ur. Old Fuinitnre Repaired. Reup I ?< letered and Vnmiaheii 12th and Bnts..iO"?r ^ tie < anal.) Hiffbeat price a%i<i for Sec n 1 haal e Fnriiitnre ii>11?* ti kUaUUf-KACK Wa*DH.tA*?S C.f.bLA'K LAW OF tit*.. BLACK. LAMON A OO., l)? ?luiellor? and Attern-y* at Law In the foprnn* t'(lkrt ? f the I n?t?d Hta'e#. the Ooort ot UltilM, tVorte f the Piatlict. the KxtcutiT. D?anrt B.ei te. and C?n niitteee of Oongroae OfiiCf. t' 14th atre^t, tdirectly opposite WII lartie H- tet ? de 1< tf ?< CLOTHING, Ac. ^ U l N D A I) V I C B Tnat s itthat's it' ( Just listen a l it From the folks a? ?mith"s Onk Hall Come- a word of adfi?v. So sonnd and -o nit" For th# present >e??on of Fall. Button i our coat Up to yon? throat Aad see tliat yoa re warmly c!a<l, . Or with coi l in your h?-a4 * You'll be sick io yonr b d. Which will te >'ic" <line!y bad Ai d foa'll stay in be<i 1 With the c"M tn )<mr he td, Ai>d C< mp-IIied t'> hesoiu*what Till yi ? ve h?i eno-igli Of the Doctor'* siu*?And all -ort? of ei^k folks diet. Bettei be??rf, (j Atd always t?..e ? ar*K To I? properly cla ! fo th? Fall. In ?uit4? ie i loth-s, | Ja^t -ncii M tl??ee J W fci h are sold at Smah s Oak SMITH BROS A ?'0.. 1 MEROUANT TAILORS, A\!i N GENTS H KM^ItlNt, t.OOUS. \ oak HALL, 4t>? Icviith ST?;K*r. > .!?-! rr el\fd the l*r*>-at <iq.| tl ie-1 stuck of FlfclE ?.o<?l>S ever ofit rta-n the city ol Wa-h n *i ii. bavii t sacared the be?t arli?ls in the c?t>, at ire piesared to ui ?ke up in the t kt) !e, a&4 at less prices than any other <>f-il>ll-h ' a< i.' |n? i ! tf ! 8. B. A QO. L' HOLANTmER'th a.M TaIlou, <:Jr"oer Ii> of Mtb'treet *t"l r?ijD?> ItaiiIh .iTt., aA < ppr?ite Wlll'i: Is' H Tel. h^- recelvi-J uNU ?c l* r I r a??crrn?en? of Cl"ths '' lOimDr'!. ?e-tlnis. Chinchill -tnd E*c-'nias, for \fW Ovt coats ,ii d a eenei ai a?^ortm>-iit ot ? Get*-' I Uini-hip* lie li is aM" ?iW to g l is -t. k a si.Jei uid lot :' f:r-i la*" Custi ni luad- , iJkot'iiK luntit* I rk. at 1< wer prtoos ttian , < an Ir had in this city. We nvites his iri nds a;id * th?- inMIc to f|v?- h::n a .-all. and retnrn? his stnteie thanks f>r lh--lr literal pntrrnwee. e.tl-^ai a,^ J~BBICBKGBK. ~ A . Successor t? H. f. London tCc., ta CITIZEN'S Ayn MILITARY ^i| MFRCHAXT TAILOR, IC\ Metroaolitan Hotel late Brown:e, ff 3h'i Penwyl^'aih aeence itt 1 tf WasMngton P. C. t dentisiky7 ?? J DU Y| Q y ^ * ?>hMTJ&T, ^haa iiauvm< ir.>n to a?>0 pe'ju. avenae. ten Ihscovtm in ?> en'it try & ?&?? TMikErtrar'd Wnkouj ft in. All ner^^^nCEW ens ha?in? Teeth to extract. 1 wooM adeiae them & ? 'all at I>a. LIWII s office, and ha%w th>-tn u itff?.*5?.'. T**Jh tnMrted an Rnbber. Oold and ^ .i!*1' -rdar that all persons should hare Teeth, we have rednced the price ?ery low. I To te cotiTince^ of the fact, call and see for yonr- 1 * ,rVi 4, '* c*" and tee the new and Improved method of inserting Teeth. htreeU460 r'am % between Uth and lath i>a-?f B. a. LIf IK, M 11 Dentist. J T? B B T B . 1 . M LOOtlhe.M D.. F ^ Pe'eatee of the HUfBBAli ;LATi TEETH, ^Ttef.cU p*r?on*lij ol? office ib thif city. H?qf p^r?wn? cuMKi mear t??tb who caanot othpn,^1b ^ uo cm wetr otbwn ?bo %+umot w. Persons calling at my r?Bce ean be aecuiaiaoda " tea with any etyle and price ot Teeth they may de- <1 nre.bnt to these whe are particnlar.and wish the nrest, cleaneet, atroagest and most perfect den fare that art can procure.tbe MINERAL TVETH will be more fnlly warranted Atoms in this city?Ho 33" Penn'a ayeaae. be 1 *od loth ate AI?o,007 Arch street, w Philadelphia. ac2fl-lr j n pOB'l ABLB ? STKAM ENOINK!*, | Combining the maximnm of etlirlenry.dnrabillty, bd ti oBomj, aith H e minimum of weight ani price They are widely and favorably known, t| airre than boo tein? Id n?? All warranted satista?tor>. or ae ?ale. Descriptive circulars sent en a atplicalioi. Address < ? J. 0. BOAI>LBT A OO., no 5 eo.Tm La\? rence, Maee. ||E?;0\.AL REMOVAL " J P DENNIS. * OOACUMA K E B , ^ Regs le%*e to In'uim hisrnst< tuers and the public i ft beiall) that he has KEJ|<>\ EU from, suaO is o d staac oc ?th streer to hos. iM.tvaaSBr ar. l E ?treet, hetmeen l.^thaud Uth streets -?i;th sidecf Peuns> Ivanta avenue, and opaoeite Oroser s Theatre As his facilltiee are . fneater thsn tn hie old |->cation be ean da repairon in all Irs branches and build now work as C Cfl? AT, DL tiABLK. and in as GOOD STYLE as ?i ary < act maker in the eouutry. Be hope^ by employing none Lot first clas? mechanic*, and nslng 1' notMrg tnt the best material, together with strict aitontfoa to business, t? merit and receive afair bare ot patr nage. ?ep.1e.?2m ^ DAMS EXPRBSS OOMPAN Y. | OFFICE *14 PEW A A TF.SUE RRANOH OFFICE: ' . ^AiA.A6YL VAMtA A i AiVI/A, Uff(ji>iTE 'i WlLLARU &. di M.KTH???8EUt *A!"TEBN. C ACJtlllER^. WESTk^N, AND BOUTHERM EXPlihjjS Fou^ARDtRS. M-nev and Valuables of all kinds *Jr, d "i?P*tch to all nccessiblw? ti?a( t>l tse i oni:try. colx^bt hon or NOTES, hbaftb. and BILL9 Mane fo accesaii.i* p.,rtsv?'" he Unitwi State. A>- DCAM. Ageut a l * I' VAaanington. D. *0 g THE r-RKAT RBBFLLIO.N by Joh , 9 u ,r . Usti" 'JO Ch.*ra< tr-r and Cheraetort*n< I Men. h) C P Whipple fiJj The S- Bf 1 Wes tb. b> Auixaa *.,Ik?r Li Te and Ti aje? or V Be.1 J a. Bat ?>y Wm L .*? > >? The cu c ,i taary A h oi I of the C??il M ti by ,>i I Ulilf ll at e.|, mi Kise'njr the h<-l: A Novel tiy j t *<?.aroj Vales TAients. B->ce for Wealth. b> Mrs J H BlJdrJi.7A.enth. 1 s?l7 P It AMOK TAYLOR. K sail thy b??akfast baoom -aright . ad si.|isrii>rvtalitr Just received. J Z. M P. KING * BOM, j _ ? ? . *' ? "?o-. ! P Cor. Ver* nt a*, aad M* street 4 I) 1/ V I NO C A H I'll -.lust r"?:HTed, flare's | < s ,<,asr*d Oar.is Mart's l.fsiu Magle Carle 1 "?! Mof ' Ilifc lands, and ut.'.er va-tetioe s A If Cm- Payers. nee FRANCE TA . aihs a e gaston fl IM >/.A \cu MILLINERY, ?J n- .''**? AT 446 FIOPTH PTBBFT, a* tear I eLLSf ivaaie ateiae, AMUSEMENTS. ATIONAL TllbATKE, ?late !' - uctf , averse,bear Wizards' Hotel. ALDlS-i * Rai-L&Y .. i'repr >?;..rs. R Sfackman Sta*e Mtui^r. TUI.S <Tue?4A> i EYk-MNG. November37, ?l;d Hire of MR .?FfFER?ON, h" ?ill rersonate forth* J(U?t time. P(IH AI'KC^, Riibaru tino- er :??>eri>'en'* Ire act j ot THE Ul \ ALH. fter wh! 1. .1 Wh.lUon Mori* n*e Farce of a hkul l % k ki V, ith for the lapt time, .le^emou ?* HI OH UK C- THANKSGI\1NG MATINEE on tAuHS AT tyttKBOQI S t M >IFTZ KUOTf HALL. VB'PAT. N0\EMBER 30. 1-66, t.R.ABD VDi'AL AM) INiTBI MENTAL. ?: O N r E K T . BY (L LL chbistiana tedf.ska Schmidt, The Hr??t KdiiikI* Violikiit. A>-i-t?d l)? Ii ii.MI ArliiM It* K I * T O K I . TU UKKAT I KAGEDIENNE. riYE si HUT- OS L Y. a i mt NATIONAL T H I A T R S, ? OMMENOING MONDAY. DErEMHEK 3. m ME ATtKLAIi r, KI!*T0RI. lpportiH by her fu'l an 1 (ow|l*t? lh ?<a?ti'' Potn ny uf( -lefcr?te>1 AifitN, who likff iii'ooniyi?uifil i er fr- in Birr p?- expr?*??l* t - (miiiII h.T Vmeri'-an I ' ;.a?e . < nt b?- *ele? ted final i.er ?.\t''u4T? reper , >'.re the Tr iitedlei Vt.NPAY Per JJKDk A TIK^UAV Dec. 4. M %KY BVUART Hit UsD.AY Dec. 6. ELI/.aBM'H. fiiet-n ot EukI tO'l. V EI 1>A Y . per Ai A UETH. SATI Ul> A Y , Dec e, PKBORAH. t Lee)i. the F'>ri>?ken.) f('AOF PRICES Orchestra t'hairs. Parij .-fte ?!id Or"** (Mi .|e, icuxiii);- R?eiTe<l ! ??*. ,? ?; Ueueral Adiui-rlo:., 2. Fan ?l> Wircle. .?). Bi-ton Ti- ke' O if open .tt Met/.erolt'? Mil* c n-f fr mi S tt in to ? p m.. ? hoc f*?-at- for ilie -.??? n r?r. I< eenirtd Thursdt), Nov. 2. ~ r- a r ? a Itf *! nl|M no H t! ? BAND CONv. ERT Li AT HDD FELLOWS' HALL. >!? THANKSGIVING NIGHT. NOY EMBER y??TH, !- >?>, IcBimencin* at 7'^ o'cb-ck p m., f or the Ben>H: of "ME CHURCH AND SCHOOLS OF TI1E I 51 MACULATE CONCEIJTION TIC h ETS, ON E DOLLAR. A^lhe Grand t'hicki'ln^r's Piano h*s been iibdl* loaned by Jubu I Kill*. E? , 3?t> I' nu t ti-iite uoi _t L- U N AMD >1 V|I 8, HE AMATEUR ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS OK YV ABHINGTO.N. D. C., ViM ?iTe a <> rie* ->f their tiniain" ?g<! siiiith-pro rut- r*i??? !!? ?>it I'tnmeDMn^at NEW MAKKET HALI.. GEORGETOWN. Hl'BSUAY' RVENINO. J|?ve?nb? !*bb, i f liAi.Ugk;i?in<f Nifht: > AM \T ODD FELLOWS HALL NAVY YABD, SATIUDA^ E ESINV Dec 1. Ailni'tioii AO c?iit?; children h?it prrce. Tick tn to It hed n GrorKetown ?t t'le .1 w-'rj' t( re Of * V ' 'eun ?nd tWg st-ire* ot i; tc l-ell nd CrindnH At the Na%j- ^ ard at 1e(rT? l)t)Kiit i b*mtnriiiiii a. noC<> W ALL S .\t\V OPI KA IIOL^E. autjustin daly's buccf.sm ul dram at1/atio.v of 1*.K \I> .-i I.KKAT Eh, griffith OA u mt, Will b** prod'icel a? the OI EMNo I'lECE THIS. SEASON. Ji.di r tt>? euthor '- pt r?< ii?l tuyervikion, br the GHbaT M(t( K CoMBiNATiON, PECEY1BKH i, tOSE EVTINGE AND MR. .'OBN MOKTIMEK App-arlrii? in THE1B ORIGINAL KOLKc OF UATHARJAE I'EYTON CiRl FFlTlV <5ACNT. it p ajed by tlitui .<t the New York Theater, with nt eitetfrd >ncrt-?. f< r blX CONSECUTIVE WEBhS. no2?-tf L"ANC\ PRESSES AND COSTLMES l For Tableaux and F irate Carti-w. MKS. rEANK BKA, aoJ7?t* 447 lith-tre-t. pBOFS. J. W A H. P. KBEIS' DANCING ACADEMY, fik 'enutylranla arenne. bet. ?tb and 7th iti . jfli Opp' ?1te Metrepolltau Hotel. GSBl Oor Arademy it now open for the rec-rtien of 'oplia. A aei?ct c!a?e mw foruiinf on Wed?wda> afternooD Irom 4 to KeclooA, for tiie^e ho i ?iinot aitend on: regular riaaena. Circulars an be had at J F Kill*' and W. 0. Metzerott A o.'t Mutic Store*. The Hall can be rented for Soiree*, Ae. ltay.? and Hunts of Tvmon : For Ladle*, Mi?c? ai d Master*. Tn?# tay and .ha r*dny afternoon*, from 1 to 5 o elocA. Gentlemen'* Claese*.Tao?lay and Thnraday ereioga. from 8 to W o clock. For farther Information,apply dariag the hoar* f tnition, or addre** a n<-te to the Academy. Quarter commencing v ith the firit lesson. ?e 10 LI Aftllll 'I FASlllONAHLB DANU1NG 1 ACADEMY, AT w%. MA BIN IS ASSIMBLY BOOMS, W E, betweei 9th and 14th Ktreet*. El This aca<ieruy 1* no? open fer the recep- IsA Ion of pupile Pa)* and honr* ?f tnttion for >ounc ladim il??es an 1 mai-tT* Tue*da> s, Thursday* and Satrday s, from 3 to 5 p m Gentlenit-n's l???*i fr<-ni ? to 10. same - veninit*. N B ?PriTat^ iustructlo'.i xiven to soit the cones lence of the pupil aeU HOTELS, RESTAURANT8, Ao. ^IBKWOVD HOUfel. (jfr-r P'ttn oit,iHf n.i'l Tf'lhk H W..?, o.l'. J-L-'faE 1 hituat>-d in the most central location tk* iity, iidw;iT between the AI'lTOL AND PBESII'ENTIAl. MANSION, 'tiff a short <TUtatic ' from alt the !> parim-nte, atent and Post OtS.ce*, S:i I h'oniau Institute, t<. 11. H i< T P L E Y ,1 CO , I'O "I tt Proprtet >rs. ^MBK HTI BUTAUBaNT. No.34?Ptiiua aveiiue, u< :?r Gth streBt. P EMBP 'H wishes to inform his frie? ls and the nbllc xeneraily ttiat he now k<-?ps <<?n A - . A ?ntl> on head OisTklts tre?b every ay. prepared in every stvle 1 -aa I Hi- W INEn aud LP?l 0B> c?nn >t be ni^??il,?d. all and give hiiu a trial. or tt tf a.T "'KTorn. . c"o?f,s """ COTTOy FACTO ks SSS^'"vreNkw OKhaas. Strict atteatlOB Elreu to the pare base aai sale ( Merchansike Liberal Bdraaoes made on C >nlumeuts. my U-tf ^OB SAL" ? " '<? ? extra clio(c?*. tiardy. per r pttii.?l 1>I<h-ihiij4 KOBBS. li/ub'Mk.' tad ?>rn? lentai tr< ?t.d (>l?nt i KI IT TtvtfkS. GRai'E INE, PA HLOB PLANT'S Thec .llec It T1 r nirnset ttie neire?t ail choicest kinds in Europe sail A??fl'i H *r Jy Plant* ??d rnit Tree# planted in fttet?ll will irrow ,nd bto.xn etter i>ei> innmer tHan tl pUn?tu in th? spring A J At PIN. Floiul ?w.i > tirsnrjrmaii, oc &) im* tjtl. and M streets. M KNABB A CO '8 PIANOS, BIBCB A CO K ORGANS AMD M E LGDIuNS. * ~ ir sale and rent in ea-r "terms at N- lith treet.atiore Pennsylvania avenne ee 1 -eoain* r. <! K)Jl 'H C1R t "H kjlW BOOKS ?Harej'? Thirty Tear* of An?y .' Cile on the BcrAar i;ia?crAte4 Ans id Orlofodla for l*id. Gol.Wiu SinHh' t ? *:*? #n be Hu'lv i f History llunimer Hmi t <? (ya*1 !l*m to?. Th? Rinerahi e$|ted by Kv?? Mario.nt [srtahorno > Oktleri J*l? BANUK IAI LOB. ? official. Examination* lor tkf Sary. TO VOLVKTKKR OFKICKRS. Navy Uktaktms^t, / WA8niji?tfn, D. O., Nov. 20, lt<6o 1 All persons wbu have servfd as volnutear officMs in Lhe United Stales Navy tor the term ot two years, a&U who uesire to be examined tor ridmissioi: 'o the regular Navy us provided in ttie act of Congress approved .luly'JS. iw>fi, "will at once make application addressed to 4J irmcrioie S. !->. I.,ee, Hartford, Conn , who wili notify thetn when to appear. Those who <lo i?ot make application j.rtor to the 1st of January next, or who do not present taeraeelves when notified, w.ll considerert as having waived their claim for examination. Candidates will take with tbem. woeu s-viiatnoBed, th. ?r otti.iai papers showing their naval record. Uidkos Wkllum^ oim Secrettry of the Navy ??? ? SPECIAL NOTICES. W A K i> * PAPER COLLAR AKD CUFFS, T" bs h??i Evei ?|jfTK D A V i 8 % C A I T U E & , Pennsylvania *??u0''t Nr. Market wr>:o-?. betweti ?th and 9th sts., Afml? t'er W sshnigron, D O. no V> 2 t f<*" TP K SOUTFT. d<??iroti* of ge' ting into goo-l oaer again with it* North- rfi nei^uhors i<?en;ipa uii !?itf ordeis for I'llAI.ON . < ' NluilTHLOOM I Nt; ('fc HlCL'S, vvhlcli fur fo.ir ye irs has ken thi* lend of a'l otlier extracts tor th-- handker. hirf iu every city and State on this side *t the Potomac Sold et eiywhere. METCALFE s<JKE\t RHEUMATIC remF. 11 isttuly the w uLiIrr oi the ag- . l'an?s ?t I henrnattsm th it h i ve I a!*1c<l the .-kill of tfi" fir-t do< tors ot this citv. tin ve been completely cur>-l t> i I- ? ,los'-s. and it it its inialuhlv an auj thin r prcpar.d by hr.niau hands cau I'd no 19 eo2w S C, FORD, Agent. lemk.dial institute fob special CASES. No 14 Bond street, New York. Q^Fnll information. with the ji nn also, it book on *?>,,,?/ />,,???.? ir, ? ,??i. ( > a ' . sm t fre<\ ft/ i*s ?u>t rinti , i f tfir tM?tn, out r Ii ; tu.t ;rgi'- It: for.a- adVeiMMUV p':iy st< fai.-ftre > , nerally i ??>/'<' 'or , w itli-nit r 1 r. > uo strsticer rhoutil he tr?i-'ed K.n los?- h -tump <> r tH^e HI >i ti'rt-ct to l>K L*W KKN<'K So. 14 itrfft, N?-w York no 1J T>XWiy MVMXLY. STEADILY. SUCCESSFULLY, smolanuikh kxtuact bdoko is cVRWa e*er| C??* of KIDHVY VtsKasB. rh*?*at".*m, 'isivkl u&?n4gt dlsorihix*. wk*ink-?* ^n<1 p/ '.ns id the Back, Fkmalk oomplaijits i*n1 Tkot blx- ?r1?lug from Iics'-si ov ant Kind CO ft! I, KM A FFLIUTEDI TRY SMO LANDER'S TAKE y0 OTHER BUCKO. Sold by all Apothecaries. Price 91. D. UARME: A O'O., Hew York, and BARN EH, WARD A CO, Wow Crleans, Sonthern Agent* BORLEIOU A e^'SIliS, Wholesale WrnfflaU, Boat ,n, Mas* General Agenta. feb ,0.lf UALL'S VEGKTABLK 8ICILI AN H A1 u nir NEWER Renew* the Hair. H* ?L'* Vhsktaelk Siciuax HAIR RRNRWRB He^torru gruy hair to (he orixiUHl color Hai.l'" yegstabi e Sicilian uaix Hk.nkwke Prevents the hair from falling off. hall - vfi.ktapi.e sicilian hair Rknkwer Makes the hair soft and glossy Hall's v kg ? table Sicilian Hair Renewkr Does not stain the skin. liali ~ Sicilian Vrgktablb Hair Rkvkwer Has proved itself the l.eet preparation for the h<*ir ever prwnteti to the pnMic. Ptlce 'l. For sale by all droggiats. ja30 Tuly bE( BET DISEASES. Tan 'g ' t'=< the most certain, saf? and fc .fcv.tual reiue.i> ?indeed, tneouly vegetable renierl Z V ' < n-ea in two to lour laj ? aa t recent cat>eH In twenty fonr hours No mineral, bo palsaiu. no intrtnry Onlj tew pills to be taaen it ' f '''' ??'' Her s 1m>p?. and a trii-irl t? thoie who .lo mjilt,^ ' expoeed. Male packages, $7;fe ;b""t av? Herb j ice--A p,?itive h* ,#r Srrofnla. Ui. ers, Sores, Snots Tetters Ac %\ 2.1) per l.oti'e Sold i y ft r. Ford S> e a.lrfcrtist ment mri IjAIA <. PARTIES, ^c. py o t i c . THE THIRD SELECT SOIREK or rii t % AP'RACADAHRA ASSOCIATION ft <vill h, he'd at MASOMO HALL fiflk ?.J?? THANKSOIVIN6 EVE, WEDNESDAY November 28, 18?. alogicby Weber C. tlllion Band no 27 2t* ^ EN I AN BROTHERHOOD] gjT ? eL GRAND TIIAKK8QIV1NO BALL or the "WASHINGTON CIRCLE," at ODD FELLOWS HALL SEVENTH STREET, WEDN ESDA Y, ( Thanksgiving Eve,) No*. 2*. Senator Mortiton and other prominent Feniiias ate ext'Oiteil to be present, and a pleasant tluie ts anticipated. The music will he under the direction of Protestor Jtt aiobfcy aiid trie most populat Irish airs w ill be tii liveted iu his inimitable atyle. Tickets fl: B.lmitting a yeotli-u.au and ladiet. no .i)-'!t rp H 1 RTEENTH GRAND BALL A TWENTIETH CRAND PIC NIC of thi YOUNG UNITED CLUB, will be given at THE WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN, ON THANKSGIVING DAY, (Thursday.) Nov. *J? The Pletiwore t lnb. which has the larp??t renre utailon in this Hall ?, d Pic Nlc, will recei>>. ?pli Ldid gold riug aud tiie tJas* Ball Olu?t, h and'bHI*"1 """t ,arK*",y? wf I receive bat, b?ll No invitation- sent Donahertj V Rand has been engaged for the occasion Lancing to commence at 3 o clock, and keep up all night. Tlrkets 50 ccnts, iidmitting a gentSemin and ladies. B> order of rio2t. it' TUE COMMITTEE fO? THAN KSG1 Vl|i<| EVE. THE FIRST GRAND BALL ""* CjL AMEHICAN EAGLE ASSOOIATIO!*^ Will be given at FORREST HALL, G.-orgetowa, On WEDNESDAY, Nt)T 28th, l.SJti, Thanksgiving Eve. The celebrated Holy Hill bai<o Is eugaged for the oc*a?iari. I he Coauimtiee pUdgo Intro elves to spare neither paint nor e\p?or<- to make this one ut the grandei-t t>all- of the season. 'I tokets H |, admitting a Gentleman and Ladies bo U it' M'.UTS OF PJ T H IAS . Tho-e wishing to tpend .i pleasant. a ?ei ??L able ? seLtng free fr-t.i noisy dutnrban. e-, v ill not (ail to be pre-eut at the jCTA I1R&T CRAND BALL U? OfLlhaRTl iODi.E, No to, t KnightH of Pjtl-i ts,j to < ? ti \ eu ALLOW M U \ Lly N tv j Yuril* <>> WEDNESDAY IVEMMi; Nov J-* Tbe committee hav -spared ho rains t > m?fc* th. a six isl r union, hm tbn nell k.uo*n caarvc t? ol tl onlet .vil.ii Ui*< >iii-vr>. Tl< K El s v?N E DOLLaR: iminiittinf a seotltn,an ?a<' tanks. C? siiiTivr ? ja? Matbirton, U ni Cro??, M. VV 11 E(!<-Hi.. 11 O Yv<n e .r.w. Gor<:o?. H Shaw, Jo. Peg*. Jss. Attou. ?. Hiboie, II K?un1 _ u??j!14t* 'I He island soriALs ST' I W ill -jlve their . TENtli t>R4N" tiALL, /?? -<T KLvUlt MALI- 'iMk Or MOm>AY. D?c. |I? t*u. son A' SALE I/K K?jiT-A bii#~t,iue HaiiiM I inoflrin st> with ttbo av. 1 i owr. i i_ prod order ?'nn > - s?s:. at HOf H-r T.L Fane y Siare, JitJ E ?tr?ej, lesr titii. '11*4 if M ?*r It i i TBLEOKAM^. fcc. Maxrcillian has taken the derisive step ot a?*ic.iioii. Tlie ruptuie Utwwu himselfaid 1 the French povernmen heme complete he h*? J 4^-it M-x ico in the bauds of Bazti ne ana Oaj- I I teinitu, the litter of wbom is uiiitcr^oxi t> 1 fis?f (nil antborit)' rom Nitpolwn to super- J -e^e t^e mnrshr.l himself, if necessary. TbJ !a'e Emr?ror left Vera Crni on Thursday, arid may be expected at Havana, on bis w iv to I'nrope. on Monday or Tuesday next. 'The consternation of the Mexican? at flndine the question ot tb?*ir future remifed ahsoio'ely to negotiations betwrtn I'rasw and the United Mates is general, an % confined to no party. All the preparations r>r embarking tbie French troops have b*> h summarily suspended. The South Carolina Legislature m^t last night The Governor'? message will be read to-day. He strongly oppose* the constitutions Sinciidm"!!'. recommend'tie pas*aee of the horns-tead law. and the adoption of means to discourage the emigration of negroes. and provide f,ir the snhnoncf of indigent black*. HetU-nks the experiment of tree labor no- a failure. spj ssys the ;rniii crop ts unu?n:illr short, anil not enough cotton has been ra sed in inany districts to buy bread The debt of the Mate. exclusive of .he v. \r debt. is *.?,23o,0(i0. A eommittee of the members of the Alary, land I egi?ia'ure watt'd on Governor Swann Saturday ni^hl. T!i" . otiference w;i? private, but it seims now conceded that no special session will orcur nufti after the next regular session, which commeuces on January Id and ' la-'s only eighty d:ivs. Sonne differeu-e of sen irmrit exists as to the wisdom of this ac- ' Mon. The New York Tribune's special frern Na-hville says: A halt dozen franchise hilts h iv* passe,i a tir^t reading in the House. All of 1 them embrace m their provisions colored ?nt!rage, and two of tliem the universal amnesty 1 feature It js now generally though'. that, a bill guaranteeing qualified suffrage will tie. ci me a law, but present indications surest strong doubts a.- to the success of the aniuesy 1 doctrine. i The Hamlin Brothers, Spiritual jugglers, advertised to perform in New Haven. Conn , Frday evening, but failed to meet their ?*ngairement. They swindled the newspaper^, printers, ho'els, ami everybody wi'b whotri they cealt, and borrower! monev when they could. Colonel Harry <iiles, alias llollin-, pietended to be the agent of the couceru. A special to'be X. Y. Herald, dated Toronto, 1 November ??, says the Hev. .1. A. Atlau ! preach*d last evening in the Episcopal Cathedral at Kiugeti n to a laree audience in favor of annexation to the United States. Al** that a mi etii g is called to meet in Montreal to di-- , ru-s 'be enefir. to be derived from annexation, v\h!ih the people of the lower provinces grea'Jy derire. The examination of Hellen and Bibcock, j charged with hetng concerned in the Lord bond robbery, was continued in New York i yesterday It appears two hundred thousand < dollars of the bonds were recovered some months ago. , The Neptune hoe of steamer?, running di- : re, r b? ween N.*w York and Boston. h is been I purchased by the Metropolitan S'-?arnsh'|> t/'om| any, of New York, who take possession ' on the 1st of December. The price paid wn< 1 In theGeorgia Senate a bill was uitrodii ed 1 repealing the law prohibiting aliens !r.?m ' owning real es'ate. Tue House passed a iiii granting aid to the air>line railroads. It ?ls,> pa-sed a I >i 11 prohibiting railroads and ste:im- 1 b< ats from running on Sunday Tfce longest despatch transmitted over he ' A'lai.'io telegratih >-iblf was -en' Sunday by i . (ioveminent official of 'he 1'ui'e.t s:,i>. t.? . one Of the ntini?-*ersof tin- country on the . continent of llnrcpe. 1 -on ained o>er five j thousand words. Two ?<j nan" b< *\ve^n l.awrence and War. i r?-n s'ree s. Mobile, i ntaining from thirty > ] tor'y hnilding-. were bnn ed Sunday moruit!? The probable Icss'i- ^loo.wtu. which wa- par'ly > covered by tusurance. , Adestrnctne fire occurred in Selma. Ala. ' Sunrfav nigh *. Th?- lo*s by the con II.igr.tt ion ' is estimated at over 9PiO,(!<i)i. i The Ontario, the pioneer of the proposed Itoston and Liierputd s'esmship line. wa> successfully launched Sa*nrday a> Newbury- ' port. She is a thoroughly-built first-class 1 sO'ami-hip, ot about .'I,mm tons. J>ehon, Clarke & Hridges, one ol the largest f cf the New York provision houses, f tiled Friday. Their liabilities are over half a million ? dollars. Judge Whiting, before whom ex-Street Com- i mihsionf r Cornell, of New York, was to have 1 been examined, announces thff withdrawal of the charges against him. t At a meeting of the Republican Southern f Association in New Y'oric yesterday it wa- re- l solved to meet in Washington.December t. and to remain in session until Congress adjourned. Mr. James Jobnson. one of the remaining ' veterans of 1^1*2. died Saturday at his residence in Winchester. MassachusetuT.aged ei^btv-fl ve c years. At the town election in Hartford. Connecti- f cut. yesterday the Republicans elected their entire ticket by majorities ranging from .'14 to , Hi.. The vote was light oil both sides. I The new rente to Norfolk from Philadelphia, via Philadelphia. Wilmington and Baltimore j and Delaware railroad*, was formally opened yesterday. n The annnal conference of the Methodist ^ Episcopal Chnrch South still continues in ses- * sion in Norfolk, and its labors it is thought * will consume the greater part of the week. Ristori made her lirst appearance yesterday 11 evening at the Holliday-street Theatre, Bald- * more, and was received with gre.v applause. An ice gor^e formed a- Hastings, on the Mis- 1 sissippi. ob Saturday. Boats will continue to run below that point for some days vet. c Large whales in Hampton Roads yesterday ^ morn lag. A large number of illicit distilleries were 1 seized in Brooklyn Sunday. c \ IKlilNIA M. K. CONPKKE^l If SOUTH ?111 ! this Coulerence South, now sitUug :n NorfoU. c tb? <iuestion of cb.iuguig the uame ot the t cbnrch trom Methodist Episcopal Church ' South to Kpi?copal Methodist Church, stud ' lea viug out the word South altoge'her, i-s ill ' under consideration. Two-ttnrds ot the iu--n- 1 ber# of the (ieueral Conference heid in New E Orleans last April voted tor the change, and 1 strongly recommended it to the various cou 1 feremes for their adoption. The argument 1 advanced in favor of the change was thai, not ' being sectional or political, it was pr per to 4 have a name that would uot be mix under- -1 stood. v The question of sending a committee to at- d fend the Baltimore Conference, tor the purpose 1 ot forming a new oouterence from the territory ' occupied by the Virginia and Baltimore Con- ' ferences, iespectively, was taken up and a adopted: and Bishop Early appoiured the following ministers of the conference ou that ' committee; 1). E. Edwards. J. C. (irauberrv. ' (i. W. Laughorue, W. W. Bennett, and W 1? 1 R os/.? !. a Fistasciai..?Kitiaucial aKairs iu New York continue to exhibit a steady recovery front the crisis of last week. Tlie banks' statement is i much more favcrable than was anticipated, 1 and has had an assuring eflect. lu loans there t is a decrease of nearly live and a halt millions, r and iu deposits an increase of oue and a half | millions. The decrease in legal tenders is three s and three-quarter millions, a much lighter re- n dnctien than was expected, cousidering the s heavy withdrawals iuto the Sub-Treasury. I The CmuMtriiol of yesterday afternoon says ? t Money is a shade easier than on Saturday. J There ia a comparatively light demaud for tl loans, ard the rate is steady at 7 per cent, on c stock collateials. and <1 per cent, oa lioveru- I merits. Discounts are quiet at 7 per cent, for i choice names. Sto? ks show a general a.! vatic* i upon the <;tiotat|ous of Saturday. Toe bear- t are not oflermg any luiponant resistance to the i recoiering tendency, aud the tone of the mar-* t l.ec is upon the whole, buoyant. <*o\ernineuis I are quiet, aud slightly-^ir" from the figures i of Saturday. c *SrThe great Lake Tunnel at Chicago is all l hut cotnplt ti <1, bin 'wo feet ofear'h remaining r to te exiavavd. The Board of Public Works ci will break throngh this to-day. It i-a great t fea?of ecjiiueeriug aud skill Dull X Gowan i tcok the con'tact for building it, the ground c V as broken March IV, 1RR4. and the work ha* > su adily ad vauord to completion. Ita eapaoitf r is su. h that it will furnish a million people i with fifty.seven gallon* of wa'?re?i?b perday . j M neb I" yet to he done b-rore tiie walrr will Im* a ^Itowed to pass through, in the way of erecting 1 elevai.ng ei?ine?, l.i.i|rtinr>. purring down k iiij.es. Ac. Tl.eeu.ire work will be completed lj- uejrt sprlnf. B l'?rp?rati*a Affair*. Board op Ai.ubk.iirn, Nov. 2-j, ink*.?The Heard met at the ussal tour. Present, Messrs tfarr. Cro*6, Ldraou?!oo. McCain ran, C. S Voyes, OT'D. Tait. Gulick, U-mrudfr, Given, rurton, T. K. Ll0}d, Prwidcnt, and S. VNoyes, Secretary Ili?Ob"nr Ima b^iori1 the Board acomnalit utiou frcin the Mayor, sTating that be bad ipprovea an act to regulate and graduate liol non residents and traders, and l*yng tax on tbe same; au art to set. the curb'U tft and pave tbe footway* on the east side )f 14rb street west, between Q. and 6 street* north: joint resolution appointing a day of rbanktgtvlng, <T!?nh met :) and joint resolution n reference to the erecUon of a reboot bn.ldi<? in the 1st distrit. Aiso, a ronanr.nnn.ition from tbe Mayor, iran-mitting a memorial from K. H. Ol instead. Ksq , Superintendent of the Pom ortice !) >. partm^nt, requesting tb* pa??tge of au act .-hanging 'he grades*?f TUiaud-:h streets west, between I) and G streets north, referred to committee on improvements. Alto, a i on.in imitation from tbe Mavor, transmitting a communication iroin the Superintendent of tbe Metropolitan Police. ?-uggestii'K the pas-ape of an act compelling part;e-,to keep their license* po?ted np iu their respective places ol bu?me?t; referred to committee on poli? e. Also, a communication lrom the Mayor, transmit mg the memorial and accompanying papers ot Philip <>*Reilly, asking ibe passage of an act rennt'ing a fine imposed upon him lor an alleged violation of a corporation ordinance; rernred to com mi'tee on claims. Mr Kdmonston introduced a bill appropriating *Tit 0 from tbe funds of the Fourth W ard to repair two bridges in said ward: pas-ed. Also, presented 'he petition of Frank I-otter and ethers tor grading !<t stree' east; referred to committee on improvement. Aiso, presented the petition of Mary K? lly, praying ihe remission of aline; referred t > committee ou claim-. Also. introduced ;i resolution asking :be ^iayor to inform this Board as to h.iw many piudsuts are now employed iu be Washington asylum passed. Mr. Barr. from the committee oil polio*, re. ported a bill granting Wm. Thomas permission (o place an iron railing in front ?f his premises flve leet from the building line; passed. Also, introduced a bill fixing the rates of license to be paid by Insurance companies: referred to coniiuitteeon police. Mr. Tait. from the committee mi health, re. ported .'avorably on the lull making an appro, priation to pay Mr. L. \ B. Boa well for medicines furnished tbe ont-door poor in the Ttb Waid: parsed. Mr t rors, from the committee on claims, reported favorably on Council bill for the re. lief ot Richard B Dioyd (refunding taxes erroneously paid by him ) and tbe bill was paired AI?o, introduced a bill allowing the Register a -alary of S*i,i?W per annum, with mitbority to employ an assistant at ?|,2nu per aiiiium; referreu to committee on finance Mr. Noy?s, from tbe committee ou public school'1, moved that iu the absence ot the Alrlermau from the 4th Ward, (Mr. A Lloyd who bad asked for the postponement ot action an the nomination ot Mr. B. F. M. Hurley for School Tru st ree. that action be further postponed until Mr. L. was present; so ordered The special order lw*ing the bill to augment the powers ot tbe Board of Health was taken up. Mr I'.arr doubted the power of ihe Corpora, ion To authorize tbe members of the Boa; d o: Health to enter prt? ate dwellings. Mr Magruder agreed with him, and said ;h?? political axiom that -the world is go\ei?e?l u>.> much'' applied w ith particular force to hi? I?i^trict. There was first the-upreme pow- r A tbe country, the Governmeut of tbe I ni:ed States, then tlie District Courts, Lbe 1^-iy L'ourt, 'he Municipal Corporation.-, and overriding all. and threatening to swallow ail up, he Me ropolitau Po!i ? fierce. Fie was geti:i;? to be opposed to delegating authori'y. lie Hoped i he matter would I** leterred to the Corpoiatiun Attorney for his opinion as to ;ue power of the Corporation. Mr. Noyes oflered a re-olntir?n to refer ?lie .. A -ectic-n ot tbe hill ihat empowering memls-rA ihe Board ot Heal'h to enter private tuu-e-i :o 'be Corporation Attorney for bi< opinion a? !o the power of 'I*- Corporation to dele,m'e ;tu:;ioi .'y to the 15o: rit of Health to eu;er pu\ ?> jWeliirg* pai-id An act requiring wheat, rye, shelled corn 'ats and potatoes ro be sold by Weight, w is ; hs.-? d. (ft euacs, "Thnr from aa after the xpiration of thirty dajs from tbe approval of -his act. any |terpens ortering wheat. r\e. :Lelled corn, tiais, or potatoes tor *-ale in the ity oi Wa. hington. shall sell them by weigh-, tnd the number of pouudstoconstitnte a bu-h 1 shall be as follows, vix:?Wheat 6>i pouuds, ye m\ pounds, shelled corn 'a\ pound-, oaticunds, and potatoes sixty pound-; and any >ert on ?>r persons violating the provision-' it" nis act, shall be liable b> a fine of not less than h rf nor more than /re dollars for each ot ence."j Mr. Cress, from the Sixth Ward delega'ion. 1 eported lavorably on tbe hill for relief ot Geo H. Miller, (remitting fine imposed on him for lurkuii g his atocatiou as a barber on >uulay.) The bill was. rejected. Mr. Magruder introduced a bill fixing the alary of the Water Registrar at per auiiim referred to drainage committee Tbe bill relating to regnlating tbe Iiehtmg of lie city with gas was postponed until next donday night. Several bills from tbe lower board were reerred. The joint resolntion from the Board of Comnon Council granting certain privileges to *'in. H. Pope (authorizing him to open the treet tor the introduction ot gas mto his house I *as passed. The bill relating to tiie compensation of cer. nin officers ot tbe Paid I- ire I>epartment. (subtantmliy as reported by the committoe of conere nee on the subject,) was postponed tor one veek. Adjourned. Common Council.?President Moore in the hair, and all the members present except Mr. alvert. A message was received from the Mayor anlouncing his approval ot an act to repair a nlvert on K street south, in The Sixth Ward The following were introduced By Mr 4aker? Petition o! George B. Wright, asking or a reduction of the licenses on life insurance cn.panies; referred By Mr. Stew art?Petiicm of E. R. Benley. for the remission ot a Ine: referred. By Mr. Simms?Peutiou ot lohn Brown, for the remission of a fine. re. rred Resolution granting certaiu privileges o W. H. Pope; adopted. By Mr Pengh ? Bill iving additional compensation to the Tax Jierk: referred. By Mr. Natley?Bill for pare, nent on south side of 1 street north, be. ween 1st and Delaw are avenue: referred Bv Hr Anderson?Petition of B. S T^rney, a-kng a nuisance ?o be abated, isaw mill on N>w Iersey avenne.) referred. Bill for footway on \ e-t s:de of 2d street, from Pa. a\enneto'lnliana aveuue: referred. By Mr M> ad?R>soution allow ing Augustus Clark to retain a iiiu-e shed adjoining a bricl? referred By flr. Multoy?Bill allowing .lobn ,lotie? to rej-t sign board over the pavement: referred Mr. Nalley moved ;o take up the report of he committee ol conference ou the bill rela-mg o in crsneed compensation of certain otlicer? ??f be Fire Department: which was agreed to ,nd the report was laid upon the table. Mr. Moore of.'ered an ongiuai bill ou :he ubiec*. and it was pass'-d. Tbe following were reported from comuittee. ?By Mr. Peugb. ( ways and niean-t Vlderm?-u's bill in relation to providiu^ n?omor the Orphans' Court and Register of Wills; assed. Aldernier's bill tor tbe tale a Cor oration lot on C street, between 43,' and titU treats; passed. By Mr. Stewart, (improve cents)?Hill to relay gutter on south side of G trset, between ??)th and 'Aith streets: pa*>e| iy Mr Simms, (diaiuage)? Bill to purchase h opse for the use of ibe Water Department: >assed Bili appropriating jki5,?nnj to eunnle be Mayor to carry iuto effect the act to purbase water p.pe; passed. By Mr. Joyce, (poui')?Li.11 amending the art fn relation :o ibe nspepdon ot lumtn-r, with au amemiment of t tie Vluermeu; passed Aldermen's bill requiring be wharves on the Potomac to be lighted at ii?b': passed. Ke.-oltitiou requesiiug the M yor o cause an iron railing on 1 street, between <th and Conceeticat avenue, to b?- reraovsxl, he ra'lfjig teirg crutrary to law; passed. Riv,ilntion tn relattou to the tracks of the rail w ay? ?committed. 15* Mr. Morten, (nm? commiteeJ-Xj;!! lepenling an act gruuting certain trinUfes to .I P Dennis, wh.ch, after wms lel ate, wm rejected on P? third reading. [The liil sought to be repealed wa* one [>as*ea a w noitibs since giving Mr Dennis the privilege >f fitting up a building a? a smith's #boa j. *as charged by *?imethai Mr. Dennis had mis epresfnted the facts In asserting thai he had irocured the con?eBt of Mrs Ward, living adrming: and accompanying the report w?i her ftidavil rbat she had sever nveH consent ttr. Deouts aud others made afBdaviUthat the onsen' hart been oht in?d ? Hv Mr. Dudley, (public ?f-b , .1-) - *;d-ri.ei. s bill to purchase lot on lvih fifSt, Bear Mar) land tvitf. lor puhii- school p?*|> ??, | I sesefi By *r. Wx (Bit iflr? d*yana Aids tmeu's tilt to 1'io'olidat* the imMi . ? J ' fin* corepai * witb Honk ami l,vl er com | Mit No I; la d HW nntll '!?? > ' " tnr hi it n iirtf Hy M' W .1. ii* r. (Whtrt^f- Hill !<> roniiiiu* <u? ? * * ? I f'i m nth t ?b Iixl o\er I i vr. Mo 'e, (Tpe.-iai < ? mmi'te ' FII?opa* i ?i* ? raiuvt tb? l>B'rnl ' n*rdo >uM?. pt??- I Mr. Prpfh called np ih? Mil in r??,?r'<i ' tic !LM>-b?nt#, and mot -d It mm* tl 'to ?! ?nalonier l?r Moiiilay two itnks al u was *fn>?d ?o A ? t rrffr < ! Ali'rrnon'f (Mil* ?m? r?!?rml, and 'fee Hoard at in t<6 atlHiaranl. . . from el hope. [By lb* A :lan:ic Cable J UuUID l.ovitox, Not i?5 I'urtber art**'* of tat. pecleel Keataus haTe ne?n made in Ireland. Tb? mlii'tikl irix>p> are ready to uo*? a: a Dii>m?Dri auBiuf; A pro?p?*ttu? L*. t?en | nblished, giving 'lie plana fo?- toe propo-?d Nicaragua n uir. The Tin.es thinks it would be ?e|l if tbe entire s?heme ??? divided tietwe?n the Uomammta oi England, I ran ,e, and tbe tinted 8ttin. 1<?inix>n. Wow. :*-kv?umt -t6f Money ?*i kei i* f?tl?r. t'011*00. cWd a- lur money. The following are the ? losing lotAt Ion ft of Amen vn -e. untie * I s Kite. wenties. :i\: tr? tailroad abate-. ?7jj: Illmo.a Central railroad share*. " ) ra*aviL LosiKil, Nov.!!?* ' rf I* ia rumored :bn ? K'i Ll'):ai, oiri .iu ion bit> been uncovered iu J'?r.? It i? wi4 thai ike FmprvM tacrine and her son will ?pend Chris'mat at Koine r*r?*i a. frrmn, mot $*.?The l*rn??ian <"*rvernntmi intends to have a Ooonal tletieral loca'<d iu the city of New ^ ork. CAM PI A. I.?>\I>?'N. Not -Jit.?llieie ba? re-new. d fighting in Candia Tbe Turk* have been badlT beaten and tufuvd |n*ar|y, n> le?- than 3,io*> bavirg been killed and t taken pr.s. oners. Haiti work am> Iotovac Kait.Roir<~ Ttie following extravt lt?>m the coatm fcr tie construction oTTTTlfrwork will ?kow :t* cott ntid route ol the roa4:-TI>? contractor* *rrce -fha* in consideration o| the -urn ot *i'aii.tio tbey will con?truct and . omp!f,rt^ equip w ith mcinf>. car*. Ac . MrtmliRir <n tb* apfcitii ai.oio- brmnaiie1 coaiaiaed. Hit- wt.u -trtn ol !b?- Kaltimon* aud t'oio ua railroad, tietween tb?' t' linmai pelait, ro tha* b?* a*ut tram ?.t?*m of th* ?aid r<>nd -ball p ? - n? :ir l'o!lircton Poat Ollloe. and th?-n -ed.iwn and w.*b ibf t'ollii fi. n br.tn h towards and wrbin on? mile of T p|M*r >l ?rji>oio. and lutn.v t*y n?? u>i?t rli|iblf and airect liur Irom or w -b.n onf milo <if l'pj?rr Marlboro ?o ihr ? ,) >u.a n\?*r. by or near Port Tobacco. an?l al*o a lateiul I ranch of ?aid road tr<im ?ncb potm on rbf uid main *i*-in < f Kaol toad, witbin two ni!??of ('oilin^tou l'ott Ulioc, a< tiw pr*--idfiit ar.d dirt-ctori' of ?aid compTay *tia!l d?-?ifn.xe, to-nch | otnt a' tbr lin<* ot th?-Ih-t of Columbia a- tbr ?aid prfHdmt and dir? ?oia .-ball hpfcify." 1'an 1 hk <io\ rrk??t takk i. ' rx?sf vo. NET voi: AN \ iLAVm Hi MMC?* f?At a U ? trim of tbe L mu-d muh-i Circuit l.'.iuri n Hi ston. a ca>e catrr uji for ti'ial ou aji iatlicttrrnt ihatruip the drfrndant wita -eliing liquor without having paid th* roqi:ir?*<| T uned Statea lioeuar lrr Mr. Sennott. 'h? coun^rl, objr< red to tb?- iadn imru', takuiK tb?* ground tha* tb^ l imed sstatrb could uot locally taitr monry from a peraon carrying or; an unlawful btiKin?t.. and made the <;u?*ry un tbe riiited States (ioTernmrnt lay a ta* np.iri a criminal kn?laear?+ay. for inautuo?. hr? bUMDrsa of krrpiiig a boiiar of ill-tainr. or make :t perton jiay a liceuar for aarryinc on br wine r I'pon tbis tbe conr* ordered -u?t arcumrnts to br madr in writing and tnhmi*.. t?-d. and ibi! ba%mg b???-ii done, tbeiudge- informed tb?-counsel ibat tbrv w^re iiiiMhiv o asrte upon an\ oi tL?* <jut*?tioua rtiwd, and tbrr<?for? ?br iatr mv*t go to tbe Sapwn* C'nurt ol tbr l m en Statea upon a certiM a'eof a diMMon ofopin oh Thf.Ciimiwi. i?? wn in Pkk ec ?i i? a rr?it M.-nrce ol eati-factioa to tbe ma*to th?? prices ol al I ibe urt-e- ?anrt ol lifr rommg do w n at ,-ucb a rapid rate. Toe ?|m?vula<or? tt-ivf *njoy*d a lonp terra of proliuble o}tera:iuas :ind it is time* now tlia' the people. H&pe-iniiy tbose ot unall mrana, should b* eaablrd ?.? j Jivr without exbauaunic every dollar of tfceir . e.-ttbings in proi uriug a bar^ support lor :o?- r f.'imiltrs Tlir '!i'ern -peculators iu provi sioac ar.d rattle are now compelb-d to rhr. jv I tb?*ir produce on :b?* marke*. for it ha* a - .1.-ru uiat. d \ tutly on tbeir bandK. ard th??<r bus: t.est tnii't t ill go en. llruor the ample aopply wbt< b lia? reduced prkr.- -o .udii> nl>. and o op| orrnn^ly fcr the po.ir. on Mi ^ t I ot winter But while tbe v bo|e*.ije i;ao'\'ion? | .-bow an laameaee decline it will m>? d > ! r nrt-:ail uraleis to mawitaiu d."pr.?p? r' >0 t * j ric>r. 'I h.y nn.-: come down in -be ^itu * ratio ?t tbe maiki > 1*. //*r ?. 1-AM' SA I r? : T kii I'BlllPi.K'iirFTt. V ? Miir b?* J.r. invito a bo rf, of u,e vb ir?' 1 We Itai 11 of tbi* liill?? ug re>-en". rale* of r?*.t! e-'a?e in that (onuty IianV Bot'om, a tine pfar :?'toti Ivfng nn1 mllee t-aa* of I,. ..i^-. baibeei remi'ittold to(} A Wbit*>. f.<q . of tins f?>r > |i .mi 1 be tract contain- .titont acres. I.dvaiu K. K?.( i. a sold bi* or.*b.irl? and a sand bm.k. peculiarly a Up-*,! tor th>- maDiifi^ture ot t!ass, for . We learn ibat or.e. third of-i^sand bank ha??in ^ b^en sold lor r.i M" <?. 1 b. farm loea??M on tim Kru^hy Hill, tome live miles weft of l?e?ington ^ras snia nt H w Wm C Mu m, 1 . wa? the purchaser The tract coataint n- ;tr :K?) acres, but is not of fir^t rate quality. TRAITOBV IN t H K I KKIAN CaMT.?I'.ie I?ti?.|in correfcpoj .lei,:, r Hie ^ * World .-ays ne know- that every plan and every a tion ol the Fenian organization is made known to tngland: and not only tbat. but tbat if liked *be could at tbi* moment lay ber hnger on eTery Fenian in Ireland The writer asserts some live weeks ajro a man named Sntion or Hutton. arrived in Ireland, said to be the accredited agent ol Stephens, and vested by him witb full power intrusted by b in wttb all tbe secrets of tbe organization. This man has been hougb'. and i?. at tbu moment doing | tb? work not for which he mar baee been sent by James Stephens to do. but tbat tor which he is paid by the British (lovernmeut. karthvi'ake ix Qt ekk.?Tbee bad a l?;,a jde eai tbquake in Quebec last weea. 1: commenced shortly after U o'clock tu u?e loreuoon. and lasted over a minute. Tbo moTement was trom northweat to southeast Hells were set a ringing and stoves made liTeir motions: furniiute waltzed and polka<l, ai d cut up capers jrsnerally: chimneys toppled over ard agitation existed among all things animate and man mate. Tbe riTer made aorae veryet centric eabings and flowings. and aoise? were heard like the movement of heavy artillery or lumber cars. Business gave way for a time io surprise and fear, bat the earthquake euded without seriona damage. Th* l\ lew ml kkitr-.4*a/Aer Arr*?'.? A. negro man living on the farm of .I X Setn. Esq.. wa- arrested on Monday and lodged in jail, suspected of heiug an accomplice in tb? minder ol Mr Lylet. tome time ago He answers the description perfectlT, aad Uie impres'iou prevails here that he is tbe guilty parfy The wish of all is that if hit participation m the crime is made clearly mar 1 fe? his will speedily suffer the penalty which Las been leten ly meted out to his four companions? Sr. Michael'* '"timet. Bey Ohivamek ?While Western europe has been drenched with rain tbrongbent th? summer, it appears from the latest account!* tbat they have been eleven moutbs without either rain or snow ai Pekin. This u m t'hma a great public calamitr. which is sought to t*? averted by fasting, prayer, and expiatory ceremonies. Iu tbe summer ot l??>* tbe drought was ?o great tbat tbe Emperor himseli ma<i<* a tow "to rectify his conduct and he mj:? anxious for the welfare of his people." election of a sbnaiok from ark axaa*. The I.egislature ol Arkausa> bas goue througta the formality of electing the Hon. S. T Jones of Philips county, as Vnited State* Senator It regains to be secu whether be will be permitted to Mke t?ih cenf. A writer in alb KiiM**ru p&p^r of kerosene oil for lamps being-wickediw" a. pure. * Boots with red heels are daily seen 011 tn*' iJisii iCEabJ^ protD^D<id^. ?"Ben. Hal lad ay ha- given five tiau.tr ? dollars tor a new fathollc Church 11 ;r-,z Salt Eake. ^Humphrey Marshal de-|.ne? to he n ? .uated lor go\eiuor ot K-utuckv W"There are thirty ihouaaud law* iu , Lnited States. *?"ln Black Uoc< couniy, CslibraM, Ui * 1s a petrified tree TV feet iu leRi 'h. Philadelphia sends t- ,Vt: cbii .rea t sekonl. W Wall street if desr-rthe?l a? enj ?r.tir \ calm expecta'ion of taiinr** * VF?etbers and teaih r *0 jrer* *-* *Ak- c tbe place vl all oiber tiiuiaiuir? on n? . a .a bonnets. W Thi re ?ie In Chicago rtren coin's. 1 maritnisee, and a h iker's do/ o of biro*., mi deal in hesr. %j Veals of colore<| isc*. aud ?bi ?. ? with homer- of col red la.'e. are j< -* <1 r _ daci d ta Lauloii Ik mar-iila. t.?rit- \r? b- n? e.1 ? in4 aliforn.a ** Caa'le* I>tde Is .-oM Mr Mew \ ^-? 11 st b?is a biifv. iMtraiiir , r it. l4iu,-iiilt, Ky. I

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