28 Kasım 1866 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Kasım 1866 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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dfknxtig . ?? ?? V2-.. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 28. 1866. N?. 4.284. the evening star * PUBLISHED DAILY, iUOIPT ICIIAIJ AT TUB STAB BUIUU19QS MiulkmiH mnm 4 fmrn't as mm md HO Hwrt mw W. D. WALLAOH. The STAB to sarrod by tha outIct* to IMt sahacriktcs Ik the Uitj ud Distrio at Tn Own rn wiM. Oopiea st tht comaker, with r without wrappers, Two Orau sack. Puca voa Mailhio ?Tww month*, (Mm Mhr ?U CmU; sis months, Htm W1art; en# year, Mm Da?er?. No papers ut seat tram the offlss longer than paid for. The WKT.KLY STAB?published on Friday marato#? Owe DtUmr md eBay m Tsar. balls, parties, &c. rj uk ''BANk> ball a OF > * Q& CBBAN1TY ASSOCIATION Wi I be civan ?t ABIHI*S ACADBMT, -treet. between 9th sad 10th, on MOKDAI BVSKIN4, DBC1MBBB 3, ltM>6. TItA ITS # 1, admr ting * lenllriau an t ladie-i. By order ?ftt.e OOMMITTBE aoin-st J. K. BOB1S8UM, Bvri-tu). 1^' O T I O E.~ ^ THE TH1BD SELECT SOIBBE ?r m tm ABBACADABBA ASSOCIATION CX 'will be held at MAtiONIO H ALL fiflfc ON THANKSGIVING BVB, WR| NEmDaY No*?aMr 28,1<M. M?sir by Weber a Cokillian Ban4. no V 21* pF-NlAN y HCTHI RHoOD. en~ OBANB THANKSGIVING B A l?lt (F THK WASHINGTON CIRCLE,' AT ?DD FELLOWS" HALL SEVBNTII STBEET, WEON BSDAY,<Ttank?givjng Eve,) So*, 2h. Senator Morrison and other prominent Kenina* re ei?ecta-: :o be pr< aent, and a pleasant time is %ati< ip..teo. The music ?1 ' be nnder the direction of Professor Maiorey Slid *ne moet popular Irish Air* ill be delivered in hie inimitable style. Tickets, 51 ?<tmitiii.g a genticn.an and la-iiee no St J' HIBTEBNTH OBAMl BALL M SL TH ENTIETU OBAN D PIC NIC rtTMi TOCSO UNITED CLUB, will l,o given st THE WASHINGTON CITY GARDEN.ON THAN KSGIVING DAT. (Thnrsday.) No*. *9 T''? Pleasure Club, which has the largest repre Dittos in ibis Hall and Pic Nir, will receive, epl t,di l (old ring, and the Base a*!I ciuo. which *" i?i re?euted iuuet largely, vsf:l receive bat. bail Mii be. t. No invitations sent. Dougherty's Band !?as been engaged for the occasion Lancing to commence at 3 o'clock, snd keep np all sight TKkrti AO cents, admlttrag ;t gentlem*n and ladies. By order of no* n* THE COMMITTEE. W?' BOB ThAN KSGIVUNG EVK. THB riBST GRAfcD BALL #B o" the AMERICAN liAGLE ASSOOlATION W in be riven at POBBEST HALL, Georgetown. O: BKDDA'DAV, Not. ieth.laie. Thanksgiving Eve The celebrated Holy Hill Bana is engaged for the ocea-iea. Hie Committee ?1. dge inein-elves to spare neither pains nor e tpei.se to make this one of the grai <le-t t ali- of thea-swoti. Tickets $1,admitting a Gentleman and Ladies Lv .4 It* N I H 18 OF PYTHIAS. Tho-e wishing to speed a pleasant, s^ci *1 i? v-iihjtj, free ftmn uol-y disiorban tfi * iii Lut fail to be yrmsit at the i'S BIK^T i.BAND BALL Li& OfLlbaBTl LODGK. B<>. 6, (Knights ot Pythias.) t< ' e ei ven at uDl? BELLOW S HALL. Navy Yard, ??> MII>M.M)AY KVB9IM'.. Nov J*. 1 be roi.iiuittea liavs spaced ? paint to iu tke tbi- a social r< uuiiyu. and the ^ell kuon u character at lie order ?ill f<i?ure succ-ss. TICKKT8 HSK DOLLaK. admitting a gentlenian a?i la>lies. Com kittSB?Jas Matbieeon. Wna Cross, M. McNeily. Vk H Bdtlib. H O Tonug, Joe. |.er 'o? H Bhaw. Jos Pegg, J as. Acton. 8 Bibole, 11. Baton. not! It* HOTELS, HBSTAUEANTS, Ac. |/lBh.?OOD HOLbB. lorn" F>*hi ar?mme ?,<// Tl'fijtk Hftl.wfalLW D. C. Bl:natedln the most csotral location the city. Did way between the . CAPITOL AND PBE8IDENTIAL MANSION. Oc ly a short distance from all the Departmeata, P^tant and Post Ofleea, Smithsonian Institute, tc- H. H Dl'DLBT A OO.. *?o 21_tf Proprietors. L'BBK H # BB^TADBAMT, No. 3BA Ptnna a ven us, near eth strsat. P- BM Bit H wishes to Inform his frie?1s and tha yabllc generally that he now keeps con A^. A etaotly on haad OYSTEB8. fresh every WlA# day, presared In every style. ]? [ Bl* wINBSaai Llyl OBS cannot beicTyiinL Cart and give him a trial. oc 23 tf WB HAVi?CONJnsCTBD?wit^^Br-W ire rooms, up stairs, aa satabllshmeut? where PIANOS and other B1US1CAL IN MM 8TRI MENT?sre thoronghly repaired at'IB III reasonable terms Tha Pianoforte Tanar* in oar employ are from the Manufactory of Btelaway A hoes, of New York W O. MBT7.BB0TT A CO . oc B Pana'aavenue ^UPBBIOB CABINBT BIKNITDBB. Tha Subscriber is happy to Inform hi* n?meroas friends and customers that his stack of jmmmmm CABINET PL BN ITU HE Is Pnll and Complete, embracing every H Sty le and Oaality. from the hneat PAB LOB tCITE down to the CHBAPBST BEDSTEAD It Is nut pec eeary to partlcnlarlte, as oar Stock contaias every conceivable article to be found ia a PIBST CLASS HOUSE PDBNISBING ESTABLISHMENT. and at prices that defy competition Piease call and satiafy yunraelf bafor* purchaainc . _ . JOHN Q. WILSON, se 3 eo3m Son the art corner ?th and D sts. HT COrrjUB MOSES BATBB M. T. OorFBB A OO., CO T TO l,mJ^ACT O Jl S B?W OSLSAJM. ttlat attentloa dlven to tha parshaaa and sals af IBarchaaaiaa. Liberal advaaess made an ConM?im.ota. myiAtf J B. PITCH A B. C. FOX. hEAL ESTATE BROKERS ml ATTORXLYS fOK CL.liJUyTS. OFFBCB COBNEB OPTTH AND F STREETS. Opposite toe P.at Ufhce u, ? . ? , ssraaajica*: 5^2 5.eS^. oecrge S Gtda n. Hon M^ard Wailach. G- rg* W Riggs. Cb -1-722?*' *"- helly. Cbsrlea h^ap. ^ jio 1 tf /" OAL I Co\L I i . r i WuWl) 1 WOOD! I Bint Coal <i ? Baltimore Company'- White A-h - ? LyfcensVal>5 Ke<) %sh ( hasI heiiX d Ash ? 7i >prnce Fine par cord. , - ? ak Wood Le,f 'ii.,liiy " ? taaed and ?p?it Pine ...... v . I'O. 0;>k. ... i|j yi Ore*rs left at h a!' M s, Cr<Hiei, |0 Mai k-^: Space. Lonisi%i.a a?cno . bai w??n 7?h mj -th rlr^-K * ill be p.<ir ptl * M?'e<de. t??. Orttce an i Yai.i 7th st.. tat K and P. Isla*i<t * ? -* ? - E.?' Hvm. M. Ak ABB A GO'S PI AN' 'S, ~ ~~ PK1N? E A CO *8 "VtlANS AND M B J(B| LODBONB, r sale aad rent on eas^ t*rm* at N?. 4'?- nth treet. above Pennsylvania arenna eeleoSm* PC KBtOU R.N H A H. IV KM BOOBB-?Marcy a Thirty Baars ot Army 1" ltl< oi im Bufder illustrated Auo il Uy alapadia for 1MB Uoldwfn Smith s Lac'ui-a on tha Mud; of History s<ima ar Baat hy Gail tlam Taa Cmei-U. editad by Bpes fnrgeat B arte borne on Cholera * l? BANCB TAT LOB L*OB SALE ?R BBNT-A nua tone Pf VNO.'o fiKWten st>|e. aith atoo* and eiv?r. la^- f<o-K p#a.l order. Can beaeeu at BOSVF.Lbvfe^^l **scf f?or?, J#'i Kstreet,seasi?ti. Ml til ca .c rf V i AMUSEMENTS. *ATIO*?AL THKATRE, (late Ortwr'i,) i Pennsylvania a* naa, near Wlllarda'HoteJ. , Sf ai D;*>i A Baplbt - Proprietor*. | J. H StacbmsW ? Stage >igi|?r. unqualified SUCCESS of mr. jbffrrson, THIS (Wednesday) RVEN1NG. NotonMrW, be will ?iru aa CALEB PLUMMER, ia Dion Bouciceu.ts dram* of DOT; OR. 0K10KIT ON TBI HEARTH ud Q0LIG1ITLY. 1b Morton * farce of LEND MB riVR BHILLIBG8. THWB8DAY AFTIEHNOOW. NOT. 29. THANK SOI VINO MATINEK STBANOEK and MY NEIGHBOR 9 WIFE. liAfiT OF THK SBASON. FRIDAY NovemfrSJ. 18 4. tBNRFIT^>F MB JEFFERSON MET/EROTT HALL. l'BIDAY, NOV EM BR R 30. 1?6?. ( BAND VOCAL AND 1NSTRUM KNTAL tOONCKRT. c.lvil BY MADFMOI6SILLR OH B1STIAN A TKDKSKA SCHMIDT. Tbe Great female Vio.inist, Agisted by M'LLR FKKIEU, the excellent M? o Soprano Mr. M , the favorite Lyric Tsnor,favorably re. celved at tha late IlablemaB'e Concerts. BRBR URIRY JUNGNK'KRL, the celebrated YioMnceRlat. Mr. R1CHTEB. Pianist and Conductor. TICKETS. ONR DOLLAR, Ta be had at Mr. Met/., r ,tt'? Music Store. N<> extra ch.irge for reserved seats. ^ Commtncement at 3 o'clock. no H It R I 8 T O R I ? TH OREAT TKA6EDIRNNR, FIVE NIGHT* O.V/.y, AT THB NATIONAL TH1ATIR, COMMENCING MONDAY. DECEMBER 3. M ME ADELAIDE KISTORI, Support?* by hei fall and complete Dramatic Oom pauy of Celebrated Artist*. who have accompanied her from E"rcp< expr?*aly to falflll her American er. easement. ha- t-eie, te<l front liar exteaaive repertoire tbe Mlowin? Tr*sedles . MONDAY. Dec 3. MEPRA TUEfDAY Dee. 4. M ARY BTUART. IHlttDAY, Dec. 6. ELIZABETH. Oneen of Bngland. ' FRIDAY, Dec. 7. MA'JBETH bATLRDAY, Dec o. DEBORAH. < Leah, the Forsaken.) 8CALR OF PRIORS Orcheatra Cbaira. Parquetie. and Dree* Circle, including Reserved feat*. $3; Ueneral Admission, ft: Family Wlrcle. ?1 Bistort Ticket Ottice open at Metterott's Music 8tore. from ? a m to 6 p m. whan Seat* far the 8ea?cn can be secured Thursday, Not. Z> "eat* ! tor at>y cue night no 27 tf ^RAND CONCERT J AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. thanksgiving night. ' NOVEMBER U?tu, Ih66, Commencing at 73a o clock p m., I l or tha Benefit of THE CHURCH AND SCHOOLS OK THE IM ' MACULATE CONCEPTION. TICKETS, ONR DOLLAR. 0 ? j BT'lhe Grand Chi ckerinjr'e Piano ha* been i kibdl* loaned by John > El is. Ee<i , 806 Penu'a ] a vans a. Bol; it i pON AND MUSIC. ] THE AMATEUR RTHlOPlAN MINSTRELS. OF WASHINGTON, D. C? W ill ii*e a urici of their untune ami mirth pro %okin? ent< rtainmenla. commencing at NRW MAKKRT HALI.. GEORGETOWN, ?-* THURSDAY RVRN1NG. November (Thankeglving Nieht;t J AT I ODD FELL0W8 HALL. NAYT YARD. i SATURDAY EVENING. Dec. 1. A\D at MRT/.ERoTT HALL. WASHINGTON, On MONDAY RVRN1MO. Dec. & > Admission 30 cents; children half price. ' Ticket* to be bad in Georgetown at tha Jewelry Store of W D ?-lsnn. and the Book Store* of Mitel ell and Grand all; at tha Nary Yard at ] M?a*ia Bryant A Sander*'>n *. no ^6 it WALL'S XEff OPERA HOUSE. AUGU8TIN DALY'8 BUCCE98FUL DRAMATIZATION ot 1 RE*D S -.BEAT RoYRL, GRIFFITH GAUNT, U ill he produced a* the ' ? OPENING PIRGR OF THE SEASON. Under toe anther's personal *upervi*iou. by the < OREAT fTOCK COMBINATION. DECEMBER 3, l?6tt. ROSE RYTINGB AMD MR. JOHN M0RT1MEB Appearing in THRIR ORIGINAL ROLES OF CATHARlJiE PBYTON ORIFFITlVcAUNT, 1 A* p ayed by then> at the New York Thaater, with unbenaded -acres. f??r i MX COBSRCUTIVE WEBKS. na Mtf F'ANCY LRESS'EB AND OOBTI MRS A or I'Mileaux aaa Private Parti>-a. . MKS FB\NK RKA: 4 no r 6t* 447 lith itra-t pROFB. J.W.II. r. RRR18' ! DANCING ACADEMY, A* Pennsylvania aveane. bat. ?th and 7th sti.M Opposite Matrepolitan Hotel. (A Oar Academy u now open Tor tha raceptii?n of < rnpiia. A aelect clasa 1* now forming OB Wedreaday afternoon from 4 to 6 a'clock, tor thete wbarsi.int attend onr regular <-|a**?e. Circ-ilar* can be had at J F. Bllls^aud W. G. Matserott A 1 Oo.'a Music Stores. The Hall can ba rented for Bolreea, Ac. I On jr.* an,l Homts of TViitton . r j'"1'*9- Misees and Maatera. Tneaday and Tha raday afteruoou*. from 3 to & o'cl K-k. Gentlemen's Olaeaea.Tnaaday and Thcraday eva- I ' Bhjjfa, from 8 to 10 o'clock. ' For fnrther Information,apply daring the hoars I oftnltion.or addreaa a nota to tha Academy. I Quarter commeacias with the ftr*t laaaan. se 10 I MA R I N I ' 8 #f A8HI<>NABLB DANCING 1 AOADBMY, AT i l MABINI 8 A8SBMBLY BOOMS, M _. . *' i>atwesn Mh and l#th streets, , , i m*' ' aow open fsr tha raceptiou of pupils. pais and honra ef tnttloB for young ladies misses ami masters Tuesdays, Thnradays and Sat- 1 nrdaya, from 3 to p m. < Gentlemen'- classes from 9 to 10. sams evenings. ? B ?Private instruction given to salt tbe con- ? vantanoe of the papll. seia , ^JOAL AT BEDUCBD PRiUBb " ] * . W WHlfiT ASH. ' Laz-ost Monntaln. Che-tnat. f7.23. 1 ?u ?^OT*' Do Tarnsc". Do Steamera, ( Haltiinoee Compasv Btova, Do Bgg, Do. Far- 1 nace Uo Luma $* ^Bt^t?n Run Stove, Do. Kgg. Terr awperior Ca*I, , Lehigh Foundry , 99 IS. KKD ASH Dlamorxl Vein. Stove ai d Rgs #?.7#. 1 L>ken s Valtar. Do D...,?s7* ? CamborlBnd Goal. ?7 1 OAKand PINK WOOD, of tha vary beet <tuality, c conatantl> oa band < 8>w i* the for famlllea to rat in their wia- i ter 's supplr . Order* will im received at onr < itice. 4SA 9th atreet, betwaeu E and F or at our wfcnrf, at f<n>t I ofTthel 8 P BKOWN ? SON. i noK-tf 4?>w 0 b street, between E *nd K. ? ?pwo BBVUTIFCL OR? >??. t Reeslved tlua (Jay fro>B S. D AH ' 8?tltb, Uoetoa, two Bi-<re otthe calebra \T1 1 t?wl American Orgaa*. large ?i/.e One a five r,.- > ta*? Organ, iu waTnat> <e. with throe eete of ie'-d* i mni s? ? h stop*, inclsdiag tbe trrtno4 ? The other a t?*?. onsTe OttiB. ia ?alaat ? ?a?, with tha folinr et-t- Pri>i i eel. DUpae > . (tub *-a?e,Trent >l,?, ^ Dc!c?a/.<<. aad t lote wbiab ?* i|f? at f>ct.?ri , P Ices. ..OHM F. tL'iH. no Si li !<; > p?nn av.. ?t. 9 h an I loth sts. * HONB*I _ " ? honby i y , . honrti!? t 1 am to day receiving HOBBY of the d.iest ? r.?tcr and appearhbce , b W HI' RCH KLL, ' Carter af Uth and F streets, a der ? > Rbbitt Rvnaa. , i I TELEfiRAMS. *c. The suit for dama^ee against tbe M*troi>oliLan Horse.Car Company of Boston, tbe plaintiff id the case bavins bad bis leg broken by tbe alleged currlfhiM^a of tike conductor, wim beard before the Superior Court yesterday. The counsel Tor the defence took tbe novel ground that tbe plaintiff cannot recover damag?s as be wm dolor an illegal act by traveling in the horse cars on the sabbath. Tbe court reserved its opinion. Before tbe Philadelphia City Councils is now pending legislation for the change of the Volunteer Fire Department and the substitution of a Hoard of Fire Commissioners A convention of firemen has protested against tbe l>ropo?ed change, denouncing it as the first ftfp toward a paid Fire Department, and adopted strong resolutions calling opon tbe Councils todeteat tbe measare. The great suspension bridge over the Ohio river at Cincinnati?two thousand two hundred and li.'ty feet long?will be opened to predeetrains on Saturday, December I, witb appropriate <*r#moniM.. it is tbe largest single-span bridge in the world, costing two million dollars. Kailway tracks are laid over it. The span from centre to centre is one thousand And fifty-seven teet. In some part..* of Kentucky, which an? infested by the lawless band* that have of late committed so many murders, robberies, and other fearfnl (Times, the citizen* are organizing independent military companies, for the protection of their endangered lives and property, and to assist the officers of the law to bring the scoundrels to justice. The iron sbip ?'ayer, or Liverpool, went asbore near Pescadero, half a mile from the wreck of tbe Sir John Franklin, on the evening erf the 'j*th of November during a Tog. The vessel and cargo are a total loss. The crew :uif1 passengers numbering twenty-nine, were washed overboard :md drowned. Thesteamer City of Norfolk reached Norfolk yesterday morning, from Annamessex, Maryland, with a delegation of visitors from Wilmington, Delaware.Comprising the Maver oi that city, members of the (Council, business men, representatives ol the railroad ieterests, aDd members of the press from Philadelphia, Boston. Ac. Application will be made to the New Jersey Legislatnre this winter for a charter for a railroad running from Vineland, in Cumh?rland conntv, to Albion, in Burlington county with the privilege of extending it ironi Vineland to any nomt upon the Delaware river or bay. in Saleui or Cumberland counties. A company of black soldiers are now organizing in Philadelphia to emigrate to Liberia The American Colonization Society has purchased a clipper ship of one thousand tons lor the transportation of the soldier*. Applications for emigrations are daily received. A very singular criminal case was begun in the Superior Conrt of Buffalo, Monday, involving a series ef frauds extending over several years, during which a wealthy old man named Zimiuer had been swindled out uf thousands ol dollars by a fast young man named liaise. The uiiiou of the colonv et Vancouver's island with British Columbia, has been proclaimed, to take place November Hi. The Vanronver's Islar d officials have been notified to re*ire from office December 31. The capital will located at New Westminster. General Jefferson C. Davis, commander of the Department ol Kentucky, has ordered pu.irL'.- of soldiers to travel upon all the trains r?f the Memphis branch of the L-tn.svllle and Nn-hvtlle railroad, to protect the passengers from tbe debredations ol the guerrillas Ih- Western 1Tnion Telegraph Company btve laid a cable in \ uieyardSound, connectin; Holmes' Hole with Woods' Hole, it proposed also to extend telegraphiccommiimcatioi with Nantucket by cable. Tbe Adjutant General of the State of (>bio [ nbii?h>- a report, showing that Ohio furnished ij V'.i'OO ol all nrm^ :iiid terms of service during the late w ar. being fi,not' in exce?s < ( calls. A poliVeman named Mores, h was ?hot in the baud by a burglar in Ch-cago vesterdav morning. Another encounter between an officer and burglar occurred during the night, in which the burglar was captured. KobPTt F. Stockton, adjutant general ot th>? New Jersey State militia, has ?*?en cho- u President of the l?e|awar?and Karitan Cm I in place 01 his lather. Commodore Stockto i I deceased. An arrangement is in progress lor the es'.-thlishm^nt ol anew news-room in New Y< rk. under the auspices ot the New York Aesoci'iited Press, at the suggestion of leading bauki?rs. merchants, and other busiuess men. Advices from I'pp.-r Missouri state that thj Indians have again become troublesome. Several boats were tired into and a number of na ,sengers killed. A letter to the Portland (Oregon) Herald re. ports new an extensive gold discoveries on th? Kootenic river The prospects found thus tar are astonishing in richness The Susquehanna, with General Sherman Minister Campbell and tn*ir suites, will probibly take her departure from Havana to Vera Cruz, on Friday moruiug. In consequence of tbe non-arriva* of Judge t uderwoi'd the regular term of the T'nited Mate conrt did not commence m Kichmond. Mouda}-. A pro ect is on foot to supply Cincinnati with pure water from the Lutle Miami river. >lx miles above tbe city. Over one thousand emigrant? parsed through Columbus last week, half of whom will settle in Ohio. The Louisiana State Fair at New Orleans :U-sed yesterday with great eclat. Tbe steamer California, from Portland. Ore. rou. arrived at San Francisco Monday, with ?i,f "V-tii in treasure. K is tori was greeted with a large and fashionable audience m Ualtimore last night Uieat enthusiasm. Mr. F. O'Donnell has beed appointed central organizer ef the Fenian Brotherhood in Iowa i ice l?r. Hell Nine deaths occurred bv cholera in Clncinnati last week. Ibe Texas paper speaks hopefully of Ike rade and crops of that State. THKKK KOtillKilB LVMCHJCD IS KKMTtVK V.? A special gnes the lollowiug particulars of he lynching of tnree men a> Lebanon. kv? last Saturday :?About ? o'clock that nigh' hew> eu iio and iui men, Irom Springfield. Moxi Ule. Ilayesville. Lebanon, aud the surrounding country, rode to the edge of the town, dismounted. and in small s.pials quietly'took position around the jail Pickets were posted in every direction, aud preseuted any oue irom going near ibe ,ail. Lieut. King, who ias command of thirty soldiers of the in. antrv. ordered Ins troops into line at the rouit-house, but as his instructions prohibit d any interference, unless called upon bv the ivil authorities, he, with bts troops, remained it the couri-house. The mob surrounded the ailer, Thomas W Kogle, who .eemg resistince useless, delivered up the keys. Three of he prisoner., l^vi Crowders, Win. Stephens, md 1 eter Ciordon, ail notorious character*. tin? d upon tbe charge of robbery, were aken from their cells to a spot about one mile rom Iowa, and hanged from the limb of a tree y the roadside The mob then dispersed as juickly as they came. * Lax*k juom Max i<?._Advices from tbe iio Grande to the :3d instant state that Kscojedo ha? arrived before Matamoras and dennnded its snrrender. Canales offered to acsde, but upon terms which Kscobedo refused. .ortinas bad levied a forced loan of at UsgdHrt 1 he Americans refused to contrikite. but he compelled tliem by threats of itn>iitonmeut General Caravain denies that he ' *>, mr'r of General f?,t( )ea is ill at Brazo". Advices rem Acspulcostate ?hat <;olina was h* er#d bv a strorg torce ot Liberals <in tiie s'o Gi ianj. between Colinaaud Oiiadnl mra t French troops w^p- cnt lo pieces: Jos) wen titled and the rest made prisoners bv roe Lib U* Wm. Hurling tine, of Hillsdale, Michigan, was lining a k?( ol rait into a wagnu, when .e ^ a tide nly said, -1 leel taint! 'sat down aud ind dlrd invtautly ol heart dutejise. ^"The tliriatious and pleasant tete*-* teres >etween the clerks or the New York P.ist Of'ceand the yonnr woin^n who e?|i f.ir anwers to matrimonial ad ver:is*in>?nts are os. ilainedofas auisances., VPhilad^ipbia is makinr an vempt to i#tnure a paid lire depa'tmeul. I SWITZERLAND. [Special Correspondence of the Star.} Guide?I'outre'ina?Engadine?Tkt Ram?ic Language? I'i: Languard? The l.uide ('? Uwi?I'rtparation* for it'- Aicent? Mountain Dairies of fitrtl. erland?4 >V?gAf?Marmot*? Dijfiemltir* of an ** Alderman? K truck matter? Meteoroiogical Obterration*?What wtt raid, dune. and teen on the tummit, 1(1,(163 feet atmv the or tan?"Z)*.rVr" outdone, or an Alpine tleiQk ride. nutiut krrtt and tl'igk Sew method for ladif* to fjoy the trort?Central C'orgr B McCltUan?7linen of Mrt McCUUan?WKa' l>n>ple think of M'm at St Voritz ? A hamoit? A reritablt JSaracen?-( Putin Cocktail, alia Vtrmutk. PorTH?>!SA, Oct. '!K I Km.?Editor Star ? Tbia being Sunday, 1 proposed lo onr party that we should r*at I'rom tne fatigue and excitement of our iiKht-tMiOK exploits of tbe pest week. Oar te?t appear to be at rest, it is true, but true to onr Yankee nature, we can not be idle?so we are seated around tbe dining-table in the unpretendinc bat comfortable and well-kepi hotel?Steinbock?writing away as though each were a member of your late corps of "specials" at. tne "front." Whilst most of those writing are addressing themselves to their ma's, pa's, and sweethearts, m? consin James is evidently penning sn elaborate article for bis editorial friend of the New York Ledger, and your bumble but. neglectful errant "typo" is about to venture the fulfilment ol a promise made to you. Where is Poutresina ? I never beard of it!" most American tourist* will exclaim. This arises enly Irom the fact that their geographical knowledge of Switzerland is limited to what they glean from "Harper s <1 uide Book.'' the author of which evidently passed hurried, ly by ntght throng!) the western portion Of Switzerland, with "Murray" in his pocket. Harper"* do themselves injustice a? to Switzerland and with a "Tsohudi" in baud, shoal,1 nt once set about a revision of their otherwise so useful "Ouide." Poutresina is to Eastern Switzerland what the famous Interlaken is to the Bernese Oberland?"Saroaden" and "StMoritx" are the "Tbun" and "Brienz" of the Canton ef Orison. Pontresma, with the otn-r towns just named, lias in the upper valley of the river "Inn," known better as 'he ?Enga. dine." Here it is that the people speak in the old "Romanic' dialect?the Ministers, though all Protestants, preach in the Koman language, and several newspapers are published iu Ihi9 antiquated species oT Latin vernacular. The ? Id Romans, as in many other sections of Switzerland, have it*it here unmistakable traces of tbtir having inhabited this valley. Not three hundred yards from this Hotel stands au old peculiar five angled Koman tower in good preservation?but this is all dull information?I had better tell you sotneihtug about our ascen yestetday of "Piz I^angunrd." Karview,) most appropriately named. anil a mountain no tourist should fail to ascend. To go ou the tar famed "Kigi" o i?l sees the exquisite loveliness of I Swiss scenery, but to see aud truly appreciate jta indescribable grandeur one must go on the .'Piz L.angnard." But to proceed:?H.tv ing provided ourselves the evening previous with hoxsrs for the two ladies in onr company, and secured the service of that, veteran guide "Colani'' we left our hotel at s o'clock a m Onr obliging host. Mr. St?i:i?r, who, by the by, has been in the United States and speaks Ku. glisb, provided us bountifully with dried bet-J, bread, cheese, thre* bottles of genu ne "\ e!reliner" and a pint flask of "Kirschwasser.'' the latter, as he remarked, exprrs.ly f?r the -ladies." The provisions and drinkables were all sec-nrely packed in a knapsack which our guide Colani in?i-?ed on carrying himself an i not entrusting it to the hostler. Mountain staffs, each some six feet in length, one end being furnished with a strong Iron prong, we hud of course purchased before hand. The morning was cool and coats were kept on. but we had not proceeded a thousand yards before tbe ascent through a pine forest became so steep that your ex-Aldermanic friend. J P off with his coat, and the rest ol us ?oou followed suit, eur guide piling all on his alre uly hea\ y pack, and insisting he could better travel with a load twice as heavy than we could in our shirt sleeves. In ?ne hour we emerged from the pine forest oil (o a beautiful little plateau where s'ood a dingy looking long low hut used by tbe herdsmen of that sectiou to feed and milk tbe cows, sheep and goats sent up from tbe valley below to be horded here during tbe summer. In these and other similar hots butter and cheese are made, both for home aud foreign consumptionarid distributed according to certain established rules, viz ?Tbe commnnal authorities hire the herdsmen by the season, and purchase the requisite boilers, cburus. etc. Each Itizen of the commune then sends in May whatever cow s, sheep, or goats he may own (from one to thlTty) to tbe berdsmea, who first herd and graze (hem on the lower mountain meadows, and gradually, as summer approaches, proceed to the highest altitudes, where grass grows. At stated distances they have the huts before alluded to. Each milk pail has measures designated on its inside, and the quantity of milk ol every cow, sheep, or goat is carefully noted down, and the owner at each respective' animal credited with it. At tbe expiration of tbe ce&son, when the cattle are taken home, each owner receives minus tbe expenses.a proportionate share of the yield of butter and cheese, which, in some very favorable years for grazing, is quite considerable. But to return to onr route: From the hnt abovementioned we bad tbe first full view of the mountain we bad started to ascend?far in tbe distance towered up a solitary pvramid of rock, varied here and there with snow. After a little balt.during which time we tasted some very rich and palatable soft cream chees*. we proceeded onward, gradually ascendine a valley, passing immense boulders of a peculiar red and green freckled granite. After h&viug leisurely proceeded an honr.i noticed onr guide searching for something among the locks, and on making inquiries ascertained that right ahead a lew paces, was the last opportunity to obtain water'for tbe next two hours, which it would take tor us to reach the summit of ' Langnard," which was now directly before us. that he aiways kept empty bottles hid in order to till them with water to take along. He found one only of six that he bad hid the remmrder. some chamois hunters had carried oflT. The ladies here alighted and joined us in a moderate lunch aud somewhat excessive water drinking, our guide suggesting it was best to save the wine. He, however, indulged the ladies somewnat by giving tbem loafsugar, steeped in Kirscbwasser. Suddenly all were startled by a dreadfully shrill whistle, "WLat is it ! What is it !" exclaimed several at oe ce. Cousin Sallie declared it was a snake. Wtat J" said I. "way up here amidst everlasting snew !" Mrs. W. actually asked Colani whe h? r they had no Indians or other savages about there. Colani, who chuckled at the frignt of our ladies, replied, ?-Oh. no. rnadam, it is -wmetbing less dangerous than a snake or an Indian, it is only a frightened Marmot, of which there are many about here, and thus gives warning to its companions that an enemy is near."' After some botanizing, wherein our gniae showed himself quite an adept, we went on onr way, and after half an hoar's up-hill work we landed on a small, rocky plateau, further than which the horses could not go?tbe remaining distance being too steep and rocky We had vet n fell hour'* bard work to reach tbe top. Two Englishmen, with their guide, one Prof. Kretrll, a very intelligent-looking man, nere joined oar party. All or ns went to work bravely, encouraged by Colaui. Over rock innumerable, where anly tbe experienced eye could detect the pathway by boulders having been rolled out of the line of march?over a small saow field; then again in zig-zag over rocki- and bouldeis to another li'tle rocky landing-place. I bad not looked hack, being too bnsv pickinr out ibe way and following the two Englishmen and their guide, who had gous abend. They balled on this little plateau for the first time ?luce leaving the larger one below. 1 looked down, and it would have aaueedyou to see w bat a distance below was our Home what corpulent J. P. Tbe view from tbia point was vary limited, aud 1 busied rav elf moat m seeing how onr folks made tbe aseen?. The two ladtea did wonderfully well, joking and making fan of their heaviertooted companions. Colaui had compelled ibMii lo wear ?? b, to prevent inclination *o di/nines*, and J. P. be fi.roiahed with pair of at Ci * * -i I I leriM for tkoUBcptrpw*. After all bad | arriveo, Colani parsed aronnd pieces or sugar, and ponriDK oo each pioce, as usual, kirschwasser. Alter a sbort bait be ordered us to I proceed, but forbidding walking fb?ter than J. P , and so be started oar genial ax-alderman i abead. Each one then took bis place in line. After J. p. coasta Sal lie, thea myself, tben I Mrs. Wtben cousin James, tben Mr. W , and lastly Col an i. tbe guide. It was, howeyer, not long before Colani took Mr W. by tbe arm. so as to assist bim, tbe latter'* strength barely being np to its task. It was slow walking, or rather climbing, bnt with <11 bar endeavors cousm Sallie could not accelerate tbe pace of panting J. P. On we went, passed tbrougb what is called tbe doorway," wbere an immense rock ia cleft in two, and one bas to pass tbrougb tbe defile. Up, op, at last another small plateaa,a bait, and ta its oourse tbe ever i>ady "Kirsebwaaser." Here the scenery in one i direction becomes grand, but 1 will not antiet pate. At one end of tbia plateau stands a small stone bnt, wbere tbe German artiste '-Georgy' dwelled roost ol a summer and autumn ] studying tbe grandeur of Nature around bis solitary abode His pencil, however, In vain sought to transfix it on canvas*, "in fifteen minutes more," said Colani, ?we can reach the top." From here commences in reality tbe ascent of tbe last tier of tbe rocky Languard Pyramid. Off we started as before; but '.be pathway c> ased after the first tew paces, and a regular stone stairway, constructed wide enough tor two persons to walk abreast, commenced. Wo bannister; one's staff the only safe-guard; on on* side a precipitous wall ot rock, extending down hundreds of feet, on th<* other, the eye in vain seeks a resting point. The stairway is perfectly secure, and there cannot possibly be any danger with ordinary caie, nnless one should be subject todi/zinesand that would have manifested it?e|f before at a tar lesser altitude. However, to laud each otter's courage, we ascended by direction of our guide this stairway, called "Jacob's Ladder," two abreast. As to myself and Mrs. W , we kept our eyes so rivetted on the steps w* were ascending, that not even a glance was ventured into the almost fathomless depths on either side. Self-preservation has a wonderful control over curiosity in such places Intently gazing ou uur steps, we barely had auy idea ol tbe progress we were making. Suddenly, we heard cousin Sailie exclaim. - There now'" and breaibless, J. P.. with a heavy sigh, utters >'At lastWe had reached our goal We were on the summit of Piz l.anguard 10,1 oo leel above the le\elot the sea. and "wbau area bas this summit!" you might aslc, and the reply wonld be. "Justabout enough lor twenty persons comfortably to stand upon at one ai d tbe same time." It was fully eight or teu minutes be lore auy one iu our party gave a vent to feelings of wonder by exclamations. All excepting poor Mr. W .. remained standing dfspiteour la'igue. All were gazing around iu silent astonishment, struck as though it were dumb, by a grandeur so far beyond all powers of description, thai the heart lelt but too keen| ly the lutility of endeavoring iu language to portray its leeliugs. It would be useless | to go through a range of adjectives, etc , etc., that at last, tor want of anything netter, broke the eloquent silence. Near by is a Hag-staff, and an excellent Instrument, "Orien tirungs compa*s," to de*. ignate accurately on a large brass dial the numberless mountain peaks, glaciers,etc , etc., seen frcm here. On the northern end of the snmmit is a rude chest, and within it. in a tin case, a small register, whereiu all visitors register their names. A rude wooden table is also provided, with improvised benches of stone. A very small recess on the eastern side, where two persons can be seated, is termed the parlor." The two Englishmen are getting rt ady to le*ve and only await 1*2 o'clock, as Prof. Krettll. at noon precisely, is to make certain meteorological observations with instruments be bas brought with him for the purpose, in order that, on his arrival at Poutresina, be can telegraph to Lunch the result, | from whence they ;.re transmitted to Paris, j London. Berlin. St. Petersburg, ejc. Prof. Kretili ha* tluisbed. and bid* us good-by, with his two aus'ere looking Englishmen. Colani is s* mug the table: the wine is put in snow to be frozen?plenty of freezer* all around among the rocks: dried meat, bread, cheese, why, yes. eveu a roasted chicken is placed on tbe table. W hilst our companions are enjoying their least?drinking the health of I'ncle Sam with Velleliner," and doing the American in general? let nie endeavor to give you some taint idea of the view spread before ns. Directly t j the south?one would thiuk withiu gnu-hot range?looms up tbe lo\eliest and craude-t of all Alpine groups ot glacier monarch- PizBernma. (12,4*4 feet high,) with her satelites. Pi/. Carvatscb, Caputschm, Sella, Rosegg. Morteratscb and Tscbierva. the least of them lu.tlo leet, but mostly ranging upwards of ll,cA? and 12.K4J leet, all covered perpetually with snow. This gronpof giants nourish two immensegla ciers?one the liosegg. with Its rocky islet. ' Agagliouis.'" and Monteratacb, with another rock island. Le Prese," the last-named glacier being upwyde of six miles in length. Theu to the southeast two lakes?one appropriately named " l.ago Nero," (black lake,) the other equally appropriately. ? Ltgo Bianco," (white lake.) They are both quite near each other, on tbe summit of the Bernira Pass, tbe waters however, flowing in different directions. The last-aamed lake is fed solely by tbe great Cambrena glacier and hence iu water bas a milky white appearance, the otber is solely fed by springs, hence looks dark. These two lakes are on a nearly level plain, not 2<ki yards apart, yet the one sends its waters to the Danube and Black Sea, tbe otber to tbe mer Adda.and tfience into tbe Mediierrauean. Eastward and northeastward as tar as tbe eye can reach tbe snowy peaks of tbe Tyrolese and Bavarian Alps, dense as houses in Pat is. To tbe north tbe most symmetrical of snow pyramids, Piz Linard. nearly 5W> feet higher than I.anguard. beyond the inviting plateau of the S Iveretta Glacier, containing area of fully four square smile. Far in tbe distance the noted ^Sautes.'' The Kigi ia barely discernable. t hen towards the northwest looms up the Todi and other giants. To the west Pi* Ketch"' and tbe twin-brother to Languard. Piz Ott. Far in ibe distance the highest peaks of the Bernese Ob-rland. and to the southwest, along the horizon, one traces tar in tbe distance the familiar outiiues ot Monte Rosa. wiib a little to the right tbe dim outlines ot Mt. Blanc, ID miles distant. Nearer, several lakes?villages but one. St. Montr.. It is without exception the grandest circular panorama of purely Alpine sceuery accessible to man. so devoid of danger and atialued with so trifling labor. The 'ensemble.'' as the Fr.ucb would say, is far superior to anything in western Switzerland. We tarried some twa ho..r- and de?cend<?d rapidly to the second plateau or landing, from whence to tbe first, oue cau try hie skill with tbe stafl aud slide down over the suow to the bottom where tbe horses are kept in waiting. Two and two * ere to make a race, hut scarcelyhad one atarted before tbe awkward nandliu'g ot the staff tripped one and down you wentou your backside, sliding at arate ol spegd Dexter has not yet aitaiued. The laoies. too, w-re bouud to slide down rather than wain ar.innd by tbe pathway, ar.d it was comical to see how Colani ai ragged them tor the trip First he spread down his o\ ercoat. theu be took Cousin Saliie and seated ber flat on it, with her teet apart and pointing down hill: Mrs. W. he tiieu took and sealed iu Cousin Sallie s lap. in like position: he then pot his knapsack down in froi:t ot them, seated bunselt on it and a portion of tbe coat, tucked the feet of the ladn s on eitbei side under his arm. aud thus arranged commenced to work himself aud load aloag with his feet uutil lairly started soon their speed increased. and down they came with 'be rapidity of an arrow and landed safelv amongst u? amidst shouts and hurrahs fur Colani. J. P evtr since in variably commences to laugh wnen you mentiou Piz Eauguard. Tbe ladies soon remounted their horses aud we returned to Hotel Stembock from there in a naif trot. arriving in less than an hour's 'ime. and tindiug a most substantial dinner awaiting us. Before 1 close ibis letier let me state thai we ate not ibe only Americans who uave strayed into this valley ncknowu to the aathor of "Harper's Guide.'' Among others I ui-t ibe other day Major General George H. McOlelIan and his wife. They have be*u stopping tor nearly two months at the >r. M or tlx Spring and Cure Establishment, a most comfortable, and 1 might say elegan. hotel, capable of accommodating three hundred guests, with ample parlors. bathing accommodations, aud generallyvery well patronized during tbe summer season. Tbe wa<*r is strongly impregnated with Iron, and, according to analysis, similar but far superior to tbat ol tbe celebrated "Scb walhacb and Pyrmoat" Springs Mrs. MoClellan, 1 was told, when she arrived at St Mori tat, had to he carried dally to tbe bath. When I saw her she had so far recovered as to be able to take quite long walks Tbe General looks remarkably hearty, and Is very affable ia his intercourse wltb 'hose around him. Me appears atidiously to eschew all tall oa American polities. Tbe people residing adj*??n' to >h? hotel, as also its employers, sp< ak of Mrs. \ JfccCle.ian and Or??rt( .b ?er/ affectionate ' tme It ?e*ms a."u*liv tb*t the *hi'l<- iv>?n ??nity ibfr? nrrpn hi/w1 ?uwr?ly wi?t? the niirtioa urrur w bit h she labored be* arrival. and which mart* every one at f.r*i <???*4r ! of her life. Just a* I am about to rlose this lett*r me UhdluM calls in* 10 the window to -rf a One ebamcis jnti betng brought la'o 'own he tbe BIW' famous hunter of i|i? rtBuni'T. man "NMi/," a bo. by 1J1# be, 1 am informed, is a veritable descend,n- of iLe Snraoeaa. Wa r? promised a chamois rcvaa: for d niirr. and that ttm b?iri rl?se at hand, I will pr?i?are mv?elf to do it m-ttre h? imh'hmf some of ^iItt^r s excelleat Tana "Vermuth. " s C. ? ROM EI ROPF.. (By iba Atlantic Cable TUB BRITISH KU1CK o* THI taMlAB OPT. ltaiAK. Nxw ^ ark, Nov !7 ? A ?pe< tal di*pat>-h t? tbe Herald by cafclr, dated Uiodou. TuMdat, Noy . *:th, says ?A marked a- nsatiou la manifested here at the pro*|*vt of an ,m:nej,atn outbreak in Ireland All 'he fx>adou napera to du e. except thr Poet. siiiiniiaa?ously strot g and bi'ter languageatainst the K^laa*. and warn them ibat they wiII i?nm?bomerer. The 1 imea nyt tbe rebellion must be ilaipMl on* ?s we stumped out the cattle plague The '*)'* tnfUnd icq*? put down releo*. lessly -he sedtton* movement whu b her morale baa .tured op Tbe Telegraph de. lares tbat measures must be taken which will reader '' certain that 'he \ery first sy Biptoro>- of re? volt shall he stamped out with an iron heel. The Star *av* l.t)glt*bmen dread the odioue duty cf cribbing any rebel movement Tb* standard fsw :h* mptured robbers *bould certainly be left u> *he <nst rigors of the law, and there should be no hope for them from tbw \ ntted Mates The Morning Heralrt, referno* to the condemned > in ? tnada. *ay? ibere uld he no loop-hole of escape lor fu ture ollmdm. Troops are being ?-n* u> Irelaud, and gunboat^ are sailing for Irish in>ru. nvunn Lobih>w. ^o^ . -? ?Noon.? I be f mian troubb* in Ireland ba\e assumed considerable proportions, and there i? no doubt tha* a serious outbreak ba- occurred Two regneen;? of national troop, were urgently ordered :*? Ireland yesterday afternoon, and iraasiw* wtre beirt prepared all last nigh' Portsmouth. A larger detacbroeut of marines was also sent over to CJneen-town on the war f'l-anier Plymouth. A gmboatat Chatu-tm w*f oidert-d to fcaM for <|ueen?r?wik imjimi . ately. Much alarm if !e|r at(\,rk an.l broi^-nont Ireland rener ily Tn? I^ndon Time- 0t hi? mommr be.i vea the chief orri.ni/er, Stephens, will -oon ..rrlve on Ibe scene, if r.de?d be ba,uot already, l he Gfobeejitor.. alljr bints that a more certon* trouble with the Jnited t>ate? is really at the bt.fjm of 'b? reman outbreak A telejraphi dispatch was received yesterday lr..m Wa?hmcton bv t.? I Bited Mates Minister at Par.s. l tie dispa b was very loi.g. oicupyinic many bour^ in V.HDfIn""'0,, an<^ it > be!i,??ed it relates to tha Mezuan quest.oo. The Mornine Herald uf to-day saj s United States Minister Adam<- has re* ived the Alabima ca?e. a i \bm>: m*-:. injr will soon be held, when the ca*e will -eceive the consideration which its mportan * deserves. It is officially announced iha: th* (loyernmeui ha? peremitonly reiu^ej ru? life of the parks-for trade reform dem m'-rations Ix>xdok. Nov 27^ hvenuifr The morning Heiald believes tite <io\eminent of 'be I n e.| s ales will endea\or to defeat tbe Penian at the proper time. FRASCC Pabip. Not. *7 ?There are ruraora cf changes about to be made in tbe Pren. b Cab net. _ 1TALV. r lorksi k. Nov. ?The Italian ^Sovero ? ment has determined to send Vertex,! on a mission to Kome. ( anada and the Fenians. The Catholics of Canada Kastdenoun.e tl.? ^entmce ot McMabon and the release of I.amsden in unmeiu-ured term*. They claim 'bat the trials were a farce, aud tbat theftovernment bad decided what men sbonld be hung before tbe trials commenced. The bitter feeling lormerly existing between irishmen anrt Oranpemen is beginning to show itaelt, and fhoulrf McMabon and the other* be hanged ic will result in riot, and eventually termina e in a religious war The Kenian trials to iak? place at Sweetsburg are exciting a rrea: deal | of commeut. Tbe Protestants are afraid tfaac the prisoners will escape witb little or no punishment The Catholics are bopefnl. and saythat evidence cannot be produced to convict them. Two important Crown wttuesae* fca\? j mysteriously disappeared, and it is rum re,i tbat 'bey have been bought off and have lejt | the country. Tbe Canadian authorities have received information tbat Stephens is no? en I route Tor Ireland, but is organizing an exped tion to invade Canada Troop* here ba\e received orders to hold themselves in read.ae-s to move at a moment's notice. New York. Nov.2? ?The Herald s M. ntreal special says ?The Canadian Government con tiroes to make the mist vigorous miliiary prepirations. a rumor wa- curreu*. V Arcy McOeebad resitnej. Consul ie, . s. lnt^rier^d Sot tbe imi.rov^meni of 'be condition of the Kenian pris.iner* (iii the application made at Toronto for neW trials, tbe judges of the i^ueen"- <*o?r' nad not yet rendered heir decision The rest of 'tie prisoners will not be tried until next January. Snt TH Car ?I.IKa? Tkf V.rera. r * I.V The f roveriio!* s message was laid before 'tie Legislature ol South Carolina yesterday It takes a gfoomy view of the pre?*nt eondiuon ol anairs, and attributes the depression of agriculture and business in tbe State to tbe intolerance ol her conquerors. It nrges tbat tne wbite pop ilauon sbould be stimulated to work \ y letting tbem see that labor is honorable and idleness reprehensible The messair* is mainly devt ted to State affairs It sars tb? resn t of tbe experiment of free labor b:u been iJ rn5ou"??inf tinder tbe circumaian e-. coiicludea by referring to the coaatitational amendment, which, it says, neither the interest nor tbe lienor of the State will allow ber to ratify. WParepa getsfluia day. ?S^A Louisi.tna paper announces that a wilf take oysters in subaenption. J"T??e swells of the ocean and tbe "swells of the land socn subside. rlass business of Pittaburg gives employment to |,<?i men. *TWe tbiuk the stars onght to shoot. All our exchanges have bad a shot at them. ^"New con.? When't a dead bode not a dead body! V hen It's a gal-on-a-bier- ho*, ion 1 ott. .la^re number of colored people in t&~A Major Cleary in one of tbe Canadian i*giments has been court mamaleo for going to Lngland to ^et married alter leave had been refuted. i^Hon. Wn B. Stokes is making mdital tpeecbes in Tennessee. g CM . About on '-third of those who die in Paris are bnried at the public expense. b'!"Uf,1L.1 roang ladies renonn e.l Mo'rCla^^. ^ " ?"i?n ^ A bumP*rof a benefit in New ie close * D*at ??* ? * of adieu a; TD* oc :nrred last week m a Brook I va ball room, which resulted In a antral tiAaipede of the terjisichorean devotees?all about "a lady paitner." ??oufc WThe \ irgmia nutborities are enforcirr "be ojsier laws of tbat State Several arres(s of tbVlaw bave made for viola tig petition is being circulated thrones Canada asking the Hoine?;0xeriim-n to w *le ta? Alabani# Claims iu order to prevect anr-k *r Pobian raid r MO i '"It is reorarked by produce deaf**r? that P?tato ero\' this T#?ar is peculiarly i;ih ect to a dry rot, so that great caution is Wisa in making purchases. r"tur** fr^m all the counties ,n *'I' a ??J?rUy foriijxernor teuton of 1U,, 15. 1 be vo'^ ot the whole > a a is o\er li??i below that ot it*4. fi^Thearr,*alofa"lignt we,gtt ma0t ^atn Colly er. Is reported in New York fall of n*ut atd match-msjiing. VOn? ol tbe engineers of the Coast Sarvev al?'?! H1'1" ^ ooast of Maine, follow.,.C Cable tn<''ntat'on,' l* lou?er tbat the At Ian . i 'The Louisville Democrat tbinlu the e|e uon ol contrabands in Maasachaseit. ean.b s a niggardly disposition. Aen toss, a butcher and esteemed oi'u?i Maiue. lei I back into a lane tut of scalding water, Wednea<iav morning, an.: w is so severely injured tbat his ilie ia desp i-e<; of. Wtx-Senator Oldham, of Texas, n.ning a photograph wagon m Mexico. Tbe Davis Plahtatio** ?Jeff and loa?t b Iiavis s plantations, in Mississippi, f?AVi leased to an association of colored tnea ' Mr .las. H. Mdlill, a nti*?u of Brooklyn, New York, ia a fit ?f mental ,n xmitw \ <% Saturday, indicted three staba on his wKe, fore the could escape irona him He th- n a', tempted to cnt bis own throat with a ra^ ?r WOoloeel Kobert Tyler, soa ofex-lTes,. dent Tj ler. Is a candidate for tbe offl e ol Adjutant a?d Inspector Oeaeral of Alauama mrTkley Bad a Baeteoric ahower ' a* Li i? Falls. Sone graceless acaBtps rot ir up W.:Q| ifc^rocfc^fr It wn* dtilv ved*' %ll(? profound observation made npon it.g,^f^farnTf' " U**l'a'ns. Ja-baoa eeaarv. < lia-.'be will-no-'.tli and Neily vt.<a* _* ? *" ?' tft? Cherok-e a a tana ",>w ir-ui.?

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