12 Aralık 1866 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

12 Aralık 1866 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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I THE EVENING STAR, j ICTlO* AOAlSgT A SL'RORO.I rot I)?4W i?8 ? Tim?A carton* ;u? cam* on f. r trial in the Bill Conrt on tbe i?th. A Mr* At>?oU<D food Mr .StnUuua, one of lb* of theitreat NorUrra Hoep.tal for carnage* for an :iaaaait. The aaeaultconstakad in tbe ei Taction of six teeth and th?* administration of chloroform to tbe plaintiff. She. it ' *J??s. suffered ifrrrtly treat too aacbe, and en ted defendant, *b? advised tbat shPhoo.il bare a tMib extracted while under the ibitneaco of chloroform. flBe destined, bo: ub-equentlj went totbe treat !*ofth#rn Hoi. pi'al. where a tie *aid chloroform was administered to ber her will, and *i* of her i< fth drswn while the van insensible. Tue shock to b?r nervoussystem was so groat taat she bas since partially leet the use ot her litr.be. jseveral medical witnesses were ex. am.tied, who *aid the p la.a tiff wiasu.Termr , from hysteria. On the 12th, the case ?u and fuu lnifJ. The jury wro locked tip several hours without anr cbaaco of their agreeing to a verdict, and at t?n at mgnt they were accordingly discbarg-d. A T>r*t. is the Dark ?On Sat unlay tn-h: iut a bloody recoatre took place between two m?n in tne taggage car of a passenger train on ib* Na?h ville and Decatur Kail road Tbe 0 ifflr n Ity started In a passenger coach and was tbe result ot a dispute m regard to tbe quality ot the whiskey each carried. Bo-h wem probably mo^for less intoxicated The con doctor 4>ror>d th^m to lease the car if they wanted lo settle tbe matter, and not to destnrb the balance of the passengers. The two then re1 rtir^d to the baggage car, and alter pacing ofl the proper distance, wheeled, and at a given ?igr ai flred their pistols. Neither of them appeared to be bar* after tbe shots. At that mo mem tbe onlv light m the car, wbicb shone ftom a lantern held by the person wbo care tbe -igoal, went out suddenly, and tbe dnelist* tb'n itrasped their Knives and sprang npon e?. h other like tigers, cutting and slashing at a fesrlnl rate. Tbey are bo'h probably dead, or it living, terribly lacerated.? LouitviUt j. V*motrmt /?sc. ft. I'aht a Farms ? The Alexandria tiaz?tte aj?.?1 be \ irgiaia press very generally, disapprotesul tbe project at the present time, of ?-nltivating large larm* " Mr. Newton's theory is not accepted by the ma*\ fcverybody agrees that it is desirable ?o bold on to as much land as possible?not to sell more than i* absolutely ne essnry: bnt it seems to >? the impression that thorough cultivation of small larma will be more profi'able nnd more bene, fi. lal This sppears to be rh>* verdict of the Ei-? epapers." ^"Cambridge is deeply stirred on the tloggn.it ?inesti. n. xnd there will be no more bla >g ?"t^ admini?t^red to mi-?ej in their teen?. ? , ??e . ? OFFICIAL. Elaminations for th< \a\\. TO VOLl"JtTXtR orrn KR?. navy dipakthi^t, ? Wipnt.voTo>, l>. 1), Nov -Jo, !-?><> J A.'l per^cus wbo have served a- volunteer oft err in tbe United S'ates Nivy tor tbe term tit two yetirs. and who oesire to be examined lor sflTi'fiun to tLe regular Xavy a- provided In tb?? act of Congress approvd July i5, lcOU will at once make application addressed to Orr.r- ilnre f. p. Lfc, Hartford, Conn., who will notify 'hem when to appe ir. Those who do dot ma We application prior to the 1st ol January n^it. or who do not present themselves when notified, will t>e considered as having waived their claim for examination. Candidates will take with ibwia, >wben summoned, their olbcial papers showing tbetr uat?I record. oirnso* Witlii, eo.m Secretary of the Navy. 8PECIAL NOTICES. a /"TOC I'lBNnr AHM1B1 ,ATK tbs fn"1 PflAIOS'3 M'.ilT It LOO >ll n; CahKlb t>y e vpos'rg a obs cr m!k?r hl-f p?-. with it tr> the air r ni<? only readers tbe art n.j ii,o?s delic* e ami Waabini; alone r-a?vti it. Sold everywhere. A CTRB AT LAST -t'se anre 4isea'? conii'tKl' The worst rase* of Bl<nn(ti>m are It* in* daily cared br tl.e and * n '^rfnl <liiror ?ry known ss Mlli'iLri S GkEAT KtiCCMATIO KKMIB). ?*i e?2w B. O. FORD, Agent. W A B U "? PAPKK OOLLIR Aioccrrs, To to b? l Eur> ?here D A V I S A (, AITIIEK. _ , Penr.aylvania avenne. V( 20 Market Spice, between etb and 9th atv, Ag? at* fer \\ aabington. V C. n<> %'< lit REMEDIAL I S.ST IT UT K FOR 6PC01AL CA8I8, Ma 14 Bond (treet. Hew York. VFnll information, with the hit*??t filiml also, a itook on Spf ?<i in i >Wr4 , sent free, /* M4 . i/t# n>i 4 *rnrt for lien, a*U ?ou will mot rrtrf it: tsr.ai advertHins phyai. iaus ar? * nerally without r*iirnr.\ nc *trst>:er then.d be tm?ted Kn' lftn* a sta>na lor ro.taitoard direct 'o DR. LAVBINCE S 1? B'no street. New Terk. ajUDJkVly *ARRIA?* AMD CELIBAOT, if * ? of WiralDf ?Dd fnitrnctton for T#nn| L*. AUo, Dmnrj wMch pr??ttr?kte U??- ^Itml powen, with wnr+ inftst of relief. Sent 52* ilA letter eavelopt-0. Ad4re^t Imt J SklLLJS HHU0U1UN, Howard A*?jc:aMen. Philadelphia. Pa. angU Sm hall ? VIOKTABLE SI CI LI a^tl air e? MBWIR Renewa the Hair. Ibslln Tmktabli Bictttatt Hat* rrviwh Restores gray hair to the orielnal<oler Hall's vksitiili BtciLiA* Ha'r Rrvkwii Prevents tbe hair from falling ofl. ALL's Vgr.btablk ?ICtLIA!? Hair Re.x*WI* Makes tbe hair eoft aad glossy Hall's tegitabls hicilia* hair Rkvbwsr Does not etala the skla. Hall's bi?ilias V as v. r abt k Hair Rrmrwrr Has proved Itself tbo best preparation for tbe hair var presented to tbe pnblte. Price fl. For sals bp all druggists. ja SO Tuly SECRET UlBBAflEd. . A??Ta?'S e>pT is the most certain, safe aad aflectnaJI remedy?Indeed, tbe only vegetable remedp ever discovered Cures In two to four days, aad rwcent cases In twenty fonr hours No aalneral, no ?n'? ?en pills to be taa?a. It Is the soldier s hope and a triead te those who <io L*U Mais packagss, |i,fsba? aritar's asp Hrrs JrtcR*? A positive an* permanent .are far Spy hi lis. Bcrofala. Hirers, SSuft. Fn JellTr,b *c , > * ?* ?>???? DOId njr B. ?. Ford 8*e Mt#rtlHiMDt. ay ft BVM EIY, * STEA DIL Y, aOCCRSSrOLLY, OLANDERB EXTRACT BDCEO is cvriim very cans of kisrit Dkbasr, rkbvmatish, OaavRL, drinart Disorsrrs. wiauui aad Fairs ta the Bacr. FrmalR ookplairts and trocblrs arising from ercrssrs op ant eipk. c0m1, eh affliotidi try shoiahdib'i, TAKE NO OTHER BUCKO. Bold by all Apotbecariss Price ?l. D BARN IB b CX> , New York, aad barnes, wabdaoo., Hew Orleans, Boathero AgsaU. BCRLRIOU A moOERB, Wbo 1 seals Hrac?lst?, Boston, Mass . Several AjMka. fobia-i, HALL'S VEGETABLE Bl< JL!A> OAIH hCNKNVCS tor 111 "*t psrtect preparation A *>*+r offered to the public. iurIJn.*Jr*rK^^le c,'?Pon';>Ji and contains no lajopens properties whatever *?"t'>?b orat Hair to its orioisal !1 'J' balr from falling out. l. .. aa*es the scalp, and n.ak.es the hair soft, laetrvTis and silken. It la a splendid hair dreasfng. l?o person, eld ar yonac. sh uM fail to uas it. it is rkcowmevdkd a.miuirh bt th? flr't st^cal a : th.ib tv V Ask tor H,|| . Vegsubls Slciliaa Hair Reaewer, aud take ao other R P H M.L t CO., Na*bn*. S H., Proprietors, ror sate by all Praggists. jaB Tk.ly uoloate'8 aromatic veoetablb BOAF A superior Ton bt Soap, prepared from rsflned ' a^arablr Oils la cosabiaatica with qltcbrir b ad especially designed for the ase of Ltws*. and the mcrsrbt. Its perfnme le exjuisits, and washing pr'tpsrtisa snrlfailed sale b? all drnsgis** <a*soly | ADIEh liKESd T hi M M1B03. Jnst - perat) a l"-ge and beamirnl sss-rt-nent of tbe alt ve tn Jet FrlBk?s, Bogle ?; iiiootis Oagle 4.>Bp. Buele f?r. ? Bii-ton. Ores i-nts, Che | aiile. Cryeial and Far Erisce. mr aaRS LO'A C'S. 4''T PennMlvanis s*?. 3 H| d J't No. I J Market Sp%ce. F'OR KHI-I WOh|>? oT<<\B>,iion' stt" fi Kstlif Si#tr? Ir m *t>-j|! I'ts Utlsui baieiwi . To-l<- fit I'fcalis. Tal'l'S h?d>te?fi', Oil CloOi fnr*a'e *' e?p at tbe Peronil h .li 1 > I KblTCUB ijTOKE, i:!- ."abeireef, litsees l, .^:,d M <;e?i aai'ts to buy leiotid h?Dd 9t< vs* an 1 Fnrtliate. dei).;l' A |fi|TrH/,A8R('RSKH LllTLEflti U * miirminq olort, \lOLbl KAMaTOH. .**_ T? f t> rr a (tb rth?? C? ChlNw ASP art PABf.OR STOVES << e?ti?u*?? * ?he lir?e<l sn* n?.f Sflftst <t'irk Iniktiill. ?re L? p? W'*?r* < "S ijs-i letter r ?lI , kid fil.tHf sai.etlons At tut l>a avense, i i.ear ?ib *fr? ?t B H a n i ?;ii?'?-mv \'IW SILT INERV - Tl ' e.t ? 7vel:?^s^a Ir BOB NETS s-.d 11 \Tt *t Mr?. m A P!rE't,*H Psaaejlvaiuaavet.ee.aearivhT^T I HMSL M27;s* j I AUCTION IMUB. |^T ?AtW I<.Q>,'AmuHnr?r: j | " ?B TJIPB6DAY7 D#'ciaifor 13th at |?0 loclt.*( ' riVty of*'*01"' t*eisj?8ji*aa?e mu^an. . Woc(H? wMt>, Hroona, Ac f Myeaod Boorboti Whtvkvr iB bottlvrand i*m ?sS i MSSr!"? :V?4 "mm ' i sr?.v- ' ^ ?t?rr #ala nf A u>' - r | Pry ftNxIt #M ru, Pr?v*,? TcmT1^. ***** * * ' <* *> ? le > Peiapotltr* , i " J I A*- H A CO.* Aocti. R' * WALL * CO.. AactlraMri. I ? ? lu>ree .11 j ar?d .117, Sowta 'ifitr P.t>e*?l*aU? eteone aad Mb el. * >Abi or a HTOCK or <;*??. ' J?,? *BC1WI>" *OBXTBG. D*> 13 ? ??ll i rgr^Esas *S kur.1. Mo^ra A Oo Wblaleya h?rrela P Clay old Whi.kay *"'Mbb Jo< kev Club Hitter* J5" caeoeTnoi tiara:? d?in in cut **? 8BWf. B?rr*l? Flour J.#??T^T* Carral A Co.' Coo lenaed Milk ? n>i*|ir? dl>r?ot brand* ?iiV# fcilv'ISll otber?i?oda In the Grocery lln-, .? k? Hid without ?Nrv?. forcaab ? W. L. WALL A CO.. Autti. K' j- * OO , Aactioaeer*. " *"* ?<> *** Pecna. n? . corner ivtb *treet _ .IflCUI. *ALB or OI,OTBI*r, iVllI 5ll,"k MuBBIJIO, December II at 10 L'l , l* ,h**J???la* ??7 o'clock, we will Ii.-k!:', Pln?I. nod Bobber Cctota. Pan* an i Yaatw Draw. '* Tr-"t Kibb*d Cuder.Lirti and Llaen ooeom Whi'a Shirt* Heavy .all wool, Jackets Mnt.ier* Mao i; 4 B.'atkaf*. Comfort*, aud Sheet*. Linen Table Cl< the, Rreakf**t 8-iawl* Largo a?to.Unent Ladtea' and Ueute H.aierv A i.vo, Smell iuvoice of Crockerv end Q!a?e warn ? * * WALSH A OO., **" " A action**-rt. j J AS. C. McOCIREA COTiicUoaer..CATALOGUE 8?LE ?r VALUABLE MI<cel At,* 1..iLA2lO'??OOK8 HISmn i fne A action & <>iEe. comm- ncir e Moviu v December 17th. at 7o clock n m .h_i. .. ' I large coll* ction of St*tidar 1 Worka ?*! M" j.. u.i.? Term* cwb. JC. McGTIRE A CO . Ant, HT JA8 "cQL'IBBB CO., AMQeWr,. ~ ?. / ATALOCDK H\LI OF BOOKS W' tUII I II.en FRIDAY IVLVKr T, b?r SI, lei-*, at anr Aaction Boomv cotnmin hlTSt I o cl? tk a l*rce and va'u.tble ? n * *l *i?il-h Edition^, in r|. Mt 2nd ^??lV bindina. c. m,ri*iDe H.-torical. CU.Hic?l SwtV ' Mireikaeoni VV oris,-i??*nr IIJuKrAt^d Kdiiiune of the Heat Author* in rl^K nitoole for C'ferlef ma. HreVrn,.'. A bu dit th.'ni ?? J" *<Jk? of Irviu*. Bancroft Pr^Jcott or,? Bronghani, Bac a. Hobbe*. Diirsali ThVrJI fchak~tp<-?re. Milton, and the Bnii.n In i T ' ' can Po?-ie k?-n?rall) Mritian an t Amerii ' 'Brit ?h (Ja>* r,a. Bnl.er-t Vv'a ?J Bhin?v auova# Wurk* ?r|'i?fc UreHortM " Coder * Anim?iiff : d a ' Wa.h.DKi?n M.d.l?,' D.er;te,.fc0Anca^',?""" w?*rWf boutd a^d ori'aA!ro, the Pai llatnentary Hiitarv of in.i.. . ! MX:;- ? ?> l*!3U?s&3& | llVn^ffD^Snl.?!;*4 " ?"r HUc,ion Tctnii cuh. ... ? B4..H ?, a'-?? Dl- i-OT V('ARTKRV?>TP.R OrPtrF. / j Will l^ eoldat puMifac*tion. tVba p'ort'o'f B*l ?JrsA1?,.*?0M " j AI-?, the *teani tnir I3LAIV OXB. of ? to?.Wnitth V fret. brra<)th of beam, 1? feet d??M i hold. 7 ie* t an-i 17 in. h crlind r Oe?lh of I Both *e??.-!? of licht dratf; hnM? .ioiin.1 i IMS"* #Dl eL-i,J" and b0,l?s ' ' wood co,j,d A '. all qnaatity of taartermmter a rrorer. jejuni ol ii Ar,ebor? and ?.r?6 P?UOd? o?^,7' C?bU will t?. ,ii-a,,w| of mt lie earnT Um1 j ll?ce to tb* bi(lirit bidder. ' ?.i|*"*: Cluh' fonde, on day 0f loqiiirirt re^yectitiK tha tale may be ?,ilra*?.j ,ll?d-"r?l?n?-d, or to the Aucti n-er* Me?tr. AliKKoi,. 1 HOMAs A CO , hu. fb 5on7h V&& Uy .r?ier of the Quert-r ma.t?r <4eoeral .. . ^ . A rt KIMBALL, i toptaiaard A y M .U H Aro?V. 1 I'epit Vnarterra i?ter. Alt T I O " __ lil'll. Anrliftnfor, will aell atKBY I \B?K, nutlil ,old. ?_ Th?* ^Diirttt^k of WATCHKP. JKWILKY DIAMOND*. Ac at j I L. WaLL a CO.. Anctioneere, BAILirr S MALI. I - n * VLLau! ' f to Hie direct. J 1/ ?iTB 'J- Monck InloiatroUix of ttae lat * O fiar^ Ta'hV 1 h,*v* oa one Billiard Tabla aa the pr???rtv of Vo?Raa, to .atlafv '(""Ji0**,n rre*r* to?al i Mr* Munek TI'EbI.**? Mr.lv^n*?^V pnhl,e Mellon, o,,' i . ? j i j._l_ * ^cfiut ^r.Ht lOoVik , IL front ofW.L Wall A Co'i. Ai.ctiffli BooH,- ' ^.ii BCBHBFl. Bailiff. <S'11 W.L. WALL A CO., A net* OBBBR A WILLIAMS, Anctioneere. i VMB BTESH wai'J?VrwUilSoT1J^? & Wi JiAOTi M&ajm we aball eell. on tbo prenaaes Lot No . /, . 1 n !?!> .' . u caah. balance In four and (n? SMta. Mnra? krodeoriof treat on tOe prem fA'' coBTayanclBg aod rtTtine -tarn, at tha c<?* ?'" lo?n when .oM B* -* -1! !? OBK?g A WILLIAMS. Aoct*. |J' 8BIM A WILLIAMS. Aaotloneere. Vri^LA,BVf. ,MpBOVI? PROPERTY AT THE PBblT' Anction*'*** -'1 " '".I ." On TTEf DAT. the 18tfa in-unt at4o aiork ? 1,1 iTlf li1# 4?11piLot ?. Ibhiiti'ani * fiotii by fir, fe*t 6 inch#fidftfD raiioU t bsrk to apubito alUr wltb th* i!ZV!!ZPy u.anu. coa*l.ti.roP, two?naUn rr^.1 Hoa^U' one two ctot y and the othar thra* ..o,T ple.l M a et^re, uhlct .VteS.?Cir l ot ar? to aitaoo tfc* aale 1 of Tel hi : one tkiiid caab, balance in 11 14 ' montba. and aectirad by a deed of trust on th? *' " * 1_'*E1B A WILLIAMS, Auctj. |5* GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. < HANCEKI SALE OK VALUABLE HOH8IC ? KBBBT 0i< 4S* STB??. M>Alt "uDTH ! ofwa",^ t^jrrxjvirjtszsi: I ro.^ainant^nd Ka'T*!^BS/rt.'/. .^"J&Ld! mDta I w|!| i?t,it Pnblic Auction ?n Tl'f n? 1 fil# 27t^ ?1 l>f( tint^r, A *D . IhV,. At 1*2 < lick p ni., on tbo pretnlaei Lot > even .11;in e ..are and th- .n.pr.v m-ut, tl |U #?. P'e-< ?ibert b\ nd decree I I 22??fcll ilf "'f e? to b? p-ti'l ca-ij liit of!?i 'i k 'i 111 aU* man-ha from tb* I ' f.Tte^ar r? I*,h b*Uar* "f ?archa e money t . be<r t I? Myro^-ut tbtre?i! t , iired ?.v 1 I !la ** 01 of thn pur? Va4?T or Dur. i.Ajfra Jitli a ?!?? ?> or ?nrMif>? Tn tr aaprovH(l0|./ th? ?r\;r;v: r*,V"r,c''"r ram ?.n tt.a day of aH|e o? on the 'Inal rati<icmtion lb. .rwf. ? <! .! ? .1) t? tt ? , orchaHr ?. , r"rrhHMra 01. a. t? . the wh^U. of tbeV..r' , ?b?e- money If ilia fernif of ??|* mT? ?ot eori;^i Vi-n l? t?.e ?.irchi.?rej^?frh*.,r, within fl*a da?e lr-? the da? of anle. ,bo Trn.tee re.erv the I r/X l"* ' ,h" ""d W'"' ?* P'l'dic anctt*>n at tl.e tl?k na<l c.?t* o' the defaulting purchaser ' -V?r-n ???!.,< five uay a iiut?ca^u , Tl,?- ? vanli * . t?r ' AII conveyancing aod r??weI , J{? GBKKN * wimn,. u_ . , TBU8TEE> MALE i -e.v,br,.::,o.,fivnfb' * v rB th* 5 V ho 14 ,he i ?-r lot* i? !aar??t au?! lour . ?? ! inij i.rt /? i !# 1 uihwK th it wtift^of k! 5* rnuuip^ buck with ? hto a iMU'W 1 ?*' HU,i Ur- <?' ?o T*niia.>r*a!e On- thfrj of the aurcbaea I. fitl.e.wilb tnter?rat, rCUt'.l b> did .f T;,.? ?>P"n tl.r pr*mi-ea A d? i?o It ? f a/tTliii ? ' t Of ?!,a jnroha. r at tha tlmT.f.lL ITl ..I lizuxiissxx;,l iu-rUk bo^ ao* <e OKirTT S ILuVmv ahm*: \\' W AbE Ntt* UP? KlVtAiJ . .1 . . \? ... c...e ?0..:?4kVia M , Mir.' lMa^ I* I' 'it'aLo* for Walatv a*. * 7 - * W % LI. * Ht'Mt I)**1 **12*7*** v ' '?)- -fZi a?( b> r.fja?Va<lc?* %" *hj T ? H,r Maf.n^ll tboivoe o,.d llrack... only b u.u ?*3et AI,A*SwS S, 006 Sttt.traai. MUcmoH aAJiga. rg/3 AFT?JtSOOlf A SO tO-MOKBOW. 1 IIT J. C. McGCIB* A CM.. AncOoaaara. 1 *i?n "till rror?t. M)kU *4 REiTURB AT Pc BMUAUCXIOS On Tt)BBAD4\ MOftNtBtf t+rt. l|tb. at ,W? ll ??el I atlte *4* *J *t*+fr,o-tn. M?(rn l?t ??4lii ?W??? *?? *. flh? FwHmm jT a geetUtaan dee-tialng houeek?-ept?g, n tmtng) MlioMPtrlor hrrtwrt, in w?'n?t'. viM^terM inmeroon velvet. ecu?'?ting of i Scfaa. 2 Arm. 1 LadyV^Ad 1 Aide Chaire i ) Ok*lrt,i? Mroil fMbtll car . eJ I Gilt Frame Preach Plate Plat Mirr re. wit* ' Bviptien ale be an* fill braekeu ) Maaon AjETaailin Parlor Meiofooa Hr?.e*le, Three-ply m4 iMftw *Mry?M 1 Waltmt arttA inirr??r back k pen'-ee Untie St?*aa ialafft With year I 1 WiiKot Itrbl* i?pC<lilr?1*blN Hmall W?lW( Bookcead. with writlag d??k V> alant Bti-ltck. fla'.l Oilcloth, BtrpD?rp?t ?i4 k* 91 Walnut Marble toy Btit'ta itl VMhttandi Wfclnnt IfKMuta i*4 Werdrebee, Mattreaef* Vr?imit Mart Ie top Dreaeieg Stand, wttb mirror tlul 0*rv?J Be*lag Table Gaiter. Yielin and Baa to 2 MikofMr Siliciith Sl^ini. Otu tn4 Weodaeat Ohliri S Worked Oitoman*, T 'llet Bete. iL'1'1 An eeeortnunt of Houeebvld and Kitchen Begiltltrt Ttrni raih. ce U d J. G. MrCClU A CO., kveto. w7lT WALL A~CO., Auttoueera On THCBSDAY. the lathB?cember, 1*?. 1 ah ill eil at W L W?ll A Co a Ba/aar, one tp >tt -i MA BE SA I M.E and BB1DLK, be ooglng to B. W.orB M McUfieti.ej. to covertreigt t an 1 other char gee TbJ? ??1<* ! worthy the attention < f tboc* who ma* v %v. a uIcc pony for a 1*1* ?r bey GEORGE 8 KUOMT/.. A feat. H * O B B. r da 6 St W L. "ALL A CO.. Aucta. g? J. 0. McGUIRB A CO., Actionem. I'F.BI BA RLE THBKB BTOBY FRAME HOUSE IN THK HBsT WARD AT AUCTION. ObTHCBjBAV AFTERNOON I*?xt, December IS, at 40 ( tock, on the premiaea, we *ill aell Lot No 10, in a<taare No. 16. fronting J? feat 4 incUe* on < a?t aide of 26th atre-t. between 1 a.d K et? , ltii a oepth of 14a feel o locbee to a Ik) so?t allej , Improved by a well built th'ee stery Fraue House. with doable thick brick foundation. The iim.'e coi taiiie nine r< o:ue and belle. There are to ie fourteen dlfWeat bin<l? of graye? iu the yard, beaideotb'-r ahrubbety. Ttiup : One half <-a?b. bal?*r? in ai* and t wel\ 9 m< nth?. with interest. ?e<or?*d l-y deed of traat on the pr<?nii?ee ''?nveyanciux ?ni revenne at cof t cf pnrcb??er deltt-41 .1.0 MrOUIBB * CO , A11 te. BY K1LBOI BN A LATTA, BBAL B-TaTK BROKER'', < orner 7tb and ? attaeta. On THUBBDAY. Decern i?er 13,1 - V>, at 4 o'clock, r. m. on the premii>-a. we will eell. at aactfrxi, . >t- Lumbered 30. 31, ?ad .'-,2, B?tu->re 77, on Twen ty hiat atrft. \ etw.#n I! at,d I atreata. Lot 3) beioK /!> fe?*t frcnt ?n'l 10-*j feet <1eo;, to :? 3>> f >ot paved alley Loia nnm! ere'i 31 aa.l si l-eln? tach i 'S feet front by HM'j feet 'leep to a 30 fo >t p tved alley. AI-^>, Lot'^C/'in ct>Mvialon of Lota 11 will 12, B-inare oatnberfd 1(1. on Twenyr-flmt atreet.betweeu H and I atreet*, being 25 feet frent an 1 11 feet deep Improved by two frame honaai Term* One halfraili; balance In *ix ari l twelve nionthe B"ift> dollar* to be yald down on e^cti lot at time of sale K ILBOl'BN A LATTA. Benl Csta'e Krokera, de7 6t OBEIN A WILLIAMS. Aucia. |^Y NAGLS A CO., Auction*era. k\tenbi\e and pcbemptoby sale or s*l"PEBIOB NEW FHBH1TUBE, from a Maw York Uouae. at Anrtion On FRIDAY KOKNINO. Dee<-inber 1 Ith, at 10 O'cb ck. ve?ill?ell. at No. "2H7 Peitn'a avenue laecond floor, 1 corner <-f nth street, a Tery large and -npertor tta rtuunt of new Furniture and Honaelx.ld Oooda. coiuprtainp? Ebiea haiidcome Wtlnat Parlor Baltea, in ?re< n and crlni-oD rep Bix banda- me Walnut CUamber Sultaa, in oil and varniab T?o aolid Oak Cottage Seta, walnut trimming Four '>rnaii.eoted < ottu?e Seta Five WnlontrHtid HaliOKany Parlor Deaka Three maebiloent Hainut Btagerea, with Mirrora Eigbi Marble-top Etairera Sldeboarda, with Mirror backa v.'alt.nt and Oak Hall Soitei. vary bandaoi .0 Haiicl' !b and Rep Lounge*, Sotaaand Arm Oiiaira Walnut H.tirrloUi t haira Marble top Center Tablea Rap. Haircloth, and Enameled Sleepy Hollow thalra Fancy BeceptioB. f'ane-aeat, and otiier Chair* Oca pair bati'lxome Wbiat Tabl*covered with Billia d Cloth Walont ?i.d Maboxanv ^ardroiea. Bv.rean-, Wa^h-tanda and Tablea Together with a large ?ae?rtnient of tber Furniinte. 1 lie i.oola will be >1 exhibition the day before tfce a*le >ale paaltivelv without reaerve. Tfrma>aab. NA'.I-F. A <"0 . <!aild [Intel] Anctinneer|JV GBEEN A WILLIAMS, An< lion-era VALUABLE IMI'BOVBD AND UNIMPHOVBD I'iiOPKaTl I.N THE BECOME WARD aT AUCTION. Oil TUl B8UAY the 2<)th Instant, at 4 o'clock p. m.. we ahall aell, ?n tbo prtiaiaen, that One fo ir etuiy Brlrk Bi.bm, aituat-si on the tom-.r wi 12ih atref tjaarft acd O atreet north. Ala >. artotb*-r flue tour atory Brick Honae, aitn ated on G atreet north. l.etue<n lltii aud 1 ,th atreeta wet.t and a fin' Builoing L- t. betwen the two boa?<-?, having a g>...i front au l depth, also havii g tbe advantage ??f both walla for hulHing, |.?lng ail of Lot Bo. 1 am part of L^t No. 2, in b'inere Bo TiieaboTe property la Icwnted la aTery <!<-a1raMe n<-igbl<orhocd. an<l we aak the attention of bayera to tbe above aale At.ao. On FRIDAY, the 2let inatant. at 4 o'clock y. m , we eball aell. on th<- preui* *, all of Lot No. 11. In S ,i.ate No. ^2 haviug good front and depth front lug -n *2<1 *tre> f weat. and near C xtreet n?rtti. Tern a One third eaab. t>a ance in aix aod t?elv<n.cLthh for notea t earing intereat and aettired by a deed of trnat on tbe pre mi tea. AM conveyancing and revenue atampa at the coet of tbe purchaeera. 9100 d. wn oa each place of property whan knocked c.rf; and tf the term* are not canpliad with witbln f.ve <ta>a aftar tbe dav of aale, the ownera reaerve tbe right to retell the property at tbe Hek of tbe de'anTttiig parchaaar or pnrcliaaara. d. I d QKEEN A Wj^LlAMS. Ancla. gl GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aactleneera. TBCSTBE'S SALE. rnderand by virtue f a decree paaaed by the Sspreme Court of tbe Dletrtct of Columbia, In a canoe depending therein, and nnmbered B.'.e luity. in wbich /.epbanlah Jouee la romplAinant. and Horace Strtngfellow and other* era defendanta, L^aring date an tbe 3d day or July. 13M. we will ofter for aale, an WEDNESDAY, tbe tl day of January next, A D. l-*7. at o'clock p m .en tbe pteuileee, parta of Lota Bo. 1 end rx, in Square No *'{2. aa folio va ?Beginning at the aontbeaat eaat corner ef Bqueie No. ?.3?, and ruining tbence wft 47 teat and t Inehea. thence uortn 'JO feat; tnence weat ft feet and lu lncl.ee. tbence north Is feet ai.d 4S incbea; thence eaat 1<V feet to 7tb etre t weat. and tbence. with eaid rtreet, to the begianlt g; together with fhe ioiprorementa. <on.|>ting of tbe building well knowi. aa th?"Av<-nue Honae. Theterma of aale, aa preecribed by tbe decree, are : Oae third of the purcbaee aioaey to be paid in raab; aod tbe ratldue in two e?iual iu-talmenta, iay able in ?ix and twelve month*, for which deferred pa) went*, with Intereat from the day of ale. the purchaaer eha!l ?1 va hie note-, endoreed to the aallafactiou of the truateta. Conveyancing ard atampe at coat of purcnaaer. II t^e ternt- 01 hale are not aomp!ia<l with in flve da-a the tturtee reaerve-, the 1 iglit to reeeli at the ) i?k and co"! of the deianlting purcha-er, upon one ?eek > notice by publication in tba National Intelligencer A THOMAS BRADLEY. 1-,,.^, WILLIAM \ VENDALL.t Tr0?l*??de 8 a.tn th OBKEN A WI LL1A MS. Ancla. PY W. L. WALL A CO., Anetloneere, A>MGNEE S SALE OF THK STOCK. KtXT' BLn. IH IliPi.NO. LEASE, Ac.. OF A MEAT AND PBOVJMON MOBE. on ^tith atraet west l.etweea U an<l B atreeie north, at Public Auction. by virtue of a deed of aaslgrnnetit. iluly record ? ll, 1 aeall eM>0?e for aale. at pulilir *<!. tion on t he )tMb <>ay of De? eiuber. I8w>, at luo oiock am, <'U tlie premaea, tiie St ?k. Fixiurea, Rmiotag, X>a>e, Ac., of a proviaioa atore, an lOHietraet weal, between (1 and H atreet north in the city of ^ aahington. The block and Fixtor. a r.,naist of? Platform and Onuater Scale* "vootoa. Wa>hl-o%rd?. Meaantes fanned Fruita Vegetabiea TaVlea, lee-be* Saw a Knivee. Ac, And many articlea not mentioned. Terma ca?h __ _ RICH D A EDSONSTON, Aaaignea. Ie 7-eo W. L. WALL A CO.. Aucta. |^Y W. L WALLA BB-, AncUoneera. TBCSTEE'fl SALE OF IMPOYED BEAL ESTATE IB WASHINGTON D. U By vinne of a de-1 ol lruat,dn!y raotMel in I.u.eiN.c T .No. 57. pageatan, Ac. of the Land ttrgur'! <>r t><e Itiatri t of Columbia. ?e will.on the dh day of Jeunary. H*7. at 4 r>'clo< k p. tn , ex p<jtie for aa)>- at public aurtioo. on the preuiiaea. rertam B?-el Fatafe. r?#lng Uti N". 10 and II. In B?u<uei Da*hia >u ul'diviaiouof la-juare nn.uber?d One lundre an<i Igrity three In We*hioglou city, l?. C , Vktrh the biilldiiig*. inipr-?vemeata and iiprurtepancea te. lite ia.ua lieiouMtlu'. Tnui f one ball i*ah; balance In 1, It and IS riontha to te aeenred b.\ a <! e.| ol iruat oil the pt?i?.i?ea. AH "-onveyan iag and atM>n?< at the c<)>t uf tbe cureheaer If the terma of a?le are 1 et cotcplie 1 with within five day* afier th aale, a jeaae will tie had at tbi risk Bt<l foat of da* I tnl'tng pnreliaaer ?l"0 t-? b? paid at th* fall of the h'tuin er. W*LTJHS i''l\ OKAS M. MATTHKWH, Trn-'e^a ? ' the Thir l Aull llug A?a ?t;iat:.'n, of ? ? raetowi.. d j e. Ad* W.L WALL* t'O , Ancta. | | OB3FB ABD MI LKS AT AllLTlOB. - O* * P*r?laf 1 lf?.* nti?M It t*. I?? a?i*.er m ih%i. < W ill? * . !d at l'a? lie A reitaa im * A Tl' HIJ A Y, 1 ?n a ' rr >t a* I? o < lo. k <* . ?t B?t '? O >1 ral. t '-ae Cih^tAn B'w*1* 'fnd' r lh? iie>"?l?i i>i of Htfvn rrtg??Oer *\r r"I *?* arte M.To>?k as, T . a??? Mf.aiKi f?a-?< a peroral I a a , tnefi). I kni i n - '1*^1 )f|?rta.i??.???-j t r-rertl **??fa? t. atM Hve ^H|,V4 . I 'Varna- <'aah im lioVerame ??t nd? T. II E'.'UKBr. Aaali-taaf Un?r??a.Mias*?r lia>rr?|, I i.ei. at Bm?el Major Gtuerul L. S, A. I flAfWEUKfl, | |1ill8 oh lordor. for bale i* wwb re mrr. ' r?rcw". VWPF&ZV-00 " x.swis jo**b0h a w >mk?c?. bo 14 tf PeBBaylvaala i jay cooce * co , r*If . iiiiiii, fiftH*dk arm, wmti i dayaatf sat ? mnmt mrk(t rtlw, n< i cututi! 6ft band, i foil rawly ?* *u ' ?omra?tr bowdb,

sbysb-thirtibb, and oompocbd - 1btrrr8t botrb, Order* far btoceb. boim, to , aaaeatad. aad Collections made on *11 mirtmi ?oliti. ee 1-tf - . |>arrow~ k co., ; u babebr8, ' corn** LcaWlana it?w Savaatb m1, dialer* lit GOfEMXMKNT SECURITIES. ?OLD abd bllvbb : j7 ?,j abb lamp rtbbbartb. tint Katioial Btnk of Waikiigtoa. I b d. cookb, (of Jay Cook* a Co.,) President. wm. 8. hcnt1ngtom, c?uw. qovbrbment dbpobitorw aid f1banc1al agent of tub tbitbb 6tatb8, l$ik ttrUt, vrTOiUt tkt Ttiasury Derarrmnt. i Government Eecurltiea with Treasurer United *Utm*mroXE MILLION DOLLARS b * buy and aell all clasaes of OOVERXMEX J bEClRlTlESol current market retee. H'RKISH EXCHAXG K and makt CWi'rtiMM m AI L THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE VISITED STATES. v e purchase Government Voucher* on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, end five cwlol j ml pion.pt attention to ACCOUNTS fti BUSINESS MEiv aid FIRMS. u.d to any other buslnes* ectrosted to ne. full infobm ation In retard to goyebrmb>t loans at all timea cheerfully furnished ?h. 8. huntington, Ceehler. wubinftobi Muck 3), 19u. mil tf DENTISTRY. D removal b. lb w ib, i> a a TIST, baa iihovio lr?m >14*4 to uoo Pens. avenue, ten doors^>?^ aoo'?-_ bruit Ihieorery tn m Tuik.Extracted Without Fain. All |er-^iuib oca having Teeth to extract, i aoald advise then to call atD*. lewie'8 office, and nave them taken oat Teetb inserted on Bobber, Gold and s'lt'LPlates. In order that all per eon a should bar* Teeth, we bar* reduced tbe price very low. To be convinced or tbe fact, call and eae far yoar4v?' c*'l and aea the new and Imprevad method of Inserting Teetb. Bo. 260 Pans'a avenue, between ltth and 15th streets. jej-tf 8. b. lbwib. m. d . Dentist. rp b b t b . 1 , . M. LOOMIB.M.D., Tha Inventor and Patentee of the mirbbai* plata tbbtb, attend* pertonally tt^mk his office in thi* city. Many persons c>d1|m wear theee teeth who cannot wear others^*"*" and no per eon can wear others wbo aanaot wear tbeaa. Pereono calling at my otlco can be accommodated with any style and price ol Teatb they mar d?aire,bnt to tbaaa who are particular,and wl'h tha pnreat, cleaneat, strongest a: 4 moit p^rfe. t denture that art can procure,th< mibbbal tbbth wftl be more felly warranted. Booma la thia city ?No 3.1" Pean'a avenue. batweenftb and lOtb sta. Alio, 807 Arcb street, Philadelphia. oc jo lv j oo&ton mess maokeeel. i am now r< celvinp from Borton direct, the very fineat <in*llty of >1fsi? mao'.bbbl, and which rarely ttnd their way to thia market, t>-tnf natd nioetly for h^mt- cnaumption.' a- ih y b?a- t>e-n trimmed of erery p.rt Wnt the m ?t talatabl^, the kits c<>ntalu very mnrb m ?re :n?u the 'i?iantity usually packed n. \v. bcrcbklil, Corner 1 atli and t ?ttf??ts. under de i tf _ Bboitt Mon,e. | umbkbi lcmbbbi: inoooo fert of Virgluia Pine Joi"t, from O to 30 feet long ' , , <uwi lr*t k*s'< rn Miore jl ? irg'nia Pine Bpriice and UetubicW j'jlst, fr<ru? 11 to 2'fe?'t, aad "liffyreut 1 o '0> Cy pre*? Sliingles. (Slunnon* a Davia' Bo. btarta ... lt? ,'KO Cypre^B Shitigb'S, common S>rantU and ,sa geod a?aortn???t ol 4 4.6-4 and 8 t White Pin#, pntue. select an<i aec<>nds, seav.ued ! ii f'-et t 4 whitp Piue CuBinra MUWfeet 4 4 Yeliov Pine lireeaad Flooring feet 4 4 ??<1 4 Carolina Flooring Oak. a?h and w&luut Plank Toge'her w ith a iteaernl a?aortm?nt of all kinds hf Lumber natntlly kept in a Lnmoer Yard All of mhicb we oner for sale at the lowest ruark- t prl. e. job aj.k LIKnll, Office, bo. 'j1 Water street. uo9 1tn Georgetown. d. c. vcr k t D i 8 k a a b 8. sa mar ithn*i tlh? SAMARITANS GIFT I tbb mobt cbbtain bbmbdy bvbb usbu t?a, a Powtit* Ctra*," fer OOirOKBHOtA, OLKMT, STRICTURE*. Contain* no Mineral, ao Balaam, no Marcnry Only t<? P*U? 10 b* T*k?n to Eject a Cur'. They are auttrely Tegetabla, baring no smell not ... niinleaeaiit taate. aad will not in any way lamre the stomach or bowels of tba moat delicnta Onrea in froni two to four oays, and recent caaes intwei-ty tonr hourt " Prepared by a graduate of the University of Penaaslvanla, eneof the moti eminent Uwtora and ObemiaU ol ue preeaat day. ds^sr1 cnry.try Bent by mail In a plain envelopa Pric??Male packagaa, Famaie. 81. BLOOD I BLOOD11 BLOOD IH sobofcla, clcbb8. bobb8, bpwtb. tbttbrs, bcalbb, boilb, syphilis. trrt 0*6 vbwbbba^i d18babb8, Ac. mAB*RlTAtra ROOT AND HERB JUICB la offered the aubHo aa a aoaltl ve cure. byfb1ll8 ob yenbbaal diabases, tha 8amab1tabb boot abi? ubbb jc1cb is a moat potent, aertatn and affectaal remedy aver prescribed ; it reachee and aradicatea avar* particle of tha venereal poiaon.ao that tba cure la thorough and p?rmanaatT Take, then,of thia pu.lfving r?i. edy and be baalad. and do not transmit It to you posterity that far which yon may re pant in after imn- do b8t de8paib i ?K5aWGWS'o^?f8MaBBtiab? will remeve every veetige ef impantiee from tha 'wACijrr'ki?lV^??ted,inOloamad Oterns. in leucot rbwa.ln beartng down. Falling of the Womb, dab am a bit an "8 wash la, in oaaea of Bypbilta, used tnoouneotton with tha 1 Boot aad Herb Jaiaee. Full directions. Pnoe v centa. The efficacy of tbaaa remedies i? alike aoknowlbj |hglclana and patienta. Tbey are need what tbb bobqbon8 bat of tthe 8 amab ,b" 1 1tab-b bbmbdibs. "Poar Bcismtai , Fobt ki ae^hall, Baltimore, Md , Feb. ? 1?4 ?"i have great satiafaotivn la Btattag that 1 have need 'Tba Baamritan BemndJee' for Veneral dlneaaea in its moat customary forma; that 1 have, aaad them with judgment, dlaoretiea, and properly, and, have found taem reepond to my BBttcifatlona promptly and effect nally. Knowing their compeeltlon, i have tha fnllaat conBdeaca la their efficacy, aad ae far aamy aseof then eateada, ? ?4tt?'^'ii?d 0. b0w1b8. "Aaalataat Burgeon. Mb h. t. Tola. * Bold by b. o. ford, aaraarllthjrtraatMd Pana* (vibw boobb.?Marcy's Thirty Yaars of Army 1^1 Life oa tbe Border. Illustrated. Aaanal Oyalapadia for ibm. Ooldwin Smith a Lactnxea on tba fetady of Iilstorr. Butniuor Beat, by Oall Ham Utan. Tbe b me raid, edited by Bpae Sargaat bj#l5^ctll# 0n0k0!0,mi bab ob ta t lor. Wb havb conbbotbd with onr Ware rooma.nn stairs, aa e^wbluumf ut??, whara pianos and otb< r md81cal ib |rm BTBUMBNTSare thoroit/thly repaired at'?" bit reasoaabla farms The Pianoforte Tnaars In oar employ are from tbe Manufactory of Btatnway a Bone, of Baw Tork & ?? w. o. metzbkott a oo., oc i _ _ 219 Peaa'a avenaa. Mw boolls?The Oreat Behellion. ??y Jnha 4in?>r Botts; Treasures front Milton s Prise; An Ainrricen khniil) in l!?ti wuy. by .f. b?s Browue. ftvith * Princi nia Lntlna, part 3d; Auntie ?>n KpltMi>lre: had Letter Pay* ha Gall h?mllt-.i ; battle Pi. ?-#. b\ Herman m?lville; Biasing tbe Bod, a uovel.by rdraa^l ya?ee bo* fbanck taylob. rv>fib oboc1iet collab boob; mrs. i Pay e s bnittm l?c? Collar Book; Tha Racla Bnlttos h?-"k. Mrs Oangaiu'e hntt 8hawl an i heart Book; mm Ustifaii'a * rochet Baby Can bw k The grrek ^n-t Baniwn l*ca book; The Aat*?ln*i*n Knlttin- and b-tt'n* Book The wl?t#r i. ilttingBonk: Mrs o nv1" Art af Dreaetaaking. *a tatf ob "lift ^ava^r raliafta so - a-reU uem /.ante ockkaBTS and m ?*rk* of 1?aT|cm for aaieat itnp*?rtfir'a p'icea. by J h ciane a oo , . >? 982a* bl Lvviglana aveua*. | r RAILROAD LINKS. i 1866 rttisiku?u boutb 1h67 i to TIB bubthwbst^OCTH, AND BuCTHwintbb bchbbclb OtMd iiltr loTdnkM If. * ' W" w"' WaaL'oguJh*?]"? (Mam I Baltimore-....! 15 a m. 7 y? 11 10 a. m. > 8 00v , 1 j* " TIB "BBAT POCilC TK*CK BOUTB. Nk BbBGAVT BOBBERY. Palare But^ roo* day aad el* at Ovi with no^ere imft>'?? ?< ?WMvini (ram foar to twelve huure In aty other rnate. Two hundred mi lee eaved to Vnttn ni Central Sew York. Two Dally Trnlne to the W?-t ? ffortD TlroMtt from Baltimore to RCXJR EST 15 R aad PlTTBblRGM without chaage. ?ur?iftri by thle route iruB M?? Ik* idttiilMtofukiU ?U cb?i4** 10 OMIOM DEPOTS. and ao FERRIES . Tlchefo by thle ron'e ran he procure<1*t fbe er fire, comer 6th ?tre*r aad Pweneylvaeie ? ilerlki ll*!to?al Hot*l. where reAleble iator Kati?a wtn be ftren at *11 timet. Paeeengera procartng t<ck"4e at thje oljce can aecnre aeronautodatioae in Blaeplng Car* lor El W1L T,ri.., , WMki?(toi D o. BD. B. YOCHO. '.an. PaM. A?ant. _ Baltimore, ltd dell* WASHINGTON. ALKI-V^DRIA 6bor?etowm fcAlLBOAD. TIMB TABIB.^^ On aDd after MONDAT, November IS. lgv. aad nntil further notia*. fmii i)'?r Train* will run between Washington aad Alexandria u follow*: leavk w*?h!s(iT?*. lisavx alkxa.Ni.ri a From Md. avenu- depot. From c?r. Duke * Henry Local at I UA.I. ?t* Loral at 4 4) A. M. Through Mail a V. " Local cor Kief Local at '00 " and Henry ... 4 ?0 " y ou " Local at. 8 00 '* " job p. m " - i? ?ju ? 4 20 " S00 P.M. ... 6.M Through X ul. corn-r of .. 11 J0 " BukeAHenry 8 00 P. M. Loral eor Klne and Henrv 7 *> 'J FFNDAY PASSENGER TRAINS ? LtiV*WtfHI?8T<,N LI4V1 ALIXiXnili. Prom Md aveaued pot Prom cor Dnk? * Henry Through Mall 6 4 a M. *ta . Local at 4 i". a. M . Local at_. ..? 30 P M Through Mail ?0> P M. O. a. 8TRY bus. General H?teiim*adent. no )v W.J PiltLPi* (it-Dtral Man^r. rr?HP.OC(jH link BETWEEN WAstllNUTON 1 PHILADELPHIA AND NEW YORK. fiUKHim _ wa?hin^t<>*, Hec 9.18M. Train* between Waahington and Haw Tork ara bow run aa follow* rl*. POB MEW YORK , without change <*cara Leave daily (except Bunder) at J tf. a. m and :30 a. m FOB NEW YORK, chaneia? cara at Philadelphia. Leave daily < except Sundey i at 11:16 a.m. and 4:90 p. m. for philadelphia. Leave dally i except Snmley) at 7 '# and 1115 a. m , and 4.30 an J 6 30 p m <?N BL'NDAY. Leave for Mew Tork and Philadelphia at 4 30 p. m only. SW eping cara for New Yark on 6.30 p. in. train dally. Through tlcketa to Philadelphia. New Tork. or Bo?ton, can be had at the Station Office at alitor* In the day. aa well aa at the now office 1*i the Bankers and Broker* Telegraph Liae, 34S? Peau. avenne, *-wtween 6tb and 7th atreete. See Baltimore and Ohio Railroad edv*rtl?ement for echedule between Waehlngtea, Baltimore, Anna poll*, an'1 the Weet J, l. WILSON. Master of Tranaportation. L M. COLE General Ticket Agent GEO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent. Waahington. ocSOtf Baltimore and ohio bailboad, wa^hisotos, De. . ?, 1W Tram* between WASHINGTON AND BALTImore.and Washington and tbb vvt are now rnn aa fnllawa. yjr : FOR BALTIMORB. Leave daily, except Sunday, at 7 0". 7 45. and I 11 16 a. m., and 2 l?>, and 4 30. and 3 no p tn. FOB all way STATIONS Leave daily, except Sunday, at 7 V9 a m , and 2 < o and t Uo p. m. , VOL ..AY bTATlONSSOUTB OF ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION | Leave at 6 1fiand7.UU a. m.. and at !.<? aud 4At > t * for annapolis. Leave at 7:0" ai.d 7 c a m , and ( V p m No tratna to or from Annapolia oa Son .ay. on FOR BALTIMORE. Leave at 746 a. in., and 2.?> an J tilOi u. fob way stations. Leave at 7 4; % na.. ard ! ?' and ? "v p p. FOR ALL PARTS OF TUB WSST. Loave daily, except Sunday, at 7:46 a.m., and 8.D0 p in OhSaiidarat^OOp m only.connecting at Relay Station with traits from Baltimore to Whee.iec. t Pnrker?tiO!g *c. TRKOrGH TIOKBTS to tbe We-tcap te had at the a a?hluvt<n Station Ticket Offi *e at all hjn n In tae a?y. aa well aa at the new a (floe of tbe Ranker" and Broken' Telegraph Line, 34* Pena. ax-r ue, between 6th ana 7tb atreeta. For New Yotk, Philadelphia, aud Boaton, aee adyertlaement of "Tbroogb Line. -' J. L W ILSON, Maator of Tranaportation. L M. fOLB. Oen?ral Ticket A*ent. ocSOtf GEO. 8 KOOBTZ. Arent, Wa<hin? toa 8TEAMBOATL1NK&. ^TEAMKR LEAVES for ~ MOUNT VERNON Every THURSDAY at 10 a.m. Beturns at Oa p. m. lare for round trip |l.iO;*ie third tbta amount for nee of Mount Vernon Aaeociation. WaaAington and Alexandria boata laave each place every boar, from 7a m.to?p m. far The fine Steamer WAWA8SBTT can be bartered for Bxcareioaa JL TAN BI8WICK, nog lm General Sup t P. F Oompany. JpOR THE EASTERN 8H0EE The larga. atanack, aud ?mmodiona Bfeamec WILSON SMALL. OAPT. b. T. LEOMABD. laaveaher pier oppoiltaBBSBV Ho. ?70 Light atraet wharf, twees Barre and Lea atraeUj Baltfmora.every TUESDAY, THUR8UAY. aad 8ATORDAY, at 9 p m., for tfASTOy rolk'T, DOUBLE MILLS, OXFORD, CLOKA'S POINT, WALLACE'S WHAti F, CAMBRIDGE. UGH LETT'S WHARF, CABIN CREEK, MEDFOHD'8 WHAKFs aad LLOYD'S LANDING. Returning from "TBB SHORE," aba laavaa Lloyd'* Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridge at 4M p. m., and Beaton Point at 8p. m , (touching eg tbe lateiaiadlatelanding,I on Mondaya, Wadnee^aya, aDd Pndayn. . ^ She hag ftr<e atate rooma, and all other paaaengar acoommodation*. equal to thoaa of aay other ateamer on Cheaapeake Bay. ae 6-tf OOTOMAH TBAHSPOBTATIOB laLNB. boticb to~SHIPPBB8. The (taamar expbeftfltCapt. B. a. BYTHBB, 1 leavea waahington at 6 a. m. and Al- __ ^ exandria at 7 a. m EVERY bat C BD A T for Gly mont, Bndd * Ferrr,^^^^^^^* bmitb'a Point, Ohattertan Landing, Hanjemoy Storea, Math tea Point, Chape! Point Plowdeo'a Wharf, Laacaater'a Wharf. Stoae* Wharf. Onrrioaien Bay, Foxwell'a V* barf, Har.^ll'* Wharf, Plney Point, Point Lookout, aad arrlveaat Baltime re at 8 a. o" Sunday j. b. bryan A bro , Agenta. ap 7 tf No. 344 l'cnna. evenne Richmond, fbbderiorsbuho ahd p? TOMAC RAILROAD. to TRAVELLERS goihg BOOTH TW1CB DAILY, (Banday p. m. excepted.) The qalckeet aad moat dlract route te Rlohmoad, Va . and the South, via tbe Potoma- _jr?a ^ ateamera from Sixth Street Wbart.B?4mMA Waablngtoa, to Agnia Creek Rlcbmoud, Frederickaburg aud Potomac R?iln*ad, now entirely completed from Aquia Creek to Rich- ' moLd.Va. conuecdng there with traluaoa tbe RichKio ana Petersburg aad Rlcnmend and Dan villa Iroada, for Peteraburg, Weldon, Wilmington. Raleigh, Greenaboro', Saltabary. Charlotte aad Cheater, S. G 8team*ra Eeyport and c Vanderbllt leave Sixth Street Wharf dally (Sunday evening excepted) at ? 40 a. m and 7am and arrive la Richmond at througllto^bichmohd ibbbvbb HOURS. Fifty Milan Shorter ana ?* Houre quicker tOaa any Other boute. Be rare and get Through Tlcketa via Aaala Creek and Fredarickaburg, to Richmond, at tbe Oompaay 'a Office, corner of Peana. aveaue and 6th street, or on board of tha boata. Baggage checked lhOmn!\meeee and Baggage Wagoau will ba ta r?adtneeato convey paaaengan and baggage between depots In Richmond Paaaengera by thla line para by daylight Mount Vernaa and may have aa opaoriunlty of vtertlng aevatal battle field* aear Fraderickebarg by atop"IVAtf .KVy o. bo^.,01 ? ?B?. M 4TTINOLY Bnpt. Waablugtoa, DO. >,g. E MATT1NCLY, Tirket^^nt^J^ahjngt*. ap ny Beaeral Paaaeagar Ag?* H- uoFFBB MOBBB BATBB ^g&nrptfh' Btpouum. gtgraienta. Honby i , bokky i HOMKTIH 1 am today rrael*?m HOBBY of the nmat Bavor and a?r?rtK*| ^ Rl' BOH ELL. Oomer e* Utb and F atreete. unier ? iy ibkWt Hoaaa. otlaa ooffkb' at1 l?oha cgfpbb1 Tkla rare lexr.ry ia#l reoelvad h? Taiatarei^i g^jlM 4 BO|I E||>(| aaB Oor. Vermont ava. aad IStfc gt. ??? I PROPOSALS. ?po AtCBltBCT? ~ plass abd srtcirioATiows rot <nv I 1LPIBW8 VORTHB WAR UIFAkTHIh T AT 4U?4,X*5. I) 0. A rchltec*! ar* ln*f?-d to prapar* |tnM m< fMldtlMM, nd of <- ?*. f?r m? lr? proof MNlin for tkr War Nm'.wtt. oa ?* aHe Br* WmiM hf lit *W ' ^ n4j*c*a t TkMl around, IB W**aia*t.D, The I tfmi|ir*n(tr?<likn?i4 *rt?M Ur*e m the * He *H*cr*d wMI adult ?1. Pk*l*>rifht ? itM, ijU til Mfcrr llfonMtn r* latin*: to the t wTifT* formatted t* Ar?ki tect* dMlrtif t* (" [ft* fur ik* *Mk, ?>na ?ppllcatioa, HnoUltr. cr by letter .to th* aad* in^ A pr*-n,lumof # t.aMfnr th* drtf of ItMfMUo Mccn4.titilot|iMf?r th* (bird im4 ?amaha ble ?I?m aad itfif'itwn rwtird, will t* warded uaoatb* ityr til fth? H ? Secretary rfOttrwrktrrtl wtil(h? dwty of *?! > Um ??d |i*m tod f^ifirittnpi for the klitldltii of Ibr Wtf D*ik4?r act o( Ooagf*** approved Joir The pla*? mud *pe Vatimi* ma<t be l*?l to tb* ( 1*1 out Ooi.Mtol T I Trr?4*?f|, I*f?r'l?r of IM Bf'ild OrdlMr* Offlca WiM*r * Building JWut1i<#U)?. !>.<;..? or befor* Ik* i*t d?r of r*lra*ri. ISW. Tk? B<ard wffl tb* H|%t to r?jMt ur or 'I pl*t?a *n twitted, h-al' none V* 'e*m*d nlti Mo for th. Mr*oM. a* well aa to r*tol* uf or oil t>f >nk pits* By ordor of tha Bttrd. T.J TRIADVILL. n < 90 Uu Brrrt Llect.Oet . C 8. A.,K*corder. pKoPtfBALS FOR^IM RBieHIBO FKtMi OVVKB IIKPOT CoaoiMtui, i Fort .. fi . December 4, X-fc. f 8*a'ed If p*-?ic, io I ?'? ?III t?r*eiv*4 h? th- ntK'ervgr.-d i .n! It o' lark * m . . TCRPDat. th* l??h ?ey of U*c.r?-*er, iwc. f imiiMii by o?Btr*rt. uud-r )>oid>, f It.iH I BBif tvih* tr^n I . >ttn g?: .t ! Fai Monro*. Camp II*-nitton. lorktowa. ud Hi rfolk, \ t., f' r ?ii n. nth-. coiumfaliit Jmu ar: 1. MQd ending Jm * 3P . l&-i7. Tbf Bwf to * of i p> d. wb?t| oomo. m?rk-tio-.lt?p. d*li\*r?*j 1* e-,n*l pr**ortl * of ) for* t?<* M*d tiatrifr im?t, n*k*. atiMkitoa kt'iMi tallew lo Be ev^ni-d > at tbo('oi<KiM>rv batcher >*l,? at Fort kt-.uro* a ad (Vxaa mrf #t?r* at H*rfol k , at *b hit n? ao<i in puch , i*o*i tle*>a*-mav be repair*-' b* tlio Bubai.teric. Debarment. at.d will te tn'.jort t In. p-rtioa twf. ro ?a"u* at l *boa1d be lanfhtered at tbe p lot of l?MO. The tinvprramt re?*r>ee the rtabt to revert piopo-al* d'fDit.l nnr, a*> t*a -e or o1?>r*4 by jar M< (wltoLava k*t> olote failed to Ceii.piele contract* Bidder# are remfftM t? ?e pr--*et.t er repr aent?d at tt e oj>e? Ins *?f the t>i.1? Propoaal* ahould t>e end?ra-< oa thaepve'op "Piopo*ai* lor Fre*h Be- f ?n1 addr**a~,t t.* .. <AMM UCBKf. oa 10 . t Col'>oel and 8 v DBOfMALS I OR IK -IbB tiOODi. l>kraa;H^ \t <>r trk Iitkkior, ) f2fre. Afmtr-. . M r-hmr- n V ( .. Noirin ?r 21. MM \ 'H-' r?e! -Pr?po?*le tor In d'an Oorde. Ill at th? Otic* T In <ltan Afla>re er til li km '-a B^riTKD%T tbe Uth of D.O-mber next, for lare a' inc to tl.e Muaiititie* tLereiB g: *eB, ttie artirto* naaie.j In tbe foiluwi*! lint. Tbe ar?>?<^a!a tn tad-rat* to jeparat. rdaarj.at whfte prto- .aid ar-i. Ine - II ?w- <1all\ere ; tn N?w Tork ctt?, vnd at what ari ? tb-y win be ?|eM??red ?n t?t. L,0aie Tbe rood* to I* delivered at ai Her p a<-e at tba c?<t ot tBe eontrattor. _ FIB^T ('LAN MA< Klli AC BLAN K KT*? r UKCIO !l OB DA - . , ??Bhnc. 2,:U0 pair 3 Point Ua. B.ankota, ?a7: it be., to mefft. 8 po * S.BUP pair JS polat.White lilatkeU.Siwii in bea. to 6 ^oqp'l# Uf> pairlSpofut White Blaakete. %,xM lnch??. u. aetru 4V pull[xia 1>? tair 3- tolr.t Hear let Blanket*. UV7J inrbe? t?> ?ei? h 8 poon.> ' .'?<> pair ft, point Scarlet BlaakeU. Ut6? inct.ea lu a elcii poanila yo ?atrs point Orean Blacketa m\72 Inc'iea to welph 8 ponado 2 CM pair a point lndiro Blue Blacketa. ?c>"2 inci e-. to ??i|b - poawda pair 2Vpmt lt> ii#o Blua Biaaket*. t,t?5 ID' h?-. to aeisli ? p <uud< 100 pair lJi-point Blue Bla^ktU 4JxS-i tnrbea. to weigh lH poQii-l* SBCOBiD CLABS-i bOTHH-rOKIIOB 0B DO EO- j atd? Fancy Li?t Blua Clotb 6iiW}ariliOni Ll?t Blae< iotb S,l?U yardn Bared Li?t Blua 01^- h ,0Ui ) ard- 5?ti?l Liat Scarl*' OMk. ??? . Ifli#P,CLA8^*** OOODS. 200 dozen H ? Wuol< n Shaala .4* 'b?. Linen Tbrrad :?"0 lt>a. t'otton Thread ?,w?)yirdiTntk?> i^d <?il Calico t*> iiXljarda Blue Dulling .'O.HWjarda fnrnn Drilling III i??? yard# Red Stripe fe-i Ti kii.g m 11 y ard a S n per 8m 11 tie ta ft <M< yard* Satinet : ,< i> xa d? H 'ckor Shifting 2> .' ? i?r?1a Tiro* n ^hlrtina 'J0 V>V Hi- kor. febirU 10,'UOjardP Dock (fortenta ? fttl'RTVI CLA'S- HABI'WABB. l(b'B<r?n be*? Oaat Meel ai ea, from i iv 3 t.ot.a?i? ?lth hand lea * * l>?dorem beat Caat Ste-| Half Am, from 2 to S poaada, alth kandiea 1 *M' tamp Kettiea %aeort?<l ^i/.ea 1 OQH Miot t hatiil'.e Fr> P ua bOOCozan Tin Pan? 2,<..>ud ^uait.laejaaJ ^?altltiea pre??e-i ] *>/ aorea Iron Table fpoona 1 vii 4ur.au Tin Car 2 ?i?i<1ocen Bntrber K?ir<?,<i iorh blado 1 Oi"dor.to Fiali H<>uk* iaa*ortedi (U'dvcenFith Liat". aa? rt-4 I f?*mila-of alt ait'rl^a to l?e forwarded to tnie 03.ee nbtiii>pru|iural> and Ui?|Mk.aiarniiiicd t'le eijr ?11 ti all re>p^ ta to tlioaanti,.>a BuMdi 'nr iMi?t>i?ii aa entire claaa ui tt.? article* #p*<tfled Will be r. naldtlH. Ail article* 1 ..rtilsiie.1 nn n contract will be -ifidly lbepactad aad compared wtta th* aamplaa by an igtjt or M^nt* appointed for that parpo?. hat b a<*od# or arti> lea a- may in any reepa-'t tail u> coalorm to tb* eampl-a will be re >-cted. aad in that <-aa? the onti actor will be bound tofnrmab othara oftba t*<iOiraa kind orinally within riri da.?. or. if that be oot doua, they will be parehaaed at hia?xpi?a Phj u eat aill h<* ata-'e for (o*da rereir*d *a mtuiie* th<*raof. certified by U. a^eai or afeuta appointed to foapect them Tli* right will he referred to require a greater gaaatltT of an? of the articlea named than that #a*ciflen in th* aboreacbalal*. Botexea*diti( three tim?- the amount theieof. Any of to* bid*, or aay part* thereof. Bay be. accapted or re;*ct*d, at tb* optioii of th* department. Bo hide will be r*nrH*red from peraooa who have failed to r<>mply with th* requirement* of a farmer contract with the 0nlt*d Wat** Bo proposal wiU be coaeldered that daaa net atbtctlt comply with tB* fotlowiac raiuirementa Proposal* mait embrace the article* with the qnantltie* thereof a* aet forth In tb.- above ach*dnie. with tb* prioe* aaaexad to <-aaB, aid the amount* mnit b* carried oat ami f??te4 np, ea-h v claaa to t^ aeparataiy atated and faotad up. bald price-and amount* muat be ao flrenwllbont auy modification or proposed modification whatever Propoaal* ahonld l>* ?nbmitted la the followiti( form : "I tor we] hereby propoee tofamiah th* Indiaa Department. *cc?tiU( to the term* ?f the advartiaament of the Commi*aioa*r of Iadiaa Affair*. dated NoT.mberJl.lMa.tbafollowingaruclaa a at the pncea tbeieto affixed Here Inaart toe li?t prapnred ** indu-a-e* la the firat paragraph of thla adveTtlaement 1 Bald article* are to he deliverable eltb*r at B*w Y*rk or f?t Louia. aa the Oomnii*?ion*r of Indiaa Affair* may elect, on or before the :0th day of Fe^ruati Best, aad, if thta pro petal te accepted. I |or w*| will, wlthia fiveaava thereaftet. execute a contract accordliKly, and elve aecurltv aatiafactor^ to tne Comti:i-eioD< r of Indian Affair* fai the faithful performance of the aame " Kach propoaal maa* be aocompaaiad by a rearaba* in th*- toll ait.g form, to b* *ian- .1 by two revaota'bl* peraona. whxae ??Sueary aut be certified hr a Uaited Statip.'ad^e or Dlatrict Attorney '?( hereby jointly and aeveraliy iraaran tee that the *t-ov* Udd.r, lor biddera.) if a contract aball ta awarded to him Tor tnem) ar cordine ho bla(or their) bid or propoaal. will *secnte a contract accoro'aeiy. auo (ivetber*4ul*iu* a*cority for the faithful perf*rmauce of tb* la** at. p>earnl>*d in tl>* advertiaemant for propoaal* for Indian foooa dated November SI, ISiC; and ta the event of bia (or tholrl fallnr* *o to do, we hereby errae atof bind >mr*elve*. ear heira.e\ecntora.aad adminietrator*. forfeit aad pay tti? Lnl?e-t atatea a* damacea. **nm not lea* thaa fifteen per cent, oh the amount of a*14 hid or propo al. Bond* will t>e lequl-ed in th* amount of th* bid for tlie fhithfnl terf ?rmaap* of the contract. ?r+th two nr more anretiea, ahoae aottln>-iKy mnet t>? certified toby a United Stat** Jodre.r Dlatrict Attorney LBWIB v. b(h>r. no Ti eotd awWWtoB. OBPUAB&' OOLRT, D*c. Di*tbict oy CoLUHhia Wa.?H?..8jo* f^orsTT. Tettu: In the ca*e of William M ^llaon **cator of Ftedorlck T Wilaon, di waaeil. the avecutor afotaaaid baa with tb* approbation of th* orphans" Ooart of Waahlaa^a Coanty atorwaid. apKb ted Saturday, th**th day ef Jaaaary, 1*7. to* finalaetUemaut aaddlatribuiioa of toe aereonal octal* of *aid dac*aa*d. aad of the aaa*U ta hand, aa far a* the aame )> * been collected and tcrn*d Into m*iey; when aad where all th* creditor* and h*ira af eaW deemwed ar* aotHUd to attend, wtthtbelrctetaa* propeny vowchM. ar toey map utbrrwiae by law b* *xrladed frem all WeaedU la d**aaaed 'a aetata - Provided a copy of thi* order 5* published *pce a week for throe Waofc* ta to* Xv*a?nc Star, priHoaa to the paid day. _ Taat-JAB. K ORBIBJIK. d* 14-lawSw" Rogiator .f Will*. Ill CDIG&L B09KB?Daitott - Unman Phyatoloi nr. Draett% M<?lem tlancery. Knch^eu'e By*tem of harrery. tiray'a Aaatomy. Flint on the Be*p4rator? O'liau. new edition. Piiut a Practice of Bledictae Wate.il a Prat to* *| PL) ale. Atkln * StifD.e ard Prartlc" ? M*diciae; IT. la , London. Fo??e'? B em-oiary Ch*mi?trv. Berelra'a MBterta ta.dl-a; edited bv Horatio C Wood. M. ?T Bld^le'e Wa?*ria Medic*, aad aaar otbar* *a the aame *at>?*ct* for <ale h? oc4 rHANt.k TATUtR. P I A H O 8 . We Uav* bow on haad an a*aertm*nt *(BMk 40 TO i0 Pi AH 38. which ar? off.tlne f jr a# tat factory Pilce*. ParcbaalBf *xdn*tve|y tor ca?h.we are eaaMed to a* 11 ou favorable term* w.m. mrt/brott io<?, 'J I *? I'ei.a a aveune Bole agent* for 8toliiwa< A bub. piaa aa-J M*. aoa A Hamlia a Cabinet Organ* (?! a P A RLBZ VOIll? >K AB 0AIH; t>r. d* tV* Hae.k. f ?rebel* > ?Bc*Bt* far.cliei ?io U?iUch Or. UoToaSpeak fiermanf hi . *?t* Ha*, a vd C?Ryi'ol; or. To k*? J?**h tfpanl-h* ati ?. ,.t? Hate Italian* Or. D Toa ^peak leaf**-, ? r* rent* Barmorte* Pr?t:?ine*. par Laat*rfta* is cent*. leoaeilie i*enta PaMlija** par Lima'dai: St rent*. \|? de Jeaoa. p*r R* iaB; JI Th OCjb | irasck tailor.