14 Aralık 1866 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

14 Aralık 1866 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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THE EVENING STAR. UJOALNKwi amc8*MHTB."*c.. TO.WIOHT. National i ukaikk.? 1eneflt of Mr. JefferSou 'bit CflllPf. Wlioil h" > I ipp'M tn hi* afimirsMe mperforation of "Newman N'otp," in th* pl*j of Kirbola* NlcklebT,** dramatized b> l'.vu Houcicault fium l>ickens' novel. Also ?? Mr. Goligbtly" tn "Lead me Five Milliiltf " We hop*>nfuli Mill greet oar V wbii fios tavoriie. Wall's Nk* Oriiti Horro.?Ben? It cf Mrs. L? p Mower* this evemnr. wuo will ap|'<-ar ?? " iw Knowl?|' line play of '?Tbe HtMhbwk." She will he ??. sisted h> mr .1 (' McColioin as hKwt?r Walter." and hv ?he principal members of tre grand comt.inatioa company. The cas it an tfKelleot one. Ur?n kelixw* Hall. Navy Yard ?Fair for benefit of St. Peter's l'ar*chial School. Uvd i'kll'^ws* iiall.?>'atr in aid of tbe huildire tunrt of tbe new Episcopal Church, nil corner ot itith nixt N itmii. Music by tbe .-.' h lntantry Bind, and tableaax every evening. Fair HriLDiKo. corner of tib street and Pa. h'tiue?1 b?* Oranil Masonic Fair, for tbe >?etefit of tbe Mm<)bk Hall Association. Columbia commanders. No. i, k t., will attend the Farr ihts A Fair for the beu> At of the new (Uthollc Church. now building in the Arst ward, is be. ing held in tbe nasenu-nt of St. Matthew's 1 bnrcb, 11 and ICth streets. Hit ii:oTT Hall?Lecture nnder tbe anspier* ot the Yonui Men's Christian AmocIatien. by h<n. j. W Fstierjou, Senator elect trcm new Hampshire, this evening. l?*-trf( tivk firb? r*e \e? York- Ihltry ?t'irrmen liJurnl.?LMtl evening, tire was discovered in too ft able attached to the N?-w York Lx.rbior Bakery, on H at reel, near tbr canal. An alarm wm founded from the Central Guardhouse by officer Tucker, and the t;re department vw quickly on hand. Tb? tire was first discovered by the watchman, and be. with others, made an attempt to enter tbe tables, but were deterred by two ferocious dogs inside. It is supposed 'bat the fire originated in the engine-room adjoining th? stable. The flames quickly spread to the main buildin r. in which was the bakery, supplied with machinery and a largu stock of materia', bnt little ot which (and thai from tbe lower story) was saved Tbe apparatus was promptly at work, bnt were powerless to save the main huilnmg. which was entirely destroyed. Tbe J'.an.e- spread to the one story building on the ea-t side. owned by Mr. Taussig, in which Mr. \ S. Brady bad a quantity of property stored, ar.d that, too, was almost entirely destroyed. A lew pictures *?r? saved from this buildin?, bnt a number of billiard 'abie fixtures, gas fixtures, and bar-room furniture, wortb about ls i). on which there was bo insurance, was destroyed. The horse and carriage ba/aar of Messrs W. l. Wall ? Co. was damaged scmewbat bv tbe Are and tbe falling of the * nils of the bakery, as also wa* the onestory building owned by Mr. W. H. Philip and formerly occupied by John Fnrrell as a produce bouse. In tbe stable of Mr. Taussig were four valuable horses, which were burned to death. The business was managed for Mr Taussig by Mr B Ka*z.who had fourteen men enploisd. and it is estimated that bis loss, including mrcbinery and stock, will be about on which there is an insurance of Tl.is Are occurring in the early part cf the evening drew together a large crowd, and had tbe effect of thinning the audience attending tbe performances at Wall s Opera House, in the immediate vicinity. The police were on tbe ground in full force nnder Ma-,or Richards and Capt. Reid, and aided in saving goods and keening the crowd in the s-rrsets and out of danger. While the fire was in progress, but bad been extinguished in the one-story buildiug eastof the bakery, a portion of -be east wall of the bakery fell, mashing in the root of the one.story. Three members of steamer No. i. were on "the roof of the small bonse at the time, and went through with it to thezround floor. There was great excitement at this time, and tbe crowd made a rush to the -potto rescue them. They were got out in a few moments and tak-*r to the Central Guardhouse. where Drs. Woodbury and Keasby were in attendance, bnt found tbat none of them were injured beyond a tew bruises. we learn since tbe above was written that the loss of Mr. Taussig (be being absent from tbe ci?y' is estimated by some of bis employees atfiom eight to ten thousand dollars, nearly >?\ered by insurance in various companies. Tbe tr ain building was tbe property of Jacob e. Lyons, of New York, and was insured' in the People's Company, Worcester, Mass . for 5Ut. The total lo?s is variously estimated at from fle.oon to $41,1*10. Tbe fire is now supposed to have beea started by an incendiary ? Tai lurictnit'y Bill District arpmfiprt" 1110111.-In our House report yesterday, we stated tbat tbe appropriation of f i7.vju0 in tbe deficiency bill to indemnify this city for improvements made upon Government property, was stricken out. Afterwards. Mr. Stevens, of Pa., mo ted ta reconsider tbe vote whereby the clause making an appropriation for Washington city was stricken out. He deemed it a matter of simple justice tbat this appropriation sbonld be made. The amonnt named was in accordance with tbe estimate of tbe city surveyor, and the act of May 5, 1**66. required tbe General Government to bear its share of burdens tor improvement in tbe vicinity of its own property. Mr Wasbburne said tbaexplanation did no' fully satisfy bim. He believed tbe appropriation to be erroneous, and it was founded simply upon tbe report of an officer who bad never been authorised by tbis Honse. In tbe fnrtber course of debate, Mr. Dawes, of Ma?s., referred to Mr. Ingarsoll as tbe keeper of tbe moral* of tbe people of tbis District, by virtneof bis position as chairman of tbe committee on affairs of tbe district. mr lngeraoll said be preferred to be excused to a certain extent. He was perfectly willing to taae charge of tbe morals of tbe people ot the District during the recess, but net while Cotgiess was in session, fl>anghter.] Tbe 'notion to reconsider was lost. Tbe bill was then passed as amended. The principal items are as follows:?For public printing. 9.~v.0w>: paper for public printing, tor fencing tbe grounds south of the Treasury building and President's mansion. for repairs and preservation of public buildings. for facilitating communication between tbe Atlantic and Pacific States, imi'.gm" for tbe Metropolitan Police force, ims,-** for Department of State, to supply a deficiency tn expenses for foreign intercon rse. tv50,0u). a Wa^hinotosias Coj?i'LIm*st*t> ? Lieutenant George a. Armes. 2d v. s. Cavalry, who was sent with twenty.Ave meu of bis regiment from Fort Sedgwick, October 23d, in pursuit ofa war party of Sioux Indians, which bad driven off the previous day ?everal hundred bead of slock, who found and followed their trail, under tbe difficulties of crossing two wide rivers, forks of tbe Platte, and of darkness, ninety-eight miles, from 5 o'clock a. m . to II oVlock p m ; when be surprised tbe party, instantly attacked, killed and wounded nearly all of tbeir superior numbers?raptured twenty-two Indian bors?a, burned their camp, and brought off safely most of the stolen stock, is a resident of tbia city. Brev. Major Gen. Cooke, in an order reciting tbe above, says, "Thus. tbi> young Officer has set a Ane exam pie to the Department, of overeotn.ng difficulties tbat would have discouraged ami stopped many wi:bout loss of credit;?of bold determination to succeed, and of striking without stopping to count bis enemies. And be has presented to the prpf^e-don p??rb\psthe greatest cavalry feat heretofore recorded." Prot 1:acran A series ot meetings are in progress at the Fast Washington M E. Church, under tbe charge of rev. Geo. V. Leach, and nightly large numbers are at tbe altar. These meetings have been in progress fcr nearly three months, and thns far a large tiun.U-r have professed religion and joined tbe cbutvb. At tbe Second Baptist Church. Rev. Mr. Bray, progress lor over a month, and number* have joined tbe church. At the Navy Yard Metbodist Pro'estant. Rev. Jas. Thompson, a series of meetings are ia prog re s? which have been inu re<ting, and tbe eifn* are encouraging Tableaux Yiyams.?Tbe ladies of the Church of the lncan.ation (Episcopal) are now bolaing a fair at odd F?ilowe' Hall, to continue during tbe week, to aid in Anisbmg this new church ediAce in the northern part of onr city. The leading feature of this tair is the series of beautiful tableaux vivantr, which are gotten up with true artistic tasre, and at considerable expense. Tbe object of he fair is praiseworthy, and goods and refreshments ot all kinds are sold by the ladies at reasonable prices. Yocae Am usTt*nan* ?Yes terlay morniug off er Clements came across two young m-n. a? suspicious cbaractets, he took them 10 the siativn. where tbev gave tbeir names as Frauk Bradley and Jerm e B. Son'hmaid. They wete afterwnrde carr ed to the Police HeadMuar'ere. Ou being closely questioned, they Mated tliat they were from Middletown, Connecticut, w b? re one of tbem bad stolen #101 froT" an un -|e named Che-ter Sage. They are held for advices from Middletown. tm.i? bbskd Baoatbllk TA.klb* ?Yester day. ofl>rers Yeatmar. White and Fainter, o tbe Tt|> Ward, arretted Cbas. Eisetihute, Geo. Tticker. V m Ilerfutb. Angus: Herfnth, Wm N H Msark. Thomas U Pumphrey. Christopher l?-f 4?-or and Frederie* K*ck for keeping bsgatel' a tables withont lieen?e Justice Handy J ued them each, making a total of ?*) I | Thi Skattso Ci ub ?Last even ing an id) ioor#fd meeting of the Washington Skating C ab wu held at ttu> roomi of Imn. Ciagett I A Kwreney: Mr. W U. CIlfMt in tbe chair, and I Mr. Jr.mes Chapman Secretary. The commute* to con far with thl property owners m relation to secartag tbe necM**ry ground, iibnltted tb?(r report. atatiag tbat they bad leaeeo square# lib and 698. These equates extend from 19th to 21at afreets and B toC, adjoining the Cheeapeake and Ohio Caaal. A contract has been mad* for the building of a dam and crater gate, to exelude the tide and retain the water, at a coat of about #153, And the content of the proper authorities had been obtained to tap the canal to obtain water for fl >oding the ground, Eatimatea hare been received for the erection of a fence, aad the necessary buildings, and it is eaumated that the entire , oet will be about #8.500The chair announced that 1'i? shares at to i ea. h had been tvken, and the directors intended to expend all the money in band. He expected it the remaining shares were talcen.and be had bnt little donbt they would be, that the grounds will be ready for flooding next week. The committee on subscription waa increased to ten. the following additional mem?er? heirg appointed. Messrs. O. S. Qa.lt, Je!f. Rives. (I. Fillebrown, J. ?. D. Xotrison, and S. S. Savage. Thi Hralth <?- Washington ? From the following ftgeres obtained from the certificates "f intermems, returned to Dr.Ueorge M. Dove, S-cretary of the Hoard of Health, it will b^aeen that trora the 1st of November to Is l>?-rf mber the number of death* iu Washington was unusually small. Dr. Dove has received return*- lrom nearly all the und?^?akerj, which show the total number of deatbs at 7t, and tne returns of those vet to report, it is thought, will not increase the number to 1W>. Of those reported OB were white, 14 colored. 2 color not reported: 115 males, 3? females. 5 sex not reported. Of the causes of death theTe were 10 of consumption. 6oftv)>hoid lever. 5 of cholera. 3 of tcarlitina, 2 of suicide. *6 of other diseases. ?. w ? Kiv. A. BorLDEi*. whose nam? appeared in our rerort of tbe trial of Rev. J . ii. Brooks for bastardy, before Jns>tice Walter, on Tnesdiy evenir g. informs us that the complainant, Alice Hall, never lived at bis bouse, and he I wes not accuecd of being the father of the I child ? xcept by some of the young white men I present, by way of a joke; and further, as Brooks had been tried by the orticials of the chnrcta and dismissed from bis pulpit?at which trial the girl was a witness?he went to hear tb- evidence, to see if it wonM corre?. >>< nd with tna' (riven before the officials of the I church. Tn?nfi> over to thi Marsh a l.?YesterI oay the following persons, w ho are required I by the Criminal Court for trial upon various I ci.ar m, werearrs?ie4 and turned over to the rua.jdy of the Marshal:?Edward Hines. in I tbe First Ward: .Tames .lotee. in the eighth precinct, end Columbus Winkleman, in the I Seventh Ward. Peoree of- Ririkar.-Last evening, the Jiegreeoi Kebekab was conferred upon eigbt I ladies, in Oriental Lodge of Odd Fellows, In 1 the presence of quite a large number of Iridic 1 who bad already taken that degree P. (J. I John Wahl officiated Was Dip biesBi>.?lu the report of Wednesday of the cases of selling liquor on Sunday, tried by Jnstice Thompson. Kndolph Richard*, was unintentionally mentioned as one of tho?? I fined. The case against Sir. Kichards whs dis? I missed. a fine House ru? k?at.?Attention is directed to ad vertisement of a furnished bouse, with ten rooms, to rent in (Georgetown. 1* i? I in a beautiful part of the town, and is a comI modioub residence. # Police Reports.?The arrests by the police in the District yesterday were 61. A number I of larceny cases, mentioned elsewhere in the Star, appear npon tbe reports. The total of fines imposed was #149-35. Fiex At boss tee Eastern Hkam ii.?Last I night a frame building, connected with one of the fort* near (iood Hope, w?? entirely con| ?umrd by fire about eleveu o'clock. CITY ITEMS. Jem ei R\ .?31*1 new stvlesof Jewelry and | Silver-plated Ware for Christmas presents, I received this morninr at Prigg's One Dollar I Jewelry Store, No. Pennsylvania avenue, I near 4), street. Just Received at tbe New York Dollar 1 (Gift More, 4 Hi Pennsylvania avenue, a large I aasortment of Jewelry and Sllver-Plaied J Ware. Toys. Ac. Prune Expectation finds realization In I tbe tact, that Henuiug has reduced the prices I of bis |l Merino Shirts and Drawers to wo I cents, and bis #1.43 Merino Sbirta and Draw1 ersto #1. At tbe corner of 7tb street and I Mary land avenue, all clothing is sold for One I Price only?marked in plain figures. ! The Excitbmebt at tbe Ebbitt Honse is I unabated over the astonishingly low prices at I wbicb Cbandlee is selling Holiday goods of 1 finest quality?such as writing desks, dressing I cases, glove, jewelry, and cigar boxes, travelI ing bags, canes, English cutlery. Ac. Our I candid advice to every one is to see Cbandlee's I goods, at nis fine Cigar Store, under tne Ebbitt I Honse, corner F and 14tb streets. - . 1 "What is a more Acceptable Christmas I present for Pa or Brother or your Lover than I a handsome pair of Slippers! Or, what is a I more appropriate gift for your Motber or Sis. 1 ter or Sweetheart or Wife and little onea, than I a neat pair of Shoes! A token ot this Rind will be more appreciated than the "gee-gaws" I and "jim-cracks" which it baa ever been tbe I folly of tbe great American people to bestow I on Holiday occasions. Fill theontaide, not the I inside, of tbe Christmas stockings, la tbe adI vice of your disinterested friend and servant I who keepaa first-class Ladles and (Gentletaen's I Boot and Shoe Store, at No. *27* Pennsylvania I avenue, between lltfe acd 12th streets, where | you can buy jnst tbe artiale you want in the I Boot and >hoe line. Call and see the bandI some embroidered slippers and fine Boots and I Sboea of every description, just received for I the Holidays, and buy a pair.' The big green I sign marks tbe place, where you can most artI vantageously deposit* your greenbacks. I To Prevent paying Doctor'a bllis, go to I Franc's Gents* Furnishing House, and buy I good warm Merino Shirts aud Drawers, at 9u I cents each: good warm (llovea and Socks, I at verv low prices No. 4W Seventh street, | near Odd Fellows' Hall. 5 j ? I We would REqi'RHT those inquest of Boots, I Shoes or Rubbers to examine Piper's new and I large stock now opening at 420 Peunsylvauia I avenue, between 4}4 and fith street* His enI tire stock was manufactured and selected with I great care, aince the decline in goods, enabling I him to sell at prices satisfactory to the closest | buyers. 3 Krrp tocr Houses Warm.?Brown's PatI ent Metallic Weather Strips are warranted to I keep out Wind. Rain, Cold, Snow, Noise. I Dust, Ac . from Doors and Windows. Call at I office aud see reference. 4 Douglas Moorr, 538 7th street. FiWE-aTiTCHED Boots made to order, and a I good fit warranted for #10; pegged boots, #6; 1 custom-made store hoots, #<>.00; kip boot*, for ] #3.50 to #.>; at HeilbruR ?5c Brother's, 500 | Seventh ureet. one door south of Odd FelI lows' Hall. ?0 For Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's I Embrocation is a specific. Price #1 per hottle. For sale at 424 Pennsylvaaia aveuue, between 4^ a& d 6th streets. ? ? A Sr*E PlL* curb ? Dr. (Gilbert's Pile in j strnment positively cures tbe worst cases ?f 1 plies. Sent by mail on receipt of #4. OtrcuI lars free. Sold by druggist?. Agent* wanted I everywhere. Addres* J. B. Roinaine. MauaI ger, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: * | Corns, Bunions, Badftaile, Enlarged Joint*. Warts, Moles, Vaacalur Excresences, fcc., I successfully treated by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist. 444 PenR. a v.. between 4i^ and Oth street* Office hours from 8 a m. to 5 p. m , I and 6 to 8 p. m. Prnbirs can be had ib any quantities at tb? 8'ar <>0ic* counter __ 0| ED. HAEBTNGTOb". (#n ib* morning or the ISth inntabt, MA Hi K B ASKi h UTOM, daughter of I the late Vb.B. hcott. | The frietid* and ac^calotaucMof tbe fkmily are re.pectfully incited to atieud tier fnnsrai. from the re?l?lei-e* of her n>other. No H street, batweeu 19th and SOih sts., on the ISth iastant. at 1 I o'clock. 'I'll# 0PP0BTFH1TV flflf Is BOW offered to th* #?hlic to buy theirf^R BOOTS AMD 8B0K8 A t yrlre* nansusily lev, at the old established Bhoe KBKtiiim of kob1it 1bbakl. He 37 9 Seventh street, coraer of I. Call aad eaamlB* my stock, aad >oa will be satisfied that m> gueds ate very cbsag aad very drsirable. owsfderin* iiuaiiiy ... . Lasting nailer* *n( Balmorsls for Ladle* and Mts?e*. will be sold at ??tunl?hiugly low Brlcae. B? *t< and Shoes for siaail childrea at half Brio* ISUAKL'8 GHC&C HOOT (HO SH0# BTOftl, de7 rf 37# Baveatb iroet, corner ?f I AJfUHJKMENTS. national theatre. P?MTlTUit avenae. Mar Wlllirdt' Hotel. THIS {Friday) EYBNING. DEPEMBEB 14. BlllfIT OF MB. JEFFERSON, * ho will ap?oftr ? TWO OHABAGTEBB Performance *1" (ooiBfBf* with Di>.? Bn ? fn>ouBdrama,i*Btl??n of Dkken*' Hot?1 of Nicholas NtekUby."Ui three *cli, entitled NEWMAN HOGGS Ur UKwtom ae .......... ^Ntvmtn Hoggs Alter which, J. Muilioii Morton's fate* of LEND MB FIVE 8BILLING8 VTr Jeflbreon n* Mr Oollghtly WALL'S HEW OPERA IIOFMET RCKKT A "VALL PROPRIETORS H B. PHILLIPS STAGE" MANAtf KB. FRIDAY EVENING. T>BOBMBBB 14, Or aid ' oo.bluaitbii Cut in naeiidan Knowles* flufd'uBTif ?r THE llOXCHBAOK, for tbe b?rr?11t of MBS. D P. BOWERS. assisted by Mr. J. 0. McOOLLOM. JCL1A._ Mrs. D P boWEBS MAbTAB W ALTAR Mr. J V McJOLLO* PB1CB8. Priiate Boxes $3 no Orcheatra hn?ts _ j on DrwMt Olrrl*.. 76 Fan ily Orcle.. AO CwlcrtJ Circle. so 1'HB JUVINILEB ABB f(| doii-n* com i sc. |)BOF8. J.V.IH. P. K.BBIS' DANCING ACADEMY. gk Pennsylvania avenae, bet. 6th and 7th eta., Mm Oppoeite Metropolitan Hotel. Our Academy Is now open for the rec< ptlen of fuplls. A select fl??i Is n >w forming on Wed i eeday afternoon from 4 to < o'clock, for the-e wro cannot attend our regular classes. Circular* can b. had at J IT. Bills' and W. O. Metaerott A to^'? Music Stores. The Hall can be rented for Sotrees. Ac Day* a?d hours e/ 1V?i?w? ; *or ladies, Misses and Masters, Tuesday and Tnu rsday afternoons, from 3 to i oolock. Gentlemen s 61 asses. Tuoeday and Thursday erenlrgs from 8 to lu o'clock. Par further Information, apply during the hours o' tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson. se 10 I\1 ABIHI'8 FASHIONABLE DANOIBQ i'l M AOADBMT, AT m MAB1N1 8 ASSEMBLY BOOMS, #4 F, between 9th and lath streeta, ffm TMs academy is now open far the recep-fag|^ tlouol pa pi la. ? I'aje aiid hours ?f tuition for young ladies mis?eeau>i master* Tuosdajs, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 3 to 6 p m. Gentlemen's < ia?aes from 8 to 10. nm? <- veuiegs. NO- Private instruction given to suit the convenience of the pupil ge 26 BALL?*, PARTIES, &o. 'I^hi annual grand ball ?|~ OB1EHTAL LODGK.'N'.. 19, I. O O. F., JA will hr given On Monday ensuing. Dec.iT,i*6?; At METROPOLITAN HALL. Tickets, admitting a gentleman and Indies, One Dollar. de t 7i* GEORGETOWN ADVERMTS Great hab<;aim8 in dby goods at MILLER'S 011KAP SToBE. 101 Bridge street. Oeorgetown, D. O. As the season I- advanced, wa are i*>?r celling V inter goods, embracing French Merinos. Inrresa Cloths, Poplins, Marino Plaids. Alpacas, Deiklns. (tanking Cloths. 8 hauls. Blankets. VianBel*. Clothr. Casaimerae, Satinette, Ac., at greatly reduced prices We have also received a good sto! k of Domestics. purchased elace the decline, which we are Belling very ( heap. Good 4 4 bleached Fhlrting Muslin at uft nnts, unbleached Muslin from 1?H to20 enti. Prints 12H, 15, and the Ibe-t at 30 cts We are determined to aell good barga:a< Give us a call before purchasing I.OJ01B- BBNJAMIN MILLBB. pANOY ULOYB^ HANDBrBCHIJtr. ODOB BOXES. Ac., FOB HOLIDAY PBM81NTS, At M. W.GALTA BBO. 8. Jewelers, delS-St 354 Pennsylvania avenue. /JOLD UBADBB OABBS, FANCY BIDING WHIPS, Ac., FOB HOLIDAY PBBSBNTd, At M. W. GALT A BBO.'8, Jewelers, de 13-St SJ4 Penn avenue. j^jOBOOOO BAGS OF BYKBY ST TLB, FOB HOLIDAY PRESENTS, At M. W. GALT A BBO.'8, Jewelera, de 13-St ^ .'54 Penn. avenue, JUBBABr AST AN b DIN NBB CA8TOB8, BYBRYSTYLE FOB HOLIDAY PRBBBNT8. At M. W. GALT A BBO '8, Jewelers, do Li St .124 P. anaylvanlaavenn->. QHIHA YASEB, JBWBL STANDS, TOILBT SBT8, Ac. FOB HOLiDAT PBEBENTS. At M. W GALT A BBO.>8, de IS It Jewelers. S54 Penny I vania are. J EDALLION, BMGEAVED, AMD PLAIN IOB PITCH BBS, FOB HOLIDAT PBB8BNTB, At . W. GALT A BBO.'8, Jewnlore, del3 3t 384 Pea nay I van! a avenue. 10H INLAID LIQVOB CASES, FOB HOLIDAY PBBSENTS. At M. W. GALT A BBO.'8, Jowelera, <lo IS St 3*4 Penney 1 vanla avenue. pLATED AND OUT GLASS WLNB STANDS, FOB HOLIDAY PBESBNTS, At M. W. GALT A BBO.*8, de 13 St Jewelere.S64 Pennsylvania ava. ^OLID MLYBB TABL1, DBSSBBT, AND TBA8POOKS AND FOBK8, FOB HOLIDAY PBESBNTS, At M. W. SALT A BBO.*8. de IS St Jewelers, 334 Pennsylvania ava. P?B PBABL, IVOBY, AND PLAIN OPBBA-GLASSES. FOB HOLIDAY PBESBNTS, At M. W. GALT A BBO. 8, Jewolers. de IS St 344 Peannyl vaila avenne. I^ALIBB' AND GENTb' DBES81NG CASES, WBITING-DESKS. Ac., FOB HOLIDAY PRBSBNTS, At M. W. GALT A BBO.'8, Jewelers, de 13 3t 334 Penn. avenue. BEMBM BEB ?A. fV HEILBBCN A BBO.'8 ^11 H6 smybnth street. ABB 8BLLING AMD MAKE TO OBDBB BOOTS AND BH0I8 CHBAPBB THAN THE CHEAPEST. VSSBo^^SLnd beqplator EsTABLURbii in fculyJ obp**b sow aicgrrgb at DEMPSEY a OTOOLE 8, Bugravers and Bta ttonera, Ac . 336 Pa. av.,bot. 9th and lOtbaU. r. C. BBlCHENBAOH'b Piano Booms. 49? llth a tree*, newr Fa. avenue. Sprri/it Sotirr from Wm Knahe f Co t Btltimor'. Mr. Beoker haa tuned Pfanoe for aa at onr Wareroons, and we Uke pleasure in statfag that wo believe him to be a competeat tuner. no 21-3m C WHITE'S < LATE SHAFFIBLD'S) _ -9^E9I10.W A*v 109 cbeam MANOFaCToBY, No. 39bCth street. Tha proprietor wishes to Inform, famtllee, hotel proprietors, and lbe public generally, that he contiDuet to furiiitb CoDffctioMry ana th? choicest loo Craem at the ahortest notice, and on the most re?en able terms Wedding and Fancy Cahee, Pyramids of all kinds and slr.ee, Charlotte Busae, Blanc Mange and Jelllee made to order. Partiee, buppera aad other entertalnmenta fnralahed at a low rate. de?-im* ^HblSTMAS 18 COMINgT And everybody who waota a good FECIT OB POl'Nn OAKB ought to call at J.GBO. BBIBINOBB'B OouTectlui.ey btore. Mo 193 4H 8TBEBT, ISLAND. Pereena ran Sad all aeeertmeats of Fancy and Plain CANbl Mb, nleo, TOYS; t? aleaee the email ones, ae well na large, who ara fond of good tkiags. - J G MI8I8GBB. No 193 4S stieet. laWuid, de ll -tdeta* between P and O. Washington. > Mess mackxrel.-mess maceebel m, kits akd hartals. Quality unmrp** -e 1 de7 eeSt UALLAHOBt. LOST AND FOUND. C?ME T M Y ~PBBM ISB8, abo u t et* ?'fki ego.annull red horned OOW, W?? white Tne u?nr la T**qu??ted to cone forward. p;ote ftWSS&a. ? delJ.Tt' OtlotlofB. D $5 K?.*.KWg&RfitfAB DLI. bim? ?at short, end bo iko? on Tm abwve reward will be given if returned toM 10 H t QOlbDELL. H itreet, btt*Mi M a?dD*law?re nnni. <*? UW CTBAYBD-From tb* premise* Bpliral* ? Wboeler, November?. lW6,e BLACK HOBiE about II or 16S hand* high. m^ut Htn or *1961 year* old. A liberal r?*?H will be paid tar We d. livery ? roWLEB'S stable*, on How \ork awtn> between I4|h and IMt iU. det1-?t C~^ALTIOH?I?o*tor mislaid. a NOTBdrawnby J W HOBNBB for *435. dated 8*?Umb?r ISA. 19*6, with interest: parable to bad Mfcmd by JOHN T. PRICE A BBO. All Hntu are warn**

agaia*t n> gotiating tor aaid net* *f pavm^at ha? b?*u itopKd BIO. I. JIlTTlIUtT, Corner 1th atrret aadP'i? The fladar will be ulttMr rewarded by Im*!* It at tb* above add res*. da 11-St CST-OiTBandar afternoon, between Bridge Li aueet and ft. Jotao'a<PiB ) Church. George town, a pair of GOLD 8PBCTACLBS. The Bnnor 111 receita a suitable reward aod tae_than*? of tbe owner by leaving the earn* ?t ? uC u. a I A It A BBC BY '8 Hardware Store, corner Hlsh aod Bridge streets. delltf QlO/k BE WARD?stoleu on the night of <ba OTOU tsd of September from tha oretniee* of George J one*, aear Bladenaburg, a dark brown HOHeE. marked 0. 8 and 10; medlnm use. maae and tall somewhat sunburnt; has a roan nut The above reward will be ajld i^yrfurned tCQc 7 HyattsvlHe. Prince George's Oo . Md BOARDING. _ I^WO HANDSOME BOOMS FOB BEN?. I Alai>, I tm prepwredlto acco.iirD'>d*ie ten ueii ti? men with goud BOOMS and good BOA BO for S3I l>rr ii.. atli JOi D street, between 12th and IStu streets. de is at' rUBNISHKD BOOMS r?K BEftT.wtth 1 B'-'AKD. ik a private family. Ttrnis mote rate. Aptly at the Star oftlce. de n at* l/LEGAHTLY' FlRMlsUBD Booms. IB *j anita or aingly, with or without b >ard, at ii"** II (-treet. between Kth and itfth. Table b tarJera accommodated Terms reas'-nable Alao, tfa?e n.out Rooms suitable for utficee. and a Btab e and Carriage lloua- In rear of the bou-efor rea?. MKs. k kearney joluan Referencea Major General Bright. i'*yinH?t*r Gent ral General Minis t>. Miller, U. 8 Army. Bev. Mr. Keel ng. pa*t?r of Trinity Ohuroh. Re%. k atber McNeil/, of St. Matthew' Church. de 1 2lt WlBULB OBMTLBMKM. OB OBNTLBHEN and tneir wive*, can be Rcromin.dated witn KOOM8. furnlahed or r.nturnUh-d. with good H'?rd. gatt; bath, hot and oold water. At No. BIO Bnoge ftraet, Georgetnw u no i3 im* 'PAHLE B0AB1) at No ?t?4 iutu street,a tew I door* north of tha arenna Term* #M ??r month. PERSON AU Vt/ uo lf? H r. tlVEBMOBB -Lot of GOODS ? t. r Li.in inst<>r?. T T OW liBlt A CO. de 13 3t ltth atrtet wharf. Waehington. Y OU HATE BEBNlIMFBDDENT.but neithar ttnciiu nor Baniartian bnmtsii^a ''ft'/ tnnk' ihr irSao Dr. PAKBY.on .Lb ?:raet,oppo site O-ld Vellowa' Hall, and be curcd ?iniik and peiKianently das-lm' ri'O THK HUH MBMKBBB OF THE HoCSE I or BEI'BBSBMTATIVEB, Washington, D. C ? A geatli uiau haa a son of ee*entt*en y?nrs. ph>aically and inantnlly qualified to enter th.Navai School at Annapolis or the Military Aradam> at West Teiut. He will pa> a raaaonable sum to ?ectira hia appolutmeet Addraaa "Parent," Bo* 67 Blwoniheld. hew Jeraey. la .r? ftt (^BirTLVMBiTde<ronii of having their CLOTHJ ISO bCO(JBBD and KKPAlBED. ho as to an. aear mm new, would do well by calling at B (;Bl'I>BK 8 Ne 47 7 luth atraet. between D *n4 K atrrete The Highest cash price* paid for S?oon<> Hand Clotliing. no 15 la* ^ ^P.OVBB A BAKVB CKLF.B*ATF? F1B8T PBEMIUM family sewing machines. Tb* b*at family Machine in tha market. The on.'y Murktnt that will both Saw and Bis broider ptrtraiy. . ... . . They make an &'?/cA that will not break in wa-bing. tall .*1'^tJS'SinTHSB^. noji lm Bt market Bpaca. _ L I D A T~ G r I T 8' If >?n wi*b to give yoar friend* a n**fnl an4 valuable Cbriatmaa Gift, call and euu&ln* tha K *D1 * FBENCH CORSETS lm?orti d by Mr*. 8TBBH. w batiafy yourialf by coming Immediately to Mr*. BTBBM'B Hoop Skirt Factory wd Coraat Depot 614 7th *tr?t, bet. D and B *t*. do 11 tJanl OLID AY PBI8KMTB. Citizen* and at rangers who contemplate pnrrha*lng PBB8BHTB for thalr frienda. are invited to axamiae onr atock and prle**, as wa hava ju-t opened a baantifnl a*ortmant of HUM 000D8. arcH aa Tea Beta. Ta*a*, Punch Bowl* OVN idJ Bftvc^n, Colon* Mm Card BaakeU. Tata a tote Bate Match Box**, Jewel B??*** Smoking Seta, Cigar Holder* Tobacco Boxm, Toy Tea Set*, And variety o* handfOmy Tojj PLATBD WABB1 and OUT^BBJ of tha beat flMo WEBB A BB> EBTDGE, da il -6t Odd Fellow*' Hall, 7th *treet. Largest stgbb in thb citt riro stokes combined is one: jobs: r o r 8FDII! FOB LADIES AND OHILDBBH. is hkkat vaainr. Having pnrchaaad them early this *aa*ori, we are enabled toaall themfiO par cant, cheaper than any honae in tb* city. LABSBOBGH A BBOTHBB. did 7th street, del lm Int*llig*ncer Building PBYbicianVhabd-boob or pbaotice d/?rlScT' FBANCB TAYLOR JU8T BBCBIVBD TATB8 A'sBIBT B. Ho. 393 Pannaylaaia av?noe, A aoperior lot of LADLBV CLOAKIHGS. which tliy are offeiini il f<ry low price#. *? * IBDLING'ABD iTOJB WOOD. a*?B Pma'i itl.1 B(. IUt<*>' 1'A ifi. *2&B Alway* on hand a fall *upply of th* above-named article, aawed and f??t ? long?> inquired, and promptly delivered to any part of the Dletrlet at the LOWBBT CASH PBI0B8. bo 14-tf TH08. J. OALT. C~LOCBBl CLOCB.81 CLOOB8'.-I hare received and opened a good aeortmeat ofam Yankee OLOOBhTOLOCR and WATOfi 4a M Ta*l?Le,WiTOH?^dJtW?L?T% || 34S Pa. avenne,^* ne 171m* oppoeite Metropolitan Hotel Fft PACKAGES FJBB GLABB8 BDTTBB a>U '? firkin* Genuine tf<^en BDTTBB. 100 boxe* fin* New York CHBBM. Ju.treoe!T*d,a.dfor.aleilow^NB ^ 0Q no 90 Sw* 63 oulaiana a?enue. ^~H BAP PC ? L" COKE for aaleatthe Gaa Work- at 8 CENTS no tt-10t Engineer /^OBHIM GREEN COBB. riFTT CA8B8 of thla fine GOBH have inat; arrived. rpon comparlaon wl?h other*, the GOBHAM GREEN OOBN, *'eaaled freeh la it* own milk," atanda far la the ad*ance, . . Thie OOBN la grown in Maiaa, frem the eeed aelected and Improved with the greateet care, and la ita preparaUon all tha latoat (mprovemeaU are combiaad. For aala at y^loBwD^HBLL. Qader E^Mtt Hoaae, no 30 Corner of Fourteenth and P at*^ JV'BW FRrTT3. NCT8, A~c^ Juat received per ateaa*er from Hew Tork new supply of BaUla*. Onrrant*. fljji Date*, Citron, Prune*, French Fralt In l'** ;Aiillu' iAiuaa PruaarTsd OlDKtCt Bh^llbtrks, Alin^odi, Ingllah Walnut*, Filbarts, PecaM wCranb?rria*. Ac . for *ale by ? EOAg B PBBBIE, no?l lOtlf Corner E and fth atreet*. OXBOW'S BBTIBW FOB DBOEMBEB?Tj'''' of ronfrt?t? ' ?Impendlag Fate of the Oountry, by (;% Fitil ugh Tlme* la th*'Wedaracy br tbt Editor, sketche* of Forelga Travel, by Oarto Bmncbe Napoleon'* ^?f* ,*f? M.'d"n Langnagee; bL M^r 'L DuboSa WT 8 C. Baiircad Hlatcry <M1'1 "fd' b> the Edit >r. Depai tment ment of Freemen Pepartyjrt of| MljCoUUy. D< partment of Ir.dmtry and Batorprtee. Jonrnai of the War-Entered ap ^ Oonfedaracp, by the Editor Editorial Mote*, etc. (A Icent* a number. FBAVCB TATLOB. |2 VOOD' WOOD It 92 '""isarsfassffW*w eon*l*tlng at tbe reruae lumber of Government buildinga. A?^*e0B Wt VODHG A CO tiB-tolw Qieab+ra Polat?D.O. j\TBW~PiOB, BAI8IM, WfcMiHTB, NBT nl and FBDITB ?f all rfndk. ' de7-?oJI a WANTS. lt'AMTir-\ti r(i>*,lad(<ttlnii HOT rat _ * e'raada Befereace rejvired Appb At F *treet not'b. it* W'AfcTBr*?B> a > nr? mm wt?h aix fear?' experience and with cool ref#reeoe?. a SITUATION la a grocery store. Add res* C P *'*r cEbs. d* 14-3t* w A1TID-I; a y omb^ w obi no, who ha? a f re*h *" M'Wt of tolls. a Bill'ATIjB a?'?r?a. A<1dtesS Box Ro. 9 Btar office. aad the *4 vtrilser mil call. de it n WANT ID A WRITE GIRL ?cctM*om?l to narriag ckiliirfa. to set *e an nurse t? tbe ?.h<id <f n lad) got an to Motu'e, Ala. tpplyet 47V M street, betw<ea ltth and Ittln, with milfactoryj^fereceee jriMt* WAHTID- A HOUSE. toWalnlni fron 7 tit Boctnean 1 Hall, in good repair. within three fouitba ot a mils of the Poet Offic? aad nirtV.f Pa. evence. Kant not to exoeed 4 50 y?r month. , _ HEhRT i SBARLE. da lltf Architect. opr. 7th aad V ata. WOTID-A FaBTIII in tka Ja*> Mitltf Business Ooo4 location and bu-inesa Tha present owner wlehee to anlarga kit estaalisn ment. Addraaa PBlftTEK, Star offic*. delist* WABTBD-A OOOK and CB AMBBBMAID for a Boarding Hoot*. Mast thorough!/ nederstand their bnilnrai and bring giod references. AppIt at Bo. J?1 C street, between 3d and Ot ata. da IS 5t* WAHTBD-An actiw, tadaMrtous KBFAIT BB. on* who writee abort baa?l preferred. Apply at this oflc*^ da 8 tf PMPOIMEMT BOB BOTH BBXBB ?Di.abi?d mj Soldiers, Widow* of alain Siliera. and tba U tempi*) ad of both Sexe* generally ef good ad dr<a?. are wantad tocanva a far an illustrated and elegantly bound Rook, founded on the lata trillion Inducements ' Unick Salt*, La ee Profit*, and no riak AddreasJoHN U b.VUN AIL. Ho 9 Clin tan atrret. Brooklyn. NT. da 8 St WABTED?TBAM* 1 o haul uci^ In the conn try: fad) ?oi|la< iiifnt all winter can be had by replying to 1> L. W ELLS ,t 00. Real Eetste Brokers, corner loth end Kate. d*7 iin AGENTS WAMTBP ? In all part* of the United htatee, to fell "TUtC LIV*> OF THI ritES ll'ENTS." a at* work, b) John H.C Akkott, the >jreat bistort" n The work 1? nn?l> *lln>trat~d, complete tn one volome, an i raaly f-c ?nt>serit>era. The author, the thentf, ?nd th* t-leg*at ?!)! in which it ia iHsned, roaihine to ren ler It one of thbeat book* f.r agents ?-t?r pnbhahed In thi* coontry. Exclusive territory m<tt l?e secured by aldie>.#ine B B BUS8ELL A CO.. Publishers B-aon, Mas-,, de 3 2w \AT ANTBD?far lady friend* to know that we * * ?i"**e arranged for a weekly aupply of STAMPSof tba \ IKi LAT 1ST dr-dgnsf .r Braid aud Embroidery All of tbu richest dmiini p-?w ii-anfd in New ?ork reach nt a few day* afier f.r t'loak*. t'ap?-a, Joaeya Waieta, Bac<iuea, Bllppaea, Fittcuaaiona. hmokine Capa T -ke- and Banda. Oi r aalactibDa ate to a?nr in th>- country. ? . PBlN( I'd :t-l K*treet. cJ7-ti oppo-itx Parent office. \\* ANTID TO BFT-A a-nall iiODSK |.Mtw?en " 7th ai?r1 15th rtr^tt, nnd b?tw?-^ij PiumtUh S'^Va'T M lre#t Apply to o B BaKEB. Btar Office. oc 23 tf \B/ ANTi? -BKOO?i> d&Kt; rCBNITUbK " A No, M'HKOk.S. OAtPKTB, BEDS, BBL OINOaad HOCtiCrURNI?HINOGOOp8 oferery leacrlptloa H. BftlHLT, 1M Tth ttrmt. )e H tf between 0 and H. east alda "Ton *aia-: AM) uksvt 1,'OB KENT ? A omplet<? and Hnadaomely farnlkbed llOl pE, No. iPd New Jerae\ avenua, contaiaiBg 10 Boom* and Batn Ro^m, fltta B tae meat. Witter and <ia-, fine Yard and btable at tached; locality excellent, and one a^ntre from the Capitol and elt? car* Kent .5l>0 per month. Apply on tbe pren loaa. or Kojoi Id luteliig'ncer Building, 511 7th atraat. dall lw' i;OPB BBIOK HOUSB8 KOB BALK ?Two 1 atoriea t.iph. containing four roonia aa< h. Ap plyou tbe prcmleer, Ho ?07 K street, b-tw^an tth and Sth ata. de 1M 6t* I70B RENT?A BKI'JK HOUSE containing aix roym*. on 7tb atrcat, bctmeen G and 1, Navy \ard, iu h good locallt) , and ntar the ciit ctra lL<juif?- text iloor. N" 469, for LOU1B v* BBBK da 10 6t* _ IT OK BBBT?T h?' 8TOKEB on Loniaiana a ar tma. I>et?een Vtli and loth street*, No.'?tl,,?l. ani -b under Brady a (iyninbaium Tbey will be rented togetl er or *eput ately. Forterma in inlre ot OLAOETT A BUKKNk . No. 4 Maiketbpaca. recvad floor. de 10 dlit L'OR KENT?Forty acrea of prime Potomac 4 rivar LAND, fonr and a hn'f mile* from the Centre Hat ket. 12.UU0 loadaol manure were faaalal and apread npon thia lot in th>- aprlng ot KJ. while ita cnltivati >n a* ? market garden for tha laat two yeara render* it a m<<at droirahle place f'T a practM a' gardener. Apply to JACKBON, BKO A CO.. Bo. .{33 Penn'aare., of to I FENWICK k OC NG, Low er Oieab >ro. no Sti eoJw L'OB BENT?Large and amall furniakad an 1 nn A fnrmahed HOCbEB and APARTMENTS anltable tor h naekaepln?. Al?<>, For Sale, aeveral mall BOCSEB.on eaay t< rma Inanlra BT ARK B CO., 4tB)t 7th atraet. Boom 13. oc li la' L'OR RENT?Tba STORE No ?sil D atraat. near 11th It fronta immediately on Panna. aTenr* and la one of the iargeat and moat 00nrant etitl) altuated at ore room a tn Wwihlngton city. Applv to C. B. BAEBB. at the Btar Offloa. ja9D tf RKDUCTION OF I RI' ES, EDUCTION OF PBICBB, REDUCTION OF PRICKS. REt UGTIOB OF PRICES, REDUCTION OF PRI< Es! REDUCTION OF PRICBS. On and after tbi? date 1 will anpply \n hit cna toniera. and to all otbar daalara who may faroi me with thnir order*. MASSEY. HU8T6B B CO '? MAh^F.T, HUSTON A ? O. 8 MASSEY. HUSTON A CO. 8 1 Late Maaaay, Collins A Ca.'il PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT and STOOK ALE PHILADELPHIA DBADGHT axd STOCK ALI PHILADELPHIA DBAUGHT awn STOCK ALB AT PHILADBLrHIA PBD ES. AT PHILADELPHIA PK1* E?>, AT PHILADELPHIA PRICES. VIZ : DRAUGHT OB X ALB AT Bll PER BBL. DBAUGHT OB X ALI AT #11 PKR BBL. STO' K OB XX ALB AT #13 PBB BBL. STOCK OB XX ALB AT $13 PBB BBL. Gocx'* ^alirared In all parts of Wnskington an<1 G#orgeiown /rrf of ikurge TERMS CASH All ordoro promptly attended to. KILEY A. SHINN, PliI c elphi k Ala Agent Corner of Greene and Olive atraat*. <1* 7-1 Georgetown, D. C. gUPBBIOR CABINET FUBNITTBE. CABYED WALNUT PABL0B 8UITE8, CABYED OAK WALBCT-TRIMMED SUITES OF THE LATB8T STILES. PARLOR SUITES. HAIR MATTBES8E8, FEATHER PILLOWS, CHAIRS OF ALL STYLES. WITH A GBNBBAL ASSORTMENT OF F1B8T CLASS FDBNITUBE. ALSO, TUOKBB'S PATENT SPRING BEDS, Combining tba aavaral ra^nlremeuta of comfort cleanliness, portability, durability, and cheep naaa?a household necaasity. For aala by J AS. C McGUIBE A CO. no lP-aolm Corner Tenth and D streets. PBOTECTED BYIBoYALmiBTTBB8 PATent of England, and aacnrad by tbe aeala of tbe Boole da Pharmacie de Paris, and tbe Imperial Collage of Hadictae, Ytonna. Triaaamar Bo. 1, la tba effectaa! remedy tar BeUxatlon. Spermatburrboea, and Bx ha nation of tbe Syatam. Triaaamar Bo. S baa entirely aaper(edtd the anoaoona use of Copavla, Cnbeba, Ac. Trlaeemar No 8 la the Infallible remedy lor all Impurities nnd Secondary Symptoms, was obviating tbe nae of merenry aad all other deleterious Ingredlenta Bacb preparation la In the form of n moat agreeable Lozenge Secured frem the effects of eftmate and chaagea of atmosphere. In tin case*, at S each, ar four #3 aaaes tn one for ft, and in $ir cases, thns saving $t Divided ia separate doeee aa administered t>y Y*lpeaa, Sallamanda, Bonx, *VboteeaIe aad retail by Dr. BABBO W, Bo. 194 Bieecker street. Bew Ton. m To be bad alao of 8. O. fOBD. Bo. 890 Penn'. araane. corner 11th at. ee?kr pOBTABLB STEAM ENGINES, Combining the mnxlmnm of efficiency.dnrahiiay, nnd econcmy, with tbe minimum of weight and price. Tbey are widely and favorably known, more thanSOB being in nae. AU warraated aattafactory, or ae sale. Deecnptirs circulars seat en application. Address ? J. O. HOADLET A CO.. ae 8 eo?m Lawreuoe, Maes. NEW BOOKS -The makiag or tbe Amertoan Nation.by Partridge. On Democrncy.br i. Artbnr Partridge Volume 9. Bajcro't's History of Uuited States. Handy .Book ef Ophthalmic SurJery. by Lawrence and Moon. Austin's Botee oa Ipidemics. An Americaa Family In Germany, by . Boss Browne. 11 lust rated. Felix Holt, Library Edition. All la the Dark, a aovel. by_Le Fanu oc -a FRANCE TAYLOR. FOB BALE OB BBNT-A Une tone PlaflO, a modern at*le, with stool aad cover, Soodorder. Can be teen at BO 8 WELL'S||aVB ancy Store, 808 B street, near ltth. *11 111 I>OR BALE?OOAL COAL I-a rsry superior r article *4 Oeokiag C?AL. for $7 per ton delivered. 7th St., betweea D and E. dell ?t' T. W. McOOBNBLL fj^OB SALB-A FAIRBANK S SCALES, nearly new; capacity S6,oo>i p?nads Has beea used tn a coal yard. Inqnlreat the offlee ot the KJrkwood House. d?* tl VABIB8 BOB 1*BT-?A ?ar*e aseoetaaentel FOR SALE AND RKNT. L'iKUti I. gurnishad RouMa. "UMj ?bJ J b b?l*Mi I aad F at* da 14 tf fc'OB RSNT-Fnsr nfWM^ BOOHS. UN?W? ?(f hou<'ln?i ?. at (Vt L ! (f**? Mb u4 JMk l/Ok RENT?BoOPB m4 STobE Mo if* Xtk t al iaat M?*tl H *N I Mrrrh I a^iai re of B BoblMSoft ?f Hali. si.pnaus 4 0. *** I'm Itfrl tl? dfltl 1* F'OH BfcN 1 Uli? II ? Mill ?a ae ??B r-o-?. (lb D??r hf? U k >* ** Mart f )>?? mk in Apply to B II BATES. B street, bet. isth ?ad litk. < U it* F^Ok b*CB OBBSNT-A hrlvk I st-ry HuUaB. lllUlru 10 III BvllKtM I art Ot lb* < II) C<Mi tnl*<u( t l<'cf rv(?> >aii <-eatar hail, with laroa r?rtten attach*! Arrlr an?r 3 o'clo k.atlil \4 ilra'i de IS ?f L'0B8lLI-ii**i?< ft r> utli noCcR. 1 ? Ii 8ew Jerse > avecne. bete?ei: M and tre?t?. (f? Bitot'*' walk of |h? dof?ri'n*(l Prii.tn ? (iftc*. rmitaiM?| fa?f ro?* r<v>twa all ril< atr, ao( a wide aid* allay Tartwa a w*ll MNait do*i). aan the m1>iic? la lamilhli lnet*ll At* In ir>*4>a*f eoaaa?ai?-a fitM. A?|J| U JdRlPB Q hO>S Mo A-I I atr? tetweoatth and rth ?t. Alao. a mall RBICE HOUSE, oa 41k at Tarn ?f??j Apylf Mtbifi t?llR* o * K B II ~t . A new STORE BOOM IT feet by ^S. on 7th street ?? . bat?rn pi aid A streets, suitable ler >nt hashes*. PRtMI 1101 S> of* r*<u on Md **'.ftit, h?ivMn 7th an 1 Mb ktranu. tt |ll par incntli And. for aala, ?ev*r?l -tuall HOI D ?, iiritthtitaini. ?riLblNO I OTs Ukil|trii*( ik? clir,tW*icnl(iit LOT on mth at.. iiK?r P?. av.. Firs? Ward, mil! ha ?old law. MITCHELL a 8OM Baal Batata F-oh-rs Mil At * 8 lf"tn?r P?. 11 ill htktt. THBKE I NfCBNISHBD BOOMS far ?aot Ii. jui ra at No. 4 vo ilia slrett, h?t*t*n I aad B streets. mL'OK SALE-A BEStAbHAhT ta ao steel I lent location on the Aveno? . a vlolat t ;?n4 baalne-a Kept:fat'en. tirst cla~s, For lar'uclarn app! to 4 4 7 7th at da It St* L"OK BBMT-A DWELLING UOrSEc7t?.Inin* I Mi r obis. withm thr-e mia?tae' * all of f??? er d Patent Ofnes A ppty at 4 09 . 4th *1 bat O ai d H. attar as pai. <ia |? St* L'OB KI?T-A wali-tarnob'd f KNTI<<T OF FlfB. With a?e cf parlor. la tir>l rl?-i I oca flap Aprl> ?' P'ini'? *i? north aide, near Utb at Alao a FarnWt.ed BEDBOOM del.ltt* fTRHIPHED ROI- SE ??H BENT ?a T.d .t , No 1*M c - a 1 l'ena?? I * an' a a * aatle . tit ai a iac all r? "ojw. Prise % a far moitn. la ai? ance dais i.c hOK KENT - HODSB No. IOv? CaatlManMl. Alex .Mine \ ? , to fo<4 reeatt ' ! atont iii ro. iiia * itli c uoaii Mablins. an", uhi houae* will i a va< aied l.t Jet. Bent #<aK) *d <iie?? W . Star office da IS -It* l/OR BBNT?Twe three etory DBK K Hoi RES. 1 Noa Jlti aid on Illi at teat. b< t?een S treat and Ma ? 'an.I avenne. con ai'ing 7 r?win? andce'Ur aa> *n < w atar la > ard. kei t 5r< p? B>"t >b.aach Apply at No. 47 ? da m at* L ok BENT-t wo naW HTOBB BOOlb oi?>h t air??-t,ntar Estreat Tb?- buiidin? in naw. aad liae I ran.itol iho* wi.idcwi in ?r >iit. >arl in tha raar. atid cellar ?? !ar tha kmit* F?t varme Ac applj toOhV E kkNNEDf. 7ib etraat " da IS St* FCB RENT A^mTuTI -TORE ?Tth en K >o *M. STABLE and t'ELLAB oa K etraat. opa>alta MafT l?rdr?'>et Bant fl? aar month. Ale >,a KAk EHT, CT'iBK aad live KO"M? lor SI*. Ap flytoDr I'AbPY, <i?poelte 04u Felloare' Hall. <tk ureet da It ft* Off I BB MONTH-A liaar HKK'K HHJSB. t t, atti. U nine 1:0 tue. with k?<.4 CelUre, ae. and V atar. for reat Furniture aa>1 hltcbaa rter.aila for eala At?ly at Mo M>, id atraet. 0< or(jfln* n. Alao, a food fair "'r MOB8E. WAOON aad BAB NBBk,for aa'e dr ir. st* l^-CB RVMT OB SALE-Oua tw.. etorr B bTTe 1 HOtlbE with bark br.iMiiif cuatalolni rotate, dry eellar Ktabla. Wifnn hnuaa. ko ac. OurSMiftel ?f Itroaid attached toit. oaBat. nortt. bear >b etraat >-a?l I'oaaae-inn aiean ni tb< let of Decem??er. In intra at JorVENAL'r* Marbla Vera. iora< r Ma* Jar>aj a?enat and F traat. de IS tt* F Ob KENT A m ? Hb!< H KOOSB. ouUialait a? >>n rt< m-. rituatad on A traet ?uutb naar ilk atreat aaet, t 'apltol IIill. t*o ? jn erae fr,.ia t Ua etraft rare A draM Bo* ?. Mar Offloa dell tt* LM>EBIhT Tbrrt anfnrniabad HO 'Ms In a I beaitfc? locattoti . ei ltable for lion?akaaptng for a eti;a|( feaillf, at No S|4 Ma?eachi?atte aeeoaa. between l4ik an i IStb etraeta. Tertue. tjo par oioatb. da IS SI* F'OB BKBT- On raaaonablti taegg.. a PABLOB ano < IIA M H BB. attached Alao. t ao ea par ate BED kOOMb. al 47 1 Mae-, aeeane, beleraen *th and Mb eta., two a>m*ra? troin 7th street care aad three Iron V street line. de 12 St* FOR BBNT? K?r flea month* tn honea an M traat. 7 ROOMS and h ITCH S >' water aud at. 1 dmuire at 434 M etraei, l*t?e.n Veriioat aeanne and IStb etraat. from 6 ta <> o' p m ?r at O. HTOkUS M OO -S. corner 1Mb and Y aU de 11 St* T"?0 LKT-FI BN1SHED HOI SB on tltb etreet. eleven room*, at Mm par montu. ?. .e 1 nh street, partly furnished serea roouia. 5 o aer month Al?o, two Tar y alerar.t Hoaeee. fat tasted, at $W0 par month, near oar office. D. L. WBLLS * OO.. dall-dt Corner UHL aad F eta. ALUABLB AND BBADTIFIL MABkBT I ARM AT PBIVATB 8ALB Bitiiat?*1 on Berk Creek Chnrch Boad, 4 alias from Caatta Market, contaiaing 1ft acres with eomforta bie dwelling f 4 rooms, stable aad athar out hallditigs. poll excellent: Paach aad Apple Orchard*; (<>od water aad never failing stream ranruag through the placa. Posaaaeioa <1rec lstJaauaiy Mil Apply to CHAB S. WALLACH. Attorney at-Law, No 4X Laaislana aeeana, de ll-6t* Corner of nth street. f^OBBBNT, OB WILL eBLL oa loag oraditThree two story HOl'BBs. an nortb O street. I Bent Sl?> fk>,and fs&. STARE k CO , I 4e H at* 4??fc 71k at. naar B. Boom 1S DBDO STOBB FOE BALE -A DRUG STORE ot su years ataadlBK. ?lth fixtaraa coasplote. new stock, aorner store good location, and beat of reasons for selllaa. Terms eas>. Inquire of 8T A BE A CO, 4 7th street, Boom Mo 13. de 8 Sw* E,'OB BBBT-A two story BBlCk WaBEBOOM , r Mo ?3 Lonislaaaareaae, Bear link street. Innaire aeit door at No BS. de T-ftf Fx0B BE NT-Large aa? pleaaaat ROOMS for merly occupied bp tha Itoliaa Minister, at 13* Pa. avenue, next 4*>or to the corner of l?tb Street. de7-k>t* L'OB BENT?On Olesboro Point, a cotuaodious r BODsB. with n few aerae of inproval gardeu land attacked Price per m?ath, *Su. Farsous deal ring to visit the promisee caa do so bp taking the Alexandria boat aad rnq a acting to be leaded at Qieaboro. tSaE-eola*] JWS. B. IOPMG. FOB BBMT?In O?orgeio*-a, a klBlllSHED llOLBB. containing 10 roona. watar aa<1 ga?. Situation boalth) aaddwrable Apply at Mo XII Penaa. av . a ear 14 th et. de I ?w* l^OB SALB?Only Sw psr Month repaired ?ntil ' a paid for?Three story BB10B iiOkSE, containing 10 rooms, a ith Modern improvements, etruatedonOhio a venae, near l?th street, laqaira 4t?frH 7th street. 4e Miw * F'OR RENT?Tba Ute BESIOBNCE of H ?. Fant. 4Sf D street, ooataialng 17 roama, wttk all the modern impr eetutbia. Apply toCLlF. TOM HELLBM.HT4 Fet noSO tf ft/OB BKNT?1 wo lnrge aad one small coanonir catlnc ROOMS, aatnrnished aacoad floor Mo. 134 Penn. at , bet l?h and ssth ato. no ? tf F'OB BaN'T?One BOOM oa 1st floor and threa ROOMS oa 3d floor, oter Htinenet? a Hat and FnrSiora, 434 Penn'a aveaua. Bent Moderate noSS tt L'OB RENT?The FARM .for tha laet three years E the raeldanceof Major Theephllas Oalnes. conslstinc of I'M acres, lying near Fort Mkhaa. 1 uina from Benmng's Bridge. ImnroTemoats.dwelling bonse of 11 rooMS, stone stable, servant's bo isee, barn, Ac Address "B 8 ." 437 E etreet, WasbIngton.D C..or eall In parson, betweea I aad P a. BQ. oe HtT FOR SALE-A Sae two-ctory BBICK HOCSB, and Lot sOxlM feet: h'>ase coatains a splen.lid atore, toar large ro. ?, aad imnar kitchen . alao, a large ahed aa rear o< lot A moat deetrai4e ausiness placa. Apply at tbe Star office ao a 2w* CRN I SHED PARLOKS AND KEU BOOMS (or rent, front *o to SI* bar m ?nth Alee. BOARD for Mecbaafia. Ai pi) at Mo. 4** Sth at., between O and Loutelaaa ae. no *7 lm" HARB CHANGE?For laiutdUto aala one of the beet located small coraar etore GBO' E BIES in the city. Stock and Fixtures new Apply immediately, by letter, to A. B. C.,cttr P. -? Mftn* no 3* tf C2BOBOETOWM HODSB AOKMCT, ' I . 100 BBIDGE STREET. Wa have several desirable HOC-EB for rent, a S* to S?" Also, first-class RESIDENCES, fc* to JW. We invite the attention of reliable parte* immediately. Jf8 2m* OBMB * COOPER AOOOD OHABCE fobspbodlatobs-fob SALE-Six bow two Story HtfUSES now r< nttag for $10t per mopth. This property Is -it uated on north O etreet, near New Jersetav*. One qaarter cash, and three years ? deferred pa> inents. STARE 4 00, n 90 2w" 4*?SS 7th st , net. D aus E FOB SALE OB BENT-My DWELLING, alt nated at tbe intersection of Marylaad and Virglnia avennea. between 7th aad Sth atraew w??t Tba iiooae ia 61 laet fn>nt bj 40 feet deep, with wide ball through the center. The lot Is rwte-t front by 214 feet deep, embracing ona half of Bqaare ?14. JOBM M. BEMMBe. ae 11-dtl Seatan Uouae. MARSRALL ADAMS liegs leave to inform bis frit ads aad tbe public that he has for reat a email II ALL, oa raaeenabie terms, suitahls t >r festivals, lairs, Sc.. or any select pnrpoee. laqylreatNo. 311 tthst. Piano snS other aanslcal instruments ir de sired. de t r>eJ?" FOB RENT?The PB'iPBBrY known as ' The Coaiaternal Laiidtng " located oa La ave.. adioialuf tbe Central (loardhouse fheballdiac has a front of show ? feat. aad a depth of IPS feet, ruaiuax throTh from the aveaae to ti^aal at. It has lately bee a vacated by the National Ms to WM. n. PHILIP 40 La. 1 ava . aaar rith at. jaa P> aotf OFFICE OF CLAGBTT k SWBBMT. MOT ICE ?T hoe. parties who were aaakle to obtain astasia Buil<Mnc Lat (ma oar aetalagito of Property will be able to do ao now , as we have the CbUi*:.t I f tba Owner to Skbdtvije ???oral of tbe whale S':i?.rea, aad prs a?w prepared f> aftarpa sl?i*le Putldtna Lat apo? the earsa liberal term, as we have beaa aal'.lag wtoals OitMrae Thu odors great iadtratwe-ta to penlss who c-?t KmplaU fcaildiac ibeaselvee a realdeace. Plat of'be sub* i; dlvislun to b? ec-s. a| par off. t. I: laa 8